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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, March 31, 1864, Image 2

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-'iCS lH
-!Hnrrh l IMrtl
l !li; UNION Sli- WAS. Tllh NE:iiO
MlllCUK UK IS. nn i tUc KnforciMiieiit
..I Hie Litwi KiiUi"t nil OificoM who
li.ivo naurpuil Authority, i" well nn the
I'topla who Commit HreHrhi-H ol t lie
1. iw.
o ' &TTkrTKNTLf,iSr(;.. A"avr'in
Aent, No.. 87 Turk Uow.N. w Vrk At
i:it8lrot. Bontun r our ApfiitK mlr
iitliorlMil take Wvartlnoment nj Kuli
crlpiiont for nt i.nr Tivt Ho'i-.
Proceedings of the Democratic State
Convention, March 23d,
Convention, March 23d, 1864.
Wo congratnla'c tho cntiro Dcmoc
i iry of tho State on the liict that our
I 'uiiverition was liaruioniniM. There
v ita that earnost 6iiii t of candi
il itea fur the variouu juia'tiona to he
fiilud, which wo alwajb like tn m'e in
fiir meeting. This is Iho natural
.....i.ll eif rnp ul ti(.'i i, inn t a I a m nn iv li,i
result of our Attachment! to mon, who
I ouestlv repiusi nt our view-i. Dd-
renccs of opinion aro to ho expected,
mid :rt taot must cxi t, or conspiracy
is tho result; Wat whon councils niecl
and decidb and violate no principle
i f the Democracy, it is aduty wo owe
each other to stand by tho flag an
unr organizations, in order to deleat
an organized and destructive euemy
of all onr rights and principles h
American freemin. Let the Deinoc
racy, then, bo a unit. Let every man
who loves his conntry 6tand by tho
acts of our representstivt'S in our con
ventions. We make tbtso declara
tions as one of the best friends ;Ir.
Vallnndiham has iu tho party. Wo
don't believe that thero was a man.
in the convention who would not
rather have votod for Valbindighaiii
for preaidont, than any other man on
earth. Wo shall givo all the inatori
al parts of the proceedings next week,
and refer to tho platform in this pa
per. The Statesman $tyr.
"The Convention selected as dele
gates to represent Ohio at largo in the
Democratic national Convention,
do.held nt Chicago on tho 4th of July
next, four of tho ablest men iu our
8tte lion. Win. Allen, of ilvss
county, JndgG Allen G. Thunnan,
r'rnnklin, Hon. Georj 11. Pendleton,
"f Hamilton, nod Judon Kk)fna l
Kinney, of Cuyahoga. These gentle
men aio all well known to the Democ
racy and the people of Ohio, who will
feel that tho interests of our Stare and
coutitry could not well bo entrusted
t:i more patiiulic, safer or moie com
petent haikU.
For Senatorial eh dors, or I'resi
deii'ial electors tor tho State at largo,
tho Convention was also fortunate
ita selections. Judgo T. W. Uartley,
of Uichland, and lion. (Juo. E I'ugh,
ot Hamilton, aiu the candidates nom
inatcd for thb discharge ol this iinpor
taut tntbt. No wordu iicud be wasted
in commendation of these noiuina
tionn, aj the candiilates nro well
known to, and appreciated by the
people of our State.
"For tlu various State oflioos to
at tho next State election,
October, the Convention nominated
the following candidate;: For Secre
tary of State, Wm. W. Armstrong,
Seneca; for Judges of the Supremo
Court, Judge Fhiladelph Van Trump
of Fairfield, Judge Macliias Whito
loy, of Hancock, A. .S'. Boys,
Highland; fur Attorney Genoial,
JR. Oritchlield, of Holmes; for Comp
troller of the Treasury, W. S.
l'reutisa, of Franklin; i'ur School Coin
missioncr, A !s. Ivainsey, ot Haidin;
of the Board
and for Members
Foblic WorkB, W. Larwill, of AbI.-
land, for tho long term, and Charles
Boese', ot Auglaize, for tl.o short
"Tho candidates on this State tick
ct aro all uitn of ability, integrity
and capacity. They mo just
men (suited for the respective- offices
fjr which they have beer: eoverally
nominated. Thoir patriotism
entire devotion to the Constitution,
the Union and to the principles oi
free and just government, are uu
doubted. We commend them to
hearty and undivided support of
Democracy and the iicoplo ol
"The resolutions adopted by
Convention breathe, the true spirit
and express sentiments
not only every Democrat,
honest man, who loves
and its free institutions,
desires their preservation, will rejoice
to bw put lorth by our blato Ctmu
lion, ad to which ho will accord
earnest and determined m.tmort.
..... . .
" I be Convention closed ita luhors
.... .... .
shortly beloie ten o'clock last evening
with tin utmost harmony- and good
'oeling. T hrou cheers having be.-..
Riven with a will tor the Constitution
I IH IT. llVI-lltlOIl ill -
Hnd I lie Union
Democratic Platform.
IV, which were adopted in iho com-
m ttc-d of niix tet ii.
on Kcmdtiiiun, repornd the tollov-!,,..Ht.
l-t I'uB'ilveil, Tlmt th" iK'inorrnt
!c piii'y id ii'iw, ns it i ver ha Ix en.
.levutfil ti. thu Constitution aa tnins
iniital tonaliy ili) Iihiiiith of tlat
iiiotniiiwnt, and i xp"iind d liy Jiftlr
Bull. il:llMOfl i ll. I .1 :lt-k A'MI, anil a
coiidtiu d in tlui virinin un I Km-tui-ky
resolutions of 17SS and 1799,
and a i-onstiu.-d in t'ie n port theruoii
in tho Virginia ljitiiiHturo, and that
fur thu in-inttnaiun of that (Jonjtifn
tion an I the piein-rvation l tie Un
ion founded under it, wo here, hh did
l''u I'utliers ol tho Hepnhlic, p'c lgo
life, fort ii no and sacivd Imnor.
2 Resolved 'I'll it we would hail
witU d.-l'lit Hiiy and ever) honorable
etlort toward a restoration of the nor
mal condition i f the Union, to wic
intfiiiu! puaco ami hiinnoiiy, and t'ra -
trnal ntfiction la twiin th several
Stilton couipnain i'; and wo regret
that the intiisur Hot the present Al
ministra'ioti prevt tit sneli dertir.ihh'
rcinlt.i, and wo nro therefore iincoin-pioini-iniy
opposed to iu cuiitiiiii-
anco in powo
3 Unsolved, That we aro
i to tho prosecution ol
' an' ! n rrnt ii ill nt tlilt St
the war tor the
I tho Suites, or tr the
of depriving th.-iu of their
sovereignty, or impairing ineirconsn
tutional rights, and heing satistied!
that its ennt inied prosecution lor bucu
objects will in tho end provo utter de
struetion of civil liberty, wo therefore
demand the immediate inauguration
of puiceable mentis to a'tain an lion
orablo BeUlement mid the restoration
of the Union tinder tho Constitution.
4. Kesolvod, That tho mob Bpirit
now abounding iu our land is the tut
ural and inevitable result of tho vio
lations of tho Constitution and the
laws by tho party now in power, ami
we deem this a pr-'per occasion to
new to our people thu warnings
Washintoti airainst lawh-Hsneea
Government and people. Tho tyran
ny of tlio present Administration lias
sown the seeds from which wo are
now reaping a harvest of ctimo
Tho report of tho committee was
unanimously udopted amid enthuaiits
tic cheers.
Tho Cot.venf.on then adjourned
tine die, with threo cheers for the
Union itud the Constitution.
filled in
There is to be no roviow ol tho Ar
my of the Fotomao.
General Smith is to ho next in rank
to Getieial Grant, and will really bo
his Chief of Stall'.
The people of Minnesota aro
have a million of dollars, to indeiuni
ly them for louses in tho Indian War.
Tno Ashley a new iron clad Btea-
mer, has been launched at Charleston
This makes seven iron dads tho rob
1 1 have uicr
in nave mere.
On yesterday SOU prisonors nrrived
c.t Animpoiia, from Fortress Monroe,
400 ol whom wero sirk. The condi
lion of soi.io i btyoiid donciiption.
The Christian Cnminipsion has for
warded a large number of necessaries,
for their relief.
Boats for Idaho leave Luciokso
tho D)t!i of April, and St. Joseph
the 2lfl of the lame month. The
river is anin closed by ice.
The Ohio Semite has passed
bill toestiiblinh a Hoard of Comtnis
sionors to axainine and pa3S upon
I . I ...... . .1. . L....
iniiiiary ciauus agaiui mio ciatu
glowing out ol Morgan's raid
Tho Ohio lloiiso have passed re3.
insttucting Ohio Oongrcfaiuen
of Ioiibc ol Ohio lrnm invasion.
to favor tho immediate abolition of
slavery eveiy-wheio by Oongresaional
u-.nendtr.cnt to thu Constitution. Tl.o
Bamo branch of tho Logislaturc has
appropriated 81,000,000 for tho dc-
Tho Senate Font oflico Committee
p I , i i
is iu lavor oi an overiami man uo
t ween the Missouri U'tvor and Fulsom,!
California. The cost is not to exceed ;
S 1.000 .000 a year. Tha time of run
ning through is to bo sixteen days.
Tho Democratic State Committee
in Feunsylvat.ia has been inotrucied
to vote for McClellan for Fresidcnt.
Southern nows reports that Sher
man and Hurlbut have gone down the
river with forty-two boats. Tl.o ob
ject i8 n movement upon Shroveport.
Our Cairo special this morning
brings ub highly t-xcit;ng intelligence
from Faducah, Kentucky. Forsoveral
days there have been indications that
the notorious General Forrest, with a
ot. force 0f ao0ut 5,000 men, was uiov
patriotism to j lu,, f0ward the Ohio River. Uo uiov
which, but eon Padocau, which place he reach
every his j e( aDCj attacked early yesterday tnor
country Ir-inir. Tho Federals under command
Lf Colonol Hicks took pissebsion of.
'tie j.-or au,j vvjlu assistance of
r!0 gtjuboats attempted lLcJctui.80,
iof the town. Foir.(it bihci'm1h1 i
. . . ..it. i .
entering too town. gluten ti cmpioie
: i i.i . . . i i
iy, anu wd m nro to several oi me:
PH'iK'.pal u... ding and. tun Bica.nci
Ar.zonut. When tho enemy attacked
tl.o foita they were repulsed, aud tin-,
ftnv WOIU
II I . . I .
coinneiiua w retreat, unit,
i tiit ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 Kin imii 1 1 iiiii uii i k it ii k 111 ii i vi
ir ipuj i iiodiI.iu fi iln I Im (.vinru
.. .. "u"-
, mcKt among the cit'z' D9, who seem to
hvtsn tllk,, ,y enr,,r;W W(W j.
Tif,t. tlioimand crossed th.-
river on tho wha'f boat, and aro ro
imrted to be in an exposed and deti
jtnto condition. Liter in thoday.tbt
'tiro ii. the ba:l part of tho city vn
dy inn out, an I tin-i-i1 . in uvie. r.'
t nriii n to witiieHo tliu wroek of tho r
thoiiirg and firi-aidcA. Tho InSRrQ ol
I killed an I wounded an? nl iivcn
! but it is reported that wotm ii mid
jehddien we id killul in tlij aciion.
Tint upper works of tho uunlKiats wne
coinpli tuly riddled. Km tln-r nowd ol
jt'iM noted jm-rrill a uiovonient will
bo lonktij or with inU-roHt.
AU xuHria, lioiiiaiana. lias Piir-
I'eiidorevl to the th-ot of Admiral L'or
Tho Army of Western Louisiana ie
in motion.
iNino Frencli fri;u'rH hai nppuarod
at tho moiitli of tlits Kid (irando, und
wero threatouinjj Matam ras.
l'li'dihi, Mi x ci, lias been captured
by tho Liberal Mexicans. They took
seven hundrel I'li-ndi und renegade
MexicaiM i-ii"iiera.
The organized miliii.i of the North
is to bo callo 1 out for six months, to
hold certain point whilu tho main
army inarches against Uiehmond
i (Jolonel Wollurd. of Kentucky, has
I i,n ,rM,,,;aj.l(i r,1IM ,t, Hi-rvieo bv
,l0 lre6t.h-nt lor his Piioech iu tPP'
i. :,:.,, t.u Abolition nolicv of the
... ,
CJ,.,R.r,il Grant is f.
, . ,,
.r employing all
. , . , . , , . I 1 I
the inactive G. n.-rals, and 1'
and McClellan, it is said, will ou
Do I. nave co.mna.Mis
ll.el res.dent hasse.it lor bre-l
mont, it is aii.il. and will soon
him 14 '' cniHiiwiid.
wur uoops in iirhwis. ro
inc on NorthtriiTexaH
A delegation of Indian Chiefs arc
in Was'iiiiton.
The llausa has run tho blockade
at Wilmington, N. C.
[From the Louisville Democrat, March 14.]
Brutal Murder.
Of lu'e we havo been called upon
to lucoid crimes which wero stifiicictit
to startle tho wholo civilised world,
but none equal to Ike ono we nro now
compelled to record in tho histories
ol the darkest ages, i lie otirraco
which wo uio now eomyenu-.i wi epeim
ib one ol tho most tioriih.u und bar-
barous we have ever known. On the
m-.iiiiii- ui uiu i.ia..ii. uiu wii.i
-.1 I ., I I I . ,...1.111 II... .1.. . I I - ...,!
William 11 iKghin, "I the
irnnl w in tniiiiil in 1 1 in n-iiiiils iiiinri
, ...... ... . .
Shepherdsville. Ihe murks ol viol-uur
ence upon tl.o bojy Bi-owea con
ciu-ively Ht..t slio had Ijcen low
dealt with. Tho fa.-.tb in Iho cast
were related to an oflioer, who started
in search ol tho villain- us wrtch.
After a short investigation, ii wa-.
traced to a negro who resides in
i'U;:hborhood, and who was arrested
i .j.,.,, tu j,,;,,, iU iiiz,4l0-h
-1 !uwt wlt.re m W.M .nfmed. The
citizens of Ihat place soon became
quainted with tl.o lads; and so in
censed wero they at the outrage, tha1
they gathered round tho j til and
manded tho negro. Al the time
informant lett, tho town was in
highest state of incitement, and
that thero is but little doubt
that thu norohos been taken by -
infuriated populace and hanged.
From parties who should know,
learn that while mrs. lloaluti
returninir to her houso she was
j. a (t,)tlt U.gT0 w, ,naill f
the ,Cttiri j j r j,,,,, wouj9 wl.cro
I ... ... '
accomplished hi hellish desires,
which ho murdered his victim
avoid detection. Wo did not learn
tho name of tho negro.
General Forrest and the Paducah
Expedition-His Loss.
Caiuo, March 2S. Forrest had
about 7,0' i0 men in his attack on I'h
ducah. IDs linu ol hattlo was two
and a hall miles' long Tho fiht
lasted all the afternoon. Fouras3aults
wero wauo on mo lort en wiiwe,
wliich wero reptilsod with groat
slaughter to tho enemy. The guu-
boats fired six hundred rounds. A
largo (ortion of the town ia in ruins.
Tho rebels plundered the stores,
and carried off many horses. During
the right forty convalescents in the
hospital were captured.
Forrest Bent a flag of truco to ex
change prisoners, but Colonel Hick
Three hundred dead rebels lio in
front of our fort. Gonerals Harris
and Bnrbridge wero with tho rebels.
Boats trom I aducah at uoou y ester
day report all quiet. Tho citizens are
returning to town. Several women
were killed during tho fight. Our loss
was fourteou killed and forty-five
OCT A whole family of thieves have
been captured in Ueverly, Canada.
[From the Washington (Pa.) Examiner.]
A Terrible Row.
r if . 1 ' . i til
vn iUt niiaT evening rri litngooM
urrjvoJ j , , .
M we infrmu,, seioua d,ffi
C, ,y oc-cuwd between tho.u and the'
..,;, t11Mii,. m,rnin .,,
il Tuna, tat?
VI"VU ....... ...VV...J
..u.i, u.un h,,!,. .a. 'i
i . . . 1 r
."Uliuu stre.t, near its crossing
i .... ...
w nK street. 'a . .1
Wheeling street, no Jul not wit
ness tho difiioulty, and the many a-ul
connictii:f reports concerning it leave1
. . i .
us in uucuiiHiiiiy as to now it m-gan.
Certain it is, however, thst fovcral of
our citizens, who wero in no wav en-!
Miiri.il in lii fi.rtil u'om al.,. ii , 1 1 1
Limit Hurt s.,vi.r..l ;..;.,p...I !
, J
IiiUiwb on tlio head. Ain-ily llm citl
jzi'iis, tho8o w un led wiro Dxvid (.
Wolf, David McCahan an I I5enj uiiin
forter. .Mr Wolf was struck abort'
tho Midd'u - tho ball lodf,'i:ii in the
bao.t ; his wound is regarded as ver
lanerous, BenoiiS doubts beinj; en
ti-rtained ot hi recovery; he is a civil
Id man, over six'v yours ul'io't? ami
passing by whon shot. Jn D.i vy
ii , . . .
.uct.ii.an s case, tl.o lull entered the
ewer part ol tl.o Ureas', and past o
Hear the stomach clear tliroii'd. the
body, ilia case is exceedingly criti
cal, lie id a mere boy, about twelve
years old, and while performing an
errand (or Ins mother, win brought
near the contestants and shot. His
lather ia a soldier in tho Army of tho
Cui.ibei land, and his mother is left
with a family oi seven children. lL-n.
'Forter a ii.mparticipaiit also was
j allot in the ktioo ; und painfully,
ill nigh not dangerously, wounded.
oiioiuy atter tne auovo occurrences,
Mr. Deiij Firady, while passing down
lk-aii btroet toward his lesidoiiw. in
company with a brother and a friend,
was tired at two or three times by
soldierj standing near the Fulton
; House, and narrowly escaped being
,., na .,,., '.,,. ..... ...
I 'M Ci IIIDV U 111 m vow nun 111 111 , k l
I of tho l,a!a Btruck the lower part ol
. m M buil,.
tl.e.n ponet.ating the basou.ent. The
.fe Jf .
iner A0 mrt,,c n nai.row
,livi , C0H0 t0 t)0 jihir u. htr tlw,.
ii,.,, nu.mediatelv fidi .inin.r Smith's
. - r j n
Huh) just us tho shots wore tired.
this conduct on the pnit of the sol
diers ia totally indefensible.
Such we understand to bo tho most
serious results of the light, and cer
tninly it ought to vividly impress ev
ery one with the necessity of taking
measures to koup armed men under
control. We havo no information
to who is to blamo for this disgrace
ful, and we fear in two chbcb, fatal
row, but certain it is that all the or-
oi no cxurcj8ed to prevent a repetition
tu,a ,,r0mi8CUOU8 eliootll.g. The Bo'
.m,u . n,afl;i,i .,,,.1
on Uy towar(llJ tll()8B ,
n red. Wo would try to
" . "
lerly elements of our town ought
III. iicen
lllpOII ttlO t-OUIICII tllO I rol'I'lutV
I t,u, ,,11 ,1 ,,,L;,,,. l.,.,,,.o l..j.l
i .. n .
.. W1UI1 uli.,o uro soiuiors in town,
mi,iu ry autlii ritics the
!ceeBity 0 i-xtrcising whatever powc
ty ol i-xtrcising whatever power
they possess over the soldiers. Noith
i r unliliors nor fiilir om bIiioiIiI lui
;mi,tt;J tu vmy W(iayom 0I1 BUC,
:n,lK;11,ia Ti.ij nra,t,M ai,.,Hi,
promiscuously among iiTioll'.-mliiig
citizens has become entirely too cum
mon, and must tie stopped it wo I.
to maintain tho ascendancy of
ain! order. Let those who have
fluence in theso matters exort them
Mr. Wolf died from tho effects
his in nines nt aboil lour o
Wednesday morning
Fruits of Abolition Teaching.
[From the Keokuk(Iowa) Constitution.]
The Mt. Floasant Journal of
week publishes the following account
of the shooting ot a ltttlo son ol Henry
Clay Dcnu by a couple of young hope
fnls of that town :
'Elward Fagan ni.d Harvey Willi
a .
lord, Doys oi noout it years ol
were uuore esquire, Jiemiiiam,
day last week, on a charge of shoot
ing a son ol II. C. Dean. They
on tho prairie near town with h
gun and pistol, when young
catno along on horBO back. Doth
at him at onco, but, fortunately,
was not force eoongli iu the charge
to ;njuro him. It is not supposed
that they intended to kill the boy,
did it out of puro 'cussednees.'"
Young Fagan and Williford
probably been attentive roadcrs
Abolition papers, m which may
found, at all times, abundance of
for just such conduct
that of '-shooting the son of H.
Dean." Tho Abolition press of
country has done more, within
hist two years, to stimulate and
into active developments tho bad
of bad men, than has been
by all other agencies combined.
improssion is constantly stamped
the minds of both young and old
the great mass of Democrats are
perht-ads" and "rebel sympathizers,"
and that they have uo rights of
or property which "loyal
are bound to reBpect. The shooting
of young Dean is but tbe traits of
vile and pernicious doctrines which
have been so industriously inculcated
for Ions months pust through
Abolition prc68.
Lied, at his reiiJetce, in 3 i-n 'IV
to. Or; on ttife '2'il ia.
The deceaieJ lc-an-1 V 0-."i wiM nl
a Urga ein-l of reluivs t:d i.i-'idi in
mourn the los of a d voi.l hiiibau-.l u:v u
eincere Irif ml.
S p f c i ;t 11 a ( i c t s
xi. . i at rv fiLr.VT'ttD1
k ,. m .in In. . I ifldal IIMlllllitr n
' r i4?r riiiMin ti m s; niwvi '
lTtm fm, f ,lP ,mwl p.ominn.f
iin4 t fim iiinnti ud r.vinfitoii. n-,
poking in tl liiu'ti term f Dr. St ii-k.
i ml IV Anti-Cheli-ri Mixiun-for ih? cww. ol
ilnntioM ami rtianterv
Tae It-iters air
uo Ion? to publish. 31r. Woods, of Cov-
iiigtun.Moa lie wts pronnum-fil inr n iatl
hy the Uem iloctorr ir. I'im iaiuii, nd "in
bintVnf Dr K-rickt ,n l Anti fho cr.i Mix
lure elTiTled a p-rnimiiMil tare afu-r suiter
ink; lor in hi il w i t ! i the v irst form of iliur
i ht n n.l itweuiery,
Aiioih-T .iv h. was discln rsit'il from t'li-
! I'mtfil Sitf si-rw e a'ter sinfcrni in itu'
j iuiiial fur 8 luou'ln o incurable, ami as a
l''"1 reouree Irird Stricktm fa Auti-Chole-wm
M Mix,t',re ,,tf " ,vc!l ,li.rt'cty 1,,d, hn? ",,w
iHiilprf.l t i annv Nomii in moo I lied I til.
0(C ,, xvrite;,wDh,a cored .venor eight
1 very bid eaae of diarrl.usi aud dysenteri.in
1 the barrm k bo wna in -villi one' boll lc of
ttii vnlmble rai'diciue. Iu f.itt we eoefl
fill tin If ur pder with similar ileitis fioin
tbi'ss leiii-rs. Why ilrvi out our tinveru-
incut secure this Viiluuble prepMrttlon.
Our army ottbt to tic supplied with it. Ii
i-. bit a short tunfs.iue iint uf our men
luid in a yprv low cot. i lion at one of air
Cincinnati H.)S,itjs. UU wifn wat scut for
iho doc'ors coiisidi'red las nn hopples ease.
She, however, gnve bin. Sinckliiml's Auli
Ctiuluru Mixture, und in three w eeks he was
iililc lo return luim: with Ins wife to .Now
Richmond. O. Ail these eases r ijirit al
bnii.e speak for thcuiselv-1. We hope nil
the. soldiers will put bof tie of it in thir
knapsacks, it niny nuve them or some ol
ihoir roniriitles. It is fur ettle by Druggist:
a'. 50 cents per bottle.
('.ic.NkATi, iiao 1, lf'3
T Dii. r. w. Kuback
Mv lOiu Si :t : I ntn Jisponsinji a fecund in
voico ofyiirKtnin;n;li Hitturn oniony thu Inri
iniiiihiir ot'im;ii who daily nrrivo attlo IiiKtiiu-
lion for rurrOKn-nont and rest. 1 ho nnivors al
ipitiniony in tlml tlao Hi i turn uro the be.it
miid'i. fur ihe yurioni snir.mi:r complainti
which urllict m many, t know ol' no r.nnoily
niil'e una ho Bao. I'lutiiri-h mysi "To rmk a phy
s'u ii.n wli;it i emy mid wlmt Imrd nfiliiiwtinn
aiul whut will ttiri co with iho rtotnech. U aliout
asroiiM l'i " t ilc whnt . nwool or bitlur,
siinr." I'ommiis wlni look out for broukerii and
li:ivn ynur Stomach Dittor in tlio lmno- t am
,uru will imver auk any nno tliu fuolinh question
pkou ol'by tlu unul pliil"?pliur. 1 muni nnt
ninit word or two for your I'atawhu liranily
I huve many niou liere who have brnnily rre-
seri bed for them by iliftinviiiKhoil Armv Snr-
2 ?on,. Tho cit'ect oryours oninii'h aro beneficial
far nunc o than rrom any provmiisly taken.
1'ori.oiis who'losiro a really puro Hranily cannot
fail iu their purchase ifthoy got your bran
I an, Doctor, with much ropoct
War servant,
(I.W.D. Asokew. Superintondcnl
IW Office and manufactory, No. 5fi, b
ami 6i Kast Tliird uree. Kor aalo evory where
to -Wov' f,th IM''J- snjmn
i n nei voiiH nunerers oi iioia ncxes.
hecii rcatorol to health In afcw.lnyn, nfterua
(luritoi nitall tho iikiiuI rnuline ami irr.-ular
moilcs of trvitinua.t witliont M.ccei. c
' r-..r il linnac'iacl ilntjr to eoniiitiin.Mte to
.,. ...,,.. ,i. .,,. r,.,
Ol . Ilunou. on tho receipt ofan addrfiwmd ulivcloiie.
ho will neiid n'reo) a t-ony nftho lircM-iirtiou
i ' w"l
Pireetto P. ,toni M. T?.i'isai.l, 180
ton Struut ltr.ok lyn, fscw York.
I M.-in h, May, July. Shii., Nnv . Jan., Irr.
J'Jcto btrtistmcnts.
Wanted' iinmediatly at Zalaski
Vinton County Ohio, (mi tho lino
Mnrrietta it Cincinnati Railroad,)
good wages will be paid.
Apply at tho office of the Zilcuki
Com pa n v
Managing Director.
March 17 h lS61.-3w.
couragement mt. SI HKKL.IIVD!?
C1URK8 Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat,
Asthma, and Consumption. It is
necosiary tor anv one troubled with
eomplaiuts to try one bottle of
Hlri"Mnml' Mellifluous Cuuxll Bnlanm
to convince them that it is the best prepara
tion ever used. It no! only cures the
directions ol the Throat and Lungs, but
cares Night Sweats and Spitting of
and is an excellent g-irgle for any kind
Sore Tbroat. It is pleasant to take, and
eafe medicine for infanta. Price 50
per bottle. Kor sale by Druggists general
b March 24, '61 ly.
ibis .lis tie jsing disease by the use of
Ii Sii lrnliini;s Fi e Keinril .
Read wl.al sufjerer aavs
Mr.,J. V. Hnzirde, lU-t Second street,
Cincinnati, O.. rat he his been a drtadlul
sufl'orer with files fir a long time, knl bus
!ri-d ..early ererylhiiif, and inuld obtsin no
n-licf. lie u?eil about one lourth uf a pot
of Dr.SliieklauJ's Pile Ointn.itil, and it
made a complete cure. He atvisei euiy
who is aufft-riiij,' to try it.
aol I Uv a.l UriiRsiisis. 00 no'Sixr p .
.WanuOiciiired at No 6 East Fount, sireut.
I'iiu in 'sti, (). Ask for
Maj-Jl '(illy.
L I F E O Ii D E A T II 1
Don't U Ilaek lo (he Win.
Mitny have died from Diarrlusi and I
eiiie'V in yur reRiitieii ma? Hike wi-ru-i
n ti; ami do no' iPturn withi i.t tupilii-g
your kinfi :n'k.- witii a bottle u: Dr. Sirik-t.-imi's
Aiei-Ctioleru Miitiire--ien,einl'i'r
lio.v iriDia were Biived la-t ;ear ly luKing
it after U-irij; din h ired an. I sent Iron, the
h.ipitaN as im t.rabfp. One iloe w ill nn
mediately relieve the in ist sryere -a."e ol
Uiarrhon-a ur Dysentery, It is mkiuml
iiljjed to iiiri1 Chronic Diarrlurn und D)s
emery, Nm don't i.pglect ii, r on your
ren.ru a ehange of diet mid wale:, ett.
will must certainly hrin on ()iunlui'i, an,
a 00 cent bottle of Dr. Strickland's liiti
Chnleia .Mixture will cure you and sprersl
otber.. It will keep good in any climate.
Do not fail to tell your i-omradi's to put
b.-.tile ol i. in their knapsacks.
Sold by Dnigjtist-aiidpreparrd onlv bv
Dr. A. ti t rick U ml. G Kjrt Fourlh Btr.i l,
Lineinnnii, .
March 2-1 'HA. 1-V.
J .
o'oiiiivi on
Soldiers wf think Dr. Strickland i
quite tight in advisiiijf you in his ailverli-e
neiit in our coliunm ol todays puper ti
inki-a botlleol bis l.ij;hlv recoiniiicuded An
li-cholern Mixtur: iu ynul kna's:n k', it
m iv cave tin? lives of many of oiii b.v-t sol
diers. Mothers. Si that yuur foii.i do not
neojebt it. You enn yt it ui ihe Drujf ;:tnici
at 00 ceiKs pnr buttle. It is the beM renw
dy fur Diardio-a and Dysentery.
Mur 21 '6-4 1 y.
Stale of Cu'o, Vinton County.
la Ohm i,f
t'onun' ii I'lem.
! !
John 8. Buck
Klincr Jones ct id pi ft
BY virtuo of in n-l.-r uf dale t. mo illrti'e.l
from tlio ('ourt of I'oiinnoii I'Iph.-, of V mt. u
l uunty Onto, will oifer fur ale al f hn loct ' f
tho (uiirl House, in th- luwn of Mcithur mi
SSiiturdny thtlZrd day of April tli4,
Botwun tho hoiim of ten oVhvk A, M arol
four o'clock, I". M., ol aiil iliiy, the til'"
i I'd property to-wit IMnf n pari a ( t l
iiuh-wet quarter ot Viciiim numbu tr.ir-ty-fivo,
(:ir,) tewnahip uiimher ten, (10 raiiTA
umiilier titicpii. ( 1 5: J htyintiin at i he mt lino
of tho hitiil quarter al a n.a,lii Ift ele vim iitti i
indianeter, fltry-eijlit rod a'ld nixtcn link a
from tho south-east ei-nirr , tliem-a north fort.1
rive ileirruea went, ili titjt forty-two roda to n
post ; thouco up Racc.ion ereck ;.c hm ro inc'iely
'wo thir.ln of paid erenk. lo lurnla dcmled Ui
Jainos McWhartor J llionm cxith iwcnty.twn
chains and night-Ave l.iika to tin. Section' line;
thcio-'ii wt Aro olir.'ina t.o,l M.xty ono linkn ;
rheiiee onat torty-nliie doirreas nix cla.na ut
forty link tna finite : t):f"ve nifrh' i liiyri , t
norlli ix cbnina ami lurty three .'iik; tniai e
north thirty-twn dceie.is, oant twenty ln ro.is
and I'orly ciL'ht litika Ihe plaid of liointiiu
.'iiiitriiiiii) thirty acre l.n '.ho n.wiio mure r lt-i
Kxi-e.it onu half aero tk-o.Ud to J.ilm Tioo i hy
aaid Pierce, together with all the r.vili-.c i. j
apiuitcnatieiia thereto ln-loiiging.
Also eighty wra hniiiu; tho we.-!, t.il'i.f lloi
north west quarter of Iho afjre 'ai l aoctiun, ex
eept tweiitydvencre ht'oro deeded t (),',ro
Kiekoy on the ide ol'iuii.l ciliiy lvrc',a!l ui
tow iie-hi i riuiulicr ton, ( 10,)or rangi i.uu.i vr,
tiflecil, (IS.
'fallen nn the property of Ktrrmr Jseeaeta'.,
to Mtisfy a.jml(iiiciit i.i favor of John S. I', luck.
Aipraiitnui.it mill property al three thouruti l
ei Imndred dollars, (;liiOO.) Aii lnu e!ir.!.l uc
tract appraiaed at four hundn-il .lilln', 4..
awl nuiet brintr twn-third i ef that nom.
TKKMSOF SALK, cnnh ir h .iol-.
AKf.1l: M.I'.IIIS
E. A. BnTTov altv.for ITlf Jili'tl V.o o.
Mar. 17th l'lll 5w W'u. Coi.ii l r,
SIIEKIFF'SSA I . F'.' - ' "
Stttl nf UMt, I'iiiti.n CiiWity.
Jneiab llukcr, l'lltl'.i In Court cf
ii)uin-t Cointoon I'leai.
John Swaim et al. ' Dufts.) Or r ol'm'.j
1)UKSUANTto tlie couimaiid of an order nf
aalo in tho above cauao lo nm direi to, I fr'. io
tho Court of (J"iiiinii I'lona, oftliealoia..i,l hh. .
ty of Vinton, 1 will ilfur at public aalo, attl o
door of tho Court Monro, in the Town of McAr
thur, iu af'irciaid duiity of Vii.ton, on
Friday Ihe Vtthday of April ls04,
hotwoen tho hours of ton o'clock, A. Mi, abl
four o'clock P. M., of suit! day, tlw f"lloni(t
property to-wit: 7lio north cast qbanar of
Ihe w-uvh-wot quarter ut Section number
thirty thrco, i 3 ), tin Town1dp nuinbur uinn,
!).) of Itaiuto uunilier niiiHtocn, ()?,) und atv
the ea?t half oi tho north-wesl quarter of the
ajiitti-weat quarter of Section thirty three in
Tow.ihI ip nniiilior nino, (9.) of Range nuuiher
niueteen, ( 19.) containing eixty acres. Alao tha
wiit half of tlio iiortli-weal qnartcT f Iho
aoutb wont quarter nf Section number thirty
throe, (XI,) containing twenty acres mora rr
lent. And alao the norlh-eaat ouartor of lb
I aouth co.t quarter of Section numher thirty -tsrn
I (32,) in Townahip numher nina, (9,) of Kanpo
miuintr niueicon, ( l, ) containine lorty aer
more Icbs.
Taken as Hie property of JoV.n Swaira aud
wife, to aatiafy a judgment iu favor of Joaiah
Appraised as follows to-wit : The SO acre tot
at six hundred dollars, (ffiOO,) the 20 acre lot
at or.ebu ,drod and filty-five dollars, (H5.)
and the 10 acre lot, two hundred and fifty dol
lar, (250,) and roust bring two-thirds of that
TRRMS OF S A I.K, aaab In band.
AltCII. NORRIS, 6bff. V.fo.O.
March 10, BJ-5w By Wm. GoLtIopty.
sions done
son men"
Of Ihe condition of the Treasury of Vinton County, with the amount of
each purpose on hand, for the half year ending March 6th, 1864.
Couly Fuuds
.... Bridge "
" .... Poor "
" Military
R.i. v.'.' n i- i Infirmary, or Poor farm '
Ktste Volunteer Relief .... .... .... k
Military through Slate .... .... .... "
School and School home .... .... . "
Township and Township Por .... ....
Ministerial, Received from Sale of Soc. 39 ....
School l. 16. ud 26
funds for
$1967 35
618 75 2
841 IS 3
7 IS 4
1735 90 5
1394 13 0
153 00 0
1911 16 8
114 77 3
379 74 0
A. N. COZAD, Auditor.
A. N. COZAD, Auditor. HENRY REYNOLDS, Treasurer. Marc 24, '64.

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