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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, August 04, 1864, Image 2

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I'ETTtN'T!? L & CO.. A ir,., ;:.
Aren:. No. S7 Tar' l.o . N'uw Y,.iU .t
SUle Strgot, Tojlon re enr Affcht i..t 1 1.
Btbri'ii t t:tk lvor'.ii.mri:: ai,J 3li.
llplioim fur u at our LunestKjiu.
Democratic State Ticket
OfSi-a'ca County.
(fc'or Full Term.)
FUILNDELI'H van teum?,
Of FairfieU Coun'y.
Lony Varnncv,
Of llt.Kock County.
Sh: rt Vacr.cr,
OfHibUi.il Ci'umr.
AtroKNf?f GKKTIt AL,
Of Ilolmrt Coumy.
.ecMrTKOtitu or the trsautiTi
OfFrauklin Courtly.
Hardia County,
oasd or rcrnc wcsks,
(Full Term,)'
Of AshlinJ County,
roa vacixcv.)
Of Augl! Ccwi'Jf
The Democrats Should Organize.
Democracy of a number of j
conctiej aroorganlz'ng.end we again
urge tipon our Cemral Committee to !
f r , . .. , 1 oor
act pnpnply in tLwa matter. Wo no
tico that FairGeld has her aor.'natlng ,Innd
covention en the 13:'i, and announce-
of f.ll v?r30!H who 1 '"-"ivo
mints are nia-.ld of dl '.."-imk !,.
dl hrfor. tlu, n, - n-ir... .,..., '''8
..,.1 ulivi. ,.iv -v.ui.V.il. IV, llll!l. ,
,. ,,. ., ., ... :
a. on. this Idas it s.iouli b; Me ,ti,M
pie Iiuvj a rtw:.tto kn v die itu-n win
propjo to u :.vA iu efi.?, in mdir :
that they m..v Citivass their merits, ' c'!
qaaUficatloiw an 1 Sin-si i cvorv n-
,..(,. M ,m q., . ..." .. i
E i , ! -1 ,i tll,n" 01 !
8pnag...i, namc,ou tho conven-ion
never talla ol j rodne tig f-a-ul results. 30
. l... .1. . I-.:... 1. . ! :
iei;wo u uuou uiojrieiui oicanuiu
will annt'tinoe their names in
Wa havo Bov.-ral nam?s this !
week of goof cisu. Wo havo an j
. .. . . ,,
Auditor, Treasurer, Shenfland dun
miesioner, survuyor and Coroner to
elect tQ our County T.ckct this fall.
Pennsylvania Raid.
Xho iatest accounts i.re that the reli
els havo buraod C!iambirsbur. and
ftra making a detaosnratiou ou 13.-d-
ford. Gov. Curtiu has called tho !
Lislatnro together, t devisa ways1
5 , . ' tin
and means, for to rauo men a id '
money, to dofeni thu State anlfur !
liish men under tho draft of the fcl
l'residcnt. as ho can not do it Wu 11
rather thlak Ohio will havo to get
bock to tho old Militia law and take
V a
vuiuo iu ru.u iu wur, 101 i:ie next ; f un
two sreneratious. if tba mscot rsaitv '
i-f i a a j
remains so long in power.
I niaki
, J
QacrgalDiiaa.Mayorofthecityoft'ooghWia:, Were,
One three yoar's mnn will not coiu.t ' tide
for three twelve months men. Count' was
It takes General fVy to make smart,
''cisiops. Why is not a man whojoii
i-ves fr three years as good for tho,
i .veiTiji t a rrio man for 1864. j
'"'.j. and ari'-ther lor'ioent
i x. t niu b.t;tr tlsa'to
J my W. Atlanta is euid to be
gradually invested by our troops.
It is thought tho place will not lii
taken witlut regular iuvestmunt-
rocnt nud seigu.
Genera! Grant tilegrapbs that flic
enemy in Irout of him are in atrona
furce,land that ho dots not boll-vc
any considerable force lias Leon hui
to iho Valley.
General Grunt Is sending his bick
an 1 wounded "to Washington.
Ueneial baufoid, i.f Nv York.
" Kui " vjuviriiuiem O cxomiit
Btu-ii of tho 100 days' men f4oiU that
State who may bo drafted whilo i,-,
ac iial service.
Colonel Mulligan has bwii wonn
u'e I in u skirmish.
We liavu advice per telegraph,
via. t:tv i.int, u tin illect that on
I uesday last thu enemy were luakin
movements toll i nk Uemral UiitLiV
position, and Ooiitiul Giant disci v-
l'n"- tt"vlPl. t onco .!ace hia
rt;m',,l,ul's,1Ml I'W.nn to foil the eiunn'P
It ia a sif.ted that
llu VtH:tllf.
l'nein.v wa prcgreas. 1 ho eiieim
IIPTm I li fl I. I n , . n .t . ...
(- ui-unMimiui jij in uie
111....I1 ... .1 I 1
It H bt.it -rj ilr.it C.iuiideia'u
!nd lira und injun into li'.u
Tin re is rc?on to believe that Col
onel Mulligan was killed.
The ex-l'i'ttawstir lit Sin Frnnciu
Ci hus been ai reeled and imprUo.ie.J,
tur thu l're duiu ol speech at u publ,'.
Detnocratie uieeting.
I1akui?uli:c, July CJ. A ciivcr
tat.on wiih a Kent'e'uiaii ntmciic-d t-.
one oi the ntwpapirs at ChambeKv
burg, viiolelt there ut S eVLnk this
Meru;i'. reveal the following tiutj;
The people of Chainbersburj: recei-i
ed uroiinati jii yesterday of the np-
ii'.itii ii i. e reo.'iii.
Atotieetiio ; ItrchatVa and bnsi-
OCSi men coui!iu need linckini? in
tluir 6totk, and before 1 o'clock h.s'
night tho mobt va uablo luercluttidisi
viai eent far biycnd the leach of the
te'-elj. At 3 o'clock tb:8 inurriingi;
rebel force f gjnd iiiounted in!iir,tt
renclifd ChaiiibLiuburg and encani"--ed
011 the lair greiiu l. '
This torco wti; iw.t u eh-rt risMnce
IVo!U Meieei6onig by a small p'ity oJ
tioO-8 Irom Carlisle barrels, wln
luuglit the advance stubbornly, hu:
Wtfj compelled to withdraw in ac
count of overwhelming numbwiR 0)
the invaders.
The disposition of the rebo! ford
they crossed the 1'otom.a'', is de
scribed by orr informant us fulluw:
One party tr.ovcd via. Meicri
burg. anojhfcr thruitgh Waynesboro,
and tho centio through Greencastlo.
Genorrtl AVcriil is reported ad having
engaged iheir centre, and is said to
li'lin" 6aek uu CoambeisbniL'.
If this bo so hij position must b.
porilons, and he is likely to b m
Tho ruiir.ded aL any mouieiit should the
,l'ave Ohatnbeihburg to meei
U',,d ' To,, Waynes-
hlso join in an assault,
T,,e ),,,tmi, sl(,cli yf ,,:u Cumber-
Valley Iliilroad ii being teniov
Ihis p 'int. i.uve innubra of
colo:cd peoplo i:cc mir.iTiy
Jiresi r.t a m -l
w.'iMvo colo.c.;
sfd; iiiid they
1 li , . , .
J'O c'jiHir.n u na nicy rro i.iu-
ti ,,.. ,vut, sidj-wuikc
!aruifd the Rrlv ud depot,
1? it reporud the rclitU l-avcTbsrn
Oun-t Hu.e, T-.wn Hail, and
i'i,ll'''Cu ol' A. K. McCiuie. a:
Ci.ainlitiilutg. vaiioiii urinates
of tho numbers of tho .mudi,,
he -
0J0: at 1 o'clock to ddv the? had
1 . 1 .
niauo no iiuvauce ooytni Uhnino ts
fltcs burg, and our forces still hold y!i;p
time. .'""buri?. 11 ului of Chumbers.
, , . , , .
1 '"V IIU.I9 CI'lliUI.'J "II J ,i I
pensburg. tliu movunont vould do-
elope tho apparent intention to mnki
demonstration still liiHicr down the
Valley, and if not to lay bieo t
Most pi iti vo information ha ken
received that Getieial Averill has
driven iho rebels out of Chamb.-r
a"'1 i Mloxvin theiu West ward
t''Md Lor'd jI'. Frankiin cnit.ry.
J'1,?1. LU' J '
;5'.ee, Mid t.ucj huadred people
rendered homelers.
It is stated on the authority of reb
prisoners tliut General Bieekin-
IS '""king a ia d t .war I Wheel
or abuiu to return via K;iinwha
by. It sheins,- by tho Tnt- in. nts
tin Fi prison re that ;t is thy inf. u
r.l Wv iieral L .ngstreet to tliicate n
Washinututi while Droekinrii'.;,.
s his raid. In the meantime
.iiy is to bold the bheuaudou!)
i no
Pcce.inf.n.fl v 1,,1'ai C i. , ..
;,, . ., , .....
"V m 11 Hiai. vjii i;iw to
on Saturday, sti'l tho other
of Njw M at kef, and that there
no probability of the iminedi iie
ation f Front Rjyal by tho en
we learn lrm an cfflj;r whu
arrived op l:;st cvening'e truii: that
VYedncsday last General llonadn'o
division was uufitunatu enough lobe
attacked near Winchester, at a mo
when it was not wed prep ired
meet a sudden attack fr 'ia a supc
'.I 'r;orf;rco, Tuj r..ui: wus, tba ai ,
., ....
i t
vision was compelled to rotroat, after
suffering a hiss of from three to four,
hundred m killed, wounded and miss
mg, nod three or four gnr. This is
th." iifiVr to wl
waa ivtn by rumor a few day hs".
O.ir Bnny ia still in tine condiliya and
at tho right place.
A newapaiwr correHiwiidenf1 who
ett headqiiarttrn in front of IVh r-
burg. at iii.io o'clock v.r..r,ti
inir, and witoessed idu PTn'.uini. n,wi
B,.u ...1 .. .. " '
liiionns mat thu result ft!i
oi.twiiig up pi tho rebjl lcr in iVonl
of the Nintli Corps mi iJatiirdav
morning mm uU" rely un.Uial'aciory.
inu uiu not apcomi. is i t in nnmnm.
maw ns i.eniyiied mo in ni
not explode at the hour intended,
ociociv, a. .M.,l)tit went r-tf m.riV
an hour later. Tho result in brion
tnat a rebel fnrt was blown up mid
doubtless a pieiit many of their men
were lost. Our ln.a in a! t Ji,;avv,
ptii:cipally from the yta C.i" "
lho detnoluhcd reb"!,, f. irk arv
now unoc'jnpied.uri., vi " U xwn
tion, both armies now Tfcityr
"iiina poBition did
Aujust Tlio F. d raV wepj m.
a"l to hold 'he gr ound gi;rJA,i tho
nHs.iulr on I'eterburg. Til work
taken b nr forces tin r weft ivcp-
'ur;: l. Iholoaion both bidet weie
about 5,000.
There is a great panic in Penney!-
V ,11111.
Thfiv is ni! c fl" .it homo- n.V.io
induce tlu Adonnisirafion to iive
.Mctleil.in Uk. comiiM.id of tl,. r.,.,.,.-1
it Washiiiton.
n e havo tioiuo K tails of Ihe late'1"'
v navu doiuo K tails of Ihe late
bitt.l... at I'etei-a'uirg, wnieh, on tho
whiile.J.'enutohavo been disast-.ous
to the K'di tals.
Ihe Governor of Pennsylvania ha3
called the L'gi!aturo to meet togeth.
on the 9th inst.
1 here husbeen no lighting
Atlanta since lho 2Sth tilt.
The Fight at Petersburg.
duly CJ.-9 l M.Afler tlio ex
I'iosu'i.. at n oaily hour this morn- '
.og. cvuyUnig belened a 1 ri! iiat.t
VKU.ry, juiKiieivaCul oiaiUrs aouu..
. r 1
I'dMll llf'.l. rtJI.ll) I. (Iff.-. 111. . .1
... .,,.. ..r,,., 1 HU ai- I
nek n.f. I..i. u. ..
- -...v. . ...... v.. ,.. ,, ,
xoosing the bilanee to an enli ad:u ?
flro I10111 Lo;h uililleiv u'mJ in'ui.t'v.
the pr.ig!uiur.' wu as lo!low: -
rii.i ,.. :. ...... 11 , . o .
iiv. iiilllU HUB ,l l,0 I v .iiij.il. i.r ,1 ;i 1
ia iii
M. and the battoies open at unco
alonn the entire line. l:iiin-.!i-i.,lv
. . ,
a.tel Uio tX'losioii tiie 9t!i tiii os f aCI.,
Ayers'divisioa of tl.e 5th Corp,, aud
Hie 31 Division of the 21 ComB.
Th- .. . V.i ' .
lh. greater .-art of tho arrangement
Hscarr.eJ out as ordered, alih, ugh
;he comm.ncnent whs lat.r than the
oonr desigiuted, on iiccunt of tho
! ,S , , V urtil tiv
that imm.-tliwtdy lo.IoweJ waj a.Jiio.-t ,
.F il, 1
1 .1
:i . 1 1. n .r a r f :: 1 t 1. 1 ....... ... . 1
v.. ...s,t ..t v wv a.-v 11.11 uv lhj,j()W
iniitJo. aii'I r I : u lurt, wilu a p u t
1 1
....00 . ca,:.. SH.e xvr.8 earned ,
most brilliant Mxle.' iho 2- D.y -
. . -v. . 0.1 -.us ;i,oc-,or..ll.iva,.-
..11 eon c.iri.eo iiiesucoii-i i:nu a ill il
ist-Wid! bi'voud the tort, mui here
le.oed, hoi ,'iiii tlcir ground witii t.ie
ulinoist del?i initiation.
I', was at tuis time the colored di
vision un .'er eoniioaiiil of ling. Gen.
1 . 1 , , . .
waspu-ilud hu ward and order-
Coin go i.iid Ciil'i y the crest ot t he
11, which wjlild havo decided thu
test. Iho troops advarccd in
good order as far as tho ti -ot line
whero they received a g tiling n'o
which checked them, and althonji
lite a nuiiib-'i- kept on ndvanuiiu
greater po'ti n secmod to become
tu'ei ly dum ir.il Zi I, part ol'tlu'in talc
refuge in the tort, and thu bal
ance running to the rear ai last as
They were r.illied, i.nd again pnsh
r. it u ,i. i i. M .... .,.,,. . .. , .i..
... ..,..i. im. ,uimii cueesn, ine i
erea'er ait ot tne .. Iheers lieiug kil
or wound )!. Dining this time
6em';.l to he. without any tuio to
inanajii tiieui a:id finally they fell
sick to tjie r-'iir 1 ut. oftiio lan o ol
ei;e:ii 's c tnointer aiel
enesnx sc. imMer and m.,,ia tn i
i in ir l"!.3Jfi :.re very
piiticularly in ( ftijers.
The Washlnjton cirivflnondont tf
li cluster I.),m ici,il publican)
sends the lo!!owiug to that paper date
July 19:
"if the rebel movement wore really
Washington, it must be as
humiliating to tho rebels as it ic, in
-ri ..i i.. '
yi, vi us. luey nao tne gr.me
thoir own hands and lost it throu-h
. i- i- . "
jowuruitv or negligence. 1 :,avo not
heard lho fiist well-i:ifornii)d per
i .i ....... .. . . 1 .
uonj uio urseiuon mat tne city
.1 L I I I . . . . J
iiiigni nave noen in.ered at Javli"lit
Monday ly two thousand cavairv
tho right kind of r l.-uJer.
'Watover tbo number, o'j"ct or
purpose of tlio invaders, the sober
second thought of tho city sustains
feeling prevalent while" they lav
Irout of Fort Stevens they were
mut aa they should bare boen.
.There too luany 'bos8e8" Lincoln'
hud Ijiair and' Stanton and Major;
,Geuirul Ilallaek and Major General
Hitchcock mid Major General Aii$er!
I Muii. fl ...I lf.!. I
I M.-j r G-n. ral D.u'.leday and Mnjor
IGwicihI U'ri-ht un l at leait a tloz-n
lUri.-adier?. I kiunv tl,er0
niUcli done : but when I think huw
nu-.urous wera tha Gtn.rala unJ.'o
vabiuet uniiitter,
I r..u!lv nm Qr-:Prccjnct8.
uriscd that anvihiiiL' waadoniil D.i.i
it arail unvtt-.in tj udJ that tli.
j 1 , f ... r
,:,"a' luuuary a iv:8er 01 no I real-
,:Llir t the lim-i wa crunk l What
i'1 'Ir- Stanton urged thin and
tt,ul 3" ''tif us tlu rreeidential ear;
' waa
notoj'ui him) Goed citiz.n.l'e
I von. if Within -tiii does not
3i'ki11 Grant you and 1 will have deep
jer ouso tr reverei.tial thuukfulnee8il,u'""''
than ou, in your far oil' home, can
'"ow giu-Ss. "D n'e expose yourself;
be too n.sh; be very caiitiou.,!
j l''t :ihe anr i-f General Wright
Us the oider tatho buy of tho Sixt!'
Cmp, 'Uiiarg:!' Tw. hoiir o' ol-lll""iS
' Misivu action whs eufliciuit: that
Uiel'i't-'1'! tlio inomy vanished! Tln-n
'hero was h council lo deUnniu 1 ii
jiiiure mould Im piirsui:! Twenty
I.M1I.J IV ... I I.,. .1 ...! - I . . ..... l'
11 'uii 11 h i niu utu.,i w.'.'iiir 10 innrj'i
we f'lilo.vid 1 n in ih. ir tii ii'. Ac, eS.'..
r t . ..... . '
A?. Dear friend of the came. bull'r
thankful that you ih.n't kfiw Mm? in
si'io liiaiery of thu last week in Wash-1
Tlio above ij from tin- Ilpubliean
Wnshiiigton C"i'reiMiiidv-iit of otio ol
f,.!ll,u b iiii ' K nmbb-ai, iianeis ol t!-e
c :"",,7 " r"i' that is mppoiting
'-"eoi'i tor rj-e.eetion.
liyW l"'lt'9'" ' necessity for
hat. must
e the ri nte of all'.iiis at Wnkhiiut on.
,1WW rat3'" necessity i .r 11,'
''"'Wi u,ltl" U'publiean ngentsl
',,1;,li,J M,c!, 'leveiopmontil What uj'1
disgraceful Aduiini-'iiitioiil
The Cloud on the Horizon.
to the Circle-
villo DcmocxU Bhowa what those.
whucsiiry tho tuiieket, mo IcginningUaku
t.. 1. 1 i. ..l-l.-
lo 111111K 01 1110 war ami the wav it is
tnaiiavd. llic reacti ni I1114 r,ni:rii,.i
eul that will swovp Line.,!,, (.V Go.in-
1 1 ihei ' original iiisioiiilicanii. Ttn.v
havo broiignt Ihe coun'ry to the very
If I..,. ..I . ..; I I. I ..... I I
' ' 1111 im V''
t,. Tif a," , ' " ? 'l.f "'.'j M
. " ! ' . ilMUl
ri ri rnitii i nn 11 mi,. ...1 1
." - try
......... : . 1 , . .1 ,,.
i.,tl f 111..O , , . , 1
v.. ..,im, mm , eng' illltJ VVlrl 001
,. .. ...... 1 1 . .1 .. .41 .. 1
I'-l' '"-'ov. 01 l.io COl.ll.liney j0V
, I,, wl.,."..,-
;u;J 1.
10 IlltllloiliatUIJIt.
: , ,. " i
'IlioS ol I In- uio1
[From the Circleville Democrat.]
1 10 t-lllil HMI'll .'It.O II. , r.U.n, I..'
a n v r ii ' .j " iii:ii e'uei, uowieSbi'tl lo -i
P T I: v n i,.. ,,
..J... ?.KT,
m''"j nooi vuieiis 01 wie j;ijii ii v '
un .ii Jciit aiiio oiii-r ..I I.., .1,'. '
in. i, una uii-ii ii.iiioju iu uj ior u :; i
t,Miim. '
CAMP NEAR NORFORK, Va., July 2d, 1864.
l0 hear from you, or at least recei
n..,v ,(J mv ...tL.r wriM r, ,, r, ,
,M..tli. r uttvmpf. ou will sec bv
iK-ad.oj ofthih thut .., .....!
" " .
v i v 1 .
1, 1 . . . v
ivei ei uv r 11 r,-:ir o,-ui ut '(.n
OOUtil U
, Jut,. ,,ttVtf 110t ,0t
,..., w.. :,.,,. 1 ... X .
.... .. w i., iii;i 11 ii I II T .I
m!ll,.- have witnessed ih, sad rt-i
iti. u ot w.,.- .!...: 1 1
H 0 nave ncen to th.
hearts have
sicl;. no I within then Tho an-.ve.i
UliQi-!t. Already onr one" a
coumry is,..,, in twain every ,,;!
aiK Vl..:ig.! (Imped u, ,0 eoni
hro iiinBofnioiirning. hi.jbb'Ss and iwr
disHgured men suv ,7,Bt at every ,
in I, ..,... ,. ..I. .1 I. .I .
.. . ... . ii in n i; if
conation tro.s
n. Again and again tho o iehtioii
hj o.oO-
i i - . ...
le-Keu, is mere no leniedif
ii .i . t? .I,
Mian mo Kuuenng milliui!
U.xve th"Bo in power tho
Inch if waved would bun
n.edjf VVhoiI'MK
JIKhgic waild
... . .
Hact to
,.r unhappy coiintr, ? , Where, may
nic. 13 our noastcU i mtxi
" ""Vl. I.OI.IK
around you, and the v:,u,,t7 uf many
iimnv a lamiii. r laeo is tne silent'
. . .
respniHP. Look Upon tll:d l.i.ltioli
oi'eoiiiitry, and vcu vi, ill sen l.lurty
.i l l. .... i .
in! i acK grotiuo, weeping over
staiin d soil on one
Ol III,'1,
mi.l l.er.1 RtuaV;...:....:..
. .o, ,,.,.,.
illjhright gleiim Ol SUIiSlilijo lluitj
iiutasliert time aoappetr -d tiir.iuehi
.he.t.ir!, ,..,.,,.1, a.. ... r ' f
- ' ""l-ui, ID J.lril Ut,- ,
i 1 iii , i., .. . .1:
loii;n ol
iiiive.oped in the
pililJiei ,.Xpectatio:id. Our hundred'
wro to do is not ball b.igun and the
future looks sad and mournful.
Bur enough of this. There is A ro
tnedy which can u-t bo handled it
the pfcople. To them as u bilfgov
eined nation, xve must bow. MenV
eyes wili bo opened, ihey will Bee
what to them was darknesi. and the
crfy. selfish politician will yet bo
made to tool that to his countrymen
owes his position, and to them he
must bow in submission. And thcs
are on joy ing the great ad vantaoes'
(ut offices and army contracts, who
lor tlio laot man and tuo last dol
. ' ...0. UU, I
.nny qnako In their .boots,
day ot reckoning 18 cl03C at hand.!1
Ihey who have always said go. and!
rQ ,i,r.:. KIIU
uvrci on; wiuu men uujo fjra
nigh, for the perJo will ruiC wtlie
sJfish, ambitioiifl fanatics, will
Von may think I am txeited,
I am not. I look at tho facts and
tbo future.
How Kentucky is Governed
-frai.. i.cnu i wt their shadow
We tImt Guf1- Durbndgo, cf
IWltUCkV. Illls Usned ni iiri.r l, ll.n
J"'10 ul !"iu"' "t Ste,
,01ft,.ovv tl,u n?' f Dul
in!'l,J.i8 at-nndidate fur ic election to
tlKl 10"c" ' Court of Al pealf
upjjcar oil tho Toll Uoolaot their
Wit eoppoea Gen. Bur-
JJ nut take tba fefiDODsibilitv
.0 -fi ovro volition: f.r it
1 1 j in tin. i T! ...lt 1
. v huvjiu proeuma-
l,u" Y c nr:"" eiuucKj to be noiler
urijod;"lM,.,,a! 'llw He nnidt hava (;ot his
.iiutlntritT direct from Wasbinpton.
01'l'er ot Geiiifal Hurbridgo 6et
t,,! Iiw8 ol Kentucky, epiti in
i,llu ,J('C ot" Governor Uiainlette, and
" iianrfe.J -iitrago on the
j1"' he voters of Kentucky,
-'oiuin events cast their ebadow
:,)C,'01"i et of 1L0 Military
Uov,'ri,or Kentucky talla Jiko
,llirIi shadow on Oiiio, Indiana and
U!u 1V8 them warning ol
the luiure. I.:iicdn journul are al
aady calling on tho i'retM.Unr to do
'jh.ro martial law over tho Slates we
Imvo'nutiu'il, and we havo no doubt
tho cj'I will bo complied with, in caie
L'ucoln Lu'lev.s that, at tho ud-
in-hing olection.t. the hodIo will
11 pt'imitted to vute, rebuke fid policy
unit his Adininihtriihois. In Ken-
imky, Ju loo Duval would h m- been
pei united 10 bo a candidate by Gen.
IJurbiidgo 1 ut I'eT hii apprehension,
well bonded, that ho would bo elect-,
ed. Hie election iinisf not bo allow
eo1, and hence the i rder to the J 11 Ige?
ut E ectioiHo erase his naaio !roiu
l ie V I U..rik
Wo luideis'and in addition to this
enpotio order. Gen. lbubrid.-i.
eatiscd to bo arreted and suit
pria ui at Louisville within a day 1 r
. 1
1 wo past, proiniiient cuizeca .f K011-i
A Ii.il't it till itri.
'jtiauimo to control tho election- tJ
tioi.i lho po .plo their ri"ht to d -i
.1 O "I
eido tur tli imelved. who fhall rule
over theni- mi l ni, 1 r:,,.. i,..i.: 1 ...
in exccuiifg another inhuman
i.ilanions 1 nl, i..c,,,l 1... 1.;...
'tunc ago. Ken'ucky, iiko Missouri
. . I . . . I . . - '
3 lu uo . miUj scene ut tcinblel
... k. . 11 v oVliliU Ul il-iril'Itl
—Cin. Enq
Kentucky Election.
i HO flection 1 11 r CO III t OH lotv via
r.'. ie ,..e...l .. - .:. '.
V- i-w-ce-.i n eiy oiiniie,-
i ... .,-. . . . J 1
.loom ojo liMii.Jrc: w
Vuto o( thd (. , . r. ' , V'" " .
.. . .-,--'. V.IWIV.3
pulled, al !
1 ,
'iii..,ll -.OOO. OO i I 'j Wtfl!
i: i i , !
:li"oiii'il at the various polls to 'kwp
Wf'h, -'
, I,,,
Candidates for Nomination.
M ,
WAJ"" LRA,"fl! ' l'-'w siinounee the
name of Dr. II. C. MOOllE. ,f hUml
T...,sl,i. a. a r-,,did..e f CNinn v
u'li,.r' de, i.-im, ofth, b,u,o.
."'"- t t u,,.. -iriuii ol u...
feme. r;..tie t'ou nv f.,,,, ',,.. Mr i-r I
, 1. . : j
v" o:ie 01 our
.'"Vli, 'A
S 1 1 il l
b' .i an, I 1,1";
re able
I.n-ois li.l.o, 1 .. !
'i:.iie I
Mr. Editor :
ion will p
l!, 'C Ul linnnra 1 .
"..me . J. SHOCK KY a r-,,di.iM.l.l
I .M..I . ,,fW!....lf... a I... 'l-..a
'i uo i i Ltll 'i silri.ii
!J"1'1 d'',is'"" ' of "''V-
MKMr01'1 (V''Vt'l,,il'- ?)?
fflJtZti .T.i'M!ffl
-o..,.Uii! t, lill His oliice. wi'.li !..:"
10 ".! -
Special Notices,
7l7r I'ir V'uu'vtfit-. n,"1 CAL'.
f 11 l XOU.v.0 MKN and ntl...- i !
fur fro,,, K.v n.i. i ... i." ' . wn" 'f-
l. ; 4iZVL
Mt.i and rtl,er, whn fu-
i ri.iiiftiui
Jtr at thi, .
. . ., .' juno
mi iiiii,rv.ii nor u ii lit' r
w. me
i i
C'l-Ul hil.ll.flC ..t.r I : r. ... ft
i,,1""1"'' W1"" bad n u10 uu- 1
t , . . Y.
Juno 2nd !811 -lvr. .....
' 'iea .n US TUNIC. Wa
eun roo.,n,u,o,., tn MilT.-.i: will, .0 f
-'I'I'B'Ju. !i,diKCt,un.r i)yi,f.M-,i. Nrvo,i5
; 7 n.uiy.t- u st,i,.iiii.,r
.v r-, . . :::'" "?'!.
, " n""viut IHJIIUIM j ii Blrei.ctlin.s tie
"'jio uu
I'll. S riSle'K I.A X U'S TONIC W
"'"JIUU v UKaystem : jt oroatos a Hi.r-.
aidl VanaiilcJ lo clira I),.iie,..iu ii..l
urvmif. ll.j ulity.
ForK.ile by lrui.'(fiht ffniiorttl,. .i i ..... u.
tlo. I'r.-Par. l.y Dr. A. Strickland, Ko. 6
tat Fourth utruot fi.,oiiiiiati, Ohio,
.luly 1 rtt-lvr.
'J," " '""baiu weotor bitter, or
- i"" uiu, ;er niaa Kara mid
iiii.-.i vaii . K,, ....... I. I?:.. t . ..
' "i.iii uiiiuii. in me ,iinr ; K,ii
over tisK any ono the fx-lUb qnastioH
.iebiifjunrStornaeh Hitters t,.?nna , i.. 'I
n'iiiibcrol munwhidHilvrriveatthwI.itiiu-lo
tion tor rcfro.Hienoiil und' ro-t . fjn universal '
M-Miinony i that Uiom) Biitori aro tho beKt I
iu.i.i.1. For tho varion aurr.m.'r comalaiutii
wiiu'ii alllict . many, I know of no remedy ro
Ete. tiNTisotM's Orri'n.
T.T1n Trf tftlM.ATl, J-UD0 4, !bd3
A.v LEAi; Sin : I hih Jiwponsins anecnn,
salu una s.iru.o. 1'latur. h Kiva,uTo nnlca idiv
sicion aliat i euy and what i'.. hard ofdigotion
anu wna: wot ae'ioo with lho atomcuh. w i,.,.
ni.ro will '
, , ' " ".'." VJ , I .- L I 11
''vemny man hue who ha.u biandy pre.'
i-T ,by ''"'"'K"""'' Army fi,.r-
Bn. haetJootc.fyonra.onnH-hure boncBcial
moio kj iiiBB irom any pro vioiihly taken
oiundy pre-
ficial I
. .
fail in thoir parchao ifthay got jour bran
I an, Doctor, with much respect
Your aorv-imt,
G.W.D. Amuit-w jsiit,A:n.MAn
tlT Offlee i and iiiaiinfautory. koa. 5C, 53 , 60,!
62 EaBt Thirl arao. For eala evervwLara
Ko. 5ih li3,-alt. bw. J
on t "uub:j
We I,ttir-itiiiir.id n treet i.umler o
nthers rem gime tf tl.e inivt pirminea
tuijens f Cinu.in.ni mid Covington. t" ,
dp.?dktn in the lii(;hHt terms of Ur.St.lck.
irr .ui.iuru lor ih cure of
V w.i t!L ZTilul
for the best itoctorefo Cintlmmi. hm.I on
nJ Vt Sitickl.mrAiiU Umiew Mi.
tuie cDVcieil prrmmeDUure bficr lulfer.
ing for moiHtig with tile Worst form ofHiar.
rlia a in I dyeii'ery, .
Aiioih-r say was iiFch,vst! from the
Lnited Slates wrvice alter sutTeringin tho
hospital for 8 nrjnihsai incurable, aud as a
last resource tried Strirklmiu"a Auti-Cbola.
m Mixture he cot well directly and hi now
entered ihe armv ttnin in eood hehli.
One man write lie hia (Ured Kvenor eight
very bid cages of diarrhuea and dysenters ia
ihe b.irrads be waa in vitli one bottle of
lliia valuable medicine. In futt wo coeld
till h;ilur jmper wiih aimilur itcmw fiom
lln si letters. Why does not our Govern
ment secure thl Vdlnbblo prepiiriiion.
Our army oulit lo be supplied with it. It
i-; bi t a ahoit time since one of our men
laid in a very low con.-'ition at on nf mir.
Cinrluniii Hoj.iitils, nU wife w3ient for,
die docors considered his en lioni'lrss em.
Sshe, however, ve him Rtricklaiui'a Ami
Cholera Mixture, and in three week hevvaa
iihle loreinru liom'i w ith his wire lo New
Richmond, O. AH these cj'ps ri 'lit at
iLa . .11 ...-li .. . r .
uireniuierawill put OOttla or It ill tlieif
jtiin,Kvicki, it rrny wve them nr Rome of
Jicir (..mrdde-i. It id fur tale bv Drupi'iati
at fiO cans per bottle. '
New Advertisements.
McArthur Market.
k !" s"'ci
" ' '
!iniMolaiiaN, N O.
(Nihil Mncd,
.;Vll Ckilija,
UlWhcut, 1,85:2
1. 3D
Duvi.i Vi(Jiiiide 1'nfl'
V,rV'lf H.ner.wnHt .duilu-1
li . -.
S. Uaun. I
T In? rait) ifuruirnl Kl,ri.l..,.- .j
, , . e l ... '"-"'.iiiii, p BturiD
i ni Mvcnuaiini, j till II- J
l' nuiiiin I Il,.ilt, '
J.m O. P. j:r.vmao4 !
1U ,?d of Vlne
i-lr.n rix i f JoIjii Mirtii.'l.t.iiiriLi-.t. l...u..,i
Kui.l .Mur-ret ShrctUui'imm of tlm St n't of
liiili.ni.i, a:;.l V ir.. .
ii.,,,. ..1, ni :.. . "i ui
'( ' Uilty Illinois, will I.';,.
tf.l 'i ; i n O. . :i, I ... . I i.. .7 .. ...
,, . wiiiuiy 131,4, b.q
1,111 "' 111 u" c"lrt u' e.mr.un i'iflM,
h' . ,or.V'V l?'lot
i i . , nrown no l Liuuie! e.
1 '.r" u ''" s0"1 frth kmotti; o.bf
1'-' :inihnbr C ,V O Ii II ml mrl 11 nil t ur.m tf u. 1
To of Mc.Vr.l,n;, ViutoB.iV
'.' Mariei Shickenmat U J...o
'oii''"ui.', thru in thU lim, mid rjJ "tiA
kr' bo,nd l,'Tfu?
s 1 k:::;: Vxt": uj'tiv'r 'f'
V 'l" V ,
""H" . -y of am,i w. .u Hrt pa,
".""oJ ''y. t -:.;t ou note una ubt,Ded
J.V't""1 ' ' l.o Coutt of t-o.un.ao I'ieafc- r
j..i.h si,;..L . V "'J-. KH.
i .: ,V.: , r. ..??:"." .on,lc i"iU.I,.yof
it'll ,
I,.,,. i..i .. .1 : .
"uii.tiiii, ,.u LW.lirv
I i..r, ... ... ....I . . . w....
... .. in...-, uiiiiu.m uiu aimH Marea-
it hiirctku.jjtuiH'., oil tl,o soh n.y of Soulfin.
i). ri;,i, lor two lniii,lra nnd iw.-nt i. .,.
, iv.l
.. , ..v.-. i., ..... :
b'.uw- , fth. XM k lH?!
U " ' a ' r
' "momiv'i nuu vk K
Hi, hp. -.l
nrn'Ti, ' " ,no,i, "r'J J',0ta
r ,1
r-maina mi.)ir.,,i f .That ,aii I Johia
M.r.-kci.anrt U. i tUar led, tiint aail
- it,.., ... i i... :. " ""'ii..r.
holve.it. da Mio Mnrifurct Si-..i,...-... ..
.ir. i ii.MiK.e.l ilia till.. l!ond m Mid 'db
'""h' "I1 iu,i,,r cannot ,t,ti. ' Al ufajlr.
omrne othur ti ...... ti..t ,i.u.tj .1...
... " " V ' "'. ." . UelBii ent.
, . . " "I'll ! Ml lift
niuuhtr two lnin.ir.nl ur, ,,r..ni....:. i.. .i
...r, ...! 'rl .T .
iro" e('"vcye.i tho a of av.J lotto ihi
ii i,s..r il,, ...u u.... i .. .
. t.
i..,r,.l,,..... .1...-. . , " .1. , . .v. iv .us
.. ... v., .m ,U111 mi, on,ij msy bo cancel
,'r , . ? ""i" 1,01,1 r"r """"" " lhat.aiJ
.ilurpu.ct.vhrcolienjriiii-.tnn.l -uiil I),mBl S.D.na
nmy l.c hurcd (rem uny lurth-r eluim on laid
iiii.nber two hundred and twenly-aix. and
other relief. And mii.1 dulcude.iU aro noli,
tlmt dn-y nro requin d to appcur im) mm.
wro am H.iition un or Wore Ilia third Sat
urday ul.tr ih 8th dav nf S.itcnihir rxt
, , . ti) UliMir Bbatiom
AujiisiJth 13;4 Cvr iis A'tya. '
The Slate vf Ohio Vinton County
Court iffJoTntnvn PUai.
Sarah R. Juhuaoo PUtT. 1 Divorea
v and
Eii;frd K. Johnson Deft.) Alimorx
1 ho Buid HcfKiiili.nt Kinlii,,! 1 .f
. ii vuiipuii aj
iowark.in the (,'oiintv or Liukimr. .nH Ri.,.ne
O'lin, it, liertjhy nptified that aaid 8rnh R.
"Rn, 1 Uintiff, diionlhe Foor-taenth
y l". i':0o.A' U-' ftle1 ' petition In
.1 0 '- of t,,e K"i'1 C 0,1,1 tf -'nimon
i ' v int.in Connty, a;alnt him
15 u i ""'J wcnrd A. Jaaa.
nn. with Kiireine crnolty and with Groaa or
Kn.-i oi only, ana praying tiat anid PlaintiU
",FM jiiiinion, maybe dirorced from the
Nid diilcmlent lS'ulard A. JobufOn, and also
thatnlio may rcouivo Alimony from him tha
said KioliatJ A. Johnson. Which petition
willhofor heating at the next tarin of aaid
Au 4 tt-fiw. By D. B. Sii ivtL, her Ally.
OTUAYF.D awav froir tlio aubrcribcr. livin
pJ ut Viaton Siiiiion, Vinton Co., Ohio, ou
FridavJuiy 15th, 1i-.il. A lara liiiht Urindla
Co , uKiul IDyaara old, l.ir h'.rna, tba riifbt ,
horn a little lower than the othei, anjlmia
Blii cut in her brisket. I think aha haa a rrnilk'
crop on lult ear. Any peraon triiinir malnfor-
m'ion of vsw will ha luitaoly rewarded.
Auj. 4,--S 1IENKY U. PALMES.

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