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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, November 26, 1863, Image 2

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WIII'IK HV.H 11 AM. III'I-K A.Ml-.nieA.'
l'lSI US.AV Nfl"2li.lfiS
' ' trr i ik srrr vn v as i v is
TIH UNION AS IT- WAS. Till'. M.tifiO
WllllUi; JilC l.S. ami t"e j.nl.irci incut
of llin T.ium naulu-t all U:.ii.r-i wbo
llltVO IIMIH II (I AllllU'filV, n-. w. il I' till'
I'tople who Commit Uiiiiikes ol tin:
Xi'lW. .ummrn
Legislature of Ohio.
The nci't Somite of Ohio btands
I.enublicaus, 2d, Democrat, 5 Tho
Ijfousc 6tando licj'uLIicana 76, Dem
ocrats 21, on Joint ballot Ke;ubli
enn 105, Democrats 20, uiaj'jrllyj
enough to carry any yujxl U I
combo tho people will now have Etieh
a system of legislation, as will ennso
prunr-crty nnd blessing to flow to cvc
ry mans household, Buth v..I Eureiy
bo tho result or an Abolition lcgidla
turb. We expect that all tho illu ol
lite will bo ttloctually suppressed,
hud unalloyed bapuiuee3 prevail in
tho laud.
Lincoln's Folly Confessed.
Vlmt wul our Uepublican friends
pay, who have dechrfd tiiuu and
njiaiii in our prefcriec, tbnt tho cmau
ci-atiou 1'iooLiimit'on of Lincoln
was tho greatest net of Hi lifo, v!:cn
wo tell them, that Mr. Lincoln nvwj
Bays, "Tho greatest folly of tny lifo
wus, the issuing cl'Uio Eiuancipation
i'rochuutiou." . Wendell Philips Bayu
in hia New Jlaven speech, Lincoln eo
told bim last, Janurary. Wo Demo
cratd were all denounced s.3 Tiaitoic
for savins what Mr." Lincoln now
ndiuita is.tryio. : To be- consistent
our .Republicans of McArthnr should
i4w call-Linciib a Traitor. ' .
Lincoln's Folly Confessed. ARMY NEWS.
1 ..r
t ..
1 .
l)y tho oOciid report of Gen,raltil(J
Jlcade- inet puelifched,,oiir k-js ut tue!
!.nM. nrrjfttvt.hi'i-'T waA 41.1SJi
.The Army news for the past Tcck
is vlnimportautr there bas.boen' some
skirmishing' on tho lVlomae, tho
" cohscqncnco of tho armies watching
' each others movements. Lee's army
' is south of the Kpa!a;i, r.nd awr.it-,-
ing Mead's advance.
1 i. .i. At Charle6tcu the armies, :i", u.'.urd
for the past six months are biasing,
'nwajat each ether Joy, and niht,
' both parties . sure 61 success!' ltw
long it will lait'there,' depends on th
e.i n r . ,
ability of tho Government tr. furmsu
' 'Gcri. Bnrnsido rnnd his order No.
S3 retires to private life, aud Gen.
Foster .' succeeds him. Tho rebels
have gained decided advantages over
. ut ' ' .
us in East Tennessee and
besides taking many, pnsoneis aau
army supplies &o.
Orant with tha army at Chrdta
nooga seem to bo holding their own,
and now receive supplies. Vg look
for important hew3 Irom Tex:i3 owing
to tho difliei;ltie3 cn the Kio Gra:id.
The Habeas Corpus.
- -....
I: i
i :
T. 13abingtoit ilacaulay, tho great
Englis't historian, in speaking ot
King James tho Second, tho tyrant
whom tho English people expelled
from the throne in KiSS, savs :
"One of his obpets vas to obtain a
repeal of tho habeas corpus act which
ho hated, as it is natural a tyrant
' should bate the M "ST stein-gent tunn:
' tyseansy. 'The fctiing renniine-i
deeply fixed in his' mind to the last,
,' aud ancar8 in the instructions which
.'Lo dre7 tip when in exile, lor the
" gutdance of his eon, Diit the iiaboas
'corpus act, though pas?ed during tiie
;"' kdeeudency of the Whfgs, . v,-as nt
' more dear totiic wings u.au to tr:e
' ; Toriea It is, indcld1, Mot wotidert'n:
that this great l:iv should bo I-i.;i.ly
'tirized by all Englishmen;1 w'ithoii.
' JUru.rtn.M f. n:irrv? .nr it l ; ;l l.l-.V
whiehrnot by circuitous, bfi't'ly ?!' -
.1: MM-Mtiun mhU '. 1 Li i ihint -
and liai'T.ititStj'of every 'inhabitant if
the realut." " ' . -' ' '
- We don't 'drink he bated the :tci
Irt-jte '''Hit O'.ir l'lVfti'l-.-nt
J j tit !ic j-r-.tent tioi.1.
.ti .':;t;
Greenback Chase Becoming the Laughing
Stock of the Word—English views.
[From the London Globe, Oct. 23.]
jutLirni,i tr.ido; tho credit and the
J''J'l'er ;tei.e; lio hns got a u.
pci'iuiiiient and Bi.b3taiit!al cur
. . , riL,t,,;f anJ im-Bfo
Kei)tu,convi.rtible paper and declaring" it
Mr, CliAsyJiios int stooii'to uciVnd
Ki s finatieiil inef.ftiire6 ; tln-y htanil in
no lieol el ifjiliieir t rt nti Iiti tit fix:
ebss ' FivitUMrilivif. 'Ilw-tiw itlu
Vvunt'i'Mii"! eounlry, unci he Puiicd
it A-' 1 Leemmtry Pee.'et a stiioUaifual,
:crm:uitiit aii'l ;i:ii'niiit medium .ol
rxehan",i', :'nd Mr. Chase arose and
fciuu il lo tniin.. ; Uu is vt no trouhlilcolnd
in j iuvi; thai iliu jit ; cut paper cur-j
iiicy ot fliO I iiiU'il fctati's ju.6ii-s-.'ijji
ti.'ise uJiiihalle ntial.tu-M
imUniy can Holier, ai.u vu nir.y :c
ilnMijiht "iiilly of air nnpitrirKiico if
vecil r any ;ii:;iiii.Lijt in kuff-rt ol
.-o awit-tyidyni a iupOiitiui. 1 i'n?
ivi :J the Au-ciie.in tuiiiniy luti-t bo;
fur, il tiaro wtro any diverdity,' lac
juciilatiii,; nicuiiiui wliieli t roko tin
law i uiHtoruiitv itaist bo . eithoptci-nihioir'
jiap'T ormolu. : i'lipir it euii iiut be,
iur Jr. tnaoo Las il riven cuto.1 cir,
euiaiiou the paper tlie ba:l;B, and
.-iabttituted tae Is ma of tile ii ! jve;n
iijeul in tlicir place. (old it can not
Oe, lor jold Mr. L'habu haj Bitceeeded
ill driving out ol lie tvuutiy to tfi'ee
ni.iily that there ii no lear cf its re
turn;!!,; from exile toepod the sym
metry of u pajier tireiilutiou. The
greenbrttk MX clearly entitled to ihe
i- aioo ol' Uiiilbrinity : ior can we
deny to Mr.-ChaCe'B current:)' the at
tribute of peramni.iiiey lie lias secured
that bv iu donrechuioii. There is
not the tliliU'ut tear ol his greenbacks
snaring the pruvei bial fate o.l tii'.ldeiily
ucqniieJ wea!;h. They will not take
to tiieiut:ulve3 whips and 11 v to other
lands. Tjiey urn his, and his uKne.
We doubt if a single ii"tu ha1) l"imd
iu wayaereis thj Allantic, miless us
a curiosity.
Certainly Mr. C!ubo is entitled to
claim for his currency the nt'ributc
of pciiiiai'cncy, A depreciated ya
per currency is an easy possession for
a n.vt.ou o in fjuii'c, nnl a (i tneu.i one
lo gut rid ot. Nobody whi.'.bfjs to do
'.Hive her of it.: it is one ci'lhoso blcs-
sings wliifti excite no envy, e-orn-
uu'ree does not touch if, war itseil
ill not destroy it. Mr. Chare claim
ed for his currency that it is not only
permanent ft:iJ uniform, but subatan
rial. This may be proved by several
arguments. In the iirst place, the
bulk of it is very considerable l'rint
ing presses have ly..'ii at woik two
or thteo veura, clov nnd night, in pro-
duein tiiis cmicncv, rtml it would lio
a curious calculation to estimate what
! kind ol'ti'e tlio whole issue of green
backs would made should t!ie Gov
" J0. h? t0
L,.,Ilf, ,i si- )!,.;,;: ,.-rt.ni.v
;cay- futthcr bo proved by the iiii
mene wci'lit whioli it tapporls. 'lip
!on it - test the vat ' r.riny tmd navy,1
hopes of V.n Lin'itwi' states, b.tirelv
lint-: wlnoii lumiMiris. mi tins 'ma
must itselt he substantial The ut
mrst strength, however of a n.imhi.ie
is never kiio.vn till It is broken, and
we tuny possibly bi! called upon to
wiUusES tliis final ' roof of the sub
ofantiulity of Mr. Chase's paper cur
rency when we see tbo burden under
which it is desliiK'd tofjve way
; i Lcl onliuary inovlalH
toil r.nd sbivc. let ' tile Old World
li fanciers rack their bn;;t!:s for fresh
tr.xer., free!, loans, or further eooh
omiIm; Mr. Cha.e has found the pliil,
Vite-iic; ho hns got a unlornr,
lor ovo
: ? .'. j . .
ry tiling, r.nd need trouble : his head
with uone of these Oid World erubar
ressmcnts. Wo bad co: tainly thought that
thero was nothing new in ul! this; e
.ad thonht that tlie art ut'issaing in
1c j,r.l tender, had come into exist
ence a httlu beioru tho artofdeclar
mg national bankruptcies nay, we
had even g-jne to far as to speculate
on souio occult connection between
tho two. . Wo now learn that wo were
midtiken," ntxi il?."-Chase'; is good
enough to give ti3 n popular explaiiii
iiou of tho stops w'hiclt have led him
to a discovery destined to relieve
mankind - from tho primitive carsa,
and to n ako them rich - without in
flicting cn them the slightest trouble
or ansicty. ' The first thing tha'
itruck Mr. Chaso wss a declaration
of our i W ii.tliat no money would be
ad vane jd in tai country to the Korl.
era ytatC'3 ly English capilalista.
iiiasoning deeply on this announce
mtnt, be cann to the canciUSiOir tnat
as v.o woiiiu not lenu nj wor.Kl no!
boiiow from us; at any rato, till wi
came to ahk him todo 60 a '.ialili
catrou which we venture to think does
nut much dimidr tbe absolute nature
of the pn.;xs;tior. Haviug establis
lied tii. 4 point of dopurtiu'e, this in
'.cniwtt man beiran by berrowin-' all
Uii-"i'.X'l- l.e'' r.-ild ret in hip own
eotp.ilrj- and' pitying, itawa;- foi- war
expeuee: ' lirthc conre;; ot tins pro
ce-fs Mia 111111,1 .ooiiir..!. uy 111c ru
'iirhfl.;iritj: latt ' that the. gold Oid noi
teOiiie back to him a last as' In fai.i
it away .'in observation wh:ch, '.'we!
lappreliciid,' lifts k-cn alrci-Jy 'luadi -
t--y every j-c-rsen 'vno 11a? eiiterca j
".'ii a
lii. 1 i'"We
I 1.,MMI
: Uf '.T: lit
cieditnri (fk6 '(Jovcrn'menf,
which, was the euso witii inaiy bank-
any " ii nio Tina was exactly the.
statu in .which Mr. C'uiso found him-
self. Capitalists became exorbitant
in their (Iv'uinnds',- ami Mr. Chaso
e:nw to tbo'concluision that, instead
f hi'i rowing other -people's notes, hi:'
had luitte r issue his own. .'As thiu
a::, however o.nfy nolher Mrm of
bdrrowrn;:, ana as no litnl, an hu leiiti
us, previously exhausted his crudit,
I ot'ple wlio were not willing to be-
is, were unwiluuJo. . receive llioio
Tliatj!)uiis in liaviin.'Ut. ,Tli-in.h b'i':tatl
ful idea Bii':este! itself to tho. mind
of Mr'. Chaw of ciMnpcllrii thcin to
t.ii-i. t, ,... ;. i. ,.,t (dff i' '
mi'lilii'tliciil Ila! tender. "That, lie
triurii'iinn:ly nays, yas the nexf-Etiit
Y.oti VtniNJ have dune exactly, he
cava, ' 'its I fa' did, ' .It id an i.fTair ot
and eoiiriijro. No
doubt uny'dGbWr; wli"se Oredit'ia ex
Iiausled ' wliotio bills nobody 'will take
excot'tkt a! t UhioiiS"tiieciilrt,' Would
, :. .. . ..... ii
if lie elmld, make thm a legal tender.
Mr. Chase could, and did, anil 'there-'
in' lies his MJiipproae-riiible' supcriori
ty over the private debtor, who when
he can not pay, has no resource" Lmt
an ignominious d'eclawtion ol iubol
veuey. "' '. ' ,
The Duplicity of Henry Ward Beecher.
The Jjndon correspondent ot
New "York Times thus gives an in
stance of what ho considers the
'"suiM'tness" of Henry Ward ileecher
iu his lato lecture iu London. He
" 'How about the llufsiiins V shou
ted Boniebody. This was a poser. - It
liappeus that tho papers aud ,lhe
iHiblie in England, who support the
Northern cause, also sympathize with
the L'oles and detest tho Kuusians.
Tho Jlui'iiiiig 6!ur. for example, the
only 'oal-aud-oul' Northern. paper in
London, ( or tuo Jtytva tonjctimes
waver,) iu, a!, the .taiiM time, the
most suntU'iUJ iulvoi;..:u i.l 1'olish
indepcndo..CJ. You .v.- ll nee ' that.it
was putung Mr. Ueecl.ei :;i a rather
u lt . n t t (,r it w;t!l u
;)1 a ut .. di 6c;..j ilo
it was only a bit of coipietry . A mer
ica was like a girl whoso lover was
not so ardent as she wished him to
be, aud who was tiding to piipio him
by pretending to favor uuothci suitor.
Hut there was nothing in it. England
was ically the only country in Europe
that tho American cared for, and
now ho could go Immo aud assure
them that their , aU'eclion wus lully
reciprocated P
Now Mr. Ueecher knew, that hio
answer. was a lie, yet lie, a pivtenduil
uluryiJiun, was not iu tbe feast daun
ted by the 'little.' obstacle of; telling a
liilsciiood. Tbii correspondent calls
the falsehood a "bit of pleasantry and
a -disclaimer 1". We never heard s:'
lie eaiied by that name before ! ,
A New Rebellion Predicted.
"Tho result to be attained is 116 im
port'ant lo our opponent as it is to us.
What if, (hioiigh battle and smTrago,
ihe. l'reiidciit, who was elected iu
1SC0, should, by h;a oppotiouts,' be
kept out of the I'reiileiiey of the
United Slates until another election ?
What if they should thet) succeed in
electing u l'l e-si Junt i;. lG-i,'ltgaiust
iho niaj rrity' who. elected Abraham
l.iuevln i-!)'. U-G'J ? '..'C'aa that matrUy
bo .expected to iiequiesno,-.withoul
voting, and without bloodshedi in tho
election of Horatio' Seyinour Cor
tainly iiot : and then you shall hav
perpetna. civil war, which is nothing I
else tlian perpetual auarc'iy. " '
Tho abovo is an etract; from: tho
speech ofVm. II. Seward, Secretary
ol tftato, at Auburn, N. V., doliveiu'd
tho day before the election. " If it hiis
any meaning'it is that if tbe South' ia
not conqueiud and brought back into
the Union before a new .President is
'elected, that tho friends pf -Mr. Lin
coln will not ac.piiesee in aud submit
'o the election of a new man I Mr.
Seward Feci:: to think' ix a justifica
tion for Now Yolk, or Nejw Englaodj
or Ohio, to revolv'ifgalnst the now
(Government of 1SC5,-because certain
soutlieln States did"rigaL)i3t that of
1SC1 ! . We are told that tho North
would revolt against thoii own Gov
ernment, because tho tSoufh went ' off
in 1SG0. ' Mr. Seymour.ahd all other
Northern Democrat's and tLeir friends
lid n jt revolt, but romaiilud truo in
their 'allegiance to Mr. Lincoln's Ad
ministration,' but ' iievertlieicsB Mr.
L:ni:o!;i and his adlieio'ntsi Mr. Sew
ard thinks, cc.n never 6ubiit to their
Administration; il they elOpt one I :
Poland and Russia.
The New York correspvaJent of
the St.' Ljiub L'euU:can writes :
"A new issue neeir;o to Letvo arisen
to divide the Democrats jujd the I!o
pubiicuna. The former uro'takiug up
the eauee of IVland, at? against the
pfro-iiussian pruclivities aud demon
oiratioiia of the 'Administration and
isbupponers. At tr.o granu imass
tnceting at the Cwjier lnstliute, where
Governor beyiliour poke,ihere were
ioad and vociferous elieti-8 tor l'oland
and the i'oles, tojiether witlr. groaiiB
'or th Jiussiaus. I hopoits. not
irecio'.iable m uy; li
11 - :
L.lt I . .V .! 1
ffJI IUSB1 lllill 1
was via l to rieaf b"tli the lilfe-Jra And i
ur- Wvt tltai'l I.-veJ'lAsjia ley,!
bir. l'ohtnd mojo. I can nut 'make
it liirht' tli ut for tho sake of an expe
diency,w hich is doubt ful and at best
only temporary, we should so sud
denly ignore all old traditions, forget
the niemoiy of. ' Kosciusko, nnd taku
tho side ot thd powerful bpprcaeor
aeainst tho heroic iMijircssed lmt
we have been for along time traveling
;u this direction, and I fear w have
yet further to, go in (lho ;il"wuvard,
path ucfrfo We lind the deepest depths
Kf iisrtiomil igtifminy.- - The"! Ad.ifin'
ktralioa ; -press, oL piur3o-f eneers at
tin; DetntKiA Ii! opinion 'expressed at
(Jonpur lntiiu'.e,aiid!ins ovwr lloiish
ali'aiis with as few, woidij-.as. po-seihUi.
They wOnhl not,' lor the woild, tread
on the" tender toes of. '.our distingui
shed liussian visitors,' by whfso
priBcnce we lire so. highly , honond.
Wlial a' pity' the , tinfortnua'.o i'oles
hal not be-eli born black 1' I i
' Never before ih t!ie hj6.tory.6f fhis
country 'lias a con'Blderable portion of
the1 Americans syiiipathizjd.with des
ptifism,'' and given 'their moral ir.llu
ence nga'sns't th'c people Btruggliug foi
liberty1. Vc have boon the friends of
I'ol'andlinngaty, Ireland, Italy, and
of "all ,the 'ojiprcsic'd nationalities 1
Now wo are-placed in en attitude,
through oar llopublican Adminiftru
tionjf syrnpathiziiig with tho liussian
despot against ono of the most gallant,
but cruelly opjr s-st'd, jieoplo on the
globe a people united to us by the
6!roiigest tie of Uevoltionary associ-.
ation, who sunt the ICcseiusko and
I'ulaski 'and others to aid us in the
dark days of 177G, and who, under
Washington, poured 'but their blood
for our cause ! ' , ' . .
S . pcu it l lloticcs,
IN A T I'lii.VMtY AMI SE.iUA i.
V4'K.1ISiiow wid relial!e tt-ut-iti:iib iu.
Stilt ly niiiil ill fiuil lulti-r i't . . tYco'ol
cliiirpo.i A JdicHii'Ilf. J. KK.ILLI.N
TUN, ll'iiv.iivl Vn;iatiouf Ku 'i Sut!i liiuih
Street, r,l!it:i.t.t'.ma,T,a.''
)JInrcll. Stli lS'i3,'-l yn ir1l'
'.EAtRU XKH'."wT.tLE.S-.wIih(!J -iu.tbu,
Imliiiito 1 1' ikjiisl utili i.r., ii uiv'o:i!L'i I -1" ,ut '
mil lii.il l'uit ..i.iik.-,' HvMtii ur, With "ut uKv
tiili, tilii I'CHt ovorinvcnU'l. Wo kii.nr . wlitru
ol' wu alii rm, liccausft w liavo tunUil U.cir vU
no, nnd um fully KilUtiuJ of M;eir t-uperiur
irtjiin. 'J'liu iniroilmtkiii ot'tlioso Mulo)ia
wrought u rtvululion in tho liiiii;iiclUn cfvnr
lduf biii'iriudH.uutl lliuir Bocur.M.-y is Midi tlmt ii
ujllorinity In weight hns bcomstublinhod all
uvur tiu country, thus inakiiiK'tlium a Natmn
.vi. etu.M.in:,! t r.vsDAKB. ftur aro tliov C"ii.li -cil
to th lhtilo.1 Suio: tliiit linvn Ifi'iml thril'
ay Uialiiuwt every ptrtef tho eivilizod wortil.
tuimiro n ,io(,io'i toiliuplmiJiirJh of uli conn
trios; that li may liorniM, nil nntioi'iH, if not.
"woigl.ucl iathuKO bul.iiiccM," at -loat o kIi by
t1'""1- .Nov. 19 CLI-liu
K;m( K's Stoiuurh filters.
. . Saj.DlF.USMiuMK
l:r:LIN'fLNOU.NTfn Orntt,
. t'l.NUISBATI, JuUt I, IS'JJ.
Toiin. A w. iiiiiAos- ; '.
;; Mi' JnAii Km : J niTl diipeut-oipr ancoiii.t In
vuiro of joiirStonuioli liittcr.i iniminf Uio larp;
tiiinrhi-r of n.cli who daily airivo ul l!ii l,iliiu
lioo lor rol'tosaiiioiit und" T.r.l. The univorhiil
ImuiiLvay. .in lliut ,l);iio l.iitirs aro. tlio-l.oil
liNnio. h or tlio variou.s Miu-.m.T oomiilaiiilr.
whioliulliietBottihiiy, I l;,oW of no TcmcJy no
uf! ana o Kioe. Tlntiirob fuym I'o u)t jihy
ficiuii what. is uwy and whut i'a lmr.1 "I'ditMion
ftil'l wiiat will iijico with tbo htnniech.' U uhmit
aitn iisi il.) iw toaslc wjiat in xwtut t,i l.iltor, or
xour." 1'i.r.iii wi... luf.l ...it u l j
" --v "v. v.. ii.i vi-jai.pm uiiu
lmvo your Ktomccli IlittorK In tlio Iimiih-T :u'.i
cure will iueor tt!t luvr on., tlio loiilwb (incHttim
ft.oi.uii oi bv ui.i groat lu Uirjiltcr. 1 iiiiitit iiol
mint a wonl or two tor your Catuwha Urandy.
i iivu niuny men Horn wlio lmvo lifundv 100
KCiiiiud t'.Ji- Ilium iiy disti!iuii)hocl Armv-ur-
ffooiiA. J lio i:lloct oryouril on micb arc, lnriiutloiiil
far m.ao so than l'r:im irtiy 'oro i'hlv ifikv'h.-
I'orao.iib w In. .'osiro-alroally puru ' Rnirjjly Cnunol
rail iii their l'iir.i;liU!,o.ii;i!it-yi. Ajci .your brun.l.
i (1 am , Uuitor, .willi tnaoli ' fsicc .-! '-
i nr, cr.v(int, . -i
1 ' " O.W.Ir. Asiinnv. SiinniMi'.Milliiiil
t3!:lr1iw ai.J. liuinu 'notary, ffw. SO, 5, 6,'
aud il K;tti, TbirJ i.trcov For'ealu isvory wbore
Nov. S:b l"rj-nlL',no,
.TUc Great ifbincsb Jlrmcily for Setrut
!'... DiMn $." : .-.'..'
1 nu KLtddioiith pa rely tojrotiihle; ploawh't to iho''
iiisio ,-"a no oiianpr, una may 1.0 i-rimyd in
thy vest junket wtllioul foafof duM,iou. i.iico
?l a box, unt rmat pnij to any addrcuw h
. J.J. KKO.IIiiH. 40a ChCMiiut st, i liil,.
t.'ir.-ulars.-iit froo. . Rupt. 17 ilit'ilmo
To Nervoiib Sulii rcis of llotU Si:xi-s,
A fcfeVEItKXn ' RF.N'TWtMAK JIAVixfi
boon rostorod to licMili in 11 ftr days, lifter nn
deroi ugall Uto umiul rouXina nad ii r. golar, ex
.ciisiv inodts oftrealliicnt miliiolil siuoom, cor.
tilvrs il hisHticiod diit-to toniliunvioiiVo to' hii
iiilliolod follow trouturAS the racunn. cf oure.-i
lluui'o.on U10 ricciiit of au AiMr.se.1 oovvlouo,
nowitiMJna (truejncopy ortlio -pn-sflitj'tinn
usod. llircvtto 1. JoKk M. DaOnlj,, lit Vul
ton direct Urooklyn, Kow York, , ,
Muivh.- May. .Inly; Sopt, .Tnn., 1yr.
't'orrcspoudCiicc Xvattt'L'
13y tlnoo Gay nnd Tisti'vo 'yonnjf' f'nv:iry
man of Kanawha Vulleyi'Wish to Torres p:ind
willi uuy number of Vonnp Radiol wlio doom il
worthy of a reply. , pitch in,'Jirls, now is your
chunuu, oltjont; fiiii, -lovo nna raalrlmony, tho
lallor pml'uroj, .Ail ' itltori. .coiiliJpul'ml(-
bond j'lioi'i's iind rceoiyo ofira in ru'.i-.ru.,
LaJiesol' Vinton, CVJ'Ohioy prcforod. '''
... . Adtlr-ss :i.r
llnrry Punch, .
Cvi. D. Snd V. '' John C'lcarwuftcr "
Cavalry ('harK'storr V. Monntiau Jock. . .
Nov. '12-1SK3. tw . 1
jltla- 3lbcrjismrnfs?;'"',
To Bridge Builders.
TOTU'EU horoby jtlvou that t Lo Connni
Ll hioucrs of Vintou C'juutUbio, -will on
. ' Saturday December lie 19A,' 1863. ;
IJotwcen the honrsot" ten o'clock A. M.,' nnd
lour o'clock, 1. M.. of mid dy, Mil to the
lowcni rcspoutiblo bi ldur tho builJing of n
trnl!o HriJco acru.1.! bi Kmcoon near OoV
mill in llrown 'fowuhbip, Vin 011 County, Ohio,
for which puri.ow) the Couuniwiioucrs will
mcol t said Coc'a mills on mid day. - -
Uy order of the Coin'ra
';:.. . A. K.t'UZAD. An l'r
, 2.1-fi.l 3w. Vint. 111 I'n n.'
Ol li'r. i.i
hcroby iri v.-n In nil concerned. -1
,. tr,t ,v wif
i', l'" d
AMU 'M-,oini;,-.-ru.l i
uiiuinoJ t-luv no ,,..i.i4 .,f, !
n-.n. .lli.k'. - JOi'rji'il OLDrf.
No.v. 1S'. bi-2 -3-.v . .
Siate nOtio, "utlm Coint;
N'wl -Jfc Ktyorboart,
rmra.i -1,, rt or
' Hsruiust
John' Slirc.-eintaust &n .I ' ..
i, (M a.own, ut";j op ?.x,..'cHtion.
PrirUAM to tbo coninuild of n orJ..r ol
..lo in lh e above cunVlKt loo dir(c4 JrSu
ltn Curt of . iii f nori i'liMk", "i thu' aforMii.l
("uim-.y af Villon, I will oiler at public bale, at
tlio ! r of. iIih ('mitt llou.o, in llio Tow 11 ol
AlcAnbiir, innlorsuid 'i.nnty f.f Vinton, 011
li.'fwVi'n Ikmiim i"f l-n o-l.--lc A. M. and
f ur o'clock IV M. J Jhiv U fcHiiltf
Its i.l e.-lalo xi'uale I 11 tliu. town of .McArtl.uj
Vinton County. to wit: In lot miiol.er
t bun lr. . and tcnlvix. a' recorded in
l,.o ).lal ol' tho Town of JIcA rlbur. I ilii...
, J'a l.eai iui lUti'4.ruMr-ti'.Uilitttrmknn?iMMt'
nod J. '. 1'. liiuwu, to Uilil'v a iii'l.-iiioiit o4
flfofdiui.l Court, in favor of Noil ifc UonUoarV .
I'jpr-b-ca u loiioncs, 10-n : n.g nuiw
lrod bollais, and must briii;; lvo tliiid.s ,of iliat
mini. ,
U'KKMS OF SALE, cash In hard ' I '. .
J. J. MclJonei.1., AIJCII. NOItKIS.
' Au'y. )..r 1'itir. - fcbir. V. Co. 0.
Kov.xtfihH'S3ir. ' ' - ."
Teruii reilucJ ti Old Trices!"
'' : For 1801.
The fnliiher of Godv'a LadvV Ho..k. thank-
ful tii that .iibl!o which hut cnnblcd him to
I'liblUh inaKazino for the lai-t tiiiktv-poik
years of alnrjjur circulation ihim any in Amcr-
10a, has ma1o an arranzcinoiil wub ll.o 11, out
opulur autliorosa in tlim country ,
AioWtsj of "Atone." "Hidden Z'(t(A,"
'Moss Side," and ike
who will furniah twica for tbe LihIv'h nonl;
for ISO I, 'fliis ulono wil) iluco tlio I.adyV
Hook in a lilcraiv noint of view far nhcudof
uny otlu r mapizinu. Marimi Ilai land writcn
t.ir 110 oilior , Magazine. ,Unr olluit f.tvontu
writers will all continue to forcinh' article
thronghbiit tho year. ' '
'' THE BEST LADV3 , .. ,
Mnaaitiuo in the- World niid the Cbeapc-t
AKD llASIll'ON-l'liATES,
Esocll any other SI izuzioo, i'n Amjiioa.
No other 'ni.ismi'.o nivoi tlicni, aud wo Luvo
ou-iugh to.fiil KyveM.1 o.rga volmnoa.
on: nECEim , ;,
aro' hlich ii. ait-l c fo..a l nowhero cho. C.rk
intrin all It., vaii-tv- f.mfootloinryr-t!io N-'ur-soiy
-lbo 'I'ojlt i rthe Iriudr tbo KilchMi-
lWcdipls nj'.'.ii i,:i f-itl-j.-i't-tt am to bo iHinddn Jul
piijf.-.-vof tlml. wl.V r..f !:.- Wc 01 irinioly part
ed Ulii d.ii'riiH,:iil,ilii liitvu 1 iS "fli rr t'nei li LicK
for iin.kins' il inoul peifcct. j'bih doartniuul
alono ia wortli tbo pii.-e of the liook..
This department .comprlacn ci'KiavinjrH ainl
dtiheriUounof uvury arliolo Ifat a lady wears.
Mobet coxrAOEs. .,,'.'.:
No oth.'r i.n'ii.2iiia has .)ii, ('.cpartrnf nt.'
Ono C057 011b ycarJ $5. TW'o coj.irH 0110 yeiii
3. Thri'o copic; ouo ytar Four coii
0110 year $7. . . ,
Fivac'iploLl'onfc yciVr. and an 'extra oopy to the
.' ; p. (-son KLndiili(-tlii olub. .
EL'bl,co, iua 0110 y.'i nnd n copy to tha por-
' son seudiiu tnoclub,-Jl.").
IKIevoii'vopic oiuvjoar, and nn exti'a copy lo
llm por.ioii Heading tl,o club, jiii.
And tho only niiiif. .nine that call bo introdue
1 into the above tinbs in place of tbu L'-dyV
ilook in A rlliur'a Home Mau.in.i.
J'l-CUe ( LI,Jtl;l.-i0 W1TA OTIIlli a.lOAZ.I
O j ley's LudyV Hook and Arthur's
' .il. (razim: li.if h one year for M). .,
doilt-.v'a LlidjV Hook and llarjier'a Injjaziuc
l -'t Ji 0:10 yc;..- fur 4 I 1K
(SO'luy, II.li (.or ninl Artnur will all lircc b t
n-iitoni) yiariin the r.-Cel-'t ol jil UO
T uiiMiry iS otoa and iyolca of all sol vent batik
taken ut par,
Uo caiclul un 1 pity tho po.-tnoc on yo;ir letter
Adilreis L A. flO DRV, '
Nov. lf-tWw. ; 323CbortuatSi.,l,iiil. IV
lleliry UiibeMcni,1 I'ltrT. 1
I uuinst
ttllia Ami Ellin'
,1 I : ill unrfcuL .
( Coimnon; r,ea.s.
Levi i'l-fertmii ,V J. JJclLs. f 1 ,,; , v:
N-rtJ. Robonnou.) 1 ... J
I'arliti.-.n .
jVIli Hid Julia V.fi'. ), ti'vl ItolaWwi!
X and liu.-Aj J. ;,b.;rtHoii dufciub-titu ' will
take notice tlrtt n liertltiiili ivat. diloil iiimiiiHt
lliici vii l,o, lBt!i day nf Jioviiui'cr iM-; io
mi. ..on.- Ul v,"lliillou. x lullM, IVUlll'i HUH IO
said Cyinnty of Vinton, f. ml Ptulo oi'Obi... by
tyiid.llonry 'lioberlU'ii,: and in now i.ciidiiiir.
wberoiilHiiJ Henry liolmrlfiuu dcniau.I.s I'urit
tion of the following 10.il crtalo. situated in the
miid Ytnton Couiity, to win' Thy east hall ..I
the , bouth-oui onarler, of : 6.)eii,.r nnmlier
tAotity-riino, (2:i, J if, Vownnhip iiuinb.-r ten.'
(10,) of liangj nionlKir f Owti ,- (15,) of illnla
torial (lund8,.in thdOJiio (?imipj.n.vV puuiia-e.
vonl.ii.uiiK eighty atrea, 111010 r.r bfts."- 7:ill
tba'ut tha hixt torrli 'effaid Courts tho aid
1J ujufy Uobortaon ,wil apply for mi order, that
imrtuio-may bo nudo of .mid . proml... . :
" E.-A.Eii.vros,' ' rtK?.'i;Y, lt'JllEliTSON
. r 1 Wily; for Petn'r ., . .' 1 -.Koy.
I'.hli :i3i!8ar .. ,'1. ...
" : "'SfAlitCANK'S .'
'.V Slaudaid.,
a t ' t? a
!!5&Sft 1 f : - OF. ALL. SINUS., -; v,
Also, : W:i r-IioiiKe r inks,
i IjcICci rrcssc. &'vt fc '
. KAlUUaNKHi tiKEENLKAIf (.'),
17J Lake Klnet. Chicago. Add in CincttlliHt
!-)?" Ilo car 'u ilciliiiobGy 1 u :
Jrtuuuiy I , oJu , , ,
. II O T E L b
lint Tie Hum
:,;.,: .. ' ,
T A Si IV rr..pr...t..r. lli,r.lt,v..
O -itr, wr. .MJti., Iiu.;.Uj.M. OiliO.l,:,!..
OuDotUrperd.iy.. . . ' jtfu
. 1 1 1 r m
""So fvat-ap Ctia 'eMtnrfi u fnttn,
.. .li. .ii V- ;
e lecn! introduced to the public, for mort
man isia yonm, auu ie (.uircu
far 'oiRcedlriof any Family Mediciuea c
Bimilnr rrtture in tha market.
' An app'reointirj.v publio' was not Ions is
discovering thej poessfcd rcuiarkaLla
aWltencetlieir'"'-1 J
and ennscqnent profit trt the t'ropriotor, thru,
eaublius him to expend '' .
of dollars eaoU year ia advcrtining tii'Ii )
morito, and publiauiog the .-
which lmvo Lecn shoirored npon him from
W CkY o W CoXXtKH. .
Tho peculiarity of tbe f
ia.that thoy strike at the ryit of Uiiwaaf ;
by oraiicaUag every particle of iinpurUj 1
. . " 1w.vo.",BVbo, i
for the life and heaUli f . tbo body dpenJ
upon the purity pf tho blood. h
.If tub IJood Li poisoned, the body dtf
otitj 6 hiisbrable exiatenco. These nwdioiu f
,-.! for curing
SoUfulck, p 1 Syphilis,
Ekin (pica33,t OM. Uors,
Salt Rheum,1 Rhtumatism.,
(Dycpipsia, Diok Headaoh.
' Liver Complaint, Fever and Jigue,
Leuoorrhaoa, - ' Ftntale Complaint
Erysipelas, ',' ' Bt. finthony't Firt
Tumors, ."'" ' Eruptions,
Fii.9, Eorofuloua Consumption, ato,
, ; OKEpcrnou.writcs.licrdaughtorwaicurai
of fits 'or nine juara' standing, and St YiUnt
dancn of two years. '' '-
. ANOTIIEB isjhcs, hig son was euro-
aitr Ins uesn liPlTiimost wnstca away. 1
1'l.A Hnnl..i.a Lfdnniiilaail fllA Aimfl lncurik
blo. " ' ' '
ANOTHEE was cured of I over and Ague
tifl..v irvlnrr vnrtf tondloinn in hill YOAcll.
ANOTHER wis cured of Fnver Sot
whioli liml existed I'niirtncii vcurs. 1
All OTHES of H hen m atliin or eight' jeart. K
'Cases innumerable of Dyspcnsitiaiid Livoi
Complaint could bo mentioned in vrhiohib (1
ranker and i illa; t f
! 00 VAX
aro the mnst ae.tue end thorough pilla ttia
buvo ever been introilueed.r,
Thoy act ho directly upon tho I.ivor, eioit
inS thnfe crgan o such nn extent as that Un
Qnuii.in J.iea nut nd:iin,n into its former eon,
dition, wliioli is too apt to bo the case witii j
Blinpiy a purgativo pui.
They aro really a
... . j r,w LI..
. -
will cure all the aforeniontioncd disease
and, of thuuibolvcs,'will relievo and euro u
HeadaJie, Oostiveness, 3
Colio Pains, Cholera JAorbus,
; ' IndipeMon; Pain in the Rowels,
' dizziness, t$.
"' Try these medicines, anl you will never
legroi it. 1 1 ij , . 3
" AiV your itoiglbors, who have used then ft
and hoy. will' say .they are 1
t ttpo kWdA.VtVWC, t
and you should try them before going for a j
. Get a Pamphloi or , Almanao of my local !-
iviront, and road the cortificutes, and if you fi
l ,1 L1.J will .
uuve cTcr uuuuvou jvu nw
" As proof lliiit tbt Blood P urldcr tnd Pills rt raMj
reg.ilai.le, I huts tnaceruncaun 01 inoM eru.ni.ni aum 1 j
tels, Pfvfcssori Chiltco or N, Y ., ml Locke of Cuclnuatt j 1 1
. .. n e ... tf..lu....ir , - - L .. I I 1
KOaa UT. nonai'K o,NJtiu. aim wi .luuiin fruw
llnltisl ill a .ooiui'lf uou u t ut. Uiii j'av" 'row Uow to
1 l'r'w of ih Scmdlnwlao Vefi.t.l Blood r-.HH", ti
liolttn. or ft' rr hlf doxetf. Of (M 8indlnTl Jt
.eti.l BloiMl Pill, w flPDts per oox, or 11 ui rnr vi
lTiniilp.il o 4 HalMrnom, No. S Kt Foiirlh (, .
Sd CuiUiuK from Main bu. Ciaotwuil, 0. Laborkton '
Mo, U Unamend SlrotU ; '
S.' V. DooW, McAitliur ; Cmvdcrv &
Slrobii, .Hailideii; C. Johnston, NewFly- J
.. r. . r. l. I.!. 1..I... 11.11 1
IIH'lltn tl III CI ML. j.irc-lij JOlill nun.. on
Sw,!; 5f. P. &irj. Ct,rr,,)Vilksville,bndby
ilj sod lMpri-b.in'ts OOllflmlltf ill rOIIL'll. '
ui. L liic
Ottuber u'Jiii,1863-lyr;
: .Uinle.l Llalrs anil iaUMius. '
A L .'(hope knJwinjr'OiemijcIves Indcblod to
tbo lato limit of ltfvi"fc Kwa'tm, pd
DavU A xNewkirk, ur w'ierted to call nad
pay up while UrenbaoJii-iplenly: Liberal
indulgence liaa bcn rivutu:, .4 t
Nuv.S-.h-63-3wj yiiyiaS P. DAVIS.
niTliTA lien. villi. Ktnimi rfoiirina niillit.liave nn
1 denrofo a tbnroiit;h repair . and tho proprie- (j
tor wihlies to inltirm the pumic mmimj i
now picj i-artid toi! all ctwtooi OrK W Mil eniiro
Niiii-fii.'tiou of ihir custqiMWeM..
NEW ilACHINpCS liave be. dJ -? 'hj
inillK .ml our Iriciditwiii nun aa ko.hi wmi
trood UirnouLt aiatafiy othor tnill, giveuia
iixl 1MI tl.etrjith ofwh-T.
w Ai. ii-iih- r.3-Jif.n - -. HUTt'? RUT-
ll. 1. ,lU.ll -I.. J -
e 101.1 Fioul tii, Foltauiouth.

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