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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, July 21, 1864, Image 1

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1 AWfc Jftfftw
KB . I 141
VOL. 12.
NO. -Jl,
rUU8HEk t.vY.1 THCRSv.iT BT
E. A . BliATTON.
Is BiattonN Uuiluuitfi, F. aft of Conrt
Ifoupe, I'd Stall a.
The Vl. .! wiU ba itntono year for Ono
Dollar; and Fifty cents, Six Mont.hu. f ir S.ivtn-
tj.five Oenta; Four Mouths, for Fifty Cents.
l&hM pspera will be dikooulinuod at the
alplratlOB Of fcb time p.id f r.
"One 8:iiareoneinillon, fO.75
aoh additional Insertion, ,25
Card one jear, r.f0
Motto of appointn.en.a ott minUt v
are, Gturdiun aud tsitsi.-ntors 1.50
Attaehmeutnot;i et before.' . P. l,hi
jt.lltoriiil netke 'er line, OS
J4JT Ton lines nimion cbiiynJ a nn square,
end all Advent, imcnts at 1 Lcul Nvticoo rouct
be paid In adva jc.
M A liberal Jeluetioi willbom"'ctoy.ur.
J vertisera.
i-fTlte ab..vet rmamust he itompUe.l with
lJ All patneo .must be made to lUo I'ro.
rijt if, a we liu't uu aitunia.
Tbe Deniocral JohGflke.
W mi nrcparud toeiectUe w.th noutnecu,
llsiiatou atel a I prices t it defy competition,
11 Hinds M Jul) WuTK.-iUCU
tiilOW U1LLS,
DLAN'KS ..f all
LABELS, &:.,&('
Hh umtrii.1 n.l hooonvlncp.l tlict w joun
o t will do iiriii'.i lj. Iiunpur f..r Cain. i In n nr.j
Mlur ct!il li ih'.H nt in UiinMiin ofen mtry
i'0i;irM0UTii, ouio
l'uii House IrimU on ihe S'Piim 15-t
LB'-':'ijf. "I'd ,,fitr Klboati D.po!. No
i-.u ill b-jsjued fur the accumaJHiion
jep!. ,1863.-1' r
'.iimii.T or u'nio; iiariK, wneh.inu, ta
n.29.'ft. lyr I'hilliroHn', iio
ON nn-l f:fr Muniky, Jammrjrll mi'l
or.tiiU'urlbcr utiiicu, iriu will run ft l-
I.v&a ClnMunMi af. o:il' A.. M.: I..:vo Bliin
liBter Kt-0:U7 A. M.: lonv.. Gr-enliiiM at
13:11 1. M.; arrivaii ut Chilli. otliu ut 1:15 I'.M
IrfiiVOrfCl.nlK'.Uio ut 1:5 1'. M ; lui.Vt Hiini
aen Jnuciou at f-ii 1'. M.; lenvo Aili-niit ut
4:31 l'. U.: Arriv.wut Muriutta ut 0:55 P. M.J
rriwi il Balpra P..rlior.-b irft at 7:10 1'. M.
I7e Belpre &e., at 7 80 A. M.; Ic-ivp? Mnr
iiitia at 7:45 A.M.; ieuvex A'.lieuo h I0.0A.
Mi leaves llaiii.lon i unction ?i 1 1 :SR A. M.
Arrive, it Oknii 'Otl ut 12:55 P.M.; leave
Chilti'Othe Ht 1.15 V. M.; louvu Rliiii 'iiHntur at
8:55 P. 11.; leaves LovcUnJ ui 4:5U P. M.; ur
riveaatCiiioiDnatii t 5:5; P.M.
Tbe Acoommridstinn Train I.eavcn Cl.i'l'i-oth.e
at 1:20 A.M.; arrives at Ciminnatti at 10:-.'5 A.
M.;ltave Concinnati t 8.30 i. U ; atrlvcul
Ci illiootho at3:S0 P. M.
Coniections are ma.le at Loveluti'l wi'h
Tr'uiD to and from Coluinhna; "I ut lluinden
Juoction wi'.b train. In and frm P.rtmoutli
January 11. 15C4--ly
ON and after Humidity, Fi-brnary 15, I-C4.
regular Paen(j".r Truina wilt run in con
nection witb the l'rainn 011 muin liua botweon
rortmnoutli and Cincinnati, aa follows:
Lavea Partinct)ili at S:1D A. M., nrriv.m at
Pioneor. at 9:85A.M.; arrives at Portland ut
10:06 A.M., arrives tit Jackson at l'l:57n. M.;
arrtvtvi at Hunvlon-at U;W A .M.; arive.ai Ciu
aim ati at 5:55 P.M.;
Leaven Oincititiatiut 8:30 A.M.; leave. ITam
don at 3:00 r.5t.; arrivmt ut Jiicltaon at 8:34 P.
M ; arrive! at Portland at4:21 P.M ; arrives (tl
Fioneer at 4:50 P.M..; arrivoa at Puriamoutb at
:10 P.M.
' Accommodation TraiK doparta from Tor'n
mouth at :45 P.M.; arriveHat Pioneer at 4 45
and d:9arti ut4:50; arrives at .l.ickson ut A:. 8;
nd Hamdn. t 7:B0. Deparla H A ) M ; ar
r'v..at Jaokaon at 7:35; arrivua at Pioneer at
9:35; and arrives at P.irtatuou'liat 11:45.
Throngn Tickotn to Cincinnati can ha obtain
d at Portsraontli, Portland, and Jackson, at
tba following ratei:
Portstnnuth to Cinoinnntl, tint
Portland do f.40.)
Jaokkon " do 4,00
Tmra PertKmonth to Cincinnati and retnrn
4.00 Ticket, from Portsmouth lo Marietta
and Parkerebarg, 3,P0.
H. W.QUAnE. A.ds'l Snp't
Fib.SSih 1864-lyr.
Uenry BhnsUr Onardian of Join S., Mary
A. and William 6hnter miner hoirs of said
Ooardian ha. filed Ais account, for inspection
nd partial Settlement, ai inch Ouardian, and
will be tor hearing on the 7th day of May A.D.
W4. - . . . . RICHARD CRAIU
April Jits. lg4-e , fret) al( Judge.
From Washington.
WASHINGTON, July 7.1864.
To the Editor of the Enquirer: I
It is conceded I)) Mr. Lincoln him
self that. II ciinioii i will not bo taken
this year, ari'l liu suys wo must Luvc
uim.lr.T yum'a bliur;i w.ir ki".ji j tips
rcUcl' iii cuii ul- i.ut down. Willi
tlirtti or !otir,!,"ii li'c ' tlmusuuJ
moil, lie 18 fur, i.io ojiiui can hu c in
cjiKic.l in unxtln.r )our. Wo Imv.t'
liaJ thut ourt ol talk lriu rh.i ; .i ii -uionc'iuciitjuiij
uio luitii. r oil" to iy
lioiii c.'injiiui in a (io.ioj by fmco .
ui iiid, tlmii lion the baitle of U;i'l
Ui;n w:ih loiilit Mr. Linoolo ii;u, to i :
:nany Huuious livirt !i;ivo haori
iiocd to pwniiit Ino war lo cn I ir.mo ;
(-Salnliy. That is l!io j-.r iyor ut :
tlio nauiblin tutilo, wlui In. I lost llio
lll'.tt ul' Ilia ItTill'io, a.nl W,H i.;fi-r-:
luitiod to ri-k Ilio baliii.iu, in tlio :
nopu ol rnuim.' wlmt lu lui I n.iva ly
lot. Mr. Linco'i). bavniL' bruujht
tbo couutiy ti ibo voi-'o ol riMi.u!
jdttoi iiiiiK.'d ) r.sk tiio hmt duliar an 1
too bi3t uii.n in lniH's ot rveovcrin
wlmt ia lye'! Nl! but -if ro I'luutin
t!i j I'lvo'.k nc'y, a: ul put-
tiiij; the iu.'i;r..c8 on an t quality with
i lit' wlntis AL.ro iiu i! by :ii-s Luu ;
JrciiH ot thouaiid-i, and hi uv uiouov
by tlio ihoiHaiids of nii.ii.n-, aro do-Jis
nmti.L'd b r tho in-; ..-ij of boili'!uij!
.-quandeictl in tho u inj.i-.!r.n n'
au iiniio-aibilry. T;io 6 Mi;h cannot bo ;
e.'iiipirod, and tbo Boont-r ilio t -t j I j
of tl.:o X. r:l: inako then uiindi
tlio littr l..r tlifci-dvca an 1
ibeir e!i,llro!i. Whai tli -. moii. wo
havo already raire I havo failed to .ui !
conip'.bh, it id criniiii'tl folly to sup-'
n no can ho accomplished by any 1
ibat may bu raised h-ioalt. r.-
Tiie A'-iny of I'otoin m ii n d w!ia'
it ws wlun it cr.SM.'d tho uiodan
in May. cither in spirit or in nu n
born. One. fact i i unifies int. Tne
5UrC'. CielloCl! Il-U CKIl.-H'Hiict'.to.l
to tin., crji ('ii.iiii'i'id..ra lli t'r ..it
UilKlfM Is ol' tilO soidiel UIKtii ito til .''U
iclves tbr the purpodj of cltin mr
ol tlm Kii'vice. (j jiriu' Cnudidj ha
lu-cn foolisl, enough to allow tin t'lct;
to be wado public. Alter tbo IL i.-i-1
sinti Cauiiiain, Suig. on G -nerai
Duoiitd c.-iiioiiiuiciited a siuuliar fact
to X ti eob'.iii about hi tro.'ju. Xa
lOleou ei j oinc I him it'.t to iu 1 th -
f t publui. a-t iti p.iljliea'.i ui would
ininie more t!ian the lu.-a ot 11 battl
I bis circuiiiHtunco shows that the I
spirit of the . iiriny is faiiing it that
its cn'husiaiii has diid out. and
that tbo troops are tired of tlio war
Tl.'o disaster that have ntt-Jinled tin:
army since it cm-scel the llipi.iaii,
ami the unhealthy location of tlu ur
my, and 'bo apparent Impoliteness
of taking Richmond, depiivo tbo tu
my of much o! its idlieu-ucy.
Xor havu the lato raids by our
troops been calculated to inspiiit tin
army. fcSh ridan'a wad tbsatroiH;
Hunter's was more ho, and Wilson V-
worse, it any thing, than either, U d
son's and K..n'z tognthi r, lost, were
i.ig!it thousand, besides these Wilson
and kantz I gether lo. nearly ail
their C'liuntuiil, nearly eibt ttmu
sund. Some ol the mh-.-iu' may vet
find their way baci: to mini). The
tlefeat was a bad one; and the object
ol the.expeGilion was, m its main ton
tuns, a failure. The Uanvillj Road
was not cut; nor were the other roads,
reported to bavo been destroyed, as
much injured as has been represented
Exaggerated sti.ries of damages done
iiiUt be gotU ti up ttiid circulated to
relieve tb-i tliMi-.lt: r of its bitiornesv
Tbe Kdpatrick raid is a fair Haiiiji'o
of the whoie. It. is reported wj
broimt'iit in (as some ol the point id
the Kamz txpediti 11) some three
hundred negroes. That can hardly!
be possible, since it was with the !
greatest difHi.-uliy our troop could
tlu inselves escape, having t.o cut their
way through the reiki lines. il
true, what a dt ar exchaiigi! We ad
mit a loss of ut le iBt 0.10 thons in I
kided. These were white men; and
we g"t for thenv three hundred ne-
groes. We may be destroying slave-i
ry in that way, but what of ihe white
run-! R Rid.'H tint nimi WilKnri1111.il
Kant lost Hc-vontein cannon and cub
sions, two hundred ainbu.ance wag-j
on, about one thousand boraes. (fec'Ri-ftrcbt-d
I am informed the cause of the disas-
ter was tiio want ol aiscipliuo arii'ingi
the men, wholeljt the ranks and roam
ed about plundering private houses
raping women, atid diiving df no
groc6. 1 veuture to Buy that nothing
tbo history ot the war (not except-
ing Sherman's raid into Missi3epp;)
otuparu with this for disregard
of all tho rules of civilized warare.
No ouo ?coaid to kuow mucb about
lunruHiiiiaunitiu.i.in I iuiiiK-imu itures wcrujtiwvtf
i:..'u:' oi a lu-avy lorou about
iouno.i upon t!io ci'y. I J nut think
1'nf limo ha Uot arrived for
Lj.; t malio su.-h a doui jnihtration.
I Ii ivo n i d uibl iio Inn Uhmi propur
'in I'jr it tor a month par; ait Grant
nut yot S'dli jiuully woak.:no.i to
.1 iy. n iwi'or, ii vr ukui for Ljo.
() i S md iy but, (..ant tuado a rainl
ij.i.iuit on tlu ouomy'j worlid li'.l'.iro
lVtorabiir, vid vm b.i Hy roj.iiUMil.
(i,a i id i: iv anauin m.i li-ij! pro
iniiiio.v urb Ins nopi 3 Will 0; tuu
tvi-lal. iSn :i.'l Oraiii lail, L 'o, will
ill :n l.'el biuir It ut I b.ir.y io in .vo
!ou Wali n-ton; but u t buoro. bucli
is toe iuteiiu n.:e r .'Oo.VL'd hem. U j
bogus pr le'am.iti-.-n, I j near 200 It
now uer 25J. Grant Ins la;lol,
uioro troops are t' be called for, and
Ja day cf humiliation and prayer is
oid red. That is just what Howard
Mild and ordered. He simply prepar
led the niiiidi-s of the people for what
j was soon to cum, and wantol to be
pai 1 for it. Instead ol being paid, ho
is paying for it
tue rani in N"iri.-rn Maryland
This much iimy bo set ! wit hs c t
Uin: tho riii'l'-rr aro nonu otliur tlun
t ho trnups win, un It Eu'Iy, wliiu-
(.nil ti ni'.r hj n.iiiy. bo-m a
tln'V liu'- ui'ivfii Hun', r aema tliu
(ii ociil.ii ir, t'.ioy put innruHliutdy fir
Mmtin-iliiir ami Winchester. At
tlm Inrm. r i 'kic j two luru iruins oi
ciitur d, ilio vuuio am .ii'itm to.
n. -ar t.vi iiiilliniH rd i.'ari i'i valiii',
ii'l ot' wliii-ii tta i.nnu' liu. !y uU in
w:io!n iiiil rciit to 6; 1. 1 'ton. T''t'
ivsjiiiujitiijii ui ilioy ca no I'n' no o'li
vt d'j ut than t' "t ft iv..nun.Mit
oNUVK, ll"l'"l''i, ) iJri.'llll 1 t 1 1 r m inv
!uu. r. LU'iall oitior r.r.li, th.u
on.! win iiavo no i. u uti hi on ilio nnal
: j-iu t. It will t j.nv, Imr.Mid a.r.l in
juru ju iv.i.o pom iinj, mi. I tii.ir in aSuir
ail any raid l.aj u-t I hi.;, i xo.-iit
..ii ... . i ..
u.v it n l llio j.aaita ;n k i fioiii.
auoh. ar l'.- it. ii.i ouon tlio uxo. riviico
u.n our khIo.
Ma iv l.ors thia't tlii) r.iid ul' E ir'y
irt a roc n:!:.'iiiaimo in i'mc ?, Ciio uuuit
it .io i-.r Lo.i t) Lav.- tlio
tili.r.iooj ol li oiiiu Hid. Lt ry
loioirrui! 5.i.;:i ii-uo male lu i li:ial
1 111 -ye, E ti l)' a ill bavo "inod Lee,1
to ai; ;lio rt su:t o! (irant'j deui on
. . i t . .. i
sh'Jt Ions.
X ii ni l.-' Ins
been hom-il fcn-n Sb' T
in in o.iieo
lb - Iniiletiu Uciied b:
S'a-itm July 3 !, wlimb utate l lint:
Sherm in was i:i p ia-ioBsiou of K.-no-i
saw M -ui tain, near .larrietta.
uo'Iiiu has s.n.ro b -on ree.-.v l cmi-
rir natioiy ot tuii di-pateli, tlu genor
I - . . . .
!inucu solictuJo is bit for Sue: man
Jan I hi c unman I. Tlio rep ut that
Jolistoii had tiaiirtbrieil a portiun til
t;is ar nv 1 1 11 imwii l id not cieditjd
iIjc'0 'ii army ciicb.-s. fuo obj -ct of
Joinisi ju in uvidouHy to weaiun her
iimh a-j much m pisaiblo betori b
Btiall vviielt tho Ufkat'iiio tclieo nvii-,
so that .11 etio t.i Kedora'd shall bo
lefoatod there, low ofthetu can ucipe
death or capture. Secretary fc,Uiiton
is eniirely saMsilod Siienuan is in
good position and condition, im I that
Iio will certainly ea'.'Uio Atlanta.
Mr. Ltioii'i uiso hhar.ts iu these
11 inireiiioii, is mm taeio was u
ruth in it. It is nee Ileii to say thatioy
views of his War Secretary.
Tlio deatiuctiou of the Alabama
Inn cuised ntiidb r-i iciii''. It isl
about it 10 only do;;aivo victory we
liiavo aehiovod this year. All I ningu-1
lar as it may socm, it is not consider-j
el so much h victory over the reb-i'8S'X
.h over the British rl ig. Ir is g mor
Uily treatj.l 113 a victorv over Jolmy
i;uil,Hin.!o t ie vessel was btted "lit
a British pat and manned by Eng
lish sail-'is mid gunners.
Tho I'riMdent wi I, I am ndviaod,
irSiH bis pioelaniatioii soon for a day
of liiimiliHtion an I prayc; nlgo that
ho will in iko a call for some hundreds
of thoinan Id of new conscripts.
Howard, Ilio proclamation forger will
in.w, 111 ire tlrm Jikelv be released.
but anticipated even's a collide of;
months. Gold went 110,
under bis
"The Freest and Best Government
on Earth."
visit the State ot Kentucky are;
nt each landim? ulace bv
ju their poeketB a Democratic news-1
'paper, if tliey have it is taken from
; iheru an I burned. Thin ia the liber
ty wo enj y under Lincoln's aduiiu'3
tration. This is the 1 freest and best
Gctvornment on earth" that wo Irnvd'clad
beard so much about. These pro-'
ceedings are not condemned by
j Lincoln p.-ces. Comment ia nocd -
lead. K
Wo understand that doodIc who
L:ncoln (dli-ials, to 6t'e if they have'
An Undelivered presidential
Message-The State of
the Nation.
iny'iiuioru your iH.ii.-nililu Iwnii'-s
to'soniol Alrioim uuoootit who itiibt
I 'II vio'iiui to tbo irropryisiolo coii
!i'ti;do!!'to ! ii;ut ibn-uli u "military noucssily."
Aucitfdijy I diupatohcJ two voHavl
j loads oi'IroodiiKii" to that country.
-hucU lul l bocn capturo'l in the
D. a. net of Columbia, with tlm "d'.'-
i nod of uccodnoim to tlioir superior
j laco. Tin J Jusiro was d itly scouted
; and I wub iiiloruied hy "tiio Uovtru
liat j motil" tliero, that '' it'' would "neo me
jd d first." Wbttreloro tho captain'
. ol said uh jn were lorcotl to Bell I their
'.'arnica to Cuban plaiittiM. I would
uai ustly r. c ininieti 1 Mich action in
I tlio caio a your widdom shall deem
1 1 roller. 1, at that tiuio isdiei a
; I'lociainaiion ' 1011111"; viovurnmunt,
but ila-ro ooinj l.lOt) milci of Miei
, ! rin idivI" belwoou us, an-J tbty
Aslilu late adjoin iim-nit of Congress),
bjeiolary ti. P. Chine had i.ued
i seven thousand millions of tons o!
; paper cunene', , 10 00 noon loiiowen
six inoasitil ii vo hundred and
! thousaii I milium? during tho reeoes
!ol Congress. F.-llow cit zmd, there
is a t'reallul rebellion existing! and
hundiolautl thiity roc!amation,
Pillow Vtthint cf the Henaie and
lu con for in ity witli tlm n
iei-r. tjf tho " Clncai'O I'lattn
inerU tf tho Clncai;o I'liittdi'i'i."
tin aimiuii btatonitnt ot 'hn u "idi'ion
ol tiie ci.nuuy, to'otlur with nidi
dii.-ntiona ua mc doi mi:.! imp.ntant
I t your C 'Mii Joration ct your proson'
M tlilOi). Illc rohitioIM ot (ho Uuiti'.i
S'Ht. a witn tjiv'n imri niB uro on too
llluat "IliwiiJly loo'lil' '' with tlio ux-
c.-yti n ol ilio rfuitiu rn (JontViLracy,
t i . . i ' ii
lo un i, rranco, .u xico, miasia,
A Uoiria, S;iain, ll.i)ti and the cop-
p iboiids. La; ti, in particular,
"Uoiii-i to bu ri'ardli'3 ff lior treaty
w ii:ii mo "war tor tlio
H.Ht 1 1 : l r : i . -1 1 into ir4
biiK.n wad
ii r nior urono.tioiH.tiio l'l'tsidont ol'
that iiitcastin ll- public, by a ro-
uinu treaty, iir-.'od to rtcuivu all per-
a.io t.iat thoy b; rocoiv.d and carod
lor, in urn Hiar. nmtai.mont ol a so-
. . i . .... .
kt:j.viiiglittlo or nothing ol my mili
uiy hiiuyiiy, Uk it lor shot un
.va 1 i.ur.
O irtia.in.ial condili xi C'-ntlmici
in a very favorable plight. Since
. . Ill I
eigiity-'tur quarter section S5.00J
i"ii.U TnU, with tlu eighteen linn
dad mill. ons ol soro etim currency,
iaud Hie ''intornal
revenue," will l:
suSdoiit to carry on Ihe war the
prosont var, provided I euoeoed in
keeping Uenerul Biriion VUineron out
of tho Iteasury buildings', and the
rebels lay down their aim. Cut us
tlio' best I. i 1 seln Dies ot men and mit e
gang alter glet ;" or, ai my espectu
tions 111 this re-pect miy i:ot bo reali
sed,! would recouiiiieiitl the passage
ol an act author izin ' him, (in case tbe
necessity arist) to set u that a few
wo should thape our policy to meet
it. 1 havu djno all tu means Would
warrant mo m doing to crush it ou'
1 uir bu i Iro I and thiity bills, and
ninetoeii edicts have I iss.ied in vain
would Wicr-ioro recuriiuien 1 an n
croud j of the army t proateu'e the
war against armed treason " with
greater vior than heretofore. It i3
thought by tbe Suiatary of War,
whoso report id herewith trauatnitted,
that eighteou bundled thousand men,
between the ages of thirty live and
ihirty-sis, together with the women ol
Massachusetts, should be enlisted for
foity-Uvo years o.' (.luring tho war to
render the army ot tlio rotoiuac ei-
In aidition to tbif-, I would sngue-t
tbo propriety of enlisting Unbalance
of tbe population for a like
period, which together with tbo entire
populat'ou of tiio Oiunedo Empire,
would form tbe nucleus of an
army, round which the rest of nan
kind would rally, and secure Wash
ington from (leinoliti m hy the rebels,
November election
Iroiu being eau&iaciory. 1 wouiu
J recommend tho purchase and arming
of all tne Capo Cod tiihing craft, for
j harbor deler.6e, and tho immediate
j cons? ractiou ot fifteen thousand iron
in ''rams," of twenty fiva thousand
tons each, encased with at least six
will tho;tecu feet iu thickness of wrought
iron, to pro' oct New EugUud interests
;of the uanckcrcj fishery, from tho bw-
and insure
favor of loyal can Jidatee; besides it
would servo a better purpose still, by
.checking the audacity of the copper-
hea ls.
The operations of tbo navy, al-
though itHdent in fcomo cases, is far
i'ul unelaujjht ot tbe A abama. Capf.
SviunR'3, ' tlio d d nacal" having
n jared iS.-.w Lnland commerce hun
dreds o' dollais, should by no means
bo pormitieii to repeat liis dej.reda-
ti.iiMai.on tl.utpi-iid iisilu niiijf:ntfi"
p.rtion of our pooplo. With such
mariti.iio lorco, it id tlionrlit that tbo
cud (Mi int.-rest of "tho country
miffbt be Knr.i.'iently protected Tiiey
tlen.a-.d, a,d slnmld liava ample pro-1
tuition Wirb their feartnl sacnfico
life a,. ! nrmy blankets, tho area ,.f
,... ,.1.,1'm., lo.al ,m..wtlv.iivt.M.-
rcribod. Wi have Biioeeded beyond
u'.l hopo tli uh lar in our effort to crujli
out tr-'as ui, liavtijj coiifjuert-il a' I re
beliiiiiH territory but uu-ut 73,000
(Kpiaru mi c?; and of tlm ten n.illioim
ol trait. 'rn, all aro cmqu rod and liavo
taken tho "oath" a.75tjaa0. Wo
KiltlU lUU Willi! 1 , I U-v,
have taken three atund of colors, one
hundred musket, and two b mold ol
beans1 Of tlm four millions of "col
ored 'iiniieii" my proclamation of
'Manuary 1st," freed ull but 3,920,
000. With tliPtc evidences of fur ability
toover'.hrw tho rebel Government,
wrt sbunld take fresh curate, and
Divinj I'rovidftu'u wili smile upon
in. "as on a bak-t of chilis " 1 can
Ml. I i:O30 III .O liuill 'Ii LI II 11,111 I" ,?'.. -M.
,-ailin- your attention to lb., h al
gentlemen of African seen'; bavin-
" . .... it
. . ..1 i. j ,....v,. t 1 1..11,
..n -tr.il aa miinrolK V 111 t 10 U liOll
army, it is but juut to provide for ihoir
tamilies. 1 would recomtiK'tul the
passage of a law antliorizmg the Sec
retary jl'the Treasury to pay to each
volunteer when mustered in, tho Bum
oi seventeen thousand dollars, and
also, granting a pension to survivors
after tim war of $175 00 1, and three
sugar plantations to tuon of families
and a red jacket to cic'x chil 1.
This would greatly swell that arm of
tbi) nervice known as tho '-Corps
d'Afiique,'1 or flaming giant-d Etch
oiiiet-r in iliat britieh of the service,
should also bo p. t-iiitt-'d to select a
vo;ii!etico in the city of Ch.trl iston,
S. 0. Our superiors in evtwy thing
elso, they eh on Id ba permitted to
share in the glory, honor, praise, cu
bgy and fame, in wait for I hose cn
gaaed iu the cause ot God and hu
manity, after tho "irrepressible con
flict" 'shall have abated au l tho pas
sions subsided.
It is thought highly proper that
some rule should bo established reg
ulating ''m'eo"gc!iation." No Cau
casian should be permitted to have
m-iro than thirteen colored coucu
bines or, in die aggregate more than
3 3o0 Ibi. of concubine, else there
might not bo enough to "go round."
The abvocates of that inviting theory
ate exceedingly Hnxious for the pro
tection of law against th.i old barbar
ous law eonfinitig a "miecogen" to
one white wile; a law wholly at war
with tho higher law, first enunciated
by our worthy Secretary of State- 1
would earnestly recommend tho "Uu
der giontni railroad" to the lostaring
care of Congress; especially that
branch of it 1 tinning throngh Iowa,
under the superintendence of U..11. J.
D. Grinnd. There bad passed ovor
this branch of the road, at the break
ing out of the rebellion John Uiown,
Provisional President of the United
Stales, 372 stolen tiigg.-r., '2S0 stolen
horses, 73 mules, besides other
freight, in all amounting to S3S0.000.
The importance- of an appropriation
of a liberal sum, eny two millions of
dollars, for repairs, will readily sug
gest itself to you un lt-eouie .1 per
nnitieiice thereto not like'y to be ef
fected by individual cnterprisc.-'Speakm-r
id John Drown roiuinds
me ol an anecdote," which I deler to
another time.
Done at Washington, this 1st
day of Dec., Anno 1864.
Governor Seymour vs. President
New YfRK, July 8 The Erprc$$,
giyt s currency to a rumor thai Gen
eral D x, iu obedience t orders from
Mr. Lincoln, will not reappear in ci
t'vil process instituted against him be
ore Jinlge Russed, for shutting up
the World and Journal of Commerce,
and tor arresting their editors.
As at present advised, eay the Ex
press, it is believed that Governor
Sevniour will, it nrr?u8nrv. fitter
showing the powerit6iiiess ol ihe civil
Courts, call upon tho militia of tbe
State to aid in executing tho process
ot the Court should issue a warrant
for the arrest of tho General, and it
6honld he needed
fjCFFor speaking disrespectfully of
Mr. Liucoln, two hundred dollars and
coDuV'VdOQ of your property.
Lincoln. Simmes Official Report of the List
Naval Fight.
"V1" ne opeoea wr.n oua
ui8,,.oti tbo Koa'ejge replied in a few
"1,"ute9 &"d tbo comment became
'fcct'Vd; two )'P8 Bteamed
"""nd a common center preeoririrj
dl'tance ch otbor of from
;',;,,r l,) .,,! a -ot
1 , Wi bin good range he open-
New York, July S.-Scmmus iu
bis ( Cicial repprt of tho eneagtui.-i-t
with tlio Keara io aaya, whec nb.-ut
, - u in luorjo unnuiegti.e
Alabama's Si auker u 8 was sht-t
away and tho ensign came down.thi
was immeiliatoly replaced by anothur
at ruizz.'ii mast head, tiring uow to
came very hot and the enemy's ibot
and shell noon began to tell upon our
nun knocuin down, knled aud digu
II 1 L .
a .n"iu,,1uf ol ,nuU ditLreut
lJerceivin our shell, thoogh hittirp
did but littio damage, resort bai to
be bad to 6olid 6bot, oUornatod with
shell. After a lapau of about an hour
and teu minutes our t-kip wis ascer
tained to bo in a sinkitia conditioi;,
tbe enemy's shell having exploded ia
our sides, and between deck, open- '
itig largo aperrnres, throuoli which
"tw iuiiiuu witn Kruai ramuiir.
, ... , . I
,l,ai1 !,ul' nble to reach the
"'.' c',f I'urj-ose I gave
Mu) ahin A 1 atiuitit o,..l on u....l. r
1' -- .. on buwu ui
fore and aft sails as were available.
lhc sinp soitlcd so ra,.idly, bow
ever, that before we had rrada much
progress tbe fires were extinguished
in the furnace, and wo wero evidently
on the point ot sinking. 1 now haul
ed down my colors to prevent further
destruction of life, and dipateh a
bjat to inform the enemy of ur con
dition, lis says that the Kearaags
tir.d upon him live tiuica after b;a
colord weto elruck.
Tbo remainder of the report is dti
Voted to a statement of how ho was
pickcl up, and made bis escape anikr
a neutral flag, also that hia oCicers
when they went to th-j Kearsage,
thoy found that aha had bean furnish
ed with a chain armor concealed.with
planking, i;nd that the planking' was
torn oil' by his snells, thu-i exposing
to view the armor. He, also says
the enemy was heavier than myself
both iu biiip, battery and crew, but
I did not know until the action wa
over that she was iron clad.
The Hiring of the Kearage, accord
to Somuies, was so hot uud accurst
iu tou or fifteen minutes after the
commencement of tho action that bis
II ig was shot away bis hull torn and
bis u en kiucked down, killed d.1
disabled in every direction.
Tho Paris correspondent of tl.s
Commercial says:
Captain Winslow still claims
Semmos as his prisoner and will writo
to him t-j deliver himself up, making
it a personal (juestiou between offictr
aud officer.
Winslow will sond otherd home; the
nun are released on parolo to never
tight against the United States.
Siinmes was ordered out by tbo
French authorities bv noon. Oa con
su'.tation with Gotumudora Rarron.
his inferior ofiidor, whether to go out
and escape by uigbt or meet the
K".arage in daylight and fight. That
officer told him to go and fight if bo
was sure of winuiug; he was suro aud
went iait to fight. Captain Winslow
did fire afte- tbo white flag was hois
ted, but it wjs owing to his not seeing
it. The greater steaming power of
tho Kt-arssgo and superior armature
enabled her to do with hsr adversary
as pUo pleased.
gemiues was astonished to find bis
ship naed up so soon, and cursed not
a littio at tho worthlcssnesa of English
guns and English ships.
Mr. Stoddard, master of tbe Kear
sago, makes a statement in which ba
says, when Iio 9aw the Deerhound
making off with a part of the Alaba
ma's crew, he reported tho fact to
Captain Winslow, Tbo answer
which ho received was: "It was Im
possible; tho yacht was simply com
ing around. No . commander could
bo guilty of such distardly conduct
when ho bad been requester! and per
mitted, in tho cause of humanity, to
save the lives of prisoners, to run off
with th it."
XT" Au indidvual advertised in on3
of tbe morning; papers for ''awitV'tbo
other day,and requested each ap'icatit
for the situation to enclose herca d
visiis. One of bis correspondents
closed her reply in these terms: "IJdo
not enclose my carto.for, though tbero
is some authority for patting a cart bo
fore a borso, 1 know of none for pot
ting one btjforo Pn ae." Sharp' gall '

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