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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, February 11, 1864, Image 2

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Of' Gen.. BurmiJea, Hooker and
other cGrrfrnandor of that stamp, ho re
corded tbcio aa loyal sen, good divis
ion cornmaudera, bat wholly iccoinpo
tetit to plan or execute a military cam
St Gon. Grant lie exprwod him
self ru surprised and delighted, lie
said ho knew Gen. Grant in tho war
with Mexico, where ho was a Lionten
mil, and had no opportunity to distin
gaisn hinWif. S tar General Grant
lad pi?ad lilavni'f tho horo cf tho
war fichtiur rrwt battles with ccm-
t nmmftto kld'.l mJ rveuring tba r.-
ta.U. And so ft" he teemc-d to l-j t .10
on'v General fbut know how to th it
T7hi! badoe9 not think tl.U ivir v. i.l
bo ft savin liar's v:..r, yet neither Wt
year nor tho next, ir. h;a o.-tiiin, wil'
see its ivl. ' Much lard 5ll:tiij 'a to
bo doiici baforo tho robe-lien w i!) Oi.u1f'
Gr-'v as.i gruva qnastion of icjcit'ty
mid tKM'.hta will aruw an nil on, arr-d
s tliJ nstioa beyoad tho lit ti:n'j a'
ihia genenttwa.
r7tv n
SlV?ir;?r-r jtbjaatrat.
tw rur. coxH'itfUTio.-v as i" 1
ft'ilEKt UK Id. and tu f f.rrteaioii
of (be Liuvh HjjUst al) Olitccrs who
have qsurpeJ Authority, a veil i thu
feopl wia Commit hcencbci bi tlia
f M. PETTr.KffltL CO.. A4v.rtf.sn
Street, Softon ar our Asctrt lidttit
w4.bor!xl V) tik Idver'.iMtnuutn nnJ Eoh
eripllon for oa t rnr Lot t B'.
Wednesday, March 22, 1864.
COLUMBUS, OHIO, February 5, 1864.
To r
Von are hereby notidod that the
DatDOcmtic State Central Cotnuiitteo
luis desinstod Wodooeday, tho 23J
Jiy of March, 1804, as the time for
holding tha next Democratic State
Convention, in the city of Colnmhns,
for the purpose of electing four dele
pates, f.-r tho Stato at largo, to tha
Democratic National Conrention,
which will be heU in the city of Chi
, cages beginning on tha 4'.h day of
' Jnly next ; and of nominating a can
didst e for each of the following cflocs,
to wit :
Secretary of State;
Jndge of the Suprnma Court ;
Attorney Gsnar&l ;
School Commissioner ;
Moiubsr of the Board of Public
Tha peraooralo voters of lb.G sav
crul coontici withi.i this Stnta are re
spectfully ri!qat'6tud to proceed to ap
p'oict delegntus to r?jreecnt t'tem in
said couveotion, on tie following
basis :
One delegate for tech CHno'y, nrjd
an additional de'et;v. fr every Sv?
hundred votes cait for Hon. Clemt
L. VALtASDianAM, fjr.Gavtrnor, at
thn Onrtrinr ltptil. tin'V' I'm-
ever? fruction ot tvro hundred and
fifty vctas Hud oror, one bddiiiot:n!
This girca Viaton Oanaty I ile'sg
Restoration of the Union.
Considorah'.o of aiscas3laa Is 110
going on is tha republican P.-eca lc
regard to th3 raconstmciioo cl tha 0
niou. Yet wo bjar of no propositions
of peace, frutn our aatharittes tu war
rant the imp:s3sioD jtor a tootxeut,
that peaca is pa33:bly nar, in point
of time. Oar impreeaion iathat un Jor
the contiuuoi Abolition diaunnion
policy of tha adnaiaUtration we can
not have peace nnles? we escort with
it disunion. Will our paopio accent
disnnioD? wo think not. Let us look
over the fiaid for tho past tbrco years
and eeo the results. True McClollan
was within a few miles of Richmond,
and Lee was in turn withia'a few
miles of the Capitol of Pennsylvania,
and at all times baa kept within
few miles of the Capitol of the nation
Tare Grant is now iu possession
Chattanooga, and it is j-J9t as true that
the booming of Brsggs cannon was
heard at oar own Queeo city. MUi
:ar !iMt -cbanga, ia Tie at
thii fact. Who can tall txrt the result
of tha next groat battla io tha spring,
will open up Pennsylvania and other
State ea3t ta Leo, or that Johnson
may uut bave entlra oautroll of Kanr
tncky and Tentwsee, and perhaps
some of tho border States on tit Ohio
river- Nomanca answer. Pea.'e.
sad Portca u'ono will murk oar boan
Jury lines ai a natioa.
Restoration of the Union. NEWS ITEMS—CLIPPINGS.
February lit, aalta 9 ninior o!
tho e?cntit:ntb Miissucbmetts Re;;.,
.r.t'.u li!) a Li-"i".'..;.t;:it C J')-.-',
UiMl lUIUO pi.iVUlrB ty t!iu Uc.i
V'o Iihtj t'-.U MrrT'p.? h'h-y tn;
fvaUDt :ri'.i--!';;'i'rn f.-:tij
Ne1.-. hi-rii. Kor'.u Ci'i-.'..i.t. i n;j:!-:ra'
Bt;rV Dj. '.rtiivu;. Tii ., -w;
... f'vr i I-', vi-i i.i;!'
iKfbern find tuj.wrinS' 7 ) -oi -
mid .rian. vVv.a r-!:n'r ir.r-i.a 4-1") : i .
Hil, Rt iUu ij l'C.ih :;Jj, W.TvJ 1:0 -.lpV t-
ly 8i.rfT.i"ds I by t:i-i n?tnv. h:-
Kt'i u vsi.iy gnpeifjr rir.uVT?. A
i.Jt WtM rei'.iUHd -i ciht oi
Tha tro:-;s !n a-d i-.'ii
i.'VU'g on t'io'.r i;:m
a :i j (:! 1 r. v i
i.i c:ptari:f4 an t
a tit jit
en -v
tHo one.:t
and -.vo.v i;:.v-
ill;? on Fiviuo'.iti.
nd. Ti v;!.i:i
u. iuesaay ovarii),; a '.jn vas :..
p. RicsiiO.'i of tha ctvi.u?, uliicii c
t'tfoar c.ttQunic.'.ijii wl'.l, Ba.i:iLri.
ii-.id 'ivo the e::onv tt.a 0: i:.i.r;l c!
ihu Hjrotoha-j to No :i, n'luaul:
it is f tut J that Iio'.v'jtr:i o.wi tiinilei
a loii aiyjro. Fc t'er uax'S i'r-. ;,i that
qaarter will b i lu.-ka.l fjr with en
Biddable aoick.ty.
It ij be'ie-Vi J bv ih'i ucth.iri'.ica at
Vuii'iifiton that I.a,i?u.-evt i l-Aiu
huaviiy iviiiforeed, ttnJ ii icr'iii.;u.i
Ulfjii asju.B iu:u-jjiut-j ctioi.oiVt
Uailecs; wit! :c;gfi it Grant ia taau
a Ltuutcuaut Gn ral. i ha Ml muk
iug thia proinutiou vull be repo;tad
ou to iiioriow.
It is stated that the Confederate
loroa lu and araand Mobile it present
win not eicoea S.UUU men, all otaera
Laving seeu seut to Atlanta in anri
cipatioD cf nn attack upon that point.
las sttuia autuonty reports thatLient
tianj Geuoral Polk -in ut Meridian,
ilibfl.,w:th fin army of iiO.OOO aum,
which comprises tiie bulk of thi Con
tederata furcea in Miesigdippi.
Tho guerilla bands are committing
torriole dapredati.i.'is in tha vicinit)
of Meniilii-, wlr.lo tho rcbiteries in
tho totj itra very nameroiu.
The War Dr'p.iftr.ient has received
advices tram Iinuxv'.llo that our .for
ces there sro iu a ctlticil can-Jitiou.
Goaimaaicatlon wi;u GenmiPark.
at Cuinberland Gap, Una U'etj cut offi
Dtittienctai raiic txprassas connd
tnea that ha can bold tbu Gap for
The battlo at Tazawell.on Sundav,
was a very aavere engagement, and
la tad several hours. Gensral Wp.cox
was painlally wounded. Tlio Feder
als woro repulsed, but they fall' back
to a good position, sitica which time
tney luivo not b.-en tuclasted. Ym
tm k 123 prisontrs n'd 3 rums.
Skirrai3h;ii is continually pjitig on
along the entire liua ; bnt tha otiemy.
hj wera in hourly I'Xpett.ition o!
reinforcements Id m Johnston, bad
not made an advar-yi ;n for;o iij'cn
oar coiLtano. Gei.?.il Foster, who
in t dire:: cxt riiuQiMtioo withGrant,
txprtrsiiB liim3al fr!!y ablo t ) ciny
out Gidiit'a or';iera. ' Imjoft.i:it f.ri
exciting iatdligsnco from Kncxviile
my co:aa at f.ny uouioDt.
Restoration of the Union. NEWS ITEMS—CLIPPINGS. Columbus Delano.
Tbf Jiurnzl Jciiies that l'r. Da
LASO thriatani lTlio Dtfinocra'.ia mum
ben of the Ohio Ilctud of Ropresenta
tivos with expuljion, f jr daring
prtJTSvr agaiaet tha nnwarrante 1 and
ui'jnitiliiblo action of tli3 Aboliti
rn -i orltv. Wo wtra not in tha II id.
cf i-ipra;9ntativM wii3:i the cliscus-
sioa to;jk p'aci, but were Informed by
members of tiia IloubJ wha weie
prcsant and lunri ir, fhu; Mr; Dz
LAJt'a',lc-c:r.re" aTO'intd to a threat
of expulsion, and nothing tlsa.
littlo r-jil.'ction h;.3 d-mbtless malo
tha 1,Qentlemaa from Knox" anxious
ta appear ia a dllfdrent liht fwrn
thnt in which ha wa3 regard-id in the
recent debate; and wa givu bi;n tiie
bcnit ot tho Journa.: a danial, Wi.ich
is evidently "by authoiity." lie
should, hewaver, bo carciu! hereafter,
when speaking, both in his rnaunsr
and in bis rbc.oric, that ha ui iv not
1iaia seem to ba tkrjateniDg the
minority with tha vengeanca of the
majority, wbea ba doesn't mean it!
lflhe Damocratio members ara
ba expsllcJ for the fxeicisa of their
Constitutional and Parb'amentary
Siglits, the sooner tha work is began
Statesman. [For the Democrat.]
To the People—Voice of Seripture
To the People—Voice of Seripture Mr. Editor.
Ai I hara not bwa in tha ba'iii of
addroesiDg tho paojtlo either by ep3ccti
v,r writing on tho wbjact of silvery,
I cynaidjr It my riht, auJ aiy duty
to say thronh yonr colamns, t yonr
anmcr jua ralr, that slavery is not
a earn, a boojo ptoclaimi it. When
nun profiling to bj Cliri9ti9nj, go
aasL-rf I :'eel nshamad of thoir iuo
1 tuco of tho word 01 GjJ. IIjtv dure
.ny man so iwitrorjrt and ileny
w inl? !1 v.? tlnr.) !n' qi? tli.it lm is
r:.t ar-.J GJ i-i v; T..ka h-!ol.
y;i v.i.li r
11 (-lit, uv. r c
.i.i i.'i
U '11 :;i .-;.3-
r. .1 t.i yj'i ;i.;a,. r,i r ;'.)-
i:;-. I t-vjaij-j . ih. v b; ii y v,i;,
.?.t c!.tv?i-y I-:. t-. ;:s,.i:..:ia:: 0:' G.i!
U. IV? ii'l.' i'::-(;!-.U.:0. s,'.; Ex - f
I-'! i;i i t:i 'c'.) "v. !!. "N -..
f..-. i ; !!('. ',1 v;;:rt I tica j
' l'
'v!,r- v st.:v:'.'.r.. .
I'.-iv.: :r:'l ! f 1 1
i'V .!!...' ii. yn
:".vc,.''l !l
ii hu
0 !:..'.
C i::i
.1 ; .-r. !k
uf'. c . ! ;
t ( AV.i OJ'M 'i:.U a :UJ T 0 itl-'T r:,
n, 1 1 :v r .:.!. :i.;vj n . i C'J I. or
i'.tj! a. r.;i.t hi r;; ;!l :;o "-if t
-a'J'. A ..! if th c rva -t .'.t'l ii'"viJ'jf
i v . I h-vv lay m:. stiT, ;uy a vl
tn i-h.i'v;:'.' i a i! :.'!( o-)t f;.! i.-
, . . . i .
i".. r :i M br.-i. hi..- ri'i'.i.
'ir.-O I1.'-. i r :.:;t.) t'u d'r.r ii;:'.:
iii-i iiirta'ti' :;(.! b;rj ,;h ?".r t!.r ).t:;ii
fith a 1 v. '.: '. i a s'.nll t:
revinv l:: t.'iO i :;.-. tV
.;'t.'i v. va.i
j!!ov;ii; .-
20 and aiit. vi $?. Ilia '.
"Aiivl i!' a 1.1 av!a hi.-t s
I.m uviid, -x th h r. i 1:1 1 !.a di-.a
;r li's !;-.:;;!, t 0 v,r.u su.r-i!y be
'unibe 1
tj :t;;i
it '.It
a ti.tv or t am. s'Kiii n i
d: f'r ho id Ii Ih uyifj." S-.w
ijjain I.avitt-jui 25 chnpt':;', 4l:h, 45
.tad 40 varj'x "S.!i th) b..:id.i;oa
and !iiv ba-idm-.i ia, w!;!:h thoj shall
the h.
, of th".
it ;ien th it ar.
nr 'tvt.i i.'j
.-. a ..'1
J-J l.'.lj
boi'di'.ieu t'. ;J bond uiaiJ j. Jaoroova:
of t'tte o'.ill'.n :( tha ijlraojjr th it do
si-iiarii uimn'you, o tlum fl'.-.H ra
buy nn-l vf t In,:r lamilies that are
with you, which they begat in your
lai.a; an 1 trtoy shall bo your posses
sioi. And yo shall take them as an
inheritance for your children after
you, to inherit t.iem for a possession:
rlii.e ahall V... ,..-l. ,..1 f. .......
Thia ia aufHc:c:iT to establish tho fct
of slavery, in ancient timns, slavw
lorovor at that, but thoie who wish to
iersun tho sal i:ct (n.-tlmr. can consn'.t
itiali 14 thinner 2nd verse. Thee
wore the coifimandmunta of Gad, un
der the Jewish dirponinti jn. Lit ns
n;w turn to thn new Covenants, ra-
fp'ived tluoiigtt Cl'rlct- I S.ii ia E-
tva siam C ciiatrr 5. 3 and IHh veresp
Paul tul's m wlnn epoikingofourda
meatia relatior l-Sv.rvitot, bo obudw
iiiit ti them that ore your musters aa-
cordinj to tha iloslt. with fear and
trembling, ln.einiouesa of heart,)
onto Christ. Knowing that whatso
ever good thing any man dooth, the
sama shall bo received of tha Lard.
whether bo ba baud or free. And yo
masters, da tha same things unto theifi
forobearina threatenine.'' naiu in
ColloBsinns 3 chapter 23 verso. Paul
aava "sarvatit?, e-tey :n a.i inuiss yon
mister., according to :he fi.'ih." aT
Jain in Calhisiaus 4 chapter J vsrse.
Paul says "c.iict;;-', giva iKita yonr
vrvants that which ia jnst an cqn :il.?
Aam mark what St. P.iu', sava to
air Al a rial brjtiirs'i ot t.ia present
day Sao lat T:m,3 c.t.T, 1, 2,3. 4.
in''5've:Svj, "Lat a-i many aerv.m's
.is nvo under tha yow count their o.v-
I . H . . 1 .X I l - . 1 ...... II. -..M . .
... J . ..
.fnnftA Tftrtn o n lonor. t iat t. -
nan-.a of God aal h:s doctrina bo
And thoy t' at liavo te!e:vii, ma
ten, let th.-ra not dv''j:i3. ths:n,.b.v
csus'i th'1? an bret'e.rert; bntr?.ti;or da
them Bi rv.c, i-eciuiBO tn-.'y are u::5i.
ful nad la'.oved. partaWs of Ihu ben.
eSt. If any inj.u leaja o:h-;rwisa, n&d
e )u3ent not to nhaiesoma Words, uvea
ha wrie of 0'ir Lard Jucuj G'.ii iit.
a id to tha dectriaa v Ivo'i ij ac.:.r(l
iiig to ga.lliu.3a. Ho is pron.1, kjjw-
iug nothaig. wit ua.nig i.boat a-
tio:n a:d strilVa of words, wheeof.
oranolh envy, bUii'a, r.niins, vil sur
mia'.tigs. Preveraa disjiatings of uun
of c.'r;upt mindi.uad ila-ti'tua of tiie
tru.h, supposing that gain isoineii;
fram buclt withdraw tbysci:;' aain
jin Ttus 2nd. chapwr, "Exhort ee-rv.
ant3 to ba c'jeiiOiit unla tluir own
master0, and ta pleaae liau woll
all Vairj3 uot ans Acring again; not
purloining, but showing all gaoi fldel.
i:y; la answer to thosa who assert
that tho word slave does not occur
Testament, I would say just turn
R-jV. 18th, chapter 23th verse, than
yon have it, along with other coramo-
V.- ... J' :ll J
'Jules, auu jruo win uuru sajr iae
tiita of Bibyloa, as degicted in this
chapter, does not await us as a peo
ple,' tuore evidence coald-bo added,
bat vra have refared to enough to con
jrtooj any saoo bus, Chat slavery
nn Institution ordained of God,nner
tha Jewish dinpansation, and contin
ued tinder tho dispetmtion of Christ.
In eonsluiion I " w?itld nn? t th Mj,
who nro briny in ruirj nroti onr conn ;
try, in o3!H' j-h'dco cf Shtrt'iy, that
they hal bi'tter try on-i leant ft'i.l sni-jof
den'anJ what tha will of tc L d i-
on tha nj-ct from his ward ;
hia oorn:uaiiJ0icnt-, that yon tuny
liava a rilit to tha troo of iif, and
may enter throaizh tiio gutwi iu tha
R. O.
ELKFORK, Jan. 8th 1863.
Tlioaa who wish to oxamina still
further as to slavery In its biblic.il his
torv, will da wyll to rxamine tha fl-
'ow'n-r. Esalna 13ih rhititar, 43, 4 1
i'.-i ii'.U verj;-c: 'T.':risi 1 J:j c'mlj;,
8 sad P:h vi -, G
h:tl.vr. 12
. ni.d 13: 1
!.-r 3:iJ c
y?, 1?. l?.i
1 i'hi: 8c-".: !
.ii-h ta 2..
:ts Il v.'3. lVoni ry lt,
l'r I tilo C r.i:tj Kh
v.it j '.;el:..i:i with .)...i.m.i I'iaus
..;;', in fio ; j.; ji ..f ottit.n,
7 : ii.d.3 ii:oly -jic;.':)U..d. r';'.e
' o; t:i-.- f. ni.trtx'ti 0:1 al:!i:..iy
i.'.'ivd .vr ,i ly;j:i 1 tha fallow-
iiOi:i :
pre VI
'J'.i b (rfnur.l As:eni-
b'-'J ' ''"' J-M Oh'a, Tiiii In
thi evi'di of ''!: f.ou;:'ry'a hi.ito.-7.
.a 1ioe.1i it i'iii',.,iin! jj't I'-rd pra
;:.r in t't-i n iiao naj'oa Lehidt' of the
rWi'l ) Of" thia Stata to rtt.-.V n;ir
jd'jd'.s of 'l.iV tti.o-i to tho Foder.il
13 1 i'.u.l t'l.t C'.'S'.i.utio 1 cf (tiesa
RcsJvU, Thatthi? lijhj!; ion shall
ba crush!, law nrvj or.! -.r raHarsd,
Aid tli-j t!.;g of i-ar Cj'.i.tt.-y tauct
ii't in tr.tt.n ,"i 07er evury foot of
Aineria n i'.il.
Ii solucrf, Tii.t.t, iu tli-j itpitiion ft'
t')U Goiieral AiouniVy, tiia i5manci
;i.itlVi a.id Amnuy Piocluiu.t.om,
ii sod by 1'iir hocost, J.-votiJ, a:id
euiin.'ntl.v putriotic Otiief ldngislritd,
iiis Exetill-.-ncy Abraiiam L'uiad.1, r.re
jadieious, vnisi), and protiui, and meet
oar hearty npprovul.
. JRctolvid) Tint tha Governor be
rquosted to fornnrd copies of the
foregoi ig Ilesr-'utioia ti tha Pr. i
deal and to each of our Suiutor and
iiapresantativfs in Cougrcbg.
Mr. Rsattow, from the Minority
of tha committee on Military Atfiiis
offerod tla ddloviine preamble and
T'jsolations, as a substitute for the
above :
notT Ul ViKt
WsjaeiS, The Presldant, In his
inassaj-a of tha 8th cf December,
1363, cluims, that tha Uaiaa causa
has gained important aJ substautial
advau'.a2 J8 ; atu
Wueuca, lu view of thesa tn-
nmpha, it is no longer beneath our
dignity, nor dangeruus to our safety,
to I'vuice ttg jueroui magnanimity bo
joining a groal and powerful puaiu,
by ouenuK to the insurgents an op
portnnity to return to their allcgi.iiice
without imposing on tberu desiruc
tivo conditions ; therefore
Resolved, That we, the Rjproson-
tatives of the poopla ot Ohio, bold
tho Federal antuormes to a strut ad
hcrencQ to tha solemn pladga made
by Congress at tha ouUet of tna war,
that tha war should not bo waged ou
oar par; lor any parposu clover
throwing, or
with tb
riirlits oi established inatitntiuna of
tha States, bilt ta defauj a a 1 main
tiiu tho Hupiemacy of tile Cousuta
thin und to Di'uset ve tLo U.iior. uritl
' ' " - - - . ......
KiJ thu d.-fFifTtv. uouiiiirv. niu ru.hu
- - --;.
Sta'.i. a uuimiiairud. and
al fiooa as tofta o.j::t3 are accuin
olishod, tha wur oaiit ta caa3e.
' ' 7.L Tl.u' fl-.l ti-,'n, n...
t-jr piir'soldiara iu tha Ibid thould
. C1 Mioses' cf' Vr.i.sowy4- hr
riila peace making policy of tha fcfa-
Jx4ioUed That the re'ool States
should not be pr.tlnbiteJ troiu a53imi
i;i2 their lorjier relation to their
HiHtt Stateu and tho Uuioa, bv im
poiing uooa ttiom any LonJitun ex
ccyt 6ub;'.r.Hi;i ta laa Ooiutitation
Kt'tha U.iitjd States and 1u-a3 passu
in pursU.iiiej thereof.
resolved. That tho doctrine ra-
oc titl nuuoaticad , by Ihu dominant
paity", and oivd irsed by tha President
in bi iaiu Proulaoaation, that tho
ittel States have ceaied to be btates
of tho Union, shall ultimata. y berhmd
as Terntoriu or suldngated Provin
cos, aai shall not bo restored to tho
'Union-, excopt on conditions unknown
to tho Fcdor.it Constitution, "ia a
glaring breach of plighted faith, teuds
to prolong toa war, ratiaes anu con
firms tba doctrine of secession,'' and
therefore, ,os h t to bo rebuked and
condemned by all g?pd and patriot'o
The substitnte of Mr. Bratton was
voted dowo by a party vote ; and the
previous qaeitiou was eastaiaad P
'and 2d, and 8g tii!3t tho 3 1. A few
them wlo b id nt honrd tbfi'n
'r.a I. did ncitv.w. Dr. Olds mke i
ohoyjj'.ormii jioij t.)."e;ord hii vo:e, bnt it
the series oithe mijority. Mr. Dro
si'l Juinaned a division of tha ques
tion. - 1.
Tha rcpolttioni wero tlien adopted
tho DemttrutB rot ini: tor tha 1st
w:t reU'.io.l. j'lr, Umi'timan inovca
that tha Clerk enter on ihu journal,
that tha rncinhj.'S wlio had not voted,
"refused tu "tote." 80:110 nctive
skirmishing toik place between tncm
Ikt3 on this luctiuu, which was tin
ally votid down.
A rtdolu'ion.itif-tract!'.!' tha Judi
ciary camsuittoe to report upon the.
jexpadioucy of akoliahiHjj the bnperior
: o Frauk'in and Monte.Jtnsry
;ij. wa.4 tt:ij;-to.!. Mr. FiaMinj;
:v I ,i ks 'iU;o. to bava the
v.Ti;4 of the lC'i.-t :,T! pub
i ;:i ;!.v lV.a:v.b-j'i r.? I Cit.cl;.
rtj'iK st a f :r cjn-.v'i jti a
".".1 Liil
A l
It. io S'..t.i P.
l I lit ! , flJJ,. 1
I'll th
r:cs c: JiS'tio:i
pagis, wus .id
Dr. Scott's Oath of Allegiance in
the House.
I 0.ih fio-iSi if R.pre..tMi
tivji, 1 1 : j VchciJay, Ji.iiuary 27:h.
t'i..' unjrity of tii-j ."u-iici,iry Cjui
mit'.t e repcried balt Dr t'o TTe bill.
"Prescribing a:i a.idi'.iaiul oath ct'
Cce to La hdiiii:i:3'.tfrod to poreons
f'.e;.jd or appointed to effiaa under
t:ia Co;.stituiaii nnl lavs of Ohiu,,:
n I iece.m-.iij.jdud its paspsgo. The
aa'.h preicr.bed by i; isis follows:
I,-, of", ii tha country of
, a.id S'.at of Ohio, da seemly
that" I have never va'untirily
h"i:.o arms agairist th j Uaited Stat.'?
Sirica i have tiy.ui a cit'z n tlitreof ;
that I Lrv vo'untarily given no aid.
caia'.ttiiaoce, coiiiuvd-, or cneonrago
raaat to pursaus i-ngaged in artuad
hostility tUereto; that 1 hava neitlif:
sartght, nar accepted, nr ntUanptd
to exorcihe' t..u Itiiietio: s of Any e.?Qj-:
whuMvar tinder ai.y auth'trlty (ir pra-tc-iJcd
authority in hostili.-y ta the
United butos , tii.t i have uot yta d
ed a voluntary support, t-j any pre
ten led gavernmciit, amht ri'.y, Vwer,
i.r c .t:ii'.un:ioii wunin tuo uaue.
St;itei, hoRtila or in'taicol thereto
cimt 1 wi.l bear tfna fiilh und allrgi
aace tu tlia government of the United
yiutes, and du'oud It a;:Hiv.Bt all ene
mies, loreiga and uvrnestic ; that I
take this obligation treoly, wi'.hont
any moutal roserration o." purpose of
evasion ; so help me Gad.
Soma of tho Republican momburs
bavin claiuied, pending tUa'coDsidw
ation of the bilt, that the Administra
tion .ws tha Gavaruiaant, . Mr. Dru
se! pfopased ao amendment, ta provi
ds i giiuat sweating allogianca to I ha
Administration. Hits amendment
was promptly voted down by tha ma
jrtty tlio Uam-jciftts vatinc ,for St.
Mr. Beer propoied an amni!nnt.
that whoever lakes tba oattf shall
awa ir that ho bus not violated theCon.
atitntion of the Unitd Sbtesi Tbiit
was iv.v.o voted down by tha Eopubli
nan members. 'Mr. Ganaaulea Q(a-
eo as to requ.ru the fBjer tc.'iwuy.
that hu has never left tha' titata 1-j
avoid tha drafts a-d Mr. Mayv waut
ed to add -"mid that ho nevr-r, in
tends to." .Both those arat-nduu-nts
were voted down by tne tn(.jOritT
tha Democrats voting lortherx
Mr. Potoain (Dam.) proposed this
amendment to the oath :
I hav never engaged, in iforcibiy
rosisting the execution of any!x.f the
laws oi the United States, or advised
or tncearaged an; such fordblo resist
anco. , - . . i.
Tha RaptiblfcacB also vciiid this
ai.ieiu!int!t down. 1 ' ;
Mr. Rloom (Dun.) wactud ta at?-
end tho -bill,' by a id iu-'this para
graph '
Provided, pothlria conlatnad la thi
act 6ba!l ba sr oonstrnod as to chairs
aty pereon to swoar allegiance to tha
Admunstratioa ml ta -UoTorKjVint,
iumI iUfci, tha wSfl Government t)f tha
United utatea whorevcr it occurs In
this act shi!l bo nndersttod to mean
tha Constitution oi the Unites States
ana tue laws p&tieci in purananca
Tha majority promptly votad this
dawn. also. '
Mr. Dreeel (Dam.) proposed 'tbo
fallowing ammdmout, which shared
thesamo fata that the rest did vot
ed for by the Democrats, aud voted
dawn by tno Abolitionists :
That I have not been a member oh
! -J l
nor jiven ia, counsel or encourage
ment to any secret political society
or Icagno hostila ta tho snirit of oar
Repnb.ican Inbt.tutions; fliat I haya
not countenr.nced, ncr will I hereafter
countenance, but will opposo with all
imans within mj power, any viola.
tion of tho Federal and Stato Consti
tution whoever may be guilty of sacb
violation; that I. never havo been,
am not now, and never hereafter shall
be, directly or indirectly, engaged cr
interested in ary contract, enterprise,
expedition, speculation, or'othor de
vico, to defrand the General Govern
rnat or t apprTpnato ead oiaapp'y
for unlawful and improper pcrposei,
the money of the poopla.
ur. 1'ieiGing Ucm.) effered the
ful!owin arncndnaeLt. which was alao
voted down by the Abo!itiof,lsfd :
Nor have I sanrtionf d, enconrftgiyf,
or jatdi.'d frcefswn of several fit ittH,
nor of a einK'o 6tat cr pr.it of a
State, nor nn tincrnotitut'or.iii di
mvinbermfnt thrrocf.
Afttr tho bill had bicn forced
through tha Horse rr.Jer Iho 80"i
cwtion of t'o "pag," Dr. Fielding
movod that tho tit! bo, "An iui to
ercmrfto Parjury."
Tha rtico'd that tho Republican
memhrrs mada n;xtr this V'!'l and tho
amend menta that were cflt-red, wH
trouble tliem hrrna'tor. Wo pnrpoau
Statesman. HYMENIAL.
.vfARKlr.li. OiitlnWinii. bE.T. Vit
cY.h 1 V.. VW'W ! UVIXU8T0.H, in W.m
N'ANvT K. VEWTOS, Ix-mrhur vt rvia
Stwton nil of Vit tnn C mnty l,
sTSe rtir:v.',"V.:i? ritt lo'thfti'
. jfjj wineiNTi. jvi. jiitb KSi.
feVf l''"t':1 "bt 'i 'o ni. t'o
'tryJv !il Ju-'-tt tet tt.i2t
M i-CfV " yoar i5-.i'r.i:i tr.i.in.," f. r
y 0"r i-.s nrntli' vinf thorn mjulf
Ss J V ilnv-ji vi.rnn.i-, n 1. t I.a... ...
A iu mj- in. uc ; llll ill itliiBV
iu mj' mi nc , OHl JU W'iuy IU -
'Cr oibr, and eivi'-ift; rorcn"
pracDH who
AvA na'loJ x pure i:,.;t irutioa Tcnte
fill VyV Bl'.'-flri riifrcnhitK tiid nvronirthtn-P'oV-7
ta (v'tci. 1 wW.-iu.ly
itorfe tbeir n1 al an,tku ia j rftr-
tact to tflb'ts.
B.J. iJSa-r?B.
Rav. Bimnul J. Sr.-n hta bca t ivol.t
S-vor ia t!i w.:i;-o ft I'tir.'-innl'.. la Cinciutl,
fur mors I'umi dl irty jvt'. m ihr.-'K every ul.l
l'j; cin:n.tiu kun-.. Each tir'.lmuiiy, fr-m
.t fcu:in:. ii-nol to h' y ..).! ovirlihi'.y.--N
oiior f.ofri'tiry K.ntf(li..i ovtr prc-.il
to tint itnbl'c, t vni rcoiv .d tl'.ho M'tKecoiu
mtmriiiti'iu I'roiu MKN ? firSO'.N . tnovi
ty wii'iK or life, th&t misii have Jlo. S-.4 !
iriir.'H,miii TlSTTlrTA
TLercr.t ftlrnt Vn.-iyloi Scit
D , Be.
Inrroi'. nt r-atty vc?t".ble; r!-j-t to tV.
tnto j hi t.o bat oiicr, urid muy lu 'rtod n
:h vntirtMlmt wltl.coi fo I i" &i-i ja. t'-oo
ft m OCX hTli n.u v iwumw j
J.I. XRUiitlK. 0S UUCinai ' n.i.
Cirs-yU.-M.int fru.- pM..t. p-SJ f:r.o
DTs ..- its o? v.:r: .:n9',','57!r S
SVr;;.S new nnit rriab trsitm'-'-.t in
IIjwrtof th ABS'lu' A ri-.r.-
Po-Jt by ia-.il lu ftUoa li.l'.er on-.v.U':. rrt of
nrii. AlJioi-8, l;r. J. B&.ti.ii iiui '.ii-
. . . . r. Tt.t.
iJH, II'iwri AMociiuioo, no i eouti. rnm
Street, Plii!(tMpbi, l.
Mr;h ta IB. i-yr.
New Advertisements.
OM au'i itftrr MbOdny, Jonoury 11 188i, rt
nutl!lfirthr iMitk. trtine will ran m M-
LcavdiCroiitauaM at 8 W A. M.: Iahvm BU
oh'antir i"-,C:JT A. M.; Ud Ctr.enflf'd H
12:11 M.; rri7 t (Jt.a'.ico'As kt 1-.14 Y-H
.f.TjiChiliicci.be ut 1 84 V. M ; liave Kitn
rienJnnciou 1 2.M P. M ; 1..to attD l
4:31 I'. M.l Arrlvnat itrntta at S:55r..M ;
itiivej utr.o'r.-o Frlitttiur( H7.10 .
MilL0:)J5( WE.-T.
teavea Bel pre Ac, at 7 60 A. M.; Vytvra Miir
iii!titt.4i A.M.; J-itvan AttjM m JCfSA.
U ; iouvct HiniJio Jubc'i.b j.t li-.ci A. U.
Arnv,j Ohitiicntit at U I'jT K i 1m
UnilU"kc;.bo at 1:12 P. M l leavea iln.fDMr at
8:54 V.V; leavta Loveluod t4.W) I'. H- t
rlveaat Cintlni a-.tl tt t.i'.y.lS.
Tiio Ac(mtBQdti(in Tria Ixavc Cki'lltot4
at 5. SO A. M.; a;rivii at Cmcicowiti at lf:23 A.
M.;k-av C'unclnrali at J:W Y. M.j artlvcsat
Ca.licotba at 6:50 P. M.
Cosiectiun aia oiado at LoTatoait wlk
tralo. to and from Cohuphnr; and at Ilamdan
lnH..tln. 1 1 Vi ..!. b lv . r A f r m X. .... . k.
JOU Et'KAKD, Bup'l.
January Jl, 1884-1 y
IOITEH for ile2C0acrec of hoa ra O'iv
toa Towuahip, Viatoa CotiBty).' Obio. ISO
ariea ofit ttudor ftneo and iu pa!are, and
pleoty r.f water on It. It will mak a Bptondit
tSbctp Fi.iu. ta-i eb .Sold To for CASu. o-
qr.imtf C. 4 BRETT,
Vtoton Foroo,0.
: - 3
rip r jo-
For th Rmor! ef Clttrvcicns, and tht
Insurance of Kiffularity i t'"t Co- -
turrenctaf Iht Monthly Ptrieds. ., ..
. They care rs obviate tboM sumxioci dUass
tbut iipring from Irreguliiity , by romovtog eba
irrejrnurity itiqlf.- -
They ours Bappraeed, Excorelva and Pain
ful MtiUstmatioa.
Tboy cure GrJen Riokteaa (Chtprori)!
T be yen re Korvoaa ar.d Cpioal Affpetiona,
pAini 11 tho bacU, and lower parts of tho body,
UcuvhObB, Fatigue oa elipht ezortion, Palpita
tion of tho Ueai r, Lowncna of Bpirita, Uyewrio,
Mok Ileadacbo, Giddiccnt, etc , etc, Id a word
by removing th Irregularity, they remove tb
chum and with it all tho affects that pruiff
Composed of aimplo vfiretaMs eitraot, tbty
oontiin nothing deletorlona to any oovatitntlaa
boworor dolicato, their fuuctioD- being toanb-.
stltuto ktrerjfht for we a knew, wbTob Wflon pro-
1 . J n.l i. J.
- They may ba uvt'oly used at euy age, aad ak
any poricif, cxczri dcbino tub risar Tsaia
xoTBa, during whiab tbenafialltg nature of
their aottou would ijafaliibly rwrarr piefn
All Uttera sealing information or advioo will
ba promptly, freely and diaoreetly aawr4. , - .
. Foil direotiona aecotnpny each tor.
Prica $1 per box, or ix box for S. -
Bent by ma-1, fret of pottage, on rteatp
nrict. i'.'
Bold by n roapMtiblt OrnfsieU. ' . :
1)r.W.ll.IEBWlKCo. -'
wu rcrroT,
rfc. 11,-ei . WXAtsnyfit, trim Toik. -
K ? a !

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