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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, April 14, 1864, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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""Tlict'frng'.h ut iheirition to ric upr
i to eteiy anntlt, Ii, i ii I tie m liitwiiaiico
it' iiiJit' lutl liberty ii il kiool under liie
......mMu-y ol the ...u i. iu llio '
il -ecli enl of pre.-a. Every wvtsioii tit the
u.t .iea iiMirMiiitii Jaii((rroiii i revolution,
ml not lo be joatirj-J by any lou ol teni-
porary e ipfdieiiiy."
Weiidtdl l'hillira expressed
n.e very instruiiic.it. thv buUaik. tin- bright
roiiuminiii' tluwet of kll liliiy. Th' tiim
t unit righm i, h n :l,ey 'a,.- .l.r.ie.l :
At." that cuininu.il! . winch inn's imi .ro-
td lis hnu.l.l.-st and ii iii.)-i h te I rii iz-n
in tlia Irrtrxi.rei n. of l.i. npiniuiii, h.).v
v: . Itllvl IIUHVH.I II. II. Illl, 1.1 XHlii '
i ..... i.
Tliip ia Ciod'a n n truth
ihuii wIim coui.l Kitv that aril liclii'vo
. . . . ..
it, mid abide bv it, its well when in
i.vertu vl.2ii nut. in liiii.iii.h as in
.!.(i..at !m mm ci' Nitiii-.,'H ii ,M,m .ii
.oKat.ia.Mo ... S.itnoa !.,..kin,u.
let h.iMM.eveulm he ...ay.
lint, lluve tnav bo 6m on the
Ihor side ol thUlImue, wl. win,:,:
.it (Iih t. in. AI.,.liiion;t. I'.mr amila !
. ., i . . . i
Oblyl.ll 4. UVlllll'l.iO., I lll'l D'HIlii .
1.111, il wi'iu bo'.t-T Iii !,u
.,10,, ,,o .,,.,,: ,
bps ii. error, than a lolh.wer ...
ita tnoii
: I -.11 :..
vi) ii B iii emu, iiinu ik .uniM.i-i in
the train of petty tjranta and l'"'''
miiui;ii'.ii. inuu huh mil v inciui
homo K-bi- obj;i-ti.uiablo authority, Id
them li-t'un L J iij.r.. Storr
'Ni) mmi can doitUt t''ft fni't. t!i.it uher-
..-oHl.; where kni.wblrj.) cirLiil.te, units-,
n me l icm is fur, u i, riii'.ni ij'n'r
trj iued, it ia no limber 'sale to .p rt-ss.
revere the U.iioti tiiat they hive lorn- J
od that noun nub.itau'ivo intj an iiN
jeetivennd styled tlioiiHt'lvce ' L'liict.
Deii.ocnit6,'' lot them hour JetV rsnii:
,-lf thme be any aiiionj ua who oul,
ia',i Uulisiolve 1iis Union, or to iJimiij;
ita rrpnlilicjii form, let tlrm a'.unl im.lii
tiirbv't, aa inoiiuiuent hi the tdfe'y with
which errur ol' opinion any be tolertfill,
when redaoit ii left Ua U coiabut it."
And, if there bj any ' Old Line :
WbiL'8" in thia Afac-ntblv. let ticm ,
remember that Wobater said
' free ipeucb ia a home-lirad right, a fire
fciile privilege. Ii hath ever been enjoyed in
i very house, coMag-iand cabin iu the nation .
Il is not to be drawn in'.o controve.sy. !l
ia aa undoubted a tho right of U.e.iti.1.1 1I10
..iror waltnngoitthcciirth. P ia a right
tj be m liataiueil in peace 01 in wa.."
nouiiehra an iiiiteptiideut, ina-i uliiie and ,
heartful ipirit." ' !
an. i, n ui-ro ue any ni;o w no
ilaiiii to bo Deuiiieratb. but who au
!J!JB.. JltL
mt Irltttblir ilJlllOrrat.
tij--- l-'v-r':"'a
: : : : KlMTOK. j
- is -
WlltTK S1EN fcllAI.I. KILE AllllHiCA.
TISl UiD4Y-- - April.
rr nn: l o.vsi ri TTiov as i" is
TIIEl'.MON A K I i' lVAS,TII-.M:;il(!"'H"
11 II i;it r: IJi: IS. and ! Knlorcemenl
f thn liiiwa hshIi.1 nil O.tierr. who i
l.art! tiaurpeil Authority. n well in. the
l'i ople who Commit llrinchta ol the
O M. t'KTTEN'JILL A CO.. A-ivmiian
ia Aionti, No. S7 I'ark Kow. Kcw Yuri &
f.Stalo Struat, itoatou aro our Agut.t and r
a'ltbnriiad to take A Jvartiaemauti and Bah
criptioua f'jf aaat oar Lowcatltatoa.
Withtl.ia boaniiful and apt qnotution tha :
Hon. Faroauda W..od of. Now Vorlf, olo.wd nia
.. ... . - ii. ...... .1 ....... t f
..oqn..w apc.cn in. u
i,T FaprtpClitative -.'ar.tinrj- titii Jji 4,
' raaeo reaoa : Uod ol our ratl.cra, ernnli
na iiaav
rao in niir h'tarta an l at Thioo nttara , pint..
the ra I ).;ra and thir bliifhtc t thnraa '
1'eaca for tba longored cltiea. and the l.osti
Tht....h aH l.l..'a,n.m,l tl,..n.nl.lh:.
FVnca for tha h'.mfle.' ami the fatliori -aa ;
1'caoa for Ihi capliva on hia wm.t way.
Aod the mad croda mhojeer lit. hrlpie.naai ;
Vor thorn tht auffrtr, Uiem tba'. Ho tho wrong,
Ritining and ainned ajain'1 Ond f"r all -For
a Jitfaoted toru, and btadina; land
r1! ad ilia gkd tidings 1 Iii va ua give uapiaoo !"
To Our Subscribers.
In order to meet expetices and keep
'he Deiiiurcat alloat, wo are compell
ed to charge ona dollar and fifty per
year for tho paper. All our eub6cri
lets will take notice that if their sub
fcripotion is not paid up by the 1st
day of May ISC i, their papers will
be discotinued, and accounts left with
Koine person in each Township fur
collection. The recent advance iu
paper und labor co.npell as lo do what
every other paper iu the frtaia lias
done, to aJvance on auoscription.
We hop the Djmocracy ol Viiton,
will look upon this in its right light.
and not ask of us tha publication of
tba pnpor. without itsioetiog actual
nut of publication. We hero reiter
ate that the 1'resi has uevor yet paid
us ot.e cent f..r our tima nor labor.
Acco.inia will be iiiiIj out to tit j Is
Base Lies.
o(ut trutf to hU iiiatiiicts, Brtve
... .
I ; u" i.- ! ol lest in h, Mr
. Mayo uf Butler was making n tivtiv
jonablu 8hji'ch, when Mr. Free "
liku;'jr remarked that ! had t'.Mi
Itho ich.)!a in front I, if tvvutitv ci-'li
'"bserved that "now wo will lioiH
Ii, . .i ,. .."ii .
.iruin the m.i.l, when ho uriwu t.,
,. ma, , ,;
' ... . ' , . I
,l:'C"""N ,ur H, "'!'""';'t"" ol thej
.. ,,. u-.. I. -it tl,,. I l-.H i 'i ... ! i
:.. .. , .. ,, , ...... .1
uu.,i-f. .i .uui cui.u.i u,e aitciitii.il iu
mu lact unit no wttd Deili,' iiihi pre -.
ai'iitml. he in a slinrt finm ..'.ton,,. I :
mHV . tr .,. . ... .,,,.,.1.1,
' rOjillU.l
not Bllii'irt tllClll.
'The Editor of I lie Jackson .Vfiir
months, and Iih cm!,! rkdit t'.cni
: ensured by ' resolutions of the
t iit'liae,"
. j,-;,,, it is a lie that Mayo made
' Ircaa. -liable Joined., on tho ncciir'io.i
rol'olud to, bi-cin.l. it in II lio thill I
I I . . I l '
I kkk said unytbiHL' abo.it Ii 'Iitmir at I
tho front, iV'j. nithon 'Ii ho did. '.iii'-
v nr.. : im ' n rn i ur:j it'll 11 I u I
ii.. ... i- i i ...... .i .
J i-
-tit roi.tc-n t, until iii-jmlui a nunerally.
!... .'I I II
. .
MUd. 1 Ho IlL.ta Wile Si lili1 V
itlli'Sc ill r-t-l.r t U, llio A.4...U ami'
ij ,, ,,.:.
0l) tI .,.....:. H,
!.!... - ..:.. . .. . .i . i. tl
!l(clivcl. . A(lti
r.-m.liiti.iii. thu -nmo uvt-iiinjji
sovt-ml apuku i n thu A frtc.it. aid.)
llio lli.iiso on tliufitniu Hubivet. which !
waMl,en ..,,.,, tc-d mtt.l Tuesday i
cei.ni, win i. me . 'i i.tan si lo n.nti
, . ,
eaine to tho rt'enu ul inobiam. anl
t tit. rl or, its wo are cuiteetly in fumed
wad exp'iiinin s-wins ii.wr.'iire-
( .. " .. I
MMiuoiis-, when tin.e wulkvd n.-ur tuj
May., and in Stance nskud il it
wua not iiioiviuiiKii'tiiut to etiiii) ul '
1 11
llio L'ovoriini lit than nnvth n r ...I,...
.... " .. ,. .. n
niic-u icji.,0 I in a sarcastic
ni.iuiu-r piTiiliav to hiinsdif. "Thut
il your roveinmuiit Inn bcciino bo
rultie tt,):' Jrruj.t, ua to l,a ii.mMo to
itiibranu a lion ami patrutic 1 rosa
your pmiiiiiicht oiiht t no down
and tho I'r-sa aliuid." Vum then
said ''you Hruii (iod rlainnjd traitur.1'
Mayo replied very coolly, "that he
waa not coinpetetant in his opinion,
to J ,,,ho what win treason, for il
!0umillllIl ,.., ,.,,., ,, ',.
boring under a hereditary d jfoetion
of mind, which rendeiod iiim entirely
U.uck Mavo, when in the samu ln-lc
;8!iind alinokt Kkkb' friends seized
ouiicient iii jti.ij
incut." Yum Iheiii
him and hurried him out of tho Hull,
.ii!B uioiucr lie immortal j. o.-mg
Jone o f the liiot b) sciz-; him,
and who as tmuil win ji.it foe Peace.
it ii ... ... . .
.nr. ajvo wont on urn nts ronrirKs
a though notiiin had haipjiiod.
llio matter inado
some txciteuiont,'
ann in li'i-)5 I tan lu'i.nlr mim.l.iu )'
....... i .!...
' w aril i y till no tea liie
. ,.. . .ni i ,,
hull win tilled with i). inocrais.
ioukI. when the blow was ft..iek
lierewas iiot livelK mocriiU vi t''
Ji.v.usj. Ihodrl.ru.cebf.vvonMAY-
iin-l .M:!:ui...vg,rd .o tholermgov.
. ; . i .i t.
lievea the C.t ItUioi, and Ir.wa U,'"'
to the gov,rn.eut !.ee ''''''!
believ.'a Abe. Linculn and tho milit.i
iivto be the gu eminent, a:id .Mr.'
May, in it was well understood had
reference to tho Administration.
We will perhaps have Bome thing to
sj.y honafter. in re fere nee to these in
taiuous rcSo.uti'iin ol ceninir.", we
ans did
The ring of true Metal.
il I'll i 1 i '
lion. Geo. L. l uh, declm-ii being'
a Senatorial Klector, on hcciiint of
his health and bis buisnees engage-1
meiits. We trust to beard- Mr l'.u.l, J
t,erlu,t bf-aki, kl,r.le t i.ic ,i..,ii,. i
. , ... .
t.oti he says, he is "more than ever
s'-tucheil to the orgau'zition, u-i wc'l
8.8 lilitlL'ipleS of the Deiliocr.ltic party;
. . ' .
ft,,, inte nds t bUDbOft the n(,lilil,..ea
. 'r
'Ol It'll C'llifiAO-fl llnlivcntl'.,,. " Tl.ia'"
l3 UIO BCnUlllClH Ol CVlTy trtlB (JlltriOt
, . . J
ot SOIllld judgement, it llUS tllO ring of i
i.i.. ... t, .i - I
tl'O title DclOOCIHt tVCTV tiling iOn'1"
iniiicii.loa. but iioil.in-r f,..-mn iv.,
it. , , , .
""u "J.'al
that il a certain man win nominated
by tho Democracy, he would nol vole
lor him, now this is all wrong, ws
must liaiu.otiiz), every voter must
support the organization and tho re
sult of tho consultations ol of our
Conventions or wo never can have
any rule hut Abolition rule. Are you
not all itware ol the lact there never
was such r.n uusciupuk'us and cor
ruot organization as that to which we
are opposed, und would you, ineroiy
because you cannot Lave every man
of your choice nominated repudiate
your party aud friends, and vote with
the enemy! you will do no end) thing
Every other man would havo the same
right to abandon your choice if you
should be successful in your favorite
this would produce beautiful harmony
ia the party, would it no'I Jf wo ex
poet to eucctol, wa - must allow that
lun JaLOtntal Uoctiiuu of the parly io
govern, to wil: tliu majority shall
l ti i . . .
rnlo. This too : wo ever expert to'
., - . .,
truction bjr tho vnnw'als who aro a !w
81 basuly adininiateriti" it 'lha char
ncter ot tllO tllri WIlO WW reinuseilt
t'lii UeniOLTHeV at nhic.n.o will Im
a-i "
a no itaiian:uo that a true it::tti
10 t,l( Gonstitntior. will be placed in
to rid oor jwoplo without msntA t
parly cl tho do8otiam threatening
our eoiniiion coiintrv.
The Democrat.
L'15" l'11" HiU m.t .important you
''Ver luid. L-t in nil tiy what trim:,
j t, , t J . ,:
'J 1,1 lltUB' iaV"
uu" ul vluW
Will cur IritTi.la ii. thr (J.Hintv its
lflt IIS III (C!': ll'l ll )
I i i' i : . . I ... . .
i- . ; . .
i. ii . , . hi. ii lun'Miii ri-iiu in ill u
.nil- ilt ii.it ii-. i .i..ni.i..i...ii .........
..... u..iio... i.iai j-.u.,;
t.ltWIKll. .u.. ......... I'l.
. j-. fc , -
llf 9 - er annum, llio cjiiiii
The Democrat. Hon. A. Mayo's Speech.
liof.ir.t in thu IIiuVmi h.w.ai-j,. it n ivor I
j u ...i ... t .. i
. ...,u. uj mo j'icouiii ,
J ije inpwer. ;
.Mail; Mr. Mavo'a laiiL'ti.tJ'o. it ia'
.'i..,i .,,..,,...1.1
... ., ...
!U ""S Wak I'liM.-
-;;; ' -iw n..
Miyo of Lultlur C llns euceesaful
., , -.
..rt uf ti..i yom, Domwatic Chan.
, r niii .11 j . .
' . , W vtri;t,
wi" ' read with more tlmri usual in
'"reel by tho poni.lo of this country,
a m . 1 - '
Nav 6.,..M.t, tho
. . 1 1 1 i i
r ix-u.iom -n uii i reus, nun tuu unpor
laiiej m Its prob'-'rviitimi is now ol
'riuiap relit, ymi instantly see the pur
t'"'1-' 01 1110 speaker, Inn prgimier.ts
.- .' . ... M . . .
.... .
ro n.ntet, naruml, oxpHeit iiml logic;-
Hi yle tncU
ishrnonts fi8 tho severest critic cannot i
i . ... . . .1
iohiect 1 1 nil 1 the wImIo sueefli is',
"'' p i -i .in ii.iu mii ii-jcb, bo iui i
ltly 'n-isertanmd in their uieaniii, I
in thu cmirio of Ji-I ato niuleftbrii
til assault, mi Mayo n few evening
8iiIi,ijiion', when lie undeitouk to
correct their nrsrfpresi'iita'ior.s, ol
t'-is upo'ch. The Tross of tho State
to which Mr. Mayo formerly belonged
wil bout regard to party, owe him h
!ft,,ti"' l,ol)t' ,or I''9 h!''u nf patriot
utteucj ot llu rights of a free rresa
iu i.i ii .mi.)iu ri-nii', uui we,
Idueiiian vxcollfiicd of tlio very first !
order iu li.o speaker. This speech I
ariHiiutl tho Itlnolr Ii Id U ma f . I
,3 n I....M. i.: :
aiiuli a Pitch, that l-ree ol the House
. l'r":l 1 U'h. S. ,,U
The rain b.n rendered t'10 road in
so bad a condition, that the urn.y of
the I'oli.Miiiie c.iunut m ivo.
Forrest, with A l irgo foron, ia ra
ported to bo advancing on L'mlucali.
,;, n ,nJ .tiil ;
I I,,. . ...,.. . n. I i .
wii.'i'ui i 'j ciuiin n, unit .iiio italics
' "
Ci,.M d,.,ed T,ict an 1 lirn. in
Vmk ut 171 J Vett-.-rd.iv.
j,iirJ (jf V.,,,rog.irds army
aw :a wf I ,
linn in Now j
""'I i
II- tJJ'-S illlHt;u ill, J iy
r.i .1 kmi.. i. ... I .. I 1 . I i .. I
way to D.i'.tuu. .1 ilniAtou'd C.tvaliv j
ire tictlvc and du
0 .IS ill lnv
is at IiKiiiel Hill.
. '
Affray in Coles County.
Shameful Exaggerations and Misrepresentations
of it by the Abolition Press.
[Special Dispatch the Chicago Times.]
MATOON ILL., March 31.
VJ w'Vn uiv .iv. ijuuiicii. mm Hi
thlg CIlJ tl,c wi;j,.4t ri .U)j
jibe gnsscsts misitateuients are indus
triuuily circtiluti.il u:id telegraphed all
uVCr ihe country. Fro:u a visit to
ail i ti e BoldielS to Which ! in l..r I'm.
l"'11 mc owiuiciu, 10 which nrj.ioi coil
tl ibutjd OilllC IU IllUcIl if not lllyle
,i ,..l,....a V ..... ..
polll.CS, iHll'J CltlZjlia If.im
Ot Win
Great tfF'its are bein mado lo;
give the recent I rouble at Clitl;:5t on, ,
id tins county, a political bigiiihcuiiC'Ji
. I ; i f I f , ,
''ton this altomooii, and couvcr
lutu.n vi'ill. nuinv ttli'i .... r)li.:t.'.t...l 1.,
i.w. ...v.. ........ ...... i'iin.i ;hwi. hi
L, w,l(. :i r the ,ir,rn,ni,.
affruv, I bay j been tua'ibd to arrive
at 'he CJl'ICCt lacts iu the C.I.S0. Fol
. . . ...... I . I ,r
l" U1L''
loir.e time past there have bo.:n nlL ays
nt Uhailestun and in d.lLreiit p;iit.i of!
O'olea L'oii:iry between t!u citizens
( I,.I...i I minrv
U'H '' BJttlcinent had been q iite
roughly handle bv tba soldiers, sever
m; it is reported, on one or
two occasions wsiatcd each other iu
beating citizens. The pjuplu of this
neighborhood became mu:h incoused,
and determined upon revenge, which
they designed inflicting by the same
means they claimed the soldiers hal
resorted to, that is iu superior num
bers. L-iit Mun lay waa the commencement of
the epnnj; term ol Court 10 Colee County,
a ujy which 1111117 tun ni are accuaiomcil
to liaitlhe County Seat. Hon. John R.
C.len the Democratic member ol Congress
from ihia Diatrict, was aim aJveniacs to
adilrea his coiiaiitucnta. The two evruu.
would neceisarily bring a larg number of
people iogtner on mat day, and Mr. Eden s
pioinised address nuke iheaaseinblage large
ly Uemocralic. The people of O'Hair's
settlamiiit were aware of the advantage
the would have ou that day, above all oih
et in an aiiray wun the aoldiers. They
believed all the Democrats preaent would
participate and give the soldiers a sonnd
drubbing. Tluy conceived that some inter
ference would be made with Mr. Eden when
he attempted to speak aud accordingly, about
unay ot tneui prepared lheinae:ves for thi
ueleiiaire or onenaive. aa ci'cumstancee
should reauire. Soma of them had nUml.
and othcri ha I jmis cpiiuaki iu their wiz'
i ol 'V, . A wnnui.- .iter, it u .aul.
. Uf" 'na piatol, w he, her iii S.l-e ir
, Uui, u..t k ,. R,!v,r, w.re .l.aw,,
;--e UJcd wilh ,rrible ,0.,, waa
l' "'- ''"t fum wiih which the i..,.l.r
'on, O-H.iir'a iK-ighborhl were ,.r,.vid'a.
teni ;tt. t to pt-eiipo v ruiiuiiiii into the a. n.e
'!' J , Jei:kin., a very eaii.nablc citizen audi1
a .(, ,,jclli A volley was fired whioh
kiIK-d boih Cooper and j.-nkiiu, ia .kin-ihel
total uuai'jer ..I k il.. I i ......?.. t.i
f"h u,u,e' tl 'w. Mr. Elen arrived!
, "bout two o'clock He quirklr aaw tiwl!
both soldier a,ui iii.o-i k 7 .
lu,"' ati.uieraand cituru hJ bjen drinking
, " 'L-' 1 e P lJ ''riesiou,.,,,,,
vuiM' r-,U.i,
. . f, , ,
J. It. lile.l ll'Ittl.Vl. ,lMlni n i t it tt 1
f i i'ui U..11 ..una
" ,ro ''''fion. Mi ,-.,.
Z Z'T 4," 'v0 X i"'0,V"-1
. .1 .j,!. !. t . . .. oii ink n 1 Jiiit
i.uuu.f.: in. in i.nn.pi-..u i ii.'i ..t u..i:..... .i.it.
ml,c mnnr.utui wtitcli h j
Nee...ed .so myt.injl ts did not visit. Iti-
""l?""? nd laboring under quiio a degre
' exJteiiieiii. n.l iliut a spi-ec!i would n-
iiii-lv w.t h : ' ... ' '.:..
u!m.t ..i in I. r.'i!.....i ..Vi .,. ,
I ,: "
I, .
I lie ItMlllfllf
i. , - - a
Mr. Gdeil Iff! tu.Tit hpfn-A -I.... I., b ;l
- I . '
some lioi vere eiiteiuiud ol neieuii;i;
ny ilialurbancv. About lour nVloi Ii w-
fr, aauliher uam-.l Oijvir tJ-1 e, in jujij.
lii'ga cillsMi iiauir-ii Arluj.) SV.-I! i.m
l'iiut linn, B.lii-,1 if Miur.t were a. iv C;i
i (xilk uds in the enmity, aiiu he foiilu wiii
ny Cii..irli-ud in llie'to.uilv.&c.uii l tinut
lv ,ts"Jd "ells i h. wrc a Coiiiu-rliea I.--
!! ri'plie.l iii the iiffiuiiUive. Si'eepul
i , . .... .... nr .
"'I 'in
1 ftthiril l;r. n il l KlPpptfd
i..ick. u i ,f yui lav yiw i.jn , oll
. .
i -..Hi .."
I mi iiroi null t un
i me l ill aim ; ,on." Sulea he wuuid
- - oi me Sl).a, . wvre armed wil.i Re
. i , , . .
""""" '.
-,.1 u
a,, of .he Kinh lilinoia al A. Sw.in. J
... ...r .un-e mumw .ttiur iocir ear
I uoouncli au l W. (j. ,rt of the mm reg
j i.nciit.aiid N. Wella. were moriallv wnim I
ied ami liuvrt iui: died. Col. M.lih.tli. O
Sale". J. X-er, V. D-ck-r. (. 11 u. L.l.
""""i"1" ' wrrr inorwiiiv .voiui I
,e.l ami hw. ,:i,: died. Col. M.uhMi. O
le. J. N-er, V. D.-ck -r, f. ; b. J.
i ,y'ji,i' 8"luic'''- w'.rB wounded, m wvre also
( W 111 II 111 III I T,i .i.l.l. .... I U HJ . . t .
'ii..ynj, uuu
d j),1I10.rais. Tho nun hum 0 Itiii'a tli
ilmnem thou left town. Mioui lulfau hour
. , .... ... . .
'- ticii ie..-gr.ip iel to Mato-n n n.l
v: i ..r i. : . '
- . i .. i.;... :7,
MttiK-ii ol the fuu-. I. inlniTd insiy ol
lh! if.iple lu return to tin ir Ii mies. und ovf 1
of tlioac tid mm. nuti.i l,p,ir:ion
- i.vv,., 'i.ici huh oi.iei iieiiijcratBinent
lie naa orcil tll.lcuvoii.ii' lo prevent.
Iu hi were prevolnit ili-it smuo three
. ,,. ,,,, , ,,tu
en ...ilea wrat d ih,a pU.e bot tu For ly
a.-ve,,t u,h luliana ,,,! f o.ty lirt itlinoi-
ii ll i Hi C" hclo.o it,,li,l,t,hia
i. a.,d lucei to .l,?a,v,r lraa ol tho,cMheir
....... Koi-e.. a cam,, UllUil V.c.iiuy. K,
in tr. ..I I 1 ,..... ... I . , t
... uuuiui.uio ii. lll',IIHI' O.I HI III 1.01
am. uiarleatui. origin ited either in the le irs
ol ajun- people, or circulated bv others lor'
aliVl. xNo ilaujfer ia upprei.en l'-d, and the!
Forty se leiith Indiana has already left, mi
naa also a iluiachuiit of the Six u. Miliar!
c.'iii.iiuided by Lieulniant tialva. Tue For!
ly fini Illinois ill probably have in the!
in .ruing and iihihe wiihdf.il of iroop
Hie exeueui iu will subside, lenrs will Krol I
im.iy lilt out, and llu uau i. q liji be r Mur- j
... ; ...T.. 7U ... nw: ",l tlw U''J .
' u iiu.i a iii.-iiie.ii 'ir. wdi iii 'lily
repfelk-iiaiblu. j
Monday waa ,l r,,,t dav of the CI,.
t,r-l Uourl. nil I u larjj.? inimbjrol' lh.
IIU.I,.I.. i I
u. vy...-, v iiii.i, nrIK i.i h-l-t.'Itilii;.
In Ihn ul',,,,. . ... I. .. r
I,. ... nn, i ',j i n i in, ,-r , i w i tuna ...u...'
the C.U.. llou J Oae of tl, ' m, r i
r M VVe!is
S'n.i puM.ed, when he at ii ted lint lie would
. v. " one nn I ill lieslH, '
H'.m. Il laal.-iled, lo.u ver, that Wei a ivaal
L. l Mt.r lu.l. I. I - L . , .
K -. .at. I Was 1 ih l :-it ,1.,. L-.H...I t'
ilti'ti iiecame Reiieral, when J)r. Vor!-
to the J.iorul the Con.11 h miit un.l .1
... 1. .1,14111. ...v,.iu : k. 1
V 'r i.niur. ojiuo otiy
lhat waa near a.iot and killed him. Cl .
m.ie.ieu w 19 Wii.l.i L-.l i.ii., o:', ,.
Latent ul! (j lift.
1. ...... .1. .. . " '
r.i 1ye.1l
il iscli rt
L,ii's' ltu:n umokk f ak "i a Cam
r-ua.N Death t, tIL, itr. lJi-i"a
dier Gun. Wild, at Norfolk.
dinate to Major Gon. Uuth r, to whom
ho recently rendered valuable assist
ance in fighting one or two preachers
ol the gospel, now issues uu cider
that reads thus :
[General order, No. 6]
[General order, No. 6] HEAD QR'S Norfolk & Portsmouth
Norfolk, Va., Mar. 7, 1864.
'. L've
I'1.9 '
Lot every fourth dor in this diatrift
" O .-a
'rovot Marshals of Norfolk
and i'urtsmout will see this order e
I5y cominand of
Brig. U.'ii. E. A. Wild.
G.II. Jr.riNsroN, Cnpt.Aea. Ajt.Gen.
(J.M. WniLDi-N, Lt.Col. & I'ro. Mar's
Women, preachers, newsboys aud
dogs There's military fume ! Cae
sar and Napoleon will become dim,
dull nobodit8 besido the brilliant
Butler on the historic pago that Bhul
yet bo written.
LLr juage Nonstable, at the rcceutihve
term 01 mo uircuit Uourt at l'eoria,
Illinjis, decided that the law of Con
grcss, requiring processes issued from
tho Circuit Court to havo 9tanip3 on
them, was unconstitutional. His de
vision is, substantially, that the Gov
ernment has no risht to interfere with
tho process of State Courts. A eimi
lar decision has been rendered in one
of tie courts of New Yo.k.
DIED. On the 2nd inat. of Lung ferar, at
tha reaidatca of her Father Swtn Tp, Miaa
IaaaiLi, Dzriati, Aged Bavantaaa jeire.
On the ltb utt. of Diotheria. Mr. Oto..
I Man, Agad Kiiity- aeven. Deeeaaed haa
r0l"aeal ortb,,
count for tba paat 11
L"" g"!"5"
S n r 1 W
' r 1 4 4 " i
- -
""Jth r saya h.t was dinch
.h!"os f,'tU:-e 'r n
K"l""" "'r S ",."n a"
re:")llri;0 'Mniklti) Pa
ra Mixture ho wot well directly
birra.ks he wua iu with one" buiile '
ralu.Me ,n-di,i,ie. u (Z Z. co"
t"''1 hdi u.ir paper with similur items from
1... . I . .... . W 1. . i
. tutu iii n verv low con 'iiini) hI one ol inn
cinci.ni iti ll.npitala. uU wife wa- aem for
'.',u ,,,"l-"or n '"'l"'s
She, however, gave him Sitieklnntf, Anti-
i v . ...
I Cnolefa Mixnire, und iu thiee week a he won
Ul,. ,., i,.. ,i. i : .. . 1 v
:....ifHietl ft" vr. aii.r.n the ineana ofoiire.-
l0 will wnJ (frew. ,-. of tba rcMilptlon
1 mm I. JJirxet tv l. ,lo:is !it. l).oaLL, 1J Fnl-l'0-tliinU
Mtrvet llr.iukl.ii. Ng Vnrk.
irev;iiieliiond. O. All tlii-ie cases rieht at
Ii..ii, for i!.e,.i,y,;,. W hi. nil
.he 6oldte,a will put a bmtle nf it it. heir
.nor.'knapsHfkvitin,! save the,,, or a!,n,o o'
coniratlea. It isfor ,uf bv Wnt.'.ria.,
To Norvou Suffereri
rera nf Both Seiea. ,
lii'on restored to health in a lew .lays, after on-
dor:nKKii ilit niul ruuUiu und irr.-uuinr n-
NMew it lileM .lurt to eomiuuniot to Bil
atiiivi.i iumv v m ii I .lie nivalin iiiviun.
' II I . .:. . i i . . I I
fitiiiiMi. uii ino rrwiiu ni an a.iiirna-viii Bnvtfinpo.
Mar.-h. My. .lu'r n. V . .Im.Jir.
llu. i I . I
iiiinollm f ir-nu:i orr..i.rit.i r.. tl,.
a.i.i.i- Ii;ilrh, wlti.:ti ha. bvan give
5 In im? .1 rim inr. n.ir, I iak
y .i.-n,ir,. in .i.itin. i. i he pnu:
r.V III .1 UlcV .iro . II L-n.. n in .1..
.V)r iii...li.'n ur..ioK-i,.ii tl, ho.minrf '
A lruiortu ,urol tonic, and the!
Al Mimoinatiun i, wutU-kiculiit.-l, rikI
wyi'l''r""J amipiiiii m Ili.il i:Ift44 ul
rfl V7 """'"a" 'r" " illr.ln-d
Bl'ji ciu.lition of tlw l.jiu'lc liiuti.in-,
" t ('tiuriil dvrun 'iii-iii uf il,.. ii.-...
win iii" ii in thu iiialiil'ioii. Ui'.ricla of tin
A'oal l.ll.l i'M.tll . TllfV onnlain a luron i, ,,..,
ti.jn of tonic ii.u'ra.lisnij tlii.n any other H'Uprr
ui..iri iu o.ieii aui.milla.l to n.e r i hcinioul
nxinniiiiiiioii. t bj-puK lor them a wide aiirea l
popularity an I cordially coinmaud tham to the
public UH.
Very wKpictiully. 0. YV. OP.DWAV,
A nntvti.'H I r'h.ml.
1. I)!ARRH(K NITTjLatkkV
Wi' have pj i niined a great iiumber n
ltri Iroin anrn of lh' most prom inrn I
ti.-na of Ciuuiiii iti and Covin i;tuti . pti.,
P'?ikiii! in tho highlit tenm ofbr. St.i.-k
ml Pa Aitli-Chnlera Min'iir.' for lh cine nl
diarih(0:l uad (lis niury. Tne lelters tire
ioo loiiif in publish. Mr. Wood, f Cot
lu(t.nuja he waa prniiminced i.ir.mablf
by the bet doctor ii, (,'im inimii, Hii l nne
bottle of I)r Sirii:l,lni,r, Anti Clmlerj Mix
tine ellVcied a p.-riniiienldite ufn-r Bntlr-
mi lor in in Uia wilh tlm worat form ofdiur
ll.l It Mil
ir!.l from thi
.fortii" in tin
,iu ic, nn, i ua t
Auti-C'h do
B.I 'J 11.14 111. VI
entered the urmv ot'iill ill t?ou I hnalib
u ii! iii in u n i. r,. i, i..i.. i o. . .... ...
'..,.. .,, i r i- i i i "
,ert bid caaes of di.irr iiniaiid di-i.nera i.
u"0-" y aaea not onr lioverii-
. i . . .
ini! valuable prei'iirltion.
II .r Hi-mi .in .l.t I., t... .......i: . . :. v
U hi t a abort time.
".i0ii. ii. .- B ijipiii:.! lll II. i.
HI 60 c-MilS DiT b ttati
. '
I iMspiiiery,
nne out; ni our men
JIfto trtisemtnts.
''ei'loretaeVASatidarnirTliluyrb,,, :,u
utiy,r.K?!' '' -i r.... i-i v,,;.
I orlittiiuiiih aa I Cincinnati, aa f.,.,a
vJiT I'T 'A
p8o!l":"4 A.M.. 'arrivuV ta .lai-k...,! a', lnj;".!' m"
irr!u,,j nl II.... I . . I In,, . . . I . .
?"vuu" wu" i n4 mi m iii. i,,,, i.r
"""i " :u ,i..u.; urnua ul ('in
Cl'l' All III I' l
- - .......
. !'J'VT TVJ " S 30 X " '
V;..-r at 4.-5 P.M.: arrivm at f.iru.n ,,
.1.... I..! ... m.. .
, "'" i ra.n tiupari. rrnii. IVl-
"J11," Bt !:1 ' : I'l-aear at l:i:,
. Ham.l .).;::. Ii,paria H;lo .
rv, at laot.ot, hi: mriveaut IM. nc!-r al
": J-; "'..I arrivci at I'-.rtMuouth at ll:-,l.
-..r.a .. 1. 1
jrrit'ii. ii J....'t4 mi at 'l::l
. .1-1 . .
1 iiriitfii ii.-kuta... Uinciimnti
( t P..ni,i,.iuli. Portland, and Ja.-k.ion. a!
I ' ra-ca:
''nrt.'in.iii'.h t. riiiidniui
1 1 0
I'..rtl.o.d ,i
Jurks.itl ' ,.,
t'r..ll I'tlt-lnniith t
fine! tn. a ti and rotuin
j r, on Tickutafroi.t I'urlamouth to ilaticl-
an t I'arkcrabiiri', f 3.1'fl.
K. W 1.1.. ir. Aa-la-iSitp't
r.!b.a-,lhbl r.
ll.'i.ry ShuatiT Ouardian of JolmS., NUrv
A.ati l William Sinister miliar hcira ofatil
'iraianha6!pd.ia aocounts f,,r iu..pa-ti..n
'ti-1 partia. b.lilariwnt, ai anch Ganrdinn, and
il he lr hcarii.ii uu the 7ih da of M,.y A.1J.
. Richard :i:aim
Jnl imi 1..f(w Probate
Daniel Ncnnrmiker. Guardian of the
eslale of William Dixon, Jacob Dixon,
Joseph Dix.ui, Margaret Dixon and Mniza
A. Dixon, heirs ol Joseph Dixon deacaaed,
una llicu 1113 BCCOUWS ll)r IHSpeclloil 8 lid
partial icltle.iieut aa such rntardinn. h.i,I
will be for hearine on the 7ih .l.v ,.r
AP j1 U-lSfi.-3w Probate Judoe.
per cent. I will be iu attendance
Tho tax payers of Vinton Conntv
are her by notifijd that the Tax Dul
plicate for the last half veara taxAa
of tho year 1SG3, have beon placed
in my bauds tor collection. Upon nil
taxes not paid on or before June 20th
isrji, the law imposes a ponalty of
at the Tressurei
Treasurers office in .McArthur
until that date, to receive the same.
Treasurer, V. C, O.
April 7th. '64-Cw.
The nnderniftnea wialtoa to Inform tba citizen,
ef V in ton. and aarronnding Countioa. that they
have eetabliahed a Nuraorj at MoArthur and
wiuaeep vouatantly on baud, every variety
Wa now offer for aala. 20.000 Ant... .....
20,000 PeMh treea, Pear, Charry, f Jnmb Ac
va tug VVIJ lDBd TiriBWDB.
Theee treea have all been ralaed ia Uockintr
touuty, audbeine aodi mated are preferable
to treea abipped from other Stataa. Tbay are
two vaara old thrift and in tha ht a:,:..
all e aak la that theaa wiehlna
oell and.ee fort hbtn.elrea. "
Dec. Ii 63 3me. J. 4 w. COLD.
W'e have litis day iuniderible enlarga.l
I" V" ol'" Slal--.iii.iil, un.l
lo w iirnit
it on pliiii. and new tije, and eh at white
In polilii'a, The Ohio Siatesm-ti i- in War
aa in Pe.o.e. lor the Couti r,, for tfeC.n.
aiiintioii, und I. r a Union 0f i tj'ial Staica.
Willi ffpinl pritl.'gea, at.d w i tl, ffj, ,1 j.,,.)
PMirt jm n: t a 1 ;U rittx -in. V t. ttre ur
lh' old Flaj;, in'li not aStar or Stri.(rras.
cd.aud i In) o d t'.o.'ii a lar aa ii i po-jih'e
to iraiorf ii. aim f..; tl..- e'.:Mig Coaati.u
lion i.i i: spirit, lettrr, ami pii.posB.
t)i.ni ilia eoii.ini; i-vepa of ihe year, rest
il... i.nprH iii th,. Pt-o.le ..ml (Jovi-rninent.
W'e are lo Ihe n.i, of a bloody and prolan,
exl tiiil war, In tluiaiioi. ai.d ch'tM-ileprna
upon a wiser, tinrruii.l ii.o.p palriolit- pnli
:v iliau we haip aeeii during ihe prew.il
A.I. tiioiai ration. owe il l. the ni.-iit ,ry
ol oor la'.hera, nod to liie Inija ol our t hil-.In-n.
loth- f.rurrol nut lonnii,, iU,,l toil, a
lien' i itrrsi4 ol uiitnkiiid, to rhmij; u puliiy
whii-u .:ri ling hiriht r and .i,thir Irma
il.e t u ml inurka of out paliio icire.
The Stuteii.Hii ill do all it ran for
ihoso purposes, and henep, the puhlisltpr.
i. 'Viiesoppori and ini or..j;enu'iit f. urn I'll
i hose who. while wi-hing lor a f...i. N.-wn.
paper, iil.su wish to have a st u.oJ Co,.sli'ii.
ii. 'iiiil Jii.in nl, .
We puhfsh a p.prr in which ....cK 'o
give the Tn ni. Ot.rC. iiiincr.ial K.poiia.
our Matkei-, our pnliiini aj i"ii.pr.,i
ewi, aie f;.rei.!y Ireed finm M-,'f..li,.u
liaro Inr, un I wu ak to malie'l Ii;.. S..)ttS
M)N ttiihtw urt!iv in et t-ry parlii ul.ir.
I'or ,es. for I.ialruction, l .f lio..
.Mo.ala lor S und Co iocnl .Selilinienl-. Inr
i Se.iily Defence nf Aniefiian In-tinnio a.
Tike, Uea.l, and liclp I.) Circulate, Tint
Oiiin St .T&.-.&IAN.
IniDi of tht II", S(ak'9);iunt
One i opv one Vat 00, one enne vn.
.iioutlia UO. Cl.iha of lour copieaone
)''ar, Imi -ropieo six ini.niha. 3 CO;
leu ropiva one je.r, fcltj; t.-n copies tit
month. .;8:u (,'n li Uteiily cpiiH one tri.r.
joi); Iweitiy copii-s-aix u.ni.thi, With
at. add tioi..i copy lo the pariv wfojnj up
the c'ub of ten or Iu'pii.v
Tmniftid Diii'n Sintfumnn,
One copy, one tear $7; one copy, hi
muii'hi', e;i50. one to y three inou.ha $fl
Tmnaof th& Ti- Statesman,
One copy one tear. Si UU
U'e w ill aend our Mammoth Weelilv Edi
ion olTmi Ohio Hr.msM in. to cubstrlbera
roni 31 y lit to .November to h nix and a
'iall iiiooth.-i--einbri.cieg ihe whole of lite
xeiliny and iinporlanl Pre.-i loulial Lamp.
itfiK incluili'iii' th- li'ecliun Kcturus-ou
lie Foluowinu Low Tekms : '
One ropy for iheCiiipiign $; cliihio!'
our copie. 50; ln copiea iwnnv
topi a I5; Buy cot.iea ftSj; on,, hiuidiu'd
To the party ten ling ua fi,- rri n,i,n
r of aubacrilfra for the Camp itpn. (no'
! than one hundred,) al the club ratce, wa
-till i n. i lie a present of n
tf the good, honest oi l Djinot ratic Cuneii
y. For the Seoon.l Largest Lisi,( not lesg ilmu
illy,) we w ill in Ke a preaent of a
For the Thiol I.ir at Li.,(not vti tlun
oily.) lie will make a preaent of a
For all o Iter clu'ia of fitly ot uvpr. we
viil in i he a prewnl ,, a. pe,,,, ti.i: i ,lt. it
u,i a liand.oinw ci,j,iiv M Lik-u.s ullhe
OetiiocMtic N.in..,iee for the Presidency,
tlitvvet he may bo.
Clu!) mili.-a ribi-r-. may lone ihoir papera
idilreyajil lo liifl'-r.-ni poai ulh pa.
The .mi, tea of .: auhsi rih-ra for the
C iiopiixi. ehoulil be iiiprotnp I t liefore tlm
lirst of M:iv, tint Wfiiuy know the nuui'ier
'I cnjiiia lo print.
l.ldies' LAYMAN L UAKIiR.
Kditors of 'lHE Omo STATEaM.tX
f'oltin.htic Ohio.
tC? Su l. lor sp cimi'ii copira.
A to il 7ih 1-li l fi,y.
arre t tuimi tiii
I'neriBEa yaov Pvna VaoaTaacx KlTaaon,
totiixii a io iiim
X O a T DILIOitl. '
Tha Rajuvenating Elixir ia the roault of mod
cm discoverieain the togctntila kingdom; be
ing au entirely now and abatracl mothud of
cure, irreapectiva of all tba old and wornout
a) atd ma .
Tnia m.adleina haa been teatod Vy the moat
eminent medical men of tha day, and hy them
pronounced to be one of the greateat medi.al
diacovurica of the ago.
Cne bot'.l will cure general Dchitit-
A tew doaca curea Ilyateriea in femalce.
One bottle cures Palpitation of tba Heart.
A faw doaea rcatorca tbeorg.na of iranoration.
From one to throe bot'lea reatoreathu tsanli
neaa and full vigor of youth.
A fovr doaaa r,toiei tha uprolite.
Thrao botflea euro the worst caio of lmpof.
A few uoaea cure lha low apirited. .
Ouu bottle reatorea moutal power.
A few do-aa brinft tba roao lo tha eheek.
Tlil medieine restore to manly vigor and
robnat health the poor debilitated, worn down
and despairing devotee of aenaual pleamra.
The Hatleaa enervated youth, the over-taaked
man of bnalneaa, tha aiotliq of nervous deprea
einn, tha individul anfTerlnf from gonaral de
bility, or from weakneaa ofaeingte oran.will
all find immediate and permanent relief by the
opo of the Elixir or atanoa of Life.
Price, $1 per botUa, or three beltlrti for 5,
and forwarded by Xxpreaa, on receipt of mon
ey, to any addreos.
Sold In UcArtbnr at S. V. Dodges Drug
(Store, and dy all Drnprriite everywhere.
Bol Paorailroaa,
Samuel Walkers Estate.
On the 5th day of Maroh in tba year ll4,the
ProtbaU Court of Vintrni eonnty. Ohio, deolar.
ed, the estate of Samnal Walker deceased, to
na prooaoty inaoivanj. creaiiora aramerefora
raanirad to creaant tbair alaima aorainat n,.
estate to tha andsraianed, for allowsnea. will..
in six months from tba tha time above mention,
ad or they will not be antiUed t ferment.
iiuun ei.vtr.Bian. of
March T 1H13-W daa

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