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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, June 23, 1864, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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T'hO KeArthur DemOral,;,tK,Sed
xJ 1 A K I a. t. .N 1
FOE LKQil. IfcTiaiB sle rcDKTn f.cr
Our Debts.
VTe wlfb t sy to thnf w!io sr indeb'J
to m, th( we lun-lin great iico I of iri'Mi
T,tiul honour frini.ln lio o we u rm ai
rtith((. iiuUirii'.ion, Jub work nr oiher
Ue, will try tint he p ;i to pay oit ilfliiu.
by p.yinit whst tliey uweu'. The Pn us
the put winter bat not nar p trl its wny
and list bwn folJ lor b.iUnre due on lit
upebtse rnuney. Tim nhuu:d not te tli
If fur lrin.1 m-nnlit knA h.l..i .
hand to our paper. Wero,l,i nnk. . rr,,.'h
W.ter pioer, il it would un'v pav it wm-.
AH t.:H.its will he nwi'e oiitand rwdr
lor liqtiidiiim. Cu'l a.i.t aee ua when in
ton nut a ua the expei;i c and-ti ouIj!c
ol tatdipg after ytiur c!nms.
Our Debts. To Readers.
We propose loi'.'ii'iiidh UiC foilj'Tinj;
Magaz'uif'B p.t tho lowest prices.
Lady's Buck and Dair.ocrut S3 00
National Mug-iz no and Drm. 2.50
O. N.G'sof Vinton Co., ore at
the front with Grant.
Tl.i.m iViHinU
in writing to t!im will diuct lettera
follows, to t person, -caro ol
-'8,r (., . U"-t
o.n. G'sG.mi K-miz's Div.iiim.
llHriiiiilii l!:io ir.jd. Va.. via Furtiih
Monrco " (Jivo fl.o taunt of Cai-t. j
and Idler of tl ('on.i unv.
From Vinton O. N. G.
We rt'ulvv!. u letter l':oiu yur son
A.V. Uutty;., tinted cu tho 13tl),
iriit , liu says :
"We arrived hi Vri;sfi!rt'i'i o-j (lio
T'.li.fttid r.U'itL'.l i-.t t f; ti Wtiito IlutiK'
.n tb.i y l, i.ii'1 in a tr.i Tiling we ntar
tu.l Jliwii tiio Yurk river, by w,iy of
Furtivisj M .;:.r ;, for O.ty I'oint on
'.lie Janas, ai'd rjcoisoi! order-j t.
coino to lJt.iit oi li.cl;?. Wo orf
it ll. J I'r. P. ,.wl..
nullla ti tlJU I.I11LD It '111 Jit I 1J J HI
r . ..u. ... let ...l .
i oiti ea!ii, w'lie wo c:iu soo thy i
aA w.ijua it.iitjj in anil ottt ol il.oir
tntretxiitieiit-t, s'jiMt Utio :i;i!i'9
from us. OvT.toiii'.ai'y v.o i;cro u
shell wii'z thn'Tii t our jiM.tl trv
cr, and hftr t.'.i.iiily Grm.tA car.non
8v;t!l.; Id !f.i!vB (,'AU .3. Jviehi'iniKi
U about H tino.s UO:o lief, anJ i'e
Urgburt; '6 tr.ili.9. Wo icri on ibo
d.ivi au.;iin lure."
' .
From Vinton O. N. G. A. W. BRATTON.
Chance to Invest Money.
Y?o cull tiio :i!t !!iti'.t;:if our cltizont)
to the following arriclo f.ui the iww
York C'biii vti'y weii at to an ad
TCrt:tn:o: t in btiOt'tr colstnn, uf
U. S. 10 10 IJ.mJs. Tim iuttiresl on
tiifcei) Lotiilt ; i-h j.ayablo i.i !J, und
ws'cp.n sec no ri'iio:: Hiy our iiitiz.'tt
ca.ir.fit stcnrii the benefits cf tliia loan,
ftj well as to bavj Ecropfsn cvj ital
Jats, reap a!) tba bent liu of our yold
iatercst '.oy!iij bocda. The atate
rusi.ta and Sgnrts it tiio Observer
iottie6t some of our readers l.o
taay with io in'tet.
This loan U limited tn l7) l.un
dred millions, and is bein rapidly
euliwerbel tor by tlo people. A
wodera'u portion of this amount Las
been taken for Europe, aud i.ny rea
sonablvt portion of the reiiiaitilnj:
amount that the S'-oretary of the
Trcaacry might be willing to desi
Date, could be placeu on tlia other
Bide, with er without making the in
terest payable in London instead of
NttW Yotk, ou liihly advantageous
termB, thus giving the command ol
a large amount of sterling exchange
(10 pir cent, buitur than gold, as rates
lcalated here.) through th
Suromer tnontha. Lie ha3 not yet
entertained such ropi)gitiiins for his
popular Inane. His preference ia
that our own people should have the
entire advantage of the gold interest
which they bear, ore!se the premium
on their B inds, such as can now he
bad on tho 5 -Oa when bought for
Ettr-rpa. The piesint oljoct, there
fore, Apnj)uUi' d'tirilutioa at tome,
at par. on livn per cent, gold inter
est, equal to or 8 per cent, in cur
rency with t;o!d at 150 ICO per
Tho Act of Congress specially pro
tides thut the principal ol'ihesa Bunt's
Shall DO patJ 111 g"ia. II paid I'D at-
ter ten VearS With tho economical
... 1 . 11 t .
view of re bot rowing at three or four
pur cent, intjtest for after the war
of 1812 this government borrowed
tiiODey in Europe, at three per cent.
tliu payment will be made in gold
O'l this and Other tlindeti Stocks Of
tlio United States, there is a specific
pietgj ui mo uucoJiiiu xaevenue in
gold, for the continued payment of tho
jotarest in gold.
The customs and duties, thus
forthupayinennUf thoin-
.'Ui K'irill."s flii; fe'-'T'-'i'-ry lias r.-u 1-
11 ' 'ti'onui of nt l'.'-i ptr f. t. f -r
lft'UCttA, t'iO .rit.c:i"-i M
':' -t wi,iia wii t:ot. tu i-i-j
jk-icoiuim griiuiiHi extinction ci toe
lpiincrpal ttiroti :! itunml purchases
tr tl,(j sinking lund ol tho tundudl
.1 V. VTl it -Tie . "",
public debt ot tho United btati-s. en-1
SWllle R eyPtem Of indirect titXlltiotiS
to which t ! people uru and ftlwBV,
liavo lit'l'll IiUCUjI'jIIiCiI. It U'U lliiuli
. 1 i i . .'
tho p.Mi.lo only in proportion li ihoir
ab.h.v or inclination to cinniiiu for-;
imn wares unci michand!W, opon
U i:c I t l.u.i illlfi. a ur.i -.in.. I A j
jthe.y elect t-i ti re-.) the use ol loreigti
i UXIII ii-8, eO I !lV lighter! llieir OWI
I 1. . r . I I.i- 1 I
ilu inveatii tbtfir nieuiH in it at
riiti mill iiti ii aci'-'i iiv iiiiM.ri.il' t..
i . i . .
y otl.tr o.:k, lor uciU.im J hs-
,lu,.,wUlt ri, ui 'wui i.;b;iu
tile wl.olu C 'lllltlV.
lllu laft MsCill ,M;T, '() Juno 3'J,
186 i, tint "rco of I".-Vi'llUd milOUII'-
fcd lo aO,05a.W2. Ilu u .Ki ioi. r -
C6t nil Ilu, .ulj,lC lltl.t tll. ll HllloUUlfll
t' oti'v 52t.7-',J.blj. and the i.rii....
i 11 i.. i. i w i .i ...... .
' .
i . ... :.. .. . ..
ll "1 u II ll'illl lit l. J. n.l 7;vl.
1 K '
'.; , ,
'.0 prtBfi.t Lifal year, C rrlin on
'"s o-'t't Jutif, ladl, will hIiow 8t
it-UC 1.1 .er c lit. it.K-ie,t in jM eiiV
....r.'i ii..i. ui ieeN iituu ri'i )i.r a'lil.
' ItiL'l .iibi, OVct' lat t Oilt'. I'Lt) iJidd III
ii., ....... ,.. . . .-. . . ... i
tireat o:i tl.-.1 x etiiit l?n.t l m. I lund
H.i!e tit bt, . r lii. iiu tenl rlc-'! year,
wi.l nut i x. etN. ?47 7i5 650 Uutin,
,,,'" i- r .nterrtt oi;.,:. tficn; uu!
I ill. I! u: ,11 Mill. in. t.l-.iii
v' "! t!' ''"'''y i"t'-
-r ?.'"t)-:it7 'i,l
Hit'.'., i'. C'll '
t h lift i
R. ( fie Vf.iT Ci Itilli'rtli Ol IK'i
!:(..! , Ct f i !i ;,; M o( ilfM)4't, t'.'.
iiit 'III i
UVvjji j u .VI, IV.i l' M X :i celiedalo ol
1 1 .. I. I.I I !...-..! 1 . .. . I
me iui.ju i nv u1. uiri i uJ vfiii. :
tmioiiiy ii t. !, 8 mn lu p!;t into
iii.del ili lit i,v t)!uniiy C 'tiv. rsion,
"ii liieli wlj iultrost id now ljuiiif;
i . v . .v v v.i ,T I UiJ UJV 0.1111.;,
.,; .. . 3 " J 3 ...
" ca.--to!uBuvir Him Br-c-.i:.;
Funded Debt of the United States to
March 3,1864.
Pfpr.l'ir 5 20 Loan, ti per cnl.
iT. 1 I , I I . , . . . ti. f
" - " .
?uiu.i t k uuij. i v.; 'cr itenr. iiiiaii
7 :) i,..p . r s I flU Hi til !....,
.- i . . ..v -
r . ii v ivi. i i. i,..t it, ni i iii ,i ,
I l IvJi i-
"if.., ' W ! , V V. v.. ... . v
. . v.-iuLir, ijiii, u i-.-i vjvim,!
I.O;llH Ol IjjS-GJ. ,ri I
per wilt. Ii7 02'J,0!JO. I.ojitlS of 1S17 j
-43, 6 pir cent. 15 320 000. Lyat, I
of 1850, 5 per ctr.t J.-ilJ.UOO
!.,,, Itfii il t 1 :,!,!
UUU. iUtlll, 'JOO WJ.
AtitlliUI llliervt III gOiJ, S-Hji Jo,-
C50, !
A 0 per cent. Siotk a.':.r JS,11. !
interest charge upon Ihu sanii'
amount ot fun led debt will burc-i
diKvd the next iUcai tei.r in the
ot SI 7.H521-, by tl:o eoti version of
the 7.0' piif C 'lit Of' 1861, HI Allglt j
lin l Octolter, into till 0 per cei.! t. i
1881, leaving th- inietrat charge opon ;
t.Mo Mte'JiioWO only if 15,
Jol,VJ), lor l mo next nsc.il year, 1
whi n, ui.vler tlio .itHreni-cI ratts oi
cn: toi!i3 iliiti. a pot iiinnediite!)' con
templated by (Jongr.-SK, ilu gold r :v
entiLi!, on tha saitio vuluini? ui yu'.-a
!i:;por'irioi B in in 1301. w t i ! Im ria--d
to v3110,'JO0,0j0 or $115,000,000.
Tcni tile
U b' tor
CEI? r AI.. S-R'
For tie R-.i:ioval of ObstrwMons, and the
Jtiiuriince of Ittgnlarihi iiite Ht
currend if I he Mt.ttUj I'er'.oh.
Ti c cure ri ,-b-i,iio Sbii-e nnmernii d-aiika
th.t fpriiii iVd.i. :rrcg':lari ty, by ruiiiov inj: the
irrcju'a'ity Uelf.
Timy euro S'.ipprcM)d, Ex:e:iv9 aiid Paiu
i'l. Muu.truatiou.
They cnra Omin ?io!;nes (Cl-loroei).
tiiL-ycuia Nervous and Sp nal AiT'Ctiin.a,
pins i 1 tliu bin k, and bmer j..iTN of tbo b uly,
l(3avineH, Fatltia on uliflit excrlinn, l'ul(ltiL
timi of Ilia Hi'sn. . VarneHa nf t-pirita. l'ij i;!lit,
t-icW Ilcada. Iiw, GiddiiiOw, c;o , eo, la a wi ld
by ro?no.in the Irregular. ty. thi y reinuvo tliu
oi.i-ouii l with it all ih e'll'tots tbat kprin jr
from ii.
CompoRed of nimple vcgetabU extract, thvy
c n:!i: uot hi n 1l.jletori .11. to any i-ou t i' u t i . 11
h.iwevi.r dclioiiio. ihi-ir fi.u .ii.in" bains toenb
:i:uto i'.rtr.iiht lur aeoknefii, which wheil pro
perly a0fi, thi y nevar f-iili-d t it.
Tiiey rnr.y ub mioiy n..d at ai.y a.'e, an tat
any pcri.il, Eictpr di iii.no this finer thru
iiOMTHa. di-.riuj; ulaeh tie unlialii:.; uatiiruof
their nutiou would iufaliibiy ratTtxT prga
ani'. All le'ters aieling infjrmation or advice will
be promptly, fne,' and diacree'ly aiiswerod.
Kill I directions accompany each box.
Prica H par box, omix boxca for (5.
Stint by ma 1, t'rea of poatuga, on receipt of
s,j t JicArtl.nr at 8. V.Dodgaa Drug a'.&re
'and by all ,epectab!o Druggist.
VuA . ''s usqn eu 'om
laouiujjaj 110.
mm nmm
S'ephen C. Eakm aitminiatration da bo num. on
of the eatati of Abrabam I)art. haa filed l;ia
.itl.O. lnm.ML.1 aii.t ..lll.n.rl ...
admiuintrator, ar.d that raid acvonnta will be
;tinPcn 0,1 the25
Jnne Sad lSS4-3if
Probate Judge.
CltfgH House.
o.Ve etera iioatci . x-orim9ia-
ti-.of U. . vni. tnab ether toima otiii
as tW-f4.;csa, the n. n. ur j.i-.y oi frivuta far-
1,111 temp., or i.j-ari.tucon!niiiiiI-
?uni li;. ii,'. . r li-n.L.irary i
r u , Jtu
,t i.j iiittro.t, while tho rc-5.it lucmu-g. .f.'ht-Ifj.-US.O'j;).
taritf doi-b.lea jui.-oths nniiu.il mcijtk
cn.-tonn th.i iiuii.o mcouat of imiort
i"''. otu ji M.im.
i,' U"UM" HuU u-.iat
' rnot l-.t-.j fro.,. '-U Viutcil
inoio lii-ii JJ.. iill.i.'OJ'S a WM.K.
:!M:ripii.in.fil u rt-itvl l iIm
This 'i't'i " "
SATios,,L uankh
6am!l''- "t I'ubii,. hh,v, uu.t
lin iiilioiU theor.,.;., ..ii.g. g.,,xtg v
"-iit.al l'...(.lury Bank.-..) wiit fufmf.li
'"'0.oir.f..r...ti..n .1. r.!.li.-ii..! r.i
u.s.kmo bonds.
Tl e-e rrrdnre enied i r.4crtre ActofCon,
of March Elh, wl.Uh provide Ut.ll'rS
,.,, ,NfnM nd,, a,i k ,u u ftmit
FROM TAXATION by nr order liny nUteor
municipal au'linrity. flnbwlptiniie to tlieew
nniir received in united Ma'ca note or I
f V-I--l n I - frl... n-i 1 f?
rl0,e" National Hunks. TJ.ey tr TO Wvy'.j
ed"ved IN coin, .tthe pleasure of il.o
finvmn iT t t i.nu Mm iz-.d n.t Lhk t Jinn t.n n nr .
. ' . .... ,
.. . . . . ...
tehest will i;e paid in io;.u iiond''
f wA over on Ir.iiO'-il dollar buiiiiuHv uii'1
.... . '1 ..il I.... . i : - ! .. i-i
" 1
' Suh-t riners will lerei e i llior lgUb reJ nr
;roil.,n Ka,dSi.tlMmiiy F,tVr. Retfi.,cr.I
i;CUb, r.re I wTi.M un tie Loil: ftfl'iol'. S.
;7r.d - K'r, milo.inbuTriL.Mf.ir.eii cnlvtutl.a
i ' f l,fj ' CVi:i. Hon U are iu)kb!i to '
! Nearer, Kiid re niori)i'iiivi;i,iii: tor commercial
in'l'J -
I .Klll's;'il":ftt1i1.!1, wiU l:av the PVtinn
V. 'V '"1 . lr'"
:i r hVIJrur .A n..tl:i.. hl.rl n
. ! . . .
w " '-cr IH.t, cr lua umw
l"' f"i"""1 P"i! "' fi,,y -t' f-
l"e,'-il"" ,,r"tl! JruAinu i:.u ri
'roni ti.a .t..te ..f jbsoiiptiia anJ .iipoeit. .V.
b' "'u ar0
1'I0W i)ic!i.:l nd .State Tax-
Wnf jer uniitim , nccurJicg u, the m'.jofti-x
5iii it. turii'iii. .Hl't tfllii nmi.tr.
A' il.e irci.i imt of piamijiaou gi th-j'
. ' cr "r-t
, u i im hi eq'v.i ii;Ul cn,i:C(! a
illVer.'. 1111.1, f.
i acuriti'-n ofl'ir so arcai
ilJUUV.'.' IIHIUrt i I IU t . briLI.d V: r rtl.ta il.. ,l..
''lllllllV 1H il'l. I I 11 to MriPilr.i I it,. ..,., ? ...
.,,t, r , - ! ,,i :i,.,,., I,,....:,,
-w... ..ii.. ,.v ou.jn. iiijv'ii lur in vurn
I!.. I I I :l I t . ! -
irvoi jO u,. tu i.i. ii:-itii.;Ui.lo. en tliu biimu
tcnn, uinl ...,ro t Ii u s mu.lo equally atti'nMo to
tl o M;li;st Isinli r hlnl lurvvht iu t'.lvlli-t.
l l.iy ;iiii ( cur. verted into ti unoy ul uvj mn
mciit. and the Kol Jor will iLu Lcjuflt ol
i',,, inicrei.;.
It inuy ba u-ufiil to riatu in ..1ii conrie:'.loii
lh.it t!i) to ti I'lin.lcJ Ll l.t ef tin! L'..iteii
.S'. iUoii inUni.t U i-ab!u in r 1, on
the 3.1 iluj vi .M.iicl.. 1 bi 1 , win, 4 i.H,!i,i.i,uiO.
Tlie iiiiuivit nn (hi Jubifi.r the couiii g rtsvul
tuur will b.i n y.:;, 1 2.3. u. custoni
ictjuuu I i f.iiii fur liu i:urrnt fisml yiar.
vji Uiny .Intie JOtli, lSii4, l.aa o.eu -j I'r ut the
ruto ol IOJ,UfU.iii0 .iiriiiHiiii.
c -ou urn va n.e picasnt r-ld re-
t. ii Lies !j i ii4 iiit eriitiiuiii u u urii-Iv 111 fvi.ti.i.
I..." iv.if.ijf ...tli.u i.nvn.oin
0 l10
w :i ui iil'iL Ti..!...... r 1 1 . .
tiai l!i tl .! drill
iuiva wt.;!i. i-i Ai rli il.o ni,a..i 1 , ii..n r-.l
M.v f th iSiS i.'-.o
1 I t K U i: I) li A T 11 !
Don't tjiu Si-mli 10 lint War.
Ma .y ht ve iiied from ijiarrLasi nnd Dvs
Plllery in ymir reuiinen l; iinvv tuke Warn
ing and ilu not return vitlnur HiOiltiniT
yonr linap-m k-i uii.n a Umle ol Dr.'.Sirirk"
luiid'a An'i-Cdo'ira iMix'iire rtn.einter
hoiv ninny tere$ivei lB!-t ,e.ir ,y luki,,
it ufier hrinr; di.i.hirje.l ami fiit from the
iKi'iiiiiilo as in. urac'e. One dose will im
nuMialely relieve the 111 isl severe rii'e ol
D;ar:i(.ff.i or Dysentery. It i aiknnvvl
ei'ed to 1 lire Chronic Diarrhrca nnd Dvs
emery. Now don't neglect it, fur on your
teiiirn a ehane uf diet 11 il l ate:, nr.
14 ill must rprtainly hrina mi Diarihusi, an.
a M tent boille of Dr.'Strieklaiid'a l.iti
Cholera Mixture will itiru you mj several
mherj. It vvii; keep good in ar.y ilimate.
not fail to tell your tcir.rJtics to jiut a
bdtile of it in llieir kniipiuek.
Sold by Druggist Binrprep-irfd cnlf bv
Dr. A. Sirii klund, 0 Last Fourth street,
'-'in.iinnati, O.
March 24. "64. l-y.
Snt.lUrc iu2 ii,:i. C..S..1.1 I !
1 7-
ii.iiii, xi. o.nt-iiiai.,. j 1
quite lijilit in uilviein-j yon in hi!) advertise :
nent in our columns n'f to data pi. per t
take a boltV ol hig highly recommended An
ti-choleia Mixture in ymit knapsacks, it
my save the lives of many of our best sol
diers. Mothers, see ihat your mna do not
neglebt it. You can get it ai the Drug store
at 50 ten:s per bottle. It is the best reme
dy lur Dianhiea and Dysenterv.
War 21 '64 1 y.
Da. Stuicklano's Kemedies for
sale hy
b. N. Dodge. McArthnr,
Wm. Burtciifhaw, Ilamdec.
The Vinton House.
rPHE ahove well hnowo Tavein Stand, situa
L teJ t'D the aorner of main Pt.. f.ppoi-ita the
M.ttC. Kaiiroad ttutiau, Uamiion, Ohio
The Iloura in in good cindiiii.n. and every con-
Tcince atiaicnta lor seeping a puiillc Iw.uso,
two ftory. excellent va'cr, aad good Stabling.
ALSO. STOKE ITOUSE, on the corner of same
Mrcel, well calculmed for any boikinens. The
abote prcpertj will be sold low, inquire ofr.o
perBoa butcoiuo and aea ....r yourself. rt ap
ply to I. MclNTYRE.
May 19tb 18S4-tf Uamden, Ohio.
E. A lira Hon.
A tifitPfix At xvW, Mo Arthur, O, will.
'rU ti I U N A L A It
Is now receiving lame
gtionsto his already
feonsistin oi every variety ofii
d:iy Gouns.
had he isofferiii
ftmonts to purrJiasers than aim
wisbin,- BARfJAlNS. will do will to give him a flail.
'fK All 1 ..e f 1 .- P..J-I. t
j.,., ;i Mn" 01 vvniij . hi. uu ui'iii, 11 1 vi;;eii tou nigiieai ivm
''J ket ptico will be paid. " f
Jau'y lBt.-ltjC4. DAN WILL :
Mo. GO Sculli siic Mn SL Hdrlhap, Ubio.g;
Sopen in their New Store lioom
One of the largest
iselected stock of
ever brongbt to this trnrket, which will bo sold cheaper than tli
cheapest. Picas call and examine Goods and Prices before pnrchas-?r
ring elsewhere, as wo are determined to Be!l at the very lowest liguers se
&2 Jan'v 14tb C4 lv DODfiR A PNIf I Wsi $?
x ' J
Iffi I
II V tlti. fi I U O
und Grocrie'i,
greater induced
V v
1. ... ..i.m .. i.s.i . .
K. E, riULLIl'S,
and bestS
w v wrt' .jlii. . .
or rai
ixtc vo oef ei o c jvvVA.vc
tvvv uW , k,'v,.6 VvVVtVw
Wvr Xo,' vvt o. i
mwt&MxVi aotw 1 fvcv
tuvs, o u owOr1, vxv,ee
ivvev wtcCictK aw v.v'vtii
ftXoo.(V "BvWevs., vc,
c.vv ix e, L.voct W,
3iizou3 Fever,
Fever and gu,
Liver Complaint,
Kidney Complaints
o.re. cowio6tv oj vctc ctv
oJvVttjvv voo VveT,,
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T7is fitters are put tp in quart
bottles, cf which the above is aao-sim-ilt.
Ih label ts fintly tngravei, and
is provided with a eafe-uari from
oeunierfeiters. CPrt'ae $1 per bottle, or
AM for $5,
C. V. Jfsbaafc, Cproprietor, Jo.
East Fourth St., Cincinnati, to vih
mil orders should be addressed.
Juit pubiiahcd, a new coltiot of
Dr. C'u.'renveliN Celebrated TeMiy
on il fl EarrrA-cfBE ( withon: sad.cie?) of
e'eimvicKi'oii.t, or sen.iaal Htiakuein, Invol
uutiiy KcrniLal f.emos. Im OTi.NcT, Mep:l nd
1 li)iv:i-l Incapacity,, IixipcJiiuent to ilornaga,
etc. ; iisa, v-o-sitxerio, Emsrar. an 1 f ira,
iiiJuctd by svlf irnlulg iiia or eexui.! tsUa.
gaili. l-if Pic. in a tealt j envel ope, on' 8 eeata.
Tin! ce'o'ii.o.td utlor ia lh! admirable ea
h. clratly il imoiatratea, from thirl joara
ucvaalul.r.'act;ca, tLattha alarming coVanqu
encee of .-.tiil'-ul) jj muy bo raai-iu'.'.? u mod i',i5 '
ont the dftiigtroua ue of internal intillulao or
tlio'ppiicatioLi of the kuild pointing cut a
nidoi t'eura, at once aimple, ccrti.iu and edeo
aul, by rueani of which every auScrar. do
matter a hut bis condition niav be, my cura
himeoif chin!y, privately, aud adiali.t .
ttT" Tln'a LaJtura rhj'uM bain ilia fcu-daof
every yo'.vb and every mr n in thaland.
buiituudur foal, la a plain euvelopo, to any
addrtra, foarrio, oa rvcept of ix cetta, or
two peat alainpa. Addrexa Die raoiiu'l ara.
V.7 Bowary,Wair York, Punt offl.;t lox4558.
rO Samuel W. Aprleman ttiat thtre baa
baeii lo.osetel wuh the nudcraigneJ SI9
M ceutt lor the redemption of part ol Lot ri m.
bar nineteen, m 1 be Town or No Pit math
foid cn tbothe 14ih davof l)o.mVu. "lai
aiorfioted sale oi land for thu iianp.jn.ejt ot
taxna mtaicet penel'y baa thereon.
Jane ltlih 15G4. a. N. COZAD
An d. V Co. O.
m Shaffer Fit! 1 Cct..re Ge.r rr.w
t v.?.4'1,"' . f rua J-P. Pf Knox Tn
l?M.Jle MBi P?f5 Viiit .n CoMnty Uifio.
On the 84U day of May A.D. iztmu.
tice Uned an trder of Attachment in ;H above
action, lor the turn of forty- 3va dol.ar, ,nd L.
enty-five coi.u. JONdTIjA N s!l.t'iii

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