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The IfcArlhur Dcmoral'
Sk.' PETTKNOILL A CO., Advertito
a Aeent. No. 87 I'urk. Bow. Now York &
Siitale Street, Boston ere our Agonta and are
sthoriied to tak dvertisemeuta m eun
erlpttonefen use tour Lowest Rates, i ,
Democrat for the Campaign
W propose to tend the "DiMocnaT" from
new entill after the Election for iSoU., eaah.
W bop oar ft lend Jn the .Townahipe .will go
So work end get usep clubs. You can, euseo
the iroportaaoe of bikini circulation of oar
hmtiHii, nd we. kno Ton wilt aotreirret
Uking a litUe'' time to help us In placing the
Uiwoosat la the henue of onrcmiens.
GO We call the atteuUoB' .of our
reidars to tho letters of F. -P. Blair
and Bishop Hopkins, on the outside
01 lin woun o uuper, i.uev uro wor
thy of a careful perusal.
UaiKD.'-A nan by tho Dame of
E. Williamson who was engaged in
hauling ore to.Viriton Station. , fr6ra
the Jwnk .north of McArtbur, fell off
the .wagon, just eaat of town, on the
38'th Inst.' Tho'ktnd. wheel ' of the
wagon loaded, pnescd'.ovor.his lioad,
from the back of the fidad to the jaws,
add producing death in a few min
otos. ' Tbe . deceased was a stranger,
and it is said lived at Jackson C. II.
Odroner Case held an inquest , and
wo are toid the jury returned a ver
di'cf in' accordance' to above facts.' ;'
tVi.i. ... . .. . .He..-.
Democrat for the Campaign [From the New York Herald, Oct. 19]
Action Seward and Lincoln
for False Imprisonment.
Before Jodqb Clerks. October
19. Jones vii William LL. Sewatd,
Secretary of State. This is an action
in which the plaintiff claim tiatna
cos for an alleged false iinprisonmout.
The dofeudant asks for an . order of
this Court to romovo tho ' action and
all proceedings therein to the next
Circuit Court of tho United States,
to. be hold in and for the' Southern
District of Now York. The dofond
ant states in his petition for. ibis or
der that the action is 1 brought for
acts alleged to havo beon done by
lum as Secretary of. JStat e for the
United Statos of America, undor au
thority derived by him from the Pres
ident g(ih United St'ate.lri cauaipg
and procuring the f riointilTto be air a
ted and imprisoned, or for some other
wrung alleged to hove been ' done to
the pla'ralill,' ' wider ? such - authority,
dung the present rebellion of tho so
called Confederate States against the
Government of tlie United States of
America; and that it therefore comes
within .tbp act. of. Congress, passed
March 3, 1868, eut.itlod, "An act
relating tft habeas corpus and regula
ting judicial proceedings In certr.in
cases," proyidiug in tho fifth section,
thai? if any Bni't has been of shall be
comtnoucud aaint: any officer, civil
or military, or any other person, for
any arrest, imprisonment, trespass or
wrriff done, or any act ommittei to
bo done; during tho present rebellion,
by virtue or under color of any mi
thority derived from or exercised by
or mider the Pj-eskleiit of the United
States or any act of Congress, the
defendant may remove such 'action
into the Circuit Court of the United
Statos lor, the district where the snit
19 urougutuii, cuiupij iug wuu tor
tain requirements statea in the act.
'0T course this act, as Tar 'M it di
rects the'tbe transfer of 'cases from
the State to Federal jurisdiction, if it
hw auyVhititutionaLfbiludatiorj, is
founded upon the third article ot the
Constitution Xtf the United States,
denning the ' extent of the judicial
power delegated by the States to the
federal Ltovernmenf, and particular
ly ripoa thaKpart Of section one of
aid article which- says that "the
judicial power shall extona to an ca
ses in law and equity arising .under
tbiBCQristitulwDJ' &c. The defend
ant in this., application maintains that
tie defense which be intends to set
up in this action' .arises -'jipder ' the
UonetitotiOA of
. the Question to
.. fiethe'r UPresicJont of;thS .'United
; bi,ites, during .'"any i-insurrecUoa or
reoeiimn can arres? or imprison, any
jper'son not1 (abject to1 Viliitary'f'.la'vf,
wiAoui Miw&Lit', precebiT Oi
process 'ef some Coort ; of ' competent
j urisdiction. .Jfo wf,';,we. '.''tfasuma. that
this question if; a qaestion at rail
wOnld' arise nhder: the" ' Constitution
-1 .1 Tf .. r ...IT.-. 1 .1 -
the Un;Wd,bftea-Htre
U determined being
JwPeW T8TW", 'At-allYents-theTgrdwiogTautago-
maaer in phief of the . Army and
flfwj .61. the United'.Btatea-caa ;.be
oiveaeniy. by consulttng-'and ,; inter
lerpreung.tuat tnstrnment!But to
dntilieihe ae(endsnSr1;fbi8'ordaf,'
and to ijiyf 1fi,0onW ol' tba United
owieaA..juriBuicuop;,.Au ,. tms r aqpotO,
'h? Tw-5r"st
color of sabstanco jn "it. It must
have some speciousneaSj.soaie .seem
in of plausibility, and must not
palpably dovoid of ' Any ground
doubt. Can it than be a question.
presenting any appoaranco of sub
stance or color of doubt, whether the
Constitution of the United States of
America has invested its chief execu
live with power to arrest or imprison,
or to authorize anomer to aire6t or
ire prison, any person not subject 'o
military law, at any timo or under
any exigoncy, without some order or
precept, or process of somo civil
Court of competent jurisdiction?
It can not, ot course, pe pretended
by the most. qrdent advocate -oJ' this
high Presidential refogativo that
the Constitution confers il in set
terms. There is assuredly nothing
in mat muromem w uicu can ne tor
tured into- the conferring of such
power on the President in- his4 civil
capacity: and this, it appears to me,
plainly disposes of the question, for
it would be assorting tho grossest
Contradiction and strangest anomaly,
to say thud absolute nd Unlimited
power, equal to1 any exef cised by Czar
or Sultan, can be implied from a
Constitution which avowedly "gives
no power to any department of the
Government that is not specifically
sot forth, except simply tho conse
quent right to employ all legal means
necessary 10 sue execution 01 me pow
er. . ' . . . : ;: .
' The Judgojjrihen procdcdedto re
view, at considerable length, the ar
guments of counsel, and coutinuod:
it is, however, maintained, if the
President does jm poseass this Dower
in his civil rpiicity, thajfiio does pos
sess it in . hisfmilitry capacity as
ComruandoMn Chief, othe Army
and Navy 1HlJnitil gtutes, A
coirimandgnjfn arnij'haj, of course.
within theTph,ere of hiS'Tnilitary op
erations trgaiiisfau energy, all power
necessary to insure tuelr success.
General Rosec'rana had.' a, ritjlit. 1
have no doutt, tho otheruay, to de
stroy all property which caused any
obstacles to his operations 'against
Bragg, and if he discovered any plots
to mar those qperations, or give in
telligence to tho enemy, or to afford
thorn any kind of aid or comfort, he
would be right to try tho offenders,
whether civilians or soldiers, by a
court martial. But his power docs
not extend beyond his lines.
Judge Gierke concludes a very
able aud elaborate opinion by stating;
Tho President, therefore, whether in
bis civil capacity or as Commander
in chief of the Army and Navy of the
United btutcs, has unquestionably no
power to authorize th act of . which
the plaintiff Omplains.-TTho ground
upon which this application U made
lns no color of right.. -'It can not, in
my opinion, be entered as a qneBtion
in any State or United States Court.
Tho only question in this action wor
thy ot eoimderation, and wbtcli can
be entertained, do not ariso under the
Constitution of tho United Statos,
but aro fitly within the jurisdiction of
this Court. The motion , is denied
without costs. :'
Recognition—Can England Shift her
Neutral Course.
Neutral Course. [From the London Times, October 6.]
a; forcible and tiracticaprotest
iotfl fl,4v.a.f.ftSart!iA r.
governs alternately
A recovery of two or three per cent
in the quotations of tho Confederate
loan, and a rovival of the rumors re
speding the recognition of the Soutli
bv franco, aro the natural coneequon
ces of the last news from America.
A defeat in Tennessee, a chock in
Texas, a pausj, fo say tho least, in
the Biege of Charleston, and the sua
pension of the haboas corpus uct in
tho INortu, are more than enough to
disturb the money market on both
sides of the Atlantic. Such fluctua
tions do not always" represent', the
sober calculations of far-sighted men.
but the efforts cr speculators to make
a profit by tho - hopes. - aud ' feari. ' of
more nervous capitalists. Iho next
mail may probably bring intelligence
of a Federal Tictdry, and thou the
"movement" will be re versed , In
the meau time, however theYe is one
circumstance favorable to the Con
federate cause which' does not depend
for its importance on these oscillations
in the iortunes of war.: The position
of France in Mexico, and tiro condi
tional acceptance of the crown by the
Archduke v Maximilian, amount tc
something1 more than 'a diversion in
public on the North AmericaQ bonti-
t If 'ah ; iridepebdnt ttbriarcbV b'e
Established in aexicotho motivo4 for
subjugating the Confederate States is
sensibly weakenod; and who can say
but tliaf the'principle 3f a balance; of
power inay "be borrowed from Europe
and introd need into the New W6rld!
If ederal, States and those of France.
coinciding with'fresh' successes ot the
Southern arrnies will -afford.' 'a ' fair
opporttttiitj' of rcsUnir that fcharitaUe
favor of the South, inaemnch as thev
estimate of our policT-that Seem;twK'
becceptpa '.Dy jthe .w&r.jprjrtt
America's Accordinsf : lo trier
basest cowardico the conduct 0 tLo
British Government. 1 When they
thought thoy could bully the United
States with impnnitr, tiiev made no
eecretof thoir Southern- Drocfivitles
whon thoy heard that Vicksburg Lai
fallen, that Loo had retreated, and
that Charleston" was threatened, they
laid an embargo on the steam rams at
Birkenhead, and gars Mr. Mason the
cold shoulder. It remains to- be seen
therefore, whether the tiding which
sent op gold to forty-two premium at
New ioifc will produce a correspon
ding effect on the Jangnage of Lord
Uuasel and the public opinion of Eire
land; whether Lord. Warncliffo : ud
friends will be allowed to have 'their1
own way,' and Mr. Mason invited to
come batik and, if nothing k of . this
kind. happens,., wdat .new . Unworthy
motive will be. attributed to us by our
American critics.
It is, perhaps unknown to these
gentlemen, but it is a fact, that our
own countrymen resident in . the
Southern States arc just now loud in
tneir indignation agamst the English
Government for truckling, so they
allege, to the Cabinet of Washington.
Their grievance is, that thoir proper
ty is not respected By the invading
Federals, but seized or destroyed with
as little scrapie as thongh it belong
ed to Confederate ownors, , and .that
Lord Knssel has omitted to exact, or
evon to demand any reparation for it.
The hardship of their . position has
been' brought home to them still more
painfull bv the result of fl'n'nnlira.
tion made by certain British capital
ists on their own behalf (o the ; State
Department at Richmond. :
The pressure to which this country
is now subjected on every Bide to de
part' from the path it has laid down,
is no more than every wiso man must
have foreseen. This is just what we
meant wbori we" speak ol Iho danger
ot being dragged into a war. No
nation ever was or ever conld be
dragged Into a war in the sonse iu
which. an Irishman may be dragged
tlJHt is, boldly into a faction fight.
What happens is that a multitude of
passions and interests, vailing .them
selves under spacious names, invari
ably possess the popular mind and
ally thomsolves with the inBtinot of
pugnacity which no civilization has
yet extirpated, obscuring and keep
ing out of sight tho colossal evils
which war ever brings upon the vic
tors no less than upon the vanquish
ed. It is at soch times that govern
ments are often wiser thon peoples
and when we look back calmly on tho
part played by England during the
American war, we shall seu that ex
perience and statesmanship ard worth
somethingJfterall, in foreign policy.
Had feelings alone, however natural
and honorable;; governed our conduct
as a nation, we should long before
this have been goaded by the insult
ing tono of Northern demagogues and
journalists into some deviation from
Lot us continue to practice the
same torboaranco and self-restraint
when wo are tauuted by the South
with undue subservience. Taunts
are no more : liko arguments than
threats, and arguments of the gravest
and must solid kind are the only con
siderations which can properly bo
addressed to a great nation in matters
of such moment. Lord ltnssePs
speech at Blairgowrie defined in clear
and rKrrnifioil fprmn tlin m-mmr nil.
tude of Great Britain toward the two
A meiican belligerents. We have
hitherto had good reasons for remain
ing neutral to the extent of abstaining
from recognition. When those rea
sons fail and we are neither bound
nor disposod' to. specify beforehand
upon what condition that failure de
pends it will bd time to chango our
ground. -. if ' this time should ever
come, we shall at leait. have tho eat
faction of feeling thai we have , acted
upon our own judgment.'as we must
needs act upon our own roaponsibu
Kicked About.
Tho telegraph reports, that tho
cavalry fight on the Rappahannock
has been greatly. magnified. ' It then
gives some speculations of the object
of Lee in the .late campaign, ; which
speculations are prpbably not very
valuable.' On tis subject the Cleve
land (O.V Plain Dealer says: W.-t'-
"The rebel General makes a more
football of ourarmy, kicking j!! back;
antonhnirsbia ;con vrp ienc
It nJUDTlQ.the'wTsesCweaae
see the 6trateKy!t5 making bur ftrpj'y
a mereshuttiecbcK, to 'be' Mattered
between iha foto'mac and Eap'pahan-'l
nock.'l WhV ii it 6nr armyd'oes !pot
eveii Bat m nst bei withia'theivery
forts around Washington! lf, aV ' is
said; Meade cah'not afforcl -to .jys
any thing", because he'mnst constant
ly protect- Washington then 'let - him
merely guarou wasningiou, aoonoi
allow onr army to be treated like1 an
It. Unasserted- that iBe ' EualiBfi
"lnLGovernment has chartered sometran
ror4spors.iqi coarfrt, troops 'foCanada 'not
War with France.
A correspondent of the New York
Ilcrali, writiog from London, under
date of October 8, gives some startling
news, which ho has had revealed to
him alone i ' "-' " ' ' -' .
The French Emperor is determined
to fight. From an unquestionable
Source I learned that he has already
sent 6Cr,000 mon to Mexico, and is
ff!lPiM Pmhfltliiir ntiI onnLfi'v r.fr
moro soldiers, moro cannon and more
srmy supplies every week. He be
lieves in tho tactics that bo often uiado
hia unule victorious, and that ho fol
lowed with bucIi effect in his own
Italian campan- that of striking a
sudden aud vigorous bio before hia
enemy is prepared or believes there is
any danger, lexas, that ort-contosted
aud old battle-ground, is to be the
grand theater of strife. , ' .,
You aro to have a vast French army
in'Ameiea, and you have to meet it.
xesk you, most meet it or submit to
any -terms that may bo dictate! hf a
man wuo is astracgnr to trutn, justice,
reason or sound policy. And these
terms ViUbs nothing loss than Texas,1
Louisiana and the mouth of the Mis
sissippi. These vast plans are now1
forming. They are all down on the
books of the, French Emperor and
.wbqtberJypt' will, get a 6yllabte of cot,
roporativ o testimony on the subject by
this, steamer from? otljef sources I
know cot. It is as. inevitably true as
that tho sun wilt. rjso to-mofrow.
Ndt'one.word,of ray inteljigeoce do I
get in the public jonrrialB, but woo bo
fo your ; Government 'and poopla if
tnayaucn a deai. eftr.U) me warning
and lull themselves into a sense of
also socurify. ... . .. , t .
liy the mode tho Lmperor is now
putsuing "you will find 'yourselves
comparatively powerless in lees than
sixty days, unless you strike, the first
blow." While-your "Undo Gfd"" fs
dreaming and stroking his beard,
tli ore will be one hundred thousand to
one hundred and fifty thousand men
landed in Mexico, and then you will
be! deprived of tho great advantage
yon now havo of sinking, capturing,
and dispersing the French transports
and war vessels with your iron-clads.
i our Government has a rigid to know
what a great European oowor has to
do witha vast army In Mexico.-'. It fs
not the policy of the Bouapariei to let
the enemy know when tho blow is
preparing that is intended to annihi
late him. It is useless to rely on mere
numbers when your enoray is going to
catch you napping. The race here is
to the swift, and tho battle to the oue
w vug a
who: ge
gets his army first in the field.
War with France. A New Way to Sell Liquor.
Eggs have been filled with whisky
and shipped in barrels. Criuolire
has screened and wafted the baneful
beverngo. A novel way has recently
been discovered. Thero is a womati
who supports gutta pcrcha breasts.
filled not with lacteal iuices, out old
LSuuruoc or best quality and greatost
uge. From these tho soldiers, like
babies, quaff rich copious draughts,
the woman patrols the environs of
the camp, and cries, "ten cents a
suck." She alsc carries a gutta pcr
cha pillow, whoso contents- aro easily
L - V.. ! .' 1 1 1
tu uo imagmuu upon .wnicjl jesis
her baby, wliich is fortunately not
gutta percha, and thus' the soldicts
have modern conveniences fof wor
shiping Bacchus:
Some Facts.
is now described as
the right man in the right place
Commercial. ;
That is just what tho Richmond
Lnquxrtry the organ of Jeff. Davie,
thought when it said, on the 1st of
March, 1863: "Oh! Dictator Lincoln,
we pray thee to lock up Vallandighatu
in one ot your bastilus. lie is doing
the cause of the ; South more ham
than a thousand Sumners or 'Sew-
ardsl " The Richmond paper wanted
mm in a "tight place, and the rres
ident desiring to oblige the rebels,
complied with the request: one, play-
Tt7 r4 irv S-H,lli'!'lls.iL"""i,"li-!CF
Qnand after Monday, April 18lh. 18P,tln.a
U will runs as follows: :,
QomalfeaTB MaH'fraiB leaves rortamoutl
at 7jB a.-U.(ajrrlvee sit flamdea at 106 h m
na' lKijoseoonnecUon withthsongh train! te
l.Upd (Tiaoinnatl Railroad for alff nolntJ
tVnd West. oso0imedation Train leave
Ftttsinout.1i at 1.0 r Ml arrives at llamdan at B
lit " - ; j
. Oonre SeuT Accommodation Train la
Hnadea'tS:15 a k; arrives at Portsmouth
10:10' A.'t.MMlTtvin leaves Haradcn all:
arrives at leHwtulht:OOr.
Jl'htptgii TlolreUvfot JtarieUa, Cbilllooth
sinnauan(HHUfBOUs,oa be preonjed aitn
ktOeestda)d fates. '' i
01 C . cJV -Wj WEBU, Beee'arv
AUQVa.f4Kie() rucks
nz.Lak Btreet,t;tiloaft)r- -icMii m -vincinvns
VT Beaar-.tMnioieyl h .r-c L, r r
JsasaTjl, we -
RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES Of the Treasury of Vinton County from Sept. 1st. 1862, to Sept. 1st, 1863,
RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES Of the Treasury of Vinton County from Sept. 1st. 1862, to Sept. 1st, 1863, —XOX—
KEPOK.T of tiie BDncil rit ol thi (tounty of Yintpn. Pitts' VlQiio, onht mi i
emliug oo th 7th day of. September, 1863. . :, , i n ' jj,
. jlinouut colleeteloirdiplicaUoflb6ZforthtfolIo'iD; parpotM j '
- rvECEim;;
IP ' tit
For Slate Debt ami Sitting Ftfittf '."
WirFuud . : . -
Geueral Rarenue Fui)( ... .,, -,
. n Common School Fund - : 1 1 ..
Rf lie! of Fimilira of Volunteer .
Shove Licenser (Free Oeductfd)
; .. . " ' pISBUHSWIWfTl.
186J larch. To imountpaij iota 3utTrury
Aujuat, ,, ,,
1 ,
i ;
, 947 80 4
S.737 89 '
3 82tt 64 7
, a.57&7l 1
i t
.... ., , e 13.5C898&
. - 1
tariffiii 1.11,338 95 Q
.... V ,1
Behnee ia TreMurj Sept. 1382
Amount Keceired of Slate Trtaaurt 1
' Tuil, '
Orders Redsemed
Silence in Treaiary
- 13,187 87' 8
aao t9 .
V 30,4GB (.3 4
18.C80 71 I
, . . -
'1,787 J
. - '-
AmovinttnTreaaury 3epVt86l, .;
Collected on duplicate of 1B6J
Or!eri Rd!incJ
Balance iuTieteurJ
-' U56 75 7
M07 os
1 11 i-k-.
a M 4f) a ...jt
FDND - RECEIPTS. : '.',' ." r-,v
tliMt in Trfwurj Sept.' 18U, ". .J
Amount collected on Duplicate of 180'i
-t v.
Orilers fetdeeiiiatf k ' ' '
' I !'l ti.XMiaam
:- r,f ; y- bridge
d recei pts
Bulance!'iu Treasury Soptember iSfjJ
Amount collected ou Duplicate of lSbi
' ... '..
t;.T0tU!( . J -.M
Orders Redeemed I .' .
balance la Treuury '!'"''
, ! ! .' 'V',
. . 'r
9 28 -171
.k.b ravf7v
i-.J .: ::' -
, . .. i ' .
,; k .-4.J (id 1 . U
' ' -1 If'
fialance in Treaaury September, 1862, ; ..V' .- w
Amount collected on Duplicate of l8til,
tern Redeemed .
&i it A . J i-i t
Balance iu Treasury
: . . ,
. S 80 61 4'
a - . 607 19 S; ''
' '" l' "
,.'.!. 991 430:
- -t
Amount in Treaiury September 1862,
ool'.ected on Duplicate of 1863.
' , of fioef and Tavern License (fen
-;.r ' . ... 1 1
" "... " fotL "
7 Orders' Jledeeied
. - : - v
Balance in Treasury
' '
. ;i
: C667 81
s ilDfl Tn
Balance id Trewbry Sept. 1863fc
Amount Receired of Stale Treasurer,
Orders Redeenitd
Balance in Treasury - .-
. ' i 'JAi i' '
' . 3636 05 0 ' si
$ 3643 609
3019 960
e 621 34
A mount in Treasury September 1862,
' , Received inrongti Bute,
Orders Redeemed
Balance In Treasury 1 '
70 OOO.,
8133 00 0 f
7667. tWO ;
' Sfl33O0O
By orJef()ftlie 3ommiaiioniJ 5;
A. N. COZAD, Auditor
Oct 22nd 1863, Vinton Co. Ohio.
Stattst iwwi wn
tor of the National Dmpensary , astablisbd at
Cincinnati, 0., Jan. 1 I860, care all preivste dia
oases with nuexampled rapidity. We jarrauto
to oure Gonorrfaoea, Gleet, Sfphillle Impotenpy,
Nootarnal Emissions, or Self Abuse,' Diurnal
EmisBioDaFemale Complaints, in abort, every
possible form and variety of Sezutar Cesoaaes-i-
Carw rapid, thorough aud permanent, and frees
i O I i Ii u I.. 4 ,
8 in.bv 11 In. latter Darea. of varied. valuable and
raoaarate. ovn4 iur our iiruujr -uuovu irge
intorerting matter. Also, a Cirtnlar intended
fur l.aclien on iv.
Manv of onr cstients assert, tber bavs sent
nionaj to Doctors in Eastern Cities and received
ho return. i "
Then wbr not pa(rouiie borne talent men
who know the Western olmate and can effee
Pflcdier eurei. .
Dr. Jackaon'a female Pilli-Sl pot. box-Sand
for Circular. Special written Kapliea, wtll Heal
ed, sent witb the Cirsniar. wltbooteharii. Ods
of ths choapeat, moat Interesting and' important
Mow vw-pa)WinMr--tuu.peer10!l- saMrrav
ings'Tbe Mojtntain of ' ight, ot Medical 1'ro
tester and afarriage Cuiila, ana an Kkplreit Kov
to Leva and Beauty,'.' it SATISFACTORILY
reveaU vanons aohjeota (lever before fullv ex
Mainud irt'any popnfnr werkln the Ktftrlish lan
guage. Fries it cents and one three cant stamp
or three for 1 andhre 3 oent stamps. Fullv
described In Circular", whlob every jeUng raaa
snouiu navo, wetner aicx er wen, , i
klsdiciqs and Instnolionssent prnmntlv toany
part of tbo conttry.' Con.ulting Rooms of ths
Dispensary, rso.,lS7ycsmoreatreet. i'.U.Uox,
t r. ., i r , :i ;
Remove all coldness, and rejuvenates organs
which have laid dormant for many yesrs( It
Will oure any case of impetenoy, create the pas
sions for any reasonable) time. Can be mlied
with perfect aafcty. Prise 3 per. bottle. J
TOs perfeetlir safs'and wever fails to' give satis-
laoQon... It ta uaonry ears an4 aafe preveettte
sgainst contracting disease ever invented. Price
1 aseb- (4 per half dohenl" and 7 per dosen,
.And. all othcrL kin J ofBI'au la '
sale at' the Deradcrat Office.'1
7; am i)' makes to order. -
Stbve, IHoWs, HoIIotr war
onrxR kind of CABTiiirtjs r .ti!
r HE undersigned ia new prepared to axeentet
promptly ail work nrJered fn bis line of
business. All kiifda of Castings osttally rbsdd ,r4
at Foundries, will be kept on hand, , and for salo
atlnsmoatriasonabU ratea. , .. j
Tbe faciliUes of the Foundry rltnsttl',-ia ft
la, in the midst of aTnynaeei where; haw j h
metal is always to be bad at a saving eipenoe',
mukl be evident to all f -tid the subscriber be
ing determined not to be outdone either hi the
quality or clieapness. of his manqfactnoa-v
ak4 for1 and bopoS to receive tbtj-pstTdnage e'i
thesommututy. rtiOk;-x (,1 f "f
C AIVE MIL-iiSrir?
tve are mftfactbrins'the tear and latchlHr.
proved Cks.Mihs. Those wishing I mill Ail .0 i
do well to hand in their order ie time i r
Fehuary 19th 186S tfe
4 TTQRKEY IT LJW MoAnrm. ft Will
t rrsctisin tintei and edjeioieg eeaatiH

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