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MoAKTlIUR," "oil K)7"
Tilt'UiD4V ... Dec . SI ISI
Mr. Gbokok Kkck. member of the
General Amenill- from Hamilton
County, Ohio, dad on the 14th inst
lie vas a gentleman of intelligence,
large htirtim-63 qualifications and an
able member of the House.
We notice by the order of an Elec
tion to fill the Vacancy, that the Hon.
Otto Dressel member ol the O. Leg
rslatnre of Franklin Co, has resigned,
We regret to here this aa Mr. Dres
sed was one of the most able and otlit:
cint members of the Lower U'iuse.
More Nigger.
The lust Register an
lislics tlii rciuark in a Ue f.eeeh l
Johnston Vice Preat. elect. "The
world is ray homo, and every man,
be he white or colored U my brotliiT."
We think wet.'O Gibson handing on'
liis jiaw to some sable Am-'rienn .f
African W:ent and exclainin'j. How
am you brodder. Congrt'sa is now
.perpanng lo paw a law allowing
gersto vot, taey think thay can car
ry the next E'ectinn on this .measure.
Do you eudoro it Gib?
Another Draft.
In TucBdays l)ail)'s we a -
O. ,f Warn
ignature, calling fr 300.000 more
men, and in forming our citizens that
m dfHlt ia-made accordingly, and that
this is only acall for to make up the
defieioey on the last dralt. Every
man aboard now in ike up his ni'iid to
prepare lof.taiering tho Army, tb
peciarjy n4lioao who vot'.'d to push
on the drafts. Wo are evidently ull
about to hind In Abi ahains bosom.
War with England.
uews a
with England. Our congrcea is dis
cussing ur ability to make tho Drit-
iolt T.inn l.r.vcl noil Pmolda (is a nrtt-
caution any measure has ordered 30
companies to our frontiers. Tbes
movements on tliis ques'ion will be
watched with ink-rest. Our gover-
meet ( Abe) does not mention Eng
land in lus meesago. and it is well
know lliut our diplomacy with that
power ia l ot tatie'ai t' ty, A Jew
regiments of niggers aent up north
however, would play the devil ii!i
the Uullb threatening onr frontier,
and wo doubt not undo Abe wid at
tend to thin matter in due season.
Perhapa a fight is geftin up to ac
commodate t'operhea'ls who dotit like
-to shout down our on kin folks.
Dac. 1.7tb. The main body of For
-ect'a cavalry is said to he in the vicin
ity of Hermitage, twelve miles from
Nadbville, otuhe Lnnitieriaiid Kiver.
General Hood, on the 13th inst,, at
the house ofmrs. Uaina. declared
that ho was a-rtaiu to capturo Nash
.ville. We have details of t'n-j engagement
between lboinas anl u-khI. near
Nashville, on the 15th. Th nnas
marched out of Nashville, attacked
llood, force Ihim from his position,
arid gained decided advantages. The
prisoners are said to tiumber 1,'iOO
Genera' Thomas, in hi oflL'ial d s
pa'ch to. Secretary Stanton, chiimx
MO to 1.000 prisjners, together with
tixteeri nieces of arti lery. Tiie bat
tle was to be renewod tho next day by
The Uicbmond papers state thai
'General LlarJeo commanded a'. !Sa
Beauregard arrived at Charleston
on tbe 7th, and immediately left toi
tbe scene of houtilitiea on tho Charles
on and Savannah Railroad.
Wro. M. S:ewart has been elected
one of the United States Suators
from the now State of Nevada.
' A large fleet pi iron clads and
transport, with mppUei for Sher
'matia nrmyi loft Huuioton li is on
tbe 12tlj." . ' ..
The 'Iiichmorid Examiner, otth
?tfr,,?s Skrmao holda the same jo
tbut 11 ot
d e before Nrtslivi:lo.
The now rebel Conscription
eition liuti tj SrivuRiiuli
wis rep'rted in their 1 Initio of R-prtuiclo
geiitaiiviii mi the lOtb.
Savannah i strongly fortified in
tl.o ri'iu with earthworks, and H
require n tiette ti take it.
The Intel n;il lvcinu Collector at
De'roit is a JiTtiiiltcr to the Govern-
mint hi" hi bonds will nuctire the
Dee, lJ.Tho l'eit i.fficial bulla-
lin from tue War Department will
fnind in our teli'jriipb column to day.
Genenl b'i'Kter re porta an interview
with General Sherman, on wedue,
J. lav lust, at Fort McAlister, which,
hud been cMptnred b) an assault, mi
Tuesday. Savannah was cloanlr be
gt'iged and its capture was coutid-iit-Iv
txpi'cted. General Sherman guve
the Cimlederate commander two days
toMirrundtr, and il'tho ileinand was
not complied with. G nerit' Sliernimi
would make the utfuck in their works
(iciieral Sherinan's army is reported
to be in splendid condition, having
lived on turkeys, cbickeiia, sweet po
tatoes, &u , during their march
through Georgia.
The report from General Thomas
is that he lias captured 5,000 prison
ers an I 39 cannon. Gen. lhom.ni
lost 3,000 in the late battle.
Gt-n. Bnrt.riiigu announces a vie
ory over U.-zil Dukes brigade, ai
Kin!Ston. Tennessee; iiichard Mir
an, a brother ot' Jehu Morgan, was
It. is reported that of the IS Conled
erato prisoners who attempted toes
cape Ir-'in Camp Mutton a lew days
si nee. 17 were -h"l dead.
Gofd closed in No York last night
at 224J
The Confederate Congress have
a I opted a joint resolution to prose
ai'O the war until iriu-'puu Ijiicj has
been secured.
Tb President has disapproved ot
so much of the oruei ot General U
which d nets tiie pursuit ol raiders
or the border.
Dec. 20. Yesterday morning a
body of 3 UOO Conl'edi ra'es and on .
Ge'ieral vn cajitured near N ishvillo.
at iiientwo 'd.
About 200 Confederate offij-Ts
were captured, inclu ling tbree Unga
dier Generals, Johnson Smith and
Hood's loss since he left Columbia
l'r Nasbvillo, is estimated at 15,000
Tho Richmond Enquirtr, of the
7th, has an article in lavor of arming
the slaves. It says (General Leeio
in favor of the proposition. Ihe En
gutter htates that when wo ask Eu
lopuun natio is tor help, it wi.l bo up
on tli-. it condition, viz : the abolition
ot slavery.
Tli rebel army is in lull retreat,
from Nshhvillo.
Kia ik in is lull of rebel wounded,
over 3 000 being leit there on the re
treat. Tiie cbunhes of the c ty ot
Nashville htivo nearly all biuii ap
propriated lor the use ol the wound
Gold close at 214, in New York.
Thirty military companies have
been feent to the frontier this Week,
in Canada.
Ano.her dralt for 300,000 men has
been ordered by the President.
All soldiers in the tree Status are
wanted in l'r-nt, Bnd the Provost
Marshals are instructed tJ send tliem
lot wurd.
There is to be no winter qnaitera for
any of the armies except tnai portion
oi G'raiit's army which wib c.nuiiue
the siege of llicbmoud aud Peters-bur''.
The Feeling in Canada.
The Montreal correspondent of the
Philadelphia Inquirer, m speaking
ot'the tral ot the St. Albans raiders,
then going on tlu.rd, says :
What tho decision in regard o
these scoundrels will be. il is useless
to conjecture ; but it is equally useless
to disguise tho tact that a majority ol
the Canadians sympathize with them
and hope for their speedy releuse.
Such sympathy la lelt not only by
men who avowedly approve their acts
ol' rubbery an J murder, but by maii v
who, il their words may ho believed
deirecte and denounuH -tlium. This
sympathy i4 in 't so much the result
ot 'friendship lor th'i villians them
selves as ol hatred ol the people and
Government- of the United Sta'es.
which, I regret to say, prcvades the
The Reciprocity Treaty.
Oil the question, in the House ol
R pre-'enta'ives, whether n t ee
should be given Great Britain ot tin
teim nation of the Cuna iiaii ft cipro
ci'y Tieaty 75 Republican and 10
Dtiu ocrau vo'ed yea, and 40 Deino
cruta and 11 Utpublicaus nay.
New Year's Gift.
Mr. Z,in0'-ln8 pmjoct of making a
New Year's gi;t ot a gunboat trom
our Goverumei.t to tbe uegro State ot
Liberia, indicates that the Adminis
tration is determined to take care 'oi
thu heL'i'lies abroad aa wull a6 at
A Greenback Called a Lie
by Mr. Greely.
on finance, fays: .
willlhnr a little over $2 And (his, Cike
'all other lies, thonjh it aeeic for the
'momont Rdvantigeoun, in a general
btJican authority now reeogniz'S the
KnM Bfandarl alone. He dot not
consider joM nt a premium hut cur
renr-v nt a discount of fifty Sve per
Tlia N"W York 7iM0. in an ar-1
I T.le ereenbuck that calU itself $ 5
; utinonsuioiisly a liar; it U reHlly
. i- -ir..
mischief and detriment. The achem
ing. BHmini few may make by it ; bnt
the industrious mnnv must loao.
It will bo seen by this hiuh Re pub
Cftir. lie titter some other truths
that will alarm some of his party
friends :
This eonntry is now running 'nfo
ilebr at the rate of fully five bimdred
mi'lions pei annum, which would bo
reduced considerable below four hnn
dred millions by a tolerable approach
'o aoundnens in our cnrre.ioy. That
h aar, we are paying eleven to
twelve dollars per barrel for Mie flour
and at l.-BRt twenty dollars per hnn
lred for the bacon consumed by onr
vat armies and naval f"rce when
wo miiht buy at half these rates if
onr greenbacks were worth ninety to
ninety hvo C'-nts in C"in per ilnPar.
Our flln'ps of war transports, or Inane
ao.all iinns. ammunition, and nearly
every thing else required for the pro
jcution of so gigantic a war cost ns
nearly twice as much that i, add
twice a much to onr public debt as
tiiev would if we had a tolerably sound
That our enrronpy has fallen into
dilapidation is not the most discour
ie'iiu fact ; we are more dishearen
ed by the leaden apathy werewith
this is ancp'ed and submitted to. when
d aVnld be treated by hf 'Cittiv-i
Conurepg and ponplo precisely as a
house on fire. There is no need that
it should continue. We might ?et
lit of this slough it wo only would.
It would cost 8"in'!'hins.. but not lia'f
what it does to remain in it. Onr
law makers and hiih officials should
4'-Bnlntf!y confront it. if only for their
own Fakes, since it is duirongtrahb'
'bar none of them is now more than
half paid. The President's $25 000
a vear amounts icallv to a htMe over
$0 000 ; so with Cabinet4 Minister,
Ilea la of Bureaus, and Congress
They are g t'ina but half what 'the
law allows t hem. because the iron"y
they receive is worth but a mln
tract ioo of its (ace.
bono ho rallied him on his defeat.
vVhen the opposition In the Uonse
lose 8 him it wip lose the man b-st fil
ed by natural parts an acquired at.
liinments to b its lea ler. It would
.not make so many in:st ikcs. in a pa
y sense, as it now does, if it more
rendilv conformi'd to Irs views.
The President's Message.
President Lino ln's annual m a
sae will oe huind in our columns this
morning. Evidently, it was n t writ
ten by the 1 resident himself, it is
more Biuootnly written than any doc-
u m e 1. 1 the pa'eruity of which has
been attributed to him. Its brevity
will command for it ueneial perusal.
The condition of our .'orein affairs it
summed up in the otatemcnt that they
are "leasonably satislaetory ' We
are, however, intbrmud that 'Miufur-
seen political diffi -ultieg have ansHii,
and especially in Uiaziliian and Br:t
ish ports and on thu Northern Itound
ai its of the United S'atea, which have
r quired, and aro likely to continue
io r- quire, the practice ol constau'.
vigilance aud a just and conciliatory
spirit on the part of the United States,
as well as the nations concerned and
ihoir governments." Direct refer
encu is not made to thu Florida al-
iair; but this sentence furnishes con
elusive evidence that thu Adminis
trttuii will tender to tho Bi.izillian
Government whatever apology she
mav ask touching that affur. Clear
V, we are not in a condition to pro
voke the ill-will of any luroiH Gov
eminent at this time, and hence we
niia.ll bu under the necessity of occa
dionally pocketing insults ond apulo
sizing tor things that under more la
v .rable circuiiisstancea we Biiould bu
very far Iroiu Joing.
Our finances 8 re in that faoo iblt
condition us to require a blither J in
cri-ase of our already burtheiiaoiDe
axation, and thu issuj of addition
Governnieiit issues, that shall be ex
e.npt trom taxation and seizure lr
debt, is rec m:iijiiued . Ihe exciuc
lion ol Stats Bulks is suggested a a
necessity and as a good. Ol ;cursu,
uveryt ling in thu shapo ol Statu ) n ti
tutioiis and S atu s ivereignty, In tins
day, wboii strong, iinoerial Govern
meiit is advocated, sbuu.d nut bu tuler
But what of the Rebellion? This
is the question that is uppermost in
the miuds of the great mass ul t.'ie
pu ple. Does tbe Jcssago convey
tbe idea that it is in tUe throes oi' total
extinction -that it is about to draw
its last graspl
Not We are told that we have ad
vauced beyond tbe positions we lie.,
last year, aul that Shkuuan is driv
tug through Georgia; but a conjecture
as to the result ot that t'Xp.ditiou if
pot ventured. An argmujotia, jiow
ct.)r, hawd uooi, tho vote iveD at tliu
1'rr-Biili'iilixl nl..ff i,.n oo ll... RrK nt'
November last, tliwt w.t iro ul.moW
v Mb!n J ir.,entin. tlu war mdi-fl-
nitelv. To dhmiIh u'Iiii arn aoni.irt to
, . ' ; r - . --u
do tnili'ary il ut v hi,J who have a
drea l i f drafts, this will be anything
else than consolatory. It antogouiz-s
the assurances given to the pec pie by
the irieiils ot Air. Lincoln betore the
election, that his re-election would
cause o speedy termination of the
war Capable of prosecuting the war
inderinitoly, withou' seeking to termi
nate it by iiegot ation, we may be;
hut it is questionable whether that is
thu desire of the poop's.
The abolition of slavery throughout
the Un tjil States by mii amoudmetit
to iui Cjustitntioii U again urged up
on Congress, and a determination to
adboii inflexibly to the emancipation
proclu'oatwn i& avowed. Divesto I
of all ex'roneous matter. Mr. Lincoln'a
IMmitioii is, that war must be pro-ecu
ted until the rebuts abolish slavery
ami lav down their arms. Under
this Adiuinis'ration, peace is to be se
cured on no other terms. We can,
therefore, with certainty predict that
the war will continue at least four
years longer. Statesman.
Republican Compliments to
Hon George H. Pendleton
The Republican letter writer from
Washington, t.n I th ir leading jour
nals' while d ;uonncinr Mr. Peudh
ton politically. aU'aya speak of him
personally in the highest terms. In
that respect no man in Congress
stitids belter than the eloquent and
a 5 ft ed member from the Firot District
o Hamilton County. The Washing
tor. correspondent of the Boston Ait
vet titer, an aSlo Administration or
gan, says t
I i the llouie there was a general
curiosity on tho part of strangers to
set MrPendletoii, the den-ate I can
didate for Vice President, and a gen
eral lesire on thu part ot everybody to
pee bow he Would Sear himselt under
thu ssliies Ir m tho other side, ILs
inei ting with Thad. Stevens was prt
fieularlv cordial. Personally he his
always been liked in Congress for he
is cdevef, cotrtoons, Irank and able.
Ho is no "copperhead," for there is
nothing of the sneak in his deposition.
Hin opposition to the war an I the Ad
ininUtration Is open slid declared,
riierofore, he was on all hands very
cordia ly greeted, and seemed to clev
erly take j iKe and witticisms of
Hon George H. Pendleton A Good One.
Wi have beard a t;( that is too
goud tube lost. A gentlemen livinc
a few miles Irmn tho citr, hot who
go s in and nut every moning on the
railway cars, remarked to a friend, af
ter pursuing the morning papers, that
they ull ousrht to be suppressed lor
tho reason that, after tiie Cincinnati
Himt had intelligence of a great vic
tory, that argued the speedy suppres
sion of the. reliellion, the morning pa
pen aforesaid always contra lict it
ami destroy the bright hopes tbe
Timet ha I taiso I, Ho believed that
if it whs not tor the had conduct of the
morning pap rs, thus undoing what
the Timet bad accomplished in tie
afternoon previous, thu rebellion
would loiiif Binee have been suppos
ed, or been considered Bnopre-seil at
Diko, Near McAarthur Frilav
moriiitw 16th it:st., Sanford Buudy,
yonn-at child of Ezekiul and Sarah
J. Rohitiet, a.;od 2. years 2 months
and 23 dajs.
Anntlie.- flowrr's tranfptnnled,
To yon fd'uh-dvenly land;
Anotlier aegel'j added
To t!i at seraphic baud.
But iionehoilil wwp tht h is gone,
Non mourn his eariy dnom.
The bmlthai bursts most lovely here,
In Heaven will brightest bluom.
Jptciuj l 0 t i t t ,
Cinnumptive xiilfcrera will receives valuable
pre-o'ipiion fur (ho ciine of Consumption. A
thia. RionehitN. and all throat and Lunir af
fection, (free of Rev EDWARD A. WILSON,
Willimburj. Koii (',o ,
Sopt. 49-64-Smo Now York.
SYaTEVlS new .ami reliable treaiment
in renorts of the HOWARDS i4SS0CIA
TION Sent bv mail in sealed letter enve
lo!-;, free of rharie Address Dr. J, SKIL
LIN HOUGHTON, Howard A.noi Hti.m
No. 2 South N in th treel. Ph iladelpliia,Pa
TV OTICIi id h-rrbv given thai Jsper N
J.1 W oliir adminiatiator of the mule of
WiliMin S Wallarl'tu ol V.nton coumiv
Ohio, ilereased.' ha; filed his accounts and
Vouchers lor inspection and pjr'ial settle
ineiii.and ihrtt Ihe same "ill be tor bearing
uu the 3JiD Uav oi uei emn-r i3t)4.
Dec. 8 1864 - 3w Probate Juilift
A REMEDY FOT2 PILES.- ltia s ble-eiuirto
the snttering to snow inal we nave aa eitecu.-e
care for tliia trul) troubleeonio deie.e. ij.
P. Uaiardo, of 164 Secoud St. Cincinnati, I
ta ea irrcal pleat-are in Informine all who are
uttering with pi lee that ha nned a amall quau
litj of Dr. Stricklaud'a Pile Remedy, and it at
f... red a permanent core, fblaeeenia tobeth
oaae with all vno make uwof thianploAdid pre
pratioo - It I" majiniaoMirea H ne. 4 jLnat
Foarth'S(raet,'Clnciuoaiil O, and told' bf ail
'i'rfior Denccrnl,
Duo Sib : With torn Brrmljuslofi IwUh
"T the readers o( your ppcr that 1
.'.'! bMeturned mail, to edl I wUbing
it (free), Jteceipe, with full dirciion
for making anil usieg a b'nnple Vegetable
Ilnlni. lhi u ill effectual ly remove in lea
ilrtii fimp'n, Bloirhes, Tan, Freckles nnit
all lin;inritiaa of the akin, leaving I lie aame
sofl. clear, smooth and baauiilul;
I will al6 mail free to those having bah)
btuds. or bin fuees, n.ipk itirect io-is and
lilnnnatiiin lltatwtll enable them start a
nil growth of Luxuriant lldir, Whiskers or
Woiislache, in lesgihen thiny (lays.
All H)iicatious ansvieied by return
mail witlioul charge.
RMi'prlfullv ynnra,
Sept. 22-04 831 Dioaiiay New Yuik
A Caril lit I lie Sulft-Hiitf.
SWALLOW two or throe liogh mU of Riic
lin," "Tonic ltirtars " "SurKiiiarillu.'
"Nervon- A iitiilotn.' . c. ami alturyou
are att.neil with lli nalt. anil one lvx of
old ioi;tok;:ui;iun knulisii spfj -
KIU I'lLLS and l,c restoroil to ha th mul
vitfor hi lea than thirl' iy. They are pure
ly veiotnlJe, pleunt to lake, promp. anl wil
nury in thuir tlT c-tii on til" hroken dou and
lOuimrod oointtitutixn. 01,1 am' ynnnn vmi
tabetlium with a,'ranURe. ImporuJ unj fold
la tho Hailed tStaun only b
Ko. 4-jT Iircmlwav. New Tork.
fW"A (nnt rr the United Statoa
P. 8. A Hu of tlio I'ilU, eeenrely packed.
will bu mniteil tn loiy nJilrehanu receipt of
price, winch 1 une iioli.A l(. post i t.l in on
uy rofuihloj by the Agent if entire autibfuction
la urn tfive.i.
Kept and lS4-.nn.
JV IU.w, Im ll0i l.l(i.il:
ENGLISH SPECIFP! I'll. 1.8 ei.rrtln le-r. than
80 Any, the orsUa oH of NKUVOUSNKKS.
Iinpoioncy. rrcnuttire I way, biiniiiiiil weak
ha, liiHiuiily; ui,d all Urinary xiih! and
Nurvoua AlVxctituia, no niuttor from what enure
pruilucuJ. 1'rico, una Unlhir per hox. Feu1!
One Ihix will perfect the cure in most ciiiea.
ihiki i,niu, iiyninii. on rec on oi an oruer.
daarwu. j A M p.s lie f l.r.K
Hon. Aif't.427 rtrouJaruy, New York.
Sept 2-iiui lrD4-3mo
Published fur the benefit, and as a CAU
TION TO YOU MKN and nthera, wlm mif
for from Nuivom. Debility, Prcmatme Decay
nf MiinhnoJ. Sie., applying at the came time
Tin Mkans or Ski.t Cuaa. Uyuno who lm
qmed hiinsolf after nderolii( o, iil(leriillc
euakery. l!y encl.-sini a pnHtpuM aililrevred
cnvulope aiuglo voptca may be hail of the author.
Uroonlyn, KUf Co. . Y.
Junolnd 13(13 -lyr.
A SUPERIOR KKMEI)Y.--Wecn eoni-cln
tiou.tly ruvoinniuiid to thewa aiirTerltift from a
ilitreB'i"K ciiukIi., Dr St'iokluml'e Melliflnniir
Linih KulHiim. Il (rivoii rohoi ulmimt inatiint
aiianaa. nndinwiih.il not dinaurei-aMo to l):v
tule. There ia no doubt but the Mullifluoiit
Bulnain in one of thj boit prepariilitiin in use
and i all that On poipriutor claims tor It. W
have tried H duri i ihe nniit week, and foil ml
rulict from a in out iliatrOKxintr cnueh. It ir. nm
pared by Dr. Strickland, N'. 6 Eaat Fourth
irireol, i.inuinnuttl, o. , una lor aalo by Drug
)Uaat SUuunta per boitlo.
unii rocoiniiinnd thoeo nulT.-rinK with l.ona of
lippoiuo. iniligOHiion. or Dyepopdia. NorvonaS
i- norviiut I'comiy, vo use MricKian
Tonio. lciaa vairatahla proiiarat ,i. 1
from atuohulie liqnora i It atreiiitthena the
wnoio norv.iurt nystom : it cruatci a giod appe
tite, a id la warranted to cure Dxpenaiaaud
Nurvoua Do dlitv.
Forsuleby DriiiNints gonorally at 1 por bot
tle. Prepared hy Dr. A. Strickland, No. 6
ctt. roiirm ho;ou utllCI U II all , UDio.
.Inly It 4 -lvr.
Suite of Ohio, Vinton County,
John 0 P. Rrowu, Pl'.ff l In C'enrt of
lltf.iinsl tC'iinir.ioiiI'leaa
Iienj:imin Morttanetal. Defl.J Order of nale
J)UliSUANrto the command of an order cl
eule in tho above cause to me directed from
thu Court ot Common rleun, of the aforeaaid
l.Viinly of Vinton, I will otl'cr at public ale, at
tliu door of l h o C'liirt House, in the town
of McArthur, in ufiirunaid County of Vinton, uu
Motdau thu 23rd day of January 1863,
Iiotwoun th) h-iiira of ten o'clock A.M and four
o'cloea P.M. ol .iid day, tbe followiii) proper
ty Hlualtd in euid Vinton count) tu il: Be
trinniuir ut tiiunoulli.ou.it (.orner of section
nm: bui live, (a.) in Towunhin number nine
(9) oi Km, no number oiKhii-un, (18,) thence
running die west on aid ecctio.i line to the
bed of ihe creek, thenuu up the creek, along he
tniiuur iiitm u,i, i incHiiueroiH, io a wttlia oar
true, on uie naiiK t mo crc-eK neur wher lb
creek atnkee the blull above Teter Mil Ion
house, (hence aixteen rodit nearly north tu a
-tono in the KUlly, tlieiioa up the dralt a west
ward co r.e to the corner aimie in draft, w
tween Samuel Darby Sr. and Peter Miller Sr.
thence due north to ihe aeclion line, thence
auat on the auction lino to tho north ea.t oor
ner or laid auction thinoe due aoinh on tho
Hccticn line, hal' way to the place of b friniiia
loaaiona oeiwuen auiu suinuai uarny r. and
Soljman Redferu, thoace lunmni' into eection
number I' ur a aouili eaxt direction ta the
itoiith eut corner ot the north west quarter of
ineatiu n wei-i quarter oi eau nection, tljouce
due south to th, section line, thence due west
to the place ol beiriuuiiiir ontniuu one hnn
d.ed -ud aevtuly acres more or lues. wive aud
except Koventy acrva moie or lean on tbe eaal
mile or emu creek, retained and now owned by
said Brul.oii. aod aUo sure and except tue fol
1'iwinif trael eonveyud Lysaid lirsiion i.mzi
Morgan by deed dutcd April ltiiu lygo, to-wit,
Coiiunoiioinif at the nurtb wast uorner of ;ba
uorlh eant quarter of the north east quarter ol
raid seuti i'i numoer rive, thence sou' h to the
wiudi went enrnur ol the eouth eastqnarterof
the north east quarter of fame section, thence
tas aUnii the ujrili Hue of the name to a a cue,
near be county road leu feet from the base of
tl.e hill, thence a south easterly dlrec ion to
the cu liter of said county road near the tohareo
house, tnei.ee north along the center of the
auid road to the section Una, theuce west lo the
place of beginning, eonta iiitif thirty acres
:uore or lesa. Also a certain oilier tract com
incDcliM in the bed oft lie urea i near a amall
Elm tree, on the division lino btvMaao the
lands of said Bralton and Sol jmy jaolcrn in
the north ea quirler uf he pou'.lrweel quar
t r of said aec(ion number fovr,uenc4 uorib
we along id divi-ion linn elve rod-,
henca hoiUIi wes aixten rode, (henca South
re t to the bjd of tnecreek thence up the creek
1 1 tiie place ot beiriuiiin, cent lining one bun
dred and Si 100 acre more o lean.
Taken as tbe property ol Buiij.,rnin Morgan
to sutisfi a ilecne In favor of John r. P. Brown
Appruiseit atFilteen hundred dollars, and
must brina' two thirds ot thai sum.
TEKMSof aalo, caah in baud.
Atty. lor PUtf 8hB .oo O.
Dec.,13ij4 5w Tf Wa Uold, Deputy.
H. II St A. J. Swaiin administratora of
the Esute of Michael Swaim, late of Yin.
ton county, Ohio deceased, have filed their
accounts and vouchers for inspection and
final settlement, and that the si me will be
pasfed upon on the 13th Hy nf January 18f5
Dee. 1ft, I8t?4 i frubate Judge,
Statt of Ohio, Vinton County.
Richard Aslnrsl oV Bon I la Cuort oa
aminat Common Pitas
T. A. Button at, at. I On Zxcentlon
BY virtae of as orderof nale t. ra directed
from the (Wt of Common Plcaa.nf Yialoa
fount Ohio. I will offer for aula At the Door
of the CJn'rt '(oBe.
OH Mtmdnv Le CSri Jn nf lanunr
A. U.ltia, betwsun the honref ten s'eluck. A.
M.. and foar o'clock, P. M.,ofaid dar, tbefol
loniogpioBortv -o-lt: Th. Nortk h.li'm Tn.
lot Nilietv WVen. SXOi pt t-B fael ofTof IbeSnmk
nide of said North half Alaot.ia west half of In
Lot niuuher 1 1A in tha tewa of UeArthn
Vinton Coant) Obro.
Ta ton as trie iirorertv of I. A. Br!tni, Ia
satisfy jadtimant lo favor of Bichaid Aaksrat
aou oo. . . .
Appraised at lot nombar Ninety wn.tvo
hund red and lay dollura half lot nnmbei on
hundred and sixteen at twenty dol lata and raut
bnnj iwo-thlide of that atim.
I l'.K113 or sale, cash in hand.
A. O. 4U.T. Brown attya for PttfT.
ARCU NOKRIS Sheriff V Co.,0.
B Wm. OoldDe,.nty.
Deo l UM 3w. '
llaniifaclu rer.
Warrants all AYorK.
Ktepa coriBtantlv on hand ar.A will
Mt.ll at thu lowest price, Saddles. Bri-
yiea tind Uurneasot everv dffierintinn
Hid warronta iiis work for two vnnra
Unll and iximine. let door wed of
ho 'inrt IJoiiHri,
Dec. 22, 1864-6mo.
"Whenerer the way ?eemi long,
Oi the heart begins to fall,
We siiy more wonderful nine.
And tell a more maiveloua tala."
January, 1st 18C5.
Pride fitie Firclt,
In the prime of a vieirous intlleclnal
mnnnnoil, the Phenix of Hie weeklies begins
its fliuhi fur the new tear, over the wrecks
of its fliifging ond lifeless contemporaries.
wiin it eye nxeu upon the u, beneath
whii h it (ovi'snii rivalry.
The war, which has tonnied down what.
ever is shallow and basleen. has written no
wriiik'e nut hi bright cgisol onr cucceca.
Onr leatinesfor ihe issue of 1865 shake the
pill irs of whatever h ia heretofore been deem
ed imperial in ferial literature. Both side
of ihe Atlantic render ui tribute. We ilia II
rontiniiethe itiril!ii'jr rnmsn'-ea uf Mis M.
E Rraudun, necromancer of the strong
d -rk pas-dons to whom we pv mure mom r
oiinmilly t-aii the entire capital of imita
tors, and add to-onr American MafTthei ham
pion jester nf ihe cap end belkjosh Bill
ing!', who will commenee with the firsi 0f
January a eris ot hia vHl.known inimita
ble comic pBiera. written exp-pss'r for ns
inhis irrpaittiblv eonvulsive vein. H.
biet E Prkscot. the most puliahed fmaai.
native tlfetch-writer living; p gAt.
mum, Ihe world fained ahnmairnd nntnbi.
ograph-r j MUs M. A. Bab-lb. Fairfax Bal
four. Dr. J, H. Robinson, anil Ne Bur.
lline." renowned and versatile novelefe
writers, will eke out the mrkliij;cnniri.
butions nfsnrh fanile poeia. fuilletoniats. hu
moriats. critii's. tniTereis, p-irngnphiats.fir.,
a George Xrnulil, W. O. E-'on. Millie V
Cariienter. Georjfe Alfred Tm nend. J
8 Ineralmm, Rdwanl WiHett. Georire Maf.
tial, Joseph Barber. A. Peiten, and oth
ett, numerous euovg h and clerer emiuuh to
run all the ne wspapera ni the Continent
The vivid pencils of Darley, Bf. L-an, and
White, the firi dranghis.n-n of the'ao-e
will make the new volume pictorial. and
whatever of fugitive or meteoric rune' mar
appear during the rear, will at one h. '
paired ami mmle avat able.
In adilj ion to ts i rrf and telling eilito
riala ; itsdeleclahle tiiissipers'CluS, in which
Ihe aplcst and wittWt poem-j, caricatures
and burlesques of the lime first appear ami
its coquettish Ladies' Promenade, the land
Knbsciibe their experiences. The Jiw York
Mercury will coi.tiuue the faithful and co
highly illustrative of theoHwt. ahi.i .!.
artfuleat folk of the era ; the Great Fiah
ion Article, by Jennie Jnne, whose sr.ii,t.
Iv note upon the lateat and most p-rfec
New York modes are siurEestive tr fp-U.r
siaieiy everywhere, and univeraallv .
Ill . vuilTUI
fed boihm the metrp,lia and thronj'iout
the country 1 and comnvnee aaerfee ofil.
lustrated Sketches of Grotesque aclventur
in Foreign climes durina the War, by A.
lred Trample ; aa well as Hints Upon Cook
ery. by Henry Gosling, the metri.mi;i.
The fiast of the vear will lnn,... .t
thrilling original novelette by Doctor J. H.
ivuuiiiavu, ciioiieu .
which will he followed by a new story by
Miss M. K. Bra.ldon, written einresal r..
the New York Mercuhr. y lsr
Noiwiihntanding th npw;anl march of
evrv article ot luxnrv and conaumption and
nnr enormnnay increas outlay for fK-'r,"
1861, the Star Paper of ihe . Republic, wul
it.fnrlv rnlnmn.nf.la.i; :V . M W"n
.... ... ........... . ,r.M1I ,,inii matter.
tt-ol rniitinip tn rw innarl . . - '
,......, tJ ... ncwnnien ann perinfJir.
rlPMiPPS in I maruH. Is- I... l i -
...... ... , ,U.,K Bng nonnrsbla.
Instorv insures its eubferira,a against tl
casualties and fatalities which have-awl?
so mnnv inuahroom fnurnala otT the boad
and left their patrona disconsolate. In' .h!
loss of their money.
Pubvribers sfimiM be cnnM to write
plainly the namenf their post office, rotintv
and Slate. Sjciraen copiesent free to ail
Proprietors of The New yr, Mercji'rr
Nos.WAriivanrtet and lis Fulton strse

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