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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, January 12, 1865, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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t"'ll m;il!t TliiTrj-A'A i-rlfie 1:111 ); Hhi
ho who commits this oflen-c may wwl!
Ie hold to have t.-rVirvl t!i) pru'ti;.
tion "I the U )voni'iii"ir In.! c mrc-inrm.
and the jiriviiiiuH co.iiirmed Ity the
laws Sin Jcfi-8.
You iuny Ik' able to d--i-e reme
dies h-ss ai'v:i! nod in ro eft' cMia1
"againt th'j ivil iu the Si.ro. I trust
it msy bo so.J'or J mil. g.iiUtio l-.oui
loyal people will require arene d- (miff
action ol the leishtlivu b ly on ihif
important 8iihjvct. . .
In t'l-i rrip','.vic l;riu;i.' ol the
I'm ii'i'-nt l Flie jvnr- continues.'
Tlio tjrat Contest for . tho lilt! of tin
naf i n is not ;. yot terminated. Th
yew jmt cUotrJ bin hooti uurlred by
decided progress; and wo nro nearer
tlie nl. not only by th-, hip-e of time
but by tin) , iimt'Tin! change in "the
position ot .parties and tins iHjvcf
uil'iirs. On.r ;trei';t!i in all the e!j
inmits of contest is increased, tdiilu
that of the, rebiilion is diminished.
This miss t.upr poop! am tiriu and
dcUriniiiudj. wluio the adversity i
bteomiii U"ikvin au I dispirited. W.
may yet have reverses in st-ve tor us:
but the eventual triumph. of the fi iv
ernment, tlninIit it mty bit delayed
can not pus. lily W prevented. A
review ut pat. events, so familiar t.
tlio country,: wptiid. not now prove
interesting Or vitluabh-; whiio those ol
th future are eo cleiy toreRhalowdd
as to tax only our patience it) awuit
ug their development.
The recoilr action of tlio people in
sustaining, "iiy ei i.v?rwliolmiti'g n
itiaj ir'ty, lltu Administration and th.'
cause of tho.. countrv, not onlv consti
tutes an clement of imuieiiRo strength
and value to ourdulvcfl, but it affirms
senoiu and '.iinpnrtint truths, wnic
tin poople of tint S'Hith may well take
mtoearetnl ciitisidutation. Inst-ad o
voting tliiti war "a failure" and com
mmdim "aMlMton nf fi'i.itiiirii."
the people have thus far declared it n
success thuvtur in ita prr-ia, ari'i
ri'q'iirud iti e-Midnamcu until th re
bellion is rtnppreBMid, md their G v
crnineut re3WTod t'i its original po,v( r
and usefulness. Th -y have counted
it c-st an J iui'.'Huril iis sacri li v-s
they have voted to themselves hoav
t.ixati)ii, an if U'Jfi esity Mjuire-j it,
more c.iIIj upm theia to till up t!i -ranRa
ot their armies. thoy have lof'
tli.'ir auth -rities no diBer ti-m ; b:nv
forbidden tht-in to t;ike any backward
step, but to pfifis 'onward with energy
and vi.ir, call for und uiin all the
resources ot Jlo. nation, until tlio rebel
power 1s broken,. and the peaco and
unity of thj country restored' They
have !one further and deehred with
cloar and unmistakable emphasis that
with the c .inq'iest of tin's rebellion
must- perieh its tu.'St potent eleuunt
as well as one ol' its exilian,' canHes ;
and that wiion ueacj sheds its blesj
ins ujaiii upon our people, this shall
be, what God and our fmhers designed
Froin the commi ncement of this
great content, tba- State of Ohio ban
occupied no dbubttul "r hesitating
positiuR. Our puopU have assumed
their burthcuu with alacrity, and borne
them with cheerfulness. They hat..
e6p"iided with promptitude to every
call that h i9 been iuado upon thuu ;
and without piwsing die bou Is of be
coming in dety, tiny may point witli
emotions ol pride to the record which
her S"'ti8 havii uride for ihe State in
he council aad in the iield. Oiiio
effiaera have CJinmiiided with distinc
tion and honr.i!) nearly every depart
ment of service ; und Ohio soldiers;
have battled, with exau'taa courage'
and patriotism upon nenrly every lield
of the war, and marched over portions
of every State that tlio treasonable
leaders took ,i,t)to .rjbulliou. At all
times, and at all places, they have
nobly done their duty achieving for
themselves and reflecting np-JU the
State the bigheet honor. True, there
have been grevvou sacrifices: there
has been mourning at many heurth
stones, and wo. h.ave often b"en called
upon to pause in our exeul'ation over
the noble conduct of our living heroes
to lament our herures deal ; but even
the eye bedimlued ..with tears Lai
caught a glance of the .future, and the
stricken heart ha i'oujj consolation
in the assurance. that ail these sacr fl
ees will be hallowed with freedom, and
the coming greatness and glory of our
country. l'h cemiuaudmunt of the
people is to you. and to me, in our
allotted spheres, to move onward to
the accomplishment of this great end.
and to con'rdbut'd all of ability and
usefulness we., possess to the cujsuiu
atiou ot tlut grand triumph, in which
not only onrsrives,; but the friudes ut
free governmeut throughout the world
will rt-joicc. -i
OCT'Tiie biggest coi-flgrntion on
record "i that-io" Japan recently,
when Jiaco was burnt and the fire
raged two entiro clnvs.'lnying in was:
nearly one thousand blinks or ciaares.
destroying Bevefify' eight thoitsan 1
nouses ahd lemplps,- Ond three Uious
aod seven hundred warehouses.
Abo it five sixths of the city was dn
ashes, and a half a million" of people
were ojtJj home'lods'.'" ;,: ' -
J. MI I'D (
WI-1'llL VI N f-ITAI I. 11 IK iMI
T.intMtV J ui 13.
As to Quotas on the Draft.
1 mvo .uirsiial lieiu-ril try nas
issued an order to all his viboidinate
to alio- no credits upon the new
'potan j'i3t assigned, accept recruit-
actually enlists! under the last fill.
The g ivernineut wants men in flie
ti. -Id, and int merely men on paper
sold must have tlu iu. This order, on:
friends in Vintcii will noMce, disposes
of all qucbtions of credits, veterans as
well as others, which have botlurjd
no many of mu citizens. So now you
know what to do; it is simply to go
to work and 'ill tip your quotas by
enlistment ef'ac'ual recruits A live
man must go into the ranks to fill the
Ohio Legislature.
Nothing of iniportance to the pen.
pie of the S'ate bus yet transpired in
this b )dy, except tlr.t the initiatory
has been taken to greatly increase the
burdens of the pe up!o by way of tax
atiou. On the l!j !i ins', a bill
pa?sed in the (louse, it'ng the salary
of the G-iveraor at $1 000 The for
mer salary was 1 SO). The pay oi
the (iieuteuant Governor was fixed a'
S00. Uifore this hi received $3
penliem. The people of the Stat-.-have
never yet known anything aV'Ut
tlu uxpeirliturc6 c qnent upon the
legislalinu of the Sta'e in the past
three years. When these acts come
to be investigated and uuderstool by
t Itci people, thoy will be astouished a
the proflagacy exhibited.
Jan. 3 --Thomas F. Wilson, hit.
Con-ul a' Bahin, who was diiniHsed
for ibo jiart he to. k in Ihe capture o'
the Flondii. is to receive a recom-
o. nae I t his lacerated honor bv a
position as Consul to one of the Ink
iKTts in Canada, ('aotain CoIImih
will call for a c urt of inquiry and ex
pects to com-i oil' triumphantly, an I
he rewarded in the end for the put
he played in the Florida afiiir. "
Yi-stt-rdav was the day fixed nivn
for bla-ting the earthy bulkheah or
partition at tne h-ad ot U itch Gip
Canal. Theo is no doubt that th.
Omul was successfully opened, bir
the particulars of the transaction haw
not bent' received, owing to the non
.1.1.1 T . 11- . .
arrival oi mo oi y i oiut steamer,
due here this for. noon.
It is coiifident;ally isserted bv
th ose in the president's confiVnce,
that there will be an extra session of
Congress in March.
J anl'ary 5. The enemy is expect
ing an attack upon Charleston and
Ijranchvillo. u.Muge.'S s iy that Char
I stoii is being emround.-d bv I'onui
dable earthworks.
It is said that Hardee's army has
gone to Charleston.
General Sherman has limited the
publication of newspapers in bavan
nt'.h to two. They are not nllowed to
comment upon the acts of the authori
ties The Richmond Sentinel says that if
the South ia overcome, they want an
alliance with England, France, S;.aiu,
or any other nation, rather than the
George D. Prentice, who has re
turned from Richmond to Waohing-
ton, has brought a memorial to tin
1'iesident from Lieutenant Governor
Jac.bs, of Kentucky, asking permiss
ion to return to that State. lie had
been banished by the tnilitarv author
ities Iroin the Stato. The I'resMeni
has the memorial under udvis m-r.t.
Sherman is stdl at Savannah. II.
will undertake no movement until he
reenrts his men, and gives them some
In rair fpecial dispatch from Wash
"ngton will be found a statement that
the Consul of IJaltia has been dlsinis
fled; and tho Captain of the Waucli
nott lias been r rdi red to appear befon-
a Court-martial tor capturing :h
Fl.'oida. '
Jasl'Art 0. N. arly two and a hall
I'ni'lioi! of Nati.-nal I'ank currency
was issued last week. The tofni
(mount tiow ia CTcnlatiou iB f 78,
108 5'JO. '
Sr. has -one to
iKUiini' no. mo mission is nnoi-r-
;,; I ..
st-Jod to relate to his private c rrea-
pondenco caj Hired so;uo time ago by
Brick in rid ;o. .
t he qiM'jM of (),io arc ro i(t.
justed on the bssi of the revised en
rol merit. This is an act ot r.imn'd
justice, which will ma'erul'v reiluee
. . ' l
iho heavy call -pohlirthed a-fcwrfnTB1
since. U t l the correction not hi-tot
mu e, Olii.i Weill. f be made to furubih
nearly as n-my in"n niKb r -the pr8-:
ent call tot oOO.auo m dn cre -late
call t..r 500.001) men.- " '. ' ' '
I lie coured ieple of - ileiuphi
ci lrbra-ed :he iii.'l anniversary of the
EinaiK'ipiion I'r o nina'ton on Alon
'u) by a grand procession, omj of the
lea'ures of whicli 5k-as . m intiny Mess.
on which
;egrok.s viere sotting type
printiiig co,ies ol the Jvnaucipa
Hon rioi-laiu.ation for. kfistribuiion
among t lie rro.v.'s which liui.l the
stn-its through which they passed.
Jancaky 10 In thu linu of mili
t oy news there is vuiy li.ile of im
porfar.ee this m ruing, except that
Gi-fieral Thomas has thrown forward
ids hea 'quarters and changed his base
''rem Nashville .to Bastj.oit, on the
Tinnes-eo river. Tin: caiopaign jit
th.r q iaiter may bo ch'-cked by the
weatlK-r, t ut not seriously, we tiave
reason to h. lnve. It is not the pur
pose to give toe reiiels iiiucii fmie to
reorgan zi the shutt.-n J forces drjvcn
so precipitately and in a iuist shat .
tci'bd condition out of Tentiessee,
Tho Sefiatu y -iterday jiassed a bill,
by 27 to 10, mak.ng free the families
of slaves who have enlisted in the
army, or who may hercuft-r enhs.
An amendment to except slave States
which have not attempted to secede,
was lost.
Francis I, l'mr
f! I I -m
The Wilmington Failure.
The Gj.?-, in an article upon this
subject, fays;
Wc huve to confess, . n it 11 disna'er
of yreat Puciificu of men, lur it iivrti
yiii lidlurt", after ini use prpara
i'i ... t 1 i...
t:on. 1 no f;r'. lirusr iiuvtu expedition
he American nuti..n iver 6ei,tout,i(,
ii ls oi'i'ii 10 1' 1 i r 11KM 1 10 iiiiiiiriir
tiy comparatively in-iiginfictiiit niens
so fur as the enemy wiia concerned; al
though tho weather and tle nature of
the cast were by no tneuna insiniti
ciitit oha'acles.
The i'tsdle, in ita criticism 'tifmn
the f.iilure, denounces our lur.'e Far
rott jiiis as worthless. It pays ' this
It pays
has liecn long known . to- eivie, but
tho (Jrdnanco Uepnr'iuent Im 1 re
'nsed to recojiiiize the fact. Thin U
ci'nipliiiientary to the A Iministration,
who controls flu sa:d O dnanoe L. -pnrtriK
tit, in its conduct of U,e w ir.
The Gnz '!te proceeds to la" d wn the
rule thai ' ships cannot r.'.luce forts."
It d. -fiounces Admiral l'oiter as fol
lokV: And we nny do thi- with less has
ir.ition from our recollection of his
h tbit while on the MinM-sippi, o1'
chimiinc; rather more than the navy's
share of credit fr opera'ions there.
und of complaining that it was not l
.ikvni-,l..,. nn uoo-ai.oi u t,i, h li,v nn.-M I
. .. ' . i , ,
r.. v..if.l. i il ..Ui.p.i I ti cj .1 'I n..3 Kit ntupl.
I" lul l., i v I. w i' , iiji.i n .
. . . . . - i
in.' the "litis ao'iiiaoiieu hy tins cn
in y in our lut.d (.pernliotis,
e l tiV tne u. o. iNavv. v nen tin;
.1 .1 IT NT . ,ITI .1 '
lorts on tho luzoo wore evacuated in i
e onsq ienc ; ol Grant's approach, and
w.-re entirely ours aotnirul l ortur
s'.ow d sn-utinerny in blowing them
up with their ammunition storey and
ihis destruction of wlnit the arny hud
captured he set down to the credit ot I
the navv.
tTIii!, I, ti n rn,mr..l.,l d,i.d if '
a. luuii I i yj vu'ft"v( V'' C'.nS iv
I' i"-n'"T, .
The l Zoedit'on WHS B' llt to do what 1
I US lolloWS!
I, -i-r. i
was virtually an impoastbility. . Its j
magnitude and Ion pn piua'ion 1
pr piua'ion i
tave the enoiuy ample tuna tor pro--
piiriitnn, even it they had not been
well prepared at any time these two
years. 1; was planned -upon the
saino mistake that has put our great
expend'.'!! res for au iron-elnd navy
into vesitls ni only ior butteiin forts.
a thii.jr which they have utterly fail
ed to do. 1 he same operation that
. !l' cted the ocei.iuUon of the outer
harbor at Charleston,
estot), would -have I
' , ., ,
i-toli,and thfr means;
e been provided all
done it a? tint in
ior tins cjuI'J nave oeon pro
much kss cost.
One of the Pictures.
A correspondent of the
journal, roinros .tne nterview ol a
W - I i .1
Federal fora-itig party with a farmer
. ,p no ("'"-r ..ii i.ii. r
in ieunessue . .l HUoriier Plaeo we :
LMlled Upon the owner, ft mnn ,,t ..v.... i
. ,, ; , . '
sixty years, well bay d, yet evidently
iiuicu casi-aowii an.l uisliearten d. '
Ho was polite, and answered all ques-'
tions todiously. Ou being uV.j w,m j
he had to apare, he exclaimed, 'Not'
much 'indeed nothing.' lli.s wi'e
and four children etai-din by him
am.) w. a. t.i..M.l 1. . . ll... . 1
...,1 ,. o-...... 1 1. . .1 . '
ra,u "' w.uu, win uiu counteliiince
. ' a.1. I t t . .
of tlu whole group shewed that Ins ;
toi.i tne trutti. Mmleed I have tioih i
ino;,' said he, 'what with one armv
or auoth. r, cami.mnit.? 'thro.l, tl.i", ;
part of Tennessee, they have stripp;-.r
m,M,fallIcf.nId spare, aiid more,, I,'
yon in. horses or mules?' astwl
the ..finer.' -Yes,' answered Ifao man,
'I have 0110 moro mule which is en-
ti.v'y broken down it vva 1,-ft m.. hv
.i . . , ' .. . '
tronjmr. wn t0') my.lusr horse m
its Stead.' 'No -beet Cattle ?'!Wa3 the
.. ,i ,.,f ,.'" .? . .v. i .i
next quwton.. . ot one, was the
uni'Viir. .'Any -hog-?' ;'4i'S. sir, I
have fb.if'plgs; which I had intended
pir my win;. rVsuilv of neati 'Aiiyl,
nigroif: nski'ii t!ie oliieer. '.No, in t :
one; niv servunis ail f-'t me s "m-1
:t Hie s "im
?fo'o'rTiree "TnotTis ago, f imve n t
one n ho plarw.j.J hmto rli"p-all
my wood a d do nli the out do..r work.
inur my wite ami .ia,gi,ter .lo the m-
jot.rp, wnai tnoy caa... Ativ corn or
wh"a'? 'No v.hea, a-id I'tily two or
three bushels or corn,' tras the rejily.
'Let's see the mnlef" sai.l 1 the ( ffijcr,
it was broutrht up, and was as the old
inr.n. sui 1. Show me ;hcs p'gs wa-i
tin? n.X' demand.. When be l e.ird
tliio llieohi lu vii eouljl hardly ppeSk
lint iinpen wi t( oiunsr ai an eno. tie
hhew ,d the p;gK, however, tlk-ro wire
no more than sach a -family would
neid, not ns maeh, in fact.- Theofli
cer th-.n Uiiuli v said: Vou may keep
nil the.1 thoixH thoy irili help yon out.
out, and can be of bur ii'th; g'o.l us,!
iiinl give the old man u 'sale guard,'
tin! ho uipght a.-.ve his propertk'
fnup all .future m !u.it:i!ion from our
tr.o'ips. , .Threie yean ago, this man
rw d a largi-, well stocked platita
tioii. and a line -.stud of (torsos liar!
c ntjle and hogs in .plenty, with, serv
ntj (7 coiiki ot his. call, :and corn to
e:iLtt:d 10 kvp. Now hoi was; sin
certly tliank'.ul und much moved, that
we'flp.iK'd him hi. four ;litcle shears,
tl's vifance of o..r;i and i.is old mar,.
inufe, with which lie
toped to make
a efiiall croo tn.-.t a
One of the Pictures. HYMENIAL.
Ml RKIKO, On Tlao: Jiv Jiiu'iuiy 5ih !H85
a i' limy Chinch I l..c!; 1', M., Ciluinhu j.
Ohi.(. 1 Ifcv. U,. lae Stiiilnuv.' I'ntT of- i
l'.m n-Tir h, nrkc.-3 ...urkKiXliKit u.s.
Ar.i.J, f M; S A ISA II F. I'UMniKUT.
fut'in Con I.io whs l' riiuvly a citizon of
o:ircpmity, now r.n duty at ,Niislivil!c, Tcnn.
Ila 14 010 i f tho most tu! n ted j ouiijr mrgcong
in tli f.rmj one wbofovln for the iiir.irini,'R f,f
HI tfiktionts, A ftlcman of; loberiotyoind
intojrity 0,1 1 Inn l-jj t;0 thj'ultwr an amiable
nn.l f .c vnj.li.slioa bri.b. Wo wish tho . baiu.v
pair U Ion an 1 pr.op.iro 11a voyngq ju li t u . Tile
i ' i" mniu.
'V"1 u '' Martol fJr Seville
TO GijM2UM?T!V?.
hnmi.ti MiifcrorH wii' receive a viliml,li
prosi-ipti .n fr ,i,o ciisc of Coiiki mptinn. A
ttl.I.I. ilu'llclliti-.. and .ill tlinint nn.l T ......
Kctllin (frou of lirk KDWAIil) a witcmm
kllliiitii.liiiri K'itw.a f'..
Sc.t. 29 0 l-3mo 6 v.,,u vJi,
tirwl-hy Dfici3poncri.lly atjl pcrl.ot
. t'e. Pvpi red ly . Dr. A. Stiickland, Ko. i
Ka-t K-nrMi Mre-t I'inciimati.Uhio.
.i-iij l-..4-h'r. ' "'"
Fai. ! 11L l)iPik' T'lllU
Have Mh8 1-OFJS and be Suppied
M 1 V I. I'lllNAKV AVT1UV.V1U1
vvirr w l i- I , ' - -'iw
"kl k'3-HftW, Clll reliable tlPllllUPIIt i
111 rniris ofilv IKJUAUDS Jb0CI.
tl S "lent h in-ill oi mm ed I.ii.t
lo. o... f,.., f ,!, ., A-l I n, 1 st-if I
N . ) kl...i. v. I,,. , , , . ' '
"'.I oi i ii i.aui ipiiiii.t-d
-,;' y , f n , ... .
ud,.,r tf Vewoat.
D:u Sir : With nm nrrwN-nnn f wMi
to h'iv to tin- ri-a Icrs'ol vi.nr nan-r llmt I '
wi,,:e,.,hVr,,ir,,.-d -Vv-;"Vi--hi"
o ft Yoig.-lpe, , Willi lull ilir.'ciioi.s
ior re.Kim; ml using q j,i;nple i-jiftalde
lli-.liiiii.y rein'ive hi ion
ii'lll'S. Tiili. l'r.Tkl.B nml
' "MP o'
u 1 1 in.'iirit
all liiiiritios ol trii s on . louv imr tb,
.-...Il i.iiv .U II r I
ccar, Miloolfl ion rau.ifn :
I Wl uhn mn; frte ti
tieads.or b.re f ices mi.iiiL'
iirccl u;3 nud
. I ........ O O . .. Mi i . .i
"i'o"u hmiwih ni.iii.e iiu-in
". "". nor, n tn-Kcrs or
.uj-iMdcn.-, in s tiicii tinr'v .liiv-.
-4il 'f. ni'lieati iiis
aiimeiod 1 by n turn
in.i il '.Itlinut ( !.-: rue.
' il. si,i ifii'lv Vf'iirs,
TIK.I r. l'iVMl Clipiut
?ept.2a-r,4 saM'oo iKkiiv y,fW Vor
D JIOIMYIS ji i:.. M.
PILLS tin- In li tlil.n
3u e.ay-, the worrl ca-o of KKItVoUSNKH.S.
iiii...., .i-r i re'ii.iuire o.icay , riniii.il ,caU-
1'.""' ,'l"",u.i--v.' all Cinary .sxn:.J an.-l
- tki' - o"n. nn iiin'.o..r ir.wn w rn caiiro
,,mi.u-.d.'. p,i,c, o,10JM:r hx 8,nt.
1""1 .i"1,1; '" re -ipf of an order.
omi i..x will rneet t ie 'euro n inot cr.si:
Audrusn. '
i'iri. Ag't.427 n.'
Pipt 2nd irM Rid
.a l-A-ay, New Vork.
. DVSI'Kl'SiA KEKTt...'l-:SS, A Ni) l)V
enn rrjywimniiil .those. Miering. with f.oa of
Appafete. Indigestion, or Dyspepsia, Nervonn5i
a-:d Narvoio I'lebifitv, to nsa ytrlchlatiu's
' it Is a veifotablo preparat :,i,
lloolN.lic Honors : it ttrem'tlieim tin. I
wholo wvous system : It create 4 Bond nt.no-
vhlo wvous system : It create 4goo,l ,,,.p0-
ite, tad is vurrantud tocura. Dyspepsi a nd
s'trv.ji Do .ili'.y.
A .'liVKUI'lii KliMEOy. VVenq cun-clen-
i ..--I. y iceoiiimond to thoso Miffcring from a
:' ::.-. igckHgb,.'lr St-iokland'a Malliituoua
l.ii.'.il ili.W.im. It ivok reliei almost jim-.unt-ii'.
-.nt . und is widi.il not disagreeable to t'-n
... There i no doubt but the Melliflh'oiis
JJi ' am is oho of tlu best preparations in use
u i ',ro!7lut,''iT,oriiv w5
have tned it clunig the past weok, and found
rcln-.f from a most distressing cough. It it-. nre-
Vn,a'1 hy..:Ur.- Ktrlcklan.l, No. East Fourth
irtreou, Cincinna'ti, u. , and for Bale by Drue
Oti,eat Mcot,ts per bottlo. . I K
Published lor the- hnnont, and as a CAU
TION TO YoUStf MEN and othors, who auf-
Icr irom Acivnns Debility,, Premature Dccav
of Manhood, &c, supplying at the same time
lp tcRK. By one who has
MU'V" "i"u"--n 'i unuaiKuiiiK cnsinoranie
onakcry. 15y enclosing a postpaid addressed
. 1 1 a . .
c"vul"P9."ll9 oi'is may be had of the an-
r.roo: lyn, lungs Co. N. T.
Tilc'f ' TJlnnlr,
UotltGS ' XllallKS!
f..crerot liuin,r rn r4iorod to hulth in Ifuw
d.ftr mny jrrs of iiery,, Iswilllnp to
iHt lilsnutreriB lVll.w-oroatnr. ii l y Bon-ling
(frf()i(M1 the rccci,.t of ro8i,,i,i .JWMi"
'H"Pfi- oiijy of tk" frmnloofcure em;jl3e.l
1,)1'Cl'';t .,nA.Nrrt P. , pn .
; . . . , -Brooklyn, n. y.'-
A Curd lit Hie SuflVi liu
o V ALLUW lu or thru WJiuul uf .Kn-
liu," "toiiio liiiom " --'Samparilla,''
l"A'ervoiih Ariidttis," Sc.. unci nl'tiir you
urn Will, .Tl.l
wlih thv rMilt. urn! ono box of
I''Toi: i;ivn an knoli.sii si-eci-
yi r tllilll lll!r, Tll ur8 ,
Ivor hi il--.i, knuii tinny u:tT 1 ii(,y ure I
ly vcjri'lHDii). ill. iicr.t to tnko, prnini.r kh IkhI
N-i. 4 JT liroailwuvNcw Vork.
t-7TActit fi-r tlx Unit, a Stutn.
P. S A' II, .M ll.n I'lIU M..,,r..lv
.kill tin Illililc l t miv
1 .
j r i wliiob inONK l 'I.l.Ali, j fwr .:ii.l-mon
' II n-..-i'i.-. i'i
ey r.-fmi'lnd hy tho Agi-r.'. if siitiro aulisfuulinu
18 not givan.
.Si pi 134 -8. no, ,
TO rni-: f-Kltvotis DKBlt.t r ate
n!.iry in their .-tri-H .in th. brokuii rt..wn mi l
.".iTa c -ualimti. .-Iu..01Un.. y-uiHI- Mt
tuko tli-m with ii.'miiiMw. lniportoa mu.1 uiJ
inUi rite.lSti:flsoiily bj ,
?' , 1ShU"II!i1 i'leicnsury, established
,ncir"",t''()- Ja: lf,e0. H nrivate denes.-.
wv" V"''1 rani-Jiiy. Woguarui
Tonic. lreelt0c.tu Cllr I"""rrhla. Olect, fyphlliU, 1m
froin 'l" cncy' N(-ctari.nl Fmissim-.s, or foiniilo Coin
Stalt of Ohio, Vinton County,
Ucurtja A, A R.C.Arm I'itft.l In Toni-tof
auiiiet I C'lnmon
J..T. Allium .te Puna, f I'I. us
- kVilli ton II. B Ifti-lt . J cr. Kxcouiion
IJUKSUANT to tho enmmnml of nn -!xccn-timi
in tho aliokceiiiiim to m liiioo'.ud from
tho "ourtof (.'ononon J leu, m' Vinton
ominty Ohio , I will ulft r at public cn'lo at
tho diir nf tho Court. Hmiimi, ill tho Toivn ot Mu
Arthur In tlio county of .nU n.on
Saturday tht ISM day oj Fcdurary 1865,
Between tlio huurn of tyn o'clock, a u. un 1 four
o'cljjlt, . p.u., ofjuiddnj th4 f.iilowi.i; !'cn
criboil proptrty, to wit 1 The. north wont
ifj-irtor ol" ieclioa itinihcr tlijitylonr, C 64. i ti
lAiwiiahip iium r tun. (It,) of r-inijn liuinhor
fil'teon, (lJ.)iilto thvwast hulfoftha nnrth
oast quarter of i-oction ininib.-r Ihirlr-I'i'tir,
(31, in t.iwni-hip ntimtiar tun, ( lo.) .f rmiaa
ml mhiil fifli'n . ' 1 A 1 i. nlr.ini.... l...i.i
and forty ncrca. And a pn o:' tho went hulf
............ ... , K VTTU ii.iu.'ro.l
oi tlio coutn w.iti inurtur or auction nn mhor
!iirt,,--!ivo.. (S3,) in luwiikhip mini her tun. (10,)
ofrunjre nnuibor liftean, (13.) cmtaiiiin ton
acre, bojrtninil at tha crcuktnl..w Broikns
Mlll.lirowus 1 1 no cro.Hs.s thocmck in thnntl.
xfA quarter of eticn num'ior thirty -flvo. (.i.'i,
in township iiumhur tou,( M.)of rnnjo nuinbor
lll'iucn, (15.) thoiito sontii thir v.fvii notfrej,
wust llvo cliikins and fil'ty-ihrc.i linka to astako.
thoiico eic!iv-Mix tU'itreca vr. t fix chainn and
furty-thr.o link to h rak, theiuo ,uii:!i forty
iiinadi'irroos wont xix ohaiim and t'urty liu'is to
a stako.from liieh ft lie I O.ik clpht inohua in
..liumater l.-sim xontli aixty-au tun und a half
iii'i'r.ioa wcsii itnrt v uve links .liant, a d
Wlittc'oiik fliio inchiss iu dlani it. r', loiin-. north
oiKlity-tihl d.yrocs tit rot; hua.lred imj twen-tvli'.K.-i
dintunt, thoii'-e cast i n tho noction
Hue to tlio crcok, tht iico up tho cnok with tho
moandcringi tlurcol'to tho pi ic-i of b.iain.
'lakcu us tlio priert of J. J. Allison uid
W. II. lilm k to mjfy a judgment in favor of
(ci.ri;o A. t K. 0'. Arm.
Al'praii-eJ at two tb.iu.und nino 1-,iin.-lr.t m.,1
seventy doilar, and laust bri ng two thirds of
U'EKMS of salo, caab !n hai l.
J, J. .S'lIOCKKY. .
Jan'y lj.1105.-By Khff. V.Co.O.
PtuU'.f Ohio. Yintun Comity.
F. U. Wurocr I'liff y t ln Crnrt of
aeainat rnnunoii I'I,..,-
Benjamin Dill Doi'tj On Kxocmion.
I)UKHTJ.4NT to tho command of an order of"
rale in the hoT ciiosj to ma diroot.'.! f-om
O... I ..-....... in ....
v,,w ' u V'Oiiinion i i.-uH. oi tlio ufurnuid
ouiity ot vintnn, I will ..tier at
till - dmir . nf t.lm Cnnrt II,,,,.,.
puhlic salo fit
in rho town of
d Acrtlmr, in tho afornnuid emmty ol' Vintnn on
.'"""""i 10'" ul'V J tuury io.,
',,.. F-.. f I . tel. 1 .r,.
;t!,. 1 '""kintf premmetito it: The north and
;oi out l"t iiiini'icr tno, (2.) buinsr a i-trip off
1,M ""'"IWI let, ah pr, una "imdred
,! twenty fret i,lo. and nil of 'the M.id lotox-
Vrrt,, - !'1t ''"rt or ',rccl ',onvei,ll bi' t'Larf.-a
h , !;'" 'I'"1 ,wit; 1,8 Marrieui A Cinciiiiinti
'mo bft-vocu l(.u liiuiilwr tw. an I throo riinnii
"?,K' " " north !oi t-umbor tht until
it iiiiorsccta 'lio line rtinnin-,' m.n h from the
Uonli jKt corner ol In l,,t iium.icr (wclva,
thence a.iii.ih ..un hundred and twoi.'v font moil
it Hire -s.ee ts lie c;-si mi l net lino o iht purt
ofolit - lo; - iinnO
lu-u kk est ro th' sai.l ilivii n lino 1'ei.wi-nn
r l' " ! O.i'i'i ioid Omnco north
III t)M- , Ini.i. -i A' I
part.,,,1 . U
"i-O llllllf. .Ill l
i. i 6-'uiif ' h .
f . a t V ..
II Li -Mil
'. . : I 'i.
; C0U t 0.
. 1' ' ! , i
oi' r.i
. .... 11 HH lit- I n . l(v nf k- , !. rlll lr,
sntisij a .in.'.if. iui.nl of'io, i ,;.;,i C i.it.-n fa
vor ..f F. II. M-rcor
Appraik'-i a-, follow V-wt: i'
hroe tbcuKHiiii fonr.'iinndrc I Moil
brum two thirds of thai. n.m.
- nin "f
n I noidt
J'lilJMi' of iRlo.i-ai.h iiiii..i d.
J. J, Mcdowkm., J. ,1. fHOf KI'V
t. for 1'IX SiitT. V.. o.O.
tan, 12th lS(ij-3
liitilrit li'itinl tirwlu
. Ever I'alilvhfd!
e"Fiflepn"a larco I
,' Iptter (lappa for two
J cent utau.ps.
DPS. JACKPON, I.lJl:BKi:T Co., Propria
t'."" evry pft"sibla fi.ni and vnr-
V'trh "".ev"y P";
ietJ, fSox,ilr Disease.
and purmancnt, and fees
urcs rapid, th rough
moderate Send fur
a circular -fifteen large Sin. bv 11 in. letter
pages, of yaiied. valuable and interesting mat
ter. Also, a circular intended for Ladies on y.
.nuiijr in nur not 11 is is-eri. 1 nry navo sen:
money to Ductorsin Eaaturn ciziu and ri- el v-
ed no return.
Then why tot patronize homo talent man
who kniow tha Western cliiuuta and uflLct
spocdy cnfes. '
Dr. J cksou's Poma'e Pills-tt per box -send
for Circular. Spooial written Koplio,.will soal
ed,.c;it with 'the Circular, wuhont cLargo.
oi.eoi tno ciioapeHt, most mtreratiug and im
portant biokB published. 300 pagos. 100 engrav
mgs "Tbo .Mountrin of L eht. or -Me lien1 Pro
tector und Marriage Guid.and an Explicit Key to
novo ana Beauty. ' it BAT1H1.'A01'UHL.
reveals various subjects never boforo full ex
plained in any, popular work in aho English
langnnge." Prlco -sncbnU and one 3 cent stamp.
or three for 1 and tbfto 3 c n: stamps. Fully
uestrioea iu Circular, winch every young man
should bavo, whether sick rr well.
.Medicine and instructions sent promptly to any
part of the country. Consulting Kouina of tlio
Uespensary. No 107 Svcamo.-a street. 1. 0.
Box, No 43S.
Keniovesall ; ldiiess, uud rcjsviuutos organs
which have lain dormont for miinv Tears. It
will cure at: v case of impctencv.crrate and in-
crcato the passions for nv reasonable time,
Can be mailed with perfect safety. PiioJper
: SAFE. -.
It is perfectly safe and uevcr fails to viva witls.
fai-(in. It is the only sure and safe breven(.-
ova against eontraoting diseuse oer invented,
frica fl .euoh. S4 Uer half dozen, and tl n.I
'dozen, tent by mail.
JwZ'ffiflrrtl) gtveall.t I will i.ffc-r for Rata
i jul lie. irciiio.m He door cf tbt Court
if. mo, in tlie ton of KcArthDr, Vinton County
the Itt, dajtf Ttbvpryfy$t
. ." n'"'" Mi mp uml Siimimi.1i Sinni6sfcii kl '- '
p!w4'!M!tH'l,t.'f'1' IUit.gttill,
r.u "ur.".n- "thorn, nr. acfrndnntn.T.tiBrt tr - "Mt-V-l.
, ",u.r.t V'iimon-fk-RH of the raid ,.
t om 'elcvlt l'. M. c,f mid. Atj, tfot)ofBf
"iilli w.-f 'iwrlfr of MctioS 'nmbaT,.
mm uic n.T.ll Mill Oi UIO millh .i .
..r.i ... '. .r . ,
wctlcu Min.t-er..it, tcwni-Mp nunihVrfrn'of
l ion.
r . -.p.. ,na pud inrt. ir.et.
K.DUininif two limulre.l ncrc. k
vprnre-i.f W orof tf tV-O-tlrfrPmrrrfwi--1
lonmn uioj li,r th'iii i'i
POtltirn fur rifirtitlnn wl.a: - r '
B,'VLirei'tod ""tfifl'of ',,iJ ,nnty.
i ...t m 11 a ttivt doHPiibdd ,rict olld ,
1 j.rnod. ,t two hjn.draJ d.-IUr., th.raio.J
iL5".hft"n,,re,J ,nd to ha-
tnr'l JhlfHrM '1 1. ,'ic iljii k :
r,kwil .tKlf. . t. n . .... A
..v uvtinin,. 1 r.i,jia .I.AMI. 1
wiw, mum w . :
: i
r t): JCC5:- '
Pfrnrr, V. t'o.,0.
in jt
l.obert Clark Ouiir.tian of John FeJr.
inupe 't.oii has li ed liia aocouct. and vouub ,
crhlur li...octiou and partial aettlomanf,, and '
that thSiuuo will be pawod the
upon on 10th
dy blJununry 1H.;5. HICHABD CRA IU
Due. 29th I8.i4.-3w. Probata Judge '
S'.nte of Ohio, Yinlon Counry, ' . . ..
John C. P. Hrown, V: In Canrl of
. Kii"t ' Jr Com mou Pleat
Bonjumiu Morjanet.I. Deft. Urderof aala
IjUKSUANTto the command of an order of
eule In tho above caue to mo diractod from
tho Court nf Common l'lcus, of the aforeaald
Omity of Vinton. I will offer af publio a!a at
tho door of the 6Vurt Hoiiaa, In tin toB '
ot McArthur. in afnrcaaid County of Vinton, o'
Monday the 23rd day of January 1883, '
It.itweon tha h.iiira of ton o'clock A.M and four '
o'ctuiic l'.M. of laid day, tho followiuir proper-' '
ty situated in aaid Vinton County to ril: Il".
(finning at the south ot ' comer of aMtlem '
nnn.boi 8ve, (6.) in .T.owiiHbip number ulna,
v. 1 v. iiuiiiiicr mKiu.-en, t, is,) iiienoa
fl"!"'."K J' w!t on laid Mictioa line to tha
Dea 01 l" crooK, tnence up the oreok, along lit
vur'"u" wind and mraudetings, tb a whlta oak
tre'' "-,llu bank of tlio creek near wher tha
tir'M 1 l,l"lt!' the blutf above Puter Mil lore
iimir, irausn Kidmen rous nanny north to
Htnno in tho (tally, thence up the dratt a weat
wurd co .rso to thn cornor atone In draft, oa. '
tween 8aimiul Darby Sr. and 1'eter Wilier Br. -'
thoncoduo north to tha aectlou line, thenca
oaHton the Koction line to tlio north oat cor
ner of said auction, thonea dua south on tha
soctiui lino, lial' way to tho pluoo of Ddftlnnlnf
to a atone botwoon wdd Samiiol Darby 8r. and
S.dimian liodfurn, thenco lunmnif Into aeotiaa
iiumbor f nr a auuth eaat direction ta tha
Month enxt corn or at tha north wost quarter af
theamirh wet qmirtor ol aaid accilon, thence
due miulh to tha acutlon line, thenca dua weal
to the placo of bujrinuinK cjntuinn one hun
d.edind sov. nty aerus more or leea. nave tni
oxecipt fuvcnly acroa more or lean on the tail
ido of mid exook, rutainod ond now owned by
?nid Braton, ao.l aim) cuvo and except tua fol- "
l"iiijr -.rnot, conveyed by aaid Bratton Amal
Morgan by docd dated April lfih Ib'ja, to-wit
t'oimnoncpiir at the north waat cornar of tb '
uorth east quarter of tho north ont quarter of
aaid socti iu number flva, thencoaou'li ta tha
ouh kk-mt corner of tho south eaat quarter of ' i
the north oant quarter of rama aectlon, thenca
tas nh.iitf tho north lino of tha puma to a atona,
near ihe county road ten foot, from the bare of .
tha hill, ibunce a south easterly direotioq to ;
tho center of nid county road near tha tobaceo
hoime, therce north along tha center eflha'
aaid road to the aoction line, thence woit to tho ,
place of bcrinnin containing tlrirty acraa
moro or I, i Also a certain oihcr tract com
monolnif in the bod of the crook near a rraall
Elmtrao, on tha division line between tha
lnndhofauid Illation and Solimnn Itcdfern ia
the north wcM qiuiicr of h Kouth we qnr
.-r of mid no,ion number focr, tli.irce norb
wo ulir.r mid division linn twelve rod, ,
honco sondh wosi aixj.-on rods, thence soufh
t-pxf ro ho bed of hocrcek. (hence up (he creek
to (ho place ot'lwiniiing, condiinliig one hun
d cdan lXi loo acres moro or leas.
Tn ken in (ho pr"por(y of Itonjamin Morgan
o M(ir-ra di-or.-e In favor of John 1. Browa
Appruipod af l'if(oen hnndrcj dollars. an ,
inul bring wo (hlrdaot Jhnt tnirn. I i
TKK.M8 of m.lo, caah in hand.
.1 . J . MoDowki.l A UCU . Jk'ORRIfl
Ay . for IW Bhft V.co 0. ''
A.COXDE.iM.D. '.'SAMI.(;yit M.D '
McArlhur, Ohio,
W;i! attenJ promptly and carefullr to.
;'i;ic iiie of their Jptofesiiou ia all ita
hr -or lies, -;
., V IDt'PI'. T "PT,T7T1,r.-.? i.lmu A
I'J ".'"I1.U ailliu. OlVJCIkt III
tii KGF.KY. 0 , v . .
Jon. 5th, 181,3. lf ' '. ;. ''.
State of Ouo Vinton County
JohnD. Qiiinn.of Plttshnrirh. in fV. ci.. - ;.
of Pennsylania will tuko notica that ifa "'
i.iston, ol tho Count) ofVintoa, IntheBtata
of Ohio, did on tho 23th day of Decs mbor A. D ' 1
Bti l, Die her, Petition in the Court of Common.
Pleas within and for said County. ofVicton' '
and State ofOliio, against the said John D':J
Uiiinn, and Alice Ouiun. namnrd
James Q.iinn, Catharine Quinn, Patrick H.
.vuiun, Aiiuona oouio jr. and Martin a.o(7ratb ' "
oefendants, aetting forth that about May A. D. ''
IS39. Ebenzer Li.ton tho hunband of the said' '
Mary Idston. purebascd from Patrick Qnlnn " '"
nniong otheis tbe following traot of land ,to wit'
myiuiiiiiK 1 iv poios ana 1 units north from tb
south oast corner of Section number ten town
ship eihl range sixteen in the Ohio oompanya'
purchasa ihcnca northr one dogrea and six '
ihiiiiitea eaut'H polos and. II links; thenoa '"i
noith 70 det(iee we 1U otoa and I llukri I "
south 1 0 6 min. west il qbles and, 18 links sheoo ' '' :
ioiuh,70 dogroea east 1U9 poles and 8 links
the place of ben inning. That on the 2H day
of May A. D. 188. tha aaid Patrick Qninn tadr
Alice Quinn bis wift, executed a deed ni th.a . .
dato ro auid Ebenezer Liston ot said lni,
intending to convey the same, but that iher' '
is a mistake in said deed iu this, tbat instead
of describing tha above lands, it desoribetha .
landsasfollowingto, wit; Bogiuning HOp'otei
and 7 links north of the south east wornarof ' . ",'
theeoction township and range aforesaid, thaooa '
north one degree 6 minnta east 8 (poles and
18 links, thence west 20 minuta north 169 polaa
and 8 links, thence south ono degree and si I '' '
minnts we6t 84 nolos and 18 links, thence eaat ' '
eo minnta south 169poles and B links to tha ' '
place of beginning., And also, thai, by 'tha "
last will of the said Ebenezer Ltston, "tha ',,:''
plaintiff become the absolute owner of the land '
first above described, and that she has old said '
lands to tho said Almond Sonlee Jr and Martin ' K '
McOrath and praying that. Id order to quit tha" " '
title to said lands, the said defendants Alice '
Qninn.John D. Qnin, Bernard' Qnlnn," Jamaa ' '
Quinn. Catharine Qninn, Patrick H, Quinn, b
ordered to a execue deed for tbe same to tha .' " 1
said Almond Soulas, and Martin MoOrathand
that, in default tcere of said order shall opera ta 'i H k
as such deed, -and also, that fad ffHIMt. Ha , 1
r9nderod against the said defondanta aliaax : f a it-
o..... rv... n n-i r . 7 - '
vi u..iiui. '"uu,. ijuiimra vsian, jumee ". j 'tur
Qninn, Catharine Quinn, and Patrick H.tjnina,? : fl,-,.0 1
andinnyorofthaolaintitlfor her oosta herein i.i;i.,a
and for other relief. And tha -aaid John D.' 1 a ,t .
Quinn is nofificd that he li required to appaaf inn r
and answer said petition tn-er before tha third
Saerday after the 11 day of March- A.J Oi !.,
1865. " ,' ' ' ..-
3. A --rfr
Ja. th.lllS.-6w ..fMarr Llatoa. 1
, , .

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