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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, January 14, 1864, Image 2

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fcir.lilv. btoII b grand Union Ar
my fr.im Ohio, to 200.C71. Those
havo lean, to ssy the Kant 88
iprotn.itly raised, and wit a littie ex
penao' Mti-1 troublo to thtf National
U.ivanmioiit. nsth.'So from an other
State in the U&ion, We have taken
e.ro nt our hick and wounded sd
d.cis and their famine, with a gen
erous luiii 1 aiJ -liti.i heart, have,
ut ur ou txponse, r.-vnled raid
r.jiin our southern mil eastern border,
wi;l a spirit an I energy worthy o:
trecueti, wo have ui l""J in Hi Clo
ture of a MV-tt loiiuidaUe bail 1 o!
d-.sjTtado',;, led by h willy, 'Linger
ons chief aln. wo hivj provided suit
able rui-tiug for our tHllAn'
leal, and wo have given c inclusivi
evido'ico to tile world in ur reeont
c!vcti ''!, ns w.d1 us in tli .1 gu!!ati'
!r oda of car bravo men in the tild.
that wo am determined, rj-rh u i
I'M cst in lite ttu 1 truflaaro, it toat
here-ftm1 o."'. t enitino to uph'il'l
onr N.uiond G jvcv -m i'it in in n-.iitv
nl strength ail th.i! tr ios o.t it to
our chi! lre:i.
I have directed ray Ai l and AUi
lary Secretary ', 0 l. G 1. Y"i::i!. I
copy Hti 1 p'.vpnro l'f pwhiicati'Mi
bqc!i portions of tho ivrivpo co'ic-
iu thi Ex citiva I) jp'iitinyt n In
buspo.sed might provo in'cr-stjg I
y.n ami onr coiistiiiieii's. II.1 ha
done go, and arranged them nmhr
t(u folio-sing h"iuU, viz:
1. li dating t'j the care of tho vek
fc'.i.l wounded.
2 P.-jlating t Mgbrt.n!s in th-i
- 3. RiUtin? to new organization';
of regimes.
I. Relating to t!io Miiii'i mil
5. Relating to the raid n.oo.i ot.r
eastern hordcr.
6. Rjl.win t tli'i on5nem-.nt o
Morgan in tho Penitentiary, and bin
CSCapo iljei-efiom.
7. Re'.itlug to strangers an I u'v
sn.t sella lors.
8. ft-l iting to tho dntt of 1SC2
9. li-ilating tn colored tnips.
JO i!o'iitii4' to puj lionts,
II. U-jiatinj to I'-'njin' the mili
tin. 12. Rtfluting to tho bnrial of ttic
12. Misoo'.iincona snbjactJ of gen
w.bl interest.
An l I herewith euhmit the samo to
yr. Thtse sovcral doennents, to
frrUr n'-th tho report of tho Suroon
O.inci'o', Leiewith submittel, will put
vr.u in I'OJSOBsiou of eTorytliinp
! :mod nocvRsary to niako you tamil
Ur with tho military history, o! thu
StdB fir the rasi year.
I ennn'-t eioso this brif cramnni-
c:ttwn w itliMii mF.'vii'g nay acknowl
cf5 'Cfncuts to Err;; o.i (iineral Smith
Ai lo do-H-'.-iii Y-iatis, Private Sec
rotary Htfnnn, Mi'.:tRy G!ork Cox,
rd uv rii.thnil mofoe-ia-jr b y Curtis,
for tioir dov.vi n t- d.ity daring t'rj
pant year. Without tl.eir constant ex
jirtiu'i ftnd tlfrt3, both day and
ii'iht, the publio interns: wonlJ matu
riallv have Buffered. And nnv Gun-
t'.cman ot tha Sr-.r.ata and Honea o!
Ropreatitativts, taking lavo of you
which in obsdienjo to tho wih of ou
constituents, I Bhftll da in a fcvr day?,
1 bog to amiir you that although
r3tiro to privuta lite, I shall contjuu
to feci a deop intoregt in all tliat cm
corus tho wcU.iru of oar governmetif
both Sta'o and National, ai.d will
mo.;t chaertul'y do all i'l my power
to tiid yon, and a:l oumrd m author i
tv ir. xhi- uobiL worse of raii:;tuiiitnc
t1") rich inliprifauca Uqttaai'iod to
bv out tathL-M
.Invoking Gol' richest h'ossinpa
nnon our connrry and p-ioj-k', an
hoping tint our lU-av n'y Fathnr tn
eadw yon with wisdom an I purity
ot pr.rp'3", I tako my leavi ot you
DAVID TO, Governor.
The Leaguers Still after Lincoln
Qynfral Hcliofi ;!d, h'n n coih:n:ind
in Missouri, and reuvviid at tiio dic
tation of tha .Radical Longuera, is bo
fnru tho Senate for eonHrciation as
ilojor-Gcuoral. A Washington dis
catch of December 21, to tho Cinnin
nati Qazitto; says that Mimonri Rul
icala declare that if SchoSMU con
firmed by tha 8enata. it will be through
tha influerico of President Lincoln,
and they will regard it as a declara
tion cf war on h;B part, in which
thy will asanmo tho aressivo.--
"Father Mrvjanv rautf 'ke tae
sreporona Radical s n f hie a little
closer to hi? boaom, or they 'il tuako
-fass in tho family.
For the Democrat.
Riceland Tp, January 9th, 1868.
To tho Democratic and patriotic
dies ot Vinton Cccnfy.
1 notice that tho Pntrotic Ltd
of Ohio are making donations in
of onr Exiled fallow citizen Hon. C-
Vallandinghtim Lot ns not bo behind
onr sisters in this good work.
WoalJ it not bo well to call mcct
iogs in every sclool disiriat, rnd
persons to receive subscriptions.
I make tlic inggestion in hopes
the Ladies will act promptly in
matter fli they nay think best
Mrs. J. BROWN.
tTa7 niTCTTorc, t i ! t f'ditoh.
?:xii'-tnv inn 1 1.
l" run roNirirurion am i" i
runuNioi .sir wak. ru.'.Nnciu
VlilKUK UK IS, nnd rnforcrmciil
fiTi iiMirpc! Auiliority, it wfcll n Itie
t'coylu who Ciii.mit Uri'iiclien ut llio
JAN. 9th, 1864.
The wurk of Legislation uiovim alow
t!io oi. ly work of any importance, i
tin? f;;ct cf orjjaii'.itiun in t'ji pus
A iiumlcj oi resoio'iors Invc :iop
fXvrcJ, by RcpubV.cana, akins in-
Mi'iijo oi hiiU'rii3, to wi'.; fur liio
'J ivcnir S.I 500 Auditor '-l Statu S
2S00, Tmanrcr 52130, Grnb ie!
-iv.v'Uia to w llio raa:i' twi'i-a will
;.!h3j i:iiu. Roiuiio:i4 havn .
iiucw i.r.troJuce.1 rrquuttiay t-nr U
rcatn:ati7C3 and ins'r.Mith our S:ii!i
:ori, to U3J tl'oir iXiitiooH to Ijuvo th
pay ol c.oro i tupio nis :J to 330
.xr r.uuitli, that tiicy bo ru'.'tiveJ inti
tho Army upon un tqiality witli
.rhitc troops mi J that tha pay of whiu
o!diofa bo raid'.'d to $30 por month
i'una it will be getu that aojjo of cur
Rjpresentative?, aro datoriuincd, if in
:heir power, to eeo that tha nigger
tiret taker, care of, and then they aru
willitis that wkito soldiers shall be
brought npoa an equality with them
Next Monday tho Inauguration
Governor Brongh will tako place, his
fViouds aro useing vory effort lo make
it, ono ol tho most imposing inangur
atioo ever witnenacd i;i Oliio. Wi
should p.it i3 sarpr'ajd if Broach
dors ait surprise some of tho radicn
nrttiiern et ma party, nomo action
has boun taken iowar li making iiivts
tigationa into the conduct of oar Statr
officials, but so far thry Iirto been ho'
oack by laying tho rosolntions upon
the table or refcring to Committees
Tiuio will devulop to tho pcoplo whet
cr wo cna giit au enquiry as to tiio
frauds, spcunhtii'ms and corruption,
of onr ofHcials. If tliuir acts aro le
?al, nil right, if not they shunld bo in
vestigated. Tho Telegraph last night
informs us of an attempted attack up
on Cumberland Maryland by the reb
els, but wo Lave no particulars
point that
A Britibh schooner, with a valuable
cargo for the Conl'edorat'.'. has been
captured off tho coust ol Florida, by n
reueral cruiser.
Fessenden (a Now England man,
of course, fvr that . cti in takna all the
jonuuiitjns ) is Chairman of tho Fin
auce Committee- in tha & nato.
General Diironido, it is said, has
been oidere l to Now xork, to take
some command there.
Senator llowc, of Wisconi-in, de
sires, in his resolution in tho Sciiala
to call out a million of volunteers for
ninety days, to give liberty tu all the
negroes, aoa wina up the war
short order.
The Conscription Bill was taken n
in the Senate. All of tho Mili'ary
Committee amonuuiunt3 wore ad.;)t
ed, except tho repeal of tho three
hundred dollar ciausa. I hut q is
tion will be considered hereafter.
The funeral of Archbishop Hughes
was sulenr.rza:! yecrday, ut St. Pa
trick's Cathedral, Imow York. Hi
mass was pronounced of his remains
Gold wus 52 to 52 in New York
An important resolutian has boon
adopted in the IIouso of R-prcsetita
'i7e8 oflercd by Mr. Baldvia,
.Mabpachuaetta which declares that
tiio ndlierer tg of the Richmoml G
crnmeutaro outla ws, an J that :u pro
poiitlon or negotiation with tho Con
federates ouht to hu accepted.
this Intended to stop the ixchango
prisoners, and lead to brutal hanging
ana mooting oi prisoner on uoui
sides I Thus far we have not carried
on the war upon this principle I
IndlaDa has tilled her quota of vol
jjutsers, and has escaped the draft.
" Thcro ara now charte4 in tho
Ubikd States 1S7 National lianki,
with a capital of $32,000,004.
Aicii'jns disaster bus befallen a
cavalry company near Reclottown,
Virginia, where they encountered an
overwhelming foroo f Confuderatos.
The condition of the-Uni-in prison-
i i . i i
era at uiciucouu, u is saiu, mis ooen
innttrially imjiroved.
Tho C'jnfcderato omoers who are
held as prirfi'ners of war nt Sandusky
im soon to be removed to tort U- U
are, in G-Mioral l'utitr's Dopart-
Tin Alubama is beliuvud to b-
cruishiug )ii iho Pa-ifij Coast, whore
jerc urt no nntioual doii'a. llur
y gnn I'rigiiUa hav boeu dispatched
III lit it COHC.
M r. Oiui k, iSo head of the Print
ing Bureau in tho Truanniy Depart
nieiit, haj boon removed upon chargi
defalcation. Uihor hrrcsts tor
siealinz will be ma le.
lliO private Ivcretarv of vioilector
r-'riic-v , oi sijs iuru, im neeu nr
rested and suii. Ij r ort Liilayettt i
What doci tiii.s mean T
Thackiiiuv.tlio gratiiglia!i author.
in Joad.
The Anu-ricaii ilinis'crs in Lond'i:
and Pans niv m.iuiu;' tli.'ita ti sti
tho sailing of tho Rappiihunnock priv
atccr Iroiu Ci'iiia, Franco.
Sen:ter Wilson, of Ma'pachnsetts
in:r jJuii'.-d a roiolnti n for tint i'X,.nl
-lion t tutor ,jr.ii r"t Davii, td'K-m
tuckv. mi account utsouio rinolnii-ois
iiitri'uucj'l by iho l.utci', which Vil
son did in t iko.
A i nit ut J have boon mad-i fn
tlm relief ol fullering lamilies withiti
hu lln.s of thu Army tt tho i wj
A largo niHubor cf recrui's I'ro.n
3prin:tii:id, ldino;. on their way t
Cairo, Were drnggfd with liqin.r ;in
lojhi'il. t)!io ct tli j rocfiiits iiif
en tho cUTt-cu 'f t!i drugged J"j:i'r.
i.x tsi tjii'ot I nit'.t ii lo,x, ot Mis
SUUIl, Will I.C BCIll li'. (llM oil r lltlCn
Tliji i.er.iv L-uo not, at any turn
tvithiu iho Ja-it month, been svit'uii
twelve in. led of the lli'tim ie un
Ohio Railroad, and trains ao running
regnlurly npo: it.
Iho Couiederatesarc making soim
deiuoustialioi.s in Wes'eru V ir;nta
Thoy have captured th& garrison a
Petersburg, scd urc threatening Com
ber'atid, Maryland. I hey captured
thirty Six l'edeial wagons, and an
reported to bo moving iu throe co
Not ono third of the Senators wil
vote to repeal tho threo hundred do
lurclaiine in the contmptiori.
Only 20,000 volonteers' term
service expires IkT ire next Jul v.
Jco Iius rendered Johnsons island
n j longer an inland, otid it is lenrod
some ot tho Conledenite prisoucr
ruav eea.pe tu e mvi ueneo.
Seciturv Cha'O lint ex rfloaed hi
Jcteiiu nntioii not to itsno any more
legal tender cut reticy m any contih
gency. flie year certificates are de
pressed owing to the popular impress
i'in that, an unusual amount is in the
market. No m re 5 20 bonds aro U
be iSftUkd
Dispatches from tho hoadqnaiterr
of Gel. Kelley aro that tho Coiited-.r
atou uro retreating. No Confederate!
aro in the vicinity of Cumberland,
Maryland, and Petersburg, Virginia.
uti'i noiioin tho direction of Staunton
All is quiet alor.g the linn of tho Bil
timoia and 01. io Railroad, und train
aro running regularly.
At Ilalitax yesterday, Jude Stew
art ueciil d that the seizure ol tli
steamer Chesapeake was piratical and
ho m ua t be doherercd over to her
ji iein.il owners.
Army of I otomr.3 report no early
movement, ana all quiet in tront.
Arrests continue to ho made in the
Treasury Depaitment. It has been
liacovered that a general system ol
thieving has been going on for som?
tune. More arnats uro to follow.
The Military Coiuniiteo of Con
rress propose to amend tho Couscrip
tion Bili by increasing it to SoOO.
Letters Irom Eut Tennessee of the
13th, to the Herald, states that our
forces havj been driven back from
Bean Station by LonBtruet. Oat loss
os in lour days' skirmishing reached
about 200, besides a lew wagons.
Rubel prijoners stato that Longstreet
has been reinforced by Ewell.. and
had been entered to tako Knoxvilie
at ail lizards. Longs'rect has about
40,000 men. General F stcr is
Ivncxvillo, and General Parke com
matida in the held.
The rebels, it h tiought, will not
accot'iplisli any thini mi tho Shonan
doah Valley, owing to tho inclemency
of the season, and th condition of the
streams, lhey will probably remain
there during the present month.
It is proposed by Senator Wilson,
in tho Senate, to reduce the salaries
and emoluments of Collectors, Surv
eyors and naval rfiiscrs to $6,000
year. Some of theso officers are rt.eivin
from twenty to tilty thousand
dolluis a year.
Tho Honsa of Representatives
Washington, by a party voto, yester
day, granted the use of tho Hall
Miss Dickinson,, a etrong-niitided,
AbolitUn, petticoat lecturer.
Governor Tod Las prtseokd cbsr
ges to tho Legis'atura igiinut the of
ticial conduct of the Atterney Generah
(i tins I.h is prwbably anunatud bv no
. . . ... r
higher motives than uolitical hate
and pcrsoual suita. fho Attorney
General is a Democrat.
SENATE, January 3.
II r repoi ted back tha joint
resolution of t'miiks to General Hook
cr aud his ofiicers and men.
Mr. Si-ragua riivrted resolntions
of tbaDks to General Hurnside, bin
i'UVmj and nan.
Mr. NeiXiith hitriilucul renuhi-
tuiin of llaiiU t Ui'tkTHl I nomas
aud his i (h jrs and men:
Mi. Wilsou, of Mvsiehiiett, in
ndncid a resolution, providing fort
iho exp'iUi"ii ot b lutnr Dans, of
ICcntueky. owing to iho sentiment
pit forth in a reso ution by the b'tjr,
uhicli iu the opinion of Mr. Wilson,
incites tha people t treasonable in
surrection und rwUllioti. Stripped ot
its verbiage, Mr. Wills said thi
wai tllJ p irioitol' ihe rusolativn.
Mr. Davie explained to the Senate
tiiat lliu laotjuago quoted in 'Jr. Wi!
ion's resolution was a garble i vrr-ion
ot hi own residutmu what he (L)v
vu) proposed, wuh, tl.At tho pjoplo
shuuld nso At ih polls, Hiid tako tho
power ot ilna (tovenniieiit mt' tlmr
own hn'ls. lie Unv.A reptel that
the t. rni of Mr. WiUon's resolution
were again t the terms of his owe.
ail I wero ia!'! in fact. Tho sul joi t
was then passed over, mi l tho Sjunte
t'csini;'! eoni lerat;oii of the bill
in tiui'jiiJu.eril of tin Lnrolliut'iit
HocfB. Kirnntidj Wood oirered
the toiiowing:
WIi'Tims, Aocisiitiuim Hericnnly af
fact i tig th ofliiriHl integrity o; Major
Goner.il Pe.jmji.u F. Hutlir in the
dUo'iargO nf hit diith'9 v-!iih' ui C""i-
man J of .V O.lu.ipa, hava t- ou
p iblicly will'; uii I w!ier.u, otlu-r
! I 1 . 1 i
unlit.' rv lUK'ers are cnarej wn:i oe
linqtion-'y, oiprosicM c-n-lnet and
conniving t.t IV-ui ls, and w'ierni,
is ktaiel i here hitve two o luKioiu f"l
military tupphVa :ii tin uii'iUry an
naval de'Hitir,ei!t-; and whereas, re
cent disclosures h'iv tint in the Ca
torn home of New York and other
branches ol the Treasury Department,
the Revenue Law has beau defraud
ed and treasonable aid given to disu
ioniit; and whercn, it is apparent
thai general d 'laoraiicuion add inca
pacity pervade the executive branch
of the Government to au extent which
calls for the interposition an ) preven
tative leg sla'ioii of C mgreo., tlirc
Resolved, Thtt a comnrttee ol nitia
moinberb lie appointo I to investigate
and ascertain the faindations ior thftse
accusations, witu power to send for
pencils and papers, to take testimo
ny under oath, t- make rve oiniuenda
ii.n of decenary reforms, and t'l re-
,)it at any tni:-s.
Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania, inoT-
v to lay th-i pfupositioti on the table
Ilia motion was agreed to yeas 7s;
navs 03
Mr. CroiJiuail olToro'l tho follow
Whereon, Thubnrdensof the Gov
em men t should be muds to fail nearly
is equal ns possiolo on all parts ot
country; and whereas, tho ooutheru
portion has contributed but little
means and money towards tho sup
port ol me Government, and where
as, for every black man enlisted
tho South, u man from tho overbur-
lemvl North bIiouM lo exempted from
thu draft, and whereas, the only way
to effect this la to iet tl.o black man
it is thorefore duly declared to be
sen ao ot this liouso, that tho Govern
inent should use strenuous otlorts
pruverft those being used as slaves
rebel territories, by ottering them
pay and bounties, as the white sold
iers, an l grant them freedom at once
on enlistment.
Mr. Coxs s till ho would inovo
lay tho resolution 00 thu table,
unless the goutlemart would allow
hitu to amend it by conscripting
the blacks in tu tho land. Tho House
refused to lay tho proposition on
table, by yeas 61; nays 73.
On motion ol Mr. the Commit
tee on Military Affairs wero instruct
ed to onqnire into the expediency
providing for tho payment to the
diers of tho money wiiheld for
loss of clothing, &e, thrown away
the exigencies of tho servico by
command ot their omceis.
Sesate. M r. Doolittto presented
throe memorials from citizens ol
consin. praying Congroas to aboIUh
slavery in the Territories. Rofeired.
Mr. iomerjy presented petitions
from two hundred women and
hundred men of Kansas, prating
the abolishment of slavery throughout
tho unite;! btates. lieiered.
bKSArz, January 5. Mr. Gunckel,
on leave, introduced, without pfovi
ons uotiee, a bill for tho relief of
ilies of volunteers, substantially
saruo in its provisions as tho law
last year, but givm? the countv com
missioners discretionary. power to
a looal tax in additioa tt that pro v
Jed by Jaw, snj mt cxceedlrgoM
mill, for tha pnriose d ti t bill.
Un motion oi air. jamisoo, n reo-
Intlou was adopted, That tha thanks
of this body ara due ana re nerooy
tendered to tha offloerfc of tha State,
civil aud military soldiers and citi
lens, for their proratneis, energy and
patrioiisrw, exhihilsd in tha capttira
ot the notorions John II. Morgan an 1
his band ol thieves and robber.
Mr. Kenny, on tha suinMition of
Mr. Wensmr. that a resolution f
i!ondeination of tlune who allowed
John 11. Morgan's eieapa.Mig'it to be
next in order, " If red far Adaption the
'oilowiiig rerto iciun :
liaohed. That vo regret that Johfl
H. Morgan wa albwol to eicaps
trom the Ohio Penitentiary.
On motion of Mr. GuucktL the r-j
Sola'.ion was 1-aid on the table).
llousu. VI r. So.tt, on h-avu ao
without previuiib uoucj, t,:r du ;ed
toll to pivscriUe tin o.itfi oi ctiiji ot
(ersans e lot ted or miu:ed to office
under iho constitution itiid laws ol
Hie following oa'.h Is resciibb.I, in
ad ditioit o the oat now l.ikin by of
tlcers iu omo :
I, ol , in tfio county
(, ah d fci'ato f.t (Jiiiti, do s -
li'innlv tlint I hv-.' li'jvir v-iinrj
Uiily borne arms against tho L'.iiteii
S'a'ei uee I hava Dc;a t. oit'z-i
lli .reot ; tftat I have ol:iijtnri'y idveo
n; .no, co4Uiuiiarc , eoti;iu;i, or .'ii
to lierno;i! eiit"ird
conriig iii.nt
ariiieu nobility wiereto; nut l h.-.v
neither S'.'tiglit, n-r aoivplod, nor at
temptid t eX'T'imo thy t'Vieli nis
ativ ollice whatever uudT auv anth .r-
ity, or pr ten-ted uatle.rity 111 hobtility
to the United States ; thst I have tut
yielded voluntary supp rl ti uti)
pretended g"verntr.eit, tin: ticn 1 r y
power, o coiistituti'-n, within the
United Stales, hotiL. or ioiinlea
ihereto; thit I will hear true faith
and til'ei.iii'.v to the O ivenonvnt ul
tlie L'nu. .1 St-it. s, i.iil defend it
a.jaiHt ad i n iii.fi. foroig-i an I .Jo.
t im: ii ; tout I tts'o tn a d!'y.tt'tis
'ft-ely, .:h ut any tiatital ruvirva.
tion or purpose of ovusiou : Sj Inlp
mo Jo 1.
The following reoolntion, ottered
by Mr. Lind, was laid over for d:ectis-
emu utioer a notice from Mr. Brad
bury of intention to discuss :
llewhed by he Ouncrul Attem
b'y th Suie vf OhL., Tnat our
aetiaons m Jorigrt!8 bo instructed,
and out Reptcboiitativus in Congrb
ua req.jcsto 1 to increase thu pay o:
the colored soldiers to tho same a? our
white soldiers in tha United States
Army ; aud that the pay be incried
to $25 per month for each private sol
Our; u.'U that tin Oittvrnor bj re
quested to forward a copy of tho fore
noiug to each 01 our Stituiurs uud
Rapresentatives in Congress. '
January 0. -Mr Ueai I o.T red the
I'oilov ing resolution :
WhR;:BA8, The Seurutarv of the
Treasury 'f th. United Sia'en, iu h:
late anna d report, recommends tin in
crease ! C) p ir cent tier gallon on
the re on u lax ou distilled hqiu-rs
WiifrtEAS, Ohio being, to a Urge
extent, a corn growing isiau would
in tho evnt ofa ioh an inereasa of tux
by Congress, bo greatly injured iu tho
now market, and huliovmg, as wo do
that the levying ot such tax, as coo
tompltttel by said report, would not
m tbe ovent ol such increase of tax
incrertS", but on tho contrary greatly
diminish the income derived fiovj too
manufacture iif d fctillod iiqnoi in thi
btate. thertt ire.
" lit o ved by tki Genual Aem
l!y oi hc iMitr vf Ohio, fhut our
Senators and CongreShinen be in
structed, und our RepreSetPatives rct-
questeil to oppose ny and overy
lueasura intended to carry nut tue
levy of such tar as above referred
aad as contemplated in tho Secret
ary s'report.
liestnved, d hat the Governor aha
causa a copy of this preamble atid re
solutions to be transmitted to o.irScn
utors and Representatives id Oon
Mr. Dresi I offered tho following :
Resolved, That the Committee
Ihe Penitentiary be and tho same
huroby instructed to inuestiga'a und
report to this liouso at un early date
all ti e facts toncorning the recent
capo ot John Morgan, un i a number
of his fo'low prisoners, from the Oino
Penitentiary, and who is reiponsib
lor such escape.
" litsolved, That for the purpose
such investigation, said committee
shall have power to Bond tor persons
and papers."
The resolutions wro adopted
Mr. Gunsiulns offered a resolution
for a jo:nt Committee to wai' npon
lion; G. V. Dorsuy and request
copy of his address on tho Life and
Character of Andrew Jackson for
uho of the Legislature.
Mr. Long offered a eubgtitnto re
turning tho thanks for tho Gonera!
Assembly for the hddresa and request
ing a copy fur publication. Tha reso
lution and substitute were laid u
table. ' .
Ou motion of Mr. Johnson the cor
rection wm mad,
Special Notices.
Tit iiitm caiatt Rcmtdy for Secret
o.ne box TtiLL PEitroitn a cuke.
Irprf?lritii f rly reytittbU; Hufict tctt
XM 1 1 no litd clor. (ik! mT In eanUil la
l toi ttuX put t'nl to my dilri "iy
J. I KKOMF.lt. S3? Cbeitoot fit. i Wll.
ClrcolurcBl fr. lUpt. 17-i3-Sni
Kbs ck'ftStomneh Hitters.
t'j OIWiTl, uEt i, 16SI J
To D. C. W. r.lo
Mr PrM Km : I im dlrriri teooS Id-
t.il ofji.orStomnob B'.ttr iraour th Urgi
n-,mhr or men who dully mt i iuu iinuta
tiin for Nfrnuiunt r.J irt. Tr ui.lvi4
lellinT U thtt llitrt BliUr r th bH
diaJ-. rr vnnont jiiir.iDiir cwmpliilbi
hib umiiit o istit. I locw iT no rm 7 n
txfi ikii'i fO t-tia. 1'Utikf h f.y. loisu t-hr-
lul-iD wl'i l ! t li ImrJ of i.(a .ft
an I whi.t wol (ipc irtth h kt rntch l nbeol
ureri l m touik wt.kt 1 twuvt or bitter, cr
wmr." rr.)n whr U..k ut for hrr.rllr-m.J
livo ?! Pt.mr!h Kitmn tit li s riiU-: ni
ur will nvar nK miT m.a this fu; Ufh qiiaitijj
Vti ufliy ib rn-t ( liili'nplir. 1 hiui not
unit k m.'f'lor f'.r yur I'a'nw' k BriTnly.
I hvi rimry ir.pi lir l.o hv otkiulr P"
riS-.l f r Ihi-m by rl'miii'SaVhiKl Artnj our-iri-uii..
'Ilik dififslof jour cmr-wih r rxinrfpikt
fur moi kh tl.un fri;j m.t rvl..uly Ukm -
l'oron who lenlre it rt-nUf pnra BmnSy ctnnot
full iu Ite.r purcha- iftboy gt your btunl.
I r., Ouftar, wit much rpct
Your n.Tfntit,
fl.W.n. Asimiw KiiporittteoJknt
t-ff OiJ.-n n I ma-ju'.ii V'T.T. Noh. 55. SS. tf,
M..1 i l TMnl fr.-J- Yr ovnrjbrk
Nuv. 5'il IS". J.- ' wn.
DiMirsrs ok tiii: NFftvnr ar.M
iii v;:iaky ino HK.xrif.
SKSI'IilS-nn i"l rjiiab' rr,tintr.t ia
Ku...ru,.f t,i, i:nwAKf Asaoot.rnN-
S.-nl hy I'd! 'n iOh.I li!ar iivvlnri,i. fmaof
t-l,ari! AJJr. Dr. J. SKlI.l.t t IIOfiU
N. ll"i. A-ci'Oion, No 5 3uta JJluth
Ptrd-t Pt.it'l.'t.i.t. P.t.
M.rcti. S1I1 1S' , -1-yr.
Tu Ncrfout SufTt rv of Bath 8eif.
liK'i r- Atoro.l tn in fr 'tv, kl'icr on
t r 1y1.ll ti.'i i.m.uI rr.tiluio n.l irr-'ifMlar e
i,!'i rfi".; (O'trs-.tn.ei.t with'iBt haictm. ujti
lcr it ) I" itnoru.! itnLy tn ri.miiiiini-'atu to lit
ultlictel f.''luw ri.Htur" the tni.n5 oftinr.
lonop. on Uie rciv.rt of un ilitrid nvolon.
b trill rr.'l ( free ) ft -'T'.t ot' rim prcwit-ti-tn
ri. Lir.'i- ti P. Jons M. BAONiiL, 183 Tul
lull Slrflt-t ltt'.ki ti, '.-w Yitrit.
S!nr.li. Wuy, J.ilr, Stp.. Nov., Jun., lyr.
New Advertisements.
TIJAN TEN TEAItS, th tti'ie-i'looM muniifo
turfrlby tlvj inoru-an Wutch Vo , of 'AU!;m
Slum., Imvo i;.lne I b firm Ij. la nrua lfc ffior
f lie j'uMio, ml now, no lm tl.nl 15,000 of
ttiam tr H'U'A'inn for 0'0)i.fllTfs in tba poak
atnof tka peuj!. From vary itainnlfluant
l0(inuIiiK ilia liuiiieMH Lk ltK-raaMt) nnttl
krajiiaiii'd in dtkting Hint WK MASK 110R5
THAN OMK ITALr of H tha wauhratnld in
tli 0nit.il (jute. fi-iaai.l eiilarceroent of
our factory tntlM-ntf. an I tha lahortfSOO optr
rativaa, till fliid'o nueqiml to mpp'.f thi sen-
atantly lucraaaic duiuaud. Aud wo may Lcra
obnervo iW. t:ol wUta'.allnf tha high j.rica of
labor au I iiialeriali, o artually nail om pro-
&MU at la pihoi tluu thoio current flva
Wo rofer to than faeta only fcr tho parrot
property intur.lui icu snotlor ubjtot rltir
to our manuliouro of watcheii. . UliWto onr
chief obj-Mt has been tu inaka good watche for
'.bo iniliou a', th lowest jiosible prico aorna-
tlui g to Uhatbo pUoa if tha mulg-bcliov
watchoacailod " Anoro," "Lopiuea," ' EuglUh
1 a'.niit Levorit," o., aimnally thrown npnn
thin markfil, in comilWit numhora, by Eoro
J.aau wt il.il.o a tradhra whu-h ara tha.raftca
of their faetorio, uuaa!abIo at boraa and por
tccily wurihltHB every hora.
Tbia or-jeot we have acoorop'luhej. and now
wo karo to unaounce, that we bav oommenoe4
tha manufacture of watchoa of tho very
uionusr oiiADEKrowK to cukoj-
nntquallad by anything hitlwrto made ta onr-
oHaK aiid oniinrpu!tod by anililnjf mad In
tba wol., Ifor thi pnipoao wabav iho amp-
left Uwilit'.oa' we 11.. vo erected an additlou to
main buildinge fxpreaatj for thi. brunch of onr
bui-iniM, aiirt have fiilni it with the beat work
men iu cur Fonrioe. PriiEiinfr by onr long i
pori.eco, we have re nodal lei the for n of onr
watchca, intrixluoir.? Mioli improvonicuta a
have boen aug-(eatel and proved
to be good from tiuio to time, and have itiati
tutod now ami Havoro te In of inochroniim. a.
juntmont and ooruponitatiyn. New machinee
and kppi'a'ieM have n:eu caiRtructcd, which
psrlurm thuir work wr.h cooauniinate oalioaoy
aud cxactitmlo, aud the flh.)io(it grid ni oat ap
proved inateriulB only around. tVcthlDjt irt
fact in wauui.K fillitr iu ruutliuLioni principle,
material nr wo.Unuiidbip to iiuuj uerfoc'.ion
in iho ret-utt.
Wo con'iime to tniinfafftare onr other welt
known qmilitin-t nnils' tha W'-winz name:
"P. H. llAlti'L'KT,"
Ard the .!lior'a Watch,"
The latter, the lowost priced watch we malt
in a nabvtaniial, ruIUhle time pej, ca-ed in
alerting ilvr huntin? pattern, and is not lia
ble tojrntoutof order either in marching ridirg
or fighting. AU the above described watchaa;
including thtfincat which ia named "Auibicav
Watoh-CoMPiBT," aro nold by watth doaler
generally throughontthrt country.
A sen is for tho Aniericne Watch C'omranv,
Jan'y Uth ml8S4.-4o.
SUUt rfOM), Vinton Ooutty.
Alexander Pearoe Pltff. 1 In Conrt of
sgainat V Coin m no Pleat,
Edward A.Bratton et alDefta. j On Eioeu'.ioa
PURSUANT to tbe command of an order ot
tate in tho above cause to me directed from
tha Conrt of Commnn Plcae, of tho aforesaid
County of Vinton, 1 will offer at public aulo, at
the OtUceof the M'Arthnr Democrat in the town
of McArthur,in aforesaid County of Vinton, on
Saturday th.4 22rd day of January 1864
Between the toora often o'clock A. M., n4
fouro'olook P. 11., of raid day, the following
property to wit i The Piinting Pro' Type,
luk, Galloya and other apnaitenanoa tharato
balong.ne, u-d in tba Publicatiou of tba Mo
Arthur Democrat.
Taken an the property tt Edward A. Brat
ton, to aatisfya Judgnfuntln favor of Alaxa.
Jk'j TthtSSS-lv. ehff. r.d.

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