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E. A. UHATTU.V, ::
rmmDAT - - - ivov.io, ts
WIIfcHK UK IS, nd the Cnlnrcehirut
of tbe Lnwt ngnlast all OfUcart who
have usurped Authority, ne wfl the
Popl who CoihmK Ilrenchet el the
commend to the favorable
consideration of our Republican
friends, tho spoccli of Lord Bronghatn
en tho first pngo of this paper. It
contains a torious showing of the
poRition we tand in, as viewed bj
foreigners of note, or indeed an; man
cf 'seueo in -tho world. h U possible
that we are to go on in the rainouB
policy of the fanatical agonta trf our
covernmeut -untill art is lost 1 Can it
be that tlw descendants orthoirotuor
tal Washington and his compatriot
ate to bo in tho language of Bio a
ghatn, "below I'ato" and onlj "des
pisod'' by tho nations -of the earth
Was it the i.lj- ct of our ancestors, in
tatablis-liiig one of the bust govern
agents on earth, for their fellow-citi
zMvstaii'l tnoir iostority, to get np
ertrtiu'ro (. upon himIkt, for tht-
purpose U Ireuing their negroes 1 We
bopo all will read this speech, and
think on its bitter reproaches, and see
if we are cot guilty of its charges
vanity, or something worso.
Is the Constitution Overthrown?
W commend the fbKowing orgu
ments, from a cotemporary, 1o our
reader :
For nearly fk ee years a million of
Americans have been in arms against
each other. Something like a million
of liven have ben sacrificed, and at
least one-third of the property of the
co a u try wanted, while c early ball ol
the producing popslfttion of tie North'
are turned into non-producing nd'
properly-destroying soldiers. Should
the conflict cease at this moment, it
would leayo us the most bcggatlv
white population on earth jaw that
of this South. What deinonisra, from
the deepest pi's of hell, baa 'thus
maddoned a great and hitherto Chris
tian people? Sim pi J a lunatic theory
which.after thirty years "of agitation,"
has broken out in this mighty leva of
human passion, criaio and blood. It
is the theory that negroes art m'.n like our
stlvts, eait in completion, and therefore
entitled to the tamt liberty.
Mr. Lincoln was elected by the
North to force this theory on the South
but by a constrnction of tho Constitu
tion that should work out that result,
and some day "securo Ireedota to all."
Within the limits of certain States.tbe
negro might be held in "slavery,"
bnt within Federal jurisdiction, or
under the Federal Constitution, there
should be "impartial freedom," and
Laving a majority of tho States, though
perhaps scarcely a third of the popu
lar vote, the "anti-slavery" pnrty of
the North hoped to rnle, for many
years, tho entire Federation, and poa
ceably, gradually, withont violenco
or national disturbance, "slavery"
wonld become extinct and freedom
universal. Or iu other words, their
theory that negroes were people like
themselves, save in color, and there
fore entitled to the same ftfortyawould
be carried into successful operation,
and oar people, North and South, the
whole northern continent made hap
py, and American liberty placed on
foundations immovable and everlast
ing. 11 altitudes of oarneBt, zealous
and honest men, therefore, rallied on
these "grand principles" of "human
freedom," and though in tho minority
in cearly all the northern Scates,aave
Vermont and Massachusetts, they
wero hopeful aud enthusiastic, foi
they held to the great, vital principles
of "human liberty," and these princi
ples imM conquer, or all that men
Lave suffered and diod for, for a thou
sand years, were sheer delusions.
They had hot and hard opposition,
bnt no opponents; tho "Democratic
party opposed them with great bitter
ness, but no Democrats .darned the
tiuih of their assumptions or quos
tioned their principles ; and though
toe inert selnsuness ol party organiz
ation held them at bay for some years,
."ovMf liberty1 and earnestness of
purpose filially van the day, and the
"anti-slavery" .party, with Mr. Lru.
coin as its emkaaimonf, carried "every
northern Stale "in 1860.
Such' is the'view and such virtually
fie langnage ol the purty that trium
phed with Mr. Lincoln, and while as
abstractions, or, asupplicd to our own
whitti citizenship, their "principles"
are true, yet as they apply ibetn in
coiomofi -to white men and negroes,
their "priuciplus'Vara iot merely lies,
but lies the most hideous, impious
aud lunatic thatvor cursed mankind
or maddened lira world. In tho Noith
such a C'jiuftrution of the Federal
Constitution and such an -application
of Democratic principles to tuo hand-
rll-f II - - .
iuu oi jiegropj, wouja oi mvoivoany
serious,, consequences, ,i were ' these
states separated trotn' the bomb , but
to the iKttet. it were better that the
euftli opened its bosom and engnlfcd
its entire citizenship, from -the -roto-mac
to tho GuH, than be doomed to
such a destiny. Few. perhaps, could
explaiti it vea to tharaaclvcs; but
save occasionally Bomo pervertod
mind, "educated" abroad, every man,
woman and child kntva tlta. euboiis-
sion to the "principles," embodied by
Mr. Linculu involved tlretr Bor.ml
destruction, and they had better per-
ibIi at once by the sword tbaa that
their posterity should rot out through
the blood of tho Booty and wooly
headed African. This to hard to
understand at -the North, but it is
terribly simple and easily understood
at the South.
The South, thorefore, declared the
Constitution overthrown, and form
ally withdrew from the Union. Now,
the question la, did the men who
made the Constitution design to ex
clude negroes from the Federative
i)'t.U-Hi 1 it they did, then Mr. Lin
coln's election was a revolution, the
iiiuat Btujwndons and deplorable ever
recorded in fko hkIb ot mankind,
fur, carried into practice, H trans-
i'oiuis the KupuUiu of Washington
and Baohanan into a mongrel concern,
where whites, negroes and mongrels.
of every shade, are to be included in
the political system. Unfortunately,
a small, vain and conceited party in
the bouth lancied that "cotton was
king" and the whole world at their
mercy, and therefore, taking ad van
tao f lite temporary overthrow of
of tho Constitution by the North, they
would eot up an "infant Confederacy,"
certain, sooner or later, to become
the wonder of the world. This fatal
vanity enabled the "anti-slavery
party at the North to present a false
issne to the people, and thus an awtul
and bloody war has gone on for three
years, nominally to put down the
"Southern Confederacy," but in fact
to carry oat their principles and ruou
grelize tho Republic. Neither of
theso things can succead. A "South
ern Confederacy," recognized by the
whole world to-morrow, wonld not
bring the South to a solution of tho
question, while Mr. Lincoln niUBt
absolutely exterminate eight millions
of our race before he can have a mon
grel Republic, or the "Union as it
ought to be," with four millions of
negroes. There is therefore no hope
of permanent peace or means of safety
but to como back to the Constitution
and the Union nnder it. The Union
is the creature of the Constitution,
and can no more exist without it than
the material body withont the princi
ple of life. Its provisions have gen
erally been ignored by Mr. Lincoln;
bat this is as a drop to the ocean
compared with the revolutionary con
struction of this party. If we can
rally a great party aronnd the Consti
tution, as coustrued by Chiei Justice
Taney and all administrations prior
to Mr. Lincolu's,and electa President
and Congress, then wo can have peace
and restoration of the Union, for tho
extreme party iu the South will have
no gronnd to stand on. If we fail in
this, then the war will become uni
versal tho revolutionary party of the
North.seckinz the allegiance ot negro
es in tho South, will drive the south
ern leaders back into their old alliance
with the producing classes of the
North, and unless we are all ruined
together, after years of bloody horrors,
we will all come back to tha Consti
tution and a white Republic, just aa
it was before the impartial freedom"
revolutionists ovei threw it in the
election of 1860. Why net save our
selves from all these calamities by
coming back to the (white) Constitu
tion at once !
OCT Major Will Cumback, Pay
master in charge of the District of
Ky., has a dispatch from Major Mc
Dowell, announcing the safe arrival
of the twolve paymasters and two and
a null luilltoiis ol dollars at Xnoxville,
Tenn. They will at once pay Gen'l
Burnside's whole army to November
1, '63. Tho other troops in the Dist.
are aae also being paid to same date,
and in a few days every soldier in
tho District of Kentucky will be paid
to lajtjnusJtejMJay
The President and his Cabinet will
bo at Qettyebug dedication to-day.
[For the McArthur Democrat.]
Wolves in Sheeps Clothing.
Mb. Bkatton, I am still grieved to
hear of some of the outrages upon
soldiers wives. Abont twelve miles
from this placo, in Jackson Tp . them
lives a Democrats wite, who aoes as
many'So net stay at home and liind
her own business which I Bay she
does, for she told me other day. yet
not boasting, that 666 tad cleard two
hundred dollars by her own ind. jy
! Ur.. i v,. K
ei'TJce.whicli is fifteen months, j
Well, the other evoning eovoq of
tier near neighbors, which ongh to
be her .good 'Neighbors, thought to
play a trick cm ber.ont of aoyTeormg
but a friendly one and no other lea-
son. but or UiuereHco is ouinion on
politics. - Threo tender, fair, females
dressed iu soldiers clothes, and armed,
passed by "the house, stopping and
shooting onco by -the barn, then above
the house bhot once. Then the lady
td the boose went to the door, nd
tho moment she saw them, by some
providential instinct, she recognized
tnem : they then crossed a trace in
tho field below the house and fired off
their arms. The lady said, "you had
better shoot aga4a, and the next time
you come wear yenr hoope. ' They
soon discovered they would be, if not
aireauy, lounu out, so they took to
their neeia, tue doe alter them, and
you had better believe there was some
skedaddling. I think upon the whole,
on one side it was intended as an
insult, and on the other proved a
ludicrous outrage. There was no
good design intended, and it was uro-
Sjsed to frighten tho butter-nut lady,
ut-it-happtioa that she is a littlo too
courageous to be frightened by such
wree oiacu sheep, A hint as a warn
ing to them, she thinks will be suffic
ient. She bothers no person in that
style, and if tho like U dono again,
they may .possibly he arrested. If
Bhe ii u licMiocnir, and hur husband
too, (but so-called butternut.-), he has
enlisted in the service f kin country
to fight for Ilia Union us it was, the
Constitution an it is, and if the uhjects
of tho war are changed any since, it
began, ho is still in the serv'ico and is
as patriotic as those who stay at home
and have never sent any soldiers, nor
done anything since the war began
but abuse Democrats, males and
females at home.
The above is true, and shows a
Bhainefull want of decency on the Part
of thoee young Misses who are well
known in tho neighborhood.
November 12, 1863.
IViw iokk, November 16. The
correspondent of tho Philadelphia
inanirer, writing yeeteiduy, says :
Infuruiatiou just received here from
the South indicates that a large body
of North Carolina and Georgian Un
ionists, who have had habitation only
in tho mouutaius of Western North
Carolina, have- made their escape,
with their arms and much valuable
iniormation, into n,ast leuoessoo,
i . .1 . 1 1 ii .1 . ,
iiuib iney win sweii ma ranKS oi
General Foster's army. They come
to us as original Union,and will guide
and tight with our volunteers to the
Those men formed themselves into
an army, and numbered about 5,000
men: poorly armed and equirmad.
bnt with real couraze and patriotism.
they have dared to give buttlo r.o the
rebel regulars at a place called Warm
Springs, north of Ashville, Bancouibe
County, N.C., and near the Tenessoc
lino. Iucbo bravo men were making
thoir way toward Knoxville, when
they wsre attacked on the 29th of
October, by a part of the 25th North
Carolina Regiment, under command
of Lieut. Colonel Samuel 0. Bryson,
who was badly whipped, and forced
to boat a hasty retreat to Ashville.
The rebels lost six killed and thirty
wounded. Among the killed were
Lieutenant Hyatt.
Alter the fight the Unionists ad
vanced and took Ashville as a feint,
and came near taking General Vance.
son of the Governor, aud bis staff,
Aer this the patriot band fell back
to the mountains : and a letter from
Governor Vance, dated Madiion Co..
JNortu Carolina, November 3, says
ine enemy nave withdrawn from
Western North Carolina to East
Tennessee. They carried off several
prominent citizens in chains.
It is said that Dr. Leech, Messrs
Turner, Gaitherr, Chistian and Dav
idson, all Union men of the Holden
school, are elected to the rebol Con
gress from North Carolina. The first
three are certainly chosen.
It Is said that ilalleck and Stanton
favor tho Army of the Potomac going
iiiuueuitueiy into winter quarters,
while the President and Gen. Meade
propose to take advantage of tho
completion of the Raddabannck brid
ge to endeavor to force a fight on Lee
at a point nearest the Rappidan. The
onage wm be nnisued the first of the
The 12th Illinois Cavalry have re-
enlisted as a veteran reciment. nd
advanced pay and bounties paid.
County Vote Official.
The soldiers vote wm counted out
yesterday and we give tire result be
low, in the total vote.
Bronch . for. Governor" reeoiva $1
majority in the county,
running's maj. iu the Co. 9
Bratton Rep, - 1342
Johnstoj f 1313
BrattonslLj. 29
Wilson Clerk 1355
Rhodes 1316
Wilsons maj 39
Craig Pro. Judge 1353
Ealer " 14 130T
Craigs maj. 46
Dana Pros. Atty. . 1360
Gibson " " . 1297
Danaamaj. 63
Ilawkin ComV 1353
Brown " 1305
Hawkins maj. 43
Thus the Democratic Ticket a all
elected in tho County, and Brooch.
has a majority of 21.
Vinton County's Quota.
IRONTON, OHIO, Nov. 9th, '63.
Editor McAstbus Reoister :
Dear Sir : 1 send you herewith the
quot of each ' Townahin of Vlntnn
County, Ohio, according to the all of
the riesident of the United States for
300,009 men. as followfl :
Eaglj, 9 ; Jackson, 13 ; Harrison,
t ; uicuiana, 18 ; Swan, 12 ; Brown,
9 ; Madison, 17 : Elk, 22 ; Clinton,
16; Vinton, 12; Wilkcsvillo, 14;
Knox, 5. Total, 153.
Respectfully your obi Bervt,
Com. of Enrollment 11th Dist. O.
Wo presnme 50 per cent 'has to be
added to the -above, according to the
DIS E A IM O I' T 11 E 1 EH V ( I is . S I -.X
SVSTE.H.S now mi.l ratiabln
lrna'.m.-iit Id
KeDorUol' lltnv mil AK.-i.ini t-i-i.'.v
Sontby nuil in .ticd letter -n-H, rruof
charge. Ad.l ru. lr. J. 6KIU.I.I WMM-
m..r ir i . ... . . ... . ... .
MWCU, StU ldtiS.-l-JT,
baUnoe of jnat orliioUir., all ro obliged to d
mitthstrMrbaDki' Scalei ara. within t exooo.
UoD,thbeBtTorinTeDtod. Wo know whero
or we affltm, becauw w have tested tUelrval-
uo, nuu ar iuiiv u.tl.fln.1 .r
raenia. ma lntrodnrtinn 1,..
I . . u v. l I . J I. '.I UUI 1 U 1
"""P'1 rwtlo in the transaction of var
ious budneai. and th.w 1 u .1-. .
l . " -v. .uvea niu. umm
nnnormiiy in weight haa been I establi.hed all
ovtr toe eonatrjr, tbnt maklne them Nation-
a I" tL',? ,TAN'. Nor are they confin
ed to the United State: the? have fonnd their
way to almost every part of the civilized world,
and are adopted to the itandardt of all onn
trtei, ao that It may be said, all nation, If aot
weighed m these balancca," at lean weigh by
thw- No. 19 63-lin '
Itntmck Stomncli Bitters.
EcriliKTINDIiTT's Omni.
("iwoiniati, une 4, 1863.
To Da. C. W.Robaoi
ilr Dun Sin : I am illnrumin .a..j
voice of your btomacfc Bitter, amonifthe larire
number of men whe daily arrive at this Instiiu
tion for rofresnmeut and rest. The universal
tettimoav is that thorn Rli
made. For the vanona auir.mnr nmni.t-..
whioh afflict so manv. I n nr n. Jl.,"'
aae ana so tn,n. riatarch aays. "To aak a phy
eicioo wbtt la easv and wht (. i,. tA. .L.L
and what will .g, with the .tomech' it about
at sensi tie at to ask what it tweet or hlu.
aotir." Fertontwholookn.it fa. j
have yojir Stomach Bitters in the hon-e-I a.n
eurewill never aak any one the fooli-h otiestion
apokenofby tlu great philoepher. 1 n?u.t not
omit a word or two for your Catawba Brandy.
I h.ym'7raenbere who have brandy pre
scribed the'u br dlngalshed Army Sur
(jeon.i. Ihe effoctofvouraonnii. ... ..t.i
far moie so than from any previously taken.
u. i i ,i'T. p"ri """"J cannot
r,Kun9 ntney t yonr branj
I an., Doctor, with modi respect
Your aetvant,
-W-D. AmBiw,BBierlntendenl
4-57 umce ana manurutnrv m
uat.il nasi Tnira etree. rot aa a avsr
. . J I ivm m, , dij,
Nn. (Ik 11.11 .1. .
TheGtfat Chinese Remedy for Secret
' Diseases.
Inffretdientt nnrolv veiretshlA: nlnunt
u wuor, ana may be carried in
lh. ii . . . n U n . ! I L. . .. . ..
..... . k.. k: j . r; ."
.lriu., wuuuiitiearoi aetootion. price
a i a nnr u. r yftm. n. ... . - 1 i
J.. KRONER. 403 Chestnut St. I'n.
f"" w t aaaresa 9v
Circular sent free.
8opt. lT-3-Cmo
Tu Nervoat 8ufferer of Both Seiet
oeen reauirea w neann in few daya, after nn
dorioi ngtll tho naual routine and lrr.-snlar v.
penaivn modea of treatment without minAAful Ann
aider It hit sacred duty to communicate to nir
afflioted fellow creatures the moana of cure.
inoB,n mo reoeip. ei an addressed envelope,
ha will send (frM)aoonv of Mi. niit..
.. ...I r; ....... T. f .. r r ' ' '
uavu. vinvtai ms. unn bi. v AOMALL, ISO ful
ton Street Brooklyn, New York.
Marob, May, July, Sep., Nov., Jan., lyr.
Correspoudene Wanted.
men f Kanawi
f "111rUT young Cavalry.
with any number of young Ladiei whe deem it
.um iur, winn in rnrr.afi.ii
wanny oi a repiy. i i
tch in llrl. nn. ;.
jhance, object: fun, love and matrimony, the
latter preferad. All letters confidential.
eeaa pnoto-i ana receive oars in retnrn.
Maietoi vinton, oo.,unio, prefered.
Add rent
. w Harry Punch,
Co. D. Ind V. John Clearwatter
Cavalry CharleatoB Va. Mountian Jack.
Nov. 12-183, 9w
Wheeler & Wilson's
Thia it one of the very bait afachine in one
it osee no annuie, mazes the look etinh ai;v
on both aide of the foods, leaving no chain or
ridge on the underside, it naea bat half of
tne inreaa oi oiner maenmet, and make the
nea'taat work.
Having taken an Aeflncv for the aala a (h.
maobinee, 1 retpecfully request the Ladiea of
V 1BWU VI Kjjumiujj vyvuubioa Tllfciug our 10WB,
w dm) utt uiuiui.uq naoniao, ana ee
work. To thoee tnakine ptirahatea of mt. r wii
give instruollont in the aae of the machine
gitit. I wilttell at the lowest oaeh prloet
the maaaftotnrer.
cryrthjir, Oiio.
JJtfo SWbtriistnunls.
Teims reduced to Old iPrlcca t
i?or 180ii
Tho publisher of Oodv'i Lady'a Book, thank
ful to that jjubllo whleb baa ebabled him to
publish, a magazine for the last thibtt-toiii
re an of a larger circnlatioa than any in Amer
ica, bat made an arrangement itb the most
yupaisr auMiorosa in ton coautrjr
Authortta of "Alone.' "HiditA Path."
"Moss Sid$," and &c.
who will furnish stories for. the Lady'i Book
for 1984, This alone will place the-Lady's
Book In a literaiy paint f view far ahead of
aay other maguine. Marien Uarlnnd wrilss
ror no other magazine.' Uur othor favorite
wrUera will all oontlnne to famish articles
taroaghont rhe fear.
-Marailne In the World and the Cheapcat
Izcell any other Msgazlie, In America.
No other 'magazine gives them, and we have
enough to rill toveral large volumes.
are snob at can be found nowbere else. Cook
inirn all IU VfirletT "CeufectlonerT ti Nnr-
sery tbe Toilet the Laudrj the Kitohen.
seceipui upon ail tntjects are to be round in tlie
pages of the Lady't Book. Vf originally atart
ed thit department, and have peoulier faoilitiea
for makini it moat nerfect. Thin
alone it worth the prioe of the Book.
Thit department comprises engravings and
descriptions of every article that a lady wears.
N other magazine baa this department.
..OmmPT one year, $. Twooopieaone year
to. Three copies one year $6. four copies
one year ST.
Five copies ono year, and an tttra copy to the
peraon aending the elnb, $10.
Eight copita one yew and a cony to the per
son tsndin tneelnh tiv
Elavea copies one year, and an extra copy to
And the only magazine that can be tetrodno
ed rnto the above cluba in place of tho Ldy't
vw .aAibiiui iiunio .qtigazine
uoaeyt J4niy'n llouk and Atthnr't Home
nagazinu U.-t li nn year for 13 60.
uoaey-a Liidy'. Ii. ok mid Ilarpert Marazine
both ono yiir for 50.
Ooder, Harper uii-1 Artnnr will all llircobe
tent one ve.ir mi tlm rnnnt. nrin
Triw-ury iNoiun nml Notes vt all solvent banks
Be caroful and pay the postage on yoivr letter
m .AddreM i A. OODEY,
Nov. 19-f.8-8w. 323 ChertnutSt., Phil. Pa
Henry Robertson, Fltff.
against j In Coart of
Julia Ann tills ) Common Ploat.
Levi Robertson V Defit. I
mmj. Kobertson.) Partition
'YSZ eaid Julia, Ann EHie, Levi Robertaon
i and Mosses J . Robertaon defondentt will
take notice that a portition was fllod against
thtm on the 18th day of November 1868, in
saidConrt of. Common Pleaa, within and foi
said County of Vinton, and StuteofObio, by
satdHonry Robertaoa, and it now pending,
whtremsaid Henry Robortton dimands Parti
tion of rtle fMlowing real esute. situated In the
aald Vinton County, to-wit : . Thi east halt of
tho aouth-east quarter, of fieotijn number
J!?";1! us (5Si)in Tewnship number ten,
( 10, ) of Range nambor flftoen , ( 15,) of MtnU
tarial jlandt, in the Ohio Company't puichase,
containing eighty ncrea, irfcro or lone. And
that at the mitt lorm of said Court, the said
Henry Kobertton will apply fcr an order that
partition may be made of mid promises.
E. A. Bbatox, HENKY K011ERT80N
Wtty. forPetn'r
Nov. 19th 1803-Cw.
Stoves, Plows,' IIollow ware
pHE undersigned it now prepared' to execuU
X promptly all work ordered in bit line ol
at Fonndriea, will be kept on hand and for ealo
at the most reasonable rates.
The facilities of the Foundry situated, at it
it, in the midst of Furnace whara tt
Duainesa. ah Kinds onaatmira nana r m.J.
metal It always to be bad at a aaving expence
must be evident to all ; and the aubacriber be
ing determined not to be outdone either in the
quality or cheapneaa. of hia mnnfntM,a.
aakt for and houea to raceiva tha ut
th Mmmtiniiw
We are manfaetorin
Datbe Beat and latest in-
iroved Cb Mate. Those wishing a mill will
o wen v nana in tnntr order tn time.
Fabnary ltUit8IS.tfe
W,k now 0Vftln?' Good.
?xJStl i0
it A
y Wv o, W v a,
Aw Vv. "ftvYvoViA avm
Ivtxft.ot a ov Vvme,atwv
nvvve utto.i c.cv aNc.
Bilious Fever,
Fever and jlgue.
Liver Cornplaint,
Kidney Complaints
avc covc,.oftfc vat. ckv
vvvc. wvo.k,,
ate, j.oot waV Tne.xva
ac W oot rcvaw nxvaw
av; "Oft. tvcVv wvau Soat.
awa CovcvoA.
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T7ies Iitttr$ art put up in gtirl
bottles, of whioh t?i abotH is aaa-eim-ile.
T7i label U finely engraved,
is provided with a tafe-guari frar
oounterfeitert. (PrtOB $1 tor bottle, of
httfor $5.
O. W. XobaoJc, (Proprietor, Jt: 6
East Fourth' Bt., Cinoinnati, to wkaw
till brdirw ehould bt addrtttd. . , ,
S. V. Dodge, McArthur ; ' Cowderr ti
Strong, Hamden; C. Johnston, NewPly.
mouth; Will & Co.. Ztlki; John Holland
Swan; M. P. &C. Bur, Wilktville.indby
DruggitU nd Merchant gnrllr through
ont the United Statu and Canadas.
October 29th, 1863, lyr.
ALL those knowing tbemselvet indebted to
the lata firms of Davit it, Kwaim, and
Davit itc Newkirk, are requeeted to call and
pay op while Greenbacka are plenty: Liberal
indulgence bat been given.
Nov. 5th 3-3w. THOMAS B. DAVIS.
TEE A lien evil It Etetm flooring millt.havt aa
dergone a thorough repair, and the proprie
tor! withet to inform the public that they are
new prepared to do all cistom work to the entire
tatitraetton of (heir euatomert.
NEW MACHINES have been addg, to the
mill and onr frienda will find aa good work aid
good turn onta aa at anv other mill .itm.
eall and test the truth of what we atr.
Also, Wa rliouie rnckt,
Letter Presiei. Sec. -
1T2 Lake Btreet, Chioago. Id In ClB0ilu-.
Ba oar U Henuloyt '
Jaaaaryl, ( .

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