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Sift 'Shrift" Sygtrair
frfiuday -- Feb a tgei
WIlEitK HE IS. nnd to Enforcement
of the f.nwe ngniust all Officer who
fcnre usurped Authority. as well the
l'tople who Commit Breaches ol the
SM. PETTEN01LL & CO.. Adver'Ksn
Agent, No. 87 rrk Bow.Ksw Vork 4
(Stat Street, Bout on are oar Agent and ere
authorized t) tntj dvertisemeote and Huh
riptione for us at oar Lowest Hate.
We call epecial attention to tha sub
tanco of tho speech of Mnj. Mayo of
Butler Co., at tho Democratic festi
val on tboSth ult. Mc Mayo is tho
youngest incrabor of tho Uou38, and
one of its most talented members, a
ready debater, with a mind well Btor
cd with tho truo history of our gov
ernaiont, clear dnd logical ia lua con
cln3iona. Wo bespeak for him, a bright
-ami useful future r.s a trno American
fitataman. Read (hu speoch;
Recommendation of the Turstees.
Editob of The Caiera: Ploaje
aonooce tho following:
Tho Committee nppointod by the
Chairman or tba Democratic Festival
at Colorabua on the 8tU of January,
ull the members being present, re
epectfully vemmeud, that, Ths La
die throughout tho Stite proceed to
organize, by notice as public as possi
bio. Township and ward Aosocia-
tions, by the election of President
Secretary, Treasurer and such Com
' taitteos as may be deemed advisable
for the purpose of facilitating collec
tions; and that all money collected be
paid into tho hands ol the respective
Treasurers, whoso duty it shall bo to
remit the same, from tirao to time,
to Jhon G. Thompson, Esq., Colum
bus. Ail money received thus by the
Chairman and Treasurer of tho State
Trustees, will be acknowledged by
him in tho columns of the Crisis.
. Tho Recommendation of organiza
tion by lownships and warns, is
mads as moro available and effective
fhan if more extensive. It is address
od to the Ladies, because of the zeal
and patriotism they have voluntarily
and Impulsively manifested in a cause
which has associated itself with the
protection, freedom and happiness of
every household.
Tho co-operation of tho D.-mocrat
ia men of Ohio, is confidently antici
The Democratic Papers tbronsh-
ont the State, ure requested to publish
the foregoing.
J. G. T homps'H, Colombo-, Ch'n;
J. A. Waltkbb, Dayton.
George L. Convkbib, Columbus,
B. P. Churchill, Cincinnati
. F. Binouam Columbus.
Columbus, Ohio, January 21st, 1831
In tho Congreeaional piocaodiugs
wo 'find the following;
"Mr. Edgerton, of Indiana, offered
a preambic, that
"Whereas, AnnaE. Dickinson was
granted tho una of tho Hall to deli v
' er a public addrose, entitled 'Words
for tho Hoar,' on Sat ui day evening
last, and whereas, she appeared on
tbe plulform supported on tho right
by the Vice President, and on the
left by the Speaker of this House,
who thus, by their persond support,
gave, or appeared to give, a Govern
mental authority to the address, which
was a political rhapsody and and a
partisan support of the present Ad
mfnUlration. and denunciatory of its
pnjnetits, and was evidently desighu
ed to iuflaence tho great measures of
legislation before this House; there
fore, ba it
Resolved, That we disapprove of
nch use of this Hall for political pur-r-eei,
and regard it aa disrepectlui to
ih tninoritv of tho IIouiQ. I
Of courae, tho Abolition majority
trnnld not allow tbe resolution to be
adopted. It seems to be the afm al
Washington to do every thing tliat
can degrade And dishonor a republi
can form of government, so aa to af
fuid go'l exeaae- for its aztinctioo
Irj iUvry siurpatwa. i
DocsB,Jan.27 1963. Mr.Tuorop
son, introduced tho following resolu-
ion, wivicn was rercrrea to tuo com-i
ruittee on Federal Rolations:
Resolved, By the General Apsem-
bly of the State of Ohio, that alter
nearly three year trial, at a time 10
the Ir'jtory of our Nations life, when
tbe wiauuin, valor and patriotism ol
every loyal toon in oar Government
is rtqmaito to preserve that life, tve
deem it eminently fit and proper to
express oar entire- confidtneo. in the
ability, judiciousness and patriotism
of Abranani Lincoln, President of lic
United States; Mid that we most heart
ly endorse his proelomation itecompa
o yiug the fltiuual ini-esngo to Congress
as furnishing a feasible method for the
econstmclton ol ihe seeceded States
of this Union.
A roaulutioa was adoptod calling
on the Governor for information as to
the amount of the so called "Consm
eneious Fnud," and what disposition
has been made ol t'jo pamo.
Cost of Tim morgan raid A com
mnication was received from the Gov
ernor, enclosing a report from the bn
reaa established to nseertuiun tho a-
mount of damages inflicted by the
Morgan raid, from which it appears
taut expenses woro moored, in the
capture of Morgan and bis theives, as
Pay-roll of 582niilitIacompaDios". .1210.217 81
150 accounts n'iliiiwry Ceniinitteus.dtc. 8 9)1 08
Tnuiportu;ioiiM. 4,693 63
Paid bji tho Cuitcd States-
23 l, 825 87
44,200 90
Total, State and Federal 1253,034 27
Add outstauJlngelairai a part of which
are estimated 44,500 00
Aggregate of expense $293,58d 27
Clmiut tor dumagoj Aave boon filed by cHi
toci of 82 conutiee. at followe:
2,951 biireos kloloo at an avorgo vain of
1100 77 1267,085 60
Other private proporty 196,754 80
Public and corporato properly taken
and deatroy 83,914 00
Total 8527,705 40
and not returned ........ $131 413 60
utner private prnper'y .. 88.193 7
Coperateae J publ.o property 4,443 81
Total ..
Add damagoa by Bobela-...
Add expeueet e above
. 1 169 050 08
...627,705 40
.292,633 27
Grand total $989,411 75
Aftebhoon Sk&sion. Mr. Scott's
bill to provide nn additional oath ol
omce to do aamimsterer. to persons
elected or appointed to ( face under the
Constitution atiu laws of Ohio, was
The following gentlemen voted a
gaintt it; Messrs. Been, Gloom, Brat
ton, Dresbach, Dresol, Edwards, Es
till, Keyser of Monroe, Mayo, Mon
roe, Olda, Putnam, Root, Tbornbill
and Uhl.
The now catb prescribed reads as
'I , of-, in the .county of
, and StAto of Ohio, do solnm-
-that I havo never voluntarily
borne arms against the Uuitou btntes
since 1 havo been a citizen thereof;
that I have voluntarily given no aid
countenance, counsel, or encourage
ment to persons eugagod in hostility
thereto; that 1 have neither sought,
nor accepted, nor attempted to exer
ciss tho functions of any office what
ever under any authority or pretend
dei authority in hostility to the Uui
ted States; that I have not yielded a
voluntary support to any pretended
Government, authority, power, or con
stution within the United States, boa
tile or inimical thereto, that I will
hear truo faith and allegiauco to th
government of tho United States, and
defend it against all enemies, foreign
and domestic, that I take this obliga
tion freely, without ony mental reser
vation or purpose of evasion: so help
me God."
The foregoing is tho new test oath,
pawed by our Republican Legislator
The only objection really to tho oath
urged by its opponents was that it
pn's upon thopeoplo of the Statoun
necessary costs and oxpenco, in time
and money. Thcro is nothing in the
oath but what every man now has to
swear whon ho takes an oath of office
Of courso wo think it unconstitution
al because that - instrument provides,
thbt one only shall bu required to swear
to support tho Constitution of the U
oited States, and of Ohio, and perform
the duties of tno office. We take it
on such oath every man, who regards
his oath at all, impliedly takes all the
obligations on himself that this oath
requires. .
Proclamation by "Uncle Abraham," for
More Couscrips.
that a diatl for five hnndred
Hiouan? ftitn to eerve for three yeais
or during tho. war, be made on tlu
10th dav of March next for tho mili
tary service of the United States, cre
diting and deducting therefrom so
many as may have been enlisted or
drafted; into 'ho service prior to tbe
1st day of March, and not iierttofore
Tho troops at lFort Gilioo are on
half rations, owing to a supply system.
lion. i ames &. uiay, of Hentucky
former member of Congress from the
Losinton District, and sou of Hen
ry Clay, is dead. Ho died at mon
Information baa been received tha
the Confederak'8 aro about inaking a
laid tlirougli West Tenneseo. Gen
ral Forrest, i6 moving arronnd Col
ombia, enaeavoring to destroy the
Naslmlla and Worth Western Rail
General Meado has rccovcrd from his
ihnes", and will soon resume com
mand of the Army of the Potomac,
It is thought Garret D;ivU will be
ceusared in tho Senate for holding
opiuious different from tho Abolition
Tho Abolition test oath fjr pnblic
officers in this S'ato passud tho Ohio
aonao ot UMnrosuntauves yesterday.
Tlio Ohio Senato defeated tho bill
increasing tho fees of Sheriffd. i
Nothing was donoiu Congress yes-
terdny of speciul importanco. Mr.
Win. J. Allen, of 111 moid, mide a
speech in tho LLueo denouncing the
Our Army of tho Potomac received
an addition of 520 negroes, of all
ages and conditions. We suppose
they will bo fed and clothed at the
public expense.
Ihe Democratic caucus meets on
next Weduesday uight. whon tho con
servative address to tho poopSo will be
Toe Ohio Legislature has adopted
a joint resolutiou to appoint a commit
tee to investigate Ex-Governor Tod's
military expenditures.
li is rt'poncu mat tno urind on
tho city of Chailcston had almost
It is chumod that tho Stars ind
Stripes wero toasted at a supper giyen
in Kaleigh, Noith Carolina, on Christ
mas eve, at wmcti U'lvernor Vifict
was present,
TheEriliSu Gr"ernuaent is deter
mined probocuto tho principal offen
ders, at Sheertioss, Eo., for permit
ting the Cbcapu of iho robel prjvateer
jfAppuuannoca. ;
The Republicans La tho Ohio tg
is I at u re have backed out of their pur
pose to expunge tho Democratic pro
teat from tho journals, and inieaJ
havo adopted resolutions cxpresjiug
grave aouota 01 tueir power so tqdo
A squad of negroes soldiers, with
out any provocation, uomousieu fl
house in Indianapolis yesterday
r i 15 ... ' 7 . . . i. .
uenenu xvieeiiina nas umveC in
bt. Louis, to take command -of the
Department of Missouri. Ho was
welcomed by deputations.
Rumors still povailsofan extensive
Confederate invasion of Eastern Ken
General Putter is keeping up his
coiutemptiblo and disgracful war on
women iu Norlulk.
We are now told that no more legal
tender groeokacks will bo isauod.
Tho Confederate GeVeiuintut still
refuse to huvo anything to do with
General Uutler in tho matter of the
exchange of prisoners.
Tho Confederates, near Knoxville,
East Tennessee, havo latoly captsreo
eight hundred head of cattle and five
hundred Union waggons:
The number of rebel prisoner! iu
our hands is about thirty-three thou
sand officers and men.
According to tho New Toi k Herald
Charleston advices, from a lady who
recently left there, ono half of the city
has been abandoned and damaged by
the Federal shells. Thoro were forty
battorics around tho city, and reintbrce
ments wcro daily arriving.
General Fo6ter baa telegraphed to
vvasiungtou mat ueneral Stnrgis s
cavalry Ibrco had achieved u victorv
over the ejuuuiy's cavalry on tho 27th,
near the i) air burdens, ten miles from
Sievervillo; that JcCook's division
had driven theenomy about two miles
after stubborn fighting, which Luted
from dawn untill nightfall, the Feder
als capturing two etcol rifled guns,
and over hundred prisoner. Tho on
tsiny's lo3S was 6ixty-five killed I or
wounded in a single chargd. Tho Gar
rad uud Wolford divisions camo np mi
time, and continued thu pursuit of the
rutroating enemy. Our loss in tho en
gagemcut is not stated.
Tho garrison at Athens was attack
ed by tho enemy, six-hundred strong,
and after a hour fight, wero repulsed
with a loss to the Federal's of twenty,
and that of tbe enemy as much grea
ter. Tha office of the Mahoning &ntt
ne.publishuJ at Youngatown. Ex Gov
oinor losi s place ot residence, was
destroyed onFiiday uight by a mob ol
soldiuj-s, who aUo attempted the as
sassination of tho editor, it is stated
that this mob was instigated to these
proceedings by the Abolitionists who
wanted to prevent the publication of
Attorney General Critchfield's recent
exposure of lod a corruption and im
becility. Tbe Sentinel wrs a Dem
ocratic organ.
Tbe Republicans at Wtshing ton
are opposuu to any investigation be
inz made by the Committee on the
Conduct of the War into trmv frauds
and peculations on tbe evs of the
election Thoy fear th cxpoenres that
WOUiQ 101 10.
Some Abolition sconndre's insti
gated some drunken soldiers to des
troy tho efficoof Hie Lancaster (0.)
.agiet a democratic jonrnni. A scr-
ivue nut t'ccuircu. Alio aomocraiH
rallied, and in retaliation gutted tho
l - i . i
nouses oi two ADoiuion leauers, wno
wero hold responsible for it.
To Soldiers and Postmasters.
An aot to amend the law cre.ieriDinir tha art).
clea to t.e admitted into Ihe mail of the
Be it anacted la the Aenate' and
uouse o Jifpretentatives of the
United States of Americz in Coz
gms assembled, That articles of cloth
ing, being manufactured of wool, cot
ton or linen, and comprised in a nack
ago not exceeding two pounds in
weight, addressed to any non commis
sioned officer or private' 6orvin2 in the
armies oi ino unitea States may be
transmitted in Ilia mail ol t!m Ilniicd
States at Iho rato of eight cents, to bo
in all cases ireoaid. forcivorw four
onuces. or any fractions :hnrenf' ali-
joct to such regulations as tho Post-
A 1 .
masier uenc-rai may prescribe.
Approved Jan'y 2, 1864.
published for
tho information of the public, and es
pecially for tho guidance of Postmas
ters, nnd is thought - to bo so full and
and plain that no ono can mis'.ako its
meaning. Postmastors will however
bear In mind that packages of the
clothing entitled to p iss iu tho made
- eight ounces for four cents must
be manufactured from wool, cotton or
linen, nnd not exceeding two pounds
in weight, and must bs addressed to
a non-commissioned officer or private
serving in the service of the United
Statos. Consequently a paekago ad
dressed to a commissioned officer, or
composed of other material than as
iibove specified, such as boots, shoes,
&c, if sunt by mail, must bo prepaid
by stamps at letter rates, viz: three
conts for ev2ry half ounce or fraction
Postmaster General
Expunging a Protest!
proceedings of tho Logidlature, knows
that the Senate disposed of the Ash
land contested election caso with in
decent hast, when Mr. Kenny was
voted out of his scat; and that the
House proceeded with still moro in
decut haste in tho caso of Mr. Lar
will, as well as in that of Mr, iluff
ett. Availing thortuolves of their
constitutional right, the Democratic
members of tho House protested
against the action of that body in tho
Ashland caso, on account of the in
decent haste with which it was dis
posed o f, ai wall as for othor
reasons; and had tho protest entered
upon the journal.
This protest contains truths the
record of which tho majority is un
willing to purpettiate. So Mr. Stan
ton, of Hamilton, who has dona that
kind of work bofore, was put forward
on Thursday P. M., to offer a pream
bio and resolution, directing tho clerk
to expunge tho protest! Thereop
on, a discussion was had, which oc
cupied the wh'jlo afternoon. The
Democratic members did themselves
great credit in this debate, driving
tho Republican members completely
to the wall. Messrd. Dresel, Mayo,
Bratton, Olds, Uhl, spoke most ably
and effoctively for the Constitution
and the right : and Messrs Delano,
Allison, and S'ahtou, spoke for the
mnjor ty, in favor of disregarding and
trampling upon a constitutional right
belonging to tho minority.
Tho 10th Soction of the 2J Article
of the constitution of Ohio reads as
"Any member of either Honso aha
havo the right to protest against any
act or resolution thereof; and such
protest, and tho reasons thorefor,
shall, without alteration, commit
ment, or delay, be eutcred upon the
Wo arounaoio tosco now any
.member who swore to support the
Constitution, can voto to expunge
a pbotustI We shall soo what will
The Overthrow of the Constitution
In thu late debato on tho so-called
Confiscation or Plunder Bill, in the
House of Representatives at Wash
ington, Mr. Thaddeus Stevens, of
Pennsylvania, the Administration
leader in that body, Baid, in reply to
those who showed that the proposed
measure was an open and flagrant
violation violation of the Constitu
tion :
'That the Constitution has not the
least reference to anv of the provisi
ons ofthe nendine: resolution. The
forfeiture of estate in fee was purely
a proceeding under the laws of war
and of uations. over which the Con
stitution has no control br effect what
ever. Ihe property oi aiieu euemies
is to be seized and treated a? enemy's
property. The rebels bad risen to a
separate Goveromei.t, having been
recognized as a belligerent, not only
by joreign natious, but by our own.
So far as they are concerned, they are
absolved from the guarantees of the
Constitution, whichever nation con
quers naa a rigut to treat me oiner as
a conquered province, iney are iu
tho att'tnde of foreign nations." These
points ho illustrated : "If a State, as
a State, make war and become a bel
ligerent power, we can, when we con
qner it, treat it as we would any other
foreign nation. And this is not t
question under, but outside of the
Constitution. By the laws of war the
conqucrer may seize and convert to
his own use every thing belonging to
the enemy, and sell it to pay the ex
penses of war and the damages occas
ioned by it. As the Confederate
States have voluntarily thrown them
selves out of tho provisions of the
Constitution, and placed themselves
under tho laws of nations, it is our
duty to knock off every shackle from
every limb. Tho cry for tho Union
as it was and iho Constitution as it is
now but an attempt to perpetuato
slavory. May the God of justice
paralyze all such efforts."
That is the viow taken by the Ad
ministration of the war and tho Con
stitution. They openly repudiate the
latter in their conduct of the former.
Tho revolution in our Government is
complete when tho fundamental law
ofthe Republic is thus trampled under
foot. For tho Constitution, Mr. Stuv.
one and the Administration substitute
a military despotism I Wo are to rule
tho boutu as conquered provinces
rolo thorn by force adopt toward
tlieiu tbe same attitude tbiu Kuosia
sustains to Poland, or Austria to
Venetia. They are to have no guar
antee for their liberties for the en
joyment of their rights of persons and
proporty, except at tbe ploaanre ot the
Government Already the Adminis
t rat ion in Louisiana and Arkansas
has commenced to rive practical
weight to this doctrine by sotting np
bogus governments not founded upon
tho will of tho peophv under the re
forms ofthe Constitution, but organ
izeO and sustained entirely by outside
Gin. Enq.
CpFor the one hundredth titno the
Administration organs assure the poo
pie that, although they havo often
been decoivod by tbe same promise,
tho South can only hold out a fow
months longor, sod that tho rebellion
is on its last logs. Sensible mon,
all parties, know bettor know that
wo have long and severe fighting be
fore us; but there aro silly ones who
allow their nodes and feelings to bund
their iudgemont, to hug the delusive
ids to their bosoms General Scott
predicts tint the war will not, be
finished in tho next campaign, or the
one snccoeding that, and in that op'm
ion he is undonbtly sustained by all
the principal officers of tho army, so
far as we are advised
Special Ihtins,
Trove nil thing, hold fact to that
which ia good-"
-j Cincinnati. Deo. 20th 1361.
Dr. C. W. Koeao :-Dt Sir
AlV beon carrying ont the ebqte motto
tvyy)y 'U proving tbe quulitlaa ana nenoiit
Mrr?W of vonr "Stomaoh Bittera."
r yy OTir ix rronthi using them myself
' vvklX In nw nlt ... AnI tn Mini In.
ftyZP T stance recommending them
iyyJYt" oiners, ana giving iu pvrsuuq
j4 W l ncodod a pure invigorating
t?fl yi oWXxt refresbing ana atrengtnen-P'i-Z
'n8 t0 the Rye'ein. I eheerfully
dore their poodnoes, and nae them in prefer
nee to all other. .
Very Uospcctfiilly,
Rev. Siimuel J. Brown ha been t devoted la
hnrnr in the cause ot Cristianitv. in Cincinnati
fnr more than thirty years, a almost every
Cincinuntiun know. Such testimony, eTrom
such a source. Is not to be passed over lightly.
No othor ProprUtary Romcdies ever presented
to the public, ever received a nine oiinacoin
raendntion from MEN OP STANDING, inevo
ry walk of life, that mine have done. See
Tbe Great Chinese Bcmcdyfor Secret
Ingreadients purely vegetable; pleasant to
tahio ; ha no bad odor, ana may oe carnea
tho vest pocket without fearof deleotion. price
flu box sent pnst paia to any aaaresa ij
J. I. KUOMLK. 403 Chestnut St, I hll.
Cirouloraent free. 6ept. lT-3-6mo
To Nervous Sufferers of Both Sexes.
been restored to health in a few days, eft or op
dortrmngull tho usual routine and lrrgnlarez
pemiiv modes of treatment without success, oen
sidor it his sacred duty to communicate to
auioted fellow croatures the means otenre.
Ilonoo. on the rccciut of an addressed envelope
he will send (free) a copy of tha prescription
used. Direct to V. John m. daonall, ioo x ui
ton Street Brouklyu, New York.
March, May, Jnly.&opNov.Jan., lyr.
8'STEJIS new and reliable treatment
Sent by mail in tealed letter envelopes, ree-of
.. , nrrrr v t al irfttf re
cliarge. Address, vt. J. ou.iLiijin iiuu-jii-TON,
Howard Association, No Sooth Ninth
btreet, Philadelphia, i a.
March, 5th 1843, 1 yr.
JIclo 2bbertisaiunts..
OTICE i here by givon that John Stevens
Administrator ofSemaol Walker deoeased
haa filed his acconnta for insnootion and oartial
settlement, and will be for hearing on t he 8th
day oi Maron A. u. isee.
Feb. 4-64-8w. Probate Judge.
NOTICE hereby given that the undersign
ed haa been dnly appointed and qualified,
Administrator of the Eetato ef Sheiton Bars
1st of Vinton Omnty deceased. -Jaa.SS-i-Iw.
Ananfa'ling eare for SarmrAorrhea Pemleal
Woaiueee. Nogturnal Emiaaione, and an diaea
aea canted by eelf-poHollorj ; anchaa, Loaa cf
Memory, Univeual Laaeltude, Falsa in the
Back, Dimneai of Vieion, Premature Old Age,
Weak Horvee, Difficulty of Breathing, Trlmtv
llnf , Wakefulnete, Eruption en the face, Tale
Countenance, Inaanity, Conenmution, and all
tbe Direful complaint Cktiaed by deparllag
l'roin the path ot nature.
Tbia medicine ia lira pi a vegetable extract,
and one on wuion all can rely, aa it baa beta
uaed in onr practice for mat.) year, and with
tbonoand treated , it bee not failed ir. a tlagl
inata&c. It curative power tar been eotfl
clent to gain victory over the mot eubbors
To thoe who have trifled with their eoaetf
tutloa, ontll they 'sink themaeWe beyond the
roach of medical aid , wewoaldter, Despair
notl the Ciieroxxc Cci will restore yon to
health and vigor, and after all qaaok dootere
bare failed I -
i'ur full purtionUra, get a Circular from any
Drug Store in the ooontry, or write tbe Fro-
firietoia, who will mail free to any one Haalr
ng the atuo, a full trentlro In pamphlet f rm.
Price $2 per bottle, or threo bottiea for $5,
and forwarded by Expruaa to all part ol tbe
Sold by all repcrtable dro?plU everywhere
Dm. W. R. MKRW1N A CO.
SuLi FiormrroB.
No 59 Liberty Street, New Tork.
Tub 4 Ufl.-altw-lyr.
Glud News for the Unfortunate 1
Discovered at Last.
Compounded from Roots, Barks
and Leaves.
CriEROKEE REMEDT, the great Indian
DinraZiu. care all diaease of the urinary or
gaaa,uoh a incontinence of the Urine, Ioflan
mation ol tne uiaacior. iinamruaiion oi inema
neye, Stone in the Bladder, Stricture, Gravel,
Ulet,Oonrrho9a, and i especially recommend
ed in those caeea of Fluor Albua (or White ia
females where all tbe old nanieoua mtdieiae
have failed,
It is prepared In highly eoncentated form,
the doao only being one to twe teaipoenfnl
thro times per day.
Il is diuretioaud alterative in it action; pur
ifying and cleansing the blood, eansing it te
now. in all of it origiual parity and vigor; that
reiuoviugfrom tbe ayalem all pernicious eanaa
vhioh induced decease.
an ally or assistant to tbe Cehrokee Bmed7
and nbould be used in conjunction with that
medicine in all eases of Gonorrhoit, Gleet. I luor
Albusor Whi'.os. he effects are hoaling, sooth
ing anddemulcont; removing all residing, beat,
chordeo and pain, instead of the burning and
almost nneudurable paia that ia exporienoed
with nearly all the cheap quack Injections.
By the use ol' the Ciiikoeec ltmior and
Cbkroiis Inotiok the two medicine at the
innie time all improper diuliargo are remov
ed, and tho weukenud organa are speedily re
stored to full Vigor and alreuith.
For full par ticu'enre get our pamphlet from
any drug atore in tbe country, or write aa and
wo will mail free to any addrua, a full treatUs.
Price' Ciiebokei RitmiDT, two dolUrt jer
bottle, or three bottles for five dollar
Price, CutuoxiE Injiction, two dollar psr
botUe, or three bottle for live dollar.
Sent by Expresa to any address oa receipt f
Sold by all druggirts everywhare.
Sold PaoPRixTess,
No. 59 Liberty St. New York.
( FROM &1fMIriJ
NOTICE ia hereby given that a petition
will be preaentod to the CnmraiMiloncrs
of Vinton County Ohio, at tbeir Maroh Session
I84. Praying for the granting and opining of
a Rnd, commencing a( a point near Barnes re
Redila mill tn Elk Towi:hipj and running
thenctin about a Westerulj direotion througn
tli lands of James i.'olibin, Joseph Howell,
Hiram llulbort, J-tmea Piluhor ana othon in
said Township, and ending at an alley on the
north tide of tbe Town plat of Mo Arthur nar
where Dr. Holland lives.
NOTICE la hereby given that a petition will
be proaented, to the Commissioner of
Vinton County, Ohio, at their March Pension
1884." Praying for an alteration in th Coun
ty Read; commencing at or near William New
combs dwelling in lirowo Tovoship, and run
ning to tiie right of the Road aa now located,,
along the aide hill to Coes mill; thenco acroit
Riucoon Creek interhecting the old road at or.
near William Stillwella dwelling house.
Jan. 28 04-w4. MANY PETITIONERS.
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County,
William M. Patterson Pltff. I Iu Court of
against Common Plea
Benjamin Dill, . . Deft.) Vendl.
PUBi'O ANT to the command of an or Jer of
sale in the above cauo to me directed from
the Court of Common Pleas, of the afurosald
county of Vinton, I will offer at public bale, at
the door of the Court Hou-e, Inthe Town of Mo
Arthur, in afore.aid couoty of Vinton, on
tht 13. day of Fcbvrary 1864,
Between the houre of ten -o'clock A. M., and
four o'clock P. M., ot said day, the followii.g
property to wit : The north end of out-lot
number two being a strip off of ths nonhead
of said lot, about one hundred and twenty foot
wide and ull of tho said lot except that part or
parcel conveyed by Charles Robbing anil wifn
to tbe Meriotta a Cincinnati Railroad Comp
any. Also a strip off of the west aide of out
lot number thrae, commencing at the lino be
tween lota number twe and three running tVnce
easf on the north line of lot number three, un
til it intereeeia tbe east and weal line of that
part of out-lot number two tonveyed as above
Thence west to said division line between lots
numbers two and three. Thence north to the
plaoe of beginning, all of said lots, part of
lots, laying and being in Bobbins Addition to
me town oi uamaoa, tn wo iaumy oi v inion,
and State ef Ohio, on which is erected a Foot-
dry together with the Kngine and Maohinery
neiouging w aaia xounary xiuaness
Taken aa the property ef Benjimin Dill, la
satisfy a judgment in favor of William M.
Appraised at Twenty-six hundred and 4ftw
dollar, and most bring two-thirds of that
TERMS 07 SALE, eaeh In hand.
Jso'; 7taUe4-ltr - fllff.Y.C. 0,

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