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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, February 11, 1864, Image 1

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VOL. 15.
ISO. 20,
' ' " " ' ' - ' - '. ' " if:" . i- i ' -i-r
PULliBB.. kvK.aT THCR8.iV DT
E. A. & W. K. B RATT ON.!
O F F 1 0 E:
Id Urattoe'a Iluiluinyt, KaatofCoert
Hotirr, lie Stmra.
ti nm, t ami.
Tbe DWiiT trill t aantoua vtsr for One
&Uur; Sis MiiKlia, for Fifty Went; Three
lUnUu, for Twenty-fite Ct-oU.
t if All pepor will he diKcooliunaJ tt the
vxturaiien vi ilia Urns pitU fur.
Ofte Square oiMliieerllon, 0,Tt
JCih addilioual iniieilipn, ,25
Card una year, .ou
If nlo f it jipointn.tn'.a ot uiiirit( a
or, UiurJiaa nod fcxeoutora. 1 .SO
AttMhniaatnotioaa befora J. V. l,M
K'lltrirUI notkot perliiit, 06
fcTi.io liuo nunton chritJ u o iq.mre,
nil A.WfrtiHetnentl uJ Legal Jiutiee muat
a paid in Jvno.
fcef" A libor&l daJuotlun willVmnia.-ctoyear-
tf riia ebovetermemuat bo oompHed with
WAU payineute muat ba lande to tlia Pro
late, ti j Uava uu aiioute.
The Democrat Job Office.
TC ara propared to axaaula wttb noainoae,
Jlpitcb and it nrioo that ilufr oomi.tHilii.ii.
kiuda of Job Wurk.aucU aa-
LA DELS, Ac, &c
'Iv aa atrial aud baoonvlnwd tlietweuan
lit t nill in iiriiitiuifctdiipiu t'urCin,tbun any
)Uier tabllihni9iit In tbUaiictiuii ofeonntrv.
11 U T E L a .
Tills Huusa Irmr.a on the Siram Bat
LinJiiijj, aii J near ihi Kailronii Dapot. No
paina will bvipirtJ fur ttu accoinadailon
ol Gii'Sta.
Bopt. ,18flS, Ijr.
i . S. DANA,
ihfcF.TliGI. OHIO
Sept. 17- 3-'.i "
raoli: n in
X i .V, V , ..!,ar, ", will,
iiito'i j j Hiattiii!( rtnu'.ia
KMir iiviu oi,, raunmiillili. iHUL
Tuina run aa followa ;
UOlNti EAST. ' ' ' '
Cincinnati, Si'Or.st. 900a.m.
Blaacht-gter, 6 33 p. u. 10 61 a. m.
Oreenfiield, 7 35 p. m 12 28 a. m.
aililiciillia, 8 45 p.m. 1 S3 p, u.
H&mdcn, arrive, S 14 p. u.
Zaleakl, 3 45 p.m.
Athena, ilir. u.
Marltlla, 7 09 p. H.
I'arkwburj-, 7 30 P. H.
trATK. j Tly$. DArMAlt.
Parkargburj, 7 05 a. m
Marietta, 7 0 a. m.
Athens, 9 40 a.m.
Zaleskl, 10 41a.m.
Hamden. ijt.' 11 13 a. m.
Chillicothe, 6 00 a. m. 1 00 a. m.
Greenfield, 6 13 A.M 8 03 p.m.
BUncheater, 8 13 a. m. 3 37 p. k.
Cincinnati, 10 15 a. m. 5 35 p. u.
JOHM DL'TlAN-n. fl.in't.
JC 4'.h 1S63. lyt.
t .
TUnd after Monday, April 16th, 1881 , trlnaa
wiuraus aaiouowa ;
OotwoNoHTa MailTrain laavaa rortumon'i
t T:u a. u .; arrival at uamden at 10:15 r. u
. nakinir oloaaoonnaotioa with tbrounh tr&ina. tn
Marietta and Olaoinnatl Bailroadfor alii pointl
Va. , IT . . 1 . ' .
u nt. sooomrooaauoa Train laava
FtrrUmoatb at 1:80 r m; arrlvea at Uamden at S
SO r it.
xt?yt .B"n,T-nnrn'(latlon Train laat
EH uuJ,ifrlJTM Portaraonth
10:60 A. m. MaU Train levaa Haroden atS:
r M; rrlaaatPortinoBthat:OOr. u I
Ti""ft.?ian'S f" Mm1. Chilllcoth
aketOffiaaaafedacedratea. pTW04,J
And il other kind of Blanka - for
galo at tho Democrat Office.
How Supplies Reach the
How Supplies Reach the Soldiers.
From the Army Correspondent of the Louis
ville Journal.)
CHATTANOOGA, January 16, 1864.
Id h ri'Cutit nnmbur of vour inurnn
I rta'i n criiniuiiiiicntion U'ldruiieod to
jou Irooi Hiiilgepurt, aiiiintid vcrtiti
on nio ui:ini:er .in winch enu.tar
nturi-o uru ulsoseJ of in th.) nrmy.
niiLiuu unit tiiu vvntur Hvuld contmuu
the fitljcct, nd, in j lace of gkiimiiing
ovi r tue diiiliic . l.l.o a eki 1 u dnrirua
prol.jiii.cp tho ulcer, und lay bHr
tc rocionriuKi so artiuliy coverud liy
the tliin uf ('it'tj, unj couceulo'd
bout-am tho tfloga of political hypo
ciiny. ISO that the opl of tho
rtoriwrn Mart'8 aro ailing tho coffers
or tho isun.tury Communion with
luviih irodixlity, ii an suspicions
moment for a Gibbon or a Jnnina to
nrimubk tho loya, suoundrcla who in-
CH.,ipi to blood tho aoldiur
and pyuktl tlio goniiroaioflorin ofn
niuji'iiiiinoiiH people. Did tho cor-
rftpondt-iiU of (lie public press, wln
mo publ.con dimM taction, do
hull' their duty, they would expos
uio 'l U'i'Js in rpotratea 011 the soldiers.
aKl kcouiv (Ii vultures who i.rev
upon the vitfila of the nation, in placo
lunaina tiucclmr.itltnn revola and
vrrititi worthloaa politicians to alura
anil fuKt:8. bpt-cuufcin ot t!ii cIiihh
wortiiii s may Lo daily soon in that
extra loyal alutt, thu Cjncinrmti(?ft
merciiil, compounded ty its corroa-
poiidcnt Ii'.mv of equal parts of African
odor and thu iinaduUorated tasouco
Why thi'Bo tulaehooda are tmt fortii
o thu country, when nqut-ation to the
tiist eol.litr lif'tuft would convincu
the writer Hint hitlf clothos and half
rations are all he ets, is enijiiiiHtiual
mid ai)8tcriou8. Tho same story wan
told in tho Cincinnati papers, before
ihc recent battles, whin tho soldier
lived on half a cracker a day, and
suuh it.tuBtiu:S as ho could pnrahaau
from tho contract butcher, at enorm
ous prices, to keep Lody and bouI
togtlhwr. Since the Army of tho
Oambtrlatid was compelled, by tho
disasters of Ch'cknniBuga, to occupy
UliNtfanoogii, likti the garrison of a
beleaguered city, the tnou never drew
more tiin half nitiins, and most of
thoTitno not more than a fourth. For
ur of tho necessary food and cloth
since tho cold weather set in, a
'uro proportion of tho reimonta ara
tho surgeon's Let laid up with
and pulniona:y .diseases. But
is not a'r Heretofore tho Army
lieniHtions author;Zijd tho soldier to
paid in uioucv f-T all ratiuns sav
or in it fmnislnjd by tho Gorcin
merit ; but lately eomo wiseacre at
Vuehif!2too liisooverud tliis ta ba il
legal, arid ordered that no mouev be
paid thorjji ho n ceive but ono fourth,
no ration at uu. iNo nutr svalom
could bodoV!8fid lo cheat the toilimi
private auu uu me pockets of dis-
oncBt l ominissarics of SiibaiatoncB
with these facts pateut and !ub
mo neipiesasoiaier is not onlv to
..1 j . . r 1 . t . . .
e-iieuieu out 01 111s rigllts. but tHS
friends and. the couutry are tJ bo lied
of the kuowludo oftheui. It is.
! -III .1 . . . . . 7
poriini b, unuvoiuamc mat iooa sliould
scarce nnd clothing soaQtv. ret 1
not seo tho necessity of pruning
a tnisiortune wiui a aeiiberato fal
sehood. Tkat things might be belter
1 i. .1 . -1 .1 . .
iuo'i iihto auuiKianc 1 nave no
doubt, did not tho spirit of avarice
Bi()asion of public function,
and the greed of gain' s wallow
every loeling 01 humanity and
trcnerfll i horoa6 is thoroughly hon
and anxious to stop speculation in
branch of the service, but had
the eyes ot Argtia and the hands
Briareua hi could not watch the
aor pillory the plunders of his
subordinates. The deBire to get rich
bo uuiversal that it has become a
national crime to lack the capacity or
will to appropriate your noighbors
property and fill your coffers with
public plunder. If cotton is king, the
dollar is the deity at whose Bbrine the
and the sinner alike oiler np
daily orisons. While the brivate
of elbows and out of toss, bugged
rifle on picket and parade, won
dering when tho next cracker would
a resting place in his collapsed
haversack, the landings along the
from Chattanooga to Bridgeport
crowded with provisions, oer-
mitted to rot because tho Commis
saries vero too busy regulating their
private finauces. If the visionary
failed to find the philosopher's
tho mora practical Yankee has
discovered that tho soldier Ui the gjoi
nine iHve tue golden eg worth all the
eiforta of loyal inenbation. This
knowledge haa drawn to camp all tho
bnzzarda of tho cocntry, front the
vender of spurious lottery tickets to
Ihe thrifty descencleut of Abraham,
who p.'ddles pinchbeck chronometers
tad; barter shoddy f'.r greenback
under tho Mgri manual of tlij provost
nmrshnl. Against ord. ra, spncial and
genoral, from dennrtment headenart-
ers, the Tunkoo po idler finds his way
to camp with h:s clothes pins and
patent nostrum, and swindle tho
Holdier out of his lust dollar, oither
by the permit or the cotivnnicnoa of
tlie guardun of army tnoral9.
I he great Sanitary rair at Cincin
nati is over, the funds collected muni
ficent, and the jbjoct of tho contri
butors noble, should results be coin-
nifnBiiruto with the design. Un-
lortnnatuly, tlio exuorionce ot the 'just
does not auur favorably for tho
future iho political managers ol
such concern aro not apt I) throw
their (oyalX'j away without compon
cation, nor psruiit snuh heavy pro
ceeds to cscapo from their clutches
witliont txtractitig a poundage to
make their iiainttits'ed aerviues ap
mar refipectaulo.
Iho walkers and Cald wells who
peddlo royalty to tlio millions, and
reap a profitable harvest in the manu
facturo of i;rips and signs for every
owly noclgcd istu that courts tho
fxvor of the tnacaea, could riot be ex
pectid to wasto their time and energies
n trc cause ut patriotism and hum
ntfy, without coupling tho rewards
said to await the benuvolent in regi
on p.elestml, with the' more solid of
lerina of tctri Jirrnct. If tho true
lulievi.r earnoa!y watch tor the tr.il
eiKiiain, and the saint Buhaist on tho
nrealities of faith, tho benefactor of
humanity who is liable to bo voyed
by tho law tor having no visible
means of support, ciu plead the high-
t ftiUoonty ttr assertfnjr that '"the
laborer is worthy of his hire." t?aq,
len, tne net proceeds ol your I'airs.
norn ot all its ugly angles and u u
seemly weight, into tho hands of the
Sanitary Coturciasion, and it will got
an additional rounding from the cure-
nl attaches of that institution. Alter
ockoting a handsome gratuity from
io contractor, the agent turns over
I19 delicatu yiauds to the hoauital for
istribution, where they receive the
bout attention of tho surgeons and
eir enoordiriatva. Lost the fruits,
proBtrves and othor delicaaios pre
mred by tlio ladies ot tho North
lotiid cause tho invalid a relapse,
ie snrgeon. in tho Kindness of his
heait, consents to take- tho doso hirn
celf, and when tho rosiduo renjlios
the pal.ut of tuo bufforer, after tho
anrgeonB, stewards, nurssa and nig
gers aru sutiatau, 11 is sure i bo in
Biirh moderate quaotities m not tt
J 11- . I A - . .
enuanger n:u or ntuo. ;vs tue viands
of the Sanitary Connuifeioi: uro only
at grace tue moss tublo ot the sur
geon, it is but right that the vintage
eiiohiu stimulate tuo mucous inom-
bratie of the Esculapian etomacli, and
tho sheets and pillows adorn the
conch of the raaa of pill. Nor are
tboy entirely berelt of generosity ; for
frequently saw tueiriceueroua dona
tious wooing to peaceful somber the
tortured braina of Quarforniaptete'
an gallant Colonels, in regiments,
the supplies drawn from theuommis
sion na well as from tho Commissary,
for the resident sick, find the same
channel. JuoJuru rjliAruuacy discov
ered that pills are more potent than
preserves and sheet-Iron crackers
moru conducive ta health than farin
uceous potatoes. Nor is it strange
that the professors of tho healing art,
who know 80 well tho effects ot a roll
fresh butter acd the couteiits of a
demijohn on the ailing body, ehould
brace tneir overtaxed nerves with a
of jelly and a bottle of Scheidam,
when the physicians of tho sonl letid
fresh vigor to tho swelling strains of
thedoxology by a bumper of "old
rye." The Sanitary Commission and
the Christian Commission are excel
lent neighbors. They occupy adjoin
iug houses at'd share each other's
gifts with a grace and piety that has
very humanizing tffeut on them
selves at least, if not on the entire
army. The Sanitary gentleman takes
daily dose of the spirit of the Gos
pel, while tho pillar of the church,
with up turoed eyes, put? himself
outside a goodly goblet ot thu spirit
Bourbou. ThessjaChristian Com
missioners, came all the way from
Maine and the sanctified precincts ofj
Uobtoo to gather the lost sheep to tbe
Hold tu4 to strengthen ' them, in tha
083iodv work, tuka IipriI ftfllm A,.,ufni;,.
iiijunction. "to tak? a littlo wina for
the Btomiich'n sake." Whethor the
Umbs viewed thoir shopherds in thu
light of wolves in sheep's ctothlng, I
m nna.IviseJ, bnt, certain it is, tho
only result of their eflorts is tho pluck
ing from the burning half a dozuo she
wooll - iipads, whi) aid them in dise-st
wg ne gooa tilings or rna Banitary
Cum mission, and share with the
pion gentlernon thuir bad and hoard.
Of nil tho grand humbugs the war
ontalled on the country, thi Ohriatian
Commission j tli3 meanest and tha
worst Army chaplains, In all consci
ence, aro nuisance enough, but the
Imposition of band of strolling
mountebanks, from the confines of the
Union, who do nothing but steal
niggers and feed them on sanitary
stores sont to tho sick, is a disgrace
to tho. country, and a lasting blot on
the eHCiitcheoo of Chriatiwity. How
little do the generous people of the
No'th know how they are flooced and
foohwi by these emindaries of Aboli
tionism, from whom, no doubt, they
receive elaborate reports of thoir con
questa in camp, aud the glory they
brought to the houso of Ham. No
wonder that such disorders should
afflict tho State, wheu tho Gospel of
peace is mtido an engine of war, and
tho thunderbolts of the Almighty aro
Lurlad troru society. What matters
it lo thoBo white impious hands
against the pillara .of civil so facod
fanatics of icy Maine, the npreoting
of social ordor, or the eacririco of
blood and treasuro to produce univer
sal chaos; to grutify their inordinate
vanity and carry out their idea of
s iblo ? uporiority, they would canonize
tho damned, pull down tho- Heavens
from ethernal space, and D'unae
saints and angels into ono promiscu
ous everlasting roin. Atheists nt
heart, their sympathies are absorbed
by the sirens of color, who devote
their time to pilfering and aeuauality.
Under thoir golden rulo the Decalogue
is paraphrased, tho town daundud of
its virtuous citizon and filled with
painted strumpets of every huo and
wiui. hi new 01 moir aweuings,
and under their own observation
withont a frown or a word of coin
I a a
piaint, aro dostitute and virtuous
women and children hurried from
thoir homes bv dashing stuff .iffienra
and their hoti9es rilled with blooming
ladies of easy virtue. Under tho dis
pensation of MaiDO theology. Chat
tanooga uas bocome a oharnel-houso
of corruption, where diseaso fosters
into infection that will leaven the
community for agoa after the votaries
iara turn their sworda into plow
shares, and rosumo tho domestic, du
tics of husbandmen,
Garret Davis on the expulsion Resolution
of Wilson, Mass.
The resolutions wero read.
ilr. D ivia had not anticjp&ted this
movement, n was a spring upon the
Senate to his surprise. Ho had con
sidered his resolutions .well, and they
bud his definite approval. The jaun
diced, narrow min i of tho Senator
from Massachusetts was wholly uu
prnpared to interpret them. His heart
and his mind totaly disqualified him
rp the task. Uo entered hid solomn
protest agaiast Iho Senator's version
and asked candid, sensible Senators
to consider themselves. Ha denied
that ho had aaid that tho armv had
been subsidizod by tho President, and
that the herons of our battle-fields
wero maligned. What ho said was.
that if the present Executivo iudoisos
tlio schemes alluded to in his resolu
tions these leaders, in the evoiit of the
failuro to reach their conclusions, to
effect their nefarious aud treasonable
objects would throw themselves back
upon the armod power of the Govern
motif, against the lords of tha land.
lie stood up for hia resolution, and in
tended to abido its fato. He would
read tho fifth aud fourteenth, and tho
A. -A 1
section iwei vo, upon wnieti tuo learned
erudite and patriotic Senator bases
hia indictment, ilia resolutions only
proposed to institute a plain and frank
investigation of the measures of the
Administration, aud he intended to
continue such investigations until the
Senate expelled him. and if the Sen
ate should do that, he had a higher
mission as an American, becator and
freeman, and born under tha Consti
tution, whioh he had imbued in hia
infancy and cherished in his inan-
ood. fio would go homo among? the
people of his loved native Kentucky
and raiao the crs of oppression, tyran
ny, usurpation, and revolution- against
the faUbjecs ffieq wuf tava ffljrg q
the G.iverntnn Wo had fallen ud
on evil time indeed. We have
great rebellion, aecon 1 only in impor
tance to that when Lucifer was thrown
from heaveu. Wo have in thia Ad
ministration of tho Govern mont
oil .1... J . .
on mo uup.mrueuis mon who are
swron to snpport and defend tho Cofi
titution, not for tlio power it confera
npun them, bnt for the liborties
gives the peoplo, recreant to their
high truiit, and by the abuso of power
both civil and military, trying to sub
vert that Constitution and the proper
UD'-rty ft sccurea to tho citizen; and
yet any inau having the audacity to
tj ; mil uio wiauom ana mo couititu
tionality of tho pr licy of tho Admin
istration is branded as disloyal. We
navo groat mon in tho past, tho foun
ders of the Government were great.
io men ana patriots. Wuon wo de
sired to loam their prinrples of gov-
enment, he to the noble fountain of
political kuowledgw ea'ahlished by
them. Such men as tho Senator from
Massachusetts only porfurm tho bane
omeo of muddying the fountain. He
is not nt ror any other work. On this
subject Mr. Webster hold that it trm
the undoubted right ot legislators to
bumh mo acts or public mon." That
this right waa as undoubt as the right
01 oreathlng or walking the earth. It
is tho last right he would abandoned.
He would exercise it at all hazzarda
At au nnrable distance, and in his
feeble way, ho inteudsd to follow tho
fcroat expounder ol the Constitution.
The Senator from Massachusetts
seems to havo installed himself as a
sort of overseer of this body, and h
was not surprisod at this dictatorial
manner in which ho bustled about, ad
mini6tenng rebukes in this and in, the
other House. He hud oerauadud him
self that he is tha Government, aud
i particularly assnrod that he is the
Senate, at least the largest and most
important part ot it. Laughter.
But I dout think there ia a person ic
or out of the Senate who hugs anch a
delusion to hia breast exoeDt hinWr
Laugbter.J IJa would road the ros-
1 nllnil ei I .. J O ...
iMuvtuu vi tun luaruon oenator, this
able man who distinctly understands
everything In jurisprudence, adminis
tration, and of war matters in the
fielJ, to expel him. If thu 8enatoi
had power coratconsnrato with his
purposo, it would have been done; but
he' thanked his stars there werojuater.
uuibi, more patnotio mon in
tho Senate aud in the country than
tha Senator. If there were not, God
save mo mark"; the country woald
soon go to ruin. How long did tha
oonator sit under tho treasonable ut
terances of leaders in the roballinn
three yoara ago. at tbe time ha waa
engaged in hia avocation at home. Ha
occasionally adverted to the debates
tho Senate, and read the troaaona-
effusions of the band of trait.-.
hayo organizod the rebellion. IT
read the avowal of Toombs that h
was a rebel, and tha world uovor saw
letter to the declaration of tha au
dacious Maeoa that ho owed no a'le-
g'anca to tho Govorument, aud to
wigfall, and others in their treasona
utteranoea. All this was done in
presence of tlVjust, pure, coum
geons, patriotic) Senator who remain
asdumba9afiish. Laughter. I Thore
was uie cnance lor the aiaplay of tho
?ra Physical courage of the
Senator. Whon ho road these dealer
ations his blood boiled in his veins,
had he boon preeeut. ha dared
he would not have kept silent like
Senator from Massachusetts. Now
Senator has a majority here, back
by hundreds of thou3ands of sold
and ofiicaes who hold their places
will of tha powor at the other end
the avenue; who, whon they are or
dered to do the liddin of that pow
er, do it; or suffer iuoarcoration, court
martial or death. Tho Senator waa
all sufliciaiit, 60if-BuQaciunt and in
sufficient laughter that he did not
cousult with a 6ingle Individual. Ha
wanted all. the glory. fLaughter.l Ha
tuo proposition ior a convention
treason, lie was told that the Sena
boasted that ha was the successor
Webster. Ye Gods!- what a suc
cession! Laughter Tho Senator
not be afraid it will stop the war.
Thore is where the shoe pinches. He'
not want the war to be stopped
the rebels should have subtnited
the Constitution and laws oi the
nited Statoa. He would not Drove
recreant to the Government, but would
support those who were administer
ing it, however incompetent be deemd
The grand purpose of the Sen-!
r was to carry on the war for tbe
dasttacbun of slavery, and to prevort
. . . . . . . -1
war pei aua all other powers
01 tne uovcrument to thia end. lh
asked the Senalor if the.'roboU In la
Southern States were to oflbr to c
back with their rights ouder tU iv .
stitution,( save where it forfeits to
lueni meir rights Tor thoir fobelliou-i
action, woold be agreo tbat
rnrria l.,.nl -i'l t- .
-n 1 111a cuna.ur
PJwer a ,.
He considered this co;u-
silent, but hia heart aasera the rtuej.
hoii. There is no Senator but wl,,.t
knows that he Is mora A,o,,tnA .-. .
destruction of Bravery fhan to the vi'i
dication of fhe Jaws in the secede 1
otatea. Ho would
Oonstitufon and State laws to abolish
slavery in violation of hia oath as
Senator, nd yet to hear l.im urkt jf
loyalty oue would think that thore wai
00 loyalty in the United Satate? by
ides his. He (Mr. Davi.) a39UUd.J
that If a convention of all the Staioi
were called together, and should re
solve to do away with tha Government
that hey had tight and p,wet to d.
it. lie was opposed, of course, t ,
uy ouuu exerciso or
dual thiug.
pact a political parnership
General Scott on the War.
Correspondence of the Boston Journal.]
NEW YORK, January 12, 1864.
Genoral Scott kept open houao or.
New Year's. He haa broken up hous j
keeping and has romiia st Delaoni
cos. In the elegant luaniinn of Mo
U. Gnnnoll, oomer of Fifth avojiu.
aadtuurteontUtreat, with eev.ua!
sMciois dwelling houses added to If
Delmonlcohas his up-t,wn cstabli.b
jnont. I,, a rfit of parlors on th,
lower floor, furnished in a style auitol
to ais rank, Genoral Scott hns hi
headquarters. His rooma are a.o!i
military gontlemon of paitiou an 1
fortune would desire. Taev.aroor
uamanted with busts,- etatoti'a, inatw
paiuUngs and implements of war I
had an interview with him a ri
time since, of about an Lours dic
tion. . Ho did hot regrd tha futa
prospects very brteht. In.f...i
said ha di-J tot see one bright spot ia
our national horizon. Ona M,;n , .
thought very remarkable- no war cf
any magnitude had evor been paae.
cutad any whore before this one, with
out throwing to the sarfuce wen of
uurked military genina and marked
ptiblio virtue. But this war has Iwh
frnitful of no such results so far
Those who had iusuired
ry oonfidoiice, had disappointed tha .
fill Klin AVitnnraAM 1T l .
!HVn Ka.t
soma splendid fighting, bat with u
marnea resulU. Our OeneralH seoin
10 havu no ability to roan fruits of
well foaghts battles. To ficrht th
emy, to gain a docisiva v-eterr Ar. r
then let him oscano with hU man
gnus and baggags, ii iimi)'y to mak)
the war endless.
Ha couaidarod tlio I'rtiaiJnt'a
nesty proclamation as .impracticable
in consequence of tha I. ,ik,.'
peraous exempted from hope of pHr
don. These would ba made' desper.
ata and fight to the last. If the large
number exempted from pardon we
in tha bands of the President to daV
and under lock aud key, bo that ha
could, if he would, . march them out"
to death, ha could notexocuta that
largo nuuabor. Humanity and niv-t .
izuuon wonid revo It
judgment of General Scott it would
bu better to ior pardo a to the great
... musin auu ro.-torvo so vera
punish mailt for the leaders oniy
More tbio. a yeur ago Gen. Scott sup
posed that CorUtu and Richmond
wolud bo taken, and taken amca He,
not only expooted it, but had narcj
seon any explanation or reason why
it was not done. Coufidont of that '
result ho aout the President a plan for '
the eettletnent of tho difficulty North -and
South. A basis for tho recou
atruetiou of the Union was sent ib. 1:
was inado the subject of one or rnre'
Cabinet meetings, and Genera! Scott
is confident thai when tba war is ov
er the plan will form substantially the
uaoio ui it iurmai lettiomont.
Of General M.cClel!an's military
career Gon. Scott declfnes to speak-
first, because he recommended him for
the position of-Commander-Chief, add
because a courUmartial is to ba oallel
auu h n may De one of Una jadgee. .
dose not wish toprejadge the c&e
.COo ,,not wnJeretaod whither r.-' :!
McCIellan desirad tha oonrt-msrfar, '
whether it wae to ba ordered :
tha Government Ha was qloariy -1
disappointed that Richmond waa out,,
uitea, one wuotner it was the fool 8 of
General McClellan, Gon. McDowell
the interference of tba Goveram l '
General Scot declines, to civa an 1
-t -v.

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