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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, March 17, 1864, Image 2

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Auni-, No. !7 1'uik liuw, N iirk
6Stute Strf.'t, Uiinki'ii uru mir A(i'iitH mid
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DEMOCRATIC STATE CONVENTION. Wednesday, March 23, 1864.
COLUMBUS, OHIO, February 6, 1864.
To lL Doiu'wrm-y of Ohio :
Von uro hereby notilied that
iJemocralic Statu Central Committor
hus designated Wednesday, the
day of March, lSGt, as the tiicu
ImUliftg thu next Democratic Slate
(Jonvtntion, in tho city ofCohiiubus,
for iho purpose of electing fonr dele
gates, tV-r the State at largn, to
Democratic National Convention,
which will be held in tho city of
ca"o, beginning on tho -itli day
July next ; and or nominating a
Iidato lor eacU ol ttio loiiowin
to wit :
Secretary of State ;
Judge of the Supreme Court ;
Attorney General ;
School Comuiissioiior :
Mcinhor of thu Boni-i of Ttiblic
Tho Detnooratic voters of the
ral counties within this State are
Tactfully requested to proceed to
joii:t delogatofl to- represent them
Baid convention, on imo loiiuwin
b:ihi.4 :
Ono delccnto for each county,
an additional delegate for every
hundred votes cftftt for lion. Clkmebt
L. Vaixandioiiam, for Governor,
tho Itut October ilectitn, and
fraction ol two liuudred
1itty vctea
This gives Vinton County i deleg
and over, one additional
State Convention.
'1 he Democrat of Vinton County
ate requested to meet at McArthnron
-Saturday. March 'M 104,
at 1 o.clock 1. M., to nominate de
legates to attend tho Democratic
State Convention at CoiUinhuaun the
23d "mat.
Uy order of tho
-- -
The Ci nfevenee ol tho Methodic
Episcopal Churcli, in Dulti inure, by
a voto of 43 to 10,. has openly made
politics an. aiticlo in their religion,
and will not recognize as u church
member any b dy not a loyalist.
Gviu-ral Itoaccrans has' issued an
order in Missouri, requiring all per
sons atk-nliiii' reliiMoiii hodns to
take a more itringeiit onll
ance. Old Abo is determined to run
the churches.
The Ohio IIouso of Representatives
has agreed to adjourn ou the 30th of
March to tho second Tuesday of De
cember. Wo aro to have- another call fi r
200,000 or 300,000 men, io be raised
by a c inscription.
It 13 said that G.-neral Win. F.
Smith will take command of tho ar
my of the 1'otomac, in place of
General Gilirtoro, in reply to Gene
ral Ilalcck's interrogation as to
w''0Ee authority ho nndertook the
Florida expedition,'. Bays President
Lincoln's order.
Mar. 14. I'asscngers by last nights
trains state that reports wero enrrent
in Washington, when they left, that
France has recognized the Southern
Confederacy. The Government has
not yet made any public denial of
tlicso rumors.
Our loss in tlie late battle iu Flor
ida reachoa 1.800.
Laet Tuesday the firing ceased on
Fort Snmterand Charleston.
General Meade's Iriends are mak
ing great exertions to have him re
tained in the command of the Army
of tbo Fotomac. but their chances of
euceest are very slim.
". Thcro tins bcin heavy firing near
Jacksonville, Fioinlui. It was t-xpec
ted that tha Coulederatca would make
an attack on Jacltsonvlle
Tho -steamer Jura lia I arrived
from Iivcipoul. Tlie Londuii Times
denounce General IUuks' order, in
relation toilavtry in Louisiana, as
the frittt'ol.bhmeut ot a boilduiu wun
ul;t t'.io nailio. '
lreeideut Lincoln lma mw& his
proc'umation ordering tho drafting ot
.'OO.UUU moie nun to supply th'a iorte
rcqnirod to bo dratted tor the imvy,
ar.d to provide an adeooato rcaorvt-
loii'i- lur nil uiuitinL'uiieieH. '1 lit? dru.t
takes ylnee ui soon after tho 15th o
Ai.nl as lmetieuble, ami the iiovmii
",inHMit biiuiitii'B lire to bo paid ' until
Aii'.l lrt. at which timo tlie addition
ul l.oiuil'u-8 ceu.i. On and after that
date- SltX bounty only will be pail.
Great Outrage in Dayton—The Office of
the Empire Raddled.
Another of those ae's of lawless
i . i .... i . .
in-.-.-, mi.. " lii.-: lu.vo uewiu.i n' '---
! quent, and which in.lieato how entire
iv i,uliic mind has become dmnor
alized aud debased, to.-k place in D.i.y
luu vetterdav. A nuuiber of furlough
od suldier went t) tliu ollieo of the
Empire, the Democratic or-n, and
III I -l A I.I I. ll... I,
rieielleil ll. iiiiuoiigii uiu hhmh
these men assumed the entire respon
sibility of tho act, it is uot dillicult
to see' behind him tlio ival authors.
Thesu sold'ci have deiived their their
infonnalioii of tho Empire from
iiiiM'. pivsentatioiiS of tho Abolition
oadeis, and wtro undoubttdly msti
1 l.v thorn fa the- commission
in act that the latter wero too cow
ardly lheuise!vc8to perloiin.
Wo do not think any c mmionury
. i. ..... .... ii.ij
is neeoea upon mien uem t.T una.-
Every calm and rational man can
where liiey Ic.iJ, ana can ov.scover
seeds oi violence that they nro sow-
in.' in ooimuuuity, which will pro
B . . ." .11 1 ..
.iii.m em Ioiil'. t io most uioouy
It is very certain that nil such
of mob violence, of outrages
freedom of cpoech and of the press,
strengthen tho party againsts whom
they aro directed the Democratic
gauiziuion, who it is vainly supposed
i:an ho crushed out by them.
warn tho gentlemen of tho Republi
can party of this lact. They aro
lowin"a policy to ho pursued that
covering them with shame and
end which the tide of time
not elfcco from tho pages oi' history
- Those- violent and outrages attempts
to destroy the liberty of the Demo
cratic press, . when the Republicans
have two to our one in tLO ocare
country, only shows the
strain their party is driven to,
will awaken tho natural and
o iietions of evory truo lover oljibo.t
throughout 'the land. It Kill, bb
as there is ft just God, recoil with
retribution nou the heads
the real authors. There is an instinct
ive love of jiutico in all men, no
ter how much thev may be prepi'liceo
in tho hour of passion, that will,
their reflective mouinieuts, ccndoinn
all such infamous acts.
It is a policy that tends b it too
finrely to the overthrow of all tin
guarantees ol life, liberty and proper
ty. hy which wo have been surround
ed, and biurender u; to unrestrained
nnarchv and licens ;.
Ciu. Enquirer. j
Governor Bramlett La Regard to Enlistment
of Slaves.
Fkankkort, Ky., March 12. It if
understood that Governor IJramlett
has addressed a remonstrance to the
President respecting tho enrollment
and enlistment ol blares in Kentucky
and has notified tho President that
he will execute the laws of Kentucky
against all who attempt to take slaves
from their owners without their con
sent. Ho claims that Kentucky has
furnished more than iilty thousand oi
her so'S to defend tho Government.
nuil is willing to furnish still more or
nil that is allotted to her; tiiat she hat-
proven her lovalty, and must bo trea
t:d as such, an 1 tho laws, constitu
tionally inclined, must bo
Outrage upon Mr. George Spence
Outrage upon Mr. George Spence of Springfield.
I from tlio SprinwfloM, (O.) Democrat, 10th.
Our towsman, G001 go Spenco, Eq
was shamefully treated by tho sol
diers, Abolitioniits and niggois.o!
that sweet 6cented town, Xenia, on
Saturday last, because he is a Demo
crat. llaving business there befjre
the Court, he left on Saturday morn
ing, and was followed 'by a soldier
from this place, who got np tho mob.
Mr. Spenco was dragged through the
streets from tho Ilivling LLonse, where
ho 6toppeit, by this mixed crowd,
and was taking 0 t the Fro
b a t 0 Jndgo'8 . ofliic, whero the
"oath" was administered by a mem
ber of tho Twelfth Ohio the Probate
Judge declining to do it, telling the
soldiers that he knew Mr. 'A'pence
and that he was as loyal a man ac
there wa3 in Xenia. Democrats who
have business in this God forsaken
town, ehonld go prepared todefend
themselves from tho insults il viol
ence of that uigerloving community.
The Mob at Dayton.
The Democracy of Dayton, at their
Convention lor the, nomination of city
uffieera passed the following resolu
tion: . . '
"?M0Yi'7.ly tho Democracy of
Daytoi:, in Convention assembled,
that we utterly condemn ail effort? nt
thc eupiji'easion ot i'rei) Bueecli and
Ireo joc-id, either ty artmtury power
ur lirnto forco, and'that tho Deuiorrats
of D.ivtun will if need bo, defund
thefr Lro3J, their persons, and their
propei ty ut all hiMardti, and that u
ivo due notice toahoddy patri
adviser?, of th'u
that tliuy niiiy
uU and inu'tidiary
mir boluiun pui'pusO
use ihoir i u I uu in-
j peace and piovunt
to DIOielVO tde
th.' ileitriidiuD oi
pii-inrly and tiio fiheddinof blood.
Reprisals for Abolition Outrages
Letter from Mr. Vallandigham
to the Publishers of the Dayton
WINDSOR, C. W., March 7, 1864.
it .urn. lliil'ImrJ it l!rollivr, lnyuu, Uhij :
... 1
grace, will
GtN'i i.mks : 1 read several days sgo
tho teierraphie aHU.iiincomi'iit of tlie
"riddling" of the Ump'nx office by
"lurloiighed soldiers." 1 offer yon no
sympathy, for that will avail uothing
now or horeaiter. I do express to
you iny prjloiind regret that you were
not prepared to inflict ou the spot,
iiud in the midst ot the assault, the
Complete punishment which the as
sailants deserved, but um gratified
learn tlnit some ol them did soon after
receive their deserts. Dut these cow
ardly acts can not always be guarded
against, and tliey do noc primarily
come Irom the ''soldiers." There
herclbre, but ono remedy for past
and provoutivo of futtiro injuries, and
that id instant, summary and ample
reprisal upon the porsons and proper
ty ol the men at home who, by langii
ago and conduct, are always inciting
to these outrages No legal nor mil
itary punishment is ever inllieted
upon the immediate instruments,
filiation, therefore, is the only and
rightful remedy in times hke these.
I apeak au vised ly, and recommena
in all cases hereafter. It is of
avail to announce the falsehood
"both parties condemn it," after
destruction has been consummated.
The time has gone bv for obedience
without protection. I speak decided
language, but the continual recurren
ce of theee outrages -frequently
with murder, and always with
out redress demauds it. They must
be stopped, !ot tho consequenccB
what they may. Reprisals in
cases aro now the only nay lelt lor
return to law and order. i
[From The Cincinnati Times of Saturday.]
S;ll li.ion of (tie Drufl,
rible ot
We have now an official lutice that
the draft has been iik'ain HU3petnled
This is the third timo this policy has
b-'Cn resorted t", and; however aereo
able it may he to th people to know
that they are not to be lorced in!o the
held its result is that it is hist sapnin '
the eonti lonce which some moiths
since existed in tho Administration.
Whether tho late edict has any thing
to do with the approaching election
we can n t B!iy all wo know is that
the entire country is becoming well
convinced of the vacillation ot thaau
ilmrities at Washington, or elsothal
they are ttifling with the community
to au liKxeusaole degree. A. callwiiH
miide in 1S02, backed by a threat that
unless the required number of men
was furnished voluntarily, a draft
was ti be made; another call in 1SG3,
with tho promise of another draft on
it' specified day; and now a third, set
postively for March 10th, is again in
definitely postponed while more troops
aro needed to iill up tho depleted
rauks of an army from which much
is expected in the coming campaign.
Wo know" of no more effej'ual
method which could have been resor
ted to by the" Administration, by
which to destroy the last vestigj of
confidefnea in the ability of the Execu
tivo to fill his position, or his deter-1
initiation to carry o-H his ' published
designs. Month after month the dralt
iias been held like a' rod of terror over
the people. A portion of tho com
munity have struggled manfully with
the load that has been imposed upon
them, they have contributed largely
of their means; while others have
stood idly by, believing confidently
arid with reason, that the Government
would shrink from the responsibility,
and asthoy'opeuly avoweJ, ''dare uot
make tho draft." ,
Their assertions have proved true.
At tho eleventh hour rue dignity of
the Administration recoils from a vin
dication of its aethority, and fails tj
make good tho order which if issued
at all, should have been given to the
public with the determination that it
was to bo enforced to the letter of the
law The order couutcrmanding the
draft, can bo regarded only as an' im
position npon thoso who have givgn
.1 1 i l:
of their means to furnish soldiers for
the army, under tba impression tliat
tlie Administration really was in earn
ost in the accomplishment of its avow
od in"cntiou3.
'i'uo fluule consequent to this last
order 19 Oat hereafter, no more con-
Bdenco will bo placed in any declara-
. i.t ri . J . .i . .
tion irom uio war uopariuieuL mat a
.Wnft m nlliAiid. It m.iv null for rrn.it
" . .i
and aflix its quota to States and couu
ties, and the rosiuents,of the same
will coolly place theii hands in their
pockets and go their way happy and
easy as to any result. Thole who de
sire to enlist actuated either by patri
otism or tho possession of the Govorn
nient bountty, can do so, but the le63
said hereafter about a draft tho hot
ter for that high position which it is
supposed " a thoroughly republican
people should maiutaiu. No person,
heroaltor will Doliovo that a dratc is to
take place. What volunteering can
be done will bo done, but it will have
no illioct to suspend over the people
the threat of a draft upon a certain
day, for ii will he regarded as "a play
cd out institution.
tended be
Jim Lane on tub Kansas Lkuis
The Kansas Legislature recently elect
ed Governor Carney to the United
States Seiute. In a recent epeach
made by Jim Lane, at Topeka, he
thus "howls over his defeat :
"Assembled on the 12th day
January, A. D. 1864, they (the Leg
islature) organized by electing mv en
emies to all tho important offices.
And then and there, in Topeka, the
capital of Kansas Kansas redeemed,
converted unil baptized by me, Jim
Lanethcy endered into a scheme
hellish villainy, more blackening
with 'usurpation' and fraud than any
other'tking history ha.t ever chroni
cled ; and after twenty nine days
accursed drunkenness, hellish dib
auehery mid infamous bribery, they
did there reaching the climsx'ol
corruption consummate, admidst
wildest howling of men made fiends
by the continual effect and influouco
of tlio whisky furnished by that
slavery grocery le'por, Tom Carney,
elect him, Tom Carney, to the United
States Senate. Great God ! I '
Why, Jim, Jim, Jim! How
you talk that way about loyal people!
Areu t you ashamed ot yoursell 1
Sudden Kise in Wool. i'ompev
Well, Sip, Ise glad you drapt in.
bought old Massu's estate down
Davou Sar.i yesterday, and 1
hands to work it. What wages
vou want, Sip ?
bcipio lank yon for nunin, romp
Ise 'got a contisticatod estate myself
I has : and I came over hero from
auction to offer you do situation
Trove all thliue, hold Hist to thru
which is goou.M
Jinpinmati. Dec. EOtli 161..
Ur. C. W. liouACit : Dkak Sir.
been curryini out (he above motto
in proving the qimlilicrt una weneiu
of your "Stoniu.Mi Hitterx," lor
over hi rronths usinjf them myself
...t. ..1.1 nml 11ml In tmmv in-
Mtances roeoniniendii)2 them to
folfj9i others, and uivinjr to : oron who
VJ I nooiledapuro in vtrorutinjf rono
Ivy in.. .r 1.!.... n.i.t . ......t
P'i-? ing to the system. 1 cheerfully on
dorfO their gnodncss, unJ uso them in prefer
ence to all otkor.
Very ospcctful1y,,
Itev. Samnel J. Brown hint been r. duvotod la
borer in the cailfe nl CrihUauily, in Cincinnati,
for more than thirty years, as almost every old
Oincinnatian know. fcuoh teatiinnny, from
iicli iiHourco. is not tone passed ovr nirntiy
No other Proprietary Kemcdios ever pru.-cntcd
tothe pnWio, over received tithe ol'thoconir
meiidntion from MKN OK STANDING, inov
ry walk ol life, that mine lmvo dono. See ad
vertisement. iu3.
Si)l,D 1 KS' IIO.M E.
Ci.NoiNtATi, yune4, iSiio.
To Dif. 0. W. Kobauk
Mv Dkaii Sis : I um lismnsinst n second m
voico ofyoiifStonuicli Uitter.i iiiuonz '.he lare
number of men who daily arrive at this nstiiu
tlrtli fur rc ficsnmont and rest. The universal
testimony is that thcsa Bittors. ure tho best
hoi 1. Kor tbo vurious sun.iner compluinte
ivliich affliut so many, I know of no remedy so
i.f. ..mi n siire. l'lutarch say a," I 0 ak a pliy.
sioiun what is ensy and what is hard of diction
and what will airioo with me Kt Jinecn. is uuout
us sensi lie as to ask what is sweet or bitter, or
sour." Parsons who look out for breakers and
huve your Stomach Bitters iu tlio hi.uso X am
sure will never uslt any ono the foolish nuostiou
snoken of bv thd erout philospher. 1 must not
omit a word or two for your Catawba Brandy.
I have mahy men hero who huvo brandy pre;
..rih,l for thorn bv distiniruislicd Army Snr-
tfeoiif.. Tho effect of yours on such aro bcpofleial
f.irmoin so than from uuv provinusly taken.
Persons who desiro a roally pure Brandy cannot
fail in their purcliaso il tlioy got jour oranj,
I an, Doctor, wit n mnoh Tespact ,,
. , Your servant,
U.W.D. Anohkw, Superintendent
r3T" O'fieo and manufactory, Nob. 55, 53, 60.
and ii East Third gtrec. i'or sale everywhere
Nov. 5lh lSil'3, ult. 1110.
Tlie Greut Chinese lirmcdy for Secret
. Diseases., ,
Ingrcadionts purely vojretublo; ploaaant to the
tasto ; has no bud odor, and muy bo carried in
tho vost pookot without fearof detection, pnoe
il a box sent post paid to any address y
J.I. KItO.MEU. 403 Chestnut St, I'hil.
Circular sent froe, Sept. IWrno
To Nervous Sutterers of Both Sexes.
been restored to health in a few days, after uV
deruoingall tho usual routine and irr.-gular ex
pensive modes of treatment without success, con
iders it his sacred duty to coinmunicato to his
ulHictod fellow crcaturos tho means of euro.
freneo on the' receipt of an addressed envelope,
he will send (free) a copy of tha preset jptfon
nacd. Uiroct to 1). Joum M. Daonall, 186 Tnl
ton Street Brooklyn, New York.
March, May, July, Sep., Nov., Jan., lyr.
Ilenric llo"sc,
JAMES WATSON, TrnprietUT, -Thiril
Street, noar Muiu, Ciacinnati, Ohio,
')no Dollur por day. (
. rriilt Vfnrnl'O CT. I
I ) ikianky and sexual
systems new and reliable tVVn, D
"';i? ZjoA letwr envelopes, fre.of
mlu" a.i.w. Dr. J. SKILLl N HOUGH-
;c ".. --! 7- ... ,,, v-;n.l.
' i Ari .am.k nuuui v v ........
Street. l'biUd'tiphl,
JUrch.SUi I808.-1 jr.
JJcfo SMcrlistmtnts.
Wanted immediatly at Zalaskl
Vinton County Ohio, (011 the lino ot
Marrietta fe Cinoi'inati - Ilailroad.)
'Ood wages will be paid.
Apply at the omce of tho L ileeki
Managing Director.
March 17;h 15Cl,-3w.
Slale of Ca'o, Vinton C aunty
ruff. 1
John S. Rluolc
Klnit-r Joiius et nl Puftf)
In Court of
Common 1'loui.
1) from the Court of Common I'lcun, of VinloD
( A.unlv Oliio. 1 will ollor lor cum ut tho iloor
liiu Cjiirt Jlouno, in tho towu of Mcrthur ou
Siiturduy the 23rd daijoj ' April 1SG4,
Rotfct'Cir' lh hours of tun o'clock A. M and
lour o'clock, 1'. M., of miJ Jay , the tullow-
in l.ri.wurty to-wit: Jtcmit u lurt ol the
.louili-worit ijuurterot Scciii.il liuiiiiui ihlr-ty-Uvc,(3i,)
Uiwutliip auii)i.r ton, ( 10,)
niiml.cr liliuon,(li;) Vieji i.nl n? ut t ho cant
of thu ntii.1 quarter ut a uiupli) true cloven inchux
iujiumotcr, UUy-eigUt ruJj und mxtcon link
iruiu tho mnith-uuat corner , thenco north forty,
live Jctf roe weat, diiitunt forty-two rmU to
i.imt j llionco up'liicc.ion creak 110 us o incluJe
two tuirils or una crecic, to lumis ucoacu
James Mo Whiirtur ; thenco Bonth iwenty-two
bains and oiiht-tlvo linkn to the Section line;
theiieowort Uto chumnand aixty oue links
thence east lorty-niuo dctfroo six cliainsima
forty links to a atuko ; the'ico eighty-nix deijrucs
north tin chains and forty-thru link;, liienco
n.ir'.h thirly-two Jn((rco., eat twenty-two
1111.I lurty-eitfiit. iiuuatutne piuce 01 uuiciuiuy
coiiUsinint; thirty ucros bo ,lio aamo more ur
Uwcpto.ui half aero deeded to John TMr.X
naid 1'icrce, together with all tlie privileges
Pltffrt. 1
LunniLiuiiihcea ilieroto bcloiiLriucr.
AlbuciL'lltv ilcrc.i bciuir tlio wot half of
north-wont iiu.irlor of thu ul iremiid acclion, e-
c. pt twenty-live acre bet'oro deeded to Uoorie
UicKev on l 10 . fL'ie 01 nam cicuiv nura, n
tuwnsinp iiuiirt ur ton, (. 10, J ol rungo uuiuour,
lil'lueu. I lrJ.
Taken as tho property of Elmor Jones ot
to tuitinlV a iuli!iii(;ul, in favor of John S. liUck.
AppruiMuu.it nun property at inrou inousunu
nix linn Ire 1 dollar, (3'IUO. ) And an cluhty
tract appraised a. lour liundrc.l dollar, t
airl must brm if two-third 1 Oi that emu.
TEKMSUr HALt., wli li) liun.ls.
K. A. Buatton atty.for Pi'tt ' hiril V .0 0.
Mar. lltb 1S04-5W , m W u. ooi.u ueptuy.
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County,
Reynold Ilixon
.T .bn flill a
Milton Kurlcv. DefW. Vend! No.
1)Ui:aUANf t" Ihe cominau 1 ot an ot
. sale in tho above cause to me directed
thu Court of Com inon I 'loaf, of the aturoaui.l
county ,of Vinton, 1 will olTor at public r
door of the Court ll'juse.in tho To.vn of
in nl'.rcHHiJ oj.mty of v inton, on
I C01
DetU V
In Court
Saurday theltrdday of April 1864,
Hotwocn the hours often o'clock, A. M."
four o'clock, P. M., of said day, thu follovin);
property, to-wit? In lot number ciginy-one,
(81.) in the Town of Mo Arthur Vimon
tyUhio. .
Taken as tlio properly of John Gill
Milton Bnrlcy, to mt.tfy judgment
of Reynolds and llixoii.
AnuraiHCd at two hundred dollars,
must bring two-thirds of that sum.
KKUMS OV SALE. cash in hand.
AKi'll. NUURl!', Bhtr. V. Co.
March 17tli iSG4-6w , "iVm. Goi.u,
Slate if Ohio, Yinlou- County.
Joiiiah Baker, ' ,vJm-'
In Court
airuinst 1 : Uomiiiun 1
JohnSwaimetaUi Weft.) . Uricrolsale
PURSUANT to the coinmmi4; oran
salo lu tho above emiso to nu directed
thuCourtof Uoimnnn l icas, 01 ui.iuu.iia
... ..f '-.....n I v. i.lt.-r UL 1HIIM1C BttlU,
door of tho Court lloui-e.tii the Town of
thur, in aforesaid C.muiy ot v 11. ton, 011
Friday the lolhday of Aprd 1804,
1i.f ii'rtflrl tl.n li.nirs ol ton o'clock, A.M.,
-,., n'nioi.k r. il.. ot suiu nay, mi
property tu-wit:. ?ho. north east quarter
Ii..' ..,.ii,.,vnt nnartor of Soction
...:.!. fi in TownshlD number
,a It n.,mf,ernlntuou. (19.) and
S .1... ni,.tl..w.i.L iinnrter
tno oast nan " v,"r "v"' . . .1
south-west quarter of Section thirty -three
Towns) ip niliuber iarf,('J,) Ol wuige J"
uincteoii, ( 19,) containing sixty acres. .
wost half of tho north-west quarter
lout.bwast (iuarter6l'Sccvli)rl number
three, CSS,) conl'aiiiinv; twenty acres
i... ' A., tliAiiortli-eaat Quarter
lOSn. rti.v. w'"-' . il .
south ea quarter of Section numbor thirty
in Township-niimher ninn. (9) "
number nineteen, ;(13.) coutuinins lony
"'TukerTas Oiopropo'rty of Jo!.ii Swuim
wife, to autisfy a judgment in favor
D..l.- . ' t ' '
Appraised s follow to-wit : Tho 60
at six hundrod dollars, (.1.00,) tho 20
at or.e hundred and lllty-nvo aoimrs,
i.j ii,.nHilnttii hniidred and fifty
lars, (iioO.) and must brinn two-thirds
""'IKUilS OF SAT.Ei ensh in hand.
' y voRRia, Shff.
March in,-64-5w ' By Wm..
Whcclcr & Wilson's
f'jrjiislione of the very best Machines
it uses no Shuttlo, makes tho lock utieh
on both aides of the roods, leaving no
ri.kra on the undorBldo, it naea but
the thread of other roachinos, and makes
Having takon an Agency for tho sale
machines, 1 respoofully requost the
Vinton or adjoining Counties visiting our
to call and examinethe muchine, and
work. To tlioae niakiuR purchases of me,
give instructions in tha use of tho
gitis. I willsell at the lowost cash
tl,, manufacturer. m g. q( BRATTON,
Andrew Jnrvi Guardian of the
and esto to Of William D. Sw-iim, has
hi accounts as such Guardian for.
and final fettlrment, and will
hearing on the 26th day ,6f March
1864. i - ;
March 3, 1884, 3w Probate
Statiif Ohio, rSjtvn COlji. .
' Bolnirt CJirlsty, . I'ltff. 1 In Conrt of
1 ' airuiuat , CVminon I'lenin
8nfoAl K. Ilowcn et lDefu. J Order of 1
PUHSUANTlo tho oommau.l of kn order ot
fide iu tho above cnue to mo directed from
tlia Court .f Common l'lpaa, of the aforwuM
County of VhiUn. 1 will t U'ur at puWio ule, at
tho doorof the Court llonfe, 1 11 Die toon
ol'Mcrthur,iu nlureiiild County of Vinton, on
Friday tht 1 f-A day of April 1864,
between the hour of ten o'c'ock, A.M., and
four o'clock, P.M.. of H.id dy, ihu following
...... v in-it: The acuth-euht uuurtur t.ftl.e.
iiiith-ettrt iinnrter and l lie eat hull' of tha
Honth-cut (oturt.T of Section nnmli.r lliirtecn ,
in Twi'l'l'u lomiher eleven of Katige Dumber
-vciii.cn, mid tho north-wcht qiiurter of Sec
Uju nui'.hcr thirty-four, iu Towmhip niimher
tin f liunaro nu'lnt'i-r fixieMii, and aUo tho
...'.itli-wmt uiiartcr of Section nunihef thirty.
four in Townl i niiniln.r ten, of Uuiiire iium
Ih r MXt'ien. Ktiiniitp.l In conttiin fi lir hundred
and aix'y three uerof mote or Ickn.
Ordered t he oM oh rtio pro)crt of Kunfonl
It. liuacn, Uiuli.-fy judgment in favor of
Hubert On Ky.
Appiuweil at Kih. tlioil:ind three hnndrcil
and t!iirty-f. ur dullure, and lim-t hriii(5 two
thirJ ofihuteum
'1'KltMhof fiAl.K.oash iu liKiul
AUCUNOUniK. Sliff. V. Pn. O.
March 10,-fi4 5wr. w M- -'. 1'piy.
Samuel Walkers Estate.
On tho 5th day of Mardt in theyesr ISM , tho
Protbiito Cinrt of Vhr.nn t-vunty. Ohio, ilcclar
eil, thucntito of S.nnwl Wutkvr dicoaced.to
bo j.robubly in'i.lveii I. Cicillior uru thereloro
rcmiircd to. prnmnl their ciiiiiiiH avtuini-t tha
mlnte to thn undrHiifneil. f..r allnwaiiev, wilh
ii. bix iiumtha Iroiu the tho time ahofo iiu.iiliour
od.or they will rw'. I entitlo.l t" vnvment.
' ' JOHN BTi Vf.MS Adm.of,
March 7th ISH - Wniniinl Walter duo'
William iVniRlimnii F.sqr, will tnke no
tice thntTlmrnton Prnvitliiiw. tins tliibilay
jr-pnaitwl with thi" tiDilpr.ined money tn
pay for lli ri'.l"mti"ii of U north-we't pnir
CRSllinlf nnrlh past nf seel ion number 33
Townsllin niimner .notnp iimniipr 1.1 a-mi
; for u, nonpay.ueill of lo.s ami prnnlly
, thrrpnn A . N- CO. U.
Mnrcli 3. lSfi4,
Aud. V. Co. O
lew. n. . nfihln 'Vin fun Count II.
h) Mate Oj VMO, V Mln VOUnnj.
utul Neil A Khcrtmart, Pltti. in C
alo at
the Mo
Arthur, and
II rt of
Cum lynn l'leaa
Tnlin Sbrivki'llVllllst it I
J, C. P. n.own, CUH J On Execution.
PUR.VU A NT to tho cnminund of an ordr of
mile in the above cuusn to' mo directed fini
the Court of Coiumou Plrnw, oflh aforximl
Comi-y af Vinton. 1 will offer at pnl.liu i-uln, at
tho ihxir of tho Court llouso, in the! own or
Mu Arthur, in lorsaid County of Vinton, 011
Saturday the 'liiddoy of bpril 180-1,
Piutween the lioursof ton o'elor.k. A.M., ami
four o'clock 1 . M.,oraalil iav. inn i".. .
property, to-wit : In-l.it inoiib.ir two '"",
Iindtwenty-alx. (20.) iu tho Town or MeAr
thnr Vinton County Ohln.
Tukon us thopropt.rty ofj. C. P. nrowi,,
tOKatisfyiljudii.oiit In favor of Neil & tlci-
''"Arpruisol at 8vo lmndred and fifty dollars,
(fSSO.) and iniist l.rlujj two-lhird uf that mm,
TKUMSOFSAI.E. cuh in hand.
AUCII. NOltUIS, Pliff. V.TO.O.
Feb. 25, 1S4-5w. Wm. Coi n Dupuly
Tiul News lfti fix UiifrUiinile
DiscoYtiiED at Last.
onlor oj
V til."
nf tho
" Vr
Also the
f the
more or
. f
aero lot
aero lot
in use
, alike
thaiu or
half of
of the
Ladies 01
11 eo
I wii
price 0
Coninoirudwl from ItooU, Burks
and Lohvcs.
CHEROKEE REMEDY, the great Indian
Dinraiie. cure all disrasos o u
(rans.sach as lU !outincne of tlio IJr.lio. nuam
H"""' . . ...11... 1. ..,. .11 nf tba Kid
inution ot tlie ijiauiiur. - - - -
neys"stonol.ltl.oBtadd,r, Btrluturo. Gravel,
Glee , Gonorrhoea, and Is especially rucomnicnd
oJ M hose cses of Kluor Alhas a W 1. to. in
females) wboro nil ma 01a i""""" .
liivvo fuilnd, ...,.H
It is prcparo.l lu a miriiiy
tho dose only being 0110 to two
threo times p' day. . . ...... mlr.
it ibdiurellcaiiUuiioriiHio ii.'i r--
ifying uud cleansniK tho Dloo), oaiismn .v .
II,, in all of its original puriH ami vigor; thnj
romovinefrom the system ull perni.-ion causes
which Induced doceaso. ,
CIIEUOKKH IN- UCTION la inro-iio.i us
. . . ... .... ......l-.M 1!.ninlv.
an ully or asis'.ani to mo
iindshonld ho used, in conjuncuoii
medicine in all cases of Honorrl.cca, .io. '
. .. I .u ..(PnAla nrn boullllir. HOOlll-
Aioqsor iv iiui-r-;' y .- - , .. ' l...,
lug nnddeiiiulcent; removing all scalding, heat,
cl.or.lco and pain, iniad of the. t...nlng a...
almost nnendurablo pnia linn i oAjwr-uv.u
With nearly nil the cheap qu.ca uucri......
By tho yseortho Cmkrokeb Rkiucdt ami
.1., iNjuoTioM-tha two niedicincs at the
same lime-all improper discharges are remov
ed.- and tho wrakcneil orgaua nBivvui.j
stored to full vigor aud strength.
For full partion'eura get our pamphlet from
anydrngstoro inthoconi.tr, or write ns and
we will mail free to any addrosa, a full treatise.
Price' Cbkrokki RtJimT, two dollar per
bbttlo. or threo bottles for five dollars
1'rico, Chmokkii 1notiom, twodollar per
bottlo, or three bottlos for flvo dollar.
: Sent by Express to ny nddrot on receipt of
? Sold In McAithut at 8. V. Dodge Drug store
and by all drueiriat ovorywhnTo.
. Dm. W. R. MERWIN CO.
' ( ' - Bon.n PKorHiKTfit.
No. 59 Litwrty St. New York.
ion tw for
A. D.
Tho nnderslgnod wlshe to Inform the eitizoni
cf Vinton, and surrounding Counties, that they
have established Nnrxiry at MeArlhur ami
willkeop oonstantly on liaud, every variety
Wo now offer for ale, ?0 ,000 Apples tree
?0.000 Peach troos, Pear. Chefty, rlurub &o
of the very best varieties. ' ' ' '
Theso trees have all hen raised In Hocking
County, and being aoclimated re preferable
to trees shipped from other State. They are
two years old.thrifty and in the best condition
all we ask is that those wishing treeo should
calUund see for themaelve.
, Addres
T)oq. t. 3 3mo. J. A W. GOLD.
I OFFER for sate 200 ncroe of Isnd in Clin
ton Township, Vinton County, Ohio. ICO
acres ofit tinder fence nd In pasture, and
plenty of watct on It. It will make a Splendit
shoep Farm, and ebold low for CASlf lo
qnimrof J-.c- GAKKETT,
ieb.ll,, 1864-4W . Vinton Fnrnaoe.O.
V E. A Brallon,
PTORNEY AT LVv",McArthnr, O, will,
practice in Vinton and adjaining eonntie

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