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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, December 15, 1864, Image 2

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tli.Ttirwit Houi "of Nfu-k-r Riv 'r in
Nev.iJ. NUII)0.VII8 llisJOVerus ul
(Old silver nnj cinmtrmr mined luve
l.een,iltl''l t tWe mnv i.-rel'fore
kno-n ; anl llio cu-urv oenuui."! by
ilo Surrn Nov..li :vu.i tt':-ky M-nrj.
uine ami rhotMilwrlinvo ruMoj now
teeirm with f iiti-rprihiiis Uhr wh;e!i is
richly reiii'i'itTii ivi-. It i. bolsevoil
lliHt he .roliict ..I tho iniitui ' pr-ci-u
mi'tH's i Mint region ..rt- lnrin
the y.'tir rencli.l. it not x;odin'
$100,000.0 00 w v.!iu-
It wit- ri'i!'mt n.lctl in ny l:i-t armti
1 mubsaso that our In Wm n.vstuui Ik
romo.lelo.1, Hit 1 ()ottiv8i i.: ltd hist
jeaaioii, netm i" '' r e-ni .ii h
lion, di i proviil. for reorL-a i z m the
Hyetem in Culil'orniii ; atxl it ia Miev
H that tinder tlu prea.nt nrituziti
llio initiitint!im-Mit of the Iq linn ther.
will bo nttemlcd with rciHoiiiihle suc
cess. Mncli vt remain to bo loin
to proviso lor llio -i'r iwrniru-iit
i.fthe Inlirtns in i.ibtr j'artii ot the
-oiuttrv to rui'l. r tt ef-iue lor t.'iu h i
VHiicinL. ei-tt:T. i.ml to i-vi-lo U-r tli.
welfare of llio In.1mi. Tlirt S.ffeta
ry rcili-Mt.R Ins rei'"nmi.;n1Uitioii-i.
ai.d to their, tho atiui.tioii of 0 i
,rrea ifi invi'il.
" The liberal proviaiorn to invalid
Knl.mi- h.,u K.i!..iB of toe K -ul.Itf,
to tiio widow, crplnim hum ik
Di'iidcnt mothers ol tli.itio who Iwv.
Mien in battl.i, ..rdieJ ..fuiscit-.es op
tnict.'d, oi of woun '.s rcc itvd ii: !
set vice of 'heir t'o-nifiy, Uvuhuon
.liliwr-lly aiiin iiiatereu. There Imv.
been added tothe prmin rolls durum
llio year eudii.ji h- 30 h ol' June lint,
thu iihmi of It). 770 invalid soldi. -r
und of 271 dibbled senim-n ; making
tho invsent' iiiimb-t of iirmv iovulnl
pensioners 22.707. an I of Nnvy inv
lidpeiiBionei712. ()' widows, .ri.li.iis
and aothers, 22. JDS hm- buen pla
ced on the unity nsiui rolls, an.
2.S n the Navy rolls. Tbe presfir
number ol urin'v peiminners is 7i)3
At the beninniii,. ol ih.; yaar the Hum
ber of revolutionary pensioners wat
1,43). Oi l)' twelv.i of them wert
H".liers, of wliuoi 7 have since died
The rtin iin.Jer are those who, under
the law. reeeivu puniaons because ol r
latinnship to revolutionary soldiers.
Duriiii the vear ending 30th ol Jnm
3G, $, 504. 615 92 have been iaui
to pensioners of all eiasw-K,
1 cheurluliy coinuien 1 to your con
tinued paU.eiaire. the Seiievoli-iit . inM i
tntioii" of the Ditriet of Co'iuu'iu
wiiich have hitlierto b ien ttstublished
or iosti-red by Congress, and respect
fully refer to you, for information con
cerninif thorn, an I in relati-.u to the
Washington A'luedm:t, the Capitol.
Hfid )tht:r uifttiersof lojil in'erejt, to
the report ol llio Secrottry ol'tlu lute
The Agricultural dopnitinont nn.kr
tlie subvi rsiou of its present energetic
nud laithl'ul Steal is rabidly cominend
iog itself to the otvat and vital inter
est it is created to advance. It is pe
culiarly the people's department in
which they fee! more directly nmeeru
'd than in any other I euinoi"n I it
to the continued attention and foster
ing care of Umjjress. The war con
tinues since the lat annua, muiwsa.1.
All the important lines and posithiiH
then occupied by our lores luvu been
maintained, and our armies hav.
jtoadily a Ivame 1, thin lib iratitiiZ the
regions left in the rear ; bo that Mis
eouri. K-mtueky. Tennessee, and par's
of other States have again produced
reasonably fair croj'S. Tho most re
markable feature in th" military ope
rations of the year, is Gen. Shrrnian's
jittenipted march of three hundred
raih-8 directly through the insurgent
region. It goes to show a yreat in
crease of 0'ir relativb strength, that
our General in (Jhi.f should leel able
to confront and hold in check every
active force of lira enemy. .Vet t'
detach a well appointed, and large
nrtny, to move on such an expedition
The resu'.t not yet beitnf known, con
jecture in regard to it is not yet been
indulged Important movements
have also occurred during tho v'nr to
the eifect of molding soi-i.-ty f jrdura
bility in the Ueioii. Althoivli shorl
ofcompleio sncces, it is inueh in the
. right direction that 12 0(0 cit js-ns in
each of the States of Arkansas and
Louisiana have organiz.d loyal Stale
, Governments with free Cnrtiitutions.
and are earnestly struggling to in tin
tain and admimsier tiiem. The
movement in the same din ctmn mon-
rl.-natVH I llOII lit IckS dl'ti ote ill
Missouri Kentucky, and Tennessee,
should not be overlooked. B.it Mmy
(and I. resents the fXHIIM'le ol C"Illlh te
euccesf. Miirylaml is secure to Lib
trty and Union lor all the luMire
The genius ol rebellion will n more
claim Muryland. Like another toul
spirit being driven out, it may seek
'to tear her, but it will woo her no
At the lest lesiion (if Congresa h prnpuced
smendiiiful ol the Cntitui kin abi'lisliing
livery tliroiighont trie Uui'ed Statr pet
the Senate but failed lor lark of the requi
site two-thirds vote in the House ol Repre.
Ahhouth the prewut is the me Con
gmtvnd the same members, without qnes.
tioning tne wit-doni w patrioiism ol thus
who Mood in opposition, I venture to recom
mend the reconsideration and passage of the
measures at the present session .of Congress.
The abitract q'tauioii i not clun'd, but
in intervening slection shows almirst cer
tsinly Ul Congrrss will pa the(
me.nure iTihU lU.-siiioi. II -nee ihit won-
jiy a q..(iion ol tim u to when t!,, prop'j
th.-ir aciio.1, and ajii is to gJ at all ev.-.iis,!
,,MWe not ,r ilia -he soulltfr th.H.er!.'
It ii not chiiiii I ihit the t'Wetion his iin-
poel a duly on ineuitvrs to clianjj ilu-ir
view or lueirvoie any linker tlun as an
ad liiiou il elem.'iit to be considere.l 'l'h.jif
n.ls nent nuy be elleclej by it. It is tho
v ote of th.-i p 'ople now, for the first tim
tk--r.l upon tivqiusiion. In reat Nat.oii.;ismo
I crisis lik.' ours, uiiuniiiiity ol a -tioii
II...0C sctukiii, a vuiii i ii-i.i mu .a veil
ile-iiuiile, ul.n 'St i.iili-pMis.ible, anJ yei no
upiiio.i. Ii 'o s.icf. iiainiiy is at t uioa jI - uu
I. o-t a 'in; ihll'-u-ii .e sluli be p;iiJ to ili' will
i me in .j iniv, niinply bciu-e it is the
will of the in j nty.
lu th s ea.-e the common end is the
m.iiutenaned ot the Union, and
among the means to secure that en I.
such will, thrmgli the eectiott, is
mist clearly declared in favor of such
oIOm. I i.r. ... 'I'l.
constitutioiiitl aiiie'idinoiit. The
most reliable indie itioa of public pnr
poso in this country, is derived
through our popular eKctioiis Julg
uiii by tho recent c-myass and its re
sulr, the purpose ol the people within
i!u lovui St.ites to m tiulain tho in
iegrity ol the Union, was never tnor.
linn nor in ne neaily tin mini nis ilia i
now. The extraordinary ua'tiness
ind go id ord r with Muich thu tu I-
iioiis of veters met and
mini'led a1
lie p Us, gave strong ussurancj oi
tins. Not only all Ihose who support
e 'llio Union ticket, so called, but a
oreat majority of the oppos n party
may be tairly claimed to enteita:ii
and to be actuated by the ranu pur-1
U,i '
nil unanswerable argil-
mei.t to tins iliect, that no cand.dato!linj
lor any effijo whatever, high or low
has ventured to seek votes on tlii!,tiou
..vow ii that he was for giving up tho
n : ti. ... i i .. .
Union. There has been m .cl. im-
piigmng ol motives, and much heated'
controversy as to (ha proper iiiean-'prselikal
and best mode of advancing the Uniou
came, but in the distim't isue ... U-.
it .i , .- - i 1
...... or i:o Union, the pol.t.c.ans have
shown their .nstiiict;.o ki.owledoe,!mi
(hat tli.-rc is no d versity am nig the
people, la awarding the pooplo the
air opportunity ol showing one toan-i'"'
,i i . .i i i .i n
other and to the world this fanunessi"
and unan mity of purpose, Hie elec
tion lias been ot vast value to the na-
tional cause. The election hasix
nibited another lad not less valtublu
i i ,. . . . . i !
to be known; the. act that wo do not
pproach cxhau-iiun in ti.e most im
poitant hrancl. of the iiational re
fiat ot living men.
While it is melaiich ly to reflect
i . ,i, .. I., . K'l i ...
I lit tilt war Il ls n. h'.l till inn iv ornVi B
, , J n
cauSJd IllOUIIl.Ug to to lll.iriy :
uomes, it is some reii.jr to Kt.ow that
eoiiiiiareu witn the surviving, the lal
' . 1 '
len are 80 le. Whilo Corps ard
divisions, and brigades, and regiments
' . r .. , ? .
at u lormeu, ana iou-nr, ami uwin
i.n iyMW w.lt ui UA 10' l-.HJU,
great maj iriry of men who composed
.hem ure unll licin.r To.. a,i ,. . i j
true ol the naval service. The elec
loti returns prove this -so many
votes Cuuld not else be found The
S'atcs regularly holding elections,
loth now and lour years ago, to-wit;
California, Connecticut, Delaware,
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky,
Alaine, Maryland, Massachusetts,
Michigan, M nnesosa, Mi-souri. New
llauiphire, New Jersey, New York.
Onio, Oi.g in, i'ennst Ivuuiii. li'iode
Island, Vermont, Wibteru Vifg nia
and W iBcoiisiii cast 3,932.011 votes
n "W against 3,870 222 cut then,
snowing an aggregate now of 3 30S.
21 1, to which is to be a Ided 33 702
eat now in the new States ol Kmss
and Nevada, whish states did n -t
voiu in I860, thus swelling the ag
gregate to 4,1175.773, an I the net in
crease during Hi,, n.ree years and a
ritl'ol war to 145.751. A table is
appending showing the particulars to
tins. Aiin sliou d be added the
numbers of all the voters iu the ffehl
front Massachusetts, llho le Is'and.
New Jersey. Delaware, indiina, 111
mois and Calitoniia, who, by the laws
ol these Slates, cou'd n t Vote away
.loin their home, and which iiuininv
cannot be less than 9(J UOU. Nor yet
is this all. With the nuitilier in or
gan zed Territories it is triple now
what it was lour years Hgo, wbil;
tiiotiaands white and black join nans
the national urins loice back the iu
surgeut I. res.
boniueh is shown affi inativoh
and negatively by the election. L is
not maienal to inquire how the in
crease has been produced or to sh'-w
that it would have beon greater bu
lor thu war, wl.icli is probanly true.
Ihe uiijioi taut lact remains demon
strated tna'. we have more men n w
than we had when the war b an
that we are tiol exhausted nor in
oroceso of exhaustion that we are
gaiui ig strength, and may, if need be,
maintain the CouteBt ind. tiuitel)
Uur materiid resources are now moie
complete and abuudaut than ever.
The Nation ;l resources, theu, are uu
xhuiioted, and we believe uuexhausi
The public purposu to re-establish
and maintain the Nation i capaci'y i
unchangi d, and, as we believe uu
changeahle. Tne manner ol contiuu
ing dm effort remains to chosu.
On caretai consideration ot all lli
evideoce accessiule, it seems to tne
that rjoatteu pt at negotiations with'
tha iuflurgeut leader could result io
any g ol lie would accept of uotli
8,,rt o M 6BVarenca ot ,hu
wh.ch can only be tried by
,V01111 be exercised can be luirlv juiced ol
by the A ve"r ".' " S1'"'1 t),ri1 .,n
urn tiinnes'v, npou siieeine. terms. wa ol
is (e,e, t,14l; certain dsig mt-l en- nies.
it Wasai the same timem.de known that
Jtlr- exi-epted elss-es w-re sill ia romeinpla
of .-peciui elem-ncy. D irin.' t ie year
!'""' "iWtd v s of ,!w.f "er;'1
Ivisiniis, and many more wmll only that
,he of thB ba , fuilll in 8,ne l-d to
lC, pre,.ui id,liry ,.,eaturei as ren le.ed ihe
process less easy an I ceitain. Du
ring Hie same time. aUospe.ial pinions
.jhavebsen gr tel to individuals of exoeie,!
(.-I '-es. nu t no voluntary npiilica ion lias
)Mei(ie l n piftie,r y. lh,d ,r
been lor a hid year open toall except
such as were not in coixlition to mike ires
'choice, tint is such as weie in free .uMoly
""ler ee"s.ra.i,i. n 1S , , .1,.e ., ,
hut the tune tnnv com'. iirol)ailv wi comj,
!l.. ..:,... ,i,u,,ii ,Lm...,r .h.t i. h.
10 'ho national autmiriiy on (In pnrto: tn
t insnrenis, as the onW in lipeuah e cnndie
' lhe w-. 0llie oar. of lhe
retract nothin? heretofore sii 1 asto ala
sotirceS rerv. I repeal the declaration in ide a vear
w,u H."J. aOT'aratiorn to that effect
hoj ot repeated use. u
uoes not atrcin)t to deceive ns he.
.ff.rds us no exoose to deceive our
-.elves. We ca inot voluntarily yield.
Between hi u and bs the issue is dis
tmct. simple and infljiahle. It isan'or
Hid decided bv vietorv. ll' wa viiild
d are b.-aten; if the Southern people
ail him, ho is beaten. Either way
tvoul J be the victory and doleat t d-
Wlmi is true, however, of him who heads
the iiisuo'ttiil enu. is n it iierps-j,nil v t'ua
ol riione win) foli.iw. Aliiiiiugli he camiiti'the
re-a.'cept the Union they c.jii. Soma ol
them, we know, alretdy desire pe.ee ami
bv lavhu down their aniisanl suhmirtiny
I !.' M. I... . I. ... I
they can. at uv inoiiient, hive jienre dimply
n: ..n Aftr s,i .nn. h ihr.,.iw.im.il
C'mld not, if it would, indinuin wcr ugiint
them. The lo.sl peep'e wou I not bnsiain
or allow it. If Q'fsli'iiis shoul I rein. in, we
wou il itdjust mem by the iiencful menus of
legislation, confeience. Ilia Courts. anJ v ites
ojreraiing o ily in Coiiuiitudon .1 and l.ws
ful c!i mu -Is. S m certain and ottier pos
sible questions, are, and wool I be, beyond
tlie Executive pwerto aljti-l. For in
suiice. ill-; idiniss'o i of me.iiti--rs in'o Con-gn-a'
and whatever lllig'it req'iir-! the up
propria' ioujofm uev. 1 he Rx'C'nive pow
er iNell. wool. I be grea'.lv dnniuisiird in
(vssatioii of Hcuni w .r. Pirdons. and re.
ni s-i'iiH of fnrfeiiure, however, would sti.l
be within Ex'Cinive control.
'n wliut s,iiiit and t.-mper this control
L1)ied. and that in heu more v g nous in -na
u.es than h-retoloreliull be a loi'te l in pre
senting the abandonment ol amed resistance
"S V 811,1 thi w,"il! 1 "Jm,m Prew"1
V si o U.1 si in iiiii uu-iii u in reiruci or
r ' . . '
Mi . r.ninii'i.ijtinn D.srtln.ntfrtr.l n lr
.... iBttVerv. u,iv er,oii who
is free bv die terms of that proclauntioii,;
orbvanyoi me acts oi ionssreso. u me
I t I. L. .... . .
poopieisnouio o, wnaiever nioue or means
il M"v Tculivf ou(lV" ''n"J'-.ch
ipersons, another an I n it I must b' ilieir in-
;8triil0ei,i u pe.iorm it. In stating a single
COUUIOOII Ol (IU1C I III-1"!! !IIU(tlV lO SflV lll-IW
the war wi'l cea-e mi ihe nan of the G v
ermn -nt, whenever it shall have ceased on
the ol tliosi who hermit.
i' glcrljjitr JJcmociat,
TltUICSDlY--- - Die . 13ISGI
Lincoln & Davis-Messages.
Last week we gave "nr readers the
message ot ('resident Davis, and this
wet-k we lay before them the messag1
of President Lincoln. The hone of
contention issiniolytliis. Davis says,
tho Nigg'-rs shall be S'avcss, in his
States. Ami Uncoln s jys, the N g
ocrs aha'l be Free in ihe States that
Davis claims jurisdiction ovur. In
other words Davis says he will main
tain the govenuent of Washington
an I his compatriots, an I Lincoln says
ho will make them govern themselves
as he choses and that their niggers
shall be free. This is tho main dif
ference, except that Lincoln exhibits
a very great anxiety to nave us tako
charge ami care of all the niggers in
tiie world, hut more especially Liberia
anl llayti, read the messages, and
then come and tell us that we misre
present if you please. Upon (lie war
qu etion Lincoln is explicit and very
clear War for the uextfiour years,
is his motto There has been and
tli.jre will be no neg"t;ationsfor I'eace.
In his imuigeral he told us, if we fought
on, and (ought always we would at
the end of the fi'ht have the ssmn
qie8,ioo to settle by negotiations or
warCiinaallitin t wi,iaW8 w10 ,rtV0
j""1'1 l,"l,e mr rpPWicH friends will
8ll0W tlluir ,ltl' h!f t,uir work8 a,,J
'all proceed fortliwith to enter the army
bo drafted. Lincoln eives sreat
hi-netit of our ladies who are left in
Uonveiit'on ol States or in some peace
Wl. Bat the neonle have en-
iorii tl,e war, ho says m ahead with
. .Iiins,hler. We BIV tu
been robbed, hv his war, of thir bus
itlbi,l a,lJ protector, .j informing ns
that there are many men yet living.
We c imiot seo why he puts this para-
,U'raph in his message nuless it was for
a btate ot widowhood. He also in
forms us that the war can be carried
oi i-itf-finite' This means tha' it is
itil ti ill . ll ll.i n.itill 11 fl. nl.i.f..a a
v.......... u...... mi ,mu uir.io aic
tree, as he is ready to negotiations on
all oilier questions of difference be
tween the N rth and South As to
the inportant m tt.TS of finances,
.vnr, navy and nfl'urs of the Interior
Deparrmuut including the questions
ol taxation, he refers us to the reports
ot his cabinet offi.jeis. On ihe whole
the message is the in st insiguieticaiit
m l insulting to ihe American people
that ever issued from the pen ol any
i'lesi lont of the U S. lie adds no'h
mg to wh it we nil ku 'W and gives uo
ray of h pe for the future, out throws
llio mind ol our ciliz.'iis on t le drafts
and coincriptioiis of nun and money
nutiil 'l.u last dollar is expanded and
the last mau is in tne last ditch. Weil
the people endorse it, and their wih
is t li j law. M jro anoti.
The new Enrollment.
Wo call the especial attention of
all our citiztns, to the importance o!
assisting all enrolling officers, in
their efforts to got a correct unroll
injut of our County. If thij'is not
done and ths enrollment ia larger
than ouracttiil ra iitary 3trengrli we
of course will have more than our
actual quota of icon drafted. We
have every reason t believe that
Capt, Cory and the board of enroll
ment hare dono all they c iu, t iw ir Is
correcting the enrollment lists, and
we know that much more can bo
'lone if our eitijsms lend a helping
hand, Attend to it.
C ingress convened on M inlay tho
5 h. insf No buisin. es of Keneral in
terest has bon yet transacted.
Uoth sides claim a victory at th0
battle of Fr.mklin near N.ishv lie on
29th ult, our telagtiiphers give the
number of loss on both sides ours a
hou 1700 and the rebs varies from 4
to 6000. How tho deuce our Gen,
Could t.-ll the .number of thu eiiomes
killed and woundjd, when we did not
hold Ihe fi. Id long enough to count
our own deai is more then wo can
D.-c. 9. An expedition from Port
R.y il encountered a- large forcot
the enemy on tbe 30ih. on the Gra
hainsviile r.ad, and a battle ensued,
in which both sides lost severely.
Night set iu and the engagement end
ed. During tho night the Fed -ral
forces fell back a short di-tatice.
The Provost. Alarsiial General and
QuartersVintcr Genera! have issued
general orders, that reliable inlorma
tiou had been obtained o a movem.m'
of Confederate avmpatlnz ts, in Cana
da, t visit ayd destroy lite an i pro
in the several citiue of the
It seem trntn an article in the Lou
isville Jaurnut, wjiich we publish
el-ewhtire, tiiat u.e retreat ol the ne
gro brigade to (Jiarksvillo, Tennessee,
was most disorderly and diaistrnus
It lost about $1,000,000 worth ol
Govei Oinent S'oreS on Ui march.
De.-' 12. On Tuesday, Burhridg"
nd hi -force were at I3jun Stiti.nT
East ennesseo Breckenridgo had
laden ack with his main lorce to
Bull's Gap
It is predicted that a tax of one per
cent, on sales will be effected, also an
excise tax on specie and cotton.
It is beleived at Nashville that
Hood it about to make a movement.
Oi Friday Gen. Cnealham was
shelled out of bis headquarters near
The advices by telegraph are that
Grant's army was uu the move. One
portion moved ont the Jerusalem road
and another up the Vauhn Mad. It
is reported that General Warren had
me, the enemy and an engagement
was going on. The evacuation ot
Petersburg is again reported..
Such whs theslipperv cond ition of
the ground in trout of Nshv7le yes
terday thathostilities had ceased. The
enemy were plainly seen arouud their
camp fires.
D.;C. 13. The Richmond Ecwiin
er ol the 9Mi says Sherman is repott
ed to be half way between Savannah
and Mi Jin, and is moving upon the
former placo. It hopes he will attack
Sayanah, but the hope is faint
Tbe Charleston papers of the (Mi
announce that Shcrinn was at Sta
turn N . 6, on the 5:h, fifty miles
from Savannae. Ho was marching
in'that dirsction.
Important Circular from
Adjutant General Cowan
T M'dit iry Commiltefi and the
Prens ;
Gentlemkn : The quota of Ohio,
under the las' chII of the President
lor 500,000 men, has been fi led
Tliat ju ta, tiwing to many errors in
th" exr illmenr, war too large. This
is shown by rho large numbers of
drafted men who procured thir ex
emption by reason 1st, of alieiiao ;
2 I, non-residonce ; 3 !, over age ; 4th
permanent physical dieibility ; and
5 h, b.v reasmi of having served two
yeais in the army or navy.
This would not have been the case
had .itir people done their duty last
spring, and secured a coi recti, of the
enrollment lists, ns they wore n ques
ted to do by thu Governor, and by the
Provost Marshal General.
Th'i g at importance of correcting'
the enrollmeri's has not, heretofore,
been appreciated by onr people, and
but l:tile effort bus been made in that
direct'on until it was too late.
Alt alterations should bo mad.; be
fore any quotas assigned, or they will
not in any manner operate to reduce
those quotas. It is scarcely possible
toftccme an absolutely orrect enroll
ment, but the united eff rt of all per
sons interested toward this end, will
render it so nearly correct that much
ol the complaint that has heietof .re
been made, will bo rendered ground
'Ihe I'rovest Marshall Genera' lifts
again tifj'end an opportunity tocoi
r ct enrollment !ist, end to this end
the attuiUiou of Ihe people- ot tho StiPe
is now directed. Il they fail to see
tho importance of prompt action now.
they must not co npla n if th quotas
of their suh-disii icts shall be I'oiiud
burdensome under any future call. It
is the manifest duty of every citiz tt ol
tho State, whetaer snbj -ct to draft or
not, to contribute, by all the moans in
his power, to this object.
The following pn.n is respectfully
suggested for the action of Military
Iu ea :h Htibdislric a committee
compose I of two or more prominent
and reliable citiz nis, should be desig
nated by the Military Committee ol
the country, wii so duty it should b.
made to take charge of ihe correction
ol the enrolliitJiit lists i:i their sub-dis
Tlrs cm nilteo can nncim from
the bo iks oi tho Provost M irshal o:
district, the list tis it is ac prji-
Tolhis list should be added!
Is. The names of all men subject
to draft who have taken up their res:
idence in ihe suh district since the las:
enro.linent j and
21. Tiie t ames of all t!ioo who
havo arrived Ht tlie age ol twenty
years tince tho Ins' enrollment.
From the list should be stricken the
names of all persons improperly un
rolled on account ol
1st. Alienage.
21. N n residence.
3 1. Ovtsr age.
4ih. Permanent physical disabili
ty of su.:h a degree us to entitle them
to exemption under Ihe laws and reg
mat i. .ns governing the txamination ol
d rail el men. (This class ot men
must appear in purson before the
li mid ol Emo Imeiit for examination
and exeii ption.
5u, Having served two years in
the army or Uayy dtt-ing the present
6'h. Having enlisted ia the army
or navy since the last enrollment.
7iii. Having died Since the last en
rollment. O.i the completion of the corrected
l.st it suould be laid before the Com
inissioiier ot tlie Ltiard oi E irolltueut,
whose duty it is to give Ins particular
attention to the coi rectiotis.
The Counr.issiouer will, of course,
require satisfactory evidence that the
claims for exemption are well found
ed, and the committees should be pre
pared to furnisu such evidence prompt
lywhcn the lists are submitted.
Boards of iro!m,.nt hare been
directed to devote all the time they
can siare from less pressing duties to
hearing and passing upon claims for
exemption, and the Provost Marshal
General has invited civil officers, clcr?
gymun, aud all other prominent cm"
zens, to appear at all times before the
Board and point out errors iu tbe en
rollment. If military committees fail to act as
above requested, each sub district
should at once take steps to act inde
pendently, aud appoint their own com
in i trees.
The press of the State ara respect
fu'ly requested to give this subject
such notice :u their cclumcs as its im
pjrtauce demamds.
Very respectfully,
B. R. Cowen
Adjutant General of Ohio.
& n . . ; I VY n i 1 t p
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TV OTIC I! li hereby given thai Jasper N.
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Ohio, deceased, has tiled his scconnls and
vouchers lor inspection and par'ial settle
ineiit,aiid l'htt Ihe same will he for hearing
011 the 30ih dav of Dei emh-r 1964.
Dec. 8 ISoJ 3w Probate Judge
Stephen K"tits f
tienrge Salts. THbinas Suits, I.'ebecen Salt and
Wndrow Salts in inor lieirioi Edward Halts de
ceased. hs lllod his ucouunta ami voucher for
iospuctior. and settlement, and that the same
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ber 1S4. K1C1IAKD CKAIO,
Nov. 17. IS '4 -3 w Probsts Judge.
H. H it A.J. Snim adinitiistratnrs of
the Estate of Michael S.vaitn, late of Vin
ton county, Ohio deceased, have filed their
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Dec. 15, 1364 3w. Probate Judge.
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