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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, December 03, 1863, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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: U01TOK.
Dec ft 1865
-oiV'VV'i' nwkoI
' 1 i'dus Ian n'gbUn, ci p
2i...:vi:kv l joi)' A grcot bitltKi wua
;.viu f') i(,btonrbelvipadartoiir 164
.f ? .vX'f-. au J t'.iat cftbo enemy BiviJ
v w: h.avy.
The Draft Declared Unconstitutional.
??.'.rtT9 Court of Pdninjl-
.;. h.-.i L'cideJtba Conscription
ac'. 'j Congi'. 3.( tnvjorttitutiona!.
ii 'oh:.'. Twpccttd' it'e?i.r tho
cRei w.iuli como boforo honest
j u'j. Chief Jnstico Lowry wobavo
krj i'j?- for 25 yvnra, bo was ft Whig'
i n .. ..i ii 1 1
Uuii?:s ' V.'j r.b!e nj-inio-), in l we
cca.mon! St:-nu,..li3aticn in tbia pa
V"r nd v. ill ovi
it next wetik.;
.. . II r.l !..-. m ,: r.
. .. .i... . .
in c-.lo'i'iui I'teMu-.Mit jn
.. .'' at ?r- t-iun. to out down
ir;'ir.rv'' "ic-n i!i tin Sontb. It i
" --- --- , -
::: i ofthtt ConBtitation, of
sad all his cb - oorkc - ra. -
V; foih-jrs iotcudod tbu militia (tho
t,t.i;p!i) to be tLeirown Cor.etitntic';
rdOi'.urda, bonce the im porta net) ol
tbii 'di.cMoo. V'o will bavo morti to
;-. ou tl,ii ijbji'ct ere 'cDtf, wo ue'ti'
a'.i Qicn to read this and tho other do
.)t!ona that wo will poblibb on tho
e .mo subject. In this question wc
4 A iVib ef ronffist Rn fefnard nrainal
ic!.Itarv naurpatiou. Alter Jn
lowrva, wo expect to ptiblw'a JuJo
J ' . . . . ,
"iV nod warda .-decision ou tbo
n!jc. .
The Draft Declared Unconstitutional. Brough on the War.
, . Governor BK.TGa mado n sprocb
tr, thaukBgiviD day in Philadelphia
a which ho said,
"War is a necessity. With 03 it
fs a duty. It conns with ail its woes,
its 6nffarinprs, and its wanta. Death,
sorrow rnd anguish n-cct its every
feteps. 'Yet in this country, id this
war what baa not tbo rui?hty North
to bj thankful for! Tho desola
tion of war has not touched oar
hearthstones. Bereavement has
' btrickun ua, but those who have sr.f-,
fared havoanfLred for a put and bo
lp cause. No conflagration lias rav
aged our coonTj, no enemy's hand
despoiled 03. Tho seed time and
harvest have been blessed. Our
BtorchonscB are filled' onr coirruvrce
wbitens tho etas; nil tbo channels of
v.er.Uh are nowinj with tho hcalthv
blood of ponce. Tbero is no Borrow
or trouble nmon lis. Ve hare all
our civil and religions rights; all tho
blessinfcs of a benign Government
are ours."
ta god3 tail'.d does fhe Governor
. elect nut kaow better then ;Lii.
MVe bavo not nifJ'ereJ" bo Buy 3
Could the widowa and orphans of
; Ohio, who have been thrown upon
' tha cold charities of this world, and
' whole families 0! oar Vetr&ns in tbt
&ld wboaro thinly clad and w'ipiu
1 itavatioD aiiaost stf.rcs in the faoQ,
bavo been present and mad speeches
to that large and fationable audience
5a Pbiladalpbia, wo think the audi
en cc would of dispersed with diferent
notiona of . Baocoa'a veracity, and
know more of the enflerings of this
war. This too without saying croiit
' of the aciTorings of tbobe bravo' nr-'Ti
who Lave borae the brant of . battle
cr of tbo suUe-rings ot our border
" ttatea and their devastation of pro
pirty Why notk'll the truth in-
fit()!fl 01 mifrflprpae-nsing taotactl
Ctrist c tioi 00 curb to pveaeb
p itca iw'id tna Ji ws cnicifiid ,liiu;
!or fbaloya1'.". ' '
i . Tboi eis a laro party in tbo TJn-
Uod 6t;A8 who,. v;e ftnr, woitld io
ij betic-.f.t tae.proannt tin,!?. '
Disloyalty. ARMY NEWS.
0i last Friday i.iglii hii JoLu
Mjrgun ftt.d Eix'of bis i,ffico:s, c-cnp-eel
in iuiho Ohio IVr.ntcm'nrj. ,A
Ititftr porpoftirg to hnvo l?cn xr't
ton by Mm, rc re-ct'ts him safe in
Cab&d.'i, tills is probably-, rr-t Hie di
rcclU'.u. . i.8 ' w eui, Lr.t. f uhlisbc-d t
mii.!H.l at Ai'uh .. It !m HiL'il ha Lrit.rd ;
. ... . , ;
it'Wir .nth onr mliaiiusTU: ;r.;.. cin!
they a-o t';iir; libi 'or m'T; V"
.1 r'i i i .
' 1 .
. tU' H-"1 te wo 1:',Vl1 '"J 6
(itv'uro lilit uuar . ChuU.U!'og,v oar.
loK8 io ftbuut 4 000 killvd uud mou'iu
11'11' lioiii'Oiit a,v-jJ
i rl'i fl I l t rb.lnA
siuwj:rt3 their bo: nr . intronch'.-J.
'Vo cnjtn:-d 43s3S 7.003 atu-.J of
i'.tf. Ths OjZ'ttu .of, yot.?r
3uyt Uor.iii io iu Toroulo, -a"..l in
thin k:iown o!" bU comj'ii'iljva.
Oi' cuur.j tl 3 G.'.z-t! ltn:,)-V-s t i pur'
ty Iv'.cmU' wcro buUd ti' !Lt Jubii
Knox, illo i eup;K:iud to bo
. rn Htic.ok by Lo;itrcct.
OCT V'e arj infjrtQ-jJ by tho Tii
buue't Wallint'Il . corre pon lenco
that the fr(.jit!t'iit ami bis Aiiuiinia
ration haw determined nut to have
tuo uU Union reetcrt'd. Tboy urc
uninsttbu Ui'ioD, nn I will not allow
the Sou'.bcrti $uim to coinob.ick tin
l;ea tbi'y abolish shivery', and como
in witU lour ruilliom oi frco ribgiiite,
State Convention on the
Fourth Wednesday of March.
Lis.,'; , ... ... ;. ; .-i- p r,.'
; Ul' l.k I ... l J O Hi I.J.' .'!.. 'I V' l'.!!J'
'hia'w vv, .i-,...- Nc'i!.r
tbb'lSGS, und called io .td-r by lbs
WuiCbairmtta. The ticc.-of-iry Lvin
A letter was road from Abm-r L.
'n i .i ' i .ill,
aanteiBacka, the rac-nnwr front tho ld.u i
Mi; 1. '! i:.li"j
' I ti .O.'li.t . r.::i ll ilfy'.lj K.
.'Oi t't.l C-:;:.ui'.t.-D, i -A ifca A
'vv;vi .... v...'..;...'!, i..'..'..
V;"8'1:1' An;os Lr.y,n;.r. wr.s
The .lil ia'i.i..; inCttbt-H or tl.o CO:.;
Diiltuu Wt'l't; pii-Dflit
JobnC. 1Vu.;.'So.i, Cn;.r.J M.-
Jaiy, A 11,06 Ltyumn, R.id A' on G.
Tfurmau, of tbu Statu Cntrul Cui.v
i ii w :t. ,., i.v i
mittiiv'. an.; lcori:-j W . aitu:j, u
liiirn A. Pui'iic-I;ai:w!i, J:sm?4 il,
Tr .T O T)n,i. T),n:....
'.Vi.'liaiii D. Alor-.n, WiiLan, L t-
, M i'i,. ,.,..) T7 .T
Gvrloa, of tl;a AdvUtiy Couiy,it..
C-D'-mattmsil D-.tnct, app-nutto i
C'.D''ression:il District, app'Mu'.in
iliijor E. 11. Plait bia sai'atltion. -Tuo
Jajor wits present ana pA'tiei
pated iu the procitdLgr.
After a full, f;j and harmonius
interchano (if views and opinie'm,
occupying several hoars, J uiljt
Thttrmnu cfTeitd the f jlio'.viijg resol
1. Feathcd, That an early oi'rn
iZ ttion of tho Deimeratlc pii ty for the
PuBi'lentiai Camp'iin ol 1361 in do
aire bio, aol tiie Stito Central Commit
too is hereby alvined to take l.e no
Ci-esary stpa tor that pnrposj.
2. iU&dvul, Tin;t a State Oonven-
lion of the Dtinocralie piirfy of Ohio!
bo li lit in tlm city ol 0-.: ash as on
the ' Fourth Wednesday of March
Tho first 'r.-30'utba was, up cu mo
tion uiiaiiiinoualy adopted.
Air. L.irwill m iv&.l to strike out ot
I tbo 2ad resolution tho words, "Fouith
VfJiieoday ot iuarch, unu nieert,
'bli'itb oi Janurary."
Upon this motion tho yea and nays
Wore- ordered and rta.i tod yuiu 6,
nays 7, as IoIIjws :
Uiosj who voted in the tfSiiin.'.iu-
Aitssru. Medarr, Martin, Purt'o-
bfitih Dotiaa, i,;;rwiil, and Ai'e'ti
Tiio?o who voled in the ntga'Ive-
Mers. Liiyiuan, Tbiiimaa, Trim
bio, Diiii, Platr, iU'raii, uud Gor
don 7 v
oo tittCominiitoefffuecii to etr'ko
nut mill ii.M-.t. - .
The 2d Kuaolutfon, na offerel by
rd.Tuo,n . i ii.a..in,.
. ... -
M Vft.'Vft 1 "j! VHO
ordered to be p' titctl, alter which thi
meeting a-Jj urn. d.
iionK g;. ino?i psocuu.
Am Latma:, Secy pjo
What have They to Boast Of.
Tho Abolitionists have aiculv re-
tiinei powfir in. tl oii'J,: .U t'or.t,.' - .:
v.itira u.rj in O.ii-).. i.T. cl-Stuij: -
u;;'i ;)'iiCje.l IuJ.. .Tfuir ctiA
ipyjiiitv, was.. cbicii.v urotiux-efj by
:n. id atid.s.viio c rru ai.u, i.nij-
.. jih iii-.: i.t'l.i'i l) -rnit,'. t i le-n
gooj oub t : . ;
i.i t . i- ..
A Cabinet Picture.
: WeiideH Pu:b ir.ndti a speech
Teni,g l.t; 'in tho n,.' of
he gavH 1.1s opinion? of Lilian, Ciiaee
-r mpltiiH-ntary aa thoy u,ij.ht have'
Uetu Pbillpi prt-fers Fft!,.inr.i,t
President, an 'be is a mtt-r atld trot
fPrv!Vi4 i iuuu of iiiUjIii'tiica-Knil
not 11 ",an a--V euuc-itioii was tv)1
I ' T .... . . it. , V - ,.. ii
O0C ayc-ar '.a t:i I .TS.:tt.ti. C(i:nr.-:,!oM'-(
itijl.f t iu.i;.m ia j. -co i-. tlx icais
iio,:?,-r''; Clc,,l.r-V u;,n- 'lrJ'
it" Air. F-ii "in, a i.k.d ot ao iiriu
.. i.... i.r.' 1 B il'il .ii i li. l f !' in t.-.v
jv.i.tiJcuc- lriin. ti, Allien p.xlt
;n this crUis.'' -Tiu.i U a Vs .cJoia-
't " As for the Si'creu.ry of cu:o
he was dtiiKi;!ic.d by Mr. rjia s
,lth ti.ai p i.t ot yvrry policy, ilivtun
bt!ii.via .lulus, tbd inly nvk titua i
of the ship ol btatv, the neclus nrouixl
which gt-thtrs evbry tiling disloyal,
every tiling tiioij, every tiling sell
,gh, QVt-yy tfiiof luia iii.tbu nafiop."
Tboco (rii I'm ti'i'oo priucifja! ofliiicre
oi tiiy ;A Jn:;neti"ntlyt, and to.tliur
j;iiidaL;o is eiiiH'.:i;ud tlm 8si; o!
iatate. II Piiiiips i-.-:!a '.h j tuth,
iiro iu bud baMifi; i;1; -.criivo i t. bo
bdliu, ;d. U"prii.eijb:d advi.-'crs ak
on citlior side W u.i? but blit;r .vrt'ck
can lo ixpccto.! ! . .
A Cabinet Picture. Mr. Chase as Chief Justice.
It is report,.;.! t.iat Urn. U.-jror B.
Taiipy, Oliiif J a. of tho United
SWitcs, haa rcfiyntd;- t!ud Hon. Su!
uion P. Ciiasc ba3 bcci: dcs''iattd r.s
bis oui:ccs6ur, and tliat tln;Iaftr gon
tlomau lias retired, or h about t ra
tire, !iMtn bii ( ffisa cf Secretary of the
. K r.. Ci.'"o rb.-rcH re, it' tlia truo,
nili fl, il i-3 I -ho prj.-p;!!)-.1. It . ;;i)c
Ij b;!4 CtiUipb.t ! .iiw III .'J:.t,lit
to tb: tii: Wi.tt.-v '.' ivlfo.us c;'
liin CUtri;!K y Vvfy i'Ul .-; !
ill in v.. ',i..; ii; i .' :1 t.iji i v
,;), tii Cl
:1 . . !Ji I ii V i
, ,i; , m p;u, i.o;- till t l.vi .at 1
if.:i U .aiiCiittJ a ',. nii i..:n.iirj
hat) pTf. i io J 3!;:;1; ! it-, it i:....::ia!
U,.'.l,il fir ,ilf. '-.!l;.-0 : IS! 1
S.IS 4-i.it ti.- V l.l.v i.i tuo X
cmr,-;:ri.i.-is si.-j ..;.lv ,.itvj;i
' l'1 , K '
c,.i.voa,b.o pa,.,
ii-nt id i :t!eaa ot vrnao on: o; ti; i ihv.i .
bat ili ideas of valou out of tb) )h:
pie. ' Ko U11I1 uiti) ii pocket -lit I j:
hJr. tiia'. er oniie-iioy u-:.
" nctii'-r ,.et ik.b any urn,
al.i!li Liu:
ti.v-t IS- r.i'l'.Ol- Or U..T.
C"RVJ i lH f 'K'liJ,J "'.- 11 r
: . , . , ' ; 1 '";! ' '
V CIV Ahti tmUiwlliilit i!liiC--S iO.;S:.C
.,lf,., ' (i -..., ....
.- V . v,.
dues not eny him l.'a. HiV. is i-.a.
and lb.i fu.ibo th- I'.itui 0 'b d stiaed io
brinj; biiu ii3 tbvi (;i'ja:-.st oi'Hu.in
The buimonv ot! tiLifnii'y a Iiich
Air. (Jln.eo lias b-.:U enul'V'd to inter
( ni'ci 1'i.t lli'.o t iu it'Oiii r,i.J itltti ',
.' . ' ....... 1
ttUW . IU. HJfj.vmi t'J ill 'Ul
. . c1 . r . t
onr.trV. he ttiil. b - wi.l ii U to I . 1
" i .,.., , ,i : i- j;
r'-;9i...,.-.u, u-n vet i.i-. j ii
ty Cep'U'!!lK:! t. iJlliin liOJl il H
tuist, vsl.j iu tbero tiflit is not imp. U-
ed to ciit-iie'" '.tie brihte'it hopes et'i'o
cur j pron-ss and exaetitaJo i:i It.-i:ii.
leurtuiii; and cor.atiiu'ioa.;! ii.ter, ri;
m;;.,,! j Tliut Hia.feat cun tbojudi
C!,i! t..noh will bo of a character ta
,.,,iri!.p,Hd v. i t ' i ihouo in his o:!i.?r
fle-ldioi ULor, :i:id Lii u-e .o J in-
euUitig reputation will Im eq-n'J.t
ainal, is a matter w' icii thev win
btst know, him Will be ie.ist inc im o
to doubt.
A Cabinet Picture. Mr. Chase as Chief Justice. A Sharp financial Transaction.
tt'3ir.-r-quirtrn.snt .for the py ,
V --z6 sta.1 J-:d uotjut ftl3,003.V.t:
'I - pr-.bali!o that tho G.,vorn.r.nt
;ii.:i:.lKi c)ir.ptleJ.;U call ehorj'y on
The New-York IF' o Id's money ar
ticlo nays :
4'Thr G vorn ir.n t nnta for the
five t ci v tomi-i !:. rrrtr. r. ("
tin. G.)",. rii!ti. r,t in llu-ir )
on tiii) 0.);l'ii I.."1.' I..r. n .'il, to
i.u'..iUi.t of lib nit 517 000 OJO . Tin--"
ftL-ontj have heeii or.'b'd u,.oii by !!;.
G 'W.rnment t pa v up thin mu.ii of
317.00O.0J0. and "thvfe'i)ftjflav in
re-Si 'iii'.'-jiiii to tbusa calls for tlio S17,
OOO.OU'V-'vrhieh exoitea unea'ui. f a ii;
hlg'u ouhial qtiartfra. . It i.-s hinted
that tiK"GoVcrntnriit oguiiU linve
been iiiuk'n .'a v.-ry timd thin' by
''"S 17.00.0 0;0 of . .Gov
wnramit money to . stock jobbers an-
iho'Cdiiui the uovrruruontnpon the
h.uiih iur int'B" 411 1 .uoo.uo'j tin? t.i -ve'ioped
i: p-wui." ihiy of 'call loai,.-.1
tu t ilv:iysni)3w.'r:3g proti)j;:iy a t
tiryd to tho 'oa1!.' .,
j1.' t-Rtiv !ti'- thora'i-. rn.o'or f an
f tiier tjol) OUO.OOJ l vetU l i'tv::;
tlm banM 'J'uvovistcri t. s. U
.. .. f ...'.. fll lllrt AAA .
iun Oivv tv,uiiii- 4 7.1(1." id iiiV'":i l)
- i'i'ft tl.a-.fr-ou.;. and S.-nwt
itl'J li Isto.i. iav.iiib.. ae.u i.-. .
., . I
...... .. ........
. .
'?! iitiklb.Wrbui.hs arc contract;
i,,:f,,? c'u6t c"n:i-'t 'hile pbl il&'-Tffi
Vr W?
" ! 6a,'!'8'
. l , '"" P.1 cn ,' c
f.r!qnart,r- fetllliCS g" " !" "Toth(-r. " ,
Nearly a Million Dollars.
ltioat about ami'. ion dollars oftlu.
people 3 nancy tor tho Adniinistra-
-f. ...- .... - . . -. I J
i.. i?6 .plan tv corty' tie
wliicli thr.t i arty . ( r t!.o e iii.fc ,
piiioe.' We q i:td tbu- -f.liuwin
ih:4 iV oin ;bj Ai.bany. .4v .
..' It) t'LJitien .to't'i') imiueiiio cor
no ion fund that has biH'.n rained
iimnr.,: G .ivi'r:itnint cui'ijoyecs for
(ii. (.iirf-.-eo ofc;. rrXij-ttcg tbd' ol':t!ou
of Ni' Y"r!, tlw i Ail;i;.;ii;.trn'.iO!j,
w.tli nn iirniii.l t'lieiis v Iii-''i4ii:!i'.' Itn
N.iiii nal Capil i!, h ivo u ir i s u. tb
State '1 WEN'TY" TliOUaAN
SOLDIERS,- at. an ixp-mo if a!
k-uHt FOIi'tV. DOLLARS , P :R
MAN. -
Thus tbu pclo are madu to direct
ly c-.Mitii.buto uearly. if not quite,
Oya'MJLI.lOiN DOLLARS, lor tho
ovc-rihro th-io prii;;i(.ilLS Ujc:i
ii !iii-i.ir l'."piih;ie.'iii G'-VfiMii'i.t
vvaj tbisri!.. d "'
-f.i U 4
; p t r x ii i l o t i c r s ,
Cv1- n lime and onie t':e tmmoti c-:n
lcri,'Iai.g:i.'r. Ifutitnclie, L-mui-
P I'omr und A..110. wlii.'H :irj
bv lr. .ffilutefc. i'.-.u..w.-u'
..r.:,wtu ncrit of U Hiituii ha-c b-..i, t.-..
c.-.o voioo fii);.. liie pt"i-lo, eaJ '.lut hi fnv-ir '
:?u 10 tiM ii'jovo coiuiiiniuiK, una meru ii-oh
,.i ,.,, .... tr; !v rriroei n.l l-tcu fcCH lintam, v.e
;..r.'. . r'.; V ur'; utit.-r-.. -H io tree.t. 1
Hi . ii fi'i .! uoul'l- t.b.K'n Ji.iliu. t
inii.wrs !,.. !i.o l.V-j .i. -!!! ili'.U i'b. fl.j !
. .' i ' ! v -, , t
CcJi iT ,jii'l"i'u iioV i'-ii ."j';.i,-.., oi ,
'. nlj.ii.-4nbi. v. CJJ IS iiOr' 'lit
u - l. ;, ' . n.'.J. i.'d,, i'U . u&
Jif.roii b h IS-a -1-vr.
EA'KPAI-IZ'V S'.,Ar,.-.rt-:j.-!.P-l la tVi
bil :f - j.;.'. i riiui i-i;. all vn,.i.'d So 'iJ 1
!M't tl.1 t V .1, '.i.nl' yulliii. ?. I n
.v,;.:,,. ,,,,V.... i . r'-
M5rm.he.-aa, hup K-.i tb.-'.r 1 f.t-
IHJ, Ha.t lif-l J.iii- ..nneSii-l of f
ri'.-utii.. 'is- :.,:r.:uaiiiMi uf . .'. IA
r ayht a uvi-'u',.. n , ;.! iujih;'J. ii i'v: r-
1 " I'"-- :.4 -sv-ir . ri., i cli t.0. a'
1- iiai. D j-i j...b:,!i'i u I'.i
OVlT til-' 0 ".!-i.-V f.;.f- p'.--. ...... .. -. ?.-rtnv
' l'1-' v .!..: at;f..;: "..1 1. . .... ..rl
ty toatrfi-iit i;V.- :, civi:!2,.; ( !.
ti - u l' I '0 :n: .i,.ii.r.n tfjtjaii
r:.V, .-0 f.i. j; in,;; M Bj: U;l., v r.
jj ;!-i;i b.l..avJ
til... 11.
'it iiii'. vi' : '
I.'ov. t!) 63-lni j
TI:;; li W
ii ri ijr ,
. ui. mi u: ; iwrt-ii ;-i (
i!:V: t': v.:
In-:rnt!u;;t Pino'. vc.'.nb..-; 1 '.i's;.ri! '. the
' -t" i t'"- ' ',u t.'t "-tfr. R-"t in-.:- ii.' var.W-i i:i
the vutt pijii; vn.-i'i . r!.'.-.rn.it'.-i-'.;...n rii.o'
l ab.X -ii-. post p.H l. af ntHir.w' y I
J.I ;:::.).:;:. 4J3C'u..,u; in i !
Ctrt-o ar'.nt fn-e. A-pt. t" I'S-nii :
"T. Ncivuuj S'llT"e-ieii of iiluTtiwo'
-t.inr.i-in Ma-, i.mj
u. !:. r'H'-.i,i I'j ir. a !j'.v aivn. r-run
'- v . .. ii a , j.n u., ui tin
.!. ofimfn .'U: ithoor wn-. e,.
- r. - o; IJ7;tll r.O l'iu.,1 r.-V.t-.ilt .l;ii rr.'.illliu (il-
m. r. i.i: . i . b j i u; to uommi'iumt to g.
.r.Ll.o:. : t.'ii w,- ..r.-i-I i-i -. t.lu- ni.i.u-.s ol tf.r-.-
ii.-:.eii i n :, rtcc'.r.t ..fiiti uti ir.-tO ;iiivi-:.n.
lie will .i-lJ (fie) n ro.it i,f tin nrci:i : r-tiin
lii.-1-e. u t-. Joiih .v.. t'.l5n.i;i,, !SJ Fui-i
iuftMlU'Wir,, .N.;.vljt!5.
Kiirc.i. ..tuy. ,Iu!v. h.-p., Ncv Jan.. It r.
17 llirsp Q.iy ri-.J I'lMi'.e ' Ton 117 Cuvilry-:.-iii!i
cf K.ioa.vba Vul'u.y. t;h' lo Corrunpnil
v.-";tli anv nnmher of y.'.unp I.rtiai who ileum il
otthy of h re;l!y.- Titcli in nnw tnyonr
mi Li-ii, ill .joct; iun, love na uutriii.oay. Ibe
i-itiur pr, I'urml. Ail lottori ciniB-fntial
taft.i ' 'h. '' ni lw.-eiv o'iri in return.
Mdieswl' tea, c'..,')..io. pr-ifon.il.
. A.ldi.-.s
' lii'irr.- f,
Cn. Ti. -i il Vft. J Owi ill. r.lr
CaVniry Cliailomn V. lioiihtim J.xli.
Ni v. 12 - 18'-.:t '
IS- SbtrtisrifTtsT
AiiiMno, iiiLiiiA,
Tlv members of CompmvC, 1k R2.
VirtU'C County O. M are reqiiii.-d to meet
Th?- mi'mVeri of Company B 1st Roj.
V.i,:ti)n,Couiity, 0 31 ara required to meet,
hhI.k us'iu! l i.-e ef Co!np?nv tir.isler ut
Ji: Ciiiir H' uee, oa
SATURDAY, .the1 12th inst. between the
boo i e.o f one and five oVIock P. M.end ero
cecd to eleol (ne Cepintti to fill e va.cincy
occesiued by Capt. A, Norris re5ining.
' " Cy iinier or
' ' ': v ' E.A. DR.-lTTOiV, Col.
' O Q:sr.fo AfjK- -
nt Itii mual i' H-.'e of C-imninv h.v.i.t .n
iP4-i.rH O,ol"!!i It, 11 l.,iV ... ..,
ol i'r ll -..! fivi- .'.11 I. - P. , j,'. n I pi-.c-0'l
.0 ei-ct or-.- 2 a l ; -.;t. 1: ...1. .,; r, i c .
1 y occauiad by Licet. D. Ii. l
'?s , . . .,
. 0. Gussiko. Ariirt.
- .
Nearly a Million Dollars. NOTICE.
To Bridge Builders.
TT 0 TI'N ! t r-jv )i v.-i: V - t !'' -ff -.'f.
mS lie . t ei" V-nviin iiui.t;. C ltti oa
E-jtivtcii ti.. iio-jf-... tf u '.i ".t,y. At., fttd
;.,rr ..VIA-. r. :.. c: y. ri tn t.e
wjai, to ;'fliV) --hi i.:i'f t':- 6i;'I'r- .-f
iriw.lo Dri-.la. t-jrrM. .''if iti lij.i.i na't t:.!
mill iu oroiva Iov.-ni.ri-. V
is oo Ou.!nr,0iii'.'
Cotsr.'-.-. rolWri' wtj!
uW iiay. - .',
'JuKHit at'tU 06.'.mi'-ri. an
Fc.-. -i; ! pun .ire t'ic
otuvr t. ti ! in ra
. - a, a.i'J.:yi,uMr
.. 8e.. wil.;.-i - Vi.tea?o 0
SltEP. ibl'!S.bALE.
' ' s.U D f , I'
J c. ). -i.c-, '.I,,if-S' J o.. rvvntico.
no c.'mi of tvn..Poi, I .-.; he ..v.r
ccn,,ty ttf yt..u.n.i iUj;--,rt Y;.;.;.';1,
t!;UiVi,t llVv;4,'Vr;U,',-
Slnniuy'Janurarv (rf Alk ifle4.
Po'tit-un tic hw, rf ten o'vk-.-Tt a.m. and
J J- ' tvii:uwn. tw!ffy jiidejuout cf
klurLa:J -IVnit. in tvor of ollA F.'iorhoart.
4 J :.r1i"il w full ob, Ui -w.t Five biin
irei i)i)i.fc:, dJ cost brinf two tbitils uf'.but
dim. i
TKRMS O? SALE, calb In hind
J. J. MaDowrj.1, . ABJJl. NORRIS.
. Attr. for Pitff. t 8hff. V. Co. O.
t?.S ,,..,ot
TO '
. ! U w " '
U' .. JIM
7 (at
11 fii"'
!(.' ... I
m .. ? ..I
nuto mat ).1iim hit)i li;i enuika l;i-u in
puhltib manzlno for tho tot thirty rofK
jMrof ft tnra:rvirpitii.tioit jthsn eny in- Aiuji
! ic )' 111:1 te-on nrvrit?ninl with tbt mubt
I.o;:'...l.- ; -.'.liO-.ijs In ',Li.. ct.V.titi J-
I .
yQSZL COT AGES. . . ..
Ne cher n;i.f':'.al.t '.) io ',, p. itix.t. '.
'Tr'T' r'i"1' W't.Vi";'
rt ' ' 1 -' "
' ne oaeyenr 'Xw-.. ecj.lm jqa.y
?,r'- '' cp uav tai . j:. .u t j.iii.
fr'lli, oMvC.r ant ui:, i' iv'y
I iii
L -''"j ',r i '? i! tr5 41 " i j S ii fc' di.'w
1 .."' ; ' .T 'TT. . .. .
1 ;,v ; n
BoN.ia.m1S ML'.., MlOPUUiC B
Tlio pibHbr of Gt.Jy' l..iy' Ei'oi, t -nli
o v'.-.! f.- i -Vii - f"f-tt Uy"'-. '
- !?-'t ' Kr-'u' Ti'i .'. -.ii;. I. ..
Kr-'il' T.-iii J.
' l.i.l.'fl i:
I'-'r u: )'.':.., I.I..1-. i:.ii. U.ur r.ti.-r f..
v. -r . -i'( i-rt e-.r.iun t''
i i-i ;t i -.
r- -
t -.
a ..l ,'i3 Ciif'Tf"
M":-!;, v;jy;;( r.K0-:AV:.Nu3
A;:r iSnior-rLATJ.,
t;7.: - , .,tti
Vi M ii I..', In A:n:n:.,
1) A iVIir" LE ''.)!
Nv-tWr ;!-'. ivf tl,rn. an.l we hae
!-- ri C.ii. . u i v". :.!
11 . : p
; . 11 ! rn. ii. mi.
.'.-.'.a,.: .13!. I.. ,': T fL' ':'
tot r. h'f! if i .-0 --. In.'jf. 'I I.i. A,yxi: i..
U i-i or'h " e p : . f h k.
, J.A'-U OJ-.'S. .i'.U.'T..
Z:.'.' 2. .it!,,
;i" 11 ' 1
;L C l;I ; r M 0- : .V ,l i !; .
11 r 11 " .' .I-... . uJt i..i
' - 'i' n- i:r,t ijn.
e '.-
;t C'-i i -B o.1
lfii A ijni-J to tlm' per
Kir. Jlitli1y 1-. ; ?'u
Eleven ,'otw, ( r- viicr. n ; .1 nn iiit c -. ;'
the jv.rj -n t'.'M.'. ,'. :i .. i;!nti : .iV .
Ami tl,t al . maiti'iifca Ilia: a- ir i'fil.io
' ' ii-tt. the ftl-"V. , 'i !i:i i,, .th. i- ol'. Ittn .:il')
15.1'lt ii . 1 i.I.i.! ' H .., ti i .ynciiri'i.-:-' - "!
fcui ctrn:ro wir oh.r v.q.m vre
Q.iiei a I.n.iy', Ii w. af.J.. AfM.nre
M....i.W. K.-tl. ,.... f- out .
O.moya Uu;'- Z 'C.'um! (Ur.i4 lif,.;'-.tJ:.
Oj li-V , 11 l-j. ui. t Ar;mii- iriil nil ihie., bi-
n.M .1 nun ti-ii- lor f 1 ftij.'
e:i'..ue y ar iin4l.a . tel.it .f! On . '. .
Tri'.-niy t :e.i ted K.it-.oi'ult nii.sii-. buuV
tkHesi ft far. . - j-n
Eo aticfu. i.n.l p.y !wpfj;njo 01 your Vntcr
Adu.-ciiii - . L. Affltfi T, -ov.
13 it?- l 323fJhe'tin'.8(.f i ali -Pa
i! iiiiiif'!!
r"! iUA- m Ut. .v. - () 1 I 0
Sfcves, riov, , Hollo -n w.n't
- - 'AND -'
iia umierMrnou uinw p.ut.(i.ea io oiuioto
1 preint'-v r .-rk ..r.to.e.1 ia hit Hue ol
bunnc-a. All kinds f iJiuiiiiif-i mui'lv ihurte
at foundries will be kept on baud aud lor tialc
t tli rant reai.ouli!a rat.
Tbo. fatilitiei. ol tl e Frui ilry Mtutted.. s it
li", in 'he miilKtof F-rroaoci wbere tie raw
nietnl Ii. nlwTi to bo hai o: V!u: cx-onee
Wft1 evW-li. t.:n!l.r aHiTtiTe 'rirllor l.-oturr-iincil
r.fc.t.' I oui.'.oni! itbtr in tbo
qr.ili-v or ch"f:;ir.c... rf l is rr.ufiietnre.
;: f.ivT'i'V h.-.pss to r voivD ii;o auonn-eo)
tbd'ri:n'r!rl'v..,l ,
i e ..f t' f a- a n '
- . . .-. u u mj KJt,
V'j.i.'i.-g 4,'n; fir ... bsatiiri? latoaUe-
it rrti: ti bifsd iitj x -tV if- .' "
I..-XJ a f;r.br-
i.r e : a- . i. it. rt,-.- ui-VsrimiM .:
is-'i I ij. .-tr,
pv-1' , I. E m-Vi ir-j-i; Ilv'T"ti Z lio-rncrl
-tl '. to ary trt ::irt tildirt -f): wee
i .aa laui ivr,'-l- to eat.iia 4w.r i of -ur
ooiitraevii,.;. fc. ; .
Wtii ise-2' r
r.i iO
DTIh '
i WX
, ; '--j .'Xi:..
' rrtt-..;'''
r-; .;! ";:ri':?
let lit ; t'A..a C..;!t:ml h kii.
M BuiMing from Main Su, ClaeianuU, 0. Laboratory
. uHad
S. .V. Lc.tff.-. AieAitliuri.Cowderjr &
mt-.th; vv.li & C. Z:-l-lii Jlltilland
u ' u'iiira5!l. and bv
; . and ; '' '"'
hvn been introduced o the pUio for bim .
(hau six yoari, nj hare noqulrei ad
for exceeding anr .Family MeJiuiaea of e
llmiUr nature in the market. .
An appreciating publie wa nut lon U .
dinoovering tliey pooieesed temarkuhU ... . ,
e,nl honoo thoi t - .
ind oonscqnent profit tn the. .'rocriouH, (boa
ennbllng him to elpend ' A "
of Jollars each year iu adrertiaing ihelx
meritoj and publishing the .' . .
which luivo beon jshowcred upon him fna
The peculiarity of tho .,
is that they gfrilto. nt the not of DiaeMOj
by eradicating evory pr.rticU of impurity , ,
for the life ond h?a!tli of tlio bcly depend :
If the olood ie noisoned, llio botlr itgs
out( miaerftble oxwUnoo. lliCse 8diiLe3
vt. "Cctwoe6.
fu.' curl nit
Bicm piecaseo, Oid Bores,
GaJfXewv, Jlheumatiem,
(Dyspepsia, Eial IfoalcLoh.
liver Complaint, Fever and fis1)
L!usorrhaa, Female Complaint
J2r ytipeliii, Ot. finthony'9 Fir,
Sumo'3, Erurtienal . -
Fill, 'J?r'"'lou3 Consumption, etc.
CITSpernan writs lict daughter won cured'
of fi'.s of nii;0 yuur' ftanding,- r.ud fit it&e'
dimoo of two year
A2JD!Jt.Sil ftfit, bin eon voh cure
after I1I4 uoii Le i ahmiit wiiRlcd ttv.-ny.
The doctors t'ironouiicNl the onse incur
bl .
A'fOTm?. wns oerd of Forornnd Ague
ftftor trvini; flrnry moiiieino in hie r.mob
Ali'0Tii2 t.t.9 cured of Fever Bor .
V?lii,'h hi-t oxi.0 fouttecn jcure
AIJ0TK2B of Rheuiretism of e;?lStvr.
Cus is iiuiaai'inWo .if l-epep-fia and I.ive
(Vnnnhint could be uio&iit-tiei in.whitli tb
1'iu iiicr and Pilla
"Vfo .vx Vv:. ct, Cwcit. . ?
bro tho miwt notive nil thoriegh pllia die
h;"0 cvor buen introduced.
Th:y aot .so ilimtily u; an tho I.iver, nxpit
Inj tiiat c-au to such nn extent as tL.it His
rvJWm (1o(.h nut riilapue into ifii former cun
dltlo.i, which is too rt;-t to bo the oasa witl;
Bim;)ly a pur;',ativo pili
Tboy wq rortlly a , ,
"2.oo o.v lA-ocv .VvW,
ftLioh, iu conjuaoti.ni with Hie '
. - . "BVooci "Vti-tvt,.
will euro til the aforementioned dleeasot,
end, of thcursolvesj will relievo ftuJ ouie
Umidohe, Cnntiw'nase,
Colia ff'airw, . CJiolemJJorhua,
Inclines f-, CPuiu.' trv th Tjowele, '
ipizzincts, to. .
Try these medioinos, and yon will novel
regret it. '','"
Ask jour neighbors, who nave used them.
tad thoy will ay tliey. are- . ,"".
and you eboukl try them before going for a v
Get a Pamphlet or Almnnno of my local
tigont, and read the certificates, and if yoo
have ever doubted you will
1joii)Vo, mote...
Ai a proof tlmt th BlooJ PariAr and Pitta are pant)
VefeUtilp. 1 have tk wrtilliaUia of Uiom uiliiut choia
bta, FrofMori Chiltoa uf N. Y., and Lockout ClaclulwM
Kd Dr. RotMok'a 8wcll Kotlua and CarllDcatM puk
lUbad la a ooiupicuuiu.part of Uii Pap Ouna 4iu l
Urao. .
' Frira ef th. SerthdliKTltn Vogrl.til Blood PiirlSor, ti
pr botile, orS-rrhliiloti. uitbonaindiiMTiM
Pri.hf! e'id jr-rchan'3 generally tb rougli
oj.(.'i'i! U 'ite.t Sia-. ttii l Canuctae. " '
Oi iolieOth. 18G3, lyr. -
4 L'.-livMe ku'.wiog tVieniselveii lcdeble4 to
it . ibe lato Brma of Davis & Saaiiu, trnl
Ih'.vinit Noirkitlc, are reqiic.tiid to cull nU
lutyupwbilo Orconli&clia aie plenty: Liberal
ii'.-lllyaltce hw been clvcn. - -
Krr. b. 63 3w. THOMAS J3. DAWft
"2"a Lrors V 1 XTE
'put AJlooavi'.lft Stoam flouring nlluwliave nn
: JL deriue a tburongh repair. nJ Ilia piopfia
"ir,i a lsljes to laf.rm tha poblie triat tbey re
n. rvrsred iodo &!1 culom worlito tbeniire
a'tVmeii'iu rf tli.lr i-us-temara. ..'0:-.h
r ili-viK..J n;ir fritndawill fln.lasgor-J.ifprk cd
.0 1 1. in w:t uaat any other iiil (Ive
; Xia- urn-r 9-mv j upswK'ftiffci.
Li , ,T ? ". IP.
. . Aj.d- alj otbe-r: ltitvi ot Blinttf for
ii-ie st Vac" i0 9aVaiV9-t

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