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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, December 22, 1864, Image 1

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NO NOIITII, NO SOUTH, UKDat THE C O N S T I T I' T I O N ,' ' B t T A, !iA C 1 1 K I , MA I $ T C Jt A. JriboFTlAT INSTlllMEM AM Till; I'NION..
i . ,. i -i . . ,i.i ti ,,. a ' . '- , ' .' " . i .. ."
'' f
' .VK v M'AKTHUKi -VINTON; COtTN f Y ir0HIObltCEMBER, 22; ISfii
... VOL 13. .
I .1 . ' .
i fl I 111 X A A. .A,
T 111
Jti ' ri . ' r! .i ici
M .. 1 " ' 7 IB
L7 I All 151 ' III ; : ,. ., HI i,
a . i ' ' TiiaRiuW bt
E A'." B R ATT O N, -
- - O F FIC'E:
' U rtton' ntiiUint. East of Court
Hone, Uu Stfiii.
'.. 'I
I 1' '
l '' '
. Ii.
V- I
( '-TMDiiir.'T wfH tifl aiitBn'effcr for 0n
.O ' B.llwit'W Fifty .! Sh vi. fir Sovon-C'-iy.fiw'cJaWi
FuO JlJiitl.vWWlV '
fgTAII apcm w'(ll ba dicr.ntiat'ol t
teV'. tdh ADVE?rii!f.
B'ntfSqilAr one dserton, ' " 10,73 '
""EMlkaiitionol insottion, . , ,80
tNoiicoof ni)i'ltn.n-.oJi iiinint ft i
uiul Kxocvilnrs 2,00
" VV'ttMliniomnMtii'OKhuforo'. '. P. 2,'0
..'Mitorlulnrtiin perliM,"!.' ' : - "
IJf TU line.i tuillioa ulUiyu-i w pun nquura
ftod U Ailvcrti)mbiU i
1 Ijl'gUl ill
i pIJ in 'tJviiice.
fir libiKnl Juilutioi wUlbemnOetjyoar
n.lvorlinnri. : , .
t-if Tils boet 'rmnrntist hflompllel w.'u
py)iinu mnt bftnuid to the fn-
r iCur, nit wii hit 'i uu mruntH.
Sic Dcnioerat Jolicc.
tf re propftfo.l too)ucnt .th noftOioss,
litpttfli 'l ' price t' - iluf' compotltion,
II kin.ln of Jub Work, uoh - , . ,
' KOOKS, j . .
1' AM I'll LETS,
ilA.U IMIA-S,.,:.
, '",.1'OSTEUS, ....
''"'"'U"- :I ,.V 1'KOQUAilMES
PILL HEAT'S,' , , .. , i
731 Mi; J tluNKs. 'f alitor.
. LAUELi, &c.J&e.
Jn'ii'i.lriiil' !i',l li'iieonviiicccl tliotwican
1 .to i"inr iif i honpor fur Oabii, tin n imj
Abr ,'tt ,ih'ntiit
,,,, . ""7;, TEL8..
:v ', ply MCi Tir noi&B
. lOI-.U'MOUTli, Qino
UY-' .
-.ulnv i" for tlw-cuuu.laiion
I Gi.i'kU., . . .i
iept. . 1803, lr
1 ik'use:
Chilluull'i l"11"
l'.OU'WMQUril ULiANUll ;
"rivei ilm.ln Ht ll:SU A.M.; nw.i Cm-
. .. .. . .. I Krr Vl'H lit Jili''!"" Rt o.llli .
Pi oneor ' aV.S0. P.M.; rir,.t Prh
Artommcktlon Train dep.fl from Pi.rt..
" . . n .rrlvmat 1'ioaoor f 4-45
. .1 llut.nln. l T:30; lfprt)..4:) ! ,
V-3V .1.1 .rrlvis ut Prtmmnht U :4o.
aVt Pofwmonth, PortUu.l. od JtoH)n, t
, .Ufull'iii(fTlo:-' - i
I'ortinioutli 1 Cinoiniiu.l,
'" Purllnnil " . . -
. -. l.l,.nn . ' ' (10
- RipUND trip Rickets. ..
v Fr,.m rrtnutlit cnci.inatUnd'totnrn
1 M Ort Tiok'cW from PorUmontli to SUrlol..
. .., plrker,bn,g!f3- D0NE)ilS(ip,t;
,.-W. QUATK,'Avia'lStti)V,':;,i (.
' " ' i ,v . 1 fit 1044 .n,l
1,w,: : i Ait W A.
L.frMCi icn. ir Cliillicotbe at
'u k rij. Lo.veVchiHic.the ,t 10 PVU.;
H .rti nAen. Tiinetimw P-M-! ''v
.12' P: Ii.; WvesZ.(leiit 3:01
C M t MbS .: P. M. Arrive,
V li fclrtuM e:biP- M. .rriW at Purker,-
. ..V. i ,.!MA1L GOING WEST. v . '
V.'. ,1. P,rkeri)n'8,f A.-M.MeVift'Mar-
t ,..,alWl.FiKlit earyitiir liaawngBrv paws
8 ' -West a'-4:84 P.M. .. .
.. . Th Aaiiplti TwxiJUfiTc Cbiilicnthe
Bin'-" i 'Z. l u .rr'.vA. t Oinc nimtti at 10:25 A.
ti -ieives'oontflnhatl .'8 80,?. il.; arrived
-fcJlV.tA h,l frrirt Columuf aAd at Hamdeo
r .,',jilioii wilfc traloa-ttt andfronv forumonth
;-srJ- T3 P' M7;' AamJon . unction .tISM
. j A. M-Trtrric , a . - .p Mr B,. Lnvo
RAILROAD. Report of the Secretary of
the Treasury.
., The totul xpoiulrt:.nri i ot tlie Gov
iTiHiienl, Hctoa! eetimn'e.1.' lor HiA
yi-nr 1S64, nro srati il at 81 215! 7'2 !
1 35 75, which is ut ttm r;iro 3,412
96T ht day. The rtntkit at (.hy clone
l thu (irmut fiscal yoar. the rateo'
taxation atandinp; im it (ii,-s at hhb
cnt, is (jBtimak'tl mt tp532. 37,183 02.
Tho tutul ain.mht r tlie public dbi
on tli" tirat of July, 1361. wm SI 740
COO 431) 46. . AJa to this the deficit
an Btati-d abuve. ard ll.c inililic debt
iiMhc cl"9o ot tiv uar w
273,002.077 51.. - ... ..
ThO total revern;, : ol' tbe Govern
ment, actual unJ. igtiniut J, for the
lStfit'rjni, orjinarjv Bourcos
that i i t-) say, cxc.hkivo oi i aiiB tie
(luctiiiii lafancu on hand nro ' eta'ti'd
at 334', 572, 33.1 02 ;". fr.'.ni which il
Hpeai'8v that while Ibo, t .V,iendaturc
of tliu jf.iveriiiuoiiruijir'VacU 'nearly .to
throe nnd hall iniHi uH ;?r day 3,
4J2, C07 ; thu rcc. it tall c-mftidi-ra-blu
short of one million $971 431:
making a daily d tiott of $2 411,530
to bo lidded to tlie j'criniieut dcl,t
of the country.
, Tho annua! inti'ivm upon the fub
I ic debt c ilculatinj.' at nx pef cent,
pi rannu:n, ainoun'tfto l3J,3i3,7C0.
Upwards of tiy six niiliiutm ol' dol
lar of this, "however, U payable' iti
jjold, which, calculated at its present
value in paper, will raisothe amount
to over two hundred millions.
At this Mate ot things' . lenders it
per lee ly apparent that,' if'the pr3
eontioiis of tl o war is continued.
Bometliin inre must be L t:e to sup
ply the liceefeBary imanH, preserve
Bi'intthing that rebemb es credit.!0 the
Trva-iiry, it is naiuittlly to bo expect
vd i hat the rccomen iaiions of the
Secretary would bo Jevutod solely to
that cud. Large as is tue mm drawn
from the p. ople by taxation,, it is not
yet iargO enough ; and the .expedients
by which uiur cure to bo extorted, with
little repaid to jasiice or to tb,o popu
lar interest, iccopy the wh do of tlie
significant portion ol h'i3 report. 'Ihe
increase ot duties on imports, under
the net oi June 30, 164, tiave had a
contrary ull'cct Irom that which was
anticipated : oj'erat ng to diminish
the impuiU, and to iciluue rathj tliae
increase the auiouut ol revenue deny
id irom them '; troin this suurc.
thtioloii', '..othiiig can bo expected ex
eipf through a repeal or modification
el the laws ol tue lust . session, an J
uE.iit upeuing the way. to that exuav
usance ol pnvato oxpendature hicli
Uongiess, iu its etiuracter of conserva
tor oi tiie public morals, sought to re
strain. . , .
' Tho prospect of obtaining addition
al m.atis by ordinary iO.uo, the See
retary states was. on his taking ulii.ie,
'by no means uatur.iig, bo tiiut the
notiC'i lot a loan ul tuiity tniej mil
ions, advertised on tlie 221 of June,
had l ei U withdrawn on toe id oi July
the Seoetary having reas 'it to believe
that sucli loan Wuii.d be tulun on no
terms which it would be tor Ihe inter
ect of the government to accept," nnd
an attempt to oUaui fi ty millions o.
dollars irJi'n 'the banks of NjW Ynk,
l'liiladelpina auii,Uootoii, upon bonds
or not, us siiouiu uj uiJoi .ec.:piaoie,
Iproved'liut notwitimtan i ng a pro
teased, iui'1 as ihu beerelarv was Con
vinced, a real desire lo ii j the Gov
ernineut,. ihoso iiiiituuiioiiS were not
able tolnrnish tlm assistance required
upon the uruis vuueu uudor, existing
provisions ot tue tav, the beeretary
'lelt authorized to! accept." Iu -other
worOo, the credit of tho Govbrument
with the capital'Sts ol the country is
The secretary therefore advises the
cieation ot a Commission to look info
the economical atl'urs nud emn,,v
UiOUtS of tho people, lo awevi tain and
report as to where new tax s may Im
imposed, and lurtimr ,. KJ advises
a descent rjpon those sm.tll incomes
WKViitheno,... hum their . insigni''i
caucejhavo eNcapa,l taxation baitij.'
hra riinineiidaiiuii upmi the rntheir
amusing grouud ;bnt 'ail participate
Ulike iu tlie 'blessings' ofgood govern
tueut." lit -I'milifrinore ndvists the
safe of luineral lands:.a thing iti itself
pei!aps, not . improper ; but which,
beiUg a departure trotn the old and
ivuiyoi-saliy.;, approved poliey ot the
Govermneut, bears the' appmnce of
a Work of dilaVdatioti-.theciitting..fiearii(g,iiitor
sources ft iiQatient revenue,
UmBivlf.iPof -iri-fcAjithinwv It i. ft,;.
slaughter ol the-geosawliicli laid a
vijolden eggs, through Impatience
realizj, at ouco," the' wb'ole burden
c i.... . '
Tbe i i amount annnally realized
ifmni th ItteMal revenue taxes for 18
t .vi-'''t; ti : :
was almiit one lultifire.l an.l
' ! HF'.'g the 'BsUii- of bonus
in com, spe.jeificaliy
forlP. tJ,tt I16""0: '?lU 9
m l for 1804 will be abmit otielui.i-
drid ' and eighty f'-ur" 'tnllibna. Bj'
enlarging tho basis and increiiSitig the
rute, tho Secretary proposes t rais
it to thriKS lumdred inilliond.' '.The
amount Pt present drawn ! from ciis
ioitis is in tno neMgnotirnooa ' ot on
uiiiHirea millions in iiot i,' wuicu a
thy present rate of d -preciat'oii ii
emiivaleiit to two' hundred and twcrii
ty millions in thou National currency
this will ;lrin tno entire revert u
drawn from ilin;ct and ind'n'Ct taxn
tiiin to nn'tV'-ireitfo ot titV hundred
milliotii! in paper. O.io tenth' par'r
ot i!i:& vusr anionnr,' or niry nnnioin
ii i . . i : I i... ? ..' f
will bo. to bo ijaid by.tjio pjjuo e'''u
Ohio. A iJd. to'.thtrf sit'lt'tevn'or sx-Vijot
teVn milKons of Sta'to tux V," unl oiir f
t i, : ii i ..: . :..n i I. ... ..'
fellow fit z.-ns of Onio 'will'UnvJ no
rvuson to complain ' that their taxes
aio ui't 'BnfHjientlt burdensome, T in
view of tliis statj ut things', the fol-
low in, element tiaiicranh Irom i!i"
uxordiuiu ol thw report ' uviv alion
cvinfurt to tdl whoin it may
co'ru. '
. il
'Oil tho fourth dty o! Mweh, A. D
1801, 'the national debt was compari'shoul
lively so inconsiderable fu'hurVily tifjitf
esurvu tno name Aecu
prosperity here
scioos of national burthens, and upi il
ly'uneoiiicioiis of their own vast au I
increasing am ity to MHtain a weight
wbicli, could it hurjb en anUe.ipa
led, might' 'have Seemed 'altogether
tieyoiid hell' streng'U. Unaceiistoiu
ed lor along course of years to great
na'ional eriorts, it was fortunate for
ihjif power ol tUiliiruiiC' should be
uegreo oi prosperity Hereto. ore uuex-'revenue.
ampled, ill lire history" ot nafions,
people of the Uiiited States iiad grown J
itch 'utid powerful, 'without being con!
tested only by degrees, us the s'rugn'io'iu
which 1 rovidtfiiee hud pre pare ii l-r.?uhrf
them developed i8 vust'propoitions,
and the
; neoesiMty ol a -great and lotiiiituritv
contiuucir tn nt became apparuhr.
Had u- UitfU teeu 4urK,eeii that what
was , bwlij.v.ed.. (o bo . a,. conUat
iiuuths wus tube continued for y
uiid that hundreds ut millions .of pub
uc- debt would be swo.leii into th us-uujs-
of uiiiluus, . before the cloe ot
that contest, U may Well b-j douht.-d
wlietl.cr,. iguoiMuc as . they '. wore ol
.Ite-irosyii i in ease icsuu.'jja tlie p.-o
pie uiigi.it u.it .have shrunk appilicd
ti' iin 'iU uud.r.aii ng winch cootcm
plutv.d.4 &uei li;o fee lar exceeding all
loonier expel. euco."
Alaiuiy-o at mo great llaactuitioris
v-hicti aio consiau.iy occurring in t!io
uiarket price of gold, Woich he uttri'
butus to tUj uoitspiraeies. ufspecuia
tois, liiu Ceeretaiy piopout a law to
suppress soeu.auvu operations an 1
uiiuisij tnoso Woo engagj in tliein.
lie yvou d 00 , gi l l to , dis. .eiiu, Witf:
luhi entirely, and with it tno tJuipta
tioii to these ..'.inJiwiis. that, in the
presulit state Of things', t lie eau not be
UoliO,: lie.ttdS. :..,'':!..-
"But wuatover 4i)CCess. .nlght aU
tend any ell iic cheek , spbi;iatiou in
coin, or tv, counteract, ltd injurious of.
feet, it is Btiil.vbvvu-j '.that solong-us
mere reiu tiiio a largo am increasing
uecesseliy lor use, ,un. lim.teey bUppry
it win command a piice c Mumeiisur
ate with the n'ecjssity and the ditluul
ty of i obtaining . l'., This necessity
arises froiu tuo- demand for foreign-ex
eiiauee, lor customs duiijs, uiid t
pay uie tu'ereet on the. pubbc ih bt.''
.' ihe loliowing uarugrapb, which is
thd- 'fori.'stitri-twwtng - ot ti-wncial
ebcioeB orjtio lutiiie, yo CJpy fciitire
Ills worthy to be'read and aiulyz d,
iodicatiiig V4.',t; does ; tho dospemte
straiis to wlucir tiioUoveruinuui is re
ducod, aud Uu icpioauii oi the period
win. n un-ler ihii piea ol perm ineiit tie
e-Ssily,'4eioro winch tue Cionstitution
uuattio liberties unO private rights oY
cH-Bwns have alreuVly - laJuili and ail
p.ut pledges' of the fuith Oi inuG-.)
eiu'uieiii.wiiicli have ueeu ili nree
oi uie tiiuuciul creiia n has .enj.tyed,
will bo vichttcU, and the xydinunciira
Hon will siaoJ lorin a bol.J naukniii'.
b.iio i'i) Us" poweraud careless p tho
ciamis oi.iootju huuui it uus ueiuaoi
aua ot its own UisUwUer ;
' 'Ttle1 matter of loreign ' excHttnge i
do not iiOposo to d.bciiss.' ' fit) do
oiWutl lor duties ou imporls and tliat
t,o pay the tuteroot ou a targe, portion
iinuo pubiic UebC ate so faiMdeuiicall
tnai i.ue uepoudeut ou ibo otuor. - Tlie '
'MS tO
Mitt uay Uielit w ,tanfc l ilcreSf, and
video tor in eodecuou oi t,ioo duties
1U W W currency, , in tlie ,'ipinion
- w th- .aucraary tuat pUdge slioold
. i ' . . .1 vl . . ' .- . . i J
ijoi uevioittweu,! uemiureirom licomu
winy ue- yhiuiuowu ujuuuui luobemim
ta necefeBitiea ybicb ' jtwtit n
1' '' ' ..,i; .;:.v
istoiui.'d to
to.'oi'o uuex-'revi
t.'iii lonri'v jn'iM.iiiii ti.o ob-
(join, tiiut tu rcvchuij.(rd-n cst'iuis
t xceed tl'ie, lijima'e predicted np
)n thu receipts oftho' (irt q uirter, it
- ' . ' .1 ' v... ......
l be giyVt tli 'in by a bizher r i'e
interest orjiteir payment bboiild
In wt ol tlie Serioui cou,tne
thwLidoraiton presented by this question,
whether as allowing, t.hejin ,rket. value
yf coin or the ability ol Government
, an iuer-ascd rate ol inter ..-sty. pay
m curreticv, rl.-y'iiiablo in liirei
five yeurs, and ciiveriibla ,at in a
into live iw-ii'V bonds, would
iiUituuila III onicr I tujorvu i iu iiuw
er to (iiscburge' lh-. iu at n fti.nre Jay,
when the pi dgo wns'iyea no one in:
ticipated the j ussiblo coiilvRiieiico id"
the war j"')" fitch a length of t'uiio iu
wou'd iiivi'lve the uiereaso of tho pub
lid debt 'ij tlie point it has already at
taitnid,, or the possible' payment of
iiiforest in coin tor.u amount beyond
t he, ability ol' thitie's on imports to
8'H.'l.i',St M Wl' bo noticed however,
fliut our'anniial coin interest now ex
V'C'ds oG.'Oai)..Oli'0.. Sh.'Mild the nd-
ditjoiihl ainouut rl;iirvu tor too tx
pe'iiditu,res of thq present fiscal year
bo ;aised .ijpi'iiboji-l beai'ing lnteie
t ii "in i t . . i
is (jijite manifest that' resort must soul)
, . v. ' ' : . i' ' ' ' , . , ..
no ii au id some tuner svuree oi supi'.y
of recourse iiiuiit be had to .the eniis
siini ol securities of a . ddfjivnt ch tr
Fa ..' .
r; , v. . v ... , ,
It coiilil nor Ijo exiecteit tnar hucii
8 .'purities woijM stand'oii a luvel with
those, the ihu r-.st.i'd' wlijeh is payable
in coin, uniess tuj uiereasiii va u
a$ci.'iHvd. hy a.'fiecifje lien upon the
hue.' In vie' ol'tlie serioui con.
ty ol uoverntnent I
to meet its s pi fi tie. i liferent, pIiouM j
the war C 'iilititio, ,,'ni f'K! revenue i
. it ' . III.
now u.t-cifica.iV mm Torr'nit 1 to that
-1 - - , ,
purpose, tli. Sjcret'Oy is loreed to the
conehi-ion t Ii ut we should it: the future
rely, fa;tlu''ui ot pint', ,'upoil s-ctiti
lies . ueariug ititeiesi m. ciiiiein.j ,
eoiivti'tible into Ir-n Is, l'h
whieh.is payable i'i coin. JsoUs bear
)0 referable, hi ihu ju lament ol the
Secretary , to any other for.m of seeu (
iiy. ..TU,.nda at long datea'hi) inter
ut of which is. payable in cut fen !)' at
the usual rut", would , be less attract
j.Ai, and wi iho end .involve iuuo:i
greater Hil'.'iifjjo. .., ;.
Old Fashions Reviving
(Correspondence of the Hartford Times.)
NEW YORK, Nov. 30.
a uaru pa m ouuv,uu
as to land him direct! upon & coaren. I
."J--;'5t - -
A friend oPmrii, who latoly visit
ed ao iwq'i lintautM, a Freirall ge'Utla'
iiui'i ot uiiJ W'-allh . rosi'liti ' mii lin
own estate, onie iinleS tr mi tins c ty.
biistold mO a bt try waieh-lie heirl
from the lipi ol'the pt i j lb actor in
fi n irr.it. vo, an I which possesM, as
I think, an inteie-'t surfi:ienf to j-!sti!'y
its puhlie.itiiMi. It wJI, at all events,
serve to bho,V the progress we are
nuking in one dilution or an eliJ,
hero in our glon uu free cum try o!
Auiericii. . '
' ilu 'narrator was also a French-'
niau a g..n'tl.:nan of means, who had
just arrived' in' Am -rica, and who U
mi iblo to'spcak the E'l'ush langiMg .
lie stated that-on the day aller hit ar
rival in New Y"tk bo was invited to
i' i on what ho hndert-toid to ho a
pleasure excursibn', to a place' which,
from his account of it, Won! I seem to
have heen 'Jersey' ' Ui'y. Thu 'partv
were filially' 'taken to r om wh -re sat
sundry nieii " -iii'miritar ri.'a'td one,
who apVnre-l to bo an olHjei", sat yt
a table tilrinx "of ouperS'. ' '
' Our Fiencb friond was enquired of
thuuili nn interpreter, as to his name,
'add thefj a paper Was filled "out and
handi'ii to him with a' rnqnest to sign
it.! The ri q'iebt'was inttde in a tone
and'ln initer ' to indicite ' that every
thing was all right and pleasant, and
that ai part of tho entertainment
to which bo had be-tl invited. Uut
liiV(!i'inarrled to know; before signing
what it was? aid wha' was thu reus m
why he shou'd sign it? Oh, said thy
interpreter.' that is a!l righf-you
merely put your name t tits paper,
ami- it will 'nil right; - "Bur what
is it?" "persisted Monsieur.' - "O. you
o ily sin yonr no n. to It that i all
vou have to do-iand then you can go
With ihe army ." "I gowl'h the army I''
ho replied "no. no I hiivs seen
enough of that in my cotintrv. ' I do
not intend to 0 in the army" Upon
this, a pile ot money was placed' be
tore him, anfrbe was toll to poeketj
that; and it would bo all right. - "But'
1 dof-'t waitit yiuir m uty,' said the
Frenclithitn,-l have all 'i want otmy
onJ aud I diVtiot propo!ie; to benoino
a soldier-.1 With thW ho withdrewl
and was joing through tra-do'ip, when
au bfljJir,''o'r'soniuojie conr.efed
thaDrace.'strack'' hito butwesn tha
... . , . . . L I k .V . ... ,. I
anoniaers. huu at tuo m
I'roneii, no was eu-io'oo 'o a
his way to tho railway ttnim (is i
f "iend uuderstoid him.) and there
Jebt lined,, at Homo time, wheu Ii
lent tuij) dnjf, evidently arranged tor
he porpose, though whieh ho was
plunged down into a dark cel'ei!
Here, in total d irknjss, lu w is htft
hs ho HippoSt'S, for about tfo boi,rs.
It seemed t bo a celier 8) deop, and
so separated by thick fl tors and walls
t'lciii tho world above, thut no out-,
who is plunged into it stands much
chance of ever making hiiiuelf hear J.
At I;nt the trapdoor wio lil'eJ. and
two men di-sened,. wh look oiir be
wi'dered . Frei chnian out tin I back
into the same room troin which he
endeavored to nuke his ercao
riieie renewed tll'rts wen ma 1 1 to
compel him 1 1 sign, undei liiie.,t; an i
lie was held in gnup of tvo men, one
on eab Bide, and uion wa3 uani
Suddenly .onr Frenchman who is
u in.l'i of a good deal of muscular
power by an unyoked f-ratil rapid
movement, hurled both the men from
I him, an J rushed out.
,,' , ,
, no reaeueu mubreet, ami in in
idarkness o.- it was, now irglit
W.H loyr ri'gnr nu
ran ut his utmost speed, .followed by
Iji.i tvvii ni.'Ti IIh Mtier-.'.M il in llu.
darkness, in eluding Li- pur.Miere; and
a man who, t nn ' r lie
proved to bo a German, understood
the French, he was enabled to find
ent ainei:, . at Homo time, wneu i iim
notieani, ft pat-sago to acwiuk. tr uu
ivhence de sujeeeded in getting back
il XT .
to Aew 1 rk
There are piniilels th this trap
door bvsteni of doing buini's-: but to
fin I them wo ei nst go t th c ititiimni
.ol L irope, and a good way back into
v' jj "i
tlie darker inyttenes ot an ag , wlneli
has happily br, all there conrvrnel,
H. T.
Important Circular from
Important Circular from Adjutant General Cowan
JlUittry CuimnllUfS and he
,4. I
withfidenco in the sub-district siucethe last
'enrollment : aud .
Gkk rLEMUN : The .qn ita of Ohio,
iinder, 'ho lust cull of the 1 icsiden'
for 500,000 men, has bjen faded
Tbut quota, owing to , many. errors in
the enrollment, war too , large. This
is shown,, by the large ' numbers of
drafte I men who procured their ex
ea.nption by reason, 1st, of alienuoo;
21, iion-residencj ; 3, over ajo ; 4'h
lieiuiaiient physical disibllitw ; and
5 h,, by ' reinon ot having servoa two
yuiiis in the army or navy.
This would not have been tho' cose
hu'l our people doiu their duly last
spring, nud s cured a coirectioti ol the
enrollment lists, us they weie r ques
ted to do by the Govern r, and by the
l'r 'vost .MiU'sh 1 General. .
Tin g at importance of correc'inj
the wirolui ents has not, )u ieto!or ,
been appreciated by our people, rt ul
hut 1 ttlj effort has been made iu tha'
direction until it was too late.
All alterations should bo mad' bo
fore ahy q'l 'tus assigned, or they will
tiot.iii any iiianti'jr operate te redneo
tiosc q;iotasv It is'scircely possible
to "see'uio an absolutely correct etiroll
ui Hit, but the united etTirt of a'l p;r
smis intereste'd 'toward. Jhis en.d, will
rend t it so naiirly correct that much
of the complaint that has brt tof re
been made, will bo rendered ground
The Fro vest Marshall Goner ij has
again off.red an opportunity '- to coi
net enrollment lists, and to thi 'nud
the attention of the people i she S:a'e
is now dire'ctoh: lfthoyf.nl t" see
the iinportanoe of prompt action now,
they must not complain if the quotas
of their sub-distrioti shall be lnu.nl
burdensome under any future call. It
is tue manifest duty of every citiamot
tlie State, wiietuer subj -ct to draft or
not, to. contribute, bv all the lusaus iu
his prwer, to this objj".
: The following pians reppectfully
mi nested for the action of Military
Committees ; .; :
In. each sub district a committee
compfse I of two or more prominent
ali i roliabJd cilizms, should bo desig
nated by tho.jMijitary Pooiioitteo ot
tho country, whoso' duty it should be
ma le to take charge ol'lho correction
ot Uio eurollineut lists in their sub-dis
tricf , ' ', ' .
This ciominittee can procure from
the books of tho rrovost Marshal of
their district, the list as it is at pres
To thiVliaf should he added !
1st. The naiue.9 of all men. Biibjjct
Krv .Iruft who hftVii' taken nti thir res-
al TL. j.r 111 &l. L .
jia u vmuiot wi u www wao
uavB ururcu m mi lauwi tweuty
years since the last enrollment. . J
Troin tlie list Iho-jld-besiriekeu thu
names of all perioos improperly en
rolled on account of
J.-t. Alienage. " "
' L' J.' Non rcsidenco! " " ; '
3 1. Ovtr age. ' ' , "
4'.h. I'eruun. ht physical disaiiili
ty of such u deitie iis M ontltlo them
ttf-exemption uttdr bt wahh. 1 reg
mat n us goverolug tho tX.iuiiiiatiou of
diafiel men. (This clas ; of men
must, appear iu person Itetbre the
Id 'aid of Euro liueut for txaminatioa
and txen pi inn. i: . ;
6't.i. tlaviug served two yenrs in
the arm) or nuvy dicing the prosout
war. , . . t . j
tj ii. Having enlisted in tha army
or navy since the last enrollment.
7ih. Having died sinco the last en
roliuieut. '". ')
On the completion of tho corrocted
I ot it suould bo laid before llit Com
uiissioner of the D iard of E irollmotit,
'vlioseduty.it is to give Ins particular
attention to thfc co:rections. ' '' '
Ihe Uomii-.issloiie will, of course,
require emid ictory evidence that the
cUiuis for exemption are well found'
ed, and the committees should Iw pro .
pared to furnish such evidence prompt
ijwheii the lists are submitted. '
' 13oatds of Enrollment haV3 been
directed to devote all the time they
can spare from less pressing duties to
hearing and passing up.m claims for
exjuipiion, and the I'roV'St Marshall
General has invited civil officers, cler-
nidfi, .iind all other pi emmet, t' c.ti
z ins, to appear at all tun s before the
iimrd and point out errois iu the en
rullmtnt. '.
If military committees, !ai! to act as
above requested, each ' sub district
should at once take stops to act inde
pendent and appoint !lheir own com
mittees. ' :
. The press of' the State lira roMinct
i'u'ly requested to. give .this .Bubject
such uoiico'ih their cJumrs as its im
pntanco dcninmls.' '"' ' ""' " '
. . ' " :.Yery respectfully," ' '
R. Cowen
Adjutant General of Ohio.
A Tocon Sticak. A geniuti, with
hiscust or knowing'j cocked , to- one
Mile ol his billet-head, a leer it) his
eye, and a dovel-niay-curo contour
generally, came' into a cheap eating
house, an'd bawled out.
"Sa-a a y, look adhere?'!
'What'il you' have, air?" q-ioth a
white aproned chap, rushing at ih i
'What you gel? '
'Most everything, sir bam, egg3,
codfish, chickens, goose, ttu'key. roa.t
beef, wnd "
"Well, look a-bero old feller "
"Sir? '
, "Look a hero, you got any pork
steak or iir.ed tatei'6?"
Yes, sir." , ' . . ..: ; ;
''Veil, look a-hcre, how about
steaks, ch?" . , . ,
"tiood' beef steaks, sir'! . .,
"Good?" , ' '. , ; ' . ..
VFirst rate.;' : . - .! .
'Weil, look a here, old feller, yen
j.ist bring that steak - 1 had here last
Monda; rralo, gntta pfctoha, .. broke
two front teeth on it first bite; but I've
got my uiobirs eteelset and sharpened
now, and I'm going to wallcinto that
old steak liko a -saw-mill, Fetch it
on, why don't yer, ;6a-i a -j-r'"
llow itcamtj we didn't stipto see-'
TllEHE AnE TWO ?IND3 OF GtI,L3.'-' :
One is the kind that appears 'beet
abroad tho 'girls that nro- good for
parties, rides, visits,' balls, cts.; and
whoso chief delight is Iu each thing;
the other 'is tin kind that appears
best at home the girls that are ustful
and Kheertul in the dining room, the
sick room, and all the precincts of
home. They differ widely in charac
ter. O.io is often it torment ot homo
tho other a blessing; ono'is a moth,
consuming every Ih tig ftbout her the
other is a sun beam iujpiriug life and
gludness al! along her pith way Tho
right education will modify" both n
little, and unite good qualities iu
one. ; '. '' ,,;
m j'-
IJavb you the heart to see. nn mov
ed, your wif tao out. her old brldot
dr-6 from the drawer, while thu tears
i-Uah into her eyes as she remembers
the sweet delusions of her. youth, and
the hopes that you have allowed t
fade with it into decay?
A itKOHO belongiug to Williams
town, Massaceusetts', is uoder am&i;
for desertion, but "that is not ?! lA fllllo
offence. Being a ldoVer, liq mar
ried a white girl onlf sixteen years
old, 3ved with het'oaly four days, and
.tbenxaa away with outlier , oian.i
wife. ' .' :

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