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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, July 07, 1864, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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they Lava even her, I g-t tho same
answer: MVliv.ut course wo have.
Situ ? everywhere. How very
fctratige that you liKf e not met her!"
Well, I giipporo I must give up all
lio,'es l'l seeing It r til the Ftir i3
clool. Three work mora without n
wil'-t Perhaps I in .iy meet her at
the i'li'.r; but 1 don't cunt Liacli up-
CI. '.Ii.it."
iV-igbt'al wi'V
. a. iturj).
- ".r v.tt r ii rrov -". mf v i
:-Vri"V-y.&. W'' "i
'.r-Si' 'KWJ
. : r Vft.tr?iriihJ:-fZdy
f)'i-y iAk''' ttf '-V
t .
. . . .
lfllT. ill.lS KilALI. t:tl.!: AMUItICA
itr run fovnri'nov as i"
Tl i: INItH S li V. S. Mlf N TClin
n t ; i : K uii tt. Hint tt? 4:itiiiien"iit
ii! !t I.ii'.v isz'iiii-t ail uatc.ri ulm
l.a-.f iiv.ifki'J Atuhuiii', . na v.ell t- Hie
l'i)!o v, Uo t'ut.uait ilreiichi'K ol ibe
ij M. n'.TTtMtll.L CO.. AlI-.t V.:.i.
k!. Arftni.i', 3" l':ir k K.jw.Now Vork if:
i. Si.it ii S'.n"-t. Bo-tou aiv oi.r A:.t ainl vu
ulniTiiC'l t'l ttt'e .ilverti.'eni"t'.tH nui 1-I"
tiilitioiiH I'wt oaiit imt !.oit HatJ.
Democratize State [...]
Ili.H Jl'CrZTASV Of lii'AU,
Of Sea:-ca CemUy.
t'ox Full Tetru.)
Oi ruirficlil I'ettii'.j.
(ro i'ii. i. v.u.ycit: ;
l.vn$ Vui'iijcv,
Of !!!icuck Cn..y
Siicrt Vucnt;.
Of Holland County.
Of lIo'.in County.
f.ulirillO'.LtB or THE. TRSAFl'ilT,
william 8. v.ritE.vnsa,
or i'taukliu County.
I'.t.'OOL CliliMIP?fK.
LlarOsa Co.iutr.
i'i.wo er ruDLie nou&tt
tl-il Trrm.)
Of AjM nJ t'oua'y .
j n VACiieV;
l.li.'.RLKS BOESf.1..
Of A'.ig'uit County.
Democratize State [...] LATEST NEWS.
duly fjtl'. General S Iscul i3 repoi
Ud to have beta utMcked by (ientirs!
Enrlv, nnl diiveu from bij position
lit Ltetowu with !os.
Tho l'rciiident inii-rms tiovt-rnor
y.ymoiir, of New York, that from
fjiteon tn twun'iy tnouKirid if the
ftituiy were iuviidiui: Maryland nd
renr.aylvinia, aud hud Harpers Ftr
rv, Hn t v.-ere threMtitiin other points.
Tlio f resident call tmon Now Yutk
for 12.000 on.? hunlred clays' troop
Wo hdru ftdditiannl into notice ny
teWa )h of the rid into I'ctinn Iva
ira. Tlv? enemy have attBcked liar-iwhie'.i
I-Vrrf !!i.i .M-wit n Linn tsuiti '
-. -
abn.' ibii border on uecuDt ot the ,
ctitroy. f i'-vernor Lurwm ana uen
rial C-iiiob ate unkitij; rapid j' re par
a'i-ius to repel tba raiders.
Democratize State [...] LATEST NEWS. Soldiers Family Relief Fund.
Wo will publish ruxl week the ar:-'
i tiiuvrein,.;
on tiiifa ma'.ter oi te.iei to uiei
fmn of the Cc mniiteiu: ol Lawrence
titnjihea if oui B-.ldierj. Ujr Lour,-
I.ou'.d i.etou '.bis law
Commicjieutrs a
of las', winter at once
' '!'.
in" it i . ' : i . i i.i.". n i i.i.ni v nn i rn
stiuuld ttilleras are nee-'y iu t-"r
ci'infy at tins time, 'lownsbip Trus
'.oc-8 c!if'U;a uc'. proir.'.ly
iu ibi3 taat--1
W ii -tn 'oi 1 c ilU fii'k-ii'i fi-
ut. i iiittuwi . ui.i l, ,.-,
, 1 1 r v hv a n timber fit alic. who de
l my oy a n..m ue-i m i.i...e5
tlarotviiistu.il iut na uic.r ii.i.e
tuailv fttmanirr. lliiill tin
ones arc actually suuenng, inan tins
be or will the Trustees go to work
and do tiieir duty under tlw law
. . .
We amo cad attention tJ tlie tact that!
.,ti .' Vi.tn.i.a i.r t ill. if SKifH
D 011 tit v as provided bv law for last
winter. It is li'.ia to the Velraue
t'.i.i! t!.; should hereon to iit "iicc.
A ilitjor 111 tirai.ts army write
I- -in i that, ''we have, met th- ctietny
-ii rlC'aa of time, fince wc c ofsed
.'. Uapadan , and catue damned iioai
1.,: ti.viir.
The Fourth of July.
Tho fourth passed oil' at MeArtbur
in a rather novel excitement
aiternoo:), it was thought at one
that our usually quiet village b.d
111 uo
of a tudden been traiiaiered to the
hank of K.;!lai:ny or that wj were at
the bee's of u Donn v brook fair, bar-
I 1 1 iiiti'i ; - i r m ii'i i ll i: m i t h v
it U 1 ... wv luckelva-WCHbW
It "
u-i uu IrUb 6;--rec'' coniditinsj revol-
.. , : !.. a -.i.
ea. is now quiet on t.ie Kite bur
tie ticldurj J general food
! n i i. i '
!"'tV Utt,lri!it' tt'4'1
bi-pc to Ljui- olL'j ill will oacstheriii.:,
. .
, , , , .
rmt'e sprig ol 5limr.ic?s R-id the
5s!ieln!a. 'flu abiC'tu'O of thtsj bow-
ever were supplied by the ft . u use
lTMi;i,'!i.n!.y.i mid l.riL-!;!..iri (itono-
,V:c.. Vsuit.n in t'.o nuorls-
.. . ir .. ... i A.. .i. t
the LWi&'.d Isle,
nadsiiiLi' wionntu!
i.i -i..lniV"v
til J M"UUU..
'r!li(!ll win
toliowed ly a genbral jvil delivery
at.,ut midni-iit, and t'. i aom.'nt
, . ,, c ,J ,
cd on lust Monday, tho people
taiij-.' tu return thanks to God for this
in'st net Jumi'.; ita S'.'Uai jii.
General U.u.it bm his army in
. . t
-n.A pe.i,i13 initio:; ut pr-nt.,1
(June 27'.h) one hall of iiimirmy
iouth of i'eterslurg ten iidk-3,
other half it eiot of retLishurij, and
i ...... ni l . i,.,n . l r..- .-.1 K . .,,
inassed 50.0DL' men
botwoeii the two points. This move
of l.ee'n is one of Nnuoli'on'a favorite
, i, ,
...v . . ... .. u. .i " 1 1 ..w.j iv uo i.v.it
Giart will feu u.to Ida Iroops if this bo
a'tacli on i'fttijl iiiji
VO,0'.H) n: til. !)
move to :)rav on
if-ooti eeo.
The Diiiioerat.i of Kcntueky bavo;i
iwied Bca hmletter to Abraham
Aliii.-r.tmn, dcijoiiiici;!-' tins iibiiPH-
fine. Gen. Un.ut htt3 a'uiidoiud tlio
aitf, ni'tera L3a of
id O.ant make thiJ
1 1 Lee We ."
Ut Ucf ,0
. 1 .isi n. . . . ...
tiona, 01 lien. UuiUale s military
order sapi'Wfiainir the Cincinnati En
ii 'i
nuiror. May God Almijihty i.civo
up old Keiitusky to a sonno of her du
ty, in defeudiitfi the rij,l,t.
UaltisI' 'f.ii, J til v- 3. A largb icbel!
force undtr Uen. Liwell attacked the
F...!ir2. t.oLit. tt Alurtinnii'irif nn.
ci.uoellod t tie cvaciiatiou of
The fui.owini; irilorn;alioti in n.ard!
i.-ad O'l'irti in. firincoa Iv ii'ion di-isoou
. ' .
.1 ..1 I
to 1110 matter uae been receivei irom
pali hen fietti Harper's Feiiy:
About daybreak this moniin?
. h
Iwere uppruachi in three separate
Icolumcs, one by the way of the turn
piko toward.. Shepaiditown, Hot:,or!a;,u
,ioward ilauinsburs, in.t far from
: f .1... ,i i it.!,..!
uie ui ine i r.i 1 1 uoii .in., h iiiii'i ttet.ii
... .
rt li tt ... l. .,o.l. t .,.111,..
t'l 11. 1 "till U'J IVtl.Vklf.'WlLlI bllltL IUU
1 .. -..:l I : . i..
r i . -'
It will bo reu.eoibeied t'nat the
nent at railroad, iit t ft at of
Uentra! ILinler, iist-ieted by General
. .... J . . .
r.i. ,1 If 1 1 h I i.-Tiiii'd a 11 , . nn. tlt-
i.,.:i 11. VI. L,lin,ini" t. HI (.11.1 .l.a..VW'
Weber General Keliy's forco is at
Cumberland where no u'unn or ex-
.. . .
, ft"
eiteii'icnt exist. Guheial Si-'el o
ceivui!' thia information at "ixe pre-1
pared t.) chec. the n; proach of the!
eiiemy, m order thut no moveable
property tho.dd be utstrcyed.
Troops were drawn up and at five
o clock rihtinj coirmniicrd 10 tli
hlwrlm,d of Dunker I ill. and:
i.nti,lUu.l lour or lire Uur. durin-'
Line his cava'ry fe',1 slowly!'1',
u,,', 1 1 1 r... t:-...r. t.. ., i ii...
.j . . oucp ji u, .! miij
i',,rcu of th..- t .ne.-nv .vai luro-i'lv iii--!Soi,
iior tn ins own. ycm-ral oii;i deter-;"
t,.i-vaiii:it.. Mnitihsli.irr tvhii'hi
as necomi liblied in -ood order
lie lel. 'iiiplHd to ti.e UHiiroaclj'"
Company here as t j the ktaie of aiii'.ira,'10131-6.
win; th. ir trams Mid othei movo-j
;c ,,n,. L.riv t,, eately move awav.
tome heaw tnuna In leu with suniiliisiuid
'. - . I'
La General Hunter were also taken
10 11 r'!iv-,t V!' ''ety. The f-rce (!' tin
'eiie'.nv aleo rar.ie ty wav if
I M-.iiata, with a view no doubt ihi
ia whicb
.i t . i
t!ai)l..nj ;t . ur ttuce. jut
ihey wc;-e disappointed
j A ilUpa'.c'n ree-.ived at five o'clock
tin evening !ates that ligntir.g ha
' l ...!... ... 11 .1 I .
,,CKl' nKlur u" "UJ 111 'l,o'Jwn.!
. from Harper Fetry, be-;
. . . .i ' .i .
it.'.ecn a otce ol '.Iu eneuiv that was,
.1Jlt,ving m the diri ctun of tho fjbep-lioverua-.tnt,
' Knirto'A 11 tiike End this ennni'inul
1 p )
Hiaetown piue ami me. commaua
which fcigel hat! itlt there to occupy
I ibe placw. lioth toree? engaged weic!
1 i i ji t
Miiu.i. au'i n u cmciauv roporteu
that out trooos haa lenused success
lully all attack.
All Ireight ant passenger tra
1 Irom tut West ere worked facet
fully ti'iouch lust night, but no ex
press triiu for tho Wist loft Iialii-
more this rveniug. At last aceouiof
110 injury had len done tin: road 01
hndt-.y. It h impnotcJ thi, f-r-r- 1-
1 iif sanii wliicij wa.aiii t.v ..pcrat;
i.-iii,. t ' f 0. r tl Hti';-1'
tune', to tho dcte.uiiaution not to
alljuecept. Ilia friends and others are
I W .unison, July 2. The ab-l
- I . . . . .i r. .'t
somng su mec
(declined the a-.tiomtinimt. hut ha still
urging him to accept,' with but little
success so far; in a lew lnurs wu ehiU
Know his final determination. Tlio
limuiediuto caiiio ol Air. Cbi.ss ret
ilia ouuuia.uaivo, niui iuu i oiuci.k
aceei.ta hi reai-imiioii. 'i'lii wu
! ; i .? m- i; i.. :.. ..
l,- " wu v.iiui,
friend5lapi!l,u'r,lv,,n. ,h,i tu Mr' 0,U84
luctu i luado tti j next Miomuig in
WvUno nomination of L'avid ToJ, .al
aJ ti,M fiM kno.viLo Air.
. '
. t . . .
Mill UiV,UlMkV W w W W tlMI VIIJ4 IVW
iglmtioil U3 attc;ril,ted to infon
(you yesterday, li s:iid to bo a diii'er
ofkneo witu ilr. Lincoln aUmt iho aj-
i p''Hitu:eiit ot u sueceSor l' :dr. Lii-
ic" A"Uai -wrctaty of lh Trca.-
I . T i
, . r,
r- i i . .. .. . .
I. lLi. . .in lr l.itit'u Ill ill.,!-!!..! uu ..!
wanted to a,.po.ut Mr. lLirtlurd;
niit to eotitrul the appoint uictit and.
romiiiuuaca ana ur-ea i.y fecit
! ?wHdrod
'r . T'Ct
;itor ileiati iiiid Secieiary Reward
! Chase Lad
I Ull.'l-l ti t
.Mr. Cluias tiulicular Iriad fay
! l...llt...t l-u ii ... . itin s..i.. .llllfl'
jhad detenu. ued upeti hi rvainatiou,
Ulj lt ut ouo laiio wnUeii oat
(ji;t witthoid wti hearinj; of the ap
i ipointuient of the Conuuiuco ol luveu-
aj11'1 i tlio ui.eed Tteiisury De
.. linirttuent liinnoraliuej.
.lr. Uaiin, i.o.a tne Coui.uittee
i!,,,, l:trtioiis, repert that M-sais.
tholtjieeu Clay ijnntn, and Mr. Lane, ul
j Missouri, Unvo been icceivmy uouolw
uaiaiic irom ino uonrnmeiii., inai
that this blateiiunt is tnu as lar m it
i 1 1 .i
i j i I.i. '
Ulll.U liiw) nutu ytwn tvtvnnu hoi
ilium ..in ii nllil'i1 Llll.t.i i il A II li
u i. . i... , .i........ .;. ..
. .
'rti'.iiiu uaiu utw umiiii uiw i'f ui
! Li. ij,iidicr Ueiieiais,
i Mr. feuutu Oia l;
)esr.eraay tUo u.ouey had not
jbceu refunded, and bo felt bound to
,uf uu
'u' i"-- at 'to
iu.u.0 iiri'uneetuei..Q to3:r uo to ri
j U'T ""h"u" ,UJ a,"J-J
l,sd tl '""'VI! Lnf''
' "r l"T
.jwausuu. l;.elauerii.d lame siuee
Mr. fcanitii did piomisvto relund. bull,.
... Ill
I J I. iii. iIl.h i.I ii'iiiililail Ua .'
! ,a'h" uuu,uu u
.... 1.. .... 1 oi.-.o ti.,. vi
"'"'"J1- ' '
'UlorS IU0 H'l UI Him UOkUI WIU V 11-
laeniess, ano. 1.10 1.11 111 iioiisl in iuu
vicinity ol tlu bait I i lie.d ure aileIjtJC
with tho crippled wiio were lelt
Itne tieU 111 loeU'titoi the ot.'i oi;
; An escaped wout.Jeu ko'uier from
!a tAA iumuU in me WilJeinesa.
liial'nives this inloiuiatioi'i ho savs that
! tie ad ol boih armie lemaiu unhnricd
A ao coiiit-ruiu.' committco en tuj
.unitary u.:il nave eieeo, ana wni.v
make llie;r repoit to
1. . .- 1 1 . .
I M I ....... I'll n... ..... .... ...Iii1.,
.umiaij u.h uaioii, iw
l,,.'i 1...11...I t. i:iii.r.:a
Uommuiatioii is uboLeiied and re-:
I . . . i 'i
: l";lu,J l" w"am
; . n ' r . i . j t- ti i ,. i .if.. n ... I ; t...
, 1'J".I3 WJ 1 ilil.ll IVIU 111 111 1 11 lilU
!tuko V1 0,i accout.t of N-n thcru
tilko ,,!acd "!
,l"V . uu.
theiV1" flwd hl Voluntcumg beiorc ibe-ioU
. ... . , . i . . .
1 it i t ,.i-r I ii'llli' m:;, In iv I .in
v..-" ' "-p. " . -v..
,o I . . ...I i. .11 . I. ..11 ,M ,.i.,).it. ......... .
v ' -
land biuiuces is bcui rushed through
. ., . i . . i '
l.,.rii I r 1 1 II 'I I I'lt 1 1( : It ttVtOI 1 1 1 1 r
The new Enrollment Act has'
passed b-'ih blanches of Con-re,
.... i ..i- i-.in n. t ut i,,i ..in.,.
aim uii.; .v uu,
the Fresideiit to becouio a law. It
will be signed to nijjht, and on Mon
ay tue l resiueui win huo h procia
matiou, calliiif; lot o'jJ.OJ-J men un
der the now law. V oionteers
received during ilia li.ty days
8 w ' ,,
tue can. nx uu v. ii h uk
Jrillt " maJe Lt any dejcicncyi
f ' T'V1 11 lu'- , ..,.,
i.-op'iiei iiia I iisoii, lute Oi n-t-
, '
o tjuaves, lm hetn tluowa lioiUi
,c "v"
U e Iron; ivoaole aut.mnly
Ii 1 II 1 t
l:""J,a'l':Ul 111 lM " "u n
' "". " iooi, ...pi. . -.""'ucr
The C-'iilereneo Committee on the
j Military Uii I have agreed noon a bill
will rcoort to Cotitrress that o.m
..... t . " . .
i mutation is aoo.ished an I recruiting;
permitted it: ctrtain rebellions S'atts
oiih:nft'.u.;d in Lie bill. L iftv days 19 the!
iume fixed for volunteering belore a
A pivtty diHCiosuro ha been made,
in ll.o lowjr Hjusj of Congrcfls,
l:t!)8 C 1111.11, ttee on elections who ro
. . : . 1 . . M .... .J ... .f I,' ...
lion in o. vjreeu u.ay on.. in. 01 iveu-
cky. an l Mr. Sloan of Mo., have
, 'i , . , , . c .i
L-.-ni drawim? doube salaries from the
viz: ns member ot
l!ntir, nincp the 4th ot March
mil. mill Uliivtni.: L.itj 10 jui ittii 1.J1
Generals. Smith replied that behadi,.an
tediauanged to retuud tho money drawn
Lb-igudier General. Tho Commit
Uongnss nmce tue lui 01 i'larctij
ihitt, and drawing pay hs Ungadior;
tee replied that tho money bus not
I itv EU'lliJ'J inuv iiiv muirwj uiu
iiisibccu refundcil, although long
t,JWul ISmi.li bad promised todo
; Governor lliough, of Ohio, is here,
I am told, '." protest against the Ohio;
-etc i.in iied day men 'being bent to
ml. He may have .,no on
'a G viti. ;r,
, .
f-n 'Kicnfijnjv tor tn.it pin i.He. br.t
a ju.'I la guti.y ol
i-luy tl.e hypocrite to further deceivo
aad outran them.
the outrage ho put npou these men ,
f !
Winat invasion will not hnaitnff. h
The Conscription Bill—Repeal of
the $300 Clause—The Enrollment Bill
as Passed.
Tho billjio im fallows:
Sec. 1. Tho L'resident may call
any laiuiber of men as volunteers
tha reapeclivo terms ol one, two and,
Hivi'i vi-iir. Such Vi.'!niih't'i'4. ir
t!,eir huiiititii'e-, ahull bocred.tod to
the town, township, waid, 'e , to-
wara ti:eir quota bery oumeer:
. . 1 ,
'tor oiio V''r I'!
tiij,.tj .jYi b,
I .... 1 I
. ,..,, . , , i, ,
;tWt ,1in,Ia.t, juliillb. ,irit(5 )Ull
rnall receive one nun-;
oiinfy; for two wars,
dollar.; vile third -;f tho bounty
at the time of the usurer, o;i3 third at
tlio expirution of haif tho term of nor-
vice, mid one third at the
oi tiie lei in ft sti.e.
la case of his death in tho service
ilwi iiwi.l i of tl,.. U.i i itv ir sth i!u.
Hie itSKI.l.. 01 lliw U Jil.il V li t lo Uii..
.Jmv; in ca.-e ol uo v.i.U-.v. then to
i.. .. ;.i
il... .i.e. ....- i...- :r . t
irn; auiu.i.1 a iiioiuii ii c:;v uj nmuii'
'Jd. If tho qtvtas are not tilled!"01
within rifW .l-ivi -tt-r.r fill t!,..n
Wllilllluii U.IM illiel iilli;il call, uieil
it,.. M....wi' I. i.i-tl., ill !,.'!.,it. ..
, , ' . .... ' ,
uui ii mini l;i vuu mill iu ui l oi.i;;i
one vear to in l sncii
quota or anv part thereof whicli ma
lie uiitilled, and in eaio of any eiudi:11''
ilriit't nn iinenii'iit nl iiiuiii v kIoiII Ii
accepted or ravived by thJ Govern-"'1"
nientiis commutation to release
enroih'd drulted man from personal)
nbligatiou to perform military er-
3 1. It h hall lie lawful or the Kw-
cutive of any Su;to losend recruiting
agents into any of the ISuitJS deelur-
ed to bo in rebellion , txt
IW UU HI IVU'VJtlUtl iL.Vwvi' Itllll'-J
. , . .
- - - . -
ci-;nt- voluntoers uvler tho provistoni
.of tblBiwl. who 6l.a!l be civdilt
!i!b a.:t, who &'.ia!l be civdiltd
tho btates tf.ui to tho HUAi'tivo6ii')-
divi-ions therool which may proem C
tho ( niihtmei.t.
4th. Drafted men, Mihbtilutes an I
volunteers b!,a!l bo uned to 01-an
. their own States, and, ar
, ,( ... , u w!ucfu,n
, 1
5th. Lively person under eixteiti
entered or mustered without consent;
parents or piardians, shall lu iin-
t.i 1 I
imediatfiy uieiiaijieu. upon r.-pav-
..'... 11.1.
iinent 01 inen-umy receive-i oy nun;
,.,,, i l,. .-.Ulitv r.'Ci-ieiil he llln-
,mj t30t.r6 ktiowuiiy enln.tni or
6t.rv;cw with forfeit tiro of pay and!
oa!i,0 BU,j.ct t, c-'Urt-iuartial.
I)ri!tK shaii bo for one hundrod per
icentuai i:i addiMon to the number re-
q'lired to (ill tho q lotue.
7th. Uraltea ihTsoiis sii.'li l.e ai-
lowed transooitatiou lo tiio plajj ol
oiiyieiS.Unl'.btea in S'.iM
Sth. AH p-Toii3 in the naval ser-'
I 1 ... ..I,. I
01 mu i,i-i "-!-
:i,lit ..1 In d'ti.l u..i-vi,'.. .lui-m.r t u
present rebellion, who have iut I'een
caii.t'iu-Mlimenr prior of February 'J ith,
! . l . i . . i .. . . .i- i : ,
-," ,'t" uisti.c.;
i.i .,,....., . , .,... i n j ii t'.n no,
li I i il:l '11 'l I'vitiLl I 11 o lii olil iU! AMVI
; i hhall up m Batifactory prool oi
nioe.es,d,iice mad., to tho b.-eivtary ol
..., u ..!,..;...
o their tda:o ol residence
i o.u. wiau'.M men
it . ., .
1 1 . .. . .n I. ,i I i .,, . i . i i
i,.'ii:u oiii.ii uo iijiiiip
ahietit fi'om
.tjUie. Olll BIIIOI IIOl UU UUieilllllieiJ Ui'"
iBcricis ui.u. ra5ouu.t nun.
I in,n In r,iiii',i
...v... . .........
iu soon as uoi
;sJ'l' "'"wua w U ,UI a
(it-iiarireu in nupeei w persons, iuu
1 .!... I, I I..
is giW'A
Ike exiotiiu law is not con-!
rep.ut will probably bo agreed to by
tlio House thiseveuin !
The Negro's Place in Nature.
a copy a pam
p ikt with the above title, cor,t.iii.in
lecture delivered in Inland by Dr.
.i..mM it,,., i,,,;,,,, i!,, LmJ,,,, A n-
, . , . , s . . n H , .
Lti0 ol the mot eminent mUtiralibts ot
i. i ...i:.. i ?..i ...... r .i. n...
Jj loiliuo, ana in ins itx' wto iiuei ino
lw;. iri , . ,. ,.,t:111.u,i
iu.jtli.in tli.it i.i Hit Fin i ui. ta Ui-I'iiif
ibT nature to a position of Buhordinu
mine.l leami,..,, ,i, lirf, ,a
i I I'll jiitTV.ii.iw ii . nivj iii-iimo'iw
of the Ab.diticni.ts iu a ma,tcrly man
mucli importa-
purtance was attach-
id lo this Lec'uie m England, that
Piofesior Iluxhy, of the lloyal Col
lege, tssayed to give an answer to it
on t'io part of the Abolitionists, but
I " I
no rather succeeded in confirming
than destroying Dr. Hunt's argu-:
metits. Tais Lcc'ure has been re-
i printed in this country hy Van Evrio,
llorton & Co., 162 Nassau street,
;sL.w ork, and will bu sent, postpaid,
it is mi ii'imirauio i lit
by0r 15 cents
; tract, and very opportune as a reply
i . . . . . .'41 I:.: : ...
tu tne Hrguments oi AuoiuioniBt unn
miscegenstioniscs. Every Democrat
, ;? , . .
L -,n , havn one. bund or it.
; Iiioiy-ei.ii. j ei o 1..11.1 u.u ..u.i-
Declaration of Independence the
. .... v . 1ft-
anniversary ot tho Aa ion a oirthday
1 finds it again in a terriblo war lor tho
- years -i
panic priiieipl-j the right of the peo-
i4'r(iitu Jl 1 1 1 J v w 'x
Cin. Gazette.
the right of ihiii.ten colonies, with
;threo uiiliion of people, to secede
from the British Empiro with its
twelve ii::ilioiis, and form a Govern-
Unci of their own. Is that the prin-!
" . y t
eii'ie we are contending for uow. Air.?
A Beautiful Decision Under
the Conscription Law.
AU(i """Offing CUCQuir 1)88 D.en re-
c jived by Provost Murshal Joucs in
this eit'-:
[Circular No. 71.]
When a enpi K-iij jittarv draft ia
forlmado fir ileli-jieiicies occasioned by
forfaited nu-n failing t report, and (he
quota m tuus luleu, deserters Irom
I li rut iluil il ..i t. tn.1 mi. I !,..!,? v'.'A
! bo credited on li.ture e.tllrf.
ol Ci'Ioiu; 1'nrter,
P,v order
Major and A. A. General.
l'i.c uiii'Mint of it ii siiiii'ly thin.
jtl-a when a UraSted m.m il.,e nut
"!? 7.tfl 11 8""n 111 ir 1
! overiiiiieitt dni.t aiiu I
aim itii.eo ma iieinuor in 1 1 1 :s iiueit. '
,, ,. , " .' .
l-atl lliel'O . Il ijn-Siter ll'tUbll.'U
unau inis; ii ny iea"ii " me ueiecj i
i ., . f
1 1,1 uovemmeiti io ieiu: its men.
! n !"' them, otliirs not pecuninr lv
' , ' , I
"'S,1'1 ,l:lyu , il-v " ""'"''.v
i ihori! uia tea. i t.ete are a'joni ;
i , . . i
lb'-'') men, we ut)!er tan I, w in have
lilted in tlio to ms-r.cts in
'''ii CMiiiitv, ami ft-r theso desotersj1
i i
another 6i:pileiiivj;itaiy uralt 16 to bo ;
ordered Tlio ilefL-rters wiien camrht ;
" ,
ire to lie (TiHlitoiI. not a I lie (lialt
I .... I I. ,1,.... .1. 1
.l . 1 1 1 1 11 l..l lit. Ill lll.lltll, llll I'll
iii'.other it nd future dra;t. This .i tin
unjust a dcciioii ua can
Horrible Malpractice.
I Tliu Missouri Il-'tuv&nt pntiinihes ,
j an a-;j.".:v.: of ono oi the imt flagrant !
: itista'U'e ol iiiiil; i.. 'lie.; i'ii ru:-rd. It
ucoiired . it I.
C'ivi UtU
i .
rt LMiiui.t wore vaccina' id l.-r
jii.iu-iv . :uar uiai eitv. :
ii.tii m ititlai io' i, u .
i i
lie it I
ii! il tioitlieili ;
kino '
to'pix by the p .-.! n atte.idu it o.irj.in '
ol tlio liiirnicks. not it ii:iw a- '.
1 p.ai-) witii kiue-jiox viiu, b.i: ieia- !
ully wi'li poLiHtant tut, taken trom '.
; nhi'Hic rc, uptm tin new-.n of !
.t,Sc in one. ..four mbitary
ho. pUV.. Tue di-.ea,e thus tranofer-
! ,.J.l,i:ity tht) lliul ,li;bI, ,y t;0J ,
J.. , .
1 '.hc-:o imtoituiiato ni' ii. in not ot tii.!
oa:.;.r einu 1, piim.ti v form, but of the
i.io-. j driiaded sypliilis sootten itiatir
ol ahle, fara'.ly destructiva t- :iyi-
11 1 1 .
cai nlo with v.-'iem tiiev at'o a.iva
a:.n r.t.- inr-jit-'i nrmin .vs up-
.i.ll.rt..' h.r.in r 1 v.., nil, , j.,,,.4
on tiieir wmm v..:,:ui ite.i, tr mi the
point of vaceination 1 Meiidiiu' down
Iw,..d. Sniur saUerini: e.utn in-
: tl.i:n i;d throats iinl (.tiiei wie.
Hunter Hetveal.
Aim hilmi ..'.om.r laoe-i v tutu'
. Lynehimr , and made a hattv and
disorderly rotr.'it to Charleston,
the iv in.v.v.u aliey, we aro ihiomi-
I. IV I II' ! III', 11 Utl'lil II HI ,IPiliiJ
- ,. . '
1 i.ll le l.l'e-II U In illllli I III tll.lt W.Uf'V
pee-ea oi mm Ln.-.vi..!ci are tlioy
.'l' c;
: pn.-H m thu ma'.ter a.luerj to that!
- .t 1, . ,. v ,...il 1 1 ,1 It mi . I.,i it.,... i
' t?' . 11 y !"1
. i k:i i ini I i . I hi! A 1 1 ti 1 1 n i z.r nil inn
" "t 1 " " " - " "w " wiinnvw
, lvver
Another Draft.
W'o aro informed that Lincoln will
! soon irsne a call for moru men. ilisi
l"U ouhu I- I l.i;u..l. tt
j calls now avtra o nb. ut eim hundred
IU-,11 . .1. IV III 1 1 ui.
I him ovor t ,vo yoars P.t this ratolovi-r
to yet the met man killed. It is
rather singular, that although tiio
d-lmiiinlratior. press tod ua thaf our
lo-cs are trillii.fi that tho President
has to call for h:i liunJ.ed tbimuirJ
everv month.
PllETXV S5TU0NO. A Uepublicau
I Cnressnian fro,,, Maine, Mr-lg.
S '':.!', declared in a debate np)i the
Appropriation Iiill, that "if .Jeff Da-
vw were a can
cy, he would
! innjorify in X
s?r -
did ite for the Fiesiden
fcettnuliirty thousand
ew Yoik City."
I s
p tt i a 1 l o t i r s t
We li.tif ex niiinitl a great tiumliur o
uthets irom niiinrt uf ii in st proieiucii
tilia.'tia ol L'ineiiiniili and Coviitoil, tt: ,
rpe'iliin ia the iiihf-ii terms of lit. Slock
Intuit Auti-Clioleri Mixture for the cuie of
diitrrlifRu bail ilj ;i tilery. Tia leltfrs are
t loiijr In pjb.is!i. Mr. Woods, of Gov.
ingtiin.ftuyg lie was proiiouaecii iiicarable
. niirliiii ;ivb h' wua nniimiiiniA.i i.iimrih h
f,,, ihe bnit doct. i, f i.i, i,.',.Hii m,i nn.
iontle ol Dt S'rieU.m,l-ii Ami. Cholera Mi
i tare ellecte J a p. rni.nieiit euot hfu-r biill'er-
i fjr mxii'.1". Wuii the worst form of diar-
1 r" "f" f'' a:.. , ,
I jj,,,,, Stilll,3 'wrti,.c tttler Xctinii in the
o i hospital lur 8 moiiths as incurable, and ns a
1 last resource tried btnckldii I s Auti-Ch'ile-
I ! r. 1ivl..ro I, it fro I ita 1 1 imnlv t. ,. .1 II a m
ll,e '. 6 " Roo-l health-
One mm wriiei he h.s ture. stvenor eight
! ....i ..t m...., u. :
! the b.irraiks lie wna in -villi one bottle of
i -- r- ; - ......
'"""- hy Hoe not our Govern
. meat secure this valnuble preoartuon.
0ur ur.ny ouht to be suppliea with it. It
, is bua hor. timesinco 01m nf our men
tin vaiu-uue metneme. in :et we eot'M
nil nun our pir witu similar uenib noin
j laid in a very low coa-liuon ai ono of our
j w in u iv uuii'itiu'i ni unu ui uui
j Cinciniuti Haitate. nis wifo was sent for,
j cholera Mixture, und in three weeks he was
able to return home with Ins wile to 2ew
'Richmond, O. Ail these un right at
l0l'"e ?l,ea!l thenibolves. We hope all
!u"i,!H '! f".1-.0' 'l he
n..,.3u.o, itui'ij cave tiiciu Uf Btimu ui
u,nir rnmn.-i. it i.r, t. n.r,..;,
it Mi rrnif pet bbttlA.
T"& co.NiESS'oss. asd iXl'EaiE.s'
1 tiV XX 1H VALID.
VllhM t,Mu uj... cic
Ier from jNelv0. i,(lbjjt IWntmi Het.r
i?f M"!'J. up.iy;igtiiiiniii:nn
J U. iVilf l '
Hj- uiiu n l.u l.m
omtlniry. Jiy ur.il.nii; t 'w'.id J.lreel
envelop t.ir,l coi.is muy te lud lL u-
N A V II AM VI. M A ri'A IP., :vqr ,
Jul. '.b'M - v.
Til i,thr'
of tl
t.N?. are r;.'.i.vF fiJ'enn
r i-..v ii.ii'! in nio Ar r.n !evii,r
la.:.: ; ,.;:: lit. :.i,;4 wUl '-ot.
i !-v. tj t.l-'j f. r..m:lnr nnnitof
..I ii- .. ). ;'r i!liW Hovli.ttn
R. U. mi .w4 .- I.'ettoii 7I.op6 vri'l
tx uni'Xiii .. 'tt il r.:;'1 Crc.-t Him'iri Ui
Ibii oninf . r..' :.ow ! r-.i.thit v of tlm i i . -1
Tovu'iion'.s :t ' n tonl ii'-' lor Leu 1
iii.g tl.a iiiiiiia' ;?'.n r-i;.3 ol llio Wt.it.
s.ii.LMEi'.iioy.r.. i
Si f t.uxii :.iisiV Oinci, f
( j iOi..fciM uuj I, lod'l
r I'l. C. W. K..i'-i
M - I ., ... tJt-i 1 w 'f J:nftiw;r. J a. ai ml In .
v.., ZyZi&LvhVv uZZi
,,.,;.cr ..f -.a-., Ki. J,.iy -rr;-.-, .i ! ItUu
11 " ' ' . r ........ ....
'v'Uw.ax i lM tl:i,u r-n'r m tlw Lent
V,nl vrio-. . jr.m.r cr.n.t.lair.;s
i.n nu. . . t..u. . ... ...v ...
!, .... . , .,, .UllJi i'i;a,., i. i sk a i.ln-
,,.,., .,.tti uynuJ w..m imMof.liwiii.i,
Uui i..u .-o; i;t- i-t ...t.-i, :Hut
u f,.,,. h,tjJ.u u iui N r fciilcr, or
r, ,, ,,,,),, . i'..r i,.c.il;ul-.n
hav. vmn Mi.iu'n inii m w.-(-,im
, ,.. f,.i; I.
'" . . i , , ,1.1 ,
'omit ..;.i,t iv... r. -:. ,-.r i vi tjra..Jr.
'', '": , r.f"'',-v J""
Imfrilinl t. r iiiru! hv ill - 1 1 . w : :! A'luv S.ir
.......... 1 1... ,.i-.., ; ..-. n .u -hur- t-i.iivnl
r'-'r '" " "' t'r,,i
i'tr-nlip V.'l:')
1'iiil iii il.i'ir '.if- i.it.
t a t, I'lulor, w'ti: i
'11 ' tl.nl'U.
., p.lfi! UfUI'ty i nline
ii-.-v l''.1' vi.i.r li.iui i.
. fi r'iin-'i
i.i .r nvrtiait,
i;.'.v.i. ANi'iti.w,iui"j;i!t -int.iii
uu ! K-i- 'I I'iiJ '.r.ii. Vr imm vvu-Tti:'-
h-J-.. '-Il i.l-l.. 1"-. IH1.
"jUb tcrtiscntfnt5.
McArthur Market.
a i j.:.- -.j.'.
A). I '. :.r.
l'...:.ns. ii
Ouiur. K
li.ii.. !,. 1 1 .';:
1'i-rn, o
cc.-. .'.a
Col li .',
J'ifi. 1::
I i i Si-, 'i,
.illi :r.., fi I
Mi'iir, I I iii ) fun,
; m..ii.-w, n.. in
: mpi.i. : ''o
1 "il I.ir.-.-t.i. I i
I Oil C.'i.iJ, ! I'm
' Mi'fi , I
: M.iti. Vr
. lvtat-t. 1
' IVui'l. 4,1.'
I.'i':i'f I-
i Salt. '.I '"
. SH(.':ir, 2'
I e s.. la
' '.Viicn'.. .--S: ; .'o
Wheeler k Wilson's
-m' ta ,
Uu ii l Li u hi u u i i mi "
i: ii s t
77 vi;jT rottti n !Tstri.i
(flKli's lil'Iilti lliiUBL,'
Ci itcinnsitk, i.
wan led
;lm FiM
a i iin:
JlVl HELD A t LOKlJ'l.v,
iHc c.nn.itn il compi ninui r.l i;n
ruj.t; aiid A woritii.
-.r!.-t) .
Of ln5, l;.llr. tiiul fWQ;
Anil th' C'incMiiiHtl ?I ec h mi I' liiMitutr
o'.iavc tj!:on tl.e Tiihit Phkmiuh, ovir nil
co'.r.jX'.iUud , no '.ho
hllllllV NCWIII Ka
I ..I,;,, a '
HAVINr M. tiK, for nvor i-cver, yn.it, t!.
tri'iMb I'Oput.ir (utuily ."rowiiiif i!.ic(iini in
tl.e eouuti.v, bud ii,.' an: piu) intc l.t'OO.t'UU in
tribir bu -in enf, and muKictt I 'O Mnoiiir.eH pi.r
dny, Vliy ure 'reparcj, Willi biieii cxtrai riiti
ry MjilittesBinl ixpurimice, to giurmit.) t tl
piirohitror tLlira siiti.f.:tion. All cur iluo
l.iiiBuru niuili1 eii.u.l weit, uinl kra
As n'.l par'.io iiiamn'.i'.'t'jricg Stwiii' Mi
chiues uro ooiijui to pj Mr. )I..w 11 lie 10 r
caou icwiug ilucl.ini:.'. i! 1, "'' ' : .!so cuiu
pclled o iud!:e qiururly returii.t to him. lBt
u:g, uudur ouh, lb Bumbvr tul'L bin tool
n'wu a correct rtituinuDt of the ncluftl uuinher
nf Muoliinca cold hy tho di lTjrunt rDHntuetureri..
From thin ruliuhlu Minrue we htve obtnim d the
following ruliubli) stHtitlicH, tliOwinil tba num
ber cftoing Michincit dinpuM!'! of 'luriiifr tLe
lastjour reported. Tba priucip 1 oomputiie
inukinn thorn aru Wheeler WiUun, I, M.
Kinder '.'ii.. and ('.rover i Uukcr. Of tko
Midline mM ths'o wore old
By U'HKKl.Eli t WILSON 21,305
Hjr I.M.SinKKr A Co., lO.y.'.S
Hy Oroverds XJiiltiT, lO.ifli
Sbow'.iig the n:ili- ol Wheeler 4 Wilton to he
double if uuy other compuny. JJ. Y. Oberver.
Wo have pertonully examined the variou
M iclmiea before the public, wilLan anxioui
desire to place before our remlem reliable iufor
niulion. At the ronult of turh xuininatinn,we
nuhesltatiiiKly rucunimenrl Whreler Wiltou'
SwiDfr .Miii'iiinet at tho Machine for family ue.
Western Christian Advocate.
My littlo daughter, or nine years tikotour
Machine Wheeler Wiltou't apurt, oil i
it, and puts it Iu pluce. eaxily and readly ajtittt
iurarts, and perlorni with il all ordinary
work. She can make Lerown drewen, ini-luS-iiiK
bemtiiiiii;, gathering and nettirg in th
leere. F"ur i.ionth' ue in n.y family bib
inude it a oocesbity and a lux. ry.
Wev.C. II. Botstou.
We una the Whcelar Wilnnu Sowing Ma
uliine, ami can sty in regai-H tn it tbtt it ia with
out a rival, tio other Much oeexceeda it in its
adaptation to all purpcaot of domestic una.
Sgiotiti tiij American.
3T Pen! for a circular containing rpocimena
of senium, tebtirooninl., r':'
rviLf.SAM btlMKEKdCi.
.tuna 3'), 61- ly 77 cV. Fourth v. Cin-inra'.!.

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