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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, October 13, 1864, Image 1

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B.S.7-30 LOAN.
'All I?
. VOL. 18.
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: -t. Pit ca.a.lu.-ircr-t cfPcdpeatti runups,
SACr.I MAnT-LpltU itv! Il.ntto, would tall attention to I
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.v-. m - mj m . - .;.
Eecretary jf t): Trry jtyaBotl) "
nob - cripUona w til b reetdved for Canpaai
Treatury t pybl .
136a, with a nl annual inwrn-. m
ratcfbven ana tlirce-tenuia ireu.j-..
- e notes will U convertible a. in. eP..v-
ftha Udi-ra maturity .puto ir r
btarin bondn, psyable not leas tia v c
than twenty year from oat, a . -
trnment may alaot. Thy will be we
nomiuatioM W, 100, , u -, ,
aU .ubaaiplion ut b rsyM.?g .
niultllo of CtijF uollur.
Tim nous will b transimiiea w trWOwu
frcooftransiorUtiontli:.ri a a...-
recoivt ofth. triKiuial t;runaita oiycftm.
as tb-y can ba prepared.
As tie note draw iLUresl rrcra Aoguanoi
salteqncnt to tUa
E . A . B RATT ON.
la BraUaV Nullum-!, liifl tf Coin
Knure. I'n Ninim.
' Tb DsavWit will be Mat ou yar for One
Dollar; aail Fifty ctnU, Six Moutba, for Hovtn-
lj.fl Canta; Vunr Month, for Kifly Cento.
t-JfAll ppr will be aicontiuuad at tha
aspiration of Ue time paid for.
OneSqiureoneinMrtion, 0,T5
Kach additional insertion, ,f.O
Oarda on ar, 'HI
Notice of appoiiitn.n'. of a.uiniat a
ore, (Juanlian and Exacutor 1,00
Attachment notice before,1. P. IO
Editorial notice per Hue, 10
EJT Ten line minion chwd as one sqaare,
nd all Advertlaimenta an i Ltl Notioea muiit
lie paid In aJve ice.
lir A liberal Jeiootlot wUlbemaetoyear
advertlsara. pJTb boet"rma muat be complied with
befAll pajrmao a niaat he made to Ibe Tro
rietor. a w h i in'
The Democrat J oh Ulfice.
We ar prepared to ei acute w.tb noatneas,
Mapaloh and at priooa t' at duty competition,
all kinds of Job Wrk,juch aa
Slln'l'lNG htLLi.
LA BK1.N, V: . S.
! o u trial n.t heccpvir.-.i tiv. '
a-vl will to win. I Heaper f... ...:. !. . .
,lhl ! ti tll'titlll I II tl.l.l'.'C liirl, ,tu.. .
pi am tii miusE
Thil House Ironts on the Strain H"ui
landing, and near the Railroad Depot. N'
paint will bespared for the accoiipidaiitoi
of Gi.fii.
sept. ,18o3,- lyr
an." lyr CliilHpnll".1. "
05 and . .lniU, January 11. lr4, and
until, iur.'.-.ar uulke, triu will run a lol
lewa: M.VILU01NQ EAST,
Lfaer,nclBiaH t A. M.: La Blan
h.aur .1-0:47 A. M;! lravc .
IS 11 i' M.; ri VMM at liillwotlie at l:ls 1 .M
JafaCt.ii:io-Ji at Si l M.; IcaNca lliiiu
denJnniM'in at 2A'i P. M.; Wav AiniM.;
411 1'. M.; Arrit MurioiU at :551.SI.;
arrivaa at Belpro ParlwrhMtg at 7:W V. M.
Ltavaa Belpre Ac, at 7:80 A. M.; lvea Mar
ietta at 7.45 A.M.J leawa Athene at .10:05 A
II leaven HamJcn unction at 1 1 :3 A. M.
Arrives at Ohillicothe at ia:5P.M.; leave?
Chillicothe at 1:16 P. M.i lev Blancnjater at
l:M P. M.; leavea Lovolund at 4:10 I . M.; ar
yivetat Ciucinnattl at 6:63 P.M.
The Accommodation Train Leavea Chillicothe
at 20 A.M.;arriveaat Clncinnntti at 10:25 A.
il.Meavet Concinnati at 8:80 P.M.; arrives at
CMUieothe at 8:50 1. M.
Comectlone are made at Lovoland wi'.h
Trln to and from Columbua; and at Hamden
Junction with tralnaloand from PortKmouth
January 11, 1884 ly
ON and aftr Thnraday, February 15, 1364,
regular Passenger Trains will run in con
nection with yie Trains on main line between
Portaraoutb and Cincinnati, as follows :
Leaves Portsmouth at 8:15 A. M., arrives at
Pioneer, at 9:85A.M.; arrive! at Portland at
10:06 A.M.: arrive ta Jackson at 10:57a. M. ;
arrivet at Hamden at 11:0 A.M.; arives at Cin
einnatl at 5:55 P.M.;
Leaves Cincinnati at 8:30 A.M.; leaves Ram
den at 3:00 P.M.; arrives at Jackson at 8:84 P.
M.; arrives at Portland at 4:21 P.M.; arrives t
Pioneer at 4:60 P.M.; arrives at Portsmouth at
4:10 P.M.
T Accommodation Train doparts from Ports
moath at 1:45 P.M.; arrives at Ptnaeer at 4:45
and deSarts at 4:50; arrives ut Jaokaon at 6 :t3;
and Hamdon.at 7:80. Departs 8:40 ..M ; ar
riveat Jackaon at 7:35; arrives at Pioneer at
9M; and arrive at Portemonthat 11:45.
Through Tickets to Cincinnati can obtain
d at Poru-iuouth, Portland, and J:knon,at
tb following ratOBt
Portsmouth to Cincinnati, M 0"
Portland do
Jackun " do 4 ..J.)
. from I ciUuu'nth tn Cincinnati and retnrn
f4,00 Tickets from Portsmouth to Mariet'a
nd Parke'ab-trg, 300.
Tt VT. QUATE. Aaal.'tup't
Feb. 85th 1864-1 jr. .
T5kTOTICE it Hereby given that the under
JB 1 tigned hit been appointed and quali
fied ta Guardian of the estate of Ida Gre
6orr, minor heir of Anderson J. Gregory
kta of ViriUn county, Ohio deceased.
The National Democratic.
Th Contention nspcmliled t i
'lied. M. Mr. (Jirliriftafiil tlutt
tlio k tmnif'fo en JC toltit ions l.-id
'iiirm', Bti'i whit now rcailj to report.
I'l.c n-tfohiione were tlioti rcaj aud
urn its follus:
Rvolvtil. f bti in (he future at in tha past
we will aJliffi! vihh unswerving fiJelity lo
il l'iin tHiJer ll.e Coitatitutin i a the
niily .ii fiiiiiiilsliox (ut our Mieiighlli, ie
ciirity and li ii piitoj a a Kin.. itid as a
Irani:- work of liovetiimriit fjiulity, rutiuu-t-ive
to the 1. 1 ii in and propeiiiy of alt ihe
otsira, duiii .ruirm anil Suuiliern.
RmoikJ, That this Convention dora ex
ilicilly declare ai (lie sew of ihe Admeri
cau pi'uple that nftei four years of failure
to restore the Union by the rxi rinient of
vsr, during which, under Ihe rcteue of a
military nee?mty or war power greater
than the LmiMituiion, the Constitution it-
hns bn.-u disinfiired in every point, and
public liberty and private ritht alike trod.
dcu down, and tiie niateriitl prosperity of
the toiinifv efiemmlly iinpBired, iuscli
humanity, lilwrly, and (lie public we I la re
tlema.id that immediate efJ.irta be msde for
a (-cs.iwtioii of hosiilitiea with a view to an
ultimate convention of all the States, or
oih-r I'Mceable mean to the end. tlit at
'.lie earliest noasi'jlti moment, peace mar be
restored on tt.a basis ofthe Federal Union of
the Kta'ea,
Rdud. Tint tlie direct interference of
the mil; tu cy iiuthority of (he United States
in the iwp.it election hold in Kentucky.
Ni.irt land. Mi'iuri Mud fniiivl vnia. was
aii:iie.i-l:l v i. l, t if mi of llrt Constituiion.
' ' h! i 'Ii Ii uclri ill the 6(1-
in; lu':J as revolu-
i' .i.i,: i! rfsWu'J wiih ell the means'
er i-ti.lf r our control,
'f Tii.".t iheiii.'!i anil ob'ent nf the
1 ". r y i- fi Tfsarve thf Fe.li'ral
.. .hi.1 rijitol :hi- Stales u it i lai -I,
mill tliry li.'r.-hy da.-l.ire that tliev
I, I:
iv adiuiiiismtive usurpation ol extra
pit! u -r. ii. i.i iluncroua puw.rsnot granted
ly tlu: '. 'ii.i?tiiiiti'jii.
The K.n r io: of the civil 7 militarr
l -it u . ' .tea r'! iiiaiaitv. The arbitmiy
sriti". i.'.,'.i.Miniii. hi. irial mill nentence of
AiL.-n 1 1 .tiz-iiR i.i Stateg where civil lawi
i.- in ':! hiif, The sucpressiou of froeJn;n
ot cj e-.cli and of Ihe presn, t!ie denial of Hie
rn;!il ill ttiiyliini. ihe 0?n and avowed di
rgrd of Slate tiglitu, tlieeinpluyment of mi
u.u.il lent oatlu. Hnd ititerltieiice tviiii an l
ilea iini ol the rijjhta of Ills people to bear
arms, ,,s cilnilait d i0 prevent a restoration
of the Union and pKrpeiuiitit'ii of Govern
nirin deriving its just powers Iriun the con
sent of the governed.
It is Riil l h.-1 ihs nlmmeful (lisrril ot
thcodininisirntion tn ('oil duly in rein! to
our fellow cii.niw wlio up-.vaie, ami lnn
e been prisoners of war in a sullering
C'inditiiiii.ile.-frve the acverpjt reurobaiion
.in the tcoro ul ike of the public and c ..-1
mill hurnjuitv. I
Hetohtd, Thiit the avmpaihy of t!i. ' m
ocrar-y is he.wi'y arci -nriuat'y .. ,
to trie soldiery ol our uhmv, vi" un .
have Ih'cii on the held mu'erllip 11 1 ol i :'f
coucirr, ami in t ho event of our a luin:
iiiiwur, uv oa will iccihw ail CHre. prim .
tioii and ki,)iliiL-ss, thai b .ive eol liej
the Republic live s r.obly parurd
' 1
Whatever the duterniinatioti t,
tl,o ovcriiuiont nitty bo, I will do tlie
diujtlo object of Uoiiijr my duty to my
country fLutter to Secretary Came
ron, October, 1801.
Neither coittiaoation of property
political executions of persons, teri
tonal oririiniz-ttiou ol ritatus, nor
f.irceble abolition of slavery ehotild be
contemplated for a moment. Letter
to I remdent Linoln, j'lly 7, 1862.J
Military arrest should not be toler
ated, except in places where active
hostilities exist; aud oaths not requir
ed bv enactments constitutionally
made, should be neither demanded
nor received. "Letter to the Presi
dent, July, 7, 1862.
Say as little as possible about po
litics or the negro Instructions to
General Durnside, January 7, 1362.
The nmty of this nation, the pre
servation of our instructions, aro eo
dear to me that I have willingly sa
crified my private happiness with the
simple objoct of doing my duty to my
country better to secretary tJame-
eron, Uctober, lbl.
should be strictly protected subject to
thenecesity of military operations,
Letter to the President, J nly 7, 62
The true issue tor which we are
fighting is tbo prr e. 1 vut;;!i of Union
and tip hold !nt; t'cj laws of the Gen
eral . Gomii-jiint. Instruction to
GuurBa; o de, January 7, 1862.1
You v.1.1 please constantly to bear
io. mm'' Hint preciae issue for - which
we are tilting; that issue istbe pre
eervation ofthe Union and the resto
ration of the full aothorithy of Gen
eral Government over ull portions ,6
our territory. Instructiouoo Gen.
Duel), Nov. 7, 1861. "J
. We shall most r?aiily suppress
this rebellion and raot'ire the author
ity of the government by religiously
respecting the constitutional rights
of all. Instructions, to Gen. Basil
Noy. 12, 1861.1
An 'Hail to th. Cl.ief."
Had toMcCli-l.'.ii ! the pride of tha nation,
Honored and MM he the day ol his birth,
rhat tlioujii he sprung Iroin the common-
W.Mlm'kehimthepeerof mou.rch ef
Rally from Hill and glen. -
Rally around him men.
Come from the valley and come from the
He for his country sent,
He i-linll be President,
Shout for McClellun, again and again.
Wildly arose ihe gladahnut of the people,
Aniietuni was won and our capital saved
Rang 011 tlie Bella Iroin each merry church
Joy in each eye, while the bonfires blazed!
Honor MtCltrlUn then.
And all hi tMlUnt men,
Up with the siairj 11 graced w ith his nam
Dow i wi:h "Old Abraham,"
ilnd his fanatic clan,
McClellau'a th mania wipe ou. our shame
True to bis God and his country we'er
found him;
Soldier, and staieman, and Christain ai
Calm while tire tempest was raging around
Join all your voices his pnise to swell-
Shout exultant in chorus;
With that itarry flag o'er us,
Tli flag of the free, which lorever shall wave
McClellan our leader bo,
Onward to victory
.McClellun! MjClellan! the true and the brave
The Rascallity practized
by the Lincolnites.
[For the Louisville Journal.]
Yostcrduy was rt pvnX Jay lor Oiiio
and Itniiuua in UliuttatKioga. doicc
vi tim Oliit soldiers hnd an election
or ratliur eomool them vtii l, through
thu kinJuuea of Col. T, U. B'aul 7, of
1I10 lSili Onio who cumuiaut!."! lite
j'o.-t ol Cliattir.uga, and w8 oblig
iiU enough t'J prividu u ballot-bos
Htm a cure io,t 1 ot iw.-outiiicnu ticm.
The election, a fur ai Col. Stunloy
could muko it was a poM'ect farce,
t .1 I j. T t . .
For some wtel;s bef ru ilm pallunt
Stunley'and 21 r Ltn I'osruMStor
nt this j!ujo !n s 0.M11 i:oi Jin meet
H1.4S wiioii; the hk'.J: ia direct vi
tiation nt liie- rdt-T lion the War Dj
pa; mi- wiiiuh Jirects th.;tno pollt
laoct'ti'.'S i:iail bo hold in thu
iii'n'; r .: li.'i;Ht speccUea bti ati--.At)
tin-s.di-r-i. Tlie niglif
:. thu e'-.iCii-"' o:ie if t'ltsn nuet
i:i; .0 ii"1'1 ! !t.i H '' tis!; iJliurcii.
Li,' n - 1 1 I ; v a fiitmiijii
po.-.toU ;irou!i to wo, au-
noisuc! 0'M rxcoting, and iavitirtir.
!. Pt'ldicre to ii'twod. I was curiou
10 i.e if the order ofthe Socretaiy i
War w.i.4 tneitnt for tuo obsearvanoo
of the Linsnlnitoa or only for tho nJ
herents of little Mac an ) I went to
seo tho show. When I reached tin?
church, then was a hr-M crowd of
soldiers, interspersed with Govern
ment employees, and Mr. Uoid, the
postmaster, holding forth to them in
one ol the raoat disconnected an J vul
garharaiiguoa, compoaud of the vik-st
slung aud the most execrable Ealinli.
The crowd outiid-j of tho building
soon commenced hooting' yelling,
and making night hideous with ad
sorts ol noise, v?heu a long-bparded
Captain, evidently of the wooly horse
stripe, who seems to have taken
more care of his hair, iu some nice
quarters here, than the soldiers, who
were being abused a traitors and
copperheads, had timo to do in the
front, usked that a speaker be detail
ed from the batch ol pious gammon
ers within to regale the curbstone
At this sammons, Colonel Stanley
appeared, aud, from the stepts of the
holy building, delivered a philippic
that outdid Hood's in slander and
vulgar blackguardism, his principle
tbemo being tho breeding of negroes
and the olicit intercourse among the
sexes in tho South. Any thing more
thoroughly dignsting could not be
listoned to, and cornicing, too, from
tho lips of a mau who claims more
than an ordinary share of piety.
The Colonel was succeeded by his
sutler, who declared Jthat a Mc
Clellan man never owned a negro,
never bad money enough to buy one,
and was not half as good as a negro,
tor saying all of which a soldier call
ed him a liar, and a muss was brew
iug when the trio concluded that their
loyalty was about to bo . tested, and
declareed the meeting adjourned.
Now all this was in direct violation
of tho order of the Secretary of War,
the violators being a Federal post
master, a federal colonel, comman-
ding the post of Chattanooga, and a
teilcrftl eiit'er, .in:J Jip:9 withi
boarit jf -f a Fmlfritl Ovir!, cm
in uidniLC Di-tr'ut oftliEtowa.
liojo iiPAiiiurtvra nro in tliu next
li'in.so to wlit-r tlio inccting wiw hel.l
without an arrest buinir inn Id or a
ICIM:' u that loyaUffi
I f P lli lit 4 ant? na iii aaniMiAcn 11.1
cer. Does anv mm 89uouoso that
it - - -.
toe siiine goutiemijt), tho 0110 who vi
olated the order mid the one who al
lowed it to be violated, would, for an
infant, allow a McClollan mooting
to be held in Chattanoog.i without
their interf.-reneo. I think not,
. t s a
uiougi ttiu Moor is now open to pout
ical Miunporarory in th-i army, aot
'he McUiuilan inpn will tvtil them
selves ot it if tho other aida bj allow
od to proceed.
Tha fruits of these infl'iinatoary
uarttngiion are bulsiniu nro mil bios
som already, and, ere uiauy days, the
riK) app'o of dincord may bo plucked
off the parent iroa. Thero aro daily
aud hourly conflicts bi'twoeii tho sold
iers that will.sunly result iu blooJ 1111
less the Lincoln domaiioutis bo bri
dled in tho army. Tho Lincoln sold
iers and ofiudrs aadumo all the loyal
ty for themselves, and bitterly de
nounce all who vote lor Little 31 a J as
copperheads and traitors, who bhonlu
be shot or bentboyond tno lues du
ring the tcrmes of their natural lives.
They seem to bo apt disciples of the
is uxiiiiuioii mouaruny wining 10 uo
nil the dirty work of u disloyal party
Uihtrab UiroutJ and olust-'ring goes,
but .he'i are novor seen in tin. front
doing b.iulo.witltlio onein y whora the
iucolellau men are nlw.tva lo be
fou ud.
The hiMpitals aru coustantly tllle 1
with uhaiilioi) uo.vuida, who Blink
from duty an ! play tha loyal roll
about electiom tmi.s. IhtVo read
a piece '( bu'icomb Imiu the p:ii ol
of that w oidor iii men, Gjneial C.ir
riugtou wii.ia.i mti .(? ..orti-uea woti
nobled by the pickiu of private locks
and tlie discovery 01 mare's neaia, am
ting that too tf ovornmit ia uuxiou i
lor a lair eleciioM.uoJtli.it ho sent
homoaoldiera to vote wiluout rjicr-
onea 10 inuir political p'.Vi.:.-e:ia,o.
To sho- tho fair election t'io Gov
ernment and p-irty it 1. pi r)r: it.;a deairoj
1 ivill give you an iuiiru- i point.
The Major ot'tiio i7th I a!ian: boa
ted, a few ovuo!ng4 ao, in thu
ing of otiitr oiii" ....vt 1 '
erad loyal Linc.'Unt, 1 ...
Colonel of tha -17. l;ii;t-i-.i ... . !
tha hoapital whero im s; i lid .v. i ;
aud hat t:io eu.jju p-'.t .,,1,
vhe Liucoiu men, whiaU ,.i j aur. .. I
Then i vote w.ia t'tkuu iviriiojt sta
tiugtc the men wh't it waa for. hik
oui 01 u iy nuu pieiiuii out oy Hie
stirguou, torry-6.x v;tod ,r Lincoln
aud lour voted lor Mooitdhm. The
forty bix Luiojiii mou wero sent homo
iiumodia'.ely, aud tha four McClollau
moil reiuiued iu tiu hospital, lliut
ia the way the Morlou and Lincoln
party dj3ire to havo a "fair election."
Iu all tha hotipita's a vote is taken
befoia tha sold tot a aru furlouheJ,
aud oucb. ua vote tor Mortou aru sent
home, all ihe olliera retained. 1c is
toe sama in tua i.j 'iiiuiiu in ;i,e
Held. Alter a vote ia taken tho loyal
sold iers are permitted to get sick aud
sent home, Ui this no less a pcraoii
aga than Colouel Stanley, in his
speech night beloro last, boasted that
Indiana aoldiora vera getting sick at
tho right time, that jjtlieir native air
was good for thorn aud if they voted
for Governor Moitou it waa no cop
perhead's business. Can political
rascality exceed this Federal offi
cer, wearing the uniform of the Uni
ted States, publicly boasting of their
own shame, aud displaying in all
their acta the ahockiug corruption of
tha AdrjuinUU-ution.
Yesterday Colouel Stanley ordered
the Gavernmeut teams at the poat to
haul citizans, sutlers, and Govern
ment imployeea who voted the Re
publican ticket to the polls at the 18th
Ohio, where he had loads of Repub
licans tickets, but not a single Dem
ocratic ticket for any county in tho
State. No doubt these tickets were
sent to him at the expense of the
Statu of Ohio- Notwithstanding the
order of the Secretary of War, prohibj
itiug electioneering in the finny,
whilo I write, the enc'osod panapiilet
sent from Washington by tho Repub
lican Committee, has beau handed to
a I I a.a..
me. A copy nai oaen sent lor every
soldier iu the array, with a view to
influence hia vote, and excite him
against McOiellaa. This, too, by
members 'of Congress, who Bhould
not be the first to violate tho laws
and show a bad example to othora.
2To wonder par mails aro lata and
1. . 1 e
imu ie
sure to brin on a collision
soldier, who wore as brothers tdl the
LI 00 la and Stanleys ir t n rovim
commission to ex;:ito their pj-si n
It ia sail that straws ah . Ii !)
wind blows, and little thiiu) in!ipt.'
big rceultd. A fnw days mo twonul
diera met opp jsito a cutler' ah i on
Main Btreet, ClialtMii.oga. J m
wus glad to sea t'oni, whom Iu ha I
not met for several moirln. Jolm
was loafing alxmt the hx(itiiU here ;
Tom was with his rogiineiif, lit.'litinn
from Kingold to Joiiusbirro, during
tno late severe campaign, doiiu i.v:n
proud to sea li in, however, iwi I a ike I
tii 111 to drink soma beer. Tom went
with his friend into J ike Au,'4 Htoro
and altar taking his g'a-t l bf,
was asked by John if ho kii.iw t
whom he was drinking. T m ati I
he did not, and wished to be inlorui
od. "To Honest Old AIk-," rpplh-d
hia frtend. "Then," said T mi, "I'll
badiimnod if i'd drink, anl 1 wish I
coulj puko it up again."
Join was iu tlie nospit.il ami ha t
been listening to Hood mi 1 S au!ev,
and reading that abortion of a paper,
the Chattanooga Gazette, an I new
the rones, whila Tom haJ jint arrived
011 duty from Atlnota, a id w.n i i.
rant of tho ptiiticil Oodg.M rtwoit-l
to by the indifit.y u'.ieiu 'ii .
pity and always m.itiago o'"' ' ii.
rear, tnoouier aay i net.. 1 iron
the 15th Kentucky ai gun 1 al-i,
was passing Big &iutuy, whe-. 'U'i
train stopped ja few moments. Ouu
oi tho iudu got off for a m tn.'ut. a 1 1
wus accosted by a sol Jier 01 a reg
iment on duty there, with thei rmuiK
that any McClellan man was a tr .1 -tor.
Tha 15th m:ta saiJ ha w.n a
MuClallau man, and waa no tia tor,
whau tho other called lum u lur ;
wii-.-tj.ip -n lotii '-luhd off, hit tlie
enthmi;i!-tic rtt! ier . a jit!nv.-st-
t uo lcr 'lie s'.ui .ord lu and ti-nt
..': ' 'Wii it iai'.r.xtl ut'tan-vii.) ir. v.tii
. , :i.vnt celerity.
', o nianda of Uocle Abe'a baaKer
i i iv iUiii for their r H-m, bu. Wieti
.... . ii .
r. aeaeo fie scjna "i comiu:
; T'j w! 1 .")! giur.l I Ltd j'lol(M.J off.
: ,.;ioiitool in line wiiii liii'o
iii "noiug winch fie mil-ep'it
era coiio'.it 1 in-' l 10 tins liniiirijt!
"diiarotiotJ ,vuj tin bctt-r p-rt nt v 11
or." A l .yortwj later a gmrlof
the name regimdnt svaa on a tr..ui g
iug to Atlanta, aud, bain.: hi! ted at a
stutiou along tho road, a half iirwikoi
soldier eutared the car wlu-re ih
guard Wdj stationed, and called lor a!!
Lincoln niuu there to follow him to
"clean out" a cipperiiead soldier that
wa? out side. Getting no oiieoungo
ment from tha guard, u 1 left tl.) eac,
called soma one outalda a tr tit or, a 1 1
mstautlY measurau ins ien:'ii in a
mud puddle. A scpitid oftiielOSh
110. uasainiJ lamg t'l latmy, khv a
portrait of Gotieral MuCicll.ui lt:i"i
iuii neur tha headqua'lera o! th.- l')tn
Kentucky stationed there, and had the
impudence to pud it awu in t ie a
senca of tha guard.
When the 10th boys foun 1 vo h 1 1
porpetratod thu dirty act, ihey 11 di
the officer in com 11 mi 01 iuU
103th that if he perratuilto'l hia m -u
do so again, they would give tlieiu
slight touch ot hartsville, wnera fioy
showed tho white leather and left tiio
101th Illinois to do all the lixhtirifi
while they fljd lor stfety. bu-jli ia
tho state of political acriuimy exit
ing at the present time tlut u;iy in
cendiary cau easily pat the inarch to
iniue and terrible wilt be the ex
plosion that will tollow. The Me
Clellan men: knowing that they are
the only real Union men in tha conn
trv. will not bo bullied by 11M tiou
dibuuioniota, and if eitlmr olHjora or
men attempt ta browbjat or djnv
them tlie rights of citizjua, rivera of
b!o)d will follow.
Soldiers are not so stupid aa not to
knowthttt, under tho present rcjhm,
war. is turned trout i-.s on' t il
DiirDoiO' and that, 'v i;:ie;
nghticg to restoia tha lin.o.i, thoi it
saendcin thomaelveo for tliuj
freedom of of a parcal of w rthl-is;
uegroes. They cau appreciate tlu'mlly
Adminiatratiou that has kept thorn)
without pay for nearly km montLs.j
and left Uie'ir amili3a in destitution, j
Hundreds of Regiinenta will go out of
thaBetyica thia fa.ll, e?ary oua ol a
mnLluR dri
nut pay tha luitrt accruad Iromoaie M
to data of Jt punt.
l'tirtic deiuiilpir tcnty-fl'tbcu5ftnaaoi"
ami upward fr llee iiuUsat any on lime
ba nllowcd a ocntmiraiuo ovoue-quariar ot
per can:., bith will b paid by tbeTra
u iKinrt'cart upon the raceipt of aMU fof
amount, cei tiflei to by the oCUor with whori
dupObit wm maita. N da-iuctions for cora
ntimiuna inuntbo niuda fniu th depoelta.
-... .... a.iisc iii,
The relwlii are inuvur nf the re-o
lection of Lincoln, so that the war
111 v lw protracted another four years
a id th.) chances of their ultimate in
.li'jnitnci! baei.chancad Tho Rich
m ind Hnqaiicr nt'Supt. 5, says :
Mc-C.ei.n-i is by tar the most Han
.er.MM man for us ; Jy had his pol
mt het'ii peaiatpntly followed, and tho
wr conducted on tho principle of civ
i!u,d wariure, ho might have dovi
ded our people; and, perhaps, con
o i 'r. dour lihartioa- With consnm-
111 i'a abilities, ho clearly forsaw that
t timicipation might possibly freo the
oiyr.M, but con hi not unito tho sec
tions ; thai cjiitiscation might turich
hiae 'di rs, but could not reconcilo
uiir pjople ; hence, with an earuest
and .lonost lovo for tha Union, ho
avoided those fatal acta, and conduct
ed the war for thu restoration ofthe
Union, rather than tha destruction of
tiie Eolith, his policy wis tho olive
hrant'li in one hand and the sword in
t ie other, to conquer by power and
c uic Iti'e by kindnes. It was a
nu-jt da'ii-eroiH pjliey fbr ua ; lor if
Mm ameliorating hand of Federal
kindn isa had softened the ricors of
t ir, oar people would not bn-n sub-ji-tl
to those terrible fires of suffer
i"i by which Mr. Lincoln has harden-
u evnry Heart aim steeled every sen
linipiit agitinat our merciless toes.
Aaaaincere stcessiotiist, prefirring
war and nationallity to peace and the
Union," are looi-ed npon thu fact of a
d.tf'oivniM between Mr. Lino-iln and
ti 11 MoCl illan as to the proper pol
icy of conducting the war, aa pecu'i
irily fortunate for our cause. Wo
nailed the proclamttions of emunclpa
tioo and cmtiacation, and the policy
of plunder and devastation as suro
pledges of our ultimate triumph ; vbey
wero terrible ordeals bat they mo?tef
f'lt iilly eradicted eiey sentimantof
Union aud arousing tno pride aa well
as tha intorest ot ourpaoplo, infjtmod
the pitriotism of tho whole, until they
would have accepted death us prefer
hi a 'ni tiunte duleat.
1 1
N b -twj. n Linsoln and Mc
Oie I ui tii.'raaro many points of dif
ference -McClellan is a man of tal
ents , of inform ition, nf firmness and
grp u mlllitury exporianco and ability
Linoln is a supple, pliant, easy
fo l, a good but vulgar jokor.
Wb.de McClellun has the interest
of tlie Union only at Imrt, Mr. Lin
in haa tho lanntical obj ct of freeing
ii3roea for his inspiration. Detween
uik" p'it'i,"iw Gan. Grant has con-
ict .-d it, and ona by Gen McClell
an tliero could not havo been tha
aim stuwuad ua hu) alroady attended
.ir iirnis lor w i but more man'nahtino'
c'io Hjinncj oI'M-Ciollan 011 the feu
iinu't than wa have in ropelliug tha
I'tirioiH but ill c-Jiiduoted . assaults of
ti-u. Grant.
CHATTANOOGA, TENN., OCT 12. ., Be Vigilant Be Brave."
Dim cbats, be vigilant, be brava
pata not in the good work bafora
yo.i Unite with each other for tha
'ii u ti pin pose of defeat of tbe des
pot iu loo, who would aasail your lib
ertiea and iusult your flag. It waa
Greeley who wrote of the Star Spang
led Danner.
'Tear down th flauniinpt lie, '
H 1 If Tuast tha at arrr flag,
lmult no funny sky
With hat e' poll utcd rag."
Gen. Cass.
able to attend thepolls. ,
Wishing that success may re-ward,
yoitr ex-.rtious, I am, dear air, refract
Gen. Lewis Casa addressed the fol
lowing letter to the First Ward Me
Clellan Clnb of Detroit:
Dktkoit, Sopt. 23, 1864.
Dbak Sia: Tho state of my healh
has coi'tined me to tbehouBe for some
months, and prevents me from accept
ing your invitation lo attend tho
meeting this evening at the McClel
lan Clnb of the Fitat Wird.Bot I
avail myself ol this opportunity to say
that I approve the nomination of Gen
erai McClellan, hnd shall vote for
hi:u nt the ntxt Presidential election
W. S. Riddlo, Eq.
V e presuma that alter thia, the Ab.
olition journal will not claim him a
convert to Lancojouiio,

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