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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, September 22, 1864, Image 2

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jr. a. nrevrrox.
TI1UUSDAY Srt.32 1801
McClellan & Pendleton.
Peace & Union.
ri'K rBEsiuf.sr.
Of New Jersey.
Of Ohio
Democratic Mate Ticla't.
suprkme judge. (Full Term.)
SII'BEHE JI DCE, (Long Vacancy,
iVPRKXE judse ( Short Vacancy.)
board or public works, (FullTerm,)
roR cnsr.RF.? (11th District of Ohio).
Yiutuu County Ticket.
for sheriff.
Vlllfon PmilltvO
M llltUil J
(Jn VV edllftSaaVa!
q y OQfli rl
OtJit ABOHl'U-ij
. m-m ,-, -j
11 O ClOCk A.
This ia tho only time during the
tnmimi'irn Hint lm will hnni.ln
speak in this section of the State.-1
Make your arrangements, therefore,
tu rivo Jn'm ft trumfindona nifLtino".
Peace & Union. DAYTON, O. Sept. 20, 1864.
E. A. BRATTON, Esqr.
Inever desert my hiends, never
especially iu the couse of out const
tutioual rights, and such fiiends as
have in Vinton. Jackson and ad-j
join'n Connties. I will be with
on Wednesday 28th iust.,atllamdcn.lti10,isa1j3
I appointed tho meeting iu
1863,1 will fill-, it now sure. God
wming. very lruiy lours.
C. L. Vallandiagham.
The abovo letter from Vail, will
be conclusive with our citizens.
Lope our Republican friends win
. ' . Bj . ., v.,...o...
torn out and hear Vauahdigiiaji,
and judge for themselves. Let every
come; The ladies are especial-(
rtquestcd to brin alon
invited, aDC quested
lull basket for the Pic nic at noon
Army Tickets.
Aaj persons who have friends
tho Jrtny and wish to semi them
JilcClellau Tickets can obtain thrm
l this office. Every person should:
send tho bova tickets immediatelv
order that they many vote their sen-1
tiinentsaathey chose. Lou t fail
tf.end to this.
Hutchins and Bandy for Congress.
ciir&jus in' tho 1 1th Oongress
iuiiul District will have to vote for
Tono of tli'uBo gentlcimu for Congress
4as Col. Con tea has scut to the Don-
ovra'c Vniont hh declination tu a
candidate It i said however tint lie
will f npport tho Djiii icratic nomi
nees Tom our Pies id .mi t down, tho en
tire ticket. Tho friends of Jft. Dun
dy havcccimjienotl & most litter end
dipwr-acful Itinu svstem of tHisomil
i : . n .... : . n ... '. ..
, , , , i , , , . I
able, nu warranto! and tuu hi u as
,. n .
all Ins votes slio v a iii'in a lhereut to
the Constitution and Uai it, he is op
posed and has so voted, to the mon
strous nnd niKiiul laws iA Jftu cress
insstd at its lato sefolon, aiiiu fav
vor of the guarantees of the C'onsti
tution to &!1 our c tz.-us. Iiu;idy on
thoo'.hir hand is a warm and ai'dont
supporter of Old -'I bo in lor uo coin
rjiniso unless the ni-jrs are al I set
ireo,eu that condition hjiic other
knowing at tho same TiitTo wo will
ihave, to cui tlnue the wnr lor juus to
etl'ect this object. Ho is weded and
beded with ylbolition, and must have
it or a war an its effects ;ft permanent
disolulion ot the Uni.njjf with debts
confiscation tit: J blood aiied that no
li vIiilt man can calcinaWon. It is lor
.1.. . , 1 11...0 ,.,
u,rB,v,. u.,.. v
to support, llutchma a sonsjivative
manor Du.idv wlio has Asfttdcuiod
being a Bupporter of LiiitNiitud j.r
war and .'tholition oi.&ry. .no
friends of law and oiGef will nut be
frightened by the thnats or tho abuse
and lying of the Jackson Standard
nor tho adherents 01 poor Old Ibo,
who will probably he compelled from
public intiignatii n, to retire to En
ropj on tho lih ot March next .
Vallandingham Meeting.
The appointment;! olt!u fcStato Con
tral Committee, assigning Vnl.
speftk at Ianulrn on tba 'Jy.h iusL.
v.-rrlT.e filled by Vail. iup?rs:in. Let ev
crylody come
Our Elector, no luck will have it
ie..a McClellan and I'emllcton
.r .,. ... .1
man. we wi t at an evems boo oort
this Ticket rur pooplo aro all for it.
TIil. aeticn of onr Statu Central Com
mittee certainly was a very foolish af-
fair and demoralizing to tha nnrtv.
Reports arc startoJ by the Cincinnati
(iascttee nnd Commercial to the ef-
feet that Vail, will not
Clellnn. This ia false
it.. Th e Enqumx is authorized to say
that Vail, will support McClellan
aud i'cndleton.
support Mc-1
word of
We are for McClellan.
Yaliandingham 6ays he will sup
port tho nominees of the Chicago
Convention and ifa Platform.
Dan. W. Vohros of ludana, says
:n a telegram on tho 13ih, iiut. that
the best thing every man can do is to
supportthe nominees of tho Chicag')
Convention. The State Central Com
mittcoot'Obio adjourn j.I on the 13th
iust, with the simo conclusion.
Col. Sam. Medary wa ivgret to
eeo persist in his course of withold-
; 'K PP"" tl McClellan-we hear
0f ttlumher 0f Djmicrats who say
Crisis in conseqneuco. We cannot
believe but tho Col. will be ail right
and not go against tho organization
Ids old friends, and tho party he
M.'hus served so long. Close up the
j ranks gentlemen, a long pull,
strong pull and a pull all-together
t.i'and victory and a ro-e6tab!ishmeut
of tln Constitution and lawi will fol-.
low and w.th theso i eacj and Union
Sure as laio
Register on Hutchins.
The last Ilcjis.er eaya, iate'ains
'simply aimed to excite hi3 hearers
1 1 brtachos ofthe peace iu his abiuo
me acts oi t;io auministratiou eve.
you . The above is simply a lie, as
ho heard Mr. Ilutchins
May!wii testify and many republicans
wl0 wtro present at our meeting
cth inst. will bear witness
.. . i . Tl . 't . 1
)It8 laieny. Dm it is as near
j truth as you can get from any lea
Wo'ot 'the Republican Party of Vinton.
We wish the 100 who were hero
. itheLlncolo Pow-wow on Mie li
. nW ,iavo ,imd lUci,-n3 and
y aj0- They ubsstd no man
held up very propei'y, as every man
! Bbonld tho uurp'itK.n am! 'ianubio;
acts of thu tyra'iMN'.l aJmaistration
of our once nee government, lhia
what tl-o to '!a ofL rico'ri in
u e. v i
i tbi.r ca'l Dlachgu-:r.:8tu. The peop!
in ; are maiking these slan '.rers of a tree
' government undr the Condii.uti-.n
our fathers. Abuso is the whole!
eleek in trade of every man iho ad-
in vocatea Lincoln in tbso days. They
dure not endorse his acts, hence they
to ae driven to annsuoi meir appoueuts
Who re the Blackgaurds.
Another Failure.
Et- Gov. Dcnuisoa hold forth in
11 I Vmur IItmlA -V l 1,5 j f HT 1 1 Inn
the Court ii 0110 on last Tuesday
night to a hanflul of tkj Loyal faith
ful. There werrj threat many ladies
resent aud a majority of the voters
were Democrats. The Ex Got. was
very hitter in his denunciations of
Democrats, ho cviJontly did not know
his audiuueo. The meeting at Umn-i
dem was another in character. The
uiee'in-js of our apponents aro indeed
slim alLirs, in these diggings.
A Noble Ticket.
iu'iider no Vi'U Detu -crnl or Uopubl;-
. ' ,
',ci n or miy o her man juittakea look
. . . ,.
ut uic iicko! wo present you in viu
ton County. Frota President down
to Ciuvm r there is not a siulo man
on the Ticket that is addicted to the
use of ardent spirits. Tnis is as it
should he, the Country lias been
drcnlc lorg enough God koows, it is
time certainly, that we shoald make
i.fLrt to bivu ourielvuj fiiun utter
ruin by demoralization of ill kinds,
if wo cannot from wnr and its desola
ting cOLcts. We aro personally ac-
arqtf.iutcd with a nirjority
of onr Stato Ticket, and know them
to be nober, honest and capable men
every way quaibfled for thoir respec
tive oiliees. Aa to our County Tick,
et.you all know Dr. Aloorc, Fore-
i man, bhockev. Alhaugli Wiillnce and
i "io, o"'c!ey. A
rl(.ki Dr Moro Wjll nt(uJ tothe
ofl.ia, lilllSCf uj ev,,T o!lu;r mttn pn
thu ticket will do thu na iin thintr
aiuhn they aro rdl sobur men
good citizens and qualified for theiri
offices in every respect vie know ouritl
! people vill il-ct tlum by a hvrgir ma-
Ijority than any ticket ever necivcd,tmit
i'iu Vinton.
' Sertfnil.c-r 21.-G. neral Early hn
been defeat ! il near Winclnsetep
Sheridan. The Confederates lout
prisoncrj. besides a large n urn
ivr (d killed and wounded. . l'ho iv-
bei Generals Gordon mi l VJm.l, a
were killed and York wounded.
Tin Fi 'eral lovwas 11 U severe
! General Uptu. Mclutcuh and Can-
1 mmi were woundd. M
If i a v.M .Art,., M.n v. 1
" ,a ...tm i-un, mm
i I'1 r,,)'l,,r liavc' r'n u junction,
and havu iii-.u west Ot the
j Mississippi
'8 6a'J ''V
i Herald's epocinls that . Cl'sse or
Ii-lert J. Wj.lker wil 1 succeed 'Fes-
the Xet? York
sonden, in tho Trotiur y DtpartmeutiPay
1 011 1,10 lat of October.
it is now reportod ttiat Uenjoral
Moseby was not killed, but severly
On tho 1st inst. a train of one linn
dred Government wagons, lajcn with
supplies, six hndred mules,' forty
artillery horses, etc., was captured
between Fort Smith and Leavenworth
by the Confederates.
An ovation an 1 Serena le wa? given
to General MeCiellan hut night at
Newark, N. J. 10,000 pcr$"U9 were
Poor Richard's Reasons for buying
United States Securities.
Tho other day wo beard a rich
neighbor Bay he ha 1 rathor haye rail
road stock th:ta the U. S. stocks, for
they paid higher interest, Jmt theu
Poor llichard cuino up, and aid that
ho just ljnght some of Uncle Saai's
three years notes, paying seven and
three tenths per cent, interest. My
rich friend exclaimed, '"You! I have
thought you had no money tolniy
with." "Yes ' said Pochard, "I had
a little laid up, for you know ' it is
well to have something laid up egr.not
a wet day, .and I have kept a lit.'e'bf
tny earning by mo." Now Poor
iiieharJ is known to all ttio country
round to be a very prudent aud indus
trious, aud withal, wise man;- for
K chaid never learned nnything he
didn t know bow to make nsu, ot,
aud his wiadom and prudence had
become a proverb. So, when . he
toox out h's saving and bought the
notes, more than one was surprised
aui it was no wonder neb Mr. Smith
asked why. So Poor Richard, in a
very quiet humble way for he never
Hssumud unyibing replied, ''I sup
pose. Mr. Sfith, you know a great
deal better than 1 do what to duuwitb
to money, and how to iuveat; for I i&ver
. ' . ... - ' ' .
tti'j ; ,:ici much, and all 1 got 1 had to work
Itr : hard f jr. Dut I have looked round
i n 0i)i upol my neighbors; 'find
atj 8etf what they did with their namiey
ii.; and I will tell you some thinga I taw
, what 1 themght of it. One very
but rich man was always dealing in -tabu-botly
ey. and bo nmde a j'reat deal, ftut
watj ne ver s u;6lijd without high ia-
terest. So bo k-nt most of his ujon
is1 ey to soma oeovlo who he : thodidit
were very rich, at a very high rate;
;: and b? often told how much hoi got,
j till one day tl e pcopKj be lent to.v?bnt
ol to emaih. He got back abonV-ten
cents on a d-diar of his mono V' I
know another old goctleman,.who
! Imd some bank stock and ho wen! to
the bank and got ten per ceut. divi
dend. The President aud everybody
said it the beat fltock ia tho
uahl ten Lr e.mt. lt.it whit A,i
the 01J man do but sell bis stock the"
I . I I lift a
ncxtuaji ivpyiwnyi eaUevcrybo
dy. Uecanse, it nays too uiuoli div
dead, ; And in six months tho bank
went to 8i ask. Nowfthat I kuow
lo bo a fuet. Well, iff) Smith, yon
say railroad etocks aro Tfcst, because
they puy high divhffinij Can von
jtelMiow ljig thuy will pay theni? 1
like railroads. 1 helped to build ono.
an d 1 go in lor uselul things. But
1 tell you what 1 know about them.
One ti.ird 01 the railroad don't nav
any dividend, and two thirds (uiij
some of them cracked up, too.) do not
pay as much aa Goveinmenr stocks.
Now that brings mo to tho Govern
ment 3ecurities, and 1 will tell you
why 1 prefer thorn. 1 take it you
will admit, Mr. Smith, that in the
long run the iuvesti'ieut which is beat
should hivo these qualities: First,
it should be perfectly Bectiro. second
ly, that the income should be uniform
and poruiaiiei.t not up one year
aud down tlio next; and thirdly, that
it snould be marketable so when your
wetday comes and you want your
. . . . J. .
money, you can- got it back. And I
think the8o iiutc8 or bond have these
qualities mora than any othor kind of
ueisonal property you can nauio.
Try it.
First, then, I have been looking
into the groat book yo.i call tho Cen
sus iViatistics. I used to thinlf it
wasn't worth much; but since I bo-
uuMrt,lJ liM'i",&c. that we (I
111111111 Slates) nro 1
111 to S ni V it It.. vi.ii I f.nin.l
' j " , a ww. . v.., . VUl.-
1 .1 .. ,
of poorer, as John Bull and the cn.a-
ke.a would have us think. Then the
dei,t will be paid, anyhow, no matter
f!,,J '' Asides, did
bv;.vt',J cVc'r "t'1,r "! a Gov. triment that
thousand mdlions of dollars a year
muro tllaU wo 81W'L 00 you see
lIWJ the increase of debt isn't
bull that) we aru growing rich instead
bu.io lietoie the pe-npio didi L -k
'"to your lug
u"u Jw Wi
bolero the G
I call that h ck peifoctly eecuR.
' ooo-m lly,-you want tho hitsomo
un'-'onn and permanent, Well.-.l
want you to take up a Hit of banks,
rai roads. mineH. inHiimni'iJ fiimiiiii.:, a
- ,
. . " '
out a good many th ns verv iiselu
,..,.,. 1 3 , ' "i , ,
U U L' IU V 1W. I II I Mi 1 t ill T llU U . .
"1 J '
l''g at the Crops, Mild the factories
UDll t
I.istcr.es, Mr. Smith
11 u.ld tlio uuol) 0 liri k
ovcmil.ciit.a. Well. then.
my ineomo every year.
-linrdiy, you want
anything you choose arid tell mo
mo (nonor bright, no!) how many
have paid a' uniform income lor ten
or twenty years. Not ono iii a bun
dred, Mr Smitl.,aod you know it.
' "Now horaMa tho Governmect will
witUM&t varying a tittle.--ever
I NTow I like something that gives me
ia my Home ana my country
which is marketablo any day in the
VP.UX. NoW. if Villi will oal- ii i. v
. r . "'V
bank 1 resident, ho Will tell you that
f..Mfnfnminr afi.nl-z. n . l... ...1.. I.
v.vn.mLiiM.1 Ktvv,.a am iiiu Ullly l&IIIU
of property that is always salable. bi
cause they will sell anywhere in .the
"Now, Mr. Smith, this why I pnt
my little savings in Government
stocks. I confess, too. that I wanted
to help that dear old country, which
ia my Home ana my country. "I
'Confess,' said Mr. Suiith, "I
thought ot all this. There id a "ool
dual of sense in what vou say, and
will go so far as to put two or three
thousand dollars in Unitud States
stocks It can do no harm."
We left Mr. Smith going toward, the
bank, and Poor Richard returning
home, with that calm aud placid air
which indicated the serenity of his
disposition aud tlio consciousness
doing right towards his country and
his fellow man."'-
A declaratian ot radical views, es
pecially on slavery, will rapidly dnr
integrate our present armies. Let
ter to the Presideut, July 7, 1862.
It it is not deemed best to intrust
me with the command even of my
own army, 1 simly ask to be permit
ted to share their late on (he field
battle. Diepa'ches to Gon. Ilalleck,
August 30, 1303.
In tlio arrangement and conduct
campaigns,. the directions Bhould be
left to professional soldiers. General
McCtellan tt Report.
By persuing tho political course
have always advised, it U pocible
to bring about a permanent restora
tion of the Union a re union
which the rights of both sections shall
preserved, and by which both par
t'as shall preserve thoir self-respect
u.d respect each other. Genera
McvJl't; iu'a R.-port.
1 am devoutly graletul to God that
my test ca.upuigu wa crowned with
a victory which saved the nation from
tha grefitcof. peril it had then under
gone. General McCidlaii's Repot
At such a time as ihis.aud in such
a struggle, political paitisausliip
should bo merged in a true and brave
datriotisui, which thinks only of th
whole country. McClttllau's West
Point Oratoiu
Iu prosecuting this war. all private
properly and unarmed persons
ohoald be strictly protected subject
theueccsity of military operations.
coantry"Ltttcr to tuo President, July 7, 62
..t,fnla,Tll?I!PIlTTe"ry,VfVi,,Unoo,,Dty with the Muouut of fund f p,
I Of on l.i. i. J. lur ihe fc:i!f year ending toptemberSLb 1S4. V
Poor y ...
Militurj Fj.
TownstiiajJH Township Poor
I vrr.acct'on
f'V Toor Hajp
'' Military rjiotmitatioa
43 9
94 SS J
'Si 1,9 o
8iS DO 0
9!T OS 4
It 83 9
SO M 8
14 87 1
7 79 4
li7I3 20 0
Special t o t r c e ,
Editor of Democrat.
Dbaii Sik : With voui pfrniisiiou I'wi?h I
. .. .i..i .... ...
O) say io me ri'iiuirn in your piper inuii
will Lul, by returned mail, to ..II wishintf j
it (free), a A'eetiie, with lull direct turn
for nuking mA iming .imple VVtable
Ralai. Hut will ir!ctually romove in ten '
daa iiinp!e, UIuicIim, Tan, FrecUes and
all Impuritiosof tho skin. Iming the same '
soft, clear, uno'otli nnd beduiiful ;
I will aUo mail free to those havins bald
heads, or bare face?, suaple direeiio-.s and
Jafonndiion that will enable them tart a
u ,.r 1 ......ii.:. Mfi.i.i
full growth of Luxuriant ll.iir, Whisker. o
a Moustache, in kvs then thiriv duys.
All applications anse.ed by return
miil without charge.
Respectfully yours,
TI10S: F: CHAPMAN Chemist
Sept. 23-f')4
831 Uroaduay Ne Yoik-
A ..'aid U Hie Suli'.-i in
JJiiWfH " "Sursiipiirilla.'
O WALLOW two or thrJoliMh of-'Bnc-l
i:;r .v.:.,.... .v
' ...o ...li.iu.i u-i.it ili. vnnif ...i 1. .
f I.I V pw.i.iiwi "Ifcil lun.iw, .1111 .
ni ii tiii.'Tm? I'll.' 1 a v
Ko. 4 jT Broadway, No York.
-if Airsnt fr tha Unitoi Statu
P. S. A Hox oi'tho fills, Hootiroly packod,
will tm mailed to liny audross nn re-'uipt of
'.V YA
'iwtVivoa. ' "
) ut' W;s,!c,l;v',IU:Us
KNtiHls:! Bl'UOiKl!: 'ni.i.s cure In than
uuyi", inn orm case 01 AMtvoua.ir.M,
ur Jl u
b..i of
....... iiiiTAl) Mlf.,11 it . ,L . . .......
: ,V."tt,T ''ouisii m-lo:-
K1C I'lLLS-und be raatorvd M hua th and
..: !.. I.il,..- .l,:.i J l i.
1 V lit ij-m bi.itu ami y Oi 111 O I'll I u
''J vejjowi'!, pleiiwnt to tako, promui andaal-
hhuttorotl conrttitutinn. Vl urn, youuit cn
j " .JaVi Ur, -
i Jervmia ADc otl.ina, no nmt'ar trom what oaura
!.". ,i U'"0'., i 'i . P0'""' t.
!'"- r i j ... i . '":if . i-t..
lluo Hox will 'pqj-lavt the cure In most ones.
(Jan. Asj't,427 Hroalwuy. New York.
Sept iJud Hiil -amo.
I, ld03.)
SOLOIrtll' ItO.M E.
Sl'rKklNTKNIlKNT'a OfllCI,
t INOINliiTI, UllO 4
l'a. t. w. kobaok
M v DilIK : I nm dUoontntr au.pnnil In-
oico ol'y. ur Stiituiu'h Uitlera nion cr tha larga
umbor vl 1'iou who duily arnvo at Uih IhiUiu
on for rofriwuniant and r.Ml. . Tho univoraal
ostimony i that tho.o Uiitora aro the bout
au.li. K or tlio v.hioih amtmor complainta
w hiv.1i atlliot many, I know of no ronio.ly
a:ifu una oura l'latarch a.iya, " I'o aska phy
aicioii what in tsy and what r hard ot'iliigKiinn
and wluit will atfina with tha bt .ineoh in about
i .'ond lo aa to a.-k what is aeut or hitter,
Hour." Puraina wlm 1 ok out fur broiikera-und
have your Stomach lUttora iu tho hoiiKO-tam
nro will nover ask any ono tho foolish, question
p;on of by tha great philoaphor. 1 mini nut
i.i -ia wora or two ior your oaiawoa Brand
lr Have ninny men here who have brandy prya-
ten bed tor them by dixtlniftiiahod Army Hur.
(ciiiim. i no mioei. oi youm on iucn aro nunencia!
I'al nwio ko than from auy previously taken.
TurKuim wliu luniro a really puro Brandy cannot
tail in thair piirehuna if thuy got your bran.
A an, Doctor, with much respect
Your aervant,
G.W.D. ANURtw.Saptilntfltnlinit
lf Ollleo ami manuVactory, Nos. 5B, S3, 60.
and iii Eat Thiidtiroo. For nale ovorywliere
Noy. Sth IS'i3, alt. mo.
Piillii.1ioil far tlio benefit, and aa a CAU
TION TO YOU N tl M l:N aud othera, who (.in
fer from Neivonn Debility, rronmtuio Decay
of Manhood, &', kupplying at the hame time
THa.MF.AM or Self Ccaa. By ono wlio has
qurod hinnelf after niidur(roinjf cc usidorahle
euakery, l!y or.ohwinf a pontpuid adilrenped
envelope single copies may be bad of tbo au
Brooilyn, Kiuga C'o. N. Y.
,Inno2nd 1363 lyr. . .
can recommond thoo aniTering with Lots
Appetite, maiffestron, or Lypepiia, iservonaa
nea aid Narvont Debility, to txi Striokland'a
Tonic. It ia a . vegetable proparat ii, fro
from alcoholic liquors ; it atrengthtna the
whole nervous aystam ; it oreatea 4 good appe
tite, aad la warranted to euro lfyapepjia and
Nervous Do dlity. .
For sale by Drnfrgiats generally ntf 1 per bot
tle. Prepared by Dr. A. 8tiiukland, No.
East Fourth street Cincinnati, Ohio.
July l64-1rr.
We have examined a great number
others from some of the most pruinitien
citizens of Ciueinnati and Covington, etc.,
speaking in the highest terms ofDr.Strlck
lautl'a Anti-Cholera Mixture for the cure
diarrhea and dyavntery. The letters
to long to publish. Mr. Woods, of Cov
n.igton.Euya he was pronounced incurable
for the best doctors lr. Cincinnati, and
ion tie of Dr Strickland'i Anti-Cholera Mix
ture effected a permanent cure after suffer
ing for months with the worst form of diax
rhaaand dysentery.
Another saya he was discharged from
United Htates service after suffering in
hospital for 8 months as Incurable, and as
last resource tried Strick.f inl's Anti-Cholo-ra
Mixtare he got well directly and has now
entered the army again in good health
Una mm writes he baa cured se ven or eignt
very bad cases of diarrlxea and dyseuters
the barracks be was in -vith one bottle
this valuable medicine. In fet we could
till half our paer with similar items from
these letters. Why does not our Govern
ment secure this valuable preparltion.
Our arm; ought to be supplied with it.
w di la short time since one or our men
raid in a very low condition at one of
. -
Cincimiaii HospUaU, His wim was sent
the doc'ors considered bis an hopeless case.
She. however, gave him Strickland's Anti
Clio'.eia Mixture, and in three weeks he
able t r-i'-.m home with his wife to New
R'e'M'ond, O. All these caws right
'mea.n ak for ihemselves. We hope
iub suuuers win puiaoomeoi it in meir
knapsacks, it may save them or eorne
their comrades. It iafor sale bv Dnifffristj
50 cents per bottle. '
fltfo abbcrttscnunts.
nr nini ..
77 o. . - , . lr.- ,
8 rJ Vinton county.
Jl 'J'r'iifnaJ AnJilor of n,tJ Vinton
T. "fa 'M-r tpublieuctlon .t
Lid 1,) on ,oue ,u M Arthur, la
?t,j-.. n , 1
. . . y.r -j'Jin 1864.
'Sucnbcd ruii t'J" ,uid d,f ibMlowiDj
'of Vinton, to-v," ti,.'.', k Jn i'.1 counlLy
.... .... . Hal hlf of th aortk
wqn.rtor, 0f action n7mW .".teen ("a )
V' 1".w"",lip immber too.r o.) in Kan is 'mini.
j "J' .H-l oontiiinin, ig hty aorm, 1ho,
tulily aero. Aiulalo. t ha huif.r.i..
wjuin we,t oimrter. u.nl th. i. i..i.,:L:
i ';,1"'o nurtl qwter. Tfict Si
. ' . ? "t niiir. or ihh.
! ' ." ' " '., T1 rl li oant tjoartsr. at h!x .lollar i
, V,,' ? ''ow, tu wit: The east
is rii. w,Mt imif ..Vo,:-" "r
, tmx Uol uii ir ncr..; ..l
t.i .Inn iiurin HUH quurwr
1 ?. !"X d?'uM pur non-r and the north i. if i
I W SOU lM wnt miiii.. 1 -... . , ,
.,,.,,, , '""i rnenoih hair-,u,
,1", . ''""' he norh we.-t quarror. a'iiu
I mwi utll linr Blrt. "
vaster of,"n"1 mui brin ,h
..u... tn uay or.ulo ro ho nni, auniiv
A. N.CO.iD,
' Yiin Oi.O.
Vinton C'ountt, 0., Soji. 5lh18i!4.
Tu ths Q talified EUctort t,J Vinttit Ca. 0.
You in o huruby notified lo moot at tho aiual
plaoo ni hohlin Kleotlonsin the aovetul Town
Mnpsin ...lid o'oanty, formate, Uiairie and
County IMIcoMJ and the Ccmpanr ouartoia of
! 7-"",. ntPiiSSf'T?, K
, Siuto or UhIibiI Siatn. nr . .i. ...... .
by tha Snd aeotion ofthe Wtitu '
in utcnKB mauoand provulml for Ohio Vu
Drovi.lHil f,.r lll,l V..
w ,uiU, pnascu April 13th 1803, on
u" wit '""owing olficcrs,
Ono Sycorury of State, for the 8tata of Ohio.
Ono .1 udgo of hupreme Veutt. for full renr..
Vai-anoy of.8uPr"na -'out for ha long
Ouo Jul") ofthe Supreina ' Court. lf tha
ahoit vaeaney. '
Ono Attorney (ionerid.
Oua Comptroller of (be Troaanrr.
Ouo Hrhool Cmniisjiouer.
Om ilamoei ofthe Hoard of rublio worki.
lor lull term. '
Ouo Member of tho Board of rublio worka.
for vacuney.
Ono Mainbcr of Conureas, for tho Ilth Con
grunslouul District, of Ohio.
One Auditor for Vinton Count.
' Treasurer, ft Vintoa Ccautr.
Ono Sheriff for Vimon County.
Oao C'jmmis:u'.nr for V intun crruutr.
Ono Sarvejor lot Vinton oonnty.
Ono (,oroU( r for Viut in county.
Al$?"imt C0ttU Towntlpio
Clerks Urrioi VintomCofntt, Ohio.
Tciua SHKiurr or iaiu ooimtv.
tBacerodanco'aith the law making It the
duty of the Clerkaofthe Court, of tt.ni.noa
1 leas ol the several couotiei in this State to
praswi ; to their tespoctive Sheriff's on tha
First Monday of September of each year a
tatcmant ofthe number of Juror, to be ao-leot-sd
by tha Trasie. ef th several Township
for caoh year. 1 horeby certify tkitt the amta.
plaeed onpossite each TVwnship, is tho num
ber for the yenrcommoncing in 1864, for said
Cuuuty and Btue.
Wilkes IP. :o I Swan 10
Mailiaoa t Knox 8
Jaulisou, 10 I KUhland, 14
Clinton. lo I f t '
Wltnoas my hand and real of aiHco thU 3tk
day of September A. D. 19i;4
n, UAMOELL. WItSON, Clerk.
(liven undor my hand at my OtHcaMaAri!
thnr Vinton county, Ohio, tb: Sth day of Hop-
''a .''in nWlL SoB!yS.Sh'n-V.Co. '
Sept. 8tb 1864-fiw Yfu. Oolj Dopty.
Brown, -
A Afaf of Ohio, Vinton County.
"VN tl.n ISll, .1
Uootocr M. wilrbe svtd on the premeses,
In Knox 7ownhip, Vinton County Ohio, to tho
highest bidder, "the following real estate as tha
proiiertyl of the estate ofDaniua Feyrel, lata of
said Vinton county deceased, to-wit; Begin
ning, at the North Eaat uoraer ofSeolioii No 84.
(Tiirty-four) In Township Ton, Hangs fifteen
in the Obio Company'a pnrahase, tionce IT
drains 13 links 10 tha sooth east corner of
la uts deeded to David Canny;" thence North
thirteen and a half deg. West ten chains thirty
wveu links; theica south tiiree chaina and
seventy-four links; thenca south fortythreo and
ttiroe-foimb deg. West twenty-two chains, ton
links; thonce to the aoatb lino of section num
ber thirty flvn, (35.) thence west one chain nf
tjr Cnks; thence seventeen dog , west six chains
thirty links; thenca south fifty-aix deg thirty
seven chains to tha Una running hrongh tha
center of seovioa numW thirty-four, (34,)
thunce east twenty-three chains aeventy-flva
links to the second corner oa tha east line of
said soCfion; thtr.es north foity-threa chains to
the place of bogisrng, containing one hundred
and forty-one aud .hra-tenthaaorsraaid ,land
being sitoatad in sections nmnhar thirty-foar
(84,) and tbrrty-flve, (35,) auhieot howey 10
the Dower Estata assigned to tha said Kfeoca
Ferrol widow of suid Derrius Ferrel, on tha 18th
dny June, A. D., t86-l, in sa!d'pr.e.m1ses, boun
ded and described aa lollows, to-wit: Begin-
said order described, thenca south three chain
and sovonty-foiir(74)links; thence south forfy
three and throe- luarths, deg. wost along tha
road four rods past a Walnut tree attht enu ef
George B. Boll a lane; thenoe a little south of
east to an apples troe aoross the road by the old
cabin; thence atraight forward in the same di
rection tome section line; tnenee nortb to la.ids
ouridfedad, K.i i?.vld Lm,V ,tlI18nc, t0 th
VrtlauaA r raPaTlnninO. AIstfitltA frit 1 1 in t nrt Aaa
place of beginning. Also tie fruiv offiwo rows
and two trees on me norm end tb( third row of
tlio apple trees on the east aide of the orchard
on tho lands above described. Said premises
are arpralsed, subject to aaid Bower Estate at
l.eoo. a
Tuu. . .m C A f B CnM iThtwl Aa,Ta tm Va nJ
. anD m vna.aai wu tunva veii iu ja nu.
one third in six monthf and tha remaining toirrt
all : in twatve months, with interest on deterred!
' payment al six oereent irom day ot Kale,
of 1 S. Dawa, AU'y JOSUJA WOOD,
-for 'Jm'r,, administrator of the ea
st B,'t- 8tb -8w' PatuttarsaV

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