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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, December 10, 1863, Image 2

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Cb'uiod, and with b earneat desire j
rt In o-nlded oolr bt the Constitution
Very many will be d.ssatisSed with
i t conclusions, bat 1 tabffilt lo the
-.adgnjtnt of Qo-j, gad afeo to that of
iiy fellow citiions whoa the present
'.roubles shaTl baTe passed away and
ra folt so asir.
1 a in ia favor of granting the in-,
junction Id fator of each of the defend
ant for his own protection, birt cot
lor the staying vl all
under the wzt.
TIov. 0, 1363. Preliminary in
junction (aicituh. caBr) granted of
t!ic plii:tiif, on bis gi?iru bond willi
enrety, to lie -approved by tho yirotho
sotary, in tha e'om of $500, noci.rliug
to law, nad refused for any furhor
1'orpoao., '
. A. imTTON,
Dec. 0. 186&
m'.siXJJL. '
TlltMMoX AS If WAS. Till'. N E(I HO
Will. UK !I:iS. mid the KnforceuiHul
of tti
id (. v naiunst all Offleern who
iMu.'i-i-il AutHority, n well i tho,
lu ufi-i t.nmit Ureaobct l tUoiot
That Proof.
n. t.w uvksag;, tho JiegiiUr,
charged (hat we once and somewhere
voted for a negro Colonel, and sub
sequently fcUted they would prove it.
Where is the proof Gib. Will re
be ccropelltd egaio, to brand you 3
n liar I -
Christmas Festival.
The. Ladies of the M. E. Church,
will give a Festival on Christmas Eve;
f-r (he benefit of eaul church, at tho
Hi!) iu Mc Arthur. Oysters, Toys
and Fancy works &c. Presents
will bd oo hand come all.
A reusouablu adiuittanco fee will
be aeked at the door.
Bei thr LtEraisr, ii another col
d.d, and if joa are stilt cot satisfied
thai; Lo brings you glad tidings, of
cheop Goods. Call on J. K. Will,
ttod bo cenvineud of tlio irnth.
Tna CniArasT Yet, E D. Dode,
annonucos in this weeks paper in
a new advertisement, that ho will
sell tho best goods and cheaper, than
the cheapest that car. bo bought in
this place. Call and see for yourself.
Tnp. pEorLBS Cash Stom, by J ack
Newton, ha3 beon filled up this week
with an additional inpply of New
Winter Goods. Jack, left lor tho
city, cn last Monday and wiahes us
to onnouues Iho fact that the bill will
bo filled, in every article usually kept
in a general asscitiucht l.i this mar
iliMTiflT Gyirs. Jack -Newton
wiihea us cay that he ipicpared
to supply fill the office ra, with cloth
for Blouse and Panta, and all the
tricoings from shoulder straps and
swords to the buttons, complete at
tbt lowost figures call and see for
yourself. Also military clothing
ready made.
Pbwxoai Cultcee. The "Nor
mal Institute for Physical Education,"
incorporated in 1860, and ender the
management of Db. Dio Lzwis, will
open its Sixth Session on the Soeond
of January.
The demand for toacbers of the
New Gymnastics has become such,
that the last class of Graduates, con
tiatiog of fifty ladies and gentlemen
were at onco ongaged, and hundreds
more might find profitable employ
ment. Well-known medical tnui assist in
prsoarinj the pupils te uct as guids
ia Physical Culture.
in tho department of Gymnastics
Dr.; "Lkwis personally trains every
candidote tor tho New Profession.
' If any reader would know more of
this pioneer lObtitution in a new aud
woblo profeBS'.oo.- let him or hsr send
tor a full circular to Dr. Dio Lewis,
'"ToDi"l'Jcw;mora than to any
other m.i'i, is tha country ir.dobteii
tr tho present do p, practical interest
ia physical cu'ture. He has done a
Mass. Teacher
M Wo loo npouDr. Lewis as one.
of the benefactor ol Lis race."
Qrac Grtenvood.
'Sacccsa to Dr. Lewie'a Gymn
aslom. No better ioatltnte oxi6hj."
Kniclex looker:
'Dr. Lewis' book is tbe most prac
tlofil, ssnsibla work cn this subj ict,
extant in any language." CtMatnen
tal Mouthlu,
'Dr. ' Lewis lias cirea us far tlie
and most practical of all pnbli
1 1 ...
cattr.i.a ou tlio subject of physical
culture." a I. Indcpindint.
N R. Dr Lewis will pleas send ns
hia ''New Gvmnaatiw'a fur men. wo
men and chi'dien,"
Mass. Teacher [For the McArthur Democrat.]
Nov. 27th, 1863.
j l(;icr .,0 fie learned Doctor Baird,
. , . .p. ;,....,.,,,., ,
MeArtuui. Hie Circumstance tw
I i i. i ii... i.. .. ft.ii.v.... 'Pi...
Cut. Bkattoh. You will doubtless
be aurprsed at the leception of a
ujJu .jja'c'lijo from me; but I trost
you will grant me the assumed libor-
ty by giving this shrt lettoran car
ly issua in your columm.
It is not with a. view of startling
your renders with tiny woniiderful
incidents of caruage and doath, f r 1
have at preBeut nono of tbeso to relate
ami even if I had, I should leave them
for tho pen of a more able mind,
but it ia a feeling of indignation that
promote mo to write.
Since leaving homo, I have been
iufcrmod by a reliable person, that
a curiam learned and influential citi
zen of yenr town, payed uie a very
high compliment before 1 left for the
wars, but I failed to receive it till al
ter I U't, eo 1 doom it a duty to rutuce
the complii'unt, oven if it ia at tho
elevmth hour, and 1 shall try to do so
the best of my ability. For tear there
may bo some mistake iu the man 1
hi nnma nnd tha cirflnm
' , , " , "T
tft.l'iCU U WlllCll 1 ftllUQe. 11 18 no
w I11CU i
i i iiiiu iu 18 H9 iuiiowh: illU
icKi'tted Doeiot, while in conversa
tion with khu ol Lis Uuiuii friends on
t'ne cL'ction and its result, y,xm very
patriotic, and gave vent to his feeling?
by personally abusing Borne of his
butternut noiL'hbn-s, bringing mo in
with them. While speaking of those
that supported Yallandigbam ior
cover nor. tho Doctor wus heard to
Bav ' D u any man that U mean
enough to vote for such a man," this
would ccrUinly bo very distressing to
all who were nutorluaio enough t
bo his supporters, were it not lor that
consoling pastags ot toenpturo which
days. "The prayers of tnu unrighte
ous roan avmleih nothing." in con
nection with this, he was heard to
mention nv name, and said, to his
lriond, ''he' alluding to mo, "voted
fjr Vallaudigham too I guess,1' when
his lriend replied he thought 1 did;
ho tli cii turned in and cursed mo, ad
ding, that he hoped 1 wouid have to
lruturn to my regitnont and endure
all tho hardships that it was possible
(or mo tc endure." This is surely a
very beantitu! specimen ot the Uvo
tor's patriotism, and filly expressed
his Union sentiment and sympathy
for those win are fighting tho battles
of their country 1 But we feed con
soled wheu wo remember that old
adago, which bivh, "Curses, like
chickeus, usually come home to
roost." Let mo say here that 1 did
vote for Val. andl am not afraid to
own it, hot withstanding ho was de
feated. 1 did it becauBu 1 considered
him a conservetative union man.
And I considered it ray privilege te
vote as 1 chosa. And since tho voice
of the people is against him 1 willing
ly submit; but the Doctor should bear
in miiid that, "Lie (hut cunplics
against h;s will is of. hi) own opiuion
I nay be wrong in my opuncn,
but it to, 1 cauuut help it, lor 1 am
honest in my belief, expect to hold to
it, unlets convinced that I am wrot:
I dout see why my behg a soldier
should hinder me from voting the
ticket cfuiychoico. Iam willificr
that all men should vote as they
pleasJ. Our actions will easily show
who aro the lovers of our country, is
it reasonable to suppose, that finch
men ns tho Doctor, who sit at home
curse their follow citizens because
they are not negro lovers euough to
boleivo as they do, are more loyal
than thoso that have gone out to ot
fer their live for their country ?
We trust nono but such as tho enthu
siastic Doctor would claim to be,
luvo heard some of this clas of ui.n
suv. ia tho streets of AlcAi thur. "the
result of this, (the Ohio) election is
tho greatest victory wou, since th
comucenceaient of this war." Well
I would toUod it wore so, but 1 dout
believe it, nor will not till 1 see it
proved. I still h 'pe our causa wiil
come out all right; and I am ready
to tight for it, but I should like to see
some of them patriots at home turn
out and uht tor their country, in
s'ead of cursing its 'defenders, aud
thoso that cannot see us ihoy do.
, Bat uo, they will do their fighting a
homo,- by coaxing otnera into it and
. .... -
watching for sick soldiers that come
Home ou lonotin 10 setiu ruom awaji
nnder guard as soon as their time
up,no difforenco whether they aro abie
to 0 or not', go tliey get a far grocn
backs for their trouble. . They, like
the war bor60, "enufi the battle afar
off." Brave men 1 thav shall mirolv
deserve tho vote of soldiers when
rvioni. uiu we win not curso ihem
aeour learned friend does ns. wi!l
wish that onr affnirs may soon be Bi t-
tied, so that the will not have to go
throngti what we have,, lor 1 expect
suoh soldiers as they, would only be
a dingraa to our noble State. Men
that will call their neighbors traitors
onod iy, and the next shuko them by
the hand and deal with them, could
lardly bu truhU'd in the hour ol dan
ger,but we would call on brave and
honest men to join our ranks and
nakoi'DiJ ni"ro mighty i-ff rt to criuli
this cursed ruhcillon. and theu sve
will return togeUier, and put down,
and sili:i'Ce oppnssors at h:me.
We ll stop the pay ot tnostv rr.'vos'.
Marnhals, aud their thousand an.:
one nssHtents. llien, and imt till
then will our land be tlio Inn I ot
the free acd the asylum of the up
We feel like saying, pp with onr
banner and lonir may it wave as the
emblem of our freedom and indepen
denco, while we deal death to those
who daro trample tipon its folds;
treating with disdain, such sentiments
as expressed by that notorous Poet,
(Greeley) when he says,
"Tear down the flouncing lie
Half mkitt the Ury flag, o."
Congress and the Message.
Congress met on Monday, and
elected Colfax ot Indiana speaker by
101 to 79 jlo is a radical dyed in
tlio wool. Message next week.
Geh. Wm. S. Smith. our gallant
General Smith has been appointed
to iho iii' mi i mpiirtant command o!
any'. Uioir of his rank in tiie army.
It is n. .tiling lee j than tint of nil the
eaviar.y employed iu tho whota vast
depaitiii.ni ol Gen. liranr. . We con
gratulate l lie General on thin the high
honor i'uU dan been cuiii'itd upon
him, and the ample scope tor the d is
play of the most splendid ability.
In this dashing servioa wo know ot
no ouo Irotn whom wo would expect
fairer results and are confident that
he will soon win the added star. In
all of his successes, our people teel
that they have a share, and will fol
low his future career with no ordina
ry interest. The following is the or
November 11th, 1863.
General order, No. 5.
Brigadic-r General Win. S. Smithy
U. o. V olo., is ar.nonced n diet ol
Cavalry for the ililifarv Division of
tlio MiSHissippi, and wilt bo obeyed
and resposteu accordingly.
All returns, reports required by
law and existing orders to be made
or suhmited to tho Chief of tho Cuv
airy Bureuu, and also such rcportu
and returns as he may require lor his
information, will bo made through
aud to him at Nashville, Tonn.
General order, No. 5. BY ORDER MAJOR GEN. U. S. GRANT
Assistant Adjutant Gen.
The Rebel Raid in Mt Sterling.
11 r. Stkblino. Ky.,'Dec.3-C3
To the Editor of the Enqnirer:
On yesterday morning, abont two
o'clock, Peter Everett, formerly of
thisplaco, and Major Chenoworth,
tormetly ot your city, with about six
ty rebel soldiers, made a dash into
tins nntortnnate place, (when all
were asleep.) and immediately took
possession of thti Qnartormarter's and
Commissary stores, (moony helonz
ing to the Go vernmsnt,) which had
jirst arrived from your city for the
fortietlt lientncUy Monnto'! Intantrv
While a 'portien were loading their
own broken down Iioiscb with boots,
shoes, hat, ctolhing, blankets and
provisions, which Uncle. Sam had
just sent to this place for the Fortieth
the balance proceeded to set hra to
t'ie Court house, a very tine building,
which was completely consumed.
After that they mounted their homes,
taken their ill gotten gains, and left
without molestation, trance to say
the Provost Goard aud officers of (lie
Fortieth, about ono hundred in nnoi
her, were quartered in the buildings
adjoining the Quartermaster's depot,
aud about seven hundred men of the
rogiment were in camped in tho ira
mediate vicinity, and vet no resist
unco whStuadet After tho rebels
had entirely gone, the officer flew to
their posts, t armed their nun in :n;
of battle on a hill overlooking thf
'own, and fired several rounds on the
citizens, wlo were standing around
the smouldering ruins of the Court
house. Fortunately no one was hurt
Those efijcers ought to be recomecb
ed for promotion.
jure being made tor tbeir treatment
ibjio Alcxandia. Our loss h killed,
wouudcl undiuissiug is eilimated. at
Washington, Ducembcr i None
t tho wounded in tho recent jiicnwn
.1 . . r'-p--
metits south, ot tha Rapadan, wi d be
fought to Washington ;arrangcineuts
on the 3rd Inst. Mr.
Mvtnty dido
jwor hu)?e
Mr. BothwslI m fr onr oldcit DdtelclU
tant, be moved into UiU HUW), from fcur,., it
jemfO. una ha neu reitihHil or nia vicin
ity nine 1(14 lie wkk I onird pii Iho uniu'dny
So lie yenr o wlilcli be rueiried. Synmi
yeim (l'ore. h lnw tn mtmlxrof khe M.E.
Olturch OTvHOyeur ud died ic-i-ectcd lij nil
hlanoiyhbora, leivinf lrge circle cf retail re
On the lntlost, at PmtUville XIrt. JJAEOA.
RBT l'ETTY.in the 31st yeure tt her ge.
p f t i ;r 1 11 o t i t f s
. -jrs 11 i;u i d Of u the aim or rny-
(fj.tx tul"' to find a eouibinattuu of
meiiirinx tmving lLa ri-qmulto iti-
mnltlii(r tuij tuiiki jtupuetlce to
I CJeSI ii'linve end onre eonunou emu
I'lain'K of llilliiJuiDi-M, Liver ditor
a i. arK. i,ingn' r. liuuilacbe, Lowneiw
fsifi ' ' l"'lw,t iiuuf'li"i tiainiuiie.
n, Puvu- uud iiie. Ac, which ure
I .u...i;..u.u i....i.L.... .a .!.( fliimu t.
'I' lio reiui'dy hi hi-en discovered
by Dr. fohm k. lI iu lhouai:d
,. vu.- lu merit of I.U I'iltore have beuu te
led iu the above comuliiinu, and thore ! but
oue vole from tho peoule, and that ik in fnior
ot'thete truly worderful Stou uch Bittora. We
advise all who axe auioied aoa ueeaan aureca
bia tonlu fur the trnnblca above indicated, to
edramenee atouco using thane Bittura. See Ad-
MSTEMS new aud reliable treutment-in
Scot by mall in lealed letter envelope, frue ef
olrKe. Addrena, Or. J. BKILLIn HOU'ill
TON, Howard Araocintion, No 2 8'jutb Niulh
Siroet, I'hilndnlphia, Pa.
March. Jth I808-I yr.
-t ,
FAIRBANKS' 6CALEA-Welghed la "tie
bounce of kjnat critician-., all are ohiiyed to ad
mit that Fuiibunka' Scalea are. with ut exenp
tia, the host ever invented. We know where
of we alllriD, because we have tented their val
ot, and are fully aatiefiod of tfceir anperior
niarita. Tbe introduction of there aealea ha
WTouht a revolution In the tranKaction ol vur
loui buiinesa, and their accuracy ia euch ttiat a
naiformity in weight hue been etubllhod all
over toe country, thus niakin; them a Nation
al leoaliihj standard. Nor are they con fin
ed 10 the United Slate; they have found their
way toalmo.t every prt of the civillted world,
and are adopted te the atondard of all conn
trie, " tint it mv.v be a dd 11 nrktion, if not
"wolgtt-d l'l th;e b.vlaaeu," at w '?( by
them. N')v. 19 13-'.lu
Tho (ift.it i.Uiiiuae Reni'-ily for Necret
IngreadienX purely vegetuble; pleMunttothe
taste ; ha no bad odor, and m.iy be carried iu
the vet picket without foarof detection. ' price
f 1 a box sent pool puid to imy addreea by
J.J. KROMUU. 40S Chest nnt Nt, I hll.
Clrcnlaracnt free. Sopt. 17-63-Smo
To Nervoue SuflTerert of Both Seirt.
b.-eu reetorod to health in a few dnyi, alter on
deroingull tho usual routine and irrgnlar ex
pensive moiloa of treatment without ni-co, on
eidnra it liinsaared diitr to eommumate to nii
afflioted fellow ireatures the means of cure.
tt'xtSiOP Ike recnipt of an addreeoed envelope.
heTfilTaend (free) acepr ef tbe preacili'tiou
nscd. Direct to U. Jon It. Uaomaii, 185 Ful
ton Street Brooklyn, New York.
March, Mny, July . Sep., Nor, Jan., lyr.
Correspondence Wanted.
By three Gay and Ftstivo young Cvalry
mou ul'Kuiawna Valley, wixh to 0'orru.ipond
with any naiuber of voting Lu-lio-i who duein it
worthy of a reoly. fitch in 'Jirln. now i your
eisiio, o'ljo'trl'un, love ana matrimony.' fhe
uuer preterej. All letter conBaeutiai.
St.nd rhn("' and receive our in return.
. Ladies of Vlntou, Co., Ohio, prel'ured.
Harry Punch,
Co. D. 2nd v a. John Clearwatter
Cavalry Charlextoa V. Mountian Jack.
Nov. 12-I8'i3. -iw
JJcto ftuucrtiscuicitts.
James K. Armstrong I ltff.
Edgar MeBeth, 1
Walter McBoth i
f .nuAf Shade I Dsflf.
. 1 1 -. 1 .. 1 1 . - 1
In Court of
Common Fleas.
of the est ate of John I
W.alcBeth. )
P HE above name defendentn. E.tg'.r WcDetS,
X w alter MeUotn or the
roumv vf Warreu.
aud State of Illinois, vill ta u notice 'li.t the
aid Blaulifl Jarnes K. Armhtrong, of tbe Conn
ly 01 rrsnaiinaiiu ocaie 01 uuio, uiu "11 ia
113 ud day of August 1813, file hi Pnt'.tiun in
tha Court of Common Fleaa, within and for
Ksid County of Viuton, and Btate et'Ohio,
aalnnt tbe said Kdgar MeBeth, Wut'.or McISeth
and Frsut-ia Shades Admin'siistlnr dnunis
uon of ths estste of thesaid Juhn W. M.-Ucth.
defendonts setting forth ll.t the raid cUntirl
aud others wero creditors of said John W. Mc-
Beth doeeancd. That the axtetl in the hand;
of tha administrator ot ibeaaid Jnhn W. Mc-
Beth, we: e iin-ufflcent to pat the debts oriiis
emaie. Thatthensid .John W. MoBeth, Iu his
HIS fcllllV HIIU Wlbll III. BUIO .UU IWU.I.1B lll:i-
parchased ln-lat number one honored aud aev-
entv-eiiht. ti73.) aud forty-oiht l'ert off
the eaat tide of In-lot number oue hundred
and seventy-seven. ( 17T,)in tlie-'own of McAr
tbur. County uf Vinton, and State of Ohio,
and fraudulei.tly and for the purpose rf defran.
ding hi ereditora canned tho legal title to naid
arontiso to ba oonveyed to Lnuru A. MeBeth
then his wife and now deceased, and th prayer
of said petition is that raid premises maybe
sold and the proceeds arii-eing ihoi-cfro-n
paid to the Administrator of tbe Estate of tb
hmU John W . Jicbetn, ana to oe ay mm appu
ed to the payment fthe debts of th Fs'ate
of aid Joho V . MeBeth and said Edgar MeBeth
nd Walter MeBeth, are further notifaiod that
thoy aro required to appear and answer scld
Petitio; ou or bofure the thud eaturjay alter
the Hist dy of Jsnoraiy, 184.
j Anas k. Ainu i ttwno,
Uswitt Edvistom, his A tt'ys.
December 10th 18ii-
Slate of Ohio, Vinton Ccuny.
Nell & Eberhesrt. Flttfs. 1 In C ort of
against i Common Plea
John Flirookengaust sSn,. I
J.C.P. Biown, j On Execution
T)URSTTArT to tbo commnnd o" an order
X. sale iu the above cause to rre directed from
the Court of Common Pleas, of tha aforsaid
Pnnn-.v af Vinton. I will offer at enblio sal,
th door of the Court House, In tie Town
iloArtnnr, i atorsaid Connty of Vintnt. on
. Monday Janurary tht 4th 1884.
Retweon the bonrs of ten o'clock A M.
four o'clock P. M., of said day, the fallowing,
Re il ostate si'nated B tho town of SleArthiu
Vinton County, O., to wit: In-lot nnraher
wo hnndred and twentT-ix, as recorded
t plat of the) Town of MeArtbor. fh4.
Taken aa th property of John Shreeksnganat
and J. C. P. Brown, to satisfy a jadgemont
aforesaid Court, in faew of ItVil A Eherheart.
Adpralsed. M followe. to-wit ? .Five hoi
dred bollar. and must bring two (bird of that
TERMS OF BALE, cash-in hand ..
3. J. MuDowill, . . ASC1L NOSRI8.
1 KVpn
e e -.
At;y. fer ri'ir. eax Us. O.
Agents in tvtvy 'Tovrn mid Coun.
ly, 10 sell Ball's Newly Patented
TIII9 JdACillNE v ill hem, ma, p breadth
A Kiit in. r, luflle, i-liire. exd'Hly like hard
11 wiiirf. inoru mtifrct umt much famer. with
ingle r di utile ihrt ad, ei'.hei cttti a, liueu ir
ilk OtiHB the c. n.moo ealag 'lee-. le. (al irL
can be pinchitd at any Ftoiefor ixccn'. ap
I er,) niakiDK a unifcrm long or rho't ttitch,
tAj will of the operate.-. It will aew miv Ho'1
of material -taut roquire the running ft'.ti'K.
weigh on pound, and cau Ve carried in the
pocket or work box. and is ao aranged ts to be
attached for cue to a 'able-top or work aland,
with dieection ao that a child wbo can road
may operate it without intruetion.
- Mile auperior tooli and large facilities for man
nfactunng, enable n to put them In be mar
ket at the low price of all dollar by retail.
fff" Itot further partu ilara, apply to
J,D. DAIX, Ge-ieral Agftt.
Koohoeter. V. Y.
Deo. 10th lS8S-lrao or A.M.Badbxr Co.
Best and Cheapest Cash
A full S'O'-k of every variety of
of which I will 6idl as cheape n the
cneapo9t lor Vneu- or exetittneo fur
Country Produce at t h e highest
market rates. Call und bo vouvine
ed ' .
Dec. 10-C3-Iyr E.D.DODGE.
IN VINTON Co. O., tORlSfll.
IN pnsssant'cf Lsw tlislline for holding tie
Dmtrlct Courts and Conrts of Common Plea
in the several Counties ol the ftavtuth Jndi ial
District of Ohio for the earl8&i, are fixed an
lullows to-Wit:
Washington April 18th, Meigs, April 2(Ui
Siillla " 2Snd, Lawrence " CSH.
S-.-loio " S7th, ttke " 9h
Vintun May nl. Perry 8cpt. .VI.
Vaiiftjld September Tih H.ioklnsr " 10th
A'.hns ' 12th Jackon " litb
Perry March, Mth. May, 23rd, October,
Hooking. Febnrary 52. May IJ. Octebor 3.
lairteld March 28. Juno 8, November 7.
Lawrence Febnrary 9th May
bor 90th. '
10th Beptem-
V futon Fiibnrary 9tb May ' !0:h Heptamber
2Hli. - "
Jacknon Fibiiranr 28rd May f4th Oet. l?th.
Pike March 8th Jnne7th Novcmher Iftth.
' BeloM March 15th June 14th Novombcrlst
W"hinitin Fe'cnrary Hth May 17th ,Sop
temt r '
A.lin Frrmrnrv !5th May lih October 12th
MciiM March 7'liJune SlS October S4th.
Oallia M ireh H li Jt.ne 13th October Slat.
w w .iQilN'TOV
( JOHK W l't ''M
Jndea of the 6c
I enth Jndlc'ial Diatrtt
p.TANraujiF. j
The State of Ohio, Vinton County;
1 Genres Land Clerk of the Court efCom-
r on I'lcae to and for said Coanty d hereby
oertiry tnaiiit roregomg a mil and true eopy
of order llne ths time of holdlne? Court.
said Seventh Jndieial District now on file in
my office.
tTiytn nnoer my band ana seal 01
Office at McArtlmr, thia 7th day of
AieeemoerA.il. msj.
Dec. 10th 186?-w. Clerk
. 1
I l a UV0'
I wbV V mll i A c,,pia,M I
"'cuntom Tjnusrr
VOHalRLT Of at'lCBB WOTJ, WulBluro, TA
,iw,,i-jy .;,;;Agi-.s,.-tj cio
as' ksni tht s (tHcot tad rsdlosl ears Is srarrantot)
ml iiMitotv4 to Ml wLo an sSllttad with wmiom
eVMlTly. Mrans craiylaialis, inlsnrti.il tbxrairliU, OS
prcwloa of splrtu, illairM sue sopitsb of mln!, tuss or
dws, tan of owmory, lixi of i1l J ntitcular fawu
rllllY STOWlh, WMllOg s.nj.uiJ wulof OOBfiaUM ls
hroiwlTas, fWluUoa Ala, cwrnlslr tnmUlaa-s, Ul
Woct (tad illuM ol life. . ....
Boms phrstrUru rwinlrs to be tola" tbj sawira af ya
4S-Ha BNOLlliH BoTANIO eimClAU ,
nM. UU-rfi"-,tknol!i!l,,Uwh,ma,T T0 '
lUritolHlsitUiOtnr"fsP .
Ihs aUoUtosxplliiluoiW'Mailira
luconTlod. what It mors n.liU. stlO. hewttl bo-
MtW SB4 fnuikly UU h.W yoa eaa bo ejwjj sr aot.
This will tAturv yir mind, mid " r , UM
trooll. d dUpnoUHirmet. will bs b SIMM of .
suTtag yoa oisoy a dollar j It ni oan yoer .
ia 1. tail U Utut lhaa all, It wlU savs 1m Ut trm
tMlns aonal ty wrung troatiaont.
UI. oJiuoiuiiUoo ore madu wltbiiut say InlbraiaUoo)
from tho paUoot i Ihorefow h Ihiroiwhly amWrsuads
Mt Plirilcal owdjtlon sod PUroooluttioal ssvolovesoal,
without which a a.to ooold haro uurfnJ so naot
uioutuhliif cnrM. Il shniUd bs McaomUrwl that Uls
B-lauk HhMlclaa rfonm raw Ibouahl lmpoaotil.
If too Imvs trWd uthoro and gt iw rolwf. If wlokl
rtlm- gi Unh aad Irma life, If tow aro lo. T IU
g."i.I .nsult DR. BA Pit A EL, too BoUak I'ayoWail
All bio ootnoinnlcatkmo mi luturrlaw u aTttl
prtr.lo aud coendonllal. Vtlcal JixuwiL
Width 2. Firat eol.
Ilwir tr hat tho PhllaJolphla oornepuadeet ssys In ths
C.miuuowoalth, WUaiiojtua, llolawora, Site of Aprtt,
laf0 :
"An Inglltb gsaUanun, fbrmorly eonnooUd with iSr
Brillili Army, sod wlu.lylco hlouulf Uio'BnglUh Bo
laalc PhTslciia.' han of Ulo gnlueJ an oilonalro ropeia.
tloo bore bv bl ok 111 In coring all mannor of oomplalnla.
Borne of his patieats I have cunraraod with, and th
pronounce hli roiaolli and oiodo of troatiaonl as vary
antuirlor. Busts haro Iwd ruitorod as if by magi. The
niotioln ho ojwd H dUtllM by hlniMU from raiioaa
asrtw nonening rar euralive piuporllM.
" Whilo a. ties In the nniiY k imfi htt klsasw
awoMuu to s thurouf U iluily vf ths ofTocM pndoead by
certain medicinal ivou and turbo on all maanor of die.
tasM. .It SMim bo hiu louii.l our sad poody rosMd
fjr all tbo 'Ills toil rlwh Is hair to.' Ills p not to h
slnady oxtcnilT. and it dally Incraatlng. In ths enst
plalnu 10 which hinafeo an tubjxctnl ho bu ao squat,
at a largii nnmbtr haro liae tetlifad thol they ewe ao
only tlirlr pretnnt god hoalth, but Ilwir Uat, to the
ikill of this Kugliih botanic rhyitclan." Bis eitlos Isat
rsom man and reuabxs Ar-
Th Bulunle Bemodlmof Doctor Bapbatl, tbe Kagltah
Botanic I'hyiilctan, atiet failol yot te avake a parfeeC
radical, and permanent owe of ALL
Without tbo ate of Marcary, withont hlndrane frost
tmtiaoM, and witbuut fear of lUaoorsry or mposare. Be
Aoadly poiaoiu, tuch as arsenic, bus vomica, opium, or
u, othir pnUvat. Nu mercury aor any dwully aiiaorala
DMthliu; lat purely Vogolablt Bulnnlctl ilMonllat an
dm.1 bf ihit woudarfol HoUnic Phj.l. lan. His Botanle
IUdk-U-k ner ytt tailed to cur the si col obstluatt
ssil the mott ilangtroot cw, aad to rcavnssll mrow7
and olhtr Impurltlos from ths system whoa aU seat
sVuwdK bad (alltd. Jfadioa) Journal.
Hour what tho HalUmors eorreaponitunt of ths .
(oll"w, Boonabora', alarylaud, laid on Thursday, ths list
of Muy, WA: . , ....
Nunwroot earsi bf dawttss eaused by sally Indtew.
tiau uating bsoo perfurmod by tho Iut;lih Botanic Pty
,'!., I twl It my dnty, Uaflns s kaowladgsof Ibeajjli.
tat tlte fact, bolioTiug that Id doing no I may do a stmos
loiheiarfcring. One case hi particular that of ayoonsj
man la this city It worthy of uoto. Ho bad becom ab.
victim of a bilJt, tho rnwo r.niminn tn which eaussv
hoJuar,adnoryiijsoftirffcriRnddootoTiBggTsaa .
all hopM of recovery. Ho wlahnt to morrr and wa.
deailf lialad bv aa twwt girl ao ovar llapad
of !ftioii 'at bi wA ItarrtU, norrotw.and pretaiaSait..
is ilarod 3t ' ' 00 aooouat flf ths thattorad tut
rfHs'vi Hi wight rtli.'.i tno handa of the
Alo PbVBi rn, tti. iotonbhlug as It may toorn, all tho
and 'lgr of yonlh has nitiiriwd, and lis Is aow
Iho happy biaar of s pair ol bright boys."
a rrujVxrjTivE to have ohh
Hear vbtl ths ClaclnnsU Wotkly Pwaa lays r tb M
of 1'arch,
We are iwcldedly opposed te drugs and to sdnwtlaael
ewntxliei for tli prevtnUon of having children, bat w
4 It oar dirty ta cknowMgo a bonalit arota aay sod
at 'very mures when it Is for ths isllef of otinViag
-.maimv. A (act haa oioje to our kaowlia that .
oaght lo U proaniilgaied and widely cireelatod for lbs
btnont of thot ladiae wboa delicate health neks It
Btcraaary to prevent sny Increaa of faaily.
About twetvs moot hi si.er macrlags.aladyofswraa.
a, aiualtnos gars birth to s daujhtor, but bar nufirags ;
aento groat thtt har phreiclantdiMpalredof her rsctv.
try. Ihit made herd 1 asd the very thought of tgnleh.
coming a motlitr. She tried every thing to pnvsat a
rvpetltloa other ttiKiinga, but without oooeeding. Tn
yosttsfter mairlago alio was again oinflnvdt bat aerrat
nriiict wars to great ihat lae child died, aad bar ews IMs
was Jeapairod of. Site wat told by her family physidasj
that if ahe hud any more ohlldrto a faared ltor lift wonid
b the forfeit. As all tht remtdtee ths but tried betre
had failed, the applied te th Uoteuls frrslclaa. Dr
No. is east nmi stoextt,
roams 1
HU remedies bad ths dealrsd eSact ; they act only pn
vented her from having children., but thay alao Improved
bar health. "To tbc ruas, tu TUixot ass maa.".
Tha Dotanlo Phytlclsu's remedies tan be rseota
aies'ld, becsuas they an lnnooeos aad aata. Thsy
eiierat wlthoot oaualBg ncknaas or aipoaars. Tatydtt
act ia tor tare with lbs diet ot ecespttios). they e
aat Injure lite netllo, bat they are certain In tbebr
asi. J, rANOvaT, WL1r.
il. atBIGOeVlLO.
AnvwhoarstufbrlncBo matter what their eompUiat,
can call on toe Ifounio PsyaKTta oonsdenttallj. lata;
Buy reiy upoa rtik I Haelnoslsat
BvIwm'o Sieeowre etraetaad Broadway,
OoaaMltatloa dally, Snadays satsia4. OBo I
vom lea. mi. aw
aar Poreuoa l a dlaluo niay cumatUBiests ernm.
uwiultr by loiter, If tney lueios ONB DOLLAR, W
Conaulution Tot. In each Isflor All lattara, coamn.
miIom, and Inlemewa, are strictly private snd eoaC- '
dmittal. Ko antwer trill be given to tstter sslf lint
dollar I InoUwad at a ConanttaUoa Fte.
Atldrots all Istlarsst fellows,
BOX No. 8463, POST 0mC8l
cactiox to Tin ruBua -
Sr. W. Bashssl bat neoonBtotleu with PSOntSOtt
er Dr. W. M . Kasbssl, or with aay etbtt gastlataa)
of the sams aaus.
KB" Cut this advsrttssBMnt eot. Wbsu e eteaa,
er log It with yoa and thow it te tbe girl who epaaj -ioor.
To pravsot miatakaa, ask t
Widti Jlft eel. .
TBE Allentvill Steam flouring tollla,ba
dergon thorough repair, and th propria,
tort wishes to inform -tb vublio that they r
now prepared to do all custom work to tb eattrw '
aatfsfaetion of rbeirvuatomer. 1
NEW MACHINES have been BtMJ, re
mills and our friend will find as good work bc4
good torn ouu ss at any other mill; gry M
tall and test th troth of whst w ssy. .
Ang. 13th-4-tfo, ROSTOV SXC9.
The member of Company - B- liJt.:
Vinton Count; O. M. are required to eM"
atil.e usual place ef Coin pa ft? tuosttr. sf
ihn Couri Home, ort ' h ' .' ' ' . " '
SATURDAY, thelaA loot. -betwetn th
hours of one and five o'clock T. M.and projj
ceed to elect one Captain to 111 cancy
occasined by Capt A. Norria resigning "
.. .v. By order of . n
' E.A. BRATTON.1Co:r
0. Gtaimta, A.ijt.

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