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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, January 19, 1865, Image 2

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L .) .Ulljill t-JllIIUlull,
L. A. UltATTOX, t : :
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McAIi'ulii;;. OiilO
Notice to Subscribers.
We arc Ci nipelied to nii'ii ra'Hi-
lift i ir'i'n nl liiih.i'i'i i.tinii tit llit! Di'M i-
' "I--- I
tUAI. O ll'UIVI IIIL-BL.- mil rum
ps.ces, but wish to bay m u lr th.t.
unks3 we can iei an advinoo m nr
business many pipirs w i ! i have to
oAtnt: to iliu continual
ulva.ieo in i riee ol paper am! otlu r
. . . . , ...
printing mateimls. We i-Jkvc the,
Deuiocracv will look at this imiiter
its proper lilit. and that you w.ll 1
determine that t!io local LVes.' musilis
bo siutaiue.1. Wo als)alva.ioo pri.u;
.... ... , . ,,
in a!vcrtis;n'' and jio-woik. All,
" J
tho weeklies in the Sintj buve d na
the 9.111)0 tiling, and are notyet up
the iJvanct) prices of ther woik,
Notice to Subscribers. Peace Again.
Our whulj country i3 in a
in tegard to fl rumor of peaoo men,
be-iiii sent to Uichinond with the con
sent of Lincoln, ai:d eomo southern
im n coming to Washington by con-
sent of Davis. We cannot tell, with
,..,i.:..., ..!... ,i. .....,
"''"'"Vt "J '
but hope that it uu v turn out all t: no.
and that the dawn of peace may be
t i i if i l
drawing uigu. e, nowover, nave
no conlidonce in sneii a result, because
wo think that the only terms of peace
that Lincoln will accept will require
the abolition rA' slavery, auJ this we
don't think tho South will grant, and
tlicro thu matter will cad, unless
it bo true, that Franco and England
have made a move towards intiirven-
tiona this may alter tho case, nnl
bring us peace sooner than Abe would
havo granted us that boon. Wait
and see what will turn up before, wo
como to a rash conclusion. We can
t'ot 6ce tliepeaco yet.
Notice to Subscribers. Peace Again. NEWS ITEMS—CLIPPINGS.
Nicw Yopk. Jan'y U--Tlu T.ib
line's Washington 8iccial gives it as
tho opinion ot an old heal at peace
ncgotiaiioi.s, that a cessation of hos
tilities preliminary to formal negotia
tions will take pbi'ie within ten days.
To morrow the hand of a new peace
maker will Ja.l heaydy on J uii" Davis'
It is nndi.'istood the Prudent has
declaed if Senator F'oote is harm-d
by the rebels he will bring five ot thu
most distinguished rebel prisoners in
our hands to grief. Oar cavalry havtj
be ;n ordered to pursue Foolo's cap
The Tribuno announces the release
it.-5 correspondent. Mr. Richardson,
who has been held by the rebels oyer
13 months.
WABiiiHti-PHi, Jan. I I. -The Rich-1
mond Whig of the 12 h fcays:
War Department last night was widi-1
out a single dispatch Iroin any quar
tor, the telegraph, uwiug tj the heavy
rains, not working. James river is
conside.ably over iH banks, and un
less it turns suddenly cold, a freshet
be expected equal to last e,.nng
. T' i i i ' i i
Eort risher has be n carried nv
.... , i.i,- mnn
rosau t. lie federals took Irotr. 1000
' ' ' . p i , i
to 2 o:)0 ;insonitrs. ibe I'edera.'s oss
1 1 . , . , ,
is estimated at oOJ. A salute o lOd
c ' k
guns is to be firied by the itrmy near;
Ricbinond in h"iior ol' this gn-ati
iiehievmeiit. Even if Wilmington is
.., -,i ...
Ti-jt cup lire this wil seriously inter-!
. r. . ',, , , ...
tere wi u tiio b oc kade I'uniieia at that1
' il,J,' v- x- i rt i i it , .
New ork Hera Wasbiag-
tjn sptcial says that Blair n mission
to Uichinond was sim.ily to obtain
poession of some Important private
iaytri that had been taken irum his
. house, by the M m heir Mary-
Undratd. He was kindly received,
and had a number ot conversations
with Davis-
Tho Times' ai.mgton siecial
nav L' bus sent his family out of
j.i- . .j.-t., w.
i-'.;'!.ed of in that city.
.'n.'i'nnn ntnl t Hir nor iinir hnr iiphch
i ucrai mson is now in command
a Iv loxvi'.le. in place o( General Am
men ienrne.
1 tit Indians have boen committing
j prad-vioiis in Colorado Territory.
' tlruM and Sherman nro liotli niov
, injj siiuuiuiitaneoaljr with tho attack
J on Kort fisher, auJ luitlitr utwa is
t!XJH ctcd.
Peace Commissioners.
: L. x.Cl0V,rn..t ()ul.. rs mt'i Carol .M,
! ar(J ol) w iy lo Wasiiin'o , as
it.,Rs.-iitativis nl" the S tidi..-ru Cjii
dihcontinue, i lederacy, to coii!.o wiiht e Adinii.is
j trftjicn tuiiebin- li.e p.esti,.n ol I'eace
! 1 li-.-s nwvo.iie ti nidiuttu that a
(!,llldl1. 6Ult u hu, 1. i p can
ni,,, ,.1JU,,tl). w th lVucu. The
i y pi-ro-ptilile ddll-ulty in the wiy,
the ijnslii u ulavery. All the
IJ '''"'a 61,1,1 ,VJ '"tlhoy
'shall be restored to InJ ciiiz.'iis'np--
. .. . . r . a . ,
, ati-1 al' tli'i n.iir Jfiif tati-s snail bj
i . i,,,;,,...! i i,di liatorou iv in tha
toiSi-teibool of States-npon the con
j mitted to tho Rebellion are not pro
of ' pared to accept."
Evidently. .L'e.ico is now possible, if
Thelllwm,IJ n t l,avo onjn.Io.l agnnst
1'eaven, nor have been derogatory to
i 'at.eu, wneretore will it ouena against
i llt-'livu" ttnJ d" lu dishonor towel
may j ;' (,ilck UPUU, 6l"JlIttr tu,1"s
now! It is asserted that slavery has
' . , . i , . ' ,.
l received a mortal wound by reason ol
., trr k .. ; . J . , .. ..
the War that it is impossible tor it
. ir.i- . ,i-
to recover. If this is true, there is no
. . . t
. iirf null uliut.i7ri in rir laia.r T ntrruii
i Hilling wiiiu ia i tov.i hi oi j ut;itaiu. ity
, h . , ., . J , ,
be created without bucn proclam iti-.)ii!
.., ... , ,i c
I lo persist in sueli a course, therelore.
! is practically insanity of the most ag
The i Iv nvcirtla. wo lira toM that on
Wtclmsday, tht very air of Wwliing
ton City waa "thick and heavy with
IViip.. r,.1.mr"-Gji.e.a; Sin.'Ur.n.
lot' Illinois, a lYneo Deni'C iit, is re
ported to nil preceded rri'K'u I .
I Blair n lew days t Kiclim-ml on a
IVaco mission. It ii s atl that Mr
Blair htw o:w tJ U.Iihihi1 with th
kuow!etl'4H and consent of I'resi-j0'1'.
i 'ei.t Zincohi; and is eUliel with am
iilo power to eo
ont'ir wit'i J. If. Davisi'"""
in relation to llm mtitlur of 1'oc.eu,
'an.l lint liia iiistiii.-tions, ts to terms,
aro emhiaeu l intluMi threu prp wi
ti.w.o ta.'h of who-!, in liml ; lat,
A m net v to ad. -J I. The O oistitu
liion as ii i?. and t,0 Union as it wns
.'J I, The to nl a! iliiioii o nl.tv-ry with
in uTeasoirdilt! Iii'ii;th tini'j.
In tins c 'inieiiiioo. ir in H'afod that
.. . ...... ....1 IV...I-...I
,, ... . . ,
ditioii i!ut t'ney ab 'lisli slavery. The
j Uitic'iinati CoiniHtrci'it, in comment
in; on ti to apparent anx'ety of UoKACii
UuiiKLi'.Y I n- the restoration of I'eace,
mi l Ins uiiieiiuanoii to accept i eaee,
bu any other term i toaii thd Aboli
tion ol blavury, imposes ot this pro
.position in th'ou words': "Ho oulit
to km-w that the p -pie committed to
H' hellion aiv not prepared to ac-
cept thosj terms, lhis is u.ideniahly
Tho L'rs dent nudit not shn-
ply to know it. lie d jsj know it,
and every mm in the alluring States,
with a particle of fleiice. Knows it to
bo true. Whtrot'oro, then, is it insist
ed onj Have we hid n )t ennuijli of
War! liitvj we ii"t enough of widows
and orphans rhvo wj not unongi of
maimed men -have we ni t enough
ol taxati mi that this insurmounta
ble obmicle to a speedy rostortion of
L'eace has to bo interposed!
S-ipposj the rebels are now red sited
lo the extremity that they cannot fur
ther prosecute the War, unless they
abdili slavery, and put into their
armies their manumitted slaves sup
pose thay can not secure the favor ol
foreign G v .Tiiine ts ntih ss they abol
ish slavery cau wo reasonable hope
to biing thom bac'' into thu Union by
insisting upon 6uc!i term-? Com
mon sense empiiatically discourages
such hope. K.tther then do thi?, and
to piopitiat1? the favor ot loreigo Gov
ernments for the purpose ol defeat
ing the Administration in subjugat
ing thorn, they will, if necessorv,
abolish slavery but they will n it doit
in obedience t the coin nan Js ol the
Administration. Tue history of the
world proves that is human nature.
It is claimed lor rresilent Lincoln
that while he is not kirn 1 1 in bnks.
he hasaj borough knowledoof hu nan
nature. Now is the timo lor him to
make good that claim; but 1)3 cannot
make it good by insisting ut u a con
dition in negotiating a l'eaco, that
"he ought to know tho people com
tiio Administration will resort to the
"erseiRj of a wise star.-sm unhip, It
our honor to have wulcinud the Rjbels
all baek into the Union ai'ter tho bat
tle at' Bull Lion, with slavey nnab d-
I'll t
' .', ' ... , . , , ,p .
oroclamation, create that coudition of
. ll. ...liitl. i.l.jf.l riti.li. tiirfilin f n
Death of Hon. Edward Everett.
j j,. Jami;4 i5.Elward
- . dio,, ,hia mor:)j n( q1 ,
a is reBiffetlC0 of, s,)!mr 8treef Q
His age was about seventv
nin(J nonth
Mr. Everett addressed his fellow-
citiz ns at Faneuil Hall on Mondav
last, in aid of sending provisions to
S;.n. i I, o,.,l ,ln..n.. iL .........
un.miiiau, aim 'uiniiiitj aitui I1I7UII
of that day wa9 present in court in
( relerence to a claim tor damages atra
insf the city of Charleston for over
, flowing a portion ot Ins estate in Med
.ford, by constructing a dam across
Ijlistic river. Oa Tuesday he became
i'"3 Ulu
: lm'l,t WM announced in all thoehur
frti!; ttt ,,,(J conniioneent of the
'"""iin;? gemc-, and created a pro
nnuncss. snoruy
fcfjvctei! with qtitu a scviro cold, lint
Inoitlier liii Iricn.U nor himdult' deomcd
it ikrions. Saturday eveuint? ho ai
peered aa well as usual, and retired,
docliniug to trouldo any on to remain
with him. A built 3 o'clock this ni'r;i
injj his house-keeper ciiteiod his
Jm ',J ,ollf" '" Dnr-
i"" - '' ""ur wai n.uriiiuu
h' hearing a li?avy fall in his r.N.ni,
land Ion ml him lving on the flour
jlirtutliii) heavily. A physician was
w3 PinpUT 8u.nmoi.ed, but before
alter nojn the church hulls of the city
and sm b.irba were tolled.
Mr. Eveiett'a lui.en.1 will take
!,,acB Hairsday n xt in tho First
(Church, K;v. Uutus K:1U pastor. It
'a prwn:nj.i thu Statu and city author
ilies will take part in tin ol s.cjuies of
tins yreat auu j;oO I citizen.
Blair Arrived at Richmond.
N'iv YoiiK, Jan. 15. The lilcbinond
Dispatch has tho finviDj:
"Francis Ulair, Sr., t!ie Yankee
IVaeo Coinmissioner, arrivod in this
city latu We lnisady r.;f;lit, attended
by a servant. Mr. Blair camo into
our lines at a point in fruit ol Fort
Harrison, huld by tho City BatUlion.
lie wji delayed several hours i l our
lines, waiting for a permit to como to
the c.ty, which was not procured till
a Into hour of the niht. Since his
arrival ho has been kept, or has k. pt
himself, from the public eye, and bin
movements an I whereabouts aro shr
onded in mvstery. Ho is believed to
, l ii I . . r i ll , l
khi.j at t lie apotswooi iioioi,
mm vru iiiiiiiv int;iu n i.uiu iiiiuni. tiim
he is there, thoiigh hh iiaau does not
aop'aron tho register. He Ion been
met by several of his old acrpiaintan
ces, and tli-ir ineetings were charac
torizeJ by the utmost cordiality on
both Bides. l!o is said to have hau
interviews with the c'liet executive
ntSiters of thj Goveinni ;nt. What
passod at these interviews wo need
not expect to vknow until Mr. Blair
returns to the United States, when
everything wdl bu published in full
in the Njw York Tribine and othei
New York papers.
Gen Butler Removed—Ord Succeeds him
—Blair in Richmond—Rebel Evacuating
Nb v Yokk, Jan. 10 --The Herald's
City lJomt correRpondent of thu 8th
says: M-ij r Uener il 1J itl-r has
been removed by the President froin
the position of commander ot the Ar
my of tho James and tho Department
el Virginia and North Carolina, and
ordered to report at Lowell, Massa
chusetts. The offinial document in
the case directed him to turn over his
command to tho person named by
L eiitenant General Grant as his tern
uorary successor. Gen. OrJ, lately
in charge of tlio orps, ha succeeded
temporarily to the important position.
. The Tribune says Rlair sen irn is in
Riclnioii 1, an l goes specially to see
what cm be dono in. the way ol
peace. Tin Tribune don't Ihink he
will succeed, and urges tilling up oar
army and making short worlc ol the
rebellion. Blair is not c'othed with
any power from our Government, but
wo i n tea he is authorized to ascertain
whether any true peace is now attain
The Herald's Winchester corres
pondent details a conversation with a
man recently from Richmond, who
says the rebels are busy preparing for
evacuation. Much Government pro
perty and many officials have been
sent off to the interior. Jefl". has ba
come eonvinceu that he cannot hold
the city much longer, and it is being
The Announcement of
Years ago, says a Boston paper,
tho offi io of the old Caztlts was in
Honover square, nuar the corner ol
Pearl street. Jt was a place ofaesort
for news and conversation eipecialiy
in the evening. The evening of Feb
mary 15, 1S15, was cold, and at a
late hour only A.derman Sebra ind
another gentleman were left with fa
ther Lang, tho genius of the place.
llieothcewas atiuut b tn-r sloped.
when a pilot rushed in, ;in at jod 'brj
A iiiouieni bu .enure' v ex'i'itisicu as to
. . ..! . i .
be unable to speak.
'Ho has great news!" exclaimed
Mr. Lang.
Presently tho, pilot, gi-iping for
breath whispered intelligiblyTeacc!
The gentlemen lo3t their breath as
last as the pilot ga'iied his. Directlv 1
the pilot was able to say "
"An English sloop is below, with'
news of a treaty ot" peace!"
They say that Mr. Lang exclaimed
in greater words tiian he ever used
before and all hands rushed in Han
over equare exclaiming '"Peace!
The windows flew up for families
lived there than. No smner were
the inmates sure ui thu sreet sound
of peace, than tho windows beau to
glow with brilliant illuminations
The cry of "Peace! Peace!" spread
through tho city at the top of alt
voices. Noone r.to.ued to ii.n lire
into -tree .rale anl sailor's
No one inquired even whether the ns
tional honor had been preserved. Tho
matttrsby uhioh the politicians had
irritated tho nation into tho war had
lost all their imjwtarjce. It was
enough that the ruinous war was
over. An old mm on Broadway,
atractod by the t:oiso to his door.wus
seen to pull down a placard, "To Let"
which had long ben posted up. Nev
or was there such joy in the city. A
lew evdiiings after there was a gene
ral illumination, and although the
snow was a foot deep and soaked
with rain, yet the streets were crowd
ed witli men and women eager to see
and partake of every thing which hud
in it tho sight or taste of peace,
General Butler.
This notorious person, who always
fails in his militury operation, and
whose only glory is in his warfare up
on the unprotected and defenseless
seoms to bo corrtctly appreciated in
Couimodoio Porter's fleet The cor
respondent of the New York Wvill,
who aeeoiupihied tho Wjlinington ex
pedition says:
As indication of -tho intensity of
leoling against General Butler which
at present pervades the tleet, 1 may
mention that but just now a naval of
ticcr.whoso iiamo is lamiliiar in every
household in the laud, denounced
him as "either a black hearted traitor
or an arrant coward." Another,
equally well knowu, said: 'TL fo ic
ed himself into the expedition, and I
believe he camo down with tho delib
erate purpose of defea ing the enter
prise, lie was determined to have
his own way, and, seeing that he
could not, was bent on thwarting
everything. Naval o fibers A-sjrt
that the fire of tho fleet h id scilen j td
tho fort, and driven its defenders to
seek any holo for slu.lti'r, and that a
bold dash would bavj ellocted tht oap
.... .
tnre of the place, aim ist without re
sistance. On the other hand, as Ad
miral Poller admits, (leiu-ral Weitzd
is an accomplished engineer, and his
opinion is worthy of consideration.
ben. e-i'zol is a joung man and!
rt i ii
ambilious nfUjer, win would scarce y
throw away a likely chance of distiu
guisbing himself. Yet. die fleet did
such tremendous work, and seeming
ly with so much of sncces., so lar as
its share of the engagement was con
cemod, that the public will bo apt to
cast the odium of failure on Oen.
Butler and his advisers.
General Butler. HYMENIAL.
-MARLUED Jai. 13 h, 1805, at
the iM. E Parsonage- in McArtimr,
by lie v. II. IJ. Perrin for. William
G S. IJalph a memher of (Jo.' A
9 lot lies. O. V. 1. to Miss Sarah 'J
l . i i' 1X7 -'1 -ll If . -i r
bU.tonol Wllk''8.lllo Vlllto.1 Co Q.
1 - .'
t i
SYSTEMS -nevv und reliable treatment
in renoris ot tin HOWARDS tSSOUIA
I I it C . . l .. ...
nv.n v ii of hi in in si'iie.i letter cnve'ii
lo,,es,fr:,.ofch.,ue. Address Dr. J, SKIhLU
i. iii ii uuuti iu.V . Howard Aisotiati'm
No. 2 South Ninth . e-. t 1 1-1 1-: i , Pa
Editor vf Democrat.
Dear Sin : With vmu Derinisinn wish
to say to tlie reudcrs of your piper that I '
will send, by returned mail, to nil wisliinijl
it (free), a teceiiie. with full ilirwimi.a I
for miking an I using a bi.nnle Vegetable
lt..l.n o..i...:n iv . n
. . ' will efl.ictunlly remove in ten
ilavs nmp.e?, Blotches. Tan, Pieckleg nml
all liii)iiritio3 of tlio skin, leaving the same
soft. clear, smooth and beautiful: .
I n Un f,o i ..I...I..U.I
beads, or bare faces, 61Il1pe direciio'.s and
n orm liion urn w.ll ei.hble th,-in -start a
un (jru.vn oi ijiixuridiu ii or, vvnisKersor
Majntache, in la-s then thirty day.?.
All uppliciitions misnered by return
mail without charge.
Respectfully yours,
Si,it. 2 2-64 R;i! Rmajtvav New Yor
i iiir ii t
oi. ujjrv
30 days, tha wort cases of NKUVOUSNESS,
Impoteney, Premutitra Ueeay, Seminal Weak
hovi, Innanity, and all Urinary. Sexual und
Norvona Affeetimis, no matter from what caiiro
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post paid, by 111r.il, on receipt of an order.
One Box will perfect the cure in most casus.
Hen. Asr't , 427 Broadway, New York.
Sept 2ind lt'64-3irin.
can recomniond thosn nulTurinK with Losr of
Appetuo, inuigesuon, or uynpcpnia, Norvos5
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Tonio. -His a vctfotnblo proparat a, free
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Nervous Doility.
For sale by Urustifistg generally at f per bot
tle. Prepared by Dr. A. Stiiokland, No. 6
East Fourth street Cincinnati, Ohio.
July 14 64 lyr.
A SUPERIOR REMEDY. Wocan conscien
tiously recommend to those suffering from a
distressing caugh,, Dr. St'iekland's Mellifluous
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For Blank Deeds. Calhu
this FOFICEand beSuppied. ' .
T rHK f KKVous hkbu.i cat
I 1 V fi A
1 1 Hi T, I H M : I I'K 0.
A . I
ir been rBlora to beuii.h in a tiiw
iU),ftur innnj yeura of mi.tory, i willing; to
tixt hi aiilforing ft How-creuturoi hi raii.tincr
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velope, a cvpy of lbt ftriiiiilo of euro cmjilyoJ
Pirtsif o .
Br.iokl.vri, N. Y.
A Card lo Hip Sum liu.
SWAI.I.'JW two or three Ji . hen el nl'Bnc-
hii," "Tonio Iiiitom "urHiipHrillu.''
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aro aati-tfifil with he reiilt, nml nno box of
OLD noe'Tuu;iL:il.N tXoLISIl Sl'Ke!
KICJ 1'ILLB antt lo rei.iril to hra'th nml
viitor in le tlmn thirty tluvn. Thty nrc pure
ly voifL-tiililL1. pli-ii-ent to take, prompt una.
litry in thfir ell' i-t on tho hrnkun C'i. 11 una
hhuttoroil Hintiiniinn. Ola am' yoimj i-jn
hike 1 1 nt with HJvunt.iire. Iinportcil mid tuKI
in lliu United Stale only bv
No. 4jT Rromi wuv , Nw York.
t-7"Aipint fnr the United Sialo
P. S. A Ilox ofthePilU, hOi'iucly p:ii'!jcil.
will ttj mailed to iiny n.lilrosH on riM-ipt nf
lriu . which isON'K Iu'LLAII. post piid muii
y rufumled hy tho A)n'. if onliw ili.-il'oc.ion
in not (ivpi.
Sept ii'ind 1SS4 lino.
i. iDit!uiJS v.vd 'n'ir.i'tY
We l.uve ex uniried n jr.'nt nuai'ier o
,'roin S'lm of ihe
must promhiMi
ilizens nf Cincinnati and Cuvinetoii. et
spi'Bliinj in the liiliest terms of Ur. Sliii lf
lunil's Aiiti-Olinlera Mixture for tin cun' ol
diariha-a uml distillery. 'J'he tellers Bre
to Ituijj lo pnb isli. Mr. Wood?, of Cov.
iiigtnn.Mits hrt whs proiiouniteil iiicnntile
for tlio bo-t doctors ii, Ciuri.inaii, and nue
ioni'e nl Ur Siriclifind'a Anti Cliolem Mi
lure efl'ecied n piTtnilnent cure ufier siill'er
ing lor in inilis wiili the worst form of diar
rlio ii mill iliseiitery,
i4n"ih r 8.i) !) whs di.-chargi'il fnun lh
Uniti'd Sijles si-rvice aiicr .ufTcr;n in liie
lniSiinil fijr 8 iiidiiiIh iis hiciiuhle, mi l as n
last ri'sinirie tried Sirii kin) I's Aiiti-Ch il-?-ra
Mixliire lie got well diroi lly uirl Im.s now
enli'roil tlie urniy again in (;ool IkmIiIi
One nun ivriti-a he Ii ia cure. I s. ven or eight
very bail cases of iliarrlno i and dysciilers in
the b.irrai lis be was in -vitli one botlle of
this vnluiliie nrdiciiiH. :i f,t t we cmd I
till hall our pupr ivitli similar il.'ni'. lunn
these lelt.'ii!. Why dof. not our (1 ivern
iiient secure t ti i 3 valnubli' pn-p; rllion.
()..r iiriny oiiht lo be sunpli 'il with it. 1
is in t a 811'iri iiniesinrc one ol otir men
in t a sli art tune since one
hiid in a vry low con 'iiion'ai one of mr
u ,:ii"l"ls' hls w'seiu lor.
ilia a,...i.r i.,.. i i i .......
.t ..-.v. ui i.iiii.iuriiii nin fill iioj.'-i'-'T l.i-ir.
She, buwev-r, avo him Siiichlnnd's Anti
Cholera Mixture, and in tim e weeles hewuf
able to return boin-i with his wife in .New
Richmond, (). Ad these casi'-t rilil nl
home 8i ak for ilii-mselv.'. We linpe. nil
the sold it i s w i i I jutt a bottlo of it in tlio ir
ift'i'ipn - m. ii nit pave t lit ill ur Hiiit! im
u.eir co.nr.i.les. ' It isfr ole bv l)rn. ri,t--
50 ci'iits per bottle .
Published fi the hem fit. nijd ns a CAf
TIUN TO YOUStf MKN nnj others, h"sn:
fer fr jmi Neivuus Debility, l'i ciiiutr. to Picuv
of Manhood, tfce., Hmipl'yiiiK at tin came time
Thk MkAxs op Sklit Cche. Ity.mu who has
qioud hinclf after undergoing . Ci lisideraldt
ounkery. Ily er.elnsintt a po-tpaid ud,lrcsed
cnvulopo single, copies niny ho hud ol the au
Hrin - it I n, Knit- Co N. Y.
JuncSnd 1 5 ! U li.
( iDMiniptivci suir-rcrs will rrc- v.-a vain:
pr-;cipii'iii t'.ir tha cue nf Ctni--ii"i!i,iii '
luii.n. l il oiie ll 1 1 14 . iillil an uiroa' aii'l CM " i i
r-elioiis ( freu of KVv. Ml) W A till . W I l.si).;
Vi!!!:ur. -lmrir, IC i-i;.- ''o .
Se..t. '.'O-ill-Si.i.. Nuw Yor!,
It. A . 1 iihi Ai:l.t.. l) i. in
G!)STIILE k SillVtL,
AHoriH'vn at l.:nv,
f'lutiii Aifintu, Kjal Mstnte, V ;o its a id Co- -v..
Office on .Haiti Sired. nvrU:iors east
nl'. K. I) l)itl !' More.
Yt'ill ntteud promptly i nil htKini-' en'.n'tfc I
to tin ir eioe. in I lie fjuties cl' in urn, .laek
sen, l'il;i! and Shinto.
.1 :l II 11:1 1 y l!' il 1 ii" It".
r'i'',1," Adm'nisti.'riv '.f th.ta'c
'of Cu eb S hirp I ito ol ai(. n'y nf ii.Ihii,
,) s :,;e ..l Ohio. d.x ,.ivd, has Hied -
cwn'.n and v.-whon for iniioti'n mi l
sei foment, -ind that th-i mi will im fur h.ar-
'nlfo il") Hib dayd' K-bnnry M.
K1U11AI..' l,li.ii
l'ro'in'e .hi '20
JOriCE islioroby veii tb.it th-i iiii-criber
JLl ha liecn app dnteil iin-i ;pinliilel iw ud
niliiiiratiion the o.-tato of l.tunurJ ilollnnd.
latfli f Viiiton I'MHii'y, dcO'MHod '
Jan Hi, is;5-;l,v MAl.'R 1I1I.LANP.
Sickles & A -.v'lO.-cuii 1 Ib forii.Iolm Drake
against P. of il ir .11 Tp.
William Kiita J Vimi bounty Ohio.
On '.be fiib da i.f January A.D. ISjj. ai I
Justice Issued an onVr of ate ""hmrot, in tho
aoove nntmn. fur liM 'inn 0' lftiA'i) tbirty
norend ..liars and I'orti'-tliP'O ecu', rnd -osi
nee,iiein. Wni. PACT. ANDEl'.SDN,
Jan. If'l5-8jr F r Sickles A A'ldeioOI
Samuel Wyekofl', uliniii's.r.itor of tha oflate
of Arthur Ilun lei son late of Vinton county,
Ohio, deceased, has filed his neeotints and voue
bers for inspeolion snd tinal settlement, and
that tlio fame will be for lion, ing on tho 13t!i day
of February 1805. . UlCIlARl) CKAIO
Jan. rJtli lSij--D I rooato Ju igo
McArlliur, Ohio,
' Will attend promptly and carefully -to
the practice of their Jprofession 111 all. its
Jan. 5th. 1865. tf.;
C 0 V E
JUST recived and for &ile at lhe LOWEST
l'rico at tho Dm; Store of
Dr. A. C0NDEE.
Full K por of Cnitle nntl
I'i'odiicc mid Other
lor ISO..
THE DAY-BOOR U the organ of Demo-
crrilic nrinciulra tlie ir. i tl 1 lirk. filil.fn-tiiiiii .
ed irincipV.s u.,0.i whcli our Government
uMitineu. un Ii r white si.pirinacv,
Siaie auvtn-ijrnty and a Fedfiil L'niim us
lb cardinal loudina.ka of American Cov-
eminent uml Civilization. It uiibq i,.r
tliite un-n b"ina snuerinr n.ul nun ;,.t.
rlor, just .- CJol ma le thpm. mwlt hLiim-.
cry true nun wlio beligves tbis, to work for
lilt: aUCCCSI O 1 il.( nri.n .. o Till."
DAY liOOIv is ihe onlv nanor in ilic Vnrih
lit ut iiistiiiitlyllalirs tbid position, and vio-
11. in. 1 riM-ia ;vuuiiinmi.-in. Mlscegenu
liuiiiem. and every other diiboijcul is T tint
is nuiv ruliin onr coimtry jnio tlw lioiri-bl-
vortex osh(liiirin! mongrel ism.
.It 15.iUo llieonlv wei-klv niadeun nnrtx.
,'yl'or cmiulry cirrulation. the oii.cr New
....m.vs u. nit; ropiiniB ir.iii iliuley
pepers. It is, therefore, vorth inoie then
o Ih r piper lur evi-ry iti-ni is specially pre-
; rvl li-r its cu tim.i; I'te uew ttnm all
parts ol the 'Vorkl is Curehiily cnnilenscd,
luriiniK a CMiipl'ai history of the times.'
T.!e d iy book embrace al topic agricil'
lure, euinui-rce. iimrliel, sl-ries, lilerury,
ni'ilier, &c, lhu.i pristniiiiif ih.. yreat form
ing, iinltniiiii it ;miJ Minkii clii.-e.a chea
ilil.i I liable Wni: ,. I'liiiliniiiii- H 1ln.11
need uiilu.nt tin-trouble 1111J expense ol
ii iurii in iiMiiy lien npujiers.
'flic i rice ol me djy-'njiik is lower than
111 ii 1 any paper made up, ts it is, from
ordinal mailer Tlie mi, etinr cmideiihiioii
of news .bluing tneiii ol articles., iVc, make
it ui timi v iMirih di.uble tho price of ti
iveekly ii. whidi Ibo m iller ia badly ar
ranged lied Imriieilly ti'p.inteil Irom uiliiily.
T lilt 11
One enpv. o'ne year,. 2 .00
'I free eoj ies, nne yi'ir, KOil
'l o 1 .copies, one year 20 00
Twenty copie.s, to oiie pojt-oTice,3 i 00
An etr.i paper fin-uisli -d to Clubs of Ten
and Twenty. At ibeutiove rate.s, llie namj
ol euih .uiij-cr.bei will t-writ U;u ii(Hti his
pupec-so us 10 preveutall cauo of dilliculty
with I oiiitiiiMer.s.
I'ri-nns wbo up ,,.u r;in r(.,.eive
Tiik Oi.11 tJuAKo, a Democriitic Mo nl Iv,
it ueiired, ill place of extia coping Vhi
ever will send iwenty subscriber ot ti, eacfi
(they can jr 1 lo dilb'i.ict (,li es), will ie
ceive n copy ol Damson's iniigni licent edi
iui oi "T.ik l''i;i)m,i.isT1" price H. ns a
piemi.itn. loir lorty subserib-Ts. at ibe
sa ne rule, a person can wet nn exir 1 cope of
I'llE I) W-i.l inn. 'i'iiK Oi.u Guaiid lor
an 1-TilK rrDcinLisr.'
V e emp'uv no traveling aneu'1-. A r.y oriel
vi.-iiiii" to siilneiilK! lor The; Uiv-'Uonk
i. ed not wait lo be cilieil upon lor fubscrip
iun. II tli.it is iiccess iry Tor him to do is
i wi:e a leiier, iuclooj ihe money, and di-
M , l I III II?.
V Ii ' !?!Ii; II tmros & CO. .
.V. C is--u i.vet, New York.
.T-v''id 'or a fpe' itniti copy, whiih is
ul'.vuvs sent , puiian fiee, on npplicntion.
The IIlst iEv
ON ii.i-'. nl 1 it M loi.l. y , OoUilier 01, 1SG4. and
111 lo 1 ilicr iiuli.-u, trains will ruu as follows:
Ixiavt i Cin. nun i al 7:40 A. .M.: Leaves Lovo-
oid, at 5:.'i5 A, M.; arrives at Chillicotho ut
ta:a P.M.; .eaC!!illicoihetlS:50 P.M.;
.-uvea ll.iin.U'ii .1 itiK-vimi ut 8:IS P. M.; leave
MeAi-i!ni-.aii'!.';l P. M.; leaves Zale.dii, at 3:01
P. M . , leave A l .- s n t 4 : 1 J P. M. Arrives
.1 Maii'Mu ut ii:.'ij P. BI.; arrives at Purkcrs
'irg ut 7:0n P. M.
Leaves I'aikcrsbu.f,', 1. 1 7:10 A. M.; leaves Mar
e.ln nt 7:lfi A.M.; leues Athena ut 10:111 A.
M.J leaves Zateski, 11:45 A. M.: ljuvesMoAr
Il 11 r, 12:13 P.M.; il imden J uiieti'.n at 12:33
A.M. Arrives t Oliiilicolbo nt 1:53 P.M.!
Leaves l'billieoil:e 3:lj P.M.; leaves Love
and al .1:jtl P. M.; arrives at CiiieinnnlU at
run P.M.
Zaleski Fr-iit'it curying fnssenjers, parses
"l'.'Arthur coins? EaS at d:50 A. M.J goiug
A esta', 2:04 P. 1!.
The A..V(iiiini"dation Train Leaves Cbillicotbe
.it b:'20 A. M.J arrives at Cincinnatli at 1U:25 A,
M.j leaves Coneintiati at 8:30 1'. M.J arri "
Ci.illieolhe at S:50 P. M. - V
Cum cctl..n am mat'nf. (Wvoland 'Un ,th
I'rian. to und from Cotnm 4r".d at Hamden
Junetioa with trains to and from Pm-tsmouth
January H, 1804 ly
ONandal'iCTTliursdiiy, February IS, 1364,
reiili.- Pa enifer Trains will lun in con
nection with tlie Trains 011 main line between
Port.-moutli and Cincinnati. n:i follows :
Leaves Portsmouth at S:l A. M., arrives at
Pioneer, at 9:35A.M.J urrivos at Portland at
10:00 A.M.j arrives i.i Jackson at 10:07A. m.j
arriven at llaindcn at 11:C0 A.M.; arives at Cln
cini.ati at 5:55 P.M.;
Leaves Cincinnati at S:30 A.M.; leaves Ham
den at 3:00 P.M.; arrives at Jackson at 8:84 I.
M.; arrives at Porllandt4:21 P.M.; arrivestl
Pioneer st 4:50 I'.M.j arrives at Portenionth at
6:10 P.M. 1
Accommodation Train departs from Forti
inouth at !:45 I'.M.j irrivesat Pioneer at 4:8
and de9arts at 4:50; urrivos at Jackson at 8:t4
and Hamden. t T:50. Departs6:40 .M ; ar
Kvosjut Jackson at 7:35; arrives at Pioneer at
9:35; and arrives at Purtsroouthat 11:45.
Throngh Tickets to Cincinnati can be obtaii
ed at Portsmonth, Portland, and Jackson, it .
the following rateBt ,
'ortsmonth to Cincinnati, . ' . 4.C0
Portland . " ' do .400N .
Jaclt-nn do 4,00
From Portsmouth to Cincinnati and reorn
6.00 Ticket from Portsmouth to MaiHa
and"Parker8burg,3,00. - .
n.nuiii'r,, ansiaioiipi
ieb.Soth 1301 lyr.

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