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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, October 06, 1864, Image 2

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; ?.vWA'' J, t ?Q1 ; il' V"" "
NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC TICKET. (Presidential Election Tuesday Nov. 8, 1864)
Vnt lrclluiit of Hie I'mHo! Smic
. Tor 'ic!pri,sil-iit.
' :, of 0- ' " . , . ..
I'jr ElrctrKl l'reMidnnt mid Vico Pro
iiltnt al-lhc t uiud Slutfs.
' 15I.ECTOR8 A T I.AUOE. , '
' CHARGES REEMEUV. ' ' '"' ','
t TH0311S W. BARTLEV. j (
coNGKissicmL Ri.ncroRS.'' !
' JUPSON A. BEEBK, r : .
, . EDWARD S. STOWEj : ., .
Democratic State Ticket.
KUPBEiis juuue. (Full Term.) ..
ii'i-BEME judge, (Lonor Vacanry,
,(,ei;PBEMB judoe ( Short' Vucanri-,) : .
' " ? ATTf)RIF.r OEItFBAti ; '" ' ,:
' BOARD OF PUBLIC WORK 8, (rFiillTerm,)
, : .' f. : : r
joiiD c'r rvvi.ic v ris (vac4scy.
i w; J . : . ..' . .'. '
fob coN'r,BE58nih DiMrirt of Ohio). '4
; f WKLLS A. 11UT0H1NS..:;
Vinton County Ticket.
V ' FOB AVDITon.. "
: " '' " ' FOB fBEA80RRff.
. 'I';. . .'!!: ', ' A' . . -il ' ,
. , . .. FOB . SHERIFF,
4 , JOHN J. SHOCKEY".' ' '"
' ' r6B COMMlfSIOKCR. ,. '
j.y - MORRIS ALBAUG1I. . :
; Joseph Wallace.
' FOB COBORBB. ' ' - '
- u liM JOHN T. BLACK. : .
Vinton County Ticket. Look out for Lies.
As i Jnatomnry with onr opjon
ent8 on tha'; fcvot)f the Ekc'ion, yon
rauEit espect all sorts of elcctfo'nccr-
ing yarna. . , Ujlioye, uone of thuiri.
Yoti. all. .know ,youru. candidatua'.ftnd
no man dare eay but they are M
pood men, honest; -capable, qualified
and eTery wsy worthy of your confi
od,co. ''"Vota " for thorn, yon will have
.do 'Causo to regret it. VVc I10U all
(officer .repoaeible, they dare nut p'ay
-the pettjrtyraDt,..Lut must do. t Lei r
trlttt When Netted. ' ' m:
t i.
r. .. i
i I.
,-Habuiexta Disgraced or a Mob
pW regrt to fiud that the people 6 1
Jlarrietta haa permitted their town to
9 Idaegrced. by blackguards who
, vainly atteiaptel to suppress tho tree
doui of jneoli at the McClellnn .ceo
,iing - in that place '. Jast Thursday,
rjrhjle Col. ,6anbrd and. .'Valiah'dinj;
;licm were ipeakipg But Democrats
did not scare worth a damn. Val.
when toid 200 sold(cra were coming
from Parkersburg.to clean out Dem
ocrats, eaid 'det them' ccme oh. 1 will
epeak to them'tbo.w. . Tho'l'act Ts the
soldiere are getting - to be. Yala bcst
frieoda. . They are beginiog to 866
things diflerrent, to what they did
rwo yeajs ago
Charge in Mass
0o the oiieiny, lot n.-
and;Vi'btory is'enro.:- LWery
, .. , . ...
in our ranks cons; lor himself a c-iir-,,lu
ffitttceTjf otic tOBca- that every otherf
m:ii if at- tho- poll uejt Tuesday
and xh.at your neighbors cast their
votes lir tiit MoUlclIan anil Pontile
ton Ticket. L"t u Irmiltr'no ifiuto
anJ:i will V- woU.. with tha Aiuoi -
cnn-pcople. lVnte un.1 Union wiH
sunn perch or. cmr nne..., rn
bhiol.ai.a&tnteanl bankruitcy win
bo uearj of no more 111 tlic lanl. rel
low OolintyiMin will y;'H arouso to
lho:' importunco of this duty, Wo
know you will.
Rally to the Polls.
n 1 1 l c j
Renders donr, for-. Mh.1t iMb a da
ty jQii owe to your G.l, ycjjr coun
try, your fiitnilv nnd yourself, to h)
o;r!y at the Pulls on 11 xt Tiies.lay,
and give tlm entire flay to t!io canise,
of tho Constitution nnd L'lws, hy ih
in r i-very IionoraMa nieam to secure
tho clr'ciion of the Diinoeratic Tick
et.; Will you do your duty' we be
lieve you will.
S. P. Chase.
. Tim daddy o;' j:reenh.icl;a, 'n si
verliao'l tou.ldriSJ thonoplo at Mc-
Arthnrou uext Saturday, to thia man
who onco was lor hard money and
nothin! else, wj proposed the follow-
iuj; quostion", an l rMpoetfully ' ask
that ho anaword tliein lor oiireitiZMis
Was nut tho restoration of the Un
ion the object of the war.
lias tho war restored tho Union
What rebellous fithto hca been
bfoti't 'back it)t) tho Union by tlm
What seceded Stato hits been coin
pulled by tho v;ar to send Senators
and IwVpreeentativea to 'Conijrosis ? ' '.
llavo the rob.'l aiMiloa bee u brok
en op and dis'Myed by the wail
Ol'courso Mr. CIiuso will tell w
that the robellion will soon I10 put
down, thgy havb all to'd 113 that;oftoli
before, hut their word will nbt nm
always, unices tho people aio more
gulable'thau wo think they arc , . .,
TJessrs. SU;vctJ3, Denton, Carpen
ter, and Brown who were aintud
8Bt week, wo are happy - to sny, were
released by dipt. Cory at Ironton!
They sjieak very highly of their treat
mcnt by Lieut. Gilmau and Capt.
Cory. These arrests was , we doubt
not, the result of6ome misinformation
ul' cur'laiii parties in Vinton County,
who will yet bo sorry for what they
done. , . -.
Army for McCLELLAN.
vTo give thia extract frotu a letter,
from a citizen of our town, who went
out a Uepnblicwn and voted for Lin
coln and Brough. It 6hows that
chrnges iu tl.o army are going on
. 'Out Country' and G. H. MoCltll.i-n. "
Oiir Homes, for wliicli we sigh.T'
NEAR ATALANTA Ga. Sept. 16, 1864.
Dr. Fmesd -
Well my Old fnend I 'have - coma to
thecdncltiBiofi,'hat I want your pa
per until after the campaign, ' a9 we
gat but Ifttlo reading except llirongh
Abolition organs, and I bavo bee'ome
difgusttd at tho nam a of finch, and a
goodly ' number' of ray comrades are
the satno. You may think Democra
cy haa lost its birth-rig lit with sol
diers, but. I say to yon as.u friend, it
will be bum again this fall, eoiry I
did not ceo it sooner. . General Mc
Clollan is .our choice, and I. hope you'
aro doing all you can Jn the cause.
Pleas eeiid me some tickets, with your
paper, thcru is soiuo strife anion g us,
but we will chow yon "who will rule
thia crippled Government tho . next
four jeura. Our regiment is fot Ja't
tlo Mac . and the whole Ticket.
. i - . j - .1, .- .. Yours .&c, , -
See to your Tickets.
Look well toytonr tickets, see that
the mens names are ; on- it .tliat'you
wish to vote for; bomparo.ji ,with our
published ticket in this piper. . Vote
the Democratic Ticket thia. time if
you'uever' 'did "before, and fee if a
change. wHl not ho a benefit to yoo
a tcf.ll aa a lvlrAR-ns? to voor nosteri-
. . . ''
iJC'J' '
' GOLD opened in,Iew Yoik
yesterday at $188. ,'Look out for a "j
fail in goods of k'nda.
Justice Election.
f"-co''i 1y S. 0. Caao Mr
inanl3'' Wd,Jat3 5e)MlH
lam: tho only -01:0 wo Tift ve heard ol,
m ,naJe txcoj.ont Jus,icott(1,i
W( 1.6 tiOwPt bo rc-clcc'tcl; '""
Elk 'fownahiti will l avo toch-eta
Jusll'ff.f. the Peace. I4HH tljivSige
The Draft.
; Tiv (rl't laa ociiasimif J 6omeex
ciU-'iHi1 II: i Coali'tr w!n..th.(ifti'f'W
'H - ..tiiia - w vc.r.l.vKs ?W
I1" "J vj v:inM 11...
;) ( .
t0 hU im.-t, eithei ) intu tin; tiiW cr
hue a eub-tit'u'j. and when ill-n
fvr JlcClellan and Pen llcton and let
113 have ptneo u;id Uipon onc-J moiv.
The iiiKjt'ii'y uf the peap'o must falo
and uiitiil wo can clune ,otir rnWis
he eanie thiiii: we 1mvtt had wilt be
contiinud, to wit: Pni.'ts id im i. Ind
"H'liev. We wish h'ro to exv.viat
!pllllt;fllir.. n,-; c,,.,.,,,, u.
Uoard of enrollment will do their du
... ..1. . ' 1 v ..- .t -'
ty and tieat our citix;in. right If limy
are not niiaUd by nm:i .ere( in'
own County, ui tlloy have 110 duuhtto
been on 0110 ur two oeeasioiiei. "..Tiioe
who are not liable to t!ie draft, wiii
Do rtjeaseii. . . , j .,.
Another Fizzle.
The great grand and jMoomy Muss
mectintj of tha; A'o'-c:nwe ult at
Ilaiudeu o:i Tuesday, . ln;t tho im
ass l
was iat tlicro, about 300 ,inei:, iivo-
, , ,1 ,.1ii.i,, ... u uk,,
ui ai.d cl.ild.cn ue . aro.told ya-v
hat 1 riaco of Llackguardi S.?m Jal
loway of Cii!uii.b,,1 the J w:k -spTt t'c of
Uioiigli and Co, held lbr:h a!id utt
boidc Distil ocratie voters f ir n.. Ui
said that he aa u JaoknoM I).ui';ra(
and that .McCleHan ,h'n he otigli't
to bufebi.Lti ui'.h his men, at a jer
tai't buttle, was three ' miles in tho
rear ivt n whiskey grocery, this inbkb ,
nai. MKCoraea with a bad grace hjom
a man who has pai l 10040 moncyifor
Mhifkpy, to buy votes in Columbm.
than any other man in Ohio. What
will our bravo men in tho army Lit i file
of this cowardly Hiioak, who ha.i vai I
at homo to nbiifio'ifeueh mm ns y nr
Little (Jenorul ALarf. To onr boys iiv
the tu toy wo say (Jalloway is a'lair
fcpecimen of his pnity. .1 ''
. . .
Oet'.ith Tlio Now Voik Uerald'o
aiiuy correspondent gives the follow
ing details of tho . late h'gtin uti,thu
James Rive). Tho robols are rexirt
d to have been repulsjd on throojoc-.
caaions, in an attack which they made'
upon our works which wc took ijoiu
them tho day before. Geu. Liie js
reported to have cointyanued thefat
tacking party in person., This 'is
highly improbable. We took uelord
ing to account, COO prisoners, incliid-
ingtho greater pai't ol the 6th
Caroline IU"'i in lit ' 1 '"
General SI.Midan h roiiorte'u'as
i' . . r ' - ' ii ', "'.
lamng siepa 10 loreo , iu irjy .8 . M'uiy
from Blocks (.ap.to fli.j- BliiQ Ili3je
Eaily's position is said to bV a tftvr',;
one. It is a protection "to (jloidusr
ville and CLafHisvilK-, as wea tu :
ynciiuurg. ., .i . . . r. .
In at. , tittatk.on the foxtat Jalot
Knob, Aliasouii, tho Co-ifedejaties'aro
reported to have lost lOO killea'and
800 wounded ' Nytiiing ' reljabji'.Fm3
been heard troin-.G, KwiiigJ the
Federal General iri fliUf qrtarter.
; The "Confederates "Claim ti-''ln've
taken a n'omler of prisdners frcrn the
Ninth Corps Iu the late fighting'1 tear
liichliiond.-' '! :' !""T --':- '' '!
The Richmond papers boastofa
ictury over- Selrdati, and say lie' is
retreating;'1 " , ' ' " r ( '' "
Gen 'Grunt savs Gen. Butler, With
two brigader of iiilantry,-' went f'rth-j
in a fov. hi'.nnrou yards of the ipner
defenses of liichuioud and mot 'with'
little opp63ilio;i.':' Why did thejuof
go further hi, then ? ' ' "-V '"
Oot. 5th It is 6aid that 6,000 :fiioop8
have been moving' tWirn Lynchburg to
uoruonsvrilo tu fct.pport Lirly;
In the lato fighting in the.armof
tho ' Potomac, the total :- loss pi", jthe
Federals was greater than was report)
ed, It is admitted to bj 2,00.0, one'
half oitthom were.captnred. ( ,Thia
looJ3 - like' a cevero iiiisaster. ! ;Geu;
Meado'a hat was grazed by a tdjell.
Graat has not taken Clmpin'Bjj.luO"
tior is rort Darling uunktju, o .hai
been reported. . I ,,u -i i-L-.i.'t,
COLUMBUS, OHIO, Oct. 1st, 1864,
onjtion on. Tuesday,' the 11th of October,
though confined o the choice' ol'Stato
laud County representatives:' and, ofli-
Tho'pending -tiOlftical contostis to
decide whether all that is taluable and
dear to fou as Cilizeiw bM'l'tetbien
fehaH bo preserved and secured 'to y oi
leeives and your children. The blec-
tnereiiiT. rxlU'tv iI.TUUt
uitejr.id. you.-Wn uif to u full ap-
ii'Mtlrcr.shm hfWithhj;: '"-We ap-
le'onib'iiied witli t..e itetlon oflood c
piiMiiiiteiw, wll bring your f.iH eiren
tho iwlis.-.' .VicIih-v i. ' Oetolirr
lcuicj Viet'iry in Sovi:iiler Vjc
cjr?, ,wi!l necssi'riiy I av'ltiHUrcct
November.-, -, M.-n l-n of.vfVtssr:;
are to be ciiot-en, who wuluo-rrqnir-rJ
to 'act on tin- measures ami poiiey
if :n3ttiii:iptr;iiv"r 'nt . Washington.
Need .Ve hjinindyt-n oT'tJio Tinpor
ttuiec of Ri'cur r tnso nil tried expo
IKMtf-f4U.il-Ml:Liiii ilk that Lj.lUtl)
of tllO Poller :li Government? S uc
cVMn .'.fty ' tiiVivlMTliSrV'tris-1 oVl
yoiir.ui'Ui,-j-iil fax-the .wavering J
Unl ji'iri uJI. vir!i eijurOv anJ
v.,mJy ym'fp 'f
tho tm.u U acUottK yh-vui
m, ,iu,,lllil!y u,,.,,,! "loy
'!cteni!i!ii' mi duvi-i.-hs; iL)viuay miv
peal t( Usaii'elA,' nn4 u',1 who lojv
the cuiinUy. in. J i-a Tiiiititi aioi.n, to aid
in averiin nidi uite cUuij"i, , .
Let every i.ui, irom titfi day lortti
until the polls eh-isd. bj unceasing in
hiB i ll r'B.-' im iiO' ina -nilinst ti
.'ulolhei' that which- hu ' vfiii d hlri
I'sdJ. ;P:d:vidual tilut niid K-.tiifence,
1 1 .. Tii: . ' tl.S.'.A ,..!;.
v iii jrWeinltyr' (li,vt'3 !NC,,f.Jt, with
i.i.s ili's'i iiet iye p"il -y atiij contipt par
iv, fr-uu .p Mvei.' atid rct'.-rca to rur
b'.'li-viid io,i;lrv I hi) bli 'tngE t-i a a.
lionori'blo oitd 'ttut.tig Picack, witi.
t'lio" Union and the 'CuNs-riTUTi' s ol
...ur Path'Ti"; reside I evi r hy AIc-
, . . ... l' I"... ..1 L J '".
CI.KJ.1.4N anil 1 i.m;i. i.i. . ,
J), nioi rats o: Oil
v;;vi! iho 8..a-j,J .l.W'iay o! Uc ohet
vollJ,cftnntl.Vi,; tjlt everv l,iBnei
jo,.,;., an yi'.i.'.v rnr'' to tli!'j.'l
! t-'i'.y thcro..,u: till i!i;I ist vote
Olpivil.i!! Let I ho iiumir luavu hi
pn-, tho - .Jiehea'iie,. Iii fhup the
or!;i:!u' 'inn hi toil; let every lo;n
eerut if every prolesnn add a v ica
t'loii igive that d :) i tfee'enri'B' h'. 'ii
'innph. of the only .political party thar
can rint.ro t'i'tho people l'eaeej Pros
n riiy sad Union! ;. Do iii.t bo drawn
linto iliHpntairon, bat. maintain ittall
h:iz ii'ds r.ll ycilr lawful' richt?' 'Have
iflii;iei:t cli.ilh'i'g' i--: at cViTV p!h to
see that' none lint legal voters t-XeiciPy
the right of eulfrao. D not let our
o rigliloi etlilra-J. JJUl'iuai'in J
,;, achieve vie: o, ythU fall a th-v j
, !a,t, ,y brents, i by intim-da ...n
illill bv ll-iiUdlllel.t VotTMj! Uili! I'HVil
Joli'jrt fn tho part of ' every Demo
crat -a fin I vot.- niKt an h n ci't c...niii
will re.it i in v)hio tntu the' .iiiitrnle
ol tl.tf.LiiiCid(i ftdlvtrenU .;,
tln'il "l'l'irf. Htuto ('rtin'te.
F. JAEGER, Sec'y.
MAltRIED'Oa Suu lny S,-it. Soil. b.
I.,aac ' K n-.Idi J- P. ut hi' r.r.iJ 'iicc it.
Swim T.. Mr. Lenmlr F. Rhnlr Veteran
mtttilwr oflliK lSt'ii 0. V. I. to Mi.ss AJa
line F. A.Mitclie.l of Vinton Co. 0.
Chew upehce up..'.l)e union e "till riyhl''
Her pHtrioir now tra firmly nnitt-ri.
,; me"'s oi 'iu:e (U'"''rht'
L"! wJ J b" ,l,c ""'S .El!Shr,nI- .
Dr' "I1 '(,,,r Wd,i t0Ul"k "ow s
Uo wt-ra--sons who love the auriiol
Fvery nutnnia brin-d tier slu-avcs; and-so.
Tu. hk?. .J"vS,
F. JAEGER, Sec'y. Special! Notice,
Editor tof fiemncrut: " '' -
I 'De.m: 'Sir7: iWitli yoei pcrifli.-ion l wih
to t'l-ilfe roilJprs ol joon purer that I
tviiritcod.by rftiinipd.iiail.tvvull wisl-iiig
it (fioo), , t Jfeceipo,, yyilji.tull ilirPti.ifrij
for .nikiiiK ami ' iifh'tf ailoipV Vt'tdoh:
Ihilai.' tli d will t fl'.'eiu-illy remove in te'i?
(I.iy.i rnrp'f, lilotclica.Ttin,' In-cUlcs nnd
all lmporitias of iho skin, leaving the -tariit
soft, clear, tmoOth nnJ beani.lul:
I vyiil nko muil free ci iliose havinj bald
liiMtls, orhare facps, .HW.ipli' Vlirreilo'iS and
inforination I h t will enfible 'ihem start a
full growth 'of Luxuriant Hair, Whiikctsor
a MoiisiHcIn1,' in ItftS then tliirly lcys. -;,',. .
t AU f Mpidictilion? , aiisvyejaJ1 by; leturn.
niiijil.witliottt Wyirge, . . , , . .
lteppclfdllv ynrs. J ' c .'
li' ' liiOfc: F: CHAPMAN Chemist
Sept;'22-64" S3! 'Broadway New York-
, A MVEDfJOB l"IJ."E3r-ltin a blessics
t'li fatlurinc.to know tnat wo Ir.iVwun t-tferta'--cflre
for t'hSrt'fioly trMihl.'NOtr.tf deroe;: Jt.
i'..UUmrdeol' Hi! fiwond. M...'C1ntfmuAttaC.'
tiil-ei great. iika.nro in ijiforminp all who are
Kirfttrine wi'Jn piles Unit 1io ii'i immall quan
tity ii f Djv gtrittklan.Vfa.rii Heedy, ar.,1 it et
fcc'o.t o'".'riniOitiit cnie. Tl.ih Ktm to 1 6 th
case v.-i th nil wlo muko u?o of this niluadid pre
pamtfon.. It ia Kinnnfiivtiifed t at- its'i. ,8 KaM
i'uurili Jtrtiist, CiiieiiiLuU, O. a.id solJ by'all
D'rugatlctii; ; " 1, 0 -"''
L" ' ' fl'ii iB
A f .UIjfii'.IOti.UElI IJ UV.--Wc ciuLConf cien
tioui4y rcL'Oiuniciid to Umso fniToiKi?' "from
(JH.nrA-i)rmigh.,.Df. 8tk'klJiil'iMo3iaivt!
VWlvKalwiirfK, It g-yTll(olniyi iii!tniit
ancroaa,' nml ii witlinV iio't disaVce'aMa tn'.t'i'a
tafitiJ.' Thoiro in no dehH but- ill !! jtliilaous
JialnaiA ia oyo pf tin boatvprci'ijrijtiiina- In.tiiHj
and is all that iti pioj.riettir cluims'ior it." Wc
havo'trieJ It d'llfi'if tln!prt'weiU and round
relief front a moat diftraftiinrcOtiKli, ltinpre-
parcd by 'Pr. trio'(lajid, No. 0 Kat Fourth
gljcot, Cinciiitni'.tiv U. ,'nnd for fcalo by Drvg-
tmat 50oenu far Uotiw, . f.'jjji (
Itj.:.. 1j j,Bb iit iNVAtiDf 1;., l; ,', ; t
('Pud(Rlierl'fot'ba benefit, jm.d.oaa CAC-
TION X.O Y.OUiN G MEN and otlier.-, .-Juo"(ij"-fcr
from' Ncivoua ficbtllty; Prcirtntnf -)feay.
of Manhood, .;fto.,a'Jpplying all tho h miiHO
Tiiij MEAa .pi Srlf CtRr. Bjf.oup ,w!io lis
oiiied Tiiiufelf after tnWerfrMn!' eirfWeiaUo
ennkery.' lty oncleMn?! portpeidi d.lefHad
cnvelopo hingta co(ioa may ou una ot Uio an
T r' .--,- -NATHA &ih MAYFA1H, Emj r i
-hrrf-t r-ii UropalyD, fCuiga Co. K. V.
.... Jane 2nd J363-lyr, , . . '
V Balls u Ohio iU6ver
9M r-n biihl. lur I lio IwU'y.'Hr ruUintf S'litoinburfiifc IKJ. 1 1
j y . , j)rW
.''V , ., Poor v.......
" Ht. Voftii'mr K,.'liur
;ii.hit Mn'f
N:lii'0 hi). I IS, ln. 1 1 011 m
" " Poof Farm
- ' "
. . .. '
Ml 61 i
Tm 49 0
- t --.
58 8
li H7 1
2T-VJ 7'. 4
H7IS at l
AVp-; bib I8P-I.
' i Card t the WuOVi I...
"v ... . -
oi.ii iiot.Tfn..;cti.vN t.NtiU.sir rrr:!;!-'
.,,.. 1.1 1 id ..-J .1 . ... .:.-.... 1.
vit 111.:..- ,inri " Ttr--'.irfu i" m-i, mi iiii'i
ui in tin- . hi, t, . In. Iv jla,a. 'I'h,-w m. m .11 r. .L
I)- VtfllUa I, fi'-a.-lUI 10 Ukl. I'TolllJ,: Ulll snl-
1! .if. in i..'.'r oil' on on 1U0 hrku rtnwfi miiI
lil''. -'! 0, iintitiiliuii. Old ni) . youjif iim
liikii ;1 -ii v illi .I 'vHuniyo. limtwl Hud I4
in il.c 'f i.l'e.1 tStntM only bv " ' .' '"'
' 'niAa r. BUtirv 1
" ' ', ': So. M Uaondwar.ow York.
tAirnt rr he T.iImA Sum
i i. i . ..,ii,uikii j.j.
iU Im. innrerl . m i,,v ndrmwon reioipl of
lr,i. i.)Nt O'ul UK. ponlru.J - u.-ni
A-, t-M.I hm-'Iii.,.. - ' j
F,. 1
I, unl
ri i-i.'I.ini iiVin.Nf.'i Dif
' . ' t'lNTINl.ATI, .HOC I
Mv li:.ii sSiti : I mn iliswuiuz sown! in -.
i, t ii('y,'iirt'tuiiiiK'i H.ttwrn- uniiiir h i lur'u
U'li'.cr -f inLi iio il iiiy (iri ivii ut li'stl'ui
ci I' r i .I'lOJiriijCiit aiij r.t. TIm mii .'its ii!
i-Min. -nv is tin: th-o lli't-n i.ro tl... hi-t
mii'.. Vor tho vavioim nimiuit .'.irtiiii!nt.
v moll ttltlic. hi nmny, I Itiif. v ,f no Mnin.ly ,-n
,',i mill hf riwu. I'i.ium'li ' I o 1 ii ,liy
.i mi ivii.'il if e i.-y ii ml wlmt in I, a-. I oi ,ti::c-;iiui
ll '.vli-.l tti'l I'O with lliU yl 'll.lX'ft ), llllyllt
t ., p i...i.h.; , r..r.hr..urKi..i
luvo.v.rst A,..,., n; to, h-um
.-" wu.-t.rt,-, f..-.v.;,.-c,t,' n-ml .
4 il) H.s '. hut m vw6rt or ni'tiT, rr
luru vho lu.o hniaV rrve-
li.uuu.t, i,i,li,,.Mi:hi,i. i.vnHtic!iil
t..r hi,.-): r ln.ii 11 , , 1 1 in. 'iv-vi .nly t;,k.'!i.
'i,':i v. Ii., i.i.-'.n, ii iviillv ii.it-j Hi.ili.'y .'.uiiif
fail l:i Muif -piiivtiiii-tf . il tlicy pot y.'f-r hrnft.'.
'ii , ....
I mi, D6f!uf, ttllii m-i 'Ii r(w;,eft
. . V.'.nr ,.ii vi.nt, .
. , l4.W,t. A.miui. v.', Simoriii'ni. 1 i . i
Oi!!..'0 niiii jiij'.iui'hl-:.' -ry . Nun. 5S, 5. So,
an; tl- KntTnii.lur.;,!: For wild eVcryvIiort
' Nov. MV 1.113, -alt. mo. 1
D - ov tvisM t-i n . c intiiin
111.'. LUK'll AS'S i. i
I'M'LISH FPIiCIFIt.'- PILLS -nr.! in l.niin
wi Ui, tl. ..rtc-enoi' M-:UVC'SM-S.
Iiiiim'ii'.-y. f'rnMU'.iiro Di-civ. ?..Mii!inl Wcnk-
I,.iiinty, tu'.l all l.riimrv .-.vim; mi.l
Z u
t ,, u r,, .,f . a..or-
I i:-i, l.i-i.iiitv , iii'il u!l Urinnrv .v','n:.; nn.l
Duo l,x will Puriul ilia .'ur,' in m-'-t , i.i us,
A .1.1 r.-". .lAMfl P.L't'I.I'l"
(!un. Au't.'I'.'T RrniiUnv, NeVr York.
Siuit aml h'54 3mo. ,
rnmii liva mil', ror.n i!l rf.civcu Vuiiial'lt
I'Tu-o-llilloll l"f ll'J CUM "I I.OIl-,l:ill'. l, A:
llllli i. hi.'ll.-liili'., :,:i l ul! 'l;r"i'f ; i n . I l.im.r f-
I i.oii-,i:iii'.-n. A.--
fLj'ijlti (i'ruiof ::.(' !'I)WA!M) A. WILSON,
' WiMlaiiii-l.rirs, K'mm '.,
Si-'. -p-i; l-.tio . New York..
Wf hi.ve ex itivirifiil n gr.itti inimlior o
uilierH front smni- of l lie ni"st proiuincil
ciiizr.M uf (Jineiitnaii and C'lvintoti. t,: ,
.-piMikiitg iu tho liihi'nt letnis til Lr, St.it l:
lai.dV Anti-Chdlt ri Mixtun1 (or the tfne.ol
ilianlr.-.a had d.tN'-utcry.- Tim ; letter arc
to' Ion to pub ihli,. IVI r. Wood, of Cv.
iiiiti-ii.snvn ha- was - proiinuereil iiieiuable
fur t!iu lien doctors in. (Jiiinianaii, and - one
i(iiit! of l)i- StrieKl.iMd'ti Aiiti-ChoU'ra.JIiXf
twro f lfectod a p-'rnianent cure nfier uullor
in Inr montlM witli tlio worst form ol'diur
r!m a and dysentery. - , .
Aimtli-'r sny lie M-T-4iKcb.n rfr,1'-! from the
United States fervine nlir. vuliV-riiitl in the
ho.-ii!.il fur 8 moil ' lis a iiiciirablf, and as a
Idst r.'Sioiirri) tried ?tri.kliin ty Ai'iti-Cholo-ri'tiM'xt.ire
fe SOi(ei j!fireetl)'i anil ImM iiifv
eiiiared; the ariry ,fiiru j( .jjoud. health. '
One. iiijin o riiy ,!m li-.iVure'a -vci."i)r'ei,it
very ti'id cubes n'f diio'ilu'c i toid dysenV.rs In'
the bairaiks lie was -itl 'vith one holt l of
this valu .lileitiK'diuiue. In, ftct Ws, cool I
lill In.lf our p'a.'er with (.'iinilar items tiiniii
th.'se letters. Why doss not our Govern
menl reenre thl vulnable ' creimrttioB.
Onf army ought to be supplied with II. -.It
ii bi t a slinft time sinee one of our hien
laid in ii, very low cotif'ilio'i al one cf '"tir
Cincinnati IIj4,itaU. his ifo wakseili for,
tlie'doc'or.s coiirldered his an hopeless' tase.
She, however,-;avi him Strickland's' Anti
Cnolera Mixture, and in three weeks he wag
able tiireium omj -wit,!, his wi.'c., ip Kew
Itichii.'ond, p., .'All "these .'?' 'rlfrit 'a'
home apeak for t!ielnsel,J.'''' Wt 'li'po tilt
tha soldiers' Will piil boula of it In their
knapaaekii. it i.i'iy fiave. thorn or torn? of
their -coinrattes. ' It is for eale.by Druggists
a 50 ceuH per b ttle. ,
SEMI-ANNUAL STATEHENT A. N COZAD, Auditor V. Co. O NEW Advertisements.
For District Assessors,
TV;yuut is licreoy.f.''Yen to.tlia qualilled
IN ' Etai-lot af-Vintoll r.'.inntv. Ohio, to fnoet
jn iXioir rrtfieotivS TriWUHldps in t.aiU oouuty,
uljLiic (!)Uat piucan pi nwnig elccuonn, oa
apd then and thcra proceed to elect one Distrit
Assessor, li iviiitr the qualiPciitlons of an elea
tor, na awaorof-roal propurty wHb'm each
Towiiohiv of ai.id Vifltonconnty, in aooordamie
to an -drdeT of tlia : Koard of t'.'anty Oemniife
hioner f Vinton county Ohio, lmretolore niadu
in piiradanee' of an act of the ticnoral 4om
bly cf tlio"1 K'.ute Ohio,-p4i'K)-l 'and tuokellact
April $lh ii'it'i. 11. v whir h crdur of fiid Com-
nll ncra'. each' To'wnyhrn In ttald Vinton
AoMnty, was doclarad a aejieruto Land Dlatriot,'
iid act of theUonerid. Afsombiy,-1,8an and
.:..l.,UU 0......... li.rt fit A l.
vii,-iiiiviu vH.,.uivi, i nno iiiv-pou. t. jrt.ru,
nroVldos tbat. tliWjud.'b of evictions' Bhallj'
V cvi ill aeparate lHiboe).lfor -tlie aluctiou .of
slid assessors, aiHrtha reWnR thereof,, dulyi
certified as in ohcreAaef shall be made to the
coiyity auditeri who, .with tha elerk of th'i
court of common OleasamT orohar tuduo of
The aouuty, Kliartopeoth'o su.tind deolare tho
results mid the auditor shall, .wjthin tcn'dayiiojie
aftiir CThtrJtr.hoH retttrhs-, (rlvia'notica to each
ofthe'parsunftolectad of hia alMtion: ;, .
U.s...l. f ( ... - 1
uj uiuu. vt w.ajy vuilllti.Klluilvrn.
; w.cozAP,
Sopt,-12-6l-iT. i . Aad'r ViC.0.'
TT vl PICK u l.e.'olv j;:i'i tint r! e g-ili-p1.
1 rlVr K- ajji.iutvj''iift uitiil'..
t:.Ief..inJ; Orw'Ua of Vintu ,.0,iv
)f ( ( V I L'II J 1 VT;iv -
ni'is. liiii.; (.r Cut Cipcnu-u iviii
1 -r ..1... r. .1' n ,.' 1 l'.. '
t'.ui.. .t.i k. iiiniiiini rrriO'itl Lo.
A t.,l.. .1 1 f . ..I. . 1 .. l . . .
Yy. Cl.illi;:.Hhf?: J'fhn G An Kr. Zli-ki, '
0. iirot'i , ti-i.tfriirn A u ilio &
R ft Oirp, Soulll Coriipf TM,d :.- WsJ-i
H'U St( U;fJiiiel.'ii.iilj Ohio '. -".. '
' u ,i.-a,R.i.v.D' r ''
AN't'J'ltiOV J, C.ULC )IYS K-aT-I?
TV t : ri'iii. r. i . ' - . .'
0 no cii e i.v.'il.
L--l':l--.4-'J'v S UiA!I a. rii'.EfioitY:
-iili K.eeut ir of t'w stue of
Ueiiry (..i-'mII tni ul Vimihii County. 0,Vio;
ilei...ji.'.l. I.i- liie.i his a.:.ru.,-d i'jif vpuuIi:
trs for iiupetliiiii ui.il ..arii'dl ,,i ;l...,...S i '
111111 ;VI" -v lor iiearing on llipjJ'J
iy el Octo'jer rjfJ4 " '
0,1. lh,-3v P.obj,,,,;,. '
nv-. 1 . . OKr, 'EIIt
JMl HU- t,lfK,, ll(.,i ,t,c
lgory, rn ,r (,,if (lf A l(, tJfoZZZ
iT, ,i v.. .... .. .... "I".'" " J . P'&ny
j""1- 'O H-E.vyw.i. K.GKEWORY
; ui-B.ieu vo invio. iannyj tnenca to the
place of beginning.! Alio the fruit oStwo rows
j and two trees oft the north end the third row of
tllo. apple treason the. east side of the orchard
ion the lands above idoaciiboif; 8id premieea
i aro appraised, subject to Mtid Dower Estate at
klt.?0(r. . ..
. Tauvs or Salk. Onsfhlld okah li '. hi tid
third iasjx months and '.ho remainlriir thinl
, In twolvo roooths,' with 'Intareaf on dolerrta
H SCHOOL t !tlStMsiElL
, , -. . I-v flu.
The isialo ff Ohio Vinton counUj
'Salvhlay Ocfibfr'th 1334,
,i- r.i.-l rual Mtntn. i,., hi, t.llri,
:l 'li,',j,,,iwi ,,aif '"! ',
.a-,'. 'Miuitrir.' of ov! oll mi, ,),... i.i , ..,
,r 'iVftLniiip iiiiiuijor len f . "-"r v .
Xr tlCZt F ' 'F'
,i.. Z&XT"
1 .... ,'.uRi..r coin Ul. -If ,
iJ.tyac.es. Al.k lb.. ..... 1,.,,-L- .
u u, a rw, SI hWllrl,, -IrnVwiai ,.d Km fi
,.l, umuI 'oiii,,, i,,, rlj.,lty, A lid
., , mid ,.u ,hiI,. wif WM M)i;t1Mi:f '
tl,) n,.,tl, wcs. ,,.,Brt. r. ol'tlon T..i.hl,it.
rtiul i nun y aoas, in ,r or lu-i, i ,
1 -a.ia.li anal qu.irter, at seven dollars
' u(r;i-J'l"'1; tJ,tt ,,,orth of tho
T.-rmvif Mia, .on0 tWoifh;n'cah:.ii,,d.fh9 '
o.'ur,,. ii.i.iod iy ,4baU.iao riai.l a,,ni,lly
eV- 22rtd :8t ud'r yiiC.O.
a alh of "ttBiLSTA;fiE .
)i)i:it ov i-uoiivtr coi i:a '"
fita(i of Ohio. 'Vinton Zomty,
I ill offesat piiblw sulo.at the il'K,r.,fth :
l .nlt lloii.tin liia'l'vtvii'ofiteArtht.r, Viuloo '.
ootiniy, Ohio, on .'mi... ,
Sa'yrJit'j Ihe&Ailtiynf Ocf&'.r 18tJf
At t j .,VI-kr l, II .,'.-to jtha hi'gl.o.st' -bidder. ,
(;. ...lt-wiui; real WtuWlalUi, Jiroporty of "
"Ilia... A. Jeliii'on (la'eu.sed, lo-wn: lu-l'ot
number secn,( the Town' 'of M..-. rilfur
in the, C'Oimty ol' V iutiiii , and Hiilo ot Oliiv., fo-e'u
t-'t ily .v, r . ' .: f
A p';,-nifcd it f tie hundrd-l and Hftv dollars.
JW.h ' ' .' '
I. iiiia of s:ilo, ono third di-li in hand, one
liird in six nmnth.s, arid ono third intwulvo
nuMi'lis, Ji'itV-rcd paymuti'ta' to l.e Njcnre.d by
niort ffi-.o on the pion iia, with Interest on
p.iyiuunti, f mnt day of slo. i. , ,.
SAMUEL C...CASE, Adm'r ' "
Sept. 2! f.l 1. of Wni.A.".'.,liiist..n dec.
S-tl-B Ok-' HLlili ESTATE,
. r.Y oi:iEi:orrnq!j,iTE'cotjRT.'
'i'ie Ulalcvj Ohio,. 'lnlon Count i'.
ON tlic Ul; h, .lay of Uutohor A- V, t
lSnVi.iol M-will Iw nlj on tho proiiicbos,
in Kn.-x yiiwuKliii,,Vinion toiiiay Obio, to tho
hiuln-Bt, -lijildarj (1 r.l)ii j) retf e.tntoai" '.('the
jiroportyjol'lliaestuli of Dariiiii. "For'rut, Into of
eaid Vinton county deceased, to-wit; R,;..-
niiiX, at the XArtK at;tor(iLt of HuUou No 84,
(Tiirt.y-1'uur). iu.Towu.-ilUu.Tou. lUpRe linaan
ia Uio oino "Oniiiiy.'.lourolia8e,:,jlinOQt 17
cliaina .1 S liuka :o the mutli onhi comer ' of
la ids dtedad to Duvi.l funny J thanco North
tliirtnon and a hull dejf. Wt tan cliuiim tiiirty.
5vcm linkM thoice Hinth t.ireo t-huina and
seventy-fonr JlMkHj UiHhs) ai.nth Ibrtythreo anl
threo-fourtli dug.' Want twon'.-tvo cliaina, lint
Iink8i thence to -the south lino of Motion n!im-
ber thirty flVM, (35,) thenco treat Me chain flf-T
ty links; theticbaovcntoon dear .' weal nix chains
thirty links'; thonce aontli fifty-st dng-. thirty
sevn chniim to the line running' ihronjli tha
centtr-of seetion nninbor ' thlrty-fdur, (34,)
thonce o:mt twonty-thrco cliniriH Mvctity-fiva
links to the aocohd eorr.ct- ou tlweaat line of
said scc'ion; thor.ee north forty-threo chains ti
ths placo of bcgliining, containing ono hundred
nd forty-one and thr-tofltrmKfr,Bid land
Imiiia situated in aectiuna nuinhcr thirtr-fool
(84,) knd thlrt.yuUve, (35,Tiiil(joet howovor to
tbo Uo'.vur Estate assiuued to the said Kajecca
Kun-el widow of nai.) Di'.rriu i-'urreLon tho leth
liny dttue, A. !., 1564, in (aid preuiaoa, bonn
ded and described as lollown, to-wit: Begin
nlnxat the noith resU.irner.oC aaid lands in
said order domiribed, theuoa aontlt three ohain
and)venty-four(r4)linkst tlience south for'y
tlireo and three-lourthti, deft, weat along tha
road four rods oaK rW"alnnt tree at tin enu of
''naat t.i an nnnlua trna iirn tK aA
lieorpa K. Hell's lanet thence a little 'south of
cabin; theree straight lowgrd ji( tuc Mnie j'j.
rcction'tothe section ltncithence north' to Ui.u
J...,l t T ; J t, .. ,u IIJUB
payment at ai rx'ircoot (rem day pf sale.
' 1J.S. Dana.1 Atrr.. ' .tOSHJA WOOTi 1
for adra'r " ' administrator of he a
il-U8th '-fil-rSw., Utata DarinsFerreJ,

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