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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, July 14, 1864, Image 3

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Ihft Kf Arllmr Dcinoral
urnouL ukoan of vmo corm?.
roR leoal KoTicrs cit rouiTvrGE
VV W-Wrffo (&
aj.-j.-yr 1iVJ cry
TrituiM ii' iti
i-T.. ..tp, j
lw,r" " r"
The Chicago Democratic Covention
NiwTdkk. June 2i. At ti mei't
ne of the ExectttivM Coitunit'eu ol ' the
Natinttal DkMtiOcrntio t'lHivititioti,
lit'U! hare to day, it wu v.'t"l that, in
defcrenco to tlte de-irtic! a vtv laii'
itumlier of tho loading in.inli'r vf
the Oimertivo Union Dotnocrut i
party t'ttPMuKant tho conutrv, tlm
National DjiHoeratio Convention ho
lo-tnoti"d to Mt-nday, August 23,
1SG4, t 12 o'clock nt'uoim. m Uh.ca
A. BELMONT Chairman.
let Cbkam We call attontion to
the laot, that in tbu-flft hot day, thuro
U noriittdr luxory tlian a dih of
Noi. lctfCroaiu, th 'SJ who w'mh to
tfetUii8 fact c,n call any evening a?
thj McAttliur Saloon, Mil Mr.
HttmHA will convened vou. Try l1
once and you'll call ai'in.
Draft in Vim.'N. -Tho followin
citij.-uiol Viut.iu, drati July 9 h m
tli i'uj'pluinontary dralt. aro aandod
udliy Mr. Bhad.-u: Goo. W. Iii'i.
Vinton T'p; (iurti Lanlzan J J-'hn
AnJiew, Ciiiitoii l'; L tl'i".
Uarrisou TV; MjWiiarion.
K.i'X, Win. McNiCho! and Jtso
Ankroiii, Jackson; uni U. F. Wa.t.
Wadimin. Thia we jircsuutu wind
upjlm draft in Vmtoii.
To the Ladies of Vinton.
1 vuuli o aay, for your own tn-nuii
tha.t tburu i tm bcwiiig tuuln:m that
c-juipitri.il with Whuokr und Wil
tuti'o either na to Wi-ik, it dmhdit
ct tbi' madiiiit', uiiutlicr fact, is that
thu Uluuk-r (t Wilecn uiachinc i
v lit raJtUd tur thfie vckiiJ. 1 can
:tfiiieh tliyp'ain tabio tuichine lor
63, und had cubj. b.hik u 1 have,
wnijh 1 invito yoj to call uti I boo, ut
8o!5. ' For tho Mptititio-i of t s nii-i-hiiiu
! rtl'rU Alr. J. U. i'. D.-wn
Mr. Dr. UinnelU. Mi3 Martin
1'ciic-s aird Mm L, Mrick, M ;.4t
tt.ur, and Mib 0. T. O.itiniti, Mc
Arthur Station. T.iin nnc'iitio h i
J.fCii in mo in this can ity i'.r a lunn
ter ofyuari. an! iidvur lail.j) ol ;iv
yg fiitiroaatisfact'tn T'i alvn t"
t iff
iijiu over Mi w iic x -n i u-'tiH in a
Chine 18 tiiat lh scwim; n.t n-vi-1
jiit, by the breaking ot a t'irual,
it is well Knon tli.it all on i thrHn.1
chain ttich linc'iin will nv.-l,
wlii lubt the Wlij.-lcr & W.itfou m;t
chine aew'm will not, rip r ravol
Otl andBootlu inauhiii', and be
con vietieed thu it in th j h.t I wi'l
hm give tho tiiio-mary instruction
to all who buy Ir oi tin, a wjII us
The Contest Between the President
and Governor Seymour.
. From A!iaiiv we have the ftati'
Tno nt that Govern r Seymour ir.ais'i
on t'io eul'tic :ir. snt .if ill ) Ufi irr
jMc'ivo of th i a'hjgel or! r ot t'iu
l-int to G jiu'ra L) x to ro-ii-t tiK
proC BB of the e 'ti u. i G ivi-roor
Iiaj or lorud the militia forui of thvi
Btato to hj tnjroH'.d t a jvinty-'de
ti mivi I nun, Ity a lraf p'Ksjwf to
la lor tin or in z iti ni .f t'i j N i
t:oiial Gnrl.ail tin eiM, of tin
t:ate 'Vo a civ 1 eo n in ion wid d
)onJ upon the coiim-i that wid bo
alojitud by the Fi-lfral A Ini'tiia'r i
From the New York News.
A Platform Accepted with Proviso.
first in in to axeept . plat
form of tho Biltimor.j (JonveiKioii i
Lincoln hi.me f. 11 thin boldly, a
beatepMipm it, kiekl planka. II ;
av, iu hid letter of a-jceptande,
While the reanlutioti in regarl to
the Buppianting of republican govern
ment upon the Weatern Continent is
fully concurred in, there ni'uht be
niiBun Jora'anding were I not to say;
that the podition of the G vjru:njntjduly
in relation to the ac'ion ot France an 1 ,
t . a j a .dii.n.i I 1 1, r. ... .li ll.. .....
,t t.,. .,.,
I . . ... & ...I - I .1 L
xsupariinuiu, u'iu irtfTsei oy me
Convenrion among the ineamres and'
aotaot'tlie Executive, will be faith
ful!y tuaintaiiied so Long tint a poai
lion pern noni ana applicable."
With auoli a liolo knocked in tho
platform alreaiy. it will soon rail and
bury all who atand upon it ia iti
rains. Lincoln and Seward mean toj
Instruction to Township Trustees.
Tin. rnllnwin iu!ea and rtirnlaiiiii9
'"rH Vl'n tlte uov.Ttiiv lit and in-1
Vnieti 'ti Ql t never' T'wodip
lati.id tnat may cone unuio m ui'
.hip.r--w.iry. br ,ln pr widi un o'
Tho.tortm 'm t-n," a tml in
persona in tho in in in ar vie-' a n I in
thu i-a ne Henri m term '' ''." in
n!n I,- H..N mi . iln mi ivi. v nj.vict. 1
IVra it wii i h ivo die I, or v ln
liiiv .;6i!-d ill Hit) Bi-rvic..,tlu?0.
ot,tS in ,r,H n, :t tiij Ua tl.tlji , Of
yW-l.. r- while .Mien. Hit dub cl
to mii'tiry orders; mi 1 ' moras
w'.io wore wounded, or oihervuu dia
aii'-l. while hiiIiJ of t-i 8t"ii -T IT.
Tii.- uct vi-ry c a l il.-ti:;ei th's !o;
he a t'nii I I -r t'h r.-iu'', . v, ot
Acru'Ai-i.y NKOM tr u rvMiuai . r
sou mt ANUJ1AKI.NK3 in tin a.-r'v.c-
of tho a. t : - Unit.: ! nt IM-. a-i I
.gt who luvo ili. d or Ik-cii d.dibl.-d
diieo dervicu, ani u in-1 g. nt an 1
depeii lent ai'ui-r.iin l iu i in a 'n,
by nn-o'i ol dirtei.) o i.'i i-jtef, or
wi.ni'd r.c."Ve-t in -m l -hi vic. ar.'
to xo .i...!" ill iiiv Iv.k i.ifln I
ui4, a''h-. tho fundi -a o'c ':..re l
.lii-r.i an I tn i'i:ni. (' o!in 1,
5. n il il ) Vet. we nave r-.-iwoo to
Iievotu.u do:iie f ili. 'uvir-li'ii.tinane
aria hive heiotof-rj mi c ui-lnnd
the tin i in 'atiinj of .ho act. an.l h.iv.-.
betu mi libcriiuiiiking in t'.; n,.: m
die tun N pLia-d at h.-ir di .!.- (i hv
pi)ing out tiiudi.m wi h i-r -ii 1i io n.
re 'iir l i j tin en,.-- -i in o i' u..c ad' v
tllicr H..V,!I I t.i i.s'll'M. Il"
I'rn '? huh' iriveit tlie'r i.-;4 xai.
ATTK-ITI 'N, vinllilij die K.-Vi.'l'nl 'am
nca t'r 1 1 1 tune t" tint", and .i.-,:'.ri i n
ing tlieir i t-laiivo con. i t ion, i r h iV
sui'ii inl'Tiii linn from leln'tl". .In u
t reu't) 1 reii.d oitn o' tin mihliorh -o I
in wii,:li llie -ippli.-a it r.'pi I , iio'-iv
tli-.' I'uiiU nr.; ili-triiiu'e-i Van- u
t.-nti ut will tirst b! dir -ct-.l to t n
nare l the w d.i.vi an I oip iin f
hone kilh.-ii in b.iu!i', or alio have
ditd in thenervic ; au.l, anv o:io uny
luva nie!n;4 in th' I'muily wil r -j
n nr., i-i.ii-i'.ial can. Wi I .Vi an I
n i - -
..riib-ana wid r cCiVi pen .nun truit,
the G v.-rnineiit in tinn. b it i tnkus
a ur.-at wtnlo to ut t'i i in nev. -
I'o i lUU.til dir.0ict:O! C I'I'i 't lie It -I'd
in the in J. tii, and y -u bh n i -it al;
tune end -avor to k '-'i" on haul a
lii'i, I ti.r the leliol'o' i;xuc:vu c A.-aic-
an I o' tlion ill sic ;:i ). It n-is ii-n
tti riiie,. in donn of l" i vmlii p. it
make) a d btriimii ni ot' all tn nio-iui'
ii, .
aa Bo. hi as r,-c.'.voi i-ioio wn
wt-ru ifi a't-'iid nice at tin nmtiii 'o
tun Ii -ar i w ul l eel a imfu-.n ot lb
tend, iviiilo .il'ior, ii 1 1 l) i. ; 'on I
v ulliit get 11 ifll llg T IH i all
wrung. To 1'iin'eea a I m: i know
win i.tj-iiro a,-idt,i bjiorj " -y
att-'tupt t i ma so a ibtnluii..ii. V n
will ri'C'ive oi "iiey ir no 'inn toiim.!
,h it i raided on c .i.r y t) u N, in a i
ticipatioti oi tue Lvy. If yon pay
o.it whit ion receive as ainve, t'.ier
will yft d-uin laoi 1'o-t nuilji betore
vou wiii )i t iu niev h.' i n
S. c'...'H 5 r-q-iir-d tin I'iih'o a to
ii lilulie bil l i'l I I I I tUr! I;i 111 I
Of I .' I II II .! --ill "r-, III' I i. CI Yf
a I i priVa cd, l.t un l vi il n-.-d it 1.
iu in I'.ev as t:ieir t-(j-;-a!f'(M m iv r.'
qi r.-; I) it. i- it a ,i an i.ot'w I'l'in
l ei tut any I un y id making an nil
pr oper inc ol liio in ni -y, it h mi iii
t.ie.r dti y to pr 'V.di otli-.aw.de lor
tne mce-it'li of a it I a niiy an
a d. flit, tin be'i.-tit-i f tn.d as-- d.iill
no i X'eodj i t.i th-i ii o sic.ia , 1 1 u
o a I d ri r onnoed -
crj resi iviiiia m tniH S' i'o .it to.)
i in- o; in-iii' eti Hun ii , air.-'mr ia-
..... I ..lt.t'L.f..'.f..ri..i.i ti.iiii. lii i'i
r X l I.IU I.V. IIJ II' "11
B.il-ll- r or ill l 1. 1 ! entered Uui d .TV. C.i
an I. fuUii-, t.-ia' Und act n'n I n-t b
so c oi.iti ii id a t i fX.'lil ) I'i o ni t
oeii li d t'lo fi nilioi u! e I'cred d .;
..i.ers a:; I nnrl tied.
Scoti u b' nquiic the Tui4 e.ii
k C.i a f.r i'lio luciirite accomr .
a. I m uoMd eXpen le-1 hi the r -i of
the liuii 'i' oi a i d l liji oi in.in-i,j.
a liT D.iid, liemg a rcdi (.-nt of this
state at the tnno of eniis m u', an
hav.ng iK'O-iuie a r.'di leiii of mi-Ii
to viisliip by reiinval i ito the sa il
an I ceiiry me aocouor, w.iii in
v .inluri to th 1 pr p r lo-vtii ii,
oo.leeiioii 1 1 al o, ni ;. tin law
w mil iuve bj-n jut ,h tlHiu-ut
wituoiit i da req iireui -ut, bu", while
it remains on tnod'utute book, you
will obacrve it for yoar own protec
tion. S action 10 r qi'rea lha' fairilu-B
retnovitiir ir uu one lowiidinp
auot'ier. afur tho enuiinra'ion malj
hy tiie Trudiotd id relumed to
County Audi or, ub ill piodiiM a cor
tificato from the Trudte 8 of the town
an p from wiiici they a tail haVi re-
move,., Btatiug that tu y nil hee.i
e.ni'iijr.ited anl rctu.-nel, boioro
tiiey en'ido I t relief trom the town
alii it Ih.ttf f.l 111 . I T1 !( Hl'l.-r wll.fll
kli.....m..tl..k.il., al.ili.n ..i.t jl . .i.i...it.
ju w '"" wi "vuniin,!
th 'be voucher, &e , to tho proper!
tOA'ii.liip, ai in the preceding caw.
beet ion 7 requires the Irtntee,
tbe tirdt l'u.ddy ol April an. I Oe'o
! her, oi each year, to romJer an account.
to the Coiuiniaaioucr oJ tlio exp -nJi
turea of aid fund. Voucher lor
payments must acc.opany aaid state-
uout. DUuki will lio lurjialicd
from iMi . ffice, Id duo lime, for ocl,
With ref f.-ntM h the families of
!.. ie-a -r niiiiiii-s. w1ii liv. m-vcd
" . t n, . .......
-' .''''r ; J:!' S!
"e ha f that allowed t iatiilicrf ..f
me mono e and circuiitetane Vo-
Inutoei from ibid State, and under
tlx tutine tvstrie'i"ii8. is
6 t-ti. i. 8 iiiilli.iriz-.-8 am! 'qi!r
iddi.'iicM, lit oano of tn-
, mm y me l riimeeo in uio uiieirw-ui
aiM porlormiwieo ol Hie oiiLed to j mi
i ed up m them by thn iict, to app ant
in-t iii-no than Iho Minahle r-ona,
ir.niueiiis oi mo iowiumi i. t"
Ii tve tud miwer todo anO ;. r oi m. ail
inejanl rtinnKn, the ucU an.llnht.
' which e..i t i t coM ii :ii-.
U; o i y-III -H-t tffio il.t .-rvit5i: Hi
' the g . ...I w..rk ii.ign- d you. we hoj,.
th : '' r- wui be no just cause f-r romo
iii j -d heivatttrr.
I Aien-'iiaMo pr.ipjri'nn of said
; Inn I wid be ajipr-'priati-d by l!o Tnis
t-i no lor tin ribtnciion.- hud ioin-i.iiuti:.-
'a-ioiM .ifirei.ai-1. l.r the relief ot in-
; ili-i.t .in I n lent B '!d ei, who.
b ...ia..ii ol .lis ae com ru.-t. d. or
wound., reuo.VwO in sii i nurvici-, nr.
h. 'o bii;i, n.t theniv-Hvc. Sk
it oli. i 11 .An no: n ami.J d
JWi ol 1301)
I'm. iaigo o-iiu'i.!d "fTir-d, liidt !!',
!'" "'I' ni port; -ia ol tin c-'in'rv
, ' in g"'..t m 'y to ei.i-'li
' .beuu.'1 v . d in ti-.r o-mnina a:vl
! I . 1 . . . . t
Si-iH. HI f W 10 lei 1 IHi Hi ill 8
c u i'v at in Mile
an I -iio iiiciu I -.1 in I'm
01 i k' t)V 111.. I'llH o,:-! 10
ll '.--!t
eei-ill 2
r ij'i r d t.
I'filif MiK'Ot
.niiui i .'i-.ii
!r; 'ffi'.-.r,i
tl r..- r , 'ii-
i'.-ii;.n; . o t i 'a-n to tlie.r
o in 1 i t i a f ill ; O i:
G.I- t i, o (): J'lilll lie i
11 ite l', ( C.l i 0) II I I i
of .11 cer.oi.i "ir-if. el
Lin od o ii e B-irvic
w ii-.
n.l th.
''; .i'ro.
Nad .'inl
D.y- V -l
t .0 t.'.ll i '
el !U"o .ii.-
i , act ia: v a iv
i U Ht rem und r no mug. in.'
Imwa'ioii mil rcBtricion. pro erne I
t 'i on.c a.
IJi- ord.-r of tin- OoinuiisioU'iiers
Wl' La .M el. CO count V Oli in.
Commissioners of Law one. Co.
SETH SUTHERLAND Auditor. New State Duties.
'! i.-i aiioti tiiintbo Mite of IVnn
dvlvania tr .'irod a N i'ioual Gnanl
a i I Vtoo I r 'ii-ly I -r ni :
I s ar p'r.j-i.'iit'.! 1 wh
'i i . ,i
nsii .j r n i! u; i-
V .11 -v ocn -d "- Co
ni rgi'ii.:i-.'i
ttn tui'i'iV
S'i.-o in i"iili
Cii'tOnci it
'A in i ial i t.i ir m nrj ox ni. i ni
ir ps but 8 it- inid'ia. I'll- ' 1 1-
wloch they hvir i mi ino .i..d f r
the i.iioine "f d.'r'ii''i "i. Iu use h .
l.i d t draw th- lu'litia ol Q uo
fro ii tii.' 3ti?. c -ntr iri- to th r w.!l,
I c in ni v t the r nglm, a iJ contrnrv
jti ai- 1 1 a a .in i a-ag m. Uiiiiaeiplin
j i I in I i i i: ;ii u k n I, lai'4 i b i-l,- ol
ii uiitV) i "i h nc SiU'n'to po-t4
! w.'i r i v t. ri.. iro ip-i '.ir - tnel-tl, a rl
v,i r 111 l , l.l 'Hi I'O u.iiai: i.i
I'li.n.t cd jo -de. ii'di i ti.'0,)!e of :!i.i
at i'i v re n k i lii.' I iiv the ixcitu-j
lUO itmSih' ''.in -d an I ueso te.!
ui i.i'ic d n, inei'.- W in . I be nil tin:ver
tai pr .t"n i-i 'i.t r.ii ml of gia ir-
I. -Ill ITU I'V. T o) foil: Wil. CO lie
.viiu'i m y will lo j h id t ibo-e,
who, to tin. 'In i ini,i Ti y aj-p a He
ot l'.ot, wne L'uilii) j t li io r.al
run ii l aiadUTi Our pr vato a t-
Vice) ii the Lower MH-uad'ppi re
i.r-.- -n( ll'iiid there to lie in a in-'St
ioi.'. v" '. o-
uiin o 8 ict'.ry Ma'c H e may con
did. r 'ho hold ws-a'trii hank ot tbe
r v r m g -i.-ipj-l into reb-'i
iindj, 011c 1 nnre os t m by ilu
i'tc-mcei vab e iii'S'iinnjeuieiit of ti"--id
11 nis'iat.o'i N v O IeiM 11 all
tha' .8 i-ft '.o ; and the rean'ii is
p irctit 1 ti 'iigh. iVc li'ive l-.et all th
c i-uiHry j ist a an lu iny is cut to
pi.ee wn.jii, having won a bat tie,
.-bed ml urbanization, audgived i'3ull
up 10 a wild riot of plunder, while its
riicty Indu s ami itr.uidto tin tight.
V j. . ..1 ... ... ..u t Ii j M 1 J jikai M .1 . .11 11
lin'i-ii.l nnq .11 o .i.t.ni...'i.., 1 v ....
try , -mr posdiMSio than it -a. lair-
ly du'ilged W!tll J nil lerem, U ider the
..,d.nt,..n i-i irvaan.y ma navy
if' hi. hl'dlV holrH btl I Hh O-llCr
j no .m Liu It . .l u i! rkiXn lilt
1 ;c "i i ti1 o, 1 r'i'h 3 1 ur o
w re i v. i i where, and tl'ey bad no
tlininli but t ' tn ikv iinuey. lJi'.bci
ivcid.il le.iioral:z itioii rullej, ana
rnitn-J U4 Gr--ut dinai,tei4 will j'et
c i.ne to tii tr .'in thia veiy quarter,
(iio IV-did nt died not cii.uii'e hid
I'.iliev u relation to it. But
Clllltno llid policy be IllllSl change llii
! I XT') i'l CV. i Iweby Kiven
It- X!
JII1 lliEjS K-if ITE.
tliat the au'xcrl-
liava been amminted and QunliCd
Ainnui raio',..f tii e-.ii.ij f Joim sui,
" MAin.rtfir a. s tee-i.
.ii Aii- t.i iti AiOitui,
Jul, 14 14 3r. CHAKLES iiUL. HOLLAND,
XTOTICE ia berehy t.jtn tbat tb aubucrt
i!N boa bo baen poiuled and qnaoriod
of the Etute of W ilmn
Jnhn.t.in. Uta of Vinton Ouuu'v. Obiu. deceaa-
JnlyU-e4l. SAilDIL C CASE,
IW A-f.
U U Iti It l
V. Hit
ir n i
Is now rcceiviiiT large addi-g
tionsto lus already
consisting of every variety of:
CLuTii:NG .
bU -T3
iand lie isofFcring greater induce
Jincnts to purchasers than any
wishing 15 VHOAINS. will do well to give liim Qall.
A'1 kinl of ( i i l ly 1 H('i;u IiClI.I, Ii r vl.iiL tie !iliet mar
V kct I ICe W ill be pillil.
;t0 Jan y Ut labl.
twici'icr UiLson's
D Ti 1 ll
v ii v. n 1: r vs ,
(l-'Kli'a I'l KRA H'tUr-K
t int innnti, Ohio.
Awarded tho Firit I'minum
.1- r.,..ir,l Cmnnitloaof tu-
in..!- m.d Amu.icu.
.... .
Oi 133, 159 Mud l60;
A'-.d t'j"t:i .em-oiti .Mechniiiei Invlililte,
wobva tUm tlio KianT l't MtlM, c vt-r all
00111, 'uiiil"ii, aa I lie
. I
u.i-.iui.ir. und tn. eii'pl'jinii 1 i-U'lOJ in
,. ..., ;,,..- -m.1 it. ri n e. tu 2' iTut.Uc t' t no
' iirr.d 1: -! W. XT hlitl fadiuli. All t Ur luc
Bt'St Fainilv Seeing Ma-'v'Arr.hai.
As all par. tea macufjctnriiiir fiwini M
cbiui" urn ibiiij -d to pa Mr. ih.we a I. e lor
i-aob Seiinf Aluvhine -ld. unM are al-i) i-om-m.liH.i
i ..lake unurteriT ri'tunm t.i bim, i tut-
I". i.T .. iu- . ...
I ..f .lncl.iue nld t,y tli .liffjrrui nunfaen.ieni.
I p. ..in lii raliiihlamiurcii wii have ob aillin the
I f olluA'ii'K reiiuh.e rti.tin.icn, ahuwi'nf lh LUiii-
jJ(jf Urs-Ai..g Jla.-hini.-a i(.OKoJ nf tlurii.lt ll.
l.lcur rp..rtod. T lie prmciu 1 cotnpat.iei
.miktiiff t he in are A liu.br A iWn, I. 11
Shii r 'Jo., and (irover Uaker. Oflbe
inu!.0.n tlie'tf nrokl
Bv I M.Sinifur C., 10,9 B
; a n..Lj in ..fl.i
e ' the le. of Wboel.r Wilaon to he
. don'.le if any other cumpauy. N. Y. observer.
w liava nomoual'T exa-nined tli variou.
rl .chine hclor ti e pnhiio, tviiintn ui.xlou
a dd.-iru to placo r.efore uur rouJbni reliable iufor
ddiaiuiKtraWr, nintion. Aa the re.-ultof iucb txaminaii'.n.w
nuKiMitatlnilT recnminrnd Wbreler A Wiiron'-
Bewirj; Maom'nee aaths Macuin fur famii; aa.
j Wmiern Cri;ian Advocau.
"ii. i.lni .Uu.'lit r, . ).-, i..!n.-i
'I i,.' iiB -W If ..i.sr WiIm.-hV niiiu.
I Hi.ii iiutr K I., (ihu'u t-ai-iiy iei.1 r. n I y . jtisi
,:m iiin, iii il i'i ri. rn.s it nil t.iit.ir
.ork Sliu nn inn feu In n.wti .ltt-i-es, i' H-l
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lc -.I-. K -ur . mii'.li' ii r in ihj l.iiiiily ine
nmJj ii u uu-j-i,-.! ijr ui..l il lux. ry.
I'l V. I '. I!. Il NTOV
We hip tha Wlicl-r lV'il.-..ii S-n..rVu-c'liim.
uti I inn ii. ri'? ir I t. it tint it i r n i l
iit u riv.tl. N-i ni! r M u li i,e 8 U i' in I
1 .1 ji-n ' i -ii tuiiM ;r. of il uut'-UO li.-e.-9
'i-iiiiilic A liKirkiill.
Jy Set: 1 f..r u i-ir.-nlur iir-ntuining cpccini li
of ru intf. tDieiin iii. iii ric f i- u.
WIl.t.lA-l nqMNER "o.
Juno 30. fi4 - ly 77 weit Finn til i-l t inri'.nk'i
M E L L I F L U O II 5
i,pc?ftriry rr iiin fiiip trouhlej with
wrapun.i. .0 try on- o.oii ni
Mrililni.d' Mill f.M
CURES Courrh. CM S.rc Thwt.
Aiimiu. utiJ Cniinirr'P'hin. I' i only
msli IJnt'm
... - . .1. .. :. : .1... 1......
I 11. t."ti tu. . ' ti- . in. 1 11 i- nr iirsi prri-iin-
tn 11 fver 11-Pil. It nt only ' urfs tlienbovri
li'H.r. -rn. 11 in. UTnv'lirr ii?intri
nfTerit.'tis ill ill.- Tli "fi.it n.i.i I, -in e. hut
Ciirw Nihhl Sne-i's Mt.rl Srittins'nf B!o.,l
and U ..nx.vlH,l fi7l, fur nnv kinil
itore r.'rtiitt. - t plcijon' tnta-f. and
nip.iitiin 'nr ml n'.i l o-e aJ crni
i per boiile Foma.e by Druggiits general
tn "ervic. I W..U1.I iiay to my fnendi. that
I will attend promptly iu tbc.r tusiaest
11. A. BRA TTOX,
Attorney nt l.nw ni'd
SIcArllui", OliiOe
Brltu li en?i d by tbe U. S.. for lb ptirooae
I will titlrii.l to tbe pr.'f-" ii i n aui en lu.:iou
of irir ln:rii)t:-i-. of olii n Hir.iii.et tlio
i t'liio J ?u t-,Kn. Siute of Ohio, lucluJin tlio
jloiian mil ciuiii a.
Uouiitit-K and Arrpiirasc of Pay
rENBlONH for wi ui ded and die-ibtr-d act
vli. ru and c-utneii and fnf the lieirn of Miblirrr-
ou inoddratu tcrnm.
June l ili)
prico will be paid
' r
50,000 rOUNDS WOOL
For whlcb the higheat tuarLct
II.S.10-WB 0 IV D S. '
Old riif irtlim-o m ') AflerCon
(riM cfMnnhllh. nl ii-h roWei it.nt nil
It ihunH -.iid.r A,-l rl.n'.l b 1 II-VI'T
FuoM TAXATION I j or iimler fUtc or
ii.uiiiciput u'li..riiy. Pu'.i.Tir:l.i ' it"4
lie iiiii urn iim!vrl in rniie.n'i'" no'oior
ut.i.f Nil' il Bnalii. 1 Iiey r TO BS
lttr-EEJ.LI IK fOlN. tll il-oreuf ih
Ootori.ii.fi.t. lmi) lrliHl nullui''u lennir
iyir '.!)n foTly tt I'rom thiir i ts. 'A tn
ttl II rlr re.lni.lion F:Vl PK K..N T. IJf.
,if out ovr c hundroj dollnT n.mulW inl
i.i. nlloirier riuiidit!ml ini.a ljr. in-.r-itln
pb' till Sri. Mbicb kiiil &tWnbtr
in Mt'h yr.
Puh,-r;nrii it) lttr It. pUUrcd r
onp.n BoiMii tuthfy my frofier. EeeUtTe4
Bi.ti'iit hto TtcoT JeJ 1 1 tlit b..l otlVC.S.
, ri-t-u'4r, n l L0 Ii trnti-forrM onK ou th
.-. i.rr- it Jt-r. Coufia S iinU ir pr Lblu l
-ei-ier, und r momcuLitiJvcl fotcouiineiUI
Eulf- i:tc tf tl.if It n ni)T U rrlic
r l nwnif tlmlr B-in.W i!rn ln rnt fMm
Mic). 1 i, bi-.!nir tli orroil li.torttt la
oiu- ( ..r in t'tiu.t A ier nnt-. or tliouoto
f Nttti.-iml Punlm, dil.n? City pr .'ul. for
run in n.) i.TTeCKive iKfrn drvitif lultrnt
in ll o tt f tubfcitpllon Bkil doosit. i
tlirM V.oB'U ro
.1 . an pt f.iiiti JH",,''pnl Bi dMntc Tut'
I eir Iflncri-Hh. ,1 from cr to !ln
nt t -r n mm , i-conlip( to tt uUcfUt
tvimiu Mo'n.iin .artH of ttia oooiitry.
At ilip'iin n'jt of premium on gM twf
Ov-r l irl'l I'cr Ctiil. Inler!"!
ru'run v. mi i uro 1 1 cqnui cohvhuiidg m
. ri.ikn.-ijt r t-:n,.i mrj' investriwni!,. 0
1, it. lii-iivM.) ti ' lio iicur:t'n) offer to gritt
1 un..' . ft -1- lent i-r imtb Virloui i!t.-ri9-
i.itiirtL.S iluii..n. Ia al otttr Ivmt bllu-
ou-.'-J ,.vra, lie Iu lli or l l iiy ot pri .nte nt-i.-ii
w hdi-'i vimp Sliu or inpurut V'liiini'ii.S-
wi.iy in jlcUu l liT puynieut, bilc fird .-"
f t.itf U ji Ud MttVcH th h . ptf-perty of tb
un-.iy iH'i! Jiu U c iro tli-' pnymoot uf
1 .'.I. p ititij.nl nod irleit in cuiu.
" 1 um .1- 111 u I 0 ub. tiLied fur Id 5sm
run j.) u to 1 ny inau'i.itu-la, ot tho mm
:'Mi". flu', toe limn mlo (qiiily vniiir!ii tu
rnikiitM Iti Jit initl Uk lurrfcnl i(ioliL
iie) can lio totiveite.l ir.ta hOhoy nt m y mo
nont kii.Ulif liul lor i;l hnv iho boiitflt of
I'd ii-turrt.
h inuy Ij.; ooful tn tato In connection
nit U.r loil Knn.kd Debt of tht Uuitoi
S.u:i-toi wlii.-h interuKi I-, puyulil iu fold, on
lie 31 di.y olMnreh. ld.!4, wah 7 i5 .H--i.O..O.
1 hi inluii.il on (hi-dobl t'uT lb coiuiiim fliwkl
cur will bo 45.aJ7,12-i, n l.l: th" euatoui
tttvcMiii i 1 ((! J lur thocuritm flnotl y 1 ar,
, diiiK June 3'itli sU, biw been u lur al lb
ute nt kliV'.CO.l'i'O per uiimiiii.
U w'.ll do i-i-tn Uut 1 vmi tho prusnt f"U rav
uioira i t' .t.u (.i.iViTDiuoiit 11 to turifi-ly in rx.-er
.1 thu w ilU of tbi. Trea.-iiry fur ll ((y.nent
f ir.ld tit rot, hi.e tki recent inercu.ni of th
ur.lf ill duubiloci taii-c tbo n.nusl rei-i-i,-U
''rum cu-t. 111111 i n tbo hiiii.d amount of impurt
ii'lin, tuf 1,'iH O O.dOll pei annum.
liii-lriivU. 11M0 li t- Nititii,l liunlis Bcinj at
.. iin u!--iit word i.et Uautd frem 'be Unlti-4
"..-.u Irm.-ur ntitil Marth 2d. bat lu tlie flrl
firt-j wnoUe O" April tl.niiHi.rl.tifii4 uvfimad
..ore tluu TI'.N 1UI.I.I0N8 A WEEK.
Sn',-cri j.ti-.u. wi:l be reouivetl by tb
i'.n-i Niuiou Iij.11': of Ciuuiuunli, 0.
Tl.ir.i " " " "
i-uiutli " " "
'uili.Ou itj-us. i-iTio-" of I'ub ic inoiie) , iud
i r- 11 tin .ut I In' 111 nt rv . (a.-'iiKa ag..ntHif
1 1 N.i ioiiKi Ut-piihitiiry IlnnH-..) wil! furiuaU
ir'b iii':.rniKtKci I'll :ipplii-ti... RO 1
.flCHl. May 2-th 15fi3-Snio
1 1 ,
I liiir.
i v. w n 1 U ii 1
lull D I 1. 1 O A t I 1
Tli Ke.'nititlr e Kl u-r if the rbinlt r-f mod
ern li c.-.trii- 1.1 1 1: v( (f .
llilf BIl tlllirflv Dow ttlill
"" "I--"
1 1 1.-1 n.e.lii-ire liabfui trtted by themut
I.) Kinvii on.; be-
I'txtrncl iiietlicd of
of u.l iliu olu and woraout
I I., t Il.tr-I ll'l I'e 11 V rir ii irpicu i-j mt .imd
itftd'K'ii n ii-iiil i. 't I il ' 'i- i.d bjil.im
l'-"--oi t.. i-i- i-t th .itrt Uitcl.al
of "'HXtC wi' ,....1 lUiility.
m a t.- .K-.tin U:er;ct in loma'en.
(in- b til-i-nre-. 1 'u!.iuti-.!n f the Heart,
A In i .1 -si re-eoiui tlie or.iii8 'ifireue ration
I-1 i-iiu to tbrei tiot'le ratture lb tcauli
nei Mid full Vip.T i.f)(inb.
A IV ibi"ii le'torratbe ript:ite.
Three !iut'l ture lie wontcareof luipet-en.-y
A ft A e cure tbe low nt.lrit-J.
Urn bj'l'o ieMore mentiil power.
A b-w .Ii.kh b.i i g the ruhen tbe cbe'll
Tbie '"e.'.i ine ronreitn manly vigor aid
rob.mi lieal' h ibe poor debililated, vorn ilow
ktnl de-jiHi ri i; jj- duvutt of aenunl plea-ii'e.
Tlu lis eino vated y u b. the over tatbed
r.u i f bi.:i.e. H e v-i firr of t crxi i t Ct rm-i,i--n,the
in-lividuiil iuftu.il g Iro.n pcnerl da
hiii y, r fn-n watSnat ul' viufrlo orvan, wilt
all riii'l imme liato and perm nifint relief by th
atf at tbe Elixi r Eemaee ut Life.
IVice. i per boi tie or three btHe for ti.
an 1 f.rwkiJet br Expre, ou receipt of men
ev, t-i any :..ldrra.
Sold in McArthor at 8. 7. Dodge Dr)C
8tor, and by nil Drngglata evervwl-er.
Dr. W.K. MERW1N & Co.
tola Tropiittor.
tVarf,one Truck,
Letter Prenit? Ac.
52 Monroe Slrept. TOLEDO.
tVBeoarernl to buy otjl) h Oentttll
June 2nd 1564-ljr.
il. A Ilratlon,
C V. ?raJce iu VUtoa -id kvljeiintj outl

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