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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, February 18, 1864, Image 1

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VOL. 12.
NO. 57.
W'Wy w. w
W Iflcarfror JJciminftf.
E. A. & W. E. BUATT ON,;
, 0 F FICE: .
1 H rattan's B ulMinc, East ofCoart
Ue)a, Vi Stair. -
Tb DiHvMif will b eentana ar for One
Dollar; Sil Urntha, for Fifty Cent? Thrw
Month, for Tuty-llr Cent.
1ST All rf" H1 b aMcontlnued at lb
aspiration vf IM tlin paid for.
Square OIVR UstrtlOtl,. O,'
EaeU additional ineeillon, ,SS
Ci4 on tear, .1U
Notioeof appolntnea, ot.inltra-
n, Qii-jrdian and Kxeuutom. - 1 .50
AttaohmentaotU'R before J. P. 1,M
KIUarUl noll-e per tin, 0
tW Tan line motion oharirad e on square.
and all AivmimimeuM aud Legal Notice mut
b paid in kJvNtiixt.
tisT. liberal dedaatIoBwrilbma"ct.yeer-
tTt luW term mint haeompHed with
fAii payment mint h mail lo th Pro
iet, ti bay u-. irnt.
The Democrat Job Office.
Wear prepared to ioul wtlb stain
iUpatuli anl at prloe that .Id (" iKtmpvlllioo
n kiou si now n ora,uai ae
rnoGK aiimes
Wa.trtal and honvlnusd that weaa
in 1 will 4n )rintlni(ii'taaparfurC'au,tban an
tthnr tabMnb"nt In thliMua nfonnut ty,
rnTrEr .
tlgg House.
nor f rnnv ri., I orlmotith.
J .'TJV'V ' woci-i. wnEttiita, ta
Jr Chilliooihr, VhU
Kcnrir ft o use,
J AMS3 WATSON", rrnprifWr, TlilH ah'
8t-t. BMr MuiL. CinolnBall. OMo.CTiT
una woiiar pit n.ir-
. - -UY-
TtiiJ Hye !ruif. on ilie hirm Bmt
pini will bdspiraj for
8pj. ,1863,-lvr.
thf tcoiiiJ'loii
ATTOKNKf A f L'V,j;cATThnr,
praulicdlu Viiitno anil J:n;nir
O, will.
Oind ftr Monday, April 19th, Ul ,tnOi
will rnna folio:
GoiMotb MaiiTiaio ltTai'rortnotiJi
at I'M a. m.; arrive' at ll;iriiri ii at I0:f p. h
.ntVlnaloM34anetion wUb through truta. to
Mariattaaad ClooiiiDatl lUilroad for alll point'
Kfcft aud Wt. .j-oiniiio(lallon Train Jnav
Portxinoatb at 1 :iO r ; arrive at Uamdaa at ft
torn. .-. . , ,. .
Oors 8oet lcetmmedailr Train tr
JI.Miiden at:H a a ; arrivta at rortamnmh
10:10 a. . MaltTriin loavea Ham.ltn atli
r arrivaa at I'ortamoat)) t6 'r. n.
Through Tloketa for M.rltG. ClilUWtb
oianatl and CoUrnnn;ean b proonjad M'i
katOet-adn.d rate.
' W . WFFfr oeR
' A Ll,E N S V I LLE
THE Allonavllle Steam flonriog mlll,v nr.
dercnt a thorough repair, and lha propria
r wialia to Infona . th publio that they afe
ow praparsd to do all rittom work yo th entire
U'Uf.ictiouolhir uottomer. '"
aaNEW M.VCUINKS have r.teB add J, to lb
mill and our friud will flad a gom work rd
good tarn out, aaat any other mil:, givaaa
allaod ten the troth of what we any.
4"g. 13th-3-trb. ..IIUBTOa BTCg.
' JI P L It 1 A i, .
wehioh wa ' Jurt opening and you will
una it am cneapoai place to Ony
atbt Cony. Woboafh onr Marti at tha v
ry lowwt att Btloe. Hk think wa art, aafe when
r '-ay than hat aavar been any peraon lo Mo
Arthor, that can t down In voint of
r: , FINISU.
Oar UartU la of tha beat aoaltty,, both Bat
laa and Iul iaa. Tom wiU 2nd ml praparwl t
farniah yon with Orara gtonaa i rooat any prioa
that yon way daalra. . , .
F. B.wa liala fcaBdtha ealahratad
tunoaauooa, waiiiD will Mil to far
Do aot fcrftt Uiartae wm Va Tww."""
Zl J Uraortllalnalofwutoat
1 JbsSt sf .-Hto - - - JbdUtlwr.O
In thp Homo of Representatitv. n
WHliuitun, on lU 21t nit, a bill to
incrcMu tha internal rfTotni, Ix-ii'g
nmler rontidtrMion, Mr. Vuorbeo.
iflrt(!ian4, HBid ;
I t a frreM car nttention -for h
ttiomrnl ly looking into tho IfcIaIh
tion tliatt kxlkU t tlii timo npoii tht
ru1 jt-ct cottun and tta nmtiufac'urt",
Provision it mde in (hit ifctitm fur
a dianlntk i two ccnta jkt miioiI ;
and that iyitcm Ima exietisd and In tn
lollywfcd in all our reriiiiirtavra sine
tlie indent aitv came into .wt r
I he ol j. ct ul' it ia (hi ; llio manu-
iWcturcd Hrticle that ia l l in lhi
poul try .aja a ta ti th Govern
ment, t.nt thu maiiutHi turt-r obtains a
drawl.ack to txattly thu amount !
that tux ly t'harging up thu jrico tu
l lie coniamvr. t
"Yr u tux tha maniifactiirrr in tho
firat place three m cent, mt tie Bifida
thunuda to l he agricultural portion
of llio cnnnirr iukJ charifea ntt the
amount of i lit tux. nnd it cumes back
into liia pi-ckvt. And iu that way he
pnve no tax at all. And attain, the
little ttiat ia exported to foreign conn
trca fr Halt i inado I'rco of tux in
this way : When bo ha paid nomin
ally the thipo pur ceuJ, and the goods
n ai b llie Ctutoiii-liunae tor ixporia
tiiii), the Unvernmunt refund the tax
:i:id pays, tho uiiuev back to him.
Tliua he ia protected wherever he
may sell in securing the rituru of the
' Sir, I defy any advocato of the
manufacturing interest in this llotiPe
to show ma that - the manufacturer.
irotn sliov-pcgs to broad cloths, pay
one ceut of r; renin into the iubiic
treasury that stays there. I have
locked into Ihie legtalatioo so etrtful
ly that I aru prepared to jvrt that
no besieged city was ever so fortified
against tha possibility of attack as in
iha inaiiulai'turlng interest of this
country against bcitij compelled to
)y mto It pnblfc treasury one dol
nr Of it wealth. Everv dollar yume
iriin the laboring the ' agi'lcultnral,
nd "tha consunjinir not tion -of the
"I want to know whether tho Wat
has any irienda upon the floor of I hi
Hrnse f We pay vvery dollar that
is to bp levied by thiatftx bill.
"It ia tt tie, upon tho o'leation of
this dm bat k that we ar not directly
itt'erfhtfil ; but it la aUo true that we
will have to pay into the truaaury the
amount which tho Government re
I'unda to th-! niannlacturtrs. It in
jut so much taken out of the Ti ens
ury which we will have t replHCo
The tnannfaclurinjj intoreet ia pro
t'cttd in tho trade at hitnl.v ih u.t
ditiV.iiHl import duty you have laid on
I' rett n aiticli'g to I he ex't tit and more
f the iiiteinal fnx which you impose,
and tht'ii, when the maniiluciurvr
-'end hii'gno.ls abroad, h m OMoct
ed Hgaiii'-t the ;amsibility of p4iog
Hny tax by the Govt rnmont relnnd.
mg tn the shape ot a drawback ull
:l.e iux s lie has paid on Uiuaiticleto
Do exported.
Now this IIoiiBe might rs well
I'Otno to the excliiBion that noboly hi
drceived by this kind of !egwhwUii.
Guiitletneo may as well lay aside tlie
elusion they, have Bought d Liuiie-
upon the country, that the v are tax
ing theso inanii'aetiirirs. , . ..,
"llrey a are irupoamg a.tax o!
'wo cei U a pound upon raw cotton.
ho pay that tiX I hv the munu
lacturer: The Consiiaier uays it.oui
what is eo'd in this countiy. On that
width is to go abroad nobody pays,
lor. the Qovetnmuiit refunds it
; ' repeat thu assertion, an J I dia'
lenge coi-tiadiction, that iu this hour
of. the nation trial and. t oreat neceis
'ty the mamilavtuiio Interest of the
country ; i ays not a dollar lnt'j tho
public treasury thut stays there. And
yet airs ot patnotif ai are put on hero
by men representing that interest. I
visited New England last si-jmer,
ai.d with pride aud pleasuro did 1 Ihj-
hold the bcautilul va.leys. her bright
hills, her clear wateis, thu kind and
hospitable people wi h whom I asso
ciated ; but when 1 board tho swell
ing hum of her msoafactones, und
saw thosO abich Onlv a short tima
sgo'worked bat a low hands, now
working thoir thousands, and rolling
Bpmeir oonntiess wesm, 1 tell thation
it was an onhssltbf prosDoritr. Tot
. i .
my mind 4t pfssentod A wealth wrung
frnwrt thai larwktit fin tmtm iLa Ivm.
mimt n"m , mm wan
'(Mr. Moiril ) rises and deprecates ec
noU4iiui, and thu Kiiitljuiui Irom
tbsjsabjeot. -i ' ti ,
i "I ahouui aav. 'Let ns hava no talk
and muscle of the men who till llio
soil,4axid to an illeeitimateXten J to
lost and upiort that great system
of local wi-altli
"Mr. Chairman, I rtjoie in tho
prosperity of th country, arid tlu
whole country. I Lvo tins country
and cverv part of it, but I have no
actional aniu.-oqities to gratify. I do
not intend to ttxnd id y by and set
ono portion of lliu country robbed and
oppressed for the benefit of another.
1 will never vote. f. r a njw rwenne
bill that oinbnict'8 tint principle. It
is robU-rj ; it ia wrong. It the inanu
'Bcturers of this country can not com
pete with the manii'ncturcra of lor
eign countries; let them give up ilu
biuiues j, and let in boy goods wheri
we tan buy them theHpcst. Th:it ia
an honest principle, an J none other is
Air. J. i Allen, of Illinois,, said :
' I am in favor, am;e tliis system of
taxutioii due been retorted t for the
purpose of laiaing a revenue to sup
pott the Govcunmentiof tu.ik';;g it
ojierate as tquully upon all classes of
men in eveiy Stato as jiosaiblo ; and
while gentleman upon the other side
insist that i the pioducU of Llinois
shall bo taxed three fold their real
value, 1 insist thut the products in the
hands of New England matiulacturi ra
shall . bear their proportion of the
burdens of taxation. Thai tliuv have
not heretofore dune so, that they do s i
now, or that they will do so nnder
this prt position, is too clear tor any
nian to doubt.. The iiianulHctureid 01
ivr Eoghind are growing rich; they
b ant of the prosperity of their peo
ple. I would to God thu agr.culiiirul
interests of the West couhl thus bmst.
While they have been tble upon their
products to real r j within the laxt
two year iii nu thun three humlre l
per cenr, upon their goo la thun ' lio)
did four years atjo, we iu die Wcat
aie selli.ig them our wheat at a dollar
a bualiel, and yonr beef ut lei's price
than we received threo yeaisugolunl
i hat, too, in a di'P'eciaUtl currency.
Three years ago a bushel of wheat in
the murker would purchase ten yatda
of common doioenticsof New England
manufacture. To day it will pur
chase but two. Wo aro, theretor,
pajitig an indirect t.ix nripreccdv.'iited
hi the history ot the Coimtrv; and we
are pacing that bonus t Novr Eug
land iiiabtilacturcr and tho Govern
ment together. While they tan sell
to the operative in their eeUbliah
luenis any amuiint of inanul'dctureil
articles Iree oi tax, they pity no rev
euue to li e Government, except three
per ceut. on what they soil t u, they
never fail to charge that additional
three per ceut. upon the article they
tiimmli li. It ib giving to them, eii,
an advantage over, what lha cot) Mini
ers of the West enjoy. It is urmut;
and 1 tell the guutloui.ni from Yer
iiiont ttia:,uutitliAtfiaiin liig eo.'uti
tiients, agricii'tur-d aa they are, (r
tectud by (he urdl' iiputi wool, may
be kMtistiud with this condition of
Utiles, llio pco,.o f tbu NurlhweHt
are in t sut.atied with it. and will not
he satiatied. 1 have no more to
.AleESrs. Morrill, of Vermont, and
Duwea, til M.ta&cliUdottg, having re
plieU to Meg. is. Allen a"d Voorheoa,
Mr. Vooihce nj'i.ned : .
'Tlure. 1 a line of argument it is
not. aigmii-lit, however a line oi
talk, alwa indulged in by guntlo
meu upou the opposite sido ol the
chamber when auiacnsdioti upon these
queations urines, that, to use the mild
caVteriu, is scarcely toli-rable.ty those
wliO feci Hi at their . material , an 1 po
cuniary intereBt are iuvotved iu the
"i'he.' centloman. from Vermont
MaasachuatU (Mr. Daweh) follows
iu tlio;auie hue, and saa i hat he
regrets tins strain ot debute, tbu line
U uisuuosion. i .l prosume tiiegeiitlo
men do, 1 uiow 1 would if 1 had a
couifurtaoiu a lUiug at aomobo ly eleos
eXpeuio n their coiibtitueiita have
uoii this question ; I wouid uot want
it dtfcuastQ. either. If 1 wis so Si euro
in wealth as their constituent arc, or
if u y . people . were .prospering aud
tinmoliiu , and BpreaJiu " out tlie
branches of tbeir prosperity -belyro
thu world at tlie expense of somebody
eke, unless 1 was moved by a higher
sense ol justice than 1 have ?creen
inunata n anwlu hruuat O.i thu ntlixr
lido oi the House npou this questioo,
I, loo, like tuein, should desire silenco
f w " r-
abost it 1 siwnld say, 'Let ns bars
. r. . 1 m av4V.akL' .A I
n i&jm , 4 oi. Twy wuwvj.Miewr..j
can not see why all the rest of th
world should not be so too.' I hav.
no doubt the hiubwut mn wbeu b
arnep his victim on tho liiubroad.
would rather have him keep srill, I
Iihvi' no donbt tho Iml ir. when h:
breaks into a dwelling-house, ii very
much ani.'ftyed if the fcreams of the
inmates disturb Ir.m at his fu!oni u
i:ibois. A I; I say they, we nmat have
nencc. We mint have no screaming.
tlT li . ii ma
iii. ntiit roiiMnr us. lako vonr
Tianda nut of our tcfkots. Quit fi ch
i; thu rewards of our bon.Mf I iioi
li"tn onr nficketa tr the b'tietit o
men who am no abK r, no tnur. no
mor patriotic, to sav tho least ot it.
than Ihv people which the gcnilemn
irom iilinoia, 111 sell and others on
ty nidti of the chiuibcr rcpresoiit
h?re. AlHut tho aigument, and s'o;i
r li I-a talk. Doe the manufacturing
intercut pay any thing to tho supp ri
of thu Government i Or dues the
azricnltural interest pay it all ? I am
not to bo deterred from thu argument
by this ilno of talk. Ah 1 you are
comfortable and c zy. gentlemen. It
i tmt so with the peoplo that you
aud I, Mr. Chulrman (Mr. Cox in the
chair), represent on this floor.
"OI course, on this question of sec
tlotiHlism tho retort is very bandy,
go apparent to every body, so ready
t .every lip, that I do net condescend
toiHo it. The whole world will tukb
nofico with wh.'.t propriety any body
on Hint side of tho chauibur can talk
of sectionalism, their party having
lieen bn it upo:i the idea of puro aec
ti,4ia!im for more tjian thirty years
t'Bwt, as I was going on to say
when inrerrupteii iy a menu., our pe
pie are desply interested on this q iej
tion nf hiu't taritl'a and high tx '8
They make long, hard day work to tho
t irmtrs o the country ; they, wring
the sweat Irom Ins brow, luo tjrin
or 1 my diairict have sent me hr
to l'Kk t tlu'r Interests. The tariff
aw now on tlie j'a'nto book wring!
fr'Vu labor every dullar that the in win
frtcurer pays as i tax. " Let mimb-ira
on the other side meet that if the;
can. Tho gentleimm from Vermont
(Mr. Morrili) pays that if I weil
informed on th:. eul juct I roull no!
have tnadj this stutjiue'it. I have
ouiro rci).;i!t for thu gentleman from
Vermont, and I b g to nsanm bbn
that, to tbu best if my limited ability.
I have i. f irmed liiyaulf. DnriiloM I
have not so vii-tt u fund of int rma'i n
as hu carried aliout with hiiu, bat still
what little I have I operate with. I
am not so. large an operAtor m i is
I. do not belong to the OommitteJ of
Way and Means.. Hot still I have
looked into thW question with what
intellect God has endowed mo with,
and I tell the uentleuian that I stand
by my statement. If it is not truv,
let him make it manifest. I ant in
qii'ist f information. Lit him in
lorni me on that point. Let him show
no that 1 am wrong an 1 I wit I ac
knowledge it. L't Inn fchow mo that
the pltthotic, bloated m!iiiul',icturert
of Now E ijjlan I are p iyin any tbiii
to support the Government, and I will
rec'igtiizs) it. Bhow me that our puo
pie aro not wrung day by day an I
hour by hour, nut merely to support
tlie Government, but t support tlu
inatiulacMirers of New Eogland. an I
I ... I. I I ... . .
i Will HCKiionvieq ' ni.it, iuo. 1 irahe
tho aa8eriioii, and challenge proof o:
tlie couUnry.
' ."Then comes this question of draw
bucks. It i not tru, as the gentle
man fr m Vermont has .' said, that
agriculture n not Interested at all in
that question. Its iuterett in it is not
very extensive, I admit: but it lia
jtiit this in'ereftin it ; tint what th-
Uvvirtiment as back tothenu mat n
f.tnrers In the' shape 4f drawbacks
makes a vacancy in tho. public Treas
ury which .flomebo.iy bin to fi.l np. .
fThe gentleman frmn Massachu
setts (Mr Da we-) asked mo how 1
would raise a revenue. Better far
butter, free traJj and direct taxation
according tn catdi inan's wealth, in all
sectiona alike, than this discriminat
ing policy by which that gentium ati's
constituents grow rich and mine grow
poor The true jolicy of government
is t bring the cheap inaiketi of tho
wot Id to onr doors by free trade. Let
onr people bay whera their money
will .nay rnoit ; and let a revenue for
tho, support of the Government be
drawn equally from tha wealth ot the
' I bug pardon of the Committee f r
my -repoateJ appaaranca upon the
fl7. Kverr body will bear witness
that! speak bnt seldom. tad Always
' mrvmk I'M PVIUVUl sfeUVJ WsljB
wila rslnownca.-1 wish to call tha
.aM ..
ansAtiosi m . WoowiiKoa to Ibu
f .
What has the gentleman said
just taken hi. .eat I What
vho has
-.rgumoni nas he made 7 Has lie met
ny thiti has hi proved any thing;
is no uisprovea nny sning l 1
speech ui that kind to be to.iiidered
;t au answer to auy lactornrgniuentl
i bianii nere arguing this bill be tore
he Coinmiitoo. I stand here making
tuseitiotia and proving tacts which
lie gentleman dare not deny, and does
10 tuppoao i will accept a rprehd
.ag!o ahVr of tire minutes Ions as an
tnswer to the remarks i have made
upon thu mateiial interests of the Peo
pie I ropresent f .
'why, air, such an argnment,snch
in alUti-pt at argument, such a
iipuech does i:ot rise high enough to
reucn an honest man's c mtempt. tow
I call these gentlemen back to the
Mmt. Ihey do hot answer : the? do
not deny; ihoy tuu They say tho
Union will be restore''. I think, too.
will lu, but it will bo after such
mou as tho gentleman from Illinois
and those who act with him hv
k'en consigned to oblivion, and when
the honest sentiniont of the people
who love this Union with all its laws
shall have gained the aecendenev In
the conntry. If they suppose lor ono
moment that the Democratic members
and the Conservative members upon
me tloor aro to uo intimidated from
d:Bcii89ion by loud talk end hbh
sounding sctiiences, thor linvo got to
earn us over a-aiu. iyieot anrumont
with argument, wo will strip your
. . ... ... w
t eBiuh oi i'n nistiun, ana leave it
caked before the conntry.
M Attack lew Etiitland I . Who has
attacked New England I I havo not.
1 have not asked that she should bo
kfpt cut In' the coid. Indeed, she
shall not go out, as she takes a notion
to once iu a wlu'o. Uut when anartv
in power, be it New England. Now
Yoik, or at.y body eUe, puts its one
hand npon our thro ws and tha other
hand in our pockets, and asks ua to
tc-ep still while the robbery goes on,
sha 1 we not be allowed the poor priv
ilege of crying oat in our aony f
"fhe gentleman s:iys bis constitu
ents are not suffjritig. Let him speak
lor them. I think, however, in that
no ia miatHkeri, ii ho represent an
igrlcu'tiirul diairict. Ho says, loo,
.ns district is loyal- 1 should scon
uiyse'f it I replied to such a remark.
I Biippose it is loval. 1 do not ftttnek
.r, uii J uuti! an attiok upon my dis
trict conea iu some other shapothan
ny tiacu a pueiito iiisinuuion. l Bfiall
uot defend il upon thu fl jor.
"A word more. Tho gcntloman
iaye 1 opposed a great measure for
;he belief! ; of the Njrth-we6t.- last
Congress alluding to tho celebratdl
canal scheme, in which tho gentleman
van so iiiuc'i wrapped up. Tha dis
tinguished chairiuau of the Commit
tee of Ways and Means (Mr. Stevens)
from Tennsylvania, did tho same.
I'.'r onco our disloyul luadsnpon this
ido aro sheltered by tho broad eai
,t toe gentieiuiii trjin l onnylvaniit.
"Mr. Washbam.?, of Illinois-He
was uot from tho North-wet, how
. "Mr. Voorhces That is trno ; bnt
1 enppos'j he is loyal. As to the
North west. 1 hare never been able
to appreciate tha tangible benefits it
von:! elerive Jrotn t'jat gigAiitic
icneme oi what I havo always con
:oived to b3 simply a schemj of pub
lic plunder- 1 looked upon it as a
ruat system to foed a loathsome
iwarui of harpies upon the 'National
1 t a
irtasnry. - jmo sucn ineasnro ever
had and never shall have my sanc
tion. 1 stand hero to defend inv
o'oursb upon that subject whenever it
is a-saileu.
"But this is aside front the point.
Come bick to the issuo : come back
lo the high tariff ; came back to the
matter of taxation. Yon shall not
escapo Irom it before the country.
the soldier oi loyal, patriotic heart
tho soldier npon tho field, who pays
nity or sixty cent a yard for muslin
to wrap his waisted body in shall
Know to whom no makes that pay
ment, llio manufacturer rohs nim
Ilia interest is identical with the
farmer. - , ' - -
"Mr. J. C. Allen-1 wish to ans
wer the remarks- of the gontloman
from Iowa, (Mr. Wilson) who first
spoke on this question. . 1 think he is
mistaken about the price of farm pro
dace in the West. It is true that
pork is quoted at twenty two dollars
in M'lCogo; but the enhancement in
price has taken place since the article
h-ie gone into the hands of specula
tors. i xnow mat farmers and small
craaien of Illinois bare onlv ft and
53 e$ tor. Ibsii port; SmuL, Ut
h iiu :
(gentleman foyers that the nricj
not present whit it formeKy Z
sented, inusmnch as payment Is made
in uooreciaioii carrency.
"Mr. Wilson-Dots not that arn.
went apply to the manafiuiturers of
New tnglan J as well as to the farm
ers ot the West I - r . ,
"Mr. J. 0. Allen-It Is known to
the gentleman, if he knows ant thir.
anouime agricnitnrai producU of the
West, tint wheat which a few era
ago brought 91 25 a bashel in all the
tnhrkofs'of the Mississippi Valley is
not worth more than that now in .
1. .. . ' .. .
depreciated currency. It is frne that
tho article of corn bears an exorbitant
rrico, but that is the resalt oi a n.r.
f ial failure of tho crop. Cattle are not
wot th as mnch as they were then br '
at least thirty imr cent. Bwf dots
not command as ranch as it did for
year past ; and yet we are told that
farmers aro receiving compensation
equal to what they received hereto.'
tbio. It is not so, because many ar.
tides of inanafactored eoode that th
pay for cost throe hundred per cent.
mm than they cost before tho com
mencement of this war. On atrero a
that the woodman uses be pays a
premium of thirty or forty cents' nn
every pound of cofToo taut his family
uses; he pays three hundred per cont '
more than ho used to pay. So it !s
with cotton and woolen fabrics. Three
dollars to day is not worth more than
dollar was then ; and yef, in the
face of theso fact, the gentleman from
Iowa, representinpv as ha sar. an
agricultural interest, has the boldness
to stand up and tell ns that the farm.
ers were receiving compensation equal
to wnat tticy received heretofore. No,
sir. In consequence of tlie deprecia
tion of the ennency ; in couseqaenea
of the Increased price of manufactur
ed goods ; id conseqaonce of the in
creased price of transportation and
increase, in the price of labor, they
are not receiving as mnch f1. . '
ccived before. Aro we to be told,
then, that tho farmers or the West are
not suffarinsr. and are w a tn hn de
nounced when we nk that tha specn
latora of New England or of any
where dae shall bo cnmuolia.i n.
th'iir proportionate share of th hn.
ena t tho porpl f I8 there any in?.
ttce or equity in cxampting them
from the payment bf this twu cents
per pound on cotton I I think nor.
1 uuko these remarks in holiatf
tho community which 1 represent, and
1 proBoma it will riot be charged with
disloyalty. ...
Why, my loyal friend from tbo
Galena district is a constitnont of
mine, tha President of the Dnited
. con8,'tuent of mine, as
well as General Grant, tha hero of the
nrnannt a
l - " . ... - ,
"1 hona ttiat I ivia. .i i i i
with disloyalty in making tho fr,.n.
ing remarks. I made them becanw
I believe that Ihj burdens of the tax
bill of this Congress bore too heavy
upon the West, and that nnless we '
guard our Western iiitnrPki t,ak...
ni"fl 11 tllTfllinn . hJ-. . ...
I J . 1 - . MM, '
-uiiuor .iuia uiu will, t
mu upua our.agncnltural neon
' '
Loyal Leagues.
Tho National Connoil fT-.i
. w.. viMvid
Leagues is an exact counterpart, both
in its construction and th functions
it aspires to exerciso, of tho Jacobin
and Coidelier Clubs of the French
ivo..iioi.. figoiueru, it is com
posed ed deleeatta from fl
hka them it is established, en ver-
m rt ti rki am at .a, .
"' V F jO 43 It LlltS HI'HI rT rfflWAIilin., -
.w v. fevlVMIlUtJIH J
ike tiiein, it is lo nrjautliorizci, ill
-u j, . vuuut-ction WHO -
any portion of tbo admin iatrativa
power : like them, it rssumes tp -dj, . ,
rectly mtorfere with tha noli ;,r '
dictate tho measures of tho governinr
r , , T , '"'" now a: id tuo -lobbies
and the galleries of legisla-
tion, intimidating with its groans or
encouraging with its cheers tboso tutn
or measures whom it dislikes or ap
plauds; and, like them, unless the
American people soun put a st?p t
ir, we will find it taking possoesfoa
of their fl iors, having its own enact-'
uaenta, and finally, usurping in torra. ,
as it does already in fact, the Legis-
latiye and Executive functions.- Thou 1
for men and the " passions of men '-'
MOTtrfke every where.-wijj com. hora-'
what happened there; and then will ,
those who langh anei.mock at ,wbat
they now call the morbid forsbodiccs "
of Democratic. disloyalty, snfier, as '
thosa suffered then wa. like tharn : W
jocred at Ua propheciss of tbtir eoia
ing doom.,: - ix ...
. ' It will eott somstbing to bf rsJig-' i
oar, U wiii txt smtoitsv fcaaa.

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