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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, April 21, 1864, Image 2

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4 be HcAMnr iJmoerat.
A. BUiTTO.V, lll.l KDHl'll
April, I
sr run rossrniiTiov as i i
W II fc.lt K HEW. Hod the Enforcement
f the Lnwi Rnst all Officer who
have oenrped Authority, well th
. Mmple wba Commit Urcnchc ul Ike
m MET-TKKaiM. A CO.. AJvo.r-.ildo
Amenta, No.. ST Prt Row.Ha'v Tori A
Mute Street, Bo'ton are our Aftr.u and vre
oOiorUed V mo ..lJMttwemiiiiie ami oun
nriiloc fur unt our UtUt-
Democratic State Ticket.
roB inciiETihT or sTaTt,
O! Sent-eft. County.
(Fur Full Term.)
Of Fairfield Ccun-v.
(ret riu. vacasujiw )
lang Vacancy,
Of Hancock County.
Short Vaincv ,
OfHighlMid Coun'r-
Of Uolmtt County.
pf!motu r tm Tr.tsonT.
Of P. an Win County.
lhidia Count;.
Aa or rrsuc wotms,
(Pelt Term,)
Of Aehhod Coun'y.
tot VAC4CT)
Of AugVua County.
- t'ftli bois'.lfol r.il apt qtKnMos lb
lino. Poroands ofN'ow York, closed nU
eloqntttt rpeflhon"Conntl!m'' h On Hour
f EcpTfMUi'.ivo- Ji-tnivry 13th 18i4.
"Pel Foacfl! Ocl' of flBr fitht, jrnt
u pa3
fnug la oarhestta 9-I TWn alters , pniwe
On th rd wainr aoi tboir bl;(ritflit r.om t
Yei ior taa loajr.red oitle, asd lh9 hoit
Tbul -vatcb nd biejil ronad tHcn 4 w-ithln,
Pioofor thshomole8 ad tha fnthorlwa ;
S'm f"r bo cap'.iva ou hi ifeiry wy,
Aoi tb niftd cto.-it who jcor hi bolplono!' ;
tot titm tht ttiffir. thira tht d- the wrong;
Ot'icta ni inaed agnln' -0 Ood t for all
Tot iliitrai3ted torn, and b!-ed;ng li
fjxl (be gUd tid:rgc 1 Ciivs op give u;3ae
Spring trade in McArthur.
Oar merchantB oro all taakin t
!itien lo their stocks, p.tnl a hea'.lly
competion insorss lo oor people, gcoda
at as low figures, us they can ba bough
io any markot iu Ohio. This is not
said to onr farmers and others, on the
principle of a mere puff, ht etoted
us a fact, that we have personal know!
edgo of, Besides this our Tawntnitn
Lantz and Shades, arc finishing a fine
room for their Hardwrtro store. J.
Hawk is building a new store room,
and H P. Ambrose is finishing off
first roto room for a No. 1. Saddle
Harness Fac'ory. Soocess to Ira le,
o liko to sc'O otir town iinpnvirj;
nnd neighors prosper, evusi if f-nr
buisDcna is gelnsr nnder and at the
starving point. Perhaps it is all right
that the iiiGepnuont rreas it a iree
coantry, should eufiar for froedom
thflnsht tnd doftjcdiiig tha true inter
eet3 o the people.
Latest News.
Lst nights mail, dated 'Chicago,
April l'J, given ns annthor deflat
oor arms near Grcnd Eoorc. The
coomy pressed onr forces so clotely,
that the Cavalry were panic striken.
the d9mori!iz:ttiorj become
reat. that the defeat whs u tout.
Oen. Bansora wounded.
Oor loss is large, pmbub'iy 2,000
Tho Mercanlile battery lost ail of
rcas. Oapta'n White is a prisoner.
Lieutenants' Throop and McBride arc
killed. While the Fourth Division
was falling back in disorder tho Third
Division, numbering only 1800 man.
came np and witB immediately routed.
The whole array is now falling bad;
here, where it mrt wait and reorgan
ize before proiead'n ? towarda Bhrc-ve-pat.
. "
Ohio Malitia.
litgiaUtura irt diroet viol
t. r vf their o:ith imd of tho CotiBli-
rut(4i), disband, .i the militia of (he
(Stiite it orimij-vl ht an expense of
it'ii SK'U.OOa in IStiS Now nn
o'lur chpm.i i to!i '.ei. tlo org.miz
nt,i-r:f r MKri.n'.iji, JvUeiSoii
u.jku to lorm our
eonoH. nti ;i Id' l.jt-ii abandoned, Mid
their r. ir.uciiJ itkorn liHfd bet-n
Ud i'? nv.vorthy ihe eonaiJera
ti.jn o' :tu!r i!.'Cii.Ji?!ita, nndt
r 'i:r i l rm,; trRtitu!u tin .tor U'.u
Ir-'V i.: At'O'iti.irt KeivutihCRiiixrn. A
MVk J? 'MlJlcnri lcjjiiilutjro han
i'0''l u ti.l oielAodiitg the mil'tlu
uivl ruijs:cfiip out ol't!o eotvictj nenr
5000 Uti'.itia offkera, mat's H of
whom, l.ftobun t)tlo t-xpence of
onformiiig ftt it cr t uf from $23 to
95 ench. Ttms bttr.vrinj( tho faith
of t!o 6tat, picdze'J to th' ia ofTwcrs.
Bat thiii i4 not nil, by thfl manapita-
tions oft!io!uo Aiijt. Ofn. iliil,
nearly nll'ho Vi'nnte.'r8 nt ih4 State,
nre cooipnKcJ nf loiinb!u,nr'. we do
not know a I)emcrnt in r fBcf it n
motit in flit! State, f tua orar.irtipn is
rotain .-.ntl a tTovK-Kiu hi the law to
Araf1 frm th.- eoyi1.", 'r fit) t)p those
O'xuvimj'ij. niuhit thco tUccr. 61
lanty o'oetfj, thtt KiipyiTignp their
bar'. 2tn niLlilHrv. ThHC men ftro to
bo nriiicui to intiinilaU R:i4 -nril the
DstiiO:!-MCy of tlx; St.'Hc, r.n i ifnet'd
ho, to 8cjijh('B9 tho Domo-ru'ic purty,
in oHit tlat the itii'itmont )mey of
Hip ftdminiatration at Wuthinctoii
I'tuiy bo cnrrii'J out as fliih)ft the
lVmrcraf in thi nor'h. This we
jtu!icvo. rh'i tuilitiii bi'l wij further
ibi.'icvo hud itti origin in t:ij Union
Leitj-uo of (Jiiieinuu'i. ul y it flent
to tho" Lin'.at'vo I-3i!nt jtr Col.
U'ln. Iliitrlg, unl tha wli"ilu matter
ffui nrianged bjforo tl. l.ij'.atoro
A Synopsis of the New Militia
An Act to orKiniza and diuoipline
tho Mnlitia, and to repeal the act of
April 11, 1S03, as paused tlm House:
Tho Asv83ora nro required to en
roll all white mala c!tizna butween
agefl of eigl'tecn and forty fise, at
at tho time of taking the asBotsmunt
of personal propeity.
Tha A editor is authorized to cor
iect the rolls. Those curolled are ro
quired to pel form military duty , lo
volunteer conipanic8,or pay a emmu
ration of four dollars to tho county
Treasurer, by tin 15t!i of August in
etch year. Io def.'.nlt of payment ihu
tuf iter is to collect tho amount with
thirty pr. cout penalty aud costt , by
lisiraiot, as treaurcrs collect taxes.
Tho active roluntoer roilititt axo
called the National Guard, to bo com
pOBft of volunteer militia aj now or
guu'Sed under this act. They ere re
quired to muster fr drill and inspec
tion by regiment or batfnllion in May
nr June. For.r otiu-r regular uinsterB
are required each yiar, two by rei
niert iir.d two by coii pany, and arc
ct their urmoiies or ot!i-
h'.fij to
tr p'uccb of meeting, a; l-.ast once ni
ovt months.
A military fund is provided for, con
s ;tg o: Lisa nor collar C'unmuta
tioti and Srns, to la HSceBajd aguiiut
tho National Guartlfor ahaenoo or mis
boh.wior. The triua arc asOBBO J by
Coutt of Inquiry, end it not paid
witLin ten days ator notice by tho
t rce'oent ot t!o Uont t, arotoballt
with a Justice of the Peaco, who
rcqnijv.d to i'jsuj execution therefor.
Before a trial is had before tho Conrt
ol Inquiry, tho delinquent can demand
a jury trial, when tho casj is cwrtificd
to a J nsticj of the Peaco, who most
impanel a jury and try the caae. Un
less a jury is thna demand, tLe Jus
tico has no other jver tUu to issoe
Xi;cn!ioii n.x-n the' iud. .na;;t o! the
uil'itary conrt
Tho Nuticnal Oiard ur: cxjtr.ted
'from Ubc-r on the hipl, not a, and
.tho l.ftVo li'.ietoforo nniforjitd them
e'.voi, or my Jo so bercul'rer, are
titled to fieo dollars from tho tuilitarj'
:;iv.d. Eku company is entitled
3100 niuiuaiiy from tho samo fund.
Commanding oOccrs at parades
are empowered to preserve order and
prevent nud prohibit the ea!o of
intoxicating liquors on or about
giouad, nnd abate all hackaterB, auc
tion sales or gitmbliug.
For fines aaatsetd ninst mitiore,
fathers are jointly and stverallv fiubli
wilb thoir sons, and 'virdiana with
tlieir wards, to tho amount ol funds
their wards in their hnnds. Kuril ant
personal proyaiy ismd'! lubld there
If it becomes necessary to call
the militia, in caso ot invasion or in
surrection, or danger thereof, or eup
presa mobs, riota, or to onforco civji
taw, tho National Guard must be iirat
called out, and are in such cases
componeatt'd for their services.
If companies become reduced bolow
the required tn'itimum, and tbe Com
oiander in chief deemi it necessary
call them into active service in case
of itivc8!.ou or insurrection, he may
require them t be tilled up by u draft
fr'.-in tho r.setvo, '"r curol'.od tuiiitia.
Tho maDuor of drafting in provided
The Governor is authorized at any
liiuo tinriiiK tho oxUtin rebellion, if
ir: hii opinion, the publio enfety ro-q-ii'i-s
it, in cine of invasion oritur
iecti'n, oi- iiniiiirii'nt danger theroof,
ti call out l ho National Grurd, or
anr i oitioii thereof, by regiment, bat-j
.:i!ic;i, ennp'tn, or battery, arulkeei.;
th-. :n io Hc!irt ervieo or cncarapmiiut
o luijj; kh t!ie canio continues for
which ttii-y wi-re called on:, and ntthe
ml cf sixty JajB my he reliovjd by
nlu.rs calloiJ to take tuoir !:ico. I ho
Oor.t:ti''.nt Sl.OUO.OOfrAptjroprift'.ioti
and L'lan BtiK wbhrh h-JB oasaedbuth
II'Mtfl. 8. va ' '.'i.-d t'i i4j,;,'i th'H
contingency urtr:iurizd m tho Militia
No bri,j.idj organiz.itions a:o au-thoiiz-'i
unliKH it bt'coineu necury
in dsn tho militia are called into nt:
tive 6fric-!, mil ro to bo difdolvti.i
whmi tho pobiic Bervio cease.
Ttie net tit(04 irf'dct Iron) its
age, and repoalii the Militia Law now
in iitw.
l)r. Monithan of Jiokaon on the
11 '.hi nat. tired a rcrolvoi ct a ma
by tho narua of lying, who unier tho
ir.flunoof ij)r tfitahl him If
tho collar ami toro hia shirt liogoni
cot. tho ball im'w.'l Loni;, an t hit ti
young m a a by tho lum-j t.f Vaiido-
vrrt in the cbo-.tlder, woutjdiwj; him
sligl.t'y, as we I' u-r.v from tho Express
(Jouruaos, April 18. Tho 8upr'
mo Court of Oiiio deiiloJ t-j day t'lat
the Soldiers' Voting Law of th'w St.itc
is ooti6titn'ionl, uml revlrd .li" do
cisiou of the Common iMta 0 jiii t (I
Wayne county. Judge Hanncy d:s
sentud from tlectKion o! Cvnrt.
Cairo. April It.-On Thn.sdi;
morning Forroat with some 60'.);) nt'iii
attacked Fort rill.w. Soon afu-r tho
attack wa made, Fonot bout a fl.t
of truce, u uiandmg the surrender ol
the (ott and garrujn, uieun .vlr.Iu dit.
p.i8ing hie f rcn so in to tiia a deci
ded a-lv.'ntago.
Mfljor Booth, of the 13'. h Tcnneee
cavalry, wits fn cim:naui, with 100
of that regiment, 2-)3 of tiio lt bat
talicu Cth D. S luavy urtilloiy. form
orly hi Ala. colored cavulry.' A fltg
of trace w8 rel'uHod. Fitthtirij then
resumed Afterwards ii tecond .lig
ol trujo cam-i n, wlrcu wua aluc r
fused. Both flags guvo the'rebeiH ad
vantage m t'.i:nmg new pohitions.
Tho bii'tlo win kou np until 3 P. M.,
wlren ilnjr liJutii was liiiled. M.ij
Bradford then ukA ct;iiiintj i. Tlie
rebels n'v came in swanuj. ovcruow
ering ottf tr?opi and cotapdling thuii
surrender. Immediately upon tha
sarrcuic-r entned a scctio which ut.
terly b.ifiles doReription.
Up to that timo comparatively ftw
of our men wero killed, but insatiate
as fiends, blood thirsty as devih in
carnato, the Confederates commenod
iadiaeriuiitmto bn'c'ierin tbu whites
andbl.tiks, inelttJing those of both
cobra Previously black soldiers
tiHho't to tho r nr. the whiu t tTi.-cr
lown .heir arms, both
having thrown
icli fltvl white s"!d!cra ere bavon
;tei, I'.t :-t sahraJ.
Lvoii dead liodi'M horib!? mtitiiftt-
od, chi'df':!! seven or eight years old
an I several iitjyrj tiom'.-ti killed
cold blood, wh.lat pollicru u'lable
spoak from wotm Js '.vera shut deal
and their bodies rolled down tho bank
into the rivor. The dea 1 n':d wound
ed aegroea were piled in hutB and
biiined, ITnd several eitizans who
joined oor h'voo for protection were
killed or woun Jod. Out of Jamison's
GOO only 200 remeinod alive.
Among onr deal r.fficers aro Capt.
Bradford, Liaut. Bush.-, Ackerstom.
Wilson, Rav. Revo and Muj. Booah,
all of the 1 3:h Tennessee Cavalry;
CaL,t. Poaton, Lisut. Loan 13tfi
Tent). Cavalry ; Capt. Ye.nng 21th
ilo, acting t rotdt Marsnalt were
takon prisoners; Major Bradford also
captured, but several have escaped.
It U leared however ho has been
killed. The eteumer i'latto Valley
came tip bbnnt half past three and
!-, . I f,,
was nai.eo oy tno iUDolS under
flag of truce, men were sent ashore
bury tho dead and take aboard each
of tho wounded as tho rebels bad al
lowed to livo.
Fifty seven token aboard, including
7 or 3 colored : 8 died on tlieir way
up. A Rteamer arrived bete
evening, immediately going to Mound
Uty Hospital to discharge her 8utjer
ing cargo. Among tlio wounded offl
cera of colored troopaaro Capt. Porter,
U. Juibui-rta and Adiutant bomtnuiff
The guoa captured by the rebels
were carried off. including two 10
pounder Parrotta and two 12 pounder
A large amount of stores were des
troyed or carried away.
Caibo, April 17. The steamer
Emma was fired into on Thursday
night near Ft. Pillow by fifty rebels
tn l'uderal unilorm, supposed to
the rear gnard of the euemy, moving
in a northorn direction. It is boliev.
ed that Forrest has uot yet removed
his headquarteis from Jackson, Tonn.l
Tbo Memphi cotton market
inactive ; gool midJliiig 64-65. mid
dling fair 67.
The Btoauier Sw.in, frm New Or
leans, ba 150 bales cotton for 8t.
Louis. Her otBoors renort that Wirt
Adams' torca drvu onr troop-s in"
from Big Biack a week ao and took
several hundred prinoners. The
a'camer llopu, j-a-iain no with a
largo cicgo. was fl.ed info 15 miles
above Memphis. The tire wa- rj
turned and tha cuerrilUs dU;)ere l.
Tho steamor Hamtniti, fr.Mi AloX
nnlr'a, orrtbe II.-1 E.wr, ba-t air.v.-it
with four mora gnt.s fnm Fort !)
B'usev, atd tw. bitrgei ciitaiuiug
90J bn'os cf cotluti. prlz-a for our
navy. It U reported that t'ue.-o nr
4 000 bales of eolteti tip tho BUek
and Yuzoo Rivera. Gunboat? O.itteh
ita, Avt-iyr and Lafayette had gone
np to soeuru it. There aro ton gun
boats up Rsd River. This account?
lor there being but one fetitiboat at
Foil Pillow.
Tho steatcor Golin Gate, from
Memphis, for Fort Pillow, laden with
stores und private- freight was lakon
possession of by guerrillas on tho
ii'ht of the I3.h, nt Bradley's Land
ing, G.teeti miles above Momphis.
Tliob.it, passengi-rs ami crew were
rid-d of everything, oteamer Cluster
was fired into near Augusta, on
White rivtr a few days since, and one
man killed and throe wmnded. All
boats approaching tf.u shore above
Uuvall's BlutTurc fired into.
Lor:sv.i.E, April 17. On Thurs
day, Ct.d el Gallup, filling bneit to
rut at) advantageous (Ojitiou, a'.taek
ed 1,0:JJ R-bels, killing and wound
ing t wuiity five, including a rebel col
oriel, ciijitufiug liity rebeU, one bun
died horses and two hundred sadchee,
near Snlvcrsvillu. Tho R.-Lel nd
vauce run into Colonel WelU'adva.ice
which win go.ng fim West Liberty
to idiyenwiilij, which eaptur-.d is
IMu-U und prei-sud utwhhI to j "ti
Guilop. Foitv ciiiz;is of BocnQville
whippedGray V unernllas, in:mu-rnjy
seventy five. They report no rvbeU
in retry or iirittlull I oii'i'ies. v tut
fsbiir in Interior Count v, cvacuttod
by the rebel ioiees ; Jack Mav. their
Colonel, recalled them tj rt-mtorci
tho rebel Colonel Elwivrds, niar Pi
Tho Fort Pillow diuustrr was the
S'ivj:Tt ot'diacisfiion in tbe U. 8. Sen
ate yesterday. Tbe Coonmitteo on the
eon. met of the war wei itiftni-Hed ti
enquire into tho ciihus and r sult-i o:
tho di:iter, au.i vep rt iumo'dia'oly
Several members agroed in favoi o
retaliation, two to otn, for the murdei
of the Pegiims.
Peace Democratic and Wm Democrats
—The Presidency.
Wo bear a great deal suit! ribtr,t
war and ponce Democrats, i.s if there
was sich a radical diffjience of opin
ion renders a yoliticcl nniiu im
pos&iUe. But Wit upirihend th.it
correct nndi-rstaiulitig of tho true po
ition of each would removo every ob
etittle to a cordial support of one plat
form uui otio t.'eket, iu the com in
i'raaideutial el 'C'ion.
We know tht.t Iheio arc some men
mostly in Sumo wav connco'ct
with the iidmiiiis'ration who claim
t-. bj Demociata, with whom the
DjiiH cratic oaityhavo no uSiii'v,
and bi-twicn wlum tkeieisauidn
and impfSriiblo gulf. Thcro prnfes
s ur uemoenvt-t, wno no; onty eup-
pcrt il.e pr3 :nt war policy of Ibo e.d
uui. ibtr.it. i;n, trat lnuoiM) all tiio nn-
conht.tntional nod dispetic hc's ot tlie
President, arj not DuiiUMCiitJ. Eva-
ry man, tio ma ier what li s autecc
tots tnnv have been, who supports
tbo policy ot Lincoln's administration
and the character ot tui? war, has
claim to the name of Democrat
is an Abolitionitt, and nothing elso.
Before secusaion culuinniuted
opcu rebellion, thu Democrats were
nnited in opposition to coercion
tho means ot restoring peace and bar
mony between the States, and ad vis
od conciliation aud compromise.
But when war became an existing
fact, there arotio in tbu Democratic
party a difference of opinion in regard
to the policy of the government te
waids the seceding Statue.
Much of the largest portion of
Democratic party held that war was
disunion- that ihe saccding States
could never be bronght back into
Union by force, and feared that
war would be prosecuted solely
the Bhbjugation of tbo southern States
and the freeing of its negroes,
end in the destruction of our govern
ment and tbe liberties of tbe people;
and hence tnoy advocated measures
that would brtog about peace
gavo tbe country from the horrors
a civil war. Uut when Congress
parsed the Crittenden Resolutions
and tho i. resident declared it to
the policy of bis administration,
JJoiuocratie party excepted it in good
faith; and the government bad
reason to complain of lack of support
from any party except tbe Abolition
iats -oftbe Greeley and Giddiogs
school, who have ever been tbe ene
my ot tbe Union and Constitution,
and bavo labored twenty years
distroy both. Democrats are willing
to suatain any constitutional policy,
as 'tither of war or pcaro, tbat is like'y
to bring back the soctOed fitatel, re
store peace to oar uco anu conn
deuce and gxxi wi.ll f.moiig all our
people. But LJ can nut, aud will
not suppott the aJmiCiarrvtioit In ito
preseut war policy, which is now
boldly declare t to be prosecutod ior
tho I'roedom of tha negro, the auhjn-
ga'ion of the b'ffes 6d compeltog
the iHiople to cJ.pt snch domestio
sti'u.ions ana p 'i:ev ai noiiuern ruu
ct'cs mav die a'f. Tlu-v 6sy to the
Adii.iniBlrati'.'ii: as a conditio! of
tlieir support, cmf'rm your act to
th'i C-iidi t ai"U modify yotir war
p .i ;) i l)tek to the po.nt o! its de
parttire,. when ic abtuiiloned the tirll
tendon Resolutions. Tin so are peace
Democrats not that they ure for
peine on any terms, but for an lunor
able peace upon the. basis uf the old
Union and the Constituti-m.'
Other Demociots believo that war
is the onlv remedy for HeceB?iou
that the rebellion can be suppressed
and the Union restored only by force,
and are willing to Biict.v.n any iio.idv
ti iidlne or iuti-nded to icstoro the
American Union. While lluy do
not oudurio uli the lawless acta of
this ndmin stiatiu i'a arbitrary ar
resUiind inMiiat c-xp triati(:--:ts du
nial ol tho right to Mm w rit of htbtas
corpu 'ti iiieal pr 'chur.a'ions itf
ahiogmion of Btato and Federal laws
its use ot despotic and angrantru
powers, ntid its Pn'ovetition t ftin
safegnard of civil an) personal liber
ty, yet they heaita'e to oppose it an'i
even pardon departures from fhe C n
Htiiution it" the end iirvtew tho re
stoiation of tho Union.
Ihc.;o aiv
n .i i t t
war iJeiiiocrius tti?y oeiiove uu'
the use of lurca is the speediest and
inoct jToetnal means i f tutting down
the rebeHio'i and reKtoriog tlo Union
In this they ditler from fee great ma
ioii'v of tin; Di-mocrtitie ourty, bu:
many of them are al io, and we be
linvo Jill of them -to be honest and
War iliiT.' prat and poscn Demo
enits nro nn'ti-d in orpoHition the cor
rupti ns olthe li puhlicif: pi.ny
he diEpc'.'i'm of Ihe mi n m power
to the inftiitigemeiit of the war. and
ilrt po'-icy towiutls the aoceded StateR
And iow that it is admitted thai the
war U pro?ocnted not only by uncoi
otitutioniil means but tor uncrniatitu
tional pnrposf, wlnnbv its progress
and results wiii not onivtra f!-":r-tit
'o the ccun'ry, our elaita t ut all hope
f ever resisting tho Letot), thny will
be near'y n:ai!iiOU in the p !!ct
vb;ch ought to iu pur.'o'd. J'vity
man of them is dfVovd to the U iti
wants to restore :', and inenns to
itore it rodio,:-.:.i.
Tlt'-y woni'.i not dt-hnnd onr nrmie
itrt'tk onr vioia uiut nay o the S"tith
lo as yon pleitie. .Bit' thry would
ier tcrnn ol ocaee on cuiiclitvon
"uriing bt'-k to tho Union, under tl
Constitution, wi'h hll thn righ'.s
privi'egrs grsiijted to litem by that
ati'Utntnt. If the R-chmoud goveii:
meiit rejectod this off r, they wonh:
surrcund them ty a cordon of soldier
and ahips, they would hold all ucccs
eary ctragetie points, Mghten
blrckade and cot thorn otf from
trade and eon;iutinicatio with
world. They would then say to
nontbcrti pi oj.le, we d'n,t wish to
vade your States, nor lay waeto youi
fiuloR, ravnguynr -towns or dispoi
you of yonr j'jitrty. We doa!
wiii'it yonr neroi-a ; we don't wanl
to iiit!rf'eie with your locahnstittifiour
r your rights iu any way. Rut
' ( ii ir il n f tn f r tttilirni t , f
ntiiik j OH lr K( t lilt i" tilt V'-'ilOl
jt ition and tho laws of the land.
.1. . ....
do wnut the Union, and wa will
here with ocr fi.'ets atid armies
we get 5t. A very ehort time woold
deveh'p the knits of tuia policv. TI
people would see no reason to ir.ooun
ter fresh hardships to establish a
govcrnrncot, that to lay the
could not give them tho same protcc
t.o us the old one, under which
enjoyed all tho rights and privilege
ola liee peoplo. lhoBOloitrs wool
not fight against tho old f I air
bore npon ita strry fold the Union.
the Constitution, aid tho rights
the Stats. Tho war would soon
(n easy death. The nigger would
jo tn hoeing cotton. Ihe governmen
would be adminit.terod for the bonefit
of white men. Trade and
intercourse would be restored
tho north and the south and
ano prosperity giauuau our land.
The liberties of thu pooplo the
ture happiness und prosperity of
country demand that the war should
be brought to a speedy close, and
men whataver former name or
who desires peace aud wish to restore
the Union and tbe authority ot
Uorstitntion over a now distracted
and divided country, onght to
together and wrest forever from
hands of those mon who helped
1., j j ... i F
piuTunou nuu aio now prolonging
war ior case ana partisan ends.
. Tbe question of peace or war
fata of the country is now in the bande
of the people
Next fall a President ia to be elected
and it ia for tbo Democrats to decide
whether the? will make one nnited
effort to wrest power from the incapa
oie, corrupt ana wasteful administra
hod and place it in the bands of
!i9 will restore pc t- the ennt-x'
. f
ao4 conovi' and coo9titJi;or,al t 't
to the Govern rneut.
On siio oext auivemy of A tt.cr!
cao Jr,edoa tho Douiovnw: iLi et to
nominate cHtvilidate for the Pmi
duacy. We have ik dotbt but they
wiil re'-eel a statesman of HckriO'AL Jjn
abil'ty and tried patriotismftl ftdot
a piattorin of pr.uoiplos that will n-
ininite as one urn the ent.ro Democrat
ic party. Devi ral cm ient Lwuiocmt
ic s'atestuHu aro name I for that high
nioit, amoiig whom are General M.a
ClelhiM. .0 'f. 3 ymour, o4 Cunneeti'
on', Frai Lli t . .rca ter ' Q t: S y
n.onr, of New York, Win, Allen,
ot Ohio, and Milhirl Fiilrm.re' In-
Lvidual y we sboui t pr!er Mr- Al
len. H' is eertainlv a rnpresenta!jve
m ui of the Democracy ol the State,
and should his :.nme tie tree ntid t
ptesuiae Ohio w-.u deist islirt vols
for him. Tho opinion however, is
g-iiiiiiig ground that G.n. MeCielhin.
i thu a'ioiig-at iiitn wb ould bs
put in the fii Id Hga'uat tht? r.mdo'a
who it "W hold poia.-sion of tho got
eininent. Il h.n nt Uioti our elioiiM
but we muftt cnhss that wt Lave now
a much hiciur vs'iiuute ot his ability
nd Jomocracv '"an loi merly. II n
report of the 'perali.ii8 of tho Army
oi tho I Kt'-m-io, whieh th.' adinu.iB
!f:iti"H Iota !bdt-jivor.'d to keep out .f
:ht, previa r:iiisoii j-osswhcu i: a
aige degree the capacities k.f h sta'en
man, as well wft a kn L-.lge and tk ill
. f a grent iniiiinn c. ii:it,iui-k'r. Ui.t
nU 'i ue Demi cruti will whvb all per
filial pro f t. ctioiiu h iillnly, a'id
Btat.d re:i't; to supp-Mt S' y caud'idate
for t'riH:tleot who ti'l insure niccoss,
evioi Uk-uIi I o may ou'ertaiii i-pli.-lotid
on soi:;o bti'-j els which do not
receive the a j pi'Oiittuii ul thoir -j'ldge
ment. It in b..ttir r tho counirj--In
Iter .'o- us till imd our posterity that
a a Htm. iiiilicuM till the ofliee of
President lor the m x fn.r yean, who
will reirat I hir ouih to maintain tha
jCotietitutiou tiSct. ittly binding t'p'-ij
his conceieiice, and will liotnt'! to tho
,iacred principles if our government. .
All who Jove libeitv, reverance tho
Constitution, cannot but dcaire the da
font of the Lincoln dynasty, that U
chnn, ing our free system into u ceit
Hiilz.d deapOilisii). rilid StlillitH'
d wo i very Lulwt-.rk of pirsonal libir .
ty liirongh u broken and chuifi-rrd
Coiihtitutiou, aiid we cannot but bo -
that all war D- ut"cnits and
pence D. iU';cra!, so called-and all
ooiift rtutive ct:.-.-i;s ui.t tuite on au .
ut,' j-'Lii. ii.-tbic emtdioate Li 1 r.si-.k-n,
in ch.tnginH the ndmiiiistiatioti
t i t ro rtity p..int.il out by thoCotiisli
ii'i 'ii. At h'i) rate, the Ui-nioeratin
,.ui-'y is I'a'led oi u'.w, by i y;i y en.
-idunrion of patrintim, to control its
no' ion by thu mo t ila'gd viewi,.
nd u morgt- evtrv pi is nal feeling'
O. Eagle.
c ( i ;t o ( i c t $ ,
A UKMFlry rOJTl'llKS.- It 1 a l.l.irc i
il ru',r;u In I i.o . tin', t hav.' su
L-ur3 f'r Dii triilt (ii'UlilciKimo ilvte. nr. U J.
t'. tlntarde. tt M Becoml M. Omriui ait, l .
'a' j great p!r-ur ir. in'' rmiiy nil wiii.ar
suS'oriiiiwith pilon thitt Im unl anniall quan
tity i.f Or- SirickiauaV VT.e liii:ndT, nJ itff
fiO'.l vi.ijrai'mt rvr- . Ilii Koiim to t lh
win an wlio i.-itir mx of thif i.f.l..o,lnl pr
prlion. It ! niuuvt'ki'terw) at K' t T.l
r.mr'.b iuwit, Uticiioiiii, U. aJ ruM b- a.l
To Ncrvon Soffi-rem of Iloih S .""
hueii watorwl to hualtU in a f'i ilavn. errn
lJU" Bi U '.ii'i nrual rtiuUnci ana IrMrnlarai-
Mir.sivi modca nf traatmoiit Itliuui ii .-com. e;n
ii'lr It hitiiasrud on'.y to cnni.niioiv-4l to am
alnictol fullow vrosturvn tlie mc ms nfev.tt.
llenoa.cn tbo niniiit of so a.i-lrtM'1 Q&wiop.
he will milil ( f.-ci ) a co;iv of the tiri!i tiun
uiiud. Diroct la U. Joiin M. DiOKALt, ld Mul
len Sirset Itro-iklvn, N.w yr.
March, Mity, .Inly. Sop. . m . .Tan.,- Irt.
tilling bCl Cull. lll'.JQ to B-
ViS onioet'iu formula or rci;.t frtli
yV(5r abivc ltivtar. whicl iii b-H'ii jrlro
I flr5f "n 10 me hy tt' it "r, I tali
ArsjAl I'leon'ira in s'.atia tn the puVl-- ,
'M that tliey ar wll kmxn to t(!
fir inodical profuacinn aa josMiu(
j prorrtiui pnrei, to;ilo, one l
.'oinMuatlou wolUnlc lilatetl, aud
n cajiejially adapti-d to tlmt ol of
i. I 1: I.;.. . . ii I i
IX cinrtitlou of th bapatlo fnnflnnn,
9 or ft- OJral rlruui;iiient of the livi-r
oo common la too malnfionn uiuicta ot the
Want aod Sou'.h. They cootaina la-go proj-or-tlon
of toaio trcredlcnta thin any other IV-tter
Out have been tmbraHted to ir.o for criemi.'a!
etaroinition. I bsapealt for them a widd iiprcad
P'M-nlari'.yaadcordiully commaod thorn to tb
ptinlie one.
Very peKpectfnily. C. W.ORDWAY.
AnaWtinnl Chemljt
JJcto Sebtrttstincnts.
McArthur Market.
Apples, (d)
Flax Seed.
riour, (bbl)
t Mi
Molaitti, It 0.
i M 1 Oil tinted,
24 Oil Carboo,
11315 Onlone,
60 Oat,
SO I'otatoe,
20 Peaobet,
U I Bice,
16 Bait.
I 60 Sogar,
T.00 Vinegar, ,
18 Wbaat,
NOTICE ii hereby given that Barab B. Hue
ter, haa beu duly appointed and jnalidod
a adminietratriz da booia noo, oftheestau
of John Haatar duoeaaed. lata of Vinton Conn
ty.Obio. BBIHB. HONTEJt,
April tlBtTM4-3w.
Danist Nennemaktr, Qutrdfan of tbo
ratals of William Dixon. Jacob Dlion.
Joseph Dixon, Margaret Dixon and Em
A. Dixon, heirs of Joseph Dixon deoeiKd,
has filed his tecouaU for inspection and
partial settlement as such guardian, and
wH b for bsariee on the 7th day of
J Kf M U, le4-lw , Probate Ju.

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