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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, January 28, 1864, Image 2

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X .A. BTTb.'l t"i tOlTOR
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1 If" HP
" wunx viEir siuli. mis amkhilu.
iloAK TncT,Oll I0:
TIlfll'llOM HIT WVs.TH- .1FCHO
Willi UK EC IS, nnd tie I iiiiireecn-n'
of tho Laws HK'Unct nil (Mllcer who
TiSTuouriK'd Antrtority, a well t the
Ptpple who C'.mmit Wrenches ul the
pr.T ftisZvt i'"c cTT "A i . t . i : Tn
Afonls, N. IT i'-irk Row, Sow Vi-r A
tdtele Street, Boston irs our Agnnt endure
aethoriud t tiika liver' ire-noiiis ai.d nh
ripllODe for osat onr L"w:t Unto.
Thji DsM. caAT, will bo publish!
ui heretofore by us, wo muUo th's
statement fer the informat iori of the
L'aajosrhc and our fr'undsubo have
been informed by Ms. 1as., thitho
would have tho I'retn, n chcr'fl
Thcra has boon, boat '.n?3 a year,
eincewe havo been in Victor), some
peraoua wLo hsve ulways tr'o ) to mike
oar people boleire that tho Democrat
would go under. Wo again say that
thoro U not money cnou&l in the
control of those man to link tha Dim
ocrat. YTe have men who proft-ss to
be Democrat?, who would sink th
party, if tbeir peculiar vletrs art
liotaJrp'cJ, all sue!, wo ay "eca3e
viper you knaw a rile."
A Bible Advocate.
Reader bo out surprised to hoar
that tho E liter of tho Rigitiert baa
actually recommended tl& distribn
tion of Bibles, in .Vinton township
iu this County. What the motives
ot tbe Eiiter was we catiiiOt toil, per
baps it was intended for an insult to
the citizaDS of that township, bo that
as it taiij, wo would most respectfully
suggest that when Gib. a: aits oat
that bo pioridc a largo number ol
Temperecce tracts and copies of the
Constitution, and distribute Among
bis friends in Ek Township, may
bie labors bo enccoaful is orir sin
cero wiib. Fitch to, you make
an excellent mifs'.onary.
Negro Troops and the Registers
It scores enr nc'ghbor of tho Rtg
itxn, cannot comment ou any act n!
iur3 without reJrlinj ti falacliooJb
ani ntrsropreeontation. It m.iy bv
Gib. was rnialcj bj tho Ctouiunr.ei
tiaiette but he kuovrs hu tl;at the
GiSi ie canuot te'.l tho truth when fl
Iio will answer, whera tlio acts of Dem
rcrata Era bronhtia revitjw, that we
dout Ilka t Uko each an excuse, tho
Mlow ing fri'tn tho OizeUt is a base
pension of truth.
"Tho Omro'ttce on Military Affnira.
through Mr. Allison, reported Lack
the resolution asking CorigrHS ta in
crenaa tlio py of privates to thirty
dollars ptr OiOot!' ftai to docrtwe thu
ry of -officers twciity-fivo j;cr cent,
wiih a subs-titato m favor of &n iu
croaso of tho pay of privates, bot re
questing that tbo pay of those effic-r
uot tc aciivu G'uty, oj,iy faun oc re
duced. Mr. Eratton, tho Copperhead mem
ler of the committee, reported in fi-
Tor of Increasing tba privates ppy to
twenty four dollars, and Ueercaainij
tha Day cf officers, not or. duty fifty
rer cent, aud in trua Copperhead
style he denounces, in tbo eamo report
tha enlintment of colored soldiers es
o insult to white citizens.
Tbe aboTO snbstitatoot the rasjori
ty of the corr.ru it teo on Military at.
airs, was not the resolutien reported
back, but was a subatitnto fcr four drf-
rent resolutions, offered by Radica
Bopubllcans, all but one of them ro
quired tbe pay of colored troops to be.
put at $30 per month, and that they
bo received into the army upon an
tquiiilj with white troops, that the
jay of bite troops be raised to $30
per month for privates and that tbo
pay of all Commissioned officers' be
tfda sed to 25 per cent without regard
t . whether they are on duty or not.
The majority ol tie ComruitUe did
not distinguish- between wbito and
truck troops, bnt recommend that the
H usa JoraiaisaU-Kad officers,
Music'ani and privates in tho Army
(Leo iixlcdin t;grot in the arm;)
bo raised to $30 pit mouth and that
tha pay of a'l CcmtKisfckmod cffio--r
bo ndoccd.
To this nport nf tho mjority e
prcscLtod minority r-poit, that (he
pay (t a'l citison soidien to wit.
Ncn C('mm:tjo:ieiJ'Llcier Musicians
aoi pritrittc8 bo raipc.1 to $25 lr
motith, that tho pay cf CoratMsrioncJ
offl.c.-i when .T dittr, exopt tluy
h.vo a icrtfPfn certificate for dmbil
itr. to reJnceJ per ctr.r, ,t,u ;aat
.ha forilit-r en!rat':io-.t cf . riercxa as
.cldicu Idpp'bibi'o.l as en Ii.-su't to
tho cit:i' n B.'iiiurs and as dcadin-
a'ld d.'rnrn'.'z'.i'U to tho army
This puts th whf'o qi '5'!jt in ft
difll'ri-Dt liphr, tj thu ly'in reporter
of tho Gaz t:t, a-id tho c-v.-clnaiors
of Drctbcr Gia. Wo huvo onr donh's
thit a rccomtncndstiori ti en! ft no
groH eoldiir'i", could bo pitd ir
!n ri.u.i.l .i,ib fttrtpi T!vr Wi t
II V . L ' I L 1 J ..1...W. .w
Riven by tho Iivgiittr or tho tnhfi
tuto of rho com n'ttoo, w.i onr minor
itv ri'Dort r.-olic. 63 f t nnl 1
ng-.iuBt, Mr. Bvtr, n. t H.-ntton tit
Gib. auppiJ, the T.ito on tho min
ority report is not !.vcn at all, we
have no Di.-mocratio report ors henot1
Ocmoerats an i Consoratiros are nt
Bit is not Qibani raadrin! him
80lfliablo to bo nrroitod for disloyalty
in tl.ni tukio a pes'tion nglint his
Ltrd and master Abruham tho 1st,
ho f'niy pays Iii ni-ier aolditra 810
per month, and Gib. wants to inaire
him pay $30, nnJ ra'sa tho pay ol
whites iVtrn ?13 to S3)," aud wants
them upi t an eilUy in tbo Army
with tho DKgro. Wo expoct to tid
rccuto tho raining of tho pay of cliite
soldiers and roaiat tho en!int.riint of
nogro so! Jiera, and when officers, aro
not on duty their pv ouht to ba re
duced, or thoy onht to nfiine one
of tha two, unb.'3a they hav a ccrti
rlcata of disa'jility. Tho pay of onr
soldiers einco tha exorbitant high
pricoi Iroaght aboat by tho financiai
fools at tlio iirtrvi ot tuo cover.imeni,
has snrronndod us by circumstances,
hat wi.l couipol) an mcreaao of tho
pay ot onr privates, or tnoir lamihea
muat suffer, and 925 is not any more
now for the private soldier's than
$15 per mouth was tvro years ago,
as mo red for in Congress by Mr.
Vnllatidixham, and which was voted
down by Republicans. Do you re
collect ltl
The Reformation of the Church.
the Churches to be Recognized.
[From the Columbus Crisis]
LANCASTER, O., Jan. 14, 1864.
In accordance of tho notico iven,
a larizo and rcsiictabie meotmjr con
vohtd In tha Court-Hoace, in Lancaj
tor Ohio, on Thursday tho 14th day
of January, A. D. 1864. to fake into
eonsidi-ntion ti-.e organisation of a
new Christian Church, wherein the
puro and peHceabls GoBpd of Christ
shall ul prencnta, unmixoa witu poii
tics, fanaticism, or other foreign mut
Oo motion, Thorucs Rec was call
ed to the Chair, who mado somo ex
cellent ori'l appropriato rcirarka. Dr.
Olds tiiun proceeded to stato thu ob-
ji-ct ot the meeting at leniitn in a
written aJ ires; r.iter wnica un excel-
or.t lettir RilJroficed to tho meeting.
froai tl Rsv. J. F. Given, wa3 read
by Vtrgii E 8baw, who, after some
remarks, intronaed tho lollowitig pre
auibio resolution! to wit:
Wberoas, Most ot tlu churches
throughout our country proloaain,; to
bo clirstians, liavo citnor by ccc'eania
tical enactment or by a spirit of intol
erance and persecution, driven out or
rendered it impossible lor tueru to re
iup.ii), all those who do not agreo with
them in politi's, denouncing thorn as
traitors aud unworthy ot any placoot
troot or coaiiilenoo in church or State;
Wheicas, Said chorcnes have ceased
to reproaent and tach tho Gospel ot
lo7e, gentleness, goodoe33, meekness
and charity, and aro filled with and
practic only tho spirit of bitternebs,
strife-, hutred and uncbaritablencss;
Whereas, The said ciTurches aro de
stroying tha confidenco of mankind
in the Divino autueut.city ana etuca
cv of tho Gospel, and by their diare-
g ird ol the word of God, by preach
in; politics iustead of religion, fanat
ictsm instead of Christianity and wor
(natead ot peacj, are fast tilling tbe
land with inuJuiity and atueum:
Whereas, The preachers, by hold
ing political meetings and preaching
polities cn tho Sabbath, are bringing
tuat holy and sanctified day into dis
honor and disrepute; tnoreioro,
Resolved, That the time baa now
come, and that the cause 0! roligiou
and ths good ol our country impera
tively demand tbe organization and
establishment of a new church, where
in the paio led peaceable Gonpsl of
Chribt can be-'preac! o nnmixed with
politics, fkuaticiaui cr other foreign
rii-aolrod, That wt recommend tbo
iiiid lioi? of a Stato Cor.vL'ittion, to
mett on weUnesaity, tud a any ot
February, A. D. 1364, la tha cky of
Columbus, to take tiie noceseary steps
toward the estabiidament ot aacn a
Kesolred, That tho Chairman o
this tneerin,; uppoint tivo dcJi'g.ites to
attend s:.iJ ft'.; to UniTorituni.
IiesolreJ, Th:it ttrso who approve
f t'.iii eiUcrrrUo throjiiotit tlio
Stuto, bj earnturly rousted to scn-J
dolefiTitti'a to ul Con volition, an.t
that ai 1 delegate-, on the;r univi I
roport rhcniiolvei to Bio. Given, ir
Cu'umbus, 0'.iiv.
K-f"!vtd, Tlut a Comim'teoor Uor
roipondor-.c) bj i.p;rii:itel by th"
Chaini-ftn, to aid u this !oo I work
and further tho ends and owjou ol
this weitiiur.
iksolved, That such newapap-.'is
t! r-. uhout tho Statu, whutlier religi
on 3 or othrrwieo, u-t aro favKuSU ti'
this tnto:priso, ho rupustjJ to po
lih tuo pr cecJii! of ihi. it.j.'ti.i-,
and ivo uttieo of sueh ritato Gju
ventioti in their r..Bp'Htivo pitpt-i-s
Tho alwve 1 reutnoU au I rjso.otuns
wcro uilopteJ.
The Cnairmun nppointod the fol
! )wiPj; d lezatos to wtt; Dr. EJs"n H
Ol.ls. V.ril E. Sh iw, Jo,epb Sharp
an I B. W- Cailisli-.
Tlvj Chilrmaii appointed tiu fol
lowing Conuiiittee ot Co;i-fBpoM.i:m'-to
wit: Dr. Elson B. Oi.ls, V. E
Shaw, U. W. Carlisle and A. L. F!
On motion, the meeting t!mn a I-
LANCASTER, O., Jan. 14, 1864. THOMAS REES, Chairman
VIRGIL E. SHAW, Secretary.
The New Church Movement.
Religious Conference.
Religious Conference. JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Putnam Co., O.
December 10th, 1863.
We, at
Holdun's Iv.insj, ia iho oonuty and
State aforesaid, wvl Mtor taking into
consideration the wiv tho niinitoH o(
the church of the .United lrethien in
(Jiiriit havo pointed tbe pulpi', d s
graced theniielTcs and tho sacred c-J-
ling by participating in political mat
t:rs, ami tho way in which they (mv-
Dumocnted us as juin.sren tormty ul
tho same church, tor opinion's si!(f.
a3 an example of whicli weqiiitaa
reSOlUtlOi) goiwil up una u'H'pioo 111
fl.imo of their Conferences and publish
d in their church organ, as follows.
Resolvcl That wo wiu neither M
lowshiu- any 0110 as a member of onr
society, nor receive any ona intj mem
bcrship, wliosyinpatuizoa in any man
ner with the so callod I'eaco paity,
which is supporting C. L. Vuf'snd
injham for Governor of Ohio" Ac
Now. in view of s'ktv resolution
nnd nnbccomin ft'.id ciicl-.ristianlikp
namvs, sueh as OopptirbwaJ, Uutfer
nuts, EoW, &!., that have been pil
ed upon us lor opinion's Bake, a.id as
wo 00 not think snch conduct bueom-
ing lor profeaeors ol religion, nor of
men proteasing to oecaiwu aim aancu
fied to the ministry; therefore,
R.solvo i, That wo will withdraw
from 8i id Chinch anl form ourselves
into asopara'o body, to bo named tho
Reformed UnitaJ brt-tliron in Unnat
AJioiirnod to niaet at A. Shindlu-
d-.cker's hoiuo in Mercer county, O
on tho 25th day ot December, A. D.
JS03, to transact tho futther businea?
of tuia body.
F. FatstsotR. i'. B. Holdeh.
Saturday Afternoon, December 26.
-Devotional cxo.ciao by W. J. Cre
moaa. G. 'V7. UoiJun moved thi-.t a spocia!
coiuraitteu of four hi appointed to ex
cress the senao of this Conference on
political preauhin. Adopted,
Co motion. G. 'V. llolden, J. "Fria
ineer. W. J. Creni0in and J. W.
Summers wera appointed Committee,
nho reported as lollows:
Wiioreas, A majority of tin minis
tors ol tho uosp J t tuo uitijrcnt
branchei of tho cnurci have cea!od
in a uroiit measura preaching Christ
and Iliui cruciQed, and have got
iHeaching politics in tuo puipit, and
dolivering political apieches elsewhere
to tho uiagraco ot tuo paipit, them
selves and the sacrod calling, and
we dettet such coiiuuet; therefore,
Resolved, That wo as a church pro'
fesa to know nothing and preach tiotlt
in" in tho sacred deal; but Christ and
Uim crucified, aa the way, tho truth,
and tho liie, and further, wa prohibit
our ministers from sjca unbecoming
conduct; if found guilty, thy uball
dealt with lor immoral conduct.
Resolved, That wo jib a church arc
npposod to tho present rebuliion ot the
South; wa aro in favor of the Union
as it was and the Cons itation as it
nowj and t'orever. Amen-
After a very agreeable and harmo
nious session tho Conference adjourn
ed on Saturday, Dtcembor 26, at four
o'clock i'.il.
G. W. HOLDEN, Secretary.
A Cosimesoiai Tbtjtij. Money,
like a boot when it's tiht, is xtr etc
e'y t-ylrg.
A vtry roi'nuikabltj letter of Gcnor
ul tlcClellnn to President Lincoln has
recently tartdo it appoarbniv, tin J, we
doult not. will aitcct larorahlv, a
lara Hubs of citizens who hitlu r!
titivo not regarded him wi:!i any voty
ooiwiderttb'e degr of rMiet. TlK
letter is privuts an 1 o uti.l nuoinil,
written from ILirrUan's Landing, j nt
after thoo terrible sa?en d.ivs battlus.
and 11 designed to r'ivo Mr. L!neuln
hi honest uui well considered view:)
of tho w..r, a'i I tlto mode in which,
to bo successful, it shouiJ lj codnct
id. Genial ilcCelian e iyi tli j Gon
stitutiun yivij tuo ProUlenl rtinp!1
poWv r to o.m l.i :t tho wur t 11 suojcsj-
ul Unulnittii.o, and hai advitel him
to strictiyeo'it-'rinto Ita provisions, tj
tv-.ti on y w::u tn j i-i iitury i".;in 2:1-
ttoua r.'siat 'i; t:ie oviruiit. n', l pr
n:t ti ) iKsrruuioii ot pr vit. pro j.r-
ty, uo war on , opu ntu.nn nn-com
tiaants, no intorlerotjca wi' h Statu in
s'ltutK.n or With-tho "r:t'ioin 0:
uiutei9 i,i I !.v, a ld.n it Qnly"to
j.'n.ror.:i to tho btrict'.'st rn'o 0! iii'td
cru w.rl'.ue but '.11 thia utihappy en
tliC, with a (vr-Jo:) of onr 0 cn p.iu
phv, to c i.'iduct tuo war ku tho highest
prmc'pu-s 01 uhri-stiauity and civilizu
tion. M t'li-s doe'j credit to O.iiiora!
.ll'jChlla'i, and winterer may bo the
e:.ti:nnto ot' !-is a..'. liur-!iip, ikll uv.-o
miiHt ac3rdti ! 1 i i n an h inuetand pat
riotic ilcvij t connot t:m war m a
ti'uniin.j and goiK't-ous spirit, an 1 we
o-in'rasl lii'Se fciitiaun'e with t:io hc
trul c-mdi'.jt of tho warning his re-
ii5 jv.il front tho hi-ad of tiio army, w
uro truly am.izid at tiio frit-htt'-il
'progrji'' of thu country in thu din.
tion ul an u a. ui tinted barbarism.
Ujij iioo':.
Members of Congress in Cancun.
Wo take tho folio-,
Washintuii CbroniJil. of the ll-.h
The opposition mumbvrs of Consjro
met on ca'nrJav evdioiK' m tin ta.n
roi, (rim tion. uoiiij uivson,
r V f. !...!...!.. ..1 .
Pemisy:v.-kiii;, i-i th.-nhair) uui n:ian
:noii3ly adopted the following impor
tant resoiUt.ous oiietul nv (tie n..n
Jani'.s Uivok", of New York.
Whereas, Gold and silver ia paid t
our Milliliter, Couns'jU, and Commit
siooura, rr-presentm the nation in for
eign C'J'.mirus, and gold and silver ri
ly uro recviived fioui the u ''o, ut tb.
cuslou I lOtHes, pvment 0 1u'i .
W!iu.:iS, Th'i peoplo aro tuxid to
p.iy capititliats their tuxes in specij on
their inveatmen: 011 th! ni:io.,al debt;
tlierefir, bo it
Resolved, That the otTrorn, soldiers
and "ailors in th army and navy
ahonld bo p:tid in gold or siher, or
thttir equivalents in amount.
Kiaulved, also, That tho chairman
of this mjt'tia hi iustrneted to pre
pare amonduioiit to th tr;ny and na
vy bill to ti's effect
Too fdio.ving resolution, from a
cojin'tteo appointed t cuiisuit npu
political matters likely to pome- b.-iore
U nrL's, wa ala j ;i'jopt.:ii:
R-ssolvi-t, 1 hat tha 1 iyfli.letit,a prop
imn.nion of th- Sth oi December, 13.13
is unwiMo, umxpeaif iit, revolutionary,
onconBtitiiLion i', a-id is, there.'cre, d.B
Sesatjs, January 16.-ftcsulutions.
By Mr. NealC tiling for a report
from the Auditor of State n to amount
paid to tho several cocnty trassurcra
Ad ited.
Also, u resolution ca'iing tor in
formation as to tho unties perlormed
by tho Dourd of Military Claims.
By ilr. llowoiw ior tbe pnolica
tion ol proceedings of the General
Assembly in not more than two daily
papers, at not' more than two dollars
nnd a half per column, or fifty-five
cents per thousand eras.
Mr. West moved to striico out "two
laily papers" and inert ''ono daily
A division of tho question being
demanded, was ordered, and tha vote
being on striking out. the same was
agreed to yeai 16, nays 11.
TVi mitS An A Jnnnrf ''n.- 1t!ln
X U U lli'jLivii ti v 1 u-i. v u u u 4ti
paper" wna lost yens 11, nays 19.
Mr. Howells aaid, that to test the
sonso of the Seuato on any proposi
tion to tay for publication of the pro
ceedinga, ha would move an indefi.ii'e
postponement of tne rusuiution.
Adootod veas 23, nays 9.
Mr. West introduced n resolution
instructing tbo committee onOornmon
Schools to report a bill to provide
the introduction as a text book io
common sihools of tbe Stale,
Declaration of Independence and Con
atitution ol the United States; and
that aaid text book be read every term
by all tho classes. Tabled to printed.
IIccse, Jan. 16 By Mr. Gillog
ley To prevent constables and justi
ces of the peace from practicing
attornoys Deioro justices 01 mo peace.
By Mr. Allison I) rom tho (Join
m it teo -011 Military AfJYirs, on thu re
aolution recommonding to Congress
to iuorease tho pay ot privates in tho
army to thirty dollars per month, and
reduce that of officers, twentyffive per
cent, recommendiog tbe adoption
a substitute calling for a tcciewe
pay of privates and non comrrrias toned
ofSeera, and a ducreaao of pay of otll
cers not on duty.
Mr. Brfttton subm.tteJ a report ro
commenling tho aloption ol a sub-
a itute declaring in favor ofincreasing
tho pay of privates 1-. twenty-five
dollai. deducting from that ofoffioeia
not 011 duly, (except with certificate
of disability ) fifty percent, and pro
testing against the in!istmerit Ol ne
grons as demoralizing and an l-isnit
to the white citizen.
The substitute recommended by the
tnxj nity was agreed to, and the re
solution adopted. Vena 63; Nays 1
Mr. Bee- voting in tho negative.
Tba sain j Commit! 00 reported in
favor of .ho indiliuito postponement
of Mr. Kmolaud'd resolution upou the
subject of py and l-mxy to negro
noop. S lid reBohi'ijo w.iB reibrrod
to a Select Coiuaiitteo of one -Mr
Mr. Kwlc. ft 'm th'j SBino Commit
too, on the resolution ol Mr. l.ind. ro
lative to iueroased pay of coWn-d
troops, reportei in fiivr ot its inde
finite postponement. The resolution
.v is rei'ero 1 to a Sjleot Coin nittee of
ono Mr. Lind.
Mr. l.!ti-Je!ev, for tho Coint.-ntree
on Agriculture, rept-ited in f-v.-r .l
tho piiESiigd of II r. DuIuim's bill tc
accept tho graut tf bm i tor Agricul
tural Colleges. D 1 1 refirrvd to tt
ri.-lect C inioit!eu of one Mr. Dela
no. O-i motion of Mr. Keya-tr, of Uon
roo, tbe j-.;n; reanuiion iisamg iu
port from the Truaaarer of State a t.
the amount i-f tbo "coiircitncions
fund," and what disposal hua boon
ma le if was uk-m trom tne table.
A:"t ?r om discussion, the resolution
a referred to the C -minitteu if Fe
derul R-.'lutii ii-?.
Mr. Giius-ui'iia offered a j int ro
eolutioa to so atnen.l ihe- btate Con
stitution as to provide for numal ses
iori3 ot tha Guit-.rl Asseitbly. Tub
led ler diseusoioa.
Jai. IS. lS4.--Iho U iuso wac
enaed ne-.irly u;l trie afternoon in
th'i cfuidei:ilioii of Mr. Scott's bill
for tho ruliet of soldiers, famliis. No
imoi-rtftut vuto wa taken relative U
any of its fenttirva.
The SenBie's aojendtuen'S to Iloiiic-
Joint Ueaolut'on providing for th
pri it ng of the Aujut-mt Ueiwral
It -:iort, wliie'n n-doeen tho number oi
Euli'Ah copies to 7,000, and Gcruiflh
to 2 000, were agreed to.
Thu lloufi tht-n m'jo-.rntd.
Ji. 19. 1364. Mr.ConvKrso pre
m ttd th4 vioiitioTi of A H, VauL'leaf,
of Pickaway ooitnty. lor a law to rt
quiro thu Onmiuissiotir rs of Wairen
couotv to levy a tax to indemnity him
for th5 lOSS hO sr-BtKillWl bv tllO dt-
struetioti of hi3 piiiitinj? "irioe bv the
act of a rni.o.
T:.j ; gentVman pr--Btntd th;
niuiaori d of crt i cilia na of LLoek
ing county, claiming th.it S. il. Con
neil wa lioiding a ctfic" un-Ur tkie
Unito-l States uathi r it y a? tho time 0
hi oleetioii, and consi q ntly not en
titlod to n seat in th.e Senate.
The CoTjmitteo 011 Cureney repc-t
ted iu favor of Mr. Ii3rrisrn, bill,
fixing tiio legal rata, of iuuresut
seven t-er ceut. The bill was referttd
to tho Committee of tbo Whole.
Special Notices.
Ttit(reat CLlnese Rtmedyfor Secret
Ingredienti purely vegetable; plesrt to
ta to ; hm no bil o.lor, and may be carried
tho veit pocket wilhout fearof doiec'.ion. price
1 a box aerjt poil paid to any nddrewi y
J.I. KUOJlLlt. 403 Chextnut St, I bll.
Circular aaat free. 6opl. 17-3-3mo
ltribucU'8 StotHiuh Bittern
BcfiTVDS.WT'il OfriCX
CinomsATi, un,l&3
T D. C. W. Eobaok
Mr Dka Sm : I am dlepooe-iiir aeeeon.t In
voice of your Stoniwh Bittwa amorg the large
number of men wr.o ar.-iv umiJinimi.
inn for mfceanmont aud real. Tba oaivaraal
teatimony it lliat thdse BUtera are tin
ma-li. for tbe variona eurr.mcr csmplainu
which afflict ao many, I know ct no rciuo ')
aaf and to attie. Fiataroh aaya. " l o ak a phy
aioion what ia e;iay aud what la hard of diotiou
voi vill airiea with the etumecb. U aboot
aa aenal iio aa to auk what ia aweet or hitter,
our. reriona wnoiooa on ior omasira
have yoar8wmach Bitters ia the honae I
nuvill naver aak aoT ona the foolish quentiou
.nnkn of be the ereat philoapher. 1 rnn.t
orait a word or two for your Catawba Brandy
I have many men Here wno nvo Dranay pr
1,,1 fnf thorn bv dietiueuiahed Army Bur-
a-oon.i. The effect ofyoare 00 auch are benefloial
n. ,o than from any previously taken.
Peraooe who .leaira a really pure Brandy cannot
fail In their parcbaea if they get yonr DraoJ
I am, Doctor, wltiimuea respect
Yonr aervant,
6.W.D. Atcwl3aperintend'ent
tsv Office and manufactory. Nos. M.SJ.SO,
and 62 Eaat Third ttree. For eala everywhere
Nov. 6th UJoJ, ait. mo.
To Nervous Sufferers of Both Seies.
been restored to health ia a few davs, after oa
deriving all tbo ntuul routine and Irregular ax
Denaivi modoa of treatment without aaceoes,
aiders it his sacred duty to communicate to
afflicted fellow creatures tha meana or cure.
tlenoe, en tha receipt of an addressed envelope,
hewillsend (free)aeony of the preaciiption
need. Direct to D. Joan M. DienatL, IBS Ful
ton Blreet Brooklyn, yew York.
. alarb, May, July, Sep., Rot., Jea.,-tfT.
SVsrt.-US now nil rcu.blo trrstmett in
BsporUuf thu ilOWA.'tD Ai33LWIAf lOtf
ft;nt by mi; in Ur ftl
clmrtfo. Adarwa, i)r. J. FXILLI.! 1 Ont::i
frt it
8tftt. riiiU K-lnUa. Pa.
Muroh, i'.li 18 -4,- I -r.
ipN, Hu!i .iiJcition, No t S.oth rtioth
New Advertisements.
KltKLTOrf U.VIt.tEa liSTATt;.
NOTICE i hereby fi ton iKi'.Ui odrlro-
Jiaitlnttator cf ILn bUM ofShtlBft tvi
Ul of Vlutou C-ny 4cm.
Jm.i3-H-i. UifU33 B-lttM. .
New Advertisements. ROAD NOTICE.
VTOTtCC Ik iiorVy gt?o tbt ptiiUe
l rill pfnu4 10 u ComuilnMMMr
uf Viblou Ciaily Ohlu, ulttol Mrch Stuioit
18 '4. fr7in l' -r llxi tfrT.linjo4 QMBlag oi
it X -J rtvdlinihDoillgW pollit tttHt httf f
R Mm mill la Llk Tuwi Lip, t.J tauulig
btsj In iiout VatUrnlj Uirtwrtua lb run (t A
1 1)8 Uoitbf J! AuLb.l), Jttfph Uoll,
IUr3 Unlbort, Jmsi PilAf af oibi la
.ilT-i'nbipl taiiiulioK t o l!y en lh
iiurio i.iuf tun Voo p'.M of ifjrt3ur nt s
wbjf Dr. iio.!. lid iiten.
ja n iw. ma.nt renTtoyna.
NOt 1' K U brby fiT bl t j-ilitfce l't
Lr rafeclm!, lj ili CoiuiiuMiuo. of
Vi.-i.oi-l'r Jnty, Ch'o, ki thilr !sroh Bo.fi n
184. Titj'.r.f lor n ltrtio is tb Ot on
V 'I t-c'uif niii'H it or Dr Wliljtm N.ir.
vKfiib jteult'-r.g ill Orowo ToUialp, tiii rui.
n'.m lo Oi :ii;'-t uf to Kvi m i.u 1--o'J,
u.cojf '.In !.; illltv '.'(& ait 11 i tbtaudioicvt
Uioc-j-n levk lalbfMvjur.j tti old I -ul tni
ii-Ar vVilUkm Sli;iii .U-.Uinif huntj.
;o. 13 M -4 MAM vr.ui u::?.x.?,.
It In roadj to lb'. I"l pri'iolplo, wV, lie the
forK'i weth ti ;u.-.:y inadeonai pritaj
ple at all.
l.c: as iook at na f-initnii. tl rroo;a
watch la mostly mails t-y -n-n u ; bia, by
halid. W tile tbeir U.W is their etX
ia djar at any prlie. tfu-h !c-n arc mad
ikitbont plan, n lfilt v,illiailxuaraiiM.
They aro Irrjnlar lis c.-(jiialroc:t'ji., tc? qo'.!
an inoguinr in inorerrif r.t. I hey are de.-iad
on! tu lull, an i tuo f:ojcf l the J.HOT myit
tlixrei'Khey fid. '1 '). abo bur-: tp;."an
uroa," lf tice" and 8-t ii.a 'o ..('' iu profile--ir-
tir f.-i a few years will at.'aviute tl a
inuti ul oura'.aiOuieat.
ttital of buir.jf made i.f tovural t,'ir.tl;e)l tit
t.e j. -wiee, eoieit topeibtr, ibebivtr of iba
A.nirii-Kii Watiihiafjrino'j ot.SOI.r.) r-f.ATf.3
No jut lfi'. rf-:t wivbvi e buriniiiy of it wrrk
iUK, and na on.lijun khoeuan laruw it mboli'n
try obi i,f n'.r. Soioii if oi.s purl from
ait(.Ui-tr la uuknoi to its oi-artiiurl' D. and la
rlJi'ijr ur any hulne 1 umjit, it lr all ht-lu t
eii -.r an Srmii aa a tingle peiea i-f Hiatal. It
i.ojual !iit all inacbtiieiy atiucM be -l.t
ACe'UH.l E.
8.1. tilMr-UJ.
8.1. BTEONtK
.'. K-X'S'OMl'WI.
V nit rajy av-.i., Cniimtta by . ur yMeri
nu! (it'aLTt, 4 do out. (ireiciia tliat enr
-I'a'.cn ial oe neih fur la rjiT-y tl ar. the
iarjiijn ius-k.-;iiivei I r.t ,)i!.t i r ivcal 'Bl
ue It is A1 lei or.o-un f-.l.c
huksuljii:S'1) Vr'.vic:-: i.aici-J t,i.i-
erj ) la bit l-c parue iiiii- .lid ;-b,luii
,ial. and al a I IMmbi 1-iu'pi' vfi tarv.nl
jr.d 0 niurit nf U.irvbij(. fv- lii ? or I itfhiioit.
WAfCil (naoiai P. S. ll.irtl.'.t) imnllar in
aiie and geiierol a)peaiva. b it !. ir.a.-a Jrv
oln, and a luoreala.ii-ra'a fini-i-.
OUU LAUIFS' W.lf-t'. H'en'Iy bmuuM
iOt, U paluplae great niiety if patlers.
many ol Uiini il r.ra Biau'y ;;d w..tami.n
Lip, ia quite small, but wariaUd ta.aaep
et. u-.'t 'arif,) and jowt tbe il.:r.z for tbe t-otk-
et f Voir J Ainad.v..
Ktt I IiOOr" nf th. meri'e cf "ur watn may
be fuuad in '.be f.-n thai e ei eeipioy ar
h htiudrel worrir ea o-i t f,tturms, ai.
'.hat W4 era s'.ilt 'inahio .uut-rl tue eooataui-
1 i:i'.-reiiig den.ano.
'.hlarei and llci.'er -.han the Mhers we he
iianit'i.vA. Its cue t-Lroiii-rnete? bilUrwl W
;ca y adjumad to.errot r..u .uiaiun cau-J
y temparlnra. T.irn Waichra ere ohrpnoma-ttK-ally
rittud, and are Ui ff ;l. of the latest
jcpenment in cbr-tni'ine ry an 1 are roads by
jur tui woranicu, 10 a tepera t atpauuiaui ti
mi faetury. F. r tin jaent i:u keitp'.ng 4'ial
llica tiiey crallsugo comparison w'to thent
Ki.rki cfUieinoiil li.ru'-ja nylih and tlalaa
uak ere.
Ageata fr .be Amerktn MafhCo.
Ja- Sl--er. 1P EaoADway. W.Y.
6liLliIhr'3 SALE.
Stute cf Ohio, Vinton County,
Wi1';iera M. l'afersoa I'lia. 1 Iu tinrt of
ftgr.icut f Common Ptaa
Benjamiu Oil a. Def;. Vendi.
ItJUiUANTt-i the eommauit of an ordr of
. sale In the sbeve came to me directed fium
the Court of Con.mon I l-vw, of the aforesaid
couuty of Vlntou, 1 wiil i&r at peblte enlo, al
'.ho di-iriif 'he Court Hou-e, in the Town of Iio
Artba, , in ai'ore-aid eon-ty of Vtn'.on.oa
tht l l.'A day of Ftburary 1864,
Between tbe biir.u of ten oV'uok A. M., and
foar o'clock P. M , cf said day, the foilowiug
property . 1 wi-. : Tie north end cf oot-lot
uurubir two being a slrip Cf nfite aortbesd
cf said to;, shout one hundred and twenty feet
wide and all cf :ii (aid lot except tbal part or
parcil conveyed by Claries Konblas and wife
va tie Marietta Cincinnati Baiiroad Comp
any. Also a strip tiTof the weal side of ont
!ot unrubor tiiree. commencing at tbe line be
tween lta numhri oaud three r-iuning t'i'nce
east on the north iiue oflot cumber three, nr.
;il iltn'srsccls the east and woai ItLaoftbat
rati of ou.-lct -lumber two ennveyed aiaboTa
1 ben:e west to said diviaiun line between let
numbers two sndthrM. Thewe north to th
place cf beginning, all of aaid lota, yarUcf
lute, Uyir.it and bidug in Bobbin Addition t
tnet-iwu otHimdeu, m the County of Vinton,
and Sutie ot Ubio, on which ia erected a Foun
dry together with the hnclre and Machinery
belonging to aaid Foundry bui.r.eaa
Taken as tbe property cf Borjamin Dili, t
astisfy a juiigiueut in favor of V'tillsin M.
Appraiardat Twenty-six b-jndred aud fifty
delbra. and must bring two-tiiiid of that
TEEMS 0? 8AI.T, cash In ha.-.
Jan'yTthlMI.Vw Bhrf. V. Oo. O-
ihla IlouM Iroitta oa tht Sieaia Boat
Landing, and near tha Railroad Depot.
pa'.ne will beapareJ for tha accouudatiou
.)! GuttsU.
Sept. , 1863, lyr.
And all other kind of Black, for
ale at the Democrat Office. .

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