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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, March 16, 1865, Image 2

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I H IT K Mt'.N fiH A 1. 1. HULK MrRICA
t. a. nt ti oi, i
' . I'M p
uxzjrzz.rv t- ; ;
' Mar. 11, The New York Herald's
Wincheete-r crtcBpondont confirms
the reported victory over Early b.v
Sheridan, ond Bays Sheridan haa uo
cupied Staunton, and on tho march
up the Valley encouutered no opposi
tion. ,
Eebel prisonera report a i.eavy lyed
oral farce advancing from Ei;t Ten
nempo on Lvnchbiirjr. There ure un
confirmed minora ot its ca;tu:e3.
The 15th Corps ia eniJ to have bj.
come drunk, and to liavo pillaged
Columbia. Sliermn ordered the burn
era to be the!. The people who regain
live h i-nis and mo in a terrible con
-dition blivrmrtii left SOU catiio for
t!io uae of tha sick and wounded, and
gave them ai to protect thar.i again
tho. negroes. Tho Southern Express
Company oovo-i ita valuable.
.The Southern prew i anticipating
t!:UorflCt1)i'2 M-mu? will grow out
Mexico of the Ameiiean Corir.nl tit
Ala tumoral
The robelrf otii'idi.-utly anticipate
good news tor them from Sherman's
at my.
Over -Jour mOliona of 0 uvernmcct
V-L'd Bon -la were eold by Jay Cooke
ifc Co., I'LUdelpha, yesterday.
The I'i -fjideut has issued a proc
lamation in accordance with thi laws
ot ConpreS giving deserters from
.tha arinv n- wco tuai u iey an a. re
turn in sixt y Jays, tho.y will f.itt ail
civil vigu!4 a citisaua of the. Uaiitd
Three t'u ns'ttd txebp.ng'jd 1'edernl
prisoners 1 1 vu arrived at luaapolia.
,Nau. 10 Th Sbw Yovk Yi-tid:ri
'SriiHiintfU'iJ corronpundenco enya enr
advance" wl 'dar General Terry, J3
tweivis Dii'ei frcw there, on the Cape
Fear River. . Ho ke'a t.-opa c.iulruiit it
on the (.thtr side-
Tho Iiiciii no"-'! papers txprcsa tin;
boliel that 'Grant 11 iw attack Loe's
lines aroati i liii lioiouda aisoon lUthc
weather will per cu t.
The U:ii . u riconcra captarod at
Florence ivi-i y eoiit to fca'.ishury, on
the approaib ofGhersr.au. On the uay
mauy oi lb':t a eachped..
It is vepvt ted thai there lir.v) lu en
2,000 rebel leeortiouj, iaeludiii 4.0
olnceri, fr3 1 Lbc's army in the last
thirty days.
Gen. ;atrcet has made a prop
osition to on r General to return do
eertere on eh side.
The new '.Secretary of the Treasury,
Hon. Hugh .McCulloch, entered uj.ou
Lis duties yrsreolay.
It ia prediesed by Use (!,:i!e'ii;rat
. proea that tho crieia oi tne var wm
rflpiblj Bpproacaing, and t hut heaiy
r.nd dec-oive buttLs wvre kuon to be
Mae. 13, It is reported, that the
Government txpects soon to iear froci
Bberman via WilraiDgtou.
Eeaurfgard ia fortifying Kaleiii
eud joldsboro. and ia awaro of the
Federal cooperating caluma udvanee
icgfrymNawberu. Tho enemy li;7e
abandoned all tho country between
Wewbern and Goldsboro. Kiugstou
waa eracuated on tho 3rd
It i3 btatcd that Gen. Fitzhngl. Lee
and Cheatham have been bent from'
Alabama against Sberunn. Tbea.
Commanders expect to fona a jr.no
tion with Hardoo from CharleBion,bu;
cither advices Bay that Shtnuau ;hul
ed a few of bis brigades back r.pon
Cheatham's column, and completely
crashed it.. Johnston is Bripposcd to
havu made tho attack iu front, nut
vas defeated.
Secretary Stanton baa bean too ill
daring the past two or three da to
attend at tbe department and aigu of
ia:ial papeas.'
It now appears that the idea of ta
king Vice ri evident Johnson to Sil
ver Springs originated with L'restou
Kinir nn,-l riiit ho neeomraniod Jehu
) i
son and Blair to tout retreat. It i a!a;
ttated inofficial circles in Wasbingtou
that atveral doctore have been called
in for consultatiin. with a view of ma
. kiuz out a caee of temporary insanity ,
and taua oba:ii aa excuso 10 aiaoofje
ol the Vice President. The tact that
JJr, Joboeon was nominaced at iial
timore tlirough theiniiuonce of Weed
and Seward; ie much conunsnted up
oa by tho radicals. Sewardja held rea
pviiaible by tbem for the recuat die-
grHCb.'u! 6cor.o ill tlm Js; n.it and an
cl.ort is Umg madd to make a point
on tlua
Muximiiiam lias iaa led orfora re
'.iiiing ad stouruurs belonging to thutrt
country to sai: under the .Mexican
U.viog to die linnor in Xew York,
johtirJay, that iolniijlJ li lb.'i;a de
S.-ati.ii by the eneiny iu l-ia attain pt
toj'Ui fih'jrtjiia trutn Wiliuinatou,
ciiuse 1 no ixeitcd old market. The
?tuti.iN nt in tiint beiio'l.ud lebt ntteeii
Lendrtd ineti and aix v ti'nno:i. Ku
inors eta battle bitweou SithReld and
rhe tne.ny weie a.1 Mt iu Washington
y-B Li day, but uo pufticiiliji were
Qu:ef prevailed nl ng Grant' 1 1 1 -1
ss l.iat account. The weather was
very wit and the roada in a wreteheJ
c t.diiion.
The origin ot die Sc'-ofield dlsits'tiT
is leased upon a dispatch from n.'ai;
to the Kiehmond paper.
Tlio U, S. Stnare adjourcud tine
-', latt tvinii g.
t.'i; Thur.-day nitjfit r. severe fiht
tuok yl tce between th white aiid c--l
oied troopa ia Fort Fiekuring. S.-veral
negroes and oce white soldier were
Mrs. Lineulu's last drawing-room
I'eccj'.tioa tor tiie 8e;3" tuk place
yesterday in Washington, an wu9 a
brilliant atl'air, if we are to credit the
Associate! I'russ dispatch Wo nro
ciii'ioua to k-arn whether or uot the
company was aa raised iu color ua
rt'ero those who wore- reeieved by
ttie l 'resident on tho opening of Li
lnuugera'iou .
A!ak. 1-1, Wohavotiio ofiijial from
General bi i.criiiun, aiiuouneing the
defeat of the rebol General Ciiiitar, of
Eirly'ri diviaivu. llo giwvj 'a detailed
iO'iouat oi the injury irj uitlicted up
on the canal ami railroad between
Li'iichbiiig ail 1 U'.oliUi JU..1. lie do
elores that bo had djsUoyed th.j nav
iativii ot bo 111 caial and railivai.
it-.! cap-urea loiutjf.i riutio m c.tn-
non, iin:
vu eaii.ti
I'd iade!
With Bllppli'
ut ptovibioas RU.1 hud
icico stores,
Aniitber r-kirmisb ia r-'V)rHv'l i
. I. .Ml. I 1 ' 1 . II
iu.1 u eiiii;ti'i papers, inTWivii nan
ton 4 iore-:ft ana Barman, j uu ;'o
ia nor u.;meij. j ne reLH tn.ioaiil Ai
ken wn3 killed, and lUiuptou's Ad
jutant General WUUUULU.
The greater part of Ilia troopa in
the Valley are being Cuaa attuned at
The Uiehmoiid p:t:.era are very an
gry over the Bieauro by th; F.ul'-! u',
of 200,000 pounds f tibaceo at
lal-nrp, whicb liua leer, set;'
there i';uni lVti.rsbur
TiO c.c)iai)i,M ot pi onr-? i;? (lie
rnoiiih of i;..-d Kiver has (.-.',,. iij.;Oiiti.
O'ld closed! at Ga!!e.:rliw'o Card,
The Speech of Vice President
[From the Washington of "Agate" to the
Cincinnati Gazetee.
A; tho hour of Iv i
Vice Frvsident Uamiln.tal.ies'f.ia la
vj ari-iriaeiff
ottho ber.ata in a few fitly wordel
sentenceii, and iatcrdi.ced luj red tare
d.'i 1 confused r.u."0' bt?or.
What f)i!uwecl one might woli seel:
to c-,c".;ici lMconntin; but this thin
w?.; not done in a corner. The man
waa the Viee-Fa-Mdtmt cioct ; the
time wai the hour for bia iimh.-imu
tion ; the ,n,;t that h i to usVuin ;
was that of tho b cond executive etii
co of a great people-, by appeared in
tho pre-Lujce of a brilliant audieiicn.
gathered from every quaiter o t h
laud, of our own dlgrmarioa, and of
the pcrsoiiF.l lepreientr.iivc ot the ;ow
rts of Christendom. The-ii and there
and thus this uintj stood, to sav, with
many a repetition and iiiKiiv i;"i error
of grammar, that tho Comititution of
thy Unite.! States was a a-rikiug in
fctrument; that ho felt here btforu tin-
Senate! to day, that this was a preui .i
iliubtratioii that a man could 'raiae
f.'om thu ranks to the second place in
the gitt ot the America!, ,(.i,t,ie; that
senaiora auo supreme Uctirt and Cab
iiiyl should .kno'J.-, and he would tell
tbam, that tiiey were tho tnerj crea-tur-B
of the people.
You, Mr. Chief oVitieo Chase,
though you are bo high in place, your
exaltation and position eiepend upon
tho peoplo. xn j 1 vriil say to vou.
Mr. Secretary Seward, and tjyrai
Air. Secretary Stai.tai, f.u to you ;,lr.
Secretaiy ('. a guntleman nearby,
Svtto toce. ''H'hoir lo'jcro'.a.'v of tin:
Navy?'1 The ; eroa addresaed replied
,4ilr. Welled, ;) and to you, Air. Sco
re tury Vellea, 1 wonld say you all do
riveyour power f:on thepcoulu! 1
want io bay it, an v. ao j:ear me. m
vho face oi the Aiasncan lieoid ih.it
all power ia derived from the people.
t baj, iu me preseuco or you lurtngn
Niinisters, for I am going to tell tiiu
truth Lero to-day, that I am a pie
beian. It ia tho popular heart of the
nation that is boating to sustain Caui
net oflkera and the President of the
United 6ta.c3
All tbia and much more, with clen
ched fktsand vehement iresticulatiotjs
wbilo Senators and Suprome Judaea
and t'' i: Iiuprcaeolntive, now Cliug iai
'hung their heada ; and tho foreign
Aliriiatera JookoJ gauo with oputi -
veJ auKumieut. Vieo Frebident
llainlin, who bad reutlesaly born it
tlma lar.now whiaptred, l'ilr. JoVui -
aoii. you must coneluda, tho prcacrib
i.d time fr udjurning the Senate
i.aa arived." Jut the flood waa ujt!
to be atayul.
More vehenicnrly than ever the
Vie-j l'resideiit elect ri;Buined. Ue
cnino l;om Tennessee, lie thanked
Gd fur it. Llo thanked Cod Teuncs
feeo wa3 a State in the Union, and
had never been out. The btato Gov
ernment had been discontinued lor a
time; there had been an interregnum,
a hiatus, but she had never been out
ol the Unioc. lie stood here today
as la.r representative. Oa this day
nho wouli elect a Governor and Leg
isluui'c,nis 1 ehe would very booh send
Senators and members to Congress.
Auda'jon, ngain, with filiation
and amplification. At last thu retir
ing Vice President would wait no
longer; aad in a peremptory aud an
di'nlu whisper, he asjured tho Vice
Freaident elect that tho Sunuto had
to be ailjuitied, and that ii Air. Jubu
aon woud't stop and take the outh ho
iiiiiat go without it I 1 bis checkod
the oratory, and ha sworo thooatli,
with a ft luribh called tho bennta b
order again, iu txtra session, atrd
iau iu liii ejat. Tlie proclamation
waa read, and tho new or newly elect
ed Senators came forward to ta:te the
oath, ex Secretary Fertaendon conapi
cuuiia a-ri'ing thorn. The Vice Freed
dent approached, with tho Uiblo, to
ndmiuifcter the oa'h; but, aa it infJnn
ot purpone, ttianged L)s mmd, and Le:11'-11
gau aa eil'.rt to ohako handa with all
efthem. Atla't Ot. . Fancy, tho
Secretary o: the b.-nnte, endoJ
riMue by c.miiag forward und i-dmmib
teri-ig the e.a'h hiinsjl!.
More Rolling of the African
iinj lA'giHt.-uare or i'no na.- ropt.a!
ol tia: law which w.thheld tjoia e!
or-d rocideu'a of tuo i?'a:e the privf-;
iee ot an.' at eirct.uis. lin
ft 1 1 1 I 1 ll.t '!
wuu paatiea lo carry lalu tttect the
ollowing i'o vision ol tho Constitu-
Kvr i v v b i 1 3 r.i
UniUe! ijtuten of :h.i age of twenty
one .yearn, who bh:d liavo b. n a res
ideot ufUie Mate ui,e year next pro
e.ediiii tho i dv-ctioa, aou of the cuaa
iy, .ov.uv:..;;.' or warn in wtieu no re-jfornme
Mdea bueb tiineaa may i tind.Ld
l.i.,,. ..,'i. , .i ..i-i; ..v-j
i HA, c.i.iii ijsvc ii. o ej3a.i1icui.on4
ol a;, e.tcu-r an 1 nim!! be entitled h
VOie at h!l e.eCtioUS."
Coiut!!i:tt!U. I rt;Vifiioii3 Woichl.
iy, to v. u:ii.;p or warrl in wiich ho re-
'-: titer ri;;tit.-i vr franchise! ripen bjv
e.tied pariie-i ai'n un-ier-stood, by tia;
e umuon rules of interpn-tatiiin, to
operate to deny to panics nut enuiii
'jt.i:eu in-.' eu.niiniu 1.1 t ii-.' r i
, , j -- --- -
lLr ' tuoouty o: toe.
Aegi-iia-iire, unt!- tuo Oou6tif.ifiou.ha3
tw ri ia ,6 to ...aeueai loree
ue ptou.K.0,, wd, ... tms case, io o
ux the mode ol eondu,.ti:.g tl.o
ooiii u3.ov-.attboelect.7c
xciusiveiy iu wane mio rtaieientsi
who were citizens oitlui United State;
and ed thw ayo ot twenty-one year6; i
ana tlua w;u tiid iiurpoGo ol the law
which haa heeu reneaied. Whether',
tue Cou-titutiou ia light is ono qnes-l
Uon; whether it waa ught lo retieal'
oie ia.v, ano 0uu tuo way lor coii
dicts and disputes is another. Iftli;
Coiiititiition ia wrong there is a m.'d'.d
predefined U.r iu aniendmetit; ati'l
uoie iot.ie piaco to beiu. We fail
to see how auythiug ban been gained j
'. the pr-.'Cvtumga ol our Soiiaton i
nu ltepreaeni.itives; lor tho Couati
tutivii btiu remains tuo taramcunt,';i..arr
- . , I
aw and ua proviaiona are rules
odieial aud private action iuut a3 mncli
aa if they were repeated ia legiaiativ:
liimctmenla. lne judge of an eiectioj
who permits a negro to vote, will
therefore com mil. a breech of the or
ganic law of tho State of that iaw
whieh, wLieu ho takes his place, bu
awet ra to support. lLere may be no
statutory penally attached to the act,
nunc w;!i re none tho k'Ba a mori:!
miodeuieiiiior on that account. Th
repea. may opea tee way, and invite
......... f. ll! ' 1 . '
wuu , u' rtwjno
men, wliwte courago partizans wi
a;.p.auil au-A iiltetupt to justify; but
uo .ate not jet uncovered i0y tht
wiiiu, ij jeiei.;, ur liiu negro tiVi.ii, Jfc
to r-eceivu etibaiaatial Lcueh: fK,tj
6Ueh a perforinituco.
It too negroes, ttiider that v. hica
they v,'.'.l undonbiedly be laogbt ti
believe ia a now order cf t'oi!is &t
iempt to voL-j, thoy wilt bring 't;'e ni
silvea in c-.iiiiict with tho Cor.M o,,.
tioii. l' urilit'i'moiv, I no uugi.es
ijuo party may no uuudcu
mto th;
beiiel that the repeal of
I ol the law ii
nation of a Iran-
'urage th-.-ir pro-
daud vote. The
cpavaloiil to tho doua
chioe, uuj may enco
trges to c.aoc forward and vote.
iiiiwfi"i 01 another party will take a
ditlerenUiow of tho Jitcts, and a coa
iiict ol 4'inioii wid be tno result
sharpened by a competition of purtv
interests and philanthropic and autt
philantliropic prejudices. We are a
highly humane, peacetul, forbearing,
civilized, ameliorated Christian peo
ple, but such thiuga aro not without
danger. Even Quakers have been
known to lastle each vtiicc very vig-
l;cu aificreocts of doctr'.ije1
. .
c.tiZet el tbti'n
hiwe b'eii wuiinud an-! m uh active
' by filiations of title; nd it' such
scunua bhoy'd ariay, '.ho. negroes
tbey a'waf6 do, when in the
.the:r philanthropie fiieuda
handa of
ptuiantnrouie rueuaa wouIJ
[From The Cincinnati Gazette, March 9.]
A "Loyal" Paper on the "Loyal"
Vice President.
R11-';-i' n.e en-honor ttiat a
W:'5 in u;,'iiratutl rlr;t:ik,
! Irividle 1 ovur the 1 1 dy !.1j;)!-:
thoUl,uli " o: eibee, una a.ntmod
'"'.e nation in t".e vytii .f tin; w-r!d,
or w-0 tllU ci'ument
on i,r8 ,..,n.t;,:, ,, ,, ,-..t i,.i..P!''ulc-
" ,L0!)-"1-'' 11 "'Igl't tiae;tn.in
brought him to a etn o1' it vr liavo
jbre..-d bif leunesfeo lri.-nd to ace to
,pj; or .,J MU ft tt..)UJ,J ,av t browtl
I,r. UT,,ul.;r..,... il...!-
exhibited to tho worl
ness for hia pniRout position, and ho
hlU dia.'umored tho iila-itutioiia of Ida
eloc.jamtry. JI0ldiouM make the only
lrar,Uu.ae!,.ci)iimtion in l.ia rfo-wtr.
a .. i r. a...... ... ,i ... ',.... !..,:
l , , .ii- ii- .
deuteje.:'., presented liinisi:!! druiiK ht
the gie.it inaiigu ation ceiemony, in;
tho nreseuce o! the assemb ed execu -
tivd and j'lJicial departments of tho
Government, the representatives of
the peoplo, a largo concourse of citi
i i
zens from u 1 'inrts f tha comtry.
and of tiie foreign dijdomatiata tiui
visitors. Idifore that impohing con
courau lie bellowed 'i halt an hour
tho idiotic l)a!i!)ln of a min i besotted
by a fortnight's debauch. Ho boasted
himself ua a apociinen ot the woikinc
A ylnierican iiHtilutionu, which
brought hueh a miti aa he to the ao
cond place in tho Government. llo
dragged its prou leaf cremony into
tbe dough of his degradation, un d
turned it to ehaiuo and mortification .
This cannot be covered up aa a pri
vato inrir.jiity. it was exhibited bo
fore ihe world. We have f discuss
taaa pi.hli,t calamity, and aa r.
national innnlt and (!!a;rse-j wh eh
demauds relief. Mr. johna-vn ali.iu! !
at once resign the place he haa so dis
honort-d, and in which he fan never
have tho respect ol any Am- ricrto
Citzm, aa l bIi mid retire to priva'o
life, where bis wallowing will b fool
no one but himself. Tho nation can
aa he
b.ie.ii.d til to preside over the fcvinte
ana rcpre-Hent lu cx -eutive u.Ine.
And it P:in Hot rili'ici! f l-i-i--. .i,-..n
. I
t li riK : o Jin- i nr. n'
an r.:ton:ut:v . m Cri3e
th or diii abilitv oi'the Freai
!.ir er.!;ib
- t l ,
1.1,i.-;.tn,- - .., ...,.-. .mi,,,
OfUViu wo Ui'.iu-rlit it nib'ht
I.'ape j the iuinM.l when hi? was
iV ,.. ,fiW,.. .'.,;..,. .... i
be Wi re lmhituallv intoinnanite
won.J rotaia decency eiiiuii'i tore!
fraili tr.ril) .iS!U.!.r..f i.iii.j! f..r nnlil u
I ""-
occasioijS. mr loi o.-araucu wan un
the pernio ai Wtwbingtuu upon their
giinra, and j.ovliapa Ijave diminished
nis c.jvirtDiiii? for Btich a bumiliii
ting csli.b'ti in.
t IT . . .
vearo not inclind to palliate
-i. i
Liioou leiuariis ov ur,
Jh. JvUn&oll' nroviona
WO 1 1 i i. tl
!t V'
, ' ' I
be 0)iy a!
r.y jeferenco to i
,, , if. I
ij i , '
I'OriU hw until
Gen. Sherman's Letter to Wade Hampton.
Nkw Yoi;k, March 12-
-Tho follow
Vs '"u o i-.-u. i w u aue
ii,., i.i f.;., eM, .,.., . V, I. w. 1
Gen. Sherman's Letter to Wade Hampton. HEADQUARTERS IN THE FIELD
February 24, 1865.
u,..1 ,ri,., . .
jviivii m '. iuul,ii.i Uwn cs II.VIIJU,
cl;cifhlv roda horn the tnahi road.three
partfjquubtiou my right to forngo in tho
country. It was old as history. The
maimer of exuieiseing it varies with
Li.i'il. Gen. Vlo lUmplou, cotumandinji ev
uiiy furets, U. S. A.
Ganeii'd It i3 ofib'i&Ik' ninr.rlo.-l
to ,,. that our fonciiio- rarin-a ur
liU,rd..r;! d alter capture" and 'labeled
"death to all lorat". One instance
u A Lieu'enant and bcvi-ii men. near
miles from Feastei vilie. 1 ha J order
ed a number of priiionera in our hands
to bo disposed of in liko manner. 1
hold about 1,000 prisoners captured
in varioiu ways, and can stand it us
long as you, but 1 hardly think these
murders are committed with your
knowledge, aud 1 would Bii'geat, that
you give notice to tho peoplo at largo,
that tvery life taken by them simply
icfaulta iu the death of ono of your
Confederates. Ol course you can riot
circumstances, and if the civil author
' ...... .
itu.s Wiii supply my reqnartea, I will
forbid all foraging, but i find no civil,
authorities who Can respond to cilia
fcr forage i,r provisions, and theretbrti
muat collect directly of people. 1
have no doubt tbis ia the occasion oi
much ur.ifoehavior on the part of our
men, but loan not permit an enemy
'fjto iude or punish with wholesale
tnnrdr. 1'oraOiiallv. I reirret tha bit
ter Lelinga engondered by this war,
but they wure to b-cxpected, and I
simply allege, that those who struck
tl.: llrst blow and made war inevita-
b. .-, ought not in fairness to reproach
us for natural consequences. 1 mcro
ly airfcrt our war tigb's to forage,
aud my resolye to protect my loragers
to the e.vteut of life for lifo,
I am with respect,
Your obedient servant
W. T. Sherman,
W. T. Sherman, Maj. Gen. U. S. A.
a'TFor TiclurcB goto 0. J. Bill-cr?U:.!,v
ll '1 I'HII
Oftl.9 condition of the Tiwaurr of Vintou County, with tie amount of fund
for -hcti piupDie on liurnl, forth" Sim-nnwal slttemeut March the ICth laW.
''('.u,lu-k"" '
Uru'.v . ... ....
I'oor . .... ....
ViiUintoi Itr'ii'f ....
flitc .Mlii'.orv ....
-n - . ...
r'neiiii 6: p. Poor
i,in,Mr,. ,.v
CoDimiitition ....
T"iul .i
Lrss ani'iunl ht pa i-.t on Jliliurv Fa.iJ
Uiilance in Tivn. -
.,, . ....
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ey? 40 8
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tin c
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- 30j V 0
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f'J S3 7
iiin - .
ll.e. t r.. M K RR. A,l.t,.,
Miireh lijih 1565 4e.
IIKiYRY KI'.Y.NObDrf. Tfiia. V.'On1. 0.
11 1 ,- mi inim.
Special Notice.
!"'"- " Kirvftilcl.iii-.t n-Mi'ickUiiaV
, u1'.'' ,v('-'ub'u i,r-,i'i-'oit .., (tp-
s.oldi.-. iim.rii ; it Mrciit!ii-iii. in
a-boie nfffMimoy-oi!,., : ii t-runtcR u .,i
I!lVv,.ftt-w"m,'J tocur 1,y'l0!,"h"ud
Wwttj i)roWlti.?.,nrllyittl ,..-r T.t.
tl. I'ropars.1 by lr. A. StiickkuiJ, Inc.
PinbAD'oPltlA PA
SYSTEMS ne .v un.l ntliiili! trealni'iii
in K'lions ol th HOWjIKDS ISSOCIA
TION--t).-iit by mail in snjle.l k ui-r f nvn
lojw-i, fn til rhaigrt A ldre.ss, Dr.J, Sle'lb
LIN HOUGHTON. Howard Association
No. 2 South Ninili street, Pliilniii-lpln.i, pu
A SUPKKIOR ItKMKUV. Wecmi one. lnn
ttoiuly r-;comnnnil tu tliso mijiirintr t'ruiu a
.liHtrestiijt; cftu,'li,, Dr .St-iokUuU's .VlnPillnitiir
ii.iii.uii. Il jiiko.-; rulioi ulinost i ut h n l
uiiiiuiin, ninl in wUhiil lint i!ii-iiifrueiillh to l!!n;
lii-'. Thoro in no il-jiiht bill the Mitlliiliioiii
lla!sin in onu nf rho bi-.it .rpurtii.iu Id usi
nmt i. nil Unit iU (niiriutnr i-ii;iini lor it. W.
l::iv t.iii i il illiri cj tlirtp-u"t wook. ui.d l'.,iii.
rulii:! I nun b iiiimI ilil.riihili i:uiih. It o pro
l-nrj.l by I r . Sti i-.-kliin.l, N-i. rt Kb-! K-nrtli
li'tr-.-i. Ciii-innntti, t). . uml lor nilo b Dnijr
! .Sli.h ut jU ccn' i'i;r Lritlo.
u c( t.u i. man vie
tin yon tt'i;l Vi,i.'(i:ii. i r N!nnsl:icli(i.? Our
lii'l .lh,l'i.i!l..'il). will lor. i: ! I:illl l.i tfn' u.
Iw -i:"m'I;v ( in ili'n, or luiir mi b.iM h.-n.!-
ill WV. U. I'i i i' t- I 00. tllt li;.- TiKiil t,y.
W ll1, l ti. i.i.m.il -. 'i i-.. i . an riii'titii nf ? 'r-;.
A.l.liv: -i. llNt-.R & CO., Ii -x l;i5,
I5.o-il.tj ii, N. V.
l v,
pi) il-'K fKi.'VOl'S I!',I1I' I I'ATK -Nn
1 DKM-ONK..VT Of liOTi! SKXIT-. A ?r.n
stiltirtir i;miiiL' linen rttt(in.,i In hijiiltli ii: n
1 1 .i-.. iil'ti-r :u::v yi-ur. nl ..i:...(;ry, U wiliii. t
Oil I1" hi .niiler'ui fi-lliiw-cra:ilurii bv kit, .b
( truu ,i,ini t-iu n : it j-f. er,i .1 i.iHri-i.,,: ! is.
..?l' j.;, ucujiy of Miu form.ilc oi'curo culoyr-l
e)!IK H.DACiNKJ.L lUx l i t P.O.
lnouklyn , K, V,
)YsrKm. NKiiYoLSNr;, ami m
(-..ll r,,n
illllMllill'l ttl'IMI Ulil'iriil Y,., I.OKn of
.ipjiur:', ti!,iii;ri?:iiiii. or v.i.f.i.t'iii, .Vrvoi
n:is'. rnnnii mrioi eiui;i;ii;i.li , Olno.
Jiuy U 6-I lyr.
K i.i.'Xre.v-i o.Ns aku j;j:i,;:RiXi.'K
PuWulifd iVr t!;i: Ij.iiii-l'.t, and ua (;..tl!
Tl)U TO YOU.S' (. MEN un.l other. )!.. Mif
, f'ir ti-jin Nivoiia Dj'iililv, rrr.inlui Oh.'iiv
"f-inhood. .t-t.. Kupi'iyii.gnitlinruiii.. tOiiO
'Pins S!kas or Ski Ocbjs By tu.u wl.-j I.h.i
1'irS'i liimsulf atfor imclerffoiiit ..'.ruHidfiiiliii)
leinfi.ry. l.y uiinlosiai: n n.stpnnl ii,l,lre3od
euvniop aiuijie coi :i liny bu hud ol Ihu au
thor. KATI1AMJ-.1, MAYKAIK, V.r
lirookljn, Kii; i' N- V.
JuricOnd I.SHll-'.jr.
1. I DA It IU 1(15 A NU OY.SIi.NTEttY
VVs hit',; fxiininnd s grunt niiniher o
other; froiri Home of ih most prniniiiri:
citiwns ol Cini.-iiin.tii and OnviiiHton. He,
iealiinr in Um hiKlicst terms of Or. Snpik
liiail't: Anti-Choli'M Mixture for th. cure, of
diurrlifi-a iiml ii s.-ntery . The letters '-.re
to long to p'i'risli. Mr VVocds. of Itnv.
uitrton , Ftiys lie wes pronontict'u itittinhlp
fur tins bi'fi doctors it; Cincinnati, mul one
iont'e of Dr StricttluMd't. Anii Choh-rn Mix
turn r-tiflcted a pi-rniniient cure nl'tpr snffei
ii: lor moiiihs with the worst form of diar
rhu a an 1 dvsentery,
lnnihcr nays Iv was dif charged frcm the
Unite'l States srrtice after snlTcriiif; in the
hospital l'ir 8 inonthsas innumblc, and h a
lat.t resource tried Strickland'n Anti-Choin
ri Mixtarehe got well directly atn! has now
iiiimeil the iirmy anin in wood health
One niioi writeb he cured Ft mmi or f igh!
very li'id enses of di,urhii:;i mid dyseutors in
tlm bnrracks be waa in 'vith one bull is of
ihis va'iirtble mi-dieine. Ia f-itl wo could
till hcilf our pai-er with similar itcint. hoin
tl)e:-e li-tti'rs. Why dorts not our Gyvem
rr.pnt pricnrr this valuable prepnruion.
Ut;r army ou:ht to be suppiicd with it. It
it ht't n shirt time since. on of our mmi
laid in a vry low condition at ono of rwr
Uincinnali Hospitals, hi. 4 vif4i wajseiii fot,
the do'ors cunidiired tiUan hopeless (use.
She, however, Rave him Stricht.-in t's Anti
Clu'lerii Mixture, and in three wet; lis bo waa
:illo to return hoinft with his wife to ?-c
Rii'.limoiiil, (). All these caws rit;ht at
home npeal; fur them jolves. YVe hope all
the. pniitie.ri will pot a bottle, of it ia thiiir
kiitip vii ks. it may Rave tln-m or some ol
lh;:ir cunirades. It ia fur Sale by Drnaists
t 50 cents per bottle.
Wniited , Corieti(nitlcii.'i Bv twool fnule
Sioi.'a vuti:rs::s All 3'om.g luetics tbitl tvinii
I'm, pliihso ivtite and recnive :i Icttur. Ohiuct.,
(.in, lova nnj the CuSisr.qiinr.fcs. Vieass scud
pcolocru wis, nii'1 rr.cfjivo one in rutnru
Ad.iri ii Cu'iii !!oy, iinj liAo 13ov, Dimp
E'niini.ioii. Wind 2.1.
march li, ioui.
State nfQhii,i:Uon Vounly Cour of
Conmon Plus:
f.Th It. Jchnsoii, riiinttlT, ") Pivoroe
VS. I and Ali-
Kiclmrd A. Julmson, Ilofimlart. j mmiy.
liiel'iird A. Jybnson, of 'rark. i.i tlij conn
tr of I.ifkir.ff, and Stato cf Ohio, will take
notice tl'Kt 8anih R. .lohason did on thu b-.i
day ci March, A. I). 16G'), file j-.er palirion in
t ho Clork'a office of thu (.'cirt of Common Plena
fur Vinton eomty, etaigiii bim, tha' fid
Richard A. Johson, with extreme cruolty and
prf ncjrl'.-ot of rinty, and pmyinrt that tbe
id Sarah K. ilnlinunn may ho divorced from
tbe Raid Richard A. John-en, and ',ir Alimony
aud the ciato'ly f.f thoir child, Ellj-ttt 8. John
son; fitilch snij petition will be for lieariniat
eta aeil term of said Court of Common Ploas
JJj- Covtabck I. Khivei. I!ir J'.'.'?.
noit'ia 9. 'ii -iv.
A I'tioi'Viimii while reidinir ii; Sr.tah Am.r
ieu an a MoM..iiy. iliai-nvored iiHntearid Min
I'le r-nn-'ly for tin- cere ef .NVrvoi W. nkni.-,
K11 rly l'-.'.iv. Jii-ii-iurt. oftlie Crfiiarvar.il
So riiiiinl ('mini", end i.'ic ul.ole train ol .iiei.r-ili-rs
lir,.ii,"i,toii by hiHiflful h it. I iciim l.ahif-l.
(iniil i.r.ii.ln.ii Ii ', v u been a!r"i.jy cured by It; in
no lilu ri'tiipdy. J'roinytei'. hi a lie-ire to licna
fit the -Clu-tnd mid unfortunate, 1 will t.end
the rcii o f ,r pii-paii'ijf an.l nslnx thiv im-dl-c'no,
in a Mjuloii i-iivc'iipu.to any one win uvuda
it, Ksm: t iiAHt c.
l'licusu 1 n-jlr.au a pi,!,'-1 mi.. I cevalopa, uddrwPS'
ed lo you rc!f.
JOS i; I'll T. IXMAV.
. Station I). 1'ip.i.r. Ifnra
Miir. ICth toiij l v r. N0w York Tin-.
y Lilt III r'F'S SALE.
i'.r.'t nf OH", I M( 11 l.UHllt).
f. 11. Menx'r I'lciT In (Wt of
eiii!it y Vntimii l'luua
n-.-iijuoiin ) IuCtJ 'u YeYidi.
1 i.l. ..NT tu tho lii.niiuaiMl nl nu rii.lor cf
tilt, i;i thy rt'iove ..'iiii.i.' tn hi.i -lirrtt'teii t'r,iu
hot'oiirl i.f Cunuu.ni Plc.-u, ot' the aluiiai'l
0' hi niv i.f Vi:iti,n, t v.t'.l ..l!'.-r nl. public aniii nt
Iu-ih'nr or tlm C'jiirl 'liitwn, in V'lu ' tnwu of
I Aeri.lnir. in t!ii ,0'i.rii; aitl 1-,'iu.tv 01' Vii.'.i.u on
S.iturtlai i'i Jti,j Ma-eh t3t-.r,
At. t'ni, h.'ii' i.i'oi,., o'o in'k, P.M., ut'-iti'l day
'.!,o l''.!l.o'.in: ..-:i;.., 'l',e i;urih end
t'iii.t;..t iniiii i.ir ti.u, i''- ) ! :(-; :i i-tfip tlf
he ii"i:li(;:i. ntt.il in', ;r'i :;: ...i.' iiii'.drt.l
nl tV;nly lisijt n !i:,ni'l aliiifthn -hi i hU"t.
i.pt licit part r pa.-.wl t-ihvet.nl by Clinriio
I! ib'ii : ami win, u Uu M..rrii'iu iV ''iucnu.i.li
Liij U ou I'ompiniy, .'-' a--?r-p oil .. 1 i m wi:t
f MJi! CUt- l.'t IIIIMllli r ihll'l .- (.I!,Illi'l;..iln; ul lil
itie , Ii 'I .vo.:: 1.1'k 1111:11 Ktn tw.) und
lirau iiiut.i,";: i i-m; wt on 1 In- l.r.rlh liii'l
jI l"t i.iiiiil.i'i C-i until i' icU rwui '.h 'int
ino rumii 11 jr miii'Ii From tin -m;h wet
efl'r i f In ho MlHi.-Htr Uolvi?,. the t' .i
-otilli iii.o hnii'lrni M.'l twenty lex: ur.ril
it jute -ct !l,c ii'ht und";- I iifin o''tht pert
f nil'. - loi iiiiiuhr.r ti, i i eii'.d th antti,
.liutma tvrt tic hiii-j ili-i.i .11 li-rt l etwijcii
. iu 11,1. nln. r t i) Hii l (h nu'.. 11 ml I Lent u Hi. it I'.
.nll.ilplln.il 1,1' lit(iiillii!!. all .il'wiid ln!f ili.d
1m mi Ivi.'ii! mid bain? ii, Jl.i.ii u.t mlili
' iun to tlm iKvn of llanidiiii Viiii.i,n foiiuty o.
lltthiehi.i h,iihU'iI 1: 1'iii.ndry tgiiiH-r
(Ihi Ki.Kii.ii n;id iioi'jliiciii'y hiium-iii ., .u,l
I'oini.lr.v liiciiionK,
Ti'ken to riio pri.p'irrv nf Hi,i... vn I'ili lr
mtisl) a ju.h'.oi'cii' oi 'al'.r'.-ki'.ia t..a.'., iu it
tni ,.f K. IF. Ikit-iut-r
A,piii,r.,as 1 ,;U,'wi t.-i-nlf. ii'u sum "f
h:c tlii'iati'l f.m r hiiiKlrr.l ihn.ar.i a:nl lii'iat
hriiiirtwo third of t but num.
T KK tltV nla'.-i, .hli in hmd.
1. 11, Siiivti.t. ,1. J; j:rO.'K;r-y
Att.tr PI IT. tfirt. V.C.i.U,
iiar I. jr.i.h - tv
Slate of Ohio, Vintou wt,ly.
Bontii A pM-nlty, '!(?. 1 Int.'onr e
O-roriiaj!. P!.ue
-feliiel Kri''i; r-',i:
lli l'ir ut hut
Uu Vut,eii.
V virlf.o of nn 1, idur .Uulct, me' 'dirceiad
frur.iti e i'l.urt of i'otiuii-, Pli-i.i. ol''lnt.
i.'iuiiity Oniii, 1 n ill nlfor ii,r m; ai iia l)tar
it' llo fieri il-'iie. on
Hal ur Jui Ik: SS,,, ,l,ty nf March J85.
At thn h'Hir of pi o o'Hock P. M.. oi eaidd.ir,
ihu fiilUivinj l-l Ksta'o to-wit;. The f.'t
inill of tlm cant hi.lf nf 1ii-Ip5 nninbtr,1 m
npi;c'iv)ly Thirly -three, and I'hirty-fnu,
'he r.wn of llanidon. in unid Vinsmi ociintv,
and Stale ' f r)hi, suhjoot lo tha dower iii
ttri.tot N.iiii-v Fn me.
Taken a tin. propnrty nf.Ieiiiiil Pratt. ! at
Ul-t liinTM ut Isw, tu hic.M'j' a ju,lst,in!iit o' aor
riiitl I'loir',, in favnr of Iinolh A Hrr.Uy
Appraiio I an l!owi . tci-wit: Kaat halfef
theet't h:i!f nfl-i lot nttikber Ihirty-thr ee.
tt.vo liii.i Imd an tweiitv-Uva dollar-, aa l
the ua.i'. Ii.iif of th'i in.-.', nult'nf lu-lol 'i J hi .r
thirty-four. at. i.tly-i.x dollar, aud mnas
brir.ff lM"v-lhii.l.i ul fhal um.
'j'KR.l.S ol hu'e, Ci.bii in hand.'
II S.li.tjin.TuM J, J. r.HO'"K! T
xf.'y l .i PPff. Sbff. V. U. 0.
It ivll Iti. ll-.SSw
The Commissioners of Vinton county
will meet near the dwelling of Henry
HolhiU'S in Clinton Township on
oatuiihi th- Sii dat, of April 1SG5,
at on a o'clock. P.M. fur the. purpose of.
letting to Ihe loiveat veaponsihle bidder tha
building ot n irestle; Iiriilire at t,e croBFin w
ot 'he creek on the road leading from Mr.
Arthur and intersecting the rliiid leading
from Hainden to Allensville, near said Viol
Cues dwelling.
lly order of County Coinmissioners.
March l6 1365 4w Auditor V.Co.
Sae of Ohio Vinton County.
ON Sa'arday tl;c 2.MU day of March Ufio,
utcim o'clock 1'. M,, in Ihe aftornoon, on
lie. prcniiscK in I'na couaty ofVioton and Stale
of 01ii, will bo hi .IJ to tl'10 hifrheht birldur tho
foil,, '.via re;il t-ntato, s the property ot Simeon
Dix.'n ileoH-wod, to-nil: The north ea.-if half
of tho nor 1 li west quarter, and the n th west
(jnurJor of the north went qnnrte). t-, c.'ion
numb-.r 8vif, (i".)in '1'ownrhip 1 r,ui....ci nine,
(9.) r.f P.irif!.-) ii'ni'hcr nlnctrou , (19,) (iontain
Ijjt ninety-t ,vn net en 111010 or
Appral-ied at Sover.ty-r.iao doll.ita
TKIHIi'H of faio, cm. thirA ca.-h in hmd, r.na
third in Six re. nth and :he ri.s;dri in Tw :ive
miiithf, )efcrl paymccta to hoar iutrHt
from the day oftUc, nnd to, be j,ecurcd by
mertjjiio'o on said promi'O'S. , ' 'r
tii.'.ioN r. 0!;:on.
Feb. 23(l-3tj-47 Adm'rof Pimeoti Dixen doc.
Zaehariah Stevnrn., Adniiuis'ratoi of the en
tato of Kebecca Sicvonit. dojeanod, tftis fileH hi
acc.iuints and vom Icra lor inspection and final
suttloincnt, and th: the snmo will b for hear
ing oa tho 18tb day of Mareh, A. D; I 85.
March 8. 'B5tir.-- - I'robate Jndo.
For Blank Deeds. Call at
this OFFICE and bo Snied.

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