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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, March 23, 1865, Image 2

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B. A. BR4Tro.t,
r" MoARinUIi, QIJIO:
Trr 21 lGJ
tc as
ADVKRrisitMKFri for inseitinn in tlie
Democrat, rnnst be hanltJ in ly
noon un Tucudiiy" eRch week, r Mm
paper is maJo np on Vedtio3Jiy
. morning. ;
Notice to Subscribers.
. Bomo two mont'is ago the raise in
paper corapulletl in to raise the price
. of subscription to -5 2, 00 per year for
the Domocruf; 6ince that time paper
has declinoi!, su.l wg fall back to the
o! J prica of Sl,5) per year. Our aim
has buon, aa we liave so often sta'ed,
to make audi charges as wruM meet
the actual expeiicea ol the oQijo. Mr.
Rjnck.ia tho only mm who lina paid
Ui S2.00 for tio pipjr, anl we will
crodit him with four months more of
the pup 3r which will adjust all our
account at $1,50 for subscription.
We hope our frienJi will try an I in
crease our aubeeription lis:; and thus
belp ua to sustain thu press- We ex
pect to get new typo th.1'3 spriu- and
give you a much better paper.
The War Over.
Many of our citizens are again n
the opinion that tne war with the
South is over, About drawing to a
close Again we ask. do yon not
underestimate the South? What
large victoiy have we gained, that
giviiB you this promise! lias Slier
man .Sheridan or Grant annihilated a
considerable Confederate force? Have
we captnrod an army of tho South?
Have we rendered any considerable
force of the South imff.-clive in any
hkUltl The unfvtr to a I thee nue?
tijns it. D i I Uy what t.en i . we
eerie! ale the U n rr k-rv.ts are a'fiut
toivaul Wt can't see it. Tlk;
rlida of Sb.rman e ciunot p"t d.iwn
as ictcriouB .to our Arui3. Tiie
whole result is vet to ba determined
by an awfal battle,nr by a series of
the most Woody battles the world ev
er saw. This i our opinion, based
as we believe, upon legitimate milita
ry fauts and movements ot tho armies
in the field. Wo don't by any means
My we may not conqnor in the great
battles that will shortly and most as
8'iredly come off. but we do aay no
man can tell the result of a battle till
it U over; and no mi,i can tell whit
the result of disastc' tioar atrm may be
Grant to day. all tilings being coin i I
red, stands no better chanco of sue
ceil than McGIellan did before Rich
1'iotid in hia reat seven days fight:
suppose Grant should moot a like
fa'e; what woii'd ba tho result!
To Our Farmers.
to say a word to the Farm
era of Vinton County, in regard to the
coming season and tnr future ' pros
pects ana people. Thero are co
peraons open which the indusiriHl
classes of our ctfizeus bo much depend,
as npon our frmer atd grazers
Tlence the importance of oor farmers
ts'mg every rxtrtion to till as much
of the soil as they possibly can. Tut
iu every hill of corn, and every row
of potatoes that jou can. Raise all
the stock jon can, yonr duty to your
tlf, your family and yoiir country
demands this at your hands, at all
times, but more especially at this
time when so much of the laboring
iiittrests of the country are taken off
by drains upon rou, for the anny.and
1 view of the facttb.it still larger
rains will be made upon yon in the
tlnre. Thousands will be left, in
dition to what we have, to be pro
led, for, . and unless our people go
work in earnest to raise the necta
ries of life, the consequence will lv
.-yond any calculation. High prices
.! produce wn) continne, tins with
ur depreciated carrency is enevit i
IJrnco we say let every man do
whole duty, this is n quired at
ur handa by evory consideration ol
nioiiaod patriotism. ,
Mar. 21. The New York
hIJ'b Mobilo coirosuooJent
froupa have been ging I re in there
i new the lit of Febriiitrr, but there
:ill remained about , ttiii town about
13,00 tro:4
Twenty thousand hales of ctton
wi re laid In be iilel mi at tlm i. o
ot the Mob In ami Ohio I.tilnmi
rtaJy fir tium-tintn tut tho in'.
nor ui Aiauuiiiit, ii loo jMDubj cmiti
not hold thu plitci'. Tlie ci'iz'Mis b
lioved that Goimrat M iiurv won (I
burn the city it' he could not lioui it
I he netv York Iribune rrufesvi
to liave private luloruiutii n tout Gen
eral Lee liml imtihuj Jen Divig thai
it was impossible, with tliu iooain at
Iiib c uniiiiii) 1, to i ikj lieaJ actios
the Union forces.
the rooela liave comuioncud U
rata .: m-yro r.'tjinientj in carueai. Tn
uffioul urJiT liar, luen iiicl, tttiJ
iciidesvois for tiiu ro. mita, slave an I
free, hua been niuiointed. Goiu-ra
Lee, in a lettei wn ten on the 10th
tirgiB the work c f raiding ami or;.i i
iziiijr the negro troops, ttu-l a.iy Wo ix
ut.xious lo.vviiiitHS ttieir lirar ixoeri-
incuts ii: fi'htiiu lor tin Sou'li-Tn
The dry gaols mui in New Y-nk
are said to bo iiiiirkuii down ili.-ir
goods in orJcr to eoulorin to the g .11
There were minors of the e vacua
tion ot M obi lb in Now Y uk ester
day, iiiui it ha 1 the effjet to depress
the Gold iiihi kot.
The New York Tnbiinu army cor
respcndeiit cays all n" to silo tint
we shall have aeiioit, but Bovrre, cam
nau'n in a tew nay, a
fieried it-
tllrtt Will
cuiitests will havo Iwl'iiii
cause a proiuuud benstttion tliroiign
out the North The Tribute's Wli
ington special tiays Snendan it ag i n
on thu war-path, ami will noun Itu
iieard Iruiu agirn, infj cling mucii
punishuiuiit o'i tho rebels
Secie'ary otauion, whis ju-t from
their 'tit, ta)S General Grant know
exactly wlt.it L.-e is ab iur.
Mobilb. March 9 Transports cn
taiumg 1,000 tr tow, enteied ilu oa
tnn'Ugii Gram's 1'as-t,
MomLH. March 10. F 'iii teen ven
8e!s more wc-re adonl t (no d et to
tiay making tweicy-tmo in sight ol
the city.. Great activity revuils v i'li
ihe enemy in ilie hmt-r bay. I'liur.
every indication ot an exrly attacit
FATKrrBvjLU, N. C, ALrch 10 -1;30p.
ii". list ot ctits th it navu -all
en into uur hands: lUivk-e, bind
hav' 20 000, withdrew acntss ih,t riv.
yeot! rday and lat night. Ilu 14
reported eu routu lor Haiuigu. .
Hi.) reoe'S sKironsttca in two t w.i
fi,eu' ttrt"' ur' tl.u,1 ,"'u "u-
cupitil by women and childrtrr They
I'liriK-d a limine at tins p.HC-., and rc
'Vovl ail the public stores uit. Ii
rai'ral, thev could, biiermiu is lii'f.i
and well. Ax my mon am wantuiu
shotd and ck't'iing yot the army never
was in lkitur cuiiditnni,
Major General.
j 'pariiuj it orl-r-i tnai
biraalter no ohiitn, pr-s ui'd hv mi'
agent whethoi bank:ror aitonuv, w d
entertained by 11a disoursmg ffl
Cers, unless bhiU agent ahall prolnce
entitled copy ol Ins license, as
granted by the L .llnct'T, or a ci-rtiti
cite from the Aaesor ol tiia district,
that he is D"t considered liable to ii-
cense duty
Partisan Legislation by the
Ohio Legislature—Let the
People Consider!
It is a in;st'ortun.) to the pe p'u 'ti
Ohio, that the D on ot-rafs have in thu
Ohio Lt'g:slatiir, oh jiint hallor, n
ly twenty-lour iiiiimb ;rs. wln rfa-t the
Ahministration party have one hun
and seven nrnnberv) 011 j int ba:
lor. The Democrats, therofnro, nr.-
powerless for good or tor evil To
matter of Legislation is cumpl. tcly
the hands of t!ie yld ninisiiat..m
party, and the membtirs tht-re'd' 111
Legislature havu so condiiete-l
themselves as to cany into the mind
a dispassionate !o.k!r-oii tho c"it
viction that they regard tln-ir duty t.
besimp'y iiartiaau logitdati-tti. Pin
question, Will the mea-iure piupuse 1
beuefJt the p. oule g n.' rally and con
tribute t tho honor .of the Statu?"
seemingly does not as-nnn-j such jr
poitiona as toenail' rig.- tluor C'Hisi.lo'
aiion. The question ap'rniwht iu
their minds, and the only one to
which they pay any deference, is
"Will tliemwaaure ben fit our party,
be of advanag to any ot our pat
ty Irmnde?' Ot this fact the Sanati
on Wednes lay gave a cue, uhiv.; il
Instration. Thoy passed tlie lliiiis
bill creating thu offijo of Cle.k to ;ht-
S(iireine Court at an aunuai Salary
$2,000, and tunning the (Jn-rk
elective by the people, ol thj S a'o at
largo. The duti-sof tliU'.'ffiue have
hitherto been disciiaigtd by tit
Ohrk of the C iiirt of ('ouiinon J'has
Franklin county, at an ixpciipo ut
about tour hundred dollars p 1 aniniin
1 1 1 1 1
sixteen Hundred uoiiarit l.ts 'dan
is proposed to pay the man wIioim
be elected specitllj tor that put-
it IS not preteuueu mat tne
dutiei of this positioo have not been
1 discharge I with promptitude and ac
curacy; nor is it pretended that tbore
i uanger that tliu duties tln;rooi will
n t be roperly discharged in the hi
tine. Undoubtedlv, the prompting
cadse ot miKing tin Uierk ot the 011
promo Court elective by the puoplo
of the Statu, an I providing f r hi n a
snug soarv. is t b ) foun l in tlio
I'tct that Fraoklm county is Demo
crrt'io, and tnat, tin-ret ire, tlto omi!H
o tho Clerk of thu Court of Common
I'leas for Fr.nklm cmuty is likely to
he fvl-'din the tutiire, as it. -now is
hv a D mii 'it it. That he .should h
permitted f" discharge the ditiei of
Clerk to the .Supreme Court, although
thereby a savin.' of from a thouaan
to sixt.M-n hundred dollars should be
made to tho tax-pnyers of the State,
is a thing that d -es n t almit of furth
er toleration. A snuggery mint be
provided for an Administration
Or llnarily one such at of rank
pa tisan legislation would havo toil"
fieed '..r one day; but on the same
lay they gave the public another act
of inexcusabltt part sauship. Thov
itlSS td the llougt) hill aholishmg tin
Superior Court of Franklin county--
c urt that, wo believe, has been in
exidenc.i about sixyars. and the dn
tieH ot wh'ch have been discharged
bv Admini-itration Jo Ig'rs; at least.
the present incumbent bi'ongs to the
Administration pifty. This bill wis
intri'dueed into and carried through
the tl'UHe at the last session; but tli
b oiato relmeil to pus it. and wi
have been in'or nod tliat thirty-six
out ot .rty practicmg a'torneys in
the county, without retereniM to pirtv
eoiHidcrati'iiie, within a short time.
pel itiored the Senate not to pas-s it
L.'io maiorite ol the Admon'stration
Siatoia app-ared to have obtained
a elor revelation that tho court was
of no use, and simply an unnecessary
tax upon the peopje. This they
cou ui not percoivn last year, nor
oilld they peiceive it until within u
ew davs of the expiration of the
erm of ofli :e of the present incum
bent, who helntigs to their paitv, a id
111 whose place ihey tea red n Dim
crat would bo eiec'ol, if the Conrf
were continued. Hi I thev fidt c infi
ent that their pditic.l trien I .could
1 re elected, they wou'd n"t havr-
pissi'. the bill ti'tolUhing tho Court.
Itu w an alt-olme ci-naintv
Evideiicj more inctntrovertahli'
ttiaii tins is riot lined.-.! to c tnvict t!i
party in power with creating offli'H
io beiriend co laboring p;irtiatn, and
'o leg -slate JJeiiioerats out ot nffica
uvi-n if it has to bj done through the
abolition of the offices themselves
his circumstance ihu paoplu can turn
to their own advantage, if
they only will. Une of tho crying
evils of these time, ia the great num
ber of needless ofhVs, Urolith winch
graceless ofHee-holders live livo3 tit
east- and prodigality 011 pay derivjd
trom the tax ;a exacted tioin the labor
f ihe conn ry. This legislation es
lablishes it beyond doubt that the
Imll in th-ir hands the correc
tivt; nf this Shameless U'UH'i. It tlitv
sha'l n'v. hv tln-ir vorei. r.-n ler th';
ascendency o' the A dmi ii.-tratioo
party pree ir'iuii-t. inelass ..fli will
1 loppj.J off. The A iiuinistratiou
party, like retreating aimies. will
destroy that which th iy can iioither
htdd nor carry with flieni. lest it fall
nio ihe hands ot thuir political ojtpo
tients. L;t thu penile consider this
tact, an I then act uoni it becoinin"lv.
. .... . .
Hie npnng i lcctioii will Inrnidh Ilium
1 txi elli'iit opportunity to do so.
M'ittJ"! t'l.
From the Army of the Potomac.
Wln re, Relial'lo inhi'inatian has
en recieved that hostih lniliuns
within tho limits of the. U'litud State
have been fiiinisTiid witli Hrms and
munitions of war by persons dwell-
r n f. reign terr torv, and are
thereto e oibl.;.! t prosecute their sav
up. 11 the exposed aid
rso HettlomuntB of the liontii r.
iNuW. theret.-re. he it kn-iwu that
Abraham Lo'coln, I'resident of tj.e
United 6'taies ot America, do herimy
.claim and d chiro that all persons
ngagi;d in that nefarious traffi.j ah a'l
atr-'Sted an l tried by O nirt Mar
at 'he neiirest military post, and
convicted shall reotuvu tho punish
ment ilu to ttieir deserts-
In witneHS whereof 1 .havo hereunto
et mv ha. 1 1 and canio I the seal of
United States ro be affixed.
nie at the City of Washington this,
!io 17 h dv of March, in the year
of our Lrd 1SG5. and of thu Inde
pendence of the United States ol
America the S9r.h.
By the President.
W H. SEWARD. Secretary of state:
A mam may obtain pardon from
wite lira, erne! wnnig he has
lone In r, bnt he ran nevnr restore to
r tin) tears she has shed.
Blushing. "I am surprised, mv
dear, that I have neevrseen vou blush
The fuct is. husband, I was horn to
blush unseen.
Cttli at Goodee'k Drag Store.
It Won't Do.
A large portion of tho Administca
tion I'ttHi that was precipitated into
1 a state vi high-wrought indignation
over the first contemplation of the tin
seemly ixhihi'ion male by Vice
President Jolinsou ofhiiueolf, on the
occasion uf bis inauguration, v are be,
giniiig to settle down iuto tho belief
that, after all, it is not an unpMrdou-
able oneiue; and they even commit
the impropriety ot boUlH'rjngjp.jioo
cratic j itirnala for baring concurred
with tliem itr- their strictures Uon
Vice I resiJent Johns . 11 S Qiibeciiu
ing perioriinuce. Supiiose it is true
as id al.ege i by som, thai the mem
bers ot tho Djuiocratiu party are not
prac ica! total abstinence, men, tins
turuishes 110 palliation tor Vico lVsi
dent J iluison s conduct. It has been
lor years the aim of the leaders of tne
.VI illustration uaity to fasten on tile
mind ot tlie puiniu tlie beltel that the
Djiii .cratic party was a corrupt.
Irunkeu au l ioun tral party, while
their party vas emphatically a moral,
religious tetn.ieratrf ur.d strictly hon
est party; and it won't do for them to
turn round and seek to justify the
beastly dru'ikonodi, tlu , unmoral ity
and corruption of thu men thuy help
ed put iu otH '0,011 the plea of uuap-
proachablu morality, by the alleged
short-Comings ot ungoily Democrats
when they shad drop their phansai-
ca' cant and tlieir arrog int as-iuiiptiou
if pri-einiueut puritv and piety .there
may be 110 impropriety in attempting
to divert c uiJenirrati on from tlieir po
btical co-lityorers who have outrage I
decency, in trality aud integrity, .0y
pointing to alleged shor.-comiiigs of
persons who have not been cuuspi-
cious lor tiieii professions of iulailh-
Intemperate Statesmen.
"Macs," tne Washington corres
pondent ol l'he Ciuciunaiti Commer
cial, under date March 8, devotes a
paragaph to intemperate statesmen,
111 which this iiitoriuaiiuu is furnish
ed: It is a p tsitive tact of which 1 have
pL-rsoual knowledge, tnat (he fate ot
iio oi tne most importune provisions
ol the tax Pill iu too last Coi;gtess w.iS
oucidcd by i) drunken vote. On the
tlrct roil-ca,l tho vote btoud uincteeii
totweuty. l'he minority deleatod it
oy drumitig up two tipsy reciuits
li'om h-j llo.o in (Iu VV all un I tell-.
ing. their, to vote with them, which
titey did, wituout asking what wai the
question, and apparently without ea
ting a fig how it was ducued. It it
had 0en a que6ti u of poaco or wr
it would have been all the tame. Aa
it,was it involved millions of dollar k
for the public treasury, and if you had
asked tliu worthy couple nt-xl mom
iKff huw they voted, thev could riot
have told ypu, 1 am a;iro. Some
H Mitlum-Jii oniiocttjil with the Union
t. 8) urn vory Jibural in thoir don mi -ciutiuiis
ot Conre.isiioiul itiioinpor
iinco wbon tluyciiu liiil an uti'ortuti
atu C ip-jrheii'l at lau t, but liave not
wor l to r-ay wlion somj oi t io le.nl
ur of Liu r o vu u ri)' coin t sta,'ur
1114 10 thoir Jl-sI3, in a statu ol dip
4.i-.t.iil iiiiilnioty. lliia is neither
jut n jr ik'cont. L'ho ittlonsa id m-iuli
greater when C'tiuiaitteil tiya- niom
ber of tliu party ininiHtud with tlie
mm !uct ol national affaira, tlmn when
tho criminal belong to the minority,
from whence nothing extraordinarily
vntuoua i6 expected.
The Inauguration B. H.
[From the Frovidence (R. I.) Post.]
According tn tlie ri-ports 111 the nd
ministration iapeiB, thu inauguration
mm tu 11 naiitiigioii, was Bllllply a
vulgar jam. Ihe at iotiicratic portion
f Waaiiingtoti Bocioty and Ihe i'te
of the political a ciety as Chief Jhb
lice Ciiftsu, Senator SpriiKue. and
others, vcru absent. It seenm lo have
been a vulgar display of jewelry, and
not too modobt t-x nliitioii 0: luiuin
ine bhoiiidiora. At duppur :lw crowd
behaved more like a hungry HO'iad oi
sildiurin barracks, tlmn like that
eumtly tlirong whicli the common
uimd adHoaiatisi wuli a "raided dai,"
dijy.ioii'ld, d.ititid and 111 ire ant que.
liiu larg.i nan ot the . fatc-nt . UUice
no' too cloiin at the coiiimenceUKn
of the cereiuoinen, was Ht their (:911c ut
aiou dtrown witn t:io aeb,i, oi thu
leait, and ti e tl n- w,id ad elipcry
wnb the IrHgments of cake and spill
ing t jelly a Aifiy Johnson
tongue; end the mingled meat and
coiiiectionary w'licn denied tlu ajwirt
tnuiit, made as rnnch ot muddle as
to be found in the Vice President's
brain. Tne bull it teeiuadid n it end,
simply,??? (taut. The l'rusiden'
tial party stola away without being
observed or being us it w. mid appear,
Thnre was extravaganco without
refill aujn., aourt y display without
dericacy of taste, riihnoeS of attire
without correi"poiiding good brooding,
g word, the vulgarity of parvenus.
Htid the ciarsene-s ot those who . were
plebians by nature as wetl as by pn-t-ition.
It wan most appropriately,
ivn la bagaellt.
We don't know how thu radical
editors would succeed in bunting full
grown deer, but they aro groat at
Louisville Journal.
Of thu condition nf tlit Troatury of
for ach putpote on hand, for the Seini an
Poor-. ' - .
Votuntet Relief
Vtale Military ' ,
School & School IIouM""
Township & 1'p. Poor
Infirmary '
Ciuninutation .
Ministerial- -'- ....
Less amouDi over paid on Military Fund
Balance in Treasury.
Blirch 16ih!865-4w.
Vinton County, with tte imount of funds
11 us I sutemem March ihe 1 6tli 1864.
Fund 83133 78 0
V " 1368 72 7
698 40 8
" 444 60 0
" 430 00 0
t .. - - -82 .j a
60 S3 8
" . 4607 84 ft
, aJ43 si 0
H 104 61 8
112900 95 8
, 92 49 7
13803 69 I
HKNRY REYNOLDS. Trens. V. Oo. 0.
Special Notice,
SYSTE.V13 new unil rtdiablt? treatment
111 reports of the HOWARDS ,4$S0CIA
llO Sent by mail 111 sealed letter enve
loi, free of chatifft Ad.lress. Dr. J, SKIL
LIN HOUGHTON. Howard A?i0(.mtion
No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa
Do you want Whickers or Moiii-tadicst Onr
QricitiniConipounil will lona tlu-ra to jrrour on
ho Htitootheitl lacu or chin, or h:iir on bujil heudf
iu Six Weeks. Pi loa 1 .00. 8 nt by mail any.
whera, closelv denli-d. on roonip" of prico.
Adilrt;ss, WARNER it CO., Box 133,
Brooklyn, N Y.
Feb, 16, f5 ly, .
1 DKSPONKNT L'K liOTll SEXK8.' A (jr,n
mtffirer liuvinn lioon rHtorcd to liuulth in a lew
ilitvs. utter inuny yciirn of miscrr. Is willing I-
Mist hi Kinfurini frllnw-ereatureH hy aun.lii.
(fn-ii),on the rioa'pt of a postpaid i.ildrewed at.
veiopu. h copy nl too formula orciiro Binployed
Direu o
Uroklyii, N. V.
Published (nt the benefit, and an n f! A TT
TION TO Y')JS(J M KN Bud othern, wh. sm
fer from Nuivouc Dobiliry, Prematura I)cii
cf Ma nh nod, &c, supplying at the Mine tim'i
Thi Mkans orSatrCum By, mo who ha
qii'od hi iiifult' utter undorgoiiit ci tipidurubli
nakery. Hy unelnHing a poKtimid inl.lrOKud
envelops mnla copies muy be liud ol the au
thor. N ATH A'NIIL MAYFA1K, Itpqr
Hrooaltn, KingsCo. K. V.
Junc2nd 13fi3 lr.
A Clergyman while rwiditiir In South Amer
a as 11 .nisMniiiiry . di.iettvorod iinaloaiid Sim
la remedy (nr tho Cure cf Nervous WphIi
iarly Hoi-dV. Dineiiaes oftha Urinnrv mwl
Seiiijnnt Orcuns. and tlie wholo train of diaur
dora brontiht ptiby baneful ami vicioai habi!.
Orent Mwnboia hava bceu already cured by tliia
noble ronudy. 1'romjtei, by a desire to bout
m rue .lii.eteil and Uiitortunata, I will acrid
the roi.-i,.e f.,r prepurhif and usinir this nid i-
0 ne, in a sealed envclope.to any ono who needs
lMeau Inolnnfl & mtt-nnlH A8VAlnr.a n.T.t..
ei to yournolf. '
t-TATON D. Bibli Ilnnm.
Mar. 18tiljft5-lyr. New York City.
State of Ohio Yi.iLn County.
sntjid by tho
intj, Ohio. I
will offer for buIo at pu'tlio auction on
Saturday the 22, day of April 1865
At Eluvon o'elo;k, fonwo-t, upon tne promwa
tlu f-illoarl i'lu-ri il It ml astute. sinm;d la
the county of Vinton and State of Ohio; to-wit:
In-lot Ditmbernne hnndred anilnixty onoliil.)
in thj Uv,-n of Mv)Artmr. t'ounty of Vintoa ,
State of Ohio, as doitrniUod mid numbore on
tho rei-orded Plat ot said Town of Mc Arthur.
Appraised at Five .hundred and oiifhtj -throe
dollars. (.-,SH.
TK RMS of sale, Ono thirl in hand, ono third
i'l five month, undone third in ono yoar aud
fivo iifnths from day of sr.le, with intereal on
d-ifre l piiymonts, s.iid puyinonta to be saoured
by mnrtfratfo npou tho prninir-os sold.
Mar. 23, 1SS5-Jvr administratrix of Leon
ard Holland decoa.if'd.
StattnfOhio, Vinton Cvvntj.
F. H. ilerour Pliff 1 In Court of
aeainat I Common 1'leaa
Benjamin Dill Deft J Ou Veudi.
PUKSU.4NT to the command of an order of
ale iu tho abo7e eanaj to tne directed f-om
tho Court of Common l'leas, of the aforaold
County of Vinton, 1 will offer at puhlio aalo at
the door of the Court House, in the town of
itlAurilmr, in tho afornsaid county of Vinton on
Saturdqv the 22nd day of April 1865,
At thu hour of onu o'o ock, P.M., of mid day
tho following premises to-wit: The north end
of out lot number two, (2,) beiiitf a ktrip off
tho north end of said lit, about one hundred
and iwotuy feet wiJo, and all of tho said lotcx-i-iift
that part or parcel conveyed by pbariea
K'.b'iins mid wifo to '.ho Miirriota fe Cincinnati
lUilUunI Company, Also astrip off if'.ho wctt
of siuo out-lot iiuinlier threo.conimi-ncing at the
line bet woe :( lota nnrnb-ers two and
three rnnniitfr 'bono east on ihe north lino
of lot number iliroe until it intersecta 'he
line running aouth Trom the onb west
corner of In-lot number twelve, thence
aouth ono hundred and tweMy feet until
it into -seeth the Oist and wo it line ofthatpurt
of out-lot onniber two, conveyed aa above,
thonoe west to th auid division line between
lots nu.nbor two and three, and thence north
tfi tho place of beginning, alt of auid lota and
partaof lots tying and boinjr in Kobbina addi
tion to fhe town of Hamden Vinton countv O.
on which ia siinatod a Foundry ngehor with
1110 liiigino and maulunery belonging to aaid
foundry businei-a,
Taken as ihe propery of Benjamin Dill to
satiafy a judsemcnt of aforesaid Court, in fa
vor of K. II. Mercer
Appraised as followa to-wir:. at the an m of
nroe tnousand Tour hundred dollara and muat
brine two thirds of that sum.
TERMS of sale, cash inhand.
D. B, SHtTitt, . J. J. BflOCKEY
Att. for Pl'ff. 1 . Bhff. V.Co.O.
' March 28th 1865 Ear .
Wmitt-d, Correspondents By two of Unele
hum's veterans All young Indies that with
fun, plcaso write and receive a letter. Object,
fun, lova and the consequences. Ploaaa send
photographs, and receive one in rotnrn
Addres Good Dot, and Bad Bot, Camp
Denndaon, Ward 29.
march 2,1885.
FOr Bink Deeds. Callat
thii OFFICE and bo Suppied.
q q q q q q.q s
( Inti - Hiliotn )
mwm pills.
newton's pills
Composed of hililv Conu n rated Extract!
Of the greatest medical value, prepared from
t if iirioinal presctijttion 0 tl,e telebraioil
Dr. Newton, and used by Hiim ith auch
remarKable severs? for iwnit veara in all
parts ol the United Siuies, ure aii infallible
leniedy in all
Digestive Organs
0 -
The well known Dr, Wkekm, ofBoatoti
saya of these Pills, "They have the finest ef
fect upon the. Liver aim ttigfstive organs of
any medicine in the world, and are the most
perfect purgative winch has ever yet been
made by anybody. The eflfcet have abund
antly ehown to the community how muctl
ihey excel the ordinary medicines in use.
They are safe and pleasant to lake, but povr
erfull to cure. Their penetrating properiiei
slimulite the vital activities of the body.
remove the obstructions oi its organs, pun
fy the blood, and expel disease. They purge,
out the toul humors that breed and grow
distemper, stimulate sluggish or disordered
organs into their natural action, and im
part a healthy tone with strength to tha
whole system. Not only do they cure the
every-duy complaints of everybody, but also
formidable and dangerous diseases. . While
they prqducea powerful effects, they are at
the same time, iudimUhud doses, the safest
mid bast physic that can be employed for
children, and being purely vegetable are free
from any risk or harm.
The inosl remarkable feature of these pills
ii the perfection with which they acton ex
tremely ' dissimilar- chronie diseases Tub
same doses cure Diarrhoea or Dyspepsia, lit
either enfe restoring the organs to healthr
and natural condition, which cannot be said .
of any other madicine in existence."
They create pure blood and remove all
impurities from the system, hence are a pos
itive cure for, '
Fever, Headache, Piles, Mercurial D"
teases, aud
Uereftary Humors.
05" Price Ons DMar per Hot. Trde
aupplitd or sent by Mail, post paid ttany
purl of the United Statu or Ctnadaion
uceipt of price, by '
H.S.ROWE(f-CO..Sole Agenbj, '
43 Liberty St., New York.
March 33rd 1885-lyr.
r.cWUh StavAna. Administrator of Ol Ca- ,
1 n. 1 i... SI.J lill
taia 01 iieoecca oiovena, aeoeou.
xnonnta an1 vnnohnra fnr inaDeOllon and final
settlement, and that the aame will be for hear-
ing on the 18th day of March, A.D.I 865.
March 9, '85-lw. Probate i

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