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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, January 21, 1864, Image 2

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Ws 1st thtu givart M briefly as
we could a history of this transaction.
The letter of Mr. A Jams reads rather
cddly t the preaent duy, lie was
during the Jater part of his life the
bead and front of tho modern Aboli-
.- party. And jet in 1S15 wo find
hi oi zealously maratainlug:
"1. That private- property on
rhoro ia eiempt fria capture, by the
usages of war.
UH. That slaves are private- prop
erty. 8 That ii olatnatoQ iuviting
thfnj to deurt'' from. Voeir masters
are ddviation from tbo Uittgoi o;
''4. Tint a Government whos..-'ill-.oh
lal ifBtied 6'ic'i proclama
tion ni.i't retdoro tho U;vud who l.uJ
availed themselves oi" the proclama
tion, or timet cj;npeti:as tha owu.'iS
'T their !oj(i.
"Still nice singular is it that s tm '
C overumont (now hi i-! ia very diflVi
ent hand') which, ia 131$, denounced
V:a ieiiMiice of proohmuions i i v i : ' u
i!t.? to desjrt thoir masters us devi
ations from the nag;8 of war, au'i
exacted millions io pavtmnr tor slaves
aptured and carried away ly for
eign power, should nw claim the
i..it to uiuaucipace by proclamation
h'l tho slaves of thiir own eiMuis,
aud to fcrrn them against their mas
ter, 8 ajnst exercise of t'io riUt o:
war among civili23d nations."
Eight Hundred Thousand Men
to be Called Out—Everybody to
be Made a Soldier.
Tbs WashingDn correspondent of
I'm Cincinnati Commercial conveys
to tbo coa itry thj foil owin astonish
ing iu formation. He says :
"It is stated t day, on Mi author
Ity of Soaator Wilson, Chairman of
the Military Committee, that soon af
ter th ruhajsnibli.tg of Congress a
Ml will ha introduced intrusting tho
President to call ont 800.000 men, in
addition to the 800,000 of tho last
call. Ono of the objects of this meas
are will bj to show to tha world at
largo, and tho rebels in particular,
tha: we intend to fight ont the rebel
lion to the bitter end and that instead
of being about to relinquish the con
tost from shoer exhaustion, wo are
list going to commence it in real
earnest. Tho Preeidont ought also to
09 empowered to call for a new oj
nratary of War ani a Gonadal in
"It is not expected. I presume,
that the contemplatod can will secure
800,000 men, but that it will get at
least ons-foarMi of that number ot sol
diers, and $300 each for the balance
which would be 200,000 man and
8180,000,000. The money will be
more than suuuient to pay ro-enltt
went bounties to all tha troops whose
terra expires next summer."
The sim j correspondent adds :
VI luv barl nothing Rai l of late
tbout tho repeal of tha $300 clause;
bat I tbiok the now call is. prat'y good
evidencj that it will not be iv polled
Tbo two ciusajs provided f r in llu
bill, as it now it sals, wiil bo consoli
dialed, bowovar, thtra baing very Htn
opposition to snch an amendment.''
The Injnsiica of conjoliduting the
two classes, and making married mot',
with large families, go to tho war as
early at young, single men, who have
D03C, does not need to be pointed out
If consummate !, it Iwill ba s sham,
A Correction.
Tho Cincintiat Comucprcial of Jarj
Bftry 9lh Siyp;
The E-Jsnlntion offrot hv '1r Pi,:
(Democrat), of Uclema, callinjt iiji .i.
the Gorernor for ipec.fia reaeons for
itia cnrgo ot inattention to oifloial
doty by Attorney Gunerl Oritciitidd
i . J . - t t . .
creacoa some mciiog in tha Llo:is
whereupon Mr. Seott of Wurrun, of. i
ed a BahstiMito.
W. II. Ca'.hcart with tho Altorrcy-
..Gtnpral, turned tho Uhlag on tha l3a
mocracy, and compal'cd them to vM
. . i t i
agunv. in? whom meimrt.
Tho words itiilieiacl are entirely
falBs, nnd if the Commercial has any
respect for truth, it will uuka tho
Tho trap, fitatn tif tlm .n.i 0,;
- -w v. v- r uj 1 1 1 r-,
llr Uhl of flolma?, stated that it whs
unnecesary to connect thgn iae ol
Cathcart with the AttOMcy-Grinersl.
ine lorruer was no longer atiolnctr o
tha State: b-isidue. all tliAt viu nnnu.
ary to know, was known concorniug
Lim; and hence, tlu content wassiiu-
piy an oppussiion jo connecting tli
names oi pmaons reioreu to, in
aama Resolution.
Mr. Bloom, of Richland, remarked
that bo anorrheuded thaoimoAitmn it,
the original Resolution arosa alone
irora pcuncai prejuaioe. lie could
not boliero this to oe merely a politic
at matter. Gentlemen uhould remem
ber while Got. Tod withhold his com
meudation from the Attorney-General
elected at the same lima by tho Dem
ocratic party. -
Tha Dtjioocra's desired an inquiry
to be made at all events, and tbbt at
oat and without delay,
Tha question oa the substitute, of
frered bv Mr. fir-ntt nun nnt Am) rnr
riod, itery Democratic JJvmbir rf
fcjft jHcjjttliar mioerat.
1. A. BRATTOJf. : t I : EOITHIt.
MoARrnnn, oino:
mpRsnty o-Tfim Of 181
Mr mi: riissiii uruiv as imi
Tin: rxiov ,s i v was. nil-. .-vrr.HO
VMIiitK UK IS. nnd tit if;rccnieiit
f bn l.nw ii,Mliit all 0!ticr who
ti.ive nun :(! A'Uliorir ak well im Hie
Joiln wUa Cuuunit Jircucnei ol the
C M. rKTTK:;-:iI.L"t CO.". Advr'.ln
Atirts, Ni. S7 Purk Kjw. New Vnrk &
iiSuto s;rst. lioiitpn ar rr.r Agents miditrc
nOiO'Uj't t tako AA er'.in'Mncuiii and Suh
ri;iioiii for n pot Luot Kuton.
The National Democratic Convention.
At a meeting if the National Dtn
ocratic Committoe, held at Ni-.7 Vork
it wi unanimously votd that the
uext Nutioiittl DiUiocratio Convent i'n
for the pnrposu of hoiuinutine c tnii
d.tfes for tha Presi'l ncy and Vicj
Presidoncv . of tlio United Btates, be
hild at Chicago, Illinois, on Monday,
July 1.1801
Bv vote ol the Committee at a mee
ting held Sjptember 7 1863. tho mum
ber of delejriitc fur each State was
fixed at doniile tha nuuibur of its dec
FRED. O. PRINCE, Secretary.
Wo o.'tan bear tho bitter R-publi.
cans spoak of Vallandingliimi us a
convicted traitor. -N ow wa pTopoi
to turn back to the procued;ngt of th-Drum-head
Court-martial tiiat tried
hi in, and sue tho kind of treason that
ho committt-d. Wu want to know v'
what species of ofL-nsa he w.ts ncens
ed or convicted. Here it is.
Mr. Vulhindinglia'n was invited by
tho Democracy ol Knox an I Frank
lin Counties to addrus thein upon thi
political ism of tho day. 11 j ueuept.
ud the invitation, and in his spoc-clioi.
among other thing-, said, ncc irlin
lo the r'jpo.rt ot tha Guvurnmout spy.
lio tuok do.vn liiH words: "This "i.
i wioked and utm.'Ce Bity war; n vnt
not waged for thu preservation of the
Onion a whr r the inirp'MO ol
erusiiing ont freedom and erecting
despotism; a w;ir tor tho IVjud iui n!
the blacks an I tho enslavement of tli
whites'" 'If tho Adminigtratiiin had so wiih
ed, tiio ur coii d Iihvo bo mi honora
bly terminated months ago. IVaire
might have hocn Uo ior.kbly .ibtaui id
oy listening io the proposed mjdita
tiou of Franco."
'Propositions, by which the Sontl
em StuteS could be won hack, arid
tlu South ga.irautet-J their rihU un
der the Couititiition, hal bien n-j fct
ed the day bofora the lata battle ot
Fredericksburg by Lincoln und his
' 'f ne G ivommettt of thu U-iiti-d
States r:i8 Rbonl to appoint Mi'itary
Maislmla in every dUtriet to ro-tiriel
tho people of their liberties; to du
piive them of their rights und invil
"Order S3 is a b isu usurpation of
arbitrary audmriry.,'
' Too sooner t:ie people inform the
miiiioas of nau.-jidl power 'ha tluy
will not Bubmit to such reirtcrions
upt-n their liUrtiea tin btttur "
'Uo was tit all timiVs an I upon a'!
occasions resolved to do what lu could
to defi-at the attempts now bein
mado to l uild up u monarehy upi. n
the ruins i.fa ficii Governinbht."
''lie tiim'y believed, as he said six
mouths ago, thai the men ia power
are attempting to establish a despot
iam in this country in ore crnd and op
pri'ssive than tver existed."
There, r ader? ym have from the
offic'al report of the trial, all that w.is
eliurged by tlio Government and the
military authority against Mr. Val
landioghHtn That was all that tney
could bring against him. For saying
these thing in a public speech, in
which lie was discusoing as a citizen
the affairs of the Government, ha wa
sqnt into exile tnd banishment, torn
from his fauiilv and friends and cruel
ly punished. That is all the "treason"
ol which h-j vrasevet guilty. It would
bo a good idea to cut oik j thu En
quirer a copy of these charges ugninst
Mr' Vallanu'righam, to koi-p us a me
memento of whut, in Rapub'icau ea
limatiea, ia trt)3on, a ad of tbt do-
1 J. . . 1 1 ii L 'J
tree of libcrtr that under it ws are. al
Cin Enq.
An Abortion iiicmbp.r from Perry
County, named Free, im yosterd.iy,
introdueed a stritig of buncombe vip
erous presecutiim of tho wa resolu
tions, and cenaining P.mdlcton, Cox,
and ull other Democratic members of
Congress,, for their course in regard
to tlio war and oonsign ng their nunm
to the iiraihy of posterity. They were
1 iid on th" table.
The Siim'.o 'n to cut dmvn five
Mnjor Genera! nnd twiutv Brigadiir
Gnioinis into pri .nto cifzon.
Tlio Frty third O i Itfuinicnt,
ah. eh pi.-lh-d the liouviunt Vof tor
V.i'jii ligliam, and Ii.m ilo'ii- Ho'tio ot
tlicl ai le.t service of liio wur, Ioh
returned home "i a lurl 'ligh, having
uoin et nnaniii.ou-lv ri-.u''isted
Fr.mk Finn has taken his seat in
In tho Unit-.'d States Sennt. thu
resolution to continue tho bounties
paid to volunteers win passed.
Tho lk'iald's Charleston corrcs
poudeiit says no one thnb:roiir alidi-
ty to Gettr.iy L-iiur.i etoti hv bombard
ment as Boon ns we desire.
One. million and one hundred aud
Jortv-tiine thoiuaiid dollars in gold
TettiSew i oik fur Europe on Satur
The Lt'i8hdnre of Kentucky liavn
under congidi ration the expediency ol
r moving the State Cnpitul from
Frankfort to Louisville.
1 he Democratic National Commit,
tec have imaniiiiounly voted to bold
a National Convention, for tho nomi
nation of Pu-sideiit and Vice-I'rt si
dent, ut Chicago, on the 4th of July.
It is repoited tli ut the Confederate
Capital is to be removed frum R;ch
mond to Columbia, S. C.
Tho gunboats aud i 'on dsds at
Lliclunond tiro ready lor service.
Important events are transpiring in
Kaet Ttimrsfee. A heavy cavalry
iight occured near Strawbeny P.nins,
n Saturday, in which tho Confeder
ates were repulsed. Longstreet oc
cupies u eph-ndid pobitioii nt Red
Budge, Our tepulsu ut Bjhii Station
was tricing.
Wo huve an appeal from G .vorn'ir
Brough to the people to volunteer so
largely betwe" uow and lite 1st o:
March as t J save tho Stnto Irom a
Two men, supposed to be rebel
4noft. were arresteu yesieruiy in
Wu are again informed that the
tbrea liiitidied-dolliir commutation
dans will rema n in tho- Consent)
lion Bill.
It is rumored that LDngvroct ha
lioei; joined hy Ewell, aud that he is
preparing lor a irusii attack upon
lluoxviliu. Litis is otdoubtiul author
A Mil lias been introduced in tin
House to carry into tdl'jet the Fre'-
lein's Proclamation.
.We ure itiMined that tlio relation1;
oi the United States with Eipip an
powers are improving, tint a war in iy
break nut between Franca and Eng
land and Japan
The inlanioiH resolution of Sermtnr
Wilxon, of MaSikhiHutis. to exo
Senator Davie, of Kentucky, for a
d lFirenee ! political opiniuiis, was
up vebtjrday in the Senate.
Olio hundred unJ oigbt packagos
dry gools have been Umnd on the
Confederal prize stenmer U. E. L e
by uur aiithonfies. Valtv-, 20.000
The House of Representatives at
ash tit hi is ta.uiw in-nBiircs
aga;nst the Bpread of the smail-pox in
tuat eitv. It is alarmiiuly preva ent
It i-tepoited that General S'urt
with 5.0O0 Coiitedeiate cava'rv litis
ir.'S.-ed the I'otoniae R ver a: Les-
luiig, aud that our army is falling
During tho lato cold weather five
Federal soldiers were hvzj'i to death
in the Army of tlio Potomac
A tdioddj army contractor lies heeu
sttKen ad to pay a fine of S3. 000 and
be iuipiitjnnjd tor bwindlitig the Gov
It is pronounced untnv t tint L mg
Htrett has been reinforces from Lsj's
army. L.-e's atniy is bjir.g increas
ed in strength by conscripts, rather
than being diminished. The reb-l
army is well provided with provisi
ons, but siifH ring Irom clothing. It
is between Oiaiigo Court house aud
It is claimed that Charleston is be
ing gradually dustioyed by tho fire
of our batteries.
The House of Representatives pass
ed a bill appropriating 317,000 to
indemnify the owner of a British
vessel for ac illegal seizure by onr
blockading 6ipja Iron.
Tho Kepublican majority in the
State Senate ol Ohio, in the cor. tested
election case from the Ashland Dis
trict, of course, threw ont tho Demo
crat, and gave the seat to his Ropub
licati opponent. Thu Democrat hud
ho most Votes, and was i-nritlei to
he M'at, bud Was rt j .cted 8 liely for
his poiit.es.
A b:il iia-t been introduced debar
ring irotu tho right ot suffrage all
"disloyal'1 persons ttbo leave tbo
JL LI' i'
State to avoid a draft. Another billf
is for the relief of poor necroes and
mulattoos. N' thing is said about
poor white men in it.
lho Uuitod btates Fennte, on r.io-
tion of M r. IJarri, of New York, and
by a. vote ol twenty-two t nineteen,
have fixed Upon $400 instead of $300
ns tlio price ol commutation under
tho Conscription Law.
Henry Ward Beecher is now rccoiv
ing a salary of 12,500, pc:r year.
The Conscription Law, ns it panned
thu Senate, provides for a 3400 com
nutation until eviy other man in his
district is drafted, when the exempt i
ogniii liable. Iloth classes are consd
Hated, and a man of loity, with nine
ehil Iren unrl a lu;l picas wife, is to take
hid chanc's i:i tin enrollment even
with a vi-nng inati of twenty who bu
!! laiiiiy.
It ie reported that the Army of the
Putotiiae is lo bo reorganiz id into
three separate cor, iuul liiat one i'
tliem, fifty tlinusaud strong, will be
(ivrii to a General who will he nuth r
ized to tuku Richmond iu aiy way he
The Pacific Riilr ad from San Fian
cisco to S in Jof-c, diatauco fluy miles
has been completed.
The Arciidiiku Maximilian ha-i ne
cepted the Mexican thr'tio. unJ will
rnacl: Mexico, with reinforceiucuts,
Letore tho end i f March.
Gold was at 159 uud llrm in Now
rork yesterday.
SesATit Janu it v 7 The follow
ing ale some of the iniporfan; Stand
ing Committees ot our State L.'h-
aturo ,
Claims Mcrs. West, William
son, Lnrtis, iiuuuy, AieUinms und
Cornoraioni othrr tuin Munict'il
MeiisM. Wilson, Jiiini&on, Lauund
Fcdwal lielutivii Messrs. iKv
Burney, Day, Gunckel. Devin, Neal.
LgltleBton and iSewton.
futauci Messrs. Diy. Cnrtio.
Withslone, Hall, Wiliamson. New
ton uno Con verso.
Judiciary Messrs. Gunckle. Me
Burney, Neal, Lang, Stevenson, West
ami Sttitiberv.
Fees and S,ila!i Messrs Nea!
Hnmphrevvi'lrf, M.-Kcnzo, Howells
Kill W icKliiiiii
Waiihfictui'iB nnd Cotumecce
Messrs. W winner, McGinuis, Devin,
llowelU and MckeiCie.
Mi!i.Uti Ji'ct;i-Mei'prs. Coniii-ll
Devin. Lor.de-i, Kenny, Er'gleBou'
and McGinuis.
.niki(o:uh - Mes-rs. Williams ,
S'tanbery, Hall, J) cllurti. y, Converse.
Iliiinphreyville und Whets one,
J'ublic Expenditure Mwira. Mc
Ginuis, Eglostoii and Wist.
Mr. Howells gavo untie-.' of a bill
to give memburs of the General As
sembly a sahny in.tead oi a per dam
Hol'se The Speaker anronnced
tie folloaing utauding coiuniitttes ol
tie lloiito ;
CI ims Messrs. Bui Ihury, Far
till. Cochran. Bihcack, Davenport,
Till'iny and TiMim.
Fet and SJrivi - Messrs. Keek.
Woodbury Reber, Root, Evans ul
Brown, Jones an I Maio,
Fcdrd Relations Messrs. K:l
lov'g, Giover, Hay.len, IJiaJbury, Mc
Uii , I nppe ami Ur.ljboti.
Judiciary Messrs. Delan", Knl
Ioju, Albs. ul, Stanton, Miller, Wood
atl Ulll.
Mdt,ry AJfmi Menari. Ailisnn
H'xson, Kect:-, Waters, Gunsaiilus,
Johnson nf Alliens, nnd Braiton.
JVwUfofit ixtid Eiecm Messrs
Govt, Ayre, S'anton,' Joln-tnof
Siunmir. Diwson. Kyuer and Uhl.
J'uhl e Acoii'i Mi'STa. Jo nion
of Summit. Randall. Keyser of Nolle.
Lvati6 oi Brown, Adams, Mclntyre,
un J liratton.
RaUi'iiuIs Messrs. Harrison, Mc
Gill, Ryder, Carroll, Dryden, Lock
wcod, aud Larwill.
Reiruncfanevt Messrs. Warner,
Sc itt. Keck, Brinkorhooff, Lindsley,
Hill B'onin.
On Trjer&nce Meesrs. Pursell.
Kirby, Clark, Root, Bradbury, West
hnd Titus.
A bill was introduced by Mr. Bab
coek, to fix ttie salaries of Governor
at $3500, Auditor $2300, and State
Treasurer $2400 per annum.
The following is the official Vote
for State officers :
J-din Brough 2S5.80S
C. L. Vallundigharn 183,954
Brongh'a Majority 101,824
Charles Anderson 235,474
G sorgo E. Pugh 187,737
Anderson s Majority 07,737
FoR audito or state.
James H. Godmati . 2S4.909
William Hubbard 188.310
Golman's Majority 93,599
G Volney D.i.-;cy 2S4
Horace- S. Knapp 18a
Dorsej's Majority 93,656
SssATa. January 11. Mr. How-
ells introduced a Joint Resolution to'at
reBciad tho rreolction by which tlie'
State . agreed to the adoption of tho
amendment to the iedoral Uonstitu
tion known as the Corwic Com pro
In tho afternoon tha Senators re
LiBi'iiiled in the Senate Chamber,
und were joinid by tha Members ot
the Ilonso, (with their fficvr!,)1 nnd
tho invited guests, end thence repair
ed, in procession, to tho Etst trout of
tho Stato House, whrra they parti
eipatud in the inauguration cep'ovm '
After their rftnrn to the Sena'r
Chhinber, Lieutenant-Governor Stan
ton pronounced a sliirtund a- propri
atu I'aicwell Address: and tlico in-
tr'iilnced to tho Senate his successor.
C"!. AndiM'Sjn, who delivered an able
and eleqih-nt laanju.al AJdwe.
Ib'C k. -Bs Mr. Harrison: To
pro'obt banks, bankers, brokers,
dealers in "iouey, treasmn rs of state,
county tri.nmroi-s and incorporated
compuni -a from receiving our paying
out any bank notes iesuid by any
hank which is not incoi porBted by th.
iaws of Ohio or act of Congress.
Mr. Xiieiland ofT-red for adoption
the I'ollowiug preamble und rc9-ilnti
ons, which, on his morion, wro ro-
tcrrca to the committee on Military
A Hairs.
WiiKitKg. Evi'rv colored man that
voluntarily takes his place-in the army
as a jyld:er, so far as thi.-v have ben
tried, supplies tho place" ol a white
eZJrt ; and
Wiilreas, The risks and liabilities
inenrr -d by colored puldiers ai-o great
er than tboio incurred by white men;
WiiritRAg, Xho poverty, deRtitii
tion and Riiffer'nt? of the iaTi'ltfn o!
tiiid down-tr.vjdon nn l oppressed rnc
are kucii iig ttrorisly npoeRl to the
juctiei) and eympa'hy of tho nation ;
Bj it Iv'Bolvtid bv tb 0.n!nl Aft
somi.ly id !,., S?:at,. of 0!.io. That our
J?enat rn in C.im.rm bo nn ! thi-r nrr-
hereby insnnted. ani! onr Represent
Mies requested, to ueo their power
ami influence r procurr tho pasngp
"f a law t'r.intinp tho samo Drotoction
.... .r-
no p'acing colored soldiers on the
i me tootiiii m whito m"n in regnr.l
) pay, pr'iiRions aod b unity;
furtli.'r Resolved, That. t!r.
Governor of Ohio and h i hereby
requested lo forward copies of these!
resolutions to our Senators and Re
preventatives in Coneres
Mr. Brat'on f.(TTr-i the Pdlowinc
i' an amendment to the proposal sub
rttituro t r rbfi resolution in rukti.m
'o publishing tho Address of G. V
Uorsev :
Retih'A T'ia. la a'Mitioi to nnd ulcmt
with G. Vebtev DrT' Ail lresj. on thJ
lifw. eharorti r nnd Pfvicl,i nf An;lr?w .Ieli.
sni.tli-.-w lp i'ii'li li',l th" fll.irin
'rn.-ts ir.iin w Fvoeuvil Aildr.'s n' Gen.
.I3"k(in, nn his leaving t ie Prrij lunti
'I'air, n i tlip 4 It ol M in h. 1837, eontHia
ing ' lii lru piijiijivi of Jirliinn nn'li"6uh
jeet -n.itipr of trflri Domcy's (idres. lo wit
' The Unina c.mnot be presprvea nnd the
Coniiini'um rtia iiitntnod hi vi're ciitr
civf. p'iwr coiijhlcd to the (ientral Govern
ment." an I "il rrn such p Btru tt'r bcRiiii
.'i)J the cit'zeni nf on! tec' ion nf the rciin
'rr nrenrMifil ia arni i.ii!ist those nf an.
oilier, i i ilmihtlul cuiifliri, 1 t the btt! r--ult
hs it roiv, ihtrt wilt be am'.n l nf Iht
... i f i , . J
not aecure io them the b!-i,iet of liticrtv.
It wool I aveiigi ihnir wrongs, bar they
would lhemvf.s hnra in tlie romin
riiia, th Slate Ins the unqrVstionnhle
riglit to regulate ita own intprnul conrernB
aecordiiig to ii own pleamr; mi l while
il'-e; not inierfire vi:h the rights of the
Union every St.te, musi he ihiflejutfre"l
the ineaeurp proper tn secure ihe safety
its own ci ti jsen, nu promote their hspr.iue
All efferts on the part of the eople of oth"r
Suites io ras'.nliti'ii u??m theiri i stiiuiiom
nd till measurer cileu a'e l to dijturh their
nxlitj nf proprrty sr tn p:itin jeopardy their
pea-c and internal tranquility, are in riiiPct
opposition to the. spirit in which the. Union
wai frumuil and must end.ingr itssjfjty."
!J76't out one who has dnr.'d to tell
3iO'"Val puopla to revolt againit thoirjof
iverutij nt and take its powers into
own bands. Suoh sa act ot
introduced a joint roaolntion for the
Coirimitteo on tho Conluet of the
War to.consist of threo members
each Ilonso. Passed.
Mr. Lane of Kansas, offered a bill
prohibiting tho sale of gold at higher
prices tha l that paid in the rcnilar
market of New York for Uuitod StMtes
bonds; paying 0 per cent, Interest in
gold, except for exportation tj pav
On motion of Mr. Sumner, the res
loution to oxpel Mr. Davis, of Ken
tacky, was taken op.
Mr. V ilson addressed tho Scnat
at ;lenght. In the conrso o! his re
marks, no said that the Senator from
Kentucky should remembor that he
was in tho Sonata, and not at a Kon-
t.i.djy baraouo. Tin Sjtnta wu tho
plucj for the language of the stat -man,
not tbo bahlitig of a fool.
Mr. Wilson spoko at lcQ2tn on b
resolution to expel Senator Davis, of
if . v 1 ....
Kentucky, no concluded ty say na
how snblimo a thing it would bo in
tlds crisis of our country, far the Sen
ato of thu Un:ted Sfat.'s to riso to the'
hight otttornani. loftydu'y, and
TCDging patriotism wtnld tin the lov
iart of America .i.. Z
al lart of America, silonce the mnt
terings of treason, and nerve th urms
of the lWrs wlm aro Lnttlini; and
bleeding for the unity ot the Repub
Mr.,DnvIs rofo to rrp'r to J!r.
Wilson, and culled f..r the'rerdiDgof
his resolutions, on whUh lie said the
mothn of Mr Wilson for bis ex
pulsion was has -d.
Mr. Dolit'.Io Ih'jiitfht it nidmlri.
bla, beloro coming to vote, to hear tha
Senator from Kentucky, after that
he hoped the resolution would U r-
feri'd to u c irnmiitee.
Mr. Davis then spoke. '
The Senate adjourned without re.
tion on the iveolniiori.
IIousb. Mr. UonrweJl. from th
Judiciarj Committeo, imported a Idli
ro enitb.'a tho 1 renidiir.t's emaucii.a.
don Proolwaatiau to bi carried Into
The nono then went into Commit
U-e of tho Wholu on the President's
annual MettsAgu.
A'lj 'tuned
Sknate. Washinot n' Js'iuarv 14.
lh. McDougall ..IFenid the joifjt
r'S lution of the Cubf irniu Legisla
ture, in relation to a tax on native
wines ffh'ch were n ferud to tha Com
initf j on Finance.
The Setiuta taon took up tho Eu
rollment bill.
Mr. Wilkenson in'roducod u bill io
extend thu Noitiurn In ii in Saperiti
tendencv So that it mil inelud-; lho
Territory of Dacotah, which wu re
turned to thu Committee on Teirito
ries in tho SeiiatO van'oat H'tcn intents
rid moiliri.atioiis w-re mado to the
ao.eodmunt 6f Mr. Wiisnii, fXinnpt
ting clergmen an I pers .tm who was
cuiwcieii'i itis'y opwo-je.1 to boaring
arms, and a!loing th nn, when dratt
ol, to mrvii in hospititU. o have corrj
mutation. A l ug debate emuied oa
this cl.iuso,. Mr. Conr.wa whs oppos
ed to the ameiiiliiienr thou gh be hud
many conslitnentB rd this c'aas.
Th" exemption- maler this clansa
would bo more numero'is than Sen--tors,
took occasion 1 1 think, Tbo U
t;itariiin might claim ixeiuption bo- '
rrause immortal Cbuunig ha I written
the protoundoHt essay ever written, il
iiiM'-atitig t.'i" horrors of war. His
regard f ir thi' Q inkcrs was eq-ul to
that of any other Senator, but in this
':,r 1,c c"ll!tJ not u!0 'it, wilh
' n',:,r3 0,1 ,hi? qnofclion of x-mp'-
unir, i: tney rorusa to i bv comitiiita
torn nuou-y, it' u Quaker war. They
have clai-ucd that si ivvry was tbo
curse ot tho mirth nnd a barbarous in
Mitulio" in the world, and this nerus
sio'.i Hoainst the institution has been
die o'jvie.t of thoir fostering euro and
direction for two hundred year.
Mr. Saultil.ury afiked if ha under
stood lho S ua'or to say that this is a
war for tha abohrion of s'avcryf
Mr. Cioui' bs kufw M,n Senator
iioi: uu.uwteru wonni i.h or instil in
to ih - del nte He wmld Cud mi
h u his opini ms wi re at another and
more appropriate tim.jon the stilj'-ct;
lut tig tho Senator was a pro slavery,
tie desired him to nnderttund thut he
was anti slavery.
He averted th'a wnr wbb a Quak
er' war, a war of moral lorcus aniinut
tu Miuiiuii wi ri.iiuiy, lAUvV US
tho m it'tntion ot Mavurv. He wtiS
lief sak-?. lie heln v'd th? eattost
ami tniest way to Heaven whs tosttiko
a r-.bel wherevvr you can reach bivi.
Tho ani'-ndmentd exempting cler
gymen and non-combatants psed.
Tho Senate, also cons-dind uud
passed several minor am 'talmtnts ta
tho bib, ai.d tln ji adjourned.
M.RKli.I).-On tliH;h lnt. at the rei.t-d-'in-e
of lho Hii.ii Fiehor.Mr. rpv ;;k M.
ih ,VD, ., Jii,,, JhNNlE C. BEI.NC all of
Vluton Oo. Ohio.
Kir. rnni. atiu ,
Itl P E R I A L
Which wa a' Just opening &hi to nf
find it tli cheapolt -la to buy
'.0 tbt County. Wcbaaib nor MarHU at tha a
rjlowwl e-sh prices. H'e thlLk ra ara aafu when
w rj there bm never been any panoo in
Ar.hnr, that can te nadown in poiot of
Onr Marbta la of tha beit onelit. Kiiv
I and and Italian. Ton will SJ dh proparad t
furniah yon with Orava Eiouaa al moat any rrie
that you may ditira.
w. u.-Wd bavo abio on hand the eelebr&t!
Bcrea Grind Slone, which we will .nil in. r.
Do not forget tha ple-e when In TVwu.
Corner of Main a Logn ttM
.To80-e3.-irv UcAithur.O. -
Main St. McArlhur, Ohio.
Withe to inform tha nnhlln tW V.
Pnod a honl'or tba inannfaotnrinff cfJfew
IMJ ul... .i . . ....
i. aim repairing all aiBOa
fchoitatt Bali.
Ordvra are Klirifad. AU work w.rrmtiut.
tod oliariua inuderate).
Vvt. i U

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