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YOL. 12.
NO 13.
Dl ..Vm Ty
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1 ' UAfn, ataet of Cort
llf V autre.
'XJoUar, Si MostU. rot Xlfty 0ot; Tbraa
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MlUrlalaalUaaparUne, ' o
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mTU AlrartlaamaBta and Lf at ftotlaaa natft
5r A liberal dodeetUawMH meNWjefr
l adrortiaere. . . '
prrhi aboTaUreumeet baaamplUdwItb
tjrAllrTnaliaiM be made tela Pro
le W , w baf e BO BQBte.
The Democrat Job OOce.
VeetTeparod taeitante wltn aaaxnaaa,
tMtlil M rwe IUI atl rapnwvu,
"J1 tl44 tf Job Wlk,IM
8110 W BILLS,
LABELS, &c.,&c.
OWo Biatrial and beoonlnaad tbatwaean
ad will 4a iirtaUnf oboe per for Cm, than an
Mbar eeUbllebmeBl IB inillMUom Pigaantr
B. A BraWon,
ATTORNST AT Li1T,MArtb, O.,1 will
rtolU la Viaton and dllnlc ooanUw
Ifenrie itaUe
Jilltt WATSON, Tropriator, Tblrd
Straat, aaar M1l, Cincinnati, Ohio,
Oa Dollar par 4ay. . t . ' . .
toaxaatT of H'nWmoi; . wntii. t
Jn.t,'6-ijr . tilllltKOM .
p l YMe t h :um
lliii Housa front! on the Strem Boat
ILandinif .and ntar th Railroad Depot. No
paini will be spared for tb accowadtUon
8pt. ,1863,lyr.
BiffffR House.
p MONTGOMERY A 60 K froprl-
atora f roen 8W, forUoioulb.
Dr.S. n. DUI.Ar.
Woald reapattrnHr mtmae to th eitlcana
f VoArtbar and Viaton Coontj, that ha has
urnd, and wilt apand a Uw waeka In Mo
Artbar. Aad tbat ha ia praparsd to parToTm
lt OBcarallaa naitalniMr V lila tSruan.
ad tbat he will. b happj to wait on any of
wauim6nainaaiioaari waoaay rarev
Ba wlU ba at Dr.: SoddriM'a fMoe,
P. ft, Idiaa waltal wattn1rTnr4B0i
fltaMI. .BMJLAr.
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Ttaim roa at 1bVt(M
tuts. BIT Bin..
ClBcinaatl, 1 $30 r.. 000 a.m.
BltacheiUr, 5 81 . . 10 01 a. v.
teenflleld, 7 U f. . 13 U a. .
ChilUeothe, . 1Ur:i. l r,.
Handea, r ASftiva. ; 14 r, M.
EalMkl. I - . l48f.M.
AthMM f ' 4 49 p.m.
MarUtU, 7 09 p. M.
ftrkeoburir, 7 10 r. m.
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Bit M Alt.
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7ao a. m.
9 40 A. M.
10 41 A.M.
11 18 A.M.
00 a.m.
100 a.m.
135 p.m.
9 IS A. M.
8 11 A. tt
' AtEirr.
1IC 4th l84J,l7r,
t t4 Edltort of iht Dababk t '
Sobo: 'Cause your readers hain't
herd from ta lately, I 'spose they
think I'm dcd, or gone over to the
Aboliahioists, which is a Urnsl Bight
wqs ; tiit 1 Btn't In neither fit, Vm
Sretty well.tjestuow. The'hot wdthdr,
uriu th summer kinder tired me,
bct l carry eighty yetrs jest about as
well as any nan evtt did. The risen
;oa ain't herd from mo is jest this :
to beeu ieelin'oncommon gloomy and
down-epirited "all stimmer. , Every
thing seemed to bo goin from bad to
was. Linkin wouldn't take my adrico
htndoam'Otft 'Bgintbe AWlishlniats,
Dot isstied his ireo nigger prociamn
ehin rite agin the law and the Con
stittuhin both. Wal, things haro
gone down hill raipid since then. The
l)emycratio party didn't cum ont
b'tUDty agin this tJrotlttmashin, bnt
kept on supportin' the war, an the
consequences is, it has been "Whipped
all around. Folitics t re gettin' down
to first principles. The Dorayera'Uc
nArty reminds rae of old Deacon
Doolittle'syooqestboy, Bjb. When
Bob wan.about hfteen years old, he
was the most awful liar I oer knew.
An he would not only He, but he
used to steal the other boys' dinners
ont of . their baskets. One day, at
school, the teacher undertook to whip
him,an Bob jumped out of the window
an run hum across lots, frightening on
his war old Sad fPendergrass's bay
mare so badly thatbo brpke her leg
in tryin' t jump oter tbo fenco, an
died the neat day. The old Doacon
called Bob up, an gave him a terrible
whippin'. An aa he was aborit closin'
trp the job, the Doacon, sea he, "Bob,
why can't yon behave yourself "
"Wal, Fop," says Bob, drawliu' otft
the words between the blubborin' "the
resin is jest ibis: ; J eat behave
vnUet 'fmlieJctdi" jt eb it (a
witu 'tue Uemmyotatio party, i' can t
boliavo ftielf. ntiless it's licked. 1
should think' its late thrashings ought
lOiunt ft"m its good behavior.
Things ate now Jest as bad as they
kin be, and that 4a what encourages
me. I shall netet forget Uaaiakiah
Stebbins,' whored way-np in the
upper part V Fcttobscot. One winter
it had beefr'awful cold wuather, and
'Kiah had bad awl'ul bad ; lfick, and
towarda spring it seomed to got wore
inttead or better. lie had lost bis
horse and his cow, and his chickens,
and all his pigs but one. Finally that
cieo, and the next day I liapptnod to
go up to his house to sue how be was'
getting alone. I found the old man
happy as a lark. '" lie was eingin' and
shoutin aa if nothing had happened.
When 'I went in ees I, "Kiah, what on
airth ia the matter I" uOh," sea ho,
"the last wig ia ded." and ho went to
jura pin and cterppin his bands as it ba
was the li apples t totn in the universe.
Ses i, "what posesses yon to act so I"
wai, sea he, "tilings can't be no
wus. The last pig is ded t anything
that happoDS now most tie for the
better.". A nd just so it ia with .the
Dimaaeyciatic party. Anything now
that happens to it must bo for the
better. Ana 1 must 'confess that 1
feel a good deal like 'Kiah. I dont
reel at all like eittin down aud cryin
iike o sick baby over spilt milk, be
cause we've been whipt in the late
tlflcaVitio. That ain't the way old
Giural Hiokroy ackson taught me
Tbo t4i oay I got a letter from
Linking askin me to enm on to Wash
inetofK He es he la gettin into a
hoep of tremble about bis next mea-
siage, au on account oi m uitasuij
wich Blair and Chase ate kiokia p
ofcont what is to bo daa with the
SBtherin States after the tebelyon is
pt down. Eo sea be wants ms to
help set flp the messtdge, and kinder
fix things P cinerally, I writ back
that cold wetow was comin on, ana
my rnmatis would probably trouble
roe, so 1 could not ten exactly wnac i
would do, but if I could be of any
service to my ccontry, aa long aa life
lasted I would do my duty.' I wrote
bim also abont the matter of the
aonthern States, an I told Llm tbat it
reminded me of the old receipt for
cooking a rabbiU - Firtt catch your
rdblit." I told him they bad not got
the southern States yet. tbat they
sartainly wouldn't get them this year.
an 1 didn't see any great livelihood ot
eettta them next year. In fat the
timet of the soldiers were mostly pot,
an 1 didnVoehevo they ever could
eat another sich an army, an that if
O . aT
ho followfd py iidvico jhf woold gtt j
up a Peace this winter without fail.
I ain't got any answer lo this letter,
btlt I shall Walt for oho bofore t go.
If the Kernel talks huffy I won't stir
a step, for he knows I altars toll bim
the plain, blunt truth, as 1 believe it.
Wton I can't talk that way to a man I
won't have 'nothing to do with him.
Tho old Ginneral alters wanted every
body- around him 'to speak their rale
sentiments. Nothin made bim so
mad as to suspect any "body of til
terln bim, or shaming in any way.- -
The other day Kernel Stebbtna cum
hum 'from tho war. The Kernel has
been down to' Morris Island with
Ginneral 'rilmur. lie e)8 that the
sand on that island is kinder onac
countable. The Kernel reckons that
he 'has eat nigh about a budhel. The
Kernel toed 'to 'be veYygood on riting
poetry, but he aes all the Harts haa
oozed out of bim, Jfh he don't bioVe
be could rite a line to aavo his lite.
We had a grand recepshin ttr the
Kernel on his arrival. The Down
ingvillo Inseusibles tnrnod ont
usual on slch occasbins. You recol
lect that the Kernel went off as ah
Insiae, an when he was promoted to
be Captain he com hum an we giv
htm & recepshin. Now he i raised
to Kernel he 'cums hum agin. lie
turns every time he gets promoted to
let his old taybdrs see now lie looks
in bis new uniform. 1 never seo the
Kernel look so well. Ho has got a
span new suit of blue uniform, all
covered with -gold buttons an gold
lace an gold slioulder straps. 1 tel!
yon, the people looked a8tdnfBtted,and
the Downlngville folks leol very
proud of' him. The Kernel expects
before long to be a Uinneral. and then
to be called to the command of. the
Army of the Potomac I Won the
Kernel was received at the Town
liall. . Kernel Doolittle, who com
maods the Dowingvillcvlnaeniibles,
made thb Tscepsbin .speech, ihe
AfllowiOg is the speech,' with -tbo Ker
"Komei Stebbins : lain dap'Oted
by tho-cititens of Downingville- to
welcome yon once more to your native
town' and bam. .We. have beurdo
your ,'gallant exploits, youf altfrioos
bravery, your never dyin dttYosh.ni to
the Star bpang'ed banner. Uomtu as
you do. covered with me tinst aria
blood oi the battle-field, we hail you
aa the friend of the oppressed African
aud the savior of our country."
To which the Kernel replied.
"KeVnel Doolittle t I can't begin to
exprfas to yon tho feelms Of my hart.
This occashin is teohin. Sojers cant
make speeches. .1 ve dun tny dnty.
iSre veon the cad'hoos roar. I've
beard the flash of a thousand rifles a
ac oiice. There ain't nothin that can
eaual it for rite down sublimity. But.
feiler-cftizens, we ought to be mcst
rejoiced now becbuse freedom in going
it at such big licks, i'ce a manifest
destiny man. 1 believe freedom is to
extend Irora tho froten praties of Ala
bama to tho suony banks of New
foundland. Th6re ain't nothin kin
stop it.' It is comin like an avalanche
from the eternal hills of Giberalter.
Freedom 1 freedom! will re-souud
from creasbin come to pallia turnip
time, an all the. hopples that bind the
legs ot American citizens ot Afriken
'scont will fail oil. Ibem's my senti
ments, and I don't keer who knows
em. 1 he old Uuioa ain't of any more
ackount i these 'ere times than an
item ot with a hole in tbe bottom.
Wat we want ia a new,. union which
will have for its motto the celebrated
words of Daniel Webster, "Freedom
and niggers -'now and ibreyer one
atd luBpirable." ;
11 Amen," yelled out old Deacon
Jenkins, who bad been listenin' atten
tively, as tho Kernel eat down, and
the boll audience broke out into tho
most tumultuous applause There Id
a little mistake in Kernel Doolittle'e
speech, where he speaks of Kernel
Stebbins being covered with the dost
an blood of battle--ttold. Now, the
truth was, the Kernel, with bis new
uniform, looked as if he had juat cum
ont of a band-box, but Kernel Doo
little had bis speech writ out, ah he
couldn't alter if. Kernel Stebbins got
on each high bosses, that ho talked
about seeing tbe boomin of cannon'
an hearin' tbe flash of gnns, but the
truth vfts, bo didnt knrw exactly
what he said, an tbe people were so
carried away with bavin' si live Ker
nel among them, . taai tney didn't
nolicu it." There ain't beottr nothing
talked of in Downingsville sence tbe
Kernel's rehire, eScept his recepshin.
Elder Sni&es preached a sarmon on
it. takin' " for bistext .'There shall be
wars An jumor of vrars,r id provin'.
frih the Bibln, t'um vm idtliedaty.of
ai real, genuine Cbristains. So, you
Paee, there ain't a more loyal plaoe in
tua country, unless it be VS6hinton,
where atl tbe officials an contractors
T. Bat I must close. I didn't ex
act ti write yon but a few lines (his
tine. Ir I go to Waahlnton, I will let
you into the secrets of tho Blair anil
Ciaae rumpus, an keep- yon posted
o) gin orally on things behind the
cwtin. Yurs.tillddtb, .
[Correspondence of the Crisis.]
How they Hold Elections and
Vote in the Army.
LAVERGNE, Tenn, Oct. 14, '63.
Editor of the Crisis, Columbus, O.
Mlt. Editob ; Tho election is over,
eoe, had the privilege of easting Odr
vte tor wcai or 1r0o. i he elocno.i
hire appeared so ridiChlona tbat I
cannot retraiu from kividz you a
fnnposis of tho ptoceedines.
: We are a portion of the 10th Ohio
Oavalry. stationed here since last
June, and the day before tbe election
we receives orders to rejoin our Uegi
ri ectbnt beiore goin a; it was pro
posed by somo of the officers to bold
i election.. Consequently about one
clock, P.M., it was announced that
eolls wete open tor tbe ioception
votus tureo commissioned omcera
tine as fudges, and WO non-com-
rhisBionod Beting aa clerks; neither
of the parties taking the Teurrefl
oatb. concluding the oath they bad
taken would he BufEoient, 'they with
all the solemnity of judges .posted
themaelves at tho place of receiving
ticlco. - One man comes and asks if
ho can vote : be savs he is a sailor.
The judges decide ho can for he ia in
an Ohio Regiment, and is a . citizen.
Another says he la from .New York ;
be also is allowed to vote ': another
lays he is from Pennsylvania ; bo is
allowed to vote, and many others
(com different States, and I think somo
voted that uevet werenataraIrsecl,oM
they belonged to an , Ohio regiment
ana consequently, were entitled to
voto. Well, the result was, Brongh
got sixty-five votes and Vallandig
ham got Dirteen. Many refused to
Vote tin account of being -pnt through
the flint mill 'Sixteen wero biave
enough to vote their principles at all
hazards. There will be ono of the
greatest fronds practiced ia this dec
tion tbat will or has eVer disgraced
our deaf and beloved coufitrV. It is
Vh road to the heart of onr Jiberties
IfctiuVpill ruin our "beloved riffht and
redress for wrongs. We aro a ruined
nation, and never 'will be-again what
W6 woro, yinlnna hcnmrt ar.t nfTJivinn
HRrovidence to res'torO to power the
party that has ever striven to main
taiu onr Country atod her most Bacrect
institfltions. ust behold the wreck
brought ott cur government in the
last few yeara oy Changing the. ad
ministration'. Give the Democrats
the power and Fn one year's time what
a change will be brought abont firoro
war to peace,' from bankruptcy to
solvency, i am nahtinir for my conn
try In toe South and in the North. I
want to whip tho rebels at the South
and want to see the abolitionists,
secessionist and rebels rebuked at the
North."' I ora anxious to hear tbe re
sult of the election. I want it fairly
understood that the election in the
army has been no fair one,and should
not be counted. Ihere are many
Democratic soldiors, and they wonld
have voted for Vallaodiffhana-. but
they wero afraid. I want the State of
Ohio to know that there are thousands
of her brave bovs now doing all they
Call for their country and would be
glad to bear of the election of Vallan
I have nothing farther to add. You
can publish this if you see proper.. I
would like every one to examine the
polls from tbe army and seo bow the
number of votes polled compares with
tue number of soldiers sent. More
anon, i "
I am, Very respectfully, a private in
detachment lOih O.V.O.
i I.
f ii draft waa very severe in New
Hampton,- N. H It took the only
pbyaician ta th town,- tw'O of tbe
seleotmen,tho principal teacher in the
literary department of tho seminary,
all tho tneologicall student who grad
uated ia tuly last,aod six of tbe class
in theology at tbe present term, vi
Lotto Siscub,. recently, deceased.
was the oldest member of the English
peerage, bora ia 1763, and) therefore
ninety-Bix years oldv.
Hon. J. W. WALL.
BURLINGTON, Oct. 20, '63.
To Matrt. John 2. 'Naatt, it. T Cotunt
and PKilandtr ttcd,Cotnmittu:
Gbntleues : Your invitation to
address a mau meeting of tho De
mocracy of the cltj of Wcrw York, to
bo held at the CoopeV tnstituto, on
Wednesday evening next, is this
moniont received, It. would give me
great pleashre to bo present, but the
irratated condition of my throat, tho
effect of a sovere cold recently con
tractod at a public meeting, prevents
The recent political results in Ohio
and iPecneylvairia , prcfte clearly two
things. First, The lamentable in flu-
encea of the corrupting patronage of
an anurincipled, recklvss Acmmis-
tratton, 'and, second, that the cop of
national suuerrhg and degradation is
not aumciently iu'l.
Ah Administration cXercifiir.g
powers n'nknotvn to the 'Constitution,
having at its disposal all the resources
in men and money of the North, baa
organized everywhere in imitation of
the tlacObids ot 'franco during tho
Reiun of Terror, "Oohifuittees dfl
Public Safety;" . fhese, by a system
of terrorism and abandoned corrup
tion, are striving to accomplish what
that revolutionary organization aimed
at "Mtf protection ofjha auihon nf
m revoluuonjrom thi cmtupunntt aj ianr
crimes." We incline "Btrbngly to the
belief, however, that they will effect'
precisely what tbe nrst did evenla,-
ally a full exposure of their crimes,
and their own overwhelming over
throw. Is the language of theBe Unton
Leagues different to-dav from their
prototype the Committee of Public
Safety of 1793 f '.Listen to the ani
mated denunciatory word a of Veriri
nand: "The great body of oat citizens
are sot blinded by the . rush of 'events,
or the glare of financial , speculation j
that they are . made to conlonna
fanatical policy with a great national
movement' fn favor of freedom. They
regard the violence or brigands as the
efforts of patriotic ' minds, and con
sider robbery itself as indispensable
for public ta'tety.; "Yon ate free,' say
they, 'but unless you thins like as.
we will denounce yon ai dfBloval to
the nationality. You are free, bnt
unless you bow before tho idol that
we worship, we will deliver you to the
torrora of that nationality yon have
inatrlted' "
The French RevoIuti6n did, in the
words Of the Bamo noble spirit, '"at
last, like Satorn, saccessively devour
all its prOgeToy." ' bo eVeOtuany will
thin wretched abolition revolution;
originating ic. the same wild fanati
cisra about liberty and equality, and
display rng in all all its policy tbe
satne lore of despotism.1 The "Laws
of Buspected Persons,' which gave
Oltimately such ttemendous powere'to
'The Oommitfetf of Public Safety,"
will Boon be proclaimed, if, indeed, ft
does not already exist. Under that
infamous law, no' petson in France
had any chance Of safety bnt in going
the utmost length of revolutionary
fury. I hose who reinsed were Crti
shed beneath its bloody wheels.
But it is not alone in tho despotism
Of the hour in onr civil affairs that
the Abolition Jacobins have become
such startliu imitators of the revolu
tiouieta of 1793. In our financial
policy we are repeating to the letter
the history of those times. AnlnUated
paper currency has banished the pre'O
ious metals from our midst, and every
day is making tho rich richer and the
poor poorer. Daring the heights of
the paper expansion in the French
Revolution, from the imutesse issue
ot aBsignatstbo tendency to gambling
of every sort prodigiously increased.
Men who had the B word of Damocles
suspended ov'er their heads sought to
pront tn 8 most by the numerous chan
ces ot making money which the rapid
rise and fall of assjgnats, and the
boundless profusion of articles -of i
luxury, brought into the market. The
Bourse of fans was crowded with
bankers, revolutionists, ci-devant
priests, mined nobles, and adventur
ers of every description. M agnificent
equipages, wbofle owners were rag
pickers six months before, made their
Appearance every afternoon upon the
public drives. J he trade in jewelry
and ailk was ehornions in its profit.
This rapid increase of wealth produced
tho most 8bamuicsa extravagance.and
snoedilv undermined the Dublin mor.
alsr . This picture is the reproduced
picture Of to-day, which every hour
in our large cities is passing before
tho gale of tbeir: mhabitrnta ilen
;iJbow as then, mistsko tha fictitious
for tbe real, and in tbe constant em
ployment of the hoar, comparatively. -high
wages, and, temporary content
ment, think that all this apparent
prooptfrfty reaU vpoo a firm-' founda
tion. The whitened cruet, ftleamin
In the juCBliine, that covers the ljvin '
fire ia the 'mountain, at 8oltatrsris
oot 'mdro treacherous. : The slopes of T
Vesnviss never looked mora resDlcfl-:'
dent ia bcaity than just before -tho f
mountain belched forth, for the first
time, its silvery shower, that sealed - -up
liercolaheam ia lava for centuries,
and covered no Pompeu ont of sight 'I
in a shower of hot aihea. r As sars a i
that God reigns, the Tate, financially,
of revolutionary Franca dust ba ours
sooner or later, only with tenfold ag . i
gravanon. what was tttat. lately-.:
Blasted by a runidui syitem of paper
currency, and crashed in the'grupof
relentless despotism, manufacturing
inauBiry .was wiruerea ana cummer- .
cial capital annihilated. Depreciation
went on, notwithstanding the tonvenv't
tion endeavored to 'arrest It by first :
declariog that the aBBiguBte of the .
Government. should bt Considered a ' '
legal tender, and then enacting tho
punishment ot six years to irons sga
inst those whoVhOald exchange any -
quantity o( silver or gold for a greater
nominal value or asstgnats,or should ;
ask a larger price for any artlqla of ;1
merchandize, it tbe price waa paid q. ,
paper, than ir paid in the precious ;
tnutals. Tba once opulent capitalist, i
ruined by the sale tl poblio seenrities,
de-prived of their property by fictitious
paper, paid , by their debtpri m a
nominal currency, were complotely ,
destroyed whilrt tho miserabls ren- .,
tiers, cheated oat of almost .all their !
incomes by tfcs pay ment of tbeir aa t
nuitios in aftignati, wandered about ; (
ia tftet despair, snpporting a miser ,-,
able existence by aharity,'or tencln i
atiofe it by acts of suicide. The poor . ,
te'eeived their wagts merely in paper r
currency, so frightfully depreciated
thtt they wete tmable to purchase tho .
necessarfeB o? life, and so perished by
thousands of starvation, or took to the
highway for a livelihood. ,
When that same cap poor France
drained to tbe last dregi shall ba full
for us, and our people have tasted at
the terrible 'bitterness that lies at tho
bottom, they may possibly awaken
from the blind stupor that now seems 4 '
to "ntitrib every faculty, 'oV from the '
crazy delrriftm that canSeB them to
look upon the mad abolition policy
now rnling tbe hour as the only sal
vation for tbe country. The pVomises
of tbe mad men to wno'm ftiey have
listened Tn regard to the war's speedy "
termitratioh have provod e'mVneotly '
and diBgraCefolly false the predic- "
tiOns'Of thOsO who have coticientiously
opposed it, in tbeir accurate fulfill
ment, seem to have been animated by
the spirit of prophecy. . It Would
really seem sb if that heaviest of
judgments HeaveO deooancel Igatnst -
a people, "that tney Btrould bo mado ; :
to trust ra a lie," ha) falrOtt npon this , ,
nation. That financial charlatan.',
Chase, in a recent speech in Cincin-' r
nati, predicted once again "the speedy ;
crushing Out of the rebellion,' when -'
be knows that ft no hearer fulfillment ;,;
than his paper pfOmisea to pay are
near rederoption. - The eyes et tho
people are, however, gradually being;
unseated. They sea but faintly yet.
"Only men as trees walktofc." The . '.
time, however, mutt come,wbeh they K'
shall fee ciearlv how thev ha.Va been -'
duped ; and when that hour tomes,-'
let these abolition fanatics bewar
The revolution they have raised will
then, "like Saturn, commeuce to de
vour its own iirogeny." 1 '
lours, very irtnv,
- .!?-. .
a bio strapping jeiiow ia. moduli
V . a a .
gomury County, who had been drafttd,
was asked to this effect: :
"Have you, or have you ! had; tnr r
disease about you which wootd not i
naturally show itself to the txamining . f
earge'On 1" : s; . c , -. ,
Montgomery replied, "Yes, sir-ee; 1
I was Oras'y once." :1 i ; -...ii , j,sjf
' Please state when ihd under what 3
clrcnmstances.'' . -. --i ; ..- ' .
Mohtgomerv roplied Well, .Li
s'poee you'll doObt . my woid, but I .
can prbve it bjr 'Nandy Wood, ,1 "
wal craiy it tho last Presidential
lection, -Mister,- when I vot6d. for
Akd T.inAlM -- - - '
9: 1
i" ia jour powder good T askedV -f
IporUman of a seller. 'Good indeed ,"
itjs. . A caskbf it got on , fira, jho
other day. and ' before 1 Co old tet a
or waror, n nur turnt np." fc ;

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