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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 04, 1864, Image 1

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Vol. 12.
M'AinilUliaijNTOJv JXN'it. OHIO, AUGUST, h 1801.
NO. 51
it Sk&rlfcur gtmuuat.
. A . B R A TT O AN.
It nrttn't llu'ilmnc, fri f Cnnrt
Tionte, 1 ii Stiiin.
; i" "tKR.XH, C'AMl.
Tha Diu.ut tll b emtnns vesr for )n
Dollar: end Fifty inti, Sit Month. fnr(tvn- i
Vj-.flto Cunts; Fuur Mouths, for Fifty Cent.
fjjf All pup' will bo dincvntimisd at lh
irtiCiou of too time paid fur.
One flare one insertion, 0,?5
wli additional insertion,
Carls on ynar, . .
Nadus of oiintn.on-, ot r a tiinist a
are, vfnrdian"an.l fixe, titurs I .M
Attachment notluesil'ore. . P. 1,5'
U.litorlal nulice per lin. OS
fjff Ten linoe mitiin oliM'tfeJ ss Ob square,
and alt AJv rtitimenta ar i Lfri Notices taunt
La puld lu aJve ico.
tT A liberal Jeintiot willbeniai"ctJT6ar-
S? edrerliMra.
Hft iu iibot rinemst he eom plied wi'h
jr All pjniu e in u it ho mnje to the I'ro
riitor, i " ha ' 'lu affeuls.
The Democrat J oh Office.
We are prepared ti erscnte T.th ooatneim,
llepatob and at price v t !' oni""i,
all kinds of Job Wutk, jinih ae -
, i'AMPllLETS,
LABELS, ttc.&c.
B3io atrial and be convinced thet w ican
n.i will t ii'imi U' heaper for Cash, tin n an;
lhsrt1 ilihmintin tnissei'tinn nfoo intry
1H T E L 8 .
charles mm,
This Howe Irian on i lie Sichiii Hunt
Ltd rijf. "nd afur lh Khllroiid D-f'ft. No
palm will bespsro't for the aocow Utlon
tif Simula.
4(t. ,)3,-1vr.
c l In ton house.
l"iRai.T or mi ri: nouait. wheeling, va
.'. a.5,'J -lyr c:lii llioi.t ! Ohio
OXiu-l aftur Mon.y, Junuury 11, lb'U. ami
untill further notk', iraiiif will ruu lol
lowi: MAlLftOlNfi RAST,
IaTeaCindunvi .i A. M.: LuavM ninn
hater l-0:K A, M.; leuvcn lirvinlii.-:j ;il
Mil I'. M.; arrives at ChilliMit'io at 1:1 1' M
JavaCbillicDthe at 1:85 I'. M.; I.'iivon lluin
don Jiindon al 2:SJ P. M. li-uvea A ' l:ci.i tit
4:l P. M .; Arrives at M.iri('-.U ut : P. M.;
arrive at Uelpre P.irkorb irt? a'. 7:li P. M.
Laae Ralprn f o., at 7:30 A. M.J leave Vnr
!Ueat7: A.l.; lenvf A tlii'im a' 10:05 A.
U leave Hani Ji'n .Mincli'in ni 1 1 A.M.
Arrive at Oliiiiuroth at 12 .'.5 P M i Ifuve-Cliillii-oihaKt
1:15 P.M.: louvo P.lim.-ii-ur at
t:AI P. M.; loHvea L.'VfUu.l aU:.1)!! 1'. M.; ur
lIveiatCiiKimiatli ut ft:5i P.M.
Tha Aofloinai"Jiiti"n Train I.envex CliillVnthe
at 5.30 A.M.; arrive at ('incintwtti ut 1 1:5 A.
M.;icava Coin-liinti at 8:30 P. M.; airlve at
Ctlliftho at S :50 P.M.
Com fctinna are mn.'. at Lovelanl wi'l;
Triam to an.l from Colitinhna; r-1 nt JLini'len
Juu4li)U wilb train a In hihI from Portsmouth
Jaaaary 11. 1514- ly
OflanrfaftarThoriiJuy, February 6, lJ(!l,
reiiiilar PnnUi:r Trniiia will run ia omi
naotluii ilb tUa Traina on main lino hetwoon
fortaniruth and Cincinnati, a follows :
Leavee Portamoutli at Si-1 A. M., arrive nt
Plinoer, at 9 IA.M.; arrivus at Portland at
10:04 A.M.; arrives t Jackson at 1':57a. M. ;
arrives at Ilumduu at 11:W A.M.; arives at Cin
tinratiat5:9.S P.M.;
Leavee Cincinnati at 6:30 A.M.; loaves TTnm
ilsn at 3:00 P.M.; arrives at Jaokon at 3:84 P.
M ; arrives at Portland at 4:21 P.M.; arrives tt
Pioneer at 4:50 P.M.; arrives at Purtsmoutb at
:10 P.M.
AoeommoJtifln Train depart from Ports
month at 1:45 P.M.; arrives ut I'ionuer at 4:15
and delarta at 4.50; arrive ut .f tc -i-.n t 6t 8;
ani liamd'in.at 7:30. Departs 6:40 .M ; ar
rWesJat Jackson at 7:35; arrives ut I'loneor ut
t:3i; and arrive at PortMuouthat 11:45.
Throinh Tickets to Ciucinnali oan he nbtnin
J at Portsmouth, Portland, and Jackson, at
tba following rates:
Pcitsmontb to Clneinna'J, ti 00
Portland " do f.40.
Jackton " do 4,00
Troro 'Pertsmouth to Cincinnati and return
1.0ft Tickets from Portsinon'.h to Mariei'a
and Parkersburg. $3,00.
JnnN DnRAND,6up't
1L QUAPE.wie'i Snp't
rab.a.'.ih 1864-lyr.
Henry filmstar Giir.ntian of John 8., Mary
A.aad William Shunter miner heirs of said
Oasrdian ha Iliad Ais accounts for Innpection
and partial Settlement, aa such Guardian, and
'will na tor hearing on tha 7th day of May A D.
im. .KlCHAUbCSAlG-
April 14th'l5M-ir Probata Judjje. "
C v .
Correspondence on the Peace Proposition.
PciTANn. July 21 .The fallowing
corroppouenco 'X(ilnii)H i'f!f:
CANADA WEST, 12th July, 1864.
Dear Sir. 1 mn nnfinr;Z"d to eay
tliat S I CYroftit ! C'uv. i.l' A.a
fiiima, I'mll'ssor Jm, H ni.V.im'ii-,
of Viryiiinii.. an I ie ir'i N SiiibLri.
(f Dixie. Hr reudy an ', co-niilett' ami
willing to fi at once t' V ishin
ton Unin c 'iii!; tif an I niiqii:i.i(iii l
protect i in biiii irivi'n cUhur dv tliu
I'rtBiiii iit (r the S.-nvtiry c!" War.
Lot tliu j)i'rini.i3iou inc'u 1j tliu trimus
To Hon. Horace Greely.
NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y., July 17th 1864.
Gentlemkn: I "i int'oriuo'l that
yon fire duly aci'ivdUm! Inia Hicii
mninl uh tho ljifarcra prositioiH
looking to tin? t'twWidiiiiittnt of pi'MCi1;
that jmi iK'sife to visit Wnhin;t"n
in thu t'u !fi: teumt of your mM-inn, and
that you farther dfonv that Mr. (jrjo.
N. dhiuIith Blui'l acC'Mii'fiany ym. I,
:ry niloinvilint; be thu- tar eiibslan
tii'tilly ct'irt'Ct, I am au:hor7. ij by
th.! I'rvsidi-nt of the Unil,;d State to
tutidtT you his cale emiduot on thu
journey propound, and to aeotupimy
you ut the LinU tt tiuio that will bf
areoahlo to )'"it.
1 havi; the honor lo be,
GeiitK'nnin, yonrs,
Mesr9. Clotrit-nt 0. Cl.iy. J.n'oh
Thompson, jmiucs D llolcuinv,
Clifton IIousl', 0. V.,
July, 18th 1864
Sir: W have tho horor to av
know Iid'iynur favor oltho 17Ui itint..
which wonM luvo Ik'imi atis.vurnd mi
yt'tttfrday, but fr t!i'-ah8.'iii:e of Mr.
I'lii). Tin' Baff c;iid.:.-:i 01 the l'rt.i
dont ol tho Unit.'d Stau-fl lm- hivn
teiidt rcd iii, wc nnt to 8tat", nnd r
arnio iiiiBiippi'i'lu iision offini's. We
havo m it been accreditJ to li u ("ruin
limhniond a-" i ho bearers ot piojiti. ii'
l.iouiiii' to the re establishment ol
We are-, however, in tho conl ifii
tial Hniplovnient, an I eiitirelv (V pi 'iar
with its wiHh"H ami opir.i"" on th.a
Mihj t', and wo feel antie r'z -d in d;
c'ure, that if the circuni-tane? di
'jhmed in this coi ri.'Biioiiileiiee were
criumnniputi'tl to Kiehtnond we would
bo at once invented with I ho nirh iri
ty t; which your h-ttor reier; nth
r eiitleinen clothed w'th lull pow
ers won d iniuii-dlatulv he fi'-nt to
Washing hi, with the view of hasten
in a coiMuuiatii n o inueli to lie de
sired nr.d teriiiiiiHtinji nt the eaili.'H'
possible nvnietit tin: ealaini'i -s ol
war. We rrspicifully .! ic t throiuh
your interveuii-ai u eal'o conduct lo
Wiig'iint'in, and thence by any r t
whici) may 00 UeKimii' d ttiriiiti
jmir lines t Rifhiu.ind. A'ewmhl
be t;ru t : ti-il if Mr. Weo N. yanh is
wti3 em braced in th'.- prit ihe. IVr
mit us in ceuclnsion to ackn iw'- d.
our obiifjati'iiia to yui for tho i nt. r
estvou have inanittsted in the 'ui
thraiice of our wirhea, md ! expri-s-the
hope that in any fve)t you still
fiord in iho opportunity "I ten Krin"
th-iii in " nop bt-f-re ymi b-avo the
Falls, We reinain, very respectfully,
C.C. ( lay Jr.,
J. R. lioi.C MR.
It ia proper ton 1 1 that Mr. T ioinp
sou ih not hen, and has not been
n'ayiii wifii us sine.: our sojourn in
Canu !a.
FALLS, N. Y July, 19, 1864.
Gkntlemkn. have t!ie hoii ir to
acknowledge tho receipt ! yours of
this date by the hand of Mr. W. C.
Jewetl. The state of facts t'uin in
present d being materially d ff;r -n
from that which was understood to
exist by the President wa n he i n
trusted too witn the safe conduct re
quired, it seems to me on ;every ae
count advisable that I fih iH c immuni
oate with him by telegraph, aul 3 -licit
fre"h instruct ions, which I shall
once proceed to do. I hope to be
ttble to transmit this afternoon, and at
all events 1 shall do ut earliest mo
ment. Yours, tmely,
Messrs. C. C. Clay aud J. D. Hob
Curios Horenj-N. F., Jn!y 19,1364.
' " Hon, Horac (JUtltu, HUgjLta
Faun ' - -'V
Sin: We linvo the honor tonc
kuo'.vli'djo thu receipt of your tioto
of this date by the hand of Colonel
Ji.Wiitt, ami will await the father Hn
,ver whiuli you irojo8i tn snd to us.
renpect'ully. ,i
C. C. CLAY, J.,
FALLS N. Y. July 19, 1864.
Gknu.kmkn: At a !ato hour Int
evening, KM la'e for commnn'cation
with voii I received a dupalc'i in
forinini; uu that fiuth.r in.ifructions
left Wanliinynn last evening, wh ch
mii?t reach in -, if there bo no tutor
riiotimi, at n-tou to n urow. Sleaild
you ilfoidd to uwair their arrival I
fed conli'ient ilia' they will enable
in t to .imwei ibllnitelv your m ta of
yctorday moitioi R.-LTfitingado
lay wliicii I am i-iiie jou will regard as
uuavoidaule on my .ait,
I remain ytuirs.trulv,
HORACE GREELEY. To Hon. Messes, C. C. Clay and J.
CLIFTON HOUSE July 19, 1864.
?nt: C oloi el Jew tt has jus' han
d. d us your not; ot th in dat, in which
you bto that futhei instruction frc:n
Washington will reach ym by noon
to-morrow, it theM bono interrup
lion O to or possibly both of us mny
be ohlii-d to leavo t tie Fulls to-d.ty.
but will return in M:mh to rooeive the
uoinmiiUK'atioii itbich vmi 1'iomise to
Wo rem tin, truly yours,
J. B.
and C. O. CLAY, Jr.,
To II ,n. II ir-tco Greoleuy, now at
r . .....
international llotl.
Thursday 21st, July.
Too following is a copy of tho ori
sri-tal Ijtter ii"ld by on to d.diver to
Hon. Horace Greeh-y. and which d"t
nli,.i.. i r,,,,,!. in.,, , .. .
, i..,.p3
CLIFTON HOUSE July 21st, '64.
Hon. Hit ace Gres'ty.
Sik: Tho paper handed to Mr
II Icoinb on yctterday in your pro
r noe by AL.j -r Hay, A. A. G , a
an answur to (Ins aiplic.ttion in out
noto of thu IS h Hint., is couched iu
WASHINGTON, July 18th, 1864.
To w'miii it miy concern'.
Any pr.iposio,.;. vrMch embraces
the r.-!oi.ition ( peac , too integrity
of the whole Union, :n,d the ahaudon
m . nt ot sl.tvt-ry, and vihieh cooiej by
uad with an andioiiry that can control
the armies now at war against the
Unit.'d St iLb, will be r.-coived and
coiisidoicd by the Eiccutivu Govern
ment o. the unite l Stato. and will lie
ni t by nberai t .niH on other sub
stan. oil and el.ateral points, and the
arer r iieaiurs nieieof uiiall have
rUI,! C 'lldllCt 10 II wavs
,M:j'i Hay would resjecrtuily iu-
iriire whether L'iof. H"lcoiub und th
go.i'i-. -ni-ni iit-s c atod wir.li him, do-
fire los.'iil to Wasuiugt'iii by Major
Hay any uu-s.-uiea in ref.'runco to the
e aii.iiii.iica'.i 'ii dolivcr'jd to him on
emer iay, uu ; in ttiai case wueu lie
may expect to ho favored with such
ill' s.sat;.
..:r. Ho;C' mb pro ms his compli
UK'iitf Lo -i Hay, and greatly re
gr.jia n n. o iu. urn in asnint'Oo lias
been deiau I by any exp-ct.iiion ol
uu ousw- r to the coranitiincation
wiiiuh Mr. Ho.coinrj received from
turn iii yesterday, to be delivered to
iho l'r-oideiit oi me United States.
Thai c i.iuihiii;c uioo wa-i accepted as
i'.u lesi.oneo to a l.-tttr of Messrs
Giay an i iluleoiub t iho Hon. Uor
u.o (jieeley, nod to that gentiemun
un ttoi,vir u,.3 boeii tiaiiMiniiti'd.
The apiucii:ion to wuich you nfer
Waa e'ooiud o. tour letter oi the 17th
iur., in winch you inform Mr. Jacob
i''"jinpriuu uni ours ives tliat you
were iiuliiuiiji by th. L'.esideut ol
tue Uuited Slates UtetiJer us his safe
c umuci, on ih: hyporbosin that we
were duly uccredite I fnui Rathm -n l
as bearers of proposition looking to
the iBi-tbiishmeut of peace, and de
aired to v ait Wah uon in the ful
liilmeiit ot the mission. This asser
tiou, to which wo then gave and sti.i
& e"tlru "f. u'l'
by us as the event of an unexpected
most gratifying chance iuthel
policy of the . President. A change,
'whicU wo lclt authorized to hope!
t: ,"". wl'ich hal
teiiiiiiiate in the couchis on of
t p t mutually jmt hoiiurahle and
idvuj!a''"U8 to tho North nnd to ihi
SoiHt. L.tii titicf no condition but
t'ua'. m nliinild be duly accio liti-il
f;tin U fliinoiid lis hoari'M of i toiiif
sitU iiri I joking to tin eatablibliiiK-at ol
m - Jit .(;! as ciimpr r iit'tTu m we
V ro, it fmm-il to us that the
Ijivyiousiy been cloned hi ;iifiatr the
(iii) led era to Sla'ts. lor a fill! infer
chaciL'O of suitiinont?; tree discuion
iflte-iiflioting opinions and unfia;ii-
SM d tllort to remove all causes ol
r.v tfovHrny oy noerai rieniaiion.
AVi,' indeed, cou'd not claim the beno
ffi?of it cute conduct which bad been
ns in a character we had no
right to assume, and bad never aff-ct-eij
lo possets; but tho universal (lecia-
f-ralion of onr Executive and Corgress.
agd thuir thrice repeated and as otren
r j ciud atteiniit to open iii gotiat'ons,
fun.ished aeutlicient pl -dgo Ihi.t this
conciliatory inauifestati "i on tho part
ot Iho rr:8ident ol the Uuited ctati B
would be nut by ttioin in a temper n
equal miiguanituity. Wu had, tilery
fore, u i hctitatiou in declaring that if
his correspondence was commnnica
t.'O to the President vl the Ootiteder
am States, ho woidd promptly em
biucetho opportunity piestntedfor
seeking a peaceful eoliuiou of thi'
unhappy strife. Wu i'eel nufMeut
ytu must share our profound r-gri
Mi t tiio spirit which d erated ;hu
iir.d step toward peace bad not con
tinue I to auima'e the counsels of your
Ha l tiie ripigcntativea of tho two
Govern in nts met to consider this
qtl' Biion, the most moment ms ever
Mihmilrcd to human statesmanship, in
a te.nper of becoming moderation and
eii'ty, formed as thtir deliberati.ms
would have lu-et) by tho prayers and
benedicliots ol tvery patriot and
Clirii-tian on the babnablo globe, who
,i ibnio so bold a to tronnut)oa that
tlu t rightist waste ot individual hap
piiiefls and public prosperity, which
is daily sa hicning the universal heart,
might not have been terminated; or
if the desolation and carnage ot w.r
must still bo end tired through weary
yuirs of bio d nnd siifrdiiig, that there
might not at least haye been infused
in. o its conduct, something moreol
die s,urit which flofions and partially
redeems i'8 brn'alitits.
Instead ( the safe en.'uct which
wosoliui'od an 1 which your Iii6t let
ter gave us .-very reas-m t" suiiiios
would be cxr-;r: l-il for the pnrpiuo ot
lui'iatianiig uegodations in wliicii
neither Government would compro
mise its right3 or its dignity, a docu
iin nt i. at) been pieRioitei! which pro
vokes as much iudigiiation as sur
jinse. ltb-iTe no fu:.torc of rescm
blauce to that vloch was oi iginaIv
its restoration. If there bo any mil
but itarv autocrat iu the North who is
oil'cred, and is iiijlike any paper which
ever before emanated trom did con
stitutional executive of a free poople.
Addrcsu'd To whom it mav cun
., . . ...
cero, it prilcii les negotiations and
prescribes in alvuiice the terms and
eou litioits el pL-aco.
It returns to t io original policy nf
no o:.rga nwi, no ni.gotiation, no
truces with rebels, except to bury
their ilnad until ovcry man should
have laid down bis arms, submitted
to tho government, arid sued fo.' mer
c). VVhat may bo the explanation
of this sudden and entire change in
the views of tho Resident, of the
rude witlidraw.il of court - ou overture
tor negotiation at the moment 't was
iikoly to he accepted of this emphat
ic recall of words ot peace jmt uttei
ed, und flesh bias's ot war to the bit
ter end. wo leave for the speculation
of those who have means or inclina
tion to p:t. -tratj the mysteries ol his
cabinet or lathoiu the caprice of his
imperial will.
It is enough for us to pay that we
havo no uso whatever for tho paper
which bus been placed in our hands.
We could not tunsmit it to fhu Ries
dent ot tho Confederate S'utes with
out offering hitn an indignity, dis
ooiiorirg ourselves and incurnng the
well tuentcd scorn of our country -nu
ll -
Whiist an ardent desire for peace
pen a les the pjople of the Conieder-
ate fetates. we rejoice to believe there
are lew if any amougst them who
would purcli.tso it at tho expense ol
liberty, honor and self-respect. If it
can bo secured only by thuir submis
sion to terms of conquest, tho genera
(ion is vet unborL winch will witness
outitled to protjor. tbe condition of
this manifesto, thoto ia none iu tho
'SuutU aulieo rod to entertain thfiu
iii'iou who comroi our arm its uro
the servants of tha people, not their
masters, and they have no moro in
clination than they havo tho right to
subvert tho social institutions of sov
ereign Stares, to overthrow their es
tablished Constitutions, and to barter
away the prictdess pres'igo of self
This correndondenc9 will "ot, how
ever, wo trust, pnivo v. li,.1 ii.ir.n
of good results. If thorn is imy citi
z?n ot the Gonfedtrato States vt ho
has clung to a hope that peace would
be pctisible with this administration
of the Federal Government, it will
strip Irotu bis eyes the last film ol
audi delu&ion; or it there beany whose
hearts havo grown taint under the
suill-riug and agony of this bloody
Jlruggl;, it will inspire them with
fitsh energy to eiidure and brave
whatever mav bo required to preserve
to themselves and tneir chiiren all
that gives energy aud value to life,
or hope a-.d c insolation to death; and
if there be. any patriots or christians
iu yeur lund would shnuk appaUol
irom the ili'iuitable viitueo!' private
misery and public calamity which
stretchos before them; we pray that
in their bosoms a resolution may be
quicluhcU to reclaim the abusi d uu
lliorily uud vindicate the outraged
civilization cf their couniiy. Fur
tl e bo.icitudo you have inaniti-sttd to
inaugurate a movement which con
ten-lila cs lesulistlio most noble and
humane we return our sincere thanks,
and aro
Most) Respectfully and Truly,
Your obedunt servants,
CLIFTON HOUSE, July 20th, 1864.
Col. W, 0. Juw Err, Cataract House,
Niagara Falls, N. Y.
Sir. We ar in receipt of your
note advising us of the departure oi
llou. Horace Greeley from the. Falls.
That ho rogiets the sad teTralTiftou
of the initiatory steps taken for peace
in eoimequeiice of tho chango made
by the Riesident in bis instructions to
convey the coninji8ioners to Wusli
ingtoii lor tho negotiation uncondi
tional, and that Mr. Greeley will be
pkased to receive any answer we
may havo to make through you. we
avail ourselves ol this otf.tr to en
ciose a letter to .Mr. Greeley, which
you will oblige by delivering.
We cannot take Itave of yoa with
oit txpriBanii our thanks tor vour
courtesy and kind ffiiics, as the in
ti-ruiediary .hiougn wh.un our cor
lespondorjco with Mr. Gro.ly has
been ci.'Dvl j.'ted, and assuring you
we arj very rtspectiuliy yoni obedi
Captured Statue of Washington.
"The following paragraph is going
the rounds of the Abohtiou press, and
is the s once ot much satisfaction to
iho loyal:
The statue ol Washington reconltv
CAPTURED by Gen. Hunter at
L' xitigton, V. i., arrived on Saturday
evening at Wnueling, Va. It is the
ti rat hioiizo sut'ie over east of Wash
mgr. -li. A bronze tablet accompa
nies the statue, on which is tliu fol
lowing inscription: "The General
Ass. mhly of the Comn onweaith ol
Virtiinnia have cause ilis Batue to l e
erected as a inomimeiit of affection and
gratitude to George Waslnngton, who
uniting to the endowments of the be
ro, the virtues of the patrior, and ex
erting both iu establishing tne liber
ties of his country, has eitdear. d his
namo to his lellowcit ztis, and given
to the world an immortal example of
true glory. Done in the year of
the Commonwealth tho 12th."
That an officer of the Un. ted States
army, wearing tho uniform npon
which George Washington conferred
immortal honor, could become so hid
eojsly depraved, so i st to deceucv
and houor, as to lay his sacrilegious
hands upon this Salute and remove
it from the pedestal on which i; was
placed by the nffjetionato contempor
aries of tho Father of his Country,
must occasion inti iito hatred, disgust
and contempt in tho m nl of every
patriot and freeman. Gen. Hunter
the author of this outrage npon the
dead and insult to the living, should
at once be dismissed from tho 6ervice
ho has disgraced. If President Lin
coln has any respect for the memory
ol the Washington he wauta people
or the opinions ot foreign countries,
he will execise bis great -authority by
ordering Huiitcr to be court-martial-
rd or dismissed in disgrace; -for' Una
in' at barbarous and diB;jic&bIe-a-
A telcgrnpb from LooigviHe, Ken
tucky, savs:
"Another installment of fifty rebsl
women from Georgia arrived here to
night. Three hundred and fifty moro
m r reported at Nsihville, anR will
bo forwarded bora ou Tuesday next.
They are to be sent out of tho limit a
of the United States.1'
These wore hictory girls, talcoa
near Marietta, Ga., by General Sher
man, It wu said that a factory was
surrounded and four to five hundred
girls ut work in it were taken prison
ers. Rut who ever supposed that
anygsnoirmn would havo held each
prisoners, much less havo sent them
Irom their mothers and families and
their own State. But wor.e "they
are to be sent oat of the limits or trs
United States!" To where! To
Sihtria? Russian likel They ara
white working girls, and rr.ust leava
to make room for tho black wenches.
Can these things be! -Where do we
iivtf In what Bgi-f Iu what centu
r Can anybody explain this!
Let some one, friendly t Liucolo, if
such au one yet lives, explain this in-
[From the New York Daily News.]
Ohio State Agency in New York.
Attention is called to n advertise
mont in TAe Diily jVetf j of two-day,
to 'iio'decs of Ohio stooks called out
by tho arbitrary-and nnlawful coj
duct ot Gov.- Brough. The law of
that State gives the - selection of the-
Traosfor Agent to the Board of Fan' "uho
Ooinmlssiontrs, but as all comiu .,
fllitni.ra iliimA finm thn ?tvoTin
VUtQ t li f. Dhivlinlmaftl in Itl.n n n n 1
.wviu iuv nj'f'Sllllllltrui 111 4IIIU, UUU1?1
tho recommendation of a majority of
the Fnn.J Cominissinrs in writing."
The Board made a retiorameudation
the Governor- rofijsVd ttj aup6liitrAbo
politics of tho appointee not being to
I in liliiii', but reootumioeioDorl the old
Agent, claiming that a recommenda
tion of a defunct Board, two V6ara
ago, was a recommendation now
within the moaning of the law. Un
der these circumstances the Fund
Commissioneis refuse to recognize tbo
Agent thus commissioned.
We find the following advortifle-ra-nt
in the Tew York paperi. It
speaks for itself:
COLUMBUS, O., 16, 1864.
Notice is hereby given thflt A. P.
RUSSEL is no longer the Aye at of
tho Stale of Ohio, in New. York, and
that no acts of his will ba recognized
by the Board of Fund Commissioners:
Owners of stock desiring to make
transfers will address the Comjiis
siors of the Sinking Fund at Colum
bia, Ohio. As far as possible the
Board will endeavor to protect tho
credit ot the State. An arbitary and
illegal act of the Governor of Ohio
has, for the time being, rendered it
impouiiblo for the Board to act bv a
legal agent at their office iu New
York City.
L. R. CRITCHFIELD, Attorney General,
W. W. ARMSTRONG, Secretary of State,
Sinking Fund Commissioners
When Shall we Have Peace.
When the war is successful npon
onr part, tho Lincoln organs tells us
that that is no time to make pecca,.
because the rebellion will be speedily .
subdued it we go on with tho carnnga.
When tho Confederates are BUfiCesful,
ho-same organ tell ns that our na--tional
honor and dignity will not ai-.
low poace. Tha question is, . when
arc wa to have peace under these con
The Last Man and the Last Dollar.
Iar.. ...
The meaning ofjthe Linoolnitics who
so glibly use this 0 phrase is, that
they will ba tho "Id6t man" to go to
''the front," and that thev intend to
steal the "h' dollar" from, tho Gov
ernmout in the "prosecution'! of iho
fX7,The waters ol the lied Sea ap
pear to be thirty-two feet higher than,
the Mediterranean, and tha Gulf, of'-"
Mexico is twenty-two teet higher then,
the pacific.
The first that thing on eartli-ijp.
pily theDevil was guilty of J ton the
tree of Knowledge was a liojaai tho
lat will eurcly be a lie too.

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