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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, January 07, 1864, Image 2

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cao, IjAholijh slavery, by direct Con
t;rMs::ril mciIjii, "hi tho narrow
j T'K-r s:rip,'v exempted Leretofore
I'le'tidci'it because f ihe leyalty
of too people. Tlis. wo suppose,
ttio rvaid of l heir fidelity. Uut,
wfi't comment. Ra liealVn, Ilka
trpVeii fever or the smallpox, has got
to ru itn course. It the sick and
IVf dnlin'oM l-j ly-pf'lific survives,
Ironton Times.
7. . A. BP. Vfj'tlX, : !
'. -r"4 ; if" rt.Tt-rLC f,r ;
white h;.n En all kite auhrica."
MoAl.TllUK, OHIO :
TnirUDAY ---fun 7. 18(11
VtllEKE HE IS. and tio Knfiirceinoiit
of the t.uw- HtrUtit all Olllcr who
have r.stupcd Authority, well r
I'toplo wlio Cdiimit Urcnchcs ol
Negroes at the White House.
On Newyears day our Negroes paid
their respects to tho Pietddent. Shook
hands cordially with Abo wishing
Liui a happy New yonn. What do
our anti-equality Republicans of Vin
ton think ot tl.fs opining of J864.
Thu rrcbi'lt;iit on the first day fishing
for U'ZftvT tottH, n'l riht iB it ? It
hinted also that some intelitrent con
traband inny bo iu our next Uabinot.
So we go.
From Columbus.
Tho DouKonvtn of the Legislature
root in caucus on tho 2nd. an 1 after
cun-i'ittutintf, adjou.rsod to meet on tlio
4th, at 0 o'clock A. if Tho follow
inir. from" Sunday moruitis 8t;iros
nia i, etiewi the result of tbu Repub
Tho-Ropiiblic-in Minn burs of
Ohio Senate held thoir first caucus
tlm Sonato Clumber, last night, and
fcominated thoir Clerks and Sjr-jieants-at-
Arm?. There were ooly
ninateeu Senators present, ont
twenty nine of that political school.
Tli a nominations are as fallows.
Chief Clork, Williuin E. Davis,
Cincinnati; 1st Assistant Clerk, A,
P. Miller, Editor of the Lancaster
Gas -tto, 2nd Assistant Clerk, Sid
ney D Maxwell, ul Dayton; 3rd As
sistant Clerk, John M. Edwards,
Mahoning conidy: 4th Aesistpnt
Clerk, J. C. JJrowneil, ol Stark coun
y, Surgonut-at-AjniB, James Sto
ver, of Loijnn couatvs 1st Assistant
SrgsaDt-8t-Armn, Alexander
fchepard, of Gallia comity, 2nd As
nistact Sargtiant-at-Arrtis and Post
Alnoter, James Howard, of flarri
sou county.
Tlio Republicans of tha ll-mse,
7ere in caucus, in tho Hall of Rypre
ser.tativcs, at the same time- the Sen
ators wero making their nominations.
Only fifty-nino ont of seventy-four
Republican Members wore present
There were spirited contests for
tho positions in the Uouso, and. their
wero swarm of candidates The notu
ineo or.Spen'kor bad thirty votes
tho second ballot just onongh to
liira through. Dr. Scott, of Warron,
and Abner Kellogg, of Ashtubula,
vere bis competitors. The following
are the successful candidatss of
II ODBC Oaacns:
Speaker James R. Ilnbbell, of Dob
aware; Chief Clerk. Captain Abra-
batn Kaga, of Sidney, Shelby county,
an ex-editor; 1st Assistant Clerk.
Codding, of Medina; 2nd Assistant
uiyk, J, D. Bttncj Editor of
Madison county Union; SereeanUat-
Arms o. C- S. Miller, ot Iloeking
county; let Assistant Seiaeant-at-
Arms, S..nuler. ot Hamilton coun
ty; 2nd Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms
anJ t ost ilaiter, if. x. Suit, of Guctn
ey county.
Wniuc at Uerry villo, Va wi ites
army correspondent, we established
our I'nts, and all persons residing
within them and wishing to go bey
end them rere required to take the
oath of allegiance. An "intelligent
contraband," wishing to go through,
on learning the requisition, very in
nocently asked
What is da oath I"
'Yi n ninBt support the Constitu
tion," replied the marshal.
"Why," said Sam, I can hardly
support do old woroan.times is so bard.
The marshal lotbiai pass.
the Richmond
Tho French Emoeror. whoso fli t
is blockading the porta of Acnpalo
and Su .B'rts Mexico, luw given or
ders to allow tha American packets
betwoen B in r nuicifcj ana I anamu
to touch tlwro for tbs purpose ot re
newing their coal supplies, If they
atand in need of any
A CunfoJerite b.ickade runner tins
been cap'uivd in Dobcy Sound. Gt.
Some the Caoctuw Indian Chiefs
who huve been aotiu ' for the Co.i-
fode rates. Imvd coium into our Hiimh
and desire a pejeo With our Guveni-
The rn!o in retVromv) to passen
ltb Waving New V rk lor forcig.i
ports, r quiring theiu to hitve puM
poits. is extended to foreign vessck
The Eiijilieh bnrk Circaaian h s
u h't- d New York for complie
Uy with tiie rebels, an! many arrests
innJe on boar l of her.
Tho navigation on tho Mississippi
Rivir is uow less interrnptel, owinz
to iho strict gunboat patrol.
It id Utlrived that Iiulirtiiola and
Lavaca. Texas, have been taken po
se68ion of by the Federals ere this.
uid that Suti Antomo will sjoii to.-
low suit.
General Ulman. of New York, hfis
not been captured by the rebels. The
report to thut fctket is not truo.
Culpepper, Va , and its vicinity is
now occupied by a Btroug body of in
fantry. Our Washington special stateB that
Colouel Baker, who lias ban detain
ed to investigate matters connected
with Con wall's (Treasury) theiving
operations, has made some important
i.'iacoveries. It appears from Corn
wall's confessions that thero are o til
ers in the Departmetit'engiiged in ab
stracting money, The detectives are
o:i their track.' Tho suspected par
ties cccupv positions of great trust
nour the Secretary of the Treaury.
Tho old Capitol Prison tit Wash
ington is daily lecsiving accessions
.it t.riatinRrn fioiu men oonconwod in
stealings upon the Govcroinent that
havo beon found out. If the prac
tii'.i of Tiuiiihhini? men for fraud upon
the Uovernment is conumiei, mere
will have to be a ten acre lot enclosed
to bold them, so great is their num
ber. It is taid that thoy are oven af
ter those moat loyal patriots Con
tractor! Tho Message and Amnesty Procla
mation ot Preeideut Lincoln are gun
orally regarded in Europe as iiu
practib'o. Tlioro aro threo hnudrod cuaes ol
small-iiox reported in the Federal i
army at Danville.
Tho Array ot the J'otoraao are mua
oou.id iu camp. Several veteran
regiments of that army have gooo
homo to recruit.
Congress in about to give becretury
Chase power to negotiate loans on
wliatever terms ho pleases or uidizes
best for the public intorcst.-' This is
an immense discretion to p.aco id
bis hands. .
Tho draft will be enforced not later
ban tho middle of January.
It is thought that in a tew weeks
nearly the whole Potomae Army will
re-enlist for the war.
We have the news of a small Fed
eral success near Harper's terry,
h ia not belioved in Washington,
according to a special correspondent
..r the journals, that &ocretary vnaso
will issue any more legal-tenders, but
will carry ou the war herealter by a
l.mn. This idua will, we have no
doubt bo found to be entirely imprac
Tha rebels have flurcod to rccoE-
nizo the French Government in Mex
ico, iu return for tho French Emper
or, recognizing them.
Tho . Uuaneston corresponuent oi
the Boston Herald predicts that the
navy will take that place in sixty
days. '
the la6t order of the Array of the
Potomac is that uewspaper corres
pondents shall not publish the names
of the regiments that re-enlist, or
tho number that get furloughs.
The negroes bad a freedom jubiloe
in Norfolk on the first of January.
By an arrival at Washington yes
terday ot a gentleman airect irom
Richmond, the Government is in
nosseguion of important information
in regard to affairs iu the South; that
North Carolina and other localities
manifest strong Union sentiments,
aud that Davis bas said that the Gov
ernment can not hold together much
lnnffitr- and that a collapse must
n i
ahnrtlv OPfinr.
The officers and privates in the
Army of tlio r otoinao are already
discussing the next Presidency, and
Mneral Bentimont is in favor of Gen-
If.wit Oriint.
The uostoonejcent of the draft for
two weeks, it is reporteJ from Wash
;nfnn :a fur tha OUDOSO Of COmDle
tine the new regulations and instruc
f mm nnw nrananner ar me ur jj3
norfmnnt and assinuins the exact
quota3 to tlio several oiaies.-
ized yesterday, by the election of the
I'unni.Hr-nn candidates for Speaker
nA Clerk in both UoUSOfl.
Oeueral Stonemau aas boea super
flooded in the calvary com man J in the
Army of the Potomuc.
The weather in the North west is
'tho culdest kuon Pr years. The
j thermometer has stoo I it 3 ) to 40 de
Igroes below zero at Milwaukeo, Wis
!connin. ,
' r .i . n. .
muss irniivid iuo uovi.r:i(..uii
aro being discovered in mil'tary trials
at N oi folk, Virginia.
General Stoneman has resjgued as
Chief of the Cavalry Burean.
General Bnrosi le has withdrawn
his rcignatioii an I will be aShigrud,
it is riiii'reJ, agin to the o i;ui.iud
of the Dop.irtoK-nt of the Ohio.
According to a sensation letit-r from
Charleston, published in tho New
Yik Tribiint, that city Ins been
ininel, and preparations have boen
'inaJe by Boauregard for its destin'.
lion, it there u danger ol its capturo
It is understood th it Goaural lVse
crans is positively t take commar.i
of the Department of MLsouri, ii
place of General Schofield,
A bill has bean introduced into th
Senate restoring tho J 100 bounty to
veterans ni;J $.'JJ0 bounry to volun
reers until the 15 b of February, ami
bounty not exceeding $10 J to person
of Afiicaa descent resident in States
now iu rebellion.
Pass Your Paper to Your Neighbor.
We tako the following excellent al
vice from the Mt. Vernou (0 ) Ban
ner :
In times of a high political txoite
ment, men are more apt to bo govern
ed by ptission than reason. Now i:
the time to think to talk with kind'
neas to your Republican neighbors
concerning the serious condition ol
our atLir'j. The Republican po'i;i
cians try to blind the people by the
dust ot gunpowder, and to conceal
from tlum the extravagant j w'nch is
bringing ruin upon m all. They con
coal from the people thai Ohio's pn
portion of tlio public debt i. already
over two tumlieJ millions doll'ft !
And if we are not to be hopelessly
crushed by tarition, which continue
to grow beuvior, there must be a
change in the administration of the
0 mu'iimiMiti and means betaken to
preserve the Union and stop tin wild
expenditures of blood aid money.
Thousands of li ipnblieans now soe
this, an 1 aro deteriniuaJ tj act with
ilie Democratic party.
Kentucky will stand by Genera
In the Kentucky House of Ripro
sentatives" on Thursday, Calonel P.
B. Hawkins off--iflTtlia lollowingp.-e'
amble and resolutio:) :
" The- fame of Kb ti n.', bravo' a i 1
patriotic nio.i is part of the wea'th ol
tha tuition. That of patriots which;
bus been tested in bittle, doubly prz id
bv a grutolu'i people. Tho people 01
Kentucky aro grateful; they honor1
and love their gallant sons who, in
this terrible cival war, bve bien
found Ririiiliiitr to" nniuit ain th :ia-
...... , . ..nn . r
tionality of the Gov .rninent of the
United States un t the a-n-ient ren wn
of lhoCoiuaionwealth. In the list ol
their living worthies, proniinen!
among all is tlio nams oi lnoniaj
Luonidas Crittenden. Uis unshadow
ed patriotism, bio modesty nnu his
courage havo beon Bignanzou ii 'iu
tha begining of this rubillion; while
his fitnesj lor military commana, anu
lua dauntless courage were couRpicu
ons. and eminently recognizej ot
Shiloh, Stone River aud many othr
battle fields.
"Thia Lflirialaturo has heard that bo
has boen releived of his command,
and ordered to report to a military
oonrt, for examination of his conduct
at Chickamanga. No such court has
beeo convened, and none, so far as
thov have learned, has vet beon or
dered. They have, no doubt the reult
ot a fair investigation win not oniy
exonerate him from all censure, but
brighten bis fame.. Tbe soldiers of
Kentucky in the urge his return, ana
common justice demands his trial,
T. .'L .1.. ..- 7... 1 A.. . I r.
General Ansemblu of the Common
wealth of Kentucky:
"Itiat tne rresiaeni oi me unitea
States be and iB hereby reaue&ted to
convene a court lor the investigation
of the conduct ot Major uenerai uirt
tenden at the earliest possible day."
Exciting Times in the University
of Michigan.
Ann Arbor, Mich., December 1, 1853.
This has been an exciting day hers
Thd Abolitionist called a meeting for
to-day in the law building, in the
lecture room, from all the department
oi the Univorsity, of tbe loyal students
They bad previously had a Republi
can caucus, and appointed a commit
tee to daalt rosolutionsto censure those
whe went on au excursion to visit
tbe Hon. Mr. Vallandingbam.
At tbe meeting tho committee read
the resolutions, and they tbeu called
ont of their peculiarly loyal Wendell
Phillips men, and they proceeded to
harangue tjUo assembly on their pecu
liar loyalty, and to denouuee Mr. VI
laudibgham, tbe excursionist, and the
Democratic party in general. They
said thoy hoped no Democrat would
be allowed to speak, and, if they at
tempted if, they would put them out.
At this there was grate hissing, and
most of tho Democrats Melt. Whut
they pnt the resolutions to vote, they
was pretty equally divided. This
made them very mad, and they hissed
au J cheered, and clinered and hissed
a'teniata'y, aud linaly broke up in a
They then made a rush for one
that was censuring their proceedings
in conversation on the routrum, seised
him, and thero was a general rush,
iiue to rescue him, somo to mob
hi in. They passed over one very
lai;.o table, ttmnsUng it into shivers,
to the door thut lends to the ball.
Here throe or f ur Democrats plan
ted themsolvs, rescued tbe individual,
et him out of the door, an 1 Btoppud
he mob by brandishing & cai:o in
their faees as they chioo to tho door,
until tlio individual was out of their
reach. Tlicy let ton rush out then,
and in ihe yard there were several
erivate tassels, but, lourtunaiely, no
me was Beverly hurt. But if ihe
nob had :iot ben checked at the
loor, thore would undoubtedly have
occn several killed.
The young mun thoy Boizul was a
tanch Republican and Admiuistra
tion man, but merely differed with
them as to their right to censure a
person, for doing what I e bus a rigl"
to do. The whole proceedings show
1 by what spirit they wero aetuated,
ami to what law they resoit.
Increase the Pay of the Private
The Dayton (Ohio) Etnjiiv,n the
course ol n article upon tlio war,
says :
"II this war is to be carried on, wo
are in favor of increasing the pay of
private soldiers to from thirty to titty
dollars per month, and reducing ihe
pay of officers out haf, T:ie reduc
tion in the pay of officers would more
th io pay the increase to tlu soldiers.
Tliere is neither sense nor justico in
the disparity that. now exists.
'The lil'u of a private sol lier is as
valuable to hiui, an 1 as precious to
his family, as that ofan offljer. Why
should not tlii, universal public
sympathy for the soldiers and their
tamilies tao t us substantial s'laoe :
Why in !;e th mi depMU I mt up n pub!.
lie. in I private charity, when u re
ason lo iw!r!Hi3 of their pay wo'iM
levo t'uir families cornpaiativuly
; i:ii;or;a!oo I VVJiy shoiiid. the Gov-
einm.-nt pay the widow of a dead sol-
lo r, vvith n f i'inly ot i j titiita ;!i;1 1
ma, a i-iti'i'l pe'iisin of only eicht
Ti:l Vi per u:oatli, 'u 1 f i the widow
of 14 c irnisu 'iu I. oil! lei, with in-
'ln.-nMa! c iiMUv;riiin, inm thirty to a
' if tliis is h 'people war,' us it is
ila'uiii'l hv is a-lvi'cates' to bo, why
this inouslro.H and iiiirenvuia'.l.i dis
crimination ngainst those who bear
the burden und heat of tho onroitj"'
Soldier. HYMENIAL.
MAKRIPD. 'In t he !M of DcOnilier t th
rjr.Ktnu.i in M : rtiia-, hy K.K. V. lling.
Mr .U.Si'!-:i PIM.'IX, to .Mi.n SAK All
El.LEN Ui.l. it,il if Tiuton Co.O.
Special Xlotites,
SYSTEMS new an'l roiiablo treatment-in
S.;nt by mail iu ealol lotter onvelunea, froo of
ehareo. AdJre", Dr. J. SKILT.IN HOl'Oll
TON, Howard Awx'intion, No 2 S.juth Jiiuib
Striot, l'liilitdulphia, Pa.
March, 5th 18'13,-1-yr.
TheGrent Chinese Remotly fur Secrtst
IngreaJient purely veitHb!; ploannnt tothr
tnHto ; ha. no bad odor, and imiy bo carried in
tlio vet jiockot without fnarof dntetion. jirice
fl a box, sent pout paid to any addreiwby
J.I. KRO.IIEIt. 403 Chentnnt St, I'liil.
Cir.-ulurHont I'roo. Bopt. 17-63 ilmo
To Nervous Sufferer of Both Sexes.
beon restored to health In a few days, after un
dargoingall tbo nual routine aud irregular ex
naivq modes of troatmout without iuccosfi, oon
aider it his ftacred duty to comniunionto to mi
ajHietei follow creatur the meuon of cure.
Hence, on the receipt ol un adaresseu envelope,
he will send (freo)acopy of tbe preset iption
ned. Direct to D. John M. Pagnali, 180 Ful
ton street isroomvn, new lorn.
March, May, July, Sep., riov., Jan., lyr.
Ilitbu ck'sStonincli Bitten.
" ScjEiniTliUDEKT'il Orriiii
1, 1863.J
t'lNOlXEATI, tun4
To Di . C. W. Eobaoi:
Mr Dkab Sir : I am dispensing a second In
Toieo of yonr Stomach Bitter among th IorKo
,wlmhor of men who dally arrive at tliis Inttuu
Rn for rofresnmeut and rest. The universal
testimony is that these Bitters are the boat
mado. Kor the various summer complaints
which afflict so many, I know of no remedy so
safe anit so sure. I'fataroh says, "To ask a phy
nicion what ia euay and what is hard of digestion
and whut will ugice with the stomech. is about
assenai do as to-ask what is sweet or bitter, Or
sour." Turaona who look ont for breakers and
hsve yonr Stomach Bitters ia the house 1 am
snrowill never ash any one the foolish question
spoken ofby thj great phi lospher. 1 must not
omit a word or two for your Catawba Brandy.
I have many men hore who have brundy pre
scribed for them by distinguished Array Sur
geon. The offset of yours on such are beneficial
Fur moie so than from any previously taken
Persons who desire a really pure Brandy cannot
fail in their parchaw if they got your branl.
' I an., Doctor, with muoli reapeot
i Yoar servant,
G.W.D. Amdbiw, Superintendent
-! n,.n and manufsotnrr. Nob. 56, J3, 60.
and2 East Third ittM. For 1 swywhere
Not. 8tn i,-aii. wi
it in inr hon tiie mm c
An of
Iclniu to tina it cotiililnait
moJii'inos lmvlnj the roqmiU tl-
nmUtiDt mill loclo ('lopnullea to
mlii'va ani cure tlio eoinmon eom -
S taints of Biltlouitoaii, LivnrdWor
err. Ijoienor. liai txcha. Lowdm
1 .. 1 ... l .....11
Fuvur nii A?nu, &:.. wlibh rS
tho Jisonx incident to ihfn oliruK'c
fill M T!"1 roiticdy !;& been Ji....-.viTM
bv Pr. AlrtUi V. t.l In lhonr.d
of cues ttie merits of hi lli'ter bvo boon ti5
ted la the ubuve complnintn. mul tli'cre U but
ona voice fiom tlio poopln, mi l lint is in fvor
of tha truly worrtsrfnl Rtort Bh lliitom. W
mlvlsA all wlii uro nUi. ti-J n.l iki.1 mi (rr
b!a tonic for tlm tr. uHl.- hn in.livitcit, to
finnmoiici' l'.' u-ii:jj :l.ivc lii'.lir. S.M AJ-vatli-iiiu
1 K-
J tin 3bbcrtistmtnt5.
Stale f Ohio, Vintmi County,
William M. I'afori.-iu 11 iff. 1 InOotrtof
Biriin-t V Common l'l.a..
ltaiijamln Pill, Dofl.J VeuJl.
PL'KAVANT to liio coinuiund of no or.tpr Ot
ale in the ubuvo t-au-o to mo .1: i ucl 1 from
His eVii t 'if Common I'l ;, of the af re.-id
r.uu) of VintKit, I will i-ifvf it ulilU- s. ln. ai
'.tta il.,urofibn Court !! n e, iu the Tuw ii uf Ms
Artliur, in airenaid i-c unty of Vinton. t,u
lh$ Vl hdayof Filurary l3o'4.
UjItuuii tho hu'.'.r-i of ton o'cluik A. M., au 1
lour u'clo.-U I'. M., ot vaiil ilay, tlm folio t'n.f
property .o wits Thoimrth snd nf out-lt
iiiuiibi r two buinfr n Mrip olf oi' the r.r.r'.h tnd
of a.iiil I . touto-ni hii'i lre.l mil twenty fjtt
wide au.l .ill of tlu nuid lot clo.-pl th:it part or
purcul i-.inf oyed ly Chark-s ii' iMini m.d .vile
to tlri M.ifkau I'iiU'iniia I Uuilrona Comp
any. Aisns '.rij off of the .rost i.lo tfoiii
lot uinii'ji- ll.i'Jo, coui'iii'Tioin at UiM lin.il't
tweuiilvt niniilicl two.unl thrun ro-iain t'i.in:e
cast on ilia nurtli Hue oi lot numb-, r liireo, n:i
til it inter. .".ft tlio wi nn, 1 we lii.eufthat
pari of ou -l"t -iiiniber tivo toiiiajud a-aDove
Vmitn-e Wtftt to ni I div iaiuti lino vnau
uaoiiii two sua khreo. Th' i.i'a 'rtli io!lie
piui'Snf liexiotii-ifr, n'l uf nil l"ts, p:irt "f
Lit, 1:i'hh' i.l li iinK in Ko'ibOm' a l ti'ion to
ih... t .ii ot'li . oi l.i.i, in t h C ami .t "I Vli.tTi.
uu'l SiuU ot il ii,i. m wli'uh is nrwted n Kun-drj-tu-ili.-r
wl'li the Kufjiiio ana Uavblnvry
lio!.)iiB'inM' to uid FVtmdry Imisnis
Taken a 'I prupirtjof He-ij-nd,'! Dili, t"
suti-ly a jn Ijomiil lu favor of Wiillum M
Appr.iUc'1 t Tw.-n'y ait hu.idr.'d ii'id flr.y
d ll.il i unit mtli-t liri.ig lw.i-tiliid vt Hial
TiUMS 0?SALf!, im-Ii In liinl.
AC:i. N'.Htlit.S,
Jun'y Tth te - S s,',r-V' '21
HlJti f 01i: ViM'in Count).
Aii-.iuti.iur l'"r-4 11 : ir. In e'ourt ot
iiii.mi.-t i CiMini.'H I'll !
Edward A. UrnUun ft ill Dells. , tn I't 0 I'iou
1)Ui:SUAN 1' to the C'liiOiiund of an order M
mile In tlm u'xivo I'uii-e to i:n: liioo v l from
tlm Court f Coaiiiioii I'li-as, uf ilia iif ir(;ii.
County of Vinton I wiM otl'.-r at public "nl, at
tlm 0:1 co "f ili) M -trth'.ir iinin'urut In tlio ro . n
uf MeArthur, in afiteiil Cuunty of V'intnn, on
Stturdtiiiht 23rd day of January 13iU
H. i-cn I lot lii ura of t.-u o'liloc!; . A. JI., iul
f.nir o'l-h'-ok I' M., of said day, tho fi.llnalug
property to wit: The' li intii.iT r.n lil;"
Ink, (iiiHct and oflrer appnttfiaiea i!:.rr
bcloiittiBtt, .'u-ad i'l llji I'lililii atioii uf tho .V.-.
Arthur Dcmi.ff at. - -
Tiikfn as the property ft 1'jU ard A. Mrnt.
tuu, t sall-fya jui!j;nimt in la. or of Attxaa
dor I'oioi'o.
TKRMSifisli in hatid
akoii soiiit's,
Jin'r Tth l?r, -S. Sliif . V . V. 0.
vviiiTE sex mi mnmih
ChtniMit S'apor Ssi ?1 1 Icl .
F"ity Eight Columns of H-hdin
M'atte-r p'T Week for SI 50
pur Year!
New of I'-eWeek, with the Cattle, Ii.
dure and Other .Hurkels, Care
fully Repnrted.
vrir viiih; niv ikAi.
lUllil IMI-DVtfn
For 1861.
Tui Nt w York Dat-Booi is an iudcpomlonl
Deiuonraik' ioulii.il. Iioldinit, wiih ll.e InteNefi-
ator Douiilas, that "this Oljvarninenl is made
jo the ntuto iiacu, br whito uicu, lor tlm Oiii-
cflt of wliiteinou and their pontority roruvor."
It i a larao (Umhie sheet, wits lor'f eint
columns ot run ling mutter, and in u!l lospvcti
-shtthor lor Murkula, News, Literary or
Agrioulturil infonnntion is not in.orior to auy
napoliii''l or family ue'.vppr. In it poll
tiial ilt-piotmuut, il Kri.pplfsb. l'lly i!htle
reul (lucstion l eiore the .viiinrkuii l o.ijiie, ai d
presents tlio only phaoaopby of it winch cnu
remst llm nwoopiiig waruli of Abulitiouisin.
It is Domwrntio in tho truo sense of tho torm
tlio defenders of tlio people's rijjhls, but it is
thj upholder oi'uo party chicanery or trickery.
It is tiot only for Ikaok, but it show Imw, unJ
huwouly, permantu, I'oaoe can be obtained,
Hti.l tliis glorious White Man's tf'ivorr.ruent ol
Washing'xu tostorad, via, : by tho uttor route,
overthrow, and ouorm'uution of Aboliliouisin
from Amerioaii aoil.
Tho Duy-Bookis now the only weokly politl
cul papor in Now York city made up exclusive
ly for couutiy circulation. All '.ho others are
loha.hed from the sohnnus of somo daiiT raper,
which renders it abnoat impo.-siblo to gho so
complete and go-oral a umniury of tho news as
hi th) othorense. "t'ersons about subscribing
should taito this ir.toconsideratlon. Domoi:rels
also, must see to it that souud papers aro eir-i-iilatad
Auosa tub rxoriK, or Abolitioni.-m
will never bo put down. -ST Ail who desire
to rofute tho arguruents of Abolitionists, should
read Tin. Day liooc.
Oie copy, one yoo r, S3 00 ; Thrco enpioa, or.s
ear5 0J : Five conies, ona jear S7 59; Tea
copiea, ouo year, and one to tho getter opof
the cluD 14 uu , l weiu? o'-ipif a uim jojar j ami
one to t lie getter up ot tneoiuo t uu.
Ail.lit'mnal conies, each 1 20.
Tha name of the post-otllie, coontr, and
Stnto, should, In all cases, bs plainly given
Avar? lAttnr.
1'aymmitalwsya luaddvnnco, and all paperr
will lie Btopno.l ween tne timo oi snnseriptioii
paid tor ox pi res.
No- 162 Nassau Street, Nsw York.
We dosita this year to place before a million
ofnortborn roaaers tna grout aociriues i no
Day-Book teaches on the question of the Knees.
Wa onnflilentlv believe if thin journal were
placed in the hands or one-half of tbe oters of
lue nortnerii ooic i.w-
VAm Sr. H64. the Demoorats could not fail to
cairv tha next Presidential election. Wethere-
tore rnaKB tne louuwmxuuoi, " m uku
of prizes, and not even ueonnse it win do pron
hr fnr wa can scarcely afford it bnt solely to
secure a wide dissemination of the views which
wo profonndly believe win ssve our counwy:
tor a olub of twenty, bosido the extra paper
now offered, we will send a aopy of Dr. Van
Eveie'a great work otT'Nogroesand Negro Slav
ery,' ihe third edition of whioh la Juet ready.
........."-""- - '""'-"''"
January 1, IfeGdl.
COniKo YE4K.
AftiriM I llan s qram-r of r, , ,. n.
li.tctrrp'.id'Uiv.f., 1aNw r.. Hmct
- ti.ii.h: a fliht in i a mu ir Mlo , l.jt
frary J i-.o l.t ci iir,try- prints i,n uj!j Is
Its lasttiosir aa KursuleJ oli.w nisunU
in tlm lurure. r
llorotcfi r.'. it is l ai-e.-lipnl all ihsl.y ; but
it p'u.,si.'i. to 1:1 u bn ihn f. i in ir ir ur nu'inors-
l.ijbj DCI.irsiNtt IIS OH.t HT II1SHH.T, Mi-I
h i'iiitiig up li(.IV,ru ilu- w,.rlil the mi.ri tn r
ilous nnliiirii id a l'a-iiiLii r j, hrilliio.t,
am ui at . and ci.n pirlitiii-ivn !,itsri,rv pif
per tliat has cur hi en j iibli'ihi.i in. h-i Uciti
irpcre. llllilif.SirsOF ECI'.UtT
w'l! ! Isi 1 under ii nlribiitii.u lo five Ui'linri
i v 1.1 ".ta coin mis, and ridw bv .(.: ari.
i.sl iih;, !i, ) ot tha i, ,.,t pipnlar nn i c'.:
of the Oid World, will bj pln.(, ir. (4i ojhi
fiil'iho moat miiiitnt a!n uijii'r. ot Its
N '. w.
'J'ltlhf '' "Auri.ru Kloy.l" Li.lv Andlsy'a
Karat ,"M.lnhn .Mun limoiitV LoiiSi ," i-;f.,et.
who has rqilili-Mly rio.n, lifco
A hTAUllK niKl'IUSP .tr.dXITtinE
ill the literary h"riz n of Gnat Uriif.Sn, hua
n,-v,M,,. .',iKntf,-u in ntpyiy I 11 K fS t. W
Yob Mi ki.i i.r Ir m lime lotin.a with Mm
wiiidf rtul ran' inns i f tier g.juiin, u' f,-itt
wliK-h iiLoliir 8' !;!y ia mi;ria i-ould von
ture to ii. -jr.
Aioniii l'.t in .ill i'u is i.f ,iis'ini'ii,,v. writara
slid ariiiis who have lnv . me familiar to tha
iii. il.roiiirli tho vast liroiilmi f the 8rs
Wasi T oir Aunuci, ii' .t li iiifnti iiicJ lie
fjl'ii'Vinj.'. ul, ol wmoii nr.- t -; 1 1 ii'ii I'u stuff:
Dr. ,t II. KouoaoN, Coesiv Mi v iVaisaks,
V ai.o AIil.T !t..oi . i , W.ll. I'nn.i,
Sl.U IUVTII.S, litowlliann,
Amtiu'ii M. r;uiSi:H, ,li i. ia S. lo.i.t,.u
i;Ki r'i.ir'i,i.i, Low.iwi Wh.il-it.
Kan i C. liAiii.ai, NUuv I'nii.r,
Mn-sM.K. I'k.ou.h. ((: ..,..,n , i,b m,
Sc ,r.,t .,( ..Oi, r Ji ii,,-ui.'is,l tit f rat!, uudar
various nu.i p' ,n",svn:Vvt V its jiiiumna
while its p'-,..'i.il il'ii. Ti;i oi, tr.ori the in-I'ofi'-Vw-..
1.1 i-VIK . : Jll..v K..,r th.
b "I dr.tiiol lion. in .1 Hi,,
.... . . , --i." v. yr.r, a
to a. ii.i,'!.. prot' Mi.'.,! i' I'llii'a'lons. j.-i'l n ,f
TLe War. wl. I, I.'.. :.. J
.,.,',.1 ,'i -.tui, bmh airvu'i nia;.M,jl
thoiiKa'i.!. I,, too ciMilui'M of I'm New Y'-ttt
I's hi'iut-.irrin fli n at "ijii,, Its miiit,iry
ht-torinOs, its in.itelno a .ori.il Moinoj.. its
i,.lifiostf ,srip, lu f..r- laie.f-.r ii:t'a f d'.s,
i'.aVire "i,tr i, iu ira h :n 1 u'' odi orials
.li'dnth.ii v-iriuty ol'ils imu'i'iiia, n:il k. !'!,
Hiiio'iit of riodimr m.itf-r tl,'. it .",nr.ri,H,
ren, lor it il n mo evry dcru, mid tr; all i;!sea
ofricdjiy. t'loitiii'iiMir . a It d; 10,
ofi-hiaoly 1 rinlf'l mat'or, it pii.y Au'ely i s pr.
uriiini-i'd tli'11'hispiii.t, as wsj'l a the U-ni LlUr
aiy v. piper extant.
Thrio thvo,i! ni.it.jrs, Jfr. I. H. K..t,irisoi!,
t'onsln Slay Curlu'im, end No.i liittitlii'o. r
now prepariiiaT thne a'orius for Th Niw Yon
MfHceuv. Ono of tlmrt ptoduo inns aitl hit
f"tnrr...uJ In tLr t'p., liiiiji Nu.',hr ol'tks ,i-v
li'i. r. The stilh o hflny a, le i,f this lao',
-r't otiiu l in u;i imu'ii'lvo eoiiiiipl r.,T pr-Ce'j
csv. anl tlu rf.tiit will niinatiA ah'y 'r
thut hi pi i-l i-ff-n-ivi s! ir evrr oiiuol by
sti)' rd thf tl'iti, in tt,a
oftho (fr.it r-'preset lativs T.jj'ly fthn Te.U-
hi 11 World .
Tin. No York Mcmtn-yia J rw all neT
riifnsiid jnoio'li-aj p alio In Amnilca. I'o
S'l.-crilien. it is nvtilariy mailiid eva-j Hatur
day iforuHK. f"r a yaar I 1 hr r, pif a S ;
six comical? ; eiyhl unpie lir13. i'liuni)x-
truoop), I'n-o, to the .-liter up ef the club.
Six mmit hs hiiWtI jilK.tis rposired. Ala-rrs
fite plainly tkj nunio of )"iir I'ost Ufflee,
C'.'UO' j . tr.il St:o. . Wo sk,- tli noii-s ofall
solvoi,-. !.noks at p.u. r.wiii'fit ni'i-t inratia
h!j M nm Ii' I I nl'.aiii'O.
7' hp.vi'iivii I'lipion S' nt '0 all applicant.
A'tilrc.-a ullle.t.ra and leoiittniK-et, 'poat
paid. t'i
o.iL'Li''iVi:r.L.t .'ii rr:; ft
IV.'prietors'.f ttio N'sw Y -rV Mo'cuiy,
Nos. i Anu-si.,ainl Ul Kiiltivi Si.
Now Vo rk City.
Aacut in rvrt jrTowit i1Comii.
Ir. to i!i D ili's Nvtvly l:i ten tc!
PUIS MACHINE win horn, tun i.p I. rsrdtlis
1 gather, rnflh-, shire A '., cv.iotlt litre hund
sewiug. more purfevt and iniuh f.s'iir, ith
single nr double thread, either eotti.ii, linsn or
silk, ining tho common en ipg -ioeulo. (which
can be purclusrd at any sture for iv c-nts a pa
por,) niakitiif a iitiil'TUi Ifng it t-lio'l stjtcli, .,
taa will of tlw nporale.. It. will se-. any kind
of niiitorial that requires tho running flitch.
weighs one pound, and cnu la mrrieil in tho
pocket or work box and is so naiuged as twha
attached furor' in a u'.li'-top or work stand,
with disections so that a uhild who can road
mov operate it without instructions.
MJe superiur tool and largo fncillt.isa formsrt
nfactunng. enables lis !o pnt them in 'he mar
ket st the law price of six lol1arahy rntail.
3JT Kor further pnr'o lars, apply to
J,U. DALL, r.oieral Agsrt,
Roahsster, N. Y.
Deo, 10th 166S-tmo er A.M.Badsir a Co.
Wheeler & Wilson's
This is one of the very best Machines in nae
it uses no Shuttle, makes tbe lock stich alike
on both aides of the goods, leaving no chain er
ridgo on the underside, it ntes but half of
the thread of other machines, aud makes th
neatest work.
FTavingtakon sn Agency for the Bale of tb
machines, I respocfully request the Ladies of
Vinton or adjoining Counties visiting onr town,
to call and eisminethe machine, and a ea
work. To those making purchases of me, t wii
give' instructions in tha use of the machine,
gi.tla. I will sell at thji lowest cash prices 0
the manufacturer. . ,
AtMrthar, Ohio. . '
E, A- Ifc-atton,'
ATTOENEV AT LW, Mo Arthur, O., win
practice In Vinton and adjeinlog- eouniia

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