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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, February 23, 1865, Image 2

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F. A. HfT:)V,
" yioAiVniUii,
I'Vk. 20. Tlio CHptnu' ol llruicli
villc bv -Sl trn r.n is coufirimd.
IV-Mii.t Lilia n has lteucd lue
nmr.lMiiailort. toi'ivcniitc the . now
St mile i'1'tlie United Slates on tlic 4th
or'Manili at Vi o-hy,. Mr. Licifn
nssLM-f that nn extraordinary won
'reiniirea tliid li ly to couvenu on that
Kichin'-ti'l pai'ere of the lfith an
nounec tlie lu riTitl .t I iflieiinan'B maiu
column at Kicjshville jnnetion, unJ
that coiiimtinicittiwii i"Utti of .Moreaee
on tins MimehL'stfr ni'd Florence, ami
CMiurlt btoti und Floreneo . railroi'dg
had tmt.il iuUrinploJ. Do ail regard
win ported ou th noi tli hank of tho
Coii'Sice river, forty-one miles north
of Uriuicliviil. anil twenty live wi'.o
6outli-ciist of Colainbift.
The New York Herald's Waaliin?
ton ppeeial pays that there are Ineli
cations that Gem nil Leo ia j.Memriti;
to ;viienate L'irhuionJ mil fall hack
on I.vneliburar for a linal EtunJ. All
vaiua.o.w Mi.jeo uiu vv.j 'v',:w,"Jen:-lavtinont
fiMi.tt l. i-..lnl l!lli!l:ll -!i
iixiii Ln.iww vt , . ..
The exchange ol pnsoriCM m rap-
i lly Kciti lor.waid Lietweeu AiORtial
(iraut and CoiuinUsioner Ou!d on
the part of the GonjederaB.
Oliiirleptoii was evacuated on. the
nijjl.t ol" tho 17th, leaving, tho fortili,
cations uninjuied, k-bides SOO
which tuey spiked. Tho uvaeuatioi;
was lirst discovered at Foit Moul
trio. : .
The Sr&t as over bu.T.pter was!
raiicJ by. Captain Drarg, oi Geutial
'jriluiore's stall'.
Thu. .wealthy portion of the city had
deserted it. 'Terrible explosion took
p'neo eluiinthe evacuation, by which
a lare numlicp of Uvoo .were "lost.
Jude Welch has accepted the
Supreme J udgeship. of Ohio, vies
linniiey rtfigiied. v . .
Are the Richmond Meetings
The Radical portiou cf tho 'Ad-
ministration press id dispelled to treat
ligutly the .iinmcneo mtetiugs that
liave boon held jo Ilichuiond. since
tho return of Messrs. Steven viin-
ter and Campbell, and the avowed,
doterminatiun of the .speakers to pros
ccute Iho war with renewed vigor.
Tlmy nllect to bulievo that t.ieso dem
onstrations will amount to nothing
that tho rebellion is'now, epeakiuj;.in
the comparative degree, harmless
that it ie not possible for it ti gm
much farther trouble.' Agreeably
f hall we he disappointed if in the fu
ture ' verification wilt bo given
to this -view of tho matter.'
Undoubtedly, the rebels nre in aeon
dition not so formidalle'SS they were
one year ago; but they are nevertbe
less in a condition sufficiently power
lul to occasion U9 a grunt deal of
troubleto render tho encrilice ol
an .immense number of lives Btd the
expenditure of a vast amouut 'of
money necessary before tho worl: of
their subjugation shall Lave been
completed. ' It will bu well to glance
rapidly over the history of t ho past
jour years and tee how many of dnr
apparently well founded opinions
have been proven the rove-ree of cor
r-ct by events as they have transpired
Up to April, 1801,- it was tho pin
ion of many 'men ' who claim ' J'or
tliemeelveafln ability to-ponbtrato rn-to-tb'o
tutura a little farther than ma
ny of their neighbors, that the people
of the South emld not bo '"kicked
into rebellion;" this del nsion having
been dissipated. the? were sure that
the 75,000 voldnteei s called tor in
April, 1881, would completely crush
tlio rebellion so Cnfi Jent of it wore
they, that vo1unei"s 'thought tliy
liad better fotth BririM with h.ck-
orv broTmA ihah' with muskeW If
did' notiake very log to dispel this
dtlusiorj. ' According t) tlio class ot
far-seeing' men, to whouj' we aio now
referring, "tlie back, bone" ot the re
bellion was broken at Jtorniifey, 'at
tJoualson, at' i'ittsbnrg' Landing. Js
Vicksburi an 8Cme di zefl otlr pi
ccs. Even Governor UtoVth, Inst
vear, w'uea lie called out tlie hundred
day men, advised the wholo country,
through speeches and by proclaina
nuatiou, that in ono huncred days
from that time the job of completely
(lie'btinj ot the rebellious wonlJ bo
iii ishe'J, h it tha dicfute (f wisdom
thcnl' to a-iotit tlio' ( r Won vt!it' the
YtUrliun ii'uow povreilBPSi ann What
we uj a v eiitiiicc uny notions wo limy
sea, 4 n'uu'-.-.llui.l..liiu...&t4a.. it
would no uiiiH'ciuniii tho I'cueral
(iiwcrnAiVntft lie. In tl,o legist- mug-
.iuwaiutu&t..n!.viTjv4Uueii war huh
if ibid opinion is ucteJ oti wo bu
Mi)-r piievouIy for.. ii.Stjiis'n
Charges and Specifications against Flanagan,
Editor of the Mason Co. (O.)
ot tlio white man has
J 1 I 1 1 . ...
1 st Charge Discouraging vol .in-
k'tr iiilistiiH lits. i
I he fol!bwinj froiq thu irst speei-
acHtion u Hn'vv.tract from hia i;perJ,
dt Jinuiary 12, lSlk"1:
Anotiiki: Diurr Tun Slacoii-
teu Fens Almost Dki'lhtko. Since
he eiiinsion of our pnperliio 0!J
rv, in it tiaiiH'iuil, llilti in
tiK d (itTi ilicr call for threo ImnJred
ilionsaiul more men tlie threo mill
'rr.a'w Jiin'i have lu st) Torniilipil for
lii fiui,iiish work r.othein pinllcitnt,
and hcBftja'rr6 wfttjts threo liritulfed
tii(insand iiioru to go into In-) sliin'h
Ut ptiip; tho pens becotaln nlnioet
"ironr't'i'tfi.'yc motliera,vlvi.'nd
piste'rt-! three hundred thousand mot J
ot your sons and hnsbunds and broth
era must leave their homos nrul bv
draped t'rorrl llivin, re satisfy tlie in
satiable 'tnuv cif "iho ' cnacmpnloua
monster who ilisraciiB the Presiden
tial chair, with his obscene jokes,
wliilc-the-best blnod of the nation in
hoinpj ponred out ll!o water.
Thero 'never rr.s a despotism
more despotic and cruel, and never
was tynmny niore tyririnicol. u
" -Ot il' wc arc told tho end ''is not
yet, and that it lies beyond' such seas
of blood, in the diaMmt future, that
even the most deHpera'ci ticud must
shudder at its contemplation.
"Iho tr.lnd fataiuls aniialled at the
painful sacrifice of Si to with which
the abolition witr for the cnianciwition
and elevation of the nero and the
Mjeen carrier on. Ann vet with a
callous indillerenco to the snll'urings
and calamities Of tho peoplo, with a
brutal recklessness that astounds aud
bhock chrisfendom, nriotlicr call is
made upon tho life blood of the coun
try to prostcrite a rar that our rulers
tell us is to end with tho entii'o sub
mission or extermination of tho fcoii
thern pnople. Wo trust
that the Washington despot wiil
never witness its accjmplishmctit."
Also the tollowma:
"With the year iSGl has passed
f.wr.y the grandeur and honor of this
on co happy, prosparoua and proud
nation, all for to satisfy the ambitions
fnd hellish designs of the bad men
who hold the'reiiro of Governinont in
their bauds. They, and thoy alone
are responsible for tho destruction of
this lair fubrio, and tho wholesale
slaughter of it purest aud most de
voted citizens, and. . .history ' will so
record it, ; ; .
Charge . 2-r-Coutiscling resistance
to the draft. ' '
In the first specification occurs th 3
"Tub Draft. Only a few weeks
more'i'ehiab'toi.'ill'tjp tho slaughter,
pens, according to the proclamation
of the. butcher at Washington,', and
stili the quotas of tho dildureut coun
ties -bikva uot been. assigned to them:
coiisiquuiitly the people have tj go it
blind-iolded." , ..
This at Mason county, Ohio, dt a
time of iusuirdetioii aml, armed ro
hellion against tho authority of. tho
United Stateo. within tho military
lines of tfio armies of tho -United
States and the theater of Military Op '
orations, nnd on or about tho 19th
day of January,. 1865.
Judge Advocate
Judge Advocate Dep't of the Ohio and North'n Dep't.
Giving Aid and Comfort to
the Rebels.
The Richmond dispatch of the 7th.
thns returns its thanks to the Lincoln
Congrew for 'tlie psrssage of tho abo
lition amendment to the Constitution.'
It eays: V ."' '
I'rora th"bottcrja of our heart we
thank the Federal Congress for this
most timely and elecisivo legialation,
W assure them that it did not come
a inooioni u;o-sojii;. mat it ia not in
any way too stringent or. too sweep
ing:. .We look upon it as tho mani
fest hand cf lieaveti interpotine in
the vory. way, and a, tha very, hour,
tnat er conaition requirou, : Jtis a
greater boon to us-tbaa a graod. vic
tory, in-the field. Wo echo back the
shouts of delight that rang . throogrli
the Llonso of -RgpresantativeT). We
ibould like to bbj gr.o for gno . nred
with their fraatia popnlation :in hon
or of tho tvnt, only that vawiah to
savo our gunpowder and gjve fheia
shotted salutes on the battle.-field,
1 he passage of this measuro will
do much' to unite the South in one
solid colii'tnn of resistance to us.
DCTWas hington papers record that
airs. Senator Spraguo's receptions are
attended by the elite of tho country.
1 hut jiust bo tho darkies.
the Rebels. What Fernando Wood Said.
It ia propcij that tlio public shouM
TvnJeistMinJ. Air." Wood's position, unJ,
wo pivo it iia 'lu stiiNiil it lii:DPult in
liia bjiuccIi, ot which tlio telegraph
dM not jHtc a thtr representation:
J Kji'jv that rumor says tji these!
ii u(.,!'o:ianona mere
wm. .iav iaiud .... ,hill,. tllilt ,
lulMxwUiiuau from Tcnim'Taiiin fUr
. w... j iimii.iui.m III II IQ 1 C Ml It! H (?
this uioiuing.llmt there hud been such
failure. Bir( if this is tho, fact, it id
to be" regret led; but .if they Ipivo fa!:.
ed in coiiiejueiieii of an indisposition
upon the purt ot tho rebel authorities
to'retnni to t.'-o Union; ilVJ-oy have
laihd bicumo !iosrt States and co
eulled -uiidinnlius refuse to irirtiite
upi'ti the basis of a common .Union
under 'a conimun Constitution, do
mandin recognition and separation.
thin I sav'that.. to far q I i-eDinent
lie peaee sentiuicur of tho Noith,. wo
wi' not and can not sustain theui in
that position. . ' .
Sir, I have, been opposed to this
wilr'beiiiiuao I am oppnsod to its
tftct nud fear its results. I V$ op
posed to it and itj coipinuanco till
every conciliatory fnodo had been
exhausted and proved a flllure. : It
has beon ono of, tin sources of my
cyinp'.amt .against this Adiuinistra
tiof; It has been ono of the gravest
chaiges, 7i;i;:h, in my judgment, can
be properly made against it, that In
stead ot hn viug proposed negotiations
it has prevented any propositions ol
penca being made to it by denying
udmittancu to this caitol of any agent
or emissary ofthe rebol government.
Therefore, until J . nui satisfied that
this Administration earnestly desires
peace, that it has exhausted every
thing which in honor it could do to
procure peace consistent with tha
Union and tho maintenanco of tho
law and tho Constitution of our
co'ictry ul;til that time comes, Bir,
1 must retain my position in favor Ol
peace. and iu favor of Negotiation as
agii net cot: tin nal hostility.
lut. il these poaceliil efforts have
bicn made bud exhausted, if tho door
to conciliation and Union has been
thrown open by the President of the
j nrtea stales, ana il tne answer to
thatjias betu recognition or separa
tion, why sir, so' far as my feeble in
fluenco is concerned, it will bo given
in aiel of our country to maintain iu
every constitutional way tho national
integrity. In the lanyuaijo ol the
immortal Jackson, VThe Union must
bo preserved, peaceably if wo can,
oreihly it we must.
Special Notice,
SYSTEMS new ami reliable treatment
in reports of the HOWARDS ASSOCIA
TION Serif by mail in sealed i letter enve
los, free ofchinje Address, Dr. J, SKIL
LIN HOUGIlTUN, Howard Assoewtion
No. 2 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, I'u
Do you want Whiskers or MoiiBtnclicx? Our
(rriianje!omiiiinu(l v-j 1 1 force thorn to grow on
he Miloothent fiiCT'nr ehin, or linir on bald lieudu
in Six Week, fjioe 11,00. Sent by muil anr-
wbere, closely enll, on rccoip of Jpric.
AdUruss, WAKMSK, UU., Box 13y.
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Feb, 16, '65 ly,
Consumptive HiilTorers will recotve valnnble
pro;ripLiou fur -ha cum of Conuiptioai, A.t
thir.a, Broiicliiti.s, n,l all throat and I.onff af-.
fcetioiis, (froo of H-v. EU WAK1) A. WILSON,
Willumsbarg, Xiiifrs ;., i
Sopt. -4!9-04-8mo . flow Yorls. ,
sulfWor having been restored to health In a few
d)a,afMr ninny ycurof misory, iwilliD(t t;
attaint hi BUtTori Dir fi-llow-craaturoK hv nemlir.
(free), On the receipt of a postpaid addressed n
voiope, a copy o; mo rurmuie or oate employed
Di rcui to - ,
30imM.DAGNELXBV.x lg!) P.O.
Brooklyn, N. Y.
can reoommond those isulforing with .ohs Of
Appetito, inaigemioD, or uyspepBia, NorRotiH5
ncH and.Nbrvont Dobility.tn use Ktrickrand'a
Tonlo. 'H is a veuotabfo propurat :e, free
from -alcoholic liquors; it. stren);thcus the
whole norvou eyatom ; it creates a good appe
tito, ftad ia warranted to euro Djspepsiaand
Nervous Deoility. . . ,
For sale by Druggistgiencrally atfl per bot
tle. Prepared by 'Dr. a.' Strickland, Jto.
Euet Pourth street CIlLciuDBti, Ohio.
July 1 64 lyr.
3D diyif, the worst cases of NEKVOir-JW lrws
Iropotency, Prematuro Decay, Serninul Weak
1ios, Insanity, and all UfnBy. Sexual and
nervous Auections, no mer from wUt canre
produced. Price, One Dollar per box. '8ot,
post paid,' by msM'on receipt of an order.
Ooe Box will-porfuet th cure in most easea.
Xien. Afc't,427 Broadway, New York.
Sept 22nd if 64-8mo.
1 - ' ' OF AH INVALID.
"Published for the benefit, and a tatt
TION TO YOU SOMEN anqothors, (r
for from Neivons Dobility, Prernatu're Decav
, -"i rv-"s ua same i mo
TheMeans otSel-C;cbx. By one who has
H' uimemi i.r unuergoing considerable
enakcry. By enelositw a poetniiM
cftvolopa lingl topie may be had of th au-J
ATIINTEL JI A'rFAm, 7., qr
' , j rool,1yni King. Co. .
JuneSnd 18S3 lyr.
For Clank Deeds. Call at
tkia OFFICE and b9 Sijrpied.
Editor if Democrat..:
Deab Sm iF-Withyoui permission wish
to ter to the readers of i-utir psner tht I
will .-end, by retiirutil maM.o allVWiiniJ
.. r n ..i v.ii i.'
il (ireci, s jit.'tt-ine, wun mil uireciium
for in'i king and usiej a simple Vrgptable
15ibi; ttlit ft itTeiTr-ctdally remove Hi teii
iluvs Wiuplej, liI(it(-liesvTan, Freckles and
alt lmriritioS flf thc lHin, learirtg t!:e imt
soft. clenr1.siiuQ'b i)l twauiiful: .
I will ii ltd tnuil fft-e to ilinse havTag bdlil
hrniU.-ckr kjrffirfVs, siuiplf clifectlo-W and
A formation lhJf wiUetialle'rlit-iri start 4
u!l gto-vh uf. LuxurLiut lLiir,.Vhiikrot.
.IIjusI.icIi ', in le-s tiicn tinny ilay.
! ytll upiilicutiorto ' 'tnsitcied -ty ritui'n
mail without iliiitge.
Resiettfullv j'6ur,
; TI1Q: F: CHAPMaK Chemist
Sapt. ik-fil : BV. .KresiHvnv New Yor
VV" have examined1 'a 'rsiit tiumlier o
other; from mimo of ih.v niost Droiniueil
citizens of Ciiieinnsti and CnvinKton. nc,
speiiking in the holiest lerma nl Dr.Suiek.
land s Aiip-Llioler.it Mixture for the cute ol
diorrlioBa'arid ilyccii't'ery. 'Tlio 'le Iters ure
to long tcypublish. Mr. V0bd3, of Gov.
nigton,uy I10 was pronbnneed -tileiinible
for the best doctor ir. Uint innati, and one
iont!e.iuf-Dr Btrickldnd'a Anti Cholera Mix
lure eflect'ed 0 permanent cure ufier sniroi
ills' for months with the worst form of diar-
rliuaand dysentery. '
Another 8iiys"ne TviHr-tischnrcd frotn the
United Htiites t. nice after sulTcriiiz in the
hospital for'G months a incurable, und as a
lust resource trit-il Strieklmi.l'g Anti-Cholera
Mixt.irohe cot Well di rccily aud has now
entered the ormv again in cood health.
One man write he ho a cured wvenor eight
very bad :usns of diarrluna and'dvsonters in
the barrnckj lie was in 'villi one bottle of
this valuable medicine. In ftt we could
till liaif our paper with similar items from
these letters. Why does not cir Govem-
rr.ent secure tins valuable prepnrlti.Mi.
Oilr army oVjir.fto IK supplied with it. It
1? nut a snort tiitiesince one ol our men
laid in a ver' low 'condition, al ono of our
Cincinnati Hospitals, his wifo was Kent for.
the dee'ers' considered hu un hopeless case.
She. however, cave hifti 'Stridktnnd'a Anti-
Cholera Mixture, and hi three weeks ho was
able to return home with hlii wife lo New
Richmond, O. All these ca.-' right at
home speak for themselves. We 'hope nil;
the soldiers will put a bottle of it in their
knapsacks, it may save tnem or some ol
their comrudes. It is for ale bv Druggists
t 50 cents per bottle.
1 111 m.,.1.1. 1 1, ilt...
cim;iaaii welkly exolireh.
The Publishers of the CINCINNATI
WKKKLY EMQUlR'RIi rcsp-cifullv in
vite your attention to its tupirior merits
as a
Popular Business. lYews
and Family Journal.-'
The Ytrlt Enquirer will contain all
Hie news ol the day foreign, domestic, and
rity, It tvill srecinlly aim U- give lull anil
reliable intelligence of all militnry opera,
lions, . and olfill events tendiii; to 11 solu
lion of 1 Iio present crisis, The market re
ports wil be ' (till end reliable, einbrac
niif the currency and other finau'clj
matters of interest, and whatever is val-
name 01 tne wnoicsuie ami retail prices
ol produce. It vill give useful inform.'
aiion upon agriculture, crops, con-.n:erce ,
and useful discoeries and inventions. It
will alfo contain literary, scientific, and re
ligious departments, Bnd also inieresiin?
stories. A corner will also ba allotted to
the prevailing bullions, for the benefit of
our lady readers-
The Political department will be in the
future as in th past. Its tone end its
t"aehiiij;j will be Democratic but all sides
will bo given, so that full information fray
be obtained of ull leading political move
n.Piits of the times.
The ENijUiitEa docs not look to s con
tinuance f the-war, or its prosecution in
any manner, as a source from which a ra-
stored Union is to spring, but, on the con-
trury -Believes with the lamented. 'Done !
s'nd that it will destroy all Constitutional
liberty. '
The Esqwirek is for peace nnd corhnrO'
mree adjustment ol our difliculth's.' Under
no cirutuustances will it susla'm the Pres
ident's unconstitutional Sinamipati 0 n
The Enu.uib.er is opposed to all Execu.
'ive usurpalions, to fttl riolutions of the
Coastitution, and wlcpts as its cardinal
doctrine, the groat Jellersoniau principle
of Stato Rights, the basis both ofciviriib
erty and the Union.
New Terms of the Weekly
Single copy, one year 62.50
Five to ten copies, one year, 2.25
Twenty Conies, one vear. 40.00
Wi'.h an additional conv to the setter uu
of each club. :'
All subscription for less than one. year
at the rate of 53. No subscription Avill be
received for less than 6 months.
Correspondents are pa'rlicularly rehues't-
ed to give the full address post office,
county, and btate for eich subscriber they
send us. ; , . .
Money may be sent at out risk by ex
press, prepaid, or in registered. letters by
mail; otherwise we will not be responsible
for any losses that may occur, '
Specimen Copies sent on application. '; '
Feb, 23 6w... 1 .Cincinnati, 0.,
StdU of Ohio Vinton County. '
ON'Sa'urd'ay "the 2,'tk day of Marc'h T885,
at orie'o'cloek P.' in tho afternoon, mi
the premises in the county of Vinton and State
of-Ulrio, will be euld to the highest bidder the
folio whig ral estate, as the prdperty orSimebn
Dixrin djaf(jti. to-ivit: The north east half
of the jicrrth wast quaruvr, and the north west
quarrer of tho north vt-est qnarter of section
nnmber'le,.S,.)iin Township . nnmKer clue,
(9.) of Kanga number, rdineteen, centain
ing ninety-two acres morb 6'r loss. ' '
Appraised at Seventy-nine dollars :'.1i..:
' TERMES of sale, on.thiri cash in hfaml, one
third iu Six month add :he rcfldne in Tt lve
months, Dofered payments to boar' interest
from tho day ofiale, arid to ba secured by
mertgtgs on said premiees(
SIMEON R. BtXOrT ,' 1 ' '
Feb. 33,lSH6-4w Adm'r of Simeon Dixon dec.
NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber
haa been duly appointed Administrator of
tho estate of William Dudley, late of Vinton
county, Ohio, deccasod.
Fob.l6,'63 3-w. ZIMSI HOLDEEN.
S.l-i;ur HCAI, r.STATE nv OU
The State OMo Mntot County:
Joai-pli w iltox s A itm r f . ,
hjisua MexundorJej'd I'l'tfl". ' An
tfl". 'I ,An order
S. fnfm.le.
of suli
Ssruh A'ievnrdor et. nl.. Pefrs. t
public .ale. en tha pri-mix, in kichtmid to-.vn- 1
sl'i. V In till vll'Uinj . ' ' t 1
.....no i. iiurony irivi'li iu I o r f.ir
o , j lf 7.1 .
- liUUMJU JtUr.'..l$lAASl5
between the fconr of T't vVlocIc A M ml 1
Vl..elf,P Mnf i 1.1. i. iA.k. 1.1 .1'.-'.'. , . '
tins Mtoiing real MateVitual,.! hi' 'S ,M Vi, 1'
tinic..imy,: t'.u pr..pirt ..fSnM,., VI -vv-i- I
will Jin:itnaiti2'a,l!L-oiit
th ive.f corner ofi"
.. Him, m. Kwni:!liii jiunVicr
uinc, ot raiid-j iiiiinliur vlKhtcon; tm-neo north
n'mety-oiio p'i!, than. 0 ca.t thjrt-f.,nr rul,
theno sourl: nhwiy-utia riii'.s, Ihtnoo 'trcM
ihirty-four r.U to tho plsco n lf(ri.irnr.coi)-tniiU2t-vnty
Apprai-cd at ono hna-
ilrwl and t.u!y ,v iluil.irs.
'I jiit-jsa- SAlK!-t!i,!.,lrd oasli .hinJ. i
inu thud in six inoiitln i.i,'l one tMid ' hi
Iwolvo niiintl.V; dcrcira.i-jwwiirin.n i ,c K.-nr-lly
mfr'iML'e mi pumises, Villi iiiiirr,t Iroei
liuy ol i-ii.o.
S.1.1111 JU-xinid-r, JucM
1I.i;tti,n Ait'y f- r P. fit".
! jb. H. 'i',:,-4.
rrho otii'l r-ij'ed h u been duly npp. in'r,'.
1 qnnltuYd adiiii..is trutor nl'tli,! o.t.i'.u of
U. howf. In,) i,i Vlnbm oujjtv, Ohio, iTocusi'd.
IIioko liiviiiif i.aii!Kiii.'.iiii-t t: a ctii'ii will
proscnl thum tu thu u Ur-jwt 1 t'.ir allnwunec.
- . OK'J-K iK I.. W 1I.L.
- Guardian ofOuorye T. Alkin-
uu im iiiuii ins aoJountHuiiii vauciicrs for iu
Spivlion shil final netilmicin ,; ).Kt, ln,
sirnu wiii nn . r liiiiriii'.' on ho lSIb dnv of
VI .. c.l. 1 Il t ,..,,.. j
Kcb.ajr.l ItW-nw rr..u(r.Jndiro.
John 'ti'f.-n Adiii:nifrntor nf'lnt Kst uto of
.iiinucl Walker latu id iho C.imr.v i,f Vint .11 and
.Jint,ij ol'Olil ., dccDtttod: li;i til !, his accounts
in I vmiclu'S'i'ir iiHpuoto.'n iu,t ilu.ni! .vtilu
meiit :i 11 I Hut tho siino will lie pii-Pcd npi.jion
thcJKh, d;iy uf J.niiiurv A. I). sii
Klcu.vr.i) ckak;.
Deo. if'jth V. 1). It)ir Bw.- I'rubuUjiid
Hour) I!. Lacy, win rjsldun in till City of
VViisbiinttoii, in the District uf CoV. ubia, and
'George W. Il illand. wIiom' placo f restdenco
ii uiikiiuwn, will taltc iio'k'u iliaj 1'ury llul
lulid, Administratrix 01 t!io u.t.itu of Ljoiurd
llnlliinil, decease..', on tlic l.'nli .l.iy i f KebrMii
ry, A. I), bii.'i. filod her puiitiuix in iliu I'r'j-b-.itc
l.'nlirl witniii and fur tile cuimy uf Vm
ton, uud Stale ul'illiio, iilii';'in:i; thai the per
sonal csiato ul siini (iM-uilvnl m iiisiitiiciout to
jiuy his delils and the el;ares of ailniiiiif tcriiiit
hi.i cs'atu: llul he di ul s.:.ed in I'eu m i 1 1 1 1 i o ot
the folowiUi! du'.i-.iliod re.il e.-tn'e situalo ill
haul County. t'-wi).: ln-1 it liui.i!) ir one liiiu
dred inn' 'rhity oicj 1I1III 114 i. riniitcil and
iiiiiulicrcd 011 tliM'vcc'eribM pint of tne Uivn uf
Me Arthur, that .Martha A. Ilollan t. (i.-oij! 1 W
Holland. Cinirles W. Holland, K Lr.ir It. II,,!-
l.iiid.'H. lcu ;. llultuml, tliittic K. Ilnllaiid mid
Lucy F Holland, as bin heirs a, law, hold lliu
iiextetnte ol'inliuritanco therein, and that
said Henry IJ. Lucy h'!dtii inortej'.' s i n said
pieiiUHOi, J he prayer ol sai l p. iitiuu K l.r
the sale of said pruim-es, I , cc trom d juer
lor 1110 pa nieiH ol in j auiils an.) eliarecsulni ii-
said, said -i-.titioii wiil bo fir hcinmr. mi ilm
litl. i!av n( March, A. I'. l- -,"i. or us sjoii
therciil'lcr as uonn.-id eim !,,. htfard.
MAltV llol.LAM),4Adnrx
of L'Xinird II illsed, dee d
Cos'STAiii.i: &. Snivivi. A'.ly's 11I I'll.
Feb. It 'ft5V.
IN I'i.'OliATE e'Ol'Kl'.
Joseph Wileoxadms. Pl.lf. )
of yuaan Alexander Doc j Petition to
- aaa'-n .' ( , lUalry
Sarah Aljtsadai : al Deft. I
7iicnriHirr.A'u.:iiidcrdel'eiidcnt uoii riaiiUat
oftl'.cMati; ofiinio, wliue rosl'lencn I su
known, ami ;no of the Aeirsatluw of guiai
Alexander alecca.Hud. '.,'ill tal-e notice thst
Joseph V tlcuji minimi- ntcr of the K-ta off
Susan Alexander decci.,), on .the Dili day af
November IS'l-l. hied I,..-. pci.iti' 11 ' in iho prn
bato Cc nit i:l, in and f-r tlio t'i r.ntj f Via
ton State of Ohio, alb .-in -jne the r-enonal
estate ot said d-icuafed i ini-utlieialit to ny Jir
uepts nun tne cnarge "t n lnnni!teriii)( hsr
estate; that she died sef.ed in fee simple of the
I'ollowiiiL' described real estate si'iniled in laid
county ol Vinton; to wit: Clnmrnenciiii? at tha
south woft corner of section number nine, ( 9,1
l i-..l.:.. .... I,.:..:... ., . . ''
m iir.iii.injj iii.iiK.uj iiiiiq, ; 01 runKH lll.Pl
bcr tithteiin, (18.) -thence north- nlnctj- one
ro ls, tlioncfl oast !l)rrv four roda. thuitce
south iputy- one r(Js, tlien.'o wast thirty -fnnr
rods to tlio placo of holniiln t, eoit'.ainlii
twenty acres morn nr less- and thAt Karuh.
Jiacnriah 'J'l.cbecta i". an,To)ii; W. Ale"an4er
as her heirs at taw, hold the tiex', estate id
mhentiiiico therein. ' "' ...
The j-rTiyor ofsr.id petition Is for the snlfl of
Said jroiuisca, lor tlio payment of tlu debts
ana cuurses uiorusn U, saol retmon wi II he I or
honrim? on the IO1I1 day of 1 o -emher 16o4, or
as soon alter as councol csn he hearJ.
Nov. 17 -6l-4w JOSKP.'t W1L6JX.
ei. rt. duattow, Airy A'Jms. Pnsun A'.s-for
Petitio . andr deceased.
ON and after Monday, Coluber 31. 1861, nnd
1111 Ull further notice, trains Wilt run as follows:
Leaves CinelunaU at 7:40 A. M.s Leaves Lovn
and, at 8:S8 A, M.; arrives at Cliillicotbo at
12 :2U P.M.I Leaves Chillioothe nt 12:50 P. 14.:
leaves Ilainjcu J:inetioiJ;.at 2:lr P. M.; leavos
Mc Arthur, at 2:81 1'. Jl.j leayc- Z ilcshi, ut 3:01
P.'M., loa'vc Athens nt 4 f 13 P. M. Arrivan
it Marietta nt 6:55 P. M: ur rives at Parkers'
burg nt 1:00 P.M. ' . , .- , -;
MAlLaoiKGWEST. - . :: .
Leaves Parkoishr.rp, at-7:IO A. M.; leaves Mar
ietta at 7:45 A.M.; leaves Athens at 10:31 A:
leavos JCaleski, 11:15 A. M. : leaves Mo Ar
thur, 12:18 P. JI.; Hamden Junction nt 12:32
A.M. Arrives at Ohillicoi.ho at 1:5 P.M.;
Leaves Chlllinotho at 2:f3 P. M.'-lenvos Lovo
land nt 6:56 P. 41.; arrives at Cincinnatti at,
700:P.M. . , ... . . ;. .
Zuloski Freight carying, passengers, passes
West a", 2:84 P. M. '"'
The Accommodation Tralii Leavcs Chillieotho
ut 5:20 A. M. ; nfrivee at Cincinnati at 10:25 A.
M.;loaves Conoinnatl at 3:80 P. M.; arrives at
'CMllieothoat8:S0 P.M. ; ;- -
ConLectiuns are made at Lnvola'na with
Trians to and from Columbus; and nt Hamden
Junction with trains to and frofti Tnrtemduth
JL AillliUUIilUU
i -.'-.,
' ' Siindnifd
Nv'nirchfacRe -Trait
1 'Loiter Presses Ac' . '.
33 Monroe Street, TOLEDO.
13fR careful tobny onlj he Genuina
June ?ndl564 lyr.
tttKTd MOUTH -DiiAIS Cli.,
f,!r ThrtrsJay, February !5, -fi4,
ilJ.iJLtul. - .Pussentf..r trains wlll riin In ,J
$ nri ( after ThnrsJay,
wU" 1 Jr'n "wrr ttmtwui, .
I'ortMiiMitli ar.! OiUeiiinatl.au fullewa t
...J-v,: t'-rt"'!""'!'' 1,1 ,s,:ls A. M'. ' Irrlves H .
' ",n'H'r'l J-"."1' " "' n.HMti at t
'"V?. ",i.,m.r,' 'i " CT
..... ... .y , . I "
LeavcuOiiii'iifiaiUt 8 30 A.WT loaves Hnn- J
ten nr l!:t J t-.M'.; srKves ut Jsyftjimi at ZM V.
M.t'r.irivcs sfllcrilinnl a-!r?t .; r
Pioneer nt 4:60 li.H.- iirtlveo ut TortMn
s:Hl P.M. ' 1
srriveS it
ortMiuuih ut
Arcommnla'ion Tralo iiiiiartW frrm Ports.
1111,11 1, .1 V IVI l
; urrivcsut Pjoycer'it 4:!?
arrives at Jncksuli at It;r4''
and d.'"i'.rrs ;it '.Vi
and it '.Hid n, ul 7:: . tletmns K:4't V l ,.
T'.ves'i.t la.-kfcn at t:;i;.j arrivac at ' Pioneer at
j:.iij mm arrives ut li.rtMiio.il Imt 1 1
1 hro.iili 1 ict;'-s t" l'inoinnai can h obtain i
ed at I'o:tMno';.t'.i, I'oitlmid, and Juikson, at
the t nl low i i.f rates: f
'..rtsiiiiinth to Ciiieinna'.l, fiA'i-'. 1
Portland " do 1 400)
Jlie' -nn ' " ,n: j . '. 4 (A;
From. Pcrisiipiutn to Ciiieinnsti and return
H,tiO f.ck.-.ts I'linn I'ortFinouth to .Maiiol'W
atul Parki-rrbnrfr, f3.(0.
"UN Dl'I'uNI), Sup't
K. W. (iL'ATK'i.s'is'i Snp't , ., "
Feb. o.-.ih IS'il-lvr. .. ., ", 1
3! iuiufa c.l ii rcr.
K.'epa const Hotly on lutml iu:i .vvil
!j1 1 al tint lowest (iriees. Sn'lil'os. Uii
iiiitl ihii in-f s of i-voiy tli fcrijifinti
fttul wHrriintrt iii work lor two veins,
(till 1111 1 stttuine. Id iloor 'V.i'st 0
n o Oonit
D.'C. iiJ, lSCt-Ctno.
T 0 Y O U X G M E N.
.; i rf r rt iu.i'ni 11 in a i.Ai i i)
I'lllrl- iVlX.I'KNH,
t l.-tt:n e on Iho Atoio. Tioulm"iit :i'ii '
RhcI'kmI if Hire of S,irinn irrh ira .'or Stud
mil WciiI.ih'ss, liivii!mit,iry Kinifsion's:. Set
it it I )el)il:y. nn I mid Iinpedinn'iil.i to I ir
t' I'.ein roily. Xeryousni-HH, Coiimiiiii
liti'i I'.pilt'p'.y, und i its; Jlental, ttu.l l'liy-l''-
i Irn npsc.'ry, resiittiiiij In rn if AhusV
ki-: !1 UOBT.I. ('l'l,'I':iHVEIJi,M D, '.
Author ol the -tirri'll llnol;.' ;
Tin woild iHiioum il iniilinr. iulliisad,
mirnb'r lecture .'!- r ly pr'vs l"r si his'pivp .
("tin vi.-ori' llmt lilt uw lul ei US' qiii'ii i nf
Svl-.!'ii' nii'V lie cfi'ei-liniiiy r mina I
wilhnni iiieilicine. and without ihiiiirtMi";
fu-ii ,il nperslions. ho't-ies, fiiyruiuMnt,
riii nr (iirdinN. pnintinir nut m ure ill Onr.e
C'irtiilii nnd ffli-i iiiil. by which every iiifTef.'
ei', : a in.itl-r what his condition Inicy hn,
nnv 111P li'iii'.tlf chenplv, pi i v.i I liv. m.d rail
ANDS. . .
Hi nt under n"nl. t' qiiv ndilrpss, in :i
pluin, sealed envelope, on die reeeipl or 's
cent?, or two posture sti'mps by aridrasin
, .' HAS. J. C. KLINE fcCo
'Rowot.l-iT.New Y-uk P. O. ft x -15 Jd
J.'X. ITii'sin A):ii.i,MraW '''le. tiit C
J. s.-pli Gill ilece'-r ed. Inis Hied bis a nntj nnd
vouch'ivij for iiiapeetloii and final irslllemoiiH
lilnl that ti e sum.) i!l be for llenrihg oil the
2.1th day 1 f February If !.". ' ' .
,i:icfiAi:r ckak 'i
Fu ). 2, 1S-S5, 3 v Pn.l.atoJii,le-;
The C'.miii'i.-s'if 11 'tt of Vinlon
will meet near thu deilinif of- Il.'ilrv
Hollines in (linioo Towiialii,i mi .Saiuiihiy
February the L'.;i IStio,
at one o'clock. P. M. for llioj niirp--pf
lettini; to the IowceI resiiMlie bidder tins
building o' 11 trestk''Bml;rf at th croisino;
of 'he creek on the rond leudinj- from Ale
Arthur and iniercrtine tlie roud leading
.from Hamden to Allcusvillc, near aid Hot
lines dwelling. '",
15y order of Couniv Commissioner.?,
A. N. COZ D, ''
Feb. 9th I8fi5 4V 'Auditor V.Co.O.
Slate of. Ohio,- Vintoft, CHhttf. " ' , '
J.'.Kimb.-.ll f- Co. l'ltir.lln-roun of r
Sirninst V'(Jnni?non I'laa
Wi'liam Uiy. Dif't?; . On- Execute
PUKSUAN'f lo tho oo'i.Sr'iLud of an order of
Bala u the above cnuso to me directed froia.
tho l.'ourt of Common Pleas, of the forpsalJ'
county of Vinton, I will nlfer at pnbliu aalo ut
the door 01 the Court House, ia tlie town.cf
Mo rtknr.ir;tbo aforesaid county of ViafWon
at'-tliehoiir of'nne o'clock. P. &f..' 'of said'dav '
tho followinsjpnjfrrty, t.i-niti; Euo'soiitB wct
quarter of tho ..tli-e.i -fimrtei. ami till north
east quarter ot the south-east quarter, and the
south ease quarter .of .the (lUtb-eaet iinart?r,
of aection nitmber twoutj-ft.vo.,(25.) nTpw.n ,
ship number ten,(lC.) of Kanfr'a ntimhdr nlrin-''
tovn, ( 10,) , also, the .north-west qnt?eT o'f''
tho nerth-etVt ' qnirtc-f, ini ' tWr iSorth-dnlrC
quarter of the north-east qntTter of : 8cetjn;
number thirty six, (3l,) 1n . Township nui
Knnco aforsuid Containing Two hundred acres.
Taken as tho nroncrtv of William IUv.To."'
satisfy a juugment in favor ofX. B.' lumbaft
to, -i - , - - 't 1 1 ' 1 ' ' m .
4rpri1d at. Tw; thajtVapd dollarj afca I
must hrinjr two-thirds of that sum. ' "
. TERMS Olf &ALEcah,iM band., -t t
ritt.afor Plufs. . ., :,6hff. V. CpQ. -lubruarv
2nd 1363. !w " '
JUST recived and for. -Vale at Ha 'lOWEisT
Price at the Drug Stohi of i- i a!.
1)1 NE-Al'PLES, Peaches, Sluiwberrice.Black
bcrrysOrcon Pens Jiihi received and Mr
lata at tha., Dnijt Store of

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