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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, February 09, 1865, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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u it i r r. v. i i- in mil
.-.a- -
Court of Common Pleas.
Tl.in court cMDiwenwfl i sprinn
. . n.i-.u :.
tutu t MeArth.tr, on tl.u luth
Hon. J. I. I'ialuy jirwiJing
ni'tioo in atuti'lttiicu Urotliruii ot" tl.e
ikr-troin Cliillicotlio, . C!aik;
Irom Columbuj, K. F Uinliain ;
from Jacks, n, II. S. Uiindj. an;l
totn Hamilton, A. Majo. Tlitro
vie no cases' of general interest dis
poeed ol'tlitiB far in tlio tirm. ,
- " All enmnmnicatiou with Charles
ton it cut off, except by tiio road be
tween Wilmington, North" Carolina,
which will 8"on be ensured.
. It is thought, frmn tlio tenor ol
lich:nond editorials, that Charleston
will ho evacuated.
The army of tin' I'otnmac holds iti
ncwlv arq'iifcd position nt Ilatclier'o
Itnn.'and have erected etroiig works
It ia rop'.rtpd that General Ilmd
Dian.orArkatisaB, ha gone to Mexi
co to offcr liia ncrvicei" to Maxitni Han.
A force of Federnln, 2 000 r 3.000
strong, "have lnmk'd at GimballV
Janios Inland, which is about two
miles from Charleston.
The New York Tribune's Savan-
nah corresnon uent a'atts that
of Shennand's army arc in the hospi
taU ut aavannah.
Didn't Want Peace.
Tlie "Freedom C!nb" of "Worces
ter, Mass., during the p n Iuuf.y of
l'ace Negotiation!, tlius put them
Selves on tho record aainit pease:
"fictnlvul, That while we r.j .ice
in the jmsBage'by Congees ol the
Constitutional luneiiiluient prohibit
in slavery,' we are compelled by our
love of country and our ' convictions
of what is demanded by 'be general
good, to criticiz.' the indigent liable
of the authorities at Washington, lo
meet the bo. called coininibBionurs ol
poaco from tho proud leaders oi
a rebellion ttillflionting dt Ha two i to
the United States. And a the Free
dotn club of Worcester, we believe we
speuk a sentiment ccmuton to loyal
Americana, wheu we dei laro it iiieou
eistent with the diani'y or safo'y oi
the repnblic to be billing and cooing
by way of diploinaey, witb rebels jet
ib aims."
There is room for doubf, that the
reason, why tho Coustitntional amend
inent was hurried through Congrecs
when tno Rebel IVace Commission
era were on their way to FortriSH
Monroe, was to defeat the restoration
of peace at this time.
"The South Carolina Corner.
Thero are about twenty Democrat
ic member of the present Ohio Loir
islature. These gentlemen all have
aeafs in tho south east corner of the
chamber ol the House of Representa
tives. Tliia comer ia called by the
Abolition members tlio "South Can
' lin. CorneO In retmn for this
compliment the "S utb Carolina
Comer" 6tyh? the Abolition corner
the "Afrioan Side." Aside from
Mr. Delano and Mr. Odl in, the Af
rican side of the House hu9 bnt few
members of aDy ability, though
their talker, Scott, of Warren. Os
born ol Lake' and one or two others,
occupy the floor m ist of the time.
Tho 'Sooth Carolina Corner' has but
littlo responsibility for tho legislation,
tor the surest way to kili any meamire
la to have it liad favor with the
Democratic members, no matter what
it relates to. be it of local or general
interest. ,Tl.e :'South Carolina Cor
ner," ia a debate can always ho'd its
own, while for Inn and humor that
Seneca Advertiser.
DCT'It is better to. dwell even in
the dim fog of superstition than in
air ran fled to nothing by the air pump
of unbblief,. in which the panlinjf
breasi expiree, gsping vainly and
convulsively for breath.
JO A, number 't the .Adininisrta
tion prVas are beginning to. den unce
be incaiceration of innocent men in
the Washington militHry pitBoufl. a
liameful and disgraceful It is high
titnts to coioe to mis t.uilaeion.
,-; . I.' - l.:J
Seneca Advertiser. The Suffering People of the Border
Seneca Advertiser. The Suffering People of the Border States.
. .
M r. Da hii.1 other r. be." lea-
iHr kmv Mint tint w ruin' Inn I'tt-a on
I , ' ... ... . ,
ithxn liV theI.ttifciea' ur- 8 irr.ut,
that tlu-v chii in
ivir Hifiin concent to
, , . .
lesutuo their oil ciiidiit'' iitisti te'a
i . i. .i -in .i :
,i:vn hi ii i"'-iu. wuii, f.iiu-u mi-
' , , 1 . XT i n " I . :
. really no, him ' l utikei. th it i,
tl.e war jiarty ol tlm IN Ttli ui.fr-
jjwiMvMv in il.o luture, u.U arj tin!
uroig-UMniimil l-v fli,-"r.lii-ls i-ih
m.-U l"l ..TO .Hr ...v.v.. ..
iiii.n lit! ii nl in i Ifni'ili r jS ntfnf
ivivuiiii.m rn.i ,
tli'.iii ii'ttnl in.t a i irt:t 1 1 lit ! iliu I 1.'P.
I In .a mul a. ria.it (3 Lift . . Y ill. Il
i j""
tinti Hittl ' wero ruirlv ouiviiicii, ami,
l " . .
tlx ii turiiL'U ruiiiid hiiu viniaruMi -he
coinpHCt uiailu w:tli y.mr latiu-r, n
nly in r Pie t to id but itli jnr
own :n ml8 Hinl iiulit ial allies, ma
kinj: up hall the iioriluTii j'Co;,le. Hi d
I'nirt liriuil't lliutiii wnniJii' ii-i)
i YUlil'cfclVio." Wi- fjo.l'l fUV tllib Wn'll
i M- I ; 1..' ...
i- juhi mr r. -
an anil eoi'ial tmrty that liad no in-au
, , ,' ,.,..... ,
p .hfjaniy, or adultery, or Any o hei
souial crime, but if ' slavery" he
ron it Hie nero is naturally en
tilled to th-i libjity of tlu white man,
ami Mr. Lincoln's par'y had any
riwht, c.'nstittitii.iinl or ui ral.toexitl
at nil, then the acs. rtii ii o. the aiore
iaid Yankees, 'iiat ths "ivbei" hro't
these wrongs upon lliemselves, would
be unaiisweialile. Llut ho this as it
uiiy, the wrongs inflicted on tho lr
der" States are without exeus", us they
are, indeed, uulurivable. Maryland
lor exatnp'e, rut used to feeeiie, 'ram
pled on her intimate and natural re
lations with Virginia, i order ' to
preserve evci; the f'Tius. of ln-r coin
pact with MHApacliUiutts, d
laMer tiatiiples h- r in the very du t
Uoiiu lerney and New V rk tio p-
to sul'jugale the peoplo ot Morvlain!,
Missouri, ivo , J.isbaeiiiiietis not
only overthrows soeioty by iniiiiaix
violciic.', bni Bhu tore's a bandml n
alj et and d.paded native to call .
CDi.venti. n, ami, in Hti'istiuxv, adoji
the consti'ir ion of Massaeliuxettf, n
which they foice tlie j.e. p e nt uol
i i . i i .i
V" aon io h eve m,i ,.,e.r
um pieuu ineii.e.ve i-ir.
n-mii i u u M.,..em . ..v.-.e.K
tv ot iuasaclius us, wine1! Hi' V
with a ceitain gnni hnin.ir. t rm tin
Government ot tlio Uni'ed States.
Talk about the woiigs of the 'rebelM."
lorfooth! Why, more or.frae hii 1
wrmig are inflicted on Mai)lu'id
.Missouri, ifcc, 111 one h ur than tin
"reheU" have itifl 'red In lour yoa a
13 nt a tune will coiim when the khiI i
niu' people of the hordcr Slates v.i I
recover thetr frei'dotn, and tin n im
only will they restore their Constim
tO'iifi, hut if tho in valine phiUiithr"
iists iTave mi'idend every iw.
the vindication ol their on rayed
manhood demand that they shall re
store "slavery " though they have in
ru 10 the uitirinobt ends tli.- earn,
Day Book.
Abolition of the United
The monstroiiB mudnens of the da
has piobahly 1 cached its cultniimtn.li
-in iheiry. at ad events ami over
thrown the Government ol llm Uni
ted States. It aims to uboliah tin
woik ol the Creator tho distinction
ot races- tho natural supremacy o
the white man over tl.e nejro, and
in pursuit of this idea, it has abolish
sd the United kStates, und if tno peo
p e endi-tsu tlie aetion ol Co.ires
they will 'aboiUh" their oaii lioerty
w hiitover b c ies ol that ol Smib .
J he phrnHO 'loy ol the "Cp.ibUii-
tional Hiiienr.nieiit is, in Hel , sm -ply
iions. iisical, lortLere is 110 ela
very nor never was any Bl.iveiy 11.
the Uiiiud Siates, f ud tbetelore, it i
jobt as alipnid m to iU care that h
' 'aholiBli" ihe tnati in tlm im on
Hut the lunaik's give a liuaiiiiig t
this phraseology and an Hpplicatioii
l but aiin;hilate8 the (jovei Mnetit tin )
weie born under, and sets up ai:oihei
which, instead of Unitei Siaus, hc
coines an arictncacy or mipire. I.
the power at Washington can deter
mine the status and the relaiion i
white men and negroes iu No York.
ol cuuise it can bx the relati'.tni ol
the 61 x9, of parent and child, ;
indeed, it it can make a "Ireo man''
of c negro, it can make a slave uf 1.
white man, and the term Slate, or
United Status, becomes an uUtiro
umiiouier. The States, in del
ogatu-d certain powtis to a Keiitral oj
coinm.iii j iVeriituent ot the oULns,
at;d beyond these, this Guveruuieii,
had no more control ovir New Yoik
thtiD has thu Government ji KngiaiM.
it i-i n v proposed to create a new
govei nioeiit, not by any action ol Un
people, but b) Coiigiees and U luuls,
which, instead o( States, Unitol 01
Conledtrate. is supremo over the
fop'e, as that of France or K-s u
1 is a complete overthrow of ihe
Federal principle; iu a word, iXiuihi
the aholition ul Hie United Slate;
and il tlie people submit lo it, th
w II And U einselves flghtiug againsi
the Federal feytteui, as weil as tne
supremacy ot their race over negroes,
li.r do ooe questions the existeuce ot
Federal Stages in the S-.utli. But
tUtre is a certaib flints in it after
U ! (TcTiot perm t"iw m givu ircc-
f,. HHim. I.i-f
lie d'K" pfrnin
. ' ' ,
jur ou r ilv
. .
I 111 18 MircaUl HOC -llll'l-IU'll III .U I-
. ,, .. '
J -it . . . . n i
Hft' Until t Ilu iTc'i', I1 lit tll't VI III! . 8 HH'
bl'ivtv; ami uh'Uttli i liii iiotfriu-it ur
Day Book
A Colored Preacher at the Capitol.
KuV a ..u.tl. a c : v a
'clir , t,i0 ,. ,k.v,,..,
'i.r CUM U M 't.I'Mls' otHIICIIlIH. U
. .
()t ,,ol;eU ; ,,r lt , lBl.
ii .i . i
i:id II Hi i iiay. nai jo Kin
ill' re BiiniiiMiiit, ii c i nr iT 'in Hiio i
'oBiwii iy wniw rinmrH. uu-nid.if
y, r ,i
i.i .. . ii ...
il'U HlllOl '.'l I.I "V '11
Tub alioVf I'oinl d a I'lif.t A ill il
tiic Wanhiuioii p cull 'o ilu in
c iina'i G z. t e, in.'i. r dan- the 12
mat. It wus hu ) a lew day n
h.tl a ne'M oi pure hi.ick sv.i a i
iiiutid to j.i'.ii tiej in tti- S i, r hi
Court ul the Unit, d Siatte, An
now in the 11. i I ii the 1 1 ll-t n U -rtrtenUitiViS
Wii h.l'O 'll'ioUCei .
ei red preiicin-r,"' wli" I ur- ;
i"i.il ntly , anil a o i. ore I eliir fi I
lu.iou cli.innioii iiiulC1 Lnw prm
ticeil in tho h y'iiii u 'tin l y a I 1 1 t l
inan; tin ol.ijv exiioiin 1. ! Ii h blai'k
ui.kti in thu Ha ls of Conri'r8', i b iiitl.
enii r Mil 'in.' ior nut u i u ;i'i.niv
Uoiireoi-ien. Iiat in tli. re t i q-v
vent Iliu liia'k m ill from coiitrolini;
(lie ieiiS!4iioii mo ii.jf o.aii n i iioo
country if wu S'lall, ny f ire arnn.
entahlish the theory ol the rud ea?--
UiiqiU'Siional) y, in hucIi an v. nt. the
ola K man will bo' the haUnee ol
H.wi-r in our politic. The OHiitnin
a 1 1 iis of tno nc'-s A id tli n not be
very lar oil'. To thia u-id nntt is ar
oeiii) driven with a greater ih'tiec
l' rnpid't) 'than imet pers'in iini
i no.
A Touch of Petroleum.
ClOSe to lIlO lillds ol I li Oi-iit l
Oil C..llp.iliy there iiv S all old eh i;
a tut is woiili a mi't Igi'ora..', o.
eo 'tne, diiinb luck Iib i rtde 'i in
nch. H s li'iil h i d o iKcii H
t tJlT'il dug aid stil id ihiiilrei
uotli ul vnoiu 1 n g ' g lo a't nil 1.
Tin. lorui' r pixvnifi for, ho .iit ini
11 d to "hcc'i uip'isii" lilt- ii..igh'i'i.
t o this end he ca oe t t. ise I v. II
0' Ulit a I'llio , a hup, oll'l a gu t 0
ud a car lo.el .-I niii-ic book, Nc:.
.nilioi up ins liiiMiichd ty nga'i u
a !i:st ciaes iiiit lnitiia ami min-iiu
1 nor. wuli al nl when husiaied 01
ti.e I 1011,"
The dociimei.ts Were n: moiiiso 111
raneil 101 Imis 1 e--. I ho tu'or lei
o iv. ok ami toil.d nke a l'f jun, Imi
Witn no MiccohS. Disia r iiii o n-
iiinuto triinnpli, the nit .r tvenl to toe
"il king and u:aiu a clean breast
"Whv. what in ihe wi rid s tiie
matter! ' iibked tnu la In r.
"Well, 1 alirWi rod Hie till r " i V t I
nas got a poiiio, a ni'iir and a Ini'i1.
and iliibic, and honks, an I ail I'a
but he wants C'aeit thai at
"Weil, l, lUi' L id. llaiij," cued
the "il king. ' H lli.ilV all jnni buy o.
Iv'u got Hie still)' H iii.'D will lm
11 she shall have capacity or anvilim.
The Dtt)l0ll J III M H I ol Saturday
...iiitiiins the lollowitig a liiible pan.
graph: bi'l is uelore the Lents'nUm!
I nnih tiiiism and absenteeism Irmn
iilioi l We dont k 11 vv ho tin
11. 1 was that iiitr-i'lnced tl.f bid. Inr
ii- i iilit to h ive hi c at tails ( tit oil
and ! o kicked. It's ione oi ynir bii
Miie-H. Mirs. L liiclat is, wln-tliei
the bojs ' hn l ookey or n !, and it
(laT'-oih and t. lien, m c.oi 11 t regu
l..t the lilat ei. it's time tola' cloajn..
he hcIiooU. E'en coliiiiihu-i-i) - an
udv 'Caiei. it vi'li.ch is one n 1 1,
in. b' liiiiuilia m.' ac s abont it. We
iippose that Mr. 'Xlino will imro
duce ihe iM oiiti oi into Con!H8
some ol lli.'He days. We tin.l r.stano
that a hill ii to ba inrrdti:ud to pro
nihil boB irom pla)iiii: 'tan' at. re
Ci I, because it Foiuulimcs iXciieS
anyry pHs.iiona. Tlu boys ought to
ilietr.i.rtal'ze tile L gis'atuie' to mal'e
ijo Ihhs as lenient 11 3 possible "
Ihe J Ui'nal ih an intense Admin
.rtrajtiiiii inip-r; nn l to thu inemhei
of tli- L 'liinlaMire ol' that peoiia-omi
we Bpeeially commend its rel.ukel
Special Notice,
ml.jsuaiMtOcanww bf
SY Vl'E Ui-iimv ud n-li ib'H Ire 1 111-11 1
in lei.oits ot ti e H0A i4K)S AS0O
TlUN Sent b muil til -ileil letter ftirr
loi, f iff f i lm-jf A. I. In.. Dr J.SKIh
LIN HOUGH TUN Huwanl A-xmiai n
No. 2 South Ninth streel, Pii iladi-lpVw, Pa
A SL'l'ERIOR KEMEDV. Whcii ci.n.cln-
liuly rociinoiiond l tlme ufferin from
li-trp-i')rciiM.. Lr M-ioKIn I Mol iHoouk
CuukIi Bainmii. It Kiwon ratio. nlmmt in-ini-
Miienun. und ih widial iml diHn(roi-iilla to I' t
timta. There iff no doubt hm tho M-lliflu..Uh
Balaam U one of th. bt .roriiniiii in o
and all that il l"rieUr olainnlor It. W
liavetrieJit itarf iu the pa t week, and found
relief front a inont dittrmvintf cnwh. It I
1'. nia
pared by Or. Strickland, !.'-.. t Kat F .iir'.h
rtreet. 'Cinoinnatti. U..aod for eala bf Drnar.
Special Notice, NOTICE TO BRIDGE
Thr C 'rnmi-i Hirj. of Vm'on C' nty
will wed iiewr the .1 e.li.' nl H urt
HjIB ie iu tJliiii".! I'uw.mii,! n S.'.ur.i y
lb a j, 'h 25 h I
atone o'dn k P. M foi the "iirpifco'
leoiiu In llii- oi8t on i'il- b l lerllif
bin di '4 u ir-Mie It j a. Iif cr.iH- ng
nl tli- crerk nil tin' r.i.'i I i a Ii g riill M
Arl iir Hnii ill fi ei lui ihe 1.1 1 Ih.hIh
Ii.iiii II i-iifJr-ii to kll '.isvil e, n"ir ii I iivl-
fillip JVr.ill -
Ii) ur ler of ('in mi v C.ni.n'Bioiirr.
Fun. 9'h l8S54v A. imr V.C.i.O.
J.ihci" n V linuii-iiiu ir .f-li.i K-t 'e nl
Sun i..-1 Wi liunum .1' I. C a i ': VinC'iiunJ
Suto .if' Ihi Uvoa I i: ;ia-ii I II.-.tdviilliii
HI I V lil.'h TM I'd in-). g ii il i nl l.l .1 iu
IIIUIUH.ll ll,l UK liiH I Will .l l i-rcl lll 'O 0
. iiu J Mi, i uf.iuu.i ir- v I) Hit
Uoo. ii9.a V I).' lb I . i r.-liiil.. J i Iku
Hun r Ii. Li.'.v. vii.ri.iij.ii ilu C.ijf "I
anin.o .. in ii i.Ci, i' I i m, a i l
Li on' (u .V. il .1 il 1.1. '! 'I .CO if rO'l lull
t UIIkII .11 w illl.ii .in u'j nil l irj Hot
l.nli. A Oii'ni ..i ,m IX j. I io u.v.l "I li 'i.liu.oi
il ilUmi. 'lB.uao ', in lno i5 .1 1 !' f'obrii.t
ry, A. 1). Isii.), Illo.l hor (iuiI.i.hi in Uio I'r i
o.uo iniirl wiiiini .ul 1 1 'f ( io r. inty uf Vm
lu. mnJ 8.i u l Odin, iui jr llml llm .ui -i-o.
.lit untiiiu ( .ii'l .loco-loin In il.nlllli :mni .
.n) hi." del) k u il lau -haro.-. nl' ui.iiiiuirloriiin
ilu. oitlalo: hill lie .Ilu! ouzo I l.i loo nimjltf
mu lolowiii .io.u. i m.1 rail o-ia;o suu.uo In
il c niiiiy, c.i-4 it: ln-1 a mi a r mid hu i
iliuil mi nxiy i.i..' (.I'liJ h a MKnuloil mm
nil .0 1 c i u.l on did roorljl (ilaiui tno luui"
lie l-lliiir, ill tl ilarllm A llulimnl. ll"0-gj W
ilorlau l 0 iuiIji W. Ilu.lan. K Ktir 11. Il -Hint,
I K Ic ii '. ll.-lhiiKl. Iniumh. ilullHiiJ iiim
Liloy t' llullniKl Ii'" lioirn ul law, h ili ill '
iioX. u.-tnt ol tiiheriiuneo lliumiu, uliJ ihil
nai I Homy ii. Lu-uy Iml.l'U tunriiaKJ on nam
.ronii-o., 1 ho (iru)urul nuUI iuiiiinn 1-. Iji
ill.. ulu of miiil ir 'iion, per lp.ni dnwcr
t ir tho my .no 1 1 1 ui ia i (lulus ami cliuri(uiil'"ru
ui. I, u l (.uiiii'iu will lo for iiu.i. i'ix uu ill.'
.'Hi.iluvui M iron, A. I) In!.), er u oou
of Leonard Holland, dec'd
CuNaTAIILE it SlllVtL .lllj'l er.
Fob. IT 'li.i-ii.v.
orjit or I'idiuui; r.u Rt.
T'.'ic 4! a e O'ti'i, V n'un County :
I ihoiiii A'il. 1 x .ol " "i 1
S i. .111 A Xi .Im il'.-M I'l' IV
-a ..l . x 1. 1 1 . il Dot" .-.
..11 i. 'l .i ro!.) .' i'l) 111 .' t
tar or
I'lO'iio -.no. "il 10 r nn' .1 in
'll. III Ml 1' nl I 'I'll'., "'I
Sum I ii . 1.. ch IS , I StJ.i.
Ii 1. veil i'io I'mir. f III uVlook A M. iiml 4
..'eluoK P( M . 'i -uiil lny , .11 lio !iiiu-.i iiniiliir
. Il f.MI IU n ul r-O.tli- -illUll'il III Mlhl V 111
1.111 j ii i.'.y, i . iu i- ii -n v ir'Siii.ii'1 A I -X 11 -iur.
ilo 1 i in u .11 iiil, Vm .in eauiiiy. tu
ii: )"iii u.-ii -. in aL Hi., .'.hi Ii w.-.i 11 niior i
Ut(iUII III. .ill I III ''. Ill lun-llii lillllil)
mu. -.f r inu 1. 11 11 i ' . iif h'l'i-n; i.ih on ii..rt '
nun I. -"lio 1 iU, Mull .' iil I Inn l-l' 'iir okIk,
Hi. moil "Mi 11 'I inly- .110 r.i'., ilinn.-o :-
lorty 1'.. nr r-iil. m i lio nl Ih'l' i.tiiiitf .-"ii
irinni; tii.y a ro. i..r.ii-o.l ut 0110 I1111.
ilrt.l ami l.v, oiy tlvu .1 n ,rn.
I'liuir SLt: 1 hi : hinl eii.h in 'i nnl
hub 1 In ri in nix iiiiiiiilo and iniu-tliixl 1
iwol.o in. mill-; do'Hi ro-i p.) nn iiln to hu wonr
ny niirif.iio 1.11 iriiiro.-. uiih inluru-l iru.i
da j uf .mi.u.
.tuSKI'll WL''oX Ad.i.'r
Sil -hi A.i Xi.ll'l-r,duts'd
liKAIT.IN V My f..r I'.t ft".
Foil. 1.) it:. 4.
NIM'I'.'K in lieruiiy rfi.i-n itiut tho itTil'
liu 'luen nulv ii(.,i iii u.i Alminitr tt'ir .if
In. c.-latii .if Wil.i.iin I n II. -t , luio of Viiili.i.
11. iimy Oiiii.. .Iu .i-ii-oil
t' b. I, 'it,Ti 3 Zl ''.'! imr,tl!"N
D.joii wii 1 W lu.kori. ii on-1 1. 1 1 f
II .( .ui di 1 1 ii 1 1-1 will tor- b rlii-m .mi
; iiu 1111.111' Ii.i. i-o.- or .hit. or li.iW ..11 n
hoinl. in Six Weok. fncu 1 00. S 11. n .
lioro.b)' :nail. ul'inoly nu.il . J, 01 r L- i,ii
Aililn'is. WR.;.R & CO, I) x 13?
B 'kl.n.-N Y.
FfO. IS. j Jy,
of Leonard Holland, dec'd NOTICE.
.1. N Iliitmin Ailiii'iiihiiut'ir nf 0 1 i 1 11 1 c
Jowpli (iill leoi'iii'.l litt til.-d "ii- no n .'.-ion
.m-h-r for iiinpi'i'ilmi anil tliinl ol iiii'nl
ili.i iliut ti n ni'i n I II lo for liuariiiK on lh
3jiIi d.iy.-f Fobrtiari J8-H
F'. 9 HIV 3 I'r.S i...f,i,lffH
Compoiiiiili'd from Hoots, Dark
and l.cavea.
rilKKOKF.K KKMEDT, tl-e treat Indian
Dior. in. miroa all dia. anoa nf the nrinary nr
irana. n.tch bk ln'jontini'no" nf Ihe L'rino.l.ifliiii
matinn of the Kliuldur. I'lflnmniaiion of the Kid
1117a, Stono in th Madder, Plncturo. (.ravel
i4U-i.t.(niii.rrlioa. and iepi'lalfT ruenminund-
ml in ttioHu cae of Fluor Alhim (o: Whitna fa
funnilea) whore all the uld uau-eoui inedici ne
have fuileil,
Il ia nreiiureil in a hiifhlt ennoenlaied form
tliedi.Mt nnl, beinjt OitB to two teaepuoiituli.
. 'hi'-ooinea per day.
I indiiin'ii:aiid aliernMre in it cllon: pa
n'viiiif i.P'l ciaiiinn thehinol, oa. dtiK il to
tl..w in all of ita original purity and vUt!,-; thoa
n'mi'viiiif fr.uii thu i-yaiem all pernicious . maw
which In.tnci'il leceai-e.
Uf KOKJ K IXJKCTIOFC h intended aa
an ally or aaria'.ant to tho CeJimkei liemi'di.
4 nd Imn I.I hn naed in conjunction with that
to.-lii ilie in all caaea of Onnorrlioei. (ilret. I Inm
Alhna.ir Wliiiea I aetfootaa e Ileal inif. aonth
in ir and duinuli-mt: reiii'.vinir all 1'aldiBir. heat,
i-hi.rdeu and pain. intfaii or tlio nui Bang ami
nliiiiiat nniiniliiralilepi.il) that ia dip rienced
with tiaarlv all ilia cha. qiuck 'niwtii.na.
Hi the Ti.f itie CniRoKB Kimidt and
'lUKukKB UiECTioN tho two mediciifca at the
rame time all improper di-.'liar)fea are remov
v. and the wiiikenrd orirana areapeedily re
t.re'l to lull ilfrnr and alieiiKth.
For fnll partiou i-ura iret our pamphlet from
any dmir a'ore in the conntr. or write na and
ill mail fmo to my addruaa. a full treatin.
Piko' L'iieroxii EuiDi, two Hollar' per
hotoe. or three boilloa lor Btb dnllara
Price. C'hoiii Im.cTioa. two dollar pT
K, tlio. or throe hoitlea for five dnllara.
Sunt by Expreaato any adJrea ot receipt of
Hold In McAiUinr atPr. A .Cende Dfng atore
and by all drnirfiata evirywl'i're.
ill. W.'R MKKWIN .pi; ' J
Fold l'toriiitoiti,
). Vi Utw rty S t. Yol
. . , ti : . . '.. '
1 V Or A INtAll.
rublUtii.it f. r thf twintfit. and a CAU (
TtUN T VOD MKN and othi-ra. whn .01'
frr fr-i'ii Xeivmi- Drhill't . PiirniituiB Oreuy
f M.i"h'iil A" npilvinir t tin name t!m
Tiik Mkani or Sh. ('dhk My. ne win. Im
qn-B'l hii.iM'li ' al'iiT iimluiffi-ti g ( i'l.li.iiii la
H'lakt-rr lljf ai.,- ..mil a I'.'-'pHtil niliiri.i-a
Bvlopo inle cn;d no.jr hi- had ot the an.
Hn lo. liiifnV N T
.Inn 2i.' W3 r
.tlilor of Dein.'C'fl.
Dsm in :-Viili..ou p-railiiinn Iwith
11 H to In' r.'ti lers ' nnr pajpr thai I
ivi-l -eml. Iiy rptiirit il mail. In 'l wi.liii jr
iin'i') .'oi l", with o'i liirT.i.n-i
r in.lo'n iiu 1 ini g a up . Vi-jimM
ItS'rll Ol. ' rl'-. 'Ilrtl l fllll"H 'II II
m rJi.i.i irlioa .'Inn. F rl mi
.'I Im -iir tu- I lii.i.i i-iii .1 g iif t,rur
Unit, i lo ir MM.in'li and haaii' llul ;
' I h'i 1' 1. o il nf i i ii " av.nj eM
' ad ur Ii r f 1 ' , H'l.ipl" il n- iiu s Hi'1
ir n i II li.e-H il f . I limn al.i:'
1 I : .'I. 1. Ml i ol II or, t In lo-i.
Iiu eli '. 11 ' 1 .i-o I ii y '-.
A I 'c, lie I"" a hi e f by i t 1
, ii . ii 1...0 1 Ii . i..'.
I! I. l"lr..
T IHvS F C i I'd .N rUn.i
; , j j it b:. To-n iu.it Nia Y.-'i
HI.', ill Ci A
.iil,tS f Rl'K' IFI I'll.l.S cnroln Ii-k tin..
niy-. Mid ih 11 t u' N I h V. 'UM-f
ii,i i.nnoy . Pro 11 1I1I1.1 i' .'( . Sciinii il A i'a.,
li-iiiii'.T, n .1 uil I'rili.ity oxilii. 1.11
' irv ma A tUo'i n. no iii.if er limn a hat rain
roililoi'd. 1'r.oo. (lno ll dlur pel hi.X. Kom
-l paid iiv mail, un roc Ipt of an order. -1.
n lli.x will por ool iliu i-iir.. 111 iim-t 01. .0
Aililri-M.. JAMKS l;CTI. K
Hon. Af't. 47 Uruadwui, New YuiL
Sopi SJiid if't-l .tni .. t
1 1.1 IT UK STKt.'Kl.ANIl'S TONIC - W.
Il rUOHIIIIIInlld III 1-0 rlllf rilllf Willi l.naa I I
ppulito. I ndiiualiii. or Uiapopaiii, Nervmn.1)
.'Ha u'ld Nrii.io liohi.itv . to ua Ntiivklaiid'a
onio. H ia a VdtftHiiblo prepural i, tree :
. in iiloohi.lic liiiinr ; it alieliKtheiia the)
imlu nu'Voiia ay-linn ' ilfmatf- s "'d 11 1 pe
in. 11 nl ia vial rallied tuuiire Dyaoopaiuuud
."ivniia I1" ility
Kit ante by I rntfiz! ata sfenork Ily nl i 1 per but-
0. Prepared by Dr. A. Siiiel.luiiil, ' Jin. i
a-t F until t'ro.M I'inoi tiiiuU, Oliiu.
.Iioyli HI Ivr.
I") rif. ? KCViiC- W.WV I -A t'K AM'
1 DK-I'()NKT .!' '.( I'D hXI S Arr'
ilf rm haiintf n en r.- nr.-il o Uii'ti in h ih
lii.a. al'.er many .-i'r-ol ...i-.-r i- t imf
.t ni-Mi ll ri". f.-l! -i -i 1 0 Tan il..
fr e ). oil I ne . i'i e pt t'f a p -r pni-i i.-iioe-.i'il .
oi -pi- a oupj 1 I .Im I " 11111 ic i.l'euii: in.ip'uvi.
,)0 IN M. I) (1NKL1. H x IS P 11
lliuti-.iyi s. y.
'iiiaiiiil;itiiro -ulf-rora will iiieiii-a vioiui'.
ro-o'ip'i.in t ir fli-i ens.-of Coi.Miinpli..n A
1 1. Hi iiii'Iii i- mi I ul Itroii 11 11. t.iii. ,
''loin ( free nf I.'.'.' KUA'.ilil) W H.- '
i 1. . .1 in -Im rvi. K'i'j.. '
N.'w V I
AWTlik Tl0 ll
I) v. XV 11 i U V
tiElL VLNAllNt; kllllK
;; kSSKNCK F I le'i
i.M'Aum rii'iu I'irk VeeiTikik liiaair-
I V'A'.IHI Xi llllhfc TO ItJItl 1U
liuaT m I Kill.
The Ur ) u n .i 1 1 11 r Elixir ia the rc: uli of a
itl ilii'..v..-riap in tint egvii' le .iailin; 1
an mill 1 ol v liuw itn.l ai.atraal luolhiil ;
ir', irrcapei live of 'l the old nu-l amuvt.
I'l. la l ineitieinr liaa u en traied lyilani-
inniiii 11 1 nil al n 1 . 1 1 1 . ray aio l:)ar
iinniniii rrit to h line 1 1 ti ii in h-euii
li ji- 01 iea ol 1 lie uk a
lii.ulr ail eniea fer ral I'ililH'y.
!'. ilcaia 'urra l'y'.eriri la fin.a'ea.
Iv b .ul,- fii.f. Pn'lpi'atii.B . f It i- Iteart.
fw d- i-ea reatciea the 1 rtatie of ireneiattsa
l'i mi nun to ibiei hot: le realerea the uatlt-ne-
und full r of ioihIi.
A f w lloia-a ie-l"li'a lo- y)lil.
Throe bolllea vur: the wnr.-i ea-e uf In ppv
I low d aa enra the Ijw al Irlt-d.
iiio butt u ii-atoroa ineiiliil power.
A I' iloara tniiiK tlie r "aaa lit ehe-k
''liia e-Ii i n h realore- In ainly r(
ro .na. hi-nl'l' the p r drhlliialeu, wots do a
an i ilt.-pairiii) il.'Vi.ue "I aaa.uil p ename,
I'll J dalles aiiei valuil you h, I lie oeer leaked
11 in "f hnaiiieaa. the veli Mi ef uervom dipren
inn. the ili'liviitu.il rullo lug Iront oueral fJe
nli y, or fro'n Wu iknea- of a ainglt or(uil, wll
ill Hii'l I in n 1 i.l end pe'tniineiit relief by Ike
Or-. "I llio Knxi'sr Kaee.H.e ot tile.
P.loe. i ii.-r b'.'lie or ikree bnt'tee for I.
nil fr wanted bv Expreaa, 011 receipt oimea-'
av t" lill inlilreaa.
SiM n Ucarllinr at t'r. A. Oeddee lrir
Joaeph Vilcoxadme. PllB.
of Stiiuiu Alexander Oeo Pe'lrtee ts
u Kl I f,U laalty
Parih Alaiae.lei i al Daft. I
Zacarrali T. A lexander defoiident ion reiideal ;
of the Slate ofuliin, wlin.e ruidenoe ia aa-'
known, and one nf the Aairaatliw nf Ruaia
A'txamli'i deieaaed. Will tave aotire that
loaenli Wilcox ailiiiiniairntcr of the E'ta a uf
-tuaan Alixaudcr dtceaaed, nn thahdaTaf
Novtniher lJtl. tiled liia peuii-Mi ia the rre
hale Couit witt'in and for the County of Via
tun Slate nf Ohio, alleging 'bat the personal
oatate nt anid (Hcea.id ia iiiiurBciant'to ray her
depta and the cliargea of a Iminiaterinf bar
Hatuta; that aha died aeiied in tee rimplaef the
olio w inv deacfi.bed real ea'ate ailna'ed la raid
cuii.fy ot V i 11 to ti ; to wit: CommencJuf a' ihe
-nt h wet.ornr of -cction number nin. (,)
in town-hln number nine. I 9.1 of ranae nLa
her'einhlei-n. (IS.) thenea north ninety eae
rnl. tbenea eaat tlnrty four roda. theaea
oiith nlntv one nda, than a waat thirty foar
rrd to 'he pl.ee of bo(jiu'iin, cen'.ainlng
'went) aoria niore nr leaa, and that Parak,
Zacariai ThVbecca andjohr. W. Alelsnder
aa h. r lifira at law, hold the next eauui vt
inharitam-B therein.
The Drnter ofaaid petition la fortheaateef
lid reiniaea, for tha payment of thadebtal
SShm .M-irttT
na anon arte ae con- cei can ha heard. . .
K. A.Bbatton. Atty
Adm-. 8naan A'.n -
lor I etiUo
audir deteaaed.
4 hara thai a aMel aa4 radleai ibj la warraalat
lad (naraauod Is all who are amiawd wllh wulnaatj
aablllij, iwrrooa awplalnu, Bulaach-Jy Ikeof bie,
anaatoaail ipulu, dUlmi u4 anfahe of Blao, km m
Imp, luaa of Miaot;, daw rfiBifQ aaa aiamlar aowo.
aay growth, wwtla away.aad a eaMfmUuei U
tbraurlrn, hiBllDf Ata, oTilira Ileal Ml Bfi, if
kiaee and aU(t a.
SAf 1. ,
Some phnieanw nqntr le be tH tea aatan of tei
aok UuiMi'ctkBoBlM(ortlMkuauBi7MMtoalilM
kla dwrl be tht iUmm wl Ikoal aay (afcraatiea tnm
IB polWat, louplala IU ortfflul eaaM, bb4 Id gmnrntm
cam. Aad. ut Bon Talaatrii itlll, ba Bill koaa
tally aa4 rVanklj U wbatkM- job eae ke nuS er aa
Tula wUI eat liT rwr alaikaBl aare raa eapaaaa, kUBW.
Irnakla, and dkapeotatmrBt. It wUl ke Ike ni f
earta tea eoaay a eoUar) It will MfB yoor kwLlck,
wd, kat k Wiur tbaa all, it Bill ae fma Ufc fcnat
txuaelieruiiad ky wruaf inatMt.
IIU aaaialnaUiina ar aiada Blikuat aay iBlbnaaUeel
IKia Ihe lavllanl i Iharefura ka lhorou(hlj andmuadt
Uilr rbyiinieusdllloBaad Pknaoleiieal dmlopfluaij
Vllkeut wblck k Barer ouuld kare fufurawd io aaaay
axoaiihinfeiirM. It ibnnkt ka nambwwl tkat tbk)
Botanic Phrildsa erforaa cum tkuesht ImpoHlbU.
If j on hi tried olhere aud ua rtllaf, If yB wlk
Mijny rood Iwailth and tone llfc, If yea are wkw, yo will
f.ian.l ooDiult DR. BAPIlAKUllie BuCaale Pkyilela
All Uli enmmnolcatloBi and inurrtawi iUMtlf
acirale aad ooa.VBtlal.-if tdM Jmraai
Width J.Firat col.
ll.ar whit ttw Philadelphia eorrwpondeol aayi la tie
Conruonlih. Wiliolnjloa, Delavar, ttk el Apt
ldi'l :
"A11 EnnlUh irentUman, Ihnaerty eoeaaetad wtlk tkt
Brltl.h Army, and whoittiar himHlfthe'laflUk Be
' auk Pby.ui-o.. Knf liir r.cM uiiiniiiii ipula.
linn lira hy hii kill in coring all minaar of coaulalnte.
S.me of hii puicuta I hare lonramd wllk, aud they
pronounce hu rernl)e and Ciode ef treatawat aa rerf
tonerlor. Soma bare bean rMtond u U by mafia Th
Bicllclne he nwd Ii dlatillad If hinuelf Area TBfieaB
ktrtai poMMilna rare curailre proptrtlie.
" Whila actln( In the army be dnotad bit tilnrf
anratnti to a thorouch itody of theirnKti prodaead b)
eartaln mtdlclual root and harba oa all nannir of die
mm. It iwral he baa und a lureand ipeady naaok
fcr all the ' ilia that oath la hair to.' Bit practice I
already extemlre, aud ia dally increaalnf . In the ea.
plalnta to which fainalM are inbjactail he ku no eqaal,
u a targe numbar hire hara taatifted that they owe not
euly tliolr praaant good Laalth, but their Urea, lo the
kill of thil kujllah Botanic PbyaKiu." Bie offlce tae
rnowi man akd reuajblb act.
Tba ItoUnte RameillM of Doctor Biphail, Ike Cat th
Botanic I'hj.lclin, never failad yel te sake s perati,
radical, aud perraanout cure of ALL
Without the ma of Marcnry, wlthont blndraeee fruB
kiMliiaaa.aud wllhoiit fi.arnfdUunaryorpoinre. Us
dea.lly pnliuna, ailch il aneulc, r 1 vomica, oniam, er
any nlhar voianna. No mercury ni any deadly nlnerals
nnlhlBK but purely VegetaM 1 awlcal ttcmedlae are
nad hy thia wondarful Botanic Pay.-lclan. Ilia Butinte
Rami-.liue nrar yat failed lo ui the mnet eUitluiU
ind the moat dnni;ercma caaaa, and to remnre all aieraury
and other iniairitlae fluia Ilu ayatam Bhaa all etkee
Rarawllaa had failrd. AfadiaaJ Jimrnal,
Hear what the Baltimore eorrtapnndant ot Ike 0d.
Clli w, Dnouaboro', ttaryland, nldoo Thurtday, the Jla
at Hay, 18'M:
" Nuuii'pitii cnrai t dlaaaaee canad by early indlatf.
:m oaring liwn prfrformed by tlie Engllah Botanic Phy.
ililan, I fret It my.lnty, balnaknoildenf then,
lUla the fact, bulierlug thai In doingao I may doe ierrle
to the lunVrliig.
rnimn In Hill cltr-
One caao in particular that of a young
man in thil cltr la worthy of note, lie IU beeomeiBe
inim f a hahlt. tke mare alhulnB to wlikb (
alohhlar, and afta r yrariof aiilfi-rlng ind dostorlag gare ap
II Impel of rrcorary. Hi alaliad to Biirry, and wa
daarly lialorad hy aa awaat to a'rl erir lliped wonfe
of "flacl Inn ' -ul be waa frarful, larona, and proetralaA.
he iarad ' ok aoeonnt ef the ihattared Hale
ifblaaTile . He aonght rellof at Ihe handi of the Bo
taxlc Phyai. t and, ..t juiahlng aait muyeaaa, alt th
;,onin and rigor nt youth Laa returned, aad ke U aow
,be happy father of a pair of bright uuye."
Tlur what the CtbiiaBatl Wakly Pre eajt a IkeMfe
of March, IWl:
Wo are decidedly oppoeed to drngi and to adrertleia
raiai-llee for the pnrentloa of haling rbUdrn, kel we
'I it our duly to acknowledge a banint from aay enj
bi every aoorca whaa it la for the relief of anflkrlaJ
einanUy. A fact hu come to our kaowndge tk
ought be promulgated and widely circulated for the
benefit of thnM tadiae whoee delicate health uakee It
Beoaaaai-y to prerenl any incriua of family.
About twelve month, after liirriaa, laityofearae
aualulaoce gari olrtl. to a daughter, but her aunarlige
ware io i;raai lhat her phye'elini diapalnd of bir reaet.
ery. Tina mule herdrvaki ini Ten tbonghtief agaia he
coining a aioihir. She tnnl era,, thing Br prerenl a
repatitlnBoriioraiinrlngi,hulw!iaontincceedli.g. Twa
yeara after marriage ahe waa again confined, but her aul
iVrlngi were eo great thai the child died, ind her owa 11 Ik
wu deaiuirod of. She wu to.d by her family phyelclaa
lhat if ahe hail any mora children he feared hor (lb would
be the forfeit. Aa all the ratnedlee ihe hail tried befwe
had f'.ilil, alio applied lo the Betuiic Pl'ietclaa, Dr
roR uis
Ilia remrdlea hid the daatied ellact ; they not only pto
rented har from hiring children, but they alio unproree)
her health. "Totii rraa, aUTaiaue aaa roai."
The Botaolo Fhyeiclan'i remidiM can be reaaea
tneuded, became thay are Innocent and lafe. Thef
operate witlwut earning eickuoae or expoeure. Thiy da
not Interfere with the diet or occupitlon. They da
not Injure the aeeub, bul they ere ceruln Ib Oato
onecL, PANCOST, M. O,
it. UIIOOS, M. V.
Any who an infTerlnt. ao matter what thalr complalal,
ean call on toe Botanic I'nr.ictan eoBOdentially. IhaJ
aa; rely upon relief. Uia oltlce to al
Between area wore Streel end Broadway,
CoaeultatloD dally, Sundaye eioiptad. Ofiee Beta
join IO A. HI. le ft e'rlack "J.
r I'ermna at a dlatance ner eomaunicala serf.
bihtullt by tetter, If tney Inclcee ON It DOLLAB, Bar
fonaultation Fee. In each letter All letter!, oommnal
iatlnni, and Interviewa, are atrlctly prirate and coal.
B' nk DCcds Call at
Initial. No aniwer will be glris to lelteea la tea ear
dollar la Incloeed u a Coniultatioa Fee.
Addrae all leltara u fcllowa,
TH. W. Raphael bae 00 connection with PB0PM801
ar Dr. W. M. Raphul. or wuh any ether geattenaaT '
of tbe aaiue name.
mr Cut thie adieillamenl oat. ITheB yea tea
eriag II with yoa aad abow II te tbe (frl who oyaai laf
aoor. To prerenl movtakea, aek la
. "Width .U-Jit eoi.
M anufaclu rer. ...
Warraxts AuWorK
KeeiiR nfinstantle nn liflnH nrH tril
41 the Prices, Sadd'ea. Bri
Iclki and Harness ol every deBcriptiun
...A ...J-.,i- '..!. I'.' . :
- - no
Uall and ( X amine, lit door West 0
the Court House.
Doc. 22, 18fl4 6tnoV ' - : 0 1

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