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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, May 12, 1864, Image 2

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tw than clts'roy
-nr rj'iil!iiMii form
Wlmt our o.jlo lo
i goViTlllllltit.
si rod in IStll. an.l winch I knowtitl,
. i -L I .1 1 - t .1 -
though I rex mlml us uuahaken, was
I ho jicrst'nuiion of tlio i;nveriiinent
iukI tho rotciition i" our jurwilicti"ii
(iv.-'r 'he vv'ioli. tiTrimrv. Tln-y wt-ro
T'ghtly willing to auoritiw evity mat'j
r.-iiji i i.tti i. I'r il.Ht inirii-t!.
J.unO U Mr. ijii.iirni.in. ucm
hhtitv. We i-xihtfl tin a
ynMic w lunii.o tumuli of llio Missis
I WMii III ill iV U urtHL'll 1MWLT
iiii .
u lu ii we tki.i n..iiiirt: vlmi ul t lint
rivi r. ul.nl Ki -rid.. wui lu-hl njj..int
ir., liiid u could i-xist iiiimi if by the
r!.:iit:-.it:f!-.t of l.vuviiii wc sli .uM bo
. . -. . . . .
rii:'eiui vinro ii Torrironai mini n
s.t'i.B F-r h'ftfoii millions of dollars
no i-nrch.isfd tlio whohj of th-it im
-II.. . 'II!. ...
innpo ttrr.Torv, anu were ir a mino
red thot:eanl timo as vn'iMbld its per
KTVBtit n WOH.U not no won.i o ir a-:
.mirablo lormot feovMiimeiit. I rule
territorial Hinbiti.ui is a vn.gar and
I.nv torni ot .oitional g'etitness. .
sia and even Clin.a can vie wit.i
m llmr, but wln would n.,t rnlher
i.-.'c Ml one tho L'Hiit.w.B -t Swiit-ww
z.rlai.d, (r in Ureal liritain. thiin lii1
liii.flw pnnii'rii.fc It lAliiit ill III" OX
ii .i l
.,nt of tmiu.iv that wV i.as, but
in tno matiner in wb-c!i wo gov.-m
tliat rcrdcraua ruspeciablo. M"r
iMitlemen seom rather to ..vu to the
qimntify than ibe quality. .
AH Republic have been destroyed
by tho thirst of Territorial argrandizM
merit nuil tho lust of conquest. The
object ot otir Government should
b'j to develop i.nd cultivate tho inter
h i' res mrc.es of ihro friendly to its
jnrind;elhm, rather than to extend it
o: c; hostile and foreign people. It is
ihi.f clurnctiT that true patriotism
4 to bo cultivated and tiue national
glory found; E-pecially should all
uhiics cultivate the arts of paaco,
since it is by the war power that Fro
Governments are commonly overturn
rd. The chargo has been made that
Democracy is turbulent, warlike and
hnt if so it is a terrible
of its true interests,
for upon the people fall tho awlul ci-
I and tics of armed collisions. An em
inent peet said Lord Byron that
war was a game which, if the people
were wiso, kings and princes would
never play ut. Tho venerable
at tho che of his iliwlri-!
ous career, remarked, ''That tlo-rr
was never a good war ur a I a !
Wo have uinde, Mr. Chairman, by
'this war, tight millions of bitter eu-'
upon the American continent
time shall last the rpcollocti-
of tins bloody strife will never
fade from the memories of the proole'trno
Vorth and South, but will be bart.fed
down to tho latest genra!ion. The
word Shiloh, Antittam, Gettysburg,
. " . ......
.MurfreeBboro, Richmond. Vicksburg
and tort Dcnelson, are words of divi
sion and disunion, and will serve to
bring up emotions of eteral hate. It
it were true, as was alloged by a dis
tinguished Senator from Ohio, (Mr
Wade.) in a syeech in I'ortland in
1S55, 'that ho believed that no two
ua'.ioiis on tho earth hated each other
us much as tho North and South,''
how much moro true is tho remark
now, after Ihey havo been arrayed in
such bloody contests. It the object
of the sword to cut nnd cloave asun
der, but neve? to unite. What union
is there between Uiiasia and Poland,
between Austria and Hungary, be
twetn F.ngland and Catholic Ireland,!
wherb the sword and tho bayonet for
centuries have been employed I
stead of conferring national strength,
they are sources of weakness to the
countries that hold them iu subjection
and which would this day be stronger
without them than with them.
Mr. Chairman, thso lessens of
uistjry are full of waruinir and tx
iinplo. Much better would it have
been for us in the beginning much
better would it be for us now to con
tent to a division of our magnificent
tmpire and cultivate amicable rela
tions with our estranged brethren,
than to seek to hold them to us by
the power of the sword. Here let me
advert to. the common, yet perfectly
glaring and apparent error, that to
part with onr jurisdiction over eleven
States involves tha destruction of our
Government. Tho statement of the
ty. As well migl.t one say, who had
a foiiQ of two hundred acrea of land
that he had lost tho title deed to
of it because, by some misfortnue, lie
had parted with fifty. In losing tbe
aoatfi. not one function of our Gov-
eminent over uj is surrendered. It
remains over us aa completely sover
eign as it ever did. Here let me say,
ou the experience of my individual
belief, that if it had been understood
iu the North, as in the South, that by
the terms ot the Federal compact a
State bad a right to secede from the
Uoion, this disruption would nover
have occurred, find the North so
understood the matter, there would
have been upon its part forbearance
i- .i... o.f,,, r.,,.
t, the Jl U. .d
a, Fi have maintained the coniuderacy
tn id
tLu i ah ?. .1 i i . m f i iii i ki f 4
VI V'UH'IVHKll' r-niwt all
jtbvj view ot Ji tkrs.m au-i Mudi-wi: m
Kmthcir inimorul rts'iiru9 of 1798
vvil; ,)U j,,,, ,f H.rllll.w ,,y ti,u ,cll0r
, tlnw ri-iiiBiaa, I am reluctantly
;a, JcjponJi.iy ,-l)rmi ,)L. c.
CU that tiro Union i loat neer
nit0 1(J ret.t r i. I r...rd all dreams
rt,,l ttJ rc8tl)rB,io uf lm unioll wi,;c!,
UlC irillu tff- lJV j, uj tl ryS.
tl,ru wlic, m.,t ,(0W j woutj I)0.,r
I .... I. . 11 i - .1
it:ftllV MIItimoilt 0;, Viliei, it js ,Mibl
,,,'bui d a Union - those elements ol
( n-u,n w)licj, r Adama described
!ilrtVU ,y ,il0 prowBB 0f ti,n0 i)ecn dos-
jtroyed. Worse, yru, worse than that
Mr Chairman, linn reluctantly lor
iced to the conclusion that in attempt-p-cat
j in to pn serve our jurisdiction over
"he Southern States, wo have lost our
constitutional ferin of government
jivor tho Nmiln'in. What lias been
i predicted by our wisest and mobt em
iu jinent statesmen has como to pans ; in
lumping at the shadow, wo havo lost
Hejthu substaucb ; in striving to rotain
tho casket of liboity in which our
ij -wcls were confined, wo havo lost
thuc preciom inoinnneiits of freedom,
i Our Gorernuiunt. as all know, is not
, tr of it has been vio'alcd, and I havo
no ides mysell that it will ever again
!xj respected. Revolutions iiover go
1 buck to tho point at which they start
:Ld. Tin re has always been a larg
Franklin, party in this country favurablM to a
strong or monarcbial g.vorniii6'i,an 1
' tbi.y have no.v ail Iho elennj'it upon
. -.h.ch to ib'wblbili one. Tlmy havi-
' vast army, an imnnMise public debt,
l an irr..nponibl.i Executive. Am
eniies ; lotions to retain power, ho ifi a can
Whilo j lJate for reelection, and a Com
oiis J mander in Chief; it is stated (whether
or fuho 1 shall not nndeifnka to
;docidi) that lie has already used the
larmj'.in the Florida expedition to ad-
these are, ntlier an ac-.
t,ie -'V a31R', '- ' '"-ens nBrion,,
inAfcVri-iuiaiiUU uuvmhg , nuu vi iuuow
North that the flontliurn Sfati'S,
riglit t nuA wonlJ not si-ccdo
jthnt U-mpk-it Uiciu into thui fit hi I
!;"'licv tliut has BimJmd the conl'cdor
i...T. KA I I l. f ..l.. t
! It i9 said that no oonfcdirHt,y can
ji'xiat by a recognition of this priu:iplc
hut such was not tho v:ew of the
''a'hurs of mr (i .mniiicnt: it was not
and 17'J:J.
.. . .
I iill uni m-iui
M r. Cliiiirman,
that it wotiM m iko a conleiicmcy a
ropm.f sand, but if -. -it i 8tMnj,M
'that tlio Sunthcni Ci.iradoiacy, whirojcrt"
- t U rccoi-iiwl. hnnhl hold
iiiroiiu a biooily ir'Bure as wi
jhavo iliod tn it fi-r tbu last three
yo irs ; it is a Strang iojx ol uand
I . . . '
that viiiilnris all Uiat.
ij lt t0 rtlurf Mf Cli;;riinil, As
jau.. " Ilt.!t hcr xorti, lf S()Ht,,
any thing resembling what it was
throo years ugo ; thero is not ono
single vostigo of the Constitutian ro-
maininir: every clause and every lot
vance ins chances ot success, uno oi
I- I . I .1 l.L.A If ..
the Generals he h3 decapitated (Gwti
rremnnt) haa entered the held to dis
pute his claim to a continuance in
power, and if tho Chronicle of this
city, tlio President's organ, is correct
in its construction of the suggestions
of the New Writ Heraldy speaking ol
Lieutenant General Grant, tho ques
tion is already mooted whether Lo,
i in ccitain contingencies, at the head
ot the anny, wonld not be justified m
assuming tho reins of government.
The very idea npon which this war
is founded coercion of States leads
t despotism ; to preserve n republi
can form of government under any
onstitution, under the prevalence ot
the doctrines n -w in vogue, is clearly
impossible. These convictious of the
overthrow ot our Goveru
ment are as unwelcome and unpleas
ant to mo as they are to any member
of this House. Would to God the
facts were euch that I could sheribh
other conviction!. I may be donoun
ced as disloyal and unpatriotic for en
tertaiuing them, but it will only be
by shallow foola and arrant knaves
who do not know or will not admit
the difference between recognizing a
fart and creating its existence.. h A
inuti may not desire to die,buj fi'evei
ft... In.. I.:. kj:.,r in.'tl u'fnii tl.al
bl.U.USS lllO UVUvJ villi IIV OHVI 111V
fact of his mortality. I shall not in
these remarks recur to tho unpleasant
and acrimonious controversy f win.
is responsible for the death and d.
alructjon of our Republic 1 do not
serf that any such discussion now
would bo productive of good. I enter
tain clear and Btrong convictions upon
Ith Point. convictions that I havo no
lnbt will be shared in by the impar
nai msiorian o. me luiuro.
, ior ttl0 rn!8ent ain wlllinK w
itl,a l' .,wtu a11 to recollections,
provided wo can snatch from the
common ruin some of our old relics ol
freedom. 1 do not share in the bolicl
entertained by many of my political
friends 03 this floor and elsewhere
that anv peace ii attainable upon the
basis of Union and reconstruction. Uj
the Ueuaocratio party were in power
to-day 1 have no idea, and hontaty
compels me to declare it, that they
could restore the Union ot thirty-four
States. My mind haa undergone an
entire change on that snkject. 1 be
llieve that thero are bnt two aitema
j w " rr"ln:ri J,,B"",,U' v
MHsJ,c,lt An u'itilutwimi war
carr'0J n in an uncoil-
toLotlur;8Mt",,0nal m.lintr, and to proaocnti:
tn:. i. i n-
alternatives I prefer the
JUr. Chairman : 1 tl
fonncr. I
I tko littlo or
intin-st in tho discussion of the que
.; I ' l. t ' i . i
huh which many oi niv puut ichi
frienli wonhi mtiko an issuu, hs to how
this war shall bo proeccnt&l iU man
:icr am! its object. I regtirJ Jthat jV
woruo llnu trifling with tho great
q icstion. 1 do not buliere there 'can"
W lroBecutiun ol tlia war against
ft sowroiL'n Suto amlar tho Coimiitu.
mun, inu i uu no; iwneve mar, a war
t I I r
80 carntu on b0 proeeenteu so as
it further midor the idtvi of tho irm
tlouun frim IVino'yiv.iiiiii (Mr S ev
uiif) as a wiir waged against tlio Cop
tederate tfUUs hs tin independent in
lion, for the purpose of conquest and
subjugation, 03 ho prpoRu9, nrul the
Adminietiation !s in truth and in tact
doing, 1 am equally opposed.
1 say further, Mr. Chairman, thai
if this war is to bu still further prom)
en tod, 1 prui'er that it shall bo done
un Jer the aiihpico9 ot those who now
conduct its management, rts I do nut
1TIBII UIU I'llllI mill II Hill toil
. . .
uected to bo m any degree responsible
for its results which cannot be other
wise than didUBtrous and suicidal
let tho responsibility remain where it
;s until we can have a change ol poli
cy instead of men, if such a thing is
pc 88i bio. Nothing could bo more
fu tu I to tho Democratic party than to
8cok to come into power pledged to a
coutiuuaiico of a wur policy. Such a
policy would bo a libel nnon its creed
in the past .and the ideas that lie at
in the past -and the ideas that lie at
the DaBie oi an ireo governments, ami
would lead to its compete demorali
"i lrmasseeot the Pe.no,
cratie partv are( for pea, e, that they
wouio oo piaeui in a luisa posinon u
they elionltl nominate ft war candidate
for the 1'rcsideucy nnd seek to make
tho issue upon the narrow basis of
how the war should be prosecuted.
For my own part, as I have already
indicated, 1 fear Unit our old govern
ment cannot be preserved even under
tho best auspices, and with any policy
that may be now adopted ; ye-t 1 de
sire to seo the Democratic party with
which 1 have- always .been connected
preservo its consistent and repuh-
i: -. -1 . .I...I
....- " . ... ...
iraiii i-riuriii-iiTr iiiihiih&i'ii
o-i -v a" """ m. l
QLUC (lilCIIyUr JBlfJUrtl. ,
"TrT''T'VT ""itiir
. A. iiniTro.t, t : : . editor.
" WllllK it EN SiUt.L KII.B AMKKICA.
rmtitDA Y - - in y, 13 161
Democratic State Ticket.
. .. .
nm fixriRTART or ruic.
OfStneca County.
(For Full Term.)
rmnDF.Lrii van trump,
Of FairficM Cnun'y.
Long Vacancy,
Of Hancock County-
tiiiort acancy.
Of Highland Count v.
ATTORN r.T OESrillt,
Of Holmei Couniy.
Of Franklin County.
llardiii County.
Botao cr vublic wonaa,
(Full Term,)
Of Aahland County,
rott VACAaCY.)
Of Augla'ne .County.
Awfull Dream—Poor Soul.
Tho Editor of tho Dayton Empire
says he ''had a moBt horrible dream
last night, that tho Ohio Legislature
was in session again. It wai the
68ive expe
experlenco in tbe
line that he ever ex
on BWfthCiiiuK' : w
. ,
noSlecucr. tia stransro loch an awlull
VVe lincerlr iTini'hriiin with the
rvak of naturo sliold fall npou hn
manity, - when wraped in the arms
of morpheiiK.' Uut ah, hnr oai foe l
ings are rdietcd by tho apprecia
tion of thor awakening in imonts of
tho sleeper, when bo realizes tho fact,
that the greatest cursu that cmld bo
fall his State was only a dream, tio
moto it ever be, of such a body as the
subject matter nf that dream. Won
dor if Father OJlin had any thrng to
do with that dream I
i ( ,, . t rce tlmusafld of our wun
!1(1 ltljuric,3 ari slight, are t,!
I whi'o he others are to bo brought to
Wabl.ington May 8. There seems
to be no doubt of tho death of Getio
ra! Hays, of l'iitsburgh, I'a. lie
held the position which boro the
hrniit ol A. 1. Hill's aMack, and fell
at tie head of his command, just at
(he moment that support had been
ordered forward to reach him.
Reports received from tho front np
10 1 1 ucIot-k Saturday morning, . ny
. I 111 i I 1. . CI
llinrn nail Jionn Iw.i iljiv hmvitii tltli
"-j- ------ "r-
ting on Thursday and Friday, gnd it
was believed that the enemy were ro
treating, and our wounded were be
ing sent to the roar, showing that we
had lost no ground ic tho fighting.
May 8 Midnight Tho Govern
ment up to ten o'clock to night had
not icceived any particulars of Fri
ll ivs n,rgeinetit.'"i This is the re
port of iIi-mo whomadu special in-
. . ... . . .
. ,i . . . , ,
. , iiiyi. . rcporwu u.ar. among
ino kiiiou cn our siue is General
Wadsworth, late Uepublican candi
date for Governor of New York.
Ono regiment of FcniiBylvania II
pci vei were
., it is Mini, made i nsouerB
. . ' ,. . .
I... .1. . I I . ? . .
iiv 11111 I ,iim.iTi-rtriB ir ,a vniiiptn.i.
I by tho Confederate
i .
J ...... , aM lc ivuv,U1'i
!,,",, (i':T Longstreet is seriously
j wound, d, on tli i Confuderato side,
H,,d t,,Hl Jones and Jenk ins
. ... ,
I Wp l.nv.."ii,..,,.,.w ,.r,i' M
o! I etorsburg by tho Federals, but
ft'terwanl contradicted.
The New Vork press of Monday
aro very cautions in their comments
mi the battle, but a 1 are hopeful ol
tho rosnlt.
Tho Arkansas army under Steele.
in its advance to Shreveport, Lmrs
iana, has been most disastrously de
feated. He has sacrificed nearly all
his baggage wagons and artillery,
kind reached Little Rock in a sad
plight. Tlirco rogiments witli 1,
000 men, with 15 wagons, wore
captured on tho retreat. Another
train, with 200 wagons and 200 men,
was a!o captured by tho Confodor
Tliu steamer Alamo, with twenty
tuns of ammunition, wm sunk in the
' ArLancai River, near L;ttlo Rock, by
f coming in collision with another Fed
eral steamer. The pilot was arrtBted
I for treachery.
bteelo had no stores to subsist his
froopu, am! was obliged to put them
on quarter ration?. He arrived in
' Little Iiock barely iu time to save
from capMro.
It is ascertained that every man on
board the gunboat Commodore- Jones
wa either killed or wounded with
ouo exception. The accident happen
ed by a man exploding n torpedo.
He was killed by men who had been
watching his movements, ou James
We have two dispatches from Air.
Stanton, tho Secretary of War. He
informs us that despatches from
Grant had boen rcceivod, but they
had not been fully deciphered. Grant
had taken 4,000 prisoners and was
on the way to Richmond.
Our Ilead-qusrters were 20 miles
south of tho battle fiold. We have
occupied Frodcricksburg.
General Lee claims in en official
dirpatch published in tbd Richmond
papers, that Grant attacked him in
the battle of Thursday, which contra
dicts the report received here that
Leo made the attack upon our army.
Leo employs this language, ''thank
God, we have repulsed the attack of
the enemy." lie states that Long-
street is badly wounded.
' Among the rennsylvama killed is
I n-v m 1 A a
-v ' - w
way iu -no ha.: a great variety
ofalteri'ooii dispn'ehes concering tho
campaign against Uiehmond, but lit-
nr iw.ibio.r vi-,lu .,ffi,.;ul ,..i;.,i.u!
in that itete.
Longstreet tie fRiyiptjs.Confedarsto
General. ' is now ssid to Le mortally
wounded. If this is so Lee Las
his right hand man. .
There is late news from. Europa
The AKxundcia has betu heard from
in the Indian. S.us, she has destroyed
seven Federal' vessels . worth $500,
From Red River.
R,, fears jofau aitnck on Litth
i llock arc entcrtaini d, itbeingyi'rong
'1)' frl ; fiol . Tho wounded were bc
tlfl "R brought to Fine 15 nil', which i.
CitiM, May 8 Tl.o steamer
WlrtuClmid. Imm Ui-d River, reports
t!ie rebuts in force on both sides ot
the rivor, with batteries planted
above and below the falls. Sho wa
tirnd into tielow the month of Cano
liiver, but no ono was injured. The
goubout Admiral fared worse, being
badly crippled, and six of her crew
killed and wounded. Tho gnnbat
Juliet N. 4 was vtry much disabled
and had to bo towed to Natchez.
Shells exploded inside, riddling the
boat completely. Eighteen were
killed, many wounded. The trans
port Meteor was also badly damaged,
and waa towed to iSew Orleans.
The enemy attacked Greenville, a
small town opposite Alexandria, but
were driven back by tho gunboats.
They have driven in the pickets at
both places sevorul times. The Fed
eral forco now ut Arltxandm is ic
ported 33,000 strong. Tho rebel
force is quitj heavy, under Kirby
smith, Maunder, Taylor and others.
A flag of truce, with a demand t
surrender Alexandria, was sent to
I!.ink- tlio ilnv tlni Wbi'n ("lend li ft
,iaj p,iCe w;t;, wjltt(; rceult it was
not known.
Geutral Steele, with. Iiis hole
g '-gonli Z 2 grS
: tun t oi Iu r nrti Hurt'.
! a'.io forlifid and "considond d fensi-
j Uo MKanBt ,ltBck
At the last dates Gi neral Hankf
was r.t Alexandria, and an intiinn
tion has tieen given that hedesignc
to leave that position. Fositive or
I .J. 1' 1 ... ..
t , . n i 1 . .i
Banks to aiTiird vrii'-cn.iii tn ho gni
1 "
.... ...
: iiuuib ill ikmi i. ii
tAOfl ...
Hi force
mo t ut com
j Mrong enough, in., oi r
: mund, t bid defiance to unv f .rce th
! rebels can biing ag.iin-t l.i n. Ar-
j m)iltim f8 -or tawyM will bo mad
with energy and celtrty by M..jo
: General Canby, who hut, gonu for
j Wlirt t0 n,8 fle-, uu,jcr a.1(.cial ;ujtril
DIED. In McArthiir. Olii.,mi the -id
ult., Giiiboi M , only rUild of Horace an
, Busiin but Iter I a nil, a'd 10 months and
"My ion ! my son ! I leave you not
Alnne, my heart replied,
Your is a happy, happy lot,
Thus early to have died;
You are. nothrre, my gentle lov
Nut beie In this cold tof,
flu! home on piiiiout like a iloe,
Owi-ll with our Palher Gol.''
S p t c i it Notices ,
A liKMKDV VOff IMI.KS.- It is a blrminir
tin sutfuriiig tu know Unit wo huv hd eflect-i
cnr for tti in trii I v triillwnn ilicuiu. M. .
1'. li2;irdo. ot'M't Sit-ond 8t. tlncinnnti.
lilies ga-ut pleauro in inforiiilnjr all linn
n'lirorinif with pilra that ho 'iil a mull qmit
tilyuf lr. Siricklimd'n 1'ilo R'.-moily, and it
fic'ed a purniiniciit mrv. TIim pcr-nii. to he t
cats with all who miiko iiko ff 'hi ri'lcndi.l p
porntion . It in niminfm-Uirnl at No. t t'n
ru rtli Street, Cincinnati, n.i.l .-old by a
Wc have examined a great number
uthers (rom some of the must proui inp
citizens of Cincinnati and Covington, etc..
i.peakiiifr in the highest terma nf Dr.Stiick
laiid'i) Anti-Cholera Mixture for the cure
dwnhrea. anil dyaenterv. The letters ar
to long to publish. Mr. Woods, of Cot
niirti'n.mya he was pronounced inciifab!
i fur the best doctor ir, Cincinnati, ami on
iontle of Pr 8trickl.oiJ' Aiiti Choierb Mi
ture effected a permanent cure fftfr suffer
iiig lor months with the worst form of (liar
rim a ami dysentery,
Another aaya he waa discharged from th
United States servico alter suffering in th
hospitul for 8 months as incurable, and as
last resource tried Strickland's Anti-Cholera
Mixture he got welt directly and has now
entered the army agnin in good health
One man w rite' he ha turcd seven or eigh'
very bad cases of diarrhou and dyseuters
the batracks he wag in "rith one bottle
this valuable medicine. In ct we coi'ln
fill half our paper with similar itema from
these letters. Why does not our Govern
ment secure this valuable preparttion.
Our armv outht to ba supplied with it.
is beta ahoit timesince one of our men
laid in a very low condition at one of aui
Cincinnati Hospitals, his wife was sent for
the doc'ors considered his an hopeless case.
She. however, eave htm Strickland's Anti
Cholera Mixture, and in three weeks he wm
able to return home with his wife .to ftew
Richmond, O. Ail these caws right
home speak for themselves. We hope
tbe soldiers will put bottle of it in their
knapsacks, it may save them or aome
their comradr.3. It is for aale by Druggist
t 50 cents per bottle.
NOTICE is hereby given, that tha un
dersighfld has been duly appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of Jamet Carter
decflneed. latent Vinton ConrUyOhnv
April 7, 1564-r FRSD. V.HAYNE5
s' acas.
nrr'4 Grrfirt,
II, J4D4, ixl )
Tj V. C w 8ci-
ill Ua bu : 1 im Uiboiiicfr tttatni in
ulu vtj .nt duiiuftcti iJi'.Urn mon( ihe Urgt
vsmbtr ut mua who dlli arrirt ( lliii Iutiiit
uan tut rufiwuiMnt a rt. Th mjrl
UMitmot; if tkt tbM buOxii r lh bo t
lutiU. Vut tho VHiuaii iitnwr oompltinta
(ikh ttBiwi iMki, I kaitr of do retutOy w
Mf n4 o .. HaUivb mu " To Mk t pity
icUn m bl U tad hoi ft bar J of dlguliun
ooj what ill ogioo wltk iba ih meoh la itxiil
Mrcuki ! m tu Mk what U owMt or bitlor, or
.iir." friin whliok int for breK.r-aotl
haw joio Siumtvh BHtura In tlio hvut ! aui
urowiirneter k nf ono tbe fuollhh qawttuii
piken ifbr tlu urtat lnliopUer. I mini sot
omit a word or two for ynnr tatmV Braixl.
I havo many mn hero who havo brandy prr--fcfitttil
fir tbiu by ditliigaib.l Army ivr
fr.in.. Iho rffoct ofyoort wt nek aro ImCcUI
rr ni-ua i than from any irvnly takes. -ronton
wbu lesira a rtollr pun Krandy oanont
fail iu tl air 'orLat iftUcy get yooi bran.'.
I a'a, Dxtur, w'-tti muvti rpe:t
Yonr auiiai.l,
U.W.I). Ai.iirw,8tirrint6rittl
tiT OIBcD ioi. niann'av.ry. Sot.. M, 5S, to,
au.t Si F.ant Tliiril iiroo. Kur aula otary wl cro
Not. S'.U ISii3.-all. Mo.
F g-- S Jl '
JJfto Dbcttistmtnts.
McArthur Market.
A pla,' ;t.' I'.;! : MnUea, X.O. lltl
A ).K . . J..' :!, Modi. i .:o
Houua, 3 no Oil t.in'cctl, Sii
Itnlter, as I Oil Curbun, (Hi
Ita.;i n, lli!5 ! Onimia,
t'oril, HI Ont, v.S
Oiffoe, iu I r.i'at .s, 1 .to
I'an.lUa, ! ; lW-lic, 4.1a
Eirifa. li ' K!it,
'hceo. - 'i; . ,' Sail. ' S.
Klai Hofil, i Sr.gnr, 2
Koulliora, I.!Tm, ,
f'luur, (Hit; ,rt) Vineffir, f W
'.tril, 11 Wlioul, 1 ! g
NOTJCI1! i." hereby fiven. tlm' a ttMnii
will liv i-rt rented to tha C'onin.i- !..iifri i i"
V in ton riiin.y, I'bio, at i) nr i . Ji.no
ion, projinn lor tbu ratalli)inii-ii' far(un-
iy road, mi Ida rol.owinir rtitf. . i it : t',ini
riirnai.i.. intmi rnnntt oi ' . .. IV-!urU
Mill", nt rni'y I'ridf . ii i, 't . nl:i
Vinton rein ly Ohio; Thrjira a at th wrai ili-rntiu-imi
Dm liim and aiorif th lina but am
tha 'ai dtiofJohu Fut' ai h Itura Papav, tnih.
north h tut corner td'E.i Phbuti farm i From
'hutice aicnth aor-torly dirnclioa, tbe naartt
ii id bi t rout nornan tmiiU of John Fun, Klg
Sund Fuiiitcc Cn. nnd II rtaarhftf. t intf ri...-l
he nnd iiii.ntii frfiu Z.iloaki to k.irrl
nil', at i r i i or bmd iiniu'd b; Ji.Jn, ('...in-';
I'licnt'O A.t ii'.'.ni; aid r n l alu.nt twj Imn
Iretl y n r 1 , n r"- aid 'i.ti ).- V'!. nnd 'n mb-
r Inn'.ln ownd by laid lionahcrT; Then.
m nth Wi-Morly diiuvtioii ron liwl owned
y .liiiopli Limgilun nrd Hnirh Mcl.niir1illii
rr tu ai. l wet vt William Mi ycra rtaiilrnrf :
henoa ibe ieart and hi rnil l ibor-a.l
uiinini; from Joapb Mi Kil bt-n to Zmitrkl, m
4cllnn nuinburiixtean und tbare to tor.nii!.
!ciiii ditM in if b"n fi.nr nilt.
.Mi S -i i.v M A X V I'M TI 'UNI !.
Stale of Ohio W'uton 0"ihtj
'red'irirk W. Iltinri Adrno. of r, ,,.. t
Im I'ar'or. ').Miai)d I'llff. ! (' , . f at
ani'iv ',
K'.hort I'u-liii mill I Uaftii. i'! .il A,.;i ,
Sii.iiihI l'ar:.T. J
K.diart CarfMr an. I Pariinsl fnrti", t.nih ri
di ig in tliu Suiu of In 'iurm. the fl rut In Tip
, ttima Cn'iiitr, and lha latffir in Pniit-iin
toitity, lll t.ika iiulica that F'fJtrielt W.
I.iynuii. tha adiiiinliiraliir nf Jumf Carter
uca.ved. of lb Cnnty of Vintnn. and Sinn of
'bio. did on thu 27:b,,liiy nf April A. !., 1SHI,
la hi Vy.i inn and einmnineo I a fivil action
i aid- if which hi h:i" nmd out a-i iiiurbinHiii
id noio I by virlura tben:f ri:iin oftho r
nl .'i :"oi iitc.lii sii l Tint.in i.'i)tiniv,ti wit:
hi. una iiiiTiviiliid third pari, of ..noli ftn
efotnl. nt. in Ilia Smth-wvi-t qu irtr of Sii.
n iiiiinhor Iwruty-iiina, (8J,i in Twnnhp
imhi-r lm. ( 10, ) of Kaniro nuniln r nini'tt-i-n,
19.) Miid quarter containing one hundreil an I
xty acrea -n. re or leM. airninrt tha ,M It .b
t rtcr nnd Samuel in Tartar, the Court of
'mmn Plana of said Vinkn County, nil",
lf.inir forth, ahul r-lme the duath ofnuid J
. .rtar, they have wrmiiffully, tnken. fotivertwl
nSmlfJ, and carried (montly) out ofllic
vi. cer iu mnnim, irniiiiNrT notHarcl
r...nr.l propirty hrlnnsinf to naid dceafrd
stata anonn'ing to Once tbomnn. tw-o linn-.
lr i and novcniy five dollnra nnd Miorc,. fi.r
V ich he njka discovery from tliem by nnewrr
I I a indifn ent fur tho amount of i'ne vnlna
I -roof, for coiti, )., and eaiil R..hert Curtiir
I I Sa.nnol farterare noliflud that they ara
t I'liwd fo appear and ainwrr mid pelitinn "M
a ofi;rn the third Saturday after ix oel(H
bli 'n'inn nf thia notion.
A-'v. f..r I'liff. bc.car,l.
'ay 5th lll,-'t.
MitinSrnet McArthur, Ohio.
Infomu the 1'iildtc, that they harejiui ipan
d. a now and larjri ete-k of Hardware and
ntlerv.'-ani.iiriaiid tinwarj of every dlacrip
ion, in their now Slora Room, where they re
pieatan examination of their stock, coa'iiat-
ntr in p.art trt
OAEDEN TmpUmentu, od Boom Keepers
Goods generally. We nunnfaetnr all klnda
nf Ti, Jopper aad sheet Iroo werk, at tha
shortest notice, and at the lowe.t price.
April 29 84-mo LANTZ A BJADF8.
Ciuisl Nunnemaker, Guardian ef tbt
estate ofWilliam Dixon. Jacob Dixon,
Joseph Dixon, Margaret Dixon and Emit
A.Dixon, heirs of Joseph Dizoa deaesaed,
has filed his accounts for inspection and
partial settlement as such guardian, and
will be f haarioR on the 7th Jav of
April U, lM4-8vr Prebatt J"Ta

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