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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, December 17, 1863, Image 2

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3. . . - t'
. A. llt V I TOM, i
i:i roil,
. ,1- "a- V?4vS? 1
TllKCIllll Sir UAS.T' NnKO
TV til-. Kb; II II IS, inl t0 Ki1';rctmMt
of tho Lnw uit all Officr who
Ktt iMirnrJ Aalltuf ilr. WCll. m t!t
Vi-oplo who Commit lireocbe ut tba
. Tha lout Rcyier fcivcB our public
a Wast on Intonip-jranw, tha Alitor
gmJul ia u!ii:ig iru'ji'Utji rcu'inz
throo.nh oor alrviuta. We Boppoia by
thiatbat SpiwaJalix h.u coo.ilii.luJ
to kepp within lor3.
What does this Mean.
Th-j Uinciuaiti Enquirer, comoa
oat iu opposition to tha jpppal oftli
5300 clatna ul'tho . 0 ji ajritiori act.
Ttila ia ri;lly a elna'.or rnova on the
x jirl ut n Diimocrniits Jonrnal. We
had ahrtiyi anp;')3l that equality of
Iawj, wai a tn 1 i:mnt il principle ot
our party. VVu h"pu Co:iirc33 will
repaal tho ttlolo l-.tw, ami it' wo miut
Uavd mo a oat, let ihum he cnlWd
out 'a accor.liuco 10 tho Cottitutio.i
Tho Mred army of tho U.S. nn J thu
militia.,. S jo1 1 J tho Ujnstitatiot).
. Lit UHaiWoJ to.
Famb 'raTnuia TuajT, Tho rr.cm,'
ban of OnjjrosioVjctO'.l on tho Uni
on Ticket . from . Iiy. tuoilo . aoletnn
tlviUifca to th ro')i!o . tf Kr.. that
tVoy w:iU fjtJ aiint hII Abolition
la's And tliuir tneaanafars have
uri'Vcn iw umir ienun Till
ing for (JoKax for ajwakt-r. Thii how
ovur watto V txpectad, wo dout
1 trait tueia ot! n protuiau.
What does this Mean. Quere.
1 Oiir neighbor Gib. takes on L(iiira)
aloat a Dog tlht last week. TI10
owners W(ro Demncrata bonco our
neighbor goes uluiost mad. A friend
of of Gibs. Buys "as this was a Dog
Jiht, papi like him, ought not to mix
in." lie wanta to know if "it ia con
stitution il' we utnver by asking, i'
it ia constitutional for the pavement
to jump op and hit n Ropnhliciin
Editor, or tor a Lump pubt tn i nn
against him and knock him luwn, on
a recent visit to a city of Ohio ?
The President's Message.
On the out side wo vo a fair sy
nopsis of the Message with all thu
President saysco the war ainl its
cause, as he claims, to wit : Iho no
gru. The fficusHge on this abject
contains etrorgcr stccssion r rev d-
Ii An n i. tfit.lMinn. flnti T. (V rk.?.. . ..
ivumj Ktj. u t ma 1 nun vyi. Lynti vi
any of his adherents could poiMy
titter. Tho I'resider.t nttrihutiS ali
the successes of tho past yw to his
Emaiiuipntiut) l't'oclainatlon and the
iuterduetiou of the negro into the ar
liir; - This is certainly very compli
mentary to our white soldiers, our
fathers, brothers and sons who are
. 1 i t ....
auu nave uecn-oeiueen us ana tins
war desolation. This war wilt m-ver
end while these mad political heretics
to our C"ntiuitiou retain uo.ver.
The people must ci'rrett it.
The fillowio proelmaatioii is ap
pendil to tho Message; (
Proclamation Accompanying the Message.
WasasAS.. and hy tho Constitu
; tion of thu United Stites it ia provi
. ded that, thj President ah'slt have
f power o ursnt rjurievo an 1. pardons
. for off.iieos aiiost the Un.ted
Xi?pt n oae or t-a 'j'i runts; .
As?. wasuEAa, A r-htllion now ex
ilsts, wjierwby tha loyal Stales an I
:gvornuwnU ot'aovera! Stites hav-
fy a lDg titau, h;ou suhvrtJtl. and
-.many, p-irsons-have-. com niiied anl
are in a-i-Uy of tiousoa auiust the
United State; ". "
t -Ajo-wasii8A?v Witli refjronco to
Sill fj:?i'tr tiui :iin.'T hare
oaa enact 1 ! j r,:i:i Jos'ar-ty
1 tttd.ftffeitor aaJ.'eonS-iC-itwrf of pr
. pjJt. J(bej'ati97 .pfaUres.'all npr
torrru and conditions ...tnerein
iiiil'aiii d-jclar;n that' Uia.
i'Mlitzd wai'th'Joy'aathoiai a;
any t.an: tccru1r Uv prvcla:u.ttioi;, to
xtcn 1 ti iJLT9oii u bo uuy huve p.tr-
itiwi cfoJ in Iho ex stio tohe U u' iu
an v Bn-te ur part tbi't'Co.'' pardon, nn
ttiurcHtv,' wi'li sa.:h exceptions, undjmay
at such term., arid on such e'liiditions
ai ho may doum cxped'eLl fur the
pumic welfare;'
Ako wnuRKAJ, Tim O-nsrcaalonal
df c'.Hf Htiou for limited ami condititvi
id pardon. AcO'T'i with wall estsV.B'i
nd jmlicnl expiations of theurdoii-
itij; pc -ver?;
A'D Witli rt'tVrincS '
s'.ii r-b- lion, thy rriiidiat or
Onited States baa issued savcral rro -
cUnnitions with provisions ia regard
to tho hheutio;i of slaves; (
Ad wnsasAS, It is now d'leire'i
hy I'jiQ'i person, hurt tofwro e!ao'J
in aaid rebellion to resumo ttiuir alle-
aiancoto tKu United StatoJ aad re in-Urfhi-a'.-3
! 'Vl Statu jruvtrnto'jnrs
within and lwr tho reo-ectkv btatee;
tha ir fore.
1 Alnaham Liaccln, President 0!
tho United Statt s, do rouiaiin, dor
claro and nmko known to ail person
wh have, directly or hy iinpii :ati. ij
participated in tlw t-xistin rebellion
exvpt 84 lufciealVjr wxcejitsd. tiini
a full par lon ia "ranted to them, and
each ol theui. with wstoratUu of all
iin!it. if thit J pa'itieshlw'd inter veil
d, nnl :tpn tiio condition tiiat eve
ry aneh pers'Mi shall takj and sn!i
scr.ho on oath, anl ihuncvfurward
keep and maintain said oathduviohitr
anil which oaill hdl Iw re)ci4tered
for perojatont preatrvati'Hi, and ahii l
ho i tho tenor .and tllect follortiu;i.
tldo 8lem'dv swiiir, in presence
ot Almighty Ood, tlmt I will ln-iic-..-
furward faihlull.v snpis'r', p'o't
an.) ilelVhd the UtHHtitutmu ol tin-
United States.and tlio Union of States
iheio under, and ih-it I wiil in like
ujannvr abide by and taitlilully sup
port nil acta ul'Ooiuress passed dm
t,itt tha retiullion with ruteronco tu
slavos, an lonj: and so tar us iM yvt
reinaied. modified or held VJid hs
O.iiKTk'firf or liv decision . ot llio 511-
premo Court, und thai 1 will, ,jn like
manner, alnde iy anu laiimuuy aup
port all pri claiiia'ions of the Pres
ident made daring the existing rebel
liou. havirnr roftrenco tu slaves, s-
0112 and so fur ai n.'t u odifled ordu
chired tiod by decision of tho Su
premo Court, so belli uie U '."
The persons excepted from the
benutlfs , ot the foregoing provisions
are all who are or shall have been ci
vil or diplouiiitic rdi..rs or agents 01
the so called Confederate Goveimuent
all who have let judicial stutioiiH un
der tho United States to aid the re
bellion ; all who arc or shdi have
betn military or naval ofUeeis .of :hu
rank of Colonel in tho army or Lieut
enant in the tiavr; all who loft Boat?
in the United States Congress to aid
in the rebellion: all .who reiigne-d
their coniuiiasioiis in the Army ai.d
Navy ot the united States, and alter
wurd aidjd the rebullion, and till who
have engaged in any ay in treating
culoiod persons or white persona 111
charge of such otliorwise than lawtnl
Ivas prisoners of war, and which
nerions may hi found in tho United
States servica an sddiera, saaiuau t-t
at;y otlier capaci'y.
Acd I do lurthor proclaim, dcc'iirc
and make knuwn, that whenever, in
any of the States ol Arkansas, Texas,
Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee
Aluliama. Georgia, Florida, South
Caiolina and Noitli Carolina, a num
ber of persans, tint le.-s than one
tenth of tlm number of the votes cast
in audi St.it.' at tho Presidential olo;
tior., of the year of our Lord 1SG0,
;ich luivii'g ta!;en tha oatu atoresaui
and not siiko violated it. und b'iiu-'
a (inalified vter hy tho election lawe
o; thu State, existing ininudhitely be
t'no tho so called net ufHesesitiiMi and
excludiu all otheis, s'aall bjesta'olis
ho I a State G ivermiunt viii.tii sh.if.
bo It.puhiicau Und uwi iau eontrnveti
ingjiid oath, suelishali bo recug
nize l as the truo Govt-nnn-iit ol the
S'atc. and the btatc thail receive
ihcieunder the ben lits of the Custi
'lliiocal provisions, which d.x-larei-that
tiio Uo'-tod S'tltu-A 'nil. ill v' 1 UUl
(oj t j ev..rv State in t us Ui'." 11
II 'publican form ol Goveinin.ut, ano
ahalt . protect uacu ot tiioui ag.un-c
invasion, and on ai p'-ici'io'i ot'ih'-
L gisluturo or t'toiExccuiivj.. whe
the litislalure coniutlij uonvwUd
agaiust do. no-tic violaueu
And 1 do lurili.r proclaim, declare
anl iii.iku kno.ui timi aoy piMvi,i.)u,
.vhi. h may b; adopted h such S at -Goveraniuiit,
in ro'atiuii to the- treed
(rjopld of bueii ara'o, Avii.uu ah id ie-
111 1 deyia.'j. tne.r pvrni.inon;
tiociJo 0. ua 1 iu'ki' ioii t i' itiuir ud.ic.i
tioo.aud wuu.i may vtt uic-usistcpt.i
f ivhie.i
as a . to.uijor.iry urr ti 'emjut wittiit
t icir presoir -co i-litivti ai a A -ring
1 in lies an i h ruleless nuss, vv I i n
bj .'ohj.cted tc by the tatiJiia! Em
cu'ivo. ' . I
A ml it suggcity-1 a) not improp
er, that in.ejustractin si' loyal State
(J jvern n int ui iffm,ytl t-'jo name
of the b u"ii Iryl . i U uW i v U ii t". . the
CoUiUtutioii, and the Federal cody o
'ul tu.l'.ir.. (Tin r.l!i. ill i.iil fu. nidir.
tainod,.8uhJectuly to , mwdilicAtioug.
hiido noeeiiary' by tde
. conuii'OJii
htteiaaftcr BtateJ, and susuiais,
bo- pro, it to say that litis lJro
tojState sha'1 1.0 admitted to sfliita, con
thestiutionally real exolumvely with
t'.av, noMt;.;'-i:r.n.r said cvn litinu,;by
sihich may bo deemed expedient by
'.hose fra inn, ttm new tjra'.e 'rovem-
meuS. To uviod rn'euuderstddirtif.'
i! unt.tion. s fir a it relates to State
Xlivcrtiinenta, hai nn
re'ornej to
States where:n loyal SUto O.iri ru-
meuti have all thu while been wain
And Ic the snmoreaoti itraY
proper to imther uy ilint w'-iethir
inombers sent l Loiiy;res Imui tu y
'th - i roapoc'.ivo homes, and stilt turth
r, tliat this privlaiu-iti m is iotoade 1
to prtsent to th pooplw of the States
wherein tho ?utunal anttiortty has
been suspended, and loyal State Gov
erumetits havo lien : subverted, a
modo hy which the National authori
ty ov r every h'.vul State Government
tnnv le cstublishtd within aaid State
or upy of them, and while iho mode
presented is the oest the Exectittve
can sniiiioat, with Ids present imprea
hour, it must not be understood that
another ptauible mod a outd not be
Given under my.lmnd. at tho city
of Washington, tho eolith dnv id D.f-cemlx.-r.
A. D. one tlionsaud eiuh'
hundred and sixty three, ami 1 f the
ndopendencn of the United States ol
Auiincit tli.; eilitr eighth.
By the President.
By the President. WM. H. SEWARD, Sec'ry of State.
Rebel Congress.
Thtf Uuhei SeQ'itehas passud alav
inakiiw a oistinction iKrt ween utir
AniL-rican soldiers of Alricaadrscent
wh wore Ifvol ai.d unlisted in t! 1 el
north 'Uiid slaves. Iitf this law the
t . 1
MnviH uf.. rfiurnijj r.v men mas'ers.
mil tho tVeo n'lk'ii.rj are to be sold t
iho hiest bidder, .this i in accord
ance totlio old U 'tistitutio i, txa.-pt
a- to the free H'wom. It ocetus tiiev
w li not even reSjiect A;ju'a last pro
clamation t it ita tubus pardon dow v
in wix e fi.
Both houses of Congress met on
tbo C'h mat., and the llonse wns or-
a:uii-ed by the Election ot'Collux of
Indiana as Gletk by uvoto ot 101 (o
JD. Colfax. ts a radical from Indiana!
0n Wtdi:etday,- at tji'Onthe Preai-I
.! J 1:.. -1 . .:
'Jtm uienane w oenvviu ly 11 e
WoU30. iNotliiogot general niterett?
has yet transpired in either House.
Sksatk, Due. 14 Mr. Halo luiv
ini obtained corjetit. intruducu-i ai
1.,. 1 IF. Iu.
.. . . . . . '",cr"B" l,,u. rc
oeonui, uy pi 011 luiung uie uoiain
in aui vituUe pt auj'
l,Pinna :n ,i,
per.giw Jn uit
country, except uu contract. Order
ed to bo printed.
House. Mr. Fernando Wood in
troduced a resolution providing tor
the appointment of commissioners to
go to Kichmotid, with'u view of ar
ranging fot die ter 11 1 in ut i 1: 1 of this
bloody destructive mid inhuiiiAU war
and securing jua.o nu ler the Con
stitution tipun ti.ris of justice und
Mr. Eliiott introduced a hill to vjb
tabiidi a btireiiu in Emancipation,
(.-furred to Select Committee.. To
protect negroes.
Mr. Stevens also introduced a bill
to fix the pay of eJored chaplains
and tniioiciiics. Iwuln red to 11 (Join
ini.tjj on Military Afi'.iirs. .
Mr. Stevens also introduced a bill
to hx the time lor holding elections
lor Representative to Congress, und
to enable coldiera to vote tor State of
lie rs. lielerred to Ciuuuitteu on
Many oilier hr.s were introduced
und re It 1 re J, including a hill provi
dmg lur
l'evtuitidg uegioesiu uieur
reclionury iWsiints, wluur was refer
red to the CetMiihtee ou Military a.'
fairs. Several billc were introduced to
repeal the Fugitivu a! ive Law, mul
.tuieiid tlie Coiiat tutioti to us to abol
ish slavery iu ad the Sottos , wliieh
wore lelcired
to the Lomujitteu on
1 1 io J tidiei-uy.
Mr. Luvrj y in'ruJtiocd a hill pr
vi ling that ail persons held to slavery
in State and fcint'ii'ic-, ahall bo dc
ebtred free, and all perjonb go de
. ial'ed shall, bj ;irodcted the bame n
rt'hite ini-u now ure, hy the Con tiu
jum; any one se z ng suc't fried per
a ins tu reduce thuiu to slavery, shall
oe declared guilty ot Ingli ui td in .
u a; Mi l on C 'livxtioii, be puuibhed.
dU i'ahid to protect lived men. un.i
iu provide for punishing ; hose who
atlenipt to etielavu I hem lijieneo
to i.'.o Judi'eury C Jiniiiittee.
M' , .1n4iJ imrudiut;1 n l.ili t.;.jl
- ie
r.s iLlil .ii currjiiit; "Ut t:u im-
.uciii.ito eX.-ciiti i;i of the E n i..cipu
tiofj Proeiaiu ii'oi; uf January l.lsiia
aod pio.iili.iiug t ie rc-euil.ivtimuuif
perso is debiguatod tlierom. iijfcr
red to the Juiicimy Couniiitteo.
Miri VfiUon introduced a hill to
auiuu l the' CoiiBtiuitiou deciax.ng
kl ivery incompatible - with Dee Guv
truiueiit iiud is. .thtr(?for, prohiLiit
ill tin. tli'iil.'.jl V1.1I1.9' . 1
i. ,uw wiiiiuM pimva, nuu . OBI VJlllUc
is prohibited except ibr the pu'uish
j.iueu ui e:iwoi, .ana oongrebs 8lil,
i'Jajcf'oWt to vaforw tliU
iuK'vf lug resolution :
Uumii i-auo im mho'oI impftt
appropriate legislation, ltefeired
tin: JlnvJ iciurr Committee. , ;
. I1 erriarrfo Wood submitted the fol-
WiiKnKAB, a he President.' in lis)
Mesago ilulitvcml to this Ili'.isv) ii
tUhh instant, in hid reconwneiida
t in 10 the pet p'e toatsetr.ble'nt their
ulaei-a uf woratiij) to jjive tl anlis to
OdI fi r nfetit.victoriif, thiiniR that
aiit and ml t;..ii".id uuv i ti.Let; i nd
Wiikkicas, In view uf t Ik-si- tii-
it is no luiitr heno.ith our
iluiiitf nor dan"i.T"ii9 to o-ir suli-tv
to evincd a fjein rous majnunimity he !
co jiin a great and liuw'erttil puople, 1
oy uu. nii like lnaiirenr an t'p
port unity to h'tnrn to tho Union witli
ont inipo.'ing upon them degrading
or da.-trnctive conditions; then-loir, 1
llinalvi'.d. That the LV-sidt nt h
n-questod to appoint three (Jouiniis-
sioners, wii snail ho empowered to
open negotiations with the authonties
at h'chmonJ. tothOen l that thu
hloedy, (lest, netive and inhuman ar
shall ceasH, und the Union be resioi-
upon terms of equity Iraternity
and iqiiality, under llio Coititu. ion.
Mr. W'mhhtirno, uf lllinoia. moved
tliejreiulution he laid uu :!to table
Agreed Yeas 93, nays 53.
Uhited Statics Cuukts; Thu case
o? J. L. Armttt'oiip, oil t ho cliurjio nt
liarh"iitii ndisi-rfer, (his own am.)
Wns concluded yesten-ay. T"u jury,
alter half an hour's deliheratiuii, it
nined a verdict of gud'y; The
judge thereupon sentei'eed the pris
oner to Bix months cohliemt lit in the
pmiitentiiirv, ii n J 10 pay a Ihie ol one
hundred doituiS.
iMtll. On IhaVlli, In-t. Mm. SIBIA
UOUliK. In thj thirty ix.a ir tier uyu.
DlHUIIM) Uuuunipl iuQ.
1 Mr DjI ', tu it Ia l.r f( rari aouoinplmli-
laonta, tj & nuita wu!l itoreit wait gtimrjl
kauwhdga, hIio ailili-il a kind an I niniabln Jin-
po.-itioti, tlutt wun tl.o dxtgtftu uii'l f,ooA with
ofullbvr noihbciB. iuiJ a Jrge virola of uo
qa.iiii'.ntKB. ll-ir ro:ii:iin4 worj fullowoJ to
tiiuir lmt rusting pUt on Jjbbi:h, bukia
S p c t i ;t I l (j t i t f s ,
! B
It Km l)iiif bo'iu tho aim if rliv-
ivUn to dud n uoiiilitnaiioii rf
meJUliina Luv'wi); tho ri-quiailu rll
iiinlutinir Hiid Iolu 'I. uiittiti tu
inliav an l ciira t'.o oommon ciii
ii-i i.i ii.i.iiirut ill-ill ti,ii
uor. Luigii-r lleixtiicha. I,iwr.-w
"f SpicilB, Ilid!ei"ili)ii. JunnJii o.
Fvuc ami Aj;ns to. wliUli ara
yjJ iHUMlHVIIM9 iiwiuuili Vi mi. uillillk'i-
'Sl Thu roinojy ha Iwon .tin'ovcrm!
f by Dr. fnhiiok. nn in luounamta
ul cuaaa um ittarita of hi Bittaia liuvo breu tS.t-
toaintlm above complaint, itxrt there h but
una volau from llio rauhlo. iul th it in In fuvur
f tl- truly wucdarlul Ston aoh. Bittora. Wa
ftn whrt ru fli(.tBa aj nt!c.l nn aareea-
blu lonii! fur llio tmtibioa nbuva inilu'iiuxi. tu
eoifliiiuiii'u Btou.'t; uAng tl-i'm Iii'.tirn. Kca Ail-
vprtxmi' nr.
DtS K AS ES O I' Til H M E It Vl lis. s km -INM..
SYS riC.MS new .mid reliable treatment -in
Koimruof the UDWAItf) AS30CI ATIOK-,
Sut by mnil in maleil lelter envelope. I'rao nt
eluiren. AJJri, Dr. J. SSIU.! HOHiill
roN.Iloarar.t A-axiiation. No 2 South NiutL
Streot. Pliiliidel.iiu, Pa.
si arc h, a Lh lang - l-r.
The ( rent CHjc.j ilAst;ily for Secret
InnroaJionta purely veifutabtcj pleasant totlio
tune ; lua no bul u-lur. ami may do currii-il In
ihn vet pooKot without l'earf dutfition. price
f 1 ii box xeiii P'wl p-ii'i to 11 i y nUiirensiy
J.I. KKOMHJK. 403 C!ieli,ut Nt. liil.
Ciruularacnt free. Seja. 17-63-Hmo
To Nei voiM Sufferers of Dotlt Sexes.
bi-eii rcaturo-i lu health in 11 fuvr ilava. alter un
tHnn n ft nil tho 11 s n u I routine und irr-'gnlar ex
jiynaivM mixle of treit'mcnt ithout atirouna, 0 n
i.lnr it liiMHuoruil nuljr V coniiuuiiioiite to 11 -iiflliotel
fellow tri-uturv the inoana nfenre -Hence.
011 the receipt of nil uihlri'ono.l unvvlope.
lie il I n-ri.l (freu) a i-npv nf thu pieM.ii timi
nmjil. eiireciiuii. .iomn .11. imonall, 100 rill
1 toil Struct Itrookl.vn. Mew Vurlt.
March. M.iy. .July . Sep.. N"V . Juti.. ly.r.
Cui'i't'pnudi'iicc Wauled.
Uyilireotiavui.il Feative voniic C.ivilry
:nen nl'KinuwIu Villi, y. wA to ti ran oiiil
with a'.n iiitniliur of riini 1. 1 1 ia who deom it
worthy of 11 reply, l'iteh in "JirU. now i onr-
chiiiiuu. ul'jo't; lun. Invu unit iniitriuiniiy. (he
latter pr.:friij. All letter coiifi.leiitial
bend ph ' aiel n-i-eii our iu return.
Ladle. .f Victuii, C'i.. Uhi'i, prulured. ''
Hsrry I'nnuh,
Co. O. 2nd V, Jnhii L'loura-attor
Cifuiry I'hurle-ton Va. Muiuitian JatU.
11 .-v. -z in
. .. . t ia.1.1 .1
;:l. i
ilflu Dfrhscmcnis.
Iterebv itivoii. that ti e CcmmU
i cijiioie
of y mt it County, Olii", "ill o'i
Tkt iirdiiy of lar.ui'y J ty of 1864
Butueu ihelmnr of twelve ..'duck, A.M.
andtwooV'l'i:( I. M . on aid day, lt lo tlie
lnwei-t re-pun nib 1 't hjdder.lhe hui.din nf
bri'lire aoruai but Unoooou, naarK'ner lluwkih'
in Wilki-avillo Tuwnhiu. in airld Oonnty. fr
irliich purpotbe Uoiiiini-kiouer will meet at
Uie place wnora aatit .iiraugn 1 propoavu w at
vnilt, ou ruid uay. :
iiy-order Of Comrriiaalrmara, :
Tlco. lT-b M I'r VM'n.n,
ji;srlQU?tftuci Jmt. r vr. Qow.
llelltillllt .VlilStilV.
Tim uudor-ia-ned wtabe tu Inform the cl ina
ifVt.ii -n. itu fiai-roat Mat Oi tatte.. tbt imy
heeatalUiahed .Narr; .t MoArbur -
uikidu cuuatint v uu tiauti. every vartetv.i
. r , - , -
We now otter for kale, 80.000 Apple tree a,
3D 0"0 Pouch uoe, Pear, Cheirjf, t'iutobdKa
uf the very but vaiiotie.
- Tbt-ee -tree have sU been raiaed -in Ilockicg
County 1 and being :aoolimat:d ere preferable
lotrooAabipped from other Utttoe T boy ere
two years old thrifty and in the bet condi ion,
ail W ak i that tUoed vlahittg Ueo a 00 Did
call JtUii e fur Ibemaelvei. ; , ... , . j
4pr?H iu cvn j' Tiiwn nuA Coyn
IT. ioeli Bull s !Nely l'lileultrt
63. v :
5. li I
T i)1 13 UACH INt ..i lum.nin. up breiaiU
1 (ri.ii.ir. iu fflr. rl.iir. cxrtly like lin
rwvp. inm 1'inlfi't lid nurii fiixltr. ai
H)nf la ur Hi ub lu tbnaJ, iil.iii(. i j, linen
Ilk a Irylle nun i'iu -noilo (nil
cun 1 1 1'Uul.i.nd at any Hon- I'ur i-ix i-.-nii a p
1 ir.) lualini? a uiiifi rm lrnff r M.u't i-liu h.
lAii of ih ni.arnle.-. It will n?w anv V liu
of mutcriul Mint ri-qnirf th" ruiinlnir atltuli
wcijflin no pern (1. anil cun be fiirrii'il lit t):
potki'l rr work box ami in i aranfrml 'o hi
aitncl.vil fi.r ci-o liia inliK'-tup ur work amml
ti)i Jiifoli"iia thiit a cliild bo can r-ai'
lunt ('( i-Mlr it wilbi-ut iiMlructiona.
MiIm mjicriiir tool, und lurgj t'ai-ilitif-a ft-rmnii
ntiitiiiriuK uahla iialoju! tl nn in ha mar
ket at Ilia low prloo of i .lollarK by ro'nil.
Uf Fer furtlipr pariu lar. applv to
J,l. DALL. Grin-al Afrt.
R-nlii-iiir. N. V.
Deo. loth 1S6S- Smo rr A.M.UjtuoiH A Cn.
1 1), in,
0 V T a E ,
Hcsi and Cheapest Cash
A full Stock uf every variety of
.Q fj.'f L E II Y
nf which I wi'! Sell bs cheape lie tl.'
cheapest for Oath, or exi-hnngi? fei
Country Produce at tho hiahi si
market rates. .Cull and be convinc
I'd' V. ' . '
Dec. 10-fiS-Jvr E D. DODGE.
IN pumiant of Law tin time fur liuldinir ll..
Pialiriet Cmirta and Oniirta of Common Pirn-
in the yevcrnl Ciniith ol the S"vttitli.In,li- In
D'm'riol nf Ohio for llie earlES4, uit filed
follow to-wit : ' "' . '
W,liiDgtnn April 18th, Me!;:. Acr'l 2V
Oul'.ia , ' iirni, T.-mrenoo. ' ?J'
.-lmn ' '.7ch. Vike' 29
Vin"n Mv 2nl;- Ferrv 8-.pt. i
KaiifiM Sop-enibcr T h H u-kt-.ir ' im
Aih'na . 'l luiH JaeTta.in " 1VI
- Perry oircb,' U'.b. Mjr', ' 2-Jrl. October
Ilookltnr. Febnrar 93. May IS. Octr-bar 3
I airfield March $3- .Tufto 6. NovtunberT.
Lawrenc Febii'rary 9tb Slay lOtlt Boptcm
bor ?Oih,
Vinton Fobnrary 9th May lOlb Beptambot
.taelcann Febnrnrv 2!ril Vnv 24tb Oi-. JSlb.
I'lke M iri-h 8th June 7'h Nnermher 15' h.
Bi-toto M.i'cli 15'.h June U'h November lt
THIRD RtinDIVIsifiW. '
Wabtn?ton Febnrary ldlh May ITfh Sap
te'ni-r Jt'h.
Aibona Kobnnry SS'h May !Hli Oc'Jr'12tli
yfXgi Mil roh T'b.lniie St1' Opti-ki,- t4tb.
' Chi Hi a MMrch 14th .Inn 13th October !'
W. W. lOiIN'arON, 1 .ImWr nt the So
J'HIN WKT.fH. enib.IndUtt Di.trit
, . .TO'iN I'. "I.TI.T, . of Ohio. .
. p. V ANTRUM l. . J
' The Stalo of nhtn. Vlron fonnty.
I Hfnrga Lanu fl.uk of th O-nrt of Con-
roitl'les In and fur aaM 0"tin'y d herehv
i-erllfy thattlio tt-f ioj ia full and irtia fnpy
Kfiiiiler nxmaine nine or imKntij uonrr. trv
aaid fli'veutb Jndicial IJUtltet now on file in
my Mtttoe. ' -
tn r Oien on-Iar mr hanrt and aeatef
oLO Office at M.-Arihi'if-. thi TlU day rf
Decern bi-r A. P lBr.J. ,
Doc. 10th 18f-8. Clerk.
State of OMn, VinOn Cvun'y.
Neil dt Eherheart, l'llfla. Ia C ar of
Hifuiiiat . Commou Plea
John Shi-eekeBifailat 4n.v.
J. C P. B.own, . ' j on Eieooiion.
PUItAfjANT to tho e-omwetid ofn order of
ale in 1 he ahotre riBfe to rre rlireoted frnra
the Court of Common Plsae. of the efer.ald
Coun;y af yinton.I uljloff.r at. puh'io mU, at
tli duor of. the liatt Iluear, In the Town of
Ale Ar b'ir, in aioraaid Copntyof Vinton', 6U .
.i, Monday junurary iht 4li 1834. -'
Botwren tho honr of ton e'oock A.'.MiHirl
four 0 elQk P. M.,'of -aid day, . th Wloli;(j,
He t-l iit tlinated - u llie town of MeArthnj
VtitawnajonntT . .-. -w wilt In-lo unmher
o hundred' end twony-t. a reooriUd in
IV" r " l.h ru"0-,''wiArlbnr Oli .,.
I " '? P'l"J Mreeseapmet
v-: -'
inraUed aa filli-vaa. to..a:t t . m.
'j dfnd bollan, and mue, bring two-third cfthat
wu in 1
TERMS OF BALK, h In hard ?
-', J. J. McDowitt, ASCII - N0RBT3.
.:. . Awy. lor P ttf.. '.' . gig. V. Co.0.
Nov. Slih 1!A3-Sw. .
Sovt.l7-J-tf. - . !
13 At
Aai Irara (Kit rvrfrot ml mdlcal onra I 1
m 1 I ... -11 1 .M .AIlnlMl mlh 1
eVbllky, Mmmt cmpUlnli, Bncliul tlioojraia, Aj
sraailoa of eolrUa. eittnaa ao4 annUh t rniai, laat m
iMfi, SoMof BiaQfyltiMaeiMrgyaiiSaa.-DUf pwwwr
mdj gritk, waitlag amy,ase a wat of eoeBiWna Ik
IheiaadTte, tlstls t'-U wnrjSstTS tllaja, Utf
Imk aad dlagaat of lifc.
Ats. .
Aoom phyaU-itnl iTTirrn to ha WS the mtan
not. Hirr6ictka.)wW(jelbahuiBaaijWBawl
thu puat, ai4a luorinul ynttoi ugaw
Ma cun. AaJ. ! ! ylun Mill.b wMI hoo. .
my aad frankly uU h.lr yoa a tm4 or eo. .
Thli will aalUfy jxwr alo i, and aaw foe th.
Br,al4,adailpolatnint. It will b (be
wrinc roe maay a dollar i It wfU aa yow tulth.
ami. 'lit I. b.itr than all. tt wlU 1 r
iMin tUortnil k wranj irwiimfnU
Ilia iuniuiiina ai niwla wlinnot any innrnaiioi
from lha pollont ; thartfcra he tlieroMhly aaittla
llioir HiyiclcuaaillBaa4 FhranoM' al mwpS
wlihont which ha uwr eouW h pi-rfcniwd J
tonlhlni cori. tt ihniiW be rwiimtM. that thla
Bulanle I'hjah-iun rfonna enr-w tttunght '"P0""'"-
If tjii havo trlwl ..iliart aul K"t nu n Uuf, If Tu wtob
u..y rl hMllh unJ II-. if roil ura wlaj "
IriJa.null Dlt. nAFtfAKMlia B0UI1K rhyalctaa
AH 1U cumranulcaili.n, aud liirUiw UleO
(iriiil, and euaBaaoiiiJ. AfJieul eafW.
' Width 2 Firatrol.
il.-ar Hht ihi FI1IWI-I1 hi enrrMf-odant wye la the
r.03ionviMiili. n'iiw!::;;ti;a, SXUi, Hh ul A;rU,
"At CmtlUh (ntlcaiui, fcrmariy oaoanotad wlla Um
Brltlah ArT. niid wliuitylM hlmfclf th ' innlnh Bo.
tnaic f Lysktiui,1 h-wi of lata gaini! an ezienAlre rapu
lluu bora i bin ikill In curing all nuwarr 4 oottaii
Seme of hit r"'i-"i'" I hava oonrer'd with. aa4 (bay
pronounc hi reoiwlii and nioU of treatniMit a iwj
m-rior. Samo hara hm-D roHturnd if by aiag la IVe
ntdlein h iwd I dl'llil-d by bimioU fruut varliaie
htrl-t ro-jlii(r rar cumtlva proptrtlM
Whlla ai'ilnK ia th nrnir h dwted hi kliuea
tDomenu to a thorouah tiuly of tlio efftelf pniduoad by
eprtalu aiedlcinal rouli and kurla) on all euantr of dla.
mi It mm lie una fuiuid a tnr. and -pwiy reawdy
fur all th ' 111 that own i, hlr to ' UU pnifUm it
alifady itimi, ami U daily tnornuinit. In lh 0"o
plain'! to wliieh hiuali-a are ulijwud h It noaqiul,
a a Ui no number hr li.ivc n-.tl!Wd Hint tliy oh no
only llitir yrcuint (uvl hi!Ui. but thtir Una. to thf
kill of 1I1U KDgluh UIiilo Pbymciaa." lit ofllo la
No. 60 cast nrTn strsst,
rnoM man and reliable au
thority. Tli Bilanlr Rtmwli of DiKtuT tUt-hnl. Ik XoIUh
Butanio fhrnirlmi, acror filled yt ki auk a pwibc,
radioal, and pormanoat cur of ALL
Wltliont th nw of Mercury, without hhvtraaee fmm.
kiulnon. and without faar of ditoorary or wpoeur. Is
dually polauni, inch at ananUi, nua miaioa, opiun,
anyollitr pnlaona. No mercury n-r any dwlly Rilnaral
n-ithlnit but pnralr Vt ftuhlo BouinKal aWunlliia are
na,d by till, wondarfiil B-Haulo T iijJciaa. Ill Botaglo .
Hooiodif narar yet filled to cur the root oUlirma
ad I he moat d.iDfferona caae. and tormiaall manerv
nd oll.tr loipiirltlti from th tm whan all lha
Euiiadio, ha.1 fallod. Alrdisoi Jmmxl.
Hour what th Bililinor eorrpondint of tha Mt.
f.lli.w, Buon,bvro', Uarylaad,aid o Tbunday, k DM
0 May, UKIt . , . , , .,
"flnmi-roncnrofdliaaai eanard liyaarly lnllaa.
li.m navlng bw n pi-rfurmod by tha KD!lh Uotanl Ph
ilatan. I awl II my duly, lia'lnir a Unowldtanf tana, Ut
Hat tha fact, boliwrioa- that in Johiitao I maydo a Mrrta
to th nflrln(f. One oa in pat Ooular-lhat of ayouug
raan lu thi city la worthy of noi. II lud baniu lt
rtetirn of a halilt, th mor allnaioa to wbkk
(lddar, andafiar year, of uffcrin aoddootorlui of
all beiiae of racnrary. H wiut to mtrryi
dirl; bolorod ty a aweat a girl a mnr llapad wor)
of -tacll.ui a.t Oa wu laarfal, narroo, and woaMwaM.
a darad vi we - oa eeonnt ef the hartajd
j hi iM . Ilo anaitht r-lU si tn hand of th Do.
Ml rbyi. r, and, lartoalfhia; ll maytym, U
o nd vigor of youth ha ratanwd, and 04 1 nw
tli happy (ttbarof pair of bright buy."
rfoar what th ClndsaaU Weekly Frm ay tktk
of March, IB:2:
Wa ar decidedly oponaad to drug and t adrtla4
wnodic fur th proTOBtlon of barluf cbttdran, bat waj
-1 11 our duty 10 arknoll,-e a UaoAl froia any aa4
at atery anuro when It i Ut tli relief of aiufortot
A r. , ... 1. . . . ,iim (v. mil- IraoiabMtn. aba
ought U.'l promulmlui nd wnl.-ly elreulatad for, th
bauaot of those bufla whoaa dallcat kaalUt Aukad'U
Herniary to prevent any Increaa of fanlly.
Aboal twalie uwmiha after nwrrlvsa bidyof aora.
qualulatio (aa cirlL. to a ilauglm-r, bat hr eaaarioM
wareeo zraat that bur phyalclaua dupaiml of bar rasa.
ry. Tbli ruadaberdread tuavaiylhongataef aaiarak
eumlna a a.olhar. 6be tried even thiua to prvraal e
ranatliinu ofbur anlbrinin. but without naoiadtBi
f. Twe
v.uirai.ftAP mr-miiv all. U HaftlB OUtlfluad. bUt I
Lrlnn war in xront that tha child dlod, aad kr we Uie
wm ilninlnid of. bbe aa tuld by a w Uiuil phyncian
thaki If alia liA.l anv nitira oLUilrcn ba awuvil Imt llta wonIA
ba the forfait. Aa all th mnedie th kad u-M batw
liad fallad. ah acpUed to tu Itotaola rjalola, Ja.
w. 69 east nrru street,
roBRta .
Ulramedlehdlhdlredcflbtt; tty ootoaly pea
Vantad her from hiring ohlldMa, but they alas ImprawaS
ear heallb. " To raa read au. Taiao aa
The Bctanle PhyalcUs'o ntuclia cao b raaaqt.
mended, bacaua Ibay ar lnnocoi and ee. The
enarata witbool cauain aKkuaH or axaoanra. TtMjrdk
not In tartar with lb dirt or. occnpHSoa. Thar A
not Injure IU UalUi, tmi they ar rtin la
-if--I a Jt ralA.1a7 Bat M
U. KIwOa,ld.I,
Aayhoarnnarin.BmkBf lllhelrepUUH,
ean call oa to oucaaie Hnyawtaa eosadaatlaUy. IW
may riy upon natof. Ui ottoa la at , ,
. Betveeu Dyoataore Strwl and Broadway,
CoaanUatloa dally, loadaya MttrtoS. Oflke boat
Inn I A A. .11. t lkl I I-
r kreuua at a dlMaiKa) ma eumnnnirata ecft
nnriatx ey MMrr4l tny 1ecoiitlt DtiliLAB,j
Conaultatluti Fa, la acb letter All lattr.eumnMBia
calkm. and lotapnowa. ar Mrlctly pri'ala and oneS.
ikullal. Vo eoawar will b (i9 to Mur tt&laai Oa)
llullar I llidowd ConaulUlisa fa.
Audna all Ultan lUlnwa,
box No. 2463, post ornca, .
. 1 cadtioji to rut ruBita -
th-. TV.'Bj)hat ba boconm-eilun with PBOrESSOS
or Dr. W, M. aapliatd. or with any ether aanikaniaa
of the aaa uatue.
a Cut tut dTortlemat eai. Wkao yoe easm,
drlnt It with ye and thow it to the (1x1 hsfa
tuer. To prrranl BiMaAa. ak H
,j,HE Al'ecivtlle Steam flonriM m:l,br
I dergme a thornnfh repair, and the proprie
tor! wih to Inform the -pnhlie that thay ar
now prepared 10 do ill ctjatoui work v the estliej
ea'laractl'-n nf (h ir -otomere. - .
NEW MACHINES have been Mt to the
mill, and our friend will tad a rood work at4
SToml tnrtt rota aa at any Plbtr mil), g-iee i a
tall nd teat tb troth of wlut we aey.
Aeg th-S-tfe. H06TO1T 4. tTSSK.
h ATIEMION - IflLITli, r
-The roembcrs of Comptny B-tit K.
Vutun Count 0. H- re requirrd to am,
I I the usuhI pttce of Compter UBSttc. st
ihf Couri Houn, on ..,-
SATURDAY, the 13th In. btn th
hours of one snd Ave o'clock P. H - end
cerd. to elect one Captain to OU a oory
occasiusd by dpt. A. Norrlt iedKala
- Br erdor f ' .
' --v-' iE-AaSlUTTOCot
0. Gvb'.w, Ad

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