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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, March 03, 1864, Image 2

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Treasutj r'.cb the- e :,prt of Sonthern
rcgroiV If if l o a v.ieie' echeirio of!
pailahro;.y a it Unvwti-nc;. 1 ri!l
ciinliiliute t J it. iics T.l.n: to inv
fill contr.'.-tit'' ; b.;t eome not
Federal Treasury lr
enuwraoeo) of trig no.
tlieref.Te p.-oivsa to
r , , n n i
cc r.l n:; to
j'. u-r lAj'i'lornen
to the'
- ttio inpport an J
0Pri pm-ple. -.'1
,,f .r ;i f.j ,l3u
that thia bdi Iw roiwnnnt ltd to Hiei
BaVct Committee oa E'.nni'lpntir.n,
villi (1 j cct'cti j to report a lid oraa
izwg a 8ytia i"r tlio core nnd repu
Jirion of cinanc'p.ited fcrs.'ns, wb.ch
niall nut burden the Iniawy.
- A. IjJltTTO.-l I
ill p
ilcARmUK, OHIO :
r;5USIHOVV---IiT.t 3 15C1
vvni- ur: lTi: IS. mid nn t nforcniMit
..r .W ..... ... ..!... I oil .klh-rj rt'lul
Iht naorn.-J Aiithoritv, n well n the
l'foiIo wUo CudhuH llrt'achcs cl tliu
Wednesday, March 23, 1864.
COLUMBUS, OHIO, February 6, 1864.
To Oso rjmo()nw7 of Ohio i
Yo'J are hereby notifled that the
Democratic Sfa'o Central Committee
b,ia deeiRtiHti'd Wednosday, the 23d
day of March, 18Gi. a3 ttu time for
liolding he rn'Xt lrnomtic State
Con'tntioo, in the ciy of Colnmbns,
for the pnrpcBO of oleetio four ilei
pcp, tlr 11)3 Sthto at lar$", t-a the
iMnoaratic " National Convention,
v.-bicb will bo held in the city of Chi
e "'., bjiianiog oo tho 4th day of
jtly rest ; am or nommauoyt u w
dld.ito fcr cacli cf the Mowing offlsja,
t j v'.t : .
Secretary cf .'a?e ;
ir, lu f f '". 8 1' aroma Oeort j
Aitoraay J.-ntfru' ;
lch';i.'l Corj:n lienor;
Member of she Boail cd Public
Ilia DvimiKirat'c voters ofthosev
trcl conatiei within this S ut9 aro ro
cpcctt'u'.ly rqnes'ed to proecod to np
pjint deleg'.tii? to r:-pro6cut them in
aid convtinticn, on tiu follotring
bnsii :
One delegate for w:li connty, nnd
an adliiio-iul dalejate 1ix every fivu-
hundred vot.-a cast for ClxxiestI
L. TAiLiSDiijaAM, fv Govcruor, at
tho las' Octt bcr ilecth n, and for
every i'racion ol to htm l red and
fifty votes and over, ona additional
Tuii gives Viatou County 4 do!eg
Out! of onr eubscribera Rtiya, I h tit
is generally enppoaed that when Gibo
the Register, seen the county officials
ftomncb intoxicated, was the day Lo
crawled under tho Tiu shop to hide
from tho nutnerouB duvila that was
after liirn: Aft-T remauiiiii tbsre
for halt a day, wa dragad cat by
tho heels by lia "Abo" frior.da
Poor Gib, talk o!'dmnkone I
. Gib cf the "liEorsTEa," spreads
himself io a w indy article last week
oa tho subject of dranknetis, ard lect
ures the people upoa their duties on
that snbjoct.
Das be so soon forgot playing off
on tho Convention that nominated
him for office last fall, as a sober
lean with an attack of ncuraliii
when be knew biafaee was disfigur
ed by falling into a Grocery cellar
and feeling up for tho ground, while
in a state of beastly intoxication.
Brother Gib. "firat tafo tbft inoat
out of thine own eye," before attempt
inj to lecturo othets on tbg subject
of intemperance. .
, Temperance is a virtaa which
abonld like fall well to see onr citi
zens practice, but God help them
they hare to depend on such teachers
as Gib. ' '
Tha Federal force nndtr General
8eymocr in Florida hae been badly
defeated. Tho battle wa9 fought fif
teen miles f.-om JacksooTillo. Th9
lenoiry -were 15,000 etron. T-io
battle 1 iaio.1 threa hours, atiJ eaded
jin tbe retreat cl tho Federala.- Tin
n' i'? Sutured fivo puna. Several
ji.jty who ui iroiu ii VjU'iiO Jtir.iitf o.u
jiiTita etatii'iiu'l in a pi'-ci of wo l.
which cj.i?nd ii ;on nr rn.-n'ti pad
; - - - - - - wmw.
:nfny r.m'.ured fivo guna.
. i"' Jer.-l i dcera wera killed.
lieiu-ral ti-jyinour. nnglected
- throw cat aeonr ir tklr nisho-a. art d
'' ir 3 wore iod hro 4 trip. B
;!iro tbvy Wi.r- n-.var .i o' their da.ir
l ur.;c'i
I ""'I
i llt:it tilt!
ini tire. Out Id?3 wiil b ) neur 1,5'K)
in kdiej nn l w undod. T;jo(! m
cratt'3 nre r.'P'M'U-J to bo under t!i)
command nl (jenoral Ujaurir I.
Goficnl Si-ymoiir, tin) Fc.I.t.i! Goo
cr.d, b3 placid rcib'r nrr. t
PicUt', tlu rln:l G .-:;eal in Nrth
Uariibna, ih'c r.ens th it for uv. ry
Oonfcd'fHtc )tiioaor FedTali
ban, in reU'ialin !u wdi har.jr ton
O t tho 13:!t iru'nnf a bin I ofg iT
ri!l. -ntfr.'d Mir!l-.'d, Ky. rinu
n. .. mi:..! i .. ! pri)vi:iiii:ia.i,i
(llioajt) lo tirivrthj nrorwrtv.
iOur ?p.f;:il Jisp il'-ii froin Cairo v
tea tiit) iiaitianbua. N-vrj trjiu hav
go!jt! in n:o ii C
The i.ccn,aii(?;i ofS-imi by O.Ti"r
al Shtrin.vi i cnnSriiio J, Inn u'n
!l.T9 report that Gone;..! tniih'd oa?-
nlry hud b'ii ilrivcn b.jk by tlio cm
I'Mi'i' ttioo of a I :') b Jy of tin enc
my'a cavalry against Iii ii. It U re
ported that Smlt'a'e lue ia tons! I'.r-nbl-.?.
Tho ii'it tivk p'.aio near Wejt
IVinl, Miiipj.'i.
C'i'ny.il Grant h:3 bc-cn appilnte 1
;L:tu.tfnnnt Getv.-ral by the IV.-aiJen,
nndr tlu li.v crcu'in. tint ffuje.
We ar'.i i tt"r'Uf'l hv t!t t 'V.-iabisu-
. 1 1,., !..', l T, ;!....
Armv o t'n.' I'o'om ui move 1
ycsfcrJay, and ia now in a fu?cp;is:'h!
lulranoo! uro and to w;i ;t end
Is tot atiit.-d.
[For the Democrat.]
Major HaATTox.Si'mo unailnosi.
appears to have bnon erea'od in the
minda of eomo persons f r whom I
atn dohj businoes on account ot the
r?ropt rjneruUv ciruiiiatd tlia 1 in
tend to leave McArt'mr this flpria?
atid emiKfate to tho r,,t- Allow uu
therefore tbroiiih tlm nvdinm of your
paper to sny to all intereited and par
Vcalarly to tbomi who-a rtaima 1 am
prcstcnting nsaiatt tho gmrtinv.'!i
that it is ta tny interval as wtdl aa
tbeira to a'totid promptly to all b'.ni
ttcsa IntrnateJ to nio und to bjo t'wt
tho stino i3 epecdily and satisfactori
ly set'.ld, and that 1 liavo ro bitou
tion of finally leaving McArthur ut
all until next fall,' and it ii mt sure
that I shall le'ivflevcn then.
1 (xpfct to vivt tho Vfi'it ia nra
two or thrco Wi?tkd but s'ull return in
eomo throe or four week? atid remain
in McArUiur during t'io sumruor a::i
;k!1. Col. Edmieton vtill remua i;
our cfjjje and will r'ivo in my absjiicc
prompt hUohMo'i to aiiv of my s-.'pir
ate bwinesa ilim'idin .!ont:-n.
[For the Democrat.] B. P. HEWITT.
[For the Democrat.]
Usurping Authority.
"We are inforniid by r'liab'e tritli'vity,
that d 'riai llu rpcnt seioa of tiie 0. un J
J.uv iiars ill-' P.o:fciiti'iij Anorusy toak
it upoa hi iwtli lo ti'fjsi? petm;s ion tJ eiti
Sj:n to 3 bel'-na tut ')) ly I -r i 'f rurooi.t
ot irivin tPUtofiiv ia r-a r:l ti viotuuoi.i
o( Uw, fv;a iho'ig'i ih? piriioshul r'eir
caeet'ir iiinicimea', und were obmi Inntly
nbls mil wi li'ig Uen-1 itse far cii'd. Tai.
it srens ta u i- u raili" r hi'i liaa le t at
t$2 '. Ia on case, t Mr. ttoiO v a r..:in
plainly utal'n iU pr'peity. ml xet . evun
ihough he repiOjtfir.ed Ii c-aa M tii? P.osi.
cuior, In) was not alltuvi'd to g) bcf 'io tao
J;ny; We are told tiwi tiio rrjiin for t!i:
wu ilmt the thief w.m a raem'tcr ni'ih
Prosi'eiUor'e p't! itiral p.trt.v. H.twevor titw
mu be. we take it lint any ci'izea In l!ie
riutii to auHPiir b.fora Mi GfJtiJ Jjry
ibe purpose ot giving evidence in ri-g:tr.l i.j
t!ie cotaaiifioii of crimes, aa I it na of
Beer of the Irv tn nm- right todetfr ih'tn
McArthur Register.
Edit.v.1 Democuat: Bting in
doubt of'tho real paternity o! the
abovo artic''?, and believing the Eli
tor of the P.iQilef f ba the instru
ment of designing mea, wiio seek.
t'.irout;li him. to shield themaelv-.-B
from the odium of so false and I'bfl-
liona a Rtfifcuvnr, I bavo delayed re
ply nntd tho Troa'-n'tthat an oppor
tunity might bo Lflordad Mictn, if not
pattiei, to correct it. Nor would
now, considering its apparent source,
not'.co it.if it wera not tor the purpose
of (.bowing its timlic'ona character.
Bat one epecifi -s case ia mentioned,
uatne'y; that of Mr. Rise; and it
sufficient for mo bore, to 6ay that he
ttateraant therein ii utterly fdta
If Mr. P. )?o ever had any jroper'y
stolon, thia ia tho fitdt 1 ever heard ni
it. It is my pnrpoje, here, to moot
the false c'.arsje made, without com-
inifting the indiscretion ofstating the
toetimony of witnesses before the Jn
ry. or any reasons which might have
led that body, n their deliberations,
to decline extending any particular
examination to the hearing oi u!l the
witnsfsea therein. Shonld the Gentleman
feel aggrieved in this, p;rhaps
b's good frieinls may be induced
anin, to "plaeohim npm tha tacV
as a competitor dx the cfiioo, whose
present incumbent he now eceka
ujaligo ; when, ifsncce?fol, he may
in loture uave an opporinnuj oi
kaowiB mors about uraad Juries,
With thin Blmplo denial, I might
consider tho tho charge- tally an
awerod, wara it no, for. tho cjoains
8jnten:o, " wherein be voluateors his
lopiuior. an i uistmenoua to tho iro-
'sreu'ur. If I ' mis'jVj not, tin ux-
jpresB.on nse 1 by hit'u wa? undo it
;my Ii arfo. otico br'oro aai baa n:i
;"tiir loriior.
It ic!l n:iiloi-.t-ol tliattba pro-u....,,
Juries aro r'doiil-
.veil. n '1 ol'Gru.id
u'l b'ok." Vet 1 pr.ipesj ftitinjth
mc'.a ia tiieci-'ts iu r4vntd ia ip.n
v'ii t , to ubiidi i!iu editor vl Uj
liii'slcr uliudo, aad which, witii
pret'ii 1'jd ;n alert)- mi) lesi li'ta-'iiy.
ho rolr.uus from ;ivic( in inukiu,;
hii grave clinrgj.
A citizen wl)-t?e namo n:ed not
jj m.-ntio'ioil 'x.. chared by pr p
er arir!a7ir before an t-xam nin Mar
Utrate ol i.V. a matv with a criai an
cxaminition had, and ho wah.ilJ t
bail; tai witiii-isca reardtd bytlit.'
niaiRtrato as nrnturiul for (hj Stittj
wt-'ro roc'tfjniz-'d; tho cnaa pr.wentid
1 1 tl'O Gtand Jury nnd Indii'liiuiit
icnud. I'iiding thu txaniin i;in.
tho person c!iari;t;J, vuli.nt any
kii'j-.vlei.'O of tii'. IVoiecntiri Att..r
noy if hia a i ti ling, an t witi;at in
fv)r'nia h:m t!at bo d isired to b: a'.vlt
iK'Ssbatorj taogm I j'lrv1, fiiid hi
o'va pra.'cr,'3 t.ir a B'.iup'vn ;jr lr.m-Bc-l
!', to appjnrua siv.1)! wim.-ss. Al
ter tho i;ii!V..ti m oi tli? wiVicch
ivconiz.td io tho CiRO, tin Jury w.m
aiv.Bed that tin) pnr.?on chared wa
nt::I. r aubp'K'na -as above otntt'd. un i
lurther, that liavio ua kr.o,.vbd-o:
!i"n('b!,j',.t, I did not pnrpa9j cVbii'?
turn, na'ee-i tho iar? wi?in-u it ; n
lo.io intimating aik'S're that Iri erijn! I
! i xamin.id, I did not direct t'i of-
aecr to eili hi;n. Tne Jury having
no furih.T basinM repaired to the
G nrt a id preaonted thuir Indiet-
mont. Tlio p-n an c'aarg.'d then
8tfttvd t i op.-n c art. ta thi Jalg.',
that lu v;u4 tin lor ub, a na and had
n 'tbeoa cillud bj'oro the Jury it .
tu uj oi toj enjjec
a'n'ommt bim
ol l.ia teatmnay.
i then miio a sta'ement ot tb j
facta, aa ah vo s;a vd, in opjn court.
and prei'tuoJ the loilo'.vmg roa-ini
lor n.t calling tiu witiii-"
iiiitall ia i.:tni;n: mi l3 sn
fonn l a Tin - Bi 1" agrmt him by
n .'.!'
, iirrt.-ty
Jurv; tii' lio iiacl not itcoa re-
e'gniz-j l by nn examining inigwlrate
ai a witnem in ntiy eri.niua! ex unin
ation; bat liiAt ii t waa in a t)-) !o uv
in obedience) to t l.o cinm tiid td'a
Mibpo'tu oXikral t hi iwitit by
IvrnM-Jf l tlvit tiot being ndviajd -i
hia ot j 'et, I had no right la call him
aa a witoesa, I'r-a n t'1.) :a.'t that it iw
tho nvlde.icj on Ie!.a!f of tlie S"a'j.
and not Mr the il.-fca nor iu extair
t'aat the G.miiI Jury wen m !io.i2"i
to b-ar; that he h i I n it ma le kn twa
to any j.iror, nor to niyselfhia obj.vt,
but tiu: lu ha l ignored :'i' exiatencj
of ft pub ie proajcat ir ; aai 'or ihau
r.-a- km I d.d nut foal au'horiz.'d by
tae lav tJ ':id hi.n. Tii J-:irt aftjr
;iar;ng iiu ci i3 aa'ign! fr mv
declining toed' iii) Wit i-wa.nd w tb
out oiiuror la dher ctitoni jtit oa fi.
part of tha wilneia, b lid 't w in tha
right und privdegu of t'l ) w'.tneaa 8 t
tj present biaiitii an I b) adartted
beloi'O tin Jury wiiii--uiattitin to ta-.-
L'uba'e none it tror aay ofhterim
oi'jjjt ti) -J iloin;; if. -at aa an "act oi
.i . . .. -...... i i .
curtesy iiemigni marij ua.'.vn i,a
hi.-ct io tho Pi- ijoeutor, bai tint ha
need nttdosa unie?s ho feltajdia-
pod-.d. The Jury w.tu then d. reeled
to return to t'a-ir ro 'in and hear wlut
th j Wit ieaa had to ay. it ii on I v no
c-.siiiiry to add, what ia already
knowr; taat n Bill wa found up in
thu testim uy.
Thia leda tho wbi.l 3 .ny."
Tbe Court liavoii delivered tbj ou'n-
i ci. it wua oti'v left for me to ybd
obodletieo: which win dont, 1
might a id however that I fai'.eil to bi
convinced of rh.t corieetn-.'S of the
(ie:iiioii, and have jvt i.iiled to dis
cover i i a owectiiesi tipo.i pr.'c.'d n'.
npo;i muhority or upon principle.
Tooogh the EHtur ofiliu ligiater,
in bis volunteered opinion und ia
atrtietioiH, may, perhaps, in aoaiore
apects, claim the credit of origin ility.
1 may bj pardoned fur declin ng to
adopt them ai my officirtl.gaido, with
out h larinj; t'ao riajotia upon whiua
they are b;?o 1.
Say a Lord Baeoa, "L-'tnotducreea
issue in 6i'enci : Lit Judjj.s givt
tho reason of their judgm.'nt: L -t
them do t'aia open'y; that what i
nnreatrainud in poi-not autliority
may b' ciraaaiserbad by a rogrl to
character and to fame.1'
I leave the subject hero for the
present ; for it is aot improbable that
theElitor, like a pappy, too euor
tor the chase, may have miataken the
track marked out for him, and that
bo-will yet be called bank ana ken
by his tn ieteri.
Sneh bjing th-. fact of this case it
may bo a proper enbjbct of enquiry,
TPho has ''Usurped antli.'rity.J
not the Public Proanentor.-
The' advanco ot Sherman Iia3 reach
ed Pearl Kiver.
A Dillon dispatch slates that the
Federals aro retica'irg toward Chat
tauooga, and ihat General Whooler is
ia pursuit.
proposed Amendment to the Constitution.
tlr Snmner reeantly introlaceJ in
troduced, ioto tho Senate a joint reso
lution t; provide fr submitting to tb3
?ovoral Statoa aa a non dm nt to the
Constitution in tho folio iiii wrla.
'Article,. R-.'erpv'rj within the
nt,i r..r,-i8,ri' tl
,'Mi rt) t.,.,, ,,( ,n
. m . . .
i?rof. till pr-jnuriMj
fhj I.;tr ijr tVt
aia 'av
no rK-i'ijn e r: ii !d aa ''.! !
S-i'iv .fi'if-aMf r'l O . n , ,t . ih i
U Uitxty r.'jwrteJ kU.im-.te oa th a
aa I aVn:tK; I tVIow-
iiij j i'tt r,9lit?M.
"li'vlcel h I'm .V i jV .11 f
if liep-KiUlm of the C.tii'fnU,
l'.cd, Tliat tw.i-thir la of u.ith llouw
uar.currii.L'. tho f ill.nvin? article ba
;ropos)d to the Loia'a'tirei of llu
evjral State.? ai a-i aiii .'T dm .-nt to t!io
(J inatituti'iii of tha United S atea
'.vhich, when ratiflj I by threodbnitln
of said Ljgi.'atniva, nh ill bj vaiid to
all iutenti and pnr,)jH, aa par; ot'
said (Jonaiivatijii n unaly.
A.i:'io:.: 13, t3ea:ija 1. Neitlur
slavv-ry li.-r involuntary fiv-rvltud), ex-
eept iw ft puUiftiiinent !or crunJ,
wiieroot t.ie p aty Riiall b.wo bjou
Inly envicted, shall exiat within tho
United State? or any place ju'dect to
itlieir jurU.lui'ijn,
bcclioil 2. Longre93 shad have paw
or to enforce t'nii ar'iola oy appropri
at.t logiilathn.
To tlireo lonrths of o,il i$'.tCi H
?hia ta ba aabmitted? Can throa-lonrsh
of tlie old Uaioit 2 ' uo a to n.'pnd
t) tliia prpoied a uondni'.-ntj It ia
na.'Wii t) Im nnj) naili'o, inluaa Lig
ialat'irc b'j i'liprov'nad by t!u army
for tbj pirposv! A Ojnstitu!i-n
m id J or ainotiJed by foroe or fraul
or both combined, wiil lu a curioaj
doeu nent for thy uliagi i.iu a .an I iv
ordija of a IV. m yoopl d Iliiuulir
ing at slavarv anl through that pro
ton -a h onaiet ing at our wiiolo eyatvai
i goveni-ii'ia;, iatnjfl-o uaaiaw
t t!i i) in cj'itro! of alfkin.
A a '-i na'ural, it will b' an that
hid C Ingres fi''ia U 'U.amr :'? ai
in itra nv.t? lor deal-inn j tlu wi.I
:ni(. ,j0J;,,,;e 0f t;,a y.a'ei a3 uafir
tnaitely laov ar-a peror.it j I hy th)
Uimtl'.a ion iaate.il ol C'avjati.i'H
the re rgaala.id audi n'ity for tho x
preaaion of tha peoplo'a ajvar.'igniy.
Lf.ialatar.a are (raanl by C-m-t'.tir
tintia vvinoi tin pi.-ple Otit'i ia tir.'lr
U.U'Mntio.i. C't.iveati ;aa f p .'ak in
ta exiaien wtln provii m by a id un
der which L'gla'aturo? aro crerad
Legialii'iiroi aro mt t!io d.ipjiitarioa
of eovereig ity, and c in gi vj u ex
prosai in of a o.'ooIj'h sovrtig itv -x
et. io l.u- ni ui iy hi pr 'aerib jd.
liuaea tn Ig a at aro Ii n u riwat o
p wor to bio I a wtU i i mat.t.'i a 1
aovjivignty laperiar to t'u''i' o,r.i ex
ootf-j.'' B it t'i j Co.tuitufioa 'i''ov
rig Ojagrw ib a jtrivii-'g , .-.'li'a'i th
baa e. jMiaj 1. it i o'ear w ty it h i-t
availed itiiif of tha j-iviio';i. I; -.
iiltont tip a i-i rin i oi" a ) I id! aov
ereiga'y i a t'i- popl 1 Aa 1 tin Lg
i:a uivi o: all N uTiurn ?iatoj nr.:
il i;b: t'.ui.irnly plodgal t-tlu s-iai' loe
Extraordinary Developments—Federal
Magdalena—Heads of Families"
The A lmi.iioiiMti ), in ita hanrin.
..'(T.rta to uloWe tho eh -iracter ot t'i'.-
Alriean'j an I eqia'.ia them with tn?
w iito people two yea-a 1140, botuvo
Icntly sent ttiio !r m Maaflaehu,attH,
'o Port 11 ayal, South C iro'ina, at t ie
expeiue of tho wliIo p.'ople ol llu
United Sta'ei, a few ban h -1 Bpinia
tera to o hieate, civil:Z) and r -fi i t the
'.ontibatida at that place. Tin N;.v
Ilaniahiro Pdtriol, of thu 4di of Oc
tober, give? '. ia rou.t ot t na very ba-
iievolent cxoerinient ot Mr. 'Lincoln
.n tha folio .vi 114 paragraph;
'Private udvie.'.a from Port Iwoya1
jay that many ot tho female AboM
tionihia wiio went t) Port Ry il t-
.eaalt tho little niggera h v 1 1 read
and pray, Iiavq luen obliged within
lew inoiiUii, to uainJoind ttnir bhie'i
ehurgua and open uunoritss on thaii
jwu private account. An offl-jcr in
formed na recently that no le?3 than
'arty-bur white epitiotar bad eon
tr.biitel to the population in anlti
loiit Port Iliya! Itarhor. The cl' in
ate seema to favor p)pulatioa even
more than the production of Saa Inl
and cotton by paid negro lab)r.
Tl o insinuation luraiihe I na by
tho otlieer cjinernm tin s xtv-iour
little innlattoea, baa been coniira
by tho testimony of R;v. Liberty B.l
liii '3. L '.untenant Colonel o! t!ie First
S-aath Carol ma Riiriment. who ia here
in thocanaeauansi of ill-haalih. IIo
a lid it is sad truth .' "
Ilere, Uapnblicani, ia a 6weot lit
tle morsal for your particular mastica
tion. President Lincoln haa naod thu
money of tho people to proatitnte
taeso Yankee women with buek nig
giia, and wo may now expect him to
pn-vido a grand Magadalen Asylum
for them and thoir waollj piram rara.
Ool the morality of thia liipuhlicao
In the l.io tiht in Florida, wh
the Federa's wore beaten, tho Con
feder .?oa wcm commanded by Gen
ejal Gardner, who dofoDdod Port
Magdalena—Heads of Families" Chase to Retire from the Cabinet.
Tiio York Wwlcfi Washing -ton
letter say?;
"Mr. C'usj is nbont to retire from
tho Cibiaet. Tha fiienda of Mr.
Oil ue an I L'no ln Inv? com in con
fliH ia ohorj recnMy. nnl at so many
mint, that it i? considered jmpi'
Ill 1 I fll.l.:.L ftkjn...,t.Bni 111
th I'rcl Initial canvas.
1 ,:' tho "iiao ua.t t in tiiii j 'i i men
.',:;r" eq y io rar.iott in ii;tiri th.-ir
iioninati-l. Mr. Idn.'ola,
lav "r to
r f c .nr w:bes li nndivid.-d nt
re'nUo.i r.na?i lh who!- Qjv.-rnincnt tho
Tra-tiiry D-'partmotit incln led, to ba
..jJtHidf.r hiub'udit.whilo Mr. (Jliaae'a
w.navot!ieiii.iition iw.'pa'j
(I;o wonltl b? stronger; l-se raoo-niZ-od
leadera of tlu onta,' a:i I tliaap
pointoJ portio:i of the Administra
tion party.
Tii aamo loiter flays:
"General fi inks begiaat'i bo nam
od aa aca-id ilalu far th& 'residency,
to ba l.rai ;!it forward whoa L:nc ln
and Ch.wo shall bavo used each
ter ap.
Gea. McClellan Report.
An exchange says ;
The demand for the report of Gen
erat McClellan exceed a anything in
tho universal deairo lor the pojjos-
aion of a public doc unent within our
knowledge. Congress oughl to pri n t
at least two hundred lluu;tnd copies
of the iutere.uing pap'ir. The nmu
bjr ordero I by the Iloaaa of Rej.rj
seiitatire? . ( bircy thaimuj copi?s),
wi I giva to each .neiubar only ab'nit
fo-ry c piea, not a tithe ot tiio ntiai
har alrealy sought for by the constit
uent? of probibly every nr.mibir of
vJarfrefS. Ve not.ee the lion . J.
C.Allen, of Illinois, his oObrud n
reaolntion, which has been referred
to the comrndteo oa printing ot tho
Uouso. providing for an additonal
liUiu'aai ot copiea. Wo hopo it will
sucare the a anv.il of a urij.irity, but
we haw r-jasj i to lear it wi.I not,
for tii ire S'l'Am? to ba a s'ranga ' and
wicked .ballacitut on in rebitioti to
:!o rep r:, and a atuobifi peitinaeity
agaiuat incr-'ining the. nmnbar ailron-
iv orJ ireJ lo no pr.ntJ t, rorty cop
i.8 to t.auii io -"n')-.r, ibiir cina'itujnta
will roiua aber, wi I uicre'y cnablo
thein to fanila'.i (lie pubi c iuatitution.?
in taoir reapjulive oia'r.uta, ruaerving
none i.ir oaevu -hati'ibuuna. b'tn
pla ju?t:e-j to a bravj und a-i3i-ant of
deer, baa aly and w;c'.udly nnpuugti-
n, aa U ju. -leb.ella'i has ben
ahoald prompt Congreia to give bin
r-V'rt the widest cu ct Ultimo . We
trmt at bait one hundred tb.'tnaud
eopiea will ba ordered to be printed
MeCu. hiu'a reports ia one o! tin
atronge.it proa!) ot tin mom-ioteaity.
m.aiiiaaigamint and palitical lulngne
toat p'evauot ut tlie ea;t tai, ham no
ed AleUle'.bi.a, opo osod and th wartmi
liia plana not aituoit saarifljad tha.
army of the Patamae. For taia re?
am rtaiaanjrjd sbng in tao-War
U.'jjartun.it, and would n jver have
seen tin light of day if ir had itot
b.-en I rc id ir it by a r 's)brioa OiTired
in tlie 11 an?e by "iha. 5. ti. C ax. It
ihouid Oj widely circulated, but we
have no idja ibe Administration
number will vote for auth.-tiz-'ng th"
ptinting of aidiiianal copies. Th
Administration and Ua frienda are
.iiixutua to limit i:a circulation. Pons
mouth Times.
jj t t IK li 0 1 1 C f s ,
"Trove n'l thi-s-r. hold fust to thai"
which is cood."
vinrriHATi. Dee. SO'Ti l:8t.
Dr.C. V. Kobaci : -Di;ia Not
lirew ciirryinpr out tlm nbnvn mntto
vi prrvlnjt the (jvOilin mul hani'fit
.f vonr "!loma.ih JliMorn,"
ovr x n nntlu u-inj thm myjolfl
x. i mmvfi ii ut: ant in ma".v in
'KJS J ...... rtJ n..n..MAnfll.w tl..ii.
"thern. nn l irivinir to rternoii" who
tb'l iiaeaea a pure invigorating Tonic
I yi Hitter rcfreehihir end utrepethen.
ing u mo j rem. i cimcrinuy
d'r e tb ir proodnerf, naj uao tliom in prefur-c-nco
lo u'l other.
Very Hnp'etWly.
Eov.8nmnot J. Broirnhaboen p. Jiivoted la
borer in thecaorj) clCristiarlty.ln Cincinnati
t"i more llin thirty y(;ar. a'm'.et every
L'inriniiatinu know. Such ttHtimonr. tYom
n'uli a rource. inot to bo pn-sedovurlifrhtty.
o olhor Froprittary Komi.aiea ovei prareuted
to tho putilie, over recoiveaa tttno fttaieoom-mendMi-vn
from MEK OK S TNDINO, in evo
ry wulk of life, that mi no hive done. 6j ad
voriiwinont. . .
('1-iClKXATI, uuo4, 1383.)
ToDj. C. W. ItoBACK
Mt Dhah Stn : I am dinpennins aecn.t In-
voico ofyorStomaoh Biitora anions the Imge
number f mon who duily ar.ive nt thi.i Iuitiiu
tion for rot'i enuont and rat. The nnivoraal
testimony is that tlieso Bicters are tliebo.it
madi. l-ot tlie vurioun emr.mor complaint
.vl ich afflict to many, 1 know of no rome-.ly
eaftf ana so (n'.o. J'lutar.-h Kays, " l'o auk a phy
aiuiun what in eaay and what ia hard ofdiuniion
und win.: will ugieo with the etonieoh. in about
aerenni do a.4 to a.sk what U aweet or bitter,
onr." I'urri'.na who look out for breakers and
have yonr S'.Omfch Bittors iu tho houo I
euro will never ask any one the foolish qneKtioH
rpokeaofby the (real phiioepher. 1 mum
omit a word or two for your Catawba Brandy.
I nnvo many men hero who have brandy pni
eiri bod for l hem by dietiD?nihed Array bur
e mns. The elect of youra on euch are beneficial
I'armoio eolhan from any proviout-iy tuken.
Pemont who .iei" a realiy puro Brr.njy cannot
fail in their purchase it'thoy gel yonr bran
I an, Doctor, with much respect
. Yonr servant,
O.W.D. Ahmmw, Superintendent
t Office and manufactory, No. 56,55,
aad 63 Eaat Third atree. For sale erywbere
Vor. 6th IS63,-)tXO.
To fferrom Safferert of roth Satrn.
hen rutofiJ o flt!i In n fnv rfnra, ran
derm' Of till tbo jiial rc.ii A end irivpt'ar
pfnMr mn.lM oftrcntmmt Tit)ut rnirt, evn
nfllictef folW cwatuT.-n tli trurti ofrura
n'MCH.mi iliirpotpt ofnn nrfdi'wcil Mivelrxvi,
1i will ""nil (fr) cot rftlif frftrtlptirn
Kol. f!rrtoP. JoN M.TUoNAtt, J8 TaU
lull P'tw' nrivVtvn. Nw YorV.
Dmrrs nr tftf: rrvnT's bfm.
fVT.. L'ltlANTtV vrtfprir.
tt l m! in fo.i'cd lortnr cnr.!r.iM. f. ,
m'e. .iHr. Pr. J. PKtl.I.TV nnrnif.
M iroh Slh UM8 -1-Tf. "
Tht'Cn nt CLir" TTi n.rdy for Ferret
on n.nvriM. frim-okm a rvnr..
tnti : Ima nn tial .-?rr. i1 nw t. i.,rr'.n In
h vivt pofm with.inf fiirnr.l"'po'.inii. pric
t '. Y mil, ri.r. i.nirt '.nmi ri'ItpmSt
J.r. KI0"3KJ. 40S OUn'im St. I Mt.
C.r-ti!arnt frri. ppt. 17 J (mo
iri V "n i'liViM
BtJa SVacrlistiitfuls.
nl'Ctv Jams jinrdi.,ii of th?
n l i'R':.K. (,f Wiillmn D. Nwu'-m. has filed
nn tlt nti'iIJ us 8!ii i liin i lati l r r.a ,i-
io.i an.l fint-l -eii!cm-ni. nut u ill iLr,
rln-r on th" C5 h dv cl Mirch A n,
" '. 1 3B b " v Pu'li c J ud?e ,
V.'i!i;n Biutrhm-n lir. wi!l take ntv-
lirethitTii itnt.il) rmvidiii.te. hsa lliiiduv
p".ia.-. 'vifi th-under.-l.rned mom-v tj
pity lor the. re li:i'Hi of the north-w-pft nr'.
enstlulf n irla ens! or scotini nii!iiber23
Township ii. .m '.-rS r,rt; nmnbor 13 t '.d
l r T.i nonuavjne.U oITuraii nn t nonn'.t
dii" 1 i. ruin. A.N.ttnZ. I)
Mrc!i 3 1231. Aul. V. C. O
8 TI E TTHt 'S "S ALE.
State tf Ohio, Vivtn donny.
t .imino.i rii-fii
i-tva. , ... v
f,r . f i ft
Tllll I-IlMC'tP3-l-t
J,t. r. liiotr.il,
U ((. A NT to t!i comirittiiJ fan "tir of
Rain in the S.v.- fMiM io rr (!"Ci,'.,l frfm
the Cwtvf. f ('nnimi-i i.f thu nf'Tm1
t'odn'y Hi' Vinton, 1 otTur ut t o'1'-!1 i4"'1".
tnuuourot tnonouit llono, lo tno lo.cncr
MAr hjr, la aunmi.l tvucy of Vinton, nn
Sul'uriav tt lni of ."pril 1E64,
Butwuru tha lionrui'l' ten p'olork, A.M.,;il
f .ur Ci"oir.-V F. 5!., nfptid iljy. thu foIlol"jr
property, to-it : In-l.t numher two hi'tiar.?
nod tw. iey.pix, (2:8.) iati,eTown ot'MoAr
ilitrViv.pn C.'-.ntv Ul.lv.
T:ikn as t lie prj.-tty of J. CP. Pr.iwti,
to siiiiKtytt H.lgti oM In i'vnr nt' 'o!! 4, iber-
Apprii?" 1 at f lnr.ti-i(? rit fifty iloilar,
iA Ml Of.fJ nimr. hriiii; tvro.t hir.l r-f that (tun,
Th'KVB UF.i,V !.:.,, in bona.
, 0.
Wm. Oot.p 0r'yj
Naur Vinton rarna-:?. nn 4 Tear ct t S3ar
N?ire, wi;U ilri an J-iuidln. The onr
i ii have tbe pri'r'.y by proTiug and javing
cLarAf. (tail on
Fjb.Ce, !?Ct- Vir. ti'ii Fn.-' V.o.O.
ttiTii aVwi t' l!i" VJ u f'ji iunuie
' T ii r. 1.0 N f, KOUO IiT FD5
roenpoundrd from Roote, Barks
nnd l.eavc.
rr'FHOtCKTt P.I'M Etn", iVe ff'c-ii Tndist
I)iur i;:. cure ail diei-aica of t'oo nrintry r.r
rj;in. a.,eh In-on'in' Tf" of ',hn Urine, Iu8m
illation of tho Ulnddnr.Tinamniat.ion of the Kid
n-yii, Ptono In the Hladii-r, P'rlo'ure. Oriel,
tth'pt. NourrrV.asv. and iicpwiB!U rccemmond
ed in rUM ea.w of Fluor Albne (o: White. in
fematea) iim ail ton oil a-tunojua modioine
It i prep iroJ In n liijhly rpncont.tcd form,
the dos-j onh b.di-!J cue to two tospocolula
thr"e lin c.i p"r day.
It lfdii:rriou!:daUeTf.!ivein its action; por
ifyii1!? r.r '. rlK.iriins IIkVoo?, e I'tinv it to
no in al! of its original pnriiy and vi.mr; thus
rumoviiri iVom the -ystou. ail pernicious caucoe
which Induced .'o:o.'e.
CHElrtJIC'.'.li I.VJKCTIOS ! Interdod ti
an illy or ai-ii-tnnt lo the Cehrokre Kenirdv,
nd idiould he used in corijunoiion with that
medicine in ell car.oi1 of (lonorrliosa, (ileet, Iluor
Albnaor Whites. lis elTjctn are heal inj, eooth
itiB and diimulco'Jt: removing all Kildinp;. heat,'
clmrdco and pj'm, instead of J.ho bbrningand
elmnst nnendnrablo pain that le experienced
with nearly all tho cheap qusck lrjoetionn.
fir tha mm ai' tho .CnKEnme llnnx nd
CiiHRotm iNjEonoK the two medioinee at tha
name time nil iniprotwr ditH;hBrc;eH are remov
ed, and tiie weakened oigaus are speedily re
stored to full vifor and strength. ,
For full portKo'ears get nur pair ph!ot from
any drug a.ore in thoconn'r, or write ns end
wo will mail fico to ary addrose. a ftill treatise.
Piioe' Cderosib EEVrDT, two dollar pur
bottle, or throe bottles for live dollars.
Price, Cherose Isjf.ctio, twodollare per
bottle, or three bottles for five dollar".
Sent by Express to any address on receipt of
Sold in McAtthnr at 8. V. Dodgos Drug store
and by all druprijists everywhere.
bu. W. K. itKKWItfCO.
Solo rori!TXTrr.s,
Wo. 5'J Liberty Bt. How Yo:k.
The nndcrsijtned wishes tn Inform the citize
ef Vint-n. and sarronndinp; Conntiea, that they
have ctablis'iod a Nursery ut MoArthar an
willkeup oonntantly on hand, overy variety
We now offer fur ale,. 20,000 Apples, treci
20.0)0 I'each trees. Fear, Cherry, -Finmb &o
of the very rjesi varioties.
Theao trees have all been raised in Hocking
Connty, and beim asclinvit?. are preferable)
to treak shipped from other Stages. They ars
two yoors old thrifty and in tha best condition,
all we aek s tbet those wishing traeo snonld
call and see for tbemeelves. '
Deo. n-S 3me. J. A W. GOLD. "

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