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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, March 16, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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if"! iWf ifl jTir f I T '
Hi f i l'i i
111 ' I ' t " r'
mo Noinu, no soi'Tii. i'ndi:i: tiii: constitution, bit .1 sacki:ji iijainti:.ami: or th.it instiii'mlnt aw mi: cxion.
NO 32
la BrattoE's Iluiluins-., t. act of Court
Hoire, V Klnii'
ft Dbuiiut wilt be Mntonn year for Two
Dollar; Bif Months, for Oni Dollar; Throe
lonlht, for Fifty Cents.
3f" All papera will be dmcontinuad at tbe
aspiration of tae time paid for.
Fon AUVtPrisiN.
Om8mironlBertlon, tl(Jj
Kach additional Innertion, .60
Cardaon ,ear, 8
Heiice of appointn.en'.e ot laiinlal
ri, Oaardian nd Executor. 2 0
Attaohmont notice beforo.'. r. 2,'0
..('.n.i nvllnA H'
YaarW drtimnU will be charged 6'jO,
Mr olxmn par uii'iuiii. .
And is proporiionhto ra ca fir lo than
olmron. nd for kei tinie.
MT Ton linen minion chwiwl oip q.iara.
ce all Advert" iinenta c i Lejjhl Nutict-a iiiuhJ
pld In edve . . ...
fTlia ahevet 'rmmmiat boenmplleAwIUi
tAll piiymoo miiBt lie iniida to the I'm-
nor. ae w ha t rn airouta.
TheTtoocr a JoliOIIkc.
We ara prepared to e) emits "V.th noutnosH.
SJapatea and at pricim l' at dofy oompuliliijii,
all kind of Job Work, inch ad
BLANKS ...f all KINDS,
LABEL?!, &c.,&e.
H a on atrial and baoonvinood thntwican
a4 will do iirinti itfi hoaperfoi tJ.ii . tin n nut
lkr antal li thincot iu thi.-taootiun ofcojutry
Thia House fronts nn ihe Mram iJont
X ami year ill- Uuilroad Deriot. Nn
k II bospreJ for tiie accoaiid alien
- fcpt. , 1363, lyr.
renatwiY ur
ii'trns iiorsK, wiiiat.iNU,
Cliiliicollie, Ohi
Attorney L.;iiV .
McArllr, Ohio.
Bainrf Ucaanod by tlio U. S., fr.r ths purpoa
1 will attend io tha pro'-cini"n no iwlo.'tinn
f avarr A isoripdoii of oluim u'H'nt th
Wuitod Statoi.iMid Slut of Ohio, looluiing tlio
Monin raid al.iims.
Bouutio oiid Arroiuusus of 1 uy
PENSIONS for wounded and diiitblcd ncl
iiara and noainan. and for tlio Irirs of)ldinr
and seamon who huvo diod and benn killed in
lb iwric. I would y to my frinudi. tliat
kawill atUiid promjitly W thor busiuoaa aud
moderate term 4.
Jnna Hill H it.
D. Bi SMiL,
Attorney at
Two doori Eat of E.
D. Dodes's
Having just rer-ivprcd from a frvere at
tack of the "Oil Fever," which caused a
temporary absejice Iruin Ins (illice. takfa
pleasure in announcing to the public, tliat
tie ia again at liis post, tvliere he iiiny be
found at ali times ready too ire prompt t
tention to the various branc'ieg ol liia pro
fession in thi. and adjoining Couniies. ,
Jan. 6th. 1505 . 3-mo.
McArlhnr, Ohio,
Will attend promptly and carefully to
the practice of their profession in all its
Jan. 5th. 1805. tf.
D. 0. Siuvk
Attorney s at, Law,
m A(taat8, BaalEntatd AgenU and Con
vtyancera. HcArlhiir, Vinton Co. 0.
Office on Main Street, two door erntt
of. E. D Dodz'uMore.
'Will attend promptly to all bninMientrnated
to their care, in th Coutiea of Viuton, Jack
toB, l'ike and 8cioto.
January 19th 1665 tf.
PIXE-APPLES.l'etchoa, Stiawberriei. Block
karrytGrcea PeaaJnet raceivad and for
a1 at t'ae Iimr Ktra of
, P.r. A. OTDER,
Eloquent Remarks of Senator
Stuisbury of Delaware.
Mr, PrcsiJint, I do not know how
th buci'cIi of tliu lioiiurahlo StMintcr
'rom New Ilttnpiliiru Mr. Ilulc law
iiiiiiro6sul others. Imt ono tiling I
know, thiU I lnivt) boon very much
J. lihtod ut it. Sir, I tccoiloct that
wlicn this party cmuo ii.to po wer, ami
when it was Blrnn'in lor powet,
tho toiid old ylurioim Dutiiocutid
parly and ita rcpririetitiilivos told thu
pecpla (d thu country not to lid ton to
iU eirco 6onj;. Wo told tho peoplu
ili-ii that the Juoiuouuiiu party was
i.'yiui; to j;ut poetjidfinn ol thu Gov
ernment ui th is country oy lul.u pre-
tl'HH'9. Hill Kl'pillJjnj III l0lll'.CIHMtt
wi'fo tul.in t Ii e p.iipln that tho Au
ministration of Mr. Buchiinur. hud
cost $00,000 000 in a uicle your;
ihut tin re weio pt'Ut cjinipliona in
tho Democratic party; and thJy
therefore appealed to tho people in
their iiidinii!i"ti to rise up and turn
the corrupt lJ; iii'.eratii: patty mit of
power. We told them that if tliey
iis'eneii to these piiitie;fl adventtiros
aod tiny got control ol tho Govern
ment of tltia country, fraud aud cor
i iijitioi) would ho tiieir ht.ick in trade.
And now, ir, vu have buui delight
ed to-day in lu.'aiiti ono of tho earli
est clmuipio!H nf thut p arty ana1! on
tlie Hour ot til;) Senate of the Ullituu
State, unJ in Met'oodibtic love least
tiiaku conl'etciou of Iho Bius of hiui
otll Htid his whole 'arty.
Mr. Preeiileut, tlio lionorahle
5'enat r Iroro New Lhiraptdiiio said
that he wan in the position, of the
Methodift who had relieved his mind.
Let me tell him t hue hit) epeetdi ro
minds mo of u scene I liuve heen iii
lormed once occuirtd in a Metlmdist
h Vo least; and we &!! know who the
Methodibt Hre; 1 thu.k they ttio uiucii
tlie best people in tho world. We
know that they htvo u habit of hav
ing cFuhb meeting and luvu teubts, and
iu my 'tato on one occasion tliey
met ;n a little school house und held
ibeir ciucid. The leadtr came along
mid Ubkcd brother A how he was
pri'iM'eiisiiij in ppiiifiul li!e. Brothel
A. tose rud cuidlhat he must ctiliise
that ho was a poor, insignificant
cieiduic; that Irom the crown of his
lieu I to the Boles of his let ho was
tiuught but wound mid bniisee and
putrefying buret; und down ho eat
A cruel pictuio he had given ol
hiuuielf. There wr.s no song Bung,
i -ut the Under piirttd on in mournlul
mood to iho utxt brother and usk'ed
ti'm to give an account of his spirit
ual lite, and lie roec imd said, "As to
! i . it t i- i .. .
inyeou, oroiuer ijesruer, i navo uuui
in to tav; but 1 cuu bear moBt wii
liug tetliuioiiy that eveiylhing thai
brother A. baa said in iclea-nco t
liimself is liteiully aud siiiet'y liue."
Laughter, bo, sir. on this occa
Biou 1 have nothing to eav my sell
further than that every vord '.hat
bi other Halo has said in regard to his
party iu my judgment id hteraliy and
strictly true. Laughter.
Wow, air I wish the couutry to
take note of this. Wo gave them
full wuf ning lour years ago that il
theuow dominant puity dommani
iu power, but nut more numerous in
nuiuLcrs. us would have been shown
had there beju a lair expression ol
the popular will at the last ekc'.i n
obtuiued the reins of power, insiead
ol BOino Sixty, or seventy, or ninety
millions ol dollars being spout in a
year, the uuiouut would reach hun
dreds ot millions.- And we eaiu
mure 1 mean no personal oU'cUae,"
but the honorable 'Senator said that
however unpopular it was be must
speak tho truth, and 1 am now simply
speaking the truth we told the peo
ple then that it this party ever got
into power they would steal mure in
one year liuin the public Treasury
than any Democratic Auministraih n
hud expended during its coutiuuuuco.
And Ut uiu Bay here tliat the thanks
of tho country are due to a dis iu-
guished member ol the other House
irom iUassachusetts win adiuit'.eJ the
til st yearof this Republican Admin
istrauou wore had been fetolei: from
tho public Treasury than had been
expended duriug tho whole ot Mr.
Buchanan s administration.
Mr. iJrcsideul, let tue say to day,
iu my placo iu tho Senate of the
United States, in the presence ot the
couutry, that such expositions as tho
nouoraole Senator from New Hamp
shire has made of bis party this day,
caused me to be glad and to rejoice
that 1 was born in the good old
Democratic party, that pure aud
glorious putty that commenced alnmst
ith the birth of thu country and
uever ceased to exist uDtil its country
died. 1 havo sat hero dav alter day,
and Ip.imi year 'k year, atul heaid the!
party wlne p"i trait tho honorable (
Senator from Now Hampshire Itaa
Ij.Hly dur.v represented a tho great
Uni.'ii party ol the cuuntry. aud I
iiavcjieiiiu tho party to which t'very
uneewioi' i evel nao since tins oirin oi
uiuiuo ill u.i H.UIHIV uuiim"uu,
i :. i. I ,..,1 .
goo-l old Democratic party, int"
winch I was In in, and in connectii n
with whici I mi-aii to die. deuotinct d
as a dish-yal and a disunion party.
oir, I tay aam, K.ukiii' at tlie photo
graph pr8'iiit 'd to the Senate by . the
gtnat artist Irom New llaiiijhiro,
'hat I and every other Democrat naVe
caue this day to icj ico that we
belong to that gnnd, ii"b!o pr;y, for,
thank Gini! tliou.di its counsels om
not now be heeded, the history ol he
eOiiuny hav:ng shovtu that it und it
alone is able to guide tho Ship
of Slate through tho tempestuous
billows into havens of safety, it shall
yet rise, imd rt juicing thousands shall
say to it when again it. shall bunch
foith on the broad oe. an:
Sail on, oh! p irty blrom; u:ij jroa.,
lluiiuiiii'y wi.li all in f enr.-,
With all iu In pea of futuru yu-ra,
la iiu u0'i iijf brea'.li'os.'ii thy fato .
Wii know what niH.-'.or laid tl.y lel,
What iforuiiiF.n wruUiilit thy rib-t of fttol,
Whu ninlu tuuli iniiht, und hail, uud r:('0,
What unvili nun.', ttluit liuinmori bout,
In what u l'iri;o mi I wh. a liutt
Wero tbupt)-' tlin n.-lior ol thy Impo.
Four not each mi i Jul Hound and ahuok,
'Tin of thi wuvo and n.it tli rock!
'Tiit but tho flapi'initcf th nuit, .
And no: n ron'. madu by tho gale.
Iu itpito of ruck and tompel'ar' ar,,
lii hpitt) tif falro lij;ht!t ou ilia h'lora,
B.iil on. nor luar tu broaat tlio wa, .
Our )iarU-, our li'iph aro all with thuo:
Our btartit, our Lopta, uur prayuia, our
U-ura, ;
Oar li I'O.i iriuinilint oVr our fuun,
Arii u',1 wi ill tlici.-, aro ull w 'lh they."
Tlie sunie paity hall aiiain. sir, in
the p'ovideiu-o ot God, il ho lias U
eiitireiy l'oisat.-eti lb s pup!e, bo ro
stored to power, and us counsel pliall
jet be tlu c iuiisels of the uaiioft ' tur
a giatclid people alt' r being iitruc
led by afflictions utid htiiniiia!etl , by
sutlcring. vri-ivet.li.-et that 'rflnu
liiat paity ascumed the helm of poV.-r
Wo numbered not tivo iuillio:i ot
people and we numbered only about
hticeii blatuJ. !! t in u,e onoi pem.u
oi s xi y-ais we .uereaaeJ to tinny
milh.'ti perilo uud to tiiirty tour
titateri. and, sir, let; me ten you
that tno lunioiy of the nepublic.'ii
party is written iu the words disiuem
bi i incut uud deetruciioa, and that o:
the Domoot'atiC ttti'ty, was written iu
union, in Biieiigtn, to the additinn ol
slar to star to our national galaxy.
Am 1 wrong, &uf ihut biine old
Democratic ioty took the banner ol
your Union und planted it upon the
U r ri'.ui v ol r mi ida, uud n was amu x
d to ttio l'Vdeiul UnioU. The same
Democrat.u party took iho bamo good
d bannerol the Union and plaiiud
it on thu virgin soil uLouUiuuh; an
em jure in usefl, una unit, was annex
ed to iho national d'jiuain. ixas, u
Vast empire, was added. Ve&UVaid
htill the star ot umpire look its iay,
and. true to its great mission of na
tional development and national ghi
ry, it took liiat aaino noble flag of 'he
union and planted it upon toe L anno
! , . . . IT. i. i I
s.iijie, auu ua.iuriiia, ci.ni, anu
New Mexico, are JOUl'S foieVer unless
by your ovin unwise counsois youi
Oeprive yoiiiseLyes ot iheai. Every
'font ol national territory that ha
been udded to iho J.iu, riciiu domain,
has been uuJer the coilusels and i.e
guiuunco ol the same good old Dem
ocratic party; aud now then you have
ouceeeded iu displacing itf aud you
haye inaugurated a now party, ttois
lerous and loud iu its profoss'ors or
retieiiehuient an J relorm, We. havo
iho spectacle- of ouo ot its earliest
champioiiB rising up on tho Uoor of
the" Senate and coiile:Hing lor it that
it is naught, limn the crown ol iu
head to tlie solo of its looi imi,
wounds, and brui-Jjs, ai.d putit fjing
sores. It is just what wo twid ol
your party bel ro i: came into pow
er, it is just what the judgment ot
tuiute ages will say.
OCfTho following is said to have
taken place, recently, between a mar
ried ceuple on their iraveln;
'My dear, are you comfortable in
that criiurf" -Quito, thank )ou,
my dear." "Sure there's plenty ot
room tor vour teeti ' "yuito Bure,
bivn " "Aud no cold air from thu
window b" your car!" "Quito cer
tain, darling." 'Then, my dear,
I'll obatige places with you."
LIT Brazil has' bhut her ports
aga&heU. S. steamer WuJ.,
The Vice of Intolerance.
In tho course of tho year 1030,
8o'6uv,.ra 0t tlts fleet
called OusiU.t.
IllitJy thcir aiJJtnr.lllCl! i Eug -
Ui,J. 1
Fine., iiiuiririohfii i.li. nnd
Wl.1Q ,,,,. ,, ,,ll llV,,
. .
I lit; M I II L' Beet . Lilt III: li IniHSIllVt,
weie intirelv mncwshil. Tin, Qu
Iters uoniiiiuim' tu incu-iuit in unm
UL.r8 ,lh, unihnusm.in tho year 1C.7J
thu Mus4;n-liiKi-tm !tiv (;,!. nn.u.i.r
lit llllltl
uenan to inlliet thu nenu tv ot
death j
mi th ini-inli. M of il.u ii rt
On the morning of uu. aututnii day
that hud witiiesn.'d tho martyrdom o't
two men of the Quaker peisuasin.i. a
I'uritaii settler was retuniiii'' home.
The traveler qiiiekem d his pieo whimi1'"1
ho had reached the outskirts ot the
town, for n gloomy extent of nearly
lour milod lay betoro him. Thoau
tuuin wind wandered among tho
branches of the fonst, whirling away
the leaves from all uccept tho pine
treeii, und moaning as it it lamented
tho desolation of which it was the in
Btiument. As the traveler emerged
Irom tho woods into an open space,
In) euirt wi ro fi!iVil liv u ciiimil
more umuiiilul than even that of the
wind. It sounded like the wailing ol
sumo ono in dire tlihtu ss, aud seemed
to proceed from beiieaih a hnicly lig
tree, in the center of an uncultivated
field. ...
to MippicKil"'''
The I'm itan Could not but remem
ber that this was tnc very ipot which
'took my father thence." said the boy
had been male accursed, a few noum
bett re, b) ihu ex etiiioii ol the Qua
kers, wtioeo bodies U id been thrown
together into oiio luity grsvt'.beuua'ii
the tree on which they tuil'jriid.
"Methinks the vi i-y j iik the
failing ol a child; son.o infant, it
may be, whijii lias struyed from its
mother" lie iheie'We lelt tho path
and walked toward tho fi.dd; thou-ili
now so desoiatu, iti soil -a9 prog.i
dovn and tramplod by the tiiousand
luotsit-ps ot those who UnJ ff,it,cn-ii
to wi'iuasthu sptctae'.e of that day.
all ol whom had now retired, leaving
the dead to their loislincsit, '
The traveler ut length rc'achod thi
lig-tiee,- which from the middlo, up
ward, was covered with living brancli
es, although a scaflold ,;ij L,n ,.r,
ted b..hcaih, and ether preparations
lUiiuo i er me woru ot uenlli.
Uuder thia ifuhnppv treo. which in
alto: times wiw believed to drop poi
son with its dew, sat the one solitary
oui lier over inn icent blood. It
was a slender, light clad, lirfe child.
wiio leaueu I. is lace upon a hillock of
hesti turiietl mid bull" frozen earth,
aud waited bitterly, and in iiftiippnes
ed tone, U4 if hia rief might recuive
the )unihhi,iei,t ol crimo.
iho JJiiriti,ti, whose approach bad
been unperceiv. d, laid his hand up
ui the child's thouhler, mid said.
Dry you,- eyes, my buy, und Ml me
w.here your mother dwells." The
I'Oy hustled his nailing at once, and
turned big lace upward, to the Ftrang
er. It was a pale, bright eyed conn
tonancu not more than six years old;
but sorrow, fear und want had de
stroyed much : its in'unrihj expres
sion. The I'uritaii a-Ksing tho boy'a
fi'ighte ltd chz , endpavored to re as
sure Km. -What! vou d i not fear
to sit beneath a gallows, on a new
initio grave, ai:d yet vou tremble nt
iriend s toiish. lake heart child.
and toll mo what is your nume, and
win ro ia your home?" "Friend," ro
plied the little boy, in a Hweet, thongli
laltering voice, "tliey c tll mo Ibrahim
and my homo is hero." Tha Puri
tan replied, "1 am hastoning ton
warm supper and bed, and if yon will
iru tuitli inn rr.il Rli.itl aliirn tli.im ??
I thank thee, friend, but though i bn
- ...... ...... J ......
hungry, and shivering with cold,
thon wilt not give mo food and l1g
ing," replied the hny. '-.My father
Wiiofthe p-op'o whom ail men
ate Tln-y have lii! him under
tliis In up o! i-at-th, afi i here. U in
1...,.,,, " Tli.. Pu.ilun tell. i In I 111. 1
h-.ld of little IbrahimV hand. re!in-
quished it ji3 if Ih wen touching a
loathsome reiitilo God lot bit!, paid
he, to iimselt', that I chnnld leave
thia child to perish, though ho comes
of an accursed sect Go wo not a!l
snrimr fro in nn evil root? Ara we
..ot all it, darkness till thu light doll, j
ul.ina ..,. ,2 I In b hal not nersh
lie then spokn Hndlv to Ibrahim,
m.., i. .1 ., .. I.t.l u hir-t. n the told
u. - - -
v II a every uoor
in the land shut a2ainst you, rnyi"'
child that yon hnvo wandered to this,
un ailopot?" -They drove me
JlSXm tie wUon. when they
'cfttno nunor ai'u tuuuu vu uw (,i. v.
,,u7 hrought bun none either y-s
be my!
No, child, no,'
l'"'"". HV.nputlii.s-wero
now hilly cxi-ited, II ho up and cciijo
with me.' Tho t-r boy wept a te.h
r j I
T knev that my father was
Lore, and I eaii this ehu! 1
'o i"u neiin i.i i-arui, hh ii
I'ic cu'd heal t beneath
il wuio ar ,
'l ''""'i than any livi:
r meat. iuu
traveler continuing to ei'tieat him
','"Je,b t,,L' ,J ,v ,lt lir"3u-'
But his slender limbs tottered wiihl
weakness, hU li'tio l ea I ir w dizzy, I
and ho leaned ugaiiirt tlio tie ot
du, (,r u-,l"rt 'My !oor boy.
un'1 Hre 80 '"lef When bad
Joii food last,' 'I ate of bread and
Wlltcr with my fath -r in iho prison
tt.'My or to-day: s tying that he
eaten rpiito enough to
him .to
hiii journey V end.
The traveler took tho child in his
arins, wrapped his cloak about him,
and resumed tho homeward Path
from which the boy's wailing bad
jcalled him. 'Look up. child, lo'-fc
sai J tlw ruriran, 'there is our
homo.' 'Doiothj said h'.', when his
wile greeted him, 'Here is a little
"'cat whom provident h.n put iu
to our bundc; be kind to him, even iw
if ho were ot thoo dear ones who
have departed from in.1 Then he
told bur Imw In) had found the c'lil.l
htiieath the gmlows, where ecctat Uti-
—Hawthorne. Mrs. Lincoln and Mr. Seward
The Washington corropondeut of
the Commercial relates the following
eluice piece of gossip. Ho Ray9:
About a year ago, a member of a
distinguished European family was
on u visit to this country and to this
city. Mr. Seward, as Lord Premier,
wad anxioui that Iwjloro ho went
homo he should bo made a partaker
id tho hospitality of the White llouiu
ami to that end suggested a State
dinner by iho President. This wa
ugic-ed to; and, had Mr. S-iward been
as wife in domestic 'is ho is supposed
to be iu national ulLiis, ho would
havo maduii lurthor nii.'gentionu.
Cut he rashly went to Mrs Lincoln,
and commenced to to,'! her Imw the
feast ought to bo prepared. The un
fortunate Pi line Minister had not
proceeded very far with bis iuetruc
lions when ho was met with a rebutT
like this, ' Mr. Seward, when I want
to ccnsult you on u Bitch a subject as
this, 1 will eefld lor you." Tho best
evidence thai Mr. So ward's a Iv co is
not deemed iudiapeusable on such
matters is, that, from that' day to this,
Mrs. Lincoln hus'nfxeut for him.
iVe snlof ultra cn-pidvn. The Sage
of Auburn may havo power to arioi-t
any man on tho continent by the
simple proce.-s of touching a bell
handle, but win n ho veutnrji to
leach our Il'pnbiic m Qeen how to
set ihedihhes for a State dinner, he
rcceivia a ecorniu! snubbing, which,
iho country svi II say, ho richly de-Serves.
Vitti lt nine I
Recipes to get into Fort Lafayette.
Discouraging enlistments by ask
in r mteu Idtl volunteers to take a
drink of South street utn.
Doubting the oiigiuality of Old
A'no's la-t j ike.
Calling iu ridestion Major General
Butler's ability te. take whisky plafii
sardine 8 ew.
By obs ifving in reference- to the
President's last call for invn, th.t
'you wisli he may get them."
Expressing dingus at tlie perenni
"quiet along the lines."
Disbelieving tu tho dislocation of
thoPpinal vertebra of the rebellion.
Culling a loyal sutler a swindler
and swearing at tho patriotism of a
Suggesting that a Republican Con
givs.Mii in i liable lo err or that t
?dss icliiiseiti Senator's loyalty is
!i'o Cream on JSew lrk milK ouiy
Sunday Mercury.
Two Kind3 of GiuLa Ono is the
kind that appears best abroad the
girls that are good for parties, rides,
visits, balls, etc., and who3e chief
delight U in such things- tho other is
I I l a. n k. nt f t. K r.niA
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an me p....w. .v
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i. .. t......,vtif nt Ikiitio fr li ft ot1ifr
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everything about her-the other n
sunbeam, tnsp.ring lib. and g ad .
- -
Now and Then.
" ""'ii'Miii wu wi a rtHifiiirir i. h.
i - . . ... .
J ,, circumstance. enthrall
; t , ' , l"""1:11068 I7
: j ...... " 7 ,7,
io O.iy. the l'ederal Governnmnt a it
8utau.y fl9
- no h name, ii
gieat nrtniea. an I r nin
sieotid t.i none jn t10 jt
occupied and re)o6foicd itself ol all
tlie lorts custom houses, anenals, and
other property wrested from itsimpo
tint bands four years ago. Commer-
That it tho view from your stand
point. From ours it bears a rery
different appearance. When Lincoln
was tind inaugurated, our republican
Goverrime'.t existed in nil its mate
rial features. Some States had with
drawn (rom the Cnion, but this did
not affect tho liberty ol our people, or
iw pei poi.iuy ot our republican in.
stitutiona. The Couttitution survi
ved in all its vigor nnd strength.
We had little or no dobt no Federal .
taxes no army of any consequence,
and small national expenses- No
liana and stern conscriptions, seizing5
W'tli merciless sevi-riiy up m tb un
willing victim, and d. spite thu tears
and sufferings of bis family, sending
hiui'jto the front, had theu been beard
of in this country, except io a tone of
war news from Europe. A half
million of men, in the prime of life
useful und productive citize'ns, where
then living, who have since fouud a
bloody and premature urave. fha
million of widows and orphans that
now darkwU the laud in mourning,
then rejoiced in happy husbands!
fat lie ra aud brothers. Then our
country was the hope of the down
trodden and tho asylum of the op
pressed. Now it is the mournlul
example pointed to by the enemies of
freit institutions the luduro of ro
publiean government.
The country was thin moral, in
dustrious, prosptrotia and happy.
How is it now? it is painful to think
of it to revive the drt-adml reminis
cences of the past. We have exchan
ged a real, a genuine prosperity for
a bloated, lalse ouo a substance for
a visionary bubble, that all expect to
momentarily burst. We have ex
changed moral purity tor the mont .
te-rnblo corruption. We h ivo parted
with everything that makes a 'nation
desirable, in order to maintain a
bloody tmpremacy over a certain por
tion of Uid. W litre is the public
bberty that whs handed over to Mr.
Zineoln four years ago for preserva
tion? It lies bleeding and prostrate
at the leet of a ruined and violated
Mr. Lincoln commences, to-day,
a second term, as completely unfet
tered by e institutional restraint as if
ha wete tho Czar of IJussia, or the
Sultan of Turkey. The Government
haj been completely revolutionized in
the last four years. Hardly a ves
New Method fob Computino lit
TtiKKsr J, H. uoldsmith. principal
of the Detroit Dusiness Uollego, gives
tho loilowing methods lor cotnpu ting
interest at any rate per cent, lor any
length of time, as follows.
l.CLE Ueduco tha years ; and
months to months, to half the months
HiitH x one sixth ot the days, multiply
that number by ono sixth the princi
pal, that will give the iutere6t at one
per cent, which multiplied by any
rah per cent, yon wish will give you
thu interest in mills. Example iu
terest t-n $12 at 7 per cent, for ono
year, eight months and twenty four
days, half the mouths with one sixth
the days annexed, 104, multiplied by
one sixth the principal (2) equate 03
multiplied by seven (rate per cent.)
equals $1 45 6. Second method
$12 divided by three equals four,
one fourth the months with ono twelfth
tho days annexed is titty two, multi
plied by one third the principal (4)
equals ?0S, multiplied by seven
equals $1 45 6.
$3 A Tavern keeper in England
who was talking boastingly about his
customers, said of one of them: 'Be
is the most tegular man in Ilarwick;
he comes here every Saturday, and
guts drunk, and Las -done the same
lor ton years, except when bis mother
died, and then he came on Sunday.
It is a good thing to be punctual.'
The wild geese are flying North.
"SpriDg is comiDg."

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