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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 22, 1864, Image 1

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, $ I'.l l)i M Ifl l:j
ho noiiVi. ko mh:th. raom: the constitution, but a saciu:d MAiNi'mAitcr: or that ins-tki ijim1 aud the hkion,
N 0
VOL. 13.
jijg i mh;i;i; ,L I 'J. LI1.
W. ft 1if tf
il I 1 LI ifl 111 M
..: A sr- m
1 I 11 If J Ll I
ri '4 ft in
K. A . Bit ATT ON.
t V V I V. V. -
1m ttrultou'i Hnilmiri". 'T'ftj-t of C.'oiif
Union', ,u Sluii.
Tt, Urn. .-.'.at Will h.inl fine yen; T-.r ).
'Dal l.V "i Kitty .-out. Six Monti.-. for vn
uJivVKnt. Knur M..nlta. for Fifty C.-nl;.
' Xjg-Mi pupcm will hn tl-o;.ntimie.l ut in--xinruliim
of llio Hum puM f "
Ono 8.imro ono it.mrtion, -JjJ
Euohaait'onnl inoiU..fi, f
Card one your,
N,ior of appoint" an M ..imst
y.lltnrlul r.oifceyrlu", "
t i-r Ton liit!. m.ni.m cl. .a' m or .n-re .
d nil A'lverti-ar I L"gul N..tie n.u,t
Ub'ral" jTl-ctlo, will ho ,,' t , y ..r-
ri'lioal'vct-Tii'mt't lit nmpn"t "
rAII pnynwn Biftt l.o in n.lo to llic I rn
ri,u.r, a y hu it iio .itontt.
W.mr4rct.iiro.l Mcoocnlo v. Hi noniiif.,.
SiHteU l'r'"-'" l' v' .''"'J' ojt.'.pouiu.n,
l'AM I'ULlSTd,
cillU'l-lN(i D1I.L3,
LAP.EU's &c.,&c.
.Jhe-.r1al u..l tocouvItiwUlictwiotin
,1 vil . ,J-',M,ur f'" -""i11" "
W ho! Ul .1 l.'.t'
iTc r e La .
..-l!V -. 1
House Iruiiw n H' l.a I
i.-n.l n.antl near ih IMfrnX Depot. o
pint wi boparoil for the ai.TO'.omUU .n
C L I H 1 0 M HOUSE.
oimrlVu ii'ui'IiFii('t:K,wi'l-H '"'': VA
i-VSmM rier Mviuluy, Jaiiimvy 11 ISO.
0" till iMrvlior uotiee, trH will run a lol-
luWB: ,
MT"rriU';tChilUcU,ctl:15 1'.M
j...i i M Arr vui'it Mitr'uttu t '. JJ I -"-i
,xi liva HAnnlt-a Junctimi :it 1 !.... A. -
CliUlI'otlie ut 1,15 P. M.; v "anonjjtor
8 fill l M leaves I.o vcIiokI all :J0 1 . M., ur
Ti'vontCiV.i.nAUit 5:55 P.M.
The Accommodation Train Leaven Cl. I icotht
at V 0 V. M. ; urrivCB Cincimmtti at. ll :a A.
M leaven Concinnati nt 3:80 i . M. 5 arrives at
tYillicotho at 8:50 I. M.
Comectlotw 'P nt
Triu. S to ami from Coliimbn! fJ at ll inv -n
Iimo ion with train, to ami from Portmnoutli
Jiiuaion jonN TjuuAKiKup't.
Jui-iury 11, IStVt-ly
0?l unJ after TlmnMny, Kcbrm.ry 15. IM.
rcirnla; laaniror Trains will run in con
ation with the Trains 011 main mo Intweon
l'ortn.nouth and Cincinnati, as follows .
Leaves Portsmouth at 8:1 A. M., nrnves at
. n...i M nrnvos at rorj.lnnil at
J'lonoor. ui -j.o.m.vi., ......... -- - ; ,
10:06 A.M., arrives ta Jackson at, 10:57. M.,
arrivos at llumdon at U:S0 A.M.; aiives at Cm
lnt.atiat5:55 P.M.; ,.,., T,
Leaves Cincibnati at 8:30 A.M.; leaves ilani
den at 3:00 P.M ! arrives ut Jackson at 8:34 r.
' M arrives at r.'rtlandat4:21 P.M.; arrivcsal
l'io'neor at 4:50 P.M.; arrives at Portsmouth at
:1U P.M. . '
Z Accommodation Train departs from Port
month at :45 P.M.; arrives at Pioneer at .4:45
and dsOarts at 4:50; rnyes at Jackson at 0 :i3;
and llumdn. ul 7 :30. Uoparts :40 A.M ; ar
r'vos'at Jackson at 7:35; arrives at Pioneer at
9:35:' and arrives at Portsmouthat H:4o. ,
Throngh Tickets to Cincinnati oan be obtain
ed at Portsmonth, Portland, and Jackson, at
the following Tates: t
Portsmouth to CincinnaU, 1 4."0
Portland " . do M
Jacknon " do 4,00
From Portsmouth to Cincinnati and return
8 00 Tickets from Portsmouthio Mariof-a
JOHN DTJRaN, 8up't
H. W. QTJAT1E. Assia't Snp't
Feb.2vh 1864-tyr. '
" tiry Sinister Ou ardian of John S.. Marv
nH William Sinister? miner heirs of said
tRaardiatl lias filed Ais acconnts for inspection
' .vA partial Settlement, as such QaanHim, and
ill ba tor hearing on m itn aay 01 may A.l
84. . K1CHARD CKAIO ...
AprB Ut UM-lw ... Trobat Judgt.
A p.
: ! flivirrliy
linw I lit! '.i
nmi rn 'ii
: ill
i.iii.l if ii. fiec;
W'llV II I? till' I'ldll'll ''nil ' llliill,
Tj lii'ts losu !l;eir liberty.
Wliv bIioiiIi! wur tiitimph. nt tritt,'
Why Alic? tills ruin hp
In I Iimvi- nu ll n"iijiy nn l viin,
Why 'ihvo iv e it our Hjit )'.
linw ir.iniv 1i.ti:i. iim l.'l'i '.i'.r.c,
How iii-iay tvii! : ! v-- :
A 1 1 'I hi my orpVim v- 'i" '. '. 'inJ,
in li t: ! ot Li'i-rii
Such ni''i) lis j;.ii.lt' tlr ship if s'litt",
!S h-u 1 1 1 Ij.' Iiuiii; it pun ti 'riv;
Vl iiii!il b: liuM. 'i.. of Into,
(irjci i! wiili iwr Li'iiriy.
J.ih'i f!,'0'.vii fir-toiti tV r.iil,
In Virimii.'i. tin1 I uhI nf Ir.i' f:. i;
Am! l!ui'r;li in tlic ;:a ( ho is luij,
Iti.i cu-.vtirl.i'id stulo 0'ir I.i 'triy.
An'l M- v;i! will nuri-h rij,lit un,
A.J wn r.'l mi ;r!.ii :v
Vliii l' c In, lL; s'rlfn iitu-. uri und ,
Slill liiJcti uiif Li i lj: r'y.
T:i? l)l o I nf liulf ii iirili'.n miro
Was cpiili'il Iim;1 i!n' iiij'T !'i"cj
A.iil Tii.ri's lifvr nyi .il-.l Oorr,
L!t! bpLvrfi ii j air.1 Li'jery.
J. N. W.
The National Democratic
The National Democratic Platform.
T'n (J onvontioii !8-)'.'in!)ll at i
iNjOi'L. M. Mi'.Gu'hi'io ft-ited th;it
tho kuittiiftto on U,aolutioi!s Lad
11 invert, nnd v:,s ikvv rmidv to n.'iioi t.
llio rctiolutions who tho n
load ;nu
!ir' mi f. ll- : "
t R oh'til, Thai in tin futur n s in ih- pit
w,'. will mill to with uus'.vjrviiii; fiiltlity 10
ilic liiiiun iimlrr tlm Cuiistiiiitiu.i us the
filly fuliil foiinilation fur our fMrcnjrht!"!, se-
i;iliily Ullil ll ii';i:ilt'. 1 11 ;l if(i;)l.f, ;tnd !la 11
frinni'-woi!: of t overinutMit t-)ii iliiy. i'(i:iihi-
10 i:ie irl'Tin p.nii iirospprily ul ul! 1 1 . -Slnti's,
both Xortiif rn uinl S lUllifrn.
liAvi'ivJ, Thnt this Coiiwiitinii ilui's ex
(licitly (. cluri1 as tlicsciii' of .lh.! Ailmori
ciii) pcoplf tlmt iiiti'i four yenrs of failnrf
tn ri'-lore t!if. Uiiion hv ih exp rhnniit of
i"'iir,'lurina wliinh, iiihUt tlio -r.'tniiso of a
militan nciesity rr wur wt'r gre.i'cr
than the Coiisiitution. the Conslitiniii it-i-if
lias ht'en ilimtgaruil in every point, mi I
,iiili!if liberty h'ii'I private riht ulilie t rod -iIpii
down, and the nintorial 'irnperiiy of
country efseniiiilly impuTvd, jusi ii
hiinianiiy. liburiy, and iIip pu'iife willorc
ipnm.Kl that iinnii'tli.iti' efiiiris he ma.le for
1 ('petition of hostilities with n.,vipw to mi
ultiinat' p.!iiVriition of the State?, or
nlli. r ppirpahle nvniis to thp piiiI, thnt at
'lie pnrlir.it pi.fsihlo niuinriittcrci' mny bp
wstornl mi tin? lu.-U of tlio l-ilfral I'liio'ii of
'h Stps.
Hi solved, Tliftt thp direct inlprfpreiicA of
tin; iiiilitiiry imlhririty nf the Uniletl States
in the rpiient elpcii. n's hi'lil in K.-nai U y ,
Mnrylninl. Misnrmri nml f'tiuiin lv.mi.1, was
a siiMiKcful virl-nion of t!m Con-.itji .ioti.
inula repetition of bio !i acts in the ap
proa. hin.. election will In; held r-j r , ..lu
tintiRty. nml be recisip.! wiih nil the inesns
Mid power under our uiurnil.
IUtolred, That t lie dim and object of the
DemncMtie parly is to preserve the Federal
Union, and the rights of the Siatea tuiiin
pared, and they hen-hy dee'dre that they
emiMiler administrative usurpation ol extia
ordinary ami dangerous pow r s not granted
by the f'oiistit.iiii3n.
The rippn-s ion of the civil by inilioirv
law in States real ins mity. Tin' ;ir'.itiarv
orrt'st. imprispniiieiil, trial anil h n ' n of
An.erican citizens in States v I rrc.-iiii law
in ill lull force. The Kiippres'-ji: 0! he 'dom
of speech mid of the piess, the denial of the.
n-'liloi asvlnin. ilienpeii and avowed .d.s-ri-gi.rJ
of State rigiitM, oieemploym-p: of un
usual tcitiiath.-. tint) iliterfL'teii''0 o i h an I
dealing of the rights of tho people to b.--.
arms, ns calculated to prevent a re.-torr.tio,.
of the Union and perpetuation of Gj-.ero-mem
deriving Ms just powers from the. con
sent of the gnverned.
It is said that the f-hiim.-fiil il isreiimd ol
theiiihniiiiit ration tn doiladuty in iv;,ud to
our fellow citizens who now u're, and long
have been prisoners of war in a snllWinu
condition, ile-enc the severest reprobation
011 me score aiuie ci me :)uu!ic .anil coin-
in. ai humanity.
Resolved, That the sympathy of the Dem
ocrncy is heariiy ami eaniestiy extended
to the soldiery of our army, who are, and
have been on the held under the flag of our
country, and in tho event of our attaining
power, by us will teceive all care, orolee
tion ami kindness, that brave soldiers of
the Kcpbhc have go nobly earned
I havo always found that it ia the
tendency of 8iiboidiiiatos to make
vaxatioua arrest on mere snsuicion.
1 instrnctiona to Ueneral Uuell. No-
T.nilicr 12, 1801. .
Say as little as p.wibla about no-
Iitics or tlio negro I Instructions to
General liurusido, January 7, 1S62.
Tho unity of this natioD, tlio pro
scrvaiiou 01 our instruciions, are 10
dear to me that 1 have willmcly ea-
iriiied my private happiness with the
object of doing my duty to iny
country Letter to Secretary Came-f
October, 1S1. '
.while tha right and tha binding au
simplo tbority of law over President, nrtny
and peoplaare snbjectg of not leai vi
eron, (al importance in wa? than io peace.
1 ; ...
Or-wuE. N. J , Sqiiu'ii'ier 8
Gknti I'Mkn: I Imvc the lunorfo ;ii-
laifiw'ii'tlm' t!ii! rcci'ijit ofyjur li-lter,
infurininn nio of my nutiiiiiatinu ay
the Uijuiocnitio Nation.'il Cuiiveiitiou
ToCCnt-ly nssi.'tn!!e 1 n? Olilcajru.
As the fiiri H'liitj tit tlto nttxt nib
lion I'-r llio l'ri'si..l'!ppy of llm Un'l
i-'l oi:;it!- , it ij ii!i:i.;.,'.,;wy I'nr mu o
P'iv t vc-ti th:tt tliU ti iiiiiti tsi'Hi colli, j
tn tno Bin.n!j;lit. 1 t'.iti , htippy
know tliut svhtin t lie- tt sn I ii.ttiuti w.is
"jnnuk' the n:fnr.l of my jmbiic lil'o wj
k'.'pt in viii'.v.
Tin' t-!L":t of hr: in.l viirimi ttt
vit o ia tin) p.i'iny, ilt'.rii' l tlt w;ir
I in iuv. Ii.m ! i i j t.i fi'iv:i':l!;t ?i
nnl m;.l;-j i i.l'.f'i1.'.. i. lav uii'i.i nnj
In f.rr, h if v . 1 1 .
Union, ( 'M ' i!i:t 11,
ill' iir e.;..i: try, i;n;i!'
Vl'l i'tl.!v.' t if
i:".V- :HrI
" I ; ;,.t)
. . .,
I ml :
1:. r.ir y V ir'i.
TiifHo fueling !i v
I i
l!i j con nio i
. ,, . ;, , u 1 .,, . .. 1
, ,li wV,'. I , .
,:;r:.,i:::';;n'; :zr" i
'',W tn .lo ?
i t inii oi in
over tin; ro''i'iii wh'cii o!i;.! 0 .v;"J
on r il.'.r i 1 ;iio'ii:i'iiti i''!i'! with
thi! ir'hiv. tho i wv r and ilu bajiplr
lic.'-rt i f tlio liooiilvf'
Tlio iiosi-iMtiii!i ol'onr Uiii-m w;ls
tut) Sole HVD'.Vt'd ohj Hit lor
war was pntimuMuvrt, an
whic'i th'j
1 it nh Mill
have boeii CDi'tltirtod for
oii'v, and in Hccoidanccj
that o!ij-c.t
with thoilJ
pi'liicip.cs v.lin;ii . tone OC(!:Uioil -tn
dtclaro when in uctivo sorvicj.
Thin coiidiicti'd, tlio work of recon
ciliation would liavu Inil'll t'M'y. 7:
111 ii Ii t h ivo rt'ttji'jil the b.'iuliii of our
many victories mi lai d mid km. Th.'
Union w.''.3 ui'ijjtiiial'.y . rtTi-( J by th;;
cxistyiiuo ol ivspirit ol'D'ino.Iiatioa aud
c mipruiiis.). To red to ro mil prcsrov i
it Ih'j k.'Miid trj irit inust prevail in our
cimnuils and ia tho liuarta of tlu pen-
Tho rj-CJtiib'ia'.iineiit ol tbu Uoio.-i
in all iu Kitrity is inn -t ontiiiu i to
ho tiio i'lijijimirfi1.)!... cuti ii'.i hi in a.ty
sotiiL'inont. 00 aooii ii u 1 a cie.ir cp;
even pruhiibthht our prcaoiit iidvor
iaritis uro ria.Iy lor poaoo upon the
hani.s of tho Union we should exhaust
all tho ropouroes of 8tae"iuaimhip
prnctiaud by civilizud nn'ioiH nnl
taught by tlio traditions of Amurituii
poopki ooimist iiit with t!io honor iaJ
iiitorostJ of tha country tc, Hccuro
such p'.'Rei, ro establish tho Union
and Uiiiantuf, lor tho future tho (J-ja
.siitii.ioiia! rights ol twry Suit.
Thy Union iu tho 0110 condition cl".
Ijav, we as!; i.n nioro.
L .t mu ichl what I doubt n,)t wai,
a'ulio.iIi uiioXi-rOoted, tlio eon'.inioiit
o; tha O-jii vention, in it ia of tin) po
lo llity epribiit, that whoti any
i:v Stut ? is willing to rutin o t Urn
Union it should bo icculvod at ouco
witii a full pMrantuo of nil its OoiHii
tarion.d ri.iw.
If a frank, earnest nnd persistent
ofl'ort to obtain tho3n objueti should
fail, tiio roftponsibility for ulterior
C0'ist.qiienco3 will fall upon those
who remain in anna against the
Union, but the Union must bo pro
ved at all hazards.
I could not look in tlio face of my
o;il!uiit c inirades of tho army and
navy who survived so many bloody
nattles tind tell them that their labors
and the sacrificed of po many of our
slam and w hih io'I brothorn had been
hi rain, that wo ha 1 ab ui lonod that
i !;) :i '.vbich v?u have 150 often pet-il-
it .1 our lives.
A vast majority ci cur people,
hfthi'i' in ti,,' army nnu nuvy or at
Homo, iVi'tiut, ai t wouiii, linn with
unbounded j-jy the p' rni-uK-nt reafot-
ir.ion ot i.cueooii the t-i-iis of tho
Union under tlio Ooiistiimiun. wiiii-
out the effusion of another drop -o!
biood. .Hut no peace e:in bo p ;r-jimi'.-nl
without Union.
As to the other.subjcls presuntcd
io thb rt'Bolutione of tlio Convention,
I need only to say that I shall seek io
tho Constitution of tho United States
and tha laws made in accordance
therewith, the rule ol my duty UhH
tho limitation of executive power.
1 would eudeavor to restore econo
my in public expenditure and rees
tablish the supremacy of our law's,
acd by the operation of a mora vigo
rous nationality resume our .com
manding poaitiou among tho nations
of the earth.
: Tho condition of our finances, the
depreciation of the paper money and
and tba burthens thereby iaiwaSel
upon labor and capital, shows the
necessity ot aroturn to a sound system,
.fyfrtiar.l t!ii!ir lihti'iiis tiii ' iiy!i',i
Inlicvitii ilmt vi.".v licru ex-
jirc.-aotl ntu tiiow nf llio O.ni vunti. !!
'it'll thy ii:.ib!oyou ro;re-!iiit hciunt
t!i j noin'ri.iti.vi.
I ' iv;i!!!) t'k' v.. !-!,!, llio r"p. n
sibilily to bo liori.a aVu'J Hie ltt-'
rutil'y your cli'jict).
Cons.tiotid ol my ofrn wcukncRS I
can Only seek ltvi'iitly tho ui.Jiiiict;
ol' tho ruler of ITni vi-r-ot mi l n-ly tin
liis ".II p'iArfi!i hi. 1 to il. :ny l."f t"
r at i o Ijh',1
un 1 eitca t" Rufl r
nil t.i !
tt!il, 'iiUi'im'fi Vfiy t
i'lii;..fi;r f ('fV! n'.
T i II ) I!
& :VlllO'll':
otlu'M', (0!ti'ii:
Ex-Gov. Wickliffe Speech.
ttH'V 3 iliilllil i.CI'.'l illl CIMP 'H!
T'frt..,,. tV.:,.:,-:.!.,!, , wXj'
-ti.. n,;, ,iVo or".;;,'; .;,-!
K 11 vc-rtt r 1 v i. !!,:": o: K :t
ttn'kv, w is itiiiM laO-j.l A:i lstJ 'i'J a
.' : I
i'.i. 10 vi. a 1 hi hi l:i !
1 11 . .
l.y sh ut! I ivm&'.ii untoiieli'! I, what
ts 1 nir iMiMilioiii 1 it;it my I101110
tho other d iy sMiltary a'.oio, when a
r.viiiin'.'it ul oiio tli nisinl nero nol
iii :i'3. within mi j i un ii'ed a.'iy lifty
yards of my h on 1, wro eating up
my ro''i. C"rn, leaviiii; n t enough
for my own dom-'Stio ptirpuEefl.
Thorn nno roniedy f'.r thi. If 1
coTipla;nod, Soward had hot rung
bin boll; but wo biivo worso than
Seward's boll there. No mtiej is
given when a ninn or a woman "in
nri'tr-ted in Kentucky. Cries ol
"shiime." Tho other day. in tho
convention I urt'ored n r.'solutioti to
tho I'lleci that kentuoky d onan.1.) of
the LVjsiilont elected in November
ne::t, that bis iir.se tlli.M.il act shall he
to throw open the prison doors ot
Abraham Lincoln, and lot tlu captive
j,'o froo. I stitod tho ftiotof men and
women being iinpris i:ied io my state,
ami I wish now to 03 particular, i
want to correct a la!) statement in a
P'iper called the Tribune. 1 don't
know whether it wm conimunicatol
by man in Kentucky, or whether it
was eooied, but it appears to bo edi
torial. It nrii'es 1110 s iy on that oc
casion that women imprisoned were
confined in a filthy prison on straw
beds. I anid nothing aboil tho 11:1
tiiro of the piison.biit Isi.v jist ba
loreli !;'t homo that they hu I )'z)d
t'.ie'M HUion House and Ht'e 1 it up
for a llifijle prison. I -1 " r j th it was
'!..;;, 1 -nli-rVtS .v ci tin.-e. w-iii'..iti? I
a- 1 . 1 ti:'.l you. 7li.iu tlio last, of them
v.vro c.'pln.'ud in F.iy.'tti) e nnty and
Lox'.at.m, jast bi tVno I canto h une,
an I if tiiereis any ir.an disnntes it. I
have two oie-i Iu.'fj to or ivo ii, who
were txpillel. tii -y state for no other
leason thiin tliat ihey would not give
two lawyen money enough to got
them out. ,
There were brought down npon tho
same car women as respectable and
am'ablo in a'Ptho ndati mm of life
as any in the State. Why aro they
imprisoned? Uocausn they havo a
brnther 01 a sou ot a husband in the
Southern Co'ifeJoracy th.tt is their
only olfons" anil ( snpp-'iso they pray
tjoJ they will no. lo k lle i in Uartie,
Nov.', Sil'3, I
0 VCil t.10 t:l?t. I
want tlio editor ol tlio
CouJradict lh 'i.i if he has the, v nir
ir. tho ;i;tl'dihoO ! t.i no ii. (...: (;f
these fiuniiies (Mr. id cOa-v : ,U
uaiiio.) win is adva 1" 1 in ( p .
deased of wealth, iivin-, in c m .' :
witn m wne, nan ui:!', gran I I t;io!i.
ter and granuoh-
..,! 1
'1 1
bu t I
and "iir papers f irbiJ.i':
i:.e fact that 5 hev w re
n :
i t.tk) tho liberty oipebii ihiog it h re
111 tho presence of my G.v.J, and in the
presence of this great ass .'inbly,
I vm.i to know what war means,
as wo fool it in tho West. I give you
this as an iustmcj. That lady nnd
grandmother were in this bedcham
ber, with a white family around her,
consisting of husband, grandchildren
and daughter; ono of tho children,
some six or seven of ae, was in the
last agonies of death the husband
implored tho ofJlccr who coino with
tho pow. to arrest him, for God's
sake let ns remain here to-night un
der your guard; let 113 close (ho eyes
of out grandchild. It wai deuied
him; tho family was turned from tho
house in the clothing in which they
were clad; and tho child was left
alone in the care of ono single negro,
but fortunately some of tha neighbors
camo to ita relief. (Urioa of ''shame,
soarao," and hisses for Lincoln.)
. Governor WichlifFo Leavo h;.m to
hia own rtflsctiond and conscience.
i,,'. '"., i
i init him out.") They
bu,,uJ v.
bo punl inoi licforc Imdies,
for titer
0 13 110 cMr.cufor him nnloss
!'o 14. Tliero uro ntlior goi.'tIofn..'i.
Ii.'.ru wlm twu t ivl.lrcss ymu 1 have
itcctipidl luorotimo tlmn I intondod.
I I'u'.t i-xbauntt'd bi-fore I corurmncoJ,
but I beoumu exuitod Rt tlio recot.
Uvl hi of U10 vr.m? wbicb iny State
Inwoiidiirod. Why, Du miui who lias
.1 Imus'iviidod of t.h;ibei, u bii of
win or a . I. x n of vrit can "nke
tlu'in to niiitk. t nod H 'lT luin anm
!"u "'! sji't tin? cut.li 'ufoif the
jjr-uMidh.il that ,o is a lovitl
in un
iir;-.i:'.,iii t their iiiturptotati
i.-'t Mi. (irojlty publish lluf; 1-t
!:!m .i jriy It if he dcs'irud mid I will
urovu it. 1 wl
I: 1
k'o nt) to uotiii'
1 tiuii that this
rhiS 1MM.!:4.
i.Mr. .M:i .n- to;
tin-i with s.iim; tiin
several t'un.liwM
all 1
1 '!
ii.v. t:n. t',i'r.o.ii'iriviI;djf.59 to
lit t . :, C t,,Uin n,tj
' t i . iv r iii.d.jr Ahi.iliani Lia
t'.;j i G i.i liii.j'.i u'ln'i. tinif will
V'.'H tu r 11 .'mu ont.
ey are
?tft?;oi peace, -'to a:I whom it may
concern, (uroans
Were proposed
What is that loyalty to Lincoln's
election and tho equality and freedom
of the no-ro? 1 wish Tha i that outh
to road to you. I wish to say to tho
merchants of Now York that there
aro not less than rift? men Irom mv
stato in this city for the purpose of
waccuing 1110 iaii market to buy their
goods nn l to tako them home. They
have been telographed n t to buy.
bucaiHo they cannot bo pormitted to
receive them. They aro seized upon
as they arrive, and the peoplo aro
p-rmitted to eoll them. Thisls onr
condition in Kintucky: this is what
wo have got for tho gallant support
we g ivo 10 tno united States when this
rubollion commenced.
My God, I pray you t ) reflect that
when weluvo gono dojeii State by
St;itc, the tyranty that we fell may
roach gome ol yo.i in times to como,
unless you now check it and drivo it
with us, What can Kentucky do?
This is what every man asks mo.
Wiiv, sirs, il yon will just hold Lin
coln'd bayonets off us, ho will hardly
bo known to bo a candiJate in the
State of Kentucky. (Applause.) ot
him keop his soldurs from tho polls.
In 1SG2 your hui.nble servant was
was forced to bo a candidate ef tho
Democracy in K .ntticky. lie would
have beaten his competitor by not
los than thirty thousand voters, un
til they 2Qtt to Burusido to send au
army there;
The soldiers tore up the poll books,
and men are now in your city who
were 'put in prison because they
voted for 1110. It Kentucky is It ft to
vote without tho power of tho bayonet
oyer her citizens, we will have no no
cesoity of disacusaing any ol tho ques
tions in reforenco to tiie fituess of
this administration to carry on the
atfiirsof tho Government. I do not'
believe that ho will get 5.00.) votes
if tho sol liers aro kept away arid the
piopleiu'i allowed to vote.
N iw I bid yen farewell. TLo easo
of Kentucky ii tour case. W'mt
will yon Jd if, by tlu suppression of
tno vole ii.
1 V
by driving the
LJ emocruev
te i r
...Mj- n.f 1 ye. . v"! t-
---.i ''it to
ir jat e
I:'.' :..;a.
'ivtkl'.iiu retired ami
H i niiiv
[For the Democrat.]
Base Conduct of the Provost Marshall
of the 11th District.
Majjr Dkattun: Sir; I wiah
to i.iy before your readers the .follow
ing evidence to show wiiat un utter
disr gird oftho rights of tlio poople
is p: actio by our present Lincoln hire
ling! and their co-workers. Alex.
Cameron was drafted from Clinton
Townbhip, in this County. He pro
duced to the Doard of Commissioners
lu proper evidence according to a law
of Coogress. Pass by Abolitionist
to fight out the freeing of all the nig
gerJ, at tho expense of the lives of
our white citizens, forced in Lincoln'
slaughtcrpcns, and upon this evidence
ho was properly discharged. But
some of Camcror!3 Aholifioni neigh
bors represent to Capf. Coiy that
Cameron is not over 43 years of age,
and upon this statement and because
Camcronjis a Democrat, said Cory haa
him arrested, and put into the eervicoi
sent to Columbr.) anl them to the
front and is now in the Army, load
ing a wifj and flvo children, who da-
Ipcnd ouhim for aupportjto shift for
themxelvert. Thus showing a clear
violation of law and the only bond wo
havo to secure) our rights, a violation
f hisoiithofoflice. Koad tha Testi
mony additional 'to what was not im
pefiehod before the Board of Enrollment.
Ohio, Sept. 9th, 1864.
Mr Duncan McIntyre, Hamden Ohio.
Dearbir:l to dav received vnnra
of yesterday restating to rao that your
halt biothur Alexander Cameron a
native of Scotland, was recently con
ficriptud to fill tho qnota of Clinton
townslm- Vinton County, Ohio; that
y.M.ai.d ho we:-e both dnly q,Juiticd
Imlore t-o lrovost Marshal of tha
ilistricf ii'itlnn H... .: n . .
1, l"v'" auowed bv
to report, that ha whs
v;:r" ty-M '.yeara of nge wiion cn
roi.edand.lraltod; th.at your oaths
ha I b,.l", dwogarod and Cameron
orced from Ins wife and children and
home into tho army, w,ero ho now
w. if ho has boon spared in tho sever
al batties and skirmishes in which he
has taken part; that he and yon woro
damacrata, and to induce the admin
istration authorities to hold him
sevcra ol your abohtion neighbors
had taken the pains to deny tho truth
of your own and his oath; that you
by h ia authority, then sent to thd
parish minister oftho parish in which
he was born for a copy oftho register
ol us birth; that the aa.no was sent
to the Secretary of war to bo used io
procuring the discharge of Mr. Cam
won horn the army, you wished me
to forward to yon copiea of them.
Jhia I Cheerfully do, the following aro
trno copie9. .
RTKnfl7&iS Vict' Cal
30 Sec. 53 and Vict Cap. 85 boo 5.
l arnaliTo jan,i. 25th. Oira male
child 1317, named Alexander, IV
rents Archibald Camorou and Chris
tun McDonald."
Extracted from tho register of
births and Captiama for the Tariah
ot Cantid, in the conntv of Kosa and
Cromarty this third day of August
Ivghteen hundred and sixty-four?
For tho Kegister General
Geo. Setany
Canton House Dingwall A. B.
8th August 1864.
pleasure In
handing you enclosed an extract from
tho Record of tho Pariah of Cartir.
which are now kept in tho Register
Office Li.nhnrg, showing most un
mistakably that Cameron ia 47 yeara
ofago andeoihopahe will be at
onco released. The atate of America
mus bo very sad at tho present mo
mwt and J pray God it may 80on
bo reslorud loa afato oflW I ex
plained to the Uegiater General the
nature oftho case and ho gave the
extract gratis, 1 will keep the cieen
bads you Bent me aa a curiosity.
lou will observe the extract ia stam
ped 80 that there can bo no mistntn
as to its geauiness.
J 'n
Minister of Cantin.
can add furthur that there can be
no doubt of the senninHsa nf o.. e
oftho above documonta.
Yours Trtiep
Alfred Yaple.
f. th..
Snrs. m-rotlwa auythinjr else Mr
-Me.Infyre's oath has never been ques
tion in tho comnnity. and his evi
dence before Capt. Corry wag posi-
U-VH Jn- . Vfmr0U i8
eii that Capr, Cory is responsiblo to
bim tor every day ha is dotainod ia
the service, and if he iaworth.it, all
all doraages Cimeron sustains in con-
sequoncoof being thua forced into
the service, Cory will have to
Sept 18, 1864. CLINTON TP.
trflolsane for which we are
fighting ia he preservation bfUniorl
and upholding the laws of tho Gen
eral Govbrnracnt.-Inatruction to
Gen. 2urti8tde, 'January 7, 1862.J
Yoit wilt please constantly to boar
inm.nd tha precise iastio for wH
wo are fitting; that issue iatho pre
serration of the Uiiion and tho So
ration of the fB!l authority ?
eral Government bvef itona "
onr territory .In.tr,cHoKo Sen ,
Duell, Nov. 7, Isoi. - ,f
We shall rilost rir?;i t
ity of tho government by ro'fcfon
respecting the . cunatituSoMSi
of all.-f Instrndlooa to . Geo BnS
Noy. 13, 1S8I. : ' Ual1'

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