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VOL. 13.
m- in i in i & in y 1 1 j i in i3i iia : jib i a 111 ira r r r j i i i i .- i 1 r i i i r . ili i.' i ii in i m h tarn 11 it
P ' H. H.HKr",..: iVH H : n -K 111 Hr '.; I MMHviK: a Si 1:1 a III III J : :
' iMW -W18 y Vy llSylU &y JsWM IV 4 I KLHU
i - iLBtii.a j i w i . m u i mm .t b a . . i k a am i . a as-.sji'-a.... t ar i twm ana i :t .a i
j- ;. . ... 7 T 1 ' 7"'y ''''I 77..., rr. : r V ' . ' ',l r r'-i.'y , v y y -sy
wv-ii.jjkla.-i. -1 r . ! "
In button's nuilumcs, last of Coart
Hour. Ho Stalls.
r"ltMVCAlH. '
Te Dwv Oat will be Kent one year for Two
im f .. nll.... Tl..
Months, for Fifty Cent. ....
3f"All ppars will be disoontinud ftt tU
MpirtHon or me um paiu r)r.
0s i(Uro onolnnortlon, tlfiO
Each dililionl Insertion, .50
Curds on jor, .
Kll t ppointit-0', 0! aailDlsl
trs, nriian and Executor 8,00
Attohintuotice before '. P. 8,00
.l;mri1 nntu'a ier line, 10
Teivrll clrtisnienU will beelurged C0,
Mr eolKrun cor annum,
iad i roportionnte, rstes for loss tlmn
elimn, nd for lei tune.
a..,. mttiinn r.hirifea ss one sonars.
nd all AdvtrtisimenU as i Legal Notices u!ubt
V psid in aJva e.
f"Tbe aboTeVrnismii"t beoomphed with
iJfAU paymeo musi oe intai vo ion i ro
lter, a we ha to no atrents.
The Deiaocr a Jo Office.
V are prepared toeiecute with neatness,
napateh an.l at price v at ueiy compimiuo.
all kinds of Job Tf orU,jcn an
LABELRf &c.,&c.
. 0ienatrial and-beoonvineed thot wioan
ad will do p'inti ig hoaper for Cash, thi n anj
eth.restal li thment in thiusootion ofeo jntry
LOiiTF.MOUTU, 01110
This Housa fronts on the Steam Bunt
Andmj, ami near th Kmlroail Depot. No
hi will bBspiireJ for the accumulation
Sept. ,1863, lyr.
H'LORI rocsk, whekumo,
e. a. munoN,
A-ttopa-v Law an J
McArlhr, Ohio. ;
lein licenned by thfl U. S., for the purpos
11 attend 10 the proeoontion andcojlection
IToited Btte,an.l State of Ohio, Inaludmg tne
Morgan raid eliiim.
. Uounties and Arrenrage of Pny
PENSIONS for wounded and diaildo J sol
diers and seumeu, and for the heirs of soldiers
nd seamon who htiTO died and been tl'.Iod in
the service. I would say to ray frionds, that
aewill attend promptly to the. business and
moderate terms. '''
Jnse l ifh IS U. -
AttorDcy at
D. Dodge s'e
Two doers
East of E
Raving just rer overed . from a severe at
tack of the "Oil Fever," which' caused a
temporary absence from his office, takes
pleasure in announcing to the public, that
ns is again at his post, where he may be
found st ali times ready to give prompt atr
Untiou to the various branches of his pro
fession in (his. anil adjoining Counties.
: Jan. 6th. 1865 . 3-mo. : , : ' .
A.CONUE'J,M.U. : A.ISA31l(5t II N.D
Mclilhnr, Ohio;
Will attend promptly and carefullr to
the pracce of their 'profession in all .its
5th, 1366. tf.
D. B. Smva x
fettiVSTABLE Slil)'EL;
Attorneys at Lavf, ' i c.
Claim Agents, : Boal Eataw ;AgonU and Con
! jvy sneers.
McAHhur, Yinloa Co- 0.
: OfSeexirj Main Street' twij doors'east ''
-' "'! 1&. D Uodr'R Htorev i '"'
; Will attend trrnptly t all i'sfnaS eotraatoj
to tceircare. in tna G'oaueaoi Yinum, iubox-
Tl" 1 J C . . - . . ... . 1
son, na.0 uu nav".', ,r.' : n;C .ii.'.!.
jjanuary 19th 1865 tf,
rLES.reAihel, -SUa berrial, Black
'6 reel Peas Jnst received " and for
. !) Drug Btors of
The Arkansas Traveler.
Ait f enr reudors have board of the Ar
kansas Traveler, but maiijr of them have nev
er read the original story, Thi is It:
A lost and bo'wlUercJ Ajkaiibu trav
oler ftppronclmii; tlitj cubin, ' of a
Squatter, about (furty' yoara ago
diBCOVQred the iiroprittor seated ori
nn b'd whisky barrel near tlio door
partly sheltertd by the oaves,
. p'aying.VFiDDLE. wheutbo lollowiug
, diuljgtio ensuo'd tlio liqiiiittor utill
continuing ti ylay tho' aiii)a.ew .ttrt
' over 'aud over:' ' 1
Travelor. Hollo, stranger.
Squattor. Hello, yuuirtelf. j
T. Can I cot to utay all night with
you? ' . '
g. ion cau get to go to Halifax.
T. Ila'vo you any iirltd hero?
S. Lota of cm, Sal eaw ouo laat
night by that thar olo holler truni.
audit nearly akoered hur to death. "
i. Ion mistake my meaning, have
you any liquorf
o. Hud Home yesterday: but Olo
Dose he got in and lapsed all uv it
out'n the pol. ' '
I. You don t understand tno. I
dont moan pot liquor. I'm wet and
cold, and want some wbidky. Ilavo
you got any? '
!S. Uli, yes I urnulj tho last this
T. I'm hnngry , and dav'nt ha 1 a
ing since morniiiL'; cant yo give
mo something to eat? '.
H. Hain't a darn thing in tho haiiso.
Not a mothful of moat or a dust of
meal hero.
T. Well, can't you givo my horse
something? " :
S. Got nothing to food him on. ' H
T. How far is it to the next houso?
S. Siranger ! -I don't know, I've
never boen thar. '
T. Well, do you know who lives
here? . '
S. I do. ' :
T. As I am so bold, then, what
might your name be? '
S. It might bo Dick, ami it might
be Tom, but it lack a darn sight of
it . , ....
T. Sir? will you tell mo whore
this road goes?
S. It s never beeii any whar since
I've lived here; it's always thar when
I git up in tlio m jiuin'.
T. Well, how lar is it to vrhero ft
forks. '
S. It do'nt fork at all. but it splits
uu imo tno deil.
T. As 1 m not likely to get to nny
houso to-night, can't yon lot me sleep
in yours, aud I'll tio iny horso to ' a
tree, and do witlnufanything to cat
or drink.
S. My honso leaks. Tbar's only
one dry spot in it, and mo and Sal
sleeps un it. -: And that thar tree is
tho olo woman's persimmon; you can't
tio to itf'case she don't want.' 'em
shook oir. Shoi'lowa to uiako beer
out'n tun. ;
T.' Why don't you finish covering
your houso and stop tho. leaks? '
S. It's been raining all day.; i
T. . Well, why. don't you do it. in
dry weather? ' '
S. It don't leak-" "'
T. As there serins to be nothing
alivo about your place but children,
how do you do here1 anyhow. :
8. ; i'otty well, IthAnk yon, how
qo yon do yourseli? '
l. 'l mean what do yon do for a
living here? . '
S.f i Keep tavern and sell whisky.
T.: Well,. I told you I wanted s6mu
. S; Stranger! 1 b6ught a bar'l mor'n
a week ago. - You see me aud Sal
went shares.' Artcr wo got it here,
we. only had a bit tween us, and Sal,
sua did'at waut to use hern i'ust, nor
me mi no. , You see I had a epriggin
inonoeend, and she in tother. Soshe
takes a drink: out'u iny eend, and
pays md the, bit lor it; and Iheu I'd
take one out'n hern, and givo her tho
bit. iWell, we'a getting long fust
rate, till Dick,' darn skulking! eknnk,
he born-a hole on the bottom to suck
at. and the uejt time-1 wont to buy a
uiiuk, tuuy wurut noue mar. .
" T'..Tm sorry 'yonr''whiskeyrs; ! all
gone';-but', my friend, why don't you
nlay 'the balance of that tune? i
S; It's got no balance toj.t.,... J
T. I mean , yea don't' piay the:
'WhoUfofJt. ..i ; (:,i!':r
;.'i.S. Strangediean.youplaj Iho -dvllj'io'O
io o-j'ii uiii iiiw i-i.:
iT, :Yes,'a littL9.wmt;pifl8.i(.i.I
jB. Yoa don't lftok..ljke;a,-.fiJdlur,
but of yon think :y on, eanj play more
onto that thar thuBe, you kin juat git
dowttaadjjryli .jno
"A .if.
(The Traveller gets dorwn and plays
the whole of it.)
S. StraDger, take a half dozen
cliuers aui) Sot down.'' Sai. stir yoo
self round like a six horse team in a
mudhole. Goronnd in the holler,
whar I killed that buck this mOrr.in',
cut oflaoino of tho best pieces, and
totch it and cook it for mo and this
gentleman; diioctly liaiso np tho
board under the head of tho bead and
git the old black jog I hid from Dick,
and give ns some whisky; I know
tliar's some left yit. Till, Drivtf Ole
Boso out'n the bread tray, then cliirvitbo
up In thtr loir,' and ' git tho rag that's
got the BUgar tied in it. Dick, carry
the gentleman's hots round under
tho shed, and give him some fodder
and corn, as much as he kin oat.
Tiix. Dad, tbar aiu't knives
enough for to 6ot the tablo.
S. Whar'8 big butch, little butch,
oie batch, cob handle, granny s kcilc
and the one I handled yesterday ?-
That's enough to sot any gentleman's
tablo, without ycu ve lost urn, Darn
me, stranger, tf you can't stay as long
as you plonao, and JL II give you plan
ty to eat and drink' Will you have
collee lor supper!
Tbav. Yes, sir.
S. I'll be hanged cf you do, tho';
we don t nave not tun that way here
but Grub Hyson, und I reckon it's
mighty good with sweetniu. Play
away stranger, you kin sleep ou the
dry spot to night.
1. (Alter about two hours' fid-
ndling.) My friond, cun you toll me
about tho road lam to travul to-mor
S; To uaorrowl stranger, you won't
git out'u these diggius lor six weeks.
But when it gits so you kiu start, you
see that big aloo over thar? Well,
you huve to git crost that, then you
take the road up tho bank, and in
about a mile you'll come to a two
acre and a half corn patch, the corn's
mitely in tho weeds, but you noed'nt
mind that, jiat ride on. About a
mile and a half, or two miles from
that you'll come to the d cut swamp
you ever Struck m all your travels;
its boggy emifT to mire o saddle
blanket.- Thar's a fust-rate road
about six feet under thar.
T. How hui I to get at it?
S. Yon cau't git at it nary time,
till the weather stitfons dowu sum.
Well, about a mile hyant, yon come
to a place whar thar's two roads.
You kiu take the right hand ef you
want to, you'll fuller it a milo or bo,
!ind you'll nud it's run out; you'll
then have to come back and fry the
left, wliou you git about two1 miles
on that, you may kuow yon aro
wrong, fur they aiu't nny road thar.
You'll then think you. are mighty
lucky of you kin fiud the way back to
my houso, whar you km come and
play that thnno ai long as you wibh.
Brough and Lieut Gov.
We yesterday morning noticed the
fact, that ou tho night of the 22n nit ,
. i . ...... .
a uriuiuui uiiiurimuiuuiii was given
at the Neil House under tho auspices
of the- Hamilton delegation in the
General Assembly. The object of
the tutortaiutnout was Bet forth in
their caids ot invitation, to be the
commemoration of ."tho fall of Char
leston:" f'the restoration of our coun
try's flag to. its old ' placo ou the walls
of Jbort bnintor,'' and "the birthday
of the Father ot ' his country." The
Ohio State Journal gnvo to its read
ers yesterday moruiug tho eubBtance
of tho speeches tnado io response to
the regular toasts. . It was understood,
by6omu of the invited guests, that
tne, entertainment was not to wear
the fuce ot a partisan affair. The
regular toasts wete, however, pro
pared in advance, and the speakers
to respond to them were undoubtedly
consulted, each of whom belongs to the
Administration party, ibis clrcnra
stanco made it strictly a party affair.
Governor Brongh responded to the
first regular toast. In this response
in referring to the occupancy of Char
lesion by onr troops, and the report
that the city was on tire at the ticre
onr troops entered it, he eaid that, "on
that occasion, there was a more for
giving man at the head of the army
than he was,' for, instead of staying
the deroaring names, ho should have
rejoicod to have- seen it reduced to
abbes' and Bait sown apon its fonnda-
Lieut. Governor Anderson respond
a to tne imru toast, ' ana no was
.. . . A .. . . . I.- . "
even toore vindictive in his expres
sions toward Lnarie8ton than Got.
Brought :He'thought "it a great pity
that onr aoldijerd- 'werei! permitted to
extinguish -the flames' which tho reb
els lighted in Charleston. He could
not defend any officer who ordered
StHte of'Oiiio.
alike to dljchargi
khtJ patting out of thatlfire. Insola
tion 'alono was the jusfrjitribution ol
the angust crime conegcted in Char
leston." 1 .
The speeches made ,hv the other
respondents to tho rprular toast6
woro oT about tho STme temper.
Comparatively, it is of little couso
qnonco what they said. Governor
Brongh aud Lieut. Gov. Anderson
are at tho ho.id of tlio Government of
It is their doty
arge the functions ol
tnoir respective oLnccs and mamtaia
forthe peofjo of the State a humane
aud lolty character.
l' We aro told that tho' persons Itft
behind in Charleston wore poor, old,
decrepid psoplo, embracing men, wo
men and children, upon whom tho
buruiDg o'f Charleston would weigh
with intolerable heaviness. Gov.
Broogh Hys that tho "rebellion"
"'originate! in Charleston harbor aud
tho city of that uainu." Is there any
thing in tho nature of Charleston
harbor and the city of that namo"
calculated more than any other place
to generate "rebellion?" Aro the
poor pooplo of Charleston, who did
not leave-the city when onr army en
tered it, rcBOpnsiblo for the rebellion?
Did they originate it f We apure-
heud not. If, tiicu, tho harbor of
Charleston did not originate the rebel
li jii, aud if tho city of Charleston did
Dot originate it, and if the poor poo-
pic, the men, women aud children,
did not originate it, why should our
army wreak vengeance ou them? Will
the wreaking ol vougeanco ou them
render it impossible for rebellion to
bo again set on loot m this country
alter tho present one shall have been
brought to an endf It is not pretend
ed that it will have any such alloc t
ihe suggestion that uueh veugeanco
should be iullicted ou inuoceut par
ties aud on inauimate things, cau
alone bo prompted by pursous the
most muglignant, impractical aud in
humane. It theso men would thus
de&l with poor, dooretd old men,
women and children, and inauimate
objects, what would thoy uot do with
the rebels, should they lay down tnoir
arms and avow a willingness to re
turn to thoir duty in tho Union?
They would not receive them with
clemency. To them they would mete
out tho most barbarous treatment: aud
. . . i . . . . .
these Bumo political charlatans blas
pheme tho name of patriotism by say
ing they aro in favor ol the restora
tion of the Union. By their doclara
tious touching Charleston, we aro jus
ti&ed in ad jpting tho conclusion that
nothing would grutily them more
thau tho dtssolation of tho 6'outh aud
the extermination ol its people
Think ot it the Governor of Ohio
Would "have rejoiced to have eoju
it Charleston reduced to ashes and
salt sowu upon itn foundations"
would have rejoiced to have seou the
poor mother, with her babe' clinging
to her breast, deprived of a homo and
of shelter. This is tho method by
which ho would strengthon thu love
for tho '-old fl ig." , Whut love would
spring up in the breast ot a wnman
lor a flag, under tho folds of which
her all 01 home and shelter should be
allowed o be. consumed by lire!
Zieut. Gov. Andorsou said uho could
not defend any officer who ordered
the putting out of that tile," whore-
by tho nouses aud shelter ot poor
women and children woro saved
We don't think he could. ' Ho has
not beeu noted for being very success
(ul in defending anybody ; and ho
can't play Hamlet, cither. It was
not ncccoBsary for him to Bay that
"ho believed iu iu-brceding in many
lines, but not lor men," anl that "ho
had lost faith in family blojd." He
is known not to be a . "smart man,"
aud the speech he made on the night
of the 221 convicts him of not being
a "good man." The people ot Ohio
nave cauBe to blush for thoir Govern
or and Liant. Governor. Statesnan
0CJ"A military officer wanted to
compliment a negro, by drinking with
; "Well, Captain," replied Cnff,"I'6
very dry, so I won't be ugly about it.
Somo niggers Is too proud to: drink
with a milisby oaaifer but I think a
milishy ossiferj.wheif sober,, is just as
good aa a nigga-r-Bpecially it tho nig
ga is dry." ' . , ;
COPIf yon in lager' find no bliss,
and loath cigars no wile to love
no gal to lingdon't Geek oblivion, in
the jo and if you hav'nt an'sister,
just a6k Borne chap to lend you his,
ter spark' '1 ft a litdn' while tfion
"splice, and all the roat will como in
A Letter from General Sherman.
The following letter from General
Shorman'has just been published:
H'd-Qii' Mil Dir. orrni Mm., ikthI
Field, near Murietta, (la., Judo 3t), UU.
Mrs. Anna Oilman Bowen, fialtiinoie, M l.)
Dbab Madau- Yourwolcomo lot
ter ot Juno ISth camo to me here
amid tho sound of buttle, and & you
say, little did I dream when I knew
you playing as a school-girl ou Sulli
van's Island beach, that I should con
trol a vast army, pointing, like the
s warnr of Alarac, toward the plains
of the South'. Why oh, why is this?
li l Know my own heart, it beats as
warmly as ever towards those kind
aud generous families that greeted
us with such warm hospitality in
days long past but etill present in
memory, and to-day, were Frank and
Mrs. i'oreher, and Elleu Oilman and
Mary Lamb, and Margaret Blake,
the Barksrlales, tho Quashis, the
Bryars, indeed any and all o! our
cherished circle, their children, or
childrcu'a children, to come to mo an
of old, tho atorn feelings of duty and
conviction would melt as snow before
the genial Bun, and I believe I would
strip my own childju that they
might be sheltered; nd yet they call
me barbariau, Vandal, and monster,
aud all tho epithets that language
can invent that aro significant of ma
lignity and hate. All I pretend to
say, on earth aa in heaven, man mnst
submit to some arbiter. He must
not throw off his allegiance to hia
Government or his God without just
reason and causo. Ihe couth bad
no causo not even a pretext.
Indeed by her nnju-.tituble- courfle,
she has thrown away the proud his
tory of the pant, and mi open her
fair country to the tread of devasta
ting war. elm bantered and bullied
ns to the conflict. Had we declined
battle, America would have sunk
back, coward and cravon, moriting
the contempt of all mankind. Ai a
nation we were lorco'l to accept bat
tlo, aud that once begun, it has gone
on till the war has assumed propor
tionsj of which oven we, in the huriy
burly, sometimes stand aghast. I
would not subjugate the South in the
sonae so oueusiveiy assumed, but 1
wcu'.d mako every c tizeu ia the land
obey the common law, submit to t'le
same that we do no worse, no bet
ter our equals aud not our auperi
ors. l Know ana you Know tuat there
were young men in our day, now no
longer young, but who control their
felloes, who aasumed to the gentle
uieu of the south a superiority of
conrage and manhood, and boastingly
defied us of Northern birth to arms"
God knows how reluctantly we ac
cepted .the issue, but once tho issue
joined, like in other" ages, the Nor-
taern race, though Blow to auger,
once aroused, are more terrible than
the inoro inflammable of the South.
Even yet my heart hloed3 when I
see the carnage of battle, the defla
tion of homes, the bitter anguish of
families, but the very moment the
tueu of the South Bay that instead of
appealing to war they should have
appcalod to rcaBon, to our Congress,
to our, courts, to religiou, and to the
experience of history, thon will I say
rcaeei eaco go bacK to your point
of error, and resume places as A-
merican citizons, with all their proud
horitages. Whether I shall live to
see this period is problematical, but
you may, and may tell your mother
and sisters that 1 never !orgot one
kind look or greoting, or ever wished
to efface its remembrance; but iu
putting on tho armor of war I did it
that our common country Bhould not
perish in iniamy aud dishonor. I
am married, have a wife- add 8;x chil
dren liviug in Lancaster, Ohio. My
course has been an eventful one, but
I hops when the clouds of anger and
passion are dispersed and troth emer
ges bright and clear, you and all who
know mo in early years will not blush
that wu were once dear friends. Tell
Eliza for me that I hope she may live
to realize that tho doctrine of "seces
sion" is as monstrous in our civil
code as disobedience was in the Di
vine law. Aud should the fortunes
of war bring you or your sisters or
any of our old cliqno under the' shel
I- " ! J. - !.. ' 1 J .
ter oi in y autauruv, i uu out uoueve
they will have cause to regret -it
Give my love to your - children, and
tho assurance of my respects to yoar
11 AmoDf? all my bovs." said an old
. ra a tl i f
man' 'I never had but one who took
alter me, and that was my so Aaron,
who to os alter me with
Fry's Exemption List.
. The journalists are 'making; qolto '
merry at the neUSe or TWvoit. .
Marsha) General ly'. Among oth- '
ers, the Jocal editor . of the . Buffalo
UommerciulAdvertisor, whahaa cor- '
responded with that important furic
tk'uary; and received" au answer
winch he has given to 4ha. public
Here it is:
Know all men: iliAn'a'iiA '
that accord iui? to Mm
oral rry, the following persona are
not required to take np arms "against
a sea of rebels, and by opposing, end
them" that they are, iq point of.''
li Women of all bitm .nm.
plexions, when of the female persua
sion.' 2. Very dead mon. wh
cure the receipt of the undertaker.
Those simply kilt" will bo held to
3 Sound lipalthv mAlt. nrliA 'tiatra
in the last woek enlisted for thre years
and gone to the front. All one year's
men will be drafiml m
v"u.Lrvis4uu .V
serve double. - '
4. Men born blind, on fnrnial,5nr a
medical certificato to thu ff.t ' iU
thoir Bight baa been prowim nn hof
ter very fast ever eince. Those hav
ing a single optic left, whether the
right or not, will be compelled to 'go
i'iju e;u uu it.-
5. Muu with narv 1pov if tl,fo an
furnish evidence satisfactorily' to es
tablish the fact. Teglegged men
that ia mon with a single leg are
subj ct to draft. To such the Com
raiBBary General will
of cork with their other rations the
cost to bo deducted from the bounty
money, no Boidier will bo allowed
to retain a cork leu- afW tl. u fiTnira.
tiou of his term of serviced
6. Men born without arras, when
it oan be shown that they, have not
been engaged us teachers of penman
ship, or iu cutting uut paper likeness
cb with thoir toes. . Such will U
ken into the service and detailed to
act as assistant editors of newspapers
to bo established in rebel cities.'
7. Men over three hundred and
sixty-five years of ago, when aqcom
punied by their pnrents. ' Men tinder
ten years of age will be received , nutil
tho promulgation of an official bulle
tin, Bigned by the Provost Marshal '
Genial, to the effect that the various
drum corps are lull.
. 8. All other persons whatsoever
will be held liable to service, and
will take their chances, however slim.
CAPTAts Be all. The New York
News insists that the hanging of ,
Captain Beall will be a judicial mur
der. It says: ' ' . ( '
As the facta appear," popularly,
Captain Buall was certainly , no- spy.
But if a spy' he must have ' been in
the service of the Confederate States,
and as 6uch his capture of steamboats
on the lakes was clearly not piracy,
but au act of war. The finding of
the court is, therefore, clearly ' contra
dictory. The Confederate authorities
are bound unavoidably to protect a
man who, like Captain Beall, acted
under their express instructions; and
failing in saving his life, will beyond
all question make his death a subject
of that most horrible measure of war,
retaliation. ..!-''
DC7''How do you get along; wit'1
your arithmetic? asited a father of his
little boy. ;-" ; 1 i
"I've" ciphered through addition,
partition, perdition, subtraction, 1 dis
traction, extraction, abomination, jus
tification, hallucination, d nation,
amputation, creation and 'Adoption."
He would do for an engineer on
the Short Line Ilailroad. ' '- '
OThe domestic relations precede
and, in our present existence, are
wortti tnoro than all our social ties.
They give the first throb to the heart.
and unseal the deep fountains of its
love. Home is the -chief school ot
human virtue. Its responsibilities, -joys,
Borrows, smiles,, tears, Ijopes
and solicitudes, form the chief interest
. DCJ'A Ereuchman, writing a letter
in English to a, friend, aud jooking
in the dictionary for the . wowt ' pre
aerve,, and finding it meant to pick
le, wrote aa follows. "May !you and .
your family be pickled to all etertjittr-,
fJCT" A conntry girl.in uoeakinci'
a ball said., that; .Vthe- daocfa'
nothinVbnt the h nggin'. heavenly Kf
QCTo be perfectly happy is
desire of all, but realized by nono.

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