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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, June 30, 1864, Image 2

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1. BR TTOX, J S :
jtn .v ... - j
VIIXMIAY- - - Jun :hihuj
aHT" - i - - -
JHKt'XIOX A S 1 t" W AS. Tllr. N I'CItU
mi kui; it k is, iud np riiiivrnn in
of (lie .nx HUliit nil Otliei r vil'o
hr usurped A m ! 'it v. n vvWI the
Hi-ople who Column uri'in-m-i.
ol (In'
C M. I'KTTKNfi I I.L A CO.. Adver'i'.'-n
e Agents, No. ?7 Par',; Kow. New York A-
IJtate Street. Boston nro our Aj-eH and vre
aathortaod to ta'se .Jvoriis-eniMiw md bul.
Tfptleua fr uaat onr Lowest Kta.
Democratize State [...]
Oi Stafca County.
(For Full Term.)
Of Fuiifietd Covin-y.
(fO fll-L VACASCIK?.)
Ltrnf Vacancy,
Of Hiincock County-
i Short VuMKcr,
Of HifeliUnJ County.
Of Holwn County.
01 Ffniikliu County.
Haidiu County.
boaud or rni.ic wobki,
(Full Term,)
Of Ahl.n County,
V roil vacamcy.) '
Of Aeg'aixe County.
With this bcuti,'iil BTiil apt notation
ltD. FirmmJa Wood of N'a.v York, closed ni
ekq'ient fjeoot en "Ccnficatiou'' in tin Houn
t.f Kprif.r.tu:he Jii.Ukiy 20th 15t'4.
"Pftto! Ttat'. Gd of our futhora, prar.t
n pence
Pciro iu oiirheartiianit t Tliina altera, pMi't
O thu rod waters and thuir bliif lited ihores I
Peace lor tUo leagured cities, and the hosts
Thut wa'.oii aiid blcai'. around them an t within,
Ptueafor thahomcleat aud tiia futhorlcsjt ;
TiMO for h captive o hia weary way,
And the mad crowds who jeer hi- lmlletno.- ;
For them tlut uff'.ir, tlicm that do tlie wrotij?;
linniag and sinned ugiin-O God ! for k11
For a distracted torn, and blecdinjf land
tt u i) i gltd tidii p ! ('ive tif givi ma ce
PEACE! PEACE!! Expression of Opinion!
lt has ever been tho proud boa6t
of Americana, that in tbia country,
personal liberty was secure---that
their Government was founded upon
democratic principles, that guaran
teed to ita citizens, freedom of speech
and of the pres3 ; and it ha3 always
been supposed that ovary persou had
the right to express his opinioua up
on the measures aud policy of an ad
ministration in power, us his judg
inent might prompt. -In unbroken
and proEperoua administration of the
Government for over seventy years
on this theory has been utteuded Ly
the greatest buscuss in all the elements
of individual and National prosperi
tycertainly never surpaisad, if
cqnalled in tha history of auy nation
Tho riht to express one's opinions
in such a government as ours, is its
very life-blood. If liberty perishes.
our government is lost ; aud there
can be uo liberty where tho prc33 is
muzzled, and tho free expression ol
opinion is a criuaa to bo punished by
the dungeon and the fagot. Theie is
no form of government more unsafe
than ours wheu the right to criticise
the acts of our rulers, and to freely
discuss public measures, is denied by
those who may temporarily have the
reins of anthority. Mankind is sup
posed to be intolerant. There are
not a few Individuals in every com
inunity who deairo other people to
think aa they do, aud who would not
hesitate to enforce tho uniformity of
the opinion. When the government
giv3 these men encouragement tkey
bt come as insolent as ruffians, and ih
intolerant as tho inquisition. They j
desire to hanjr, destroy an J burn cv
ery one tli at dose Dot agree with
t.ctn upo.i questions of peace or war
Could they havo their way in opin
ion could bo expressed that did not
liuinuti stilTotiiii; and liiiai tn woe, and
lilliii o ir land with tli'miands ol
oiihain an 1 widows! Vut, if any
one dares discuss the cau and unn
edyoftlie awiiil cal.itnity Hint has
falieti n)wn our country, he is at "nee
denounced as u tiaitor and an enemy
to a ".v ft iiKt.t. It strikes in that
it' ever tho tongue were allowed it?
widest lieedoin, it tfliould be no.
If ever men wire allowed to Peak, it
slioul'l In- niw. It tin press were
ever jvrinitted to tuoiiso tho people
und demand the verdict ol its truth
till judgment, sun-ly, it eh'iuld 'e
now, when daily thji'e cities from
tho battle tiSAi and tho sickening
hospitals, wails of we e that sends
nony to tii iiisaii Is of northern lire
sidii. The mind roe tils, tho brain
throws faint, and t!iu heart sick, as we
read the Kn list of killed ami wound
eu. ny iin in', woe i ny ujj
this miseiyi Shall ii"t such invfal
events be fully iuvestiit;:d f Should
not tho i'j"i!t bo allowed to discuss
all tho leasoiw, cuises and the reme
dy for these nam horrors. May
i i ' i .'i.i! j i; i ,i
they nut in.j'iiru who caused this ?
How can it bostojed ?
And yet in the discussion of just
theso ijiK'stiurn, Vallandiliaui ami
hundreds of others, have by violence.
been torn from their hotite, and with
out law, deprived of their liberty,
and banished from tho state-, by a
tyrannical administration that inter
dicta the discussion of questions in
which tho people- havotha greatest
interest. Men have been arrested,
sent to some military btutile, and cou
eomeiJo with their owa political
. ,. .
At this moment our country s
nr. i
bleeding at every pore Irotnacv.l
p t ,.,t a ril .o f i,ii, i i
ii mi niiav -j iuuiuiii a 1 1 it ai i. nil wi
lined in a loathsome ilungeon, for
ciiuiy but presuming to disagree
with thu President and UU suberdi-
nates. The New York World and
Journal of Commerce, were closed
because they innocsutly publishol the
bogus proclamation. Might doi 3 no!
always make right and the Jyran's
.! ... ni w.,.o, .;'i
UVJ ui.Djl'lo lit 1 1 nau 1 i,;lvii -.iii j I
be m:i'lj to hear the voica ol an out
raged people, whose rights they have
trampled upoti whose petitions they
have disregarded, but whose venge
We have futhurdolails of tho move
ment ot Wednesday by tho Second
end Sixth Corpse, and a confirmation
of the statement of the results which
1 telegraphed to you laet night.
The weather ia excessive warm,
and largo numbers of tho men aro suf
fering from exposure in tha gun.
Garret Davis, of Ky., oflerod in the
Senate tli3 following resolutions,
which will bo ncted upon probably
Monday next: Resolved, by the S.-n
ato and H ni-,c of Pvprcseritutives.
that three years of civil war, in which
the enormous expenditure of blood
and treasure has no parallel in the
world's history, and whose wide
spread rapine and diabolical cruelties
have sti'iCKud Christendom, and which
from alternative success hat produc
ed no eitential results, prove that was
was not tnj proper reu:eiy tor our
national troubles.
Resolved, That if the people ol
America would have aud restore their
shattered Constitution, and avert from
themselves and their posterity the
slavery of a military despotism, of
public de.Lt, tho interest upon which
all the avails of their labor und re
sources will never meet, they must
btmg this war to a ciC3e.
Rtiolced, That the President ol
the United States be and ho is here
by authorized to propO a cessation
ol arms and an amnesty U tho au
thorities of the Confederate Sutoa of
America, with a view to hold a Con
vention of the puople of all the St.!'
to reconstruct the Union; and if t'.at
can not bo etfected, then that said
Convention agree upon the terma of a
eeparation ot tho States without the
further effusion of blood and of a hit
ting peace among them.
The Senate and House Conference
Committeo especially reported the
Tax Bill in the Senate and House
and each branch adopted tho report
taxes whisky at $1,50 per gallon,
from July 1, 1864, nntil Febnary,
1865, and after the tax is te bo $2.00
per gallon. Ale is taxed at Sl,Qu
por barrol.
" j r""X". ihaVTl.a iliau-rtc i '
lira i letto, bl owing that tho uspate
read in the llousa soma timo bl,'o by
Mr p.air ......'iiudin.r the valor of
' , , 1 11 ' " 'y11'",. 1 110 u, r "
colored troops at iMaiul.rt, was oun
. L. :n Mi-fur i hut bo nr roin show-
v.. - ---- - - - i
tio;rk, on thu Weldon und i oturhur
Tho exceedingly mixed and vex.t
tiona commutation question ha oc
oupied ti.o House this 1. M. Tito
discussion took a wide rango and In-
eluded the "rowing jealousy between,
yistaul West tho qualities of the
icgro as b soldiers, propositions b-?
mice, &c Mr. Madory o! Ken-.
in bravery the nejjroes tied in terror
aud were enveyed to the ivai.
Mr. rernaado Wuod to reply
Mr. Schenck, who asserted that
pem-o were decLn ed to day a coin pre-
u,.e coma .1 ,i .e.. .1 i ua,., ... n
.111 ah o armimeiit ui lavor ol aa an
, , . 1 . i .
nrotiee arid proposition lor peuee.--
I lie speaker was listened to w
maiked attention, Mr. Udeli of Nev
York, replied to Wr. Y",od, eli.n-:
the lattw-r with having helped to laise
a r-.-gimeiit by i-spending his own
. . . .
money ami m ikin;' eoeeeiies. ihe
liepuhlieans loudly applauded CVKdi's
8ii:''cli, and hiosed Wood when lie re
l-. '.V by wiying, "if lever helped
to'niiiio a regiment Ciod lorgivu nu
for my ein and tho error 1 commit
ted. Altogether, the session ol tins
l M. wa the iii'ist ixeitm of ihe
Thu hul'icitians arc that the three
hundred dollars clause will in t be re
pealed. On Monday Senator Powell
will call up in Senate his resolution
with regard to Uin'brido'o order ex
Icluding thu ''nqitire fioui circulation
:n Kentucky.
those who oniiht fo know what)
Mr. Lincolti su.ys, inliirms us that
since his return fioui a visit to Graru,
Mr. Lincoln is full of hop,. a to tin
luosneet of liio army bulore I'l.teia-
iuir:.', mid iie suvh Grant is decidedly
of the opiuiuii that he will bring trn
campaign to a Mic'essful elute, and it
is furthir rel 'ed that G-;iieral Grato
gave the- t'los.djut asuiauee of ill
curtair tr l taking 11 ehinuiid. M
inforniant duos iu.t recolleet thai
there was iinv special day set apai'.
for taking the rebl cam't J.
There wa a lenilie battle on
Thiii'sday between the S.xth Gorjis
arid 11 ll's refill corps. The Sixth
was piocioding to occupy the position
where W ilson s cavaiiy had been at
Iliilroad. U:ll confronted the Sixth
and drove our men back. The time
ly arrival of the Seeond Corps cIiw.nj
o I tlio complexion of affairs. Ou
men were nillioJ, and Hill was then
driven back over tour milua.
O.ir troops arrived at tho point
named on the Wei Ion road an 1 thre.v
up intreiiehiiient which we now oc-
C tl ' V
ihe cas'ia.ties were heavy
au.l tepociitlly uu mg oiUeers,
losses ate not St UeO, Liu lt is Sai
lighting on Thursday w.is enual I
,.i . i . .. i . .
j "'v - i .
June 2o, the news this iiiorning!..,,.,
r. . ... I I,. .... u it,,, A ...... ..I
the Potoin.ic is of an interesting char
.... ... A , - n i ..1 ... IV.,, I
lleiei. no i.e-.il aa t u ...in j ..et-j i.,.'tii
the dispatches, Geneia! Grant '.ned
his entire force iu Iront "I Petersburg
to protect the troops iu throwing up
foiliSoatiuna, Irom which his siege
guns wouid command the city oi 1 o-!
tersburg and the euemy s loviincationfyreiuner
This work nceomplished, he with-
drew tho main force, aid with the
2nd Corps in the advance moved to-.
ward tiio Weidou voad. The 6th!tho
Corps, which was to c operate
the 2nd Corps, failed to connect cn
the left, and General Hill taking ad-
.- i! I...- . .1 ' - '.
vantage ot tins gap, cnargjd inrougo
and tiied a volley in tho rear of the
2nd corps, creating a panio iu our
ranks an ! c uning the Federals to
make a rapid retreat to tho woods.
Tho 3J Division was Lit unprotected
and the rifle pits and orJ.-red the men
to hurreiider. Tiie troops infused,
and leaving the trenches fell hack
rapidly; many ol them were capture.!
and ri'iiro a number were kilied and
wounded. Our lo.s in killed and
wounded is placed at 1,5')0
Iti tiie evening itteight o'cljk a
chr.rJ wes inivlo by tho Second
Corps, and the line of worki from
which they had been need wa3 re
covered. Tho advance was then
male nlotigtho entiro line, audit
wan found that the enemy had taken
ii !iew iX'oiuoi: Borne uistanco baei
wL';ru thev had thrown up strong iu-
trenchments. Ou Thursday mornii:
tLc Fi.'ch Corps moved towafd the
railroad, driving tho enemy belore
them, and in the alternoou they re
ported that they were in possession
of tho railroad, and arrangement had
been made to destroy it. About live
o'clock in the evening a large force
of the enemy were 60en moving to
ward the front as if to reeist tho ad -
vanee of the Sixth Corps.
During the night nothing occurred
doing on Friday morning. In front
of Petersburg, on Thuieday sharp
enemy and drawmg them away Irom
June 28. General Wright 13 said
to have destsoyed four miles of the
Weldon Railroad.
It ia said Beauregard's main army
but picket firing and very little
bt'tu . ',D . ,,Ht
( ()rJi,rof (.t.ni.ral Uurlrid-o.
,. . f.i,,:m0lj ,u.,t ,..H
lt ' 10 , L inc,,.Ul'lt wo i0. 1 P.1"
inam'tit y the retereburg aud Weldon
((f ,.et"d,,nrg.
.. . ,
,,. i i iti.i oot- aiic i.nnr.t niu,
tl.i;,,,,,,. ,, ,,. Vl.it .' i , ).,. ,!.-..,
:piud a bounty ol J0U: tor two vein
, t, tiii
' . J
is r.ow covering Petersburg,, while
Lee's forces are moving to ou: left,
Goj,, WM m t0 uo ; New Yotk
Jcett,rJ.lv lNo 9d,rs eVtl at th.it.
' .... - .,.,,. k ....tJ ,inA
that the reb -li Imv,. a force uf
p0(, nt ieesl)ii r-. Virginia,
' C(,()nt! v1)(,crii 0t Kentucky, has
7JsinC6 wc crossed the Jumes Iiiver i
not over lO.OJO, while tho rebel losn'
is (.rwi.oni.in.ucij i.ii .. ,
Tho Lynchbr.i3 n-publicaii.
June has an account or a nn
h,tm 01ir tro0!) ,r (Jrooka
' , , 1... 1 ...... .
A vcrill, and the rebels umlor I nib
den. The llht was near Lynchburg, I
and I ne reliels cloin the ndvantigo.
They declare tl a' Lynchburg is per- j
tettly sale Irjm capture. ,
The -iwm paper bus a report, not j
nflieial, that II111 tcr had been over 1
taken m Ins retreat, near liioerry, an I
tlmt a lare number of his niim ha I
'noil ctptuied. W'u have bad unto
ing from Washington regarding Ilun
t r for some time.
kirmiehi'i was kept up, the sharp
.i':,o"U-i's p'eking nil men at the din-
i-l l.iiod yards. An nitulery
is ulao Lout up every ln nning. I
It eevms to us that
tho 1'i-d- ral
movement above given i.t for the nur
i.fij't r,frMiHn, ,. .liri.rai.in vvirli tin. !
June 20.-WI.ilo Sheiidan. lvitll !
cavalry, was muching from
Wl.it- to ii... .1 ,.. liivor. I,..
had a bloody fight with the enemy.
He sticeeded, however, in eilecting his
retreat, II u loss is estimate 1 nt five
lit.n lied, among w hom are tour Col
on. j.
S'.-en.'t.irv Stun ton tel-'irranhs to
i i i.... . i '
li't.l ititi.in 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 (ii i pi". -i. w 1 1 1 1 iiff'.ii' nn
""" """'v ' " 'i .
on lio' enemy s
Crock, (i'"'i'u'a.
M-sitioii at liu-li
W . v .... I ,u-
r.u'ecl, loosing 2M or 3 000 men j
iii-'-'.des a I tigo number o otlieers. I
Colonel D.iuiel McCook, aw,.
O'hers. is reported sevcrlv wounded.
-v ..v.. ... ...
severe, m thoy kept behind parapets
Pitu Ii lt in,fiir,-ti.l l , ,r, t
Tiie eneiuv in h dispatch to
A -A "II
ITi. !v !
siiriniru ii ... til ni',.4 tin, l-.tttiilsl-. ,,l
Sherman by Johnston; also claiming j
1 ' --r- I
a victmy a,.er tho Reverent etigage-
mint .if tint ifit. infirm
Iii tha IT.usooii yesterday thotii!. i
sfituteofMr. Bmithers was mloofed j
whi.ih authoi ixes the Pridnt, ut hi,
diseretion. at any time, tocall for any j
riumh-'r ot volunteers f..r one, two or,'
th.ee yean; or in e ise of a drafted
J . 1 .... . i
. . ' : ' I ", . .
IllilU v
r substitute shall he cced.tei to
tlu town, precinct or olection district
.,...., o:,.., , .... ..,.,. of h
ty h ive volunteered or been draded.
Every volunteer or substitute who
may be accepted for one year 6ha!l be
An Ill-Omented Shadow.
ot disinters and ot treacho
ry, after the victory of Anteam,
draketis the late of Grant's army.
It is two years Aq L:neoln visit d
army of MuO -dla i on tho Y'ork
with.jyer, an 1 promised its comman ler
thu reinforcements he needed. The
President Lincoln goes to the front!
illomene.i shadow that two
years ago fell r.p"ti tho Army of tlio
throatens again to bligh'
it. That presence that proved ttu
promise was the prelude to u belibei-
!' ... 1
ite ue.fai.
It was ia tin
ill afterwards that h--
vieitjd McClellan fu the victorou.s
field of Autieain. He was j ivial and
'jocese in appearance c:u!e'.i tor a uo
ro song amid the Eceues ot carnage,
and cracked festive jokes in the e irs
He concealed his treacherous pur
pose of removing tho Commander
rho had saved his army, and return
fed to Washington only to carry out
his lata! purpose. II w many bun
dred3 of thousands of men liavo not
tieen sacrilied by that deep deceit aud
base betrayal!
He goes again to the front! What
now calamity is iu ntoro for usj and
fur that heroic and shattered army
which has found a worse enemy in the
prevented counsels at Washington
Join in thejntreiiched hosts ot Lee?
Captain Cutts.
We see it stated Captain Cntt3,
if thu regular army, and who was thi
udge Advocate in the arbitrary and
disgraceful proceedings of 'the mock
ourt martial against Mr. Valianuig-
.hairi, was mortally wounded, on Sat
urday last, in a battle that took place
m Butler's line, at Bermuda Uuu-
;ureu -
wa3fPeec" u: 1118 ev.eianu oonvenuon,
Wursk than Traitors. In Ms
Wen. uocnraneaoiiverea me w -
. ; .. .. . .v,.,nr noon,, irmoaontrt M?r.a
received with "much applause.''
Intimately connected with these
rights is the freedom of tho press;"
and tho administration or tho man
wto would aim a blow at it is more
guilty than ho who is a traitor to tho
cause of his country."
About the Exemption of Hundred
Day Men from the Present Draft.
[From the Dayton Journal June 4.]
this i.fjusr, wo to .k tho liberty uf
ex",ro8,m,, our ooiui. n earnestly to
' ri' " " l wiiu ij n
our representative, lion. Ii. C.
k..l.l(..r .i,.!,,,.',,, .(,,
-cl'1 ' J;
""" 1 pionioijr .01 mucin-
Soon aftor tha National linard en
tered tho Held, it was announced that
another draft was proposed. It was
n'lhu reported that tho (Juards would
net lio exempted, but would bo credit
ed fur their tel in of service. Deem-
itir t!;i! lOirnlliiuoit l:ie. fir t,!w-4iin ft
hPi.t redout;,. n s.. as to exempt the
Ju.ir.j ,r.,m t!m ,lcXt lIl,ll- (j..neril
Se - lionck did us tho hon )- 'o rekr our
,t,,.'r to tha Suereurv" ol War. and
,,,, iv.i it r, I'rovot Maishal
fV. " v ....
u riCllU l,
whose reply betrayed
lar mo e tetnt) r than .." J sense. In
(r. , ul)01!t if c.it t)l.)t in l!a.
. 1 , , ,, .....
dl Ul, w.u i)ellirtll L.MKie,
its i.,cm,jry to disci iniiiiate against
pufiots iofiv.ir of c ipperho ids.
This netth.-d Geiioral lVv-excessively,
oat his retiv is tl rli cj .s oueiee
Oitr letier. b wevi-r Imd also bjen re
ferred to lion. Willi, 101 Whiting, So
lieitnr of tho War I) 'pertinent, and t
his opini'iii upon it h !; ! to ih, ol
1 1 1 1
winch m, 1 su'ijoin is a mm fo;iv.
May 20.
t luivi sh troop, l,,Mhe present cau.--his
l'!l'n11 L'"".i tho r res-eu'ru otate, ler
t'," L",J bmilreldiy, service,
A pi ips;d was mad', April 21,
''', ""- ' i -verii'ir-i m .oi in
jiLan-i, Illinois, Iowa :in I W isemisiii, .
l tlm 1 IC-Odellt ol tlio Loilted ft'atCS. '
on C'lnditi oi-' Bta'c 1 ill aitieles, two
of which uro as Inlhovs :
a ' i v . . ....... t . i. .,:.i
i U . . i ' 11 "'- l'l,i
to thu trjoin, nor th 'servico charged
or crci.tO'l mi it'iy 'lr.it. .
Ai;r VI.
Tno drait for Ihne
to 1-0 on in unv State
vears servict
or d
s'liet where the niiota is n.il I'il-
i.i i..o ;r .,.-, r ..
' . .", . '
ir sohlier i.i
rllM ,,!,,',''l H--I VII-I.'
r.'d ledn:!'ted.
. ... ..i:...i .1.. .
m-e .-'t.. e,o...:.., toe m,iee
'' ' U''J , . . . i
, urewnts rec :v,;d into .
'."'. B'Tvic, nut und".' toe spec, pr,-
i ni"ii vi ii' i 'i wiiit jj, i iMv.ii j
secures to iiiMUe.i men the right t
lio'iin' v oi cinlit o;i ou-.tas i-i't'ovus
A -
Tiie oiiiy oivilit to which a penon
,,. i.- , t
V,,'J V:i V .' r. .
il.i.ys i i orritii
nt'i aogonoii'.
IIV 1IIU l"l IIH ll Hill,
is n't iiti ex iiiption 1
.... i . ; , i. . i.,f
' , f ... " ... u-.. .....
'L ' J. b,J I";ra ' )ll lll.v '-'vdited
'"' t-i vte i-omlered.
'V credit is bivjii to the one only
w," roiilero.. tno sorvice; not to
til1' W,W u
..... I., :.. . ,. ..i .
' " t -ouu'.
l ue pr'piisai is nor understood to m
teifei" with tin usual operations ol
r;'.. Jiiin- I Stnt.'s in rimiti.ui r-i dra't,
r riirLf. to ex,-ni.''ioii, nthei'.vino tiian
to Dlit.th) th 'ill to tho credit Sji,:ei,'ied
in :ur;cl" VI. Vji) resoecti'uily our
obeilient serviiiit,
Solicitor of the War Department.
The Chicago Democratic Covention
' Ni:w Y"KK. June 22. At a meet
L'eiiiiisula, ! in ol'i!o Kxooutivij C iinmittoe of the
.M.t'onal l)eii.o(!Mtie i-onvention,
held here tmlay, it was voted thut, in
deference to the desire ot a very large
number of tho l"ading niimk'rs of
the (Joru'Ttivj Union Demo:-r:ii ic
party tiiroiighuuf the country, the
NatTomi! Democratic Convention bo
p.mtpon-il to Monday, August 29,
lSdl, at 12 o'clock nt uoon, ut Chica-
A. BELMONT Chairman.
5 p c c i w XI o ( i c t s ,
1 oy A N INV.U.IU.
r'.i;ilif l.e.l i.oli,. Scurlit,, nn-1 as i CA U
T lo.N TO Vol' .s n M l-.N osi.V .er, : !,(, uf
ler irom Nc-ivuiis llthili'y, i'iui,:atioe lleeay
of Miiuhnod, Aj., supplying ut the uanio t-m'e
'I'iik M t.v.NH ok Sio.r Cliiii. liy una who has
quied hiinttlf al'.ur uiidvrjfi.o, cnsideral)Iu
eualii r.v. Hy cni-l'-sni; a tpi,Ul mMresaed
eiMolojio firit'lo copies may h.i hud of tiie uu
Hrnoklyii, Kingi Co. N. V.
June 2nd t8-i4 lvr.
Thk M.issr Kaihdankh aro inu'dn ix'on
cifiK-ir hirpe li"p,r Si-iUus f r un Klevutor
n.,w huinif I, lilt in St. L"h!h, ivliieh will bo the
first iiiiu in Unit i.ity. and aho a similar number
lor an Kluvutnr wl.ioli ilio .Mii liijjan Konthcrn
It. U. uro no liildn in Huooit. ThOKB will
bo umotist the tartest and tinust Klevatora in
the country, and show Homethiiitf ol'thaim-provu-nenta
milking at dilfurent points for hand
ling the immense grain crops ol the West.
Thc.so Bittern are com nosed of
materials wnicn, trnm the exten
sive experience of tho inventor.
Av) have been found to iitsva Llia innt.
R yU olliuaeioua in ruinoviiij; Biliniisncss,
(.? Jannd'ce, Kevor andAsun, Do-
iVXt m rancemeuts ot tlio Luor aud a 1 do-
ote'jtl soases ariine from an excels of
iiy. bile opon tho stomach. They pos
Vfpy teaa wondorful tonic pronrielies civ
II k strength to tho weak and do-
-w bilitatod, elusiieitvto the mnsenlitr
eyalOm.Btreui'i Ii and vitality to tho entiro liu-
man frame. Tliev can bo tailing at all timen,
without regard t. diet; are pieasa
man irame. mev can do vaitmir
e pleasant to the tuste
the patient an appetite
bits "j . - rw.
-liva tho svateiu iu a pcrloctlv healthy cop-
a"Try a bottle; you w'-ll ba convinced and
recommend Ihom to your neighbors. They are
ti e beat tonio BitterB in use. Sea Advertise
ment. V.. A Ilrattou,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, MoArthnr, 0, will,
practice lu Viatua aad adjoining eoantie
A BEMEDY TOR riI.ES.lt ia MtaelDt t
thi tntroriD to know tLt h av an tCuia
cure for Oil truly lronhleomo dereaav. U.J
P. I1iiJ, of 1C4 Second Bt. CtLclcnatl.l .
la1 as Hrcat cleh-ur iu ioformiey all wboar
ufferirg with piles that ha owj 101811 no
toy f iir. Sincklcod's Pile Rem edy, aad it et
lii'nd a I'-un-K'ieiit cure. Tkir ,--n to le tb
ciS'i wi,l: ,1 lio mtVt one of this rlun did ir
fsrutii.L. It is uiauutHetiirid at No. tBt
uiu !, tot, C'ii.iiLLiii, O, .id old by all
3) tin Su-bcrtisnntnts.
McArthur Market.
Aff.'.ea. ,)
l!. d.)
Khix Swd,
KL.11-, (lib! )
3 t'j
1 i
to ;
j Moa-a, N.O
I Me;.l,
1 Oil Liti-'-td,
I Oil Cuit'ia,
I Onion,
. ') ita,
; h.'at-is,
1 Pcelit,
I Ku-o,
I Suit.
1 C9
1 i
3 2
,35 1 1 'J
I Vinejrsr,
I Whut.
Wheeler & Wilson's
i. 77 ivi:vr roi:i: ru stheet.
(I'IKIv's OI'l'KA II ir-H
i f ii iti;::ili, Oliist.
A warded
tho First
at rim
.It: SI' I1K,L! AT MtSiMN,
Ovi r the Comiiiiird Cupipriili'iii of Fn
toe tiiiat Aoici it-n.
-AI. )-.
oi hs.5. isr.it. f.5 ieo;
Anil l!i" Ciiicitinuti ?li cIihiik"' In-lit t'-
wo lia-'a tal'.uii tl o Kiuht I'ltKMitM, i.v, r at!
i',.iii( iiiti.ij, as tho
. . m mm
! i'S FaiftllV MWillZ Mil'
i w
AYINii M A 1 1 1' , tnr over sioen yeaia.tha
mot i,. Ur eamilj hi-witig .Mitclunr in
r in .,.iii.lr , i.mi i."W uii,'ii',i.n(f 1 1. i
ti.i'ir liu-iiit-fp. uml iiuiliO'i; luo M" .i.-i- V' '
,!..v. tt.i-v i.r.- rt'iuri.il, will. i-ui'ln xtiu nOni
r iii.-ii in,-!. una i.,ui i, ii, . i iriiiiiiiiinu i" t
i,:r,0 a-r more i.aiii-tite-wOi. Alli-ur
liiii. .-, an- niudi' nin:, ') ,li, i.ad ar
As u!l iiarliet niaiilifacturin Scwinj Ma
chiio sure- , hii-d to n. Mr. llw u lev for
i-ai'h 5i a i i , lt Machines sold, no rt are .N emii
j'ultud '') make n'lurtcrly return to hnn, iat
i Mf, n.i,l,o oalli, tiio nun, tier old, his liooli
L'i.u ii i-urr-i'l sta!, :n, ut ol tlm iieluiO nuinhcr
i,f Mauhit.en sohl hy the di aorciil n.ai.lact i.ruM.
Kron this reliable s.,irc we liavo ,,lu,inid the
l'...,wittf mtia'.le tti.k, ti.-''ini th; i.uin
lier id'r-CAii' Ma hoies disposed of duriiiit tho
lioiyc-ar i -rl The princip 1 ootiipanina
iimUoit! tiieiu hi',; Who- ler Wilson, 1,M.
Singer nn-1 ttrover r. lii.:o-r. HI' ll.a
MiU'lii ne- saM tiieni wore st. id--
Hy WHKK.I.KK.V WU.sd.X 21.?)5
l!y 1 . M. Sin.,r A: C-.. Ill,',
lly (inner A IliiKtr. ln,il
Si nw'.tiif the sales nf Whiilcr Wihon ti ho
,'itl'.'j il'aiiv oiUi i .- mpaiiy. X. Y. I'li-crvur.
We liavo ;.ersci:i.l!y i-xiuoiuil ti e tarioua
M ichiih's belore thu pnilic, wthan anxioiia
,h-iie tu place' liuft.ru our rendu reliable infor
inath n. A-lli.i result of siieli cximii)Mtin,we
iiiihi's'itatiii(.-ly rreomi'iPtid Wh'otir Wilson
isewing Machhiea as the Machine fur family ti e.
Wislern l-ir'rstiaii Aiivbcatu.
My I'otlo dauu'hii-r, of nine rear.-, t.ikef ,.nr
Ma" iiines-W Ii-eler Vt iU ,.'a- upurt, oil lit
ti. 10,'i puis i' in place easily und rcadly ajunia
ilspails. Mid pert, rum vi'th it all ordinary
work, i-l.i'cioi ira!-e Ik r-,nn .Irenes, ii.elun
ii.jr hPiumirg, gatli'iltg ni.d sett'ne inliio
sUe'o-s. t'.ur ..lutith' use in icy family ha
n. nilc it a necessity and a luxi ry.
Vt V.I'. if. FoiYSTfiS.
Wa n-') filwi Wheeler a Wi!s,,n .Sewing Ma
Miii.i , a n.l ton say in re" r,l t,i it that it is with
cut a rival. N" 1 1 : r .l.u, li nnfxencda it iu ita
adap'.al iuu t , a!i purp .sj nl' d,':nc-li,'. UfO.
Scientilie American
i-i!" tor 2 circutiir containing sp, ovrnii
os n :i:", t. stitnor.i;!!', i tic, . elc.
June 30, -C4- ly 7r', Fourth si. Ciioibna'i.
Stall of 0it',. "Vinton Ccunly,
Sim o i Fr o nor Adm'r of Pltrt'. In Court ff
Fredrick Freener Decc'd ; t'nmrnon
ami list I Plea
E. A . MeFadden et at Deft-, j ec Exeetitinn
IJORSUAXT to the comnoind of an of ordor
aalo in tha above cause to me directed front
the ''ourt of Common I leas, of the Hocking
county Ohio , will nflor at publio mla at
the dour of tiie Court House, in the Town of Mo
Arthnr, in tho coanty of iuton, on
theZiidday of August A. D, 1804
Between the hours of ton o'clock, A. M., and
four o'clock, P. M., of s:.id day, the following
ptooerty, to wit : Ono uero of Ian4 adjoining
theloton the eait now owned by John ilastm
heginnin utthe Slate Road, loading from
Marriottato Chillicjtho, theaco north three de
grees wast twunty roda, thence east three da
greoe.Jtiorth eight rods, thonco aonth three do
greos east twenty roda, thence oight rods on
on the State Koad to the plnco of bagining.
Takonastho property of E. A. McFadden,
to satisfy a judgment in favor of Simoon Freee
uer Administrator of Frodrich Freeaaer.
Appraised at Five hundred and Mxty-aix
dollars and two-third conU, and must arirg
two-thirds of that aaru.
TERMS of sale tash in hand.
A E CH. KOBRIS, Shff. V . Co. 0.
Juuo 30,64. 5w Wm. (Ioxd, Deputy.
mmn iSffcRHlNES.
JohnMitchel Pltfi) Before Gaorge Hold
against ren J.P. of Knox Tp.
Jumea McFarland Deft) Vinton County Ohia.
On the 24th day of May A. D. 1864, aaid Jnf
lice iaaued an order of Attachment In the
above action, for the anm of twenty-aeven dol
Uraand twonly-one contaand coata of anit.
Jnna2ad-l-4w. JOHNMITCHEL.

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