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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, February 18, 1864, Image 2

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lr- niK :oHnri!TioM as i i
W tlKHK UK W. nn4 te Diil'orct'mPiit
uf tbo Lnw iKiiint nil 0ficprt who
buvi) nnurpeil Aolnoritr. 0 vrell ih
1'ioplo wJm tVmmit llruiiehi ot Che
I. r. . ;
Wednesday March 23, 1861.
COLUMBUS, OHIO, February 6, 1864.
Tu th ;oolcl of Ohio
You ara hereby tictlnod that tlie
tatic Btate Central (Jomrrittea
hA doaiimated Wtxluesjay, tho 23J
dy of March, 1801, aa the time for
holding tho next Democratic State
(,)viivnion, in the cfty of Columbia,
for the purposo of electing four dele
gate, (or tho State nt lars to the
Democrat ie National Cunreution,
bicb will bo bU in the city of Chi
ea,p,. beginning oa the 4th day
Jtily next ; and of noniinating acaq
didiite for cuch of tho following office,
to Wlti ,
Secretary of State ;
Judge of the Sopwmo Court j
Attorney General ;
School Ooniaiissionor ;
Member of the Board of Public
Tbe Demooratie voter of the ev
oral countie within thii State aro re
poet fully requoBtod to procood to ap
jK-lr.t dtlcgfltui to represent thera
Mid,- cuuveiition, en tho following
lufcii; . . "
Ooo dologafe for tach county, and
au additional dolejjata for every five
hundred vottB east for Hon. Cleubbt
L. YAtLA5DiorrA, ftV Governor,
t!t last Octv ber election, and for
every fraction of two hnndrod and
fifty votes and over,, one additional
delegate. - ' '
Tii; gives Vintou Oeonty 4 d1eg
ate. .
Speech of Mr. Voorhees.
TYe ; tA a car'nll perusul of ex
tracts froru the epeoch of Mr.Voor
bees, on onr first page. It shows Bp
wort trtily bow the west is being rob
ed to keep tip the New England na
bob fiboiJJ. tlow; long. ill 'the
people of tho west bo compelled to
fer this wboloaale swindliagl :.. Abont
one fourth of all wo now prodaco
tbe west, gwa Into the pockats
these New England Government
theives. Ask yourself wk-re ia
farmer business man in the west who
cots a drawback on hia taxes, aa Mr.
Voorhcea shows theses Krstwi A boli
tloo sboddjl do. tbsreby'elearing
them of all taxes on business ac
count. . '
Organize the Democracy.
We call tho attention cf oor county
Central Committee, to the notice
tho 8tflte OoiDrnitted, fixing the 23id
of March, cs 'tho time for holding
State 'Con vention, for the nomination
of a Sjate Ticket. . If ever there
a timo that tbe coimorvative citizens
should organise," Itfis ' tiovf. At
former period.' does tho remarks
Old nickory, etiike the mtnda of
poople with ao mocb fotce as at
present moments, be said. '4if evar
sectional war is onoe began both
wiJl 'sbara in the , common ruins,"
That war baa beon. began, and
lasted near three years, and it is
deed strangoif our people cb not
tee that we are, both North and South
loins mined faster than any people
Gods footstool ever jren before.
tit tbeo as reasonable men, organiser
aai olaet eucb msn aa will carry
fidence 'fo both jMelnd ,,'
use 'altbonerablo otibi, o eCiCP
nVfidv and ad bonerabla peao at
earliest moment. Peace and . Peace
ilnna. will atop bloodshed, the destruc
tio of property, ensure iafety and make
ui once rabr prosperona aoa uapvy
jh. U this tbe truth?
. Democrats aud conservatives every
where must unitd and bind themselves
tOjjttWcr itiVioropcrfb'it 8ml complete
organititiin,'to promote fbe'sooeeas
of tlii'ir principles at tho next t resi
dential ulcciion. We need nut discuss
the litt ity ! urpniz i ion 7-ftil we it,
fm it, Kt c vp it. us vAtire, rroti in ah
vXrincfu!-U is J .u-;U ip.uU.;;
no, when thopnu.j tft the
box and tho liberty of the e.t.t'.iu rc
amonir the jowels flaked uinm tl.- is
ae. ; Dv'rooirrtU every liL-rj shoul 1
know each other, hnd net tictlu-r
this acuuaintHuce caa on!v bo brought
ntout, and ihua unity of action cir
y.k'ij bo secured by local and gunou!
orKii'z tlon, we entreat the attention
now of activo men live Di'rO'iciiiU
If it ho nriiuud that ''n'J thia i idle,'
"th.it huvo r cVinco," thill
"vKe powers' tha" o at 7abinr.jn
have dutenninod tj perpetunte tuMr
relizn, and thoy will di it by ft inis-
dbo f iniliiary power if in no otbor
wav Iwt our amwor be; ' Wo bavc
a duty to purlcrm, and will perform
it. como what inav.' In the nmne
of God and our conntry, for Civil Lib
orty for onrselvea, for th j preservation
of a Free G ooewniont, let r.a try! N
man cm foretoll In these times, what
a day inny bring forth. That a reac
tion againit tho 1 mad j).Iicy ot tho
men now il power will coma :nu3t
come we believe as confidently a
we do that the stm will continue to
rue In the Etut. Let na prepare for
and be urenared for that reaction.
. . .. .1
Let it r.ot, wuoti it conies, nno mo
CoiiBervativoa of tha conntrv, to
whom, tindor Providunee, wo may a
lono lw.k for safofy, divided, unorg.in
iivjj. icnitorud. but firmly banlcd, or
gnnix-id, compact. In solid phalanx
let us confront tho n--aailanta of our re
publican form of Government. 'Vc
aru a million and h half of fruemon
onr conscKtneeB toll n wo h ve Riht
on onr side God U with tho Hbht -
IIccsr, February 5. A 'potition
from- lioox Uonnty wiis presented
praying for a law to affranchise per
sons who give traitors nid and com
fort by leaving tho State to avoid the
Joshna R GidJinja, and aixty-pnc
citizens of Ashubula,. .petition for a
law to levy a tax to reimburse thoao
who have paid private bounties. I lioau
people who, for a beason, inaiutained
thoir patriotism by paying private
bounties to othor !or going to the war,
and thereby cxeming tliumaelves, are
anxious to have their money refund
ed, after tjje faabioa of Iudians, who
take back a aifr. Thil matter is the
subjoct of a rcal masy potitioaa, es-
poc .ally from that puraJ'.so 01 L on
(ana and patriots, tho Wceteru ih
The Standitiz Committoe on tho
Penitential y reported that Dr. Bick
ley was confinod by order, of tho. War
Uopartmeut ; ana that, uiereiore, iut
rcaoiunuu. Teiaure to inv iiuprisuu
mout bo indefinitely postponed.
Mr. Etwarda enbmitted a minority
report, giving tuo documeuts npon
which Ur. uicli'.ey wee mcarceratoci
showins that bis imprisonment is a
croea violation of the laws ol the
State. Mr, E 1 warda concludes wilt
a resolution directing a further in
vestigation nt the else. Mr. EJ
wards made a few brief remark, atat
in z that he bud been refuted admit
tance to tho coll of the ptraoner , that
ho could not investigate tbu case as
ha had boon instructed to do by tit
llouse, because of tho order of tho
Secretary of War, and showing tha
all onr,UvB wero violated by tho hu
ptisouiuont of Dr, B.ckley, and that
if things go on in this way force would
be jiwtifiable in restoring our laws
and liberties. ; ... ,.
Mr. liirbv, who was dononnoed
fow daya sgo iu the Oiucinnari Gaztt
to for bein2 unlaitlil'ui to Abolition-;
iaro., thought in noceBsary, iu order
ruizaiu bis standing in the loyal tra
terniiy,, to creep on his belly and g
to,t:ie other extreme, ua mace
SDeech ajalnat Mr. Edward's rtsolu
tiou, and then moved the previous
Question.. This arrangement com
pletely restored him to the favor
the Abolitioniata. who were all enra-
ing him y?aterday. . One or two more
ridiculous acrobatic tricks by Mr. K..
and jour representative will make
moat brilliant mark in the legislative
halls sb a ground and .tatty tumbler
Ur'. Edward's minority substitute
report waa rejected, and the a-aolu
tiou indefinitely poatponiiig the whole
matter was adopted.. .
i The fvliowing a
Eegimeqte of Infantry that ' have ra
thlisted at veteraus under the orders
of the War Department ofLring the
largo bounty: lit, -5th, 7th. Htb, 17,
19tb, 20th, 25th,- 26th, 27th, 29ih,
30th. 8lnt. 32d, 33d, 34th, 83th, &9th,
40tb, 41bW42d, 43J, 44th, 45th; 46th,
U(U. ViBL, 6i, IVU, ?I.U wu, iuiuji
49A, sisv ew.tis Wth H' W
64th, Cflth, 68th,-70Tltll7M;?iJ,
74:b, 76th; 77tb,7Ww 831, 88tb;lo-ljXf'blbt4
!l 5 regiment-, wboe avttage nuov
ber of men will bo probably SW.rauk
antf tile. : ;
Of CRvnlry rvgimenta thaw are tbe
1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, Cth, 7cb an3 10th. -
latteries : lit, 4th, 14th, lStb and
' Thr-ae troops are a'Tinm Westora
Armies, and it. ma singular : cook
riici.tirr noon the conduct of the war
h:nit Winh'.rigtwi tlmt fow Western
1 -j A " . vti i "
V' Amy. ?f M"?
"! ,u. l'!lvo 'V'"":''.. . .
uici.icr or sot.t)itK4 famiuu
The Sonat so.'tio linit; .1 . ;.im.f
an u not j.-ciionublo h it, levyiri-i titiix
i.f Inii i..!'!a I f t'l . Ail im )t .'-
liura' funiilifS. When tl.? bill co' l
the House, that bly fnund occns3ioii
to vuntilato its partisan tpirit mil
eatahbsil it-v pitrinim Aineud-
nitinta were, therelbie, tacked on to
tho bill, in Committee, civing the
Governor authority to appoint agents
in o.icb comity to distribute the fund
raised by this bill, instead of County
Coininiaaiomira. f ho only objoct to
00 attained by thia ainondinent is to
keep Democrat Irorn obtaining any
boiitfit from the distribution of the
nnd. Five or aix iitibta In each
county, holding their appo'ntmentnit
iho ot iho uovernor, anu wuu
the diaburaJtnent of this vast sum,
without bond or responaibility to any
ono but tho 'jroveruor, you s-e, would
uuuo a splendid electioneering crpa
lortho'Biaek Kopublican party.
Mr. Odlin stated that no wanton
thla fund distributed by tho friends ol
the soldiers; that is, Abolitionists,
whoaaanmo tho monopoly 01 an tne
affoctiou for tho soldiers and their
amilies. The natural roaiilt of tina
meaanra will be that none but fanii
lioa whoaa inflnence is devoted to tho
advancement of tho Abolition party
will reciiv'u anv benefit. The Inini-
iea of Democratic Boldiera will ho
whistled down the wind, without a
nennv. This suhiact1! 'still under
disccsv.oti iu the llouae, and these
oelion features will bo ougrafted npou
the bill or tho majority will uetoat it
Recognition of the Confederate Goverament
by the Pope of Rome—Important
According to the Parle f nirnal, Li
F.ancc. the following Important cor
respi.ndenoo haa taken pluco betvreen
rresidenl Uaviqiind the rope:
RICHMOND, Sept. 23, 1863.
Vaar VxyicBiBLE Sovereion Pom
Tirr:The letters wh'ch 'you
written to tho clergy of Now Oreana
and New York lave been couimuai-
cuted to mo, and 1 have read with e-
inotion tho deep grief therein exptead
ed for tho ruin and devastation caused
by the war whih ia now being waged
by the United btates against the
States aud people which havo selected
me aa their rreeident, and your or
ders to your cWgy to exhort tha peo
pie to peuco and charity.
1 a oi :ep:y aensiiilo of tho Ubria-
tim charity which has impelled yon
to this reiterated appeal to tu i clergy
it is for this reason that it ia mv duty
to express pcrsmally, auiin tho name
of the Conioderate states, our grati
tudefor such eeutimeuta of Christian
1100J feelings aud love, aud to assure
your Holiness that tho people, tureat
onod ' wen on their hearths with the
most cruel oppression and terrible car
n a jo, ia desirous now, aa it ha? al
ways been, to see the end of this war
that wc have tver addresae I prayers
to Iluavon for that isauo which your
II Jine8s now desires; that we desire
none of our unemy's possessions, but,
that we figlit merely to resist tho de
vastatioii of our country and the shed
diuir of our bet blood, and to force
ihein to lot us livedo peaci under the
protection of our own institutions
and ' nader our laws, which not only
inauro to eveiy 'one the enjoyment pi
his temporal rights, but also the free
exercise ot his religion. I pray your
(iohncsa to accept, 00 the partot my
self und tho people ot the Uoulodor
at States, our sincere thanks for vour
ufforta. in ruvor ot peace. May the
Lord prolong the day ot your Holi
ness, and keep you under Hit diving
Illnstrlons and Honorable President
salutatiou. . We have just received,
with aii smtaoie welcome, the person
sent by you to place in our hands ti
letter duted tho 23 J ot-September last,
Not slight waa tbe pleasure we expe
rienced when we learned, from these
persons and the loitor, with what fee!
ings of Ijvs and gratitude you were
animated; illustrious and, honorable
President, as Boon as you were inform
ed of our letters , to our venerable
brother John, 'Archbishop of New
Orleans, dated the 18th of October ot
last year, and iu which we have witb
all our Btrongth excited and exhorted
those venerable brothora. that, in their
episcopal piety and solicitude, ' tliey
should endeavor, with the most ardsoj
zeai, ana in oui-aBe, to oung aoout
the end of tha) fatal civil -war .: whidlt
has broke A 1 cut io' those countries. In
order that the American people may
, ..'.. r,
w 100
cbar;tftul;tog9tlier, ltja p:ulicul-T-counfy
0Jtiioth!ii yotf.jl-;
luatrious. ' 'aud , booorabl. P
iiinf inn VA .r ttfiniiin. Km nnim.irci i
witb tbe mm desire ot poaco r.ndlhave
tranQTiUity which we bare ia onr lot.-
ton iceotcatod upon our venerable
Mv u nioasuQod att'ia samo time
1 - . . . - I
to inaKO me otuer poopie 01 Am inca
and their, rulers, .refi'HStmg ssriousiy
how terriblo is civil war. and what
calaiuitins it engeuders, listen to too
i.(a.iiratlnii ar a ca'rrtrir floint. . and
sdoht resolutcly tho'part of peace." As
for oa, wo shall "nor 'Cease to ohdr up
iiiMt. !? rvfiit prayers to God Al-
inilitv that Hi inav pour out '.upeui
;i ,li pu.M!o of Ameiica tha spirit
11 i u'M ii 'd eh r tv, and that Ho I
will 6top ttio groat evils .-which afflict
them. ' we, at thu same tuuo boneech
tho God of pity to shod abroad upjn
you tho light of II is grace, und at-
ttich you to us by a . pertcct friend
Given at R.mc. at St. Peters, the
31 of D.;comler, 1363, of our Pontifi-
Pen and Ink Sketch of a Representative
from Cincinnati.
We find the following pan and ink
sketch of William Stanton, a mem-
id the Ohio Ilouao of Repreaenta-
tiTflB from Hamilton' conuty, Ui a lato
number of tho Cincinnati EnquirerMmmyil
!t-was drawn by a master nana, ano
willba recognizod ntonco as nie-iiKo
? We have tho high authority -
tftmua Ward forsnyins that ever man
has his forte); and that Washington s
forte waa not to bo rtsembiua to ana
con9ldorablo extent by any man of
modern times. ' Now that's the case
with ; 1 r. Stanton.' Neither anciont
nor modern time, we venture to af
firm, ever introduced, any thing like
A I 'liS 9
If your fifst glance at him, ' when
seated at his desk, should hapoen to
hlt about'the 'eyes, the grave Hnd .vise
manner in which be peers throah hii
spectacle would convince vou that he
waa aproteasor. ir yon iookoo anovo
nt thfit BiiiDothhlar.k lookin? foreliend
n.1 nt'i'in enrlv hair, oi'ed nnd dress-
ed to perfection, and noted the fair,
pink and whito, etleminate race, yon
be irresistibly rotuinded of
tiinaA wax hoada. with marvelous com
olexion and luxurious hair, which
" .. I ., 1 " l.
Sometimes aaoru I'lo wiiiuuwB wi mir
W"' I,0PV W.hen b1 ris y
f4iil.I rlUeover in his Deraon tho very
bvtv ideal of a tailor's pattern card,
W hen he walks his body rolling and
pitching trom eiae 10 sioe use a .1 ue
Will, III HIIOBIJonvil jvu ....
aginethat a sailor, about half seas
over," come ashore and strayed into
tho L
(srislaMvo O'umbor. It wonld
bo difficult to judge of youn Stanton's
antecedents, llts delicatd appearauce
would indicata a hot-honso training,
while his carriage is much mora sn?
geativo of pot-homo residence. He
aoif ecteem, from which I would infer
- ....
l.-i t. i., ;t i,M n .nn.Ai. ad
with popple who know something.-
11:. .i.ini urn Anmnnro om fir.no I
novel and etartiing, and it waan-
queationable with a vi4w to the per-
T .. . . . .1 . '.
. . .. ... A a . a MityAi . . i.i rnnr r.i.v i.
1 , " i . . .1.
moroii9 opeiiKer mvio-nim una c uo
n nn i.i;i,ja orri Pin-,
tiona. Yo Godst what a memorable
hnr waa that whn tha youthful mem
1. .. .,.. n.miirtn ... ln his
report on the Ashland contested case,
and arose to address the House on
that Bobjoet-AH, "with eye nnd car
attentive bent," waited for Ids viewa
on tlie nice constitutional question.
i,;.:.....-,, i. p.i.iiura tf.rr, fno.,ioa
b the case. D.nibtlesa many ro.nem
u,i i., .i, ,0;flrln.r. i.n,t Kua
proniiaud in Holy Writ to come "out
of tho months of babes and sicklings."
ri:n,int..; tn -t,;,miK- rin. i.a
imivirtimt nntnoaU of constitutional
iatnfifipa tliii flhla and tiloationt mem
liaiuivvmvvi T
I ber frtfm Hamilton charged home
ace upon th--very heart ana cooler
pf tuo queation. vvttri a lotty entliff'
tiaaal that ecornod to be controllod
thl k paper letters or a uonstitntlon,
demanded "are not the people sov
areictt and are We not as their repre-
sotatives als4ovreign? Haa anything
a right ta controll the sovereign!
Certainly rio:f Uas the Oonatitution
atfybuBineea to mteiere in rnia matter
,ben1 M6st emphatically not!" This
wa brief,-pungent, i radical, all em-
bracing." Il covered the whale ground,
and -left the Democrats nofca plank
stand iijrorf. -'This "pint" mido
the distinguished member from Ham
iltori bore the patent.stampot bis
gunioeaul nobody ventured intringo
thOUatdnt'iiVen UoInmbUS liolano.
Lf'thtvirentlettau from Knox.'J who
Bairy-UBd. godfather to Stanton'.
! jjavei hHnl1 SmJ PAflAN ftltA ftli f
ou. i .w
ry Stood lone.f I. He iteOJ a,Pbill-
ios do8crilH;8 Napoloor,rpped,
tue eolitndof P bis, "own originality."
:' Counderinj hi constitutional, po-
sitlSa or to speak more jwoperly
anti-eonBtitutlouaf position it -
not sorprialng that tbe industrious
pty mining taAailxf.roifl Hapailitrj
ahould introduce a resolution
to o.spnngo a protest iioiu tbe journal
notwithstanding the OomUtatton bum
"aiv memnr ti um-.i t" " "
tho tignMj protest Hauut nnj
act or rjs Million t'lcreo1; Bhiil.with-i
rtat ulteriition.' comtniuiieiit, or diln?
ho entered upon tue journni. u
1 - .
nmer ironi iintni
tho tu i't-i
- , j 1 . "i. ;.!
conniy uao uy r o iii.uu, . au-u-.
his stock or. ongiuaity. . ...iwn-
od from mnoating bimstli Ttiis tn;i.
lie, argned that a protoai mnet coniiin 1
niithinir hnt trnth: ana 11 ino anesuon
of fact was sprung, the mejority pro-
tested against havo the Tight 10 eio
iho cida .. that question , for the minority
protesting ab mere napponeo w 00
liome of tho majority weaker breth
re 11, who could not feed on Stanton a
"strong meat,1' and who bad snch
things aa "grave constitutional obj.c
tioni," the well known member from
tlamilton county withdrew his rcso-
I'ution, and u: conaiaeration wr meir
IooIhIi scrup'cs introduced another,
simply denying the statameuts of tbe
n i certainly a matter of rezret
that snch "a love of man" aa the no-
ted momber frcm Hamilton county
,, .,. 1,1, ..n..,, ,, ilu,
, , n r i(,CJ:llll,iftI, afftlid of imr
ading hi good clothes nnd curly hair
on Fourth street. ' It is depriving the
young misses who frexuent that prom
inudeof thoir riahts and4hey should
.) pot'ubn to lnve him sent
Gov. Bramlette to Massachusetts.
The Immaculate patriots of Mssaa
chusetts, who object to voiun'ooriug
bocan38 they have niada money, cd-
ouh out of tho war to hire other peo
dIo to do their part of the fighting
thoao "model men" of the "model
civilization" bavu ' ec.it out ' tlieif
agents in all directions tJ gather up
nuiiroes and "ooe; whito trash" to fill
up their long deficient quota c!' troops,
In Oiiio.Tndiaiia, Illinois, and prub-
ably all tho Northern States where
thoro was no danger ot getting hurt,
theso Massachusetts recruiting missi-
onaries nave laaao uioir uppunrnuou.
Recently 6no ofthyin ventured ovor
ihto Kentucky, but. fouling that it
might not he i-utirely safe to run off
negroes irom tnai otuio, wrow n ici
would tor to Governor Bramlette, Oiking
permie3ioii. Governor Brauilctto re
plied, aud his loply ought to mantle
I -.1 l . ... il 1 ..L .. ...... linn
wnu suaiuu m uwa w .
"chuaetta man whatnot already
lost to anv sen 3d of thai feuling. We
append the letter of Governor Uram
lutte entire :
FRANKFORT, December 14, 1863.
. 1 .1 ,1
Gajtt'in tlwxrd CahtU, noruiima
OJbted Uoopi .
Siu- Youra of the 10th inaf., in
forming ma that you lial bjea order
ed to Kmtuckv to recruit "froa color
m iimu" for the army of the United
States, and asking my consont for bo
doinj, is before me. iu do uot in
havo I
Ki" m.d V wb9t Rat,.,,,'!t; J,0B ,fl4ffl?
u ....inir.i r h ...ii. n r ii inuii nnirxrnn
AUlltlluai v dwi-ui. liw vvtuiuv.
a, 1 kuo,w of D? ftCt 0o
a I t vu ,...fh - - ' w i - -
or.r f50in 'ha W?r KTrt
m U1c"a K;7U" ""n
II am ura'I il4Siiriut t tint In ddturullCu
1 . wi. v " - - -
in our nfipuliiir nojitiort. and to avoid
1 - : - , - .
lunuecessanly a jruvatinir the troubT
",un 1,1 Keatncky , the
auiiwrw.e ai asumurt uu nwu
temuUte recruiting ''colored men Ii
Kentucky.- Wo are nadj to Ud our
q' b'ou? .:iM,!l,wl,1.t-tt ,?ltl3U,
of Kentucky. . We will unoositattng
J comply with iho requisition br
w Utf,UDU our Kvermuat. t
claim the right to furnish from cm
Z'8 wIiobo duty it is to make that
defence, and wiio are ready to comply
with the requirements of duty, f ho
llut.v of dejewe devolves upon those
,.. who onioy tho bnahta of our govern-
moot.'. rom aucU, wo,, w.lj fid tho
call npon US
at U We presume that whitb) mm who
0we the duties of allegiance to the
government will be accepted for its
by defence.'-'" we will furnish them ir,
therefore, you come to recruit "color
he Ld uien" for the benefit 6f Kentucky,
wu decline v vour boi vices. If vou
Lome t s recruit for another State, we
I a Jny your rijht to do ad; and forbid
u. No state has tlie right under tiny
law or order to enter Kentucky to re
emit either 'white or "colored" men.
W do njt - intermeddle with any
State that chooses to recruit "colored
to tr.en within its own limits. 1' Buf no
by State thM ia not willing to meet the
m v enroof duty" by contribnting its
vn h i ,ta from its own population--shall
0o permitted 'to Bhelter irom'duty be-
Iiind ihi froo n&crro : notmlation -of
na hvantunbir -r .tt. v-3 vh
1 Wfl- ahairmetlt tbl call 'uodifa
eat'l ..... 7 . S a . ' -
wfthouf ennsting colored men, and
youf owrStateVust meefit;,call
J-W lt. in rV.M ir n
from its own while or "coldred" men.
si I may be6f .flit itVpedplo, and 'not
assome to recruit eittiar whito or blaclt
tn lTnr.ftr' " ' - Jl '
THOMAS E. BRAMLETTE, Governor of Kentucky.
' l'iote ailthiuek. hol"3"fHi to i).bi
. 'j.uj CmrmjuTU .ie. nHh lfCt.
c.nryh.p .ui u '
JzW of yor ftuoi-k JiiilcrK,' fur
v,xj vrnxnoiiMiminjrMiimy..i
a in my oiu ag j bo in uonj m-
R otlien", 00J giving lo Jr.- who
iu. l.'.i ii nu Invlircrutin? "? r.Ui
M'.tnr rcfrtalili'K sJ Ti.i.ptUu
to U. hJMi). 1 kWrfuliv an
dor(6 lUt t(tutrti nj UiC tum in ytthr
oca to i; v.uer.
borer In th ri-r Mrlfiiiirtt. In CiMii.t(,
fur it.crt tlin tl.lrr r. inn- tru'ioux
tliicinrmtiiin ltt. Pucb Ullm'iiy. Ttim
rue It k otce. 1 u 1 0l,T llRnHy.
No otl.r l'rtirrttttrt K-ir'Hf vr jnii
to lh pnlitic, tr rcctlvM H! rftljaeom
ni.liautlon frcm MEN OK ftAKDWO. Inv
rt 1V of lif), Ibkt m,u Ui o. EcVd
vert iMjiuent.
To Ncrvnii SofferiT of Doth lixrt.
bwn rMiurtd tohetlth In tw Jti, ftr
driri)tll tlio nxtial rootio 5nd lrrfulr-
ti.luM il hU'iiared dayrW ommnni.ltu lo i .
ifflicUvl fellow TCtur tb nieno cfr.
IU110B, n lUs roolut ofn a llrunMd eavt.oM,
a w!U imr.-J ( free ) copy of tbo jrtwil ll'n
nOd. DirfKt to D. JDMM M. PAONAlt, lot Fit- ,
WO Hlreei Hrnuklvn, ew X (irk.
lUrch. My. lulT.hep.. Wnv Jnw.. lyr.
Dm si:s of tii R VF.nvou.s. pfji.
SYSTEMS nw n.l rciloWe tMntinenV-la
Rtoorttnf Iho linWAKH APBCK.'l .TI-,
Bent by mail tn tealed UU' nivflope. fre f
ebar.ro. AdJreol, Ur. J. 8JtU.Uf HOtf'Ul -TUN,
Howard AocUUon, Ka 3 BouTh Niulk
Btroet. riultaioiiiliia, r. .
Murcb, Mb lSa.-l-yr.
Bcb bcrtiscratnts.1
5'fa.' of Ohio, intnn County, .
Morrla Albangb Htff. ) l.wttf
ritahwt I OmmMi Vlt.
n XT Rfn.l I.I.I A .. . I
... ,, . , uf;j,
On ordef ef
j.j. Aiiinni ttai , ;
PUItJANTtn the comman d of in rJt of
lo la the abovo i-aui to um rlirfli'i from
tS4 Oonrt ftf Cumm ja l'lnan, of tho frnl.l
nuuty of Vhtm, t will o$r at puMio ailo.
'.lis tl ior 01 me 1 uori linn -o, n. a un "i -
Arthur, in Bl'irsmiid o.'O.ny of Viuton, on
Saturday the W ivy Jtarc 1884.
Between tli bonre ef wn o'oloc!, A.M., ir.-t
four oMock, r. M , ofaul t tl, M Mlowing
prprv, to-wlt l n-!ot numlier C3 ntiiaiii
and eiKlity-eiKbt, (ins,) inil lol noiob.r lr
ht.n4ra ua.l i.i.iatan. (l9.UU lnl Boml'ee
two hundred and ei?bwn, (2H.) ii klw lo
or McArilmr. Vinton louuty unio.
Taklna u lha property tf J. J. . AlthfK. ti
ki'.iffy kju'lciniiot iu l'(0r uf Murrie Al 'ngb.
bunjlf.li(ihly-ei'h,iipr;.d lflfty dellara,
lctrun.bor t In nil red ud nina'ea at forty
dollar, and lot aimber two riniidred arid U:
teen at thirty -aevva doUnra, tad iuu'. b.Iuj
tirithlrdofthatnm. . ' r-
IE XM6 OF PALE eah I hand. '
,. AKCH. KOi.K!B.fi!ff. V.f. O. .
F t..labUS4 -4r Hy W. Qm, rt.
Biroar f .xrno thi ' fim tis tm
Cliilr. ; Illiiir.
Tat r.io rsov TtM Votai.-Exr.cn,
MOST p.tioat.
Tbo Rijovenatliig tjixlr la tbo ramlt of jaoJ
em liiMoventeio ini iui ....uv..., j..
ing a ODtiroly u aa aburaot tnoihixi ir
oure, irroepKtia of all tbo'oU .d ucrnoat
y atoms. . . , . .lVi
Ttle raaaioipo D en iww
m.Hii.i mm ftf tho day. and by litem
pronouuood to bo- oao of t1). greuat ruedkal
diKOTorien of tbo ago. ... . .,,..
Ceo bottU Il core general iMouuy-
A to donoo caraa Jiyaturlca lo
Oat aottlo ntN faJriiallOB of the Har. ,
A fndoaeara.toreatborgr.aofg"neratlo. "
From one to thrca bottle teetorco tb maall-
ntaa and fail vigor of youth.
A fw dnao te.tnrei tue appevna.
Throo boUUa euro tba mtttty cmo of Impo!-
Bcy- . ... . .
A few doaee cura im low ppinroa.
Oo tioltle raatorea mental poner. '.'
A fow dooea bring tbo roee to tba ebeelr.
Th a ruedit uo ra.tcra. to mao'j visor ana '
robu't health tho poor debilitated, woru do wo
auit deialriug dovo'.oo of eackoa) pla.ore. '
Tbe liftLleM tnernaiaa youto,tu tTr-aiea
man of bonineaa. tha eiotim of Brvoadepree
aion.tb indivtdu! anffarlog from goaaralda. .
OIIITT. or rroin .www w. - v,Hw, ... j
all find Immediate and perioDeot rx-Uof by tba
ta fftbt Elixir or Eiwanoa of Lift. -.
Price, .2 P"f bottlo, ot three kottlia foi 5,
aud forwarded by S xpteea, ob receipt of nou
ey , to-any addroev - - --
S.ildia MoArlbac at B. T. Dodgaa Dm.
Itoradd, -J5V&e5
' PaorfTOM,' -
'. lfo. 9tlbrtyB-.reot,WawTorfc.
ONaai after Mcndu,' January 11. Mi, and
nutill farthar uouoe, traiu wiU tun ao fol- .
T :" M AlL.ODIK(3U!l6;Tj 'i , ' ) '
Laarea Cinoiunatl at 8.M A. M.; Leavea Blan
cheaeter at"0:ST -A. M.( loae-oe Grcenflald at
13:11 P. M.; arrirea at Chilliooth at lsi4.AI
UaveaCbllltcotha at P.M.; taavta Uaw
deaJiinniou att:5iP.M ; leavaf Atbeoaat
4:11 P.- M.: Arrives at UiirieiU at :55 VM-i
arrior.t Bel pre Pajltrnbiirg at 7:10 P. M.
.- ,. .MAIL OOINO WEST.', ' "
toavoa BeVro &e., at ?i0 A. 11.; laairai Uii- S
!otuatT:iJ A4I.; rlavoAtJsana at'lOOSA.
U.;' leaTaSUatadea Jaactioa l J1:S4 AtU.
,VrrnueV OhllHcctfce at 1:6 T.1U (eavaav .
ChiHicotb ii, P. it-S kaoa BlaaooMUr t,,
ti U . i . U aa Lovafand U P. M.J. r
riveairejiMcSiiiatUte:Kr,M.., , M. :jK
IH AoeiinpodthnTratoiBaTeiiCbiriLfrr -at
5:80 A . !'.. ; in: v W (;iiji3ioftili tl'ii i .
M.;lavee CofjiDoaltat: J'. U ; iK,
Cjaieothi B3e P. M ' '''?f
ConteoMijca tre maie' ii . lyvelaBi! J
Train to ai from Colnmbtie: fciij-t? Ilnrtdta
Jooctiou ni'b tralnelo atnlfVorJ 'PcrUsr.outh.'.'1
' 'JOllrTr'TJKAlTO.'I'uE'tV
. Juolisry ff,l$4tr '"' ' ''-T"
' - ni'-f
' 'K,' A?' arattoir,14
AJ TOBNEY AT LiW; BoArthar, 0, wilt

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