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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, October 22, 1863, Image 1

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i-i i i k a ii ih in i . a in . .a ia
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YOL. .12.
NO 9.
IJe Sltur genrbuot.
I. A. & W. E. BR ATT ON.
I Bimoi'i BilluiDfii, Eatterctirt
Hoaia, Vd BtnlM.
- TEA1, iAtl.
YVt Da 4Mf will tx wnt cm rtr fcr On
Mu; til Montbs. for fifty OaoWt Tbraa
tar All papara will ba d!oonUonl at iba
Mptratlo of tha tint paid fvr.
naSqaaraaDalaaaitlon, 10,71
Aaah additional lBMtU, ,
tAraon jaar,
Itoilaa of tppoiatn.4na tMUlatra
a, ttaaMtanandlSaawuvora. 1,
AltMbaiaBlnatiasa bofora J. r. l,W
XdltorlaUotWa.parUiia, , ' 0
cgr Tin hat raialoo aba-pd a out aquara,
11 ail' A dvtrtiMinaata aud Lagal Kotloaa mu
M Mid to 6J?U90.
UT i libaral dadatllonwlllbamaWyaar.
if a4Hira.
V fba abaratarma maat ba tompllad with
ItffAII payiaaata matt ba mada to Iba Pro
iaU , a w h.va uo anta.
The Democrat Job Office.
ITiarapMparaJ taaiaoaia wltb naatnaas,
Sfapatuh and tt prlsaa that df ooinpatUloa,
Mi iiaua oi u weia,aaoi
HI 1( i u1 A
HAND 131LL3,
1IUUSM8. .
aHva as a trial and ba aonvluaad that wa oaa
tad will Jo i.riuUni ohaapar fur Caaa, than any
Uaraaabllahinnt In tUiaaaotlunofaotuitry.
Ii. A- 11 ration,
ATTORNXT AT LiW.MoArthnr, 0 , will
prautlaaln Vlutoa au l adjainlnfeonntlat
i . S. DANA,
iit r m'itm uocia.iiiitiiia, ta
m.M.'ll-lrr CMHioothft. Ohio.
Ilonrie Heuse,
JAMZ WAT80H, Proprietor, Third
Btrtal, oaar Mulu, Ciiwiaontl, Uhlo,
Vta Dollar for day.
Dr. H. D. UVNI.AP.
i Would raapaatfully announca to tha ci'.ljoiif
f McArtkar tod Vinton County, that hit hai
rtnrnad, and will apaad a fow wtck. in Mc
Artbar. And that ha it prepared to perform
all apparalloaa ptitaiuinf to bin profo.ion.
aid that la will ba happ) to watt on any ot
k'. aid frUnda aad ouitotncrt who may favor
bin with a oall.
Ba will ba at Or. Saddilga'a fflc. Mala
traat. MaArthor Ohio.
P. B., ladlaa waliad aea at tlilr rdaoe(
ai.iMi a nnk'i ip
Tialnirun it followi;
. lUta, I T!0: OAT MAIL.
Cincinnati, S SO p.m. 9 00 a.m.
Blinchciiir. 8 83 p. m. 10 01 a. m.
OratnfiUia, 715r. . a.m.
Chlllicoibt, 8 4irv. 1 33r,M.
Himdaa, akiivi. S U r. M-
ZalMki, S 43 r. M.
Alhant, , ' Hif.
XarlttU, .. 7 09 ?..
f rkahurg, ... . . 7 80 1. M. ,
AMI'S.' ' . ' . AftBlVK.
It AaoomoOA'
Maria IU, .
: BUncheiter.
7 03 a.m
7 'JO A. M.
9 40 a.m.
10 41 A.M.
11 ISa.M.
t 00 A. M.
ia a.m
8 la a.m
10 ja a. m
1 00 A.M.
9 03 p. m.
3 37 p. m.
ft 3) r. M.
AXand aftar Monday, April Hth, IStl.trlnaa
- OoaNoat-Mail Train loarea rortamonli
wins uua a wi .v t w
..StT:04A..;arrivaat Hamdan at I0:is r. at
..maalnjoloaaaonneotlon with through tralna.jo
...Saaiand Waat. wtosommodatioa Train Uara
Qovn BoBTt-ieoommodalloB Train laav
Hamdaato:lS a artarrlvaa at p.uih
J0:W K- MatlTrtInlaa.iHaradea atS:
rirrivaaaiPoTtaBi0atliara:MV"-" "
J-Thrasib TIakaU for Mariana, CUIltooth,
- ; ir. im:srf,t.
[Published by Request.]
masters the obligation ia eater
FniESD asd Fkllwo-Uitizess 1
bare buoo ri'flectioir for lotne time
putt what hut camud tha present
exciting agitation wuicii rae tur ukIi
onr conutry. destrojinu U oclul in
tercoarm between the free and slave
holding Siftlei And threatens todirut
tlm general Kovurhmimt. Wunll iv
not be woll t reflect for a moment,
before it it too !te, nd me wh are
tlio aggreaaora, fur curtain it is thrv
i wrong Bomowhere. Tliu Qiieitiun
thon it, where does it lie I We will
commence with the North
Hare yon carried out the Fugitive'
tlare Lw in guod faith I Have yon
delivered up the elave to Siia master I
Or have yon not rather encouraged
mol) Imw when the manter culled lor
bis property, which had caused it to
be dangerous in many places fur tl
master to reclaim bis slave i But you
sav elavery is wroiw, tuerelcru we
would La wrong in giving him U.
The laws of onr country requiru the
rendition of the fug;tive-s!avb to his
master. But J mi talk ot hiyhtr law.
What is the higher lawl ltt us
examine. I know of no law higher
than oars other than the laws of God,
which must be tlio "higher law."
Well, let us see how far slavery it
condemned by it.
First, Oon. Stli chapter, 25 to 2TL
Tertea, where INoali ropliuticaliy
pronounces upon Cuiihii tlio sentuno
that a servant of servants shall he he
unto his brethren; Hnd repeats that
he shall e the servants ot bhein, and
alao ul Japhet. Tbo next cu"o wi
will ruler to is that ol liaar, barah
handumid (Qen. 19.) She. according
to Qallatiatia, i'U chapter, 22 to 31'ii
verao, was u bond woiuun, and iur
son, which she buroeveii to Abraliam,
partook Ot the same relation wl iuh
she bcre in the family, that ot bon
dage-, and therefore could not be heir
with Isaac, the son of the fruo woman.
When II agar had Add from the face
of ourah, being hardly used bv her.
and the angel ot the Lord had fonnd
her, did be say, "Ilagar, you Hre right
in fleeing Irora bonJage, and 1 w.ll
djrect you so that you may escape
without being retaken by y.ur ma
ter." Ni. ha aaid, "lletum to lliy
iniatrtBS and snbmit thyself under li.r
hand." 1 ask, was the angel an
Abolitionist I 1 think not.
The next that 1 will notice is in
Leviticus, 25th chapter, 39 to 43th
verse. This goea to show thed.tfcr-
ence between tlio hired fcrvaut and
the boud servant. Lttnuv oiu take
his Bible and read tlio above verges,
and if he will nt admit thatthe"e
were hired nervunW and bmd iuivm u
for life, and their children uftur them,
why, then. I would despair o cotivin
cing tbeiu of anything So wild are
those person on their 'avorito theory
that all men are bom fruo and inn a'
thiit tliev would sooner see the Weeks
banished back to their barbarous and
wretcbfcd state in Africa, or driveiito
Canada to perish by froez:ng or starv
ation, than to ee th; evidutiuo of tliu
lalsity ot their theory o plainly before
them. Although I bavu nut noticed
the il)('-twetitieth part ol' lite pro l
tli aat is to bo found in tlie Old leaiit
ment, yet 1 will . turn totho new. Wi
find tho same recognition (if slavery
io both. .We tin.J both luoiubvrs ui
the Church, and not one word, said
against 'holding them as slaves, nor
to tho servants, that they miht at
tempt. t'i tree themsi Ivuh of run auy.
What dons I'uiil aavl Art thou eall. d
being a set?ant care not fur it, but it
tlmu tnayeat ho ruade free ie it ratiier
first. ' Cor. 7th crfpter, 21 versi
Notice bia words. It ia inn if von
can get an opportunity to free your
selves use it rather, hut if thon tnavvt
be made free. And when Onemifu
a servant bad fli from his imbii-i-Fhiletnoii
and was loinid by Paul .in I
converted under bia preaching tW,
instead i f telling li'in lie wus under
no obligation t return to his master,
seeing he was now a member of the
Church, teaches bim bis duty to be
obedient to his master, and Bend bun
back with a lette requesting Wnlo
monti receive him and forgive bun
. - .i . . .
tne wrong ne n in ooue iinn uoe
this look like it was wrong to havf
I . . II V a
servants i uere 18 a cqminatia also
J lor'. Servants, to bo obedient to the;r
m-fttra qii.I mac..r , t:.. I
masters auu matters to be kiml to
the'iMervanta, and if they h'ava belief
to servo hem. more, faithfully " But
some say this is ootitrary Io the golden
rule, lliSt 1, "B re Wonhl that ulen
should do to TOH do ye alio to them
?a itsppM bi toasrs (hat
idiBtinction should be bnken down to
bring the rich and the poor, the nilo'S
and the ruled, the roaster and tho
slave, tho raspeetiible and the degra
ded all on a love! t Can this be the
meaning of this text i think not,
but believe it simply mean's tr Ih
contont in whatever condition in life
you are placed. If yon are rich, treat
the poor with krndneBS, rind not with
oppression"; if yoHir are a master,
treat your servants or slaves in tho
satno manner, not with severity. '
Perhaps von will think that I am
in favor f slavery. I am not. I sli
..A a.. . S..II. !.. .1..
wjiuu a., a.ve,jr, e.p.xi.u.j ... t..e
u.tu ; on . .ot o, can.e ,i .a m oppo
Mt.on o that htahr lo (which I
h.uk .t ia not) but becaus,; it won Id
be in
"r wVw u,,.r olH'Z n'u ",l,rV'-
a... br g.ying tin South ita
riKhia; and am w illmg to give
up the slaves a any t.mo when bmnd
aunngst us. Let thos0 btat, th,t
have paaaj., their I ersonnl bher y
Bill epeal them ; and leMbe Nor I,.
n i s !" ,T ?i ' ! h,ir,,,"1
o . Ik ib.. -nth a n. lar ,n,n nti..t ; and
if It would Sett e the question to t r.tw
a line at 86 d,g 30 mi.,, why, do it,
and then let ns have peace and good
will amo.iif us. This W.uld
n.,r. .7m .;.,:.. a .. .i
Congress sutacietif tun" n do up their
, . . .
bnsinosa aud an have tune or afew
to slid off once in awhile to fiu'ht
due's and get killed, which would (in
..... ,...,... iw. o i,,.. i.i.......!tKBnt
a " ' '
to our country
Lamentation of Virginia.
Ever renowned and patriotic sonls'nf
ot every clime, hear my Bid title,
When young 1 wa bi-antitul and tair,
an.J rich in d m.iin. 1 was courted
by King, Princes nn I Nobles f
evtfy grade. Their crowns and chains
and vaui uaurped tit es ol Lords,
Dukes and fi.trls, 1 utterly dU lained
I married, hii.J my cotiiort's uame was1
Liberty. Soon 1 becaino a mother,
and my children were many. 1 then
felt lor poor mothers every whor", and
welcomed ihjir oppressed children!'
troin every nutimi. iNeVer was an
exile roiused u home np-.u my ho.pi -
1. 1.. .... t l f . 111
i..u.v mi.. i.pi.y a.iurus. ax) - c'lii.irun
raaJe laws neither hard nor oppress
i ve,aa liivurable to aliens as to natives,
tree Iro.u tyianny of every kind,
With despots they claim.-il no relation
lor they were patriotic, generous and
brave. Their shining steel ma le
tremiilo, us Y..r!town-an tell,
while their floqnei.ee graced I he;
Congress balls an.. Senat. clmtnh.os
ol every co.inuereial nation iimltr
Bat their end bad coma; thuQ.l
ol nature c.illed them b .me. and I w..s
loir alone to mourn their loss. Now.
in niyti.bii'atioti, ..I., ye spirits of niy
iliuairiou dead, in pity lu .k d iwnoo
your.distraoted Mol tier. Your 'a'lier
is dead, for L. berry is jrone. an 1 I am
deprived ol my freedom. In my e.irly
days I gave my rich and feitilt plains
to at rangers, atid to my poor nbitior.ft.
Alter a lew yerns ibey beenmo tummr-
oils ana indopondeiit. Ibeii they
ueiiieu my iriundship.
vr ' . . J
Niro A na.a-
Alkl I al alia 1 I lit
hws, anil sartctiotie l
...:... t,' .i . ,
ui.iuuu. t.ir tne a t lean racs 1
always despised, and held tlie.n in
: u : " " ' :,,,,r , r.cn."?'' -
' t . (
Ii . " "VTTr u, 18
... ..... ' . . " , .,
. .... . ..... my tern ory mail Co.,
U o r . T H a -:i ' '
,, , ... , .T ,
ft 1 ?1?
cl I, rej. ,ke an ox a the shambles,
, fi n P ' ' . '' '
will hi TJZTmy lT'
will never allow.any man to disgrace
get tee wh. n hacked by sw , ' and
"inyoUetS lberetore, my beloved;
sons I appeal to 5a.1t, in motherly1
atlection, and pray that you may 1j
aliuw v .or l..Vl. .
the I) .lis. bv lit'imr th- w.,.1,1 L-n ,
ihai Viijjiniaii.u.t not bo divi bd -l
also appeal to all tho.e who w.re
drivou b oppicaMoii lr.ro their
homes, a'lace of ancient grand. ng.
who always reward the g .od am
dtr-card tlm eil, but who still remein
Iwrthe Dark Lanten a and midnight
oatl.a of our enemies, n.-t to be in
duced to ni.poit vandal institutions,
but itiini firm and united, put rebel
lion down, and thwn we will flourish
oiicd more under itr glorious
all'iboald fiad him oat ; r-
(CT What partoi a soldier's duty
Woahl the' ladies tako tho moat de-
light in I, We wrote ,,Lresen: aruis,viBnd
bnt a snarly old Bendiot at oiirdhow
uggests -aress paraue. v o woum
Thr object and probable result o
tse Emancipation Proclamation bar
often been dicnosed in this vjcinit
and it ha been Inariably charged by
Democrats that the workings thereo
ere intended to be Bnbveraivo of the
Ctdstitiition. The following article,
rrmn tiie Boston d-mmonwi'th, a
Eepnblican paper of the straighteat
eet. acknowledges all we have ev.-i
Irjlsiined. It Bpoea-s under the tit'e of
A Plain view of the Proclamation
. .. f , , . , .
f() cn . B jf WH.
. . , , , h
, , f , ff ) f , ,
I" ' U nte l Stare, Oonst tutn It
, a , h , , , , ,
o n . . . ,i tt
J""" rf Ia .'e,,,rn?4trt.
tlSl n n I " S ?
.C-nrtitnt.nn an- law,, b o can no
nnrv n character oi the Union
i , , . . ,. . ..
'Srcoininirbiick toobedience to it than
l " , , , i .. . . . .
j'"; . ma: "t:t in rebellion
.C,n ?, 1 nlluJ fnndmental condi-
the Union hai become lredom
her allegiance, as to insist np n
tl' To enolavenr nt of half her p pu
liition a" n h con lition. She wmt'd
no more be in a Ktatu of loyalty while
t'e'rtini people in v to treis Ir thij
j scope and cff.ct It made the laws ot
Slavery void. lie cannot revisn them,
cdnstgn o Slavery persons now
j return thcrcM wit!, th.'ir rormev instt
j mtion-i and law. In tl.ia nM aa
ir as-er'. tlm Procbun iti.v'i Mu all
the f -roe and . ff ct of nn urMie in M. -tyrants
United States Corntit-.twi " This
was tlie int"nHon and obj -ct ol it-
mrtk -rs. and in this oirit will it Iv
. (;tr-iu-1 out bv th A I ninis'ri n
backfd np bv its party ii'i 1 "Uni n
Lrre" alherents ill ovr tlm hm I
To eff it this .-n 1. aU i.t'm Armvanl
avv .. tlm United St.itea will Iv
used and l--d on to conflict. Tlnliv.-s
of onr brothers n I sons, an ! th )
Innm-rtv mi I treasurj of t'n nation.
I who were, anil are, ana uvi-r .wil I-
fin ,-, lfuJ lJ;i, llr,( W,(t
,nvnd1.tv.oopiH8Q Ah..!frfo DlsnnbT.
withaI .., )i(W).rs HIi(, ,
,, , t , , J ,
,n , , V L .
-w kii.w tb,u the Disunion pirty.
w,,,d' "ow l"1,,,,t n,1 !" "r Ih,,,!
united al'Ove extract, tha'
power jf the people, tally exerted in
deferiRe of DeiiHK'ratio principles, will
h.tlht drive these IJisubioniats
ir.m power, and again guide tlio Ship
, "Tlie President'i" Proclamation is a
tjo-t explicit and absolute decreo ol
Mm t ,;; 0fH,,.
w ,f u Ht(r;Z(Jil anil
pt.nni,tl.d nnder ,e 1H ,xijp.nct 1H,
r, , , .
tatl.o'.a! power, of the President, tlu-n
.. . , V()M nn(, ,ho
j.., K.. . ... .,
Ut 11 the Blave- in South Carolina!
Smtb Carolina might as well in-tiat
tnat Jeff Davis should be President
of tho United States, as a condition
1w ' I tho tjen"ral gov-rnment as
(slaves, than while r fming to obey
the revenno laws of Conirui. Tin1
President cannot withdraw the pino
Initiation or deprive it of is legal
i "egnliy nve.
i Tim PVoclamation.nccnrdinjzto the
1 a . " .
i Unnmrwea:tft, has changed t'i
ttatii ..T th Un:on, and has mvU it
imo"B-iblo for the recede I Stat -s to
at i
will be B'icrilijcl to thii Moloch ot
Lnig before the hra!ing out of
the umellioii, the iJ -in-icratic ptrty
h"ld that ifrvjr.onr Union should b'
I. .. . 1
t:tmnai.lu rock or Abolitionism. An
i. ,i. a. :.:..
. iriw ii ma aiinica in n.3 ci;iuii
seoi inns
are engigod in tbmijly strife, when
n y W"ii.iivim kitv nii.Mirri lltnil
M- ii .ii I tt an J 'id alii millt Ini inn It, a it.
!U Union, and the Ab .litionists
have changed it bv their iincinatirn
".HohHi rrocia nations an;l Laws, so
tU, j, Ww ,,- .M..ml
tholru. friomU ot the Union, th...
V,,J U"i,,n a " And 60
" ,8 Abol-.tiomata are to shape th-.
I!"1"' "'' ","r u"",r.v. or .the will
A,"'-1,'M,n LokjoIii ami Ins advisen is
be siibs'itnted for the Constitution,
Pf rl'ts musi-not be The eontt Bt
!trt9 ,),,, comm-nced, between the peo
P' ,or he Cnatitufion. and their
,rQ,,,ri ,0' Ah',,tloni8m' man
''as an inter.f In it, and if the signs
ju' l"0 lV. wu iruu-l,, Wl,vre peopie
kmg up to iho importance of
the struggle. Already the demon
Abolitionism is trembling before the
coining storm. The Democratic
tional paths, which lead to peace
li - iosrity, sna OonititBtionil Union.
m atate into too goial uM Uonstitn
A Woman's Rebuke to Miss
Anna Dickinson.
The Pliilidelphia Agt publishes a
etter in which Miss Anna D ckinson,
he female Abolition orator, is thus
taken to task :
Shame.shamo, Anna! tb.tr ynrt ara
'O wanting in delicacy and refine ment,
oloet to yourself and all the finer
nitincts ot womanhood, as totofiint
take the stump it. a political caiu
,uitii 1 How could you enter upon
neb dirty work I Are you not afraid
that as yon proceed in tha hazardous
undertaking you will find your in
stinctive shrinking fiom the coarse
and vulgar growing day by day
itlarmingly lets 1
If polities are so hardening to man's
firmer nature, bow will they effect
woman's livelier sensibilities 1 It
would not matter much in this single
'tistance; possibly other, under tho
influence, may be tempted to imitate
the bad example. Would it not have
been tatter to have confiuod your
public speaking to auti-slavury meet
111?.! and woman's rights conventional
Uut I will not roinonstrate. I fear it
would be of no avail.
But, 1 prav you, lay aside our dis
tinctive dress, and adopt the more
suitable) vBIoonir." 1 aifree with
Mrs, Partington, "things should cm-
verse toizettier." Now vohr dreBJ and
vour calling hardly "converse t-'geth
er." Do be persuaded, and endeavor
to persuade yotir sister "Leaiinors" to
don this semi-female costume. 1
protest against your appearing in
public in any other.
I would recommend to the old as
well as tho younger female "Loaa-
n rs,"in addition to tTiel"rll"Blooin"r,'jditltre!ii
preaont style ot j irkey hat It
would !n (in Yankee puilance) i "cute",
iniform, and mi$!it urovo a great aid
m your mission. 'Mr. Lincoln's
wide-a-wakes." von know, wore
very signiHcant uniform India-mo
tter-capes prophetic ot the reign
(rain) ol terror on which they were id
enter and they all carried lamps,
indicative of the darkness of the com
in bitnre.
.Vi'h referencto yonr own safety,
I insist on your slashing on a B(wie
kmfn aid revolver: then yon can go!
'earlesilv forth on your sublime mis
ion, in your own won torlul strength
tnd confidence, delving "Copper-li-'ads"
an I "traitors " Ant yon wilt
iot allo w th.V old-'nhio..o I book,the
... . '
li.hl.'. to intertere with your aayings
t .d doings.. Yon kn..w, and ail the
v.iiun Loaguers know", that "St.
I'.tul is at. old tov and that neither
Eestlos nor Gospels an in any wise
sutfij'.uut to this progressive age and
;jip.'t; and, theretore, that the
liuh-r law", of man's reason and
; nitf lenoo must ba his guide.
Y m know, too, that our Heavenly
Father never intended there should bo
rici and poor; black and white ; and
that this awful sin of tlm white iriari,
ir) oppressing and choking the poor
negro until he has become entirely
black, id iwt be immediately atoned for
by emancipa'ion and amalgamation,
and thereby give the "American
citizens of Alrican descent" a fair
dunce to grow whito again.
I bat "all men are horn free and
qnai,M as far as thu protection of
(Jo. I b laws and Ins redeeming grace
ui". ami ... a ibijuciiiiiik K uu
sre concerned, yon kno it U not
mouith ; you will demand more than
'his. "Free and equal" ineaha Frertql
"SoiMHliam R,.niP:ttri'arr .fi,n.
linn's..." or some other im, which
one but a thoroughly turnished
L'aj'uer can comprehend Yur
iiiasioti ia to tnako it fully understood .
One word more ot advice before I
close: be a Iittlo more sparing of
-thuso in yonr "speeches.". Not that
von can injure the, good mien yon so
violently traduce it will retract upon
vourselt not" in remorse, for It is
whispered that the "Leaguers" have,
thrown conscience to the winds
out in a thorough disgust by the God
fearing, law-abiding of the
. An anecdote Is related of ft young
preacher at a city church, who had
tor his text a verse f.on the parablo
of the ten virgins, and in the course
of his sermon, explainod:
"ikat in olden times it was nsto
rrary when the bridegroom and the
oride were coming,' for ten virgins to
go out to meet them, and escort them
noma Ave ot those virflrins beinc
males and five females." .
Ik this enviona and calumnious
world.overy great nan walks with bia
head ia a cloud of poitoootis fles. .
Horrible Murder in Indiana—A Whole
Family Butchered.
parts ot the houso' waretk"
the . throe sons and the two daughters, sr
innrlered. eitntt with cuts from .
1 kniu. "r. 1r0m omi1 u'unt
STUiuent. l'he bouaa i;self muat bav ,
hn the scone of a Bdvore comb,' '
A correspondence ot the Illinois
Sl'ia'.i Ztitung in a letter date-i La
fayette, Indiana, October 19, wntea
as follows : . " '
"For many yean pist,' a Germain
by the naire of Stark. with hiB family,
consisting of a wit two grown dan
gbters HtiJ three sons, between the '
ages ol sixteen and twenty-fotir,; hajr'
resided npon a btrgs tuna of over tw j -hundred
HCrcs. about seven miles froct
Paoli; and bus not only, by bii inde(li;
latigable industry, acquired a largt i
amount of property, but also by. bii J
peaceable, Imneat and friendly diapo
sitioti secured the good will of. h '
nblgbmirs,whoare tnoitly Americatf
This farm was somewhat isolated; t
nearest dwelling being distont front K'L
abont a mile and a half. This msi
it possible tor tho abommable deed
which this entire family ware tV1
victim to remain concealed over fo.
and twenty boors. Last WodnosbV
u cattle trader from Salem, went , ?
Stark a lann in order to tratuactsoa
business w.iu nun. ue was stirpnsr.
at tint a...tinrf ahmif tli.i ..r.-iiii(t. nm '
the yard, the well-knwo faoes
any of the family. " 1L knocked
the door a.id received no answer.. ."
"This created a suspicion that a.
! wn not rint, an t h-j lorj.i I his wa
!'"t tho housj throngh onu of f.
back win 1 ow. ' On tntenti f.
j house, his cyta tr n groote 1 by a hor
rible spectaule. Oa the fl.or.-ia 1 '
pool of hall'-iriod blood, lay the fjr ;
rner with his skull terribly shattored. ,
Not far from him on the bed lav hi,
wite, alao .ueai ami Dlooay, while (
i"1Ctt vory tuing raovauie wss on
ken, and throughout the house tract '
oTthe moat terrific violonce were dL ;
tinctly visible. ...The hrror-truo. ,
cattle trader hastened to the noarot
farm and nlsrme.1 tho whole neigh
borbood. In the alternooh; the at '
tlioritioi arrived at the spilt. '. 'fli;
",0l HCCl,rftfrt inq"iry furnished
clue to the perputiators, oilier tha.,
that the crime was pnhuuly prompU
by a desire for plunder.
"This event has, of cocrae, creat '
an immunso excitement amornr thai
i . I . k 1 ! 1 . . . . . J T..
pepi oi uio .leiyiinnrnoeo av i
r8i,i,,1,) cxei torn was made to di.,
ic"Ter the tuurdercrs. . But so far the.
I have not succodud in detecting tt
smallest trace of them. Tha phjat.
cians declared that tho act was
probably committed either on Mond'f
night or Tuesday. Jha general opin
ion in the neighborhood is that the
assassins have escaped with (ho'
booty over tho river into Ken'ocky".
The worst of it it that in the comities
of Indiana the potico authority is for
the moat part inexperienced hands,
unequal to tho investigation and dis
coveries of crimes so mysterious aad
Dat Fence.
A darkey down South had obtained
a license of the Biptiata to pteaob.
lie was holding forth in the present
of many of bis colored brethren at one
. . - . , . . . ..
t-me, when be nnderto,Hto d9scribe
. a, I. ... ... hma a.F Ifl.iin'a AvoaMAtt Nit1
tho process of Adam's creation. Sf.id
"When God, made Adam, Ui s.foo
pud down, scrapod np s 'little 'iirt,
wet ita little, warm in v the hands,
and aqneetu it in tlio right" irKpe.'and
den lean it up against the cfftiioe to
dry" . .2 ... ?rfc
.Top; drre. said., piir.Uuiversalist
darkey.' ''Yon say dat Are do fail
man tber tnadu 1"' " ' '
"Sartin," aaid tbfl prfaclier avi..I
' "Den," said- the other; t'jeBi tall
teller whar dat ere fence come from'
"lluahl" aaid the preacher, .'two
more quegtiona like oat would Split)
all the teology in the world t"
Av old lady irl Pennsylvania had
a great averaioa to' rye, and . would
never cat it in any forni. ' " Till pf
late," aaid she, ."the; have gnf'to
making; it into whiaky; anrt I cab,now
and then, worry dow.n a little." ii t .s
., Lioht Pits. A,. certain, landlady,
it is said, makes ber'piai sought that
her lodgers can sea' -to goi to bid
without a candle," after having eataa
moderate sited pie j 0i
At a hotel table o'na boarfeVn
marxed to his neighbor raThfsmnl
be ft'' healthy - places for thickens).
"Whyr asked tha otbtf ifUkw.n
I ovw sw any dfti.o? fotnjxFip
1 . r i," , , ii

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