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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, July 14, 1864, Image 2

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.A. DIllTTOf, S ! J t F.DlToff-
wnmc mer enAU bclb America.'
ritrJKOiV- - - Jm1. -,,fll
tJ-rilK roMiii riH AS 1-14
Wil i .!' IIK IS. "" 'l"rc"",',
Wfr unuropa Auth.'rMf.M wrll i he
Ticple whu tmDiit Ureucnci ui
S. AMHU. No. 7 Pk Row. Now
ht n.t or LuMt Kw.
Democratic [...]
Oi lewes County.
( For Fall Ti'tm.)
Of Fiifitld Coumy.
Long Vai't-nrv,
Of Htiirock County-
Bhi'rt Vciocy.
aleianokr s. boys,
Of HigU.i"! County.
ilTTO!t"T o!rtt.
Of HoWs Coaaty.
conmoLtraor thi TRiottT,
Oi Ftniklin Comity.
SCHOOL eoMMtlfl""!.
H.idio Co'toty.
(Full Trm,)
f Ailil nl Coun y,
tot VACII'T)
Of Afcf County.
Lincoln Proclaims.
Mnco'nhee ia-ncd, lat week, three
rroc'amion, 1st to Kentucky sus
pend ing tho writ of Habeas Corpus
and putting Ibe pnor.'oofthat State
n.lr martial Uw. o that everv mil
tii..l be has there can stop the
mo.i'hs of the people and prevent fr.e
discussion, in order to intimidate the
. people and cury another election
there at the point ot tho biyonet.-
QnJ. lie proclaim that the one
tenth of any seceded S'ftte who
toad their nieaers and thereby be.-
v.....i.. Kt? hi adminis'ratiMl ami
.umrn f.i ui.nort ins royal edicts,
organ'ZJ a State 0 .vernmeiit, aud
31, ho proclaims a day of humiliation
nd P ayer, the humiliation wo cer
tainly have by thesj t first Procla
mations. he T.aye-s we onghf
bafeGodVnowi.it there is any ti
cay iu prayer, let long, loud and
continued payers bo offered, that
we may alt bedelirered from
tccnrsHd tyranny and despotism
wr present rulen. Hut we
ib a member of our National
Guard who wrote home to '-is father
to pray for him, and to pray hard,
for he thought if a ball was cming
it him and hiin i range, that
would tale a d d hard prayer
change a bullet's conrse. Bo
tbink with Lucoln, prayers without
totes won't move him.
Kentucky Under Martial Law.
We publish iu this paper
speech of B otas J. Clay, wlu was
elected to Congress on the Uoioi.
ticket last year, in Kentucky, lie
seems to have changed bis views o-
fhi.mrraDt negro stealing aamima
tratiou of the Government since he
. Coneresn. Mr. Clsy is not
alona in getting his eyes opened a
list, and we trust iu God tnr citizens
Will tet see where we are, ere .
.tp.i. too late. Id connection
with the above named speech we also
ittblish the Proclamation oi ior-
luuu. , J
the 1st. setting aside
.t.- lUheAS Corpus and placing the
lirsonautberty, property aud rights to
o'.' the people of Koutuckv at the mor-(rights,
cv of every miliUrv satrap of 1-in-1
c'o'ns, who happens' cm u-n 1 in I
. I
oi.t.icky. Our dog has just as much
iwerto issue this Prociama'ioii as .
usurpations jet in Oiiio. I' is very i
power to
lias the President
We Uok lor liko
clt-ar to us that t lie ohj-ct of t'i 11
publicans is to Ir.ivo Ki-utucky so aa
to carry the next election. We dou't
bol eve we will liuvo a free I allot next
tall, and this is thu entering wed.
Peace is Attainable.
A!iuot ever) day ItT ihu past two
vea. we l ave advocated netfotiationa
rf - - . -
vi itU the South, for the purpose of
ro concluding the Union, an 1 as a
rull I'eace bet wviu our Countrymen,
und in reply to our jnges'.ious lis-
pu'olicine toll in we conl! iit reu-
n tv, because the sown wotti j nave
nothing but an Independent G v. rn-
nieiit lor their Oonfedenwy. W i of
ii . I .l.
eonree c uii nn iwifve ims,
buo.iuso it was aa'nst the l'clur.d
sateiiuiiU of our Lest Southern I
sutefiutu, and iu tho luce ol l.ict-i
known to us all, to wif We all knew
it to Le a lact that tho South eut
'oinmicsioiu is to iidjiiit 0 ll' ieticts
. iii. i ui ii... p imimi. ii,iiu iit nt
Willi MISliBli -'"---
i ii.
wur, Liilicolit leiu.MUU ucaniigam
refusud to reCogn.Z' iliein. it is aUo
a f.ie.t that a Pioi'os.tio ) wns made
through Fernanda Wood, ot
Vi'rk. and was refused hy L troln
..Vvr h:6 own signa'ure. It i h'so
Uct, that tot 1 1 1 later, Mr. CS evens,
V'ice l'iisidviit nf the Southern peo-
pi-, started to Washington to ireat on
thu tuij ct ol ro cotidiiuctiou of the
Uni in, und Lincoln wou d n t h-d I
discourse or petmit an iufi'rv.ew with
UiUl. We know ail these things to he
ti tie, and no -v we puldish to our r -a i
er the oK mil dfclarafon of the Con
I'udeiate Congress, "I'h it Aej- are
and ttti havo bren wVling to enter
inio communication with us. in a
tjjiiit of We, Eiuil'j. und
manly fianknm" U s n t theo
things give the lie to tho men who
have been luibleaJing the people here,
bv ubstiting tho South would net
agree to a re union? It most assured
ly does. Then a re union possible
Ut ns all ttr kj for it, and stop tins
horrible cud unnatural war. 13 at
bear the S lUtln-rii Congress.
The following joint preamble and
rebolution, with Die annex d mun fes
to, were introduced in tho 8 mate by
Mr. Hill of Georgia, ad ipt- d in Se
cret 6essin, an.l s. ni t the 11 me on
Friday night. Tho 11 .)mo, alter a
secret debate of several hours dura
tion, 'adopted 'hem eubs'antialiy as
hey caini Irom the &etia'e, with some
rlignt iu didoatiou o la gtnge Ine
it j inciioii o secrey having been re
in ived from th s important docuiueii'.
iiy the H 'iise, though not by fie
Senate, we lay it belore our renders
tins uioinipg:
Whtieai, It is due tithe great
cause ut humanity aud civil zttnm,
and especially to thu heroic eacr.lices
oltheir Kailant army in tho tild, (hat
no nieaiiij contvititeiit wih a proper
sdf respect nn 1 ihe approved usues
eifiiAUoiiS shou d bo omitted by th
J.'ii ederatj States to enlijh'en the
public "pini'Mi tl tho world with re
gard Ij fie truj ch.iracter of the
utruiiKle in whicn tin y are e. gaged
and tho dispositions, pin'miples und
I'urpu.ea by which ILey uro acinateo;
iit-olctd by the Congw of tin
Confederate Unite if Amtrict, T'njtt
is-uu l m
the luliowint; maiiiK.t bo
their iitune, and y 'heir authoiM,
aud that the Pres.di Ut he leq !e-,te1
to cause copies thereof to bo ti annum
ted to our cmiuitisioner abroad, to
ho.nl that the saino may be laid
ad'oro foreign g 'Vetnmeuts.
" I'be Coucre.s of the Confederate
States of America, acknowledging
their responsibility lo the opinion o
the civil z d world, to the great law
Christian philanthronv. and t the
Supreme Ruler of tho Univtiso, for
tha part they havo been compel e 1 to
beat in tho Ba 1 spectacle of war and
carnage which this con ineut has for
the last three years, exhibited to the
eyes ol afflicted humanity, deon the
present a fitting occasion to declare
the principles, th ; Sentiments and
the purposes by which they have
been, and are still, actuated.
"They have ever deeply deplored
the necessity which constrained them
t.ke up arm. ia deface of tbeir
andof th free institutions de-l
,ro' ,hliir en sr..; and there
,10,h:'' u.um ardently desire
IIIUM IJ Wa ' I tw I i V V W I IV ' ej w tl,.
by riu ,ltl,m,tuw-1,
wd nuil then), sh.d pi-noir
nnit thou.
loeriiv in i.eace the shulu-rintr pro-kicavi
tecthm of Uio hereditary rights and
Uiu.-iu eiieriane'i iiivmruiin t
icriej oi euec'Bjes wiiii wircu u
sint of pi-aeo in the interunt of civili
Uiti 'D an I bn amity, with nt d.in-t
, . . .1
l '"v''r' r U1 nibiiiterprete.l,
ph ased Alni'uhty God in so ni'ial a
manner to bless our artiM on a'ni t
e?i rv noint of our invaded bi.rder'iiuooe.
since the opening of the presnnt cam-
paign, cn voles ui to protess tins Uo-airunl
of tho declaration being ate Hied t
any umn i'ily sentinu-nt or a iy iii'm
triHt ot un'r alulity tuily tj iiiaintain
onrcauu. Tlio ropeai.'d and disis
ti"U- cln c'kS toreshad iwing u tiin i'e
iliso"tntittiiv, wh'ch their gigantic ar
my, erectoil atfaiiiit tlio capitai ftlie
l'i.nf'ed-racy, has already in.t with
aie but a cntinii.ilion nf thu aunie
prvidriiti ii riioeoc-a. s I i' us. We do
not recur to the mietvsso in -ny spirit
d vain boating nut in loitu de ac
know! ;'.!geinent ot that Ahnigii'V
1 r j'.i (Mi JO which llUi Voiljliaated and
iM.Hl'i'il them.
' Tlie w.irid m ist n w se that
eiuht mdli jiM of pu 'put. inh.ib ting s.
'ex'itisive a territory, Kitu aiieii vaiie i
. . -i
tlii!ir.Kouieei an l ciicii uu iicr.'iH i.icii-
I .
IjtleS lr (lelenco a tliO liunT'iUtll
jouniy o namrj tins oes owoii up mi
ih, mi I uiiiui ited With oijo spirit t
encounter everk' s icr ti j i o; eme, ol
healili, oi piop.-ny, ol liio rsell,
ruher tnun bo ihtr id d irom the
!..... l t i.. ii . .i lV ... ii in I i n I.. i i.it4i (
,.., ... . .- i
ol'iiep, lino wiiie.i iiu-y nvi'.- u'm,
can lievir ho cm qi u-il. .11 no'
jur ader.tries themselves U'in t
leel that lias l.-led ItMir etioiijh; that
UttlS end bl'iod Hdd lieiiSUle ill llji
have heeii eXi el) tod in a booties ilti-
deitaking, cov. ring tiieir own land
no less ihiiii ''ins. with a pall ol
iiiouiiiing, an I cxpounr tncui Lit
more tiian omvelv.s. to the c. astio
phe ni Li 1 1 meiai e.vi.iuion an i b.n.k
rtip cy, not to speak of the lost oi
tn ir lilf. rties by tho deep itidin en
jv ud 'red in an mi'usive war'are
upon iliu lib' rti-'i ol iion h. r uc.i Mn-
i .1 1.2 Will ii..iu lw. nil im,i
II V I U"pi' I """"pi
by a loittjer p. rs v. r nee iu a want m
uu I hopelo-S contest, to make thin
continent, wlneh they so loti bmisre I
to bo the chosen aiiole ot lilieity and
Self governuielit, ol peace a. id a Inli
cr civil. zathm, tho theater o: tho ii)Mtuf
canel)iS unJ pro fin ll t ff.ision
blood wloch tho worl-l has ever seen,
or a Virtu d relapse into th- barharism
oi tho ruder ages, an I o! the de-tnto
lioii of coiHiiutioiial treedom by the
lawlessness oi usurped poAuif
"These aro qcstiom which our
adversaries wih decide for themselves.
Wo deS'ie stand a q liit. d before
tho tribunal of tlio vsorid. as well
oiiiniccient Justice, of any mspmisi-Uhad
bdiiy tor tho origin t proloiitiution
ol a war as contrary to the Spirit oi
tho ago as t Hie traditions and ac
knowle ltf. principles ol the pol ticai
SNS em of Auiei ica.
' 0 i this contineiit, whatever opin
ions may have firevailed eloewlmre
t ban evei hoMi hold and a k io.vl
eJ ed b" all parties that g-ioerinueiit,
to he lawfu1. n ut bo fuud"i on th
eon-etit of mo a ivftned Wo wer-
l o leral con-
forCed 1 1 iliHSolve our
flection with our Connor aonirites b
hoi' ajri boohs oi: the in id tin -iital
principles ol our compu:: ot irnoti
With Hum; and in a iug si wo X)r
ciaed h right CJtisierito l in tho grea;
charter of Ainericiu liberty-th
riijlit of U free peO jl-, wnei; a G
erntiiMit pnvos dos ractivo of the
ends (or wnic'i ii was established,
ren r to tho origin tl principle, anJ
to itiut'p.uti new ktvirds for th-'ir R
cunty. The separate in lepetidonce
ot the Suitor, aitho s ivereun an
cimqiViI in- tubers of the Federal
Unio i, lnil never been surrendered
an I the pretentions of applying to in
lepen lent oin.iHn.tr.1, soe -iHton-
tod uu I organized, tho ordinary rule
for coercing and le lucin rcheiliou
siiljects to obedience was a Solecism
iu terms, a) well nt an outrage on the
piiucipleS of pub.'ic law.
"The war male upm the Conied-
erato b'ates. was tji. reiore. whollv ihik
ol agktrcrtaioi). O i our s do it ha
l):eil Stric'lv d Tensive. U rn fro
men and the dcxccudati'S ol a gull an
anc etry, we had no op nion hut
c'ard up in ueltnsent our uivaileil
tiies des, ol niii' desecrated altars,
our violated liberties und biith ruht
and ol the prescriptive. iiiBtitutioo
wh cli uu trd and pro'ect thetn.
have let interior nor d j we wish
any uniiner, whatever, to interfere
with the internal peace and proiperity
ol the States arrayed in hostility
sgaiiist u r with the freeest devol
opmtnt of their dobtluiiB in any foitn
of action or line of p lmv they may
think proper to adopt for themselvts.
All we ask is a like immunity
our-elvtt, and to he lolt to ourselves
in the undisturbed erjoymentol those
inalienable rights ol "Ire, liberty
and the pursuit of Intppiuese," which
our cuari'UOQ ancestors declared to
the equal heritage of all the parties
the si'CA. compact.
"Let them forbear agressions up-
nn us- aud the war is at an end.
tuiu an vhti. as wu.cn kkquiks
m I'lf lj J I ! Al. MU ' A k W A 3. TTW
sriu. willisoto Kma mo c awe-
n with ofBAin-KK-AKiw in a
spiuit ok 1'kack f iq'.tiy, and
ima.v.s, kj'.mii m miu
im8,;it'rnuHi"ii oi ine iuhiiih oi uor chiihi?,
in.i,.lu .1. it. . i. .it ..I' ..ii .niw..ik
IU IIIU IUI1MIJ MOIIll ll'll ill 1'MI ,mb-;tl
...i.i:.... ..., i ..! 1...1. k ..i ..i
qiiiin1 in, nu i ii iiiu iiirnv ii'hit in iiiii
an 1 nhov ull in tho vi.tciius
pro ectioii ot Heaven, we aro not
to avow a fcinivro aesiro lor
peace on terms cona sient w.thour.
honor and tho perman.-nt security oil
our nuh's nd ai: uurmut ai-iratu n
to See ihe world once more lestoiaj
iu the tijeiit purauitof industry
iu.l ot uiuinil inti reoiirso aniiix
ieli iii.'ei', so esohtiii! to its well biin,
old winch haohein so gravely in
tin upled ly the existence of this un-
iiaiiritl war in America.
"H it il our advr.irio4 or those
whom they have placed in p wer.
tent to tuo voice ot reason an I j't-tco,
dueled to tho dictates of pr. id. lice
an I huiir.im'.y I y a prediimp'u ina.an 1
iehbeve c ntid -nee in their own num
h.'ia, nr tiiose ol their track and for-e-n
mere n iries, phall determine up.
m an in t ti . i u prolong tioii of the
cnite'ct, up n t'ie"i be tlio rcspoii?i
hility id a decision 90 rninoui 1 1
t ieiuselvis tiiid ho in'pironm m the
nili iest and repiMo of niankind.
'F -t ouiS" Ives, wo havo no hnr ol
tlio r suit. Tiio wihh'ft picture evor
Ua.vn ny a disordered iiiiag'iiiitt.in
Cannes shot I rf tho tX'.iiivaU iC-:
which would divain of th -Cuiiq i'si
ni" eight millions of peop'n, re.-o vod
wiih one in ml "in die freemen ra.her
Ih lli live rd.iV.'S.' an I lorowai ii ! hv
the savHge and exteiniina in spirit
in wh cU this war h is h. en wao'l
upon tiicin, and hv (ho mad avowals
nl the euppi'Mers ol 'ho W'Tko than
E.'fpinn bondage th.U awapsthem
in the event ot' i lie. ir ni j igVioii.
iViih tin-no dicl.irations i: . ur dispo
spions. our pnnciple ii'id our purpi
es, WiCMiinit iMirutiSH to the oii
liirhtonid j'l lirniftit of the World, to
tlusib'T i tl.c;i tin of our a Iverst'-
ries themselves, and to tho solemn
and righteous arbitrameut of U.a-Veil.
From Our O. N. G's.
We jjivo tho following txiructs if
lettet li'Mii our eon, in order to let the
friends of the Guards know the state
h-al ti. &",
July 5th 1864.
I intended to write this letter last
nih', Imt alter mil call we were or
dered out to nnlond 1500 boxes ol
cattri'lges, which we h i I to do ol
curse, we wnrked hard u I i.ig'n, we
havo not been in ci.mp over an hnir
th s morning, and I txpect w will be
ordeied out Riritin before noun.
Btay out ol this unholy war it
get homo Inn tune cute, this third
time is the charm. Tim orders yes
terday w:H to if!u! every mau a ji ig
if whinky morning and eve.iing,
ivith Qtiini'ie in it, I f-bail leave lift
rot gui aloii.t, I think I can get hloug
hetler without it, and I d -n'i want to
i:.:t into o;.r surgeon's ban is, loi they
aro killing off a nooj many of our
UuiPiieut, we have three hospital
l uts lull, Mio ijied this tiprnuig
3 o'cl -ck, (July 5 h.) his name
1 1 ,n kiflou. ui ii c-iland Tuwimlpp,
Un nut c d taiu wiiotiior it is Jihu
Andrew, betook tho measles about
n d.tvs itii't, litis makes 'wo ot our
V nr. ii b its that have die 1 L:eu-
" ... . iii . i
tenant a vtti ot t, "h lias iceii
sr.'k but ia gating botti-r. l'iiero
several sick iu Co. "EatH "C," but
ur U nnpu iy is ill good health ex
cept a i-v lolt at Ilarpei's Forty
We had a small sprinkling o' tho
ol July herI salutes were lire ! by
i ho batteries, our It 'gini nt sp.mt the
lav Ht tart t.raetiee. We hal
roiuj luxuiies for dinner, such
lemonade, pickle and pickled on
.ons, this was sm thing u ;w tons.
Vuii any "dm't overload your Bt 'iu
ach with yr j-u Iruit nor b.t I itliiskv."
deen nn.t i played ut in ibis sic
t'oo, I have not seen auv eiuco 1 let'
tho c.tv. Ail tho li no H could get
whisky was wh ;n e w ik d for
and no wo get it in j ggers an I
irado iii'Mo otf lor t bacci. 1
iilad to fear C and M
going t put e 'inoluidy through and
I hope it is , and I would
like to see Dr. J ohn II J hud
through tor not takingc.no
A his son, ho died in his tent, I don't
b"lu.ve in his sickness oo had more
than two visits, aud died from ue'
lect us 1 will always believe.
vritdi' letters to mo, direct, "In '.-are
ol'Cuptaiu Sanlord, Co. B," 14S
U. N. G., Colonel Moore, Pod Com
mander, liormnda Hundred, V rin
ia. via Fortress Monroe' leave
Kantz U vision, as we are not cow
in any Division.
We woo'd say to the Loys don't
tubH tha whiaW it onlv crates
., .. .. .
nnatonal expcitement inyourejbttm,
and it has been effectually tested.
We tecellet well that Dr. Rush
..... . . l-
father of American Medical 1 ractice,
iFiveethecaseof twosJdiers in a
inarcl, fr0,n New york to Canada,
1 I 1 A - .-J i I A '
!- I' .1 . II J ,1a'
wiii in h nMi'ii (mi hi nu rr nun i-v
, ... . . ,
.0l,ltr "'i-M time wo ..eU
linimr was pun) and ihe man lio
iaK, th water, retained his health
a id rttiril 'll llolllu, Whilst IHU 111 all i
i . ,, . , , .i;
wiiii iiHiiii iiit- i ii iur t nn r i v. rv iii ui
t i i. l . I I
Tola occasions and du'd in ttio liopp -
i i
'id Such was hi 4 advice to (Jen.
j Wayne toiiupnss i on the Army in
tii Ooiinrul'tf Snr.liern Campaign
vo; llt t y wur. Temperf
. i . i i
j n"UD
diers' best I'iivnieiim.
Ju'y 11. Tln.ro aro ninety mil
lion if doiiurs due thu RoMiers. and it
'h stated that thu Printing Machine
cannot print (iiee'ihacks last enough
to meet the demand.
A dispa'ch Irom Hal imore state?
thut our forces h tdltlleu imck from
Fredrick ;n iho din cticii ol Haltimore,
mi l were south ol tho Moiiocacy.
Tne enemy ccupv Frederick, nnd
it is Mtiiei tha' nreckinnilge. has 12,.
00 J men, wirlo annthcr Donloderate
force ha crossed tho Poto
mac luar El ward 'a Ferry in the di
kcH'O) ot Ura'uioi.
A i.)ntli.iin i a; riv'ii frjm Lniis.
vil!e lat niht. -.tuto tint allthoctra
ot; the L'HiHviihi nn I Nasliv lh Rid
rad hill b en 'jrle red lo Nashville,
and tho opinio) was entertained in
Fails City that a urea bittl i win
j iiu mi bet -treoii J U isoii mil S'ler
I mall .
A cavalry Kent of 150 arc report
ed a ciptured by Msby neur Alex
andiia. h appears by our dispatches that
General Wallace unun ited Frederick
because of inloriuation received that
the unomy were miAin feints in that
direction o yet in the rear of Wash
ington. Tho stiiu '1'upitcii states
that tlio en's. ny aro moving in luavy
f rced iwn thu Biltiocro pike.
Jn'y 12 --General Gilinore has
a-5innd i ho coitimand ot our fjico iu
M arluid.
h:...:! r. ..l.a l.ooo r, . I i,T
is nai I Hie rehe.a have carno.i ou
sev.ial t'lonsiua v.tHiaolo iiorso ;rom
The rori lence of Governor Ilta lroul,
in Mai) land, has been buried, with
in !unr nob s of iiai:im re.
Tho teleuri.ph wire this side of
B I'tun no have been cut'
it ia feared that the train fmni Bal
tim ie to Pli'l.idoiphi.r!its been cap
G-ld cl nod IuhI tiigV a' 2S3
TiK' M iyjrof Now Y rk pr-'es's
a-ti.ist tnu leiivval tr "0,n from
that city I'M-tho Maryland raid,
Tho residiMico of General Cad wain
der, in M ignolia, Pennsylvania, hus
been burned.
The Issue Between Gov. Seymour
and President Lincoln.
Tho afl't'r betiveeii G ivonior S y-
t i . i ii f i ..
moiir, ol w l 'la.anu .nr. u iicuui,
uro.vin on1 of tim suspensions ot the
M.-w York World and the Jo'in.wl
of Coinmcivu is a very pretty thinu
as il stands, and is cxciliui; both
curiosity an I liiteror-t. W.trreute
h i"ing been is-nn d aga:n-t Oeiier.il
l)ix till I his sub irditia'e officers, by
whom the order ot tho President had
hen carrio I into t If c. they wore ur
rusted, and brought, belore tl.o Hon
A D. Ila9"il; at tins C uirt of (1 in r
til Sessions At this p'int in the
cie, Ibn. EI ward Ficri'i p int ol
Counsel for General Dlx. inf.rmod
tho Couit that his clu-nth td receiv.-d
a dispatch from tho PresiJetit, order
di' tnm, 'under any i;ircini!8tances
ipt to he shorn of ids liberty." As a
man wh-.tlnr in actual durance or
not. is shorn uiJiis lib rty by an ar
rei und r l'.-"proc-s-, the order to
General l);x is virtually todUreard
i ho power ot the Siuto of New Yolk,
and h -i'l hiiiHvsll en iioiy Uidcupuii
dent o iti audiority.
Tho Piei lout, h .ving no power
under tho (JonsiituM. ii to d-.-crne thu
6iipreRM n ol newspapen, has n lo
oal riht 1 1 protect irom the operation
o the, local law those who c any hi
deci tes to that i II' ct into execution
General JJ.X is, to all intents and
i ur poses a breaker ol the law of No
Yri, and porsmiliy rospMisihlc
thi r.d'iir. II w far iiu will consider
' i ... i f .- i.. : ...
tuo onier Ol iUr. Aiincoin in respect n
h.b liberty au tX'nso for refusing to
respond to tho progress of the courts
ot New York, nr to alwde bv tiieir do
crees, is a quet-ti m which the present
HunJies no means to answer.
lion. John Coiihrane, Attorney
General of tho State, snl nominee o
lor the
in ih i
case in behalf of the people. Whut
ever his nartv iuiuion mar bo, the
opinion ho ixprtsses as an advocate
, ... if. II .
off tho Cleveland Convention
V 'co-riesiuoncy, appears
are sounl and D mocratic. lie hold
an 'ier peace or w.tr r. -.
th'To is no power in the redera: ixe
pn.. .:,':.,,. utl-.t0 Bo3..r
t( tuW. Thi4 broufjeition, so so!:
the evident bofore these ttoubli) begaff a
I. -.i. .1 4. .-, Ii.4ll I.U l.faOlft
to accuuu.vw V'7
Jf.vff:,? Mioriiiins to mtt it
h.? fow tU Ug to office b7
. n I : ......
i.u ir.ir.iiiiiii'iin imriv? mm in cuu u
luc . r J- . ,i ... .,,. r
;c!in may mu.w.c .
teginiuiiR ti re-urn w ia r
m II &l 'I'.
lr tlm Gi Herat, call uimji. the imlitl
l Hie o ate io am in citiuii iu
vr-'cesc. e arc unahlo to proiiounca.
That duly lii in tlrs d:rtctau we do
imt doubt; aud that, if he would bo
Kuatiiined hy tho opibiof.s if the pio
is Hii'Bt procalU. To be the firet
to interoe Ivreo in opposition to
that lUspotiein wLieh is K'owil,K 60
rapidly n'p n ua and which lias ol
r. ady bdjii'ied nidi etn ntli and
confiJetico, is a thine n quiring more
coui-Mir and luitli tiian usually lulls
to iIk- lot o( politicians, uih ii ine
r(t"'dint haa avui so far t at lie will
nut tin I it easy t retract upon one
aide, w ierii r o.-yin mr u ku,"
so tar on tho other; und unices there
h some not very appm en t point Of
coinpromis j. i r plane t 'I equiv. cntiOQ,
it woiinl Htein ti ii one puny uuut
r tract, or m collision will be the re
milt. Wt tuko it fur granted fhut Judge
Unwell will iwta n the r'tht oftlie
poople HieoKliiu to ti:e ai,ti-war pro
cedents, ilia D.n ccrtotioniiteciden'i
,iro a prohibit) in i'cati'Hi that he has
nut b-vn carried away hy time new
lan'cil doctriiieH which in cou
aideiation of the iu'ci'eiit oi a nation
ill war, toovoriuljuu 1 reserve all the
o'i tiiliM ni r'uht Hiid max ins of our
iniiii.eijial l.iw, Mr. L'u irepont -of'
c tins I lor the dul'ense--is, at k-at
piovtrion iiiy, a c -iivt'i t to tho doc
n ine of "tliu war power of thv Consti
liitii.n;" an 1, ii'tliu c.Je ia poritlitted
to c"iu.j mi in iciMi'ur lor lit, we slial
doiibtlt r e, in tint ivpt.n of proci O'i
iiij, all thiit can bo oiid upon ltm
I!ow much credit is to be attachtd
!to the ropirt iliat Oovetnor S;tm-nr
. ... !.. ..... l .. I V.'n.t
W It, 11 nOCesS iry , III ei-w uio wuii
should ib-o" warrent for the iirtist
'to ihe lot of politicians
Special o t i c s ,
1 it Al INVALID.
rub!i)i.l for tli'. in iii fit, .ml CAC
TI' i.N TO YOU S 0' M KN nJ ither, who iui-
i fr Tr-jiu Nnv.'iif Ui'bili'j , 1'ri-rtitaia Docay
if MunhiM.il. dt.i.. riiip'.viug t th. .mc l:iu
,,,.. AK. . SrL. ".,. ,,,oh..
qu-e.t liin.M'lt' nit. r uiiOergi'iijg c ti.!ilrkll
oiiiikfry. I'y 1"iihk poctjikicl d.l,o4
en -. vlpu cii'K'w e,.K-it niii) b. 1:.U ol ill. u
Kruukljii, ICutf Oo. K. V.
.Juin 2.id '. S "4 l;r.
bilIIV iK srai.-KLANO'd ro;;o. vt
u.u rtuoiiiiiiund tn.i.i cutr rinx wit Ii ,.. f
A I'lu'lilu, I lidittelloii. or Ii,.ti'!rik. N.rkl
no-, .'iJ Nrvi'ii I'ebi i t , in j.'iiiiiinul
route. It i ii.ul)l ifvftrt'n.:, Ik.
tr.'iii klccli'ilii! liiUu ; it I'.ii'Mjl.'ii'i' iJ.-i
wliolo iiu'Vouk Jlin it vfe.:'." i"J i p'
ii to, u id in uun '.n J touur. i)js(-.ajidi M..I
Nfrvoin l)u ilily
Kurc.l.liJ lrugni.t gernfiil'v .- f 1 ).'
tla. l'ri-pred ly lr. A. Hi. i? 'hlh, H-.t
Et Kjurili sire.-t CiiiciuD.:!,ui.i..
Ju y U SI - lr.
A Sl'PKKtOit Hr:MKIV."Vt'('ni .ontci'ff
Ii. im.y rccunoiiend t thi'n nitferii'if from .
di.-ti'-'"! uuiii.. l)r St'i.-kluit 1 iljliifl iot.
net. V
Ccid'i Bj on. It tfivui. rli o m. in t iitmnat
!iuiik. ii!i i in wUhil ii .t dii"Hrri)t'I to I ..
Until. Thera in rn il uibt but tliu VLlliflaiu.
Bulniin in oiip of th; brt-t .D'rid "j. ill tt
.ml i kll Hint ii finiiriut(;r eluim. tor it. W.
hY tnc.i i: riuri lg the pat w.ulc, mid fmiud
relitf frnni a iiimt liiiriii'niiiir C'iukIi. Il ir. pr.
preil b.T Dr. Striekimi'l, N . S K.nt K'Hinh
Strtet. Cirn iuiiiOti, O. .aJ tor U by Drug
giati ut S'.i iiun; ar balllo.
SiiritiNiiMiVKT'n Orrict .
t'l'lVINkATI, Juno 4,
TlJ Dll. C. W. KoBACK
Mr 1kah Hut : 1 urn itinoD'inir ..oroorl in
foicu ot'y 'tir S'niiiui'li U tter .riiimir the l'
nuiub.T ol men nu il aiiy arriv. t tlii-i lnt'.iio
tion fur MfromciiHiit mid runt. T lie oiiivonal
wntinmny n tliut lhee liiitdr. aro tlio loit
mtkU. V.ir thu vurioii iirr.mer compl.inu
which hfttic'. inai.y, I know ut' no ronmHy ua
nfo mia io Ui.' i'lntur-li uy, " i o nk a by
nitiiili whut i tiuiy nn i tt'lmt ir Imril nfdiyeMinft
no I w Imt will if.tiu with iliu l.imv.:li in abool
ttKhcimi ! at lo ak wlmt U .weet or bitter, or
smur." IVr'n. "h' tool! out Inr lraaW .lid
Iiiivu ynui htuiiicli Bilturx in ti e h' Ur-c toiu
aumwill never ink knjr one the f jnlifli qneotio
pol.eii if by tlu trrul ihiu,iur. I tiinrl not
omit a aui-doriwo fur your l'aluwla Dran.ly.
I navu ninny in.n hero who hiiv biaiiriy pr
acridjd fr th.ru by dtiniriiiched Army Bur
? :i.n. The fiTaetofyotii. on Kiuh uro hnu feist
fur in. He ho than from any pri-urni'ly Ukm.--I'uriM
n who 'eire a really p.iro Bninaycautml
tail in tiieir puruluik. iflboy get joul biacJ.
I an, Doctor, with mncli reot
Your aervuiit,
H.W.D. Aniibkw Sui erin'.enddOV
t" OlBi?e ana maou,K'.'iry . rua. 5S, ii, t(.
auil l KuMt Third nro. Kur le variwli.rs
Nv. Sib IS.iJ, alt. tno.
Bcb btrtisrmcnts..
LSTA ii;.
15J pnr.nani-. of an order nf !., f lfi Pr
Ha'e Conn of erna.y t'onn'y. Ohio, tnadt
uulheliib day if June, A. I), 1864. In tb
C.ie of Inruel J. K'-cpcra. UK liucl Janm. il.
KmnclU, John A. Kimball, Adam K tnhall
and 0ni.. B. Kinihnll, hi ward.; ibe uudar-
-ire l Ituardian will on
Tiiwsdvy t'ltibth day of Augutt 1SG4,
Between the Louia of on o'clock. A. M., and
thre, oY-l"ek P. M., on the prcniii-e herelnaf.
tor-'dnaoribed, offer at pnh'ip (ate. th. fullttwing
Kent tute, lait: Tha 8ov.ii F .rtT-Ei(jhtki
parw ct tha orrth-eat quarter, of tho aooih
eiat qaa ter. of Section lmnibor thirtj-two
il ) iu Toncliip.nuniber ten (10 ) of Bt Ut
ii'irpoer eigh.ctu, (1?,) eiinkttd In Vinion
Ciuuly, Oiiio coatainin," forty acre, more or
lee. apiruitd ui thirty-i doll' d twty
flveent. (3S 4S.) . t
TEKMS OF 8 tLK.'f "''
ISltaf L I. KEEPKKS Guardian
of J. meal! lianD 1. John A.
Kim:i. Daidot B. Kimball
jnIy i4-i-5-. and Adam K'ml.a.l.
' jotiN III tJjTATK.
NoriCE I .hereby fiea. that Barah B
Hunter Adminia'ratrix d.naa Don. of
the Esta f J bn Hunter lata of VinUn Ooon
iv, On o, djeecd. haa filed h.r .oomntaanj
foo her f ir innpeotion and partial wltlaiien
i will he ful kaaring th 13th 7"' A
Jflly 14-S4-.lv- rrebU Ju dp.

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