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i 4 mtLfTOl. tttt
Jlitr. 9. 186.5
Yvb. 25. The strength ol Hit
rebel army flroHiid Petersburg ia cBti
tasted al 30,000 men.
Governor Vauce, of North Caroh
iib, baa issued a proclamation, in
which he declares that the Southern
ttrnM shall never be given up.
He entreat the people to rise, and he
..nl HiRA8ter9 of tho South
cm o m
are caused by the Boldiera being ab
Bprt without leave.
Thollichmond Whig says it does
net know jvhen Beanrpgard will give
uuaman Knitlo but whenever he
he does he will march to his doom.
The Richmond Examiner says
Richmond ia more safe than it was
in iVay last, when Grant was moviDg
upon it. It ia true they have not as
many troops as then, and neither havo
the Federals by a great deBl,
A mnvp ment on Alabama and
Mississippi, under Thomas, ia antici
If Lea falla'back from Richmond,
it will be on Lynchburg.
Some of the Republican presse are
very indignant over the pirolo ol
Runr A I'rvor. a Driaoner of war, by
the President.
There waa an intense excitement,
yesterday, at Knoxville, Tennessee
on accouut of a report that Longs'reet
waa movinc on that place.
Feb. 23. The New York Uerald's
James River correspondent says Gen
Lae has gone eouthward to, conduct
the operationa against General Sher
man. Geueral Joe Johnston, in the
mean time, will command at Rich
mond and Petersburg.
A largo part oi the rebel army
around Richmond ia said to have
been under marching orders for sev
tral days, aa considerable numbers ol
rebel troora have been detached from
it to act againBt Sherman.
It is claimed that there are at least
one hundred rebel dosertions a day
iuto our ranks.
Tho Richmond Sentinel, of Friday
says General Grant waa again mass
ing hia hoops on the Vaugban Road
General Singleton and Judge
Unghea, en route from Washington
to Richmond, Lave arrived at City
Point on their destination,
The New York Herald's Wilming
ton correspondent says a large num
ber of Federal prisoners were release
ed by tho capture of thi.t place.
General Palmer has issued a proc
lamation to Kentucky, promising
protection to all deserters from the
rebel army.
The Louisville Journal, who&e edi
tor ba been recently to Richmond,
says it has reason to know that the
rebels are contemplating a move that
will asLnish the country and the
Governor Fenton, of New York,
has tendered the Government ten
regiments of one hundred days' men.
The offer was declined by Geueral
Grant, to whom it was referred.
The bogus State Convention of
Louisiana yesterday received a se
vere overhauling from a Dumber . ol
Radical Republican Senators, Sum
ner, of Massachusetts, among the
The Republican Snpreme Court ol
Michigan has decided that the sol
diers' vote law of that State is uncon
ititutiooal. tinder that law, nine
Republican members of the Legiela
tare were chosen, being beaten at the
election by the borne vote, bat count
ed io by the soldiers' vote. Alter
the decision, to the surprise of every
body, the Republican majority in the
Legislature deliberately nullified the
law as expounded by the Court, and
retained in their seats, against the
protests oftbe contesting members,
the nine sittioe member, above
ded to.
T i i ia another a? dance
the wild and lawless spirit, tending
to anarchy, that characterizes the
party in power.
On Saturday, tho 4th of March,
Mr. Lincoln is inangurafpd again ae
President of the United States. Ha
s the Urst President re elected sinca
1S33, when Audrew Jackson was re
inaugurated. There is a report of a movement
by the eremy in front of tho 9th Ar
my Corp, which is conjoctured to
mean an attack on Grant's left. It
's also stated that the enemy arc
evacuating Petersburg and manifest
ing signs of sending hoops south,
whether to tho abandonment of Rich
moud or to reinforcj Beauregard hue
uot yet been determined.
There was arepoit in INew lorK
eBterdaj, that Sherman had defeated
Beauregard in battlo.
General Sberniau 1ms marched
Northward from Greensboro, and ia
now near Charlottevillo, N. O. At
Hi ia point it is snid that Beauregard
8 in torce and well lurtineil,
Mar. 1. The New York, from
Southampton, arrived yesterday.
The details ol her news are interest
ing. The Duke of Northumberland
lied on the 1 1th. lue London
Times is assured that President Da
vis has the eatue in his own nan Is,
and can sccnio tho independence ol
tho South whenever ho soes tit.
NWES ITEMS—CLIPPIMGS. Facts About the 7-30s
Their absolute security. Nearly
all active credits are now based on
Government securities, and banks
hold them as tho very best and strong
est investment they can make. If it
were possible to contemplate the H
nancial failure of the Government, no
bank would be any safer. If mouey
is loaned on individual notes or bond
and mortgage, it will bo payable in
the same currency as the Government
pays with, and no better. The Gov
ernment never has tailed to moet its
engagements, and the national debt is
a Br6t inortgnge upon the whole pro
pesty ol the country. While other
stocks fluctuate from ten to fifty, or
even a greater per cent, Government
stocks ore always comparatively
firm. Their value is fixed and reli
able, beyond all other securities; for
while a thousand speculative bubbles
rise and burst, as a rule they are nev
ef below par, and aro often above.
Tho general rate ot interest is six
per cent, payable annually. This is
seven and three-tenths, payable semi
annually. If you lend on mortgage,
there mnst bo a searching of titles,
lawyers' fees, Btamp duties and de
lays, and you will nnaiiy nave return
ed to you only the same kind ot mon
ey you would receive from the Gov
ernment, and loss ot it. it you in
vest in this loan, you have no trouble.
Any bank or banker will obtain it
for you without charge To each
note or bond are affixed five "cou
pons'' or interest tickets, due at the
expiration ot eacb successive naif
year. The holder of a note has sim
ply to cut off one of these coupons,
present it to the nearest hank or Gov
eminent Agency, and receive his
interest1 the note itself need not be
presented at all, Or a coupon thus
payable will everywhere be equiva
lent, when due, to money. If you
wish to borrow ninety cents on die
dollar upon tho notes, you have the
highest security in the market to do
it with. If you wish to sell, it will
bring within a fraction of cost and
interest at any moment. It will be
very handy to havo in the house.
It is convertible into six per cent,
gold bearing bond, i At tho expira
tiou of threo years a holder ol tho
noteH of tho 7-30 Loan has the op
tion of accepting payment in full or
of fending his note in a six per cent,
gold interest bond, the principal pay
ment in not less than five, nor more
than twouty years from its date, as
the Government may elect. These
bonds are held at such a prominin as
to make this privilege now worth two
or three per cent, per anduui, and
adds so much to the interest. Notes
of the same class issued three years
ago, are now selling at a rate that
fully proves the correctness of this
But aside from all the advantages
we have enumerated, a special act oi
Congress exempts all bonds and
Treasury notes Irom local taxation.
On the average this exemption is
worth about two per cent, per annum
according to the rate of taxation in
various parts of the country -
While this presents great advanta
ges to large capitalists, it offers spe
cial inducements to those who wish
to make a safe and profitable invest
ment of small savings. It is in every
way the best a vines' iSank; for every
institution of this kind must tome-
how invest its deposits profitably in
order to pay interest and expenses.
They will invost gargely in this loan,
as the best investment. But from
the gross interest which they receive,
they must deduct largely for the ex
penses oi the Bank. Their usual rate
of inteiest allowed to depositors is
per cent, upon sums over $500. The
person who ltivetta directly with
orper cenr. more, inus tne mi j .who
will receive at-fl' 50
HonwWa irftf. : . .t.ufa fl ,a
lsauK receives 50 dollars a yea
liars a year
tcrest, if he deposits the same sum io
this National SavrL v Bank lu re
ceives 73 dollar tot those who
wish to Hod a f" .lif, convenient, and
profitable menns of investing the sur
plus earnings which they have roser
ved for their old age or for the bene i
fit of their children, there is nothing
which presnnts so many advantages
as this National Loan.
The war is evidently drawing to a
close, but while it lasts the Treasury
must nave money io meet its cost, an1
every motive that patriotism can in
spire should induce tho people to
supply its wants without delay. The
Government can buy cheaper fof cash
n hand than on credit. Lot us see
that its wants ate promptly and liber
ally satisfied.
Indignation Against Lincoln—Grant's
ability to Make Peace on the Basis of
the Union.
[From the New York World.]
WASHINGTON, February 11.
Incontestable, a great change has
taken ulace in public opinion hero
within tho past few days regarding
Mr. Lincol.i. . When the arrival of
tho Southern Peace Commissioners
at Genoial Grant's lines was announ
ced, the attention ot the people was
instantly directed toward the Line!
Magistrate, and they waited wjtu
paiulul anxiety some sign on his part
which might indicate aaesiro to turn
the priceless opportunity to national
nf i . .i . . i .
account, witn tne aepanure oi me
Secretary ol Surte for lortress Mon
roe, admittedly lor the purpose of
conferring with Messrs. Stephens,
Hunter and Campbell, a nope sprang
uo in our breast tuat the President
did indeed comprehend the situation;
and this hope was so strengthened as
to amount to actual beliet wuen Mr
Lincoln himself went down to meet
the Commissioners. Democrats and
conservative men of all parties and
lactionB hailed the event as the pos
sible forerunner oi peace. ' None but
the radicals were displeased, and this
dissatisfaction on thur part ouly stiff
ened the hopes of all true Unionists
The significant articles in the
Washington Chronicle were consid
ered as bo much additional weight
to the testimony that tho President
really desired peace. JJut when Air.
Lincoln and Mr. Seward came back
to Washington, and tho rebel com
missioners ret umed to Richmond,
and the result ul the conference was
authoritatively announced as no re
sult, then the swelling tide ol gratelu
hope which had been surely lilting
the President to the highest place in
the affections of the people, began its
renux, and has at last ttranded him
upon a lower ehoie of popular con
tempt than any on winch the incapac
ities of hia administration have yet
cast n:ar luinking men are now
beginning to recall (he lact that Mr,
Lincoln, as President, uever yet suc
ceeded in anvtli ing he essayed. Bui
tor bim even Mr. beward might have
averted the struggle through the ne
gotiations of 1861. When, after the
war had really set in, the l. resident
undertook its conduct, everything
went wrong from the very inBtant
that he assumed the responsibility ol
setting aside Ueneral McClellans
plans, the adoption of which plans by
succeeding commanders has gained
us all our victories. The President's
scheme of compensated emancipation
loll stillborn. His proposal torgrad
ually removing slavery before the
year 1900 was quite unnoticed by
Congress. The plan for expatriating
or colonizing the negroes miserably
failed. Hie foreign policy has con
sisted in Bquarely backing clown when
any other government has assumed a
truculent demenanor as witness the
Trent affair.
Under General Dix, while Lient.
Col. Ludlow was commissioner, the
exchange of prisoners proceeded reg-
nlaily and smoothly, although at that
time some of the most delicate ques
tions, because entirely novel, arose,
hut alter Mr. Lincoln assumed com
maud ot that office the exchange was
entirely blocked, and no relief was
obtained until the whole matter was
placed in the hand? of General Grant.
The result ot the lieutenant gener
al's assumption of the affair is descri
bed by that officer himself as a com
plete success. In everything, in short,
which the f resident lias undertaken
he has proved bimsell a living expo
nent of the fundamental principle ot
the circumlocution office how not to
do it.
; The' fire eaters have sneeringly
commented on the subject of peace by
the declaration that Gsnerals Grant
and Sherman are "our best . peace
commissioneis." Consorvativo mon
have accepted the statement, and are
willing to place the entire question
with those officers. For General
Grant, in bis dispatch of Feb. 2d to
the Secretary of State, clearly showed
that he knew how to manage the
matter that he could make peace
npon the basis of the Union. He
obtained more from the commission
ers in his brief interview with them,
than either Mr. Lincoln or Mr. Sew-
H .d.id in their four hours of tricky
found out that Mtesrs.
tfteohens ana uuDtef were actuated
Vrv.Y.. , r K
peace and
union." The President and Socretary
of Stats declare that they coo Id only
discover that the commissioners vers
inflexible in the demand tor . aepara-
In view of theso things, people
here do not lie&itato to duclare. lhat
the President is responsible for. all
the future bioodaliod of the war that
every man killed hereafter will have
beeu unneceFeariJy slaughtered. Ihey
assert that Mr. L icoin has never
been able to rise above the mere
pettifogger; that his solo object has
beeu. not how to do, but how pot to
do; that he has thrown every obstacle
in :he way ol honest attempts to ena
the war and retain our country; and
that having neglected the golden
opportunity which, rightfully employ
ed, would havo Bcctired immediate
peace and nuion, be has denominated
his utter inability to obtain those
blessing. Ueuce the bitter indigna
tion which is felt against him here,
not only by Democrats, but by all
honest and practical men in bis own
Advice to the Opposition.
Mill, in his wort "On Liberty,'
expresses the opinson that parties in
(UO Dltuu, wijiuii uu iu ino Uliuuiilj,
and whose members have not only to
look out for their principles but tor
their persous, should ontine them
selves to argument, and avoid un
truth in statement and coarseness it)
expression. He seems to think that
parties in power may sometimes real
ize advantage from the uso of false
hood, sophistry, denunciation and
invective; but while he does not re
commend to such the employment of
these weapons, he is clear in advising
minorities and their organs to resist
thetttemptatioti to use them, or any of
them, howeycr strong the inducement,
which tho circumstances may present
Absolute freedom of spoech and ot
the press never did, and never wi!
exist among a people so wrought up
on by passion and bigotry as t lit
people ot the United States at this
timo. Phylanthropic hate is tho most
cruel and inexorable of all; and siuce
the religious wars in Europe it has
not probably existed anywhere in
Christendom, as it now exists in
America. In such times, while men,
under the influence oi loug establish
ed habit, repeat thu commonplace
formula ol freedom, and profess all
their ancient devotion to its prin
pies, they trample upon the fact,
with, to all outward appearances
entire unconsciousness oi their in con
sistenoy; and iu the uame of liberty
do oeeus wuose atrocity is no; ex
ceeded by the ects of tho most irre
sponsiblo despotism.
Io fact there is no despotism so
heartless and unconscionable as tin
despotism of a fanatical majority,
The individual tyrant may, now and
then, admit afeeling of pity for his
victim or of remorse for the misery
which he has occasioned; but hen
the oppressor is a multitude, there is
such a division of responsibility that,
while thetyrany is more intense and
unrelenting, no feeling of sympathy
or sorrow reaches the individuals
whose combined force make up the
inflictiou. There is that in,, men
which makes them willing to endure
loss even the loss ot liberty so that
they can be the meaus of inflicting an
equal loss upon others whom they
bate; and it is this quality which
makes oligarchies, monarchies, and
autocracies possible, and which has
thus far rendered tho loug continu
auce of republican btates impossi
ble. .
The people of the Northern States
of America are, at this time, collect
ively, a conquered people. , To con
quer a people, it. ia not necessary
that asconqueror Bhould come from
abroad, as one. did to England, in the
time of William of Normandy; nor
that be should overrun.- the country
and kill a part of the inhabitants, by
the aid of any army, foreigu or do
mestic. If the people a. re willing to
lay aside their liberties, and become
subjects, they can dispense with ' all
these, otheiwise proper .formalities.
The difference between classes of the
poople of the North is',, simply , this:
one class Is willing to be ;; conquered,
glad to be conquered, iavUea .. and
sustains the conqueror,., and; glories
in the conquest; the other, otherwise.
The loss to those -on" .both ; sides is
precisely the same; all have. got rid of
their civil Tights andaliberties;, but
tht,riithi8 broad r-dietinotio: one
has bartered them off fp,a cnsidera;
tiona temporary... party supremacy
with its despicable. , .material: advan
tages; the other baa had them violent
ly taken away.i, ..10a? j.-j ' .
The party out of ppwer in the Uni
ted States is dumb. - Its members are
Bubject to rules ot . whose existence or
teroo.8 tuey can ooiam u.auwiug,
which lie in tba boftoms of men im
parting uotliiog; which ura enacted
after the fact, and the first intimation
of whose existence maj be in the ar
rest, trial,. imprisonment, and punish
meut of 8oni8 individual who, up to
the timo of JiU eoizure, wa unaware
that he bad dona aught to expose
hims&lf to complaint. The party Q
power in the United States is up. Its
members aipla1 this form of Govern
ment and the proceedings under it:
In their eyes, military rulu is the
pen lection of n State. There is no
legislator like thu mm who afier the
fact makes tho law to tit the case,
aud, In his own person, triws the of
fender, and pronounces aud inflicts
the penalty.
buch a state ol things can but be
temporary, it is not in the nature
ot man that It shnnld bj permanent.
As it is unnatural, if con only bo sns
tainud bv falsehood. lul appeals to
passion, ambition, cupidity and pre-r
judice. Towering (us it appears to
be) to tho heavens, and threatening
i eternity if duration, (scants upon
a fiinridiitioii of livs lies which need
to bo roilera'p.', ami an onu gives
way, replaced by moro impudent in
The antajoin'st to thesG devices is
trnth, temperance, adhesion to prin
ciple, docorum and sincerity.. These
may seem indifferent weapons, but
they will gain the day. It is so hap
py for n party tu havo the right on its
side, that it is tho bight of folly to do
wrong. Ljt the monopoly of
falsehood and tilth remain where it. is;
put aside anger and impatience and
it we cannot be easy, bj as easy as
Cin Enq.
Rls-ia id striking oil wells in ntian
tides and the greasers of Mexico
find their country greasy.'
Special Notice,
SYSTEMS new and rflmble treatment
in reno.is ol the HOWARDS 4SSOClA
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siilleror having been restored to health in a to
days, after many yaara of misery, is willing
aaaiat hia aniforing fcllnw-creai,uro by sending
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cau reoommond tlio-.e nudViinz wicb dom
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whole norvoin ayntoin : itcrc.itoa agord npiie
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Mervoiw ua uiiiy.
Fora;ilo by Dinjgiaiagenerallyatll per hot
tie lVepareu ny ur. a. etnuKiuna, AO.
East Fourth nueot iuoiauaii,Obio.
July 1 04 lvr.
Publiahcd ior the benefit, ' and as a CAU
TION TO YOU flu? MEN and others, who suf
fer from Neivons Debility, Premature Decay
of Manhood. &o., supplying nt the aame time
TiikMsans o SsLr-CcRi. By one who has
qurod himself after undergoing considerable
eutikery. By enclosing a postpaid addretted
ct .Hope single copies may oe nadorthesU'
tu, r.
Brooklyn, Kings Co. N. Y.
June 2nd 1S83 lyr.
We have exainlned a grent'jiuinber
irthe r: from some of the most prominen
citizens of Cincinnati and Cpirigton: etc.,
sDeakinrr in the highest terms; of UrtSt.lck-
laiid's Anti-Cholera Mixture fof'the Cure, of
diarrhoaa and dyBvolerr. Toe leibers are
to Ion? to publish. - Mr. Woods, of. Cot
nigton.suys he, was pronounced .ioci""ble
for the best doctors ia Cincinnati,' ami one
ion tie of D' Sl"cUdMd'a AnliClip'M Mix
ture effected a permanent cure af'et aqflTer
ing for months With the worst fonn aotar-:
rnaaano oaseoteij.:: :,.,.;.! ,,v!,.-.
Another says he was discharged from the
United States service alter suffering in! the
hospital for 8 moolhs as locurable, and as
last resource tnea otricaranii s A-nn-vnuie-ra
Mixture he eotwe'l directly and has now
entered the rmt agaia in - good hea.Uh.-i
Ode man writes be has cured, seveo or eight
rerr bad cases of diarcbosa and dysenters in
the harracks be was io ith one bottle
fhis Valuable mediciue. . In fct we cotild
Oil half our paper with similar items from
these letters. Why does not our Gofera
rhent secure this- valuable preparltioiw
Qur atmt qught to be supplied with It.
is butt short time since ode of 'Our men
laid in a very low condition at one of our
Cincinnati Hospiuls, hi wife was sent for,
.i J 1 . rtJiaiAt Kiai An linnAioca noaa
however, gaye him Strickland s Anti
Cholera Mixture, and in three weeks be waa
able to return borne with his wile to INew
Richmond, O. All these caws right at
home apeak for themselves. We hope all
the soldiers will put a bottle of it in .their
knapsacks, it may cave them or 1 some of
their comrades. 11 lsior eaie oy urugyiais
t 50 cents per bottle.
, V. S. 7-30 LOAN.
Bj authority oi tht 8cMUrr of thTri-
nry , th direlgal k twumtJ th Gcnir.
tl Subscription Agcj fur tht rnlo of I'nluj
St tts Traurj KoUa, Wring nven toil
thrt tenths por oent. luUrant, ptr annam,
It Down lh
TIkm notes r issiioJ unOer iUt of A tigust
1 5ili, l1-'!!, snj vi psjsbls thru jesis from
thst timt, In curroncj, or ars mvrUbh t
th option of the holder into,
IT. S. 5-'iOSii per Oh'. '
1 bens boii'l sr now sorth rrsm uru (f
ulna j'Si cent.,', includirtg gold intersxt from
Nov , which mskes tlio soluul prUlt on Uis
3) Kan, si onrrsnt rslss, Inulading iutsrstt,
bout ten po: vont. per annum, besides its ox-
inplion from Etsls snd municipal luxation,
which ddfrom vue to thrrs psvesnt. moro,
sect rJirg to tit M.'a levied on other property.
Tha iutorest in payable o mi annually by cou
pon attached tu tach note, which muy be cut
olf and sold to any bank or UuUr.
The iuturoat amuuuU to ,
One cent par day on a fi') nolo.
Two canla on a loi nolo.
Ten on a i0 note
2U to f IO(ii nolo '
1 1 on a 5000 notes
Notes of all denominations na:ued will ba
prvinptly furuishod upon rectiipt of sqhscrip
lions. Tins is
now offered by thu Ujvorumont, aud it is to n-
udtntly expected that Its aupeiior adVautugua
will muku it the 1
Leas thau i'JOU.OOO.Oi'O romuin uuaold, which
will probably bo disposed of withiu the next
i!0 orV'idaya, whin the notes will undoubtedly
command a premium , as has uuilunnly been
thu case on cloning tne auoscripuuuaiv omcr
In order that oitizena of every town and sco-
tlouofthe country may be all'rdod lacililius
fur taking the loan, tho National Btinlta, otalo
Uanka. aud Private Hankers throuihout the
country havetreuurally agreed to receive sub
scriptions at par., puoscriuers wiu veiucnuoir
own ageuta, in whom thsy havo confidence,
and wlwvuly are to bo rusponaible for the de
livery of the uou s lor wnicii my receivi or
durs. JAk COOKE,
huMoiiirTioH Aoikt, i'liiludelphia.
St'isdiiPiioNS will uk mctivru by the
Kirat National Itai.k of Chillleotl;
Kirat National bunk of Ciuciuuati.
Mar iii 'lij it o.
CAPITAL, $1.000 000, I'AID 1,
Ano PruriAt. Auixt iR Jay Cooki, Sui'sctii'-
Will deliver T-W Notes Kroe of olmrgs, by ox
prcsa to all pu'a of tho couotrv, and receive
in payiuont 'hocka on Now York, I'hiladfl
phia.und Hoatou. cu. rent bil. anl all fl-
pur cent, luteroal notea, with interoat tn dale
(ifaubaeriptien. Orders sunt by mall will bo
promptly filled.
Thiabiink receiver the aocounta of Banks
an l rlankura on fuvirahle term; alo of iuli
ua's koeplnj Naw York aocnnn a.
i. T. II ILL. Caah'r. J. H. OUYIS Proa't.
mK-h 3, '6J- 'imo.
Wnnted, CorrrHnnil!ua Bv two of Undo
Snru 'a veterans All young ladies that wiali
tun, plroxe writo and receive a letter, unjoi-t,
un, pi
u n, Io
ve and the 0uuci)iiu(iCC8. Pluaau send
ohotoiiraDha. aaid receive one in rut am
Addreatiooo Hot, atld'BAn Bor, Camp
Denuiann, Ward i'J,
march if, 1H5.
Zarhnriah Stevcna, AdtninU'ratoi ef tho es
tate of Rebecca Steven, deceased, iiaa filed his
accounts and vouchers for inspection and final
acttleineiit,und that the same will be tor hear
ing ou the 18th day of March, A. D. I 4e..
March 2. '65-.8W. Probate Judgo.
J. N. II u Icon Adm'niatrator of (lis eatats cf
Joseph (.fill deceased, has filed his acu uut and
vouchers for inapection and final settlement,
and that tho amo will ho for louring on the
25th day of I'chruury J8M.
IV). 2, 1S5, 3 f Probate J iidjre
R. A. t'ONalABLK. D. B. Siiivel.
Allorncytt at Uw,
Claim Aftonts, Ileal Eat a to AgenU and Con
eyancers. ,
McArUiur, Yinlon Co. 0.
Offioe en Mh1 Street. tw doors, ervrt
of. K. II Dodo's fstorc. ,
Will attend promptly to all business entinsted
to their care, in the Couties of Vinton, Jack-
son. Fike and Scioto.
January 19th 1865 tf,
w HI a 11 u f a jb,i u :r c f1.
J '"iic AirriiuS dfiio.
; ; Warrants ALLWbrK:
' Iteepa constantly on' hand a.cd wtl
sell at the lowest prices; Saddles, Bri
dies Bnd IIarne8S of every description
and warrants his work for two jears .
Call and ejeamine, 1st . door wpst o
the3 Oonrt Oonse. i i I ( h J
.Pec. 2?, lgGtl-Cmo,
physicians, a:q SORGEON
v-McArihnr, Ohio,
Will attend promptly 'and cartfull? to
the practice of their., profession. ..in all Ua
SURGERY. C0 " ' "
Jan. 5th, 1865. tL .
Balls Ohio Mower

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