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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, October 22, 1863, Image 2

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m cinotat.
E. A. PnAION, t t t EDITOR.
ifoAKTIUJ Ti70 II I rs"
rni'RSDAY --- Ocr. 22. IHQs
tr rnii coiNsirrirrioN .s ! is.
YVIIKHK HK 18, ntd lbu Intmceinent
of the Lnwi nutust all OHiceri who
ne oiurped Authority, hi well ni the
People who Commit Hrenchcs ol the
Suhjui to tht Dtcition of tht Democratic
Connnlionof tht whole Union,
Is it True.
That some of our Fornaco proprie
tors threatenedto dischaige lunula if
they voted tho Doruocratic Ticket ?
Wo ihall eco.
The Soldiers Vote.
Tbo majority of our returned Rol
diers roted for Va'l. ono soldier tol l
us bo was furl 'iighedhome to voto fori
y . r i t . . i i r i i
.. '
tue case stood he did not voto at ail,
v. - i j.'j . i . !
....... . ...
no coula tell his tthcers hu did not
vote for Vail, he was afroid of being;
punished. Such is tho influence that! ,
is brot to bear.
The Draft.
Oa last Friday Gov. Tod give no
tice to (be people of Ohio that th?
draft will take place on the 26th, inet.
onJess 2000 troona are raised bv that i
time. Im View of the draft being so i
'i. i ! .... tt . i of
uouiirinoime in noon ,
Wtoweroio eaYagO egtinst traitors 1
before the election will volunteer
briskly. Especially should all tho.ne
torn oat, who are for pushing on the
war to extermination until all the
niggers are liberated. Let your acts
prove yonr faith. We expect Jack
Brough to give us a commission in
the dratted troops next spring, hence
wo cannot go now.
Odds and Ends.
a cripple. Wouldn't the fellow thst
did that trick steal a Digger!
v.vw..wmU, ...v,-.
. ..a. i i i . r iir lit I
tSKenOUtlieaX.es Ol JUr. velsli'
buggy io.Mt. Pleasant to keep him
from the election, Mr. Welsh being
Official-Vote of Vinton County.
We give belQW the official-vote of
Vinton exclusive of the Army vote.
We think it cannot alter the result.
Vallandisfhaui's maioritv. 2 33 i
' Pi.. o.i7
A MKU W i rxil'''1'
'Al the balance of State Ticket have
2 53
2. 51
2 3S
2 37
2 52
2 44
majorities of ,, .
. Greens majority for Judge
- Gnnning . , " Senator
Bration, " Rep.
' Wilson, V " Clerk,
p'raig's maj. for Probar, Jndgo
Dana; ' "'.Pros. Aty.
Hawkini" Commissioner
.Tbe above exhibits a glorious vie
.'ory for the democrocy of Vinton, un
der all tbo circumstances We, be.
leire that il the election had came ofjfi
one month, sooner we would have car
'lied" the county by 600 majority.
Every appliauce that cou'd be resort
ad to by our opponents", was brought
in requisition. ... Ovr.fivo'.Jh'ouaul
9. flrt
n no .i
2 28
I .
dollars was expanded for the purpose
bbying votes, and in other ways.
Threats wera made of arrests of Dem
vocrajts, nd that if Val. was elected
civil war . would be inangrated. in
Ohio. False - records of Val. was
freely circulated and tho mott;foul
: misrepsentations of the. speeches 'and,
! votes jOfVull., were made and sworn
to by men who ought.to obserto truth
among their neighbors. Theso things
wewjl! have accasioa . to rofer to
hereaftfcr. The Jght here, wa3
made on Vallandigliam and. ourself.
WEn" 'we receivatha soldiers vote
we will publish the full vote cf the
county by Townships: '
Take Notice.
We wish oui1 friends wh avt va
on '.-ar oth'eo books wonKl brinz us
in oMj, corn Vwdod, coal, fioUtoes,
turnips, a 'pica or in, fact any'Ytnd
of produce. Wo nro compelled to
have these th'ngs n:i 1 cat: nit get
lmn without you pay" tu your ac
counts. ()ue Kelp iig, as svj have
not nrioiI rr-u v. re h-r.l i.n.l tin nf.
hV , I,., j ,,:,, .'.i 1
land fall. - - - .'- lS1-0"'1'1,
Election and the Future.
is ;jiobaUy elei ted by CO, ;
in Ohio. CchriN, ll -pulilieHii,!
by about 20,000 in iVnripylvaniii. ;
Indiana is said to bo lA-m craiio and
Iowa Il-jtmblicau. Tiiis i Ij bu taken ,
as an i-XM-osiiion of ihe iicoha'. in i.i-i
vorofa pniloDgation of tuo war.
Tuo q.isiion nt Uu-j ckii tti!y bo !
Imnnalk- ct-f.,,!,!, I.-mo-
i m.
HIV 111 IRTVl Ul A IVaiUil I ttv "
to LiLerato the slaves f thtf-si-ceded ;
Slnti.s or in otlu.r -nr. U X-.ivviaJs
- - I - - - -
were-fur the ciiforc.'niuiit oftbe'
titutioii ahdlaws, over His aM
ed States. IWibly if We could
. . . J
bly if wo iiiiist. Keptiblicar.s
P.... ; ...
wished tocontj.ior and c,t cl!i:.tv the
peo4o of the Suiith, by ti:e o'ive
branch accompany ir.g the swoul.-
liepul lieiiQs wif!i t" csrujur an 1 tx
terminate the whitts oftlio Son:!i,
'.b.ra'-jl. n.'A ;
nntill all Africans u.o !;bra'ei. a::d
then to take a .oit'i.n C th- So.rh-'
iniiioirtKtaion.it, o. .if. w u n
era b ates to colon!. Mo JX.cU up
on or they wish to tq-u-z, an I am-i.
L'an.a?e white a:. I I :ueks. Tm-re-
suit ol the Con-ti-.ivi-.'.al p.l-e.v !
.lieDem-craev w,.n'..l h-.v, be,-:. ' ' h-
divide the Sou t, an I uulto th, N ,:h
(In.- , - i. I in .-nn !i :i:i in: r.. i:. N f. i
, . ' , ,
The result ol t:io uiiC'Oii it'r i 'ii.u 'j ' i
ir n i n if .'i-.im. lc-in 1.4 111-..1-1141 :.t 11 1
- 1 1
iiooiiuon. inn wiii uiiiie i.ie o mi i
..... .... .. ...
uml oiviJo Hie u-fi. it w..i nerve
the south to dee Is o! va! ir in arms
tbBt we iiiivc not yet seen or heard of
will require ol ns Va dotibiititf
our army, and the h-ss ; iiior
ir.Cti than we liavi; yet ..t. mil d 'H
ble tilt iiiiiiiuy we havc,y x i.de.l.
lhNtnav b iniwelcutr.' n to u j
r,'Hjcr3' b,lt il ia "-suit
tht, i-fleet ol our t-l-etious. Wu
. ., -.
W ",U W,!' " ,,,M '
pleas law itbiditii citiz. ns, this is
r . .. . .
what U'pu'olieau i. al .i. bali thpy ,,
ot do before the election if
elected.-The result of this
will be lolt h, 50 yea. to
The patnanda, ot U,
would not do before the
Vail; was
thousands vet to Wuin in tl.i, nn
natiiral war The
inoiirniiitr "f f.tli-
rs and mothers for soiw. wi.b.w,. and
orphans fur husd.an -Is and fathers, the
misery I'roui WHit of projection and
snnort has n t. -t het'n lm'f tol.l
' , .
i ..a .. .... . .... I l .
A" ieo..w en -sens .vn wi.ui i sIJ
the language of a C"!-iiVp'.rurv. :
wiili'lv we loav -differ
inasii.io of public i licr. or of no;
expediency, we shouH never1
fortonrnamnioniitilnfr .,. r n,,.., . i
I J . '
couutiy, especially in her pies I
i m r,'T i' . 1 1 rt ifi '1 Ilii in n iwl llk.o t n i'ii
.,, ,,,, i vv,, II, I.,.,. 111(11 111.
'thedisciia.ge ..f that duty it t!li.!to
iRHcred right..' everv A oierieah citf-1
t. to think and m-t for hiniH.-lf '
TMUei-,1ieI,e..I,i,lM. ,.e .rv
uAtitl.4i' 114 ?n cn.ii i lUt fi ' 1 1 . . I. 1. t
ff..r i, .'. i;,;...:f . .7. .
1 ' I l'll'll'ltll ' . ( I I t I I ? '
yet the iiii'pnitv ot the i-iip',- are
hon.-st in their coiivictjun.i. ; (;,hm
iiion chanty' us well us Boam
would tht-refore'dirttatu that wo nlcniM
...: ......... ... .-
mi iui leci 1 ll-l. Iintj Ml IT If I I' :
' -i , t
these (hfjerences, overrn o - our ut v
mamtaai and support good order
the laws. " - Und
ou in our ta k an. '.i.ro...4 " v K ol
i .i.. ..... . I. j - .j,''
V e sliriold endeavor, by jnoder'a' 1
on in our talk and act.otw," by ( r'.11'
... rt . I l. '.. f ...... . J ' - j I ..
eniai.cu hiio en.iriiy lowarus caeil
.... u .. i . i ..i i
ler. uy lemnniiu toitTar.- IlnJlt'SI .
... . . , . . ,
it'iiees in iipuoun aino IL' llioSi'. .
-I V
whc like oiirf.td.ves, nr.. hon'-stlv u.-ek.
to'peil'.rm their I'.ufy as .i..dfit
izeiis, and by ahiraiirhg from i4i ut
tempt to irr.t no .-..eh otb.-r, f t'n ,
mind; toietue .mn'ntii i an I c
that pu'd c o i.'n 1i 'I n e e,'
is the ch'i.jf e niier-riton - of
pub ic ord .r.'' j
How Brough Meetings Was got
How Brough Meetings Was got Up.
Oct. 2nd 1863
Saul Alius K qrl E ih.r'Lot L
.Smith or i his Inn. h.-r will a l'.rc4
the DeniocraJs o)Switi T.uvihip.
op Tuesday iveniti th 6 h test at
I3 -the I Scln'oHi'-use. Iluyi all the
Dempcrals oul withoutail.
i- , , liebpeetfuliy -, '
The above ahftws how : onr-np.on'
t-iits got up their iTicctiiii.' M. s 'a:e
preteust) of Ceing Dem. ux in f-
..,,. ..u.. i
repress... o.... ". ,.;.
tho campaign. Lot L. mi-th was
always known here as a Dercocrot.
Election Retuns.
Tho returns come in very low.
No ono csn yet nay what Broughli
majority will bo. Our County re
turns Iron the soldiers are not'to bo
opened until tho 13tli ol Nov.
Army News.
Since our last ifdiie, Gen. Loo lias
diivi n (leu. Mia In back' froth-the
n:j.itl:ui to thu old Dull Huh battl
."J J""t ot our Armr, jt ii
said, into th.j intreiicliinuits on Ar
l-ngtou Ileiglits, opposite Washing
ton. Meade, in bis turn, is now dri
UOO ving Lec back to tho Kapidan. Lac
has captured a great muliy waono,
!army stores and ammunition, and has
destroyed the railroad and bridges
bv which wo Huptliul our army
jibe iinpidun.
.Tho cause of Meade's rrtjeat was
MOlIl lllO Ul-PCHiP Ol RuOUt ilj.vov Oi
it. . i . .
ca,' .ar m e,aVeJ , 1 iir'J
l.UJ u...,f ... ....
1.1. i, aim i'w nidi .iAvtl.iVk
. ,;- i,.i.i i i. ... i I.. .1-
il-fiii lin k! iM ii ir.. i " rt... i.-v i,-!fcvfc
ho la!$, L: r: c !n sav s ho
the rrf p -iisililiityjcn binm
semis we buvo Gill. Ln
. .
... w,. ... . I, ....... .v I'
. , , 'i "!'
ira to luii'. i liar a itciiuii ill. hi'tc
,;i,i,t ,1,, a,.,Ml.t- ,uo.,lo
The Ad. ,ini4trati.. would tivr
i . .i i
'r arn.y .nan hi .no HH.pi,
'deer UemoeraN at home. Wul iio
...... ,
ftnd ere l.-ng we i.'ia
:nu war !) in erase slaves no i i.ir.
:o'd l.a s,nt ,.rJ,N uf:er MtuJe
u. tiigld tho Kebels and it ho whips
, i. . , u. .i.i.. '.,
li.fUl IIU Kilil I IIU1 V U.l IIIU K'OH.
Wl'l t '
, ' g'j:!!
l.'n r .'v
r '''
;Limo n.
Ouratmr at n.attan ' hJ;
. ..Jn-nt
J",,1 VCd wiT'
qnefalt in.u.tio..", . ut cons. Car
. a ',....,,.. i. . . ...
f.r J.jf.,. fi,, .. ,iiu. Gen. G-a-.:
, ,u,r,.I t rl,,. -.oJ
' ' L ,.,: ,. , o- 0...,; ly an i
'H i- III--.; 0 Ki
Cu ,.; . i a-j 1 v.
, .
i .x. r-. .
te.ier ... n , nr u.-:-t iii)v:.t i.i
;,.w u'.iU.oS- il tint". w wte'wn i-,
l... i . .
eo t v-n:t K.ur.aa.-a. an l ttiat urs-
U t-jia; ',ni t'v-tM.
'na'i t. ri' it l-l
IJaii.ig -meiit iis tho eiiiie 1
For the McArthur Democrat
Christianity and Polities.
3!it Editok: - It is i'h tii.- g.i
reiii.rt.iiic.j tha' I evrra':- inp',
ttie !iitauct? 0! !riein!s. i x;i"S-'
.... J
... ., ,- i .. i .
u m iii"i'.. . r i n Villon ii: ii.wii Wilkin
ev. rv oil" lm heen aecust.Mimd t
- . . ., vm..,
UrM'."-V :J,,..Mna e?"'lv
... . i
.ii'k ll'inli iirt llin .- f.rs am i.r.irunin
....... i... I 1 .
christian civiliition
i . i
inn wn u uieje. men
so isr
lillT ti ll .tl if i.jJ.i ttnri S. Ian l.if.x.f
7, . . ,. m. V. i u
tt...ir 'Imm. u..,i u,.,l .1.,.;. .-..-I
man ,, ,, "
eaUin2 of the Divine Master
(.Go ye into all the world and preach
'' I", vulvar a-idcurrup-
. oin
purl v
litinj il. .u
- -.: . .i' i. .i.' .
- ii n i .-a i ii -M i . ii i i r, i i i ii. ,ii i
r;,l!fJ m,, , ,,!; , n,,.;,.;.
n -wn and tl '.v
ir' an .Bt sv d
,. ? .. Y
no, n i iiii e t im
:c prints ' ha'
f"i.-neais" ma.
eoinh niin.-.l hs t
m. IV III. Ill VI
,lIlV t.,,,ri.
tn t'l
i Hum ,. nr.
HI !.. i
i,.r"nc!. -eti' hi J ti h. th. m-liowev.-r
'dutiet imulo unp int v; by ir.i an
suuiptioii oih.i tnii.i-.trv and hn
ding Ins pret'iiee ami v--icu at politi
nal atliM in ,a. where (...loom enre
r ' . ' .. . .7 V
much regard is paid to truth, morality,;.
i-vt ! i ilii'ii'tii'i- n nil ivlinat. i il.tnot !o i
v. ...... ut, a...... iwu... ',... .1. IQ
sojii-it si.nVuges for .Vi. ti who favor!
an indefinite pmbmsutioii of the
j:i:8fti devtiuctive civil war and
.,..4.'o.,ti,i,,od iihnarMleJed laviilin. in
Tii' n-:i' n .1 ll.. Imrd-i ,li n'f in m. u il
.I,. V C, ....... a' uv.ri,, i'..r,i...H
. . (-'. - w r. " MJ' O ! 1 I 1 1
IS - 1 1. .
.r-. ;i
' ut YW it if ;'( p -e
, , .t i .' .. '
o ii:i i r
w )
m i
I. ;!g t '
. fl'oi !, .bv. i:Hi'i'ii' Oi
11 "I
eoio-ri nn ) a' naVaiiti io' ind'inj.
.i. 4 i ..i..". . .i. . ... ,i.
". iiiii.iiiii 'i I V-'l 1 1 1 111. -.' 'l 11 1 11
i 1 ,i " i ' '
lav d.-wn th, ir arun" an 1 r.-'uni t,.
I .-...-
their fiieg.a ice to the old fj..iifcf ,ufrti
Lais under whh'h they lived
n r-.oitiil i v men I bar f. viir ti:utr:i'
in..:. ..'.I-. I.., ,i,s ..; ,i
pppered for iu ru tli'ao three' four
a cehtiili.y men that favor a '
: 1. 1 1 .. .I . ... ,.l !.'.! n,l.tl,..i ... I. ' ...
anin iioi.i.ou o. u.u v,..,,,., t.. ,.,
. .. i r . ... '..I
ttrn 10 Hve ore.-, oi uuw oimeo 1.1
tt' . 1 1 : ,i .
lilt' U Iiion nni in n-ire n, i n;r
turniuj' lo.S" of 4,000.000 lyrjorarit.
t'tier'et'e Al'riCUli loiit.d 'niH to' fill
the j.la-is made vtieaM by iii.:i-'ernii
inati. lnitelii rv, and tn eoino ill.
public aiip''tho: nf the Northern : whit
preserve iaborer in th.' w rk-t-hops und on tin
which tarn-, ' iin.1 :n every way tn'' be male
Jus t'ipia.1 ii not pnperior And what
mor-ti-graetfui, t8 ro.ia.e h minis
ot t' e g.p.i.N4i-tinu in u'-mn
up ii-ri '-u-diplaV to ilecH-iito tin-
prnLvrMoii4 f it' in'-v, thi"li;;li the
utr, eti fifonr t'-wos ai'd vi.itioon oir
the davs ot greMt io'ii,i'i gi.tlienns
It is ( I'to hi 'bat 'lu (an .mt scrv
Iw. ni.'iti rs. ( -VeiMi. not serve Gt.d
ut id inamm"ii.v) but mnst "Icao the
due und hate the-other." Tl.n 'ol
tloin- !r'. the Apostle I'auln's
wntiti.'F is approjii ia'e to all such, oi
th present day, as have Inrmkin
their ministerial dnth-B and hecom
! pfdiiieal babblers : ' :
' " Tlv-y Hre all gone ont ot hn way.
tliev are foet'ihcr.b-conie nn . M.ti !.
fli.,. i'iuin. Ili:i1 i.'.i i.S it in :
" f
,1L.. Thefr throat is a opou wpul
ck.,.. Wjl ll(.jr rongucs they bare
Insed daceit; thepoisou of asps is ua-
no. u
. ve- i -. .t ju
dor their lips; whoso .ini;Uth is lull
cnreiiw unci bitterness. . Their v feet
cutting und bittt-rness. . Their, vl'oet
ura 6vvilt toehud blood. ' Dtstruction
mid Misery are iu I'boir wuyp; and the
way of peuec iiuva they hot known.
There is no fcur of God 'before tneir
Hut Mr. Editor,, it seems - that
Vinton county is the theater of ,1110
linelirittiim teachings, by cxainplf,
and word for aught i know, of Borne
of these political preachers, who are
not only a dicgrace to themselves but
U tlid pulpit uud ino., christian ro
ligi"ii. 1 am credibly informed that
Kev. Josiipn JIobi.nsi'K, of Alt. Pleas-
unt Circuit, did, ut a politic.il meet-
nig nt Uethd ochoobhouse, Swan 1 p.,
Vinton Co.. 0. , on Tuesday evening
the Otli i tte-t., ullur sueakin conelu
'tu. rciii uie anuit'iico io tiagea in
Now, when Mr. Uobisson puhi'whod
tiiit-'i iclereiiies, he must have known
t'ie li'-Cotd of Won. 0. L. Vali.asdi
ouiham, containing declarations wbieli
ample tneans within liU reach
i.nbi iuir truinillillees. 1 Uely Air.
. , , " i
HOBIS-OX l' IT0IUCU OllU Slllf e S'll
iron. , aKand-ghatu s Ilvord
t. 1... r. ;.' t. . i... 1 j.i
" - "w VI
record ol tho exiled, cliamidou of
s.pfl t:"' ,,w lw "d .iistitii
liuJ ,lj H,bl,sl,ed!y
(them. uoii ihe authontv o stmnn
. .. . . T
( ' , V..
UCiU (lib Oh II IS il IIIUII lUISl'.V US LllCl't)
. ., , , , , . .,
ist "r truthiu iks. I dely Mr.
tocixx Induce o:io sing e sen
fence Iron; ttlland.tthaiu s Ilvord
Hi....; I , , "...
'"as II ItlHli-llCy III llihllllli'l!.
hu will i'ut real tiie jjoord ot that
'k'1 t-tle.nnn i lertt.adiiigly. ho will
'tiud l.a: every measure oflii, ha-l
,levii auopl
31 v-uaie the tn...n j-j poaC, bar;")
utij v.-p.ntv .odctnutelv. I
- c-.i.y uiforuud that Mr.,1'"
- ' :.M:;re in the.i-x
t u:.ui. el an v Auk a-dii.t. KarSs
V 'x,'v,.v ; '' .to
!b'-", - tt;M .MoAr
'" V.1 ns i "' !"sr"
w.'.u .! have tended to
liiaiii to.'
If :i
t uxv X..-d v(ot i he Ati..iUi n pa;--
itv tr -tii teta umi tii'ati-n when the
i'.; jtui. i viva .wr are opened
otii-ui h.Kt.-t-.re pe.e.- ci S'ate,
-i niie mi an i va.'.ers nn,
ii t
to fl w wit'i hiiui.it) -..r ir-.ni the
. ...... i i t t . :
h'fsi.liut.'K.'ti;.!, who ;,ve t.il!n m
.v.imi hi 1 1 1 1 a tj.Ik.u.
C"I1)0 t l 1)1183
iii tiie evei;r ..f t i i eim! i .h of ti. I. ;
'Valla.nuiuiiam KkHiu G uha, :.!.. riut i
in toe cause ol tl.er ci-uirry' iii.-ii
.Mi. 15k -i:o;i svs wn
.,..!.,.,.,. ,. .,,,,,.. .....
'Wt,.n nu tor the n.hre,.,n.in,:,fLet
inl"tili(T ni' I Im
From the manner in which
Tl ... . I I .- . . t
.OHIN4iiV 111 HI-1,111 llntal I i,ll li.i
. 1 1
,'nslv anions which
:..i'""'V amoiK' w
jdoor ot a G.vermnont .fii.e, in
rV. Vu Mum0 ''T U;
iiint. conspieu
was? over the !
r. .1 ... .1... I' lU . . .1
BL ' 1 ' "u "Cl ,"; '"f negroes, tnn
miii' ni"ti ol' the wri' o' fi'ibe'it cor
'"P -'"rf mude Mip.-rinr
l" ,ia' u'v,i ,ui" ''""' a'"' Hh"rt
" "' ,l,R'"",iUt"'1"111 " -ahiiroa of
,lu' ""w " P'wer, bhnll either
, . " 1 . . . i
0' liunj uiiii pent to hull or i-xded to!
'o Canada. And h iimn. who m-.i-i
ier-s. stobe a i.illuwer l t-e nieek
an-l iowlv one,'' eun so f..r dolf ,ia'
ministerial robes hs to s'.ooo to nn
endorsement of such nnrtv tnenni Ri
'....I I ,1 .1.. . .i
"I,u nnetiijipieu wieKeuuers as Ullea
I..I1 I ui .-v.if.Mfliif. an, 0....1-. ...
. ...w nuu OUIIIUIJUC KI
nowing that man has not the
. .
'r)"w,:'r ,8uch Bnt.ce.) lor
F"""" P'n oi nts
Jw c'niutryuien a.,J brethren, does
"u ""''J1 "" ueBb"tt 1,0 C'tctnpt
mnii,.utnan ho is, enter God's eanc
warn Mi'-. !
of every honest man? How can en.di
tnal v on i ho Si.blmiii and aMt-tnt)- to
eo; h-in '.lie tii. wr if i 1. 1
lyuio f y' Can im, i;
ov oU.i'' lail.'ii s 1 :i r
.reaveinent. . r the on
e i
ii,! ai.l I
her In j
....reaveinent. r llie orphans lit I i..r.
, '
diitie.s. tUKd , ittom.it to breaihe uoi.ts'
' " . "-lu"M" w-uma
ni ...... u, nr i, ... In rl,uii, .........
,V -
"'"M ll0" 3.o .has
,xivt;ii ii i.s mn.T.-iicH in lavor oi a pro -i
"'4.i......;.... i. ....... i ... r. . !
" " "rtl wlu' "..:'
;ennn i,.r an a; ii ntiU oenuul-- ' dm
. uri.irilllI1. ,, , .... ...... I
" r- ..." .Jt.ini.ju tii i ut; u v nil'
,.,,..., , ..... .- ... . "
ii."". "'..mi ixiimcHi views tii-iv navo
i.ji- A , . . - . . .
iiiii -i.t n-. ill i.i.
his, and attomot'' to
(villi In, n ;,, tM .'Lamb of God"
win n ll (UBINOK) haM y (lOUtite
nHtiee f" "in h wicke.lness. as above
niH'edf Wid he i'iul-': tremble, list
G"d in his 'wr.th shad suiite him
d-iwn us an niiworthy laborer n hm
vinevaid? W.if he'riot feel it n -e.-s
sary t rep-nt .-f his past folli. . . r
he can iian claim Icllowship with thii
I a t i i . .
iruiy pi"tjsi ii is to oe impeil hu
of hig past course, and
hefoalter keu) himself within-trie
bounds of clir:s'iuiiit.y, tflid pr. a"h
"lVHCft mid imio.1 will to nil man "
I loivi. . ..1 .iM,i, io m;n,u...ra .,.'1
t.....- 11..V..1.. .....ii". '
' : ' " '.. ' r;--Miat
and w.'mg .-wcMingly; but I doi ob
ject t.i their taking any part at posit
.. I ... .1 1 . . . I. .. i ... ' 1 .1 I . .
Cltiut did no r.i"idbsi'ii$i,J)isMApos.j'
ties to go out i nt i the. World and en-1
a.iii 'w-.ridiy umtfers ':ifcrse the'
i.i ' . J . .
command kevpyotirServes' unspotted
... ..u -v-
SWAN TP V. C.O., Oct. 12, '63.
OC'Tiie election returns aro very
elow gotting in.
SWAN TP V. C.O., Oct. 12, '63. Address of Hon. C. L. Vallandigham
to the Democracy of Ohio on the
result of Election.
Dhmoobats op Ohio: You have
been beaten by : what means it is
idio now to iirqniro. It is enough
that while lona of thousands of sol
diers were sent or kept within your
State, or held inao'.ivo in camp eue;
-whore, to Vota ngairit rofi, tho Con
ffderatu enemy were uisrliijig upon
tbo. Capital of your country.
You were beaten: but a nobler bat
tle for constitutional liberty and freo
popular govJrn'ment heVer'was foiigbl
by any people'.-" An J yonr uncon
querablo firtnnesa and courage, eveti
in tho n'.'idst of nrniod military force,
secured yon tbuso fiist of freemen's
rights frca upcccli an I freo ba'lot.
Tho conspiracy-of tlu fifth of May
fell belbro yon. I?j not discomaud:
despair not of the Uepnblic. Main
tain your rights; stand firni to your-
position; never yield up your prmci
! Ple8 or your urgnniz ition. : Listen not
to!jor principles and your oran'z.ltioo
"'f"";' . " " unjr m. .y.ur in
ri . . .1
VOllSUulUUIl vr I1DUIIY, H 13 111 II1U
' Democratic party alone; and your to?-
tit nn v tr nt r.Mil1 h,u.i t-iin I.uvjii
.11VUI1I ..i.v TI''.... II'.TU I V'll HI , j I
your srandard.in tho hour of dotuat.
; r . n . . . . ..
uio mm.ow.ug t. your opm ons up..
q;.on oven otjo n, . w
avail unv tlniiLr to coneiliato vour
I nnn.trl Cea : ' TI.pv rl.Mnnnd nnf Kin.
. "
' imuu u m'ot'iuiv oni I uiiiivi ui
m. ..
Moreovi. , It
Conati.at on
' Ueinncr.iHC pi
I , .t ; , I ., j :., . lltH.v ...I.II . I ..
luiPinn,;un, III n IlllIU Mllliu ,
I u it. 'fun-and events willf.rce
jit up ni all, except tli Mf only wh-j n
it!''t by the cahiiuities of t'leirc ui.rv.
-it .n U;si . p.n.ons n..d n. Htl...
.Coi.st-.tuM.m .. to tbo State am!
I t.iank you, oivmiiiiJ all foryni
ytn'pathics an ! votir iii(Fi'agc3.
as?ured. that siiil in exilo lor no oH'-naf
ut my political opinions and the liv
xjive-'f.ion !f ihuui t" Vin in poici'iihU-'
ss m''h, .01 will ll nd uie irst'.'a I-
of lortli.
Windsor, C. W., Oct. 14, 1863.
Putting on the Screws.
We hear every loatr of . poor mot.
who liave Ikbh 'turm-ii out ol-employ
tiki v.tMtiif fill .I i V ii : 1 an J i. d a m
lt'1't'- b,lt "'vi-'r 'it.i tlio sumo irnpu-
dene) h now. Several
i .:i. .I....I.I. r : i ....
eiiuuuji iiupup. ii.mus IIUVI
gone so f,ir us to el 'So up ml thel!
business with IJctnocrat'ct-nicursaii l
the... o on. Domocrsts can
others win) soil, fettled their billr
. . ... i
Mr.A11'" Wrt8 Hlld K,lT that
I'tiill utl
.i . .
never deal anotlior cvnt
...ifl. ,nun rilif .1 .
bu.. j'iim..!, . e a.iiji,-
Si Ze7s otto tii ! twi W , "ia?
ISZ w i t
ideal! with one another just as well
Abolitionists, and j niu lionsus we
know ot will sutler bankruptcy ii th :v
McUoiiuldf, the fjr'icer;), npiToach
ed a young nun Binco thu elet'tiim.
i -i.i . , .
!i,KI fl,i'a l" t litr .w 'ra y.e'.v
6 ':r' l, "''"r V '
landiuham, for they wcro in D ied of
i'1 ,'li',lc' knowili).' him to bo an
ii. i i.i ! II.
exceuunt one, umy nn.i in.ennoa '0
"d'''" him the plae...-, hut e.:uild not do
' 'l ,,l,w :ueJ mn ployed no men of
tl.at kind. And jot' these McDon
aids have niRilo more than bait their
toitunes Irom Dbioocratic- cuntom.
I Tlw.o otir.nlit K., I-,. ..i,i,.. l,...l C fl.tn
"J .v .wu.0
I AW anil llftSO k(!t.
. ,
Now wt predict it will not be
year before these sania men will be
hunting for a VallaiidigliHin man to
pnt on their tickets to run lor oUnso,
and nothing will be a greater feather
Cill' ,llfln to 'iave il g!llJ he vo
ted for Val.anduhain. Jut mark
words and see how trim t&ey will
iv 'Hi". Tit"tr-f.rn let no man deny
-rr 1 1 . i . i . i
V'.-ina; lor v iii. iii'iijiiam u ne .wants
' ffl -o.h. real'er, and esieciuby at the
... l J .1 i 1. I : .:
" " "',! '" "
'PI ' 11 1 11
I ns cai.nmgu wi.l damn all men
i .
r ii I mi in il ill Oil' mm th .who Vntwd illm
r- -- - , .
Aboh ,n. ,eket. and wn- w,re con
" lllM niois nii-m;u. una
-;r.i,.i,.n ,ti' f i,,. i Qi i, ,,r r i,. f. i uiti
' . . -'
llw taletfraiih itilorms us. that even
A-Kn. bi-... I.imi, ,!n . In
" ' '
n "'
.1. Ti. -f .t
I ir in I ..ii-a.iiii .nil K
view ot. being
election, . has
and tha Miisou
ri radicals and joined the' Gamble
Cotr'cervative party; . by suBtuining
Genefia:! Sid.'ofleld fn command of that
D"pHi'rnient airainst the Committee
"f one humlrod Abolitionists Irom
Kansas and MisHouri.-
L t -our persecuted Laboring meu
b g"d cnoor, theii, 'their, labor
wdl soon bo ueudsd and their votes
' t l . ..I -I ......!.-:
SIV mem popumriiy nun position.
repnt i C;'j - '.- '.'
' MARRIED On .the 'Sth.inst. by S- G.
-C-se Ef. Mr. DANIEL BO WEN, to
iViiuiii Co. 0. " '
.,u ri:.nnin. "
'' ' ' .- ,' .
". 151,1 'n8t- nt the yesiJence. of the
'.''."..S,": .M'' JA'
,anan ri.inniiii, 10 IVir. 99 Atvei A It kr
j. HA it DEM, .11 or Vl-.ion'Co. Ohio.'
..Weacknowleljre thereii-iDt oftW'nvual
ti' , .SL.y ,..'.'.., .
rerasmofance , ot tlia Ftipter riyjiYttiey
it ,1' . ' l L i ' "''-"'J
To the happv couple w wish long life
..i e I'. ' - !. i.i. " .
life, all the blessings tha-tcen Tlow from
conublal bliss.
. ' i yy i
: f d 0 i t f fi ,
. Idrf- l'lkiBlKrvKiI 'CuuVxHr't'l'Yl'. 'a'ri 'il
srxtb V?e(rimu o, V,. CUuip at Bvorlr, Ve.
July 87, j4l. . "
Dr. V. VT. Robaci;. Cincinnati, Ohlor-Te
rooclvod I jo-.ij long wUhoJ- for and w!come IUn
e.tiea fur.- d.iy ao, ami hnta to rc.iro jo
a ijimiitmoiM uxpiMsion in rowrd toonrtlia
ijiiiilai uf tho MioriiM of Mm.
We tiiva i.n.,1 thoirt with gfifat tneflt ia enr - -l
omiiany, and heartily uttost to the thlio npla
toil ot-tl.cir buufli. uur cam-n, o.(h).
cmlly ln r.. tni-ro havo boeu no many uim
clir.iTKMasrrom tlilvliiaB imluUy ruUu,ia
hii.ineni.iit lio.ns, to tho exposed hahiUof ae
tiv sulili.ir.- ia x utiunjra nt i iiimaiural cmntrt "
il. we mo5t nppitviiit-i tlie imiriui of dub I1t-KU-.ht;at
.ValiiOs.fs. jour;.. To nil tlioHa In out
poiii.iu do u eiMphnilcuUj rooum mcuj 7T
your UiiiiuJlc, hwn.' ns.ured, from exporiuacc,
ihcy will bj very .-lwiiie ecimi'03ion. ..
Vunii very truly, 4
, .
1 Jofi.ru A. Andbiti, ,-V
dpt. Cj-H.-SixUiRng'tjO. V,
Sijrno : " ' t.
Jiimi;s V. Sernp'k, lnt Serge mt Comjinr. B.
Olian, 11 ffv.-lur, i Ofouiit. .
'l"- B Ku.i.tl, lit iMxt, t'o. 6-.li It.-?'! O.t.
Tli-w. 8 HOV... 0I I.ier.t.
K H, Var'icii,"3d AVr;iiit',' ' : -"' -,-
M. V.TIy.ir, iiu gerxSHiit,
Hnin!. Ih ,S -Imoli-y. c'oitiiniwrV,.'. ,17' ,
C'nriiial ('In. niTlor; "' s ' f
l.ir;iiiiilJi.l',vai.l bnliiiiunu, ,
Arirsl (.'iirU6i! (?. t'uuli), : ,-
.tif..iiierwil.i 6'J jiriviiii-a nniini.juxp:-i-. .-
:lnu be) lie (tK'ttit. . '. . . -j ..- , '
. F..r -MluctNo. Riwi iVu'r'.h Urutt,' ftnd ,
Pi itifji..ti evcrywhcie.".. 0, '
Tlieic.iul u'tontiuit of'6utle!wl soTlctuid to
thiniH Ikivu Hi I'.'sirfUoltf Ut coraulaiati In-'1
ii.lnt tn::ui;p 1 'o, . .t
Tiit'tiiuiil Llilntsc Itui8 Jy fji- Jiutitt .
'''" v ' ' 1) is vn s - - ' -V,
l).E -.)X Wir,L I'tllU OItM A CURtr.,
Iiiftreiwlif !.uii;-o!y Testable; plcurant tpthe
t.irt ; h i;. 111 hurt odor, ami may tu c-arriid io
thu veil piAJi.it "Vttliiiir I'earofdu'.crtlnn. -prite
i 1 1 Vi-( j'l-.t poM p.i!J to any tddroM by -
J.J. i;.ir.K. 403 Chealnnt Nt, t-SU. ,'.
( irwiiljirMiil frn. gnX. lT-SJ-Smo
The Co'i:fi'tnu mill I-1 f ncufo of
Me'rvone Invnlid. ''
1-..I .l!l..l I ...
1 iiviiiiicu . '-7 i-L-iioin n i a eantitn w
Viv.nu mou, hi. 1 0U1.T1, who Kiiffer from NerVodi
o..i.:':i., ...... 1 , .. , . .. '
.-,..'ii-.t. i.nn.T xi-vnj , anu ineir hiBurut ail
ir.ciit.i Mi( i.li ii.it tho tii arii. ( aeli'-nr.' By
m j wl o Im liiniiwlf alior Ittog yicti.a cf
iin-p!.i.-d i-.'ii terr.) In tndical huinbnjj and
Hi n !viy. Ii) cj.et.-ii.1t a puHt-pild direcUil
eiivvlupotnifl.icnpiiM limy h had of tha author
Nhu.mi 1. V trr.'1'.i Vit k.H,v..l 1.:..
- - - ---- - - - i -j., wmuibiu, A.uaa
Comity, New yrls, . - .,
t un, April, jane, Aug, Uct, Dec. 'S J, lyrr
' - -
'I'ii Mn-vuin huffcrci'j of Iloth Sexiis.
men r.d rj l lolinaltii in u t'u-v duy, after un-ilt.-o.
iii.li tho ui-uul rou'.i.iu uud iir.-gulnrei
i Lki uio.U a 'if t'eMm.-ut ithnst ouccou, on
i-i.l. ik i. Iiir; Hncrud dut' t i fommntiuvitB to on
iifilieitl feiiuy timtur-ji the mens of cure,
liu-jet.i n ll,e r.-ceipt ol'uti addrewed envelope,"
l.c v,i:i (free) a ropy of the prtMifprfon
iistf.1, l;r.;st to V. John M. DaeNaLL, )8t Kui
t,)ilKiroot brook l.yn, Nmv York.
ilumli. 4Uy, iluly.Sop., Kov , Jau.',-,lyr.: "
-: I'ORTSMOUTU,- pU!0 "- -
This Ho tun fronts on ihe S'enn . JJoat
L Hiding, nJ ne.ir ih Rsi Iro-ui Drpot. . No
(liitisT.il! hp spire.) fur tne at-cu:nnlalUn-
ol (ill--..!...
SJ;ii. ,18'3,-!;r. ' . : Y
TVTO. ICE i hereby f,n that the un-i-i
dcr-igii.l liDtb 'en duly appointed aJ
iTiiiiit'ruUir of the esut.; of D.nu Ferfel
ln of Viaioa Co.iniyj O lio, d'eemed -
Oet. 22, 13G3--3 .V. .JOSHUA WO0Df:
SUf'u rOiio, V'tUon' County. .
Lafayo'.to Rayoor, ?llff. ) Jlu Court of Cora-
agitiiiH t jiiOB Flaae.
Oliver Fall'ir n ' v 1
Ilnppy Kullur, Deftf.J Order or aale 1 .
iiV A N r to t'ie commnod of an or.f.r oftafe
hi tlio uhjve can- to mo direbud from th
Court of Ciimmo'i Pleas, of the Bforeaald Coun
tj ot' Vintuii, -I willoffurat pnbliu anro, at-th
door of tho Ccinrt 1louo. Iu the Town of Mc Ar
thur, in aforoaaid C'onn':y of Vintoa, 00 .
" Htl'urJjy Novtmher "2!jf rS63,"" -1
Bntweup th .,.!'. of ton o'ikakj 4..
rel -f...r-io-)o'jU P.M. of aaid--Uj:..Uie
IV-U-iwir. ronl iUlo ta-witi Conji- encir.j
at flfti'irt';' wmt o'Tiar of ltr btnnnibr'aatt--ty-iuven,
(77, in li e town nf MoArthur oounty
nf Vinton nud State 'of Ohio, (henoe running
Sfirh forty foet thenw -eau-twBty-aix...ict
tliBtics tiorlh forty lout thoiue oet twenty -ail
frett? the place 'f tjegitiiutt . AJuoa part of iu
lot Hoytiny-BCvon,' iu mid ton-a of MiiArtbuf
pomaieuoin at thd nnrth-euiii cornorof naid lot:
Thence rmminir wrat- forty feet iheace- aouth
forty foet thunca at forty (eel, to.tbelineof
Kaid lot, tbenod noriri forty feet.'to the jdv
lie'inninif ; Will baaoldiia one I6t.l
.Taken a tho crororlv 'of Oliver Fuller "ft
lln nriy .Villftr, to hatifty a hidirment of aKiraw
iild Court,1 in favor of Lufayutt lioynor. I
Aiiiriiil ae t'oliuwa to-wit : I r'tuir hundred
end nxty dolluraj ( f 4if) and-moet briug.Ufr- .
tuirfji "i iiim-Hum.
7F.RtS OF PALE.. C.ln hVmT
. Binoum dj Hr.wivT, AltII rroBBIS,
A tty . for Pint.' Bh'ff V. Co: 0.-
Oof. 5 C3'"5vr ' A Master ConVr ;
fi: -J iJnnw tnTi jjow SEBT0SS9
. . " PE.ici stxcEFrs. ,', .-:
A Lecture on the ITnture,1- Treatments
.. : Iladical Cure ;
' Spermatorrhoea or Heminal Weaknoi Semal
Qbillty. 'NervouiifHa. and lnvolnntaary Emt
oioneinduciriir lnpoteiiov Coneamptlon. -ai
atanudaiid X'byaical Diib'flfty;. . .
By nob'T J. CTJLT1RWELL, M. D.
i Tho importar i , faot that awful oocaoqaetieM
of Self AhiiKe niay be efWually removed with
out internal niotholnea of thedanrarotii applica
tion of cattatics Initmtnenk, medloated ojiie
and other empirical dovicca, la here clearly im
ODftrated. and the entirely new and highly ane-ceai-fpl
treatment aa adoped by the !ebrUd
author, fully explained, hy mean, of whick Ve
ry one it enabled to cure bimee'f perfectly, and
at the UHt poauble coat, thereby avoldlutr U
tbe advertised nonlrumi of tbe day..' ' lhiklee
tqre w"d prove a boon to tboaaandi and'.tbow
anda. .. . .". i .'.
. Pen tender aeal ia a plain euTolor. to tar
addreM,' Poet paid ' On receipt of two pest
itamM, by (Uireiing the pnblinhera.
: I 1 ft Bowery , Kew Yrrtlt. P.QvBW;
: And alVAfhoV HtfJ 'tt SlafesH for
sale at the Democrat Office.

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