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time to Litre an nti-!aTery Qod an
auti-tlBTerr Bible." Wo lure beard
tho Crutilution of oar country dcp
onncod " covenant with death rui
holl" We tiave heard tho boasted
determination that the Union hal!
nerer be restored until ita provisions
for the production of altYerv itro uttorljr
aboliebci. And what i tlm result v
all this new philanthropy t The
learfal judmont of Uod has descended
to chftstiso these mnltiplcd acts of
rebellion awrnst LI is divino Govern
moot, and what the &n cnlastronlK!
shall bo je only known to Him who
cell) the cud from tho beginning.
After forty rears spent in the win
istrr, more than thirtv of which have
been passed in tho cfHce of a liishon,
1 ean look back with liumblo flunk
fnlneM to the Girer of all good for
this, at leabt, that all my bent labors
have been dirocud to the preservation
of the Church from tuo . inroads of
doctrinal innovation. At my ordin
fttion 1 promisod ''so to rniumter the
Docntma and sscraments and disci
pline of (Jurist, as the Lord hull)
commanded, and as this Church hath
received the same" and certain It is
that "this Church" hath not received
the tnodoro doctrine of oltra-AbclT
tlonism at that time, ns I trust 6he
utter will receive it, because it is
contrary to the Sacred Scriptures. 1
also promised "with all faithful dili
trenee to banish and drive away from
the Church all erroneous and strange
doctrine contrary to God's Word,"
and I made these promises in the trtoo
sense whieh the venerable Bishop
White, rny Ordained, attached to
them 1 believed tlien.aa he believed,
that our Southern brethren committed
so sin in having slaves, aud that they
wero men cf as much pity as any
ministers in our Communion. I be
lieved, as he bolieved, that tho plain
precepts and practice of the Aposllce
sanctioned tho institution, 'although,
as a matter .'of expediency t the time
.might come 'when the South would
prefer, as tho North had dono, to em
ploy free labor. Those promises 1
nave kept faithfully to this day and
if, when I am drawing Bear to the end
of my career, I am to bo condemned
and vilified by you and your clergy,
because I still maintain thsm to the
ntmost of my slender ability, be as
sured, my Bight Kevcrnod Brother,
that I shall regret the fact much more
on your account than my own.
in conclusion, 1 Lave only to say
that 1 feel no resentment for the
grossly insulting style of your mani
festo. The stability and anitv of the
CLnrcn of God are the only interests
which I desire to secure, and I am too
old in experience to be much moved
by the occaeinal excess of human
Bishop the Dioces of Vermont.
BURLINGTON, Vt., Oct. 5, 1863.
How the Ohio Election was Carried.
We haye heard of some townships
in this county where the Abolitionists
polled fifteen more ballots than there
were men in the towimhip. Thie
accounts for part of the milk in the
edeoa-nut. As their villainy comes
to light, we shall learn , how thoy
have fourteen hundred more votes
thie fall than they had last.
Tbe above is from the New Lisbon
(Ohio) Patriot, published in Columbi
ana County. Its statement throws
some light upon the enormously in
creased vote given by the Republic
ans at the late election an increase
which the census aud all previous
votes show to be fraudulent. As it
was in Columbiana County, so it was
all over tbe State. The Patriot says
further. . , .
"We must confess we are aston
ished at tbe vote of. the county. The
Republicans oast (or Brough 4,141,
and Vallandighain received 2,356,
making entire, in round numbers.
6,600. We are at . the ' same time
opposed to have from 800 to 1,000
teen in tne arm', do tuat oar vote
if all io. would be 7.500. Estimatcc
by tbe ordinary ratio of rotes to the
population: which is in proportion of;
ix to one, we ought to have 45,000
ouls. By the census of 1860 we
have but 32.O00. . The figures show
i . i r J - j ;.4.l.
Wiu irtuil eHJVl iuiova Duiuenucie.
Stand from Under—Important
The Concord (N. 11.) 1'atnot re
ports that Chief Justice Bell, of the
bopreme Court of New , Hampshire,
decides, in the case of John 11. George
v. tbe Citv of Concord, that United
States "greenbacks" are not : legal
tender.. ,The plaintiff held the city's
notes for 82.000. for wUicu united
States notes were tendered and refns
d, and a suit brought to recover, the
debt, which action has lor tbe present
been decided as above. The case
coes to tbe full bench.
We btdieve that Chief Justice BiHl
is Republican- Jndge Seldcn,
the New-York Court of Appeals, npw
I he-Republican candidate tor te-lec-
tiou: haa eiven a similar opin-on.
Th toll Oourt,.iiowever ws.th ojh
cr way in opinion
?rTT" ilnihat'broduccd aauash
which weighs niuery-two'lioaiids. j
JioARTllUtt, OHIO:
THURSDAY - - - Oct. 99. 1S6S
vYHEllE HE IS, not! te Enforcement
of the Lawe against all OihceM wko
have nsurped Authority, well as the
feople WHO tonmu lireucuc ui im
Sitljtcl to tht Vtcition of tht Democratic
Convention oj m wnoi cnton,
War News.
Wk have no movements of the
Army to give our readers this week,
only that wo have had skirmishing.
Charleston is still beseiged by Ud.
Mbadb has advanoed towards the
Rappahannock, and onr ecigneerssay
in about one month the railroad des
troyed by Lee, will be in ruuning
order 80 we can supply onr tioops as
thoy advance.
Since the removal of R-obzcriits,
wo have uo news of the Army of the
Cumberland giving is any assurance
of a victory soon in that quarter.
Altogether our prospects loon as
gloomy &9 ever they did.
It will soon be time for our troops
to go into winter quarters, aud we
will have no victories until there is a
Draft in January, and tho next years
campaign commences.
Governor Tod has issued an oracr
that no draft Ukea place until Jan
uary 5, 1864, when Ohio must fam
ish 32,000 men. This will clean us
out of able bodied men.
Mrs. Stewart and Dr. Blair.
If we had room we would publish
Mrs. Stewart's letter in behalf of
Blair tbe Abo-olition Professor of
Athens College. The whole thing
is a mystory to us. We were not
aware Col. Grosvcrnor was in the
Blair mix, but the lady as sometimes
ladies will lets the cat out of the
hag. llow many cats aro in this bag
wo can not say. There is evidently
something yet to come out, as the
ladv intimates that it "was under
stood the field officor was armed with
revolvora." Why was he armed!
Again; ,:Field officers ought to be
yon know." We don't know that
field more than line oincers, are
armed with any ihno that should
frighten a lady, much less an editor,
for the brave always protect the fair.
IfCol.Grcsvernor wrote, he is amply
able to protect himself, and hold his
opponents at bay, including Col
Stanley too. The relative merits o
those two officers is well understood
in this county. It happens very sin
gularly that this lady admits that Dr
Blair did say, "That the history
this Government was written, that it
only remained for to record its death,
that it was a failure being a govern
ment of the rahbU," (the people,) and
that he, Blair, Mnow goes in for a
strong Government," that is, for a
monarchy. We thank the lady for
this showing ot Dr. Blair, the man
whom the Republicans of Vinton
brought hero to teach our people
Democratic principles. - o wibu
here to sav. in justice to Col. Gros-
voner. we have bad no unaersianaing
or correspondence with him on this
nhieot. The ladv "must recollect
tliprn ma more men in ine array wi
the CumbcrlandJhan Col. Grosvenor,
with whom wo consider it no disgrace
to meet on the level.
Mrs. Stewart and Dr. Blair. Best Chance to Enlist.
Cipt.' McDowell of the 00th O.
V. I.', Is enlisting in our town," and
offers the following extraordinary in
inducements.- To all persons who
have served 9 months', he. will" guar
ante'e $13, otfl month's' gav in. ' ad-
vanpe, a bounty oi ?u ana premium
2; U)Ul .$o5, . before leaving rtho
Sute. At the next regular pay-day
(2 months after muster, in) f 13 and
2nd installment'of bonnty, 70,' and
.'every six rponths .thereafter 70 until
tho reoiuit gtU 9402 bonuty, beeides
his regalar pny of f 13 per month
liecrnits who nave not served nine
months will set the sane pay and
bounty, and at same times, until they
iret $802. bounty. This gitee all re
cruits S462, pay and bounty, in first
II months, besidos board ana ciotn-
lug.- woinscu preiei tne miaotry
arm of the service, and Capt. JUo
Dow icll is a good man to enlist uu
Hon. J. Green.
We acknowledge receipt of the
above Gentleman's favor of the 27th
inst. Mr. G keen's majority in Vin
ton Is 254, leading Val. 21 votes and
1'ngh' 8 votes. It was a good vote to
a noble man and sound jurist; one
whom the Democracy will yet call
to the rvscuo, to help in reconstruct
tioa of tbe old Union. Mi.GkEinrsn
far ahead of our ticket in bis district
After thanking the Democracy of
Vinton for their hearty support, Air,
Geibm says: "We are boaten, but not
conquered. Despotism and reckless
abuse of unwarranted and nnconsu
tutional power can never prevail long
in a free country. 1 have all confi
dence in the people proving true to
the Constitution, in our next nation
al contest. Hoping that we may
survive all these storms of political
fanaticism, and yet be able to steer
the 'old Constitution' safely out of
the dangerous sea into which it has
been plnnged by reckless and wicked
bands, I remain yours for the resto
ration of the Union and constitution
al liberty."
We ask to bo excused for drawing
thus on a private letter, but our ex
cuse is to show out readers the rever
ential feeling tbnt prevails the hearts
or onr loading men, for the Constitu
tion and Union.
Mosffr Wanibd.' Our friends
will please 'take notice that we will
call on them in a fuw days for a set
tiemont oi an back accounts. Hope
yon will all be prepared to pay up,
aa we must pay as we go'
OCT The mortality in Grant's army
said to bo three times greater than
the army of the Potomac. The
water and the weather, probably.
Arrest, Imprisonment and Robbery of
Esqr. Whetstone.
Wo have received the following
btatemeut of Wm. Whetstone, a Jus
tice of the Peace of Vinton Tp., in
our connty, a man who is loyal to the
Government, aud who was arrested
and detained, as we believe, for no
other teason, only to keep him away
antu after tbe election, as be was far
Val. Lei onr readers reflect on this
act, and see the thousands of similar
caaeSjand then ask yourself the qaes
tion,,Whetherour liberty is in danger
or not. , .
For the McArthur Democrat.
MINGO, Oct. 28th, '63.
Col. Bratton,
inst.. 1 was captured by Capt Wish
aet, on the head of Mud River, West
Ya. My business in va., was to
ascertain if possible where my broth
er Samuel was, if alive, especially tor
the relief of my mother s mind, she
believing him to be dead. 1 was at
Wm. Love's house, a farmer Throe
men came to Love's a short time after
I got there, and Capt. Wishart with
35 cavalrymen then came along on a
scout, lie arrested tue three men,
and then he asked Love who 1 was
Love replied that 1 was a roan who
lived in Ohio. Capt. Wishart thon
asked me how the election was going
in Ohio! I replied, some thongbt
good deal of Vallandighain and some
thought more of Brough. He then
said be thought Val. a fine man, and
the best man our country conld pro
duce and he would vote for him.
Then he insisted on knowing which
of the men I would vote for. 1 re
plied I never donitd my principles,
and if I should get home in tune, 1
wonld vote for Mr. Vallandigham.
The Capt. then said all men who
vote tor valiandignam ougut to be
Bhot. and we will shoot them if
we caton them here. - we now arrest
you as we do all Vallandighammers
we eaten here, ims was on the 0th
about T o'clock A. M. They ' then
mad me march on foot, that day and
night, part' Of the time on double
quick, about 5 miles, to' Barbours
ville, Va., there delivered me up to
Col. W, R. Brown 13th Vsv-Regt.
Ici'ty.j on Saturday, 10th,' about 10
o'clock A. M who with the usual
humanity of Abolitionists, told us we
should be shot, and that the persons,
Col. iiraiton, judge tiewitt and otn
era .to whom 1 referred to prove who
I was, sc., were as great traitors as
i was, ana ti mey appearea over in
Va., that Death would be their doom.
lie then ordeteilO soldieiito take me
to prison;'' The prison is a log one,
without a teat to sit, or a place to
lay on, nor covering or blanket, nei
ther of which I was furnished 'when
there:'' No human' being could bo
placed on harder ' treatment than-1
received at the hands wfUuT. Brown,
ohdofour Own officers, , while -re
mained id prison some" ten days: '
Ua the lVtti oi uct r was brought
out before Col. Brown," after I had
repeatedly demanded a trial, nn A .he
told me lie 'had uo charges against
roo and I could go home. 1 then
asked him. why jio ' bad imprisoned
nje withopt charge. And he replied
thcro were men ' who , camo out 'of
Ohio, and wero,' traitois and ' spic
and that there was no loyal men in
tho Democratic party in Ohio, except
those who voted with tho Administra
tion, and every, jaatt . that did. not
b us tain the Administration was a tory
to his country, and when he met them
their destiny was sealed. lie, before
I was released, told me that ii 1 would
take anoMli to support the' Admin
istration and voto for Brough he
woud release me. I replied 1 would
loo him and the Administration
damned and in hell before I would
iko SHch nn oath, or deny my prin
iples. .
Whilst 1 was is prison, our own
toldiers searched and rubbed me of
Five Iluudrcd Dollars. When I
was released I asked Col. Brown to
refund my money, llo replied he
had no money for me; that they did
not refund any money that they took
from a Vallandicham man. and if vou
or any Vallandighamers ever dome
here we will shoot. ; ;
Such, fellow citizona of. Vinton
county, are the facts connected with
my arrest, robbery and imprisonment
and r nch are the acts ol those placed
n power, and such we must boar
without any redress for these enor
mous wrongs,
Yonrs, &c,
t. r . .i - .i . t l
i ii seems irom me aoove mni iiou
peiy, Arrest aud Shooting is to be
the order of the day. If so we would
like to see Uol. Brown commence it
in this county. Such outrages as the
above should cause every man who
voted to Biietain tncsu men in power
to stop and think what they are do
Sixth ogimeat. 0, V., Camp at Beverly, V.-
fJaly 2T, im. .
Vf. V. W. Kobaoi; Cincfnntl, Ohio: W
roceived toui lonir wixbed for nud welcome Bern
edies few djn ago, aud hasten to return you
t UDtoimou exureuion in rocard to our LIbu
opinion of tbe merits of time . ,
we nave usod them with greet benofl t in out
Company, and heartily attest to the piblie opio
loo of their creat beoeflta. In our cases, espe
cially whero there have been so inaDT aruat
ehanires as from the civilian in dally routine, in
ouRiuate.at nome, to the exposed naoitsorao
tive soldiors in a strange bl-I nnnatursl country
do we most appreciate the merits of such Heav
en-mot valuek a voars. To all those in out
ponitiou do we most smnlialicsllT rocommend
your Kemeaies, being absured, from experience,
iney win ue a very welcome companion.
i oars very truiv,
- Josira A. Ahdbiwi,
Capt. Co. B. Sixth Rei'k O. 7.
James i . bomple, 1st Borgeint (Jomp-iny B.
Chas, 11. Foster, 8d Sergeant.
Chai. B.Rnsael, 1st Lieut. Co. t'.h Keg't O.T.
Thos. 8 Koyse,2d Weut.
E. B.Warrou, 3d Sergeant, .. i,
8. A, Tlioyer, 4th gergesnt,
Haml. D. Scbooley. Comiuisary,
Car Dorul Chas. W. isylor:
Corporal Edward Bultinann, "
Corporal Curlton Q. Cable.
.ogetherwith 69 privates a unantmonssxp
sion boins givun.
Fur sale tt No. t East Fourth street, and
Druggists svctv where.
Tbespociul attention of Sutlers is solioitod to
tins as boing tho best artiolo for complaints lo
oidont to camp life. '
V.l. -1. '. -
The (.rent Chines Remedy (or Secret.
Diseases. ,
Ingrcadients purely vegetable; pleasant to the
taste ; has no bad odor, and may be carried In
the vest pocket without fear of delootlen. , price
Xl a box, sent post paid to any address rj
J.J. HROnEK. 408 Chestnut St, Phil.
Circular sent free.
Sept. 17-6S-4MO
The Confessions and Experience of
Nervons Invalid. .
Published for the benefit and ss a caution te
young men, and others, who suffer from Nervous
Debility. &arly Decay, and their kindred ail
raonts supplying tho means of self-cure. By
00 Who has himself after being a victiui of
mlaplaoed couldonoe in medical humbug' and
qnsckcry. By enclosing a post-paid directed
envelope, single copies may be had of the author
Natuakixl MAtriia, Esq., Bradford, Kbgt
county, new ion.
Feb, April. June, Aug, Oot, Dee. '83. lyr.
To Nervous Bufferere of Both Sexes
beon restored to health in a few days, after un'
dereoingsll tho usual routine and irregular x
ponaive modes oftrcntihont without success, cen
eiders It his saored duty to communicate to hi
araioted fellow creatures the means pf cure
Uench.cn the receipt of ah addressed envelope
ne win pna 1 iree a oodt oi tu vireaet rt on
1 Tl! fc. T. T. 1 - 1 .
Marcn, May, July, bop., Nov.,' Jan., lyr.
SYSTEMS new and reliable treatsnant-'-in
Scut by mail in sealed letter envelopes, - free of
charge. Add rest, Dr, J. 'SKILLIn HOUGH
TON, Howard Association, N S South Kinth
Street, Fbiladelphia, Pa. ' - '
Marcri. &th lHa, 1 yr.' - ' .. : .
'- SHERIFF'S SALl?. T ','
Slale'qf Ohio', Yinton County, ;'. '
Andrew Wolf . Pltff. J In Court ef. .
against ' ' r Common Flea;
Leander Bpraroe Dtfl.i . Vendl.
T)Ulii'OANT to th command of aa order
X ' sal in the above causa t ms directed from
th .Court of '.Common Flea. of the aforesaid
county ef Vinton, 1 will offer at publio sale, : at
th doorot th court House, in tbe Town of Mo
Arthur, ia aforesaid county of Vinton , on t ..
.Saturday tht Oh of Dttmbtr 1881,
Between the ' hour of Un eblcek.' A. II. . and'
four o'clock, P. M.j jf.oaid day, jthe following
real estate, to-wi( : luioinumoer (evntr-nva
(TV,) in the Tow f MeArthur Vinton oeunty
vtilO. (. ' '.'"S- t 1 i:'n ,M
Taken a the . property of Lesndsr. Bprsgue'
to satisfy a judgment tn favor or Andrew W olf.
,'ApprsiMd at six hundred dollsia,( 800;)jn(i
muat bring two-tblrds of that sum;. , ;.,,.,',
TEBM67OF8ALE; oash In band n ' t ' fi
Oet.2?th,l8-w. .tfhfr. Y- Co O.
3iale ofOhio Yinton County,
. Alhens Branca tf tnel p,.
tuu Bank f Ohio, .
Big Band Iroq Co-l p.ftj
pan et si. I
Io Court of
Common ?!
oidr ctuU,
nURSDANT'to theeotDmnd of aa order f
X sals In the abova oause to me directed from
the Court. ofCerxmon Pleas, of the aforseaid
ll..w VI.... 1 -II I A at nakliM
VVHObJ V, 1 UWW, ' vmw. f - I
it we door ortas court nouw, wie iowo oi
UcArthur, in the aforesaid connty el viaun cn
Saturday tht 5A day of DtctmUr 1868,
between the' hours of ten o'clock, A. M. and
four o'clock, P. M., of said day, tbe following
desoribed real estau in said viutoa uonnty,
to-wll: Fraotlons or two hundred and sixty
two, acre loUnumbored two, three, four, five it,
twelve and thirty-three tbe west half of frac
tion numbort nineteen.ten snd one half sores In.
the north east corner or Traction number Bine
teen, in the south ssst quarter. The south woat
quarter, the north west quarter, and lbs north
half of the north seat quarter of Section num
ber three, three hundred and thirty-seven sores
in the west and sontn part of Section number
four, described in the deed of J. L. Cantor to
said Iron Company, dated December 80th 1864.
The east half of Bection number eight, the south
hslf and north west quarter of Bection number
eleven, the south west quarter and twenty acres
on of toe west end sf the south half of the south
east quarter of Bection number number sixteen,
The south half of ths north west quarter of Sec
tion number sixteen, one hundred sd sixty
acres, tbe sontn aide or eoetioa nimoer nine
teen, two hundred aid sixty acres, ths north
aU of Bection number twenty-six, and on
hundred acres, ths east snd of four hundred
sores whioh is ths south sids of Beotlon number
twsnty-slx, situated in Township number elev
en, of liaoge number sixteen, in Brown town
ship in sola Vinton county, and Stat of Ohio.
Au h following lands situated in Township
number ten, of Jtang number seventeen, in
Clinton township In said Vinton county. Ths
wsst half of ths south west quarter of Beotion
fourteen, the northeast auarter of Bection num
ber flfteon; Ths south seat quarter of the north
west quarter or section number orteen; The
north west quarter of the southeast quarter of
Section numoor fifteen, the south seat quarter of
the south east quarter of Section number fifteen,
the south half of ths south weet quarter of
Beotlon number twenty-three, the west half of
the north esat quarter of Section number twenty-six.
and the north east Quarter of the south
east quarter of Bection number flfteon, being all
tne inna men ownea oy ssia iron company ana
all the land ever conveyed to it except a part of
Sectlo i in said Township number ten snd part
of Bection number one hereafter specified and
being all described In the deeds to said Iron
Company recorded inthereoords of deeds in
said Vinton county. Also tbe north east quar
ter of tbe north west quarter of Beotion number
on in Township number eleven of Kings
number seventeen, in the township of Elk, In
said County of Yiuton.
Taken si the property of Big Sand Iron Com
pany et alto satisfy a Judgment in favor oi
Athens Branch or theutste UanK or unto.
Anoraised at Thirty-aeren thousand six hun
dred ninety-two dollars, cud muat biiug two-
thirds of that sum.
TERMS OF BALK, cash In hand.
Oct, 59th lM8-w. Bbff. V.Co. O.
State of Ohio, Yinton County. '.
aQehard Ashnrst t f)on Fllffi. 1 In Court ot
against . V Common Fleas
I. A. Bratton, t a). . ; Def UJ Order of sals.
thCi'-SUANT to ths command of u ordsr of
AT sl lu the above cause e me directed from
sb Court of Common , Pies. Ol th aforesaid
feunty of Yinton. 1 will offer at public sal at
th door of th Court fuus, in th Tewn of
M Arthur, in aforesaid County of Vinton, en
BaHrdaj iUMkiey of DtmUr, 185 J
Between (he hre of ton, 'olock A .If., and four
o'clock P. M., of said day, th following Seal
eetatc to-wit: about eeventv r of land
ooinmenolog at theeonth-east eoraer of th
aouth-east quarter of the south eset qusirter
ef Section number Ave. (5.1 in Tewnshlu ndm-
berniae, (,) of Rang number eiglitesn, (IS,)
in v inion county unto, tnenc west to tne 'K
tnence up tr.e bed or the creek U Soloms
Redferns line thence south-east along sal
Redforns Un to the north-east comer of th
outh-west quarter of the south west quarter
of Section number four, (4.) in Township and
lance aftresaid. Tnence south to th south
eornsr of said last named forty acre tract thence
wei u me viae ot oeglnlDg. Also the north.
. 1 . 1H UHIUW. HIUIIJ-HTVUi ' ' J
tssp tan feet off ot south side of said north half
Ii.ir .f TnJ.I ..-k...hl..i....... . .V .
Also tne wee hair 0 r ln-lot number a
hundred snd sixteen, (llt,)in the town of Mo
Arinur vutoa eounty umo. '
Taken as the property ofK. A. Bratton, to
satisfy s judgement sf sforsssld Court, in favor
f Richard Ashnrst Son. 1
Appraised ss follows, to-wit : The first de
scribed realty at twelve hundred dollars, snd
lot number ninety-seven exoent tea feet off at
two hundred; and fifty dollars, let numberou
hundred and sixteen, at twenty dollars, and
niusi sring iwo-xoirasoi inst sum. -TiaUS
Or eXLE, cash in hand. . ' :!
A.. 4 U.L. Bbswn,, ARCH. N0RRIS.
Attye. for Plfft. Bhff. V. Co. O.
Pot. 19th, 186s-6w.,
. :' tsBERlFF'S SALE. : -State
of OM4. Yinton County,
. Henry Johnston Pltff. 1 IaCeurtof
. against.': VCommsn Pleaa
Abraham J ohoston, eta Defts J order of sale..
PURSUaXT to the command of an order of
sals in the shove cause to me directed from
the Court of Common Pies H at the ' aforesaid
county of Vinton, I will offer at publio sale, at.
the doer of the Court House, in thd Town of Ho
Arthur, in th aforesaid oounty ef VinWhon
Saturday tht 6th day oDecenibtr 1868,.
Between the hour of ten o'olock, A. lit, and
four o'clook, P.M., of said day, th following
real estate, to-wit: The nofth-aast quarter of
the. South t quarter of Beo
tion number sixteen, . (18,) in JTownship
number ten. (10.1 of Ban ire number sejen-teen.
(lt,)exoept ten aores off of the south aid ef
said forty son traot owned by Deaurin Tarr
St Co." Also th north-west - quarter of the
south-west quarter of Beotion number fifteen,
( 15.) Id Township nam her ten. ( 10.) of Bang
number seven-teen, f IT, ) excepting tea sores off
of the south aid of sold tract Of forty sores,
owned by Damerla Tarr Co., and also utoep.
ting twenty acrea off .or ths east aid of to re-
maiulng twenty acre off ef th tsst sids of th
-:.r. .v.... . . j l Kriiii.,
Walker, Wing and being ia said Vinton oeunty.
Ordered to he sold la pnrsusno of an order
aid Court, mad at th BepUotbtr term there
of 1M3 in sold mum, wherein pertitton was
filed for the Dsrtitien of said nremieea te.
Appraised at one' theuesnd dollars, ((1000,)
UnoumbersoV by .th rdowr. -. .i 1,
TEEMS Ol1 BLE. one-tbird of the purchase
money in hand, andtfi retidn in, two equal
annual installment, with lntrast from th day
of sale, defered payment to b seoored
mortsag uuon tne d remises.
Hiwirr EamKsroit, - . J ARCH. NORBI8,
a . 4. T A fls
BhU V. Co rj,
Oot. 9tb 138l,-5w.
TV"0TICE i( hereby given thtt v7i!lUra
'Newton executor of ths lafe will
aud . Tenement of John ' Rankin lit
Vinton County, deceiied, has filed his tc
counts for in ipeetion and final settlement.
and will be for hearing on '.the" 80th day
a win oe lor neartng M tne wm; 1 day
ctober A-D. lf63. JOSEPH KALER
Oet.8-6-ar. ' v ""-Probato JudgeiH
miniitralof of. th ekttte f .DJiuar,rtTtl
late efViulow Cvntyi OHio, dfcttted. r-.
- tnt;;the;
t oiiriiivif i o tJALE.
State of Ohio, Yin ton County,
Trustee orKicblssd -Township
i llta
: against ! ':
In Court sf
C em men (lees'
Thomas tp orth Deft. J VendL
PUMUAHT to tht commend of an order of
.1? ,h b0 0 10 m dire cud frn
Court of Common Pleae, of the aforesaid Coub.
V ""I tpnbllal1 atlh
door of the Court House, la ths Town of MeAr
thur, ia the aforesaid Coanty of Viuioo, ow
Saturday tht 51 day tfDtctmbtr Iff.
Between the hours of un o'clock, A.M.. sal
fourVelock, P. M., of said day t'i following
real eaute, to-wit : Tbe south half of U
north-eaat quarUrofihe north-east and the
south-east quarter of the north -eaat quarter of
fecetion number thirtv-on. (31.) in towashj.
numbsr nine, (,of Rsnge number elfbteea
lS,)in.inUa County Ciuo, couuinln !...'
seres mor or less.
Tsksa the proDer'v ofThmni. r..v
tb Truateea
ii Aioaiana l ownsUlp.
Appraised at three hundred and flfty: dollars.
I Aioaiana l ownsUlc
w oa i,!,, easn in nsua.
Shff.V. Co.,0.
Oct. Mth IMS,- Bw.
State of Ohio. Vinton County,
weorge w. Koyer el al Pltffs.) In Coirtof
i. '"'. t Commor Pl.as
Abraham Johnston stsl OefU.I erdar ofi!.
PURSUANT to th ommsnd of an order of '
A sal in th abova eausa tn m 4lMu.t..t
the Court of Common Pleas, of ths aforesaid'
County of Vinton, I will offer at publl sale, at
the door of the Court House, in th Town of ke.
Arthur, in aforesaid County r Vin'.en, oa '
Saturday tht 5h day ofDtctmbtr, 1861 i '
Between the hour of Un o'clock A.M., and
four o'clock P. hi., of said day, - th followUa4 '
real estate, to-wit: Th north half of th son th '
west quarter of Bection number thlrty-eneill) 1
Towaship number too, f 10,) of Bang number
eighteen, (18,) containing elghty-ene, (tl,) .
sores more or leas lsyiug and being la said Via
ton county Ohio, ordered t be acid io pursat
ante of an order Of taid Court made at aha u.
Umber termt hereof Hit, In said cane whereia
petition wu filed for th partition of said pr-
tunes ete. - . . . . ,. .. . 5
Appraised at six hundred f 800) dollar, asd
must bring two-third of that sum.
TESMSOf SALE, on third of the parch .
money in bead and th residue in iwn mitu
annuel iosallment with Interest from the day '
of sale, defered payments to be seourtd by 'i
mortgoge npoa th premises.
Attvri. w ukkiu,
Oct. 19th 18JI-5w. BhCT. V. Co., O.
I shall offer for isle at public atiotloa oa .
' tht i8th day oKnmbtr 1863,
At on o'clock P. M. of said day. on th cram.
ises in WilkevilloTownkhlp, the following die
eribed real estate situs ted in Vinton count v.
snd But of Ohio, to-wit : Being a part of Sec
tion number twenty-four. (4,) and thirty, (rO)
in lownsmp nu-noer eigui, o,) 01 ttang 1
ber sixteen, (is,) Uuio (Jompanv
Beginning one hundred and eleven rods and
nine links, esst of the south-went corner of th
north-west quarter ef said Bection numbo.
twenty-four, (84,) Tlienoe north elghtoen de
gree and thirty mlnuesa, west thirty-flvs reds
snd twenty-one links: Thence north twenty
one dag. and thlity mln., west twelve rod aud
ten link; 1 oenoe north thlrty-seren dsg. and
thirty mia.,-wsst Mvea-ten red and aishi
links; Thane north fifty dg. and flftoea mfn.,
wsst six red and thirteen link: Thence north
twenty nine deg., west twsnty-on rod sad
sleven links; Thenu north thirteen dec., weet.
eighteen rods; Tbenc north four deg.aud thir
ty rain ., ssst nine rod snd fifteen links; Thence
north thirty deg., esat eighteen rods twenty
three links; Theno north nine deg., west eight
rod and ten link; ' Tbenc north tight dsg.y
weet eleven rode and sixtoan links: Theno
noith eighteen deg. aud thirty atia.rweat If-1
Uearoda and nine links, . te he north lintof
said Bectlor. - Thene west te th' aorth-west
corner of aaidTtin; . rheneaeouth- on said
Section liae Jto th center ef said 8etln
Thence .t In StJtiox aumber thirty to the road
Tanning from Wllksvllle to Hamden, theno ia.
a south oatly di roo tion along said road to land
owned hy Weet fall. . Thenc along said Weet
fnlle line tothe oreek; Thence up the crack te
th oenter f Bootion avmbtr twsolyour
Thenoe west to ths plsce of beginning contain
ing one hundred and twenty seree more or 1n
Appreisad at Fourteen ' hundred and forty
dollars free from dowsr and must .tell for at
least two thirds of that sum.
Terms of sale one third the purchase money
in band, the reeedue in two qual annual pay
ments with IntetfMton thedofersd psymenta'
from th day of sole and to be ,cure4 .hy
mortgage on th premises.
Hiwitt EomstoK, JOSEPH McKIKNI,
Attjs. for Guardian. Ouardia of Jeseph B,
Oot. x9-84-4w A Patrick D. UeKianli.
State of Ohio, .Vinton County,'
Beynolds Hixon ! Pltffs. 1 In Court of. r
t a
John QUI a , . ' V f ,
vvHsutwii a, ass
Milton Burley,'. .Deft.) Vend! No. 1
PUR8UAN1i to th command of a ef order
sal In the above cause to me directed from
the Court of Com mod nos, ' of the aforesaid
connty efV)n(oa, I will xffer at publio sslest
th door ef th Court House, in tbe Town of He
Arthnr, in aforesaid county of VinUa, en .
Saturday the bih tfoj J of QeUvbtt 488t, ;:'
Between the hours f ton o)lookr' A.M., sad ,
ik, l'.jl.,. or said day. ths foilowlif
real estate, lo-wlt : Io- lot number elghtT-on (
(81.) in th Tewn of MoArthur,; VlnHn ooun
ty unto. . . .- 1
Taken as the nronertr of John Olll A KlltO'
Barley, to satisfy a judgmen,t jq favor f Bej-
noid a uixoq, : .:.r.':
AipralaedaLfanr hundred aeJiar, (itw,;
and must bring tw-thirds of that Sum.-. i.( ) i
(TERMS OF SALE, cash in bsna. . -. ,n y,
i i 4 . . . . . . ., . - . . ARCH'. NORRII;
Oot.ihW83-$w:L2 . ?.hft- v.co.
1 4
State of Ohio, Yinton County -T
Lafayette Kayuer,-. j Plur.1 lln Court of Cem-
Bgaiaai v 1
Oliver "Fuller -.;., , , ' n f
Happy Fuller,'. , Daft, j
Ortsr et Htt ,
PURSUANT to the command of aa ordr efsale.
in th above eaus to. m directed from tbi
Court ef Common rleator the aforesaid Uoon-
ty of Vinton, I trill offer at publio ssle, at th -door
of ..the Cenrt Uouaai in th Town sfiUAr-1
thur,ia aforesaid County of Vinton, on .::......,
.a Saturday Dectttbtr bthli62, - "-.i-.l
Between he hour of ten o'clock X?'H.?
and four1 o'olock P.M. of ssid day; th'
following real estate to-wit t j Commencing -at
tbe north-west corner of in-lot number asvsn-1
ty-svn,(TT, in tbe town of MeArthur eounty
of Vinton and State, of Ohio, .tbenc ruoaflag
eouth forty f 'henoe at twnty-ix feet
thenoe north forty ieet theuo west twmty-six .
feet to th placaef begining. Also a part of in-lotseveirty-even,.iin
said .town; of JicArthnr
commencing at tbe north- aornaraf aid lot,-.
Than rnnnino' west forty fet theno south r
forty feet thence esst forty feet,! to tbe Hoc of .
,lo thetloa north forty feet, to the place ot
banning (Will besolda one lot.) '''
Jkenathe property ofOUvr yalUr 'A,:
Happy Fullr to satisfy a judgment o(tfof-i
BiseHaic fc Hswtrt, -
- Ally. IDI.riUI., - v.-"a '.vojvr.
Oct JfJ l-ir f UsiterCcm'r

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