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V;oir policy, ever attempt to reason
from tho analogies of liietorj. Wo
tolil ttiem fit tlio outset of tho irnprac
tihility of their taskanJ wo tell tliein
flain tkat their failures iu the future
will i even uioro stupendous tlinn
they have Wn m the pasr.- Ignorant
v tlio actual reftotirces of the South
tlio supposed tlinf a three months
blockade wou'd b'hi ve every man,
Oman and and child'into 8iibinisio
and that army of seventy live lit n-
nnj men would ho sum -h hI to ton
pir mi 1 hold tho en-t'io Smith' r ri
g'pn.) We told thuuithat ih.y w.nild
want ft million of men and cpend
'thousand of millions, and yet only
( be upon tho idgo of iheif le.tvlul n
torpiiso. NYmly two ini'limi "f men
have but'ii called fur, and over Uv.
thousand wdlliona pjh v and who w
there, having tho slight toigacity
that doHO not k..ow that ti day the reh
tl armies nru ttiru ilf riant and dan
gerous than ever, and may pro rad
tho war for yearn, to the utter and
i..mJHtn ruin ol Ixith BeeliullS. Tlo
imhi'ic credulity, Ic-wever, :n still im
bounded, and it will g on tnirt'ioj.1
and being hutrayed, as it linis Iccn fu
tho last thriie years, hy n set o'knimt,
whoso only ohj ct is to I'uttou upon
lie i-ublic plunder that suck wars eu
geirUr, and to riau in tho tca'c ot
wealth as their country's honor and
prosperity s;nk. Tho day will conn-,
howevrr,' when ft betrayed people will
take ample vengeance upon tho mock
patriots who hnvo deceived them
their ru:n. There never yet was
vil war that was not followed by
counter revolution, in which ample
atoiimcnt was demanded for tho
crimen, aial fr..m tho eliminate that
lud engendered it. Theso men may
boinc influenced br tho fl'cct
of logical conclusions; but thank Uod
they cannot forever escape the penal
ties ol their infamous crimes and op
pression; and that hour is nearer
thau some of them imagine.
. a. mi i n on. i : r :
Mnrcli 91
VVUICHK UK IN. Hnil tUe Kiifnrcement
of the l.iiw MKaliiit nil Otlicvrx
linve usurpiiJ Aulhoriiv, n well
1'i-oplo who Commit llruachc ol
Law. .
"i'KTTEK( I hit A CO.. Advortilfti
Avonta. No. 87 Turk Kow. Novr York
fiSisteStreot. Brtnton ra our AirRiitii and
utborized t take if lvortiMmont unl
criptionR for mt onr tAiwtwt Hatq".
n M.
More Work of Mobs.
Within the Inst three weiks
number of Democratic pressoa
been ir.obbed by soldiers, as wo
who wero under the influenco
liqnor, and iuBtigatcd to these acts
Abolition fanatics, who are too
to carry out their own
and malicious designs. Among
presses mobbed are tho Day ton
Darko County Democrat,
ono other in Indiana. A short
sinco when the Ohio Eagle was
bed and the Sentinel in Mahoning
Co., a resolution was introduced
the Ohio Legislature, condemning
theso mobs, and the resolutions by
the votes of tho Republicans was re
ferred to n committee who reported
a substitute, congratulating tho peo
pie of Ohio on our good order and
observance of law in the State, and
Mr. Stanton, of Hamilton Co, step
ped forth as the apologist of this mob
spirit. This substitute for l;ho reso
lution was tabled and more romains.
When men, representing th.j people
of the State, decline to condemn mobs
and thus discourage the destruction
of property, aud when we can not
Jiave the perpetrators arreeted and
punished, what can we expect bat
mobs and in rctnrc retaliation.
There is no way left to the people
now, only to delend themselves and
retaliate for these injuries
Una we,
have always opposed; bnt necessity
knows no law, and defense is natu
ral an justifiable.
General Seymour takes the full
responsibility of the Florida maflea
cro. The President is taking measures
to enforce the conscription of negro
s'aves In Kentucky. -
.Colonel Frank Wolford hnn passed I
.. L.L-L 1 .
through Louisville, on his way to
Nashville, where bo is to report to
General Grant. ,
It is rnmored that tho Confederate
General Kwell and hi corps are mov
ing into tlio Shenandoah Valley again,
probably for subsistence.
It is reported that llvo hundred
Fedeial prieontrs died in Richmond
in the month "t February,
A n order relieving General Meade,
and appointing his sueeessor, will be
nsaiu'd in a lew days.
It is reported that the Uonredoratcp,!
I 5i)i) strong, are near Guyandotto
tl.ivatouin llarbonrville.
JofehSehell, Abolition II preecn
tut ve Ironi Slink County, olllred bis
resignation yeilt rd.iy, but it was not
accepted, lie is charged with buying
mid ellin recruits.
The Hicial organ, at Washington,
deio uuee I'm movement iu Koii
tucky, by Guthrie, I'rcnticc and oth
ers, m ciiiiiitinevolii'ion. &e.
diulg" Spalding, ol Ohio, and Gov
rip M'Mi. l" a I, of IVnusylvauiu,
member of Cngres, are the com
m'.tiee to ctuisider the quebtiou of u
s.tc for a Navy yard on the Ohio
'I ho Union men in Texas are mov
ing in the hope of a speedy protec
tion. While our prisoners were on thoir
way from Hiclunnd to Aiuerien,
Ga.. two of them were I'roen'to death.
Tlio Newbern (N. 0) Times urges
the Bending of lilty thousand Federal
troops to Jsurth Carolina.
The Louisvdiu Journal says that
there is no doubt that thero is eoJie
Ibuudatiuu for the rumor that there
is a conspiracy in Kentucky to turn
tho State over to tho Confederates,
and advises that the enemy be met
outside the borders of that btate, to
keep tho Confederate sympathizers
iloraco uroetey 8 specen against
"resident Lincoln has caused great
unenbiiKBs in the . Republican ranks
Greeley favors strongly the nom i na
tion of General 1? rumour.
On thu lith there was considerable
military activity at New Orleans. The
land and naval forces were moving,
rumor says, on Alex indria and West
em Louisiana. Intelligence from that
quarter will bo looked for with in
terest. We have another rumor that Leo
again t invade Maryland. It is not
crcditou in Washington.
It is ascertained the force ot the
a' my now exceeds that of the array
last year two hundred thousand. .
Great franda have boon discovered
in Alexandria. Captain Ferguson
ha3 made a full confession, and has'
ardly black
pire, and
anroiiderod 75,000
It ia now btated by authority that
Goneral Grant will tako command
person of tho Totoinac Army.
lhcrc is an iinprooaoio minor mat
Admiral Farragut has captured
Gaines, Mobile, with 1,100 prisonora.
General Forrest is reported to
organizing for a raovemeut into West
Letters Irom Europe report that
kinds of titles of nobility aro-to
conferred by Maximilian onbece68ion
ists, who in largo numbers attend
him from Taiis to Mexico. Dr. Gwyn
is t' be a Duke
Tho Confederates have made u
iuto Bath County, Virginia, and
a West Virginia Senator
Representative from that county.
Tba now Revenue Dill before
Committee of Ways and Means iu
House ol Koprcssntativss, taxes wuis
ky one dollar a gallon, and manufac
turod tobacco lortv cents a pound
in leal, twonty livo cents a pound
The stamp tax is to be doubled.
is to be taxed ono dol'iar and a half
There is no credence p'.accd in
threatened Confederate demonstration
on Norfolk.
The Call for Two Hundred Thousand
More Men.
Tho President, as our readers per
ccivcd yesterday, has mado a call for
200,000 additional men, to bo obtain
ed by conscription, if they do not
. . t n m 1 m I a
volunteer by tno loiuot April, in is
makes 700,000 men demanded since
tho 1st of January, and about 2.500,
000 (inco be came into ofhco id
March. 18G1- Tba President evident
ly considers the able bodied men in
the freo States inexhaiiBtiblo. No
such levies were ever mado by nations
with twico or threo times our popula
There is great scarcity of labor now
on tho tarms and in the workshops
which the filling of this call will
greatly aggravate and intensify.
Wo have already more men in the
service than our Generals know how
Lj U9e or dispose of to advantage.
iebenion is on iu last legi-,
How much better it would have been
to have allowed theee 200,000 men to
remain on thoir farms and in their
workshops, where they could be pro
ducers lor the country, instead otcon
sumers. Aa raisers of food and
mechanical workmen, their services
were in the highest degree vr.loublo.
What a commentary are these im-
menso calls xor men every . month
upon tho oftrepeated remark that the
(From the Cincinnati Enquirer, March 8.)
Outrages Perpetrated—Disgraceful
Outrages Perpetrated—Disgraceful Conduct of Soldiers
and Officers.
. . , ... , x
I was yesterday (Monday) a p a-;
senger on the cars t rem Athens to tins
c. ty.arid w.tnejacd the most d.sgraco
ful and cowardly outrages perpetrated
upon peacenhlo citizens ami travelers
, , , .
ton b mid the train, hy what are term-
ed ''Veteran Soldier,' for tho al
leged reason that the travelers and
eitiz'iis wero u Vallandighamers."
The aftiay commenced this sido ol
Chillicoihc, by four soldiers assaulting
and beating most unmercifully two
r rave era waotn i no so titers nsceriam
. , , r ,, ... .n,
vuted lor Valhmdi;ham. fhejel
two travelers managed to cscao with
thuir lives to another car, but wero
udered oil ninl compelled to leavo
thu train at tho first station. Their
aces were quite bloody, and they
weru much injured.
Iu about two hours alter tins out
rage tho soldiers started through the
cars, asking each man who ho voted
for, ' Uioiioh or Vallandhham,
riw.ariiig they would ''kill any man
who voted lor Vallaiidigliani." No
man dered say he voted for Vallaniig
hum, though there were probably a
few. who did. Tho soldiers then or-
lercd each man to hollo for 'Urough.'
Nearly al! tho passengers obeyed -a
fcw did not. They then- canto to a
young man who sat in the seat with
ine. 1 hey asked hurt who ho voted
for. Ho replied that ho was too
young to vote, and did not voto tar
any person, besides ho livod in tut)
Stale of Indiana. . It was, however,
manifest that tho voting man was a
Democrat. They ordered him to hollo
throo times for "Droug'n," and hoob-
cvc l. iiirco-oi tneni sriucK al nun ;
two blows took effect, and ono passed
Then thoy a9kedm) who I voted
for. 1 told thorn that 1 did not live
in thu Siato anil did not voto for any
nno. They ordered mo to hello fo
Urough. I refused to do 60, because
if I had I would have fared no better
than mv t-omoanion who had iust ol)
eyed them. They sworo that I should
hello for "Bronglv." I drew my navv
revolver ; this caused a little conster
nation and backing dowji, and the
soldiers found that there wero two of
their own number for Vallandigham,
and they ;ot into a h.ht with tli'jtn.
Tho officer! then interfered and part
ed them. During this disturbance
with other travelers got into another
Tho officcM iu command of the sol
diers did not interfere by word, ges
ture, or action to- prevent the aaeault
upon the citizens, though they could
have allaved tho excitement andston
ped the filitin without anv trouble
if they had desired to do bo at any
time. The officers of the train did
not say or on anything for the passen:
gers. lours, occ,
The V'-ry Document They. Wanted.
The Richmond Enquirer, in nliiii
ing tj tho charge of the New York
Tribune that Lincoln s Amnestyl
clamation was not published in
Smith, says;
"As to tho suppression of 'Presi
dent Lincoln's Proclamation ol Am
nesty,' it is utterly false. Tho En
quirer published it in fulj so
every daily paper. It was exactly
tho kind ol proclamation we wanted
Air. Lincoln to make It wae the
and complete confirmation of all
aid charged npon Lincoln ; it
monstrated, by confepsion, that
were correct when we told the people
of the Confederate States that
subjugation ot their liberties was
bo enacted by their degradation to
level with their slaves. It shocked
the sensibilities' of every class of
ptop'e, and was satisfactory evidence
that not 6ocial ruin, but tho outrage
of mothers, wives and sisters,
brutalized negroes, were tho
and tlio only terms ol amnesty
"To have suppressed this procla
mation would have boon an act
stupendous folly. The Tribune
derstands political capital in
slang. This proclamation supplied
that capital .; it could not ho domed
it could not Do explained. Its ineau-
ing was palpable; it? objects too
to need explanation or elucidation.
We spread it before onr readers
canea ineir attention to it ; wo invi
ted their, to road. They did read
the soldiers read, and while we do
attribute to the proclamation tho
listments that havo recently '
place, wo do believe that it sensibly
cnecKs desertion."
It is thus Lincoln aids and
the Confederates of tho South.
can be no doubt that al! ot his
have had that effect.
one ia so stupid as not to see it.
General Rosecrans, it is
hasordensd that there' shall be
religious meetings in his department
unless those attending take the
of allegiance. He is'no doubt
that rebel prayers might pluck
curses upon tho land.
Grant's is a diffident armv.
has so much reserve.
The late Movement of Kilpatrick.
[From the Washington Correspondence of the
Chicago Times]
I n is roportea t9-aay u.at ino re-
cont expedition towurd lw.chmond,
inJ,.r Kiloatrick " Coatar. and lint!
, -,t wUI'a diaaBt;0lls r0 )U,6(J
j. from M caital
y iull6, bten moJJ fte.
, i .. .i. ,:u .....i i,;..
UaiMlCU Willi HID UCIOUO O.HI uuil-ll
i ..... ...... i. :8 BCnrctJv ea
ridiculous and absurd than lintler's
sil'v raid toward Ilichmond of two
or three weeks ngo. In the present
cose, the plan was tor threo dittertnt
armies to co operate: or, rather, tho
M f Slca.lJ'a ft'rt.iy was as-
i ,i. . , ,a, ,.t ,.o, kiinn
isiuned tho task ot engaging tne aiten
ed . f n . , " ,
I Vltill ui vji:iiiiti wvg o ...j v.. i..
Ilapidun; the lorces under Duller
weru to advance iu two detachments,
ono up tho south sido ol thu James
River, tho oilier up tlio l eninsuia, in
the route ol McClellan'd army, ly
the way of Williamsburg, White
IIouso, and Bottom's Bridge; while
tho cavahy of the Army of tlio i'o-
ton ho, nn per Kilpatrick, wero to dash
down to White House by way of
Fredericksburg and Hanover Junc-
tiau, and to meet and co-operato with
Butler a . lorces ut vviittu House.--That
part of tho programme intrust
ed to Ki patrick and General Meade
was cuccesalully executed nu to a
certain point: that is, tho part ot
Genera) Lee 8 army time was on the
Rapidan when tho movement com
menced remained there, and wero
ongaged by tho uow depleted Army
of tho 1 otomac. Juipatrick 8 caval
ry crossed tho Rappahannock and
tho Rapidan, turned tho Confederate
works on Mine. liun,and advanced to
White House by way of Hanover and
Spottsylvauiii. At this point the
success ot mo movement arm ua
failure bogan. 1 hat part of tjm pro
gramme intrusted to Butler was not
carried out at all. Tho factd have
been concealed up to tiiis time. But
enough is known to make it evident
that, owing to tho want of co-opera-
lion on tho part of Butler, our lorces
havo snueied tt uisubtrous repulse,
somewhere between White House
and BottcmV Dridgo.
Nothing else was to bo expected
from an expedition organized on such
absurd principle", or, rattier, upon
such a total disregard of all uiilitary
triiipii.li.n Tim obiect of tho exnn-
i:.:. . .., ........l on Knuati.fl i...
urn v
thecaptursol Iiiehmond and the lib-
eratton Ot tlie Union priBuuun mere,
whom Butler can not gt't XCtianged.
But in the oriranizutioU of tho txue-
dition, the most notorious facta in
, ' ' . , i.. : I
relation to Richmond wero ignored,
and treated as it they did not exist.
Hie lact that lliclimoinl is a strongly
defended as Washington, ami that
.i . i'..h.. ta rvfirt t '..t'., i......
mere nru iuiiv uo.uvo vvrautM
,. , . . f-
troops av.nluble lor its dctenco, were
persidtently and childishly kept out
of sight by Lincoln, SU.uon and
Uutkr. when they planned their ex-"
' J 1 .1
H... m'i ,. .,,..,,.. to
dion ihe consequence 8,
have 6iitkreu a aeieai ot. mo i emu-
aula, quite na disastrous aa the one
in r lot Ida.
European Recognition of the Confederacy.
fered. of
nn -
it ;
lamation No
mi , . f .
There Jiro indications of a growing
lisposition on the part of the French,
...i .i... n.:,:..!. r? I
UIHl UUHiiiliB ui inu uiuinu, vjiuvuiu-
ment to recognizo uie national exist
cuco of the Southern Confederacy.
It is now known that trance has been
desirous so to do for the last two
years, and has kon using her iuflu
enco in tlio held of diplomacy to eu
gago hngland to act in concurrence
Wit I her; hut that tUO latter lias hltll-
ertO rctueed, not through good will
toward the U lilted btlltes, but lor rea-
then would be tho timo for England
to tender hor Bt-rvie.ea ns m.-t utnr
sons of her own. It has been repeat
edly declared by British statesmen
and the uritish press thai oar hnan
cial syatetii must inevitably break
down, and that exhaustion and dis
couragement would follow: nnd that
between the contending partios.
Iho lmininency ot tho period of pros
tration, comesscu dv ourselves, is
even better understood in the covern
ing aud financial circles of Great
Britain; and we may expect soon to
hear that the act of recognition has
been determined upon as preliminary
r I - .ii
w inu tui'viui vi uibuiubiua vj wit?
The act of recognition is not, ac
cording to the views of international
obligation, recognized by civilized
and ChrUtian - nations just canbe ol
war; but in the United States, and
by tho organs of tho Administration,
it has been treated as such; and. party,
if not othcial, threats have been ut
torod to open hostilities against those
European btates which should testify
tlioir enmity to Hie Union by such a
piuwreuiuj;, uviuc caiiug ui wuruu
will be necessary on the part of our
Administration Pistols, or we shall
ere long find another conflict on our
hands, and have an opportunity to
tC6t the trnth Ol those boasts which
to linwa nr.r heon tort mndsafM .,HQ,I
f ability to whip thereat of man
m a i ! j .
. ooo not ieei lucuiifeo, , in
rnnection, to present tsotives either
tnr riar.larino war or for rfitrnininr.
r -, -- ""b
from it, on our part, in case France
or England, or both, should see fit to
Irecognizo the Confederacy as a nation-
! al nower. Such is the perversity d
,j , .,at flny jnJjcatWll
ot uieference in one direction, on the
part of the Democracy, would bo ta
ken by the other party as go..d rea
son for acting in the other. It is safe
to say, Imwevt r, that an addition to
the d llicu'ties if tho present contest,
of two or t In i u powerful enemies on
the other side ol tho ocean, would be
likely to produce, both thu financial
and the military field in tho prov
inces ol production, trado and com
A Boast with some Meaning.
"Give mo men and money, and 1
will whip the rebels and you too."
Such is the language used by I'rea
ident Lincoln to a New Jersey Dem
oeratie Congressman who was whee
dling up to him as a supporter of his
war with "all tho men and ait tne
money" ho wanted. Wo should like
to know how tiio Congressman took
it I We give Old Abo credit lor one
honest speech at least. But what ol
the honesty of the Democrat who
continues to supply him with the
Another Democratic Press Mobbed.
Juet as our form was being mada
no (on Monday evening) we wero in-
formed by Mr. Lot, of the House ol
Representatives, thai the' Darke
Countv Democrat, at Greenville.
Ohio, had been utterly destroyed by
a mob.
The Republicans had been labor
ine lor two or threo weeks to bring
about this mob by tho returned sol
diurs. Go on, and see where it will
tO Tho Empt rorof Franco pays
his soldiers in American gold. - Four
million dollars has just arrived ;n
France lor that purpose.
Sptcia Xt elites,
We have examine J it grent numbef
g Iters from srae of ihe most prominent
. tizt'in ut btnciiinuii and Covington, etc
'peukint; in tho highest terms of Dr.Steick
nmr Anti-Cholera Mixture for the cure
tliari'lirsii and avavnterv. I lie letters are
too Ion? to publish. Mr. Woods, of Cov
itin-ttin.suvR lie win nronintieirl inr.iilabl
by Hie best doctor ii. Cincinnati, tml nn
bottle of Df Siricklintl'ii Anti Cholera Mix
turo efl'ecteJ a pi rmaneiit cure aflt r sutler
illg for In,llllhj With the wont form of (liar
rhuaan,, dentery.
jliioth'-r aay hf wng dischnrril from
United States service alter suffering in
"osp""! f'"" 8 months as incurablo, and ri
last resource tried Mncklanda Antt-Uole-
r Mixture ho gut well directly and has now
eillereil the rmv ngnin in Rood health.
Ono man write h Ima cured seven or eight
very bad caao. ol ilurrhuBt and dvsntrs;in
1 '? ""a " a oi -vim ..no uomc
this valuable medicine. In fot we could
... , ,, . . :. ,.
llll Illl UUI IUCr W1U1 bllllltdl IICIII3
lhpga lf,Ucr8 Why does not our Govern-
meal wcure this valuable prepnrttion.
Our army ought to be supplied with it.
? n '"h ui uur
In ill iti a rad' I ntu nn.u'itin il rviiA i
iaiu in o very iuw tu if iiiun ai one ui
uc Cincill)ati )U wif WMSMi
.ilfl joc,or!, Cl),1cidr(,d hia an hnoeless case
she, however, gave him Strickland's Ami
Mioicra oiautre, anu in tnree weeKa ne
able to return num.: with ma who to
KiclmiomJ, o. All these caws right
uoiue siienK ror iiieinseiveF. tie mop
ine soldiers win put a. onme 01 11 in
u itm. ihp,n n, nm
their comrades. It is for sale bv Druiririsis
., ....... i...,.i
av uu wins ui-r uihlic
which afflict ao many, I tliow of no rcmedjao
waure. lhOareh anya I o aah a
and what will agico with the atomech. U
as f.on.ti ilo as to aaK what ta aweel or bittor,
Honr." feraons whn look out Tor breakers
Imvo your Stomach ISittera In the bonoo t
sure will never ask any ono the foolish Question
Hpnkon of by tha grent philosphcr. 1 must
omit a word or two ror yonr catawba Brandy
i nave many men nero wno nave branny
acri bed for them by dixtinguiahed Army
fur moje so than from any previously taken.
i Braonaw.no.icsiroaroa iy pure uranay
SlTEKtNTlt.NDEKT'il OrrirS.
t'iNoiNiATi. uue 4.1S43.)
fo T). C. W. Kobaok
Mr Dkah Sin : I am dutpensinir a second
voloo ofyourStoniuch Bitters atnong Uio
nuinhar of men who daily arrive at this Instuu
tion for rofrosnment and rest. The universal
testimony is that thono Bi iters, aro the
nistlq. t or llio various summer cornplnintt
y pin
fail in their purchase if they get yonr
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Your servant, '
U.W.D. Andrew, Superintendent
F8T Office and manufactory, Noa. 56,
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nov. otn ibuj, aiu mo.
?,YSTE7s.rnewr, Jub.lSwt?e.ntt;ln
Sent by mail in pealed letter envelop, free
chariro. Address, Dr. J. 6KILLIN HODGIl-
1 ON, Howard ASMtuiation, No 2 South
Street, fhiladelphia, t'a.
itarcn, atn !, lyr.
. E. A- llratton, ,
practice In ViLtn and adjelninc
Wheeler & Wilson's
TliU ;' of til v' b'-nt l!chinj in u
it t"- en ".!, ' li k fc'.Uh itlik
m. ! -t' of lh "!. k-niu! t.t tLki't op
riiV - vi-.-'uti.'',e, il ut Int I kil of
tlto !'.r-t l '!' o:Utir iL'tuhmcK, nijtl mki!t tlio
i work -
llnviri); tukon an Apcmjr fcr tli piU : tb
miuliiiu', 1 rerpDcfuJIy request (lis Lucim M
Vinton or 'ljoiuinfr t'ninii viiiliiig our iov,i ,
to cull una cxuniiiiullie noliiu, nn.lt i
work. To tlioM! nmking pi.ri-hueof ma, i w.i
trivfl int.tr'K-ii.iiiii Id thu usa of tlit nicbiu
fi tit. I wilUell t tb lowuit tub prUm t
tho niiiniifucturer.
air k- iiuAiturt,
Ajitrthnr, Ohio.
Tlicr-Ht thinei.o Ilrnicay for Stin t
InirroattionU purely ve(retWi .Wnt to t .
tta ; lit no bwl A.lr. and my l' eurrisd i
tho vent piwkel witliont ferof ilelctOun. prica
ft if box aent P'i piti'i " "J
J.I. ItllOUrClt. 403 Chet!int St, I nil.
Circular wilt fr. ii-tw-onio
Ta NervoiiH SuOerera of Both Ser.
,V HEVEltEXD ttr.NTI.tMAn It A lw
K.nn i.ira tohMltli In ft tliiv. nftor
dtirnoi nuiill tho iimiuI routine tin.l Irr.-ynlar c-
iienttiv motion nrtr(iiiiin--uv niui.uii.m-.-Bs,
ii.lfm It hiuere.l r'nty to conmiunioto to o.a
ulllioto l follow trttiir. Uio means of euro.
Ilunoa.on tho rfceil't ornn mi.iri.iMu inijw
he will wncl f fre ft f"P nf.Ovt prewilption
iweil. Dirott D. Jons M. Pausau., iao rui
tun Struot Brooklyn, N' VrK.
Murah, May, July, Nsi., Av.,.in., lyr.
JJcfe bcrtisrmcnts.
Wanted immediatly at Zalaskl
Vinton County Ohio, ( ni the line of
Marrietta x Cincinnati Uailmad.)
trood way;e8 will be paid.
Apply at the i.liieo ol thu Z ilusKi
Majiaging Director.
March 17di 1 SO i.-Bw
State of Oiio, Vinton Count;.
John S. m.iclt ritfl In Court ..f
apuinrt V Coiuiuuii I'lu.ts.
Klmor Juliet ctol DofU) Vendi
HV virtue of nn order of side tt mo dirfvi''
I'ri.lii the Court of t'onimuu l'lcas, of Viiilmi
'.'unity "liio, I will odor fur m at tho d.wr t.f
thu '.imrt llniisa, in the town of Moithur on
Suturduy the '13rd day of April 1804,
liutwi'tn the hiiurs often oMmk A. M and
ftur o'clock, 1. M., of iiid ility , the tollow
n(t j.ri.pitrty to nil: Hfiiif a jmrt of tho
iiuin-tveHt o,'i:irtir i'f S v inu nuiiibi'i t Vii r
t.y-flve, township -iiiinlwr ten, (lO.)range
i ii ii Hu r lilUiuti llI) tH.-riiiniiig at t ho east linn
nf thu suid.uur.cr al n iiut.i) tree eleven Inrlux
iudinir.eter, fllry-tiKlit rud aud sixteen lin !.
from tlie-aouth-eaift ciruer , ihrnce north l'ort
five tlcrva wet, diflnitt lurij-two r.'tla to A
post ; thence up Itucoun crek sons fo incltnly
two thirds of ruiij creek, to l:ui.l. deude l bo
Jamus McVVhurtur ; thence strnth iwcnt)-twt
chains ami eight-II va links to thu St-.-lioii lintr;
thence we?t Are chuln ami rlity-uno liiiku;
thence ouit lurty nine .li''ee.H six cliuini ami
t'orly links to a stake ; tho'icu oilrly-rix deu'rees
north six chains and furty-thrco linki; thence
north thirty-two doirreos, oust twenty-two rutin
and ltrty-eii(ut linKs totns plsco or iti ninsg
.onUiiniiiK thirty :icrcs he .lie sme more or lent
K.TCept one Imlf aero douded to .lohu Tidro Lv
suid fierce, tusether with sll the privilt-irt nnd
appiirtenitiiccs thereto baliuifrinir.
Alsuciithiy acrui. ik-iii( Um wc-t linltot tln
nurlli-west nnarler of tho uf.)reiihl section, ex
cept twenty-live acres hefnrs deeded to Oeoru
Kiekoy on tho side or mint nighty acres, all in
twuhip nuinbor ten, ( 10,) of range uuinhcr,
noeen, 13.
Tukuii as the proporty of Elinor Jones at al,
to satisfy a judgment in favor of John 8. lilack.
ApprBiitiiio.it mill property at three thousand
six hundred dollars. (3'UH).) Ami mi eighty acre
tract apprAimxi ut four huii'lred tUIIar, (4UU,)
ami must bring two-third i of that sum.
TKKMS UF SALE, uaxh in hands.
E. A. Bhattom uttv.for 1'1'lf Rh't! V.o O.
Mur. 17th lSCl-'5tf Wu. Gld Uepmy.
Slut oj ' Ohio, Vinton Gmny,
Josiah Baker, ritlT.) . In Court of
against V Common Pleas.
John Swaiin et al. I)ofU. Order of sMo
1 PURSUANT to the command of nu order of
sule in tho above cause to me d irected from
tho Court of Common I'lens, ofthoafursnid ''ouo
ty of Vinton, 1 will offer at puljlk aulo, at the
door of the Court llouie, in the Town of UvAr
thur, in aforesaid County of Vii.tou, on
Friday the 5th day of April 1864,
botween the hours often o'clock, A. M., and
four o'clock P. M., of ituii'. day, tho following
property to-wit : 2 he north east quarter of
the south-west quarter of Section numbor
thirty three, (33,1 in Townthip number nine,
(9,) of Kan go number nineteen, (1?,) and ulso
the east half of tho north-west quarter of the
sontb-west quarter of Section thirty -three in
TownsMp nnmbor nine, (),) of Range number
nineteen, (19,) containing sixty acres, Also the
wist half of the north-west qnarter ef the
southwest quarter of Section number thirty
three, (33.) containing twenty acres mora or
leas. - And alao the north-saut nuartar ortha
I south east quarter of Section number thirty-two
1(32,) in Township number nine, (9,)of&ange
utiiitirar Binewen, ia,; containing loriy acres
more teas.
Taken m the property of JnY.n Bwaim and
wife, to eatiafy a judgment in favor of Josiah
Baker.. r- - - .
A ppraiaed as follows to-wit :' The ed acre lot
at six hnndrod dollars, (100,) the 20 aore lot
at o:.e hundred and filty-Bre dollars,. ($155,)
and the 40 acre lot two hundred and fifty dol
lars, (250.) and must bring two-thirds of that
TERMS OF SALE, east, In hand. ; :
ARC1I. N0RRI8, Shff. 7.06.0,
March 10r-64r5w By Wat. GoLDPepty.
I Of the condition of the Treasury of Vinton County, wish thf tmount of funds for
uuifwb uu naiiu, mr tuc nan year enuing Atarcn otn, 1004. t- : i , -
County" ""' . - Funds
"" l"' "" "" ' '" ." Bridge
1 1 .
St.8 Volunteer Relief
Military throueh State
Ministerial, Received from Sale of Soc. 29
iaiocnooi . " jg inj
I Total
;. Poor
. Military
Inflrmarjr, or Poor farm .
11967 3d 8
618 75 2
844 1 8 3
1736 90 6
' 1394 18 0
153 00 0
? 1911 16 8
r 114 77 3
879 74 0
9059 3
A. N. COZAD, Auditor.
A. N. COZAD, Auditor. HENRY REYNOLDS, Treasurer. Mar 24, '64.

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